Meisje (2002) Movie Script

Here a picture of the sixteenth century.
We see Judith...
With the head of the enemy captain,
she seduced and beheaded
to save his besieged city.
- The distance is not a problem?
- Excuse me?
You live outside of Brussels.
It is not obvious.
- I rented something in town.
- Noted.
- You can call the following.
- Yes.
STUDIO TO REN It's pathetic.
Oskar, do not be ridiculous.
For once, it fears nothing.
You're crazy, you know?
A chance on what?
One million? Five million?
You're not listening to me.
We had a deal.
It is a matter of principle
is that it?
- A matter of principle?
- Confidence, you know?
So do not fuss.
A child
this is not the end of the world.
Obviously not for you.
A small baby.
Come on, stay here, stay close to me.
Stops. Stop it!
Forgiveness is for the room.
- It's good here?
- Yes! Second floor.
- Sorry. Laura.
- Muriel.
It's there.
But I have to fetch the key.
A moment.
You can think.
My mother lived here,
until recently.
And you are in the area?
I work as a guide at the museum.
I visit.
All these men watching you
and must be silent.
So it suits you?
This is what I wanted.
I take.
Do you realize what you say?
Do not panic.
It was the company.
You can build or buy a home.
It's like you want.
Really like you want.
You listened to what I said?
What do you know about the art?
What are you going to go record in the city?
Muriel... Cite me a painter.
One. Belgian painter.
- Cites in-one to see...
- You loose me!
Muriel, but wait. Wait!
You had to be up to four hours.
It's your life, Muriel, your promotion.
- Where were you?
- In Luke.
I called, you were not there.
You lost your tongue?
You're just like your father.
I found work in the city.
A job that I like. The museum.
I rented a room.
With my money.
I start Monday.
I leave it there?
I go to bed.
The woman is lying parrot,
his long luxuriant hair
based on the sheets.
Her bare white body stands
the dark green atmosphere of the scene.
His attitude, the voluptuous chest,
hips facing the viewer
and the presence of the first color
Plan evoke a harem girl.
It offers...
You sleep already?
She was already asleep.
Oskar? This is me.
I do not understand
why are you doing the head.
I'm not pregnant after all.
Call me back.
Hi Mom!
Why is it going so strong?
Where is Oskar?
- It makes you hello.
- And a kiss?
But yes, of course.
Well, that's it.
I will restyle you, they are dishes.
This will certainly not be twins.
Are you eating enough?
But yes.
Not too much, huh.
I have to file later.
The girl just rent the room...
No, Laura, I do not want.
It's just waiting for you to come.
I need money.
It will still not sleep
in my bed! On my mattress?
Well, it begins.
"I want you to take me
on a remote island. "
Irene:"This is not the time. "
"Then when?" Vincent.
Sorry, I did not have time.
I put in speed
and it will not bother you any more
All these clothes!
My mother had a dress for every man.
It was really amazing.
It was all crazy Oskar, my boyfriend.
Finally, my friend...
She wanted as I am pregnant...
I told him that this was the case.
I told him I was pregnant.
But I ramble...
And your mom, she is healthy?
I live alone for a while.
You can use the dishes.
The shower is down the hall.
You can use you too.
And you bring who you want at home.
But not in my shower!
- Come on... It's going to be okay?
- Yes.
Okay, so I leave you.
Muriel, this is your mother.
Sorry, I have given your number.
Hi, Mom. Well.
Yes, the room was good.
Yes, the owner. Yes.
I can not stay,
I'm in the hallway.
I went to bed, I start tomorrow.
Yes. OK. Yes.
Good night.
You think it's normal?
No explanation, no apology, nothing.
This morning, she ran as
a thief to avoid having to talk to us.
You told him you.
I do not know.
It has the job she wanted.
She said nothing else?
Unless you deserved this promotion.
You had worked hard for it.
That's what she said.
Hey, doll, all right?
We saw 14 candidates.
That's a lot.
And I'm sorry,
but you are not accepted.
Listen, I can not help you.
The other positions are for men.
I'll see what I can do.
So we see that the artist
wanted to make a study of the female body.
It is clearly seen
he was in love with his models.
He had about their bodies
So he must have three mistresses...
I would like you paint me.
Oh yeah? Come, go to the next.
- How much?
- Thirty-five.
Thank you.
- That's it. Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
Otherwise, wait 20 minutes.
I go with Oskar.
Then we go together. OK?
Then, and your day?
Full of Japanese?
Ah, that Oskar.
Continued without me.
I'll join you. OK?
- We need to talk.
- Ben talks.
I'm serious.
This pregnancy was also your idea.
To your mother, Laura.
An invention to fit instantly.
Just a joke.
A joke? For you, maybe.
I do not want kids.
Not now, not ever.
I do. I am 36 years old, Oskar.
I need to advance in life.
We had a contract, and you know it.
- So what?
- What comes next?
I do not want to make love
thinking we might have a kid.
So you know what?
You just have to make you a monk.
Let's go carousing.
What is your gender?
Let's go see these guys.
Come on.
Say, this is the new fashion?
- Who?
- What? Being taciturn!
- You drink something?
- A whiskey on ice.
- It also.
- It also?
Two whiskeys on ice.
It's fun to be here with you.
I do crunches for the barrel girls.
But it's not bad.
Where are you going?
Need to talk, open the door.
You answer me or what?
Sorry, I thought...
My name is Oskar.
You were with her yesterday, right?
- You know where she is?
- No. I have not heard today.
When she comes back, tell him
I'm waiting to snack in front.
You will catch cold.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Muriel, thank you.
Here's Alain.
Muriel, my neighbor.
I'll see Oskar opposite.
What up?
Why do not you open?
There was one?
He remained sleeping.
Fuck, that's the word, Laura.
I want to move forward in life.
Try men
until they make you a child?
Every day another...
Each week something else.
CD, a singing career,
Chosen God. Choose!
It gives you good morning.
You're not gonna call every day
because it has the phone?
- They almost shit inside.
- Yes.
She has her own life, Martha.
And we, ours.
I thought... For this promotion.
You would be here, in a quiet...
Near me.
Muriel is now part...
Make yourself this pleasure.
Think about your home.
- Take 2-3 days off...
- I would not know what to do.
- I think about a hundred things...
- Yes?
- ... You could do.
- For example?
A drink.
She said "the middle drawer. "
Sometimes I feel
she just wants to keep me busy.
What do you think of Alain?
- He looks very good...
- Yes? I can see it with children.
I saw him once,
how do you want me to know?
It is no longer young, Muriel.
Me too,
I've got to put myself, right?
You have not seen these photos?
Those of the move, with Oskar.
I give up
- What are you doing here?
- Your mother told me you were working here
- You must not come here.
- I paid to see you.
I've waited long enough.
Not a letter, not a phone call.
You do not give news.
- We need to talk.
- Not here.
- Where, then?
- Nowhere. I'm working.
- After then.
- No, I have an appointment.
- After your appointment.
- Shh. Come on.
Muriel, I do not understand you.
But there is nothing to understand.
I just do what I want.
You just do what you want?
Sit in a man's suit.
- This is great. Really.
- I prefer you to go.
Muriel, I thought
and I admit that I was wrong.
I know I want it all too fast.
I told my father that I wanted
not take over the business.
What do I care?
Ben, I love you, want.
Nobody understands you. Person.
Neither your mother nor me.
- Here, you have no friends, nothing...
- Oh no?
And what do you know?
Some, perhaps.
But I can come and live here.
- I'll let you in space, but I...
- I have to close the theaters.
I'm waiting at the exit.
I have an appointment
An appointment? You do not know anyone.
With whom? With whom you have an appointment?
Come on. Frankly.
If I say I have a boyfriend,
is that it can help?
And with it, would you kiss?
Give me a break.
In, please go away.
If you will sign there.
unilateral termination
the test contract.
You are.
Just guess...
- Are you pregnant?
- No.
But Alain like what I do.
It will make me do a demo.
He knows people in the studios.
And besides, he says that I have talent.
It's not great?
You're not very enthusiastic.
A demo, it is almost a CD.
A professional studio, and everything.
I lost my place.
I lost my place.
- I was late.
- That's it?
- What box, say so.
- It does not change anything, OK?
Let's see what there is there...
That's it. Pair, antique buffets...
Investigations... it suits you?
I'm late.
I had a group of Indians
for the Flemish Primitives at 4:00.
Never mind.
Two coffees, please.
- You take two cups of coffee?
- But no. One for you and one for me.
I'm in a hurry.
I have an appointment.
- How are you?
- Well.
Lot of work,
tourist buses.
And there?
It's a moment that has not seen Luke.
I told him
there was someone else.
And it's true?
I would not say otherwise.
This is where I'm just now.
They want me to accept
promotion in the office Daan.
- What do you say?
- It's your life.
Sometimes I say I'm
too old to change.
This is what you always wanted.
You may be right.
- I have to go.
- Already?
I will show you the apartment
another time. I'll call you.
I saw a dress I wanted to buy you.
It's close.
- Now?
- It's just around the corner.
Good, but fast.
So what?
You have cold hands.
That's good. What do you say?
- It is not a little kid?
- No.
- And it's how your new baby?
- Mom...
I'm just curious.
- So what?
- Normal.
Big, blond hair...
You really have me to go.
Well... What do you decide?
I'll think about it.
- I can give you money.
- OK.
- What are you doing here?
- Can I do something?
Aside paste 500 posters...
I can always try.
You know for a long time?
Since my first time...
I put up posters.
No, the glue on the glass.
- The?
- Yes, in full above.
Shit! Course, Muriel!
You are together?
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes or no?
- No.
- This is the first time?
- What what?
- That you clamp.
- Yes.
Oh yeah? Here.
I see graffiti on cars, subway,
public buildings...
An artist, you know.
- We filed a complaint against you.
- Is it true?
Your father has just arrived.
It awaits you in the hallway.
I do not want to see.
Why did you do that
in his window?
If it does not withdraw its complaint,
you are ruined.
Why do not you talk to him?
I asked you something?
Muriel, I took your room.
Excuse me.
These are his children.
Alain children.
It does me had never spoken.
Until today.
I am looking for a man
and what do I find?
Former with two children.
What I will do?
- You wanted kids, right?
- Yes, I wanted children.
But mine,
kids not another.
I tried to dissuade him, but...
What do you think?
I'm tired, Laura. I know.
I want to sleep.
Yes. Excuse me.
They can stay a little?
Just a little.
Alain will pick them up. Promised.
You awake?
Sorry for the inconvenience.
These are my children.
I should have told him before,
but Laura is a little...
That's it. But hey, it's my fault.
- It will surely do it.
- If you say so.
We'll see.
Go, sleep well. Thank you.
I just see the legs and tail.
- Say, Sander...
- Yes?
You know what happens
when stacking two crocodile?
When stacking two crocodiles,
it's full of little crocodiles.
- How much?
- It depends.
When did crocodiles, eh?
Laura here.
- I hear nothing.
- Me!
Do you want good
you shut two minutes!
My mother.
What does he?
My mother.
She did not move.
She hears us?
I do not know...
Some say yes.
Me too.
Do you have children?
I thought you had a son.
You tell me what I have?
Dr, she's right.
Dre, you bring coffee?
This is our Oskar.
For years we had no news.
He did not phone.
He may be in trouble.
It will come out.
You think so?
It may be a couple...
We do shit, that's what he does.
Trashing our case, that too.
- Saloper facades with his dirty...
- Oskar is a dreamer.
Madame Sun sees
everything in her crystal ball.
You know what is it?
This kid has no discipline.
Oskar goes.
You know him?
- Long time no see?
- Enough.
And it goes well?
Yes. I am Muriel.
Leap Year.
guess who is there. Oskar.
Do you think it helps?
The fact that I gossiped?
Of course.
She listens in her sleep.
She asked you every day.
- Why do you come only now?
- I saw my father...
So what?
Nothing. He did not see me.
I was in position, he filed a complaint.
That's it.
And you?
I have two children.
- That was fast.
- Yes.
More than you, anyway.
Alain is OK.
When it is there, you're never alone.
I do not know...
It's complicated.
At least you chose.
Ah... you're there.
You know that I have seen with my mother?
- No idea.
- Oskar.
- You know who I mean?
- Yes.
It's the ones you looking for, right?
Why are you taking Oskar see?
I did not take him, he was there.
I have not had to ask him.
- Alain And then?
- What, Alain?
Because I would have taken her?
You've already seen without her children?
No way they come.
- But what is your problem, really?
- It's nothing.
Children, it is not a problem.
I can take care of them.
- Really?
- Yes, on occasion.
Doggie... just there.
Louie... Here!
What do you want?
You bring my coat?
It has the air?
He recognizes you.
You went to see my parents.
For a survey, it's true.
What stupid work...
I saw him again. We talked a bit.
This is what you wanted, right?
You can still see your parents?
They do not live here.
I'm welcome home, but...
You never go there?
You think it's stupid?
Since yesterday, yes.
He wants to go.
Thank you for posting.
See you?
Wait, Louie.
I know a great place,
but put yourself on your 31st.
On Friday?
Alain just called me, he may have
a studio for 2 hours.
My CD, Muriel, my CD...
- Do not tell me you go out?
- If.
I have an appointment.
And children? You promised me
that you take care of it yourself.
Occasionally, not now.
I did not ask you never.
But you could take them.
This is not a problem.
I have to sing, Alain must mix.
No question they bawl
in the background.
- You could have warned me before.
- Come on, say it. Two hours.
I beg you...
- Two hours? Are you sure?
- I promise. Yes?
You're an angel. I adore you.
Come on, it's okay.
No, I do not mind.
Hein, Muriel?
Sorry for the unexpected.
It was two hours of studio...
Dad, I want to come!
No, it's not possible.
It really is impossible, children.
Laura, are you ready?
The number of the studio,
if something goes wrong.
Wise, eh? Promised?
- Do not forget, Laura.
- No, I do not forget.
- Here we go, Alain!
- Come on! Be wise!
Look, crocodiles!
Crocodiles? Nothing!
Wash yourself with soap.
You can do it alone.
- I want too.
- You want lipstick?
- Do you still play?
- It happens.
How'd you like?
Concentrate, Martha.
- I'm late?
- No, no. No problem.
A reception every two months,
and a buffet every 15.
- You want something to drink?
- Yes.
- Where are the restrooms?
- Down the hall to the left.
It's okay?
I'm hot.
What up?
Laura and light.
But what happens?
Where is your sister?
What is...?
Shit! Laura!
What does it mean?
They are alone! Are you crazy?
- All alone at night!
- Muriel was supposed to take care of.
It is not there. You lied to me!
You had arranged everything...
But all is well, right?
Laura, your life is a huge mess!
These are my walls, it does not matter.
You recouches small and...
- You're crazy, Laura.
- Listen... But where are you going?
I get my kids to bed.
Is that clear?
Listen to me.
I take care of your life
and thou leave me in the lurch.
I rent a studio,
I mix anything.
I bring you back, I try, Laura,
I try,
And you will care a!
Where were you?
You left two children
alone at night!
As if you had something to fuck.
I expected you an hour.
Alain is gone and it's your fault!
It was my evening
and you have the fucking up!
- Is it in you realize?
- Your party?
For this demo to the con?
You only think about yourself.
And what, your excuse?
Because I would like to hear.
My excuse?
I had an appointment,
and you knew it.
Oh, an appointment?
And with whom? With whom?
You really want to know?
And you're in love?
You slept with him,
and the world can crumble. Is that it?
Do not think he cares about you.
Do not kid yourself, kid.
He does not like the insipid village.
I am kind.
So why he hath plated?
You were so fantastic!
I am kind.
And you're in very far.
Leave me the camp.
Get the fuck I said.
Will wet your pussy elsewhere!
The visiting time is over, ma'am.
I'm sorry.
I have to see.
I for 10 minutes.
It is in intensive care,
there are rules. Sorry.
I just want
him about two minutes.
There are rules, sorry.
She is not alone,
I can not...
Just talk to him for two minutes.
It's so complicated?
Two minutes with my mother.
She is in a coma,
she can not hear you!
- Muriel is not there.
- I like him that much?
- Are you Laura?
- Yes. I do not know if it will come back.
- Tonight, anyway?
- I do not know.
It was played.
I threw out
it may come back, or maybe not.
I do not know.
Long as it is clear.
I expect if you wish.
- You do not know how it's done?
- That's not it.
What then?
I prefer you to go.
- How old is she?
- 70 years.
Sit down.
- She's in a coma.
- I'm sorry.
Well, that's nothing.
- We made it.
- You hear well?
She lived where Muriel lives.
This is your only daughter?
- So you live alone?
- Only with my husband.
- It will be 35 years next week.
- Excuse me? What?
35 years? With the same?
I have something to learn!
I always choose my evil men.
Boys who do not want children
or people who already have.
Yes, we can not know in advance.
What is the secret?
- The secret?
- Come on, 35 years with the same...
And a child...
Must do, huh...
But if! Be done.
It's complicated.
And what is it like after 35 years?
- I was all out of whack.
- How so?
You did not know how to do more?
- Kissing, everything...
- Kissing, everything...
It's like riding a bike, right?
You never forget, it seems.
No, but with another man...
I find it hard.
I mean, brave.
That is true.
Muriel and do nothing know?
She knows nothing. I believe.
Mothers and daughters
have no secrets.
We, yes.
Maybe she doubted it.
- She never says anything.
- That's it, that.
She may have forgotten his key?
If you come to Muriel
it is not there.
That mother Muriel.
- Good evening, madam.
- Martha.
Oskar, my ex
or what should I say?
Well, a friend of Muriel.
- She is not you?
- No, she ran yesterday.
- Without saying a word.
- That's it, that.
I will seek,
to later maybe.
Is it still raining?
Yes, that's me.
In town, at Muriel.
I'll sleep here.
She felt woozy.
No, nothing serious.
But it's better that I stay.
This is the first time?
- In thirty-five years, yes.
- You think?
I leave you.
I'll get Alain.
- Have a good night.
- Have a good night.
There is noise.
- You still hurt?
- No.
What did you do tonight?
I'm out.
With your friend?
I do not have any friends.
- I thought...
- I invented everything.
I lied to everyone.
I do not think Oskar
wish me well again.
It happened here, he sought you.
- So, you've seen?
- Yes.
I found friendly.
Do not you find me dull?
Since you're in town
you're a little pale.
I have always been tasteless.
And lean.
I feel so ugly.
You're beautiful.
All mothers say it
their children. That does not count.
So what account?
I'm scared.
But what?
I also sometimes fear.
Come on...