Meghe Dhaka Tara (2013) Movie Script

'Cigarette smoking
is injurious to health.'
'Cigarette smoking
is injurious to health.'
It can cause cancer.
Which way to go?
Which is our way back home?
Let's go look.
Yes I know. At the Outdoor?
Sir Alcoholic...
He has recommended
admission day after.
We'll be there sir.
Are they waiting? - Yes, at the OPD.
Withdrawal and alcohol.
Hardly eats. Self neglect.
Bottle and some fags,
that's all he lives on.
Wife ?
There with him . Dire straits.
Poor thing is looking for a job.
How old is he ?
Forty four.
Though he looks seventy four.
As a kid I watched him play
Raghupati in Tagore's "Bishorjon".
We might get letters from
the Prime Minister's office.
Heard he's quite close to him.
Arrange for accommodation.
We better admit him day after. - Okay.
Sir, have you watched
his film 'Runaway'?
It's about a boy who
runs away from home. Fun!
Do I have the time to?
Only his 'Beyond the Clouds'.
He was found lying sloshed,
in an alley near the cemetery...
...frothing at the mouth.
He has three kids at home.
No sense of responsibility!
The overtures of
Beethoven's the symphony...
I can see it!
Dugga will go away.
Surge, swell Oh! mighty waves"
Smash, shatter as shackles do break...
Yonder, a new dawn peeps
as souls arise so long asleep.
It's all burning!
The entire universe... am I!
Father, we are leaving.
Won't you visit us ?
So, you're leaving Dugga.
You are taking Satya away from me too?
Separation is essential.
I will not let you go.
Amidst these plains of
ends unknown a single cry".
"Rents heaven and earth
ancient chants...
of deep...
I will not let you go.
A revolutionary war is a people's war.
With the help of mass uprisings
and only by depending on the mass...
...the war can be continued.
"Up and down, the water is moving"
"From one side to the other.."
"The boat's helm is moving"
After a year of the President's
rule in West Bengal...
...the United Front government's
newly elected Chief Minister...
...spoke of bringing
back peace to West Bengal.
"We have no language...
no homeland..."
"In the midst of the forest,
the animal is making noise"
"In silver and golden shades,
at the bank of Ganges"
"We have no destination...
no homeland..."
"We have no destination...
no homeland..."
"..where did the crop go"
"..where did the crop go"
"We have no language...
no homeland..."
"We have no language...
no homeland..."
"The honeybees are
playing on the flowers.."
"The honeybees are
playing on the flowers.."
Nilkantha Bagchi.
- It's the rehab case right?
Cabin three.
Which way?
I find myself akin to your Nirmala.
It's the same story in all households.
That was a cakewalk for me.
"The bees are playing
on the flowers.."
"We have no language...
no homeland..."
"We have no destination...
no homeland..."
All ok?
Please come in.
All good?
Mrs. Bagchi...
the admission form.- Come.
Phulmoni...and she's Damini.
Your cabin.
So this is where the evil
which is to be eliminated.
The son of Shiva and
Parvati shall be born here.
How long is my exile here?
Quoting from our epic 'Kumarsambhava'.
I was thinking of translating
it's eighth chapter over here.
Mr.Bagchi, you are a talented man.
You need to get better.
You just have to take
your medicines regularly.
What is it that ails me Doctor ?
Is it the bottle ?
That is the symptom.
The real reason is something else.
- The lad's caught on!
So what is the reason?
That has to be investigated.
And the procedure of
that investigation Doctor?
Jung or Adler ?
Pavlov or Freud?
Please take rest now,
we'll discuss all this later.
"so if we're not talking right now,
I'll go get some fresh air.
You're not going anywhere.
No, I promise I'll come back here.
I promise.
I've loads of work pending.
- Mr.Bagchi please...
Don't be difficult. Be seated.
Give me some money. - No.
You will hit the bottle again...
you won't come back.
This is not your shoot Mr.Bagchi.
I am the director here.
So my word is final.
So be it!
Very stubborn man.
Creative as well.
Doctor...please take care of him.
He's very headstrong.
I have no one to fall back on...
Don't worry...
...he'll be fine here.
Thank you.
What happened ?
Sir, please see. - What's wrong?
She was complaing
of regular headaches.
No,thank you..
- Let me check your pulse.
The headaches are possibly
because of stress.
Get her to the consultancy. - Come.
Been working too hard ?
I'm looking for a job...
sitting for exams".
So I've been
studying day and night.
She's determined to take up teaching.
I don't really earn anything...
"but we have many mouths to feed.
It's all messed up.
You know Dugga...
...our poet Kalidasa was...
...actually illiterate.
But the princess?
...fell head over heels
in love and ended up marrying him.
But after a few days...
...all her love vanished! - Quiet!
I know.
A distraught Kalidasa...
left home in sorrow... pursuit of knowledge.
Kalidasa! - I have a headache.
After attaining wisdom..
...when Kalidasa returned
home triumphant...
...Princess Viddottama asked him...
if he was now her equal,
with the wisdom he had gained.
What did Kalidasa do on hearing this ?
Wrote three entire epics.
Dinner is served. Finish it fast.
Stop blabbering.
And you have not been
able to become equal with me.
You've made six films..
so many plays and documentaries.
Can anyone call you a gentleman?
Do you play cards? Twenty nine?
We play"-
Good morning Mr.Bagchi.
Good morning.
Let's see...
...did you sleep well last night?
That beastly cough troubled
me the whole night.
It will be better soon,
the treatment has just begun.
So, how do you like it here?
What so different between
the world outside and the one inside?
Just that a booze den
is missing inside, that's it.
I realize you've migrated
from East Bengal.
Can there be two Bengals, East & West?
But you're right.
Bharenga, Pabna district.
So why suddenly Kolkata ?
And then People's theatre ?
People's theatre!
It's so stuffy inside!
Intellectuals in politics.
Romain Holland. Maxim Gorky.
Good morning sir. - Good morning.
Why that smirk?
So was this coming together
of the artists wrong ?
It was inevitable.
While still in Rajshahi...
...I had felt the heat.
My intermediate examinations
were going on.
Back then we were
publishing a magazine.
Which one?
New Wave.
Stories, poetry...
I too had some inclination
towards politics.
It intensified when I was at
the Krishnanath college of Baharampur.
Radical politics ?
Do you expect the agitated populace.. dance the Hula
in those turbulent times?
Bloody hell.
Four million people died from...
...that famine.
Bhoba, come we will
rehearse all night long.
A fire burns without...
Whose conch is it that
awakens the multitude!
Whence echoes these
wails of deep despair...
From the darkest dungeons...
In a speech at the
Berlin Sportpalast...
German propaganda minister
Joseph Goebbels...
declares a total
war against the Allies.
In the Soviet Union,
the Battle of Stalingrad...
comes to an end with
the official surrender...
Mother, give us food, give us food.
Act 1 Scene 4. The court
yard of the village head man.
No way...
Let this bit remain.
I won't sell this bit. Rest of
it is all gone. Won't sell this bit.
They took away all the
paddy luring people with money...
and now they are after our lands!
Tell them, this land is not for sale.
Not for sale?!
How dare you!
You are going back
on your word Mr.Headman,
You are going back !!!
Thrown out from their village,
Kunjo and the Head man...
...descend to make a
home on the Kolkata footpaths.
Act 2 Scene 2.
Make way please. Hey!
Have you got the dole ?
The dole ?
I mean that porridge.
No food.
No clothes.
No roof.
Err.. Mukherjee...
Please try to make her smile.
Just a bit of smile.
Please try... my friend...
Smile !
"Fickle tickle...
What are you doing ?
Let her go. - Leave her!
Then I can name the
photograph Bengal's 'Madonna.'
Leave us alone!
- What's going on here?
Leave us alone! - You cannot
stop our theatre like this!
You cannot stop our
theatre in this way!
Who's there?
Which son of a gun ?
What's all 'this!
This is an unauthorized intrusion.
You can check our registers.
We have orders.
We don't need warrants.
Who is there in this cabin here ?
- Mr. Bagchi.
Nilkantha Bagchi.
Cultural activist. Cabin 3.
Oh !This drunkard
is your inmate too now!
So how come you uniformed
angels are here for...
for a sermon on righteous
living in an asylum?
Waste of time. Let's check
the other cabins. - One minute.
Sister. Com e.
Come. - Come.
You need to pay your way
to see an intellectual in a zoo.
Pay up you bastards!
All your dirty money!
Mr.Bagchi, quiet. Relax!
Please take rest.
So sorry you got disturbed.
What got these fuckers
so prompt today ?
Relax Mr. Bagchi.
They must've postered the
piss walls with death threats again.
So their balls have all shrivelled.
They have information...
...a Naxalite is hiding here...
...disguised as an insane inmate.
Disguise ? Why do you say 'disguise' ?
Only insane people can trade
a bright future outside the country... cleanse the shit
holes of their motherland!
Have some water.
Oh my God !
...we got involved.
'We', as in ?
'We' who...
...borrow money for our tea and fags.
...our singing sessions,
our theatre... our squabbles.
There used to be a
cafe in South Calcutta.
Thinker's Paradise.
That's where we used to sit around...
...rebuilding our nation.
We'd talk about change!
And then borrow money to get married.
As in?
Heard about Chandanpiri ? - Yes.
Head it in the paper.
The peasants are up in arms.
Armed uprising!
Our relief team has gone there.
But there is no news of our men...
Mohit, Ramen, Satyabrata, there.
What do we do?
Shoot at sight orders are on.
- Oh no !
Now what Bhoba?
What are the leaders of
People's Theatre Group saying ?
Booking fancy theatre
halls as bullets fly there.
For them it's art for art's sake.
Why will they bother
about the poor farmers?
Damn fools...
Bhoba calm down...
So many events in quick succession...
second Great war...Indian
freedom struggle...
black marketing... famine, riots...
Now its Kakdwip..Telengana...Naval
The people are seething.
But what does it all indicate ?
I'm leaving.
Lights !!!
Could you switch them off nurse?
They haven't seen riots...
nor famine...
nor war...
nor death...
fighting within the parliament...
So will the very definition
of revolution change ?
What's that Mohit ?
Writing film songs ?
No...poetry... will you hear them?
that's not for me...
Poetry and me are chalk and cheese.
You look frail Bhoba...'ve changed a lot... the last few years...
You look much older. - Yes.
These days I cough if I raise slogans.
Sudden bouts.
Have a perfumed kerchief guys?
Doctor's diagnosis ?
One side of the river
erodes as the other builds.
One burns so as to illuminate others.
That was the point of our struggle,
right comrade ?
Ketoki is doing great now
as a movie actress Bhoba. So mind it.
Shut up...
...what about you guys?
Running to Bombay for money?
Remember that poem of Salil's ?
Stand by in fields,
forests and towns..
"Stand by in harbours,
woods and grounds...
Do you smell something burning?
- What's wrong?
Aren't you getting
a burning smell ? I am!
What happened?
- Ahalya, Batashi...Sarojini...
...they are all ablaze.
All abaze!
All's aflame.
Bhoba, where are you off to ?
Listen... Bhoba please.
- Bhobha where are you going?
Heard the latest?
Bhoba's run away from home ?
Uncle Bishtu's son Bhoba ?
Who else ?
Wayward lad...
...he's run off to some
place called Kanpur" work in the cotton mills... studies" nothing.
Wait, Bhoba.
Don't leave. - Bhoba, Bhoba!
In the fields, the ports,
the cities and villages" prepare!
Those snuggling in the eternal
darks of their unlit homes.. prepare!
Those with hungry stomachs
and dried up faces...prepare!
This is a call to all the
homes in the land, prepare. Unite!
Our soil belongs to our soiled hands!
Our soil belongs to our soiled hands!
Our soil belongs to our soiled hands!
Endless clouds of unshed rain..
...clinging on to the
skies in dirge despair... they mourned the denied life.
Claiming the child
his right to live... seed raised a tiny head
No butterfly spread
its cocooned wings...
Kakdwip was not the same that night.
Head the poem ?
Was abroad at that time
but have heard about it.
But why were poor farmer's
wives fired upon ?
Because they had freed Kakdwip.
Which ruler tolerates...
free subjects in his rule?
Came to Kolkata...
...for higher studies...
...a defeated poet
like all good Bengali boys.
That smell wafts into the
wards and it's harmful for you too.
We are fire eaters...
...wouldn't have stubbed
it out in those days.
Non conformist ?
Conform where my boy ?
No roots, no encumbrance,
just a homeless refugee boy...
- Sir...
What? - Sir, can we say something?
Sir, Bhushon saw someone burning
up a book and flee last night.
Why.. why burn a book?
After that police raid, may be
they wanted to make the book vanish.
Com plain to the Superintendent.
What will I do ?
Treat the ill or play hide and seek?
What book ?
- We can't read the entire thing.
Piecing the burnt fragments...
' How to be...
...a Good Communist'.
Okay you guys carry on.
I will look in to the matter.
How did you know
the name of the book ?
It was our ABC... learning the alphabets.
Where are you my dear
Boudi (sister in law)?
Here comes your tutor.
He's completely head over heels.
Coming over twice a day to teach.
Here we are. Come in.
So where's my 'Das Kapital' ?
Could I have a cup of tea please ?
Really, you've got
an angel in your house.
You people sit.
Got you two new books.
It is the language of my protest...
It is my dissent's...
May it burn twice it's life.
If you wish to reach the
grassroots in this country...
you have to dig into our soil.
Just reading Leu Shao Qui won't do.
Great activist!
Welcome Ma'am.
How do you find him ?
Good !
Seem happy 101153! 7
That's because the cops came
in the morning, called me a drunkard.
I've asked Ramen da(brotherly).
They live close by. They'll com e.
Just a few more days here.
You've to recover fast
and get back to work now.
Don't be late, times are bad.
Was behind bars when
the party was underground,
maybe you've forgotten.
You were better off in prison...
than with me, in yet another prison.
No Doctor...
it's apparent...
I keep working but I cannot proceed,
even if I proceed I cannot finish.
Have you progressed
with your translation?
It was progressing but
then an obstacle came by.
The Santhal girl in the next cabin...
...she is upsetting it all.
Phulmoni ?
What's happened to her ?
She has gone mute.
Got raped by some army
personnel in the jungle.
In her veins runs the
revolutionary blood of..
...Sidhu and Kanu,
leader of Kol and Santhal rebellion.
If they get mad all your
state machinery is finished!
My state machinery ?
Not yours? - No!
It never was.
This so called independence
by stabbing us in the back...
...we never accepted it.
never will. And anyway"
How on yonder boatman...
my broken boat is
on the deep deep sea...
POW on...
row on my boatman...
my broken boat is
on the deep deep sea...
Have seen three of your films.
Didn't understand much,
but they look like paintings.
And what about my
thoughts you rascal ?
They were also nice...
...but... - ...could not understand.
I have understood...
I am gratified...
now be of some help
my understanding rascal?
Just say...
Can I smuggle in...
some booze out here ?
The Democratic police force can
rape a political prisoner in custody.
"Desher Broto" has brainwashed you.
Pass on some bucks now,
you disgraced intellectual.
Right !!!
What's happening here ?
Back to your wards.
Where is it?
This is Einstein!!!
...coming out.
Long years ago...
we made a tryst with destiny,
and now the time comes...
when we shall redeem our pledge...
at the stroke of the midnight hour,
when the world sleeps,
India will awake to life and freedom .
Mahatma Gandhi was shot,
and killed this evening
by a Hindu fanatic.
The man who identified
himself as one Nathuram,
fired a fourth shot,
apparently in an
effort to kill himself.
An infuriated crowd...
fell upon the man,
and beat him with sticks.
Hey! You scoundrel!
We assert that after
the transfer of power...
on 15th August 1947,
a section of the left leadership...
feel that revolution is just,
around the corner and
that this freedom is fake.
We have to avenge this!
The gunned down Haramadhav and Sun.
Haruda'a house was ransacked.
I can't believe our
country is free now!
I have a problem with
the word 'freedom', Gurudas.
Its because of these sarcastic
jibes of you people...
that Monishonkar da,
Rajani da have left our group.
Pratap da's theater
group is going great guns.
These newspapers are having
a field day. - Let them!
The government doesn't want
us in parliamentary politics, right?
It's our mistake, we're wrong in
insisting that the freedom is false.
This is Anarchism.
Who are you calling anarchists?
The poor farmers of Dongajora
or the theatre people?
Why are they being butchered?
They are getting intimidated by us.
I can foresee an uprising.
We should carry on
with our theatre work.
Err.. why don't we..
Rename our Central Squad
as our 'Troop Brigade'?
Boudi (sisterinlaw) can
I get a few mouths of food ?
Drink some water,
that's what you need first.
I'm acting in Samarda's
film which is about refugees.
Nitai da has called
to assist in his shoot
On the other hand there
is the zonal meet...
Listen, we are into politics too.
Everyone does.
But that is no excuse,
for your Vagabond existence.
Now go take a bath.
" The storm crashes on to
the blazing for head" understand?
You need a wife.
Dugga's from Shillong.
I'm her tutor here.
They still get trapped !
Your novels are so popular back home.
Which ones ?
- "Mohakaal", "Dheu","Bhangon"
Satyabrata is a genuine
people's author, Dugga.
Much like you he's been imprisoned
for his activism. Tea anyone?
Getting paid for drilling
sense into wood... tuition.., trying to repay your debts.
Who's the wood?
Madan. Give Ma'm a cup of tea.
You still owe me for three months.
Now you know...
studies are fine...
...then you'll realize you're trapped.
Some difficult love letters
will arrive alongwith a grocery list.
Enough. Your tea.
That is obvious your
friend is a romantic.
Romantic, yes. But the
love letters wont have any romance.
Dimitrov facts and CPO testaments"
these will be all.
What are you looking at?
My mother.
What a face... what fire.
Had made some documentaries,
for the Bihar government...
Saw them up close.
Our true land !!!
The original inhabitants.
Of course.
Unlike us.
Uprooted half and halfs,
imported intellectuals"
we cannot decide...
what comes first ?
People or theatre ?
Is PTG the party festoon ?
Yelling "people
people" all the time...
The theatre workers want
to concentrate on theatre Bhoba...
...not meetings, rallies and politics.
Why are they herded into regiments?
Here. -No.
Does anyone care about theater?
The lights, the sets, the acting.
You cannot stage plays
without a revolving stage.
Not enough light, rundown sets" theatre schooling,
the discipline is gone.
A good play has to look good. - No.
It must speak the truth.
- You're being impatient Bhoba.
Even anarchy has a discipline.
You lack that.
You're irregular. When you do come,
you're busy with your 'truth'!
Is that wrong ?
Truth is relative Bhoba.
Today's truth may be tomorrow's lie.
Think about the theatre.
It's the same for 'beauty' Shibuda.
I say it as we speak of theatre.
I can't do theatre for the sake of it.
I'm in for people's theatre.
But your mass plays,
your new fangled drivel, I'm not game.
Hence the new play at Srirangom
is selling so well and we're a flop.
Let it sell.
I'm not here to entertain people.
Be it true or beautiful, do we
have the ability to write a good play.'
The same old hash.
Brecht, Chekov, Ibsen.
You too are stuck at Shakespeare,
Anando. Try something original.
Thought of something new,
Bhoba? - Yes.
I've decided the name too.
Anguish. What's the theme?
Partition? Refugees?
That same old documentary
style of plays.
Suicide. - What!
Why ? Why suicide? - Why not?
Head the papers those days ?
Ripples of suicide in Calcutta.
I was writing as the
Bengal Correspondent.
Thirty one suicides
in a city consecutively.
And the reason ?
Do you have suicidal ideation ?
Oh no!
Wasn't satisfied by just the article,
so I wrote an entire play.
It was turning into a good play.
Expressionist approach
much like Strindberg.
Stop these depressing stuff...
the audience will reject it.
In the morning...
was warming some borrowed
milk for the little one.
The rest...
...the rest hadn't
eaten since yesterday.
Suddenly Nutu, my third one..
...came and stood beside me.
He loves to eat, you know.
But we have never
afforded anything fancy.
He came before me, said...
"Ma.. I want to eat."
wicked boy...
gave him one whack...
next thing I know my Khuki screams...
Ma, something is wrong with Nutu!
Something is wrong with Nutu!
Something is wrong with Nutu!
You are glorifying suicide!
You are behaving
like the Police chief.
Are you the secret mole of the Police?
Whatever we write will be questioned?
Is this a free country ?
That is how the British police
censored 'Nil Darpan' shows.
So what's new?
Bloody pimp-
Come on. Start.
I cried. I cried a lot.
Sat at my door and wailed..
"And wailed.
Is there anyone?
Anyone out there who
understands my tears ?
Is there anyone ?
Is there anyone ?
Is there anyone ?
...who'd understand those tears ?
Bloody scoundrels all...
You understood ? - Right ?
Because l was a people's artist...
that was my job.
The rest were just
the choicest bastards...
...plain mediocre or CIA's agents!
Think about it and tell me.
- About what?
Why did those news of
suicides move you so much ?
Because they were just the symptoms.
I wanted to get to the root cause.
Like you.
That was? - Poverty, what else?
I was only recording
the great changes.
But the why did your
Party oppose you ?
Why could you not
finish your Gorky play ?
You left PTG. - Why?
There's no one with you today.
No friends, no one. Why.'
Because some looked for name,
fame, bank balance.
Some got depressed and looked
away and some went down fighting.
But I..
...was smelling the
gunfire on the streets!
"We have no language...
no homeland..."
All thrown out of their own country.
"We have no destination...
no homeland..."
Grabbing our land now!
There is no good, There is no evil.
No kith nor kin.
Who says to slay is sinning ?
When this world is a
giant Carnival of killing,
Killing in the woods, Killing
in the huts, Killing in bird nests,
Killing in worm burrows,
Killing in vast oceans"
Killing in azure skies,
Killing to survive, Killing for play,
Killing for no reason,
Killing unintended...
What are you thinking ?
Many things...
lam unable to tie up the ends.
Theatre or films ?
Within the party or outside?
I being unable to
settle down anywhere.
You are being chased
by your flight of thoughts.
They never let you
be and that's what I fear.
A demonic criminality.
A strange madness.
What kind of madness?
Have you read about the
Greek legend of Sisyphus ?
King Sisyphus was
punished by the Gods,
to bear stones all his life.
So that his enormous strength,
may slowly ebb.
Because that was what he needed.
His strength made
those around him weak.
You must chastise yourself.
You must control yourself Bhoba.
You must simmer down your smoulder.
Or else all...
will be,
scorched around you.
What's happened ?
The Plays a hit!
But Bhoba,
all your broad big,
exaggerated gestures keep coming back.
It's all like only
your body is acting, false.
But that is what the
audience is lapping up.
Maybe because in this play"
"Raghupati needs to be
played with a superficial touch.
What are you thinking ?
How I have begged,
borrowed and stolen for a few shows.
It is so pointless.
How many people have seen them?
How much can you tell with so little ?
Have you seen De
Sica's Bicycle Thieves ?
Animesh ...explain it to Bhoba.
Because you do it yourself you
don't feel the pressure for profits.
Had a producer been breathing
down your necks...
- But Cinema ?
I know! How long have
you been around?
Huh !Think about
the sheer numbers!
Theatre provokes an immediate
reaction but that is inadequate.
And why are we looking at films
as money making machines ?
I am fed up of my job as
a medical representative.
There is a reason why
I am tense.
Eisenstein, Pudovkin...
had access to government funds
at a point of time.
The rest like Chaplin, De Sica
had a problem with funds.
Take my example.
How much do I earn
as an editor ?
We can all pitch in,
we are the producers.
- As in?
Is this a joke ?
Bikram da l have not
fallen in love with films.
It is just a weapon
for me.
And tomorrow...
if you get a sharper sword ?
Will kick aside movies
and go forward.
Have you thought Bhoba,
what you will work upon?
I know him.
I had seen him.
Still stands the huge city,
it's sky scrapped by
a jungle of black wires.
I had seen him under that sky.
In a crowd of thousands
of city dwellers...
...another city dweller.
How long will your work deal
with migrants and refugees ?
As long as I can.
Because I don't believe
in these very terms.
Stop labeling people!
- But no one saw all that.
But that does not prove there is no
hardship and sorrow in the world.
And what about us ?
You've begged and borrowed
to make the film.
But you couldn't release it.
There are others
making movies too.
They're being shown around the
world, getting acknowledgments.
And you, going
around like a Vagabond.
There is no money in the house.
Money won't remain Dugga.
But my work will.
You'll see.
Your wife has a complaint... are very whimsical...
Which do you prefer Doctor,
a slushy pond or...
a gushing mountain stream ?
I wouldn't have been able to
to lead the life of a school teacher.
...from poetry to prose
to theatre to films.
I had a lot to say.
This is not me.
This is Maxim Gorky.
Dinonath has just translated it
why will we have to justify this ?
Nobody wants to
believe you Bhoba.
Maybe not today but tomorrow.
You all are there, the party is there.
- Where is the party?
The party has dropped you Bhoba.
- What!
They say you, Mohit
and Anando...
You are
Bastards !!!
They've also been wary about
my relationship with Nilkantha.
But Aslam and I...
have already sent our justification
about the cultural front.
What happened to that?
That's also missing.
- That is the problem!
There is a one-man commission
on our new play.
Comrade Basu had written a letter
protesting on our behalf...
...but... that too is missing.
So.. we then cannot remain
in group theatre anymore.
Even if I am not here...
...peoples theatre will remain in me.
Feeling very tired Doctor...
am off to bed.
You are one stubborn man.
You must take your
medicines regularly
Might make you drowsy...
- May I come in?
Need to talk.
About what ?
It is a new dawn in Asia.
These are a few sunrays.
Again at your nonsense ?
- Without booze !
Or, I'd abuse too.
Please leave.
We have work.
Work? Jobless idiots!
We have information...
Ashim Mahato...
of Gopiballavpur... admitted here under
an assumed name.
Conspiring against the
state; that's the charge.
We have an eye witness.
What can I do ?
We have permission...
...from the authorities.
We have a search warrant.
Identification parade.
This is insane...
Come Phulmoni! - Nothing will happen.
Nothing will happen, come.
- Nothing will happen.
Don't be scared.
Phulmoni, listen to me!
Stand here.
Catch her.
What's happened ?
I can't find him Sir...
Try to remember who
you had seen!
It was a ghost!
All states are prone to imagining
ghosts of their traitors.
Shut up you nut head!
This one's the worst of
all the lunatics here!
Bastard !
Who's that?
- Ramu, from the colony.
The hero of many
of your films.
That 'city dweller'
hero of yours.
The film never got released.
No one ever saw it.
I know...
Where have you been
all these days?
We all live in
No man's land Nil da.
Do we have an address ?
I too am a refugee now.
No country, no group,
no friends, no family.
Just a drifter...
a vagabond.
But we will still
give birth Nil da.
We will writhe in pain.
And through that pain...
...will be delivered new life...
Not my lines.
Havel ever deceived
in my world of thoughts ?
Oh no!
Police raid sir.
Narayan .
One of them has been
arrested from Debra.
Take him in custody today.
We'll take him to the court day after.
And in the middle of that...
...road map sir.
They had an assassination plan.
The target was the police chief Manna.
And all you people can see
is state violence, Mr.Bagchi.
When power speaks so
shall the rebel.
If there's a state there
will be conspirators!
Come on!
You bloody pimps
of China!
Damini! Damini, calm down.
Damini, be quiet. What are you doing?
...we need to talk.
Tell me.
Be seated.
After all the medication and therapy"
...we've come to a decision about you.
That this bugger is a
complete scoundrel.
He can never ever change.
Your alcoholism, exasperation,
all of this has one root cause.
We have to make you survive,
you're a creative person.
These aren't my words
but society's demand.
Is the society high on booze?
Why so much compassion
in such evil times?
The dosage which you were
given can't be increased.
There is toxicity involved.
You drank again?
I did.
I mean couldn't control so...
We have to go for ECT.
As in?
Electro Convulsive Therapy...
...popularly known
as shock treatment.
Oh ! Which is a treament
I usually practice on others.
We will be taking all precautions.
But Ma'am, before that you
need to sign the risk bond.
Madam .
The first partition of Bengal, Doctor.
Us, Bengalis, who've suffered
so much since then...
...can't be hurt further more... this new fangled
Western treatment of yours.
Com e.
Let's go for a walk?
Come on.
Open your mouth sir.
A little wider.
Heady sister?
- Yes sir.
Surge, swell
Oh! mighty waves"
Smash, shatter
as shackles do break...
Yonder, a new dawn peeps
as souls arise so long asleep.
Surge, swell
Oh! mighty waves"
Smash, shatter
as shackles do break...
Yonder, a new dawn peeps
as souls arise so long asleep.
Surge, swell
Oh! mighty waves"
Smash, shatter
as shackles do break...
surge, swell
Oh! mighty waves"
Smash, shatter
as shackles do break...
Now try to sit up slowly.
Come on.
You need to get better.
You'll have to start
writing again, right?
My glasses? -Yes.
I have finished writing Doctor.
It's a new play.
Surge, swell Oh! mighty waves"
Now the rehearsals.
Smash, shatter as shackles do break...
surge, swell Oh! mighty waves"
Smash, shatter as shackles do break...
How are you doing today ?
...not beaten.
Head the play ? - Yes I did.
Why suddenly mental patients ?
Who is not a mental patient, Dugga ?
Is everyone sane ?
So Doctor, don't you get
government funds for this place?
We do.
Cultural development fund.
Will you be able to
Manage with this health ?
And that too with the inmates ?
You still have a few
more ECTs to go through.
How many volts per cycle Doctor ?
About volts.
A thousand volts play around
in this brain of mine Doctor.
Your therapy tickles me.
May I? - Please start.
We... plan to stage
a play in this hospital.
Here you go, Jack.
Ace! Its all mine. - How come?
This one..
Leave it. - Silence please.
Mr.Bagchi is saying something.
We all, live in the
heart of this city.
But we are all refugees...
You don't know much. - I know..
...on the fringes of society.
I did right.
Can we never get
back to the mainstream ?
See what he did ? - Amalesh!
Aren't you supposed to give the cards?
We know our pluses and minuses,
our notoriety.
Is this right?
- Shut up. I'm not playing.
But shall we be defeated ?
- What is this Amalesh!
Kartik da.
- You are creating all problem.
Kartik da!
Where are you off to?
Tridib! - Where are you off to?
- If not today then someday.
We will not be defeated!
We can do it.
We will prove it that we
still stand by the working class.
Damini! - Silence.
Mr. Bagchi!
Shanti visualizes these
grills as slithering snakes.
And this huge lock...
the face of Goddess Kali.
Her tongue sticking out.
Stop laughing-
Why are you laughing like a lunatic?
- Once the delusion fades...
...Shanti becomes
the soul of my Bengal.
The slayer of all evils.
And then the celebration of
the Mother Goddess, her tempest dance.
Phulmoni? Phulmoni will dance.
Our Phulmoni? - Yes.
She won't be able to do it.
Mr. Bagchi.
Yes? - You will have
to come with me once.
Sorry. I had to stop you.
Okay, let's go. - Come.
Dad.. - Who is it?
Ramakanta again?
No, I'm Shubho,
from your film, 'Runaway'.
I've run away from home.
Here, Keshto uncle's Gram Fritters,
want some?
Let's run away Bhoba.
Where to?
- To the bank of the Padma river.
No, I'm not coming along.
Don't you know I'm being
treated with shock therapy?
I know.
I am too weak to walk.
- I have brought us a car.
Want to see it?
What are you saying!
There, the master is standing,
Parimal, the loony. Come on.
Master, he will go to Pabna. - When?
Right now.
Making a kill as we are in a spot?
We won't go, won't see Pabna.
Okay fine.
We'll give you twenty rupees.
Let's go.
Let's go Jagaddal.
The flower of pearl,
the flower of pearl!
It is very far!
Your son sent flowers
from the banana plant,
The trees have borne fruits.
Let's go.
Let's leave the roads,
let's go to the river.
Hurry, hurry!
- Hey you! Hey ! You stole my boat.
You've set it afloat.
You scoundrels! Hey!
Parimal Master !
No he's our Fritters man, Krishnadas.
What happened to you?
Someone's home.
They set it ablaze in the '46 riots
We are a nation with our own
distinctive culture and civilization,
"We have no language.."
"We have no homeland.."
"We have no direction.."
"We have no homeland.."
"We have no direction.."
"We have no homeland.."
I propose a two nation theory.
Bhoba! - Hey, it's you Ratan!
Where's Gita, your friend?
Uncle Jagadish's sister?
She went missing.
During the riot.
It's her I've been Looking for.
Bagdibou Koikeyi,
my mother, all have gone missing.
Can you help me find my mother Bhoba?
Come on.
Come on.
My prayers remain unfinished.
My prayers remain unfinished.
I could not say my prayers.
I could not say my prayers.
My prayers remain unfinished.
I could not say my prayers.
My prayers remain unfinished.
Know the name of the river, Bhoba ?
Gita.. you !
Yonder is the station"
...there sits Jagadish da with
the station master, let's go see.
Come on.
Jagadish, the Dwandakaryonno Express
just left packed with refugees.
All from East Bengal, they
dumped two aged women from the train.
Ok. - One is dying.
I believe they are from Bikrampur,
from your village, Kheyadaho.
Oh is it. - Yes, last stage.
Even the Medical Officer failed.
There's no hope.
What's wrong?
- A low caste woman is dying.
My mother!
"We have no language.."
"We have no homeland.."
"We have no direction.."
"We have no homeland.."
"We have no direction.."
"We have no homeland.."
Only a few more days.
I know it's tiring you but...
"this time it's a long term plan.
A short circuit has happened
in the metre box Doctor.
Will there be light ever again?
Your integrity, motivation..
has all that vanished?
Did I ever possess those?
Or was all of it only...
"Wherefore rejoice...
...what conquest brings he home...
...what tributaries
follow him to Home"
in captive bonds of cha..
How are you Bikram da?
I'm good.
How've you been?
Walking the red carpet everyday.
From one country
liquor shop to another.
Everybody's films flop Bhoba.
- How many films?
How many?
A car and it's driver.
A story about their simple love.
No one understood!
Children's literature.
A kid who ran away from home.
No one bothered to see it!
How long shall I hear
the echoes of my own...
"tiring screams in my own dreams?
Could you tell me?
So then you will give up Bhoba?
Don't you have any contribution
in this fate of yours?
You mean I didn't try'?
- You weren't consistent.
Your first Hindi story won awards
You quit the job in Filmistan
to join theatre here.
You started off with the play
but you didn't finish it. - Fimistan!
You wrote scripts, left them to rot.
The shoot started but didn't finish.
Are you decisive at all?
You're displeasing everyone Bhoba.
Governmental offices.
Newspaper offices.
Even family.
You know why?
My pen and I are one and the same.
What are you thinking?
About Rabindranath Tagore.
He's written so much,
thought about so much.
He is so enlightened.
...why did he write
that Poem all of a sudden?
Death, you're equal to my nights.
I don't know.
Will I finally lose?
Will l flee?
What nonsense are you speaking?
I feel really angry at times.
I feel like finishing myself off.
The epic character
Karna(in Mahabharata)"
...was born with innate truth.
And you ?
You were born with innate purity.
I'm not flattering you.
Just analysing.
Over days, the way I feel
about nature, is changing.
Earlier I was prone to feeling
it from the depth of my heart.
And now, all I'm interested
in is how to steal it's beauty.
You're like the Autumn.
Always childlike but always serious.
The girls here are very simple.
They have a natural rhythm in them.
Whenever I see them,
they remind me of you.
It's this simplicity of yours that
has still held our household together.
Love. Nilkantha.
Let's say...
...this is a mental hospital ward.
This is the first time we
get to know about Shanti's illness.
Damini, ready'?
Where's Kartik? Kartik.
Hey Kartik!
- Here Mr. Bagchi. Make up?
You're Shanti's husband who is ill.
Your factory has been locked down.
Kidding me here,
with that kerchief around your neck?
It's my habit from childhood.
I stay a bit neat and clean.
Shut up! Pick up the habits of
your character shedding of your own!
Come on. - Come on, Shanti.
Where are you taking me? I won't go.
Come out Shanti. - Leave me!
Sir. Shanti...
She will die.
Nothing will happen,
this is just a play.
It's all a set up. Fake.
It's fake? -Yes.
It's fake?
Oh no! Blood!
My head is bleeding!
No, thats not blood.
That's your vermillion.
But that's something
Indian married women wear.
Will you burn me to death?
Get lost!
Get lost!
Com e.
Let's go sit in that chair.
Who are you?
I? I'm your friend.
Friend? - Yes.
You're really a friend? - Hmm.
Son, what is the character?
A Doctor.
There should be an integrity.
You should look upright and confident.
Look at our Doctor.
You're constantly stammering.
Does a psychiatrist wear an apron?
Do you have to make him wear
an apron to prove he is a doctor?
Yes, that I have to.
I want to see an archetypal doctor
Ramen da. Even though it's unreal.
Because that's what people think,
that's how they recognise a doctor.
The people are the priority.
Your health has deteriorated.
Leave that.
What news of the party?
Forget it.
You already know,
everything has shattered.
On one side there's
too much compromise.
A part of the group is preaching" participating
in the government.
And the other side is
living on the edge. Terrorism.
Corner the city with villages!
Will you stop dwelling on
this same question again and again?
Ramen da.
Will you please sleep a bit?
Did I take birth to sleep Dugga?
Why art suddenly?
For the betterment of the mass.
This is where Russians are correct.
That's what I felt after meeting them.
The artists of our country
don't know their country well.
Whose betterment
will they think about?
You're right.
Only Mr.Arijit Hay. His 'Pather Gaan',
'Aparajeo, marvelous.
Let's see if he can keep it up.
Thank God he got awards abroad,
Here, gulp it down.
- No, I can't take the smell.
The intermediate stage between
capitalism and socialism is...
...alcoholism, Bagchi.
Here take it. The last shelter
of the intellect. Drink it down.
If I ever touch this thing again!
I have information...
...some of our unit members
drink behind our back.
Why.' What is their problem?
To endure the hardships of life?
And here we're trying to
build a group of activist artists.
From tomorrow no one shall touch
alcohol in the shoot or the edit.
Let's see.
Let's see.
"I am in love."
"I am in love."
"I am in love."
"With my beloved."
"I am in love."
"I am in love."
"The reflection of
my beloved is wonderful."
"The reflection of
my beloved is wonderful."
"I am greedy seeing it."
"I am in love."
"I am in love."
"I am in love."
Ma, brother is home.
I told you not too
but you still came late.
Where is Khuki Ma?
She is my elder daughter.
She has supported everyone.
She is untouchable.
So have you fallen
in love at such a ripe age?
What are you hiding?
Love letter? Let me see!
"I am in love."
What happened Dada?
Why are you so restless?
Khuki has got T.B. Terminal stage.
She's been ill for so long,
none of you understood?
What not has she done for us!
I accuse. - Whom?
No one.
No one at all.
Aunt, where's the tea?
- Good news Boudi.
'Beyond Clouds' has set
the market on fire! Here see.
Yes, I've heard.
- But didn't you guys say...'s too sentimental. Won't work.
Mr. Bagchi's new film 'Beyond
Clouds' fills our heart...
...up with compassionate
colours of life.
Nice, see what the poet.
"Krishna Sen has to say. - Yes.
"This is what the masters
call the personification of tragedy".
May be this tragedy
shall wash away our tragedy.
That could have been
the turning point.
That was the only time I passed.
You could say,
the great mother archetype had worked.
After that I failed miserably.
Why? Why do you say you failed?
Have you heard the song,
'Don't swing with the spring'?
Yes I have.
Very nice song.
'What if this path
never ends?' this song?
Yes. I've seen that film too.
A very favorite film of mine. Bengal's
favorite pair starred in it after all.
At that time a couple of my
films released too, did you see them?
Partition, people residing
in colonies, these were the subjects.
I did not even get the pass marks.
Bye Doctor. I have rehearsals.
Give it to me.
I mumbled as I walked around.
Will I tell you about the dream?
I mumbled as I walked around.
Will I tell you about the dream?
A whitewashed house.
Azure blooms in the garden.
Green meadows and orange rocks,
amidst all of it my little one.
Toddling towards me.
I used to sing him lullabies.
The little mouse is
scared..what if the eagle.
Just him and me,
behind us a row of coconut trees.
A gurgling stream rushes
past in a hurry. My reverie...
This is not working at all.
Do you realize the significance
of Shanti in this play ?
She may be ill, but she
is a mother and that is paramount.
I need to see that mother in you.
Now take it from the top again.
Won't suit me then.
You're developing a mother obsession.
Jung's mother complex.
Get out of it Bhoba.
- Yes, I'm obsessed with it.
As I believe this
mother archetype is..
...woven in our
unconscious for centuries.
And it will motivate a change.
I do not agree.
Analyse Bharat's (playwright)
"Principles of theatre"...
...all folk and traditional
forms of India".
'jatra' , 'noutanki' , 'tam ash a'...
There is always a mother figure.
- We're students of Dialectics.
I know. - Motivation
is the class struggle.
Genetics has a role to play too.
Our religious ways,
our history. - So... religion your new opium?
You're well aware I'm a nonbeliever.
Gods don't suit me.
Rubbish! You're messing around
with religion and God these days.
Forget it. You guys are
too set in your own ideas.
No thanks,
he's supplying imported smokes.
"The rain."
"The clouds of rains have arrived."
"The lovely rains,
impressing the mind."
"The lovely rains,
impressing the mind."
"The rains have com e."
Dada was right.
Whether it's books or films...
...nobody is interested
in tales of hardship.
But endure they all
will in their realities.
Boring. Monotonous.
They're so eager to suffer.
But the moment you speak up...
...they will all disappear!
By the way, there's a good news.
An old friend from college, Suren.
Bumped into him today.
That same old story.
Com e, let's leave. - Bastards.
Watched my movie? -Yes.
You're not being able to rise
above your shanties and shackles.
Do you feel the same?
It's very important to understate
the melodrama in your art.
Don't you find your
dialogues superfluous?
Too many moments,
too many raw incidents.
Actually you're not being able
to break away from the theatre mould.
Coincidences at every step.
What about the narrative?
Its not working. - Uneven.
Rough. Your frames are disorganised.
Edit jerks.
Mr. Bagchi, what's happening?
You put all your hard
earned money into your film ?
What could I do?
What can I do if
my producer runs away?
All that you earned from
the British Tobacco commercial...
"invested it all in the film?
And your family?
What about them?
Then the film would
not have happened.
In spite of the humiliation,
I took up office plays for the money.
And look at you.
What are we Bikram da ?
Intellectuals or...
...entertainment experts ?
Have some money to spare?
"Life... but a walking shadow...
...a poor player...
...that struts and frets
his hours upon the stage...
...and then... heard no more"
30,110 you guys... cinema?
Days that we get good
money picking pockets, we do.
I've seen "Kashmir ki kali",
"Sangam" .
We are Shammi Kapur fans.
Don't mind brother,
we don't understand your films.
So we don't watch.
What's new in that?
No one understands.
Does any son of a bitch
out here understand movies at all?
That I don't know but...
...all I understand is that...
you understand.
You do.
I? -Yes.
How do you know that?
You're just like us.
Living off the streets.
What's that? Gram seeds ?
Mr.Nirodh had come over.
He was planning a documentary
by you on Ustad Alam Khan.
He's given up on that plan.
Came to convey the news.
Give it.
Who is it?
Minu, are you home?
Is everything okay Nil da?
Can I get some food ?
Have been drinking since
morning on an empty stomach.
Come inside. Please come inside.
Sure you had enough?
You all carry on. Go sleep.
I will doze off there.
And listen.
You have those long playing
records of Tagore songs, right ?
Leave them here.
You are very sad, isn't it Nil da?
You put in your best
We all worked so hard.
But then the people rejected it.
In such times...
...always rem ember Tagore.
"Losing faith in humanity is a sin".
Whatever happens,
I will make a film again.
Leave the records and go.
"In happiness and in sadness,
within a heavy heart..who.."
".. is playing the flute"
"Who is playing flute
throughout my being"
Fidel Castro has launched
a revolution from
...his camp in the
Sierra Maestra mountains.
Adolf Eichmann, one of the members
of the Austrian Nazi party...
"In happiness and in sadness."
"..within a heavy heart..who.."
Yuri Gagarin the Russian astronaut
ventured into space
on his orbital flight.
While riding in an automobile
procession in Dallas,
...firing from an upper
floor of a building.
John F Kennedy was shot
to death by an assassin...
"Who is playing flute
throughout my being"
"North Korea had seized
US navy ship Pueblo,
all on board have been
taken prisoner as American spies.
On the first day of
celebration of the lunar year,
Vietnams most important holiday,
the Vietnamese
Communists launched a...
"Feeling the rhythm
of blossoming flower,
the soul and body feels complete"
"What a beautiful fragrance.."
" afloat in the air"
"Who is playing flute
throughout my being"
Why do you move away...
...from the sunshine,
from it's heat?
You fear to break away,
It's not a material success.
Seek like the waves do.
Or sink into the transparent
heart like does the mirror.
How are you Narayan ?
Who are you? -A drunkard.
He is quite a well known man.
A man with no politics.
Where are you?
Listen .
The Party Secretary himself
called me and said...
...Nilkantha...'re the only people's
artist in the country.
I'm dropping this year.
Won't sit for the exam this year.
Couldn't even pay
off the maids this year.
It'll be fine.
Chitramohan Pictures owes you money.
When are going to ask for..
Yes... err...
You don't matter. You may go.
But I will stay back.
I want to know.
Where do you get
the motivation to fight?
See, we're expecting
a police attack any moment.
Don't you know there's
an operation going on here.
But still I will stay.
There's nothing more
left in this Bengal of mine.
It's only you guys who're
twinkling in this darkness!
All films are political
as all art is...
...and all artists are.
The point is which side you take.
Sir, which side did you take,
when you moved to
Filmistan for writing...
...commercial Hindi films?
Or while you did an ad
film for a cigarette brand?
Is it true that you're being
commissioned a documentary...
...featuring the Prime
Minister of the country?
You're feelings are perceptive.
The vow of self sacrifice
mesmerizes me but... guys have been misguided.
Like the agitated ones
from the Reign of Terror.
Don't talk rubbish!
Have you read anything?
Red Book,
Guevera's diary, CPO report?
Why are you interfering
without reading all this?
Have you guys read
the history of India?
How many thousand
years does it stand?
The history of oppression
and deprivation?
And the history of serious
philosophical thoughts.
To uproot those oppressions
and deprivations...'ve to read it, know it.
And then we'll have to rot
ourselves drinking to death, right?
Bloody Nihilist!
A young boy struck by a bullet.
He could be a student or a farmer.
He falls on the earth.
He bleeds profusely,
the blood that the earth sucks on.
Tearing apart the heart
of that soil, rose a Vietnam.
I fake.
I pose of being displeased too.
I lie too,
for the money for my alcohol.
...for name, fame and recognition...
...I won't ever lie.
Is this a pose too?
You've learnt to
trick men pretty well.
He's caught me!
But I tell one thing honestly...
...confused. Utterly confused.
Praise the Goddess Durga!
Praise the Goddess Durga!
Praise the Goddess Durga!
Praise the Goddess Durga!
Praise the Goddess Durga!
Praise the Goddess Durga!
Praise the Goddess Durga!
Praise the Goddess Durga!
Praise the Goddess Durga!
Praise the Goddess Durga!
Praise the Goddess Durga!
Praise the Goddess Durga!
Praise the Goddess Durga!
Praise the Goddess Durga!
Praise the Goddess Durga!
Praise the Goddess Durga!
Praise the Goddess Durga!
Praise the Goddess Durga!
Did you lose yourself
or did you run away?
What do you think?
It's difficult to tell.
I can't really decipher you.
Don't even try to.
I'm a ball of fire, Doctor.
You'll burn your hand.
Our play's climax, as in..
how we are looking at it.
Shanti is recovering
from her illness,
her delusions are clearing out.
The tempest dance!
Phulmoni, come here!
Com e.
Come sit. Come on.
So, won't you dance dear?
Mr. Bagchi, I think Phulmoni
won't be able to, leave her.
Definitely she can.
It won't happen if
she does not dance. Go!
So... won't you dance?
The grills are turning into
black snakes for Shanti, Phulmoni.
And this huge lock is
transforming into Goddess Kali.
A tempest everywhere!
Blood all around! Horrifying
The earth is shaking!
Death is embracing itself!
Amidst that one has to Break away,
set sail on
...on a new sea shore!
The guard tolls the bell,
orders are here!
The bondage of the port
has been unleashed for good!
The old saving out on sail, no more!
Lights off!
Nothing is happening!
But why not?
Look here,
we are all insane here, all crazy.
But, if that insanity"
But if that insanity isn't released,
will any creation happen? No!
Nothing! -You need to take rest.
Go back to your cabin,
you need to sleep.
Bhusan, Bhusan!- Yes!
I won't.
I'm awake for the first time...
and all before have
been decades of mean sleep
Take him away.
- Leave me you scoundrel!
Please calm down.
- Mr. Nilkanth, please calm down.
I'm awake!
Leave me you scoundrel!
I am awake!
I am awake! - Please calm down.
- I am awake!
- Nilkanth!
This won't do. This won't work.
I need alcohol.
Nothing can happen without it.
Give me some money.
I need a bottle.
Give me some money.
I'll get myself a bottle.
I'm not being able to work without it.
Give me some money.
Please, get me a bottle.
My brain's not working, trust me!
Please give me some money!
- There is no money!
Do you have any idea how
I'm affording this hospital?
Bringing up the kids,
the household...
...where is the money coming from?
You don't care about anything!
Only your alcohol!
Look at yourself! You're perishing!
I know! Everything
is burning out within me!
It's all burning away.
Just give me one bottle!
Just one bottle!
A little bit of money.
Fine, this is the end.
I'll never get you admitted again.
I'll not say anything.
Please listen, I'll quit drinking,
once this play is done.
There's another good news.
- What is it?
The results are out.
I've got a teacher's job
at a primary school near Shithigram.
I'm leaving...
...with the kids.
What about me?
Don't you know what will
happen if you drink again?
Why have you been brought here?
I can't work!
"The mango trees are decorated.."
"..the wedding is happening
under the banana tree"
"The handsome groom has arrived.."
"..with the wedding
crown on his head"
Hope you are fine, Sister.
"The mango trees are decorated.."
I'm leaving, Baba.
Let's go. -God bless you.
"..The wedding is happening
under the banana tree"
Where's your father? Inside.
Come on.
Nothing can happen in this house.
What was wrong with
the film institute's job?
You were doing good with
your students and films.
Why did you quit?
I feel claustrophobic stuck
at one place for too long..
What the hell do you
keep writing all day?
Will I write accounts?
I have finished seven scripts.
-Not one has been made into a film!
No one reads them,
neither pays money.
Look at your friends.
Is anyone of them like you?
Can you find anyone lazing
around in that cafe anymore?
Hey Bagchi, come!
Let's have a couple of pegs?
- No, I'm carrying my own.
What took you so much time?
Two groups of communists were
fighting in front of Shahid Minar.
The third power has declared the
formation of a new party, you see.
Why suddenly today.'
After so many days?
What's the date today.'
1st May.
I need some money.
That's why l came.
I read your novel 'Jathor'.
In the newspaper.
Quite a...
Sleazy Crap
I'm a pimp if I'm writing
about human feelings.
Writing about relationships
means getting purchased.
Whose feeling? Whose relationships?
And who is publishing all of it?
The 'partisan thing'
is not selling anymore Bagchi.
You rascal!
Is there any use abusing me Bagchi?
Your Mohit,
is earning money in Bombay now.
And An on do?
A petty villain in the Hindi films.
Since you've been screaming
for the reunion of two Bengals.
And now, when the mass revolution
has set East Bengal on fire?
Where are you now?
At country liquor shops?
That is bothering you? -Yes it is!
That is precisely the
reason I'm drinking you moron.
Get bothered.
Practice getting bothered.
I could not do anything.
If it bothers you people...
...may be things can work out.
Genocide had taken place...
in the hamlets of My Lai My
Khe in the Son My village in Vietnam
Most of the victims were women,
children including
babies and elderly people.
Is Kshiti babu inside? -Yes.
He's there. -Nilkantha Bagchi.
I know.
I've written a new script.
He had asked me to come.
There's a meeting going on inside.
He's a producer after all.
A little busy right now.
Com e. Please sit for a while. Com e.
This year"
...a lot of films are being made.
Lot's of films, huh?
Sit here.
I'll call you when Sir's free.
"From one side to the other,
The boat's helm is moving"
"The water of the river
is noisily moving up and down"
A slum in Kolkata.
Ugly, tattered huts.
"The honeybees are
playing on the flowers.."
A mother...
...beside a frail child.
Wake up.
It's morning.
I've seen him somewhere.
Roams around the burning ghats
A drunkard... is he alive?
I know him. He is the loony Bhoba.
Oh no! Isn't this Nilkantha Bagchi?
"My beloved is come."
"My beloved is come."
"My mind is happy."
"My beloved is come."
"My beloved is come."
Madam, madam!
I'm sorry Ma'am,
his condition is extremely serious.
We can begin with the treatment
of his physical aliments...
...but we need to refer the
case to the psychiatry department.
For alcohol detoxification.
Without that we won't
be able to save him .
Could you give me an estimate of... much money would be required?
It is estimated that around
million East Bengali refugees
...entered India during
the early months of the war.
Near Gorkha Brigade,
Border Security club lost by 10... the Durand cup finals.
Come on Jagaddal!
How much?
Two rupees per ton sir.
You'll not find this
opportunity again!
Give away all that you have!
This won't even
be four to five tons.
Moreover it's only junk.
How much?
There's no answer to that.
You've failed.
All of it has been robbed.
We've all faded away... the air.
We're finished.
Won't Nil survive...
...Bikram da?
I've packed your bags.
You should leave.
You're successful.
You've always been
behind him, honey.
Go away.
Go. - Based on the story of Amitabh
Choudhury, the film 'Mon Niye',
...directed by Salil Sen, starring
the famous pair Uttam Suchitra,
...has opened out a new
horizon for psychological..
"Thrillers in Bengali films.
It makes me feel sleepy.
How many more cycles to go?
One more, day after.
You're free to go after that.
Day after? That's when the
first show is and you guys are...
That's in the morning
and the show is in the evening.
You can be brought here
for the show in that case.
And backstage?
Will those fools be able to manage?
Set, lights, curtains, bell.
Sure they will.
And we'll all be there, don't worry.
And you too have to recover, right?
Have you been able to figure
out what my disease is Doctor?
You believe in life.
So there's light.
But you don't care
about your own life.
That's when the darkness strikes.
You are a science student.
Could you tell me,
what is the physical state of fire?
Phulmoni, come here.
Yes? What do you need here ?
Come on, go back to your bed.
- Who's it?
Let her come in.
Make it fast
Come in.
Tomorrow is the climax of our play.
If you don't dance...'ll not reach it's crescendo.
Won't you dance, honey?
Won't you dance?
I was reading a novel.
I'm thinking if
I could work with it.
Have you heard of Malopara?
Do it, it'll work out well.
Today all the pain in my
heart and body shall cease to exist.
You must come to watch
the play in the evening.
There's a good news.
You're going away
to Shithigram, right?
The government is honoring you
with the Padamasree award this year.
In that easel must make amends
for all the defects in my body now!
You've come back here again?
What do you need here now?
You have been a good wife...
...and a good mother...
to my son!
I could not go on anymore.
But can't this.. of hatred
linger some more.
I will not let you go.
I'm planning to leave very
early in the morning tomorrow.
Could you...
...come to the jungle once?
Let's see.
-Err.. you must bring Satya along too.
I want to see his face... the light of a new dawn.
Then I'll leave.
"Surge, swell Oh! mighty waves!
Smash,shatter as shackles do break"
The century is about to end.
We can't just sit like this.
We've do something!
We'll have to do something!
Baba! -Satya!
"Surge, swell Oh! mighty waves!
Smash,shatter as shackles do break"
"Surge, swell Oh! mighty waves!
Smash,shatter as shackles do break"
That woman in white,
and a few more men...
...pushed me into a small
room behind a door with iron grills.
A spark flashed in my brain,
I was a prisoner.
Suddenly... Khokon came
and stood before me.
A blur at first
Then slowly he became the real.
How did he come in
through those grills ?
He walked in and stood before me,
When did he learn to walk ?
My Khokon has learned to walk!
...a thousand black snakes!
They started slithering
up allover my Khokon's body!
And the iron grills transformed...
...into a hundred
wriggling serpents!
...and the lock!
The giant lock jangled into
the very face of Goddess Kali,
her tongue hanging out,
her weapon held high in the air.
Who's there ?
Again a?
Refugees again?
Who are you, my child ?
Have you come here losing your home,
your homeland, again?
Are you the vanished soul,
of my lost Bangladesh ?
I hail from Bangladesh.
My name...
Where are you going ?
A RijVneT - DDR Presentation