Meg 2: The Trench (2023) Movie Script

It's Highly toxic, Come on guys.
Keep it moving.
Come on, quickly.
Move it!
Will they give us double pay or bonuses?
It's toxic waste.
Why are you just sitting there, man?
Come on, it's almost done.
I want to get it off
my ship asap clear.
What are you doing here?
Help! Help!
Keep your little mouth shut.
Why don't you go for little swimming?
Help me! Help me!
Well done.
We are from the headquarters.
Here checking on
the security protocols...
and take few pictures, so smile.
What are you doing here?
That wasn't bad.
Who are you?
There is!
Catch him!
Hey hey! Catch him!
Get up! We can't miss it!
Hey you two, go left!
Block him!
I want him dead or alive.
Hey dude, we got you!
Just chill mate.
End of the line.
That's fine.
You are all under arrest.
Illegal dumping of radioactive material.
Yes, you, you, you, you and you.
What? Me and... him and him?
And him too?
- Kill him. - Wait!
I know. You want to see the warrant.
It's in my pocket.
I'll see you in court, okay?
We are outside shipping lanes
and you are 200 miles from the coast.
Enjoy your swimming.
- I saw him.
- Just out from the port side.
He's like a green James Bond.
I like it.
But no, my cap!
Hey idiots!
- He seems to have a lot of friends.
- Everywhere he goes, people like him.
Only God knows why.
You can?
We'll see later.
Maybe not the best idea.
Maybe that's the best idea.
This is gonna be awesome.
Define Awesome.
I'll tell you later.
Opening hatch.
Next time add some air to the thing.
It's like breathing through a straw.
- What didn't work?
- Are you OK?
If you love what you do,
don't work a day in your life.
Ocean Institute - Hainan, China
Okay bring it here
Test number 15.
Initiating the suit's power up.
The exoskeleton suit is performing way
beyond what we expected, Jiming
21% increase in power.
Not bad, huh?
So cool.
I can't wait to use
it in the trenches.
What is the matter my dear niece?
I just want to tell you that
you are not late for today's party.
Sure, sure.
- Maybe 25.
- Okay.
I mean it.
Don't be late.
I can't believe you've gotten this far in
life without knowing how to tie a tie.
First, you don't know the
extent of my life experiences.
Second, I don't like dressing
up in a monkey costume.
- Perfect. It will cut you off.
- Thanks.
Maybe it's the start of something...
Don't be so sure.
That guy look familiar to you?
- I do not like it.
- You don't like anyone.
I like you
Because I always
save your life everytime...
I buy you a beer and
help you fight in bars.
Because you are a special guy.
You are both special.
Wish me luck.
- Good luck.
Thank you for the funding.
Ladies and gentlemans...
Welcome to the 10th anniversary of
the Ocean Institute.
I'm Hilary Driscoll.
Thank you for coming tonight
and joining me
in funding this incredible work.
Stop. Don't fidget.
Why do I have to be here anyway?
Because you are a team player.
Please give a warm welcome
to the director of the institute...
Zhang Jiuming.
Thank you Hilary.
The great poet Song Lian once said
"One is only limited
by one's imagination."
My father named me Jiming...
meaning ocean or abyss.
My father and sister spent
their lives exploring the oceans.
And immediately after they left,
I began to ask myself...
... what is my real goal.
But through Suyin's daughter Miying...
I saw that I had a future.
I merged my father's research
institute with my company...
to continue this spirit of exploring the
unknown and the hidden in their honor.
On the occasion of this 10th anniversary...
I want to show you all
something very special.
She is a female and her name is Haiqi.
It's the last megalodon we saved.
We found out that he was injured as a cub.
Thanks to Haiqi, we learned
a lot about megalodons...
as well as about the
places where they lived.
Thanks to donations from our supporters...
we were able to create the technology to
pass through the thermocline...
a thermal layer of freezing cold water that
separates the Haiqi world from our's...
...and into a trench 6000
meters below sea level.
Thanks to you, we have the ability
to go further than ever before.
Love and protect the oceans.
Well thank you.
Thank you Zhang Jiuming.
So thank you all for being part of
..protecting this incredible ecosystem.
Thanks for coming.
Do you think it would be possible to
find more of those creatures down there?
I think such a possibility exists.
Who want's to get
a selfie with the man...
who fought a megalodon and lived to a tale.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we have Jonas Taylor here.
There he is.
I know it was your idea.
I'm gonna kill you.
Smile and pretend you love it.
Go on give a hug.
Give hime a tickle.
He loves the people.
I want to go to Mana One with you.
I want to dive the trench.
I'm sorry, Meiying.
Why not?
Mom was diving at my age.
But not 25,000 feet.
Are you saying it's too dangerous?
Too dangerous for you.
But not dangerous.
Psychologists call this
"cognitive dissonance."
In the real world,
they call it "parenting."
You should start taking me
seriously as a scientist.
You're 14.
- Exactly.
I know all the systems on Mana One,
every dive protocols...
and every animal
we seen down there.
Well look, you come to Mana One... observe dives.
That's it.
Jiuming is swimming with the megalodon.
Haiqi's vitals are elavated.
Be careful, he definitely aware of you.
Why are you swimming with the meg, Jiuming?
I am conducting an experiment.
So your experiment is "Do I taste good?"
Uncle are you crazy?
It's OK.
I have trained Haiqi since
she was a little girl.
A Meg is not for training, Jiuming.
But if you want a get eaten
in front of your niece, go ahead.
$50 bet says..
This is gonna end badly.
I will take action.
I am all in for the shark team.
What? You can't bet on sharks man.
That's bad karma. Come on, focus.
That is not good.
With due respectfully sugggest that
this is truly a terrible idea.
Meg and humanity are never gonna mix.
Haiqi and I have a special bond.
Take care of yourself.
1 click to move closer,
2 clicks to go.
Hey, I think he looking at us.
Do you see it?
She is coming around.
Heart rate is up.
Moving in fast.
400 meters.
Just slowly, slowly.
- Jiuming, She is not responding.
- Come on, Haiqi.
200 meters.
100 meters.
Jiuming, move. It's toolate.
It's getting too close too fast.
50 meters.
Pull the rope.
20 meters.
Jiuming, get out of there!
Uncle, no!
- Did he eat it?
- I don't know, I couldn't watch.
I don't see him.
I knew it was a bad idea.
You did it.
Uncle! Are you crazy?
Don't worry, I'm fine.
That was exciting.. huh.
I can't figure out what's wrong in her.
I've been acting
strangly all week.
You can do anything you want for him.
The problem is, it's a meg.
And you're a snack.
For the record... really scared hell out of Meiying.
If you want to talk..
What are you doing on that ship?
Actually don't tell me,
I don't want to know.
The institute's mandate is to
protect the oceans, right?
We cannot be part of
any illegal activities.
I don't like breaking the law.
- That's good. - Especially the illegal
dumping of radioactive waste.
Your are taking bigger and bigger risks.
Each time you go out.
We've both known about that.
It's not the same.
For me,
there is a calculational risk.
Not that I sat.
Do you miss your mommy, big fish?
Doctor Howard.
Are you ready to go to Mana One?
Yes, and are you ready yet?
This new diving suit will allow
us to go to any depth in the sea.
What is?
It's okay, it's okay.
Mom and grandpa told me
all the nice stories about you.
They certainly didn't have pretty stories.
Can i guess?
See that scar?
When I was 11 years old, my father had
to stay longer to work in the laboratory.
I took advantage of it and went to a
rocky beach to swim with my friends...
it turned out badly as you can see,
9 stitches.
When I came home, my
father gave me a hard lesson.
- Grandpa? - Yes, it was him.
He was nice to you
because you are his granddaughter,
but he was hard on me.
After finishing college,
I started a business.
I wanted to stay as far away
from him as possible.
Your grandfather and
I haven't seen each other in years.
One day he asked your mother
to bring me this calligraphy.
"The dragon will cross the four seas."
I thought it was some form of irony
later I began to realize that she
wanted me to find my own way.
Be like that dragon... I believe
you will find your own destiny.
The crew approaches Mana One.
Welcome back.
I missed you guys.
Are you ready to dive again?
Good morning everybody.
Let's get the show under water.
Dive 1 and Dive 2, we dive
to a depth of 25,000 feet.
Explore area number 19.
Collect rock samples
and logging any new species.
Diving in T-minus 20 minutes.
All eyes in straight forward for the
comb and scan it. As usual.
Yes. There is no usual down there.
System's up.
LOADING KIWhy do you have so many toys here, Lance?
They're not toys, they're figures.
They are definitely toys, Lance.
Thank you.
Ready for dive in, guys?
So you and Sal are
comicon guys? or what?
- Absolutely right, yeah?
- Do you?
Dress up?
Don't let him talk about it unless
you want to see a million photographs.
- No,
- Yes, please.
Stay focus guys.
Passes 17 thousand meters
Telemetry is good.
So beatiful day in the neighborhood.
Passes 18,000 feet.
All systems normal.
Looking good, team. Let's pullup
the bridge, we are gonna map it today.
Area 19. When will we look
at something different?
Yeah, there are about
100 more sectors to explore.
Jonas, can you confirm the O2 levels?
Consumption is 11%
higher than mission spec.
It's Regas's
Nervous ?
More like your are mouth breather.
He told that he is.
- Felling some breeze over here.
Firstly, it's called a
"deviated nasal septum."
Second, This think remember deviated once
and saved your ingratitude ass...
from the 70-meter megalodon.
Passing 20,000 feet.
You are approaching the thermal slope.
Check oxygen tubes
and tank pressure.
If there is any leakage,
the values will fluctuate.
I am not seeing anything here.
Check the pressure in
the additional O2 tanks.
That's not the problem.
- What the hell is he doing here?
- You gotta be kidding me.
I see that you are angry.
But I believe that it is a
reasonable and responsible decision.
Stop the dive.
Full stop?
But before you start yelling,
Can I just say
I did the same stupid
things when I was 14 years old.
Look how I turned out.
We surfacing.
But I still don't see what the problem is.
This is your 26th ditch
dive without a incident.
Subs have electrical
predators countermeasures...
...and emergency diving suits.
- Which you don't have.
- Actually...
I packed one when you are
doing pre-dive meeting.
You know...
Perhaps this time to sit down...
...relax for a while.
I can do my seatbeat myself, you know.
- I know you do.
- Jonas.
It's not your call, Jiming
We have got company.
Guys, it's a meg.
Close quickly. That is not possible...
They can't go through the thermal line.
It's not came from the thermal slope.
I track him from the shore.
Full speed!
Rerouting battery arrangement.
Go on.
Charging predatory countermeasures.
We'll be dead before they are online.
The thermal ramp is our only hope.
I reading the Haiqi route.
The impossible just got possible.
- 500 meters to the thermocline.
- Haiqi is approaching fast.
100 meters. It is above us.
Come on!
Enter the thermocline.
Dive 1, Dive 2.
Switch to low frequency light to
avoid attracting more megs.
I lost her. She can't chase through.
- Are you sure?
- Going dark.
Never cross a thermal slope at 60 knots.
Be careful.
You're not wanna burn the engine.
Don't worry,
I'm not gonna break the pretty toys.
- She's still on us.
- 30 seconds.
- For the countermeasures?
- Dodge.
She must have followed
our heat signature.
How did your shark
get here Jiming?
She must have escaped.
How did that happen?
Predator Countermeasures are active.
Proximity alert.
No wayy.
It's the biggest megs I've ever seen.
The biggest megs anyone has ever seen.
Must be at the apex predator.
Incredible. Megalodons are loners.
Like they are being called.
I changed the dive plan.
We have to see what they are up to.
What about Meiying?
I vote that we go.
Wasn't asking you.
Oxygen tanks are at maximum.
Predator countermeasures are deployed.
We are now completely safe.
Right now, yeah.
If I see something dangerous,
I'm pulling the plug.
Mac, we're changing the mission profile.
Proceeding and heading to 227.
They are already off mission.
They must stay on course.
Jonas you've gone away outside
the sector we mapped.
It is a exploration mission.
So let's explore it.
Copy that.
Eyes up and watch your back.
Really Mac?
- So..
we're going to follow a giant shark...
to an unknown sector?
This is the dumbest
thing ever, mark my words.
Entering sector 21.
Commercing Geographical scan.
It's so beautiful.
Your mother loved this
place more than anything else.
I'm so glad I finally
got to see him.
Get used to it...
you glad for the rest of your life.
I love you too.
Haigi 400 meters ahead, holding.
Where we are going now?
Into the unknown.
This is why we came here.
I got the Haiqi tracker ahead.
It looks like she is circuling.
Look up.
Like some instinctive encounter.
They are here to mate.
That was the reason why
Haiqi was behaving strangely.
Oh Great. More megs.
The scanner detects abnormal structures.
No way.
Is it a wreck?
Some kind of sea floor station.
What could be they doing down here?
Regas, run all specdrums.
No, that's not wreck.
I getting heat signature of it.
I can't see what's inside.
- Multiple airlocks...
...power generations.
The resources made it staggering.
Who do you even have that technology?
Sonar says that something is above us.
It looks like a submarine.
Let's take a look.
Power is activated.
Main firing zone.
Come on, we need
to blow this dridge.
Yeah ok, ok.
We don't wanna be here any longer than,
we need to be here.
Yeah, this is the only place to
mine this stuff.
Slow and steady.
Hey, Montes.
Why did you stay in the submarine?
It's good to be king.
An incoming object detected.
Zoom in by 400%.
Mana One crew is below us.
There's no way they've
ever seen this station.
What are we going to do?
I arming the explosives right now.
You have to get out. What?
Wait, no, you can't do that.
There isn't time.
You know you there isn't time. .
It would take you 10
minutes to get clear.
Sorry guys. Montes!
Montes, don't do it!
What was that?
I can't ahead of it,
I have to go through it.
Guys? What happening?
I am reading the thermal ramp breach.
Something ripped a gaint hole in it.
Redirect the thrusters.
That's all we got.
Vertical control is down.
The hydraulics are non-responsive.
We're stuck.
Coming in.
Hold on.
- Hold that steady.
- Yeah.
60 degrees down.
2 feet forward.
Come on, Go, Go, Go.
Full thrust! Full throttle!
No telemetry.
Dive 1, Dive 2, do you copy?
Dive 1, Dive 2, do you copy?
We've got nothing here.
Keep trying, DJ.
Prep the rescue sub.
What happened?
I do not know.
- How will we know if they are alive?
- Prepare the rescue vehicle.
Dive 1, Dive 2, do you copy?
Come on, Jonas.
- Meiying?
- What happened?
You got a nasty hit.
Uncle Jiuming?
Where is Uncle Jiuming?
Where is he?
We can't rise him.
We'll work the problems one by one.
We'll do what's in front of us
then we will
do the next thing.
We are gonna be okay.
The rescue submarine is not working.
The battery was delibrately shorted.
It looks like sabotage.
How is it possible?
This is not a secure
area, 30 people work here
How long can it be fixed?
The problem is in the Mac control panel.
There no fixing it.
Try it now.
What's our status?
No comms.
No heating.
We are losing air fast.
What are my extra O2?
I already have done.
I have one last idea.
Wrap the power through the heating saw.
I've got dive 1. Mac,
I've got dive 1.
Good to hear your voice, Mac.
Not as good as to hear your's, brother.
Talk to me.
It ain't good.
All systems shut down,
we're running out of air fast.
We get emergency dive suits and
We are gonna need a raid up.
that not gonna be possible.
What are talking about?
The battery array shorted out the
control panel on the rescue sub.
We are investigating it now.
Jonas, can you hear me?
Jonas, we can't pick you up.
We're gonna walk.
We're gonna walk back across the trench.
Make it to the seafloor station.
We're gonna get inside,
and then we get to the surface
That suit's have 2 hours air tops.
It is intended only for short
jobs outside the machine.
We'll go slow and steady.
It will hold.
It is 3 kilometers.
You will be defenseless out here.
What do you want me, Mac?
This is what we got.
and this is what we gotta do.
Half my team is dead...
and I don't want to
lose the other half.
Start activation of
diving equipment.
Common engines are running.
The ultrasonic
communication signal are online.
Activation is complete.
Leaving Ponor 1, Mac
The radios won't relay to the surface,
so we are going dark.
We'll talk again on the other side.
Godspeed, Jonas.
Emergency escape system.
The emergency exit has been activated.
I almost killed you.
- What are you doing here?
- I'm saving your ass.
Walking back to the station.
What are you doing?
Saving your ass.
Walking back to the station.
We do not have much time.
Let's move on.
- I thought, uncle...
- You won't get rid of me so easily.
just checking for you...
You need to calm down
you'll run out of oxygen, Lance.
I'm thinking it won't work.
Think of it as cosplay.
Or as a paintball shooting game.
Like the best team building exercises.
We need cover the distance
while Megadolone is occupied.
3 kilometers to the finish line.
Being away from the
megalodon is fine by me.
We are a strong group.
We can do this.
The light is here
courtesy of Mother Nature.
It's incredible, there are
new species all around us.
Hey look here.
Look at this. Beautiful.
Hello, little bioluminescent light
Get that snake away, there's a snake!
Get that monster out of my head!
Don't touch anything.
He started it.
Has everyone left the station?
DJ, what's up with Jonas?
41 minutes since they went dark.
Take them an hour to get to the station.
We know there's some
rogue mission in that trench.
Which interferes with our operations here.
Apparently the sub was sabotaged,
so we have a spy on our station.
DJ, I need you to check
all the security cameras...
records from the sub for the last 24 hours.
Jess, go through all the crew
members, maybe there's something fishy.
We have to watch our back.
One of us should watch the main DC
all times, okay? Yes.
Is it just me...
walking 3 kilometers under
water seems hard work?
This was certainly not on my to-do list.
Octopus diets.
So many colors, it's incredible.
Any of you like to play a game?
A game? It's not a game.
She needs to keep our minds occupied.
Right now my mind is pretty damn occupied.
...There, it's there!
Was that Lance?
What was that?
- I can't see him.
- Where's Lance?
Is it a meg?
Something happened to him, I know it.
Not! No!
We have to keep moving.
No, we can't just leave him here.
We have to find him!
Please, Jimin.
I am sorry.
He is gone.
Rigas, Cover our six.
Shoot anything that moves.
I bet your ass, I will.
Comms online.
What happened to you?
The Mana One crew stambled
upon our station.
I overwhelmed them.
But it got out of control.
You are the one who authorized me
to do anything to protect our operations.
They are not dead,
They are walking..
...towards the station.
If they get there...
We are screwed.
We still have a kilometer to go...
through the valley...
there is no bioluminescent
light to cover us.
There we will be fully exposed.
We have no choice.
We only have enough
air to go straight.
Let's keep our light on the lower spectrum.
No, we don't wanna attract the megs.
1 kilometer to the destination.
O2 check.
50 and I have 26%
It won't be enough for us.
Look at me. Look at me.
Listen, huh? Focus, okay?
You can do it, remember our training.
Anything on the sonar?
I got something at the edge of my range.
It keeps going in and out.
He's watching us.
Proximity alert
What is it?
Just a school of fish.
Everyone stay calm.
- Are you OK?
- Yes.
Keep moving.
Hey, Mac.
We got jake on the security footage,
someone deleted it.
For the sub bay?
For the all damn station..
They are good,
but they don't know everything.
There is a satellite connection
with an encrypted backup.
I'm going to the server room,
I'll try to pick it up.
Time? 1 hour 50 minutes.
Maybe they'll be out air soon I'm scanning
all the channels but nothing yet.
That's it, maybe another 400 meters.
Warning: Entering oxygen reserve.
I can do it.
- Really?
- All right.
I got a reading.
Contact on our right.
Coming in fast.
What, megs?
No, it's something smaller, faster.
Everyone make it to the station!
Let's go, move!
Warning: Low
oxygen level. Come.
Come. I ran out of air.
It's going over that hill!
What is it?
The station is too far.
We must survive!
Turn and fight!
Come on!
- Meiying!
- Help! Stay down!
- Meiying! - Uncle!
I've got you!
Hold on!
They chewed through his diving gear.
No no! Wait, Curtis!
So many, we don't stand a chance!
Everyone stay back!
Keep going!
I have no choice
Do you really want to die?
We have to get to the airlock!
Warning: Low air.
No use I'm holding you back.
"Not enough oxygen."
It's not far. You can make it!
Warning: The air level is low.
Warning. The air level is low.
I'm out of oxygen.
The protective helmet
will fail in a moment.
Gotta go, we have no choice.
It's turning back!
Oh my God! Move, hurry, hurry!
We have to do the override.
Come on, hurry up.
Rigas, come on!
You can do it, enter quickly!
Curtis, you're going to be fine.
The diving suit is about to explode.
- You're almost there!
- Oh God.
It's going to explode!
Depressurize the room!
No no no!
Blast! Not!
I hate these things!
Let's try to keep it together.
It's not over yet.
Where is everybody?
What is that smell?
Nobody's home.
I'll guard the door.
Who's running this?
Not our friend.
We need to contact Mana One asap.
Can you handle it?
Yes. Yes of course.
What do they mine here?
Whatever it is, they send it to
the surface in these capsules.
Rare earth metals.
This is used in superconductors,
aerospace and quantum computing.
This box alone could be
worth billions of dollars.
Worth billions?
Mana One.
Comms are live.
Come in.
This is Jonas. Can you hear me?
Hey, you're still alive.
What's your status?
We lost Lance, Sal and Curtis.
We are at the station.
There is a rouge mining operation.
Was anyone down there?
We haven't seen anyone so far.
They infiltrated Mana One.
The rescue submarine was sabotaged.
Who was it?
We are working on it.
Check this out.
I watched the video
you went to that station before.
Look at the north side.
It looks like an emergency exit module.
It is opposite side from where we are.
I feel like dying here.
Stay close.
These are my designs.
How did they had it?
Looks like this is it.
On three.
- Again.
- It won't work.
After you.
This is more like it.
Let's open the capsule and get out of here.
There is nothing here.
These controls are not working.
- We have to close the hatch.
- All right.
Guys, that wasn't me.
Now that I have you here,
we need to talk.
I control the whole station.
I locked that room.
- Your life is in my hands.
- What are you doing, Jess?
They are your friends.
They have been with you for years.
I know it's hard.
I talking because I prefer that
we were on the same side.
We are making so much money,
does it have any meaning?
Are you offering us money?
Three of our friends died because of you.
Do you think I'll forget about that?
No no no!
That was the first escape pod!
Rigas? Rigas, you can save Meiying.
Take your crossbow and
shoot Jonas in the heart.
Don't shoot him.
Do it!
Go ahead!
It's the only way
Meying can survive.
Do it!
Do it!
Do it!
Sorry, sorry. I can't, I can't.
That was the last pod.
I told you it wouldn't work.
Join me.
I'm sorry how things turned out.
So... we'll be back to work in a week...
using your technology,
we will take what we want.
Your institute will be
the platform we will use
to plunder the seas for decades.
Karma will haunt you.
And before you complain
about the ecosystem
Who cares? We will make billions.
No one will see the damage we've done.
Shut up!
Jess, I've already sent a
cleanup crew to Mana One.
Finish this.
How do we open that door?
If we could cut the
comm link to the surface
They can't control everything.
But he's back in the first room.
And there is no way through that door.
This air chamber still works!
Why do you need a airlock?
There is no pod.
I swim to the airlock where
we came in and do the override.
You don't have a suit.
How could it work?
Water does not compress under pressure...
so if he can push water
through his cavities...
you could last 30, maybe 60
seconds before passing out.
It is possible.
We will solve all problems one by one.
We'll do the one in front of us
and then do the next thing.
If anyone can do this...
it's you.
Won't he cursh by the pressure?
It doesn't work like that.
You don't see that fish wearing
metal suits, Do you?
It is air that reacts under pressure.
That's why he has to blow it out
of his cavities.
How are you tree hugger.
Jonas Taylor...
Eco warrior.
Well, now guess what?
You're lost.
I spent two years in
Manila prison...
after your ecosystem
freaks took over
our ship with you.
I thought about you every day.
You don't remember me, do you?
There are millions scambags in the world.
It's hard to keep track all of them.
- I don't think I can handle it!
- You can do it.
Don't die!
It's not your fault.
The cleaning crew approaches Mana One.
It was about time.
We are on standby.
Everyone stay in your positions.
We must control Mana One
and dispose any liabilites.
What is an emergency?
I've got into the security backup.
Look at this.
Jess disabled the rescue sub.
- Watch.
- Looks like she is repairing right?
- No, wait.
It's Montes' sub.
That is our ride out of here.
There is a leak in the hydraulics.
Predator countermeasures are down.
- We'll never get past the megs.
- We need to distraction.
Light up the station and
the megs will attack it.
Yes, and then kill us.
Not if we're fast enough.
- Hey Rigas.
- Yes?
For a moment I thought you
were going to kill me there.
She told me to shoot
you straight in the heart.
But I'm sure you don't have one of those.
Thank you for your work.
I have to close the hatch, Jonas.
We're all gonna die.
- He is gonna make it.
- No he is not.
- He is gonna make it.
- No, We have to close the hatch!
Close it, Jonas.
I have arrived!
That's it.
That was close.
Too close.
You should have closed that hatch.
Meiying would've killed me.
You thought it about?
Yes, we wanted to.
Didn't we, Rigas?
Shut up.
Just a little.
Very funny.
- Check this out.
- What else?
Is that gonna be a problem?
There is a hole in the thermal layer.
It must have been caused
by the mine explosions.
We'll see that eventually.
Yes. In an hour.
Can the megs follow us through?
I hope not.
Boys, I don't want to hurt you,
I do need you come out of this room.
This is Jess.
She brought three soldiers.
Yeah. It's got to her.
Take this.
- What is it?
- It's a taser.
Open it up!
They tried to kill Jonas,
they'll definitely gonna kill us.
Well, listen up. I have a plan.
I'll count to three and then you
open the door and I'll spice it up.
Okay, then close the door and wait.
Then run outside and
use the taser on them.
1, 2, 3.
No, Mac, no...
No, Mac...I'm burning!
Sorry! Time to sleep.
What is it?
We're going fast with a lot
of determination and that's great.
But what exactly is the plan?
They are armed and we are not.
Yes, and what do you think?
What are you thinking?
You and I are going get Mac and DJ.
Rigas, grab what you can.
Get me a boat to get us out of here.
Rock and roll.
It is safest if Meiying
goes with you.
I will protect her with my life.
I'll protect her with mine.
No no.
Let's go.
I told you to wait until
I was out the door.
How is your eyes?
They stinks.
If we climb up to the communications...
We can bypass the DCC and call for help.
And what are we supposed to say?
A terrorist act?
- Great. Terrorist action.
- Yes, terrorists.
But no.
What the hell?
Yeah baby!
Get some!
Hey. Go, Mac.
Come on, hurry up, hurry up!
Split up! Find them!
- Do you have the taser?
- I didn't know you could swim.
You run around here like Batman.
After the last time you
begged me to come back.
DJ, we're family, DJ.
DJ, we need you.
Okay, I'll do it.
But I'm not stupid.
I trained, learned
to fight and swim...
but I don't go anywhere without my survival kit.
- Survival gear?
- Yes.
Check this out.
Come on baby. Here.
You know I also made poison bullets.
Like in that movie Jaws 2.
Come on, DJ! Come on, quick.
This is insane.
Freeze Assholes!
Yeah freeze.
You want this?
That was some unfortunate shit back there.
No Please! Don't shoot!
I know you're looking for me and Jonas.
I also know that you don't know Chinese...
I'm just saying this to
distract you somehow...
because my friend will
attack you from behind.
I thought you were dead.
Wish that Mac.
If I didn't have a
deviated nasal septum...
Boat's leaving.
What's your status?
Bravo team inbound, ETA 10 minutes.
What are you doing here?
- Are you OK?
- Yes.
Jonas is in Mana One.
We need to lock this place down now .
Search the station from top to bottom.
Secure the staff in the
room, and kill everyone else.
Go! Go!
Oh my God.
We have got a problem.
We tracked three meg that escaped
before the breach was closed.
We're going to need a good
cover story for this.
That shouldn't be hard.
Everyone knows that Jonas
and Jiming were reckless.
No, we need a hero.
As someone who has recovered
from this unexpected tragedy
who could take up a leadership
position in the Institute.
Jess, are you ready for a promotion?
I appreciate your trust.
It is from the thermal slope.
But you can relax.
This place?
Meg proof.
Jonas was always afraid of that
but I think between trackers and gunships,
we can sort it out...
On the other hand, there is the
media influencing public opinion.
Yeah, I'm on it.
I am also thinking...
And what now?
It is our only way out,
we have to take it.
But that thing can't get us to land.
You worried about that destination?
What about the first hundred yards?
That's where are gonna die.
We paddle up slow.
No Engines.
Minimum motion.
We won't look like food.
When we clear, we'll make it home free.
Let's do it.
I still think we look like food.
Paddle slowly.
This is a familiar and unsettling feeling.
Let's hope it better than the last time.
What happened last time?
You don't want to know that.
Here it comes.
Go! Go! Go!
Don't come back without them.
You know how it works, right?
Stop! Stop the engine right now!
Otherwise, you will attract megs.
Okay! Stay still.
No motion whatsoever.
I have the shot.
Take it.
Take the bloody shot.
He got them! He ate them!
He ate the whole boat!
What happened?
Jess is dead.
What? We cast Mana One.
But Taylor and Zhang have escaped.
What do you want me to do?
Fix it! Kill them!
Do it and secure your future.
You have a lifetime warranty.
There are only two places they could go.
Are you crying, Montes?
- Do you see any visible signs of megs?
- Nagative.
There is no way this is gonna work.
It's gonna work.
You have a move chance of blowing yourself
more than a megs.
At least I won't be eaten.
I hear that.
Jo... can you make me one?
I got you covered, Mac.
We have to find a way to warn people.
Just in case the megalodon
moves towards the island.
There is an island
60 km southeast of us.
Listed as inhabited.
Inhabited by whom?
The name translates to...
Funny island.
Fun island?
Welcome to the island of fun.
Our resort has everything.
The restaurant is amazing.
The disco is incredible.
And our spa, very attractive.
Oh God.
This is our special dish.
Taste the seafood!
Wow, I don't even know where to start.
Don't miss the grilled shark.
What is it?
What are they running from?
First time here at a race?
I worked with your father
before you were born.
I never had a problem with him.
Can you put the phone down?
After years of hard work,
we finally want to relax and...
- enjoy this moment.
- Yes, I yelled at him too.
I already have 400 likes...
I'm resting in paradise and
you're ruining it.
Who does it?
Who owns paradise for other people?
Hey baby.
Would you like to
pour oil on my back?
What about my front?
Come here.
What are you doing?
Will you marry me?
Look for him, you donkey!
Hold on, it will be right away!
Did you find him?
It doesn't look very good.
Rigas, let's go!
Turn off the phone connection.
We risked a lot because of this issue.
Take care of Jonas and his
team quickly... and quietly.
Get out of the water!
Shark! Shark! Back to the beach!
Get out of the water!
Everyone back to the beach...
Phone connections are down.
Can you copy guys?
What is it?
Hurry, get out of my way!
Get into the helicopter.
See her off now!
Everyone out!
Shark! Shark!
Come back!
Do not enter the water! There's a shark!
Back to the beach!
Come back!
We have to save them.
- I will not leave you.
- Communication was interrupted.
Hello? Hello?
- No signal.
- I have no choice.
She is right.
You two, find a
way to call for help.
Tell everyone what happened.
Come on, quick! Here! Here!
Look, you hide there.
See that coast guard tower?
Go there and don't go anywhere.
You know, it's one of those
things I have to tell you...
Just say "yes" and
then do what you want.
You understand?
You are not messing with me?
I can't what I have to do,
If I'm worried about you.
I'll be fine.
Promise me you'll come back.
You know that I love you.
Check it out.
Hey, man. Do you have a mobile phone?
Why is everyone running away?
What hell was that?
Three megalodons.
And there are three of us.
Each of us will take a water boat.
We drive them away from the
people at the sea.
Then we use harpoon arrows.
You mean the improvised
instrument that could
work, it could even kill
us, you mean the harpoon?
- Yes.
- That's a terrible idea.
- Do you have a better idea?
- No no.
- Then agreed.
- Yes.
- All right.
- Clearly.
Let's do it the old fashioned way.
The land line is also dead.
Okay, the coast is clear. Let's go.
They can walk?
Those creatures.
They didn't see us.
All right.
- What else do you have there?
- Emergency kit.
All right.
Are you serious? Condoms?
There are different emergency situations.
Give it to me.
Now take that gum out of your mouth.
Well thank you.
There is only one ship.
Give me that harpoon.
Are you sure?
I can do it. Good luck.
We need more firepower.
I have an idea.
Let's go.
Not this time, Taylor.
Let's go.
It has to be this place.
Come on.
What are we looking for?
Ammonium nitrate.
Want to make a bomb?
This material is as strong as TNT.
Move! Move!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on, let's see if he has a phone.
You found a satellite
phone, we found a phone...
You found a satellite phone,
why are you stealing his money?
He will no longer need money.
Good dog. Good dog.
Okay, Rigas.
When I count to three we start running.
1, 2, 3!
What the hell? Hey!
Wait for the DJ! Wait for the DJ!
They are behind us.
Let's hide here!
Come, come here, come here.
- What the hell is going on here?
- Hi, DJ. Hi Rigas.
Everyone, facing the wall.
Hands up!
I wouldn't aim at me if
I were you. Trust me.
Shut up! Raise your hands.
Raise your hands!
I don't want to hurt you guys...
so I'll give you one chance.
Put down your weapons.
Or you'll do what?
Stay still little guy.
No no! Joe, Joe, the door!
Stay where you are.
Let's go! Take cover!
God damn it!
I have a signal. Ask for help.
Let's go to the beach and help people.
Where are you going?
- I'm going to steal a helicopter.
- What chopper?
Global rescue?
We need rescue, we need you
to send all your soldiers here.
National Guard, Coast
Guard, you name it!
Just come now.
Looks like someone else has the same idea.
We need a plan.
We have to get him out of
here and steal that helicopter.
Well, you lure him away
and I'll steal your helicopter.
Why me?
Can you fly a helicopter?
Yes I can.
- Do you have a driver's license?
- Of course I do.
- I did not know that.
- What?
All right.
Good plan.
Jiumming! We gotta go!
Fuel, get fuel.
Gas, we need gas.
Get up!
Get the fuel!
The lizard is coming, hold on.
Jiuming? Yumming!
Man, I never thought
you could make it.
Where are you going, Jonas?
Fly lower, that's Meying.
Are you sure it's Meiying?
Get lower!
- Okay, okay, Hold on!
I am here!
Is Jonas still alive?
Take me there!
Hang in there, Meiying!
Show yourself to me!
Get out from under that bridge,
you bastard!
End of line?
- I guses it is.
You got the gun.
I won't be needing this.
I knew you couldn't do it.
See you later mate.
Throw me the bomb!
Where is the?
Catch it!
Keep holding on!
I am coming!
Jonas! Here I am!
- Are you OK?
- Yes.
Uncle Jiuming and Mac are in trouble.
Stay here. I will be right back.
Mac! Are you OK?
Come to me you ugly fish!
Come on, come on, let me help you.
Hurry, hurry!
Come on, be careful, be careful!
Come on, hurry up, hurry up!
Meiying, what are you doing here?
- I have to save this dog.
- What?
Your mother is here.
Thank you. Well thank you!
Thank you.
But no, no!
God, what is it doing.
Hell yeah!
Get some.
Who says that caliber 50 is not practical?
Hey, wait, wait!
Everyone stay still, no motion.
No! It's okay.
This is Haiqi.
Who cares what kind it is?
He will listen to me.
Let's split up so the
creature doesn't kill us all.
I got this.
Yes, I knew it.
I told you we have
a special bond.
He will chase dolphins.
- No!
She obeyed my command.
I didn't believe it before
and I don't believe it now.
Hey Mac, help me.
I'm out of here
before she changes it's mind.
Stay where you are and don't be afraid.
She obeyed my commands!
- Dolphins?
- No!.
It is not my fault.
Sometimes get into suitations...
and that's when you have to get involved.
I'm glad you finally understand.
I am proud of you.
Next time don't run, do you understand?
From Rescue One to Fun Island.
Nice to hear your voice man.
Many people need help.
Yes, I couldn't swim
before, but then, you know
when you are chased by a shark in the
sea, you will learn to swim quickly.
The water was cold, not very
cold, but cold. But I had fun.
And what about Haiqi?
She is still out here,
maybe already pregnant.
Preferably not!
That's tommorow.
Today is a blessing for us.
This one is for our survival.
I drink to dolphins.
To Meiying that he is safe.
And this one is for Sal, Lance and Curtis.
So I'm still punished?
- Clearly.
- Absolutely.
You two are so much fun.
But I still love you.
You seem to be getting reckless.
No, everything was under control.
Yes, right.
Things are about to get out of hand.
Yes, these are good things.