Members Only (2017) Movie Script

Mr. Cheung, the market's closing
Yes, I need all of them
Mrs. Cheung, you said you wanted it all?
Yes, for 3942?
Let's go with it then
That it was 8794
Rookie, put a few more columns on the right
I want 50K on 32.5 cents
80k on 32 cents
1 million on 33 cents
Take it slow
Let's put a few million on 'Mobile Baby'
Let's leave 'Little Panda'
and 'Mobile Baby' for now
Let's just push 8715
I want it to be the first increase
Hello, Master Alan?
Joey, there's a huge client for 9pm
The girls need to be extra hot
No worries, I guarantee you...
Ying, are you bringing a new girl?
Tell her to come earlier to
sign the contract
Black-Scholes Equation
was invented by
Fischer Black and Myron Scholes
in 1973
The thesis was called
The Pricing of Options
and Corporate Liabilities
The equation is
C = S x N - e - r x T x L x N
"Uber is waiting. Plate NO.AA38.
Arrive at Science Road at 6pm."
Myron Scholes got his Nobel Prize
In Economics in 1997
But Fischer Black died in 1995
So he wasn't able to get his award
There are five very important aspects
to this equation...
- No. 88 Garden Road, right?
- Yeah
Hey cutie, going to a private club?
Private clubs are good,
I've been partying since I was a teenager
The clubs used to be Japanese themed
China City, Club Boss, Tonnochy
15 minutes a pop
We'd start at 9pm
And the girls would be gone by 10pm
We'd arrive by 8:30pm
To wait for the girls to come to work
And book a full escort service
if we see a girl we like
Gotta lock her down
Those were good times,
earning few hundred thousand a month
Stocks during the day,
and fucking around at night
And then the financial crisis came
Licenses were revoked,
and private clubs were no more
My wife and my mistress, one of them
ran away, and the other had an affair
Fucking crazy times
"Windy tonight. Keep warm."
This is where Tonnochy used to be
Not bad, considering it was able to
stand until 2011
Gotta move forward with the times
See, I'm driving an Uber, and not a taxi
You guys have a stable job during the day
And working at private clubs
for the real cash, right?
Miss, we're here
Remember to give me 5 stars,
help me out please
I'm gonna say it again
You have to work six days a week,
five hours each time
50k a month, we'll deduct your salary
if you're late, and you'll get overtime pay
If you miss a day, we'll deduct
three days pay, are we clear?
Ying, do we need to go out with them?
Even the most expensive clubs in
the world won't include sex in the package
But if you wanna do it in private
You could charge him $1 million or
if you like him, do it for free
The club has nothing to do with it
There was once a client who liked
a girl here
And paid her 200k a month for exclusivity
Now she doesn't have to work
Did she marry the client?
That's thinking real big
I didn't hear about it
If everything's good, just sign here
What if they try to take advantage of us?
Depends if you like him
If you do, then just let him feel you up
If you don't, then just leave
Just don't piss off the client
It's a membership system here
The clientele is mostly from
the finance world
They're ten times nicer than
the guys at Lan Kwai Fong
And much classier
They're either rich, or their family's rich
Or a handsome banker
The guys at clubs
Are poor kids playing pretend
Opening a bottle of champagne
just for the free crackers
I'd rather die here
- Cindy?
- Yes
Get her hair fixed with Dan,
it looks terrible
Dan is the club's stylist
Remember, the clothes and
hairstyling costs money
We'll deduct it from your salary
Hey Mr. Mok
I thought we agreed to wait upstairs?
The reception said non-members
have to wait downstairs
Hey, it's okay
My dad briefed me already,
you don't need to give me your card
We're hereto have fun
Thank you
First time?
You're a regular here?
My friend opened this place,
all locals, with full-time jobs
A lot of Miss Hong Kong's and
celebrities started here
Don't be nervous,
Just sing, drink, and make new friends
If you can't drink, then start singing more
Don't just walk around
The hallway aimlessly
Cheer up
We have a newbie, this is Milo, Fei Fei
Have a seat, I'll be right back
Hey Mr. Mok, how are you?
This is my friend Stephen,
remember his face
Okay, sorry!
- Fuck off!
- Thank you! Thank you!
Hello Mr. Mok, room V7
Gonna get this shit in one shot
Your turn
- What's your name?
- It's Sarah
Oh my God, Sarah
Let me scan your wechat code
It's not allowed here,
they're strict about it
Nobody would know if you don't say anything
My phone's in my locker,
I don't have it right now
Then I'd have to search you
Hey Kit, who invited you?
I don't need to be invited.
I know Joey personally
You'd definitely come if you
don't have to pay
You're saying this kind of shit to me?
Who is this?
My friend Stephen
There's no need for that
Just pretend that he's transparent
Only half transparent, you can't see me
But the girls can, am I right?
You little fucker
You don't need to say much tonight
Your boss Master Alan asked me to come here
Why aren't you moving?
Get lower... lower...
He's my classmate from Boston
Have you heard of Cheung Chi Wan?
That's his dad
And his grandfather Cheung Sin Kok?
Cheung Sin Kok
The guy with a school named after him?
So you're not entirely clueless
He comes from a powerful family
His great grandfather sold opium
His grandfather was
in all kinds of criminal activity
And his dad has to do fuck all
They own a dozen buildings
And they earn upwards
of a billion dollars per year
My dad has to suck up to him
He's married, but he's never home
Always out getting girls
and mooching drinks off others
I don't know why Master Alan
even talks to him
Hey darling, why are you so late?
What's up, baby?
Let's play drinking games
Not yet, let me take care of your friend
He's a rookie, get him a pure-looking one
Mr. Rookie is it?
We have a new colleague today
College student, she's all pink and fresh
I'll bring her over
- Have a seat first
- Come back soon
Hey, I didn't scam you, right?
Five hours a night, that'll be 50k a month
Where can you find a better job?
What do we have to do later?
Just think of it as karaoke with friends
Sing a few songs, chat a little bit,
play some drinking games
It's all your fault,
You recommended 'Next Tech'
And I lost more than 100k for that
Otherwise I wouldn't have to work here
There was a financial crisis
Those stocks will bring in
Union Pay projects
Then it'll rise exponentially
You'll thank me later
We'll see about that
You two come with me
Fei, you come too
Girls are here
This is Milo, Ying, Fei Fei
Have a seat
This one looks pure
Come over here, let's play
- What do you wanna play?
- Let's play '15
Alright, sure
Mr. Mok, we didn't order any drinks though
These are 'Hello Drinks', $500 each
Every girl gets one
They're not for you
Hello, you are...?
My last name is Chow
- What do you do for a living?
- Analyst?
He means 'financial analyst'
So you're really good with stocks?
I've played around before
But I lost a lot of money,
and I don't wanna touch it again
Do you go to work during the day?
I work with stocks
Stocks? So we have an expert broker here
You're very impressive
I'll open an account with you
when I have time
Thank you for that
It's just an account
I'm not buying you a house,
how hard could it be?
Master Alan, there's a new girl today
Alright, you handle it
Milo, Ying, Fei Fei, go outside
Mr. Rookie,
are those three girls acceptable?
- Darling, all of them stay
- Okay!
- Master Alan
- Wait!
You're second in line
Master Alan
How are the girls tonight?
All girls are the same
when you get them in bed
There's no woman in this world
that you can't get
As long as you have money
As you youngsters always say
'They're all chickens'
What's that look on your face?
If the deal goes through,
then I'd get 10mil commission
My dad promised
We're just dealing with the paperwork
Once it's done
And the deal is completed,
we'll have the money
- Don't worry!
- Thank you, Master Alan
Hey gentlemen
Come in... sit down...
Lucas, your turn
Master Alan
This is my friend
Master Alan
Here's my card
Stephen Chow? Chow Tung Sing?
Do you want me to call you
Chowie or Stevie?
It's all the same
He's an analyst at Starcrest
Wants to arrange a company visit
Wanted to see if you can help out
Call this number tomorrow
and look for John Mok
He's the CEO at 8794
You can ask him if you have any questions
We're done!
Can I get you a drink?
Thank you Master Alan
Just call me Alan
Big brother Alan?
Big Ai?
Sounds good!
Big Ai
You look like someone I know
Really? Who is that?
Like my ex-girlfriend
Ariel Lin
What's up, Master Alan?
That girl's not bad at all
Is it gonna happen tonight?
Fei Fei? She has a boyfriend already
You can look all you want,
but you can't touch her
Alright, let's do 100k,
and I'll throw in another 50k for you
Tell her to wait for me downstairs later
Master Alan,
I wanna make some extra cash too
But I really can't do that
Joey, I've known you for more than a decade
You've always turned me down
I don't care,
I need to release my inner flame tonight
If she can't, then you'd have to pay for it
Master Alan, stop playing around
You've seen me age through the decade
You wouldn't want me
Of course I would!
How about this,
I'll find you a fire fighter tonight
All the problems
'down there' will be taken care of
Gonna release my inner flame?
I've never tried a fire fighter before
Hello, Joey?
I'm tired, about to go to bed
What? 100k?
I know, you take 20%
80k, deal
Lucas, can you drive me?
You still haven't gotten your car back?
The guy said he needs it for another week
Have you driven an MP4?
15k per week, give him a call
Mr. Mok, I'll just get a taxi
Your friend is...
8625, 3942, 'Shun Tak International'
- Keep an eye on it for me tomorrow
- Alright
Shing, drive him, I'll take this one
8am tomorrow at Kotewall Road
Got it
I'll help you
Master Alan
She's the firefighter?
Absolutely professional
Get in the car!
How much did you drink? Can you drive?
Let's go through
everyone's performance today
Milo, you need to be more proactive
and talk to the clients
If you run out of things to say,
then get them to drink more
And you guys have to look out for Kit
He likes to trick girls into
going to LKF with him
It's okay that he 'cums and leaves'
But his biggest problem is he
doesn't pay up
Ying, you're practical
and you don't care about looks
I'll arrange for you to sit next to him
Joey, are you kidding me?
He never requests a change once
he sits down
You can sit all three hours with overtime
It's a good deal to sit next to him
I'd rather sit next to Master Alan,
he tips $5000
Fei Fei had $10,000
That's because Master Alan likes her
And he doesn't like you,
so he wouldn't sit next to you
I can't help you with that
I started off with him,
how do we split the tip?
There are rules in the club,
you can't poach clients
But I saw that it was Alan
who approached Fei Fei
Fei Fei didn't do anything wrong
I'll make the call,
Fei Fei gives $1000 to Judy as a gesture
What the fuck?
What about me? Do I get any?
Company rule forbids you to
have personal contact with the clients
But you'd coerce them into opening
an account with you
I've never said anything about it
Joey, you said that Balcony
is a classy joint
And you looked down on me being in sales
So I went and got a broker license
And now you're complaining about what I do?
It seems contradicting to me
Ying, that's why I never said anything
It it was someone else,
I would've fired her already
Master Alan, can we okay to start?
You start first, I'm almost done
Alan, it feels so good
Why are you so good?
8794, that's Alan's company
They made more than 40 million last year
More than a 20% growth
Five times the Price to Earning Ratio
They can probably trade
on the main floor next year
You'd like to recommend them?
I'm working on it
How much did he give you?
What are you saying?
I've only met him once
Come on, you didn't ask for a cut?
If I didn't have 30k...
Let's not talk about this nonsense
Hey, Ying
That's a cool name
Who gave you that name?
Do you have a boyfriend?
How about I be your boyfriend for now
You have a wife
A wife's just a wife
When you get married,
I can still be your boyfriend
Hey are you done playing with your phone?
You always tell your friends
that I mistreat you
Now I'm taking you out for good food
But you wouldn't stop playing
with your phone
You can eat by yourself then
You started buying luxury brands and
complaining once you earned a bit of cash
If you find another boyfriend like me
who's willing to pay your debt
Let me know!
Eat, it's getting cold
I got flight tickets to Sabah
for the day after tomorrow,
You remember right?
Yes, I've applied for leave already
What's up?
Ying, I'll come and sign the contract now
I'm not gonna believe you anymore
You said you'd get your father to sign,
but it never happened
You don't trust me?
Look out the window, I'm just downstairs
I can come up to your office
Don't, I'm coming out to you
I've told you,
you have to sign in my presence
Take a look, this is mine
What's the use in that?
All of Central knows
that you don't have a dime
Ying, people don't stay poor forever
I'm working on a huge deal
Once the MOU of 8715 is signed
I'll get 10 million from commission
Then you can help me with the stocks
And you and I can have a good time
It's just an MOU though,
You get a commission
before the contract is signed?
To be honest, I don't have a clue
There's nothing to do here
How about we go have dinner and a movie
Then I'll send you off to work
Let's go
Ivy, I saw that you went out
to dinner with a client last night
I was hungry, a girl's gotta eat, right?
Ying, I think Kit has the hots for you
Thanks a lot
This company's stocks are worth billions
Why would you buy it?
A friend gave me a tip
You can't just rely on tips,
you need to analyze it yourself
What did you study at university?
Business, but it was all very theoretical
Not very helpful with stock trading
Hey boy, are you flirting with a girl?
Master Alan's not here yet?
We said 11pm,
All the best girls will be taken
if we don't come early
Stephen you
You said it was worth $3,
but it's actually worth $5
It's $2.5 now,
Are you even doing your fucking job?
Take out your hand!
- Master Alan
- You sit down
- Master Alan
- What are you doing?
Take this
That article had pretty
good points of discussion
The market seems to be reacting well
Don't worry,
no matter if it's positive or negative
The most important thing is the truth,
and an objective analysis
Keep the money, it's for you
But I wanna ask,
Why did you say my stock was worth $3?
That's only 8 times P/E
I wanted to play it safe,
and didn't want my clients to lose money
You have a point,
I want them to win some too
Master Alan is a certified lawyer
and accountant, it's very impressive
I'll let you in on a secret
because of your good looks
There are only two types of people
in this world
You're either rich
Or you're poor
Which one do you wanna be?
If you wanna be rich,
follow Master Alan into the dealing room
Everyone knows that rolling with you
Can get you from the slums to the mansions
You just wouldn't let me join you
The dealing room is the core competency
of stock trading
You? Give it some time
- Master Alan
- Joey, get over here
What's up?
Where's Fei Fei from last time?
She's only here part-time,
she's not at work today
Are you shitting me?
They're all here part-time
Get her here now
She's dealing with some personal issues
I need her here within the second
I also have a 8715,
see if you can make it work
Do you know where Tram Cafe is?
I think I've heard of it
I'll be off at 2am, see you there
Wait a second
- Joey?
- Where are you?
I've told you already,
I'm going to Sabah with my boyfriend
So you haven't boarded yet?
We're about to get on a cab
Be here within the hour, you get 30k
What is it this time?
The hospital said that
three nurses called in sick,
I need to go back and help
What? Again?
Do you know what day it is tomorrow?
Tomorrow's my birthday
I know... How about this
There are flights to Sabah
in the morning right?
I'll fly to Sabah tomorrow morning
We'll see each other tomorrow
Go to hell!
Wanna drink?
I'm cutting down, wanna sing?
Sure! How about 'Longing in the Rain'?
Or... something else?
Or 'Meet you, don't need to know you'?
The stock could've reached $3
with no problem
But why let it go at $1?
If I didn't liquidate at $1,
how could I get it to $3?
This is called 'Squeezing', you got it?
Did you think that you'd be
making big bucks
Just from one or two reports?
That's stupid
Sorry, Joey wanted to have a meeting
I ran here right after,
but the alcohol is getting to my head
My face must be really red, feel it
Just a little bit
Let's order
I'd like an all-day breakfast
- You?
- I'll have the same, thanks
Make it two
It's quite nice here, are you a regular?
I came here with Ying once after work
She didn't want to eat with
all the drunk people at Tsui Wah
It's more quiet here, so we can talk
- All-day breakfast
- Thank you
- Thank you.
- Thank you
I have a question for you
Is it easy to earn a lot of money
playing with stocks?
Depends on the person
People like Master Alan make a lot of money
But if it's a measly little broker,
then it's only a few thousand a month
It's not enough to cover their meals
If I want to get into stock speculation,
will you teach me?
It's very risky though, I thought
you said that you didn't like stocks?
You're right, but I wanna make some money,
because I lost so much
I'm not greedy,
I'd be happy if I can just breakeven
I know you're good,
and Master Alan sees potential in you
You can definitely help me
I'll try my best
I'm still learning about stock speculation,
so I dunno if I can help
But I can give it a shot
So if I had any questions about stocks,
I can ask you, right?
Of course
Your hairstyle...
Check it out, isn't this better?
Do any of you know what 'DDM' is?
I only know about 'DLLM'
Yes, this student right there
Dividend Discount Model
That is a method of valuing
a company's stock price
Based on the theory that its stock is worth
the sum of all its dividend payments
Discounted back to their present value
The equation is
Dividend yield plus growth
equals cost of equity
That's correct
DDM stands for Divident Discount Model
What do you think about 3823?
Should I stop the bleeding?
Pig head told me to dilute it
Don't do it, it's at a low point right now
Wait till it comes back up,
then cash it out
How much do you think it'll grow by?
I just hope it goes back up
Give it two days, if it doesn't go up,
you'd have to cash out anyway
I wanted to ask Michael for
some insider information yesterday
He was getting really handsy
- Help me with my zip.
- Alright
It's not your first day on the job,
you know how to get around it
If it's stock related, you should ask Milo
Milo said that 8715 is going up,
did you buy it?
Of course we did
I'm heading out first
Master Alan
Sorry, Master Alan
I tried my best on 8715
I dunno why the market today...
It's for you
Open it
Wear it
But the stock dropped by 20% today
We've earned double,
gained more than 100 million
Dropping 20% is normal
But I studied the stock,
and it can go to $3
Wouldn't this mean that
you're earning less now?
You can't make it all,
I need to spread it out
to the individual shareholders
I saw your report, well done.
Come over and work for me
Be my chief analyst
80k, plus bonuses
Let's have some fun together
Thank you, Master Alan
Master Alan
You didn't ask Kit to join us?
Do you miss him?
I've heard that you're working
on 8715 with him,
Just curious
Hey, Master Alan
Chow Hin, sit over there
You gained weight
Speak for yourself, that panda,
8794, 8715 are all feisty
When are you gonna loop me in?
Any time
You said it! 8620 was only down by 20%
- Hey, let's go
- Why?
Let's go, you're so heavy
- Do you understand?
- Come on
I like you, I really like you
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Hey, Stephen?
Master Alan asked you to analyze
8715, right?
Kit, come out tonight... Alright, I'll pay
I heard you're going over to Man Lung
Yeah, it's just across the street
Let's grab lunch some time
That Alan guy is a force to be
reckoned with
It's a good place for aggressive
young men like you
I can't do what they do
I don't wanna go to prison
Aren't you supposed to be at work?
You're here shopping?
Are you loaded with cash now?
You're hopeless
Thank you... Philip...
When I was young, my dad was in business
But when I was 10
He had an second woman
So we moved out
We had to live in subdivided flats
Gotta make it work somehow
My mom worked in a restaurant
From the crack of dawn
Working more than 10 hours a day
Your dad didn't pay alimony?
My mother wasn't his wife
I don't know where my dad is now
You've actually done quite well
for yourself
I started modeling when I was 14,
did some private shoots
I also had a sales job, promotion,
whatever I could find
I met Ying last year,
and wanted to make some quick money
But lost all my savings
It'll all turn out for the better,
don't worry
It's great meeting you,
you're important to me
I look up to you,
because you studied business at HKU
The boss sees potential in you
Thank you
For teaching me so much
And helped me earn some extra cash
Don't over think it,
it's just a thank you kiss
I understand...
I wanna treat you to dinner
I'll buy
You still haven't broken even yet
There's a sushi place
With salmon the size of your palm
Shit, look at the time,
I need to head to work, let's go
Have you thought this through?
The way he treats you...
He said he'd pay off my credit card debt
Upwards of $1 million
But he hit you
He's just worried about me,
But you know...
When I see new products...
I can't change... I can't change
I'm used to it, nobody works here for long
You wanna get married, good luck
Go ahead,
I'll pay you at the end of the month
Hello, Master Alan?
Hey Stock Goddess
I've opened an account with you,
but nothing's happening
Do you have any tips on the market?
You should try 'Tsui Yu BB',
I bought in yesterday
The owner told me that
They'll double within three months
You believe her? Those tips are
more toxic than that pig's intestine
I wanna hear her advice,
then I'll stay clear of it
- Let's play Lucky.
- Okay
Wait, aren't you the 8794?
8794? It's doing well these days
Is it still going up?
P/E is at 11 times,
And they did pretty well last year
If they keep this up,
they can trade on the main floor soon
But it spiked up these few days,
Wait for it to become steady
Now that's what I call an analysis
So you're the real Stock Goddess
around here
No worries, I like her headlights better
Hey Stock Goddess, give us a recommendation
Why didn't you book a room today?
It's just me today, I don't need a room
My friends are at a boat party,
and Master Alan isn't coming tonight
I should have some credit here,
you can just deduct it from there
You still have around 200-300k here
Why didn't you go to the party?
I wanted to see you
Treating me like those naive girls?
No, I'm just sick of playing around
You're only in your twenties
Hookers have no emotion,
But the girls I chase are
even more greedy than the hookers
It's really frustrating
If it's frustrating, then go home
I need someone to go home with
I gotta work
"Just got off the yacht. Please show up!"
- Mr. Chan.
- Just call me Peter
I'm the managing director
And the person in charge
It's just a title, I'm not around here much
Just call the boss if
you have any problems, okay?
What's Master Alan's phone number?
There's only one number saved into
this phone,
Just call that number
The boss might contact you at any time,
you're on call 24
Pull it out even if you're having sex
Study 8715, the boss is gonna
call you tonight
I know it very well,
I've written two reports on it
Just read this, there's some
confidential information
Don't leak it
- Understood
- Also...
That lady out there is called Kuen
She can buy stuff, write letters,
Deal with errands
She's in her mid-50s,
has an English Masters degree from HKU
Her English is better than yours,
and she speaks French too
This is the industry, you either make it,
Or you don't
He's a carpenter, 25k a month
Do you know David from the dealing room?
He lives in repulse bay,
didn't even finish high school
He's a smart guy,
ambitious and a quick thinker
Beat out a couple of industry veterans
these few years, and rose to the top
It's that simple
You can do it
Where's Master Alan's dealing room?
It's a secret...
I actually don't know either
The SFC and ICAC would like to
know that too
Kuen, help him out
Master Alan
Miss, let me help you with your coat
Thank you
Thanks for having dinner with me
Thank you
The Hermes bag...
Do you like it?
It's beautiful, thank you
The shark's fin is getting cold, eat up
Have a look at this
Mang Lung Securities?
Open an account
Two days later,
I'm gonna put 10 million into that account
Don't worry about it,
you get 20% of all the earnings
- I don't understand
- Just leave it there
It means that you belong to me now
I don't think this is a good idea...
If the SFC or ICAC asks any questions
Just say that you're my girlfriend
But don't let them that
I have control over your account
Do you understand?
I'll just say that
the earnings were my own doing
Aren't you afraid that
I'm gonna spend your money?
Then I'd be wrong about you
But that doesn't happen very often
The abalone is good here, try some
Mr. Alan
- It's okay, I'll take this one.
- Got it
Thank you
Put it in the back
Are we going back to your place?
I know the rules of the game
There's no free lunch in this world
I've worked at Balcony for a while,
I understand
The Hermes bag is a gift from me
I'm gonna put money it your
account tomorrow,
And you can stay with your boyfriend
We'll meet every week or two,
Check on the numbers
Why are you so nice to me?
I'm just a very normal girl...
But I feel something,
you're like my ex girlfriend
I thought you were just kidding
Actually, you look nothing like her
You're younger
Who was that just now?
A friend...
A friend?
Fei Fei... you fucking bitch
It's not what you think... Philip...
Don't you ever come back!
I wanna let go of 8394 today,
get 7 or 8 slots
Let it out slowly
I'm gonna keep collecting on 8715
Put a bit each on 97, 96, 95, 94
We have a few million on the line
Hey Little John, what's up?
Underwriting right offerings? No problem
As long as you pay interest
and the price is right
- Wait a sec...
- I'm leaving now
Place some more under the 'Panda'
Take it by the tens of thousands
Why don't you sleep in?
I have to go to work
What time do you get off?
I'm off at 7pm.
Then let's get dinner at 7:30
Shing, please send Fei Fei off.
Yes, sir
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye
Bye, Big Ai
May, reserve a table for two
at 7:30 at the usual place
Benjamin Graham
and David Dodd wrote a book in 1934
It's called 'Security Analysis'
It laid the foundation of value investing
Warren Buffett was one of their students
You said that 8715 would reach $3,
It's $2.3 now, should we let it go?
Don't do it yet,
they're talking about an M&A
I can see it at $5
Should I be putting more in then?
I didn't say that,
ultimately it's your call
I sold it at $2, should I buy back?
Again, it's your call
Wow, your boobs got bigger.
How would you know?
Talking about my boobs again?
What've you been eating lately?
Ying, what time is it?
We've been waiting for you
Let's go to another place.
Another place? I just got here
But we've been here for a while already
It's Sunday, I need to be with my family
You have a family?
Where are we going?
Whatever, let's go to Reload first
What's Reload?
Where are you guys taking me?
What about now?
You gotta come along anyways
The number you have dialed is not valid,
Please try again...
The number you have dialed is not valid,
Please try again...
The number you have dialed is not...
Sir, should I start serving the dishes?
The number you have dialed is not valid,
Please try again...
Aren't you afraid that
I'm gonna spend your money?
Then I'd be wrong about you
But that doesn't happen very often
Hand it to me
Weren't you in school?
Why were you around here?
I finished class early today
How's your new car?
Not bad.
Look at you
Changed your hairstyle, got a nice suit,
And a nice car
You're a completely different person
from when I first met you
I'm proud of you
But I'm still missing something.
What is it?
You have to work tonight?
Let's grab a bite somewhere
Maybe... you shouldn't work at
Balcony anymore
I'm a very insecure person
I lost everything in one go
They pay me well at Balcony
And when I see the money in my account
I feel a sense of security
But I promise you
Give me some time, and I'll quit that job
Hey Stock Goddess, any good deals lately?
We're a bit short on the rights offering,
Interested to underwrite it for 80 million?
Give me the numbers and terms,
I'll let you know if I'm interested
Do you guys think Master Alan is
acting differently lately?
You go first
He hasn't had a girl in a few months
Do you guys remember Fei Fei?
She discontinued her phone number
Why do you think that is?
You're saying that Alan and Fei Fei
are together?
I didn't say anything,
but she said she's getting married
I've been doing this for years,
Never even though about marriage
What's the gossip?
- Nothing...
- Move over...
Why are you so late? Give me a hug
Where's your nerdy friend?
He's at the office working on 8715
Is 8715 gonna be okay?
I've already bought in
It'll be fine,
Kit's family trust has invested in it
What does that mean?
His family trust has a great reputation
The chairman of HSBC had dinner
with his father when he visited HK
Once the news breaks... Wow!
I don't get it
Basically, on the surface
I'm about $10 million richer.
Are you that desperate?
I want a shell company,
and I wanna be the owner
You'd need a few hundred million
for a shell,
where would you get the money?
Master Alan said he'd sell me a shell,
and I can pay in installments
40 million upfront, and the rest
will be spread out in a year
I still don't really get it,
But since you're so happy, drink up
I'm not drinking yet,
I'll drink at your place later
Gotta wait for Master Alan to pay the bill
Joey, the bill please!
Alright, Master Alan
Dad, I want to get a line from the office.
What for?
I have insiders information,
there's a stock that's going big
What kind of information?
Cheung Sin Kok Fund is investing
Seriously? What's the number?
Mr. Alan?
Milo, don't tell anyone
about this.
Not even Stephen, okay?
But... would that be okay? Master Alan?
Master Alan, it's done
Take this to 8715 tomorrow morning,
And the license will be revoked
in the afternoon
- Wait until next week.
- Why?
It's at $3 now, they're buying in at $5.5
We can't open at $7 after
the license gets reinstated
We gotta get it up to $4 or $5
until we revoke the license
Watch and learn, kid!
Here's a cheque for 300k, it's all yours
I'm not as smart as you,
and I wasn't educated much
But the stock market is a dangerous place
Look out for yourself
In the upcoming three days,
buy $20 million on that account for 8715
$10 million when the market opens,
and $10 million right before it closes
- Understood?
- Understood
- Hey.
- What's up?
- I'll let you in on a secret.
- Go for it
Do you know that 8715 is getting
its license revoked next week?
- Milo said so already.
- How does she know?
I'm telling you,
I'm gonna show my father what I got
- Cheers
- Down it
Joey, just deduct from my credit!
Look after him for me
How much money did you put up for 8715?
A bit more than $1 million
Why are you asking? Did you buy in as well?
My mom and I invested
a few hundred thousand dollars
You said that it'd go up, I'm trusting you
I wouldn't be earning this kind of money
if it wasn't for you
Don't put it that way
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Let's just focus on 8715 today
Did we win big?
This is the log, I did the math,
just go with it
Just keep selling starting from 9:30am
$5 million for the market for 8715
Sell in increments of $2 million for 8715
Sell $10 million all together
- Mr. Yeung?
- There's a big one selling like crazy
I'm repackaging it, and will push it
back out before the market closes
Hey Alan, what's going on?
Master Alan, what are you up to?
Don't worry, this is 'Squeezing'
We need to reign it back,
to give it room to go back up
Master Alan,
someone is messing up this stock
Don't worry,
the license will be revoked next week
I have more in there than you do
Dad, don't ask, I'm looking for him too
Tell my aunt to stop calling me
I have a call coming in, I'll call you back
- Hello?
- Hey Stephen,
What's going on?
I thought it was getting revoked?
Yeah, you said it'd be revoked.
So should we sell?
Sorry, I have a call coming in,
I'll call you back
Are you busy? I'll come back later.
Have you seen Master Alan?
You have his direct line
Yeah, but...
So he hasn't called you yet?
- Hello?
- Hey, what's going on?
Sorry, I had a call just now.
I'm asking you, what's going on?
If you're worried,
you can cut it off to stop the bleeding
- Hello?
- 10pm tonight, meet downstairs
What now?
Hello? Master Alan?
Master Alan
This is for you
What does this mean?
If you work for me,
you get compensated
I asked my friends and family to
buy in as well,
There's almost $10 million there
If I told you to buy it,
then I'm responsible
But I never told you to buy,
you brought this on yourself
We can slowly deduct the $1 million debt
You have at Mang Lung
But I can't help you with
all the other debts that you owe
You were in handling the paperwork,
you knew this was insider trading
Where's Milo?
She took the day off
Have you seen Lucas?
Don't worry, his dad will find him
Where's that Alan?
Do you guys know where Milo went?
If anyone knew, it would be you
Sell all of 8715,
I'll try and piece together what I owe you
What am I gonna do? I came in at $3.7
- Do we need to stop?
- Is it gonna go back up?
Can we talk to Alan?
You're looking for him?
Be my guest
Where's Milo?
Where's Milo? Have you seen Milo?
Excuse me, have you seen Milo?
Have you seen Milo?
I'm looking for her
Would she have the balls to come back?
We're gonna rip her apart
Milo? Probably counting money
and screwing some other guy
What are you talking about?
Why did you punch him?
The number you have dialed
cannot be reached
Please call again later
Where were you?
Why didn't you answer the phone?
I was getting a lot of calls,
so I canceled my number
Where have you been the past few days?
Were you looking for me?
I was in Taiwan with my morn for
a few days, I just got back
I sold it all last week
You sold it all,
but you kept telling people to buy in?
How much did Alan pay you?
Tell me!
Alan says you have potential,
he asks you to go back and work for him
He'll put you in charge of a shell company,
You'd earn $10 million in no time
Help him with his IPO?
How many more lies do I have to tell
before making the money back?
You out of all people should know
The stock market is a brutal place
I learned it the hard way
I will never be cheated again
You taught me that!
I taught you that?
I taught you to avoid being cheated
Not to cheat other people!
You forgot? 8932 is on placement tomorrow,
Reserve some room to receive
that 8715 is doing really well
We didn't do anything
and the market force almost doubled
Sucks that we sold everything,
With the momentum these few days
we could've earned $200 million
Check who's selling
Don't worry Master Alan, we own 48% of this
Will it get to $20
if there's a hostile takeover?
Cheung Chi Wan still has 3 and a half
months before we buy back his 20%
He has a right to vote during this time
He might eat up our shell company
Cheung Chi Wan is well known
for being dumb,
Will he figure this out?
Buy it back, let the market take 5 stocks
Dad, I have a complaint
Still blaming me for not letting you
become the chairman of 8715?
When the stocks plummeted,
I was the one who consoled Kit's father
Stephen's a smart kid
But I'm your son
Listen to me
Penny stocks is too niche
And it's because you're my son that
I'm not letting you touch it
You started off with penny stocks as well
But we're well off now,
we need to be gentlemen
I told you to get into the property market,
But you had get yourself into this
Stephen is too righteous,
he won't play dirty with you
Play dirty with me?
He knocked on my door earlier this month
Borrowed $150 million
for a hand with controlling interest
The interest rate is $3 million per month
I have faith in him, once he makes money
I'll just be collecting his interest
Hello, I'm here to interview
as a receptionist
Do I really get $50k for
five hours of work?
Yes, as the receptionist,
You get $15k for ten hours
But if you work as a PR,
you get $50k for five hours of work
PR? What is that?
It's easy,
you just gotta drink with the clients
Master Alan, how's the 8715 doing?
Don't even talk about it!
What about your thing? Let's hear it
This is a great deal
Failed Miss Hong Kong, recently cut off,
original price is $300k
Hey where's Milo? She's not here yet?
You can pick it up for $100k a month
Previous owner was a 'rich second
generation', lives at The Sorrento
Four words
Cute face, big tits
What do you think about 8670?
That one?
They went from GEM to the main market,
but it's unstable
But it should be fine if
you just wanted to play around quickly
I thought so too
We have a new colleague Kitty,
sit over there
I'm gonna get some stuff downstairs
Hey Milo, I've been waiting for you
for so long
Are we going somewhere else?
To your place
Abalone... you have one too.
Let's go drink!
About the thing I told you about
this morning...
Alright, don't worry
Okay, I'll deal with it when
the market opens tomorrow