Meet Me at the Christmas Train Parade (2023) Movie Script

Rise and shine, Benny.
We gotta be on the road
in half an hour.
Ugh, mom.
Morning, kiddo.
How'd you sleep?
Just cereal, thanks.
Alright, here you go.
Do you ever sleep, grandma?
When I was young.
Social media, Grandma.
Oh, you and your social media.
Better get him in the shot.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Now what sounds better:
"Nice to meet you, sir."
or "welcome to Snow Falls, sir."
When I was mayor, it was first
names and a strong handshake.
'kay well, this is
the governor, Mom.
It's not exactly a first name
basis kind of thing.
Governor Mike?
Ooh, I like that.
Hello, Governor
Mike, I'm Charlotte
the Mayor 'round these parts.
Okay, well, I don't
deserve to be mayor
around these parts if I can't
get you to school on time.
You almost finished?
Good luck with Governor Mikey.
Thanks. It's just a
simple meet and greet.
Should be fine.
It's never just anything
with men like him
Oh, and don't forget
to take your car in.
The engine light was on again.
Yes. Right. Thank you.
You almost ready?
Okay, see you in the car.
Take me to school.
Phone off during class like
we talked about, right Benny?
Mr. G.'s stories are
way more interesting.
- Smile, mom.
- Oh.
Is it bad that I can't picture
his face in my head anymore?
No, Benny, not at all.
That's why we cherish those photos
that we still have of him.
Look I Already have 100 likes.
100? What?
It's only been five minutes.
Benny, how did you do that?
You're a social media whiz, kid.
I'll pick you up this afternoon?
- Yeah. Thanks, Mom. See you
later. - Okay. Have a good day.
Oh, not today. Not today.
Mom? Yeah, hi.
I just dropped Benny off
at school and my car is-
Yeah, no, I know.
I know. I know.
You did tell me that.
I've just been really busy
prepping for this meeting, and-
Okay, can you get me and
bring me to town hall?
Okay. Thank you so much.
Okay. See you in a second.
Okay bye.
Hey, buddy.
Everything okay?
Yeah, everything's okay.
It's just the car, but grandma's
coming, so don't worry.
Do you want Mr.
G. to look at it?
Oh, no, no, that's okay.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, just car troubles.
My mom's coming to
get me, though, so...
Are you a new teacher here?
Yeah. Filling in for Mrs. Gaines
while she's on maternity.
Mr. G. is way better.
You can call me Zack.
I'm Charlotte, Benny's mom.
Nice to meet you.
You're the mayor around
these parts, I hear.
Mm hmm.
Well, I've got to teach a class,
but I'll tell you what.
I could have a friend swing by,
take a look at your car?
That's okay. I don't want to
bother your friend with that.
I'm just going to call Rick's
and have them tow it away.
It's okay to ask for help
every now and then, Mom.
I mean, he's a great guy.
Much faster than Rick's.
You know what?
You're right, Benny.
Thank you, Zack.
That would be a huge help.
We're going to be late, Mr. G.!
- Right.
- Right. Yes, me too.
Okay, well, bye.
And thanks again, Mr. G.
I mean, Zack.
Thanks again for this, Mom.
Sorry about the
car and everything.
I've just been really stressed
about this meeting and-
Oh, no, it's okay.
I like spending time with you.
You gonna tell me who
that was back there?
The guy?!
The cute guy you
were talking to.
Oh, that's just
Benny's new teacher.
It's nothing.
That's weird.
Is something wrong?
Yeah, the Governor...
He doesn't want to meet
at town hall anymore.
Okay, where does
he want to meet?
The train station.
He didn't say why he
wanted to meet here?
No, but it is definitely not
just a meet and greet anymore.
Mayor Atkins.
Governor- Sir, it is an absolute
pleasure to finally meet you.
This is my mother, Kathy the
previous mayor of Snow Falls.
Nice to meet you, Governor Mike.
So as you can see,
this is Snow Falls' train station,
but it hasn't been used in over a decade so...
Why did you want to meet here?
Ah, change, Ms. Atkins.
Tourists love coming
to these little towns
It has a certain
unpolished charm to it.
And let's be honest,
Money means taxes.
And taxes are good
for both of us.
Okay, well, if you wanted to discuss
tourist revenue we could have easily
done that in my
office, Governor.
Now, this railroad track
connects to how many towns?
So imagine five star hotels
right here in Snow Falls where
people can go out and explore.
The tourists can go
out and find these
art boutiques and very exclusive
ski resorts and shopping districts.
All of that based right here.
Uh. Hmm.
Have you spoken to the
other mayors about this?
Nah, you're the first.
Now we are going to have to do a
major amount of
renovations on these stations.
But luckily, we've
got some very generous
state funds and I
think Snow Falls
is going to get the
lion's share of those
as sort of the central hub.
Well, I appreciate
the offer, Governor,
but no, thank you.
Sorry, but what do you mean?
Well, please, I've
seen this before.
You offer these funds
and tourist revenue
in the short term,
but these retirees?
They're going to want to live
in condos away from hotels.
They're going to live in town with
their familiar brands and their chain stores.
Then our local
shops are undercut.
Our heritage buildings
are torn down
and the families of Snow Falls,
they're pushed out.
Listen, I am here as a
courtesy to let you know
what will be happening.
Not without permits
signed by me,
You know, you're absolutely
right, Mayor Atkins, but,
fortunately, I've got
three other mayors
in the mountain valley who would
be happy to receive my funding.
And I hear none of you
get along very well
Now, the contractors are ready to
break ground right after the holidays,
and I think once the tourists
start coming here and seeing some of these
horrible little places,
I think all of you are going to realize the
profit potential
of this place...
Including whoever is
running against you
in the next election.
So if you change your
mind, give me a call
Oh, can't say I
was expecting that.
Yeah, me neither.
All right, so we've
covered the gold rush.
Now, a little bit
of local history.
Easy question.
What are the names of the three towns
around Snow Falls in Mountain Valley?
Green Valley, Rocky River,
and Hart Junction.
And all four towns have a
special history with the...
See, a train linked the towns
carrying people,
supplies and equipment.
It traveled so much that
the town's created a
Christmas Eve tradition
to celebrate their
special connection.
So every year, the Mayors
from three of the towns
board a train to one of the
other towns bringing special gifts.
The mayor of the host town
would greet them at
the train station
and they'd participate in a
tree lighting ceremony.
There would even be a parade
from the train station
to the town square.
So Green Valley's glass makers
would bring handmade bulbs.
Rocky River would send ornaments
with gems from its mines.
Snow Falls would
provide the tree
and- and Hart Junction...
Hart Junction's Blacksmiths
would send a bronze star.
Cool, huh?
All right.
Great work today.
Good job.
Okay, so I'll call
Green Valley and Rocky River.
Don't you know
the mayor at Hart Junction?
I did.
But we stopped talking
once the parade was canceled.
Okay, well, we'll
still need to reach out
because the governor
is probably already
speaking to the other
mayors right now.
Did anything like this
ever happen to you?
Well, the odd corporation
tried to muscle in,
but nothing like this.
Why did it stop?
The parade?
have you ever had a disagreement
with one of your friends over
where you want to play?
Which mayor refused to play?
Oh, please don't
stop on my account.
Enjoying the free lesson...
I was just telling Benny
that your car is ready.
Good as new.
Oh. Wow.
Must be a really good friend
to do that for you.
He owes me for the times
he would sneak off
to talk to the train engineers.
Well, please thank him for me?
Yeah, I will.
How did the meeting go?
Oh, well, let's just say
I have a lot of
work cut out for me.
Aw, that's too bad.
Good luck with that.
Ready to go, Benny?
Yeah. See ya tomorrow Mr. G..
Yeah, see ya.
Thanks again.
Yeah, bye.
And they would all
ride on the train
and have a big
ceremony every year
in the middle of town
on Christmas Eve.
I remember.
But the mayors started
fighting with each other,
and nobody would
say they were sorry.
So they canceled the parade.
You learned all this in school?
Mr. G told me he
knows everything.
Hmm. Sounds like a great guy.
Well, it's a shame
we lost the parade.
Towns used to be so close.
That's why we should
bring it back.
We can say we're sorry
and ask the mayors to come back.
You can convince them mom.
I don't think the
train runs anymore.
Ask Mr. G.'s friend.
Well, you know, I talked
to all the mayors, Benny.
Well, almost all of them.
And I just don't think any of them
are keen to do anything together anymore.
Well, can we still try?
Maybe next year?
Oh, Benny.
Oh, his dad loved
this time of year.
Makes it harder on him.
I know.
I'd give anything to give
Benny the best Christmas ever, but this
whole governor
situation, it's so-
Oh, have you spoken to the
mayor of Hart Junction yet?
Oh, her assistant said
she'd called me back.
What about Green
Valley and Rocky River?
I talked to them, but they still
want to hear the governor's offer first, so.
Well, you became the youngest mayor
of Snow Falls without any help at all.
You got this.
Oh, hey.
Car troubles again?
No, no, I just
dropped Benny off.
Actually, I wanted to
return this to you.
I wondered where that went.
The boy in the photo
was Benny's father.
Benny must have recognized him.
Is it okay if I have a copy?
Yeah, you should keep it.
Are you sure?
I insist.
Thank you.
It's been a while, but
he still feels his
absence. I think.
But he talks about you a lot.
He tells me how he
comes to your class
and waits for me after school.
Thank you for that.
It means a lot to him.
Well, to us.
Ah, it's never a problem.
Never turn away a curious kid.
You know, Benny's too
young to remember but
that parade was special to
me when I was his age, too.
And I just realized
how important it was
for our town yesterday.
What do you mean?
Do you have plans over lunch?
I'd like to show you
something if I can.
The governor wants to build
a mega tourist resort in
Mountain Valley with
Snow Falls as the main hub.
What's wrong with that?
Well, it starts with a hotel.
Then the local inn
closes. Next, a spa.
Then, the salon shuts down.
And before you know it it's all
condos and chain stores.
I don't understand what this
has to do with the Christmas Eve parade.
Well, if we start
it back up again
and get the mayor's
back together
maybe the governor will
think twice about his plan.
Do you think he's really
going to care about some
small town tradition?
Even if he doesn't, it'll
prove we're united.
Four towns together is
a lot stronger than one.
And if the parade
bonded us before,
I don't see why it can't again.
All right, when does he
want to break ground?
After Christmas.
This Christmas?
Mm hmm.
In a week?
Mm hmm.
Okay, so the train doesn't work,
the mayors are against it, and
even if you could pull this off,
I mean, who knows if anybody's
actually going to show up.
I mean, I think you're better
off coming up with something else.
Well, luckily, I work
well under pressure
word travels fast
in small towns.
And, hey, if I can convince
a seven year old to eat his
vegetables while running
a campaign, I think I
can convince the mayors
to look past money
and do what's best for us all.
And the train?
Well, maybe your
friend could fix it?
I mean.
Even if I ask him,
even if he can get it running,
I mean, it'd be lucky to pull this off
by next Christmas Eve let alone this one.
I found this picture of you
in the town archives.
Oh, wow.
You know, teaching history
is one thing, Zack but
if you show your students
that they can be a part of it.
Well, I don't need to explain
what that would mean for them.
And for Benny.
You're very persuasive
when you're passionate.
Well, passion will
only get you so far.
I can get people to
show up to a parade,
but I need a
working train, Zack.
Think about it.
Either way, I'm not
gonna let this town die.
Look mom, I'm Rudolf!
- Very cute.
- You are.
This looks really good.
Nice work, you two.
Can I put on the star, mom?
Yeah, of course.
Come here. I'll help you up.
Here we go.
Nicely done.
As mayor of Snow Falls,
you are officially
the Christmas tree decorator.
Speaking of, I gotta-
Sounds like you're
going to do work.
It is Saturday.
I know, but, you know, I only have
six days to come up with a plan to give
snowfalls the best
Christmas ever and
I got a lot of work to do.
You two have fun, okay?
Come on.
What does that mean?
Is something wrong?
Is Christmas canceled?
I think she's trying to make
your Christmas wishes come true.
She's trying to start the
- Christmas train parade again?
- Shh
I didn't say anything.
Don't get me in trouble.
Then I have my own work to do.
Mayor Atkins...
I'm petitioning the mayor to
visit the Snow Falls train station
and I think she should
bring Benny, too.
Okay, we're on our way.
See? This is the train
I was telling you
about. It's cool, right?
Oh, wow.
Mr. G.!
What's going on?
The place looks amazing.
Oh, you know, just
a few tune ups.
Hi, I'm Zack.
Hi, I'm Benny's grandma
but you can call me Kathy.
What's the big surprise, Mr. G.?
The train!
This is so cool!
But how?
I had a little
help from a friend.
Zack, you need to check the air gauge
fitting again for the brakes.
Well, who have we here?
A couple of weary travelers looking for
passage on the Christmas train?
Everyone meet Oliver,
engineer and train enthusiast.
Train engineer and
historical consultant.
Thank you very much.
Are you the conductor?
And driver, repairman,
and restorer
of this beautiful behemoth.
How did you fix it so quickly?
Oh, you know, a little axle
grease and tighten a few bolts.
Oliver had the spare parts.
I've been preparing for this day
since I first laid eyes on this
incandescent iron
idol as a youth.
Oliver and I met
when I worked at the station.
Mayor Atkins, I humbly thank you
for the opportunity to restore this
stunningly superb steam engine.
Oh, no, no. I should be
thanking you.You fixed my car.
And of course, the town will
pay you for your services-
I refuse any
financial compensation
but grant me one request.
Ask him what it is.
Oh, yes, of course.
What is your... request?
Allow me to be the
caretaker and driver of this
nearly lost treasure of
the golden age of rail.
I promise to treat her
with all the love
and respect of my
newborn daughter.
Oh, you have a daughter?
I do now.
And she's made of
wood, iron, and steam.
Okay, well, with the power vested
in me as mayor of Snow Falls,
you are officially the
Christmas train conductor.
Splendid! Now a tour!
Come feast your
eyes on Her Majesty.
He's always been like this.
Ah, mhm.
At 112,000 pounds.
It's two cylinders produce
up to 1100 horsepower.
This is so cool.
So, where did all the
decorations come from?
From the station.
After last parade someone
must have kept everything
in case it came back.
Someone clearly has a
great respect for the tradition.
Can you drive it, Mr. G?
While Zack is more
than capable of driving
he will remain the brakeman,
working under me,
the engineer and conductor.
I don't want to take
his toy away from him
I heard that!
Now to the rest of the train.
The 1914 Grand Pacific
Truck coach car.
Still with its original
wood and fixings.
I remember being here
with your father, Charlotte.
- Aw
- and he just-
- Oh.
- Oh.
Did dad ever see this?
Yeah, Benny.
Yeah, he did.
Long time ago.
Well, who wants to
go see the caboose?
Yeah, me.
Good idea.
Standard CNR caboose.
The only changes are due to the
accessibility modifications.
Historically, a place for
the crew to rest and refresh.
So, ready to get going?
Wh- Where are we going?
Zack said you were on a mission
to visit the other towns
Yeah but, in this?
I mean, what better way
to convince the other
mayors that you're serious
by traveling in the train
that started it all?
Oh, you'd definitely
get points for style.
Come on, mom. Let's do it!
Yeah. All right.
Yes, Let's do it. Yes.
I'll go make some adjustments to
the engine. Zack can come get me
when you're ready to go.
Get ready for Operation
Christmas Train.
- Sit down. Sit down.
- Okay.
What is this?
Okay, so Green Valley's
the closest town
So we should go there first.
Their mayor is mayor Montgomery.
Oh, he's held that
position forever.
And he's the only one that
congratulated me after I won the election.
He might be the easiest one
to convince, I think.
Mr. G., as our history expert,
Is there anything we should know
about Green Valley before we get there?
Well, Green Valley doesn't have
the sense of community that Snow Falls does.
If Montgomery thinks
joining the parade
will make his town closer
we may have a chance.
Yeah. Let's do it.
All right.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Next stop:
Green Valley.
Green Valley.
This is really good, Benny.
I'm proud of you. You
did this by yourself
- Look at the detail.
- Yeah.
Good job.
Well, we're almost there.
This is so awesome, Mr. G.
Oliver radioed the
railroad authorities.
We're good to return to
Snow Falls by nine o'clock.
Perfect. I love a countdown.
Thankfully somebody
thrives under pressure
Hi. Welcome.
I'm mayor Atkins
from Snow Falls.
And this is my friend Zack.
How are you?
We're here to speak
to Mayor Montgomery
after a phone call we've
had with him recently.
The mayor just left for
his Christmas vacation
in the Caribbean.
You may speak with me.
Great. And you are?
Assistant Mayor Spitz.
The real power in Green Valley.
We would love to
actually speak to you
about the governor's plans
to turn Mountain Valley into
one big tourist resort.
Why can't we be in the meeting?
I think it's best if your mother
handles this by herself.
But Mr. G. went in.
But don't you think your mom
and Mr. G. make a good team?
Yeah. I really like him.
Me, too.
We have concerns that if any one
of the towns accepts his deal,
it'll be the end of all of us.
You'll be happy to know that
Mayor Montgomery dismissed
the governor's plans.
Oh. I knew he'd see
sense in that. Great.
But I called him back.
Mayor Montgomery
will retire soon,
and I have my own
election campaign ready
for when the time comes.
The governor promised me
a public endorsement.
And you trust him?
Listen, Assistant Mayor,
our town's shared a
beautiful tradition
many years ago.
A tradition that united
the entire mountain valley.
Yes, Mayor Montgomery mentioned
that you spoke about
starting that up again?
Yes. Actually, we came here
today on the very train that started it all.
And it still runs like
the day it was built.
You don't say?
Have any other mayors agreed?
Well, in that case.
I wanted to speak to you first
because you are clearly
the most influential political
figure in Mountain Valley.
And if any of the other
mayors are going to make
any sort of decisions, they
obviously need to see
what you do first.
On one hand with the mayor gone,
I would have to represent him.
The tree lighting ceremony
would be a fantastic photo op.
On the other hand,
if the mayors from Rocky River
and Hart Junction don't show up,
I'll look desperate.
On the other, other hand,
if I'm missing,
the people of Green Valley
might think poorly of me.
On the other, other, other hand-
- That is a lot of hands.
- It's too risky.
The ski hill debacle put me on thin ice
and I cannot risk another scandal.
What happened with the ski hill?
It was supposed to be my
greatest work as assistant mayor.
It took forever to convince the
town council to fund the lift,
the equipment, the
It was supposed to bring
Green Valley together.
An achievement to mark
myself as the next mayor.
But it all went wrong.
Nobody showed up.
What if we helped you with that?
Mayor Atkins has a knack
for getting people to show up to things.
I sure do. I could harness
some of our local-
She's a social media genius.
Yeah, that's how she
won her campaign.
- I- I did?
- You did.
- I did?
- Yeah.
- I did.
- You did.
- I am. And I did.
- You are.
- Absolutely. Miss Spitz-
- Assistant Mayor Spitz.
Assistant Mayor Spitz,
if we promise to boost
interest in your ski hill,
would you attend the Christmas Eve
parade as Green Valley's representative?
I don't see a good reason
to not return the favor...
And would you also then agree
to tell the governor that you
oppose his tourist resort plans?
If you can bring the people
to use the ski hill and its facilities,
we'd have no reason
to accept his offer.
Okay. I am not a
social media genius.
No, but we know someone who is.
Yes. Yes.
Let's do it.
But just for the record,
I didn't just win my campaign
because of social media.
I also have excellent ideas.
- Okay?
- Of course, yeah.
- Okay.
- Totally.
What made you change
your mind about all this?
Like you said, it's a
chance to make history.
So does that mean that
you still think this
is impossible, though?
I didn't say it was impossible.
I said it was very unlikely.
I still think it is, but
I think you're right.
If the governor starts
building his hotels and resorts,
how long is it going
to be until he starts
overtaking the other towns?
I don't want to see that
happen to Hart Junction.
Why there?
It's where I grew up.
I haven't been there
in a while, but
I'd hate to see it lose
what makes it unique.
Well, I grew up in Snow Falls.
I don't want to see
that happen there either.
That passion tells me
why people voted for you.
Look, I've spent
the last ten years
drifting from town to town.
The way you talk
about community?
It's inspiring.
Thank you.
Are you going to take that?
Ah, no, it's okay.
Anyway, it seems to
make Benny happy.
Oh, yeah, I mean, he's
normally like this, but
just around Christmas time,
he loses his spark a little bit.
Oh, that kid has got a spark
nothing could extinguish.
Thank you for
looking out for him.
Hey, he's a great kid.
Mom! How did the meeting go?
Hey. Great.
Hey. How do you feel
about checking out a ski hill?
Can I ski with Mr. G?
Yeah, you bet.
And you might have to do
some filming, too, buddy.
Let's go.
Let's do this. I'll
race you there.
Put your arms like this.
Like this?
Yes, but try smiling.
I am smiling.
Nuh uh.
Ah. Okay, a little
less smiling...
Okay, when I point to you
say exactly what I told you.
I thought you were the expert.
Well, he's the head of my
social media department.
And go!
Looking for cozy
Christmas vibes?
Green Valley Ski
Hill has it all.
Okay, we're missing
something here.
Is there, like, a costume
store around here somewhere?
Okay. Rolling in 3, 2, 1.
Looking for some
cozy Christmas vibes?
Green Valley Ski
Hill has it all.
Holiday lighting, outdoor stereo
and all the hot
chocolate you can drink.
Admission is free, so there's
no reason to miss the party.
Later, skaters.
Dance, Benny!
And cut!
Okay, think we got it!
It's perfect.
Can I see first?
Too late! Okay,
onto the next one.
Okay, Benny. Show us the way.
That was epic.
- Yeah!
- Yes!
Woo hoo!
Oh look out!
And go.
Oh you're good.
They're trained-
- Merry Christmas!
- To the Christmas Train Parade!
Looks like it worked.
Well, you're lucky that Benny
actually knew what he was doing.
Oh, that's not luck.
That's intuition, right?
Something you learn when
you work at the North Pole.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it truly warms my heart
to see you all enjoying
the slopes today.
And a special thanks
to our friends
from Snow Falls who
made this all possible
And I'm very proud to
announce that Green Valley
will be joining Snow Falls
in the Christmas train parade.
And as our town
representative, I myself
will be delivering the
Green Valley Christmas
bulb on Christmas Eve.
I say, Governor Tufts
can keep his corporate bakeries.
Woo! Here, here!
Yeah! Woo! Heck yeah!
Oliver, I can't thank you enough
for all you've
done for us today.
Pleasure was all mine.
Well, my mom and Benny
are waiting in the car, but,
Zack, thank you so much.
Benny really had a great time.
That's so great.
So did I.
I should probably go.
Well, good night.
Good night.
Thanks again.
Lovely family.
Yeah, they are.
Ever think about
settling down yourself?
You know I do.
Still not talking to her?
It's complicated.
Hey, mom.
Not an easy man
to get a hold of.
Uh, it's just been busy.
I was wondering if maybe you
might join me for Christmas this year?
It's been a while
since I've seen you.
Uh, there's a lot
going on right now
Mom, I don't think
I can make it.
Well, have you at least given
any thought to my offer?
I need more time.
How long exactly is 'more time'?
I'll make my decision soon.
Hmm. Soon?
Another notoriously precise
unit of measurement.
Good night, mom.
If you change your mind,
your room is open.
I'd love to see you.
Well, we'll talk in the future.
Well, he is out cold.
It was a long day.
Yes, it was.
It's nice to see him
so happy, though.
It's nice to see you happy, too.
Oh, yeah. Well, plan's working.
You know, Zack's been
such a big help, so.
Oh, nice try, Mom.
What? I didn't say anything.
Uh huh.
Mr. G. just seems
like a nice man.
Yeah, except one minute
he says the parade
will never happen,
and then the next he acts like
he'll do anything to make it happen.
He put on an elf costume.
Yeah, that's true.
I don't know.
I just
Can't put my finger on it.
I say anyone brave
enough to dance that badly...
Is definitely committed.
I got to get some sleep.
You did good work
today, Charlotte.
Oh, thanks, mom.
And maybe give Zack a chance.
It's been a while, Charlotte.
He always said he
wanted you to be happy
No, I know, mom. It's
not that. It's just-
Maybe I needed to hear that.
Good night, sweetheart.
Good night.
Good morning!
- Ah!
- Oh!
Wow! Quite the entrance.
What do we have here?
A cake in case we get hungry!
I thought we said it was in case the next
mayor has a sweet tooth.
Eh, that too.
Can I ride in the
engine with Oliver, mom?
Sure, if that's
okay with Oliver.
No one gets on my train 'till
Zack gives me my hat back.
Ah, man. All right.
All aboard.
Come on, grandma!
Can you hold this?
Ooh, yes, I can.
It looks great in here.
I love what you've done
with the place.
Yeah, I keep finding decorations
all over the station.
It seems like a shame to
let them go to waste.
It's a good idea.
Okay, so the next town that
we have to go to is Rocky River.
And the mayor is...
Ah, Romy.
Yeah, they're still
electing dogs.
Do you know why?
No, actually, I don't.
Tell me, Mr. historian.
Well, it started as a joke
about a decade ago.
The mayor ran
against his own dog
because there was no
opposing candidate.
Well, of course, the dog won.
So because of that, there's
an amendment to the town charter
that states that the dog has to
act on the advice of its owner,
effectively making them mayor.
So, how do you know all this?
Well, I was a history
teacher in Rocky River
for a short while, actually,
when Romy was elected.
His owner, Healy,
should be about 18 now.
Yes, I did speak with Healy on the phone
and he did tell me that he is
interested in restarting
the parade, but
he does want to hear
the governor's offer first.
So we're going to have to
convince him like we did Spitz.
Should've brought dog treats.
Okay, so Benny and my mom
are going to hang back with
Oliver while we look for Healy.
Sounds like a plan.
So, where do we find this
mayor Romy?
The dog park?
Actually, this time of year,
probably right here
at the station.
Oh, look at the market.
Cute, hey?
Okay, let's go.
Let's go.
Well, I've never been to Rocky
River's Christmas market before.
Mm mm.
I'm glad your first
time is with me.
Me, too.
Well, Healy's booth should be
around here somewhere.
Let's find this dog owner.
Two, please.
Now I know as mayor of Snow
Falls, you can't take an
official position, but,
in my opinion,
it's the best hot chocolate
in Mountain Valley.
Yeah, that is really good.
But that is off the record.
Your secret is safe with me.
Well, you sure know
your way around these towns.
I've spent time
teaching in all of them
for a little while, at least.
How come you never stayed
in any of them?
Oh, you know...
I just never felt like
I was in the right place.
Not even Hart Junction?
I was born there, but
hasn't been home in a long time.
Still haven't figured out
where home is.
Not like you and snow falls.
I really can't imagine
myself anywhere else.
But I also never imagined myself
as the mayor either.
So there's that.
What do you mean?
when Benny's dad passed away,
we just really
tried to keep busy.
And then Benny made this joke
about me running for mayor
when there were no other candidates
after my mother announced her retirement.
And really, I just ran to prove
that nobody would vote for me.
And Benny... He just loved talking
to people and taking pictures with everyone.
Really it was just fun for us
during a time when there wasn't that much
fun to be had.
And then you won.
Couldn't believe it.
You know, I almost wanted to resign
when they announced the results.
But, Benny, he just-
He really loved telling his friends
that his mom was mayor, so
I decided to stay on for a year.
Next thing you know,
three years later,
still Mayor.
I can imagine what that
would be like for a kid.
I feel like I've barely looked up
since I stepped into town hall.
I had to hire an assistant just
so I could spend some more time
with Benny before
he grows up and-
Starts a life of his own.
Yeah, exactly.
Well, he must be here
somewhere. I, uh-
- Yes.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Let's...
- Okay. Let's go.
- Okay.
Oh, look, there's Mayor Romy.
Oh. That's cute.
Look at that tie.
Hey, there's a line, folks.
Mr. G..
What are you doing here?
- Here with Mayor Atkins
from Snow Falls. - Hi.
Oh, we spoke on the phone
a few days ago, didn't we?
About the parade?
Yes. Yes.
You said you were interested in
having Rocky River rejoin.
About that.
Governor Tufts came
by the other day
and offered to help me out
with my college tuition, so...
Is he allowed to do that?
No, definitely not.
Hey, man, I got made mayor
because people like my dog.
I don't ask the questions.
Okay, Mayor Healey.
It's just Healey.
Okay, Healey.
The tradition that united
the four towns of Mountain
Valley is super important to us.
And the four mayors
would get together on Christmas
Eve and exchange gifts?
I know I took Mr. G's class.
Well, we got the train up
and running and everything-
Oh boy, a train.
The mayor of Green Valley agrees
that we should put our pasts aside
and join together.
Stop the governor, inspire
the children, save the towns.
I get it.
But what's the offer?
The offer?
What is Snow Falls offering me?
A cake.
Cake from the Snow Falls bakery.
Okay, uh, I don't eat gluten.
Look, you guys thought I'd be
sentimental because I'm young?
Even if I agreed to your plan
good luck getting Hart
Junction on board.
What exactly is
it that you want?
That's just it.
There's nothing you two have
to offer me that I want.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have to go walk
Romy and then stretch
before the Rocky River
Christmas competition.
What's that?
It's a Christmas themed contest.
The winner is crowned
the Christmas King or Queen.
Oh, cute.
Yeah, cute.
It's a serious test of
one's Christmas spirit.
You wouldn't make it
past the first round.
Want to bet?
If I win, you agree
to join the parade.
And if you lose?
Mr. G. will walk
Romy for a year.
- I'm sorry, I'll do what?
- Yes, you will. Shh.
- Okay.
- You have yourself a deal.
And you will agree to tell the governor
that you are not interested in cooperating
I'd do that for free if Mr. G.
walks my dog for a year.
A year?
Oh, you'll be fine.
If this is really a competition
about Christmas spirit,
I am going to show
him a thing or two.
What is this contest exactly?
It changes.
Sometimes it's a
snowball throwing contest
or a wreath making competition
or even a snowshoe race.
So who decides?
Last year's Christmas King.
Rocky River!
Welcome to this year's
Christmas competition.
This year's challenger is none other than
the mayor of Snow Falls.
Yeah, woo! Yeah!
And she will be taking on me
the reigning Christmas king.
And as Christmas king,
I've hereby decided
that this year's
competition will be
a gift guessing contest.
Our vendors have generously
donated gifts from their booths.
Each gift has been placed
in a wrapped box.
And our competitors will get
as many shakes as they want.
Then what?
Then you have to
guess what's inside.
First to three, wins.
I didn't mention it, but I've been doing
this since I was five.
You know, if you want
to just give up now
call it a draw
Mr. G. doesn't have
to do any dog walking
and Rocky River won't bother
Snow falls on Christmas Eve.
I'm not leaving until
you agree to the parade.
But, nice try, kid.
A can of maple syrup.
Box of Christmas candy canes.
Not bad, Mayor Atkins.
Not bad.
Christmas golf balls.
A novelty ceramics Santa Claus.
What happens if there's a tie?
I don't know.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Oh, I'm good.
Well, I guess we
have a tiebreaker.
As Christmas king.
I'll pick a gift.
And you have to
guess what it is.
You about ready to give up now?
Charlotte, shake it again.
Christmas dog treats.
Yeah! Woo!
Congratulations, Mayor Atkins.
That was well won.
So does this mean you're gonna bring
Rocky River back to the parade?
I'm a man of my word.
I'll be there.
And I'll tell Governor Tufts
he won't get one inch of Rocky River land.
You know...
I think this is the first time
someone from Snow Falls has won.
Oh, thank you, Healey.
Good night.
Good night.
Thank you, Zack.
two down, one to go?
That was the most intense
Christmas market I've ever been to.
Is it okay that Benny's
still up there with Oliver?
Oh, yeah, absolutely.
He's been nothing
but respectful up there.
In fact, I think Oliver
prefers him to me.
To be honest.
Where's your mom?
Oh, she's just trying to
get ahold of the mayor
of Hart Junction again.
Well, it seems like you've really made an
impression on Healey after all these years
He was a good student.
Curious, like Benny
More power hungry.
You're really good with kids.
I think I remember what it
was like to be that age.
Do you ever get tired
teaching them all day?
No. Not at all, actually.
Their energy is inspiring.
I can't wait to be a dad.
You know, when I find somewhere
to settle down.
Well, when do you
think that will be?
I don't know.
I like Snow Falls.
So, anyway, how are you
feeling about things?
Really good.
Really inspired, too.
Can't believe we're
getting so close already.
About Hart Junction-
Oh, uh. Good evening, Governor.
What can I do for you?
Good evening, Mayor Atkins.
Good evening, Governor Mike.
Can we go somewhere private?
Going to be okay?
Just tell my mom and Benny
I'll meet them at the car.
I just got a very
interesting phone call from
the mayor of Rocky River.
I think her bark is
worse than her bite.
Mr. Healy, he said
he's changed his mind
about my offer, and so has
Assistant Mayor Spitz.
I guess someone talked
some sense into them.
Do you really think that this
small town parade is gonna stop me?
You know, I wasn't sure
until right now.
Yeah, well, I'm not worried.
Well, you should be
because three towns oppose a plan that
you've probably already
promised your hotel
and contractor friends
Yeah, but I still
have Hart Junction,
and I can make your
re-election campaign
very difficult.
See, that's the thing
about me, Governor.
I didn't run for mayor
to get re-elected.
I ran to do what's best
for my town and its people.
I've got some tricks,
too, you know.
And clearly, you do not understand
the game that you are playing.
Oh, I think I do.
Your a little parade is
gonna make no difference.
Even if you convince
Hart Junction
those hotels are going in
whether you like it or not.
Hey, mom.
Hey, buddy.
It's going to be a big day,
so eat up, okay?
- Okay.
- 'kay.
Here you go.
Oh, hey, Zack.
Is everything okay?
The governor ordered
an emergency railroad
safety inspection,
so all the trains are canceled.
But we have to get to
Hart Junction tonight.
I mean, there's a couple
of days before the ceremony.
Well, if Mayor Gregory is
as tough as they say
we're going to need to
have that train behind us.
Oh, okay.
Why don't you come in and
we can talk about this more?
I've got pancakes.
Oh, I'll never say
no to pancakes.
Come on in.
It's good breakfast.
Hey Mr. G., do you
want to play a game?
Would love to.
Why don't I just help clean
up in the kitchen first?
Oh, no, that's okay.
You don't have to do that.
Oh, let him help, Charlotte.
I guess it's faster
with two, so,
thank you.
You know, if you
have plans for today
you don't have to stay.
Oh, school's out,
Oliver kicked me off the train
because I looked at an
instrument the wrong way.
So, you know what?
I have plenty of time.
I don't want to cause any pain
to you and Benny by being around.
Oh. No, no, no, no, you're not.
Absolutely, you're not.
Cause I can go.
No, no.
Honestly, it's.
It's totally fine.
Actually, it's been really nice
having someone here
to remind me to relax and just
enjoy breakfast.
I needed that, so,
thank you.
No problem.
Snow Falls passed the
rail inspection, but
the governor's office is dragging
their feet with the other towns.
I don't know when you're
going to be able to
get to Hart Junction.
Well, maybe we can drive?
I'll keep trying mayor Gregory.
Yeah. I have a funny
feeling about her.
Ah, that's great, Oliver.
Thank you so much.
Yeah, talk to you soon.
Okay, got some hot
chocolates here.
Who was that?
Got a friend at the
railroad authorities
said we're great to travel.
- Hey. Okay
- Yeah.
That's great.
Hey, Charlotte...
I should get going.
Oh, yeah, of course. Yeah.
What were you going to say?
It's nothing.
I should go help
Oliver with the train.
Yeah, sure. Of course.
Zack, wait.
I just- I wanted to
say thank you so much
for spending the
morning with us.
I know Benny had a
really good time.
We both did.
No need to thank me.
I had a great time, too.
You know, it's not easy to let
people into our little bubble.
It's my job to protect Benny
and make sure he doesn't get hurt, so-
I have to be really
careful about who I trust.
I appreciate that.
I should get going.
Yeah. Yeah.
I'll see you tonight?
Okay, bye.
Good evening, Oliver.
I hope this isn't too late for
you to take us to Hart Junction tonight.
Nothing like an
evening train ride
and a town to save to
keep a conductor awake.
Where's Benny?
Oh, he's back home
with his grandmother.
Unfortunately, this trip will
take it past his bedtime.
Ah, yes.
Is everything okay?
Yes, yes, just fine.
I'll go start the engine.
Zack's on the train.
Oh, great.
It's chilly.
How are you?
Just thinking about
Hart Junction.
Yeah, must be hard going home.
So bright tonight.
Maybe it's a sign
that we're on the right path.
What if we get to Hart Junction
and the mayor won't agree to come?
We'll just have to convince
her like we did the other two.
And if she won't budge?
Look, I've been trying
to tell you something
but I haven't found
the right time.
I know the mayor
of Hart Junction.
I know her quite well.
Did you teach one of
her kids or something
She's my mother.
Mr. G.
It was written on your picture.
Why didn't you tell us?
I tried.
But I was ashamed to admit that
my mother is the one that ended the tradition
we're trying to save.
You really should
have told me, Zack.
I know.
And the truth is...
I think I need to do this alone.
No, no, I'm coming with you.
Charlotte, you have to trust me.
I should go by myself.
No, we have gone
too far together.
I'm not leaving you now.
Charlotte, you don't know-
You owe me this much
after not telling me the truth.
How are you feeling?
Honestly, not great.
I was trying to spare you by saying
I wanted to do this on my own.
Your mom can be that bad.
She is.
She's stubborn.
Well, like I said before,
I can handle stubborn.
No, it's how she is with people.
It's like me. I'm
a disappointment.
It's always, "failing to live
up to my potential."
That's ridiculous.
You're good at your job,
and the kids love you.
What is there to be
disappointed about?
A lot. If you grew
up in my house.
Well, she's wrong.
She's not like you.
She fights dirty.
Well, it's a good thing
you have some backup, then.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Wow. This is where you grew up.
'Till the day I was 18.
Well, here we go.
Zack! You brought company.
I'd like to introduce mayor Atkins from Snow Falls.
She's a friend of mine.
Hi, I tried to correspond
with you over the phone, but
it's nice to finally
meet you in person.
Yes, I was unavailable,
but it's nice to meet you too.
I brought a cake from
Snow Falls Bakery.
It's world famous.
Well, come in, come in.
Can Zack take your coat?
As the gentleman should.
Sure, that would be great.
Can I take your coat?
Thank you.
I was just about to have
supper. Will you join me?
Oh, that would be lovely.
Thank you.
Is there something
I can help you with?
Oh, no, I'm fine.
But tell me about
yourself, though.
How long have you been
mayor of Snow Falls
About three years now.
And how do you like it?
Oh, I quite enjoy it.
You know, it has its
trials and tribulations
but I really enjoy
it for the most part.
And have you been accomplishing
the goals you set
out before your term?
Yeah, I'd say so.
And I have a few
new ones as of late.
Have you put together
your team for re-election?
How's the firm doing
now that Walter's retired?
Oh, it's been terrible.
I have no idea why that man
got so lazy all of a sudden.
Aside from the fact
that he's 80 years old.
So what?
He's better at being a lawyer
than he is at playing golf.
I mean, should be able to
live his own life, shouldn't he?
I can see why you
would think that way.
So how do you two
know each other?
We've been working together
for the past few days.
On what?
She's not in the
witness box, Mom.
I'm just asking questions.
I assume things must be getting
pretty serious since you brought her home.
Oh, no, no, no.
No. We're just friends.
Her son is in my class.
Oh. So, what are you
two working on exactly?
Um, well, we're
working together-
We wanted to speak to you about
the Christmas train parade.
Oh. That's what you wanted to
talk to me about on the phone?
Yeah, I think it's been
gone for far too long, and
our towns used to be so close.
I feel that
whatever happened in the past,
it just doesn't matter anymore.
I really think it's time our
town's joined together again.
Mayor Gregory
it would be an honor
if you would join us
for the treelighting
ceremony on Christmas Eve.
You should have told her
she's wasting her time.
Well, there's something else
that I should tell you.
The governor spoke
with me this week
and he told me about his plans
to turn Mountain Valley
into one big tourist resort.
I know.
You know?
Well, he called me
with the same offer.
So you understand, then,
if anyone of the town's
accept his offer,
it'll be the end for all of us.
I do. That's why
I turned him down.
Mayor Gregory, that is-
that's fantastic news.
Thank you.
I also spoke to Assistant
Mayor Spitz and Mayor Healey
about your little plan
to revive the parade.
Actually, that
was my son's idea.
He's a great kid.
He's sweet, smart, hopeful.
It would mean so much to him
if we could make this happen.
And the Bronze Star from Hart Junction
is the last thing that's missing.
If you would join us for the parade,
I think it would show the governor
once and for all that his
plan will never work.
I don't think so.
And you're surprised,
why I don't want to come back?
All these years and
still so stubborn.
Do you even remember
why you canceled the parade?
Of course I remember.
The other mayors
wanted to use it
as a political platform
for themselves.
I wanted no part of that.
Your mother was the
only one to agree with-
Okay. Please. Please. Please.
It doesn't- It doesn't matter
why it didn't work out.
It doesn't matter
whose fault it is.
What matters is how we fix it.
The governor is not going to stop until he sees
Snow Falls, Green Valley, Rocky River
and Hart Junction all
united against him.
Otherwise, he's just going
to keep coming back
with more offers until one of
us accepts and caves and-
we're so close.
I think that if we just get this
parade up and running-
I've already done my part to save
Hart Junction and Mountain Valley.
I see no reason to sing the
12 Days of Christmas underneath a tree with
- you and the others.
- Well, why not?
Well, let's say
I go along with your idea.
The parade starts up again.
Everything goes as planned.
Sounds good to me.
Until there's another argument.
Maybe between you
and Mayor Spitz
or me and Healey's successor.
Doesn't matter.
It's inevitable to happen.
And then the governor
will smell another opportunity.
Look we- We don't
need to be friendly
to protect Mountain Valley.
Let's just leave
things as they are.
What if I took the
job at the firm?
And that's what you want, right?
For me to move home.
Take a job you're
not embarrassed by?
Floating around from
job to job without ever
setting down any roots,
that's no life for a grown man.
You don't seriously
want him to give up teaching?
I want what's best for my son.
As a mother, I would think
you would understand that...
If you bring the star,
I'll move back
when my teaching contract is up.
I'm glad to see you're
finally coming to your senses.
No, no.
He is a wonderful teacher.
He is passionate, and
knowledgeable, and
his students love him.
You should be proud of him.
The world needs more
teachers like him, not less.
Charlotte, wait.
Why would you agree
to something like that?
This was always going
to be the price.
I knew the moment you
asked me for help.
What are you talking about?
I didn't want another
Gregory to be the reason the
Christmas parade was canceled.
Okay well if I'd known that was the price,
I never would've asked for your help.
You said it yourself, you'll do
anything to save Mountain Valley.
Not this.
Benny gets his parade.
My mom gets what she
wants. Everybody wins.
What about you?
I'll be fine.
You're lying.
Why do you care so much?
Look, my teaching contract
ends in a few weeks,
and when that's over,
what reason do I have
to stay in Snow Falls?
And tell your mom
to keep her star.
I don't want to get between a
mother and her son like this.
Everything okay?
Let's just get
back to Snow Falls.
Charlotte, can we talk?
What's there to talk about?
You're leaving.
It's not that simple.
It is that simple.
Look, you knew I was
here temporarily.
Then why did you try so
hard to make this happen?
And to connect with Benny?
Because I believe in this.
And Benny's a great kid.
Yeah, he is.
And he doesn't deserve
someone just disappearing
from his life again.
And neither do I.
Oh, you didn't have
to wait up for me.
I know.
You okay?
Yeah. I'll be fine, thanks.
Good night.
So, what do you have so far?
Well, volunteers are decorating
from the station to the square.
Okay, that's good.
I have the bakery agreeing to do
refreshments after the ceremony.
You know, this isn't
looking half bad.
Did the governor
get back to you?
Yeah. After I told him I changed
my mind he got very excited.
So he'll be at the
square tomorrow.
Even if it's just
Green Valley and Rocky River.
Still no word from
Hart Junction?
I think it's safe to assume
that Mayor Gregory is out, mom.
I'm sorry, Charlotte.
I knew she had a son
but I had no idea it was Zack.
It's okay, mom.
It's not your fault.
He should have told us.
Mom! Can we go on
the train again?
I'll let you two be alone.
Maybe after the parade, honey.
Got a lot of work to do.
Could Mr. G. take me?
I think Mr. G. went
back to Hart Junction.
Oh, well, sometimes
adults need to go home, too.
I know, buddy.
I'm sorry.
I know how much fun
you were having with him.
Yeah, he's the best.
Assistant Mayor Spitz, I've already
explained this to Mayor Healey.
No, I'm not going.
No one from Hart Junction is.
Makes no difference
to me if you back out.
But if you want the citizens of
Green Valley to take you
seriously in the next
election, it's probably best
not to be photographed
with a dog mayor.
Especially after everyone has
seen you hip hopping around
in that Santa outfit.
Can I call you back?
Gregory and Son Law office.
How can I direct your call?
I would never have
you answer the phones.
What can I do for you, Mom?
I looked up your
friend, Mayor Atkins?
She's quite good, you know.
You think so?
Mm hmm.
She spearheaded the renovation
at the Snow Falls Playhouse.
It's quite stunning, really,
considering what she had to work with.
If she's anything like her mother,
I'm sure she did it all by herself.
I assume you're going
somewhere with this?
Well, she seemed
very upset yesterday.
Yeah, we both were.
She thinks you're
a great teacher
and you care about her.
Yeah, I do.
I know it's hard to accept
but I really do want
the best for you.
I know you do, Mom.
I mean it.
You float around from job to job
never putting down any roots.
I mean, it's hard for
a mother to accept.
Well, it's my life.
No, not just yours, Zack.
What do you mean?
It's all the lives
in Mountain Valley.
Look, I need you to go down
to the train station, because
here's what we're going to do.
Welcome, citizens of Snow Falls
to our recreation of-
To our humble recreation
of the Christmas train parade.
Welcome, citizens of Snow Falls
to our humble recreation
of the Christmas train parade.
Hey, Benny.
We got to get
going in 5 minutes.
Okay, coming!
Please, don't slam the door.
I just need a second.
Mom, who is it?
Just some carolers.
I wanna see!
No, no, no, we have to go in 5 minutes.
Can you go get your stuff? Thanks.
I didn't actually plan
what I was going to
say 'cause I assumed
you'd slam the door in my face.
You're lucky it's Christmas Eve.
Please take this while I figure
out what I'm going to say.
Look, you have 2 minutes before I have
to go to the town square, so...
You're still having
the ceremony?
Is that really how you want
to spend your 2 minutes?
Right. Okay, look, here it is.
I'm sorry for not being
honest from the start.
I'm sorry for my mom.
I'm sorry for the
things that I said,
I don't want to
leave Snow Falls.
Really? How can I trust you now?
I know you're upset,
and you have every right to be.
But please, come to
the train station.
Right now.
Zack, people are going to be
there in 20 minutes I can't-
And Green Valley and Rocky River,
they pulled out so I need as many faces as
possible when the governor
shows up. I can't just-
Please. Just come to the train
station, and bring Benny.
I'm not going to get
his hopes up again.
You don't ever have to
trust me again after this.
Okay, fine.
I'll meet you there.
But we're not staying long.
Okay, great.
I'll see you soon.
Was that Mr. G?
Yeah, it was.
He wants us to go
to the station.
And are we?
I'm really sorry that the parade
didn't work out the way you hoped.
I just-
I don't want you to
get disappointed again
I don't want you to
be sad about it, Mom.
We did our best, and
that's all that matters.
But if Mr. G. has something
he wants us to see,
we should trust him.
You think so?
It's Christmas.
All right.
Let's go.
Get your coat, okay?
It's Christmas.
That's the truth.
Mayor Gregory, what
are you doing here?
Well, I thought about what you said,
Mayor Atkins, and what my son said.
Hello, Kathy.
Hello, Louise.
It's been a while.
It has.
You haven't changed a bit.
Benny, this is my
mom, Mayor Gregory.
Nice to meet you, ma'am.
It's nice to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you.
Oh, there's something
I want to show you.
What's that?
The Bronze Star!
Hey everyone!
Oh, look who's here.
Woah, careful, Romy!
Well, now that we're all here
I think a round of
applause is in order.
For Benny. For reminding
us of our forgotten tradition.
So we have the light bulb
from Green Valley, the ornaments
from Rocky River and the Bronze
Star from Hart Junction.
But, there's something
you've all forgotten.
Historically, Snow Falls
would always designate
a goodwill ambassador to place
the star on top of the tree.
Now, this citizen was
someone who exemplified
the spirit of the season.
Has Snow Falls chosen
their ambassador?
I nominate Benny.
Here, here.
Well, now that it's settled
Benny, do you want
to lead the way?
Yeah! Come on, everyone!
Snow Falls...
It is my pleasure to welcome
you to the return of the Christmas Eve parade.
Please join me in welcoming
my daughter, your
mayor, Charlotte.
Hello, everyone.
On behalf of the
citizens of Snow Falls
I'd like to welcome you to our
town on this Christmas Eve.
Now, we have been
separated for far too long.
But it warms my heart
to see all your happy faces
joined together in celebration.
It doesn't matter
why we drifted apart.
The parade shows to us that it's never
too late to make amends with the people
who are important to us.
Now I'd like to
welcome to the stage
assistant Mayor Spitz
Healy and Mayor Romy,
and Mayor Gregory.
Thank you all so much for
bringing your traditional gifts tonight,
and for finally reuniting
Mountain Valley.
Now, we also have a very special guest
this evening, Governor Tufts.
Now, the Christmas Eve parade
began many lifetimes ago,
and for a brief period,
until today, it was canceled.
But starting it up again has had such
an impact on Mountain Valley.
Now, I'd like to invite
the governor on stage
to say what the parade
will mean to him.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you very much for coming.
Thank You.
Thank you, Mayor.
That was unexpected.
It's events like these that make towns
like Snow Falls so special.
It connects us to the past and
it directs us towards the future.
It's a gift that's passed down
from generation to generation.
And that is why I'm so proud
to have spearheaded the revival
of this important tradition
to bring Mountain
Valley back together.
May this be the first of many
more to come! Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas.
Thank you, Governor.
Will you do us the honors?
Lastly, we'd like to have
Benny put the star on.
On behalf of Mayor Gregory.
Benny, Benny,
Benny, Benny, Benny!
Benny, Benny!
Way to go, Benny!
So what did all this cost you?
My mother and I made a deal.
I told you I didn't want this
if that was the price.
It's a new deal.
Guess she had a change of heart.
So she wants me to keep teaching
and accepts that this is
what I'm meant to do.
Turns out I just
needed a little backup.
So what's this new deal?
I promised not to take any temporary contracts
and finally set some roots down.
So I'm not going anywhere.
I sure hope not.
This wouldn't have
happened without you.
You too.
Is this the part where I
tell you, you were right?
Uhm, think we can save it.
After all, it is Christmas.
Merry Christmas.