Mellow (2020) Movie Script

- It's for a present?
- Yes.
Can you make a small bouquet?
For a family member?
A birthday present?
It's fine... you
don't need to tell me.
It's not for a friend...
nor a birthday present.
A schoolmate?
I see. Can you tell me
something about them?
I need to know to
make a good bouquet.
Are they... lively? Or quiet?
- Club activities?
- Yes.
- Which club?
- About that...
Does the club matter
for the boquet?
Not really. It's okay if
you don't want to say.
Do you know which
colors they like?
Or just something
they like in general?
I think they may
like something cute.
Is that so.
Which one of these you
think they may like?
The yellow one.
- This one?
- Yeah.
- Like this?
- Yes.
Is this enough?
Not at all.
I'll just take this one.
- Is that enough?
- Yes.
That can't be right...
let me pay the full price.
This is enough.
You can use the rest of
the money on your date.
- Uh?
- For a movie or something.
- Good luck.
- Eh?
It's not like that!
I see. I apologize, then.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Hi!
- Hello.
- I'm here to replace the flowers.
- Go ahead.
Does that mean... you
don't like me anymore?
It's not like that.
- I really love you!
- I do, too!
Then why do you
want to break up?
- Well, that's...
- Why?!
Why break up if we
love each other?
Because I'm unemployed,
and I have debts.
- And yet I don't want to work.
- I know that!
I told you I know this!
Why are you bringing
this up now?
You're still in
love with your wife.
- I'm not.
- Then why?
I don't get it.
To be honest...
I wanted to marry you.
I was going to talk to my
wife, and break up with her.
But, well...
when I was getting ready for
us to be together...
I realized what I had
wasn't that bad, after all.
That's when I realized:
the status quo was
cozy and comfortable!
See? That's what I mean...
You're still in
love with your wife!
I'm not, you don't get it!
Please try to understand!
You and me... we are
not a good match.
What do you mean?!
Do you want me to be clumsier,
older, or out of shape?
- You're scared because I speak English?
- It's not that!
What is it, then?
It's not easy to be with you.
I feel like I'm going
to ruin your life.
What now?
You're going back to your wife?
- That wouldn't work.
- Then stay with me!
I'd prefer to be alone.
And think about my life, alone.
Can't I?
Let's break up.
I don't think you'll ever be able to
find someone you'll like better than me.
Sorry for making a scene.
Don't worry.
Uh? What's up?
Why aren't you
running after her?
You love each other.
Or maybe you don't
actually love her.
It's not like that.
I'm doing it for her.
It's not about me.
Thanks for coming.
- There.
- Sorry.
- Good morning.
- Good morning!
Can I ask for a favour?
She doesn't want
to go to school.
It's okay.
You can be my assistant instead.
I'll be back at 6pm.
- See you.
- Bye.
Saho, let's get to work.
Take the sign out.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
Thanks for visiting.
You're a man, why did
you open a flower shop?
Well... what do you think?
I don't know.
Do you like flowers, Saho?
I do.
But my mom doesn't.
She doesn't?
Yeah. After all...
you usually get them
as a present, right?
"but they just wither
right away" she says.
So she dislikes both
giving and receiving them.
I see.
explain why would a
man open a flower shop.
That's... welcome!
- Hiromi-chan! Not at school?
- Just finished an exam.
Everyone did? Or just you?
Whatever! And just
call me Hiromi.
As you wish.
The usual, right?
With matching colours?
A little christmaslike?
Red and green?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Saho? Skipping classes?
Aren't you?
- Let me see.
- Nope.
Why? Don't be shy.
You helped me with
math and got it wrong!
You liar, I'm not that
dumb! It's 3rd year stuff.
You don't even know the
7 multiplication table!
I do! Listen:
7x1 is 7. 7x2 is 14. 7x3 is 21.
- 7x7 ?
- It's 42!
No, wait, it's 49. Wait, wait.
That's not fair, you have
to say them in order.
7x1 is 7. 7x2 is 14. 7x3 is 21.
- 7x7 ?
- 42!
I mean 49! Geez!
7x7 is 49. I get it.
7x1 is 7. 7x2 is 14. 7x3 is 21.
- Don't laugh at me!
- 7x7 ?
- Correct!
- Yeah!
- I'm home.
- Welcome back.
I'm changing the flowers.
I don't really understand.
Are you sure?
That's how I feel. I
can't pretend otherwise.
Did you talk to your husband?
I didn't.
You know, this is not the time.
But I want to talk
to Shuuji properly.
But the other man
loves you, right?
I don't know.
Wait, really?
You don't know if it's mutual?
I'm not sure.
But it doesn't really matter.
My own feelings... are for
that other person, now.
But then... aren't you
rushing things with Shuuji?
Well... we are a couple.
But now I have feelings
for someone else.
It's not right to
pretend I don't.
But Shuuji doesn't
know that, does he?
He doesn't know, but...
it feels wrong to hide it.
It's probably wrong, yeah...
Here, try this.
Wow! Say thanks.
- Thank you!
- You're welcome.
- Her name?
- Saho.
They just moved nearby,
for my sister's job.
And sometimes she doesn't
want to go to school.
I see.
Saho, look. I am...
[1 stroke away from Saho]
I also didn't like going school.
When I was little my mom passed
away, and I only had my dad.
They made fun of my
father's ramen restaurant.
They called me "ramen daughter".
They said I smelled of
ramen. Isn't that mean?
Why did they start
teasing you like that?
I don't remember...
no reason, I think.
- Did you have someone you liked?
- Like?
I wonder!
- Why?
- No reason.
Is there someone you like?
I see... what's his name?
- Harumi.
- Harumi?
I see.
Isn't that nice?
Do you like ramen?
Yes. But I like beef more.
Beef is hard to beat, isn't it?
Beef is something you
should ask your mom.
What about gyoza?
Great. More than beef?
Let's see. what do you
like more: beef or Harumi?
- Beef.
- Beef first, uh?
- Are you eating those gyoza?
- Nope.
Why did you ask for them then?!
- Fine, I'm eating them.
- Try them!
- So yummy!
- You like them? Great!
- Do you like her?
- Uh?
Do you like Kiho?
Not really.
- Is that so.
- Why do you ask?
Does it look like I do?
So it's one-sided, uh?
She likes you, doesn't she?
She doesn't!
Wait, why do you think she does?
- No reason.
- No reason?
You're glad she does!
What? Am I?
- You're smiling.
- I'm not!
- You're embarassed!
- I'm not!
- Yo!
- Hi.
I've liked you for
a while, Hiromi.
Let's go out together.
I mean, even just seeing
each other is okay.
Like... let's be good friends.
Since you'll graduate soon.
You're going to Tada with
a sports recommendation?
Did you have lunch?
Not yet.
Let's eat together.
- Really?
- Sure.
Then... I'm getting my bento.
- Me too.
- Great!
Does Natsume know?
No, I haven't talked to him.
- Is that so?
- Yeah.
But he likes you back, right?
That, I don't know.
Wait a minute.
You meet often, don't you?
We do.
He delivers the flowers.
Sometimes we talk and drink tea.
- Is that all?
- Yeah.
If it's just that,
why a divorce?
That's what you want?
I do.
Why did you even tell me?
Wh... why?
You didn't need to tell me.
It would've been better.
You could've waited to
see if he liked you.
You didn't need
to talk to me yet.
You think so?
I don't get it.
I thought I needed
to talk to you first.
I'm the worst...
I didn't realize
we had troubles.
You should follow your heart.
See if it works with Natsume.
And if it doesn't, you
can come back to me.
What do you think?
Before we break up... why
don't you talk with him?
If he's not interested,
we can stay together.
Would that work?
Or it's too late?
- But why?
- What?
Why are you so accomodating?
After what I did...
I would expect you to
hit me, or yell at me.
I'm not sure.
I just really love you.
Thank you anyway for telling me.
- Since when?
- Uh?
When did you start liking me?
Mmh. I wonder.
Did you notice?
Not at all.
But why now?
The school year hasn't ended,
I haven't graduated yet.
It's a little awkward.
It's just december!
Besides... at least wait until
the end of the school day.
That's right, sorry!
Don't worry, it's fine.
- You know, I have a few rivals.
- Uh?
A lot of people in my
year also like you.
Hasn't anyone else confessed?
It's still December.
I see.
By the way... who likes me?
Why do you ask?
Just curious.
Do you have someone in mind?
I don't!
I told you, I'm just curious.
Be honest with me.
There's someone else
in my year you like.
There isn't.
So... who is it?
Ah, Sato.
And Suzumoto.
Suzumoto? I see.
And also... Kurita.
- Kurita too?
- I knew it!
Sorry, sorry.
Kurita is a beauty.
Come on, I said I'm sorry.
But sorry.
Don't worry.
I'm sorry, too.
Where did you buy these?
The flowers. Where?
A place called MELLOW,
do you know it?
I do.
You're the amazing
Hiromi senpai, after all.
So I had to find something good.
That's the best flower
shop in the area!
I know. We use his flowers
to decorate our parlor.
You do?
There's someone
you like, Hiromi?
There is!
I see.
Did you tell them?
- I didn't.
- Why?
You can't be together?
I guess so.
Do I know them?
You do.
Really? Who?
- Not telling.
- I won't tell anyone.
No, I mean I won't tell you.
Come on, tell me!
Are they cool?
Yeah. Cool... but also cute.
Cute? Who is it?
Can we meet after school?
- This?
- Yeah. Put it in.
Cute... but it looks like a bug.
How's this?
Cute. Let's keep them here.
How is it?
They're lovely.
Thank you.
Hello. Sorry for intruding.
- They're beautiful.
- Thank you.
So... what is it?
- Can I?
- Yes.
We have decided
to break up.
That's a shame.
It really is.
It's really...
I see.
So... well.
Mariko wants to
tell you something.
What is it?
About the flowers contract?
Don't worry about that.
I love you, Natsume.
You come here twice per
week with the flowers...
and I realized I was really
looking forward to it.
But that's because you
like the flowers, right?
Of course I like the flowers!
The flowers are part
of you, in a sense.
But to be honest...
it's you I like.
The flowers don't
really matter to me.
Hey! That's rude!
It's... it's okay.
I started thinking about you
everytime I looked at the flowers.
I'm attracted to you now, so...
it would be weird for me and
my husband to stay together.
That's what I was thinking.
I love you.
Wa... wait a minute.
I love you.
This is...
Wait, your husband...
Are you okay with this?
- Yeah.
- No, I mean...
It looks like you're
breaking up...
because Aoki likes me?
Are you okay with this?
- It's not good, isn't it?
- Right!
Why are we talking about
this in front of you?
It's embarassing.
Because I love Mariko.
If the one you love is troubled,
you're eager to help. It's natural.
Yeah, but...
I love you.
Mariko loves you, Natsume.
But she couldn't tell you.
It was so painful for her.
She doesn't know how
you feel about her.
And she felt guilty.
If we break up, I'm sure
you two will get along well.
This isn't easy...
but it's the right thing to do.
I'm doing this for Mariko.
That's why we wanted
to talk to you.
Thank you.
Don't thank him!
This is so weird.
Don't you care
about his feelings?
Natsume, what do you think
of Mariko? I mean as a woman.
I think she is very charming.
That's what I thought.
We talked about flowers...
and she always made me tea.
- It's lovely.
- Oh!
Wait, don't "Oh!" me.
This is still weird.
It would've been better to
talk without your husband.
A one-to-one chat, you know.
I would've said: "Sorry,
I don't love you".
"Please stay with your husband,
and try to get along with him".
Doing it like this
is not very polite...
Which way is impolite, uh?
Me not knowing about this.
This is how we check our
feelings for each other.
Pretending she
doesn't love you?!
Going on as nothing happened?
That would be impolite, right?
Would you blame your wife?
She's just being honest,
how can you blame her?!
Wait a minute.
I was taking your side,
why are you blaming me now?
You said she should've
lied about this!
You're real scum.
No, listen...
You two are really something.
Okay, let's stop.
I'm also saying this for you.
You'll be fine, even if
you can't be with him.
Why did you even think we'd be
together? Ridiculous!
I'm sorry, I made a mistake.
Please forget about this.
It's all good, please just continue
to deliver our entryway flowers.
It's not that easy!
Eh? But you said it yourself!
We shouldn't be having
this conversation.
That we should talk
about this one-to-one.
Pretend nothing happened
and just get along.
I'll also pretend nothing happened,
so please forget about this.
This should've been discussed...
It was all my fault, it's
fine. Let's drop this.
"Let's drop this"?!
That's right! Actually...
Okay, let's stop.
Can you at least try not
to hurt Mariko's feelings?
Don't you have a heart?
Please leave.
- Uh?
- Leave!
Don't fight!
I'm leaving.
You invited me here to talk.
- Yeah, so what?!
- I mean...
- Leave!
- Wait, don't...
- I said leave!
- Wait, this is not...
Are you okay?
You smoke?
Why? It bothers you?
No. But it's bad for you.
It is.
want to see Harumi?
It sucks to be a grown-up.
Just inconvenient.
But it can't be helped, can it?
Let's go.
To Hirumi!
- Hello.
- Hey.
Thank you for today, Saho.
Your mom doesn't need one.
- See you tomorrow, maybe?
- Tomorr...
Stop! You're going
to school tomorrow.
- See you.
- Bye.
- See you soon!
- Anytime!
On Sunday.
- See you next Sunday!
- Sure!
Is everything okay?
Well... not really.
I see.
You know Aoko?
I did the flowers
decoration at her wedding.
Oh, her. You deliver
them flowers, right?
- Yeah.
- What about her?
- Forget about it.
- Come on, tell me!
The other day I went there
to deliver the flowers...
and they told me they
were breaking up.
Really? Why?
She told me she was
in love with me.
With you?!
That's something. And
they were both there!
- Her husband was there?
- Yeah.
- No way...
- Right?!
And then?
- her husband got angry.
- But why?
I don't even know.
They said it'd have been
rude not not talk about this.
That I was being rude. Then he told
me I had no right to hurt his wife.
He told me I have no heart.
How weird.
- Interesting.
- It's a private matter...
- You're really popular, aren't you?
- Uh?
Always receiving
love confessions?
Not at all. I'm
not very popular.
No girlfriend then?
I don't.
- Flowers are my partner.
- Flowers?!
You wish you had someone?
Or you don't need anyone?
I'd like to, that's natural.
I see.
- Is that so.
- Yeah.
What about you?
Are ramen-girls not popular?
There you go! This is
why you're not popular!
- Right?
- Sorry.
I'm fine...
but I'm sorry for the flowers.
- Thanks for the meal.
- Thank you.
Do you like my ramen?
It's good!
Really? It's different
from my father's.
Well, I guess it is.
I see.
You know...
I'm thinking about
closing down the restaurant.
- What?
- The 23rd of this month.
I see.
You didn't you put on a notice?
- I had other things to do.
- Is that so?!
- I don't like that kind of thing.
- Why?
People will come just because
they know we'll close...
It's like visiting a
friend that will die soon.
Or going to a movie theater
that is about to close.
it feels like they'd be
doing it out of pity.
I see.
Everyone is always busy... so they
forget about what's important.
But I think they still care.
But you're doing it for yourself,
more than for the other person.
You go there just to see
the place one last time.
That's not love. It's pity.
It's pity, isn't it?
- Is compassion bad, then?
- Uh?
As long as the
feeling is sincere...
I would be fine with it.
I don't really know, but...
I think many people will be sad if
you just close down with no notice.
I just couldn't do it anymore.
Do you regret it?
Working so hard that
you ruined your hand.
You reap what you sow, I guess.
I was doing well at the time.
They even asked me to be the
owner, but then I hurt my hand.
Dealing with other people
is so tiresome sometimes.
I'm not great at it either.
Cooking is more fun than
counting money anyway.
Roll up your sleeve.
- Here.
- Look.
- You can really feel the difference.
- Yeah.
What's this?
Give this to her when she
closes down the restaurant.
You're the only
one I can ask this.
Did you talk about
your plan to go abroad?
- No.
- You didn't tell?
No need to.
Yeah, but...
Okay, but suppose...
Suppose you confess
and he says yes.
- Would you stay?
- I wouldn't.
- Wait, really?
- Yes.
It wouldn't make any difference.
- Is that so?
- Yeah.
But I didn't tell him anyway, so...
I wonder...
You would have?
Yes! Since now you'll
no longer meet.
It's a shame! That you didn't
tell when you had a chance.
It wouldn't have hurt
to give it a try!
Even if I was planning to leave?
Yes. I wouldn't want to live
with that kind of regret.
I don't know. It seems selfish
to confess just before leaving.
If you're going to leave,
you shouldn't confess.
Did you tell anyone else?
No one knows about this.
You don't usually go around telling
everyone about your feelings, right?
I guess you don't.
I guess.
I understand not talking about love,
but what about you going abroad?
I don't know...
Many people will be sad
if you just disappear.
Not just Natsume.
- What?
- Nothing.
- Welcome!
- It has been a while.
Ah, Kiho!
- Long time! You got so pretty!
- You're too kind.
Why, though?
No reason. I was just nostalgic.
I see.
It has been a while
since you opened, right?
24 years this year.
24? It's a long time.
It really is.
- Same age, then.
- Uh?
- Me, and this place.
- Is that so?
And I'm getting older, too.
That's impressive, though.
Keeping up for 24 years.
You think so? It's
not that impressive.
I'm doing this...
because it's the only
thing I know how to do.
- Wow!
- Want to try?
- I hold there.
- Yeah.
- And cut there.
- Good job!
- Next one.
- There.
- A little longer.
- Like this?
- Yo!
- Hey.
What is it?
I want to say it too.
"I like you".
Can you come with me?
Please. I'm sure I'll
get rejected, anyway.
- Do you like it?
- Yes.
- You know...
- What?
I've decided to close
down my restaurant.
You did?
I'm making leaftlets,
can I leave a few here?
Sure! And I'll eat
there one last time.
- What?
- Hello.
A junior in my club.
- There.
- Thank you.
How did it go, Yoko?
Oh... not well.
I see.
"Thank you, but
sorry", they said.
I'm sad I couldn't help.
It's fine.
I'm happy I got an answer.
I see.
Do you know the person
she likes, Hiromi?
I do.
- Good-looking?
- I wonder...
Did you give them the flowers?
Anyone who likes flowers
must be a nice person.
Says you?
I do!
They like someone else.
They told me they
like someone else.
I see.
I'm going to get some more tea.
Stay, I'll refill it for you.
Are you okay?
- You can't confess if I'm here?
- What?
- Should I go home?
- No, stay.
I don't think I can do it today.
I won't tell. It's embarassing.
- You're not telling him?
- Nope.
Let's leave.
I'll do it another time.
- Want me to tell him?
- What? Definitely not.
I'll do it another time.
Maybe in March.
But you're in love now!
Yes, but...
- Here.
- Thanks.
You wanted to tell me something?
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
Remember when we were talking
about boys hating flowers?
I don't think they hate it...
they just think they're
uncool or something like that.
Starting in the last years
of elementary school.
When they start liking girls...
they become self-conscious.
Something like that.
What about you?
You never entered that
phase, then? In school?
I wonder... I've
always liked flowers.
Did you gave flowers
to the girls you liked?
I didn't.
Why not? It's nice
to get flowers.
- Not applicable.
- Why?
The family of the girl I
liked had a flower shop.
Wait, that's why you opened one?
I wonder...
- That's so sweet!
- It's really not!
Why? It's fine!
It's not the only reason
I like flowers anyway!
Is that so?
- Did you tell her?
- Uh?
Did you tell the
girl you liked her?
- I did.
- And?
She said "Thanks, but sorry".
- Same as me.
- Yeah.
Why did she say no?
She liked someone else?
I gave her flowers,
like you did.
and said "I like you!".
I bought the flowers
from a different shop.
I didn't want to buy the
bouquet from her parents.
I had bought flowers
from them before...
but to give to their
daughter? I couldn't.
So I went to another florist
in the neighbourhood.
For her present.
That was a bad idea.
- She rejected you for that?
- Yeah.
"Where did you buy
these?" she asked.
- For real?
- Yeah.
Just for that?
And you were okay with that?
Of course not!
But I thought that maybe I
shouldn't have done that.
I wonder...
What if she liked
someone else...
but didn't want to hurt you, so
she used the flowers as an excuse?
Why would you think that?
Because her answer
makes no sense!
If she liked you, she
would've been okay with it.
- Is that so?
- Yes.
Yeah, no.
I shouldn't have bought the
flowers from another shop.
If I had bought the flowers from
her parents, it would've worked.
Yeah sure. Fine.
If believing that makes
you happy, go ahead.
Why is she so mean?!
But you expressed your
feelings, and that's great.
That's why we can
laugh about it now.
I wasn't trying to
make you laugh...
- Sorry, I didn't mean...
- Don't worry.
I don't regret telling her.
Well, I'm going home.
Me too.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
- Are you leaving together?
- Yes.
- Take care.
- Bye.
See you.
Bye, take care.
Did we bother you?
No, I had fun listening.
That's me?
- Cute!
- Right?
With baby cheeks?
- Do you like it?
- Yes! Is this Hiromi?
- Yes.
- Looks great!
- You think so?
- So cute.
- The air volume, though.
- It's fine!
I guess.
- I wanted to make her cute.
- I see. Hair is crucial.
In the end, you didn't confess.
Today was not the day.
Sorry I forced you to come.
It's okay. Let's hang out again.
Sure. Thank you.
Sato? Why are you here?
I... I like you, senpai.
Please go out with me.
Listen, Sato...
That day, when Yoko
confessed on the rooftop...
I was there, and I saw
her getting rejected.
Honestly, I thought getting
rejected was just awkward...
and I believed it's
safer not to confess.
But then I saw you got
closer after that day...
It was painful,
and I was jealous.
So I decided I'd confess, too.
And I did.
Thank you.
But sorry.
It's okay.
I just wanted to do it.
Let's eat something
together next time.
Is that okay?
Of course!
Why are you answering?!
I confessed first,
so I'm her senior!
[Notice about the closure]
You did put the
notice in the end.
Uh? Haircut?
- Here.
- Thank you.
- Listen, Natsume...
- Yeah?
Can I ask you a favour?
What is it?
For the last day of the shop...
This early? What's the matter?
Can we talk?
I like you, Natsume.
I wanted to tell
you yesterday...
but I was too embarassed.
I see.
- Well, listen...
- It's fine!
I'm in junior high school.
I understand you don't see
me as a potential partner.
It would be weird if you did!
I shouldn't have fallen for you.
You know...
Yesterday I couldn't say it.
But then I couldn't
sleep all night.
I felt so bad.
I see.
Thank you...
but... sorry.
Same answer.
Another cup? Or are you late?
I'll take another.
Saho's mom.
She went to school today.
What about you?
Hiromi, don't you have classes?
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
- Good morning!
- Good morning!
- Here!
- Thank you so much!
- 100 of them.
- Thank you!
They're beautiful!
Glad you like them.
- Here.
- Thanks!
- Here.
- It was delicious!
- Here.
- Thank you.
- Thanks for coming!
- Thank you!
Thank you for coming!
Last patrons!
No, I mean... those guys.
- I see.
- But there's some left for you.
- I'll eat then.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
- It's nothing.
It's not too late, isn't
it? A large ramen please.
Thanks for the food.
- How much?
- It's 500 yen.
Really? Like in the old days!
Always 500.
Is that so? It's
not good, though.
You should charge more.
It's a business, after all!
Business is not good,
that's why I'm closing down.
- Is that so?
- Yeah.
You took from your father, uh?
Thank you. Oh, wait!
If you don't mind.
- Is it okay?
- Sure, if you want it.
I'll put this in my altar then.
Mother loved flowers. Thank you!
Thank you for coming!
Thanks for the meal!
- I'll clean up downstairs.
- Okay.
Did your father ever tell you what he
was doing before he opened this place?
I don't think he
ever told me... why?
Italian chef.
- Really?
- Yeah.
When was this?
Before I was born?
He told me about
it when I visited.
He had to prepare a lot
of different dishes.
There was a huge fry pan
he had to keep shaking.
Got tendinitis in his left hand.
He thought he would no longer
be able to work as a chef.
And he was feeling down.
One day he was eating
at a ramen stand...
and he noticed the cook
was missing his left hand.
He was making ramen
with one hand.
"Ah, a ramen restaurant!"
"I can cook ramen even
with my bad hand!"
That's how it happened.
I see.
That's when he decided
to open this restaurant.
I see...
No wonder I can't match it.
His ramen's taste.
I'm thinking about
going abroad to study.
- Architecture?
- Yes.
That's what I've
always wanted to do.
My plan was to study Architecture
overseas, but then my dad fell ill.
So that's where I want
to start again now.
I see.
To where? Europe?
Italy, I think.
Yeah... I guess.
I didn't see this coming.
I've only told my
friend from college.
No one else.
Did your dad know?
You had that kind of dream...
but you kept the restaurant
open all this time.
That's admirable.
I really didn't expect
things to go this way.
I thought he'd be
discharged after a few days.
I see.
You know, when dad fell ill...
to be honest, I was relieved.
- Relieved?
- Yes.
I was scared to go abroad.
It's strange.
It was my own dream, and yet
I felt relieved I couldn't go.
"This is not the time" I
thought. I was actually relieved.
I had no confidence in myself.
But now I'm determined.
What was the trigger?
What did give you this resolve?
Read it when you're back home.
thank you for everything.
Same for me.
Thank you for everything.
[Your father gave me this]
To Kiho.
Thank you for keeping
the restaurant open until now.
How old are you now?
Unlike you, I gave up
when I was still young.
I don't even know why.
I know you were teased in school
because of the restaurant.
Even if the shop was the reason
you didn't like going to school...
you still took over.
I'm grateful.
Do you still like ramen?
You hate me, right?
I made one big mistake.
I know you wanted to go abroad.
I heard from a friend of
yours that came to visit me.
At that time...
I should've told you to
forget about the restaurant...
and do what you wanted.
But I was worried about you.
My only daughter,
going overseas alone.
You never even lived
alone here in Japan.
I wondered if you could make it.
That's why, when you
came to visit me...
I couldn't tell you to go.
Another thing.
It's about Natsume.
I'm not completely
sure about it...
but I think he's
in love with you.
Another reason why I
wanted you to stay.
I know it's too late
for me to say this...
but please, live as you want to.
I wish all the best to you.
I'm convinced it's not too late.
Please do your best...
and enjoy the rest of your life.
And if you find yourself in
troubles, ask for Natsume's help.
Well, then.
I'll be waiting
here with your mom.
- Hirukawa Sako
To Natsume.
You've always helped
me with the restaurant.
Thank you for that.
If it weren't for you, I would've
closed down a long time ago.
You've always supported me, both
financially and emotionally.
I'm in love with you.
I don't know when it started.
I've often been aware of it.
When we overhead that couple
breaking up, and you cried.
When you brought in your niece.
It's not just love,
I also respect you.
That's how I feel.
You visited my dad...
and brought flowers for
the altar. Thank you.
Honestly, I didn't care
that much about ramen.
But I loved the restaurant.
And I hated the
idea of losing it.
So I kept it open
as long as I could.
My attitude towards my dad's ramen
changed when I started working there.
I realized how precious it was.
I often asked myself...
"should I keep the
restaurant open?"
My ramen wasn't as good...
and many customers
stopped coming.
What I wanted to protect
wasn't the ramen, really...
but the restaurant, as a
place where people would meet.
That's why I'm so sad
I had to close it down.
I'm afraid I took advantage of
your benevolence a bit too much.
Honestly, that may be one of the
reasons I decided to close down.
Sometimes I felt bad for
how much I relied on you.
Before my dad fell ill...
I was planning to study
Architecture abroad.
But I wasn't really determined.
I used my dad illness
as an excuse...
and ran away from my own dreams.
But I really want to give
it a proper try this time.
I closed down the
restaurant, but...
I still want to run a place
where people can gather.
I know this seems
a contradiction...
but to me, it makes sense.
What the flowers mean to you...
and the ramen to my dad...
is for me this place
where people can gather.
I feel I have
nothing else to give.
I didn't have the courage to tell
you about my plans to go abroad.
Sorry about that.
But I still wanted
you to know...
so I decided to write a letter.
Can I write you again
when I'm abroad?
If it doesn't bother you.
- Hirukawa Kiho