Mehandi Circus (2019) Movie Script

-What happened?
-Grandma! Dad hit me.
Ok, dont cry. What you did?
Grandma! Tell me a story.
-What story?
-Story of the prince, who stole the knife.
I have told it countless times.
-Tell me once more, Grandma!
-Ok, come on.
Sit here.
Long ago,
There was a princess in our race.
Her name was also Mehandi!
A Peacock-pretty Princess was
once lived in the Tropical nation.
Prince of the Hill nation was fallen
by her striking beauty.
While they were waiting
in their love chariot...
The seeds spread in the air
and blue flowers bloomed.
Then the Mangolian King invaded
and defeated the Hill nation.
The Prince fled into the forest.
The Mangolian King...
Conquered the Tropical nation
And killed their King.
In the presence of the captured princess...
An astrologer whispered about a secret
into the Mangolian Kings ear.
Take the knives made up of Rhinos bone...
Hurl it around the princess for 30 days!
Collect some blood by slashing your
chest and offer it to the God!
If you do this, you will be immortal...!
When it reaches the Princes ears,
he sneaked into the fort by the night...
He fetched the Princess and the knife
And vanished into thin air
He entered into the forest
Lived happily in the love universe!
Philomein Raj
Selvakumar S.K.
Sean Roldan
Story, Dialogue
Raju Murugan
VK Eswaran B.A & Vinesh Velayudhan
K.E. Gnanavelraja
Their souls are now protecting our
kindred as dieties!
Screenplay - Direction
Saravana Rajendhiran
2010 - Ambale Village, Maharashtra
What did doctor say?
He asked us to fulfill Mom's wishes.
He asked to bring her beloved ones... meet her.
Did her husband--
that's your father visit or not?
Where has that drunkard gone,
without seeing her?
Where is that loafer?
Tell me, I will drag him here now.
I will go!
I will bring him here...
...and show my mom.
Where is that mongrel?
(Indistinct voices...)
(Tamil movie song playing...)
What an amazing voice Chitra has!
It's churning the abdomen...
What do you say, brother?
Yes brother, the same...
'Chinna Kuyil' Chitra!
It's not Chitra, it was Vani Jayaram!
Listen it properly.
Can't you figure out from her
Ga Ma Ga nuances?
Are you hitting for that? You, crazy!
(Brawl starts...)
-Sit down please! Back to your seat!
-Hey, stop that song!
Are you man or animal?
Why are you being such an
ugly and dramatic... this Peace Temple?
Any girls matter?
Girls matter?
When I told it was sung by Chitra,
he is hitting me for that. Crazy!
Just sit down! Be cool.
Are you the owner of Echo records?
Now I am going to sing a song,
you have to tell me who sang it.
If you dont answer correctly... get to slap him!
"Thousand sweet dreams in eyes..."
"Both cheeks are ice cream..."
-TMS & Jayalalitha!
Jayalalitha? He didn't ask, who acted
in it. He asked about who sung it.
-Can you say whatever, while Amma
is not ruling? -It's sung by Jayalalitha.
Sit down!
Absolutely correct!
I want to kiss you. Yes...!
"You are my life..."
"I am your life..."
-"...who you are...?"
-Jency & Jesudas!
-Very good!
-"One parrot is longing in love..."
"Oh, Myna... Myna..."
S.P. Sailaja!
"Baby Krishnaa is calling..."
-"Baby Krishnaa is..."
-Balamurali Krishna!
"What else you want...?
Tell me only once..."
"Will put the Moon
as your doormat..."
Who sung this?
Is this a movie song?
-Look, what he asks?
-Ask from released movies!
Brother hasn't updated since '92
He froze in that period.
Ask whatever released until it.
Hey! Its late hours...
Do you have sense?
Who are these morons? Hey!
-"...surrendered myself in your hands..."
-What is happening?
"You are the king of smiles..."
"I'm your queen..."
"You are the soulful singer..."
"I'm your tune..."
"One heart is longing
and hesitates..."
"Everynight I'm sleepless..."
Jayachandran & S.P. Sailaja!
Could you find, who sung this?
"Oh, My love..."
"You are my pupil..."
"Golden beauty..."
"Listen to my song..."
"Oh, My love..."
"You are my pupil..."
"Golden beauty..."
"Listen to my song..."
"Oh, My love..."
-Hey, stop!
Universal... pain!
Hello sir!
Where could I find
Rajageetham Musicals' Jeeva?
Rajageetham Jeeva?
Go that side!
At Nandha Netcafe, you will find
Mr. 'Otha Vedi'.
-Ok sir.
-He will lead you.
-'Otha vedi'?
-Yes, Otha vedi.
Lets go and check.
-Thank you sir.
Dear, they are here to meet you.
-Good morning!
-Good morning!
I'm Nisha and he is Amar.
We are coming from Maharashtra.
We want to meet Mr. Jeeva.
I'm... daughter of Mehandi.
Super! Great Jeeva! Amazing!
"Will do makeovers..."
"Will do gimmicks..."
"He is evil! Man is evil!"
-"He is evil..."
Hey! You all, get out!
Get lost!
(Crowd mumbling...)
You too get out!
Bro! See you tomorrow at the bar.
Will kill you!
Why are you doing this?
Listen, some important persons are
here to meet you. Come and talk to them.
You come and talk.
-Come on, dude!
-Hey, leave me!
Crazy! You know who is here?
Please, come here!
She is Mehandi's daughter!
(Classic Tamil song playing...)
-Keep it in trunk.
Have a safe journey.
'I can't forget that blessed day.'
'I'm not sure, your mom told you these...'
'This is where, I first met her...'
You don't talk about my daughter!
You have not raised her properly.
Behave properly.
Let us talk once the kids leave.
You can leave.
Lets go and play...
Esther sister, let's go.
Is Rajangam coming here?
We informed him
sir, he will come.
Go and call him again.
-Its not possible Kalian. -Try, madam.
-Wire is short.
-Stretch it more madam.
-Not possible.
Extend your hand more.
What's going on?
Hey! What are you doing here?
It's.... His mom has been admitted
in hospital.
She wanted to speak with him.
His uncle is on the phone now.
-Give it.
Answer the call.
Cable is short...
-Come inside, Kalian.
How can you allow him inside? Nonsense!
Make the call from the post office.
Hey! listen me. Go to the post office.
Lets go.
Hello. Tell me! I'm on the way.
Yes, I am ready. Leaving now.
Will reach there in ten minutes. Will meet.
Ramar, start the vehicle.
-Welcome Rajangam, take a seat.
-Good morning father.
-How are you?
-I'm fine, please sit.
-What's the issue?
-Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord...
Gabriel's son Stephen of our church and...
Robert's daughter...
-...Elizabeth, have eloped somewhere.
-I see!
Both families are suffering now.
Father, you know that...
...We are true Christians and
they are converted!
-You, sit down.
What you said? If he is converted...
...then, who you are?
Are you the descendant of George III?
You all are converted.
If so
-Keep this in mind, sit down.
That's not the issue!
Your son is responsible for
all these problems.
My son?
You, show that audio cassette!
(Tamil song playing...)
All these dress up,
makeup, flirting, kissing, romancing...
...happening in this locality...
...your son is responsible.
Wait guys! Be patient. Will give you all.
Wait, I will give you.
These things are
happening in RSP bus.
(Tamil romantic song playing...)
(Another romantic song playing...)
(Another romantic song playing...)
Didn't it work out?
Ok, meet me tomorrow at the shop.
-Bro, did Roja arrive?
Ordered a month ago. Still you didn't buy.
A new boy composed it. Great song.
Hey, what kind of song is it?
I also listened it.
I dont consider it a good song.
It's rupturing the ear drums.
What's that boy's name? Yes, A.R Rahman!
He will be an one film wonder...
He will vanish after 2-3 films.
Hey! Send, Stephen inside.
Go inside man!
He is the sole proprietor of love.
-This cassette will work-out, go!
-What song is today?
-Play it bro!
(Movie dialogue playing)
"Hope everyone hear this"
"I wanted to say this to you alone"
"But you insisted to say this on public..."
"I can't deny your words..."
"That's why I'm on mic now"
"Oh, God! No!"
"I... love--"
"Love you!"
'Me too...'
Sir! Including them, 4 pairs eloped till date.
In these 4 cases...
...your son has played major role.
Thats why we gathered here sir.
Accused No.1 is, Ilayaraja!
A2 is your son, Jeeva!
Sir, we dont interfere in his business.
but ask him to stay away from love issues.
Because of you only, we are dealing this
leniently. Please understand it sir.
If I heard any more complaints,
I will burn the shop.
Jesus, my father!
-Jeeva! You are not even a christian.
But your donation helps to run
half of our programs.
Character is important.
Keep this in mind.
Okay father! I will take care.
Father! Those people came again.
-Those who asked permission to
run circus in our Church ground... -Yes.
-...They are here. -Is it?
-Yes father.
-Ok, You can leave.
-Ok, father.
Here they are.
-What is the name of the circus?
-Mehandi circus.
Who is that girl?
It's my daughter.
(Indistinct voices...)
-Dude! Do you know, who is a real father?
-The species, created by the God
to beat his own son. -Is it?
His' own son!
-Why your father is always beating me?
-Dude, did you laugh now?
Please, dont try this again.
-The girl you were eying
in the morning... -Yes.
...that circus team is here.
We are like Rajini and Mammootty
in Thalapathi movie.
Our friendship is like that-- hey!
Dude! What happened?
-One, Two, Four...
-Dont irritate, I will kill you.
-Dude, I'm helping you. -You just stop.
-Keep quiet.
Twenty two...
-Give it.
-Twenty six.
Give it to me!
Hey, wow! She started it in single kick!
-Hey lady Bruce Lee! Thank you!
Move the bike dude.
Hey, move the bike.
(Hindi romantic song playing...)
Mr. TMS!
You made MGR as chief minister by
singing many hit songs for him.
Our SPB, is in the process of making
Rajinikanth as Chief Minister... singing more hit songs.
If I bundle you both in carrot sack
and throw out,
Then all our problems will be solved.
Because of your work, in the next
20-25 years all the actors will...
...declare themselves as future
Chief minister. I mean it.
Just leave it.
Did you record philosophical songs?
Philosophical song!
Do you know the meaning of
"Laalaakku dol dappi maa"?
-You don't know?
Then, explain this philosophy and
get your philosophical songs.
Here, we give preference to Romance!
(Hindi romantic song playing...)
Why are you playing only Hindi songs?
So what?
Yes, our boss loves only Hindi songs.
Are you going to
self-immolate yourself?
-Guys, bring that kerosene tin!
Just do your job!
Hey, move aside. Move!
(Hindi romantic song playing...)
The other day,
you helped me to start the bike...
-...that's why i'm thanking.
-No mention.
Could you play this song, once more?
(Same Hindi song playing again...)
Mehandi, shall we go?
Oh! Is this called 'Fan's choice' ?
-Hey, do your work!
-I know buddy.
Today evening starts at
Poomparai Church Ground...
...yours' Mehandi circus!
It will be a celebration for kids...
Delight for youngsters and elders...
We welcome you all and seek your support.
(Indistinct voices...)
Dude, the whole town is gathered here
to hang out.
Gatherings like these have turned,
many politicians as clowns!
(Indistinct voices...)
-They are audio technicians.
Show them where to install.
They will setup in 30 minutes.
-May I join with you?
-No, please go ahead.
Dont be scared.
-You like our town?
-Yes, food is very good too.
Hey, go and finish the job.
Come on bro, I will teach you Hindi.
(Indistinct voices...)
-Is the audio system ready?
-Ready, dude.
Play this cassette.
I will handle...
(Romantic Tamil song playing...)
Oh, my love...!
Circus will get empty now!
Move aside! Girls, come in.
Learn to respect women!
Are You from Pazhampudur?
Which song you want?
Karakattakkaaran or Chinnathambi?
Do you have Roja movie songs?
Roja movie songs?
Roja songs are nice you know?
Composition is really fresh!
He is a kiddo named Rahman, but talented!
He is composing music subtly in
distinct way by using computer!
Even if he get Oscar in 20-25 years,
Nothing to wonder!
You all asked for the same songs, right?
(Humming a song)
Mehandi Circus is going to start in
few minutes...
We invite you with families
to experience a great entertainment.
My salutation to the respectable people,
who gathered here on the opening day!
We are not a named circus unit,
having Lion or Elephants.
Our crew members not even in hundreds...
Hey you, get up!
We dont have colorful lightings either...
But we are a crew of just ten persons!
Assuring a great entertaiment to you!
We are here with hope...
...please support us.
(Exhilarated voices of spectators...)
Your wait is over...
The most anticipated...
Death Game!
Starts now...
It's a Do or Die game...
To get your applause...
We are risking a life!
(Audience cheering up...)
Hey! You!
Hey, come on! She is safe!
(Hindi song playing...)
It was very distressful to watch you
stand for knife throwing game.
I was very distressed... watching you...
stand for... knife throwing game.
(Cassette got stuck...)
Not only the Cassette, you too
got stuck, crazy!
-Hey, circus!
Hey, why do you keep walking--
I couldn't watch, when you stand
during knife game...
-Please, don't do this again...
It hurts my heart...
I coudn't sleep last night
by thinking about it...
That's it! Take care!
See you boss.
Goat eyed beauty!
Butter-cube teeth cutie!
She invaded the whole Town...
Unseen curvy stunner!
Wild Jasmine charmer!
She reared up as Serpent in my heart
Goat eyed beauty!
Butter-cube teeth cutie!
She invaded the whole Town...
Unseen curvy stunner!
Wild Jasmine charmer!
She reared up as Serpent in my heart
She offended me
With her silence!
She wounded me...
Without stabbing!
She offended me
She wounded me
She offended me
She wounded me
She is not a girl!
But a pot of Rose!
Im praising with unblinking eyes...
Like a good romantic movie!
Its not a lie!
She is a Temple car!
With her single glimpse,
These Caste & Religion will disappear!
Oh...! Peerless beauty in the Country...
She displays it quirky!
My urging heart is houseful...
And I became unstable
Goat eyed beauty!
Butter-cube teeth cutie!
Goat eyed beauty!
Butter-cube teeth cutie!
She invaded the whole Town...
Unseen curvy stunner!
Wild Jasmine charmer!
She reared up as Serpent in my heart
Whole district is... Eyeing on her!
When she appears before...
I am searching myself!
She is the Heroine to everyone...
Though villains are everywhere...
I will guard my Love!
While the whole town is lingering for her,
Who will get her glimpse?
Became moron with her freaky smile...
And Im totally vague!
Goat eyed beauty!
Butter-cube teeth cutie!
She invaded the whole Town...
Unseen curvy stunner!
Wild Jasmine charmer!
She reared up as Serpent in my heart
She offended me
With her silence!
She wounded me...
Without stabbing!
She offended me
She wounded me
She offended me
She wounded me!
-Brother, weather is nippy here, right?
Dude, stop. See who is there!
-How much?
-2 Rupees for 2 teas.
Hey, it's on me.
I will pay.
I will pay for you.
-Now I understood, how tamilians' assets
got nationalised. -You!
Go and get cassettes from Vaththalagundu.
I'm leaving...
Circus man! He is Poomparai's MGR!
Fill your stomach...
Hereafter, i will pay for you!
(Indistinct voices...)
It's always danger, if knife misses...
Have you heard about, '3 Knives' game?
You have to throw, 3 knives upwards...
...and have to lie down before
knives fall between your thighs.
Look here1
Once, it got missed...
...and wounded my thigh.
Why in the hell, you are doing this?
It's our family profession...
It's inherited...
Hunger too inherited, right?
Nothing will happen to that girl, right?
-Who, Mehandi?
Be careful, safety is important.
If she dies, can you bring back her.
It is in my skillful hands, brother!
I will tear the sky!
Drink the ocean, Bro!
Leave this bro!
One new item is there tonight.
Come and watch.
How did he throw fiery knives?
My body is burning, dude!
My body is shivering, dude!
If I stand here for 5 more minutes,
you will see me in obituary poster.
She is my angel. How can they do
this to her? My whole body is on fire!
Whole body is shivering, dude!
What are you planning now?
How to torture me next, right?
Shall I bury myself in graveyard?
You are torturing me in several ways.
Carry on, dude!
Why are you sulking like this now?
Hey, you!
Can I tell you one thing?
That knife appears
often in my dreams...
Hey, what did you say now?
That knife keeps appearing in my dreams...
Oh my! What is he planning next?
Now, your favourite Knife game...
Do or die...
If it misses, she dies...
Starts in seconds...
(Indistinct voices...)
Come here!
(Indistinct voices...)
Master! The knives have been missing.
The knives for Game of Death are missing.
Whoever has took those, kindly return--
What the hell you are talking?
Chaotic voices...
Hey, everyone be seated!
Dont shout!
Sit! Sit! I say sit down!
Everyone, be seated! You too sit!
Keep quiet!
Whoever took the knives,
return it immediately!
You won't be punished, if you return it.
If I find, will tear you down.
You can't sell or pawn those knives.
Whatever you do, you will get caught!
Return it immediately!
Perform something, for
the money we paid.
Hey, Sit down!
-Ask that girl to show something!
-Come here!
-You, come here!
What do you wish to see in that girl?
-Did you steal the knives?
-No, sir.
-Are you making fun?
-No, sir. Please leave me sir.
The show has been interrupted here...
-What do you want to see in that girl?
-No, sir! I dont want to see anything.
Do you doubt any one?
No doubt!
-Head Constable, close the gate!
-Yes, sir.
Everyone, come in queue!
Are you trying to play with me?
If I find that culprit,
I will tear him down.
Chaotic voices...
You are the one, who took the knives.
I know it.
No! Why should I take those?
That guy might have taken.
That... cycle guy,
who spoke to you the other day.
It's not him. I know, it's you only.
Please return those knives
or things will get messy.
Then I won't come near your shop.
Listen, I like that thrill,
that's why I'm doing this.
Who did this?
We found the knives. Thank you so much!
The Mangolian King...
stabbed heavily and killed the Prince.
What grandma, telling the same old story?
You carry on!
After witnessing that, the princess too...
...stabbed herself and died.
But they became as deities...
...and protecting us till.
Why are you playing carol now?
It's for Good Friday, father!
Good Friday?
It is not for another 10 months!
-What a mess?
Father, we are doing it for...
Jeeva's personal use.
You are misusing, The Lord's place.
-Already you have caused many
problems, is it not enough? -No, father!
-Hey, clear these things.
-Sorry father!
-Sorry father! We won't do it again.
-Get out!
Please... father.
-Why do you care about the music
played at Knife game? -Keep quiet!
Who needs this music?
-Ok, open the door.
-You open it.
I'm your scapegoat, always...
Oh! One more door to go?
-He has not locked, even a single door.
-Go ahead!
Hey, Stephen?
-What are you doing here?
-Hey selfish! You both eloped on your own.
But we are facing the problems here.
My ears are still ringing
from his father's slap.
Have you been caught by the Orangutan?
Who invited you here?
Father, how Stephen--
I spoke with Edwin...
You will get the job in a week.
Give this letter to him.
-Thank you father.
-Be inside the room.
Once the streets are deserted,
get into the woods thru the back entrance.
-Got it?
-Okay father.
Bharathi Raja movie is working out...
What about your angel?
She is dealing with knives, Father.
-She is in circus.
-Oh, that girl?
Conduct carols as you wish.
We will bring 100 more violinists too.
Just hold her in the musical rain.
-Yes, father.
-Father! Can I hold this grape juice?
Hey, behave yourself...
Put it down.
Do you know, what Jesus says?
-He says, fall in Love!
-Is it?
Yes! Love alone glorifies the human race!
That's only blossoming in the trees...
Performing carol in the church...
Playing in the cassettes too!
Sometimes... it becomes a priest and
holding the rosary too!
"This is the best love...
since Early man's love..."
No! His love is the best...
This is the best pair since...
The Adam & Eve!
-He is a church father!
-Hey, he is our brother now.
Hey, Stop!
(Indistinct talk...)
I told you to stop.
The music playing during the knife game...'s annoying me.
I composed a new track.
Hereafter play this.
It will be nice.
Why did you take the knives?
Don't you understand?
I can not tolerate it.
Why? Are you afraid that I will die?
Why do you bother, if I die?
Then I will have to die.
This will not work out.
Which one?
In few days...
we will move away.
You will think about me for a while...
...then you will forget me.
I'm just a circus showgirl, right?
Will kill you!
You called me to say this?
Do I look like a romeo?
Look here!
You can't just leave me!
I won't allow you to leave me!
What you said?
"This will not work out"!
To say this,
you came with strong makeup.
Do you think, I believe it?
Million cascades are pouring on me dear!
It's pounding on my soul daily,
because of you!
Million cascades are pouring on me dear!
It's pounding on my soul daily,
because of you!
You arrived like the light of a
mountain temple lamp...
You found me by drilling a hole in heart...
The dream that I saw with closed eyes!
A bond that pursuing me for many births!
The dream that I saw with closed eyes!
A bond that pursuing me for many births!
My grandma too... stood for the knife game,
during her days.
Then my mom...
One fine day, my mom died.
Then, I was a... small girl.
From then...
...I was replacing my mom,
...due to my father's wish.
Whether you like it or not...
My grandpa didn't ask my grandma!
My father didn't ask my mother!
You are asking me!
Midnight too longing for our Maestro...
You brimmed like a song composed by him!
Blowing like a mountain air
in a barren plain...
Why did you wring me with your smile?
Without being drunk, I fell on your sight!
Will this pebble unite with the brick?
I will incubate and keep you comfortable...
I born to be united with you,
I pride myself for it.
The dream that I saw with closed eyes!
A bond that pursuing me for many births!
The dream that I saw with closed eyes!
A bond that pursuing me for many births!
-Million cascades are pouring...
-On me dear!
-It's pounding on my soul daily...
-Because of you!
Million cascades are pouring on me dear!
It's pounding on my soul daily
because of you!
You arrived like the light of a
mountain temple lamp...
You found me by drilling a hole in heart...
The dream that I saw with closed eyes!
A bond that pursuing me for many births!
Brother! I saw your son along with
that circus showgirl.
Leave it brother!
Every year, it's been a custom that our
boys spending time with these show girls.
Who gives a damn about it?
Things I hear about you are not pleasant!
You should stop all these.
Who will respect me,
if things go wrong in my family?
Why should one live after
loosing the community pride?
-It's not like that--
-Hey, shut up!
Dont talk!
I won't mind to kill you
even you are my only son!
Behave properly!
Look here!
Your father is slapping me often...
I couldn't control my anger--
Drive me to a wineshop!
You are looking handsome.
You are from a rich and respectable family.
But... Mehandi's father will not
accept your love.
-Our people always behave like this.
I like you.
I will help you.
-I'm helping for you.
-Super! It's enough for me.
What will be your family's response?
Response? He will get fury even someone
falls in love, will he just leave his son.
He is always being proud about his
community, pride and other rubbish.
He won't understand all these
especilly about love.
My mother was knitting a load of ducks
in clothes, for the past 25 years...
She knit them cutely, you know?
She knitted more than 1000 ducks, till.
My father never gave a damn about it.
What the damn he will do about
my love? Nothing!
If I get married with Mehandi... one can do anything.
I will take care of it.
Don't you understand, onething?
If you follow your father's words... will be his hand puppet.
But if you marry Mehandi, against your
father's wish,
-You will have to be a clown in circus.
This is too much...
After the arrival of this circus...
Changed your two wheeler as
a public carrier, Dude.
Hereafter Jadav will sit behind.
No place for you!
-Bye, Jadav!
-See you!
Disassemble the tent in the morning.
(Indistinct voices...)
Oh! Desireful heart...!
Oh! Desireful heart...!
Did you believe the dreams are real?
Oh! My heart...!
Listen Mehandi!
You know that your father will not
accept your love.
These guys always befriends us
for just pleasure!
When it comes to marriage,
they will vanish in thin air.
Spending time with our girls is
an entertainment for them.
Several of our girls being
cheated in the name of love.
How could you do this
though you are aware of it?
Hereafter he will not come for you.
I have faith on him.
Did you believe the dreams are real?
Oh! My heart...!
Oh! Desireful heart...!
Oh! Desireful heart...!
Your dream will... come true! Oh, My dear!
"Mehandi circus starts
today evening in your town..."
"Daily two shows..."
Oh! Desireful heart...!
Oh! Desireful heart...!
Oh! Desireful heart...!
(Indistinct voices...)
I want to marry Mehandi!
I will take care of her.
You won't get any problem.
No one can do any harm.
I will take care of it.
Are you bother of losing income
due to Mehandi's absence?
How much money you want?
I will pay whatever you need!
What you said? Are you paying me?
-Get out!
-I didn't mean--
-Get out!
-It's not--
-Get lost!
-I didn't mean that way.
I don't need you and your money.
We moved from there
to keep our esteem.
Now you came here and offering me money?
-Get lost!
-I didn't mean it, sorry if I'm wrong.
I'm here, for Mehandi!
I can't live without her.
She will be happy only with me!
Our love is true!
True love? You both met just a month ago!
Sir! Leave us.
Please leave us.
Otherwise, I will get heart attack.
Move away sir.
-Who wants his money?
-Shall we dissassemble the tent?
No, Dont!
Wherever we go, this guy will come.
(Indistinct voices...)
Yes sir!
-Call that guy!
(Indistinct voices...)
Whatever you said is right.
You sincerely love my daughter.
But, you shouldn't say about paying money.
I don't need it..
You do one thing!
If you do it properly,
you can take Mehandi with you.
You can go wherever you wish,
I don't bother.
But, you have to do one thing!
Just hurl... 9 knives around her...
as you seen in the Death game!
If you hurl those 9 knives perfectly...
...then you can take her.
If you fail, never come near us. That's it.
You can leave.
I keep my words, see you later.
Jeeva, the whole world is a circus!
There is a knife hanging on
everyone's head.
Power, money, honor..., religion, family...
...Lust, hostility, treachery...
...Jealous, beauty, ugly
are those knives dwelling around us.
For your father, it's community!
For your mother, it's duck!
For me, it's Jesus!
For you, it's Mehandi and Love!
As I said, there is a knife hanging on
everyone's head.
Wine, song, dance, cinema, circus and
everything lies in between this.
Then, that ladies wrist watch in my place...
...It's also in between the knife.
Jeeva! Jesus has made galons of
wine from just a bunch of grapes!
He served a single piece of fish
into hundred pieces!
He resuscitated a dead man!
You can't understand these easily.
But if you look deep into it...
Nothing is impossible if we determine.
When it comes for love,
everything is possible.
Just try! Try in the name of Jesus!
So, Jadav has agreed to train you.
Your love itself is a violence.
-Now you are into knife throw too.
-Hey, shut up.
First, you have to learn,
how to hold the knife.
Then learn, how to hurl it.
Later, you can learn to aim and hurl.
-Try on this side.
-This side?
-You nailed it, dude!
-Hey, leave me.
I mean it dude.
It's really great to miss every throw
as much as hitting the target every time.
-Don't worry, it will take some time.
-He says, you will not make it.
listen, he has planned that you should not
marry his daughter even in dream.
-See now, I will hurl it properly.
-Hey, we can't do it dude.
Your posture seems better than
a professional.
-That's it.
Look, what I have done!
Try once more.
If you want to hit the knives on the right
spot next to legs, hands, hip and neck... should train hard.
You should always think about the knife!
Hey dude, to what extent can you help me?
-Why you ask like this? I will even spare
my life. -Then go and stand near that door.
-Near this door?
-Yes, dude.
Close the door and stand.
Pose as an angel.
Hey, I asked to stand like an angel!
That's it.
Hey! I didn't mean to spare, my life.
Now you want to play with a
live target, right?
I will arrange for it.
Can you buy a biriyani?
-Want to have biriyani?
-Not for biriyani, it's for love.
That love has made one as begger.
Now going to make one, as murderer.
Have some biriyani... No!
If you stand there, you will get biriyani.
Raise your hands, close your eyes and pray.
Now stand still. You carry on dude.
Oh God! Hey, run! Run for life!
Hey, dont risk your life for
some biriyani.
Wow, dude!
Super, dude! 4 out of 9 hit the target.
But any one of the remaining 5 knives
hits her, then...
Hey, mind your job! I know what to do.
-Hey, you throw it!
-Don't irritate me, get lost!
Jadav, today 5 knives hit the target.
What happened, Jadav?
We are leaving next week.
Leaving to Andhra.
(Indistinct chatter...)
I'm ready!
Are you kidding me?
It will take... atleast 5 years
to master in knife throw.
It's too early.
It's not as easy as love... become master in 30 days.
You can go.
-Just leave sir.
(Murmuring words...)
Come on, you can do it!
Go to your position.
-Hey, bring the board!
-Okay master.
Now... Blood-curdling... Death Game!
Starts in... few seconds.
If he misses, she dies.
Here, for your excitement...
...we are risking a life.
It starts now...
I coudn't do it. I don't.
You can keep your daughter!
Take care of her, right? I'm leaving.
-Do you want Roti & Dhal? -It's Okay.
-Lets order Roti & Dhal for all.
-What do you want sir?
-Hot poori with sabzi!
What do you want?
-Kunal, come fast.
(Indistinct voices...)
Why are you doing this?
Will drinking alcohol, change everything?
Wherever I go, I am
haunted by a guilt.
It's all because of me.
Let's go.
Hi Jadav! Is it you? Thank god!
I thought it was someone.
Don't be afraid, Jadav is on our side.
He only gave knife training.
Jadav, Father has left Poompaarai and
waiting near a lodge at Chinnaalapatti.
Once things got settled,
we will come back.
-Shall we go?
-I'm glad about you.
-Be happy.
-Okay Jadav, we are leaving.
Don't be afraid. No worries.
Her father asked to throw knife to marry.
His father will throw knife if he marries.
Leave them behind. Your decision is right.
You are an unknown from somewhere...
But the Lord has signed a deed that
you have to spend your life with him.
Your love should remain true always,
that's enough.
Keep this.
It contains the address. Go to Clover.
From there, you can reach uphill safely.
I have informed over phone.
My girl friend will take care of you.
Don't mention me there as Amaladoss.
For her, I am Candy!
Father, why she named you as Candy?
Ok, the sermon is over. You can leave.
Keep this.
-Have these biscuits and fruits
when you feel appetite. -Ok.
They won't let me in peace after you
gone missing. I'm going to Trichy.
You will be safe, Father!
You will hide in the Church!
-Nobody will suspect you.
-That's the Lord's blessing, my son!
God bless you by child. Live happily.
-See you Father. See you dude.
-Take care.
"The kin that found me..."
"The kin that found me..."
"My future is with you, my dear...!"
"My future is with you, my dear...!"
"Oh, my dear kin...!
"Oh, my dear heart...!"
-You wear this.
Just wear this.
What happened?
-Are you worried?.
Then what? Are you scared?
-What else?
Nothing else... except you!
"The kin that found me..."
"The kin that found me..."
"The kin that found me..."
Who are you?
Father sent us here.
He has given a letter too.
Candy told me.
This has become a routine for him.
This is how, he is blessing everyone.
Ok, please get in. Come on.
-Thank you!
Be seated.
-Did you eat? Shall I prepare dosas?
-No, thanks. We ate.
-Ok, atleast have some black tea.
Did any one notice while you came here?
Hey! What happened?
Have this.
Will decide things after 2-3 days.
Don't worry about anything.
Hey! Let's go out and talk.
What happened?
Whenever you come near me... always hug and kiss.
But you don't prefer to speak.
Am I only for this?
If we have sex...
-...then you will get bored of me, right?
A month ago, I dont even know you exist.
Now, you are everything to me.
Now only I'm worried.
I wonder what made you to care
so much about me, in just a month.
What about you? You came with me
just after a month me met.
No! I knew you... since our last birth.
My grandma used to tell a story.
Story of the prince, stolen the knife.
In that story, I was... the Princess!
You were... the Prince!
You were the one who protected and
took care of me... in our last birth.
Even in this birth too...
...I will take care of you.
Listen! Your skin may wrinkle, tooth
may fall and you may get too old...
...even then I will cuddle you, kiss you
and take care of you!
-Are you sure?
-It's a promise!
You are everything to me.
Don't worry, I'm with you. Okay?
You have plenty of time. Please go inside.
Brother, your vehicle is parked
infront of the house.
-If anyone see, it may lead to problems.
Please park backside. -Ok.
Dear son! Mom is waiting for you at home.
What are you doing here?
-Hey! Get her!
(Chaotic voices...)
No! We will take your son.
Kill her!
Leave her.
Drag her out!
Leave me!
Who the hell you are?
Get up! Leave her!
Lift him and throw away...
Damn your Love. Bloody love!
Hey! Whatever you do,
you should keep our community pride.
Senseless guy!
Hey! Get him to the vehicle.
An addressless girl, wants my son?
A showgirl like you, want to marry my son?
You, Runaway dog!
Start the vehicle...
(Indistinct voices...)
You should lay low, while you are
here for survival.
Your daughter has gone overboard.
Do onething. Move your circus to Tarapuram.
It's my friend's limit.
I will take care of it. Got it?
Just follow my instrucion.
No Sir!
We are going back to our native.
This is enough. Please spare us.
We will not come back here again.
Poor girl!
Everything will be okay master...
Aunt is calling.
Tell me aunty.
She wants to speak with you.
Tell me aunty.
Call me after 15 minutes,
if situation worsens...
...I will speak with the doctor.
She suffers during night.
Mom couldn't sleep properly.
Her body gets chill and suffers to breathe.
Now she misses me too...
I'm scared...
'I was seaching for Mehandi in
every city and circus...'
'I couldn't find her'
'My paths are closed suddenly...'
'I forced myself in solitary...'
'I hope that I will find her one day...'
"Love is treacherous...!
It does kill slowly...!"
"It has no eye...!
It flows nonstop like tears...!"
"Why this is happening...?
Tell me now... oh my girl!"
"Why this is happening...?
Tell me now... oh my girl!"
Why do you brought this low class boy
into the home? You lost your senses?
Mom, food ready? One more son is here!
"Like a dry leaf in the water..."
"My love is in the drifting state!"
"Fish like eyes, throwing dragnet..."
"Tell me darling, whose fault was it?"
"Tinkling anklets, when goes away..."
-"Wont my every atom scream?"
-Shall I arrange for your marriage?
"When you neglect, my life gets spoiled!
Come to save me darling...!"
"Love is treacherous...!
It does kill slowly...!"
"It has no eye...!
It flows nonstop like tears...!"
"Why this is happening...?
Tell me now... oh my girl!"
"Love is treacherous...!
It does kill slowly...!"
"Why this is happening...?
Tell me now... oh my girl!"
(Groaning sound...)
You will be alright sir...
Is anyone there?
Don't worry sir! You will be alright...
Is any one out there?
(Groaning sound...)
Don't worry sir! We will go to hospital.
'Life taught me...
how true are Father's words'
'Jeeva, the whole world is a circus!'
'There is a knife hanging on
everyone's head'
'For your father, its community!'
'For your mother, it's duck!'
For me, it's Jesus!
-Please hold on!
-Brother, you shouldn't do like this!
Please father, its important.
I will be back in a minute.
(Indistinct voices...)
Brother, what are you doing?
Please don't stop him. Let him tie it.
Will you come with me, wherever I go?
I will follow wherever you go.
I will fnd you!
"Oh! Sunny Rain!"
"Oh! My lightening flower...
Where did you... go?"
"You are the silent speech...!"
"Please speak to me...!"
"My journey goes in search of
your words...!"
"Clouds are covering now!"
"Time is passing by...!"
"My path keeps extending"
"Oh! Sunny Rain!"
"Oh! My lightening flower...
Where did you... go?"
"Oh! Sunny Rain!"
"Oh! My lightening flower...
Where did you... go?"
You will find her!
Surely you will find her!
"I run across thousands of
faces everyday...!"
"Where can I find your face?"
"Im flying all over the land..."
"Will I unite with you?"
"My dear chillness! Oh, golden blaze!
You are the twilight!"
"My only dream! Oh, revolving nostalgia!
It's you alone!"
"The music came near me,
has gone far away!"
"My soul is draining by
searching that direction!"
Solapur is the next town.
There is a circus running.
-What do you want?
-Have to go inside.
-Whom do you want to meet?
-You should not go inside.
-Leave me.
Can't you listen my words?
Don't run. Stop!
Catch him!
Leave him!
Leave him!
Leave him please!
Leave him now!
-Sir! You... are you Mr. Jeeva?
I didn't expect to meet you
in this circus...
-Tell me, how is Mehandi?
-We can speak about it later, brother.
After we left your place,
I reached Ahmedabad.
Mehandi's father asked me to look
job in other company. So I settled here.
I also know the pain of love failure...
Listen, my heart is also
just like yours!
Our manager is from Bombay.
If we ask him about knife throwers,
it may help to find Jadav.
Jadav may lead us to find Mehandi.
Let's hope for the best.
I give you, Mumbai Circus Association's
office address and phone number.
-Go and enquire there, ok?
"Clouds are covering now!"
"Time is passing by...!"
"My path keeps extending"
"Oh! Sunny Rain!"
"Oh! My lightening flower...
Where did you... go?"
"Oh! Sunny Rain!"
"Oh! My lightening flower...
Where did you... go?"
Knife throwing Jadav...
-Knife throwing Jadav?
-Yes sir.
-You can find him at the back side.
-Okay sir.
(Indistinct chatter...)
It's me, Jeeva! Jeeva of Kodaikanal.
Brother! How are you?
-This is my friend Jeeva! See you later.
-I was searching for you allover...
(Indistinct chatter...)
-Bring us a drink.
-Okay Sir.
Have it sir.
Jadav, how is Mehandi?
What an elegant person you were sir?
It hurts me to see you like this.
Mehandi did too suffer like you sir.
She was not able to eat and sleep
properly for 4-5 months.
She was not even performed in circus.
We were totally upset.
But her father wanted to end it and
forced her to get married.
The groom belonged to our community.
He didn't know about her love.
He adored Mehandi, a lot.
She also... accepted the reality.
Women can change their mind.
A male monkey leaves its grip to clutch
a new one. But a female is opposite to it.
She has given birth to a female child.
Now, Mehandi leads a happy life.
Happy, sir.
I really pity you sir.
Get marry soon and have a baby, sir.
Don't be like this.
(Indistinct chatter...)
-Don't tell Mehandi about our meet, right?
(Indistinct chatter...)
Please don't tell.
Atleast she can be happy.
'The pain we get in despair is...
more dreadful!'
Yes, it's true!
'I know how dreadful,
the pain we get in despair!'
Today I met Jeeva at the market.
He came here for a business deal.
I didn't expect to meet him
after many years.
He is looking so great.
He got married and having a baby girl.
-What are you doing? Have to cook.
-It won't take long.
Nisha may wakeup.
'Your son has eloped with Mehandi...'
I have seen with my own eyes...
'My grandpa was crying and threatening.'
'My mother didn't know what to do.'
Does women here have any other choice?
(Hindi song playing...)
Sir, this is Mehandi!
I asked for a job for her, right?
Nowadays, there is no income
from circus, sir.
Yes, I know.
-When can she join in the job sir?
-She can join from next week.
I will bring my wife sir...
(Cheerful voices...)
(Tamil romantic song playing...)
"Oh, my love"
'This song was everything to my mom, then.'
"Oh, my love!
It's a nice song, right?
'About you, that song, my hatred father...'
' mother told everything to me!'
Get lost!
We dont need you!
Don't come back!
Go away!
What you have done to my mom?
Are you really a human?
Get lost!
My father had been missing since.
He didn't return after that incident.
Stop the car.
My mom became so weak.
Last week, she told me that
she will die soon.
If she sees you, she might recover.
My relatives insisted me to bring
my dad to meet her.
That's why I brougt you.
She still listens that song.
When she hears that song,
her face get glows.
She listens it for a whole day.
One who is close to heart is
the real husband.
Physical closeness doesn't matter.
You should meet my mother!
This happiness only, I can give to my mom.
(Indistinct voices...)
(Indistinct voices...)
Let's go...
Tell me, mom!
(Exhilarated voices...)
(Exhilarated voices...)
Hey, Get down! Come on quick!
(Indistinct voices...)
Are you afraid that, I will die?
I will be happy even I die now.
Come on!
(Thrilled reaction and voices...)
(Thrilled reaction and voices...)
(Thrilled reaction and voices...)
(Thrilled reaction and voices...)
(Thrilled reaction and voices...)
(Thrilled voices...)
(Thrilled voices...)
(Indistinct voices...)
(Indistinct voices...)
(Thrilled reaction and voices...)
(Cheerful voices...)