Mega Piranha (2010) Movie Script

Orinoco River
Come this way.
Why? Not this way. No, No, No
Where are we?
There is not much. It is getting late.
Let's go!
- Where you going?
- Come on.
Come in the water.
Stop that nonsense.
I jump in now.
Take it easy.
Orinoco River
Arnold Regis, the U.S. ambassador.
Serjio Cordoba,
Venezuela's Foreign Minister.
We are not a communist country.
- If you're thinking...
- I do not think of communism.
I'm concerned about the trade agreement
and Washington's sanctions against you.
- Is it a threat?
- A fact.
I thought we would see the sunrise,
this is boring.
I want more champagne
Where is he cute?
Let's not talk politics.
Can you hear anything?
Oh God, who makes it
against an alligator?
What the hell is happening?
What the hell is that?
Bob Grady, U.S. Secretary of State
Jason Fitch, Special Forces
Ambassador Arnold Regis and a
Venezuelan diplomat was killed.
Someone blew up their boat,
You must go to the Orinoco river now.
Colonel Antonio Diaz leader
investigation from Puerto Ayacucho.
He thinks it's terrorists. CIA
think it is an anti-American coup.
Examine the wreckage before we are faced with
a new Afghanistan. Do what is necessary.
- And Fitch, good luck.
- Thank you, sir.
We are close.
Very close.
Sarah Monroe, geneticist.
Dr. Eli Gordon, a biologist.
Monroe, see.
We need a piece
with the laboratory.
The chemical analysis from the boat
is identical with the mutation L-23.
Brian Higgins, a microbiologist.
diameter is considerably larger
than an ordinary jaw.
- How much bigger?
- Four times.
That must be them.
They grow obviously larger.
No, if the numbers of votes they grow
itself twice every 36th hour.
- Try to get a DNA sample from the wreck.
- We may contact Colonel Diaz.
- All river traffic must be stopped.
- I've said it, he will not hear.
- He just wants to keep people from
the jungle. - And you know why.
If the laboratory must be kept going,
you must keep your theories to yourself.
- When when piranhas new size.
- About 24 hours?
- Last.
- So we must stop them before.
Jason Fitch, the State Department.
Sargento Ayudante, Lieutenant
Sargento Vasco Ayudante.
Welcome to the Republic of Venezuela.
Hello, I will meet Antonio Diaz.
- Colonel Diaz awaits you came.
- As you want, boss.
- Come on, the car is over here.
- You are from the State Department, right?
Regarding the boat this morning?
Wait, I'm Sarah Monroe,
professor of genetics from UCLA.
I've worked here the last two years
with a hydro-biological experiment.
- Hydro Biology? What is it with...
- We increase the local food supply.
mobile number. Genetic manipulation of fish.
- I took care of piranhas.
- I do not have time, I shall meet...
Colonel Diaz, yes, listen to me.
One of my test groups, L-23, a special
bloodthirsty and large type
- which I named Seracelmus Gigantis
became uncontrollable and was eliminated.
I think they have been stolen or is
refuge and breeding in the wild.
- Give Fredningsstyrelsen message.
- No.
They ate up the people and their boat,
and we do not act within a day-
- grows and grows the
and wipes out everything on their path.
Diaz thinks I'm crazy.
Here, take my card.
Come to the lab and see.
It is a piece of the hull,
maybe you can convince Diaz.
Beware, he is a single track,
paranoid bastard.
Come. We come too late.
military headquarters
Colonel Diaz's office is over there.
Follow me.
weapons to China are good
we do not need the U.S. anymore.
Welcome to Amazon.
Colonel Antonio Diaz,
junta commander.
condolences on behalf of my nation-
- and can assure you that the guilty
will be brought to justice.
- I've booked a room at the base.
- I planned to stay at the hotel.
nonsense, so here I know exactly
where you are.
is not ballistics, but there is
no traces of carbon, sulfur, or heat.
where the wood is not torn,
have small ribbed brands.
hinted someone
that the boat was attacked by animals?
Animals? Do you see alligators?
Or a group of animals.
So it was her
you spoke with at the airport.
crazy American researcher.
She has nothing to do with it.
She just wants money.
Rifles are made after the explosion-
- of sun perch,
which gnawed at the carbon.
I have to immediately dive into the river,
I promised Foreign Minister.
- And him you will surely
not disappoint? - No.
- You will be immediately flown out there.
- Lead.
We approach instead of the boat
last radio message.
Orinoco river is very primitive.
A place with violence and death,
seor Fitch.
- When we land?
- We land not, this is the jungle.
- There is nowhere to land here.
- Why the hell we fly then?
I have to dive and explore
whether it is an explosion or animals.
It was an explosion. The area is cordoned off
, should anything happen, I do.
- My country must have an answer, Colonel.
- What about my country?
Americans come and treat us
as a third world country.
We are not children, seor Fitch.
It can greet Grady and say.
We fly back!
Anti-American demonstrations
sown in Caracas streets during the day
after the murder
of Arnold Regis.
mastermind behind the controversial
free trade division.
No one has claimed responsibility
for the attack.
Fuck you!
- Can you sail up the river?
- Yes, I know where it is.
What happens there? They pulled me out
of a meeting, Diaz will have you removed.
He is sinister,
but it has nothing to do with the boat.
may be a mine
or an animal attack.
- Alligators or fish.
- Fish?
, fish, an American researcher
argue it is Piranha.
- You continue, but send a report.
- Yes, sir.
says Diaz,
I can not get you out before tomorrow.
- Thank you, sir.
- You have very little time getting started.
If I'm not back
about 20 minutes, you call, no...
Here, about 20 minutes,
ring to the woman here.
Orinoco Delta /?p
What the hell...
Foreign Grady? It was neither
an explosion or terrorist.
It was huge piranha.
Yes, sir, giant piranhas, I know.
I will.
I will keep you informed, thank you, sir.
- Can they get a boat to disappear?
- What the hell is that?
GM piranhas, your
terrorists. There is a shoal in the Delta.
bdvrag everywhere.
Are these human beings?
An experiment went wrong.
Now we must figure out how to destroy them.
. These are the exact coordinates.
Latitude, 548 degrees north.
Longitude, 67 degrees west.
I take the fish to the crazy
researcher, she helped to create them.
Maybe she knows how to eradicate
them and if Grady did not say it-
- I travel not today.
Have a good day.
Knock, knock...
I have a gift for you.
Just what we need.
It's incredible, Gordon,
give me an estimate on the size.
- We must look at migration patterns.
- Yes.
- Are there more left?
- Yes, perhaps hundreds, they were caught.
- Trapped by what?
- I took a picture.
There is a natural dam,
which bars them from the rest of the river
It's good, really good.
But when they grow,
swim through.
- Let's give them a shock.
- It's too dangerous, it can give...
- Reproduction and new mutations.
- Growth.
- All sorts of things.
- What about the poison or acid?
No, there is only one resort
we must strengthen the dam with concrete.
draining our area
as L-23, Seracelmus Gigantus-
- suffocate.
Otherwise we bombard them with more
weapons than we have here, see it here.
specimen here has at least a dozen
new bodies. Two hearts-
- triple thickness,
and it is a hermaphrodite.
- Fitch.
- You must immediately return to base.
Diaz has something up his sleeve,
we know not what, but it's big.
is underway, researchers have shown a
way to eradicate piranhas on.
Find out what's happening
and report back.
- I have the data you asked for.
- Watch.
There are piranhas in a place
but they migrate to other rivers,
- we get this picture
after 12 hours, 24 hours.
36 hours.
About 48 hours after the Mississippi.
- I walk.
- Fitch.
- What?
- Get Diaz to reinforce the dam.
- This will be done tonight, before they
grow. - I'm going with, we take my car.
Follow me and be quiet.
- Colonel Diaz will see you.
- I'll also talk to him.
- Who is the woman?
- A key U.S. diplomat.
- Well, come.
- It was not wise.
All pilots to their positions.
Operation L-23 has the green light.
i I repeat:
All pilots to their positions.
Colonel, I must speak with you.
- Who is she?
- Researchers from UNESCO I talked about.
- We have spoken on the phone.
- Well, it was you.
Take the harness on,
it becomes a rystetur.
- Where are we going?
- For the sealed-off cove.
You convinced me.
It was just the proof I needed.
- You're not bombing them?
- Of course, I am a soldier.
- We must strengthen the wall and
the empty bay. - It's no time for.
beats them to death.
This comes to an end tonight.
helicopters do not have enough firepower.
Give me 15 hours, then I get a
destroyer that can do away with them.
- Get ready.
- Ready for ildgivning.
- It seems that the missiles kill them.
- It works!
Get the rest of the helicopters
in the air now.
Fire the rest of the missiles.
You can not do it here!
Congratulations, Fitch.
The case was gnawing at me really.
data show a large number of victims along
rivers, if they were not wiped out.
Diaz put the area under quarantine,
but Monroe people are there now.
- They make sure we got them all.
- Well, we close the case.
Venezuela are not happy, they talk
to arrest everyone from the lab.
- It's madness, they tried to help.
- I know, I do what I can.
fly to Caracas tonight
to soften the bad conditions.
Hold Diaz happy, we are hopefully
both on the way home tomorrow evening.
I hope
I will do my best.
- Do you remember?
- I had plenty of wealthy women.
Seor Jason Fitch, take a drink.
I hope you had a good time here.
I hear you leaving tomorrow?
if Grady is satisfied
I travel more than happy.
- Where is your little friend?
- She comes in a moment.
Is she tired of her small creatures
is dead?
I hardly think so.
Been in her lab?
I would like to see it.
- There is not much to see.
- Oh so you like her.
But maybe she started
with other things that can go wrong.
- Take your equipment!
- We need to Unesco's laboratory.
- Is your work here help?
- Yes, certainly.
Our project feeding 30%
of its population.
Successful projects?
What about failures?
There has been only one.
- Scientists are trying to help.
- UN supports us.
UN? How charitable.
- Seize them.
- Take it all, grab them.
These U.S. researchers have conducted
experiments illegal in my country.
Do you understand? My country!
- The laboratory is closed,
- Closed, Fitch. Come.
- Turn something for all doors and windows.
- Take my car and drive.
- I'm not running from you.
- And if you're arrested? Run.
You can not do it here!
- Arrest her!
- You're under arrest!
with Fitch.
I have collected 46 dead L-23.
They have been far from all.
only 35, you're right,
they were far from them all.
I must away from here,
Diaz both are on the way.
Higgins? Damn.
I see something over there.
- It looks as if here is something.
- There, Captain.
- Sorry.
- You did it.
- You scared me to death.
- Diaz has been chasing me all night.
I think I shook them off.
- How does the dam?
is blown to pieces,
nothing keeps them more.
Clearly, they escaped. Diaz spent
grenades and machine guns against them.
We need a massive attack.
- Stop! Go!
- Take it easy.
- Go!
- Yes, we have enough.
I must help him.
You can do nothing.
Nothing new,
they are still there.
Reports moves Diaz
them to an unknown place.
Lose them, what a mess.
And the fish are still out there.
- Did you hear about the attack last night?
- Yes, sir. 20 men, a whole gunboat.
Diaz argue it is the CIA, who plans
to take over the country. Caracas agrees.
negotiate with them
950 km north of Aruba.
Protect the researchers otherwise
we do not get to grips with the fish.
Yes, sir. I will do my best.
What do you think?
three have conducted illegal
- science experiments
- and fictional stories about me
to carry out a coup.
It's ridiculous.
Believe me when I arrive
to Guyana Prison district
- everything becomes much worse.
Listen, I will blow on you
doing, or you're from the cartel...
Signatories, admit you are from the CIA
- and all your colleagues are.
You do not get it.
We must stay and kill Piranha
- before they become so large
that nothing can stop them.
Come on!
Oh God, what have they done?
I'll make it.
- What the hell is going on here?
- I do not know.
Kill them if they touch themselves.
Stay there, do not move!
Touch you, you're dead! Come on.
Come on, the car is there. I get you
to the American Embassy.
- This is the port.
- We must go there. Come on.
Hurry! My goodness!
Come, let us get away.
Come on!
Seracelmus has increased.
piranhas go to sea,
perhaps we can catch them.
- Go that way, I take some samples.
- Be careful.
- What is it?
- Register shoals.
- The art keeps moving.
- Why are there so many left?
They are only pregnant for six hours,
they absorb nutrition-
- so they grow and increase in number,
as if they only consisted of stem cells.
Stay here.
quiet, you can do it, relax.
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
I checked it three times,
going north towards the sea.
- It helps us.
- We must warn seaside towns.
Piranha are freshwater fish,
they avoid saltwater.
Once they reach the estuary, salt water
will act as a wall.
- Well, we know where to strike.
- This time they did not escape.
No, he's dead, I'll get you
to the embassy,?come on.
not to the embassy.
We must follow them down the river.
Find them, kill them, bomb them.
I kill them!
- There they are, grab them!
- Hurry!
Seor Fitch, stop!
viewing figures from those who escaped,
the one we got and the one we saw.
doubled in size,
in half the time we estimated.
- Plus one more time in each cycle.
- Explain yourself.
They are like horses at the estuary
and rhinos six hours later.
4 hours later, an elephant.
So, like whales, they can go on.
Foreign Grady.
- What the hell happens Fitch?
We just witnessed an attack.
Harbor was destroyed, Higgins died.
- Say what you want, you get it.
- Orinicos mouth of the bombing.
where freshwater and saltwater meet.
Piranha are there in a few hours.
Bomb estuary? Are you crazy?
Venezuela is a sovereign state, and our
diplomatic relations are bad.
Turns we do not now, they will grow
proliferate and lay across desolate coast.
- It's our only chance.
- I'll send the address to a satellite.
- I have a GPS.
- I will also send an observation ship.
09:50 send an SOS. The ship comes
to the rescue outside their border.
So we avoid possibly third World War II.
Yes, sir.
About one hour and fifteen minutes.
Fitch, ships passing just over,
they are not waiting for you.
SOS call to come exactly 9:50,
otherwise closes the window.
- How far is the coast?
- Two hours.
be done much faster.
- Is it a police check?
- We do not have time, hiding you.
Makes you invisible.
We are being persecuted.
- Where?
- Six o'clock. Behind us.
- There they are.
- The helicopter gets them.
A helicopter is airborne.
We get an image in 20 seconds.
- I knew that Fitch was a spy.
- Fitch is irrelevant now.
Professor Monroe
and the others, I'm looking for.
We get them, Colonel, I promise.
I know the car. It is Diaz.
Command Center
USS St Harper is sliding distance
from the estuary about 36 minutes.
Come Fitch.
Hold on!
- Turn!
- Yes, if your car could.
I try to shake them off in town,
hold you down.
Now it's real.
I think I shook them off.
Step out of the car. You too, Fitch.
Come out with your hands up,
otherwise we shoot.
makes you nothing
I just need to clear our names.
Come this way.
USS St Harper
off the coast of Venezuela
We are shooting distance.
- Is SOS'en come?
- Not yet, sir.
- How much time do we have?
- One minute.
- Piranha is not here.
- They come.
I order an attack.
There they are.
- They caught only a few minutes.
- It is now that they are attacked.
tests, the battery is nearly empty.
45 seconds, Captain. They are lost,
if the call is not coming soon.
SOS... Battery is dead.
Candy on battery
acid in your saliva gives you 10%...
makes you nothing.
to help stop the killings.
Come Fitch. Where the hell are you?
- How long?
- 20 seconds.
must cleanse our names
we work together to help people.
surrender in you not, I am forced
to shoot you down as spies.
Come forth,
or we shoot you, you bastard!
- five seconds.
- Now.
They went that way, come!
SOS, we are under attack by
estuary, we must have help.
- Green Light!
- USS St Harper, you have the green light.
- SOS'en has come.
- Shoot!
Can you see the mouth? Salt water works
approaching not, I must see.
Fire forward cannon.
something happened to you?
Come, let's go.
- Are they all dead?
- I check the water.
Not a sound, it does not detect
a piranha here or up the river.
I think they killed them.
I hate to interrupt,
but Diaz is still after us.
Between the trees here.
They move toward the beach,
send two helicopters and fetch them.
We move along the coast,
they can evacuate us from there.
Oh no...
Can they live in the ocean?
What the hell is that?
Full power reverse.
Make torpedoes ready.
Fire the torpedoes!
Get ready to abandon ship.
USS St Harper is crushed.
Piranha moves out to sea.
God help us all.
They continue to grow,
and we can do nothing.
We can not do anything.
- We can do nothing...
- You're the only ones who can stop them.
Handles you? Come.
with Gordon came.
Wait here.
- What do you want?
- I'll get a helicopter.
Stay down.
To helicopter.
- I thought you could fly them.
- Yes, but everyone is different.
- Get them in the air.
- Come on, hurry up!
I think they persecute us.
There they are on
their way towards the sea.
They can live in salt
water, is there more?
- They do not sleep, and they have
three stomachs... - Hold on!
- Would they not want us alive?
- Things are changing.
- Come on.
- Turn!
missile on its way!
Shoot him down!
- Diaz flies westward.
- We have bigger problems than him.
- Which way are piranhas?
- East towards the sea.
- As we fly north.
- Why? There is only ocean.
- To be arrested again?
- No, there is a place closer.
addition, we can not reach the coast,
We hit the fuel line leak.
- Maybe I can fix anything.
- It is needed.
There must be a can here.
It sucks to die from running out.
I got you into this mess, let me.
- An oxygen cylinder.
- Yes.
No, it is an internal combustion engine.
It must be able to burn.
- I can get anything to burn.
- Make it fast, because we lose altitude.
To ready for an injection?
- I should work for Nascar.
- It extends only to a few minutes.
Fine, I do not need more.
Look, there it is.
- What is it?
- ISB's base in the West.
Beautiful sight, is not it?
Hold on, we go down.
There are only four in the world, each of them
can house 200,000 in a crisis situation.
- Like what? A nuclear war?
- Yes, and meteorites, volcanoes...
- An ice age.
- Welcome back, sir.
- Are you a big man here?
- No, I'm just an analyst.
We talk to the Minister first.
Reply bluntly on issues.
Consider all here as ordinary
- It's good to see you again, boss.
- Pipes, gentlemen.
While we stand here,
grow Seracelmus,
change the direction of
the island is in the way.
We are in a fortress, surrounded by
aircraft carriers and cruisers.
- I saw what they do by cruisers.
- We have plenty of firepower.
Not enough and in a few hours to
I spend twice as much as now.
She is right. We must strike
with everything we have.
I agree with Professor Monroe,
she knows the enemy.
Our experts follows the shoal.
They move eastward from the north.
That means they reach Sydflorida
this afternoon, what can we expect?
They are created with one goal in mind,
to create as much protein as possible.
They eat, grow and reproduce,
they never stop.
We'll stop them, but
Greenpeace opposes the way.
- What does this mean?
- A nuclear submarine stops them in an hour.
As soon as they are far enough from shore, we
bombs them with 20 Kt.
- It is enough to put the New York desert.
- As a Greenpeace activist...
Would I double it.
- Where are piranhas now?
- The satellites are tracking them.
USS Florida, submarine, Ohio class.
I send it to the screen.
They're soon in target distance.
should be larger.
goal is the optimum distance
about ten seconds. 9, 8, 7, 6..
... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
The target is locked.
- Some signs of life?
- Not yet.
Good heavens!
No, it's impossible.
Get the submarine away from there.
Get away from there!
I repeat...
What does he say?
- Do we have a picture?
- No, Captain, sensors get nothing.
- We dive out.
- I have a picture, sir.
Get it up on the screen.
When when Florida?
In less than an hour.
So when we are not to evacuate.
Give me a line to the president.
I take it in my chamber.
Excuse me.
Foreign Affairs.
What is it?
you not say?
green light to order
an attack 100 times larger than before.
Enough to destroy all land
and boil all the water in and around Florida.
They reacted the barely
the last attack.
- The next stop them.
- There must be another way.
Do you have a better idea?
Yes, in Venezuela, I was attacked by some
of about half a meter.
I cut one of them with my knife, because
it was bleeding, they attacked the other.
They tore it to pieces. Will we
large to bleed the same way...
How? They do not bleed once
with bombs and missiles.
- An accurate attack, as a surgeon.
- It would take you diving.
- And hit them in the eye.
- Exactly, exactly.
and a group of other divers.
We can do it.
Let me try.
I will not let you.
- But you die, and others.
- It's better than the alternative.
Let us try.
Give us one last chance.
Good, Fitch. You get one last chance.
Here is Jane Fisher of the South
Florida, where the fleet is assembled,
in advance of a hurricane, people please
be indoors. We will keep you informed.
Do you really think of it?
It is such a lovely day.
As if we get hurricane.
The story is a dead duck.
- stay indoors!
- Did you know? Come.
Film truck
sure to get all the sound with.
This is an MK-15. World
powerful underwater machine gun.
firing 120 shots per minute
and works down to 200 meters.
If attacked, shoot I.
If you are uncertain, shoot I.
And if ye are in retreat, shoot I.
cassettes here contains 20 mm balls,
the other has grenades.
Ammunition made to a soldier
alone could take a nuclear submarine out.
you meet the fish on an equal footing.
And that's exactly what they are.
They are nothing more than fish.
I have something for you.
- What is it?
- Speakers at six frequencies.
mimics Piranhas sound
for food. You start it with the button.
fish will follow the sound.
Stay in touch.
I will.
I must go.
We are three clicks away from the area.
Follow my orders, we'll do it.
Giant piranha approaching from the east.
Now, get them up.
Operation has the green light.
Come, gather momentum.
In with you.
Next helicopter, continue.
lift her.
- What is it?
- A middagsgongon.
- Radio Test Baker.
- Baker here, it works.
- Radio Test Gordon.
- Gordon here, as well.
- Radio Test Fitch.
- Fitch here, as well.
- Radio Test Rodriguez.
- Rodriguez here.
Listen, we're three minutes
from the source zone.
We come so close to the coast attacked
as possible. Shoot, when I hit the water.
Stay ready.
What is it there?
see what they do to a city.
- Did you see that?
- Yes.
- Did not I, I disappear?
- He's a big one on the hook.
Bernie? Steff?
Heat the frying pan, pal.
This one is big enough for three.
Florida detector,
piranhas are promoting.
Special Forces should be in the water now.
Get ready.
- News from Key West.
- On screen.
Jane Fisher from southern Florida,
which has issued hurricane warning.
There is no hurricane.
I repeat, there is no hurricane.
Florida is under attack by giant fish.
you heard me correctly, giant fish
with teeth, they have just eaten a boat.
People hiding
and flees from the coast, it's horrible.
We try to go further.
- Out!
- We lost the connection.
We are approaching the drop zone.
Last check, take your gear. Speed?on.
Chef who?
It does not work, ammunition
does not penetrate through their scales.
- Fitch, are you there?
- I'm here.
Some of them lacks blood vessels in
your eyes, ram them in the gills instead.
Understood, run by the gills.
Fitch, at five o'clock.
Shoot to kill.
Aim for the gills.
gills is not open.
Fitch, stop, get your men out.
I order a nuclear attack.
- No, sir, not in Florida.
- Now you have verified that came in now.
I can not
there must be a resort.
Try to shoot a bomb into the mouth
they have weak stomachs.
- Fitch, you have two minutes.
- Roger, two minutes.
- Is the helicopter still up there?
- There is only one left.
- I armerer a bomb.
- Jones, I get explosives.
Cover me, Gordon, I'll get you out
hold you close to me.
We cover Fitch and Gordon.
An unidentified helicopter
approaching ours.
- I see it to starboard.
- Fitch came away from there!
He can not hear us.
What are they doing?
- Send two helicopters now!
- Yes, sir.
- Jason Fitch, are you there?
- There is no contact.
sorry, but I think
we must go to the Emergency Plan.
We must turn to
before they get too far north.
- When will the Washington?
- In less than two hours.
And for them the time they are three times
as large as now.
Above it now!
- haunt you? People are dying down there.
- I do not joke.
Gordon! Out!
is fish food.
What the hell was that?
- I must stop her.
- Shut up where incredible!
It's good to see you. We get beaten.
I think I can help, wait for my
signal and run after the gills.
Come and get me, you devil.
Now I have you.
We did it.
It is a big feast.
They rip each other to bits.
- Yes!
- Well done!
- We must get away before it's our turn.
- Fitch, I want you up.
send a rescue helicopter
after them.
- Roger, we are going up.
- We must rise to the surface.
- Does it, Doctor?
- I've just been shot.
- And you threw me out of a helicopter.
- You will survive.
- Well done by an analyst, Fitch.
- Thank you, sir.
I was really impressed
about the way you...