Meet Me Under the Mistletoe (2023) Movie Script


Congratulations! You are
officially the owner
of your very own condo!
I can't believe this
is happening!
You wanted to be
a homeowner by 35,
so it's what we had to do.
Thank you, Eva. Really.
All I did was point you
to the right home.
Give yourself some credit.
Plus, this is a really busy time
of year for you.
It must take a lot of work
organizing the Christmas Fair.
It's a labor of love.
Speaking of which,
will I see you there?
Absolutely! I wouldn't miss it.
I'll bring my niece!
I hope so.
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas, Yolanda!
Oh! You're forgetting one thing.
- (clapping)
- (laughing)
- Congratulations!
- Thanks!
Just closed on another condo?
Uh, you tell me.
Another sale?
That's right! Condo on Maple.
Eva's on a roll.
She's rented 33 apartments
and sold 16 condos this year.
Wow! That's impressive.
I know I'm not in the big
leagues with you,
selling houses in the West End.
Well, I mean, not yet.
Keep it up and one day
you might get this.
Eva: Realtor of the Year?
Don't worry. I've got space
in my coffee bar
- for when I win it this year.
- Bring it on.
Also, I just sold this.
Is this the four-bedroom,
three-bath on Wallgrove?
Mmm. We got a great price.
- Hey, Mitch.
- Mitch!
Did you finally buy a home?
No, no, colonial
is not my style.
As for these,
I don't like that this one has
a detached garage.
Don't like that
this one is gothic
and I don't like
the shutters on this one.
They're too bland.
Well, shutters can be replaced.
Oh, if I'm finally gonna
buy a house,
I don't want to have to fix or
replace or change anything.
You know, Jeff, if Mitch is too
much for you to handle,
I am happy to take him on.
I've got everything under
control, but thank you.
We'll find you
the perfect place.
It doesn't matter
how long it takes.
Yeah, well, don't take too long.
I'm not getting any younger.
Thank you.
Jeff: Oh, okay.
I've got an inspection
to do on Douglas,
- so I'll see you all later.
- Good luck!
If Mitch was my client,
he'd be two years into his
mortgage by now.
Hey, Carrie, who's got
the most commission
between Eva and me
so far this year?
That would be...
- Jeff.
- Hmm.
By a hair.
Oh, okay.
Well, I'm gonna go celebrate
my closing by writing
some more Christmas card
for my former clients.
Well, I'm gonna celebrate
my closing
by researching
the latest listings.
And I'll be here,
reading about the Real Estate
Settlement Procedures Act.
Hey. I'll get you
a cookie from Sammy's.
Guaranteed to help you study.
Gotta see my niece,
but I'll see you later.
- Have fun.
- Thank you!

- Hello!
- Oh! Hey, Aunt Eva!
Sorry. I was knee-deep in
biology homework.
You talk to your parents today?
Yep! They miss me
but they're happy I'm getting
such a good education.
And that you have
a super cool aunt
that you get to stay with,
Sammy: Triple shot oat milk
peppermint latte.
Thank you, Sammy!
You got any plans
for the weekend?
Oh! Yeah.
Work, work,
and a little more work.
You know what? I was gonna save
this for Christmas,
but maybe you should
use this now.
What is this?
It's an idea journal
for your next book.
Look, I know that you said that
you were taking a break
from writing or whatever, but
just because you have
a novel sitting in a drawer,
it doesn't mean
you can't start
on something new.
What? Okay, I know it's none of
my business,
but your writing's so good.
Honestly, it's a crime
you're not sharing it.
I love it.
Thank you so much.
It's great.
Things have just
been really busy,
so I think right now
the writing can wait.
But thank you.
(phone ringing)
Oh, shoot.
I... I gotta go.
I don't wanna be late
for my next class.
Oh, okay. Okay, go learn
all the things.
- Always.
- Eva: Bye.
Bonnie: Bye.

Special delivery.
- Oh!
- Crossword.
- Ah! Eee!
- And cookie.
- Edible Christmas house?
- Mmm-hmm?
One, two, three,
four, five, six.
11 letters.
Gingerbread. Right?
Of course! Yeah.
Oh, hey! I know this girl
from spin class!
Eleni McGuinness and Tyler Stack
had their first kiss
under mistletoe purchased
Mountain Laurel Christmas Fair's
Merry Mistletoe Booth!
Becoming the 13th couple to get
married after sharing
their first kiss this way?
We've gotta get some
of that mistletoe.
I've got other things
to focus on.
I don't!
Now that I'm single again,
I'm gonna get me some of
that mistletoe.
- Okay.
- I'm not ruling anything out!
I heard you!
Inaudible evening?
Silent night! Ah!
(bell ringing)
Is that the bell?
Oh! Hi!
Hello, we're here
to see a realtor.
Of course! Who would you
like to see?
All of them!
Uh, it's really nice
to meet you both.
I'm Eva.
Oh, lovely to meet you as well.
I'm Kelly Greer and this
my husband, Frank.
And how can I help you?
Kelly: We want to sell our house
and we need to sell it fast.
Eva: Oh, you're in luck. Selling
houses quickly is my specialty.
So, how quickly do you want
to move on this?
Well, my brilliant has a sudden
job opportunity at Stanford
and we found the perfect house
that we want to buy there.
But in order to purchase it,
we need to sell our house here.
I mean, the bridge loan
depends on it.
So, we were hoping to have
everything settled by Christmas.
Wow! That is fast.
But not impossible.
Sorry, I don't mean
to interrupt.
I was just on the way
to get a coffee.
- Jeff Morgan.
- Ah!
Well, the more the merrier.
I mean listen, we realize that
this is not an ideal scenario,
so whatever advice you all can
give us is appreciated.
- Oh.
- Well.
I'm, uhh...
Well, I'm all ears.
Well, I was just telling the
Greers about my track record
when it comes to
selling houses quickly.
It's sort of my area
of expertise.
Yeah, Eva's great.
She sold 16 condos this year.
Where's your condo if you
don't mind me asking?
Oh, we actually have a house.
It's on Wallgrove.
Oh, you don't say.
Well, I just closed a house on
Wallgrove this morning.
The Tillmans.
Oh! They're a wonderful family.
They live right across
the street.
So, that's why they were dancing
in the driveway this morning.
You must have got them
quite the deal.
Well, I don't like to talk in
terms of "deals".
Customer satisfaction
is big for me and, I mean,
it was a good deal.
Sounds like it. How long was
that house on the market for?
Time was no problem
for the Tillmans.
They just wanted the best price
and that's what I got them.
The best price. That's what I
get all my clients.
Well, it would be nice
to have someone
who sold in our neighborhood.
I'll admit I haven't broken into
your neck of the woods yet,
but in addition to
the 16 condos I've sold,
I have also rented
33 apartments this year.
A house like yours would be a
new opportunity for me,
but one that I am fully equipped
to handle.
She's right if you're not
worried about getting
the absolute best price, then
Eva might be a great fit.
Well, I mean, we are,
we are a little concerned
with the right price.
And Jeff can definitely
get that for you
under normal circumstances,
of course.
So, have you sold anything
this quickly before?
Well, not exactly,
but last year I did sell
the Preston Mansion
that was right next to
the train station.
Some people said that it
was unsellable,
but, well, I managed to get a
buyer to pay over asking
and if I can sell that,
I could definitely sell yours
in two weeks.
We look forward
to hearing from you,
whichever direction
you end up choosing.
You must be pretty pleased
with yourself.
Well, I don't know
what you mean.
Oh, no?
I didn't know you were that
desperate to get
Realtor of the Year again.
Eva, I'm hurt.
I didn't know you felt that way.
As potential clients of
Mountain Laurel Reality,
the Greers are entitled to work
with whichever agent
they feel, well,
works best for them.
You know what?
It doesn't matter.
The Greers are obviously going
to choose me.
And when I sell their house,
the commission will put me
in the lead.
And when they announce me as the
winner of Realtor of the Year,
it'll be all the sweeter.
But y'all should know you're not
the only two in the running.
I'm scheduling meetings with
Kristen, Rajvi, Luis,
and the Dream Team.
I hope the Greers don't want to
work with a team.
One is not the loneliest number,
it's the most productive.
Well, that we can both agree on.
I'm gonna get back to it.
I want this listing so bad,
A house on the West End.
It would mean I'm...
finally on the right path.
The Greers would be lucky to
have you too, you know.
Marco: Okay, "Poinsettias.
The Story Behind
Christmas' Most Famous Plant."
"A Brief History of
Flora and Fauna."
And "Ecosystems
of the North Pole."
Doing a research paper, Bonnie?
No, these are just for
some light reading
over Christmas break.
Mmm. So, you're a reader
like your aunt.
But are you a writer
like her, too?
No way. She's the creative one.
Of course.
- Customer: Excuse me?
- See you soon.
- Bye.
- Bye.
So. Did you scribble down
any book ideas
in your journal today?
I wish it were that simple.
I don't mean to pester you.
I'm just jealous. If I could
write as good as you,
I would never stop.
I mean, your book belongs here.
Not in some desk
collecting dust.
Which is crazy by the way,
going analog.
I've got it backed up
on a laptop.
Don't worry.
It's just nice actually feeling
your book in your hands.
You know?
Change of subject.
Can we get takeout
on the way home?
Oh, we should always get takeout
on the way home.
Ooh! And we have
another stop, too.
Okay. Let's go.

Every year I add
a new ornament to my tree.
Something special.
In 20 years from now,
I want to look at my tree
and remember that this was
the first Christmas
my brilliant, kind,
and somewhat nosey niece
came to live with me.
So, I want you to pick.
- It's perfect!
- Very you.
- That's right!
- Very you. Okay.
This is gonna look so good.

And this is just the warm-up.
I'll take you to the tree
lighting at the Christmas Fair.
I want your first Christmas here
to be magical.
It already is.
Let's go!

Make a wish, Aunt Eva!
I wish for tickets
to ScienceCon.
What's ScienceCon?
It's this amazing convention
in New York
where all the top scientists in
different fields
lead workshops, lectures.
I've always wanted to go,
but it's pricey.
Okay, hint taken.
Okay, what do you wish for,
Aunt Eva?
Honestly, I just want
the Wallgrove listing.
- No!
- What? I do!
No! That is so boring!
I also wish for my Aunt Eva to
find happiness outside of work.
You don't need to make
your wish about me.
No! No! No! It's too late.
This is officially
your Christmas wish
and personally, I can't wait
for it to come true.
- (giggling)
- Okay.

Double cafe mocha?
Christmas party invitation?
Oh, I've never needed liquid
chocolate more in my life.
I failed my practice test
last night.
Hey, don't worry.
I failed so many of those.
You'll do better next time.
Also, study notes as promised.
Have I told you lately that
you're an amazing friend?
- Who me?
- (laughing)
Oh! Before you head back, you
should know the Greers are here.
That is just the good news
I was hoping for!
Just one thing. They wanna talk
to both of you.
They're in Jeff's office.
Okay, we want you to share
the listing.
We were very impressed
with both of you,
but more impressed with what
pairing you up could mean.
We'd have your experience, Jeff.
And Eva's speed.
What do you say?
- Well.
- Yeah.
All right... (stammering)
Take the afternoon.
Think about it and let us know.
We would love to work
with both of you.
- Great. Great. Thank you.
- Okay, yeah. Awesome.
- This is a lot.
- Hmm.
I'm not sure having a partner is
the best fit for me.
I'm used to working alone.
Well, hey, I'm not crazy
about it either.
That being said...
I think it might be a shame just
to let this slip away.
That's true.
Either neither of us get it
or we try to make
decisions together.
It's so crazy
it might just work.
Let's sell a house by Christmas.

Wow. It's beautiful.
Hmm. This should be easy.
Thank you so much for coming.
We're so excited to be working
with you both.
Oh, we're excited to be here.
Oh, don't mind the mistletoe.
We're just packing it up.
Would you like a tour?
We would love one.
I would actually love
to take notes, as well,
if that's okay.
Could I tempt you
with a homemade chocolate
brownie on our way through?
Oh, you most certainly can.
- Thank you.
- Help yourself.
Yeah, it looks beautiful.
Fresh out of the oven.
I'm volunteering at a bake sale.
Never a dull moment around here.
Shall we start with the garage?
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
Right this way.
- Wow.
- Yeah, it's a...
could use a bit of a tidy.
Sorry it's not
more festive in here.
With the move catching us
off guard,
we just weren't able to decorate
as much as we usually do.
And we thought you'd probably
want to stage it anyway,
so why bother putting up
Christmas decorations
you might not like.
Besides, we, uh,
we don't really have
the space right now.
Uh, about that.
Are the plants staying?
Oh, no! No, no, no. We're just
storing them here for now.
- Eva: Okay.
- We'll have them out
of the house soon.
Kelly grows them and then they
go out into the community.
(chuckling) Well, we donate them
to hospitals,
senior centers, schools,
and the rest we sell at
the Christmas Fair.
You operate the
Merry Mistletoe Booth?
That's us!
I just read about your booth
in the newspaper.
I can't wait to tell my niece.
She loves plants.
I also heard that you two
have a reputation.
Well, since we started
the booth 20 years ago,
13 couples who have had
their first kiss
under our mistletoe have
gotten engaged.
Well, I suppose that we focus so
much on bringing joy
to other people's homes
that we've sort
of overlooked our own.
Well, Jeff and I are happy
to take that on.
If that's all right with you,
we can get more decorations
and make your home as festive as
possible for the open house.
- Oh! That's sounds great!
- Great!
Bring on the tinsel!
Why don't we kick things off
with a little cider?
I've got a whole jug
in the fridge.
Oh, wonderful!
I'm glad we're all on
the same page.
I'll get some more brownies!

Well, all I'm saying is it
would've been nice
to discuss this strategy before
implementing it.
I just assumed
you'd agree with me.
Well, of course I do,
but that's not the point.
I mean, we're a team, right?
I mean, if this is actually
gonna work,
we need to work together,
not just next to each other.
I'm sorry. I am new to this.
Let's just say that from now on,
we discuss everything before
making any decisions.
You know, they might like these.
You know, I love that Kelly
grows her own mistletoe.
I know nothing about gardening.
Yeah, she's a pro.
A pretty famous botanist
And how would you know that?
I'm a very
research-orientated guy.
Maybe that's why I've won
Realtor of the Year
so many times in a row.
Yeah, and probably why your
houses take so long to sell.
Well, what can I say?
Perfection is worth waiting for.
Well, um.
What about this for the cushion?
For the couch.
Okay, um.
Well, this for the armchair?
For the armchair.
I can see this whole discussing
every option
is just really working
in my favor.
Make me a case for the blanket.
Well, okay.
It's fun.
It compliments
the style of the house,
but adds a little bit
of character.
It's the tiny things like this
that really help a buyer
just truly picture this
as their own home.
It goes a long way.
Okay, sure.
But while you're
focusing on one buyer,
I'm focusing on
as many as possible.
I don't want just
anyone to picture
this place as their home,
I want everyone to.
Which means, sadly,
that "character" is a liability.
Well, that's a bleak outlook.
It's a numbers game.
Well, fair enough, but I know
the neighborhood
and I know the type of people
that typically buy there.
I just think a strategy that
also takes this
into consideration
will benefit us.
They kind of look nice together.
How difficult was that to admit?
I'm going to lose sleep over it.
Yeah, mmm-hmm.
Okay, well, the indoor decor
is taken care of.
Next stop, outdoor.
Yeah. Sounds good. All right.
Just these, please.
I figured I'll handle
the marketing outreach,
getting people to
the open house.
Yeah. That works.
Uh, scratch that.
I totally forgot I've got
a parent-teacher conference
in, like, an hour.
I had no idea you had kids.
Oh, I don't.
My niece is staying with me.
She got a scholarship to
Fernwood Science Academy.
She transferred at the beginning
of the school year.
Well, why don't you
go to the school
and I'll finish up here?
Are you sure?
Yeah. Of course.
Can't be everywhere at once.
It's just... I mean,
there's got to be some upside
to this partnership, right?
Thank you.
Of course. Now, get out of here.
Okay. Thanks.
Hey, Benjamin.
What can I get you today?
I'm actually picking up
some wreaths.
They should be under
"Jeff Morgan."
He placed the order yesterday.
Hey. This is one of my clients.
- Dr. Greer?
- Yeah.
Known her for years.
Been growing mistletoe
on the trees
in my back lot
for two decades now.
She does classes here?
Once a month.
When she's not off
doing botany research,
she teaches accessible
gardening crafts here.
Oh, wow.
I'll be sad to see her go.
- Sorry. Didn't mean to ramble.
- Not at all.
- You're here for some wreaths.
- Yes.
Uh, Jeff Morgan.
Here we go.
A dozen Christmas wreaths,
all bought and paid for.
- Oh, great.
- You're all set.
Is the box big enough for you?
Yes. (chuckling)
You want some help out to
the car?
I'm okay, Benjamin.
But thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
- Hey. Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Good morning.
You're this chipper
outside of the office, too.
The magic of coffee.
I got you one, by the way.
Ooh. You are a Christmas angel.
Ready to
Christmas this place up?
I thought you'd never ask.
All right. Let's get to work.

No problem. This can go here.

- Oh.
- No.
- Just...
- Hold on. Hold on.
- I just want this here.
- No. I got here first.
I know, but just give it
a moment.
Ready for the final touch?
Nice work.
You, too.
Oh. Yeah. The...
- There it is. Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay. So...
You, um...
Well, to be honest,
I don't really know
what I'm looking at here.
You know, every time my power
goes out, I just call Mitch.
Having a contractor as a friend,
you know, it's...
Take advantage of it.
It's a bonus.
Until you have to fix something
on your own.
You're not always going to
have someone to help you.
You do plumbing, too?
A little.
- Impressive.
- Thanks.
I feel like we're missing
something in the living room.
I feel like we should honor the
Greers and put their mistletoe
front and center.
What do you think?
Yeah. Um, that's great.
I'll just grab the ladder.
That looks beautiful.
I will say,
it does add a lot of character.
You in the mood for
some more cider?
Well, the Greers said to have
as much as we want,
so I think we should just
make it a commission. Don't you?
Yeah. I'll go heat it up.
You ever partnered
with someone before?
A few times.
Never really worked out.
We just didn't really
see eye-to-eye most of the time.
You ever wanted to try
the magic mistletoe?
You think I would leave
something as big as marriage
up to chance?
What about you?
It does seem like an
efficient way to meet someone.
But no. I...
I'm too busy selling condos
to make any time for all that.
What about before real estate?
I mean, you've only been
doing it a couple of years.
And no time for romance,
even back then?
Oh. That was even worse.
I didn't have
a spare minute in the day.
I was living in New York,
splitting my time between
writing ad copy and working on
my book.
What? You wrote a book?
That's amazing.
It's just sitting unpublished
in a drawer in my kitchen.
What's it about?
It's a mystery,
set at Christmas.
It's called...
Probable Claus.
(chuckling) Oh.
That's amazing.
Well, why would you be
embarrassed about that?
Because I spent years writing
a 400-page manuscript
and mapping out
a five-book series,
only to be rejected by
every publisher I sent it to.
I didn't have a life for years.
I've got nothing to show for it.
Besides a finished book.
I guess that's something.
Bonnie's trying to convince me
to write again.
She won't let it go.
She bought me...
(clearing throat)
this journal
to write ideas down.
Well, hey.
I know it's none of my business,
but I think she's right.
I'll make you a deal.
You start writing ideas down
in that
that have nothing to do
with work,
and I'll...
I'll think about trying
the mistletoe
at the Christmas fair.
I'll think about it.
Is there anyone you would...
want to buy the mistletoe
I haven't had that much luck
in that department.
Haven't seriously tried dating
for a few years.
Keeping yourself busy, too, huh?
Let's just say my heart's
sitting in a drawer
and leave it at that.
I get it.
I'm going to get a refill.
Do you want one?
No. I'm okay.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- Hey.
- What you doing?
I'm just... Work.
Hey. Do you feel like
gingerbread cookies
and a Christmas movie?
Because I do.
Um, yes. That sounds like
the perfect study break.
All right.
Triple-shot peppermint
oat milk latte?
I... You know,
Sammy said you'd like that.
She's right. Thanks.
- I didn't know you could draw.
- Yes. A hobby of mine.
When I got into real estate,
I started to sketch houses
during those long open homes,
and, well, I got the idea
I could gift it to clients
after their house sold.
- Incredible.
- Oh, not that difficult.
I can show you sometime.
Actually, can you go stand
next to that sign?
Is here okay?
How long do I have to
stand here for?
Yeah. I'm almost done.
Hey! Whoa. Aren't you going to
show me your work of art?
Well, it's hardly a work of art.
It's just a doodle.
- Are you self-conscious?
- Very funny.
It's just a feeling I didn't
think you were capable of.
(both chuckling)
Hey, Mitch. How'd we do?
- Eva: Hey.
- Not too bad. Hi.
They don't make houses
like this anymore.
Well, it could be yours
for the right price.
Uh, no, thanks.
A house like this
would be nothing but work.
Shoveling in the winter,
mowing in the summer.
Not quite the hassle-free home
I'm looking for.
Right, but what if
the right house comes along,
and you think too long on it,
and then it's off the market?
Okay. I'm going to
get out of here
before you start quoting me
mortgage rates.
- See you later.
- Bye, Mitch.
See you.
Shall we?
Sure. Yeah.
Well, we're all done.
The open house is ready to go
for Sunday.
Wow. Thank you both.
Looks like it's time for
a well-deserved break.
Why don't you check out
some of the festivities
at the Christmas fair?
Oh, I would love to.
It's just I've got
a little bit of work to do.
Work? I thought you said
you were finished.
Well, you've both done
such a great job.
Let's take a break.
Live a little.
Also, they have the best
peppermint hot chocolate
at the fair.
You know,
it might be nice to unwind
after a long day's work.
I guess we have no choice.
Okay. Great.

- Hey.
- Hey.
I wasn't sure if your text
was a joke or not.
Yeah. Well, I figured
a little Christmas spirit
didn't hurt anyone.
Uh, Bonnie, this is Jeff,
my partner at Wallgrove.
And Jeff, this is my niece,
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Yeah.
So, you must have wished
for the listing, too?
My aunt Eva, she made a wish
that she'd get
that 1838 listing.
Ah. Did she, now?
I don't remember doing that,
- Hmm. Oh.
- No. No, I don't.
So, what did you wish for?
Tickets to ScienceCon.
Oh, that's cool.
I know the headliner this year.
Wait. You know Stephen Butler?
- Yeah.
- Who's Stephen Butler?
Oh. He's a famous paleontologist
that graduated from
my high school.
How do you know him?
Well, his parents' property was
the first place I ever sold.
I mean, he was still a teenager.
Okay, Aunt Eva.
This is officially
the coolest man in town.
Yeah. That's true.
And the funniest
and the most handsome.
- Really?
- Speaking of which,
who's in the mood for
the festive photo booth?
Oh. Count me in.
Yeah. You guys go. I'll watch.
- Uh...
- What?
Where's your Christmas spirit?
My Christmas spirit
is not very photogenic.
You're not supposed to be
That's the whole point.
Well, I'm pretty sure I saw
some former clients of mine,
so I think I'm going to go
say hi to them,
and I will see you both
in a few minutes.
Oh, okay.
You're not getting off
that easy.
Okay? We're not here
to meet clients or to network.
We are here to have fun.
So, you just have to trust me.
- But...
- Yes.
All right. We're doing this.
- Come on.
- Okay.
All right. We're getting photos.
That's what we do? That's what
we do on Christmas? Okay.
That looks so good.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Yes. Okay.
- Okay.
- Wait.
How do I look?
I think we're good.
(shutter clicking)

(speaking indistinctly)

- No.
- Yes, yes, yes!
Hold on.
It smells like...
Next? This.
(everyone laughing)
Yeah. Well, shall we get
some peppermint hot chocolate?
We'd love to.
Dr. Greer did say it's the best.
- Well...
- Mm-hmm.
- On the house.
- Thanks, Yolanda.
Saw your photo shoot out there.
You make a good team.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
You know, we should bring
Mom and Dad here
when they come to town.
- Oh, yeah. They would love it.
- Mm-hmm.
My sister and brother-in-law
are coming in on the 23rd
for a few days.
If you don't have any plans,
you're welcome to join us
for Christmas.
I'm sure he has plans.
Yeah. Well, my brother's
going on a cruise with his kids,
so Mitch and I were going to
watch football and basketball
all day.
Oh! Well, that's no way
to spend Christmas.
We have to have him over.
No. It's, uh... It's okay.
Maybe next time.
You know, this actually is
kind of fun.
- What?
- Well, see?
Told you you could trust me.
So, now do I get to read
your novel?
Aunt Eva, you should let him.
It's really good.
She has
this whole series planned,
and I'm dying to know
what happens next,
if she would write them already.
I will think about it.
Anyway, it's getting very late.
I happen to know a 16-year-old
with a very, very important test
So, I think we should go,
if that's okay.
Yeah. No, hey. It's fine.
Can you send me those pictures?
Yeah, sure.
Okay. Thanks.
Good night.
- 'Night.
- Bye, Jeff.
(laptop chiming)
(laptop chiming)
Jeff drew that?
Yeah. He did.
Looks like he put
a lot of love into it.
Would you stop?
Okay. We got keys
for Deanewood Crescent,
Brin Drive,
and Heywood Avenue.
Three home inspections
in one morning?
Seems like you're really
on a roll.
Well, can't complain.
Neither can I.
When business is good for you,
it is good for me.
So, what do you think?
Another realtor-of-the-year
award in your future?
Haven't really thought about it.
Just happy to be busy.
Mm-hmm. And how are things
on Wallgrove?
I'm pretty confident
it's going to sell.
You know,
that's not what I meant.
Well, I don't know
what you mean.
- I think you do.
- Well, what do you mean?
- Fine. I'll spell it out.
- Okay.
How are things with Eva?
Uh, it's... Well, it's good.
We are... I mean,
we're great business partners.
Business partners?
Even after the Christmas
festival on Friday night?
You can deny it all you want.
That was a date, my friend.
So, you have fun?
Well, it was...
it was fun.
- "It was fun?"
- (both laughing)
Well, I'm happy for you.
I mean, you and Eva
have been practically
attached at the hip.
I haven't seen you spend
this much time
with a woman since...
since Laura, you know?
Well, it's because
we have to work together.
Let's not make this a big thing.
Yep. Message received.
Not a big thing.
Not a big thing.
But if it were a big thing,
- I just want you to know...
- Oh, boy.
I just want you to know that
I'm supportive.
You know? I mean, not all of us
are lucky enough
to have a woman like Eva
just kind of fall into our lives
like that.
Hey. Hey.
- Oh. Uh, Eva.
- Eva: Hi, Mitch.
It's Eva.
Well, I just saw
your office light on.
I was grabbing some stuff
on the way home.
Are you guys busy?
No. No, no. I just came by
to grab some keys
for inspections
tomorrow morning.
Well, I should head home
and get to bed.
Get some sleep, you know?
It's, like, 8:00 p.m.
Yes. Yes, it is,
but, um, you know,
early to bed, early to rise.
So, have a good night.
- Okay. Well, good night, Mitch.
- Thank you.
He's... diligent.
Yes. Committed to his job. Um...
Wow. Not bad.
Was that another one of
your clients' houses?
Oh, no. It's actually
the house I grew up in.
My family and, we I used to
decorate it like that
every Christmas.
I actually...
That's the first picture
I ever drew.
I drew it straight from memory.
- What's up?
- Right.
Well, I was thinking about
the open house tomorrow.
And I'd love
to do something special.
Well, like a more
personal touch?
You know, when people walk in,
it just feels like home.
What about, like,
a hand-drawn welcome sign?
Like, a homemade drawing
of a house
just next to the sign-in sheet?
Yeah, yeah.
I think that's great.
Do you think you can do that?
- Sure.
- Great.
Well, I think we could do that.
You're funny. I don't draw.
Like, I can show you how.
Jeff: Well, I told you
you'd get the hang of it.
You did most of it.
I did do the letters, though.
Different strengths
make a great team.
Yeah. I agree.
My sister and I
used to do arts and crafts
the first day of Christmas break
when we were kids.
Where does she live?
She's in Seattle.
Oh. Is that where you grew up?
But I wanted to move to New York
and become
the next Agatha Christie.
I love Agatha Christie.
Bet I'd love your book, too.
It's hard to share something
that has been
rejected so many times.
Just it's a lot of hard work
for something that will
never see the light of day.
Well, you know,
I don't sell my drawings,
but I still think
it's worthwhile doing them.
It's the process
that's fulfilling enough.
So, I should be writing
even if nobody's reading?
Aren't you somebody?
Write for you.
And me. I'll be your reader.
Well, thank you so much
for coming.
Please head through
to the kitchen.
Thank you so much. Thanks.
The land use controls
and regulations section
is still really tripping me up.
But if I get to sell houses
like this one day,
it'll all be worth it.
Yeah. It will be. Promise.
So, it seems to be going well
with Jeff.
Yeah. Surprisingly.
I know at first, he was
a lot to deal with.
But I think
I'm just warming up to him.
It's also nice to have
a partner.
It gets really exhausting
doing everything on your own.
It probably doesn't hurt that
he's also really attractive.
I knew it. You like him!
I don't.
I don't like him.
I am just not denying
that he's attractive.
Okay, but how does
he make you feel? Seriously.
I don't know. Just...
calm, and I like I can...
slow down and be myself.
Mm-hmm. That's like a sweet,
fuzzy little blanket.
- Hey. Hey. Great.
- Hey.
I'm... Wow. The most crowded
open house I've ever seen.
Hey, I'm getting some traction
with that couple over there.
I just want to get your take
on it.
What do you think? Tag team?
- This is great.
- This is amazing.
- (doorbell ringing)
- Oh. I...
It's a fantastic offer
from a nice couple,
and they're motivated to
close quickly.
We gave you quite the challenge,
and it looks like
you pulled it off.
Well done.
It was a team effort.
So, you ready to move forward?
If you both think that
this is the right move,
then we trust you.
Is everything all right, Jeff?
Well, no. I...
I don't think
you should accept this offer.
You don't?
I think there's a better one
out there,
and if we wait, it will arrive
before Christmas. I just...
Honestly, I think
you should reject this one.
- Okay, you guys.
- Well, think about it.
- All right. Thank you.
- Thank you. Talk to you soon.
Yeah. Appreciate your honesty.
- Absolutely.
- We have a lot to discuss.
Well, I wish you had
talked about it with me
before just blurting that out
in front of our clients.
I thought we agreed
this was a good deal.
I know, and I'm sorry.
But after sleeping on it,
I just don't want them to accept
an offer they would regret.
I just... It's good, but I think
there's a better one.
We just have to wait.
Look. Trust me.
I appreciate that you have
more experience than me,
but the Greers
brought me in on this
because I move fast.
We're supposed to be
equal partners here,
and I guess
you just don't see me that way.
Carrie, can you please
let the leasing office know
that I'll be in Palmer Estates
as soon as possible?
- Yeah. Sure.
- Great. Thank you.
Well, the Con sold out.
The day just keeps
getting better.
Did I screw up?
This might be bad timing,
but secret Santa?
Yes. Great working
with you, too.
Merry Christmas.
Okay. Bye.
Triple-shot peppermint
oat milk latte.
Is it okay if we talk
for a minute?
Still upset with me?
This helps.
Well, does...
this help, too?
ScienceCon? These are sold out.
Well, I told you,
the headliner and I go way back.
They came in last night.
That's really nice of you.
I'm happy to help.
Hey. I'm really sorry
about yesterday.
I should've discussed it
with you first.
The reason I reacted...
Well, can I sit?
- Yeah. Of course.
- Yeah. Okay.
You remember when you asked
if I had taken a girl
to the Greers' mistletoe booth?
- Mm-hmm. Yep.
- Right? When I was growing up?
Well, uh, five years ago,
the girl I was seeing, Laura,
I, uh...
Well, we had only been together
a year, and...
I was crazy about her. I...
I had heard about the mistletoe,
and I bought some
and hung it up,
and we kissed under it.
Later that night...
I proposed.
Oh, no.
Yeah. She, uh...
She did not feel the same way,
it turns out.
After she left, I decided
I was never going to
put myself out there
unless it was a sure thing.
I think some of that hesitation
spilled into my work
at some point, and that's...
That's why I'm sorry. I...
That colored my decision,
and I just...
Well, instead of talking to you
about it,
I just blew the whole thing up.
It's okay.
I appreciate you telling me.
Well, you deserve
an explanation. I just...
You're really great at this,
and I...
Well, we're a team.
I think we can find
a happy middle ground
for the house.
We need to canvass a little.
- Find some potential buyers.
- Yeah.
And I think I might have
the perfect place.
At the open house, there was
this paint 'n' plant thing
that we could go to.
I know as a bonus,
it might be fun to...
spend the evening together.
What do you say?
I say I'll meet you there.

- Hey.
- Hey.
You look nice.
Thanks. You, too.
Let me get your jacket.
Oh. Sure.
You got to wear one of these.
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
- I have to?
- Yep.
Are you going to wear one?
- I sure am.
- Okay.
I'll do that for you.
Welcome, everyone, to
our December paint 'n' plant.
Tonight, we will be focused on
the North Pole,
home to Santa Claus
and to over 1,000 plant species.
Okay, Mr. Artist.
Teach me your ways.
Yeah. So...
I want one of these.
- That's the one I want?
- Mm-hmm.
- It's small.
- It's perfect.
Well, what are you
going to be painting?
- So, then, we want to...
- You're not telling.
- (chuckling)
- Here we go.
- (laughing)
- There you go.
- Don't watch me do it.
- Okay.
(speaking inaudibly)
Hold on. Put it there.
Don't watch me do it.
Thank you both for coming.
Oh, absolutely.
These workshops
are a little more
Martha Stewart.
Do you want to see
where the real botany happens?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Come here.
- Sure.
This where I grow my mistletoe.
This year's batch
is already packaged in ribbons
and ready for sale
for the last time
at the Christmas fair.
I will really miss
this tradition.
I'd really love to bring
my niece here.
She liked the botany unit
her class just finished.
Oh. Well, you should.
Benjamin's always looking for
bright young minds to volunteer.
I should probably get back to
the others.
But please,
stay as long as you like.
Thank you, Dr. Greer.
Oh. Will I be seeing you
at the Christmas fair tomorrow
for the tree-lighting ceremony?
I will be there.
Uh, me, too.
I can't let my partner go alone.
Wonderful. I will see you then.
That was fun.
Yeah. It was.
I don't know
if you have plans later,
but Bonnie and I
are in the middle of
a Christmas movie marathon,
if you want to join.
That's an invitation
I can't say no to.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Let me get that for you.
- Oh. Thanks.
Wow. The paint 'n' plant
must've been a real hoot.
You would have loved it.
Jeff: Yeah. It was a shame
you couldn't come.
That's all right.
I do have a bunch of plants
here anyway.
Although I am ready for
a study break.
Are you staying for movie night?
Well, I was hoping,
if that's okay with you.
I love it.
Oh. Uh, one sec.
Happy early Christmas.
Thank you.
I'm going to put this here.
And Jeff, I actually...
I got you something, too.
I know you've been asking,
and I know
we're probably not going to
see each other on Christmas,
and I wanted to give you
my book now.
Oh. Uh, no. That's okay.
It can wait till
after the holidays.
Hey. If I don't do it now,
I'm never going to do this,
Oh, Bonnie?
Did you move my book?
Yeah, yeah. I, uh...
I wanted to read it again,
since, you know,
another one isn't...
I'm sorry. I should've asked.
No. It's just fine.
Just tell me next time,
before I have a heart attack.
Why is there a receipt
from Mountain Laurel
Print and Copy?
Did you copy this?
No. No. Of course not.
"Scan services, $59.80."
Okay. I possibly did scan it.
What's going on?
Hey, look. Don't take it out
on Bonnie, okay? I...
I asked her to do it for me.
But it's not what you think.
What I think is
you asked my niece
to scan a copy of my book,
so she could secretly
e-mail you a copy.
Well, yeah.
Technically, that's true.
But there's more to it.
I don't really want to hear
anything more.
You know how I feel about this.
And that might be silly to you,
but sharing this
is a really big deal to me.
I'm not...
I'm not really in the mood
for a Christmas movie,
so maybe you should...
I don't know.
Maybe you should just leave.
Marco, are you here?
Uh, yeah. Just a second.
fancy seeing you here.
I see you're busy.
I'll come back.
Well, I just...
No. I... Ah.
Hey. Wait a sec. Okay. Look.
I know you're still upset
with me,
and I can understand.
I just want to apologize.
I know it was a violation
of your trust,
and I'm sorry. I really am.
Look. I just don't...
really have time for this
right now.
I'm kind of busy finding a buyer
for our listing before
the Christmas fair tonight.
Yeah. I won't hold you up,
Thank you.
I just think
you should know I...
I wasn't going to read
your book.
I promise.
I wouldn't have read it
without your permission.
You want to know why
I asked Bonnie to send it to me?
I was working on
your Christmas present.
Your secret Santa present.
kind of why I was here.
I was doing a test run.
Why don't you go to
the mystery section
and just see if anything
jumps out at you?
Wait. How did you...
Well, Marco pulled
an all-nighter
to print and bind it,
and got it done in time.
Go ahead. Pick it up.
(laughing) Did you do this?
Well, I hope you know that means
I get a cut of the royalties.
Oh. Yeah.
I know it's only self-published,
but I thought you might like to
feel what it's like
to have your own book
up on the shelf.
Jeff, this is amazing.
Thank you so much.
I'm glad you like it.
I'll, uh...
I'll leave you to it.
And I understand
if you want some space
with the Greers as well.
I'll see you at
the Christmas Fair tonight?
I wouldn't miss it.

No worries.
It's seriously the most romantic
thing that I've ever heard.
- (Laughing)
- But I'm...
I'm sorry that it took
a little secrecy on my part.
Hey, it's okay. Your heart
was in the right place.
I can't tell you
how amazing it felt
to see my book in a store.
Honestly, it... it was magical.
Well, speaking of magical,
I'm looking forward
to this tree lighting.
Do you think Jeff's
going to show up?
Well, he seemed up for it
when I talked to him.
I don't know, you know.
First I killed the deal,
and then the whole book thing.
Honestly, I don't even
know why she invited me.
Well, it sounds like she's
forgiven you for the book thing,
and hey, it's a public event.
It's not like she can
ban you from attending.
Oh, yeah. Great. You know,
that makes it a lot easier.
I'm sorry. Hey, you're here.
I have to admit
I'm a little surprised.
Yeah, has been five years.
No, Jeff, I'm not talking about
the whole Laura fiasco, okay?
I'm talking about Eva.
Usually when
things aren't perfect,
you kind of have
a tendency to cut and run,
that's all I'm saying.
It's strictly business, okay?
I have no delusions she's
interested in me beyond that.
Okay. So, you are clueless
when it comes to women.
- Oh, yeah. Great.
- Diagnosed.
Hey, this thing is way
bigger than I thought it was
so I brought extra forks.
What'd I miss?
Uh, nothing. Just talking
about how clueless Jeff is.
Oh, I love that topic.
This is great.
We're going to
need more funnel cake.
Good evening, everyone!
By the power vested in me
by the Mountain Laurel
Chamber of Commerce,
I'd like to welcome you to
the annual Mountain Laurel
Tree Lighting Ceremony.
(crowd cheering)
Three, two, one!
(crowd cheering, applauding)

I now declare
this year's Christmas Fair
officially open!
(crowd cheering)
Go say hi.
Look, I hereby release you
from being my plus-one
for the rest of the night.
We had our first kiss under
the mistletoe last Christmas,
and Zach popped
the question last night.
Oh, congratulations.
We are thrilled for you.
Oh, we wish you all the best.
Lucky number 14.
Thank you for your part
in making this happen.
I'm so glad I benefitted
from your mistletoe
before you leave town.
Call me if you need
any tips on wedding flowers.
I will.
- Hey.
- Oh!
- Hey!
- Eva!
A homeowner and
a fiance all in one month.
Best Christmas ever.
That's amazing.
- That's great.
- See ya.
Dr. Greer,
I would love to introduce you
to my niece Bonnie.
Hi, it's an honor to meet you.
Pleasure to meet you as well.
Bonnie's a junior at
Fernwood Science Academy.
Oh, that's a wonderful school.
What's your favorite subject?
Well, it was marine biology,
but I love the unit we
just did on plant biology,
so, now, I'm not sure.
Well, I'm biased,
but plant biology
is a terrific field.
I'll be right back.
Keep talking, please.
It's beautiful
what you guys have.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's it feel to be back?
Not as bad as I thought.
Just, uh...
It's nice not being here alone.
It is.
Kelly: I'm sorry.
Honey? What's wrong?
Sorry, I'm just...
I'm just so happy for Yolanda.
Then I started to think about
all the other
couples we've helped,
how much joy it fills me with.
Well, part of me is so relieved
that we turned down the offer
because, now, I'm not
certain I want to go.
What are you saying?
You don't want
to sell the house?
I'm so sorry. I know
how much work you've all put in,
but this booth has been
spreading Christmas cheer
and bringing couples together
for over two decades.
What about next year?
Whose hearts are we
keeping apart if we move?
It just doesn't...
It doesn't feel right.
Hey, hey.
Look, whatever you want to do,
I support it.
It's just a big leap of faith.
What if it's not
the right decision?
I love this tradition so much.
I just can't
let it wilt and die.

Jeff, Eva, thank you
for all your hard work,
but, um, it looks like
we're staying put.

Well, I guess that's it.
Well, if they
don't want to sell,
that's their right.
Pretty big decision.
Can't just rush into it.
Yeah, but I think
she just got cold feet.
Clinging to what you know
is much easier than
starting a new chapter.

Spoken like a true writer.
But at least
we'll get to go back
and work by ourselves again,
like we used to.
Yeah, that's true.
I know we had a couple
bumps on the way, but...
I really did enjoy
working with you.
Yeah, it was...
It was nice having someone
push me outside
of my comfort zone.
I just hope the Greers aren't
giving up on a great opportunity
just because they're
afraid of moving forward.
Well, we could talk to them.
See if they feel like they've
made the right decision.
I mean, at the end of the day,
we both gotta do
what's best for the client.
If they did change their mind,
do you think we could still find
a new buyer in time?
I think if we tackle it
together, anything's possible.
(speaking indistinctly)
- Thank you.
- Thanks, Sammy.
Do you think Jeff's going to
be able to find a new buyer?
He has to.
Of course, none of it's
going to matter if the Greers
are seriously wanting to stay.
I mean, with Jeff
tackling the buyer,
maybe you'll have another
chance to talk to the Greers.
I'm sure you guys
will figure it out.
I hope so. Jeff's been great.
Yeah, you guys are
a real power couple.
Excuse me?
I mean, you know what?
I get Dr. Greer's hesitation,
She spent years growing this,
nurturing it.
It's hard to walk away
from all that hard work.
I have an idea.
Wanna go on a little road trip?
Yeah. Come on.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Eva, Bonnie,
what are you doing here?
I actually wanted to talk
to you about the house.
I know, I made
a real mess of things.
No, I completely understand
it's a huge decision to make,
and whatever you decide,
I completely support you.
But I was thinking
if the only thing that's
making you feel hesitant is
leaving your mistletoe behind,
I think I might have
a proposition for you.
What if Bonnie takes over
growing your mistletoe?
She's a certified genius,
she loves plants, as you know,
and I know you're looking
for a senior project.
I think a growing a forest
full of mistletoe qualifies,
don't you?
Um, yes, it would be awesome.
And the mistletoe will bloom,
and so will Christmas
romance in Mountain Laurel.
- So, what do you think?
- You really up for this?
I really am.
I would need to check in
with you virtually every month,
and I would want to
come back next year to
sell it with you in the booth.
Well, grab a seat,
it's time for mistletoe 101.
Thank you.
Of course, go learn!
So, now you have to find
another buyer right away?
I don't know. Working quickly
is kind of Eva's thing.
Yeah, it is, but, hey,
thanks for the encouragement.
It's what I'm here for.
So, you two are
back on good terms.
Yeah, it seems so.
Had a pit in my stomach when
I thought she was upset with me.
Look, there was something
that Dr. Greer said last night
that's been nagging at me.
Her hesitation
to sell their house.
I mean, how does she know
it's the right move?
So, what, are you saying
you don't like her anymore?
No, of course I like her,
she's amazing, it's just...
I've had these feelings before,
and we all know
how that worked out.
Yeah. Yeah, it was
a complete disaster,
but that doesn't mean
it's going to happen again.
What was it Eva said last week?
"If you wait too long,
the house of your dreams
won't be on the market anymore."
What, are you saying that
Eva's the woman of my dreams?
I don't know, but wouldn't you
like the chance to find out?
I mean, it might not be perfect,
but perfect is boring.
Every relationship
has its issues. You...
You can either avoid that
for the rest of your life,
or tackle them head on
and try to build
something beautiful.

Kelly: I know it's a lot,
but if you are half
as dedicated as your aunt,
you'll have no trouble.
Well, your mistletoe
is in good hands.
Yesterday, that would have
caused me a lot of anxiety,
but I know I won't be
able to do this forever.
Alright, I suppose
I have no excuse,
other than my own trepidation,
not to take this next chapter.
I'm ready to sell.
That's so great, Kelly.
Do you think you'll
find someone in time?
Oh, absolutely. Jeff is
looking at that right now,
and I have no doubt
that he's going to find
the perfect person
to buy your house.
Okay, I better go find Frank.
Excuse me.
I love it here.
I just... I look at these trees,
this mistletoe,
this whole nursery,
and I just...
I see photosynthesis in action
and the difference between
male and female plants,
and the water cycle.
I see a setting
for a new mystery.
See? You should be writing!
Carrie, what are you doing here?
Well, I was calling you
and calling you,
but I saw your car
when I was driving by,
and I had to tell you in person.
Is everything okay?
Better than okay!
I passed!
- (laughing)
- Congratulations!
Thank you!
Carrie, that's incredible.
I couldn't have
done it without you.
Your flash cards
and study guides,
a career to aspire to?
Who knows?
Maybe in two years
I'll be the one selling a house
by Christmas on the West End.
- (laughing)
- Okay.
Oh, wait.
Oh, it's the caterers for
the Christmas party. One second.
I spoke to Frank,
and we'll be ready as long as
you and Jeff
can work your magic.
You can count on us.
I'm sorry to interrupt,
but we have a problem.
The caterers thought the venue
had ovens, which it doesn't,
and all of their hot trays are
being used for other parties.
Do you have any ideas?
'Cause if we don't
come up with a solution fast,
our Christmas party's
not going to have any food.
Actually, I have an idea.
We could have the holiday
party at our house.
I mean, Eva and Jeff have
already decorated beautifully
and Mountain Laurel Realty just
helped us so much
this Christmas.
I would love to
give something back.
Really? I will call the vendors
and change the delivery address.
Thank you so much.
Well, I better start
closing up so that
I can get back to the house.
- Sure.
- You wanna help?
Get some hands-on experience?
Yes, I'd love to.
Is that okay, Aunt Eva?
Oh, absolutely. I have to
meet with Jeff anyways.
I'll see you later.
Okay, sounds good.
(bells jingling)
- Hey.
- Hey.
How'd it go?
1838 Wallgrove is
officially back on the market.
Nice. I knew you could do it.
How's it going over here?
Well, better than
I could imagine.
I'm actually just writing up
an offer for the Greers.
What? How'd you
do that so quickly?
Why don't you ask him yourself?
- Mitch?
- I know, I know.
Okay, I don't understand.
I thought the house was
just too much work for you.
Yeah, you know,
it probably will be,
but Jeff gave me
a pep talk earlier
and helped me see it
as more of an opportunity.
Every house is
going to have its issues.
So, I can avoid that
for the rest of my life,
or I can tackle them head-on
and try to build
something beautiful.
That's very sweet.
Uh, there was a problem
at the Christmas party.
So, I was going to help Carrie,
but if you want me to stay...
No, it's fine. Once the Greers
accept the offer,
I'm just going to
hunker down with Mitch
and go through
the closing paperwork.
You sure?
Congratulations, Mitch.
It's so exciting.
You're going to
love your new home.
Thank you, I'm sure I will.
I'm just glad I had such a great
team to help me find a house.
(all laughing)
Thank you.
Um, okay.
Well, then,
I will see you tonight?
Okay, bye.
(bells jingling)
Okay, what do we think?
Um, you look incredible.
I'm sure Jeff's
going to think so, too.
He likes you, just accept it.
I just hope he likes
my secret Santa gift.
No, I'm sure he'll love it.
It's so romantic that
you two got each other.
That's your
Christmas wish at work.
Excuse me,
it was your Christmas wish.
No, I know. I'm just glad you're
opening yourself up to this.
He's a really good guy.
(both laughing)

- Kelly: Hi!
- Eva: Hi!
- Carrie: Well, hi!
- Eva: Hi.
(both laughing)
Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!
- (laughing)
Hey, girl. You look so good.
Wow, this place looks
even better at night.
Thanks for coming to
help me set up.
Teamwork makes the dream work.
Yeah, I've been
learning that lately.
What? What?

Jeff: Hey.
You ladies look lovely.
I have to go
make an announcement,
but I'll catch up
with you later?
Okay, so, is a congratulations
in order or what?
Oh, I don't know.
I was thinking I could
see a couple more houses?
No. A couple of days
in the paper,
and we'll go through it,
and it's officially Mitch's.
Mitch: Thank you. Very excited.
Excuse me. Could I have
everyone's attention, please?
Thank you, everyone,
so much for coming,
and a huge thank you to
Frank and Dr. Kelly Greer for
so graciously opening
their home to us.
How about a round of applause?
- (guests clapping)
- Eva: Woo!
Thank you. As the newest member
of Mountain Laurel Realty,
it is my pleasure to be
announcing the award for
Realtor of the Year.
It was a close race,
and every realtor
did an amazing job,
but there can
only be one winner.
Well, normally,
because, as luck would have it,
we've had a tie for the most
commissions this year.
So, everyone, please give it up
for your Realtors of the Year,
Eva Rogers and Jeff Morgan.
(guests applauding)
(guests applauding)
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
(both chuckling)
(all clapping)
Eva: Hey, next year,
it's all you.
Congratulations, you did it.
No, we did.

working with you has been
the highlight of my year.
I can honestly say...
you've made me better.
Not just as a realtor.
What do you say about
teaming up more in the future?
Well, depends.
Do you mean as just a realtor?
I want more than that.

Yeah, I'd like that.
I have something for you.
But I have to
grab it from Bonnie.
Yeah, well, um...
I could meet you
outside in a few.
I can see my Christmas wish
coming true
right in front of my eyes.
Go get him.

Is it just me or does everything
just taste better in this mug?
Oh, yeah.
It's definitely a perk.
(both chuckling)
(mugs clinking)
Mm. Yeah.
Merry Christmas, Jeff,
from your secret Santa.
Wow, you got me, too.
Well, it's a Christmas miracle.
Okay, you did this, didn't you?
Okay, maybe I cheated
a little, so we got each other.
Well, I was inspired
by the gift Bonnie gave me,
and I hope you like it.
Uh, okay.
- (laughing)
- Yes.
Maybe it'll spark some ideas.
My journal's been
really helpful to me.
I wrote some down this morning.
What? For another book?
Currently titled,
Mistletoe Mystery.
Absolutely brilliant.
And, I love this.
Thank you.
Of course.
Now, I know I already gave you
your Secret Santa present...
but I knew you were
going to give me one,
so I wanted to return the favor.
So, just...
- Okay?
- Okay, okay.

Straight from
the Greer's mistletoe booth.
I didn't actually think
I would ever say that again.
Thank you.

Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.