Megaboa (2021) Movie Script

[warthog snorting]
[warthog squeals]
Help me!
[trees crashing]
Finally here!
Okay, yeah.
This is what
I have been missing!
Okay, people.
Eyes on me.
Let's set up camp
and you're ready to leave
for the petroglyphs
in the morning.
This island is ours
for the next 36 hours.
So get to your
camp assignments.
Let's go!
You need help with that?
Okay, let's get
the tents up
and gather wood
before it gets dark.
I'll build the fire pit.
- You getting a good tight?
- Yeah.
Swell, man.
That's okay, he's
got it tied on.
You got it.
- Let's go.
- Yeah. Let's do it.
You're in the Army, right?
Reserves, technically, still.
Did you camp a lot?
Survival training,
wilderness training, so yes.
This is all new to me.
I'm used to the Southern
California desert.
It's definitely
a different kind of heat.
The humidity here is killer
I'm already so sticky.
It's been what?
Five, 10 minutes?
It's so good for your skin.
I'm always so dry.
I was stationed in the desert,
so it's new to all of us.
Still, I'm glad
that you're here.
Don't forget.
I've been going to
remote rainforest locations
for decades.
You got nothing to worry about.
I know, I know.
You're a legend.
But there's five of us
and only one of you, so...
How old were you when you
first visited the Amazon?
Oh, a little younger than you
probably, as an undergrad.
You were running around
South America in the 80s.
Any stories about the cartel?
Nah, just a few bribes
here and there.
I was in the middle
of the Amazon.
The cartel was
the least of my worries.
You know, I can't stop
thinking about
that boat we saw on
the way in here.
Who do you think left it there?
I don't know, and who knows
if they're even still around?
How long do you think
somebody would last
out here on their own?
A minor injury
is a death sentence.
Yeah, man,
it's gotta be recent.
I mean, a boat like
that couldn't last
too many storms
in its condition.
Maybe it's a park ranger.
This is Colombian-owned
land, right?
Yeah, it's government land, but
I don't think this is a park.
So not a park ranger,
but like... I don t know.
Government wildlife official,
something, right?
- Maybe?
- Maybe.
All right.
We're back!
We got firewood!
Well, that's a start.
Help me build a fire.
Okay, let's go over
this one more time, okay?
It's back country hiking,
five hours in, five hours out.
We'll hike to the petroglyphs,
take our photos,
document them for the
journals and head back here.
Got it?
Copy that.
- Yeah. Got it.
- Yeah.
Is your drone ready, Benji?
I'll just need a few minutes in
the morning to recalibrate it.
But, yes, it should be able to
automatically survey the island
and be back at camp
when we return.
Good, remember, that's where
our grant money is coming from.
We gotta make sure we get
the cartographic survey.
You understand?
- Shouldn't be an issue.
- Great!
All right, guys.
What time are we gonna be...
Show yourself!
No, don't shoot!
Don't move.
Please don't shoot.
I need help.
Water, please?
So thirsty. Please?
Allison, we have extra water.
No, come on in. Have a seat.
It's okay.
My boat... destroyed.
Gracias, thank you.
I lost my partner.
He was...
It's just me out here.
Just me...
And now you.
What was his name?
Did you actually lose Rex,
or did he pass away?
He's dead. A snake... bite.
Our helicopter will
return day after tomorrow.
It'll be tight, but we
can squeeze you in
even if we have
to leave some gear behind.
It's okay.
I have money.
I will repay you, I promise.
I will pay for my passage.
Don't worry about it.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Pardon me, I...
I didn't
introduce myself.
Nice to make your
acquaintance, Joaquin.
I'm Dr. Malone, Professor
of Anthropology at CRU.
And these are some of my
graduate research assistants.
I'm Jason.
We got more.
Adam. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you all.
I'm sorry if I interrupted.
I heard the helicopter
and saw the smoke.
I wasn't too far.
Like I said,
don't worry about it.
Well, it's getting late.
We have an early morning.
Where are you sleeping tonight?
Down by the beach a little.
Not too far.
Yeah. I think we're gonna be
calling it a night, Joaquin.
I'll return back in the morning.
I don't want
to continue to impose.
Nonsense! Look, we don't
have an extra tent.
But we have fire, we have water
and you're welcome to stay.
It's okay.
I... I left my gear back
where I was sleeping.
I will be back in the morning.
All right. All right,
see you in the morning.
He took the water, bro.
Weird vibes from that guy.
I know what you mean.
What is he even doing here?
You not seen 'em before?
They get feral from being
in the wilderness so long,
isolated from people.
I know I can get a little weird
if I spend a weekend alone.
Maybe that's it?
Come on, he's not gonna hurt us.
He needs our chopper to
get off the island, right?
Actually, that's a good point.
I'm gonna call it a night.
You kids, make sure you
get some sleep, okay?
Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn!
- Professor Malone!
- Oh, man!
My leg is on fire!
- Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
- Let me see.
Oh, God!
Let me see it.
It looks necrotic.
Jeez, we need to get
you to a hospital.
First aid kit!
In the case.
I have whisky if you need it.
Sterilize the wound or
it'd take the edge off.
Yes, please!
Bandages, acetaminophen...
- Oh! Oh!
- No antibiotics.
No antihistamines.
Not too much.
Come on.
Good day, everyone.
Dr. Malone, a bit early
in the morning, no?
That's cute.
Joaquin, you're in luck.
We're leaving sooner
than we thought.
I was bitten by something.
God, it burns!
Did you get a look at it?
Yeah, it was yellow.
I don't know.
- Hornet spider.
- Oh.
Without treatment,
you have maybe 36 hours
if you keep your
heart rate down.
36 hours?
Okay, call in
the helicopter company.
- Who's got the phone?
- We have a connection!
[phone rings]
- Hello?
- Hello?
Ofidio Air,
This is Rita. How can I help?
Hi. This is Dr. Malone
from Research University.
Oh, yes, Dr. Malone.
How's the trip going?
Didn't we just drop you off
yesterday afternoon?
- Yeah, that's right.
- Oh, good.
Everything is on schedule for
your return flight tomorrow.
Yes, tomorrow,
but we have an emergency.
We need to be evacuated.
Uh, what happened?
Is someone seriously injured?
No. I've been bit by a spider.
That's terrible.
Well, it will be
a while before
we're able to send
anyone out to you.
No, that is unacceptable.
This is an emergency.
They can't come back?
I'm sorry, but the weather
has turned bad here.
The winds have risen
to over 50 knots.
50 knots?
The weather reports say
it should clear by tomorrow.
But it's currently
too dangerous to fly.
No, don't... don't want that.
You're safer on the ground.
Just get here as
soon as you can, okay?
I will see what
I can do, Dr. Malone.
Thank you.
Aw, dang it!
What did they say?
Well, there are 50 knot
winds off the coast
and the pilot's not willing
to fly in this weather.
The weather report
says that the winds
might die down by tomorrow
morning, but they don't know.
You might not have a leg
if you wait until tomorrow.
After that, no se.
What can we do?
Can you help?
Something herbal maybe?
There's a tree
in the rainforest...
that is a host
for a rare orchid.
It grows on that tree.
And as far as I can tell,
only that tree:
the death note orchid.
Death note.
Does it kill the tree?
Those types of orchids
aren't parasites.
They're epiphytes.
Don't know what that means.
They use the tree
for structural support.
Its stem can be used to create
a powerful antihistamine.
It would slow
your poison for sure.
Buy us some time.
Can you show us?
It's a half day's walk,
four hours maybe.
So back before nightfall.
If we leave now.
Let's go.
We came to hike
through a rainforest.
I'm going to hike
through a rainforest.
We're ready.
The professor's gonna need
someone to stay back with him.
I can fly my drones and
survey the island from here.
Thank you, Benji.
You guys go.
But it must weigh on you.
I mean, it was war.
But just knowing the enemy...
Just knowing
a person died.
Look. Don't take this
the wrong way,
but that's not what
keeps me up at night.
Okay, killing the enemy, sure,
it holds some weight, but...
What weighs on you are
the men and women on our side
that don't come home.
The ones we lost
is what you think about.
Wow, okay.
Honest, I guess.
You never forget
the people you lose.
You think about them every day.
An argument for peace?
An argument
to get away from people.
People who feel an
optimistic sense
about the future
of our species,
they're not really
paying attention.
Hey, guys!
One sec.
Come on, Jay!
You gotta keep up!
Sorry, bro.
This humidity's killing me.
I'm cramping up.
Any headaches, dizziness?
Good. It's not heat exhaustion.
The last thing we need
is another person
who requires medical attention.
Yeah. Drink up.
Come on.
Guys, I'll power through.
Let us know if you
need another break.
- Come on, drink up.
- Come on, let's go.
All right.
This should be back
in a few hours
with footage of
the entire island.
Great, Benji. Great.
At least the entire trip
won't be in vain.
There we go.
Here it is.
Where are the orchids?
Oh, hell, no.
Too many bodies!
Not enough legs!
Let's get outta here!
- Shh!
- Dude.
We won't provoke them.
Who's trying to provoke them?
We have to be able to find the
orchids growing somewhere else.
Without snakes!
If they're somewhere else,
I have not seen it.
We can't just stand here
underneath those snakes forever!
She's right.
It's now or never.
What's the plan?
Climb and
harvest the orchid.
I would do it, but my knee.
Well, actually...
Yeah, it shouldn't be too hard.
Decent holds, looks like.
You can do it?
Yeah, I think so.
- Come on, Adam, don't.
- It's too dangerous.
Adam, come on!
Do you hear that?
- Oscar Sierra!
- Oh no.
That's the biggest snake
I've ever seen!
- Danger, danger.
- We need...
- Vaminos, vaminos, vaminos!
- Run, right now.
Run, run, run, run!
[trees creaking]
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit!
Run! Run!
I think we lost it.
The size of that thing!
I can't breathe!
Here, stand up.
Stand up.
I think we're okay for now.
How'd it get so big?
I mean, it's like 60 feet!
In theory, a snake
with enough heat and food,
it could grow forever.
But the biggest snake ever
was only 40 feet long.
Has it ever been documented?
Is this a new species?
This isn't a new species, no.
I don't think there's anything
new about that monster.
No Latin name?
You know what I'm saying!
Wait, wait.
Where's Jason?
Wasn't he behind you?
Does it look like
he was behind me?
- Jason!
- Jason!
Guys, you back here?
Come on.
Come on.
[tree creaking]
Keep calm, keep calm, keep calm.
[trees creaking]
- Jason!
- Where are you?
- We're over here!
- Hello!
Stop! Quiet!
You don't know how close
that thing is.
How else are we supposed
to find him?
He's right! Shh!
Joaquin's right.
We can't attract any more
attention to ourselves.
We need to go to Jason.
Where's the last place
you remember seeing him?
I don't know.
I mean, there was the orchid,
there was the snake.
I just tunnel-visioned.
I haven't seen him since
we started running.
We'll retrace our steps.
We're not leaving anyone behind.
The last place we saw him
was the orchid tree?
Yeah, he's gotta be
somewhere between, right?
Makes sense.
We need to be mentally prepared.
The last place we saw him
may be the last place we look.
If he stayed around,
then he would be... you know.
Let's not jump
to conclusions, okay?
This is on us!
We can't leave Jason
out here alone!
We need to be making a plan.
If we see that snake again...
I have a heavy tranquilizer
dart locked and loaded.
Heavy enough for that monster?
Well, if we're going
all the way back,
we should grab the orchid.
But someone's gotta
climb the tree, right?
Count me out.
Okay, I'll do it.
I have a flare gun.
It's only three shots,
it's not a lot of fire power.
But it might make
a good distraction.
Okay, then. Yeah.
So even if we find him, we're
going for the orchid, right?
We find Jason,
you grab the orchid,
Joaquin tranqs the snake.
- Clear?
- Yeah.
Yes. Let's go.
Wait! I mean, can we
just take a second?
I mean, this is
all happening so fast.
Can't we just take a second?
Jason needs our help.
We don't know
how much time we have!
Come on, Grace!
What if we used the flare gun
here so he can come to us?
No. He won't be able to see
the flare through the trees!
And what else would we attract?
Are you sure?
I mean, isn't it worth the risk?
Look, we have a choice.
Fire the flare and Jason sees it
and he comes to us?
But maybe he doesn't see it.
Then what?
Sitting on our
asses as night falls?
At least no one else gets lost.
I don't mean to be mean,
but the rainforest
is not a kind place.
It's brutal and real!
Then why are we going
back into that brutality?
I mean, my friends
get lost in a bar.
We just... the safest thing
is to stay where we are!
I'm telling you,
we're expecting real trouble!
Grace, I trust this guy.
Why don't we take a vote, hm?
Fine. Okay.
You know which way I'm leaning.
I say we trust the expert.
We keep moving.
It's two to one.
But no unnecessary risks.
We'll find him.
I hope he's safe.
Like that...
And okay.
- Doc, try this.
- Ow!
It'll get you moving.
Oh, son of a gun...
At least around the camp if
you need to go to the bathroom.
Let's see.
I just hate this.
Help me up.
Okay, here we go.
- Okay.
- It's good, Benji.
It's good.
Not too painful
under the arm?
No. The only pain I can feel
is this damn leg.
I wouldn't feel it, but...
if I don't put
pressure on it...
Aw, too much pressure.
I gotta learn to walk
with this thing.
There we go.
Here I am, mobile again.
- Here.
- Thank you, baby.
Have a seat.
Don't overdo it.
You ain't kidding.
Here you go.
Oh, man.
What does it feel like?
Well, I've never
been addicted
to anything stronger
than caffeine or sugar.
But imagine it's about
drug withdrawal feels like.
It's on fire.
It's that bad? Still?
Feels a little bit better.
I don't know. Maybe I'm
just getting used to it.
Where's that sat phone?
Over there.
We need to get you out of here.
It's only been a few hours.
I don't think they'll
change their forecast.
Like it or not,
we are stuck here, baby.
It's worth a shot.
Hi, yes.
I'm calling from the academic
group on the island.
Yes, yes.
I just wanted to follow up and
see if you could send rescue.
Yes, I understand,
but it's an emergency.
Yes, it's an emergency.
If you could send a boat,
we would...
Are you sure?
No, of course not.
Do you know anyone who
would be willing to?
Yes, thank you.
No dice.
Same problem as the chopper.
Anything above 35 knots
is a no-go.
But they're calling
around to see
if anyone's willing
to risk it for an emergency.
You got it.
Make sure you keep
that thing charged.
I'm calling because I
have a group of researchers
stuck on Isla Escarpada.
One of them was
bitten by a spider
and is in pretty bad shape.
Okay, thank you.
Yes, keep me updated once
the weather's cleared.
Hi, Carlos, this is Rita,
We have an emergency.
I need a pilot to fly out
to Isla Escarpada.
Okay, thank you.
Miguel, it's Rita.
We need you to go to
Isla Escarpada for a rescue.
Can you get here right away?
I'll pay you double, triple.
Yes, I understand
the weather is...
What do you mean, am I crazy?
Evie, Evie,
I have a rescue mission
at Isla Escarpada for to...
Luca, hey, man, we have a rescue
mission at Isla Escarpada.
Afternoon, Rita.
Jake, we have an emergency.
Do you know any
pilots that are available
to go pick up some researchers?
Still too windy to fly,
but you could probably
get there by boat.
We can't.
It capsized.
Yes, and we won't be able
to send anything out in time.
Did you try the Coast Guard?
They say the wind's still too
dangerous to send out any help.
What's the emergency?
A doctor and his students
are on an island
researching prehistoric sites.
He says he's been
bitten by a spider
and it's bad enough
that he needs evacuation.
A spider?
What island?
Isla Escarpada.
Oh, boy.
You're still flying
charters there?
They paid to book it and
we got an experienced pilot
to agree to take them there.
You know that that place
is dangerous.
That spider bite is
the least of their worries.
There's a reason
why only
the most desperate poachers
go there anymore.
Those people are gonna die.
Well, I can't find anyone
who will go out there.
What are we gonna do?
We can't leave them out there.
I'll go.
Are you sure?
Nope. I haven't flown in years,
but I know those machines.
I know what they can handle.
Do we know how to find 'em?
They called on a sat phone
they were given
when we dropped them off.
Every call should be registered
to the vehicle
through our GPS system
in case of emergencies.
You should be able to
track them through that.
Okay, good.
Link me in when I'm airborne.
Good luck!
Gonna need more than that!
No sign of Jason.
There's no way he stayed around.
Let's get outta here.
We're so close to the orchids.
No unnecessary risks!
It's Dr. Malone's life.
I can climb up there
in less than a minute.
It won't know I'm there.
What if it picks up your body
heat or your chemical trail?
I will have the snake
in my sight the whole time,
until I'm ready
to tranquilize it.
And if you miss?
I've got my flare.
He's got his tranqs.
No! Come on!
Let's go find Jason!
Grace, we're all scared,
believe me.
And we're all
worried about Jason.
So let's get outta here!
We will...
after we grab the orchid.
We'll find him, but right now,
Dr. Malone's life depends on us
putting aside our fears,
and all working together
if we're going
to get off this island.
Okay, fine. Fine.
The breeding ball is still
active, so it can't be too far.
Wait, they're breeding?
What did you think
was happening?
Are they all gonna
get that size?
Where's the snake?
God it's still here.
Damn it.
Remember, the stem
is the most important part.
Yeah, I got it.
Everyone ready?
Let's extract this thing
and get the hell outta here!
I'll be quick.
Up and down.
For Dr. Malone.
Good luck.
You, too.
- Real quick. Flank.
- Yeah.
Crouch down behind the tree.
What's happening?
He's started climbing the tree.
Easy, easy there.
He's close.
Ah! Shoot!
Shoot it!
Shoot it!
What is that?
Come on!
- Careful!
- I'm fine, or...
I don't know what I am,
but I'm good to go.
Let's go!
- Come, I'll help you.
- Thanks.
I can't...
He was just here!
I need a minute.
I thought I was
done losing people.
What do we tell his parents?
He didn't deserve that.
Not at all.
They never do.
And his girlfriend?
I mean, I didn't know her.
She doesn't need
the specifics, right?
This stays between us.
The regurgitation?
We never speak of it again!
Jason was eaten by
a big snake, yes.
But no one needs
to know the details.
His family, his loved ones,
even Dr. Malone,
they don't need to know.
How is the ankle?
It's tight and
locking up a bit
but I should be able to walk.
Should be good.
We'll need your help
to take down that snake
once and for all.
Wait, what?
What are you talking about?
I'm not going back there.
No, that's... no.
What else are we
even supposed to do?
I mean, that thing is so big!
What is this, a cigar?
This, this is a...
You're walking around with
dynamite in a dirty towel?
Are you trying to get
us all killed?
No, amigos, come on.
You wouldn't know
I had something
if I hadn't showed it to you.
Hey, amigo, dynamite
is unstable,
shock-sensitive nitroglycerin!
It's a problem!
I have a problem with that!
Take it easy.
It's wrapped in a towel, okay?
No foul, no harm.
It's not a problem
until it's a problem.
Why do you even have that?
Like, what would you even have
to blow up in the rainforest?
The rainforest has creatures
big and small
and I'm prepared
for everything.
Big and small?
Did you know that that
snake was out there?
I mean, that thing got Jason!
Why are we even
fighting about this?
Jason is dead!
Let's not fight!
Let's get out of here!
Cut our losses.
It's the tactical move.
Yeah, let's go.
We've all done the hard part.
Was there a price to pay?
Yes, and may he rest in peace.
But now is the time to attack!
We've paid it.
His name is Jason.
It was Jason!
His life was irreplaceable.
I get that.
But this is the time
when we need to not...
we cut our losses!
And we move ahead and
we attack! And we go!
Our losses?
Our friend is dead!
If you don't get to the orchid,
you can add Dr. Malone's
name to the list now.
The helicopter is
probably already here.
I can't imagine the winds
will be 50 knots forever.
No. You don't even know
what you're talking about!
Dios mio. I don't know
what I'm talking about?
I don't know what I'm
talking about?
That tranq had ten times
the drugs of an elephant tranq.
I made it myself.
What are you
doing walking around
with something that strong?
You knew that snake
was here, didn't you?
What are you really doing here?
Yeah, he knew
that snake was here.
He knew it.
He knew it and for whatever
reason, he led us right to it.
No, no, no, it wasn't
like that, it wasn't like that.
Did you know about the snake?
The snake...
Answer her!
Did you know about the snake?
Give me a break, man.
Screw you.
This was all a trick, a setup.
No. I was going to be rich!
That thing killed my partner.
That thing, that monster,
it killed Rex.
And I will avenge his death.
What? What?
You led us out here so we
could try to kill that thing!
And it killed Jason!
Grace, do you think we can get
back to base camp without him?
I mean, it looks like
we got, like...
we can get back
before dark... maybe.
We can go south for
a bit, right?
Get out of here?
You can get back to base
if you go south.
If you hit the beach,
you can figure it out.
I'm in.
You can't go without a guide.
Because there's traps.
Hunters scatter traps
all over the place.
One false step and...
Joaquin, please,
come with us, man, like...
We can't miss the helicopter.
Everything in my life has
been leading to this moment.
And I will be remembered as
the one who killed that monster.
Yeah, okay.
That's great.
That's real good, man.
And you all...
You all can help me.
No, I'm sorry.
We're going back to camp.
No one else has to die here.
Come with us.
I have also made my decision.
Let's go.
Yeah, let's go.
I'll give you an hour
before you give up.
You'll be back.
You'll be back.
I'm telling ya,
I saw a flare up in the sky.
Something's wrong.
Oh, man.
It can mean anything.
They could be messing around.
Allison has a flare gun and
she's not one to mess around.
You know she went
to West Point, right?
I saw the Army bag,
but I didn't know.
She's not one
to shoot a flare on a whim.
Okay, we should
have a digital map rendered
in less than a minute...
And it's rendered.
Okay. Zooming in.
Well, look at that.
Oh, no. I think I can see
Grace's shirt here.
Now what is that on
the edge of the frame?
Oh, my God!
Is that a snake?
That is not just a snake.
That's... what do you think?
50 or 60 feet long?
That's the biggest
snake I ever saw, Benji,
bigger than Titanoboa.
That's the Megaboa!
But what do we
really know about him?
- Joaquin?
- Who else?
Uh, well, he speaks
Spanish and English.
At least.
And, well, he's on this island
because his boat was destroyed.
How do we even
know it's his boat?
We don't, not really.
But he's stranded on the island
and there's a
destroyed boat, so...
He knows the island well,
longer than someone's who's
been here only a couple of days.
But like he doesn't
have bad vibes, you know.
You weren't creeped out when he
walked into our camp last night?
I was.
Okay, yeah.
It just feels like
he's keeping the truth hidden.
There's things happening on
this island and he's unfazed.
That kind of attitude only comes
from experience and expectation.
I've seen it.
People can get used to anything.
But he definitely wasn't
surprised by that monster.
Yeah, I don't care.
Snake skin's still cool.
Why are there so many?
Where are the snakes?
Wait. Is this...
Is this like a nest?
What do you mean, nest?
Where are the eggs?
Not all snakes lay eggs.
Something like a third
of the species,
like the boas we saw back there,
keep their eggs inside
their bodies until they hatch.
So a nursery.
Okay. Wait, wait,
let's just go around.
Go around? We don't even know
how big this thing is.
Then let's just go east for
a little bit and then south.
We don't know if the nest
or nursery, whatever,
we don't know if
it's south, west or east.
All we know is that it's
not north where we came from.
Wait. What are you saying?
Either we take our chances
and we head into a snake's nest
on an island with...
I don't know...
thousands of aggressive
snakes, or we head back.
Back to Joaquin?
Let's go back to the campsite.
Keep going south!
Thousands of snakes, Grace!
You'd rather face one snake
that weighs 1,000 pounds?
Come on! At least we can
overpower the little ones!
How do you know they're little?
What if there are more of
those monsters out there?
And how big are
the juveniles, hmm?
Smaller, and
that's good enough for me.
Come on.
Let's go back to Dr. Malone.
Maybe the wind has died down.
They're ignoring us.
Oh, my God.
Look straight ahead.
Don't look up.
We have to go back!
Press on!
No, wait! Stop!
It's a trap.
Joaquin was telling the truth.
[trap clicks]
It's safer disarmed.
Come on. We just have to get to
the other side of this nest.
Snakes! Traps!
One wrong move and we're...
- Oh, my God.
- Don't move.
They can smell us.
We can't just stand here!
Run! Go!
Follow me.
Ah! Wait!
We're trapped,
we have to go north!
Go! Go!
Go, go, go!
Good to see you.
Snakes everywhere.
They were after us!
Were you sitting
here the whole time?
You take a break?
No. Let's just keep moving.
How long do we have before
the tranquilizers wear off?
We'll be fine.
No problem.
What kind of answer is that?
Well, it'll take some hours.
You were gone for less than one.
Fine. Let's go.
How's your ankle?
I'll manage.
Do you think you can
still climb the tree?
Grab the orchid?
You're a better climber than me
even with your bum ankle.
And Allison is
such a great shot.
Yeah. Yeah, I'll try.
Move out.
I can't do this.
We got one shot at this.
I don't know about this.
We need the orchid.
We need Joaquin to help
us get it back to camp.
It's our best option.
The snake is tranqed.
Let's go.
Do it for Dr. Malone.
When the tree falls,
you wanna get ready
to hack that snake into pieces.
Can't a snake live
for several hours
after it's head's been severed?
If its disembodied head moves
an inch, we'll light it on fire.
Now or never.
Go for it.
It's awake!
- Watch out!
- Incoming!
Damn it!
Everyone okay?
- I'm all right.
- Yeah.
I don't understand!
There, it's... It's the orchid,
it's right there.
Wait, don't move until
we have eyes on the snake!
It has to be close.
Let's get outta here!
That tranq didn't work, come on!
I can't explain it.
That was enough tranq
to tranq a family of elephants.
Cover me.
Wait, wait!
So that monster can come back?
No, this... this is it.
This is the...
We came her for the orchid.
I'm going.
- I'm faster!
- Adam, your ankle!
I'm faster!
I'll do it.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
She's got it.
Oh, my God!
Wait! We gotta help her!
Wait, no!
You damn snake!
How the heck?
Damn it!
It's coming for us!
- Run!
- Run!
It has our scent!
What can we do?
It's chemical!
It's nature!
Have to be very careful.
It's very slippery.
Look! Over here!
Look at that web
in the tree.
- It's huge!
- It opens up into a cavern!
I'm not going in there!
Allison, the web is out here.
And where do you
think the spiders are?
Come on! Let's go!
It's coming!
It's a tight squeeze.
Damn it.
So if they're moving at
1.5 miles an hour
the uncharted rainforest,
they're probably somewhere
right in this circle.
That? Is that a house?
No, it's an old research
lab from the 1950s.
It's been abandoned for decades.
But it's the only
real shelter on the island,
the only real structure.
So if they're out
there wandering around,
it's the only place
they could find shelter.
You know what I mean?
Joaquin would know
about it, right?
Yeah, he would.
I'm sure if they're being
chased by something,
that's where they're going.
It's the only building
on the island.
They've been gone too long.
I'm going after them.
Are you gonna be okay here?
Benji, come on.
Let's talk about this.
No. You can't talk me
out of it.
Benji, I'm not talking
you out of it,
but you're not
going without me.
Help me up.
Doc, this isn't a good idea.
Let's talk about
what we need to pack.
Can you even walk
longer than a few seconds?
You talk too much.
Can I get a light?
Got it. Thanks.
Look at these.
Dr. Malone would love this.
It's a story.
The snake.
And it sheds its skin.
And the tribe surrounds
it and attacks.
Is that a boar's skull?
How did that get in here?
Suppose as we did, I suppose.
I'm not too worried
about a boar.
Like you say, we got bigger
fish to fry?
I'm more worried about
what killed the boar.
Warn me next time?
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
No. Uh-uh.
Big spider web
for a little spider.
No problem?
Isn't that the spider that's
killing Dr. Malone right now?
I'm out!
Let me through!
It's safer inside in the cave.
It's more manageable.
It's no problem.
No problem?
Just 'cause you say
there's no problem
doesn't mean there's no problem.
We can kill these things!
They're all coming
from the same direction!
I'd rather take
my chances in here.
- Okay.
- See?
Are they retreating?
Where are they going?
Survival instincts.
Perhaps they're afraid and
repelled by the dead spiders.
I've heard of some
insects releasing
some death stench pheromone.
It wouldn't be crazy to
assume that arachnids
evolved in similar ways.
Thank God for evolution.
What's that?
I don't know.
Maybe a boar?
Three clicks.
That's... oh, God.
The legs!
I'm out!
Go! Move!
That spider's too big
to get out of the cave, right?
It's a tight fit, but...
- Run!
- Vaminos! Vaminos!
- Run!
- Vaminos!
Now's our chance to get away.
This is a waking nightmare!
Keep moving!
Keep moving!
Ugh! What is that? It's like
I can still smell the flares.
Hydrogen sulfide, to be precise.
Is it dangerous?
In high concentrations,
but I'm sure we're fine.
It's coming from up ahead.
- We're almost there.
- Almost where?
The old research lab.
The old research lab.
"Servicio Geolgico Colombiano."
Geological Research Lab, 1956.
All those colors,
it's beautiful.
Don't let it fool you.
It's brutal.
You fell in there,
your skin dissolves
while you're burned alive.
Why would anyone build a
zip line over a death trap?
One wrong move and...
[claps] you're dead.
I think the scientists built it
to gather samples
from the middle.
You're telling me nobody
has ever died in there?
It's purely academic?
No. I don't know.
I like to have
my two feet on the ground.
I've never seen it in use.
All right. Let's go inside
before it knows we're here.
Still no sign of the snake.
Stand back.
- Oh...
- Come on, doc.
Over the log.
I've got you if you need it.
I can get over a log.
God dawg, that hurt!
Give me a second.
What is that?
Here, give it here.
If I'm not mistaken,
this looks like one of Adam's.
And it could mean
he's still alive.
Hey, you can just ask.
How's your leg?
Well, to be honest with you,
I'm not sure
this is a good idea.
Which part?
The whole trip?
That's not what I meant,
but, yeah, probably that too.
No, it's the walking.
It's this leg.
It isn't getting better.
It looks bad.
It feels worse.
Do you wanna go back?
No. We're a mile from
the research center.
We have to keep going.
Aw, God dawg!
'Cause by the looks of it,
they need our help.
Looks like someone
left in a hurry.
Wonder what happened.
Wonder if there's anything
in here we could use.
I'd love to get a
rifle in my hands.
It's like a time capsule.
Let's see.
No guns,
but we got machetes.
Where are they coming from?
Hell. And I'm sending
them right back!
Give me the ax!
Give me the ax!
Give me the ax!
We have to close the door!
We have to close the door!
Give me the chair!
They're not dying!
They're still moving!
Why won't they die?
I told you, snakes
can live for hours
after their heads are severed!
Well, move, move!
Back up!
Get him!
Go back to whatever circle
of hell you came from!
- Get 'em!
- Die!
We're good.
The door's closed.
We got 'em all.
It's not working!
The flames are getting bigger!
Get this wet.
Got it, thanks.
We gotta get outta here!
- No!
- What?
It's back!
We're all gonna die here!
How much more can it take?
What happens if that
thing breaks through?
We're lucky if the whole place
doesn't collapse in on us!
And then what?
We're trapped!
Like fish in a burning barrel!
We need to make a run for it!
You two need to just go
to the zip line!
Just make sure you
reach the middle, okay?
Just get outta here!
Just go!
What do you mean, us two?
Joaquin, I'm not gonna let
you take...
that monster on by yourself!
I know how it moves!
I've seen how it moves!
I'm not going to
let you sacrifice yourself!
Who said sacrifice?
I'm gonna kill the damn thing!
Joaquin, no!
I know what
I'm doing, okay?
Just make sure you go
and get enough speed
to outrun the damn thing.
- We have to go now!
- Go! Go!
Come on!
Come on!
Come get me!
Climb, climb!
How does this thing work?
Just a carabineer.
- Look!
- Ah!
Come on!
Get up, Joaquin!
Get on! Here!
It's close!
- No!
- Ah!
Help me!
I'm going to be sick.
Oh, God.
Grace, we made it.
Ugh! Rotten eggs.
I know, we should
be getting close.
Where are they?
I don't see them.
Hey, hey, hey.
Oh, is that the...
what did you call it?
The Megaboa?
It's fascinating.
There it is, boiling alive.
Of course, nothing could
survive that acidic environment,
let alone the heat.
- Look!
- What?
- Allison, Grace!
- Allison!
Over here!
It's Benji and the professor!
The orchid...
The orchid is in my bag!
We're coming!
Hold on!
Is that a chopper?
I don't hear anything.
Take the backpack.
Where's Joaquin?
The backpack.
Fantastic specimen.
Oh, truly magnificent.
It's moving.
- What?
- Is it moving?
Okay, something
is definitely moving.
No, it must be the natural
flow of the geothermal pool.
Don't worry about it.
Okay. Must be.
Do you see that?
I do.
That is far out!
I never heard of a snake
shedding its skin posthumously.
Its jaw!
It opened its mouth!
Yeah. It sure looks that way
but that water
is basically boiling.
It's so acidic,
it wouldn't be possible.
Doc, it's bubbling!
It's alive!
It's alive!
The snake is going
after Dr. Malone!
We have to help!
What can we do?
We killed it and
it just came back to life!
Allison, the drawings
in the cave!
I was focused
on the 10-foot spider!
Can you be more specific?
The drawings!
The tribe killed the snake
after it shed its skin!
That snake is ancient.
The ancient people on
this island knew how to kill it.
If it gets Dr. Malone,
do you think its going to stop?
We're next.
No. It's next.
Calm down, calm down, calm down.
Here! Here!
- We got this.
- Stay calm, stay calm.
Die, snake!
It worked!
Hell, yeah! Come on!
Hell, yeah!
No, no, no!
Get me outta here!
Oh, my God!
Come on, professor.
Let me help you.
Get the orchid!
Go get it!
It's my head. I need to...
I mean, it's so bad!
Yeah, here!
It's in here!
Press the stem!
This is not good.
Like this?
Stand up.
Here. Let me.
Wake up!
Do you hear that?
Wake up!
Hey, the helicopter's coming.
The helicopter's coming.
I knew I heard it!
Over here!
We're over here!
- Hey!
- Hey!
Music to my ears!
I've never been happier
to leave paradise.
Come on, girls!