Meet Me in St. Gallen (2018) Movie Script

(Meet me in St. Gallen)
Maam, your phone is ringing.
You should answer.
It must be your boyfriend.
Celeste, where are you?
On the way home, on a taxi.
Where exactly?
Were along Commonwealth now.
Well, you havent gotten far yet.
Get back here immediately.
Maam, didn't you approve that already?
Yes, but I have some revisions in mind.
Ma'am, you could have told me
before I got on a ride home.
You are still on Commonwealth, right?
You're not yet home.
Come on, this is urgent!
Fine, Im going back.
Sir, can you take me back?
Ill just pay you extra.
Maam, cant you see how slow
weve been going?
If we turn back,
well get stuck in traffic.
Now, it will be my loss.
I did say I will cover the cost.
If you would?
Ma'am, even if you pay extra,
I'm still at a loss.
If you want, you can pay for my boundary.
Your taxi stinks!
The nerve.
I want this to be more dynamic.
I want to shock the client
with this presentation.
Maybe you need a terrorist
if you want to "shock".
I heard that.
You know, Celeste,
you could have been good...
but you dont appreciate
the opportunities Im giving you.
Youre too proud.
You think Im out to get you?
Im actually challenging you.
I want you to be the best that you can be.
No other company will hire you
with that attitude.
So just do your job.
I have another meeting.
Ill be back in a couple of hours.
Ill check that later.
All I want is for you to hear my voice
It wakes with the light of morning
The sun is setting
When will I be heard?
But I do not mind the darkness
Because the stars shine at night
A star
A star
I am a star
I shine because I'm famous
for another reason
The truth is people treat me
like a nobody
But it's all right because I don't care
I might be someone to look up to
Or someone you're fed up with
I maybe a little speckle in your eyes
Im the sun of my own world
I understand my fate
Even as I try to understand more,
not everyone can reach the universe
The gap is great,
so he cannot be enlightened
This is what I got into,
so I need to accept it
Yes, I accept
I just wish to ask you
Why is it when people see a star,
it's fall will grant their wish?
All I want is for you to hear my voice
It wakes with the light of morning
The sun is setting
When will I be heard?
But I do not mind the darkness
Because the stars shine at night
A star
A star
So thats it?
Thats what you call a song?
Was that the band
you were bragging about?
You told me youll quit.
You need to review.
Your exams are next week!
What? You'll fail Physiology
and Anatomy again?
Your father is talking to you.
I wont flunk.
There. We have an agreement.
Youre not sinking
into this low life of yours, okay?
Im ashamed of you.
- You were not even good earlier.
- Dad.
What are you looking at?
Celeste, where did you go?
Why havent you finished your job?
Maam, the computer crashed,
thats why I stepped out for a bit.
I haven't eaten. I'll just eat first.
I dont believe you.
You haven't done
what I've asked you to do.
Maam, even if you check,
the files been corrupted.
So I left because it's of no use.
You never run out of excuses, do you?
Ma'am, why would I make excuses?
I even came back. I was on my way home.
I am not making up excuses.
I am telling you the truth.
I could have been home by now,
right, ma'am?
What you're saying is impossible.
No, maam, it is not impossible.
because were in the Philippines.
This is a third world country.
Everything that could possibly go wrong
has already gone wrong, okay?
You're so good at talking, aren't you?
You're so good at making excuses.
You're full of explanations.
What? What did you say?
Well, dang. How can I not explain myself?
Ive been going on and on,
but you are not listening to me.
You keep on calling.
How am I supposed to work
on a corrupted file?
Are you raising your voice at me?
Yes, ma'am, because you dont get it.
We are going in circles.
I am exhausted too! I want to go home!
I don't like your tone. Apologise to me.
Apologise? Me? Why?
I won't apologise, ma'am.
Do you have any idea what I do?
I am a graphic artist. Artist.
Do you know what that means?
What are you talking about?
You are an employee.
You are being paid, by me, every month.
Well, that is not how it works.
I am an artist.
What I mean is I want to be free.
I need some room to be creative.
I cannot always follow your orders.
Because, honestly, ma'am
your instructions are always so vague,
entirely unhelpful and unimaginative.
So forgive me, okay? Not a chance.
This is not acceptable, maam.
You have nothing to stand on.
You talk big,
but you haven't proven anything.
- Maam, I quit. I resign.
- What...
I love my work, but I love myself more.
Are you the only one with a company? No.
Is my life over? No.
How dare she...
Hey, miss, why did you cut in line?
- I just got here...
- You saw that the line is long.
- What the...
- Maybe I was just passing by?
I just happened to pass by?
- You had to assume the worst?
- You have no concern for elders.
So I cant stay? Do you own this place?
- Heavy load.
- Ill carry them for you.
Talked so much.
I just stood there...
Its taken.
- Sir, can you take me to Fairview?
- Thats far.
Well, were in Centris.
Ill pay you extra.
- That's far. My route is Cubao-Makati.
- Sir, please!
NOB 322. You're dead meat later.
Oh, shit!
You have an umbrella!
Dont try anything stupid.
I said dont move.
Are you following me? Are you a stalker?
Miss, relax.
Im not following you.
- Hello?
- Yes, hello, ma'am?
- MMDA hotline?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, I am filing a complaint.
- You have a complaint?
- Thats right.
- Okay Is it a PUV?
- Taxi.
- What's the complaint, ma'am?
Yes, smoke-belching
and he also refuses passengers.
What's the plate number?
- Plate Number N-O-B 3-2-2.
- Okay.
- Two 2s.
- Yes, 2.
- Whats the name?
- Tarantula Taxi.
- Tarantula?
- Yes, right? What a douchebag!
- A douchebag.
- Your name, ma'am, please.
Your name, ma'am.
Just for the record, ma'am.
You were asking for my name.
Yes, ma'am. Your full name, please.
For the record, ma'am.
- Celeste. Celeste Francisco.
- Okay, ma'am, thank you.
- Thank you. Ill follow it up, all right?
- Okay.
- Okay, ma'am. Thank you for calling.
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Ma'am.
Whats so funny?
Hey! You wearing white, whats so funny?
Not only have you been tailing me,
youre also eavesdropping
on my phone calls. Why?
Miss, your voice is a little loud,
so everyone can hear you. Sorry.
That's not it. I saw you earlier.
Thats right. You had a gig earlier.
The one who was singing,
and everyone booed. That was you, right?
And then at the comfort room,
you were there.
At the taxi bay, you were there too.
So that means you are following me.
I see you everywhere I go.
Are you following me? Are you a stalker?
Why? Are you ashamed
youve been found out?
- I saw you.
- I am not a stalker, miss.
So what is your deal with me?
Do I owe you something?
Did my brother hook up with your sister?
I know hes an ass.
- Is that it?
- No. No.
Then whats your problem?
- Nothing, relax.
- Nothing? Okay.
So you think I'm pretty,
thats why youve been following me?
No? You think Im ugly, then.
No. No.
What, then? What do you need from me?
Why are you following me?
Because Im going to call the police.
What did you plan to do to me?
See, there's a lot of people.
Im going to call the police now.
Miss, wait. I don't have any plans.
- Relax.
- Why were you following me?
I just heard you at the restroom earlier.
As if...
As if you were talking to someone.
Your boss, probably.
Well, its rare to see people like that
these days.
Someone who speaks their mind.
Who stands up for herself.
A douchebag.
I hate douchebags the most.
So you reported the taxi driver?
A douchebag too.
In our world, there's two kind of people.
Either they're the douchebags or I am.
They can't blend together.
I'd prefer if I was the douchebag.
Im happier.
May I?
Fine, it's okay.
It seems...
that you messed up earlier.
You caught that.
Was it that bad?
No, you see...
my parents came.
I saw them in the audience.
Well, they don't like what I'm doing.
There. I got rattled. I panicked.
I messed up.
Excuses... What do you mean
they dont like it?
I should be studying, reviewing.
Med school.
Okay. You were upset.
So you were looking for someone
to get your mind off it.
You saw me. That's it?
You, too, were upset earlier.
- Francisco.
- Stalker.
Katy Perry.
In coffee shops, Im Katy Perry.
- Jesse.
- Abaya.
- Jesse?
- Abaya. Jesse Abaya.
Celeste and Jesse Forever.
Havent you seen that?
It was already released.
Was it good?
It was cute. I enjoyed it.
- Celeste and Jesse Forever.
- Celeste and Jesse Forever.
Celeste and Jesse Forever.
Happy ending.
Actually, no.
No, they didnt end up together.
- Wow, spoiler.
- Sorry!
Why? Were you going to watch it?
- You havent even heard of it.
- Well, I wont watch it now.
Wow, so now its my fault?
Dont you have any friends?
I do.
Well, I was thinking
of spending time alone today.
Okay, I'll leave you alone. Sorry. Sorry.
Someone's sitting at your table.
And its pouring out there.
For sure, the traffic's heavy.
And it's flooded
since were in Metro Manila.
You'll be going home late.
Do you want to go?
Ill just stay here.
I have lots of friends.
800 on Facebook.
I have 1,000.
How embarrassing.
You have more friends.
I bragged about 800.
Lets not be like that.
- Don't be like what?
- Facebook friends.
- I was going to add you.
- Dont.
I dont want that because think about it.
What are the odds...
of meeting a complete stranger
in a coffee shop...
who you can have a nice conversation with?
Like this, face-to-face.
An actual conversation.
Lets stay this way.
This is it. Lets not be friends.
What is this?
Nothing. We met. We talked.
Hi. Hello. Goodbye.
No personal details?
- No number? Things like that...
- Personal details?
So that's why you sat there.
If you werent good-looking,
I won't let you sit with me.
Thanks. That helped.
It really helped.
It's hard to be ugly today.
A lot of burdens.
You sounded really judgmental.
Judgmental? No.
Im just telling the truth.
Do you always tell the truth?
As much as I can.
Its true!
When I was young,
our viand for breakfast, lunch, dinner,
for snacks, too, was pork.
If you could drink pigs blood,
we probably would have.
We were so fed up with pork
that I started having nightmares
involving pigs.
This one dream I cant forget.
I was about 8 years old.
Hold me.
Right here, theres a pig.
Pretend youre a pig.
Ill try to bolt. No! Let me go!
Like that! Like that! Like that!
How did you know?
- I was the pig! I was the pig!
- You're a stalker. You're a stalker.
Like that.
They ganged up on me and butchered me
the same way we slaughtered them.
And nobody helped me.
Since then, I can't eat pork,
up until now.
You had a very dark childhood.
But did you know that pigs
have the longest orgasm?
Yes. They can go on for 30 minutes.
Thirty minutes? Wow.
Makes you wish you were a pig, right?
Excuse me. Why?
Is that what you learn in med school?
Is that what got you took up Medicine?
Are you a vet med?
I just read it on the internet.
You read it on the internet
after or before you watched porn?
Yeah. Baby.
- Hey, Celeste.
- Why?
Stop it. Hey!
There are people around.
It's embarrassing. You're a girl.
No wonder your fathers angry with you.
At night, youre in a band.
In the morning, you watch porn.
Are you really a student?
My dads angry with me...
because he feels he knows
whats best for me.
I don't want to be a doctor.
I dont see myself becoming a doctor.
Me. Look at me.
Do I look like someone
who will be a doctor?
I want.. I want to sing.
I want to write songs.
I want the world to feel my wrath.
I can see it. You are a true rock star!
- All that hate!
- Not just hate.
- What?
- I also want...
to write songs about love.
About the things I whisper to the sky
when Im alone.
About heartbreak.
What would the world be
without love songs, Celeste?
Here we go.
Heres your chance.
You wanted to sing, right?
- Let me handle it. Hey, there.
- Not there, Celeste.
- Yes?
- Sir, can we try out the mic?
Oh, I'm sorry, ma'am, but were closed.
- I'm sorry. Try tomorrow.
- It's closed.
- It's closed.
- Leave it to me.
Too bad because my friend heres
a rich kid.
Hes considering buying one of these.
- Oh, hes buying?
- Yes.
Oh, I was actually doing overtime.
- Try this one.
- Youre the best!
- Yes, maam.
- Hell buy this, I swear.
- Okay, maam. I hope hell buy a lot.
- How does this work?
- How many numbers should I press?
- Just click on the buttons.
Five... Five numbers. One, two...
Hurry! Hurry! There it is! Quick, hold it!
What a nice song!
Sir, lets give it up for Jesse! Yes!
Ill take a video of you. Well post it.
Sing. Oh, you. I helped you out.
Hurry up!
Can you see yourself?
I was mistaken
So I hung my head and cried
You're fooling me.
You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You never know, dear
How much I love you
What are you doing?
Please don't take my sunshine away
- Taxi, sir?
- Yes.
Thank you.
- Youre really leaving now?
- Yeah.
Ill walk you home.
- Ill walk you home.
- Don't.
Youll find out where I live.
Then youll really come after me.
- Youre really confident about that.
- Yes.
You dont have work tomorrow.
Youre out of a job.
Yes, but I have a lot to do.
I have a lot of laundry. Its a huge pile.
- Ill do your laundry.
- You already love me that much?
- Youre too much.
- Come on, lets go!
Lets go for drinks. Talk more.
- Me, you...
- Sex?
Well! Well! Well!
Where to now?
- There.
- There.
Wrong! Scorpio.
- Gemini!
- I'm a Scorpio!
This is all we have.
One. You have no other chance.
Just do everything.
Be happy.
Lets give it life.
The what?
Life into life!
Here. Lets clap our hands.
My aunts very pretty and kind too.
But she doesnt have a boyfriend.
She doesnt have a boyfriend.
She doesnt have a husband
and she doesnt have a baby.
Shes looking?
Shes looking?
Not really, but shes been wondering
why there isnt one.
Why am I like this? Why am I alone?
So when she turned 38, she decided,
she said...
Why dont I consult a fortune-teller?
A fortune teller?
Whats surprising about that?
She went to see a fortune teller.
She walked like this...
She got to her car
and she drove to the fortune teller.
When she arrived, she said, Excuse me?"
- Madam?
- Madam!
Do I still have a chance at love?
Im so old. Is 'The One' coming?
And the fortune teller replied,
You still have a chance, girl.
He'll come when you turn 40.
You just need to be open.
When she got back home, my aunt changed.
She used to be very strict.
She became friendly.
She's always smiling,
and she became open to everything,
open to the world
and to every possibility.
Someone courted her. A sea man.
Kind, kind of handsome,
but hes just a little old.
Then she said, We should get married.
Because my aunt's 38,
and the man is old enough
for them to wed immediately.
And so the wedding came to be.
- Here. Here. Here.
- Wow!
- You'll be surprised.
- Happy ending.
- Happy ending, right?
- Yes!
Here's the kicker.
When my aunt turned 40, the doorbell rang.
Who was it?
My aunt's boyfriend from high school.
Her true love.
Her true love.
No reason. Her true love. Her true love.
Crazy, right?
He came when she turned 40.
Didn't the fortune teller said
when she turned 40?
And my aunt said,
Wait here. Ill be right back.
She drove back to the fortune teller
in a hurry, utterly furious.
Guess what she did.
No, none of that.
Just quarrelled with her.
- Quarrelled.
- She said, You! You!
You said if I opened my heart,
Ill receive the blessings.
Then I opened it and I did receive them!
But now Ive turned 40,
my true love has come along.
Then, what now? I already have a husband!
The fortune teller said,
You misunderstood me.
I told you to wait till you turn 40.
You were still 38
and you let all the blessings in.
- My aunt was...
You were too impatient.
You're too impatient like champorado.
My aunt was shocked.
She's stunned. She said...
But this is where I get confused.
Why did he show up?
Does that mean my aunt was destined
to have two lovers?
- And why...
- She shouldnt had a reading.
What should she have done?
That's it. She should have just let life
run its course.
If the future can be foretold,
then its destiny!
So you believe in destiny?
I dont believe in reincarnation.
But in destiny, I do.
Really? Why?
No. Not quite. Like that...
Because there are things...
that go together.
It goes together whatever situation it is.
But as rational beings,
Id like to believe that...
that we have our own decisions
with happens with our lives.
So what you mean to say
is like youll keep believing in something
until you no longer do? Like that?
Until something new comes along?
Isnt it possible...
to change your opinion on something
- depending on the situation?
- No! No!
Thats not good because--
You cant believe in something
just because its there.
Because if that is so,
that means it's just a convenience?
Youre just desperate to believe
in something,
so you go along with it.
- Compromise.
- No.
Compromise is tantamount to sacrifice.
You have something important to you...
you love him,
but I'll let you go
to secure something else.
because that's compromise.
So what kind of person does that make you
if you don't have...
You dont believe in anything.
Are you even human?
Even I dont like compromise.
- Then why did you say compromise?
- Because there is no absolute, either.
There's no certainty, right?
The only thing that exists...
is how I feel...
about what I believe in that moment.
Thats what I can hold on to.
That's it.
I dont like this conversation.
It became sad all of a sudden.
Are you bored?
- No. No.
- You're bored.
- What are you doing there?
- Im taking care of something.
I thought we werent going
to be Facebook friends?
- That's me. See?
- Oh, my God, no.
- Let me see. Let me see. It is.
- Its not you.
Its a different Jesse.
The worlds full of Jesses. Besides...
its a force of habit.
If I hadnt caught you,
you would have added me.
Youre so full of yourself.
Thank you.
What for?
You know that...
That feeling
when you look upon nothingness...
but youre not sure about...
what youre supposed to feel.
You search for that...
that feeling.
Because you know that once you find it...
everything else will come easy.
Everything that you can do.
Everything impossible
will become possible.
You came, Celeste.
Thank you.
For what?
Because you're here.
Youre making me cry!
Why am I crying?
Why am I crying?
You said well drink.
Why did you make me cry?
I think were drunk.
You know, when Im old...
feeble, then, hopefully, not senile...
Ill keep thinking back to this night.
And Ill wonder...
why I didnt even get to...
why I didnt even get to kiss you.
Would you like to kiss me?
Have you ever fallen in love?
True love.
That you dont know what to do,
you dont know what to feel
and you cant breathe.
Whenever you think of that person,
your stomach drops.
You know?
You dont know what youre capable of
because youre scared.
But, at the same time,
you want to do everything...
because youre in love.
Have you ever felt that way?
I wish...
in my lifetime...
I want to experience that kind of love.
What a perfect moment this is.
Lets not ruin it.
Celeste and Jesse forever and ever.
(After 4 years...)
Hi, good afternoon.
One tall brewed coffee for Katy Perry.
One tall brewed coffee for Katy Perry.
- Celeste!
- Thank you.
Hi, Katy Perry.
- Do you remember me?
- Of course.
Jesse. Jesse the rock star.
- Jesse the doctor.
- Wow, really?
- Okay.
- Veterinarian.
Something good came out
of our chat about pigs.
- Orgasms.
- Orgasms.
- Are you with someone?
- No.
Im just preparing for a meeting.
Can I join you?
Just coffee. Promise.
Sure, doc.
Hello again.
How have you been?
Im good.
Whats your meeting about?
With a friend.
- Boyfriend.
- No, girlfriend.
- Girlfriend.
- I mean... Sorry. A female friend.
You look like youre doing well.
Really? So do you.
You look well.
Youre not in a band anymore?
Not anymore.
I got tired of it eventually.
I still play, but mostly lullabies
for dogs and cats.
Things dont really turn out
the way you planned them.
- But it seems fine.
- Okay.
Am I still handsome?
Do you still think Im handsome,
thats why you let me sit with you?
Yeah, lucky you.
One tall Americano for Brad Pitt.
Oh, my God.
You're not that handsome.
- Very handsome?
- You have an edge.
You never looked for me?
Facebook. Instagram.
Well, didn't you say not to ruin it?
So I didnt.
Yes, I looked at your account.
I looked at your profile.
There! Look at that.
I stopped. I stopped
when you got a girlfriend.
I stopped looking.
- Nothing. Stop asking.
- Why?
Oh, you.
Well, it's annoying.
I don't want to look. Too lovey-dovey.
Too lovey-dovey.
Borderline gross.
You know, I never took you for a person
who needs affirmation from social media.
Youre the one who kept coming back
to my profile page.
Well, isnt that seeking
some kind of affirmation?
Well, thats why I stopped. I stopped.
for what its worth...
it took me a long time
before I could forget about...
the kiss.
You should.
Was I your...
- your first kiss?
- No.
- I think it's me.
- No. You're irritating.
- Its okay, you can tell me.
- It really wasnt.
- Oh, you're unbelievable.
- I am, right?
But isn't it...
people say your first kiss
is life-changing.
Sure. If its the first kiss,
but it wasn't.
Okay. Fine. You said so.
Do you still live in Fairview?
Oh, my God. Sorry.
I'm shocked.
My family went back to the province,
so there.
But I'm with my brother.
He's here with his own family.
But at our old home, its just me.
And I modified the entire house
to be a studio. You?
Im still staying at my parents...
but the angst is gone.
- The recklessness of your youth is gone?
- Gone.
But I bought a condo in Ortigas.
With Diana.
Well live there after the wedding.
Wedding? Wow. Really?
- Youre engaged now?
- Yes.
Oh, right, because you told me
you dont want to grow old alone.
Sorry. Sorry. I shouldnt have...
Its fine. Its fine.
I did say that before.
But I couldnt help it. I fell in love.
Oh, my gosh. Sorry. I am so late.
Ill go ahead. I need to leave you
because I have to go...
Thank you.
Celeste, can we be friends this time?
- Yes. Facebook friends.
- Facebook friends.
- Are they still together?
- Wait, look.
They're engaged.
There's a ring, and its beautiful.
The girl is beautiful. Take a look.
She wasnt that pretty before, right?
He looks happy.
Hes not fucked up Jesse anymore.
Then he asked me if we can be friends.
- So what did you say?
- Okay, Facebook friends.
Dont lie.
Why did he have to show up again?
I was doing so well.
You know, it's physics.
Everything is energy, right?
Jesse was the one person
that never left your mind. Ever.
Think about it.
All the thoughts you ever had of him...
Hes your ideal man.
He's the one who's always there.
You set him up in your mind.
All his being.
All these years, you were wondering,
what could have been
if only you didnt dilly-dally.
So all these Jesse thoughts are linked
to this invisible frequent energy.
Atom by atom are manifested
into a reality.
Maybe its destiny.
If you still believe in that.
- He does look very handsome.
- And hes staring at me.
- Hes got great eyes.
- Why does he got to be like that?
If you only know
When we will cross paths again
Is this about that night?
Were you waiting long?
This is me.
Its about me.
Its my shirt. I still have this shirt.
You keep showing up suddenly.
You never told me
youre an accomplished artist now.
Im not accomplished.
This is my first.
I thought I was going to die on opening.
Dont die just yet. Savour this.
Youre on your way to greatness.
In denial.
"Memories long gone, but remain with you.
Only fragments of the past remain."
At least...
Im one of the people you missed.
I hope Im a beautiful memory.
Does it hurt?
I guess thats just who I am.
I always fall for assholes.
But I don't want that now.
I dont want another intense relationship.
I made many of paintings
out of that painful relationship.
Three years.
Three years on and off.
An intense three years.
- Intense?
- Intense.
Never again.
But don't you want that?
You're able to turn a bad thing good.
And, besides, isn't all of this...
the experience of a person
who wants to share his feelings
with the world?
Its a way to live with himself.
Good boy
You're so good
I hope Lord takes you
- Doc! Doc!
- King! How are you?
- How are you?
- You havent been here in a while.
Yeah, I miss it!
I reserved a table for you.
Hurry. Go over there.
Good boy
Good boy
You're so good
I hope Lord takes you
- Youre laughing at it, not having fun.
- Not quite. Its fun too.
- Thats it?
- Yes.
Thank you.
What if you kept going at it?
You know...
"What if"...
is one the hardest questions.
Because there are many...
many variables.
A lot of...
factors that can happen, unless...
there really is a parallel universe.
only one thing can happen.
That which already did.
Why did you...
Why did you...
give up?
We got duped by our manager.
Then after that...
the band had a falling out.
Diana and I were already dating
at the time.
So she's the same with dad,
they both said
nothing will change if I stay in the band.
It came to the point
where I wouldnt come home,
Id sleep at anyones house.
It's a mix of alcohol...
sex, drugs,
During that time, Diana left me.
Perhaps that was my wake-up call.
After a few weeks...
I begged her.
She took me back.
I came back home to Dad.
Was it passion that slipped away?
Or maybe I just got tired?
Or I knew myself better.
I accepted it more.
This is who I am.
I am a product of my choices...
and my actions.
Like you.
Don't you have any...
Dont you have regrets?
Yes, its just as you said...
"we all have to find a way
to live with ourselves."
Smile. Its too early. Youll get ugly.
Excuse me.
Respiratory rate?
Irregular breathing.
- Is he vomiting?
- Yes, Doc.
Okay, not good.
Okay, Mike. Im almost there anyway.
Ill meet you there. Thank you.
- Is everything ready?
- Were ready.
Lucy, Ill take care of Coco, okay?
- Go with Celeste for now.
- No, I want Coco.
- Hi, Lucy.
- Go on.
Im Celeste. Come here. Come with me.
Its okay.
Lets go sit over here.
Lucy, come sit with me.
There. Very good. Sit there.
You think Cocos gonna die?
No, I dont think Cocos gonna die.
You know why?
Because Doc Jesses
a very, very good doctor.
Yeah, I like him.
He gives Coco treats
and he loves to play with Coco.
- And he loves Coco.
- Yeah, he does.
He loves Coco. So, you know what,
Coco will get better immediately.
So smile already.
See? You have a pretty smile!
Come over here.
Lets wait for Coco right here.
Lucy? Cocos fine now.
You can go see him.
- Wow!
- Yeah!
You forgot something.
Thank you, Doc Jesse!
Lets go. Lets go. Lets go.
Thank you.
I am proud of you earlier.
What kind of coffee is this?
This is also me.
May I see? Maybe you have more.
- No! No.
- Let me see.
- Please?
- Nothing!
What else do you want to do?
Many things, of course.
You cant just stop dreaming.
I applied at Cooper Union.
Cooper Union.
- Wheres that?
- Art school.
In New York.
Im reaching for the moon,
but you never know.
I want to study again.
Then, I want to travel.
I want to...
travel around the world.
Experience everything.
Anything, you know.
Whatever goes.
- Take me with you?
- Ass.
Take me with you!
- No.
- Do you want me to go with you?
- No.
- Why?
I want to do it alone.
I want to go to a Christmas Village.
On Christmas.
Snow will be falling.
- Have you ever seen snow?
- Great.
- Where?
- I dont know.
Why do you want to be alone?
Why do you want to be lonely?
Lonely and alone are different.
Solitude is different from loneliness.
Solitude is when...
youre quiet by yourself...
but completely fine.
No matter, Ill come with you.
You know me...
Im the same girl.
youre a better Jesse.
Take care.
(2 years later)
Hi, Marcus. What should I try today?
Hello. Good morning.
Can I have one coffee, please?
Excuse me, can you make that two?
Hello? Celeste?
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
What are you doing here?
Didn't I tell you Ill come with you?
I just arrived.
Its freezing!
Why do you like it in this cold?
How about we go someplace warm?
Let's have coffee.
Why did you come here?
Im sorry, did I surprise you?
I dont know how to start.
Were always starting out.
But now I know,
I cant just leave this to anything.
To destiny or something else.
You left Diana? Didnt you get married?
We didnt.
I didn't go through with it.
You thought...
that when you show up
out of the blue,
I would be okay with it?
That I would just be here, waiting.
And that since you changed your life,
I would change mine too?
Do you know what I prayed for?
I said...
it was only now that my mind and heart
were in agreement.
So I hope it's right.
I pray they both get their wish.
What about you?
You dont need to say everything.
Its enough that you let me be.
Even though I know
youd rather be on your own.
Solitude is different from loneliness.
I did say that.
You hurt Diana for me?
Do you realise how cruel that was?
You're not an ass.
- I am an ass.
- Youre not.
- Youre not an ass.
- I am, Celeste. You only think Im not.
Dont make me your ideal man.
Make me a human being, please.
I am not some painting you hang on a wall.
I want to be with you.
I want to talk to you.
I want to kiss you again
thats why I came here.
I dont expect you
to change your life for me.
- I would never...
- But thats the problem!
Whatever you do...
whatever you say,
you always say the right words.
And then what? One look and one smile.
Everythings fine, right?
And Im the one who's wrong.
I have a boyfriend.
Tobias is from here.
We met in Budapest.
Hes a painter.
And I like him a lot, Jesse.
He must be home by now.
I have to go. Im sorry.
- Celeste...
- No, I have to go...
Can we talk?
That's it.
Hello? Yeah.
Im... Im walking with a friend.
No, Im okay. Im okay.
Yeah. Im on my way home.
Ill try to invite him.
Yeah, Ill try to invite him.
I will. Yeah, Ill see you in a bit. Yeah.
You know, I tried to write you a song.
Youre singing again? Gosh.
But it was only a try.
Why? It's not nice?
No words came out.
- I couldnt write anything.
- Why?
I felt maybe I had to see you again.
Before everything comes out...
The lyrics, the melody.
The way they did when I met you.
Don't! Stop there. Dont go that.
You never recover from me
whenever we meet, right?
Then you disappear for years on end.
- Thats true.
- And pop up out of nowhere.
Lets not go there.
Maybe Im not your muse.
Haven't you thought of that?
But you...
- are my sunshine.
- Wow!
- You are my sunshine
- How did we dance to this back then?
My only sunshine
You make me happy
when skies are grey
You'll never know, dear,
how much I love you
Please dont take my sunshine away
Thank you. Thank you, St. Gallen!
There. That's enough. That's enough
Were going to an exhibit
in Basel next week.
Then well be back for the New Years.
Why dont you bring him
to the Philippines?
So he can be warm.
Actually, he did ask me to, so...
So I might bring him next summer.
Do you love him?
But not in the way I used
to think love had to be.
The one I was talking about.
Violently passionate
that can do anything.
No. It's different now.
Its more comfortable.
It's in the little things now. It's...
when he wraps his arms around me or...
how he stops my tears.
It's more like that.
Perhaps Ive matured.
My heart has calmed down.
What could I do to make you mine?
You were right.
I made you my ideal man.
So you cannot hurt me.
Because my Jesse
always makes me smile.
You came in my life.
And I was never the same.
Maybe this is all we are.
Just passing by.
Never to stay.
Never to stay.
Maybe we came to...
make each other happier?
maybe we came to...
to give a little life into life.
You dont break hearts on Christmas.
That's not allowed.
- That's not allowed.
- That's not allowed.
Hey, Celeste. Come inside.
It's so cold!
What about your friend?
- He made plans. Yeah.
- Okay.
Lets go, lets go.
Come in, come in. Its cold!
- Its very cold! Up the stairs.
- Yeah.
- Are they upstairs? Okay.
- Yes, they are.
Are you still coming to Basel with me?
Of course.
(Meet Me in St. Gallen)