Meghe Dhaka Tara (1960) Movie Script

Meghe Dhaka Tara
Cloud-Capped Star
Production, Screenplay, Direction:
Ritwik Ghatak
Shaktipada Rajguru
Dinen Gupta
Art Direction:
Rabi Chattopadhyay
Ramesh Joshi
Supriya Choudhury
Anil Chatterjee
Bijon Bhattacharya
Gita De
Gita Ghatak
Dwiju Bhawal
Niranjan Roy
Gyanesh Mukherjee
Ranen Roy Choudhury
Jyotirindra Moitra
A film by
Ritwik Ghatak
- Come here
Go tell your father, at month end,
it'll be two months
I will
Just this time Banshi'da.
I can't do without a shave
So, you and your father will
give me a clean shave!
Any idea how much
it adds up to?
Dark girl
Dark complexion,
that's what?
Now don't start a tangle
go to school
Her tuitions would be over,
what if she suddenly turns up?
She will be hurt
if she hears us!
Such a responsible girl!
Doing M.A. Classes - and not
one but two tuitions
brings home forty
rupees every month
What is more -
Heard at the meeting
evictions are on the rise again
They might even stop
the school grants
Do I get you a mat
to sit down and gossip
Your slipper's torn, Khuki?
I've had it fixed
Teacher, Sir, your
subscription for the colony
Hey! Listen. I've to talk to you
Into the room came
the bumblebee humming
You're late for college
go bathe
A love letter - so late in life?
At first sight I didn't
recognise you
I thought you just one
of the many
But now I see you in the cloud...
perhaps a star,
cast over with clouds
of circumstances,
Your aura dulled and
scratched over
Stop it!
Let's have a look at the name
Sanat - that idiot!
Hey, where did you find him?
Haven't seen him for ages
Poking your nose in a
woman's personal affairs
If you're a person, some day
someone will find me a genius!
You know that very well, and
that's what makes you so proud
If only Banshi Dutt
would understand
if only he'd understand
what a genius I am!
Can you spare some money, dear?
The beard's itching!
For the time being, two annas,
or may be four -
Or may be eight
I'd like to buy a good 7arda
Or why not a whole rupee
You seem to have
got your tuition money
Why don't you take up a job,
It's beneath an artist to
take a job
In just two years, money will
come raining through the roof
Know how much Amir Khan Sahib
makes per concert?
D'you know, Ma, Manashi of
our college, the dark girl,
Her sari had a cowgirl motif
Ma, don't listen to her!
Tomorrow's the college football final
I can't wear these
gunny saris daily
This heiress has been three
years in one class, why more?
I've just got to get spiked
boots by tomorrow!
Can't get two square meals,
he makes demands like a prince
It's hard to feed you
the last 15 days of a month
The first of the month!
Sister must have got paid
You didn't buy your
sandals, did you?
The money went in buying
clothes for Brother
I'll buy them later.
- I've seen someone
After all these years!
Still recognised him
Isn't he Father's
pupil Sanat babu?
Can't you recognise me!
- Aren't you Montu?
Why gape!
You've changed so much
over the years
Why don't you visit us?
You write all those letters
Haven't forgotten the
I give those letters to Neeta
With her tuition and college,
when is she ever home?
Let's go home.
Ma will scold us
Geeta's grown truly lovely
But she can't ever
afford decent clothes
Need some cash to print
the diagrams this month
It's spent this month, Sanat
Can't even buy my kid brother
and sister what little they ask
See, knowing everything,
I still sing you my woes
One feels so powerless.
- This is your struggle!
Won't I share it with you?
Next month I'll find a way
I'll contribute
But do drop in sometime
Father speaks so much of you
Yes I'll come, but only when
I've money
Your spoilt darling will spend
money by the fistful
It's her earning she spends
The bird-faced hussy!
She must have spent it all...
my entire month's
shopping money
I ought to give - I don't.
So how can I obstruct?
No sympathy in the whole world!
And no one who'll understand!
Khuki, won't you eat?
Not feeling well
Don't be angry with Ma -
Sheer want... it's
destroyed her mind
I'm not angry
Khuki, remember that
poem by Yeats?
Seeing on, somewhere
At some new moon
We shall learn that
sleep is not death
Hearing the whole world
change its tune
I've got a headache
Here's another precious prodigy!
A god in a devil's clothes
don't wear such hair - cut it off!
Nice cloth you've bought, Khuki
Going to bed already? Won't you eat?
- No
Mother must have said
Let people say what they like.
You do what you think best
That's life's motto. Get up -
What! Your eyes are brimming
with tears -
They'll descend if invited
Okay. I'll utter a spell.
Shall I?
I'm not feeling well.
- Okay, so I'm uttering it
Mother, your baby's such a child!
She wants to catch the moon!
Can't ever utter the words
She can't make out anything,
She's such a child, mother!
But one rupee, tomorrow, please
There's nothing left
Spent it all? Okay,
next month then
From next month, all of it
goes straight to Ma
Whoever gives up money
is a full scale idiot!
I can't wait till the morning
Slightly bovine!
There's pleasure in practising
Sold nothing yet - new month,
very busy right now
Just send last month's bill
Going to settle it?
What was it you wanted?
Just the bill
Not going to college?
Botching your tests,
for novels and films
In this house,
it's scarcity always
You don't have this,
you don't have that
So make a paradise, and
all dress up like fairy's
I'll rest and twirl my big toe
and smell heavenly fragrance
You're needed desperately.
- Why?
This year you and Shankar
just've to sing in the function
I've given up singing
And brother's maestro won't let him.
Why not ask Geetu?
But who will be the invitees
we need to talk it over
We'll discuss this when
we meet at the library
Hello Shanti. I hear your rehearsals
are going on fine?
Oh no, we're in a fix.
We can't get a good prompter
The way you all shout. Enough!
Forget the prompting
The tuition money
All of it?
I've asked Banshi to come.
He's so insulting everyday
Keep five rupees - pocket money
Have you no shame?
Dining off your old father
And the little girl works
the day long to foot your bills
And you spend your time in singing
I'll be earning too
Ever since the radio audition
I get so many calls
It's got my maestro furious
He'll let me perform after
two years' solid practice, see?
Hasn't your maestro
a hennaed beard?
Why notjust grab it and hang
like a midget. Why do you come here?
Does any young man
sit at home?
My bread doesn't
come so cheap
When women say things
I can't lift up my eyes
No food for you here from now.
Pay cash and eat
Won't you have something
to eat before you go?
Have you told Ma I'm imposing
on the family relations?
He can't make out anything,
he's such a child, mother!
Why do you listen to nonsense?
Destroy the future for a day's words?
Just grit your teeth
for two years
Look Khuki, only you
know my worth
If you'd gone you'd have
missed out on tomorrow
Tomorrow's Jagatdhatri Puja
Oh, tomorrow's your birthday!
Father's going to take me
on an outing, like before
Father... where?
Not decided - anywhere?
Okay, count me in,
I'll come too
Brother, you're such a child!
Father'd refuse if I told him
Didn't Keats have a poem
Poetry of the earth
is never dead
This crop field!
To perceive its beauty costs no money
And there is no money
But this is here.
Very much here
You know the real truth?
Living is an art
You'll have stomach trouble
Will you remain a glutton
all your life!
Ignorant lad, you shouldn't
say things like that
Won't you give us too
Could we get a drink
of water near by
Sir, you're three months
subscription overdue
Please give me at least something
Okay, come tomorrow,
I'll see what I can do
Hey, I don't hear your voice...
at the rehearsals.
What are you doing nowadays?
They aren't giving me
a proper role lately
Proper roles, acting, actor!
Who are you?
I'm Sanat
You the one who's got a high
second class in pure physics?
Someone said so.
Yes, Khuki did
Yes. We do get to meet
You've gone so sickly and
dark, auntie
What do you plan to do now?
I'm looking for a scholarship
to do a doctoral research
For a D.S. C?
- D. Phil's are all too common
What is your thesis about?
- The Reynold Number...
of the Supersonic Vibration of
the Lower Gangetic Plain
- Yes
Not you, it's about Shankar.
I was comparing the two
He's done nothing all his life
Come son, have a bite to eat
So you're immersed in studies?
No other way out in life
What a lovely place
I won't be able to do any sort of work.
- Go and serve this tea to Sanat
Oh mother! Sanat has come?
What the -
What're you staring at?
Hold this! I'm late
How come you sit
indoors all evening
You've come so I'll
go late for tuition
Let's go out for a walk.
What happened?
Let's go
Where's the one inside?
Get out!
Are you all right!
- Yes
You know this is the guru
I was telling you about
And when was that?
Bring home all the vagabonds
Can't feed oneself
Beginning's a bit troublesome
What a lovely voice! You'd be
spellbound if you heard it
If you bring such a nuisance
home again...
Just wait. I'm coming
Quick, bring some money
Ma, we're going out. I'll do
the tuition on the way back
It's hard to get the
Just a few month more
And then
And then just get a job
And with your earning's I'll
You're free to tear
down the distance
Your genius is so large
That picture you've seen in my room...
- Those two kids?
Me and Brother
You know Sanat, we once went
walking on the hills there
Waking up while it's still dark
to see the sunrise from a peak
What suffering!
But when the sun came out...
I just can't explain to you...
As kids, brother'd tease me.
She wants to catch the moon!
He still does
Neeta, you're just not
cut out for this
So much to suffer -
Well then make glass case
and inside it,
keep me like a wax doll
I'll be late for tuition. Bye
No need to panic,
just a bone fracture
Neetu, come out
An injury in old age,
it'll be hard to cure
Now she'll have to run
the whole household
Neeta! What brings you here?
Weren't you sitting for
M. A this year?
I couldn't go on studying.
I work now. Bye
You'd better spin a new yarn
on your dues
Didn't tell you yesterday...
You'll get it as soon as I do?
That's a stale one
D'you take us to be
your community father...
and feel free to rest on us?
Why not get a job.
Get settled in life
You'll never understand
something called an ideal
Your friend Sarojbabu came
I asked him the answers
What did he say?
- National Chemical
Joy Engineering
Jagat Hosiery
Three jobs just waiting for you,
and you're researching the air?
Sir, the lady's here...
- Bring her here
Your ideal is here...
A really hectic time I've had,
luckily I got a job
The way things are
after Father's accident
I can't say I like it.
Why did you give up studies?
What can I do?
There are so many at home...
And they are all waiting,
looking up to me...
Let's go
Praise be to the goddess of learning
bestower of perseverance
Give us prosperity...
Four annas for me
to buy a shave...
Goddess of learning
Mother of the Universe
It's quite unbearable
I'll work, and you do the studying
I can easily get a job
Then our wedding...
Can't happen now
Why not?
How can it?
If I leave that household...
My old Father, younger brother
and sister...
Shankar's a rascal,
why should you bear his load?
You can't read him at all!
He'll be big one day,
as you will too
I pin my hopes on you two
After that I may have time
That means, till then...
We'll have to wait.
- Why should we wait?
Don't be crazy
I'll drop by in a day or two
I have a question
For a singer you certainly
can afford a shave
Shorn all shame as well?
- What shame?
The whole clan eating off the labours
of one sister. Destroying her future
Any idea how the whole colony's
talking about it?
Aren't you the older brother?
- Look here Banshi-da...
Your giving me blades on credit has
nothing to do with my family affairs
Oh, come off it!
I call Neeta Sindbad the sailor
They're all on her shoulder
like the old man of the sea
That'll be her fate
till she drop dead
Wasting my time all these days
I've now come to the river
at the wrong time
I don't know your name,
O boatman!
Who shall I call for?
Who'll row me across?
The boat is here,
but there's no boatman
There's no man on the banks
Sir, I've finished the lesson
It's quite late.
You'd better go home
Montu's skipped college
a month now
Heard today, he's failed
His name has been struck
off the rolls because...
he couldn't pay the fees
What good would college
do him any way?
Good that girl has a job
Just as well, isn't it?
Father, you know about Montu?
You don't need to bring bad news,
everyone knows
Everyone also knows you're
the happiest to see us harmed
And you, and your young man!
- Wife!
Montu's got a job in a factory
as a sportsman
He was too scared to tell you
He's brought his first pay
Everything kept secret!
As if I were an enemy
Like father, like children
I won't touch this money
Now on, run the household
and face the music yourself
Job in a factory? Labour!
So what? These jobs have
better prospects nowadays
Just see where
middle class life descends!
Take me to the other room
You all think I just quarrel,
you see me quarrelling all the time,
you think me a harridan
How different I've become
during the last 10 years
I'm growing so strange
You don't have to explain, Ma
Really, I can't take the load
of this household any more
Please set me free
If Shankar had been a man...
you wouldn't have to take
all the burden
Brother's really very good
Don't count on your father
any more, dear
May be he'll stand up again,
walk again
But something seems to be
going wrong right in the head
He won't be able to earn again
After all, I've known him
from the age of seven
Don't worry, Ma, I'm here
You have your own wishes too,
may be a lot else
Any way, you're all I have
You know, one can't seem
to calm the mind
The truth is, you are
my sole support
But even you scare me
My own daughter and still,
a distant being
What if you too go away
I still don't know you,
after all these years
Will you say something?
Sorry, I've interrupted you
Come and eat, it's late.
- You've still not eaten!
- Why?
Because you haven't eaten
I really impose on you all,
don't I?
Sentimental slob!
- No, really
Your whole future
your marriage
People are getting nasty
It hurts your male ego?
Don't you have a male ego?
- Something much bigger - my training
Right now, of course,
I'm exploiting you
Really disturbs me deep down
Are you serious?
- Yes
I love you all like crazy
You all do too, but you're
too shy to say so
If anyone else loves me...
he'll surely wait for me
It doesn't worry me
Right now I just won't marry
When you become a star,
then I'll marry
Don't I exist till then?
Then all my suffering
will vanish
Don't you vanish as well?
Will you take me to
the hills then?
In the open hill side
I'll play around merrily
I will. You're such a child
Drive away sadness and poverty
Give happiness to all
Adarang makes plea
Listen O Being
I'll take your name
you Suzerain Being
I spoke like Father...
don't fall!
You haven't come for so long.
Can't seem to make it
What about...
that question you were going to ask?
- Probably won't be necessary
I'll just do a tuition and come
Ma, shall I give him the tea?
Ma! He's sitting all alone.
Shall we talk?
Or shall we go out?
- Don't know, anything you like
Let's stroll around the pond
Sister won't be coming you know
Let's go
Man doesn't have
pity for you!
Your voice is lovely
Don't be stupid.
Since it's a good job, take it
Leave the mess,
take a nice flat
And find yourself a nice match
Let's see
The way you stare, your life
will pass in staring
Don't wake me, my kind,
I'll chide you
Here are my slippers!
Quick, take them off!
Look Montu, mine can't be
worn any longer
You see, I'd gone with my maestro
to a concert...
So you can earn and wear
what you like
Dear Montu!
Give me some money
- About eight annas, may be four!
How much can one
scrounge off Neeta!
Yet my hair's grown so long...
If you're a beggar,
you should look like one
Brother, you go to your room
Are you hurt?
Well, you've all grown up
in my arms
Oh, Let him talk!
Get some clothes made
Get a haircut
and look decent
Buy a pair of slippers.
- No
You certainly have
a dark future ahead
Look, those who suffer at the plight
of others are doomed to suffer forever
You're a complete idiot!
In Banshi Dutt's words, you...
Our Sindbad the sailor!
Or else how'd a fool like me
make a fool of you?
What sort of boy is Sanat?
That boy has no principles
Sister, here's the money
Only fifty!
Yes, had to put on a month's
deposit at the Mess -
He's decided to stay in the
factory Mess this month on
Leaving home?
- Yes, I mean...
going to work from here
is tough, you know
Also, one needs good food to
keep the body fit for sports
If you'd said so, something
could've been done right here!
No sister, that couldn't be
But whatever I can spare
I'll come and give to you
Young chap - he also has wants
of his own
And his elders at home
just sit and eat
Saw Sanat'da at
our Head Office today
He's in the Stores Department.
Imagine! A science student ends up
At what salary?
- Three hundred at least
The boss is his pal, you see
Sanat babu isn't here.
He left only last month
Oh, it's you. You want
his address, I suppose?
I took a job
Have you thought about
getting Geetu married?
I shall in continuation
of Neeta's marriage
One should think serially
You've educated her, that's why
she can run the household
Finding a groom for a working girl
is less difficult
Get her married fast, you'll have
all the time to suck your big fat toe
If she leaves, what will happen
to this household?
But for that, to exploit this
innocent daughter all her life
Without her what will you eat?
Where have you been?
- For a stroll
You've your exams now.
- Exam's not for me
Then what?
I'm getting married
Does Ma know to whom?
- Sanat'babu
Rushing out in the heat
all at once won't help
Everyone doesn't have
the patience to wait
There's something you should know
Did you ask about Montu?
He's gone to Delhi
Geeta was talking about
your ear-rings and bangles -
You know what she is like!
Let her have them.
She needs them more
What I mean is,
this isn't how I wanted it
How much curd we should get?
At one time, they married off
their daughter to the dying
They were barbarians!
And now we're educated, civilised!
We educate the girl...
to wring her dry
and destroy her future
There's all the difference
It's tea time.
I'll get your tea
Who all want sweets?
They haven't given
you any sweets?
Childhood seems so far away!
And those hills...
Don't seem to be of this earth
No one climbs hills any more -
They go to the whether regions
I've got a job on a singing
school. Don't tell Ma
Do your M.A. Too.
I'll organise it
Will you teach me one
of Tagore's songs?
I used to sing well before
It's soft-hearted idiots like
you that get hurt most
Good - make a glass case,
and inside it
keep me like a wax doll
I'm leaving this household
Even though I'm a nobody
I can't bear this any more
I'm leaving with a protest
You go on suffering silently,
and get crushed to death
Want to learn singing?
I'll have to sing at the wedding
I didn't know you'd come in
Everything went black
The lamp went out
For whom did I
reach out on high?
I didn't know you'd come in
In darkness I lay dreaming
How could I know the storm was
the pennant of your triumph?
Only in the morning did I see
There you were, standing
There where emptiness
had filled my room
Haven't you gone to office?
Not feeling well. Feverish
Don't you go to the
library nowadays?
Letter from Montu's factory
What about?
On last night shift. Montu...
not dead!
Hurt badly!
The machine didn't devour him
It was expected
I'm going to the hospital.
Don't worry about me
This was expected.
This is the rule
The house surgeon has said
he'll need blood transfusion
Will it need a lot of money?
- Yes, by tomorrow
The crisis isn't over yet
Hey - your skin's very warm!
Moving about with
such a fever?
I get it quite often.
- Does it come on every evening?
Have an x-ray taken
Khuki is bit shy
she won't say anything
But I apprehend some trouble...
I hear she get's fever
And she's taking care of
Montu who's in the hospital
And we have no money
If you can, please check her once
I haven't had anything the whole day.
Please give me some water
Where's Geetu?
- She's taking her nap
You didn't go to the office?
No. I don't go quite often
Doesn't feel like going
Montu had an accident.
He's in a hospital
For the last two days
I'm not feeling all right
I'll have to arrange blood
I couldn't even inform you
Neeta has come
How long!
I'm getting late. Bye
You let her go.
- She hasn't come to see me
You could've asked her to stay
Without knowing her reason
how can you assume
I don't feel it is necessary
Montu is admitted to a hospital
I couldn't even ask Neeta
why she came to see us
What is your name, young bride?
You could've done your X-Ray
If you come here
I can organise it
What if I'm really ill?
I'm the only earning member
Any way, the blood is
needed immediately
How's Montu?
- Well
Can you help me get some money?
For blood, for medicines
Can't get anything anywhere.
That's why I went to Geetu
How much?
- About 150 will do
Try to get a little rest.
For your own benefit
Benefit - for me?
Looking like one of hell's ravens
I do a hard day's work
for my bread
I'll give it to you
at the hospital tomorrow
150 rupees... where've they gone?
- I gave them to Ma
You mean Neeta
Yes, I did. It's my money
Can an old flame really be forgotten?
- Will you stop it!
Getting nasty won't help at all.
I'm warning you
Come, my daughter Uma,
to me
Let me garland you with flowers
You're the soul of my sad self,
Mother deliverer!
Let me bid you farewell now,
My daughter!
You're leaving my home desolate,
for your husband's place
How do I endure your leaving,
my daughter?
Have you heard about Shankar?
They're saying he's made
quite a name in Bombay
What's happened to you?
Making your bed out here
so late, in the outer room?
In this friendless house...
what do inner
and outer rooms mean?
Will you hide it even from me,
tell nothing at all?
When there was time, Ma,
you didn't listen!
There's such a void
between us now...
This tongue of mine...
has gone out of control
The world has been cut off
by a great wall...
Spare me a sob story so late
at night. I've work tomorrow
What can you do about it?
- Can I go on acting a part?
Not acting
Probably it's penance
Have you sinned?
Of course, I have. I've made
no protest against any injustice
And that's my sin
I shouldn't have been so ordinary
You go home
Have you nothing else to say?
What should I say?
Come to think of it now,
I've come very far from it all
Now there's only work
Neeta, you're completely cleansed
I'll leave my job, go back
to a life of struggle
Whatever obstacles come up
I shouldn't back away
However rotten I might be,
but still I'm something
I can't go on banging my head
against a wall, Neeta
What's happened?
- Just tripped up a little
I can get the Office Super
to grant you leave
Don't. He won't grant it
A poor Brahman in Mathura...
who knew no happiness ever
Begging for a whole day once...
returned without a grain
He sat depressed under a tree...
and wept by himself...
till the sage Satyanarayana...
approached in the guise
of a fakir...
God doesn't hit you
from all sides
If by the Guru's grace one bears
up to it, one stands up again
The boss himself reached him home
My Montu still has his job
And they'll pay good
Over a thousand rupees, isn't it?
On this auspicious day...
you're happy with your lord
and friends!
Shankar! Isn't it you?
The papers carry your pictures.
Made it big in Bombay! Have you?
You certainly are the pride of Bengal.
Let me see Bengal has tigers, too
Do you really get 500 per concert?
No, not less than 1200
Your body scented with perfume,
forehead marked with sandal-paste!
Doe-eyed, breeze-swept lashes
May your wisdom be
for your people
And be happy with
your lord and friends
I told you so many time.
But you came so late...
Made quite a name!
A lot of people
talk about you
If it's a boy, you must
give me a necklace!
Will you never live at home?
If this house is so bad,
change it
We're never going to be rid
of the problem of eviction
Yet even here people do take heart,
and build home. Forget their troubles
Please, tell him
I've always wanted
a two-storey house
Demolish the house
and build two storeys
The clay-wall room can stay.
It can be easily fixed
But can you cure my mind?
So that I can read
Wordsworth again, and enjoy him
Remember? Swan and Shadows
float double!
Where's Khuki?
In that room
Goes to work, then back
to that room. Eats there too
Communicates with nobody.
Keeps everything hid
Falls ill, runs a fever -
tells nobody
Even washes her own dishes
Love letters in old age?
Brother please -
I was just watching you all
How well you've all
established yourselves!
Now again, as in childhood...
I have no burdens
Khuki has T. B.
A very bad stage
Poor thing!
I accuse
Nobody at all
I'll see about her treatment
and then get back
I'll stay here tonight
I've packed your clothes...
You go away
They're dreaming of two storeys
You're successful!
Why stay on now
They pity you today!
You weren't up to
carrying the burden
But you were the one
who carried it
Now you're the burden yourself
There's poison in your breath
This room is for the new born
Go away, dear
Come, my daughter Uma,
to me
Let me garland you with flowers
You are the soul of my sad self...
Mother deliverer!
Let me bid you farewell now,
my daughter!
You are leaving my home desolate
For your husband's peace
How do I endure your leaving...
my daughter?
Where're you off to?
I just made arrangements.
A sanatorium at Shillong
At last you'll see the hills
She likes the hills?
Very much. Right from childhood
But remember, don't excite her.
She may have a relapse
"The Cloud-Covered Star"...
Sanat's letter
I wonder why I kept it so long
D'you know, the house
has a second storey now
Geeta's son is walking.
- Naughty, is he?
He's made life hell for Father
The way he climbs straight
up the stairs by himself...
The kid's so full of life...
gets such a thrill just
climbing up the stairs
Brother, you know I really
wanted to live
I love so much to be alive
Brother, tell me once
that I'll live
Brother, I want to go home
Khuki! Have you gone crazy!
Shankar - have you got back
from visiting your sister!
How is she now?
Why don't you speak?
No one remembers her anymore -
Going in and out daily,
slippers flapping...
such a quiet girl, why should she
have to suffer so much!
Come, my daughter Uma,
to me
Let me garland you with flowers
You are the soul of my sad self,
Mother deliverer!
Let me bid you farewell now,
my daughter!
You're leaving my home desolate...
For your husband's place
How do I endure your leaving,
my daughter
Probir Ghosh