Megaville (1990) Movie Script

Some fool once told me
the only reason we're here
is to make friends in progeny.
Utter bullshit,
wouldn't you say?
I'll admit there's
a bastard or two
running around with my DNA
but as for friends,
huh, count them.
I suppose that makes me
king asshole, don't it?
If you're going to live
in Megaville
that's theprimero ground rule.
Never trust anybody except
the ugly guy in the mirror.
Tell you why.
This beautiful kid I knew
who trusted the system
got his brain scrambled like,
I don't know,
like two farm fresh eggs.
Now, in the Hemisphere
they call that science.
I call it mindfuck.
Catch my drift?
If you don't want
to end up like him,
pass a warning:
trust no one.
Come here, boy!
Hold it!
What's going on now?
Never mind the fight.
We've got to make the pass
and blow it up afterwards.
Come on. Get going!
Freeze! Media Police!
Get up against the wall!
Get over there now!
Stay there!
Turn it off!
we have just entered
the temple of decadence.
This vile cavern right here
in our own homeland
is the spawning ground
for media entertainment.
People in the black market say
that this entertainment
is a harmless distraction,
a harmless distraction used
by the power structure
in Megaville
to tell our people that moral
and decent life is worthless.
Media relies purely on sex,
pointless violence
and mindless humor
to cover up
for the moral emptiness
of a society
that is producing it.
The black market poisons
the hearts and minds
of our citizens with media...
...compared to the abuse
in making them itself...
...they call it Dream A Life.
The potential harm
from Dream A Life
is unfathomable.
You can only hope and pray
that this poison, this acid
on the metal of civilization
never enters our society.
Order! Order, I said!
Take him out.
He's had another disturbance.
He's had another disturbance.
I see.
What, uh, what...
what does this mean?
This means a slight delay.
But nothing, uh, dangerous?
No. Nothing dangerous.
We've kept Jensen
off the streets for over a week.
His partners may already
be suspicious.
I think that, uh...
another day couldn't hurt.
It isn't that he doesn't...
I mean, he does very much
want to be a CKS agent,
right away, too.
One day should be plenty enough
time for you, right, Doctor?
We are dealing
with a human body,
not a finite instrument.
One day, Dr. Vogel.
One day.
There is no reason for concern,
Mrs. Palinov.
The procedure
is absolutely safe.
Your son will never forget
what you are doing for him.
I'm almost ready.
Raymond, why are
you still in bed?
Don't you know
what time it is?
I had another one
of these dreams.
Instead of playing
with your watch,
you should look at it.
You're late.
Something wrong with the band.
If you ask me,
it's all that media filth
you have to confiscate.
That's why you have
all these dreams.
I've always said
there's a very thin line
between moral sickness and-
If you had joined the army
like your father
none of this
would have happened.
You wouldn't have to see
all this media.
If I was in the army
you'd be here all by yourself.
Come on, your tea's ready
for you in the kitchen.
You don't have to do that.
You know that Dr. Vogel,
the doctor
who knew your father?
He thinks the CKS
could give you a different job.
I'm not in the CKS.
Then you're being promoted.
Dr. Vogel said he will promote
you to the CKS.
That's not a promotion.
The CKS is an entirely...
You must have misunderstood.
I want you to wear
your good shoes.
We are going to see him
right now.
The procedures takes years.
There's physical training
and background checks.
I'm sure Dr. Vogel
will sort all that out.
He says it's
a wonderful opportunity for you.
This must be a mistake.
It has to be.
It's not a good time
with all the dreams
I've been having.
I've been sick.
I don't think
the CKS will want-
Raymond, it was not easy for me
to get you this appointment.
I'm happy in the Media Force.
You'll be important.
And you'll go to work in a suit.
I don't want to be in the CKS.
I don't know why you're asking
me to be something I'm not.
Do you want to disgrace
the name of your father?
Is that what you want?
Mr. Palinov, I've been looking
forward to meeting you.
I have always believed
that the Media Force
is the backbone of maintaining
our standard of life
in the Hemisphere.
Media officers like yourself
have acted heroically
to ensure our tranquility.
the poison from the outside
has increased
to demand that we here
in the CKS
join with our brothers
in the domestic forces.
Mr. Heller has informed me
of your superior performance
in the ground level campaigns.
Do you think it is a good idea
to show Mr. Palinov
these photographs now?
I want to be very sure
that Mr. Palinov completely
understands his assignment.
The man you see
in the photographs is Jensen.
Until last week, any attempt
to locate him was unsuccessful.
His operation
involved videotapes,
receivers, illegal antennas.
Before his arrest
we intercepted plans
that would have made him
the first to supply
the black market
with Dream A Life.
Dream A Life?
It's a dangerous new type
of personality altering media.
Yes, well
nobody I know uses any media.
An addiction
to media encompasses
a much wider social spectrum
than one would think,
Mrs. Palinov.
Your assignment, Mr. Palinov,
is to contact Jensen's partner
at Megaville
and confiscate Dream A Life
before it reaches
the black market
in the Hemisphere.
Mr. Palinov?
These pictures...
Well, it's...
you see,
Raymond's always hated violence.
Almost looked like
he enjoyed killing.
He did.
Mr. Palinov, surely you notice
many similarities
between Jensen and yourself.
Someone who could impersonate
this Jensen
with your background
and experience
would be an indispensable factor
in our investigations.
Wouldn't you agree?
Yes, sir.
Um, Dr. Vogel, you said...
you never told me that Raymond
would be involved with that.
But if...
Questions, Mr. Palinov?
You may speak freely.
Uh, I was only wondering
to myself
what if I was to be recognized
as not being the suspect.
Intelligent observation.
The people of Megaville
have plastic surgery
on a regular basis.
I doubt anyone will question
some minor discrepancies.
Mr. Palinov,
it is an honor to have you
with our organization.
Eh, Mr. Jensen.
Nice to see
you again.
Haven't seen you
around for a while.
It's been like ten days, huh?
This, uh, now...
Oh, man, Mr. Jensen, I mean,
we're both men of the world
and all, I mean, uh,
I'm in business but, uh...
What do you want?
Me? Nothing.
What the hell?
I mean, if it was up to me,
pay now, pay later, you know,
like they say,
but, uh, the manager he,
uh, you know...
Why don't you get
the manager's fat ass out here
and I'll talk to him myself.
That reminds me. You got
a couple calls from Megaville.
Newman and Taylor.
What do they want?
I don't know.
But they called a lot.
Looking for me?
You got a gun.
I got a bomb.
I mean it, Jensen,
even breathe wrong
and this whole building
will blow
and we'll be
the only ones in hell
with our own luggage.
This has to be a mistake.
I'll say it is.
You promised to get me
to Megaville by last week.
How can I get you to Meg-
I don't even have
a Megaville passport.
Nobody drops line up on me,
motherfucker, nobody!
I gave you everything I had
and you'll get me to Megaville.
Here's your money. Now get out.
I won't touch it.
A deal's a deal.
We going to Megaville now?
Then you have a guest.
Mr. Duprell,
I've had a disturbance.
All right...
you had a disturbance.
No. It was m...
It wasn't a disturbance.
Well, this time
it happened in front of, uh,
someone who knew
Jensen, a woman.
Anyway, she was there and I...
I lost...
I, it...
It's happened a few times
since I've been anesthetized.
Uh, during a checkup a couple
days ago,
and now I have these headaches
and I, I seem to lose control
and I, I don't want to endanger
your mission, Mr. Duprell.
And perhaps I should be
withdrawn from the assignment.
Don't be concerned about us,
Mr. Palinov.
The most important thing
is your own wellbeing.
I'm sure our Dr. Vogel
can correct your disturbances.
Dr. Vogel,
our Mr. Palinov complains.
Recently he...
...lost control.
He lost control.
It's probably nothing serious
but I want you to examine him.
It's easily taken care of.
Please, come with me.
He mentioned a female.
A deserter.
She was with the National Army,
explosive detachment.
How long
has she been with Jensen?
Couldn't have been long.
I'll arranged to have her
intercepted immediately.
Not right yet.
She still here?
She never left.
This program is brought to you
by Channel One Megaville TV,
a subsidiary of the Palladian
Networks Corporation.
Thank you, ladies
and gentlemen in the studio...
I didn't know it was possible
to unscramble Megaville TV.
Doesn't mean it's legal.
What would you do
if the Media Squad came in?
Media Squad?
Those bastards will get
hot running for a dime.
They're almost as bad as you.
Fellow citizens,
it is hard for us in Megaville
to understand that something
we so often take for granted
like turning on a TV switch
isn't possible
in other parts of the world.
It is even illegal.
In Megaville every man
and woman has every opportunity.
Not only do we have
the chance to succeed
in the occupation
of our choice,
but we also have the time
and the freedom
to explore other aspects
of ourselves
through entertainment
and top quality media
such as the program
you are watching now.
This is the exact location
of the Kruger device,
but to be perfectly honest,
I was reticent about using it
without further testing.
Here is a transmitter
that is connected to a syringe
in the cerebral hemisphere.
Let's just call it
a remote control for the brain.
The device allows us to control
the subject's behavior,
thus eliminating
the psychotic disturbances
that seem to arise
from our earlier impact.
as this contrivement sounds...
...I'd like proof
that it actually works.
But with freedom
comes responsibility.
And since I view all citizens... is my duty
as a father
to address
the growing problems we have
concerning Dream A Life.
D.A.L. is still freely available
to consumers
despite reports
linking it directly
to obsessive
and anti-social behavior
and permanent identity
Now, fellow citizens,
I am not in support
of government interference
in free enterprise.
Unlike the purely
biological transplant
I performed during the checkup,
the Kruger device
is nothing more
than a small radio
that receives
controlling signals
to stimulate the brain
at regular intervals.
How much of
his thinking process
can we actually observe?
Using the brain's
own electronic impulses,
my improvement
to the Kruger device
transmits audio
and visual images
as they are being processed
by the subject.
I am hereby urging
all citizens,
members of my family,
to stop using Dream A Life-
What's going on?
I can't make it out.
Someone is attacking
the President of Megaville.
That's insane.
Did that really happen?
We are sorry
to interrupt this program.
Please stand by.
Ladies and gentlemen,
a dramatic incident
has just shocked Megaville.
The President
has been attacked
during his weekly TV address.
We go now live, outside
the President's mansion.
This is Ben Johnson,
reporting live
from the Presidential mansion
in downtown Megaville.
Behind me is Mr. Vargas,
he was the caretaker
on the property here,
and we believe at this point
he actually witnessed
this tragic event.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we just received word
that President Hughes is dead.
Once again,
President Hughes is dead.
Presently no explanation
has been given
for the assassination.
Political motives
has been ruled out.
The office
of the president became...
I hope I'm interrupting.
There's a phone call
for you, sir.
I think it's from Megaville.
This hallway smells
like rat piss.
Yeah, we got rats, you know.
But we're the only hotel
with telephone
in the city anymore.
And the rats, they use
the hallway
but they don't use
the telephone.
Not unless they're answering it.
Oh, oh, very funny,
Mr. Jensen.
Yes, sir, you are a funny man.
You should be on Megaville TV.
- Piss off.
- What the hell, dude?
Are we taking a station
identification or what?
If this is some kind
of CKS tap or trap
I'd like it
on the record right now,
I'm sitting naked
on the Hemisphere flag,
I'm scratching my balls
with a copy
of your constitution
or your catechism
or whatever the hell
you call it.
Hark! Sounds of life.
Jensen, where you been?
I've called for days.
Don't you love me anymore?
What's been going on?
Where were you all this time?
Look, I can't hear you, I'm-
You see the assassination?
Yeah, I saw that.
Get the next flight
to Megaville.
I got to see you
as soon as possible.
Okay now, I can hear you,
but, uh, there's, uh-
This goddamn Sphere bullshit.
I don't know
if you still hear me
but I'll see you tomorrow.
So, we're finally getting
out of here.
Don't even think of cutting out
on me again, Jensen.
I know a few things about you.
Like what?
Like I'm harboring a deserter?
So you know.
I can't take you.
This is a civil war, goddammit.
They're going to execute me.
That's not for me to determine.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't going to blow up
a village full
of innocent people
because high command thought
they were hiding some activists.
I've got
friends in Megaville.
I can get you more money.
Five hundred. Even more.
Our airplane leaves
in 15 minutes...
without your suitcase.
Megaville Airlines Flight 3
now arriving Gate 4.
What are
we going to do now, Jensen?
This will get you
through security.
No one ever questions
a CKS badge.
I'm impressed.
I don't want to know
where you found that.
Mr. Duprell!
He's taking the deserter
to the airport.
Mr. Duprell?
Intercept them.
It's your decision,
Mr. Duprell,
but if you let the subject
get out of our range-
As you said.
It is my decision.
Welcome to Megaville Airport.
You are in Parking Structure
Six, level three.
Have a nice day.
We have a little joke
in Megaville.
How do you spot a CKS spy?
He's the guy on the road
doing the speed limit.
Pretty lame, I know,
but it sure as shit
applied to Palinov.
Talk about slow!
There's a fucking
broadcast tower
lies between his ears,
and he never even reached
for an aspirin.
When he did...
it was too late.
So, do you know
where you are as far as-
Don't worry about me,
I've got friends here.
Forget about it.
A deal's a deal.
- It's your money.
- Yeah, well, you never know.
Yeah, well, until you see
your friends. All right?
You're not as much of
an asshole as I thought.
Ah, Megaville.
Land of megaliths, megabucks,
Look who Duprell
sent to strike a deal with.
How was the land
of the cast iron sphincter?
The usual.
Must have been better than that.
You were there ten days
without calling back.
Was it ten days?
I had to get a new guy
to take out the President.
Right in front
of the goddamn autocam,
janitor watching.
Real sloppy work.
Our client has a way
to make the guy in the mansion
forget what he saw.
But you know,
there's really only one way to,
as we say,
trammel up the consequence.
Now that we have
corporate backing, uh,
oh, I feel as though I deserve
an executive position.
Let you do the executing,
if you follow my drift.
I don't know.
The guy who once walked
into a house,
shot the guy, his wife,
and two kids
now gives me,
"I don't know."
What the hell happened
to you out there?
You fall in love?
I thought we had this big plan
to introduce Dream A Life
to the Sphere.
The distribution of D.A.L.
is next to impossible.
Our clients are too scattered.
CKS crackdown is too frequent.
We'd lose everything
before we had enough connection
with enough pull to loop us
around the administration.
Demand for media is growing.
The Sphere is ready
for Dream A Life.
This is what it's all about.
Idyllic "penisitudes".
Every company in town
has to invade the celestial womb
as a testimony
to the corporate swordsmanship.
Meanwhile, Palladian launches
a takeover
and swallows up the company.
the newly erected glass dicks.
I think they should have built
big glass hands
on the bottoms of these things.
God bless Megaville.
Clean up after that murder.
Make sure
that janitor don't talk.
Mr. Duprell,
I've just met Newman.
Very good.
Maintain Jensen's alliance.
When this assignment is over
I'd like to meet this Jensen
and personally spit in his face.
I would prefer it
if you could restrain
your emotions
during this mission,
Mr. Palinov.
He killed
two sleeping children.
What about the female trader?
She was gone
when I got back to the hotel.
I see.
Carry on.
He's lying about the female.
It's not what I would call
having him stabilized.
You realize, Dr. Vogel,
that Palinov is slipping.
Our plans for Dream A Life
are at stalemate
until we can brief him
on our full intentions.
How you doing?
Let's talk, huh?
Been a little problem
getting ahold of you.
Hate to think
you would just disappear
with my money.
Hate to think that.
Don't you hate to think that?
He hates to think that, too.
Well tell him to stop
thinking so much.
I like you.
You're funny.
I like you.
And you're funny!
Maybe you don't understand.
Uh, I really want a part
of the Dream A Life deal.
So, I'm going to give you, um...
another 24 hours.
If you want to live longer,
get me the deal.
Welcome to New Horizon Motel.
We hope you have
a pleasant stay with us.
All our rooms feature
magnifying makeup mirrors,
adjustable king size beds
and electric blankets
in case you want to
turn that air conditioning up
all the way.
If you have to take a rest
And you want the very best

New Horizon helps its best
To get the problem
Off your chest
He came to the master
and he said,
"You have given me
five talents of gold
and I have made
five talents more."
Genuine zirconelle.
Unbelievable value price
at eight-
With Dream A Life
you can be the hero
in a thrilling wild
west adventure,
the object
of consummate desire
in a historic romance
or the powerful executive
of a multi-national corporation.
Take a vacation from yourself.
Dream A Life is available
through this special
television offer.
Act now and get a new adventure
for only $29.95.
Buy two adventures
and save even more.
An unbelievable $58.95.
Don't miss
this great opportunity.
Take a vacation from yourself.
Call now and place your order
for these great savings.
Operators are standing by
to take your order.
Call 1-500-d-a-l-s-a-v-e.
That's 1-500-d-a-l-s-a-v-e.
You're witnessing
another disturbance,
Mr. Duprell.
Looks like
psycho-stimulation interference
similar to our experiment.
There isn't anything I can do.
I can see this experiment
has come to a
most unfortunate conclusion.
- Heller?
- Sir?
Send a special operator
to Megaville
and apprehend the subject.
Mr. Duprell,
I advise against terminating
this project.
of the graphic violence
in these scenes,
journalistic responsibility
that we inform
our audience repeatedly
of this historical event.
Recorded cold and accurate
by an autocam programmed
to keep its lens
on the President's face.
To win cash
on Jackpot Bingo
you must have blackout bingo.
That means every number
on your card
has to have been called
during today's game,
and your card
should look like this.
Once you have your card
completely blacked out
and you are the first person
to call in...
Shit! What happened to you?
I'm okay.
You're bleeding out
of your ears!
It's no- I have a headache.
I've seen your headaches before.
Get out.
I'm only trying to help.
I know.
And I appreciate that,
but you don't want to,
you don't...
You can't associate yourself
with me right now.
I'll just be going then.
What is it?
It's just that...
you shouldn't be alone.
Nobody should.
Go on. Get out of here.
And how are we to know
if the Kruger device
is even operational?
That's just the point.
We don't.
But if we discharge him now
the experiment will end.
Not just with Palinov
but for all time.
This is Ben Johnson
reporting live once again
from the Presidential mansion.
With me is Mr. Vargas,
he was the caretaker
on the property here
and actually witnessed
this tragic event.
As you can see, Mr. Vargas
is on the Dream A Life therapy
for shock disorder,
A therapy actually developed
by Dr. Skutnick.
Mr. Vargas, what can you tell
us about the assassination
of the President?
As you can see, Ben,
Mr. Vargas is still suffering
tremendous emotional anxiety
from the shock.
You use Dream A Life
in your therapy, Doctor,
and wasn't it President Hughes
who was actually trying to warn
the Megaville viewing audience
about Dream A Life
when he was killed?
I don't think
he was warning people
against Dream A Life per se,
but what the late President
rather was doing
was cautioning consumers
they must follow
the directions
on the D.A.L. package.
Thank you, Doctor.
We'll be right back
after these messages.
Mr. Duprell.
Mr. Duprell, it's me.
Yes, Mr. Palinov.
Sir, I'm convinced
that the President's murder
has got something to do
with Dream A Life.
And Newman?
I think he's tied
to the assassination
as well, sir,
but I don't know how or what.
I want to know Newman's plans
for Dream A Life.
Well, he doesn't have any.
Uh, but if I can find out
what his connection is
- to the assassination-
- You're not to concern yourself
with Megaville's
internal problems.
Go back
to Mr. Newman immediately.
I'm sorry, sir,
I can't do that
until I know
what he's trying to cover up.
You could tell
he wasn't the same.
Jensen never sat this still
unless he was lining up
I figured I'd have to stay
on top of him.
Maybe that janitor
was traumatized
into a state of catatonic bliss.
In that case,
why clean up after him?
I think we'll both feel better
if you just did your job...
for right now.
Increasing the output
should create
enough of an overload to melt
the superficial nerves
and restore the monitoring unit.
Won't that be dangerous?
I hardly recommend
that anyone elects
to have the top
of their brain burned away.
Move that dial higher.
We're already
at twice the safe maximum.
Increase the output.
Another increase could literally
blow up his brain.
If you don't want
to find yourself
the subject of my experiment,
you will get that cretin
under control.
It's not the level of output,
it's the subject himself.
He might be losing his ego
to Jensen.
Mr. Duprell, the Kruger device
and monitoring unit
are functioning again.
Heavy artillery fire.
They will die brave men.
Where is he going?
What is he doing there?
I'm not going to hurt you.
I just want to find out
about the assassination.
Give that back.
...the President has sent me.
I am Emperor of the World.
He was supposed to kill you!
But... Fuck!
You saw the President murdered.
You were standing right there.
You're the only witness.
I'm a janitor.
You've got to tell the truth.
Just, uh, give me a minute
of peace to finish my battle.
I'm... I'm undergoing
a very delicate treatment.
There's another treatment
waiting for you
if you don't hurry up.
Oh, God, no! You can't!
No excuses, Jensen.
Mr. Palinov, calm down.
- Everything is all right.
- I fee-
I feel it is up to the CKS
to take responsibility
for the investigation.
The CKS has no jurisdiction
to investigate a murder
in Megaville.
Besides, we sent you there
for a very different purpose.
You have jurisdiction for that?
I see
that your visit to Megaville
has already affected
your sense of honor.
If you persist in delaying
your assigned mission...
Tell me
what my assigned mission is!
The information
is on a need-to-know basis.
If you don't cooperate,
I shall bring you
before the administration
on charges of high treason!
I'd be very surprised
if any of this
has ever been approved
by the administration.
I have someone
you should talk with.
- Mother.
- Raymond.
I am so disappointed.
I am so very disappointed.
Oh, Raymond,
I was so proud of you.
What happened?
Is it because I wanted this
for you? Is that why you...?
No. It's, uh...
It's more complicated than that.
I... I'll tell you
when I find out.
Find out what?
What do you need to find out?
Just ask. Ask me.
Or don't you trust me?
It's not a question of trust.
I... Of course I trust you.
It... How can you possibly know
what it is that I have
to understand for myself?
No, Raymond. Please, no.
You don't want to understand.
What do you mean,
I don't want to?
You would be-
Mr. Palinov, your mother
misses you very much.
I know. I... I'm sorry, sir.
I know.
You just want to come back home.
There's something very wrong
with what I'm doing
in Megaville.
I'm supposed to be
an officer of the law.
Mr. Duprell, I need your help.
As soon as you set up
a transaction with Newman.
Tell him you have
an exclusive customer
for Dream A Life
in the Hemisphere.
I'm very disappointed
in you, kiddo.
- Very, very disappointed.
- Stop being so fucking paternal.
All right.
I just don't know, kiddo.
You seem to be
a different person
every five minutes.
Let's just deal Dream A Life.
I've got major players
back in the Sphere.
They want everything we've got.
The only people
back in the Sphere
who can afford
everything we've got
is the fucking administration.
What the hell is wrong with you?
You can't spot
a CKS trap this obvious?
- I got good news for you.
- Uh-huh.
Newman dropped line up on
the deal. D.A.L. is all yours.
- Just like that?
- Just like that.
You give yourself
a lot of credit
to think you can outsmart
someone like me.
Or maybe she'll believe you.
So what?
Is this whacked out letter girl
supposed to amuse me?
Let me put this in a way
even you can understand.
If you fuck with me,
she's dead.
It would be a shame to let
something like this go to waste.
Then again, she was never
that alive with me anyway.
You enjoyed that, you bastard,
didn't you?
At least I got you out of there.
Yeah, and maybe I was better off
back there with your pals.
Well, you want to go back?
What the hell is it with you,
With me?
Yeah. It's like you're not...
I don't know what it is.
It's got nothing to do with you,
all right?
What the hell is it?
I'm not who you think I am.
My name is Raymond Palinov.
I'm only impersonating Jensen.
Oh, shit.
Come on, goddammit. The CKS,
they made me an operative.
I didn't mean to involve you
and I'm sorry.
If you are with the CKS,
then why didn't you arrest me
back at the Sphere?
I wasn't after you.
The CKS is after everyone.
You watchdogs just can't wait
for someone to fall out of line.
"Protective supervision."
Plain and simple,
it's state terrorism.
Is that something you learned
from your Megaville friends?
I don't need anybody to tell me
that the world would be
a better place without the CKS.
Like it is in Megaville.
What is so goddamn perfect
about this place?
No, not like Megaville.
And maybe not perfect either.
But it could be
just a little better.
A perpetual dreamer you are.
What the hell are you doing?
I'm just full of surprises.
Are you sure
you know your way around town
considering you've only
been here a couple of days?
- Hello.
- Mr. Newman?
It's Mr. Palladian for you.
Please hold.
forget Jensen for a moment.
We have a little problem
with our plastic surgeon lie.
Well, little problems
are my specialty.
Dr. Skutnick
is being very unreasonable.
He's trying to blackmail me.
Listen, can you pay him
a house call
and apologize for me?
I'm already there.
Where is Palladian?
Take it easy, Dr. Skutnick,
you might hurt yourself.
Huh. And why not? It would
save you the trouble, right?
- What are you talking about?
- Put your hands up.
You don't know
what you're doing.
Ah. Why did you come
instead of Palladian?
He's a busy man.
He said he'd stop by later
if he could.
Am I supposed to wait here?
There's something
I have to find out by myself.
Look, Dr. Skutnick,
I'm not going touch you,
but my arms
are getting tired up here.
Can I put them down?
Put them on.
Not my size.
Wouldn't be too sporting
at this range.
So, I'll be with you
a little later-
Dr. Skutnick?
- Dr. Skutnick-
- Leave.
- Dr. Skut-
- Stand back!
I said stand back!
- Yeah.
- Taking a trip,
Mr. Palinov?
How do you know
I'm in this car?
We know
much more than that.
Mr. Palinov,
I am giving you one last chance
to save yourself.
Get out of your... situation
and settle the deal with Newman.
Give him whatever he wants.
Yeah, well, Newman isn't
interested in Dream A Life
and he won't make deals with me.
Then you'll have to make
it irresistible.
Tell him the CKS
will buy Dream A Life.
Mr. Palinov?
Mr. Palinov, answer me.
Newman won't go
for CKS involvement.
And what exactly happened during
my examination with Dr. Vogel?
First make contact with Newman.
He'll make the deal.
Everybody in Megaville thinks
the CKS is corrupt.
Yeah. I'm beginning to see why.
Mr. Duprell!
- Stop that-
- It's time that whelp realized
the consequences of betraying
his government.
- Mrs. Palinov!
- What have you done?
Stop it! Stop it!
Get her under sedation!
Here. Please.
Mr. Duprell,
you said you needed my son
only a few days.
That bastard is jeopardizing
administrative security.
You lied, Mr. Duprell!
You said my son wouldn't even
remember any of this!
Good night.
Why are you following me?
Dr. Skutnick,
I need some answers.
You want some answers?
Well, I want some answers.
Why has Palladian sent
all you guys after me?
They're not after you.
It's got something to do
with Newman,
but I really don't know.
You can't fool me.
Can Dream A Life
be put inside the brain?
How... What do... Uh...
You developed D.A.L.,
is it possible to implant it
so someone doesn't know
he has it?
Why would anybody
want to do that?
I mean, everybody loves
Dream A Life.
You don't have to force
a fantasy life on people.
What if it's not a fantasy?
What if someone wants to make
you think you're someone else
without even knowing
it's being done?
Oh, sure it's possible.
Well, of course it's possible
given a certain set of-
Wait a minute!
Oh no, no, no, no.
You're not going to get me.
Palladian is trying
to get rid of me!
I don't work for Palladian.
He wants D.A.L. all for himself!
If it wasn't for me,
that witness
would have exposed him!
That witness won't expose
anybody now,
with or without Dream A Life.
The only great thing you've done
is allow Palladian
to get away
with murdering the president.
Get in the car!
Get in!
Put it around your wrist.
Go on, do as I say.
Put the other one
on the steering wheel.
Dream A Life is
a great gift for mankind.
He's still not answering.
Will someone stop
that woman's incessant howling?
I feel as if I'm inside
a damn slaughterhouse.
We'll need her presence here
when we reestablish
communication with the subject.
Do you seriously think
that will happen?
Increase the output to maximum.
Heller, increase the output.
Heller, increase the output.
Mr. Heller!
You are aware of the punishment
for disobeying a direct order.
We can contact the subject.
Don't treat me
like a fool, Doctor.
He won't answer the phone.
We can't make him follow
any of our orders.
That electronic placebo of yours
can do only two things.
It can let us watch him
disobey us...
or it can kill him.
We can talk to him
through the Kruger device, hmm?
Through an auditory sensor
in the brain
we can communicate
directly to Palinov.
Why didn't we use that before?
Because it will gradually stop
the flow of oxygen
to his brain.
Give me that!
No, no, Mr. Duprell.
If this is going to work at all,
he must not be
overly intimidated.
Mrs. Palinov.
Your son would like
to speak with you.
Raymond, it's me.
Raymond, talk to me.
Yes, Mother, I'm almost ready.
Raymond? Please talk to me.
Raymond, you have to-
Yes. Oh, Raymond,
I was so worried about you.
I'm so sorry
if I hurt you, Raymond.
You have to come home. They...
They tell me that
they're bringing you home soon
and you'll get better.
Goddamn, Duprell,
what are you doing in my head?
There's no cause
for alarm, Mr. Palinov.
There is a device in your brain
that enables me
to communicate with you
since you insist
on not answering the phone.
You have no right to do this.
If you cooperate, Mr. Palinov,
you will be
back in the Hemisphere
by tomorrow evening.
Will you cooperate?
First you tell me what you did
to my head! Everything.
I don't think you're
in any position to bargain.
You put some kind of Dream
A Life inside me, didn't you?
Our Dr. Vogel refers to it
more simply as a memory implant.
I knew it! I knew it! You!
You put Jensen
inside my brain!
I knew it!
Goddamn you, Duprell! I knew it!
You don't know
You can stop now. He's disabled
the Kruger device again.
That's easily corrected.
No, this won't work as long
as the Kruger device is out.
He'll smash his head open
before he'll give in.
We have to find another way.
We already know about Newman.
Why don't we make the deal
with him directly?
That's ridiculous.
With all due respect, sir...
why did you think
Palinov could have done it?
No wonder CKS make
Palinov their sacrificial lamb.
Dream A Life is one hell
of a golden egg.
You almost had feel sorry
for the goose that laid it
and then had it stolen out
from under them.
The problem is,
with compassion...
it's no substitute for balls.
Waiting for me?
Don't go away.
Mr. Newman,
you don't know me,
but my I'm Officer Heller
with the CKS.
What is this,
a joke, or something?
No it isn't.
I am the personal secretary
to Mr. Duprell,
director of our agency.
What happened?
You don't have to tell me.
They planted part of Jensen's
memory into my brain.
You shouldn't be here.
I've been
to worse places.
You have friends in Megaville.
You should be with your friends
right now.
You should forget
about my friends.
It wasn't all that...
They're all different now.
Things with everything
are different.
I got to go back.
Back? To Megaville?
The CKS will never let you
out of there alive.
I don't care. If I can take
one of them with me,
if I can break
that neat little chain,
it will make a difference.
Who's the perpetual dreamer now?
You can't fight these people.
I know.
That's why I left
the fucking army.
Well, that did
a lot of good, right?
I mean, you really think
you saved that village
by running away? Come on.
They blew the shit
out of those people
before you could even change
your clothes.
What was I supposed to do?
I don't know.
Run away to Megaville.
Pretend you made
the least bit of difference.
Save your pink little ass.
Let the rest of the world
go to hell.
Don't- I'm sorry.
And how am I going to know
this is not a set up?
You are, uh,
satisfied with our offer
or I should try
Mr. Palladian directly?
No, no, that won't be necessary.
"Mr. Palladian directly." Huh!
I hope I'm interrupting. Huh?
Let her go! I'll kill you.
You son of a bitch.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Why don't you and I go talk
a little business
while my senior vice president
plays with your girlfriend?
Well, top of the morning, boys.
Glad to meet you,
Mr. Newman.
Now, the name is Taylor.
Your, uh, junior partner there
double-crossed me so, uh,
I thought maybe you and I,
I mean, I would love to help
set up D.A.L. in the Sphere.
I mean, with my connections.
You've got to watch what you
pick up in a place like this.
Some of it's likely to ooze.
It's two against one,
Mr. Newman.
You can't win.
I won't need you
to set up D.A.L.
But I could use
the help of your friend here.
How would you like
a career change?
Just no loyalty left
in this world.
Come on, kid, we've got work.
Big stuff.
D.A.L. distribution.
- I thought that wasn't possible.
- Nothing ever is.
"Where there's a will..."
So they say.
Excuse my lapse
into platitudinal extrapolation.
Why the change?
Do a couple of jobs for me,
I'll sell Dream A Life
to my grandmother.
First, we've got
to get you better.
What do you mean "better"?
Rumor has it they fucked
with your brain a little.
Gotta get you back to Megaville
and fix you up.
You know Duprell?
I know
a good fucking deal.
Look, we're set up to sell
Dream A Life in the Sphere
with insurance by the CKS.
CKS wants to run
the black market?
That fits right in.
And that's where we fit in,
I'm not Jensen, I'm Palinov.
Well, whatever. Anyway,
you're coming back with me.
You don't know
who the fuck I am.
Obviously, Duprell didn't
tell you everything about me.
My name is Palinov, not Jensen.
I'm only impersonating
that despicable bastard.
Obviously, you missed something.
Jensen's memory
was replaced with Palinov's,
not the other way around.
I really don't care
what they did to Jensen's brain.
You still don't get it.
Ah, you stupid idiot.
You are Jensen!
I should know.
I've known you
since before you were born.
What if I told you
that I'm your father?
My father was a soldier.
He won medals
and he died a hero!
Look at that leg.
Look at that fucking scar!
You don't remember
where you got it?
You got it in a parking lot.
Some kid bit you in the leg
and you almost killed him
for it.
Parking lot.
- Right.
- I dreamed that.
Kiddo, you did that.
It's your mind trying to tell
you who you really are.
Hey, get him off me!
Jensen, come out of there.
I have to talk to you.
You're wasting bullets.
Just talk to him.
I'll go around the back.
Jensen, come on!
Just talk to him.
Jensen, it's not like
I want you to call me "Dad."
We've got nothing
to say to each other!
Just leave me alone!
Just relax.
This is your last chance.
- Come back to Megaville with me.
- No.
Boy they really
fucked you up with that implant.
I'm glad they did.
This is going to be
very hard for me.
This is going to be
very easy for me.
I'm here.
Am I Palinov?
He was the most submissive man
we could find.
Where is he?
He's safe.
You can take solace in knowing
that the mission was successful,
Mr. Palinov.
Or, um...
Whichever you are now.
I'll see you dead for this.
Don't think
that you've intimidated me
in the slightest.
Why are you selling
Dream A Life?
Dream A Life
will be used to sedate
the insubordinate elements
of our society.
By keeping media illegal
we can ensure that Dream A Life
gets into the hands
of the criminals.
Very simple.
Raymond, are you there?
Talk to me, please, Raymond.
What happened two weeks ago
when you dragged me
to that unscheduled checkup?
Raymond, they lied to me.
The device in your head
will kill you.
You've got to get rid of it
before they set it off.
I only wanted
the best for you, Raymond.
Your father would be so proud.
- Mother?
- Get back!
My father's dead.
You are all liars!
You never intended for my son
to come back to me! My real son!
You want your son back?
Heller, go get her son.
But, Mr. Duprell?
Get him!
Mr. Duprell,
if you persist in making
some caustic parade
of my life's work,
I will be forced to file
a formal complaint
to the administration
regarding this matter.
My son.
Oh, look at him.
He's without...
He's almost dead.
It won't be long...
...before he meets
his other half.
Kill her!
Not Palinov.
Not Jensen.
Not either.
We... We...
I'm sorry.
I can't hear you.
Palinov wouldn't know
what to do.
Jensen wouldn't give a shit.
But you have to fight back.
You can't let these people
do this to you or anyone else.
I just wound up in a dream.
Dream it away.
You can't dream something
like the CKS away.
You have to.
You can.
Ladies and gentlemen,
tonight I welcome a most...
I don't believe
what I'm seeing, Mr. Duprell.
You have to look at this.
I guarantee after you hear
his testimony tonight,
the world as we know it
will no longer be the same.
Ladies and gentlemen,
tonight's surprise guest
ofThe Talk Show
will introduce himself.
How did he get away?
What's going on there?
I may not know who I am,
but I do know
a few other things.
This is a very strange
looking news broadcast.
Everything is exaggerated
in Megaville.
Mr. Duprell, there's something
very wrong here. The-
I'm trying to hear what he says.
He can't prove anything.
I have proof for all of that
back in my hotel room
where I keep a permanent rent
in the Hemisphere.
What kind of proof?
I have an army issued suitcase
filled with notes, tapes
and various documents
that will prove beyond a doubt
that the CKS intends
on running the black market.
Mr. Duprell.
How could he have proof
at the hotel
of what he didn't know
when he was there?
We'll find out
as soon as we get the suitcase.
- What are you doing?
- Get that suitcase right now!
Yes, sir.
Where's that suitcase?
We could take you downstairs
with security.
But they need
another 15 minutes-
Get it up here, now!
Right now!
Mr. Duprell
wants the suitcase now.
No, just get it up here.
And I mean right now.
Do you understand?
This is an order.
Open it.
Got you.
"A mind's
a terrible thing to waste",
they use to say
in the old world.
I'm inclined to agree.
Show me a contented lab rat
and I'll show you
its frontal lobes
rotting in a petri dish.
So, I'm busting my nuts out here
hoping to help the kid.
What are dads for, anyway?
I wish we could have spent
more time together, you and I.