Megalodon: The Frenzy (2023) Movie Script

[epic music playing]
REPORTER: In an extraordinary
and unprecedented incident,
a colossal Megalodon shark
was engaged
in a dramatic battle with
a naval ship earlier today.
The naval crew
was caught off guard,
but they immediately
went into action.
They swiftly deployed
their defense systems
and activated
their antishark measures.
The ship's cannons
roared to life
as they unleashed
their firepower
against the colossal creature.
The Megalodon was
a force to be reckoned with.
It demonstrated
its immense power
by seeming impervious
to the ship's artillery,
launching fierce attacks
on the vessel,
causing considerable damage
to its hull.
The naval crew had undergone
extensive training
and managed
to minimize casualties.
Despite the immense danger,
their swift action
and quick thinking
helped them navigate through
this life-or-death situation.
However, the King's crew
sustained multiple injuries
and even fatalities
during the intense battle,
including Captain Lynch
and Commander Moore,
who sadly died when the shark
attacked his submarine.
[bold orchestral music playing]
Tolbert, do we have eyes
on Commander Moore's sub?
It's been taken apart, sir.
That Meg tore it to shreds
just after Commander Moore
hit it with a coup de grace.
And Captain Lynch?
We got visual confirmation
from the gunners, sir.
Commander Moore and
Captain Lynch are dead.
You're the commanding officer
now, sir.
Okay, don't take anything
for granted, Tolbert.
Keep your head on a swivel.
The ship's in bad shape.
But the Megalodon
is on its last legs.
It appears to be
continually bleeding,
and its movements
have slowed considerably.
You and the other Marines
make good and sure
that shark is dead.
We've got to get her
back to shore.
Aye, sir.
I'll bring her in.
[tense music playing]
Copy, sir.
Crew of the USS King...
this is Lieutenant Commander
Keith Sharp speaking.
The Megalodon is dead,
but it comes at great cost.
Captain Lynch
and Commander Moore
have lost their lives
defending this crew.
I am your new
commanding officer,
and I'm gonna do
everything I can
to make sure we all
get back to shore safely.
All able-bodied crew,
please tend to the damage
on this ship right away.
I'm sending out
a distress beacon,
and I'm setting up
a course for the mainland.
Semper fi!
- Oo-rah!
- Oo-rah!
Are you all right?
Who cares?
Jones, Tilkian,
Roberts, Captain Lynch...
they're all dead.
But so is that Meg.
That's something, right?
[tense music playing]
- [screams]
- Hard to starboard!
All hands, battle stations!
[rifles firing]
[thrilling music playing]
Attention, crew.
Will all engineers
please report to level B1?
Welcome aboard the CRATUS,
Ms. London.
Oh, um, Dr. Clark.
You picked
an exciting first day.
Oh, it's an honor to meet you.
I'm just--I'm such
a fan of your work.
I've read all of your research.
Oh, thank you,
but I put my lab coat on
one arm at a time
just like everyone else.
And you can call me Riley.
Thank you, Doctor--
- Riley.
- [chuckles]
Don't forget,
thousands of students
in science and engineering
from around the world
wanted this gig,
and your geothermal engineering
research came out on top.
That means so much. Thank you.
I'm just--I'm so grateful
for this opportunity.
You know, you've been
a huge inspiration for me
my whole career, with your
developing exploratory missions
and heading this entire project.
And when you started tapping
into geothermal energy
to fuel this entire planet.
Well, right now,
we're at the beginning
of the beta testing,
but as soon as we launch,
we're gonna be fully staffed.
first went live two years ago,
I knew I had to be
a part of this project.
It's incredible
that you're not only
studying deep-sea life
and biomes,
but also tapping into
a potentially limitless
source of natural energy.
You want to take a look?
Is that Volcano 6
right beneath us?
Yes, it is.
It's been single-handedly
supplying geothermal energy
via a mail-well pipe,
believe it or not.
Phases One through Three
involved getting
the station operational
from her original function
as an oil rig.
Now we've gone fully
beyond proof of concept,
and we're
moving on to Phase Four.
Is that part of Phase Four?
That phase is CRATUS II.
It's a fully operational
energy harvester
and power plant.
It's continually providing
renewable and clean energy
from Volcano 6.
Our goal is to have CRATUS II
be fully operational
and independent.
You know,
beyond the usual maintenance.
And is it gonna be online today?
- Yes, it is.
- [gasps]
That's why
we brought you on board.
We're gonna have you managing
the thermodynamic levels
at the flip of a switch.
Thanks so much.
This way.
Hey, Kurt. How's it going?
Afternoon, Dr. Clark.
Just putting
the finishing touches
on this long-range remote
that should work underwater
as you requested.
Now, what about
those floodgates?
Well, that's up next.
I need a lot of juice
to get those things
back up and running,
so I'll be tackling that
once CRATUS II is online.
Now, we can't operate
without those.
Oh, I know.
You must be Dr. London.
It's just Ms. London,
um, or Kristy.
I'm not a doctor until
at least a year from now.
Kurt Holt
is the most indispensable
member of our team.
You are.
You take care of the station,
you take care of us,
and he has saved us
about a thousand times.
She's being far too generous.
She asks me to fix something,
I fix it. That's it.
Well, it's great to meet you.
We ready to launch?
Mmm, fully functional.
I am going to hand
Kristy over to you.
I'm gonna go finish up
on some preparations.
I will see you guys in the sub.
Copy that.
KRISTY: All right.
Yeah, Brunson has
the helm for the moment.
Bring me up to speed
on the damage assessment.
Flyover detected no further
threats in the water,
so they signaled we're clear to
continue to our next rendezvous.
Should be able
to get there in two hours.
Okay, we can make do
on our own from now on.
Sir, we're down
to a skeleton crew at best.
The hull
has suffered some damage,
but luckily, we're taking
no water at the moment.
Copy that, Tolbert.
Damn it. Anything else?
Sir, engines took
some serious hits.
We're currently operating
at about 70% power.
Sonar and radar are kaput.
Our large guns and
torpedoes are toast.
The long-range radio
is acting haywire, too,
but we're trying
to get it back online.
What about fuel?
We're at 50%,
all within acceptable
parameters for our destination.
Yeah, that should be enough
to get us back to the mainland.
We gotta get
that engine fixed, guys, okay?
At least near enough
where we can get
ship-to-shore assistance.
You know what I'm saying?
Tolbert, you give that engine
a good once-over. You with me?
Of course, sir.
I'll do what I can
with the tools and supplies
we have available.
Anything we can do
to get that engine moving
even a little faster is gonna
help, you know what I'm saying?
Any breaches in the hull,
use a patch kit,
seal it off, secure it.
We've gotta get
this ship to shore.
You with me?
Copy that, sir.
what about our munitions?
Used up a whole lot of ammo
shooting at that damn Meg
before it was finally
chopped up by the rotors.
Short- and long-range rounds
are both depleted.
Some of our depth charges
are completely unusable.
We lost
fully half our total ammo.
So we're at 50% there, too.
The Ki is
entirely at half strength.
That's about
the size of it, sir.
Thank you for your work,
Are we all stowed
for the moment?
- Yes, sir.
- Okay,
Son, I want you
to take the first watch.
You spot anything
moving in that water,
you alert me
as fast as you can. Clear?
- Crystal clear, sir.
- Get going.
grab your rifle.
We're not taking any chances.
Dr. Clark, we have
confirmed that laser fusion
will connect Volcano 6
to the CRATUS II station.
Yeah. Uh, the submersible
is outfitted
with a laser fusion cannon.
This is gonna be
a very simple operation.
I'm gonna be in constant
contact with you and Kurt.
Welcome to your first mission.
Thank you so much.
All of this, and you
can pilot a submersible?
You're amazing.
[laughs] Not so amazing.
I was brought up on the water.
My father was an admiral.
I just graduated from
a Sunfish to a submersible.
I wanted to take the laser out,
but she won the arm-wrestling
contest, so she
- gets to go take it out time.
- [laughs]
You can drive the submersible
another time.
So you say.
Okay, I think I'm off.
All right. Hey.
We have live feed
in your cockpit,
so anything you need, just ask.
I know.
[systems whirring]
Power on.
Power at 100%.
Oxygen on.
Oxygen 100%.
Lights on.
Controls operational.
Laser fusion drill
at full power.
Prepare to dive on my mark.
Copy that. Standing by.
3, 2, 1...
[engines whirring]
Sub is away.
We'll be at our location soon.
Copy that.
Everything's showing A-okay
on our end as well.
Step one complete.
[soft music playing]
Continuing descent.
Passing the reef now.
[music building]
Thermal vents are coming into
view now. Just about there.
Sub is in position.
Preparing laser fusion drill
to provide link between
Volcano 6 and CRATUS II.
CRATUS II is in standby mode.
Ready to receive direct energy.
[power building]
Drill is at full power.
Initiating drilling sequence.
This is just incredible.
I was just sitting
in Advanced Geothermal Systems
class last week,
and now I get to see it
all in action.
Well, wait 'til they see this.
KURT: All right, Doc...
slow and steady.
I know, I know.
I want to get this right.
I don't want to have
to go back to square one.
Fusion drill's powered on.
Initiating dig.
[energy surges]
And we are at 1/2 kilometer.
We are at 2 kilometers.
2 1/2 kilometers.
Kurt, what's going on?
Uh, I-I can't get it to link.
Running diagnostics now.
3 1/2 kilometers. Kurt.
We're approaching
a depth of 4 kilometers.
CRATUS II is still offline.
We should have
already diverted
to geothermal direct energy
by now.
Find anything you can about
syncing to the energy source.
Got it.
KURT: Our scans are showing
abundant reserves of energy
between one
and three kilometers
Nothing unusual on our end.
Keep looking.
[sighs] Um...
try running a scan
.5 kilometers out.
There must be
something we're missing.
We're at 4 1/2 kilometers.
We're at 5 kilometers.
There it is.
But we may have opened
a sizable fissure
in the ocean floor,
about 250,
300 meters in length.
There's no volcanic or
geothermal activity down there,
but let's keep
an eye on it, okay?
Copy that.
Running assessments on
the underlying superstructure
and the possible
range of volcanoes.
[instruments beep]
Dr. Clark? We've lost visual.
Come in.
- [static crackles]
- Kurt?
Hey, Kurt. Kristy?
Is everything okay?
It should be.
Might have just lost juice
due to the extra drilling.
I'll get her back.
Kurt, Kristy, can you hear me?
What's that?
[steady beeping]
Sonar is showing a huge blip,
but there shouldn't be anything
down there of that size.
Dr. Clark,
if you can hear me,
there's something there,
something big.
Could just be interference,
but whatever it is,
it's headed your direction.
Kurt, Kristy, can you hear me?
Do you hear me?
Oh! I think comms are back!
- KURT: Dr. Clark?
- Kurt!
Did you see that?
Dr. Clark, did you
see something down there?
Based on its movements
and its speed,
I-I would think it was a shark.
It's agitated.
The drill must have
disturbed its habitat?
But you did an environmental
impact study weeks ago.
There should be
no large animals
of that size down there.
Riley, get back to CRATUS now.
[dramatic music playing]
Kurt, what is this thing?!
Kristy, what do you see?
We see it on the scanner,
and it's still
right behind you!
You have to try and lose it!
This thing is huge!
Much more than a hundred feet!
Get back to CRATUS A.S.A.P.
I can't shake it.
KRISTY: All right,
give me a second to think!
Whatever it is, do it fast!
Um, try using
your drill's laser.
Maybe you can
at least disorient it
and get a chance to get away.
Worth a shot.
Here goes nothing!
Dr. Clark?
Can you read me? Dr. Clark?
I'm here. I--
I think I hit it
with the laser,
but I can't be sure.
I think it's still out there.
You should be able
to see it on the sonar.
Let's see. Um...
our scanners say
that it's disappeared,
but just try to get up here,
and w-we'll hopefully
be able to recover CRATUS II.
Checking CRATUS II status.
CRATUS II is offline.
[instruments beeping]
We're confirming that
on our end as well.
I'm so sorry.
I'm resurfacing.
We'll have to figure out
how to get
that station back online,
but keep your eye
on that radar.
That thing is still out there.
I never want to see it again.
[dramatic music playing]
Over 100 feet.
That's a blue whale.
They're saying
it's far too aggressive.
All right, well,
let's head toward the island.
Looks totally clear. You?
Nothing on the sonar.
[helicopter blades thrumming]
Copy. Let's head up the coast.
Last sighting was just
near San Diego.
Dr. Clark, are you okay?
We can get you
a medic or anything.
Oh! Oh, I'm fine. I'm fine.
Good call on that laser drill.
- Kurt.
- Yeah?
Can we get Dr. Hilton
up here, like, now?
You got it.
I'm glad you're okay.
So what did
the instruments say?
Well, according to the sonar,
the object was approximately
187 feet in length,
and it was fast.
It never slowed or stopped.
Whatever it was,
it was relentless.
Just as you made contact
with the CRATUS II,
a blip showed up on the screen.
Just out of nowhere
on top of you.
We confirmed with sonar.
According to Kurt,
it's never been wrong before.
200 feet?
What kind of shark
is 200 feet long?
Dr. Clark...
Kurt just told me
you saw a shark.
- At depth?
- Yeah.
Well, I guess
that's not entirely uncommon
to be seen
in these waters, so...
Look, I know it sounds strange,
but I've never
seen anything this--
It was enormous.
We did an environmental
impact study, okay?
It did not show
a single animal
in this zone of that size
or any of the zones
that surround it.
How big did you say
the shark was?
It was approximately 187 feet.
The blip was huge.
We both saw it.
Earlier this morning,
there was a daily briefing
from the Coast Guard
saying that there was
a huge shark attack at sea.
No, they called it
abnormally large.
But if that first one's
already dead, then...
[chuckles] Look,
the largest great white
ever recorded
is just over 20 feet long.
Now, I think what you
probably saw is a blue whale,
and at that depth,
it would make much more sense
for it to be a filter feeder.
And even so,
a blue whale is half the size
of the reading you're claiming
to have seen on sonar.
I know what I saw.
It was in my face.
It came right at me.
This was not a blue whale.
I didn't see baleen.
I saw thousands
of razor-sharp teeth.
It was a shark.
The only shark
that's the same size
as a blue whale
is the Otodus Megalodon,
and all of our research
that that was extinct
3 1/2 million years ago.
This thing came right at me
and tried to take
a bite out of the sub.
I nearly crashed the craft
trying to evade it.
What about the CRATUS II?
Well, we're recharging
the drill as we speak.
It's gonna take a few hours,
but once
it's back up and running,
we'll take another stab
If there is a Megalodon
under that fissure,
it's gonna cause
major implications to bio,
both micro and macro.
There could be
an entire ecosystem down there,
and we just unleashed it.
Anything of that size
presents an immediate threat
to this station, CRATUS II,
the well pipe
that serves Volcano 6.
Look, we gotta figure out
a way to track that thing,
make sure it doesn't come back.
We gotta plug that hole up
from wherever it came from,
'cause if there's
more of them--
But the only equipment
we have is the laser drill.
It's still charging up.
It's not gonna
serve our purposes.
The only thing that we
have in front of us
is to close those floodgates.
We've got to protect this team.
All right. I'm on it.
Follow me.
I see a large object
heading on a westerly course,
heading directly towards us.
Fin in the water!
You seein' what we're seeing
from the bow, Captain?
That shark was dead.
I got a visual
on another Megalodon fin!
Get ready, Marines.
Big guns are down,
so it's on us.
Improvise, adapt,
and overcome.
Hold a steady course, Brunson.
I don't want to have reason
to panic unless we need one.
Aye, sir. Loud and clear.
Crew! Do not fire
'til I give the order.
- I don't want us wasting ammo.
Copy that.
- Oo-rah!
- Oo-rah!
Eyes up, Marines!
All hands!
All right,
diverting energy now.
I'll let you know when there's
enough energy to flood them.
We've got sonar here, too,
but we've also got Rig
Perimeter Tracking Software.
If there's anything
in the water of that size
in the area, this will find it.
If this thing is really...
200 feet long...
it'll show up here.
Just let me dial it in
around the CRATUS station.
So what do we do
if we detect it?
Well, we get it
away from our equipment.
We can't afford any setbacks.
How? I may be
a marine biologist,
but I don't exactly
have any equipment
to secure a 200-foot Megalodon.
Then we'll figure
something out.
We're not gonna let it
destroy our research
or hurt somebody.
Can you widen the range?
Sure. No problem.
Three-mile radius.
Still nothing.
Well, maybe it swam away.
But where could it have gone?
We just saw it.
All right,
if this is a Megalodon,
they can swim
up to five meters a second,
and at that massive size,
they can cover a lot
of ground very quickly.
It's vital to the survival
of our local ecosystems
that we find this thing
as soon as possible.
And, uh--[laughs]
Hey, if this is real,
I guess I'd like
to see it for myself.
You know...
morbid curiosity.
[clicks tongue]
Trust me.
You don't.
[tense music playing]
Hoskins! You have eyes on it?
It's back below, sir!
Depth charges port side! Now!
Aye, sir.
Hurt it with both charges!
- Hurt it bad!
- But it sure isn't dead.
We nearly emptied our entire
arsenal on the last one.
Stay ready.
Captain, we need backup
in a bad way.
Ammo is low,
getting lower by the second.
Coast Guard and Navy
everywhere near us
are getting
distress calls from civilians.
They need assistance and evac.
They will aid us
when they can,
but unarmed civilians
take priority, Marines.
- You got me?
- Copy that.
Okay, give me sit-rep.
Are we whole?
Negative. It's got a few of us.
Richardson, Smith,
and Jacobs by my count.
Dented up the port side
pretty bad, too.
Can't repair that
until we find shore.
Sir, that was the last one
of our depth charges.
But it looked
like it did the trick,
at least for now, sir.
Well, hopefully
it'll be enough to--
that they'll think twice
about coming back for us.
That sucker was even bigger
than the last one.
It was like, what, 200 feet?
Ship is 600 feet.
Damn thing was
easily a third of the size.
Well, the smaller one
killed most of us.
I'm gonna try
to send out another S.O.S.
I need the two of you
to keep your eyes glued
to that damn water!
You so much as glimpse
that damn thing,
- you let everybody know. Clear?
- Yes, sir!
'Cause if it
decides to come back
and we're not ready,
we are all dead, pal. Go!
[tense music playing]
Officer on deck!
Come on, man. You know
that's not me anymore.
Whatever you say, sir.
You know, they have me
captaining the USS Liberty now.
No, I'm just here
for the day.
Glad to have you back,
It's good to be back.
[static crackles]
This is Lieutenant
Commander Keith Sharp
of the USS King
on a heading for Jalisco.
We've been damaged
by a pair of attacks
and are in desperate need
of assistance.
Huge shark in the water.
It's already attacked us.
in need of reinforcements.
If anyone in the area
hears me, respond.
I repeat...
this is the USS King...
with an S.O.S. going out
to all available bands.
If anyone reads me,
please respond. Over.
This is
Captain Kasey Keele, uh,
captain of the USS Fragasso.
We read you.
We're about 100 miles out,
and we'll go ahead and reroute
to intercept you. Over.
Thank you, Fragasso.
You don't know
how grateful we are. Over.
Just hang tight.
Keep your heading.
We'll go ahead and reroute
to intercept you. Over.
Copy that, Fragasso.
We'll see you shortly. Over.
[shouting, cheering]
Oh, God, shark!
No, no!
Is there anything
on sonar yet? [sighs]
Still nothing.
Oh, my gosh.
You have to look at this.
What is it, Kristy?
Oh my God,
that's Puerto Vallarta.
That's 3,000 miles from here.
That's enormous.
But that's not the 200 feet
that Dr. Clark
confirmed on sonar.
There's more of them.
There must be.
Even though Megalodons are fast,
there's no way
that one could have traveled
that distance in that time.
We have to warn them.
[sonar beeps]
This one's
not 200 feet or 95.
It's--It's in the middle.
There's more than two.
I'll go below deck,
shut the floodgates.
Maybe we can block 'em out.
We need to get eyes on it.
Let's do it.
It was south-southwest.
Eyes up, people. On alert.
Fin in the water!
[tense music playing]
Oh, my.
It's remarkable.
The only way to stop this
is to observe it.
We need to know
what we're dealing with.
Everyone be on alert
and away from the water.
Kurt, it's Riley. Come in.
How are we coming
on those floodgates? Over.
Just give me
two more minutes, Doctor.
As soon as you can,
we need them.
60 seconds at most. Over.
Copy that.
I think it's trying to assess
whether the station
is a threat or not.
What an intelligent creature.
Basically, there's a direct
line of seismic disturbance
from the CRATUS
to the ocean floor.
And these volcanoes,
we've got to hope
that those volcanoes
are not in the way
of this Megalodon.
Watch out!
[all gasp]
Kurt, come in!
Are you okay?
Did we take a hit?
Is there damage?
Everybody to the upper decks!
Get up safely! Now!
[alarm blaring]
Down on the lower decks now.
Activated floodgates.
Kurt, it's coming back!
It's gonna hit
the station again!
Gates are going down soon.
That should protect us
against another hit.
Wait! Wait!
Stop the gate!
Doctor, what?
Just for a second.
No. That's
what's protecting us.
Hilton, the floodgates go
clear down to
the drill site, correct?
Yes, correct. It's a precaution
in case there's an energy bleed
or any contamination.
If it gets trapped in
the floodgate containment area,
we could buy a little time
to learn how to deal
with these Megalodons.
No, no. That will
put us in extreme danger.
That thing could tear down
this entire station
and us with it.
We need to observe it.
But having that thing
trapped with us is terrifying.
You all saw what that Megalodon
did in Puerto Vallarta.
If it's allowed to swim free,
kill, destroy...
Yes, we're scared now,
but how are we gonna feel
if it destroys more human life?
We don't want
to have to live with that.
As much as I hate the idea
of trapping it in with us,
you're right.
And I'd be remiss to say
that it'd be
my life's greatest work
to study a real Megalodon
up close.
We can figure out
how to stop it.
Fine. Let's trap it, then.
But how are we gonna
hold it long enough
to make sure
it doesn't escape?
We only have one shot at this.
but the sharks are drawn
to electromagnetic energy.
It's how they stalk their prey.
If we could electrify
something below the surface
with enough magnetism,
we could draw it in.
Basalt. It's a molten rock.
that's magnetic.
And considering
there is a volcano
literally directly beneath us,
I would bet
that the ocean floor
is covered with it,
and it's conductive.
We can use that
to make the Megalodon
think there's food down there.
Kurt, come in.
I need for you to electrify
the ocean floor around us.
We're drawing the Megalodon in.
If I disconnect the mini-sub,
drop the power cord
to the ocean floor,
that should give us
a small magnetic pulse.
And I mean small.
That's ingenious.
Anything will do.
And it has to happen now,
Kurt, now.
Copy that.
Look at that incredible size.
Kurt, now!
[new alarm bell ringing]
All right.
Megalodon is captured.
He isn't happy
about it, though.
Okay, I think this Megalodon's
about 120 feet long.
We can assume it's strong,
but is it strong enough
to dislodge
the CRATUS II entirely?
I don't think so.
We've got a deep and extremely
heavy subsurface anchor.
It's got a seismic four rating.
These hits to the floodgates
shouldn't cause
any significant damage.
Okay, well,
we have it locked in here,
but how do we get out?
It's not like
we can take the mini-sub.
The well pipe.
I can't believe
I haven't considered this.
I don't think the Megalodon
could critically damage it.
It goes several kilometers deep.
Yes. However,
the energy is flowing
through the well pipe
unregulated now
due to the drill today.
And it's building up
seismic pressure.
If that pressure
gets built up enough,
it could feed back
in both directions,
to the CRATUS and
to the bottom of the well pipe.
That could be devastating.
That pressure builds the well
to critical mass,
it could unleash
a seismic blast
right along the fault line.
What happens if the well pipe
unleashes a seismic blast?
Well, the worst...
the very worst,
is that it could create
a tsunami.
We're gonna
have to call for help.
[dramatic music playing]
We've been out here
for a while. Still nothing.
Hold. Hold.
I have a visual, 10 o'clock.
It's big, huge!
Those are blues.
See the spouts?
I'm telling you,
it was probably these whales.
Eyes up, Brunson.
Can't risk
another blindsided attack.
DR. CLARK: This is an S.O.S.
Does anyone copy?
Again. This is an S.O.S.
A coast station will answer.
They have priority,
and we don't have the ability
to handle a distress call.
This is the CRATUS station.
We're a high-security
drilling platform.
We've just captured
a Megalodon shark.
We need assistance.
This is the USS King.
Copy your distress call,
Did you say
you trapped a Megalodon?
Look, I know it sounds insane,
but we--we've--
Not at all, CRATUS.
We've been dealing with that
same enemy for a while now.
Okay, give us
your coordinates.
I've just enabled a beacon
with our location.
We've been attacked
and damaged
by a nearly
100-foot Megalodon,
and we previously spotted
another 200-foot one
in the area.
The 100-footer is contained,
but there is a possibility
that it could cause
damage to our equipment,
which could result in disaster
for the Hawaiian island.
Are you sure?
Yes. We need
military assistance
as soon as possible.
We cannot eliminate
the threat of these Megalodons
on our own.
We have a well pipe
in a volcano.
If it's dismantled,
it could trigger a tsunami
that could hit
the main island of Hawaii.
Okay, we're receiving
your signal, CRATUS.
We're the only ship
remotely close
to your coordinates
at this time,
so we're gonna head
straight for you.
Help is on the way.
[woman laughs]
Ooh, look at you.
Oh, no, baby. You're a big boy.
Who's a big monster. [kissing]
Come on, big monster. Run.
Run. There.
Oh, my goodness.
Come here.
Come on, Shaggy.
Over here! Over here!
Come on. Hey!
Come to Mama!
Big monster.
Oh, my goodness.
You're a big monster.
Come on. Let's go. Let's go.
[claps] Come to Mommy.
USS Fragasso, come in.
This is USS King. Over.
This is the USS Fragasso.
We read you.
We are still
en route for rescue. Over.
Change of plans, Fragasso.
Are you able to route
to the CRATUS
drilling site A.S.A.P.?
They've been attacked by
and have trapped a Megalodon
at the location.
The CRATUS is midway
between you and us.
We'd be happy to meet you
in the middle. Over.
Much obliged, Fragasso.
I'll put you through to them.
You're likely
to beat us there,
so they can update you
on the latest, okay?
Over and out.
There's been another attack
in Oceanside, California.
That's 1,500 miles
from Puerto Vallarta.
How many Megalodons
are out there?
CRATUS, this is
the USS Fragasso.
We've been informed
of your distress beacon. Over.
Uh, this is Dr. Riley Clark
with the CRATUS.
Who am I speaking with?
This is Captain Kasey Keele.
The King has updated us
on your situation.
Can you tell us
what's going on?
Uh, the Navy fought one of
these Megalodons this morning.
W-We're seeing a few.
There are several reports
of attacks
on the west coast
of California and Mexico.
There was just
another one in Oceanside.
We're aware, and, uh,
we've just been informed
by the Mexican
and U.S. government
that there's been
a shelter in place
for their entire west coast.
Hawaii, Alaska, Canada.
We also wanted to inform you
that both of us
are en route to you,
but we make it to you first,
since the King was
pretty severely damaged
in their Megalodon attacks.
Captain, if that's the case,
I think the King
may be in more dire straits
than us for the moment.
Don't worry, Dr. Clark.
Civilians always
take precedence
in these situations.
We're about to reroute
at the King's request.
We'll go ahead and
rendezvous at your location.
Dr. Clark, the, uh, Coast Guard
is getting people
out of the water as we speak.
Is your location secure?
All are currently safe,
But we've got
a Megalodon trapped
directly beneath our station,
inside our flood walls.
We're dealing with
some prototype technology
used to harvest the geothermal
energy of volcanoes.
What are you doing?
That's confidential information.
It's the military.
They need to know the full
severity of the situation.
Dr. Clark, you still there?
Fragasso, this is Dr. Hilton.
There could be a tsunami
threat heading for Hawaii.
The Megalodon near CRATUS
is contained,
but we have a well pipe
to the volcano that,
if dismantled,
could trigger a tsunami
if the shark hits it.
Thank you
for giving us a heads-up
on what we
could be going through.
We'll go ahead and alert
the Hawaiian Coast Guard.
We're about 15 minutes out.
Alert us
if your situation deteriorates.
And I shouldn't
have to tell you this,
but keep your people
out of the water. Over.
We will.
Thank you, Captain Keele.
Thank you so much.
Over and out.
- That attack in Oceanside?
- Yeah?
A shark just showed up
out of nowhere
and killed a dozen people
and then went back
into the deep sea,
didn't stay in the shallows.
I wonder
why it didn't stick around.
[tense music playing]
[instruments beeping]
Oh. Wait a minute.
Hello? Hello?
Helmut, no, we're okay.
Okay. We understand.
Got it.
[line beeps]
That was the CEO
of Quasar Fusion.
The company that funded
the rest of your research.
You've done your homework.
Yes, I have.
Well, Quasar said they're
working with local authorities
and the Coast Guard
to keep the area clear,
like the Fragasso said.
But the Fragasso and the King
are the only rescue ships out
in the area that can reach us,
and they said we might need
to get that well pipe offline
as soon as we can.
And I agree.
That tsunami cannot happen.
Well, the only way
for that to happen
is if a massive force
were to just
run into the well pipe.
But we've stress tested it
against anything
that we can come across.
But we've never
come across a Megalodon.
Even so, a Megalodon
weighs 30 to 65 metric tons.
We can handle that.
We just have to hope
that no more show up.
We should disconnect
the well pipe just to be safe.
But without CRATUS II
being currently operational,
we, uh...
we would have
to take it offline manually.
I hate to say that, but it
seems like quite the oversight.
[chuckles] Yeah.
Well, when this
was constructed,
we didn't compensate
for prehistoric sharks
roaming the area.
So how do we do that?
Just take the pipe offline?
Well, there is a shut-off line,
but it's underwater.
You'd have to get in the water
with those Megalodons?
Someone would have to, yes.
Well, let me lift
the floodgates, release the Meg.
So we're gonna
release it out there
so it can do more damage?
That's the reason we trapped it
in the first place.
We know the Megalodon
has done damage
to at least
one military vessel.
The sheer size
of the King or the Fragasso
would send the Megalodon
racing towards it
like a homing missile.
So that's our choice.
We keep it in here with us
when we have to take
the well pump offline,
or release it
into the open water,
where it's guaranteed to
create more carnage and death.
Great choice.
We're still
en route to the CRATUS.
Are you sure you're
still up to assist? Over.
Captain Keele,
we're still en route,
and it's still our duty
to protect those who need us.
Shouldn't be too long now.
Captain, we have a sighting
off the starboard bow.
We may have
our eyes on something.
I'll catch you up after
we assess. Over and out.
Over and out.
We spotted it.
Changed directions
to come for us
Been stalking us
for the last minute or so.
What's the call, Captain?
We're not going to wait
for that damn shark
to make the first move.
Helmsman! I want you
to take us right at that thing,
full speed.
The instant we're in range,
I want you
to light that sucker up.
[alarm blaring]
Prepare torpedoes!
Prepare torpedoes!
a second torpedo barrage!
Damn it.
It's taken
the torpedoes offline.
Where did it go?
It's directly under us.
Eyes all around!
[metal creaking]
The engines are offline.
Captain! Captain!
This is the USS Fragasso.
Come in, Captain Sharp.
Come in! Over!
Captain Keele, what are you--
Ran into the Megalodon shark!
It's destroying us.
I'm coming to you.
Stand your ground!
Keep fighting!
You've got to get
to those civilians!
We'll hold out
as long as we can.
Give them help, Sharp!
Work with those scientists
on the CRATUS.
Find a way to take them out.
This is Captain Keele...
over and out.
[static crackling]
The Fragasso gone, sir?
Yeah, get us
to that station, Brunson,
any way you can.
We're the only ones who
can save that rig right now.
Aye, sir.
So I did a little digging,
and it turns out that,
according to the Navy
and Coast Guard,
these aren't
the first encounters
with Megalodons
in recent times.
There have been
at least two others on record.
The first instance
was actually close to Hawaii.
The USS Shaw discovered
a Russian submarine crew
that was trying to break into
the underwater cable system,
and, in doing so, they
released the first Megalodon.
Captain Streeper
and Commander Lynch,
along with Admiral King,
managed to subdue the Russians
and kill the Megalodon,
but not before the Admiral
and many of their crew
gave their lives.
The second incident
involved the USS King.
I wonder if it's the same ship
that's headed here.
According to reports,
Commander Moore
and a Captain Lynch
managed to take another one out
that had appeared
after they intercepted
some Chinese Navy ships.
I suppose it's a good sign
that they can help
with our shark problem.
But... before they get here,
though, I think we have
a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity here.
The opportunity to examine
a real live Megalodon up close.
It's a terrifying dream
come true.
Well, our Megalodon is
trapped in here with us,
and she's pretty pissed off.
If that rage
continues to build up,
she could take a run
at the well pipe,
creating a tsunami,
which is the very last thing
we could possibly need.
We don't know
how far away the Fragasso is.
We're gonna have to come up
with a backup plan.
Well, what kind of plan?
Well, we know there have been
at least three to four
Megalodon sightings
within the vicinity of our dig.
Multiple Megalodons,
all different sizes,
causing incredible damage
over a massive area.
It could be hunting.
This station,
it's been open for two years,
and this crater was excavated
more than five years ago,
so why now?
What are the two things
that every predator,
especially oceanic predator,
is particularly
interested in protecting
more than anything?
Their hunting grounds...
And what?
Their breeding grounds.
The blood spotting
in the water,
I thought at first
that it was just
some stray gore
from a kill or--or an injury,
it's in keeping
with Selachimorpha labor.
This Megalodon...
is pregnant.
It's spawning?
Well, no wonder
they're so aggressive.
They see everything
as a threat to their offspring.
We're positioned directly over
an underground volcano system.
It's some
of the warmest waters
in all of the Pacific Ocean.
We have an abundance
of sea life,
rich in flora and fauna,
and it's all being cultivated
by the CRATUS and...
the area surrounding it.
It's within reason
that we may have
been creating
the perfect spawning ground.
And the Megalodons
have come here to give birth.
Well, we're closed in with one,
and she's pissed.
These Megalodon sightings,
they may have been
a combination
of females coming to breed
and males
protecting their young.
So the males
are protecting the perimeter,
looking for predators.
To a Megalodon,
a Navy ship definitely
looks like a predator.
Dr. Hilton,
how confident are you
that this is
actually happening?
[sighs] Well, um,
judging by the Megalodons'
increasingly aggressive
behavior, I can say...
without reasonable doubt,
that, uh...
that is a pregnant Megalodon.
Well, how many pups
can a Megalodon have
in its gestation period?
Sharks can spawn up to two
if they don't eat each other
in the womb.
And some species
can have as many as 100.
But we--we don't
know that much about...
Megalodon reproduction.
The only fossils
we have on record
are those of their teeth.
So what you're saying is
we could be closed in here
with three of these things
and the possibility
of dozens of pups?
And if they become
hungry or agitated...
they're coming
after the CRATUS.
The well pipe, as well.
Then we have to go down
and shut down that valve.
And we've got to get rid
of as many of them
as we possibly can
for our safety
and everyone else's.
What would happen
if the females
were perceived as being
under threat by the males?
Well, the males, they would
become very territorial
a-and try to protect them.
What if we were able
to draw away
the male Megalodons,
somehow bring them
under the CRATUS,
set off a controlled explosion,
taking them out, the station...
And all of us as well.
Yeah, we--
we can't just go off
killing this species.
They--They were previously
thought to be extinct.
We need to study them.
They're not your friends, okay?
We've got to find a way
to protect our crew,
protect our team.
That is job one.
Are we clear?
Yes, crystal...
Dr. Clark.
The USS King
should lure the males
into this region
in protective mode, okay?
We can use the ship and the sub
to try to move them
out of range of the explosion.
No--What about the well?
We cannot set off
any explosions
until this well is turned off.
Unless we want
to create a tsunami
in the middle
of all this chaos.
One of us will have
to take the mini-sub
down to the well,
decouple the well pipe
from the rest of the equipment.
But we need to get to work
unless the Marines
are on their way.
Apparently there
are now sightings
as far down
as Puerto Vallarta.
And not blue whales,
but 200-foot
prehistoric sharks.
Wait, 11 o'clock!
Do you see it?!
My God, that has to be it.
Dopping for a better look.
All right, men.
Let's keep the ship steady.
I'm gonna take one last sweep
before we arrive, all right?
Aye, sir.
How are we feeling, Marines?
Hanging in there, Cap.
We're still leaking oil
pretty steady out the back,
and we're down
to our last clips of ammo.
But we're staying frosty, sir.
Staying frosty.
That's what I like to hear.
Go on, man. Show him.
I've been working on something.
Show me.
During my stint in the Gulf,
I picked up a few tricks.
IEDs, like frag bombs.
Something like that.
A bit more powerful
than your average IED.
The lightweight materials
give you
the ability
to give them some distance.
You wouldn't want to get caught
in this thing's blast radius.
You would not.
The best I could do
under the circumstance.
Don't be modest, man.
These bad boys are beautiful.
- [chuckles]
- Loaded with spare screws,
ball bearings, nuts, washers,
and some other pointy bits
I found in the toolbox.
I figured we don't need
the stuff to fix the ship with
- at this point.
- You figured right.
I noticed our bullets didn't
do a whole lot of damage.
but maybe if we could punch
some messier holes in it...
You did a damn fine job,
We're gonna use those.
But be smart. Pick your spots.
- Will do, Captain.
- All right, now listen up.
We get to the station,
we gotta move fast.
If we don't move fast--
- [wave splashes]
- Ho! They're back!
Tolbert, stand by
with those frags.
Don't toss one 'til
you're sure you can hit it.
Yes, sir.
Okay, aim.
Steady. Steady.
Tolbert, stay ready
to toss that other one.
You see that thing?!
Nothing to port!
Now, Tolbert!
Anyone have eyes on it?
Fore and aft!
See if you can spot it!
Everyone okay?!
We're fine.
We're taking on water, Brunson.
Engine's offline, Cap!
Can we fix it?
I'll get on it now,
but it will take some time.
We still got a few miles
to go before CRATUS.
Brunson, check the engine!
Tolbert, Hoskins, keep all eyes
available on the water.
If this thing turns back
for us, we're in trouble.
CRATUS, this is the USS King.
Our engine's been hit.
We're dead in the water.
But we're working
to get it up and running now.
Last we saw, it was
heading right for you,
so be on the lookout
for a 200-foot Megalodon.
We're going to be to you
as soon as we can. Over.
Stand by, Captain.
We've got plan B. Over.
I'm all ears.
We're gonna take
our well pipe offline.
Then we're gonna
blow these things to hell.
[chuckles] Good deal.
Okay, everyone,
we've got a plan.
We're gonna do it like this.
Everyone else has been
evacuated via helicopter,
so it's up to us
to finish this.
One, I'm gonna be taking
the well pipe offline, okay?
Two, we're gonna get
some remote explosives.
We're gonna line
the bottom of CRATUS II.
Three, we raise the floodgates
to lure the Megalodons in.
Four, we get
out of the range in the sub.
Five, we use
the remote detonator
to explode CRATUS II
and hopefully take
the Megs with it.
Everybody know what to do?
All right,
you're going to need
to get your belongings
We're gonna meet
down at the sub.
We've got three minutes.
Who did you say was gonna
turn the well pipe offline?
I will take the mini-sub,
and I will turn
the well pipe offline.
- No.
- KRISTY: You can't do that.
I'll do it.
You're way too important
to this operation, Kurt.
- We can't do it without you.
- I'm too important?
Dr. Clark, this is your project.
They're gonna need you
to make the next one.
You need this fixed, yeah?
Let me fix it for you.
Well, how close are we
to figuring out how
to lure the Megalodons here?
By changing the frequency
of our radio signal
to 100 gigahertz,
we will cause
a massive vibration
caused by
electromagnetic energy.
It'll be sent underwater.
It's the same way that we
drew in the last Megalodon,
only this way
uses radio frequency,
so it'll travel further.
Once we do that,
all the Megalodons in the area
will be drawn to its source,
especially if they think
the pregnant Megalodon
is in any sort of danger.
This should also keep
our pregnant Megalodon
in the area for us.
Well, downside is,
they're gonna be
more aggressive than normal.
Be prepared for that.
What if the station
loses power?
How do you keep
that vibration consistent?
Well, the station
would only lose power
if the volcano goes dormant
or if the station
itself explodes,
so I think we'll be fine.
What did you say
the range was?
If my calculations are correct,
it should be a couple miles,
enough to lure
any Megalodons in there,
would give us
trouble at sea.
How soon will it be ready?
It's rigged up.
I had to make
a few adjustments,
but we're good to go.
Engaging signal.
[equipment chimes]
Is it working?
- [rumble]
- [yelps]
- Okay, turn that thing off.
- Yeah.
We want to give Kurt
as much protection
as he can possibly have
when he goes down there.
you're gonna go with me.
You've got
the CRATUS blueprints.
It will show us where
to plant those explosives
for maximum efficiency.
Uh, Hilton,
get your hard drives,
rest of your data.
We've got to head down
to the sub.
Okay, let's go.
I want you on that headset
with me the whole time.
[tense music playing]
- Okay, come on.
- Okay.
[device beeping]
Headed towards the valve.
What's the status
on the explosives?
All good, thanks to
the details in Kristy's binder.
Oh, I'm sure you
could have figured it out,
but just wanted to make sure
you have all
the information you needed.
You just pay attention
to what you have to do.
You know what's out there.
Copy that.
Headed to lower depths now.
- Okay.
- We still need a few more,
just to be safe.
The blueprints are very clear.
We don't have anything left.
We--Our materials are shot.
We gotta sync
everything to my watch.
How you doing down there, Kurt?
[devices beeping]
Located the valve.
Now I just need
to deactivate it,
and I'll be
back on my way to CRATUS.
Come on.
Come on.
KRISTY: Do we have any more?
We're almost there.
We need to get to that sub.
It's the last one.
We're out of materials.
Just plant 'em. I'll sync 'em.
- Okay. You got it.
- [device beeping]
Kurt, are you there?
[pressure hisses]
Got it. Valve is deactivated.
I repeat, valve is deactivated.
You got it. You got it.
[both yelp]
You guys okay up there?
I'm on my way back now.
We're okay.
I'm coming in,
and I'm coming in hot.
Make sure the access bay
is open for me.
We only got one shot at this.
I know.
Come on, baby.
Come on, baby.
It's open, Kurt! It's open!
We have to go. We have to go.
[device beeping]
Ah, come on.
Come on, baby.
Come on, baby!
Come on.
Come on!
Kurt, are you there?! Kurt?!
[gasps] Kurt, please answer.
Kurt, please answer.
Kurt, come in. Kurt, come in.
[static crackles]
Dr. Clark, I'm so sorry,
but we have to get out of here.
You're right.
We gotta get on that sub.
We're running out of time.
HILTON: I'm at the sub.
Where are you?
[sighs] Everybody okay?
All in one piece?
Okay, we're all here.
We're okay.
Ah, good.
A-Are you sure you don't
need any more help with--
Oh, God.
You've already done
so much more than was needed.
If it weren't for you,
I wouldn't even be here.
Thank you.
[sighs] Of course.
Now, Dr. Hilton, this is
the plan I have in mind.
We're gonna raise
those floodgates,
we're gonna release
that radio signal,
and we're gonna
get the hell out of here.
Looking forward
to having all this behind us.
Let's get this done.
Everyone secure?
As secure as we're gonna be.
Here we go.
I'm gonna set it off
the second we get a visual.
We don't know
if they'll be close enough.
They move fast.
They're gonna keep following
our radio signal.
We've gotta be able to act
before they even notice us,
so you've gotta
keep your eyes open.
- Ohh!
- They're here.
Hit that detonator.
[warning beeps]
What happened?
It's not linking. Kristy.
I-I didn't link it. Uh...
What? Kristy, I told you.
I'm sorry. We were--
We were locked down,
and it was an emergency, and--
Anyone have eyes
on the Megalodon?
There's nothing on this side.
Kristy, is there any way
to get that detonator working?
Kurt gave you
the binder on it.
We have got to sink the CRATUS.
Dr. Clark, I left the binder
on the CRATUS.
I'm so sorry.
No, no, no, no!
We have to get out of here.
Hold on.
Evasive maneuvers, now!
Hold on!
[engines whirring]
Uh, still nothing, Dr. Clark.
Okay, give me a minute.
Let me think.
Maybe if we--
if we circle around
and sneak through a gap
in the CRATUS structure,
they'll get stuck
while they're pursuing us.
Or--Or at least
buy us some time.
I can't think
of anything better.
We're gonna have to do it.
Let's do it.
That's the only gap
we can squeeze through.
Looks awfully tight.
Just trust me.
I drew up the blueprints
for this sub.
We can fit.
All right.
All right.
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
[both laughing]
Wait. Wait.
What's that?
Please tell me those
are great whites, right?
Those are its pups.
The Megalodon gave birth.
[pounds roof]
DR. CLARK: This is
the crew of the CRATUS.
Please answer if you can.
This is the King. Over.
Captain Sharp,
we've got the crew
of the CRATUS on the sub.
We have five
adult Megalodons all over us.
One of them gave birth.
We're covered
in dozens of pups.
We're trying to shake them now.
One of them gave birth.
And these things
may be babies,
but they're 20 feet long,
and they're hungry.
Well, why are they following
you and not the signal?
I'm not sure.
They're trying to feed.
We're the only thing
moving around down here.
Okay, what about
the detonation?
Remote detonation didn't work.
We need these things
off of us as soon as we can.
We've got to bring
this lab down.
And we can't
just trap them inside?
Not without getting
back inside the CRATUS,
and it's not an option.
Oh, man.
What kind of distraction
do you need?
These Megalodons,
they seem to be attacking
the biggest thing in the area.
If you could get
your ship close to us...
they may just peel off.
We've got to get them
to follow that radio signal,
draw them in.
Sync it up with the CRATUS,
with the blast from the sub,
sync the explosion,
and then get
the hell out of here
and take 'em down
in the process.
We'll make it happen.
Just hold tight.
Please hurry.
Brunson, how we looking?!
I think we're ready, sir.
Okay, Marines,
we need to move this wreck
toward the CRATUS now.
The scientists need
some breathing room
to rig the station to blow,
and we have to get
those Megs off them
to buy them
a few minutes, okay?
We know what that means,
and we're ready.
I need to know
that you can handle this.
We're going into something
we've never seen before.
Semper fi, Cap.
We gotta try to let
those civilians get to safety.
And if that means
we gotta be the bait...
then we gotta be the bait.
Hoo-rah, sir!
It's been an honor, men.
Tolbert, get whatever
you can together,
and rig this whole sip to blow.
Just in case.
Time's a-wastin'.
Let's go to work!
Cap, heads up!
Okay, Dr. Clark.
There's your window.
There's nothing on the sonar.
Are we clear?
I think they're gone.
I think the distraction worked.
Let's find a way
to bring this station down.
[alarms ringing]
Hold! Hold!
Fire at will!
Stand your ground, Marines!
Make 'em work for it!
No looking back now, Marines.
If they're still fighting,
so are we!
Come on!
You got
that radio signal ready?
We're gonna try this again.
Okay. Let me just try
resetting the signal.
- Hurry.
- Come on.
- [tapping]
- Come on.
Ah, come on.
Okay, here goes.
[warning beeping]
Is there
anything else we can do?
Wh-What about the laser drill?
Drill's only at 50% power.
But we've gotta take the shot.
you know those blueprints.
What's the focal point I need?
There. There, the intersection
of those two support beams.
If we can punch a hole
through that,
it should bring
the whole thing down.
No, with us
directly underneath it,
There's no time.
I'm starting with the laser.
You rewire
that detonator now.
- Okay.
- And keep trying
the remote frequency until
we get a signal to connect.
- [energy surging]
- On it.
What if the laser doesn't work?
Then I'm gonna
have to drive this damn sub
right through the station.
MARINE: I'm out!
[groans] I'm out, too!
Hang on, Tolbert!
Okay, you sons of bitches!
Come and get me!
Aiming at the weak point now.
How are we looking, Dr. Clark?
Not good.
With the laser
at half-strength,
it's gonna take a few minutes.
Sonar's picking up shapes
coming right at us.
We haven't turned off
the radio signal.
We must be
the only threat left.
Oh, come on.
Just another minute.
They're coming in fast!
How do we get out of here
before getting eaten
or caught in that explosion?
There's no way.
I don't know.
We have to blow it up now.
Wait. Wait.
Going full throttle,
combined with the explosion,
will throw us out of here.
Worth a shot.
Everyone, hang on.
[dramatic music playing]
[detonator beeps]
Uplink! The signal is good!
Hit it, Kristy!
[detonator beeps]
Ohh! Ohh!
Dr. Hilton, damage report.
We're breached
on several sides.
Our oxygen supply
is depleting, and our...
our laser's broken
beyond repair.
- Engines?
- [sighs]
No, the engines are fine.
Nothing to report right now.
Anybody see any signs?
Any signs of them?
I'm not seeing
a thing on this sonar.
How 'bout you?
No, not over here, either.
We actually managed
to pull it off.
We may have.
We just may have.
But the sub
can only go so far.
We gotta find some land.
We gotta find some land
and wait it out
until somebody comes for us.
I know a place.
You know, we're never
gonna know their names.
Except Captain Sharp.
Lot of good people died
trying to save us.
And Kurt.
Without them,
we never would have made it.
But we did make it.
We did make it. We made it.
Hey, I think I see a ship.
Over here! Over here!
What? What--We're here.
Oh! Oh, God, thank you!
Thank you!
[laughing] We're safe!
Oh, my God.
Thank you. Thank you.
DR. HILTON: Over here!
Hey! Over here!
- We're safe!
- We made it!
- We're safe!
- [squeals]
[instrumental playing]