Mei (2019) Movie Script

Bro, I had booked a cab
'It will take 10-15 minutes
for me to reach, madam'
15 minutes, huh?
Already very late
Can you come soon?
'I'm on the way, madam'
Bro, you cancel the ride
- Drop me in Ambattur
- Sure, get in
'Body / Truth'
Look at the time now
Both of them haven't turned up
They will get it from me
They come late just to annoy me
This is the best I can do!
'Good to see you, boss'
What's for breakfast?
'Idli' or 'dosa'?
You mean to say I came late, huh?
Boss, you own this shop
You can come and go
as your heart dictates
- What do you say?
- This is your daily routine anyway!
Trust you to take a dig at me
Serves me right for taking pity
on you lazy louts and giving you a job!
Oh yes! He trained us to be doctors!
I'll open a clinic in Anna Nagar
and he'll open one in Mylapore
We work from 8:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m
for your measly salary of Rs 4000
Do you give us even 1 day off?
Govt wine shop minting much more than you
opens at noon and closes by 10:00 p.m
The shop is closed on Govt holidays
How can you compare
my shop with TASMAC?
Still that's a Govt job
You bet it is a better option!
Gopi bro, I heard
you wanted to meet me
Hey! Wait
I am coming
- Prakash?
- Yes, bro
- Go to the airport
- Okay, bro
My relative's son is landing from USA
I have a registration to attend to
- I can't miss it
- Okay, bro
I'll text his phone number
and photo in WhatsApp
- Pick him up
- Okay, bro
None of the cars are stopping
Don't get flustered
I'll try to stop this car
Excuse me, stop
Please...please stop
- Driver
- Sir?
- Please reverse
- Okay, sir
Try to get up slowly
Sir, get up
That car is reversing
What happened?
This elderly man is hurt
Please help him
Okay, get him into the cab
Get the bag
Thank you very much
We were waiting
for someone to help us
Thank God you stopped for us
How did he get hurt?
Suddenly my eyes grew dim
I didn't notice the car
that swerved in front
It was a 'hit & run' case
But it is my fault, sir
Are you a doctor?
You could kind of say that
I don't know which one
It's a painkiller
Uthra hasn't come
- Not come to work as yet?
- Yes, sir
Okay, you can go
Oh gawd!
- Hello?
- Uthra, where are you?
- 'In the car'
- Car...?
Yes, sir
He's a very busy doctor
That's why I'm discussing
the order with him in his car
I hope you aren't lying
I swear, sir
Hold on for a minute
Bro, please honk once
Sir, did you hear that?
Okay, finish your meeting
and come back to the office
Thanks a ton
- Hold my hand
- No need, dear
I can walk
"Our boss is top class"
I've dusted this rack thoroughly
I've wiped even the syrup bottles
Tell us if you want us
to do anything else
I've cleaned all these shelves
Any pending delivery?
I'll go to the customer's house
I know why you are on your toes
I know you'll bend backwards only today
Because today is salary day
Rest of the days your only job
is to joke at my expense
Sorry if I mocked you, boss
'Pay us our salary by 10:00 a.m, boss'
I'm coming
- Abi
- Hey uncle!
How are you?
I'm fine
Looks like a bandicoot
climbing up an electric pole!
I thought some pickle vendor
is landing from USA
He looks like a real American
'Let me take a closer look'
Abi, go and freshen up
Okay, uncle
Boss, who is this?
My relative's son
If someone says this is true
I'll forego this month's salary
Far cry from your height and complexion!
He was born and raised in USA
So will you become fair
if you lived in USA too?
Do you know this Tamil proverb?
Money can turn even a crow white!
The man who said so would have
swallowed his words if he had seen you
Didn't I tell you to sit in my shop?
Get lost!
You think you own Saravana Stores?
You don't even sell 1 tablet a day!
Clear out, idiot
- Hi dad
- Hey Abi
Reached safely?
Just landed at uncle's place
Do you like my country?
Let me see
I think I'll like it
Hey Abi, are you okay?
I'll be fine
Is uncle near you?
Hold on, dad
Uncle is here
- Hello?
- Hey Gopi
'Is it okay?'
I hope you don't mind
taking care of him?
Hey! Don't blabber like a lunatic
How will I ever find it difficult?
'Past 4-5 years I am alone'
I should be thanking you
for thinking I'm the right person
You know what he has been through, right?
I'm so worried he will really suffer
staying all alone over there
Take good care of him
Don't worry
I'm there for him
'Venus Hospital'
Can you call someone from your family?
I have no one, dear
Only my daughter
Give me her phone number
I'll ask her to come here at once
I've been searching for her
for the past 1 month, my dear
This is my daughter
If you don't mind me asking
how did she go missing?
She usually finishes her duty at 7:00 p.m
She'll get back home at 8:00 p.m sharp
That night she called and told me
'I'll be a bit late today, pa'
It was 10'o clock
Then midnight
A whole month went by
My daughter never came back
I don't know where she is
or how she is, I have no idea
Did you complain to the police?
I did, my dear
But that was of no use
I told the officer, 'sir, I don't mind
paying you, please find my daughter'
It has been a dead end so far
Where was she working?
Gaurav hospital
She was a receptionist
You don't worry
I'll do my very best to help you
Thank you so much
- Uthra, we are very late for work
- I'm coming
Sir, I have to go now
Whatever it is,
call me immediately
Okay, dear
Keep this for your taxi fare
No, I can't accept this, my dear
I have money
Okay, sir
See you
Take care, both of you
We are super late
Hurry up
Manager is hopping mad
Go and see him at once
Is that so?
Good morning, sir
Good afternoon!
That doctor was an incorrigible flirt
Though he looked like a foreigner
...before we finished discussing,
he raved about my feet, eyes, nose, et al
He has a PhD in flirting, sir
Am I right?
Yes, sir
Fine, what happened to the order?
- Order confirmed, sir
- Confirmed, sir
What did he order?
For how much?
That will take a bit of time
He has just landed here
As soon as he opens his clinic
we are his sole suppliers
We'll get all the orders for sure, sir
Doctor's name
and address?
If you raise your voice
I'll forget everything, sir
Look who is talking!
I'm not willing to swallow all your lies
My only priority is to book maximum orders
If I don't get it by tomorrow will be sacked for all the lies
you have accumulated so far!
Sir, I knew only after I met him
He hasn't started his practice as yet
How can I be at fault, sir?
Fine, no clinic
You met the doctor
Yes, sir
Ask him to confirm over the phone
whatever you told me now
- Okay, sir
- Tomorrow morning
Video call
Aiyo! He won't be-
If I don't get his call tomorrow
don't step into my office
'How long will he believe
your web of lies?'
You should've got caught long ago
It happened today
What do we do now?
As usual
You'll find someone
to pass off as the doctor
You should have just said 'doctor'
Why make him a foreigner?
I wanted to make it sound
closer to the truth
Don't get tense
It's just a video call
We'll find someone else
Where will I get a foreigner?
Actually I know a foreigner
Let us get hold of him
Hey! What is this?
You're pointing to a beggar
Even if he's begging
a foreigner is a foreigner!
Hi, we need a favor
You mean 'udhavi' as in help?
Yes, small favor
Can we go over there and discuss it?
Yeah, sure
I'll give you 100 rupees
No, I need 1000 bucks
1000 bucks?
Looks like you'll ask me to
sign a check for 100000!
Palm off a 500 rupee note
No, I need 1000 bucks
'You see I'm a busy man'
'You know how much I collect per day?'
'Don't waste my time'
Huh? Is that so?
You don't have to lift your little finger
- Why, di?
- Forget him
- 1 minute, come here
- What are you doing?
Do you remember me?
You gave us a lift
when an old man was hurt
I need a favor
Can you tell my boss-
'Hi, I'm Dr-'
What's your name?
Abinav Chandran
'Hi, I'm Dr Abinav Chandran speaking'
That's more than enough
Just repeat it once
Hi, I'm Dr Abinav Chandran
You were superb
Say it just like this
Hey! What are you doing?
I can't lie
You can't lie, eh?
Don't be such a prude, my boss
gave me an earful because of you
I looked at you and said 'foreign doctor'
And that's why I'm in this soup
Don't add fuel to the fire!
My big mouth and
my stupid impulsiveness!
Only one lie
Just say I'm Dr Abi
That will do
- Please?
- Okay
Call your boss
Hi, sir
That doctor is right here
He wants to talk to you
- Put him on
- 1 minute
Hi sir
- My name is Abinav
- Hello
- Tell him you're a doctor
- I'm not a doctor like she says
Actually she was helping a gentleman
who met with an accident
'That's why she was late for work'
So appreciate her
instead of yelling at her
Hey! Don't
Very few people
go out of their way
'She's a very nice person'
'Nice, huh?'
Give it to me
'Lunatic of the 1st order'
- Abi, why are you standing here?
- Nothing
Let's go round the temple
'How dare you fool me!
You think I'm an idiot!?'
You frame your own rules
Have you ever reached your target?
Please hear me ou-
"All the world's a stage
We are merely players to engage"
"Trials at the work place"
This is our shop
Like it?
- Morning, boss
- My relative
They will take care of the shop
You watch over them
Take care, I say
- I'm Abinav
- I'm Saravanan
Nice to meet you
- Bala
- I'm Abinav
- Sit down
- Thank you
You told him to sit down
and he isn't sitting
He is sitting, I say
"All the world's a stage
We are players on the same page"
"Life is an endless ocean
We are the waves in motion"
My speech was meant specifically
for you, not for any of them
All of them work diligently
You are the only exception
Yov! You think you are
the upholder of truth?
You won't lie, huh?
Thanks to you I got yelled at
What happened?
- Who the hell is he?
- Our boss's relative's son
'He has come from USA'
Is that so?
Tough to believe, right?
- We have the same doubt
- Forget that
Warn him on my behalf
He won't go back in 1 piece
"Rainbow in skies as a bow
We are those colors that glow"
"Wings sprout freedom to fly
Sky is the limit, we can soar high"
- Hey! Why hide it in a cover?
- That's India for you
Our Indian culture
You can go with your family
to Bangkok this time for sure
- Really?
- Yes, sir
52" TV
You can relax in cool comfort
and watch life big size
Just imagine it once, sir
I already have a 72" TV at home
72", sir?
I'm depending on you this month
Is my boss really your uncle?
Yes, why do you ask?
He looks like a quail you can buy
in our local wholesale market
You look like our hero Satyaraj
born in America!
I was just curious
How can I help that?
Attend to your work
- Bro
- Give this to them
- Why?
- It's our normal routine
"Teaching a lesson, you know
Is this feeling called love?"
"Without being specific outright
You turn topsy turvy, o' night"
- Where is he?
- Who?
That beanpole-like chap
He has gone to meet a lady-seer
to become a few inches shorter
Lower your tone!
Acting smart!
Trying to sell salt to the sea?
I'm not here to listen to your stale jokes!
"Is this love a lifelong relation?"
Do you know how I got yelled at
by my boss because of you?
Won't you even apologize?
- Sorry
- I don't want your 'sorry'
'Free Master Health Check-up Camp'
- Hi
- 'Hi...!'
- Hey, come here
- Give it
- What are you doing here?
- Camp volunteer
- You?
- I accompanied my uncle
- Doing well, bro?
- I'm fine
What is all this noise about?
Why are you standing?
Sit down, if doctor gets to know
he will lose his cool
Sister, why are you making them stand?
- Checking their forms
- Checking what I wonder!
Why make everyone stand here?
- Lab is crowded
- Bro, is chief doctor there?
He will be here soon
Please wait
Sister, attend to them
as soon as possible
Sir, please sit
What happened?
What's wrong?
Make her sit
Don't crowd around her
- Move aside
- Sister, call the doctor
Doctor, she fainted
She was talking and
suddenly she fainted
- Bring her in
- Okay, doctor
'Take her inside, careful'
- Sir...?
- What, madam?
I want to meet the inspector
'He is not here
Sub inspector is available'
Who is it disturbing me now?
Regarding the missing girl's case
Ask her to come in
Please go in
Come with me
'Can't differentiate
Rs 20 from Rs 200 nowadays'
Oh! Our Sarathy
Please take a seat
Come and sit down
Take your seat
You told me you have only 1 daughter
Is this one through your '2nd channel'?
Excuse me, Mr Karunakaran
Treat us with respect please
Good lord!
You reminded me of my own name!
What do you want?
He has lodged a complaint
about his missing daughter
You haven't taken any action
Who are you?
Sir, she is-
I'm his daughter's friend
Listen, your daughter has eloped
with a drug peddler from Poonamallee
- Hey, what is his name?
- Manohar, sir
- Huh...huh?
- 'Manohar'
They didn't go empty handed either
Both have carried 2kg marijuana each
- No, sir
- Yes
This is the girl who actually
helped them board the bus
What are you saying?
These 2 are business partners
Do you know what business?
- Sir...!
- Hey, check her bag
- Sir, please don't
- Excuse me, let go
- Your assumptions are wrong, sir
- Let go of my bag
Now when we check your bag...
...if we find 2 marijuana packets
inside your bag
...can I register a case, huh?
Did I do anything like that?
Basically I'm a good cop
Trust me
When you look at me...
...I look like a villain!
Tonsured head
Hefty body
Sorry, sir
- We'll take-
- Leave right away
- Come, dear
- Clear out now
Let's go
Your threats won't scare me that easily
I know you only too well
I know the kind of inquiry you do!
Not only you, I'll make your department
answer all my questions
Is that so?
Clear out
Clear out right now
Didn't I warn you about this chap?
Why should you
take all this crap?
Inspector Muthu krishnan
Here, madam, buy the tablets
from the pharmacy inside
- Go
- Okay, sir
Medicine is free
Don't worry
Thank you, doctor
- Morning, doctor
- Hello Gopi, sit
- Good morning, doctor
- Who is this?
I spoke to you about
my relative from USA
- Abi?
- Yes
How are you, man?
I'm fine, doctor
When did you get here?
- A few days ago
- 1 minute
We saw a board outside
'Free health camp'
- Yes
- He conducts it
He takes up a new area every month
Charges a fee of just Rs 50 in his hospital
Injection, tablet, syrup
Everything is on the house
- Enough praise please
- I know you hate it
But we must spread the good work
Forget that
Do you like our country?
Of course
Lovely place
Your uncle told me
what you went through in USA
Don't worry thinking about it
If you need any help
Day or night you can call me
I'll give you my card
Thank you so much, doctor
Doctor, your patient
who just walked out
She is suffering from-
Nothing wrong with her
Just low blood pressure
Nothing to worry
Just curious
'Why is your phone switched off?'
'Work is heavy here'
I had lunch
1 minute, I'll call you back
Uthra, wait
I've warned you many times
Claiming to help us
I told you, don't hassle us further
What happened, akka?
Poked your nose
into a missing girl's case?
2 strangers came here
and threatened me
There are 30 girls in
this hostel including you
Because of your over smart attitude-
It won't happen again
You should have told them to get out
or complained to the police
Instead of doing that
you are warning me!
If it's some problem
1st be sure who will back you up
After that you can
do your social service
Got a knack of buying trouble all the time
Why take on this kind of risk?
Why don't you stop
interfering in that case?
Listen, you may be opening a can of worms
Trust me on this
I'm concerned about you
Auto, stop...stop
- Bro, Vadapalani
- Get in
No need, dear
Put this case behind you
That sub inspector is a dangerous chap
Don't get involved, dear
I'll handle it myself
How can you say this, uncle?
If I ask him why he hasn't traced Narmada
can he foist a 'ganja' case on me?
How can you ask me to keep quiet?
What else can we do?
I'm a very ordinary person
I'm not a millionaire
Not a politician either
My daughter isn't a celebrity
for them to take action immediately
Why be scared?
Police and Govt are same for everyone
Sir, this is not America
In this country if a person who isn't rich
laments, screams or self immolates one will rush to his or her aid
No one is listening to your problem?
Then make them listen
That protest against banning 'jallikattu'
Even though I was in USA
I remember its deep impact
Have you forgotten, huh?
'We need justice'
'Find out Narmada's whereabouts'
'We are now standing outside
commissioner's office'
'A protest criticizing the police force
under the leadership of Uthra'
'Let us have a word with Uthra
regarding this protest'
'Uthra, what is this in aid of?'
'Trace Narmada'
Hold this
'We need today
Justice and fair play'
We aren't protesting against
SI Karunakaran who was rude and crude
Narmada is still at large
So we are spreading awareness
'We need justice and fair play'
'Until they trace Narmada,
we will continue to protest'
Don't you know how to
talk to an educated girl?
People get mileage protesting
for the silliest of excuses
Sir, that isn't my fau-
'Yov! Shut up'
Who is that Uthra?
She is an orphan
She grew up in an orphanage
She's a medical representative
in Medic India Pharma company
She has no connection
with the missing girl
How does she get media support?
Complained to the commissioner too?
Er...that is a matte-
I asked you to shut up!
What do we do now?
There is no inspector in the station
for the past 2 months
If you approve, I'll ask
Thyagarajan to take charge have
enough problems on hand
You ask Muthu to take charge
Sir, but he is on medical leave
Ask him to cancel his medical leave
and join duty immediately
I need a clear report
on that missing girl's case
You must cooperate with Muthu
We must close this case
in exactly 15 days
Okay, sir
How are you, bro?
- I'm good, how are you?
- Good
Is the baby kicking fine?
- Is sir available?
- He's inside, come in
I have to see him
Why are you so stubborn, dear?
Won't you listen to me?
Why are you getting flustered?
You just got back from the hospital
Can't you rest a few more days?
Should you join duty today?
It's a very minor case
Why are you getting scared?
My dear-
- How are you, Balram?
- I am good, sir
You talk to him
I'll bring you coffee
No sugar, madam
Girl's name is Narmada
Working in Gaurav hospital
as a receptionist
'She left the hospital at 11:30 p.m
after finishing her duty on that day'
'But didn't reach home'
'She has an impeccable record
No bad habits whatsoever'
'I have inquired in detail
but I didn't get any clue'
Welcome, sir
- How are you?
- Fine, sir
How are you doing, sir?
I'm good
I'm so happy to be
working with you again, sir
I heard you had everything under control
really well for the past 2 months!!
Thank you, sir
What do you want?
- Attend to her first
- I want a balm please
What do you want?
- Tablet for fever
- Attend to that babe
Babe, huh?
The condom you asked for
Rs 80
'One foot in the grave fellow!'
Yov! Did I ask you for this?
- Yes
- Did I ask you?
Why have you employed
a man who doesn't know Tamil?
Is this what I asked for?
Did I ask you this?
Hey! I didn't ask for it
Who is this rat scrambling
in a tub of hot water?
'I didn't ask'
I swear he wanted this
Looks like you will go 1 step further
and teach him how to use it!
Bro, this is India
Not America
You should be discreet
You embarrassed him
by letting the cat out!
It is used by everyone, right?
'Watch out, sir!'
Looks like he committed suicide
unable to bear the shame
Give way
- Get some water
- Quick...water
'Sir, what happened?'
'Take him to the hospital
Call an ambulance'
'Call an ambulance'
What happened, bro?
He was riding a 2 wheeler
Suddenly he fainted and fell
What is he doing?
Bring him to the shop
Hurry up
'You are diabetic
Don't skip your breakfast'
- Take care of your health, okay?
- Thank you
- Thank you so much
- Take care
See you
Bro, do they teach engineers
in your country to practice medicine?
'You are hiding something from us'
We've finished 2 rounds
and you haven't even started
- Drink, I say
- Thanks, I don't drink
Did I hear you right?
You don't drink?
Maybe Govt bars in his area are closed?
Does he live in Otteri
or back of beyond?
Bro, this is yours
- No, thanks
- Wait
Now we know you are a doctor
We will build a huge hospital
for you to practice
Your fair tone will make
patients queue up
We will hang a big board with
'Foreign doctor clinic' in bold letters
Even the name sounds superb
We can all line our pockets very well'm only a house surgeon
You operate, carry out surgeries
You can even deliver babies
All we need is our hospital
to become famous
I can't practice here as a doctor
How can you practice in a bar?
Men who frequent here will only puke
Let's build a hospital
and you practice over there
I must take an exam
and get certified
Otherwise it is illegal
In our country people who've studied
just 10th grade run a clinic
Did you know that?
Yes, the police caught him
It was headlines in all the papers
Didn't you know?
Want me also to be
arrested as a quack?
Police arrested him
But the very next month he came out on bail
He built a multispecialty hospital
in the very same road
And he runs it making big money
Even I got treated in his hospital
You went to him knowing he is a quack?
Listen, all we need is
a plush hospital reeking of affluence
If we see a 'doctor' sign
we will enter in blind faith
Even if a Govt hospital is very good
we won't go anywhere near it
That's why I'm saying
let us earn to our hearts' content
Let's start a hospital tomorrow
You're both totally drunk
Enough, let's go
Hey, where are you going?
Order another drink
We'll take it home
'Yes, order'
Show me your license
- Keep it there
- Here, sir
- What is in your pocket?
- Nothing, sir
- Empty your pocket
- Nothing there, sir
Take it out
- That's all, sir
- Other pocket?
- 'Stop the car'
- Take it out
'Stop, man'
'Who is that wild cat?'
Sir, all 3 are fully sloshed
You claim your pockets are empty
You have the entire shop
in your pocket, huh?
What is in that phone?
I didn't drink
Only these 2 drank
I know everything
Get out of the car
'Will you get down now or not?'
'- I'm telling you I didn't drink
- Get down I say'
I won't
First of all treat me with respect
I'm not an accused
'Sir, he is refusing to blow'
- What is it?
- He's quoting rules to me, sir
Attention, sir
Come along
You don't talk to the cop-
All 3 are drunk as a skunk, sir
If I ask him to blow, he is refusing
Refusing to take
the breath analyser test?
If he had asked me respectfully
I would've complied
He wants respect, da
You're as tall as
a cell phone tower!
Why does a drunkard demand respect?
- Blow
- If I blow he'll follow
- No
- Shall I?
I'm good at blowing, sir
Blow, I say
I just told you I won't
I won't
- Blow
- Just comply, da
Let me repeat
I won't
Okay, you can't?
- Ezhumalai
- Sir
Take this tall personality
to our police station
- Okay, sir
- Make him sit there
- All 3 of you, go and sit
- Mud pot head with make-up!
Hello Abi, where are you?
Cops have arrested me
for drunken driving
Did you drink?
I didn't, Saravana and Bala drank
Not a problem, bribe them
They will release you
Why should I bribe them?
I was the designated driver
I wasn't even drunk
These police chaps
treat you with scant respect
I'll talk to his senior officer
This is not America
Please pay up and leave at once
I refuse to bribe them
Wait, I'll come
No, don't come
I'll call Dr Jayanth
- Call him right away
- Okay
Thanks, doctor
Abi, don't hang out with such scumbags
and ruin your reputation, okay?
Good night
Give dosage for just 3 days
You don't need all this
It's just common flu
Give me all the medicines
prescribed by the doctor
Madam, he is also a doctor
Listen to him
Your child will be fine
He's foreign returned
Not local doctor
Trust him
Okay then
Whatever you say
'Sir, this CCTV footage is
from outside the hospital'
That girl stepped out
exactly at 11:33 p.m
This is CCTV footage 2km from that venue
If that girl had walked, she should have
reached the main road in 15-20 minutes?
Yes, sir
But she did not
Is there any other camera
in this neighborhood?
'Yes, sir'
This footage is from the building
opposite the hospital, sir
Rewind please
Now play
Now play that hospital camera's footage
For that auto to reach the main road... would've taken 10 minutes?
Yes, sir
Sir, auto never reached the main road
...that girl went missing
only in this 2km distance
Bhavani, my daughter is complaining
of a stomach ache
I'll go and get a token
in Dr James's clinic
Why do you want to go to him?
He'll give you a list of tests
to take and you'll go broke
Take her to the foreign doctor
in Gopi anna's pharmacy
He prescribed just 1 tablet
and my son was cured
Good idea
I'll take her there
- Good
- Come, dear
Show me your tongue
Bring a Paracetamol injection
- What did you have for dinner?
- Just 1 'dosa'
Did you take any tablet?
- I took a tablet for my headache
- Alright
My mother
Yes, ma
Did you take your tablets this morning?
I took all my tablets
Don't worry about me, ma
'Take care of your health'
Okay, son, but don't miss out
on your daily dosage
I have a foreign doctor
right by my side
- He'll take care of me
- Let me talk to him, son
My mother is on the line
- My son gets seizures all of a sudden
Please take care of him
Prescribe the right dosage for him
I'm so brave only because
you're there with him
Don't worry
I'll take good care of him
I really appreciate it, son
We have a foreign doctor in our shop
No fees, you need to pay
only for the medicine
- Tell everyone in our area
- Definitely
Super, bro
Who's next?
Come on
Hi, what's troubling you?
She has stomach cramps from morning
What did you eat last night?
If you eat flour used to stick posters
you'll naturally have cramps
- Isn't that right?
- Yes
You shouldn't eat 'parotta'
I'll press your stomach
Tell me if it hurts
- Here?
- It hurts so much
'- Now?
- Paining'
'- Here?
- Hurts there too'
- Does it still hurt?
- No
Pains a lot over there
You didn't think of telling even me?
My mom's dream was
I should become a doctor
I opted for it
only for her sake
'I mean the whole world to my mom'
'That feeling is mutual'
'She's my best friend'
'My inspiration'
'She is everything to me'
'What happened to her?'
'I had finished my course and practising
as house surgeon in the university'
- Pain still there?
- It's really sore
To save another life
I just don't think I'm capable of it
How can I call myself a doctor?
Listen to me, Abi
That was an accident
You tried your level best to save her
You may have lost
as a doctor that day
That isn't a crime, Abi
But what you're doing now
This is only wrong
If you want to fulfill
your mother's wishes should make her dream come true, Abi
In every life you save tomorrow
your mother will be there in spirit
Even I feel you should be
a full-fledged doctor
Will you be with me lifelong, Uthra?
"Dusk, golden tinged orange halo"
"Along the road, in twilight glow
a girl drizzles a floral flow"
"Light of my life, my love so true"
"My wish list every day anew"
"Fresh breath in the breeze
Scent of love to please"
"High and low
I searched for you, my love"
"1000 plays then, now and forever
The hero of this show is your lover"
"Dusk, sun-kissed evening halo"
"Along the road, in twilight glow
a girl drizzles a floral flow"
"Jewel in my crown, my treasure trove"
"You are my daily, desirous, devoted love"
"My love destined true"
Lift carefully, da
You may drop it
It's so damn heavy
Hey Bala
You're okay?
- Bala...Bala
- Lift him...quick
Don't worry, Bala
'You'll be alright, Bala'
Give way...move
Move aside
What happened?
He fell down and
suddenly had seizures
- I've administered Diazepam
- Are you a doctor?
Saravana, what happened to my son?
You can't bring the roof down
Doctor will pull us up
Bring him to the ward
Please maintain silence
Look at me, my son
All of you, wait here
No one is allowed inside
Bring the patient in
- Amma, don't
- My son Bala
- What's wrong with him?
- He will be fine
He will be alright
'Okay, sir'
Sir, you can go in
Thank you
Hi, how are you?
- I'm fine
- Please sit down
Your sub inspector has already inquired
regarding Narmada's disappearance
I know
But I'm handling the case now
So...what do you want?
We didn't receive any complaint
from your end about that girl disappearing
We didn't take any step because
her father got fully involved in this case
Any complaints about that girl's character
or do you have any suspicions?
She's a nice girl
Usually she leaves at 7:30 p.m
But she was in the hospital
till 11:30 p.m that night
Do you know why?
Vindhana in the 2nd shift said
her husband was leaving for Bangalore
So she had asked permission
to send him off
So she called you
to take the permission?
I think so
This is the list of your calls
The night that girl went missing
12th August
You've called and spoken to
your 2nd shift receptionist at 6:30 p.m
My shift starts at 7:00 p.m
But boss asked me to come
only after he calls me
Vindhana could have lied or
you could've coerced her to lie
I'm in no way involved with
Narmada's disappearing act
Thanks for your cooperation
- Hello?
- How is Bala, ma?
Feels so strange to be here
without him, ma
He's recovering now
Doctor said he can be
discharged in a few days
We'll come tonight
after we close shop
- Okay, come
- Take care of him
Doctor, what happened to my son?
Don't get flustered
Aiyaiyo! Bala
Sister, shift him to the ICU
- What's wrong with him?
- Don't scream like this
Aiyo! Bala
Sorry, we couldn't save your son
How is that possible?
You said he was fine 4 hours ago
We tried our level best
But what to do?
- You killed my son and lying to me
- Take your hands off me
Arun, get them out
Clear them off
- Clear out
- Will you prosper?
You heard me, right?
Yov! Clear out
Listen to me
You deaf or what?
[overlap of raised voices]
- Don't keep yelling
- Get out
- Son?
- How is Bala?
Bala passed away
'What happened?
Tell me, da'
Bala is dead it seems
Abi, what happened?
Bala passed away
Just now I got a call
from the hospital
You said he was recovering?
'Don't know what really happened, uncle'
You and Saravanan go
to the hospital immediately
I'll be there in the morning
'Puthiya Thalaimurai: News'
'A youngster by name Bala died
in Gaurav, a private hospital'
'His relatives refuse to claim his body
accusing the hospital of malpractice'
'Our reporter Manoj
will provide us with more details'
'At 11:00 a.m today a youngster Bala
was admitted in Gaurav hospital'
'Suddenly he took a turn for the worse
and by 6:00 p.m was reported dead'
'I am telling you clearly
Don't blame us'
'Claim the body and
cremate at the earliest'
Listen to me, go
'Bala's mother claims the hospital
is to blame for her son's demise'
'She has also alleged to
sue the hospital for negligence'
'People have resorted to protest'
'You won't listen to us
if we are amiable?
- Hello, sir
- What's the issue?
She admitted her son
in a critical condition
We treated him
He has expired, now they are
refusing to claim the body
He has elaborated clearly
Please disperse
Wait...sit down
Why should we, sir?
They killed my son and
claim they couldn't save him
If we protest,
can they use violence?
Bro, mind your words
Sir, beat them up
He has explained clearly
how your son died
- Vacate the premises in 10 minutes
- They have killed him, sir
'Get up, disperse now'
'Negligence by the hospital
caused their son's death'
'Parents intend to sue the hospital'
'Bala's friends, family and
hospital authorities came to blows'
- Don't force us to resort to violence
- We'll raze the hospital to the ground
Is your hospital responsible
for Bala's demise?
If he didn't have any serious problem
then how did he die, sir?
Got any evidence to
refute this allegation?
- What is that boy's name?
- Bala
True he didn't suffer
from any serious problem
But we are in no way
connected with his death
He was administered some injection
before he was brought here it seems
- Hello, Abi
- 'Tell me, sir'
- Where are you?
- Hospital, parking lot
Don't come into the hospital now
The situation isn't conducive
What happened?
Until I call you
Hide somewhere safe
Before this patient
was admitted in our hospital
...he was injected with Potassium Chloride
It should not be injected directly
Should be only through IV
If injected directly
heartbeat will increase
And within 5-6 hours
it can prove fatal
That's exactly what happened
Hospital isn't responsible
'Sudden demise of Bala from Porur
has created a stir in the city'
'Blame has been pinned on
his colleague and NRI Abinav'
'...for injecting a wrong anti seizure drug
according to hospital sources'
'Before this patient
was admitted in our hospital'
'...he was injected with Potassium Chloride
It should be administered only through IV'
'If injected directly
heartbeat will increase'
'And within 5-6 hours
it can prove fatal'
This is Bala's post-mortem report
So we are in no way
responsible for Bala's death
I know I didn't inject
that medicine for Bala at all
Why should they blame me?
They killed Bala
and they are framing you
For the time being, better if
you don't get caught by the cops
Abi, you go back to USA
What about Bala?
He is my friend
I won't go without finding out
what really happened to him
You don't understand, Abi
We can't confront them and win
We can't do anything
as individuals
'Claiming to be a foreign doctor
he was treating the entire neighborhood'
'According to information from the police'
'If you need any help'
'Day or night you can call me'
Doctor Jayanth
Abi, come in
Take a seat
Sit down
Who asked you to administer an injection?
You know you can't
treat patients here?
- Don't you know it's illegal?
- I know
But, doctor, he's my friend
As a doctor I can't keep quiet
watching him suffer
Hospital authorities have framed me
I injected only Diazepam for his seizure
'You know that's safe, right?'
Yes, I know
You are innocent
But according to this city
you're a murderer
I cannot be blamed
I can prove it
Post mortem report produced
by the hospital is fake
I want to repeat
an autopsy on Bala's body
Wait here
It's only our car
- Job done and dusted?
- Minor hassle
What happened?
He escaped
Go and get him
Otherwise aren't you armed?
Shoot yourself
Don't come and stand before me
This doesn't seem like
an ordinary matter to me
A deeper conspiracy lies behind this
They are trying to frame you,
scared they will be caught
Somehow I feel Narmada's disappearance
is linked with them in a big way
I'm sure they will try to kill us
- Selvam, ask in that house
- Okay, sir
When will this pharmacy open?
They have closed down, sir
Is that so?
For how long?
Ever since that boy died
- Does anyone come?
- No, sir
'Selva, can you see anyone there?'
House is locked
No one is inside
He has escaped
Let's inform our inspector
- Sir
- Did you check?
Sir wants to see you
I'm coming
Come to the station
What is this?
Your station means 'headache'
What the hell are you doing?
Where is that medical shop fellow?
Is he still here?
Or has he fled to America?
No, sir, he hasn't gone anywhere
Along with his uncle, colleague
and girlfriend he is in hiding
He doesn't have anyone
other than them to help him
He can't keep hiding forever!
I'll get him
Didn't die because of
wrong treatment
The hospital authorities are behind it
Maybe he died because of wrong medicine?
There are 1000s of medical crimes
all over the world
Medicine is a big business today
The medicines we get now
don't cure a disease
It is a catalyst for another ailment
We should find out
what happened to Bala
I have no clue
where and how to begin
I know a nurse in Gaurav hospital
Shall we ask her to help us?
Patient was fine after he was treated
There was no problem, he was ready
to be discharged the next day
What happened then?
Usually the duty doctor
makes his rounds at 3:30 p.m
He checked and said
patient needed an injection
Only after that the patient took
a turn for the worse
- What injection?
- I don't know
Usually only we administer the injection
'But that day the doctor himself did so'
'He didn't tell us
what drug he injected'
- Not recorded either
- What is the doctor's name?
- Sir
- Morning, sir
'Morning, sir'
'Vanakkam', sir
'Vanakkam', sir
Good morning
Please sit
Sir, this is-
Your daughter's call history
Details of the calls she has made,
time and the recipients
Do you know whose
that circled number is?
I don't know, sir
Jagan is that recipient who works
in Geetha Medical Foundation Hospital
Your daughter has been
talking to him often
Do you know if the two of them are-
No, sir
If she had been interested in him
she would've definitely confided in me
That youngster is also missing
for the past 20 days
We are inquiring
He was sacked, sir
Our boss sacked him after he sold
2 units of blood from our blood bank
I think Jagan and that girl
were dating each other
But as far as I know
he won't resort to stealing
Thank you
'Don't know, sir, his room has been
locked for 15-20 days'
Did his friends come
looking for him?
No, sir, he used to step out here
and often talk to a girl on his phone
If you find out anything else
let me know at once
They could've thought of starting
a new life together elsewhere
Not possible, sir
She wouldn't have done
something so drastic
If she was in love with someone
I would've welcomed him
with open arms
And she knows that very well
Okay, you can go now
I'll keep you posted
if I get any news
Okay, sir
Suppose she walked out on me
because she doesn't like me
...just let me know she is happy
wherever she is
That will do for me
1 minute
- Sir
- Drop him at his residence
Okay, sir
Hey! How did you come in here?
Where is Narmada?
Tell me, I should have killed you that day
Where is Narmada?
Where is she?
I want to know
Where is she?
Tell me now
What did you do to her?
What have you done to her?
'Cat got your tongue?
Tell me now'
'Where is Narmada?'
'Tell me'
What did you do to Narmada?
Let go of him
Have you come here to steal?
Hold him tight
Let's go
We conduct health check up camps
on behalf of our hospital
'Free camp for the poor and needy
who are unconcerned about their health'
'We get all the medical reports
from various camps'
With the help of those reports
...we can contact donors easily
in an emergency if need be
All the hospitals in the city contact
only us for their blood requirement
'That's how one day I got
a call from Gaurav Hospital'
Yes, doctor
'Send me details of AB negative donor'
I sent him all the details
Including Narmada's details
I have no idea what happened to her
after that night and where she disappeared
'I looked into it
Not just Narmada'
'The others on the list I sent
are also missing'
How did they go missing?
What happened to them?
I've reached a dead end
I complained about this
to sub inspector Karunakaran
The very next day they foisted
a stolen case on me
And sacked me from the hospital
Not only that
They even tried to kill me
But in both these hospitals
medical history of the poor is archived
'And I'm sure it is being used
for some medical crime'
But I don't know what
Abi, call that nurse now
Hello, tell me
I need you to help me
Okay, I'll do it
Why get scared?
Just answer their questions
Stand in a line
All you need to do is answer promptly
whatever questions my boss asks you
Okay, sir
A girl who walked this way from 11:30
to 12 midnight some days ago is missing
Tell me if any of you saw her
or remember seeing her
I didn't see her, sir
No, sir
- Look properly and tell me
- No, I didn't see
I vaguely remember seeing her
Sure it's this girl?
I remember seeing her, sir
Take another look and tell me
I've seen her, sir
Hey! Raj
Are you blind or what?
You suddenly found your wife
to be pretty, huh?
Hey! Move aside
- Customer is inside
- Who is that 'customer'?
I'm talking to you
Why look in there?
Go away
Don't act too smart, get lost!
Can you identify that driver?
He parks his auto near
the railway station in Avadi
His name is Raja Manickam
He has a photo of an actress
stuck on his auto
Which actress?
I don't know her name
The one who has acted
in condom commercials
Sir, Sunny Leone
Come along
Give me 1 black tea
Make sure the glass is clean
For my boss
Keep it over there
'Heard the latest news?'
'Adultery is legal now it seems'
'This is three much, I say'
Who is Raja Manickam here?
'Vanakkam', sir
Where do you want to go?
Who is Raja Manickam?
What name did you say?
Raja Manickam
There's no one by that name, sir
Do you know any 'Raja Manickam' here?
'Not that I know of'
- No, sir
- Who is this lady?
Sir, our queen Sunny Leone
It seems prostitution is rampant here
Do you know where exactly?
Sir, what do you want? I told you
there isn't any Raja Manickam here
I have my routine school ride
I have to go now
Hey! I'm talking to you
- Balram?
- Sir
'Hey! Wait'
My job is only to kidnap the target
They send me a photo over the phone
I get a message as to where,
when and who I should kidnap
They will keep money in a cover for me
and sedative to drug the victim, sir
Other than that I don't know
any other details, sir
What drug?
I don't know, sir
It is in my auto
Where do you take your victims?
A vehicle will meet me half way
and he or she will be transferred
I don't know what they do to the victims
or where they are taken, sir
Which vehicle?
Do you know any #?
I don't know, sir
The vehicle is never the same
Which is the # you get
the message from?
This is the #, sir
I didn't expect the auto driver
to be caught by the cops
If you keep making flimsy excuses
all of us will be counting bars soon
The three of you are
responsible for all the problems
I wanted the inspector dead that da-
Who is in touch with that auto driver?
Finish him
Problem solved
If that inspector still comes
looking for me
...I know how to handle him
Not just the inspector, even the boy
in the medical shop boy is a pain
Both should be out of action
We are fretting, fuming
and getting flustered
They are leading a carefree life
They would've even
killed me that night
Balram from your station and Abi
are in touch with each other
I know
I've been watching him too
If I get hold of him
I'll kill him with my bare hands
- Hello...?
- Sir, Kannan speaking
Call was made from Coimbatore
R.S. Puram tower range
Oh! Coimbatore, huh?
Yes, sir
Abi, how are you?
- No problem over ther-
- Sir, coffee
No problem over there, right?
You're safe-
Okay, be careful
Call that nurse
- Hi
- Here it is
Details of all the operations
in our hospital in the last 2 months
Your Bala wasn't the only one
to die mysteriously
2 or 3 patients have already died
in a similar manner
- Without proper reason
- Is that so?
- Details of those patients
- Thanks
I won't get into trouble, right?
My family is dependent on me
You won't have any problem
Don't worry
Tell me
If I trample you
your head will be a paste!
- Tell me where he is
- I don't know, sir
'- Tell me
- I don't know, sir'
'You don't know?
Don't you?'
- Sir, don't hit me
- Then blurt it out
- Karunakaran!
- Please don't hit me
This dog knows his whereabouts
Just a few blows to his head-
If I don't resort to blows
how will he cough out the truth, huh?
Come on, tell me
- 'Balram'
- Sir...?
- 'Bring him in'
- Sir
Please come
Hold your temper, sir
Please sit down
Want water?
- Yes please, sir
- Balram
He wouldn't have committed any crime
I can vouch for him
Because he knows the value of life
I don't need your endorsement
He is a murderer
Where is he now?
'We have found out
where the accused is hiding'
Which area?
This is the most secure place for you
Don't step out at all
They have traced your phone
and found out your hiding place
- Okay, sir
- Take care
Control room, sir'
I'll give you a number
- Trace it
- Go ahead, sir
We have 2 or 3 missing cases
pending in our station
We conducted an enquiry
But we didn't get any clue
The day Bala died...
...a politician with the same
blood group as Bala in that hospital
...had a kidney transplant in 2 hours
But...reports seem to be legal, Abi
The kidney was donated by his wife
Why can't that be false?
'Somehow our leader got back
safe and sound'
Bro, wait
What do you want?
We are from the hospital
Want to meet your boss
'Who is it?'
They are from the hospital it seems
'Ask them to sit inside'
Okay, please go in
Tell me
- How is your husband's condition, madam?
- He is fine
He went in for a kidney transplant?
- Take good care of him
- Okay
Please avoid long distance travel
Thanks to your hospital
we got a kidney at the right time
Your hospital is the only reason
my father is alive today
Your daughter...
...was talking to that fellow frequently
'Just let me know she is happy
wherever she is'
In the last 2 months
Just like how Bala died
In the same hospital
These 3 people have died!
In the same mysterious manner
without any reason
He met with an accident
We admitted him in the hospital
He was fine after the treatment
'Suddenly we don't know what happened'
Recently did you go for
any health check up?
Yes, I did
He complained of stomach ache
So I admitted him
He was diagnosed with appendicitis
and they advised surgery at once
Because of lack of support
poor people like us are killed
And made victims
for the rich to survive
'I get a message as to where,
when and who I should kidnap'
'This is the number, sir'
'His name is Veera'
'Veera has already been imprisoned
for 2 years in a kidney racquet case'
Sir, Veera's # which
you asked me to trace...
...I tracked its signal last
in Royapettah's tower range
Past 2 or 3 days...
...that mobile has been switched off
Only if it's turned on...
...we can trace
With details given by Jagan...
...Sarathy sir's daughter was kidnapped
Same night in that hospital
...a patient named Muthu krishnan
with the same blood group as Narmada
...underwent heart transplantation
Look at this
2 months ago, a man by name Bhaskar
was in a car accident
His heart was transplanted
to Mr Muthu krishnan
'As per this report'
Do you know mechanic Bhaskar's house?
Take the left after
the parking lot for vans
- Your husband died in Gaurav hospital?
- Yes, madam
Did he donate his body?
No, sir
Listen, sir
On an average, 5 organ transplantations are
performed every month in Gaurav hospital
In that hospital...
...patients who come for treatment
are killed for their organs!
They conduct free health camps
and collect details of patients
They are kidnapping donors
All these happen illegally
To prove it is legal...
...they have created fake organ donors
This file has the entire evidence
you need against them
Best is to go
to the commissioner
No need, don't rush
Our inspector is a very honest officer
I trust him
Let us give him
this file you have compiled
He will certainly help us
Okay, sir
Tell me
Sir, we have an order from Australia
They need 10 kidneys urgently
I negotiated for Rs 400000 per kidney
And dispatched them
10 kidneys
4 million
Yes, sir
You've clinched a big deal
How are you, Jagan?
Mani, you only deal
with the final figures
But do you know
the intricate process before that?
1st of all we have to find
the right match for our client
That person has to be healthy
We have to kidnap him
at the planned time
No issues like police or media
should arise because of him
Kidnapped party has to
be brought here safe
Deal has to be clinched
Okay, forget it
What rate shall we fix
for your kidney, Mani?
Sir, I did it unknowingly
Please forgive me, sir
I struck a deal of
1.3 million per kidney
And dispatched 10 kidneys, sir
Finalised for 13 million
But I've got only 3 million so far
Forgive me this once, sir
You can take all that money
Don't kill me, sir
Please spare me
I have my family to
take care, please, sir
What happened to Veera?
Did you get him or not?
If that auto driver has been
caught by inspector Muthu
...Veera knows we will
finish him off as well
That is why he has escaped
I have traced his number
He is currently in Chennai
What shall we do?
I will take care
Sir, have you given the evidence
to the inspector?
- Not yet
- Don't give
- Why?
- Not over the phone
Is that so?
We'll talk in person
Balram, get him
Hey! Stop...hey!
Veera, where is that girl?
Why did you kidnap that girl?
Why are you pretending
as if you don't know?
We kidnapped that girl only for you
We did it to save your life, sir
My dear!
Appa, I can't live without him
Shanthi, please don't cry
- Nothing untoward should happen to him
- My son-in-law will be fine
You should stay strong, dear
'I won't abandon your husband like that'
Your husband's condition
is very critical
It is not advisable to delay any further
Immediate heart transplant
is essential to save his life
Wait, dear
We must find a match
as soon as possible
I'm not bothered about the cost
Please do the needful
Sir, you are ready to spend
But we must find
a heart that matches?
It isn't that easy
Does that mean you can't get?
You can't get legally
in this short a time
To make it crystal clear, we must
check only in the black market
My unborn baby and I need him, pa
Please be brave, my dear
Doctor, can I see him?
Please go in
Doctor, please arrange
at the earliest
- I'll try
- Okay
Sir, you can find a match
I'm not denying that
But rate will be on the higher side
Cost is not a criteria at all
Please transport it at once
Is that so?
'Govt General Hospital
Chennai 14'
Veera, tell me
AB negative main
AB -ve?
Difficult now
Good morning, doctor
Okay, I'll find it elsewhere
AB -ve?
Nothing on hand, bro
Find out from your other sources
Bro, AB negative is very rare
Hard to get
That too, police scrutiny is really high
Nowadays where do you get
customary volunteers?
'You're asking for the main item'
It is rare to find
within this short time frame
That too a rare blood group
Police surveillance is heavy
AB negative is a rarity, right?
- Difficult to get AB negative
- Very tough indeed
Couldn't find the match
- Couldn't get anywhere?
- No, sir
Jayanth, couldn't find a match
How rich is the party?
How is the party?
What rate to quote?
They will settle between 70 and 80
Jayanth, 7 to 8 million
Then what?
Don't waste time chatting with me
- Patient may die
- Okay
Negotiate with them
You sit here
I'll discuss with them
Sir, matching is in great demand
Shanthi, don't get tense
Please be patient
The rate is on the higher side, sir
I'll take care, don't cry
8 million
If it is fine with you-
I'll sell my property
and arrange the money
Tomorrow morning money
will be ready
Please do the needful immediately
- Please arrange
- Okay
- Yes, doctor
- Need details of AB -ve donors
Okay, doctor
I'll get back
There is no one in the new records
I'll check the old records
and call you back
- 'Make it fast'
- Okay
I've sent details of
4 AB negative donors
Then, doctor-
One of the donors in that list... working in your hospital
How is the match?
Match is 95%
Perfect match!
Hello, found the donor
But she is working in our hospital
8 million
Why are you dilly dallying?
How is that girl's family?
Middle class
Lives with her father
Why wait?
Kidnap her
- Hey! Where are you?
- 'I'm almost there'
You said you'll come
at 8:30, it is 11:30 now
My father is also repeatedly
calling me
- I was-
- Wait, I'm coming
You've been saying this
for the past 2 hours
- Where are you?
- I'm right inside
- Where?
- Right here
Come fast
- Sorry, got delayed
- It's okay
- I'll get going
- Be careful, bye
Bye, di
'I wasn't aware of this, dear'
I didn't know they planned
to save you by killing a girl
Even if I had known, I would've
still told them to go ahead
My dear, nothing in this world is
more important to me than you
What will happen if the truth is known?
This is wrong
A police officer cannot do this
I might lose my job
I can even go behind bars
As long as I am alive, dear,
I won't let anything happen to you
Only you know this truth
Don't share it with anyone, huh?
I'm very serious, dear
We'll soon have a son
Will you tell him
you are going to jail?
Don't tell anyone
That's all
Sorry, I never expected the inspector
to be on the wrong side of the law
Just like you said let us give
the evidences to the commissioner
No need, sir, even senior officials
in the department are unethical
What can the commissioner do?
Only camouflage it
I'm not telling you
anything new, sir
Let's seek media's help
Didn't they malign me as a quack doctor?
Let's tell the same people
who is fake and who is a murderer
Yes, he's right
I know someone from the media
He will do that
I'll talk to him
You keep this safe
Come in
Sit down
Would you like some coffee?
Shanthi, bring some coffee, dear
Someone please come here
- Damn you!
- My dear!
My daughter
My child...aiyo!
My daughter
Let go of him
My daughter is there, sir
Let her be there, sir
'Tell me'
We can do that
No problem at all
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you kill that poor girl?
We've saved your life, man
Instead of being grateful...!
Look here, you paid for your heart
I saved your life
That's it
Why brand me a murderer
to line your pocket?
How many have you killed like this?
'Arrest us, sir'
You know we are culprits
Arrest us
If you're so above reproach should've taken action
the day you knew
Why didn't you?
Sir, if we go to jail
you'll be our cell mate!
We'll vouch, with your cooperation
and your funds at hand
...we kidnapped and killed that girl
for you to get a new lease of life
That simple
'Inspector sir'
Court and media are no big deal for us
If the hospital is sealed and shut
...within 2 months we will resume
our 'activities' in another venue
We won't face any problem
Neither will our network
But if your action as
inspector Muthu is revealed you know what will
happen to your reputation?
What you earned so long
will be in shreds
Lamenting 'Aiyo!
My good name is at stake'
You might even resort to
suicide with your family
You'll soon be a father
Give it some serious thought
Now you're bad and so am I
We are equal
Let's shake hands
Give me your hand, sir
- Read it thoroughly and then sign
- Okay, sir
What happened to
that child abuse case?
He won't survive, sir
People have thrashed him to a pulp
Read it, I'll be back
- Hello?
- Sir, I spoke to my chief
He has agreed to telecast it
in today's Evening News
Okay, good
Kindly send the evidence to
the channel by 4:00 p.m, sir
Don't delay, sir
- I'll send it
- Okay, sir, done
Abi, they want to telecast our case
in today's 6:00 p.m news
Deliver the evidence we have
by 4:00 p.m without fail
- Okay?
- 'Okay, sir'
- Don't forget
- 'Definitely, sir'
Deliver this evidence
to the TV channel
Okay, you wait here
I'll give it and get back
Call me if anything crops up
You go along with her
Please be careful
- Hi Uthra
- Abi
I'll reach the channel in half an hour
You leave that place immediately
with all the evidence
Abi, the only mistake I am guilty of
Not taking you seriously
Look, I'm a businessman
Simple deal
I'll ensure right this moment
you have no cases against you
I'll tell the same people who derided you
as quack doctor to praise you as the best
All I need from you
Not a single detail about us
should see the light of day
I don't mind being branded
as a quack doctor
I won't rest until I reveal to the world
the crimes you are guilty of
It's just business, Abi
A person sells his kidney
to me for Rs 5000
I sell the same for 500000
He seems like a beggar
in your eyes
But to me he is a millionaire
Your business deals till now
were restricted to human lives
You have turned his organs
into a commercial trade now
You preach so well
Do you think you're a good man?
How many of you think of saving a life
through organ donation?
If I have to choose between a pauper and
a millionaire, I'll go for the 2nd category
That's all
Jayanth, why do you waste time
trying to convince him?
Let him go to any channel
I can deal with it
1st close his chapter
Finally what's your stand?
I won't agree to your deal
You won't, huh?
Your evidence can't touch Dr Jayanth
in any which way
You need very strong proof
to put him behind bars
To do so
he has to talk
Lower your gun
Sir, are you okay?
'Puthiya Thalaimurai News'
'Illegal organ donation is being practiced
in Gaurav Hospital, in Chennai'
'CEO of Gaurav Hospital
Mr Lakshmana Kumar'
'And Geetha Medical Foundation's CEO
Dr Jayanth have been arrested'
'It has been proved they have kidnapped
and killed people to procure their organs'
'Dr Jayanth's audio recording as evidence
has been declared by the police department'
'It's just business, Abi'
'A person sells his kidney
to me for Rs 5000'
'I sell the same for 500000'
'He seems like a beggar
in your eyes'
'But to me he is a millionaire'
'Illegal organ donation scam in
Gaurav hospital for the past few years'
'...has been exposed by
the police department'
'Kidney of Bala from Porur has been
transplanted for ex minister Natarajan'
'Heart of Narmada from Ambattur has been
transplanted for inspector Muthu krishnan'
'Eyes of Uday from Kanchipuram'
'...have been used by
Varun from Maharashtra'
'Heart of Manjula
from Tiruvanmaiyur'
'...has been transplanted
for Erica from London'
'Kidney of Roopesh, a boy from Tiruvallur'
'...has been transplanted for NRI Sinduja'
'Inquiry is being conducted
on sub inspector Karunakaran'
'...and inspector Muthu krishnan
regarding this case'
'According to superintendent of police
Mr Shanmuga Pandian'
Bala Medical Foundation
Chief doctor will be here at 8:00 a.m sharp
Recommend medicine from
our company, ma'am
We'll provide a package holiday for 4 days
Only family or can we
take friends too?
You can take anyone of
your choice, madam
Reason I asked is my doctor husband
bores me at times, that's why
You can meet him yourself
Free treatment is for the general public
Doctors don't need any freebies
If your product has the required quality
we will ourselves suggest
subtitled by rekhs
assisted by harini
'Do not cremate me nor bury me'
'Do not cremate me nor bury me
I shall sow my seed on earth'
'Organ donation
is the duty of every human'