Memoir of a Murderer (2017) Movie Script

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- Salute!
- Yup.
Look who's here again.
Did you forget where you live again?
- Help him with the bag.
- Of course.
- You can give that to me.
- Take it easy.
Let's see now.
Then do you know me?
What's my name?
Don't remember.
Who are you?
Aw, that hurts.
What's with the puppy?
He brought it.
You okay?
Are you alright?
This is the record button.
Push this and record things in advance.
I had noodles with Eun-hee.
I should eat dinner at home.
I had noodles with Eun-hee.
If you forget,
you'll order noodles again.
That's why I write in my journal.
Remembering yesterday is pointless!
You can't remember what you'll do today.
If I forget to record,
it's all pointless too.
So don't remember, make it a habit.
Habits last a lot longer.
Do as I say!
I'm sick of fetching you
at the station during work.
I recorded your song
'Spring Rain' in there.
Forget it then!
Take this too.
Our address is on it.
Don't worry.
I won't let you change my diapers.
3 months ago
I was diagnosed with dementia.
The doctor said,
recent memories will flicker
like traffic lights,
and all memories will fade in time.
It's vascular dementia,
but we're not sure what stage it's at.
The hippocampus has shrunk,
so Alzheimer's progressing too.
Can the symptoms stop?
They can be slowed down,
but they can't be stopped.
Try to hold onto the memories.
You had brain surgery
after an accident.
We'll have to do a full
medical checkup,
but this could be due to a hemorrhage
from that or an aftereffect.
A body of a woman in her 20s
was found in Kanghwa City today.
This is the 2nd murder case in the city
after a high school girl
was found dead last month.
The police stated that
both bodies share similarities,
and they are open to the possibility
of a new serial killing case.
The body was inside a piece of luggage
and thrown away in this mud flat.
The victim was identified
as a 20-year-old resident of Kanghwa,
and much like the last victim,
her body was wrapped in plastic,
and bruises were found
on her neck and wrists.
It's getting dark,
where are you going?
I told you, it's my friend's birthday.
There was a murder in the next town.
Don't worry!
Be careful of the stove, okay?
Murder isn't all that common!
But it can be, Eun-hee.
Because I am a murderer.
Autumn, 1971,
Father returned home.
When I opened the door...
My white shoe
was covered in kimchi sauce...
Shouldn't you greet your dear father?
"He beat me mercilessly."
Honey, don't do this!
At attention.
At attention!
At attention!
"His slap was still first-rate."
Alright, boy.
Let me give you a proper beating today.
It was the look of a beast.
My sister shook in fear.
Curfew in effect!
I trembled all night
after burying the body.
But the day after,
and the day after that,
no one came to arrest me.
And peace found its way to our home.
I realized then that obligatory murder
exists in the world.
I continued to kill after that day.
The seafood merchant
who beat his family every day.
That wasn't murder.
Let's call it 'cleansing.'
There were plenty of people
who deserved to die,
and I began to cleanse them
from this world.
For swallowing a diamond ring,
she beat her dog to death,
and brought it to me
to cut its belly open.
An alcoholic homeless man
who took in runaways
and used them as slaves.
A loan shark who led an entire
family to its demise.
None of them deserved
to exist in this world.
Most of the trash I collected
are buried in this bamboo grove.
I didn't just kill.
If you think about it,
I saved lives.
Lives of men and animals...
what's the difference?
No lunch yet?
I brought your favorite.
Giant dumplings.
You can't buy these
without lining up.
I don't like giant dumplings.
Come on!
Eat it or toss it.
Whoa, it's hot.
Isn't it amazing?
I'll have one too.
I'm glad I can still work
even with dementia.
30 years of muscle memory
won't just fade away.
It's alright, kitty.
Good, very good.
I had forgotten about
the morning injection.
Michelle died after
3 anticancer injections.
- Mom!
- Let go!
- Don't do this!
- Michelle!
- Please, mom!
- Let go!
Don't do this!
That was the last straw.
I ate noodles for dinner.
I took dementia pills too.
I'm going to poetry lecture
at the Community Center at 7.
The knife pierces through
the bones and muscles.
Crimson blood splatters
on my chest.
Eun-hee said poetry is good
for dementia and signed me up.
But it's nauseating.
People don't know what his deal is,
but he gets involved
with these cougars.
The old me would've
buried him already.
Mr. Kim?
You've never learned
how to write poetry before?
Does it require schooling?
Of course not.
Early bad habits could
ruin your wording.
It's perfect as is.
With raw language
and the imagination of death,
you can show the futility of life.
With such an acute choice of words.
Like so, poetry cannot be learned.
Like Mr. Kim,
the poet captures language
and kills it like an experienced killer.
By the way, Mr. Kim.
Have you ever killed someone?
My apologies.
I was being funny!
According to Eun-hee,
I don't exhibit emotion.
To be concise,
I actually don't have emotions.
But I do react to humor.
Timing's the problem.
Mr. Kim! Wait!
Mr. Kim!
Hello, my name is Jo Yun-ju.
Aren't you Mr. Kim Byung-su?
I loved your poetry today,
I was so moved!
Especially your metaphor
for death in the poem...
What's a metaphor?
Come on, sir,
you know what it is.
It's a comparison.
- It's not a comparison.
- What?
It was a life story.
You're such a funny man!
I'm funny?
Should I skin you too?
Skin me...?
It was a vulgar laugh.
This world is still
overflowing with trash,
but regrettably,
I can't kill anymore.
Sir, how about tea?
17 years ago,
I killed for the last time.
I don't remember why I killed her,
but after killing her,
I buried her in the grove
and was on the way home.
The accident
must have caused this problem.
If murder is poetry,
then childcare is prose.
Raising a person
takes more effort than killing 10.
You're bleeding. What's wrong?
Maybe it was a good thing.
Dammit, it's happening again.
When the convulsion begins,
I forget my way back.
Memories start to fade.
Are you okay?
Oh, that's a deer.
It appeared out of nowhere.
If it's okay with you, we
can forget the collision.
Just in case, let's exchange contacts.
So that later there's no misunderstanding.
- I said it's okay.
- No.
This was my fault, so send me the bill.
We can do our own repairs.
Your business card.
6:45 PM on the 10th,
collision at Aewol Junction,
20L8588, silver Sonata.
a killer.
Blood type O.
Deers don't have type O.
This is human blood.
2 serial killers in one city...
Did he recognize me like I did him?
Kanghwa High School Girl
Kidnapped and Murdered
My daughter is in danger.
20L8588, silver Sonata.
Blood was dripping from the trunk,
and a piece of luggage was in there.
Could I get your name?
Officer Min,
where were you after your shift yesterday?
We received a tip.
Someone saw you carrying
a body in your trunk.
Did you kill them?
Are you the maiden serial killer?
That was a deer.
Kanghwa Police, is this Mr. Kim Byung-su?
We looked into the 20L8588
number you reported,
about the luggage in the trunk.
It wasn't a human body, but a deer's.
Thanks for the tip though.
How did you get my number?
The car owner gave me your business card.
It was nothing at all, so just forget it.
Then or now, all cops are dumbfucks.
2 recent murder cases, same modus operandi.
Arteries were severed
and blood was drained.
The body's weight was decreased
and was being transported
when we got into a collision here.
Where was he heading?
If it were me...
to the reservoir.
The spot where the road ends.
He wouldn't have carried the luggage far.
If it were me...
Another woman in her early 20s
was found murdered in the
Kanghwa Aewol Reservoir early today.
The police was responding to
an anonymous tip,
and it bears similarities
to previous victims...
Didn't Min have an accident around there?
Min Tae-ju!
Isn't Aewol Junction not far from here?
The junction is just ahead.
Why isn't he answering me?
Let him be, he's weird that way.
Dongsung Veterinary Clinic
Temporarily Closed from Sept. 10
Can I help you?
Are you here because of your cat?
Is it sick?
Sorry about that, my dad is not well.
What to do...
You should take it to the vet in the city.
Let's go!
- He's a cop.
- Really?
- A cop?
- Cool, eh?
He gets his hair cut at my shop.
You busy?
Because of those stupid
maiden serial killings,
HQ and the station are all going apeshit.
So, what's up?
I need to pull up a car plate.
I had a collision.
The number is...
I wrote it down.
You should report it.
No, I think he's from here,
I'd like to settle it quietly.
Sure, I understand.
By the way,
do you recognize me now?
My name.
An Byung...
Chief An, An Byung-man.
Jesus Christ!
You're clear as day now.
This is so confusing.
Cabs don't come this far at this hour.
I'll be home soon, bye.
Oh, hello there.
For such a tiny lady, you have no fear.
It's dangerous to be out
at night in this town.
Get in.
Thank you.
Dad, it's me...
What's wrong?
My head may be losing its memories,
but my hand remembers, like an old habit.
The killing.
What if I had imagined the collision?
What if I had committed those murders?
It's getting worse,
I should look into a
hospital or a senior home.
Forget it.
If I can't handle it, I'll
drag you to one myself.
I don't even know what I'll do!
Your makeup is getting thicker.
I'm a girl too.
You never did your lips.
Your child is thinking of dating.
And you, Dad?
Are you attending the classes?
Any ladies steal your heart?
Stop this nonsense.
Move your leg.
Record the song again.
- 'Spring Rain'?
- Yeah.
I erased it by accident.
How will you date at this rate?
Isn't it obvious?
You may have to change my diapers soon.
I'll do it later, okay?
Don't move and hold still.
Changing diapers can't be hard.
You changed mine for a long time.
It'll be my turn.
Let's take a look.
It looks so much better!
Now you can pick up girls.
Don't press down on it.
That's not my style.
Let's take a selfie.
1... Smile.
1, 2, 3!
Maria Convent
How's Eun-hee?
She's well.
What brings you here without calling first?
You know that senior home here?
Are men allowed?
I have dementia.
I don't want to be a burden to Eun-hee.
I'd rather be yours.
Am I being punished?
I'll visit again.
You can forget it now.
Let it go.
I pray for you everyday.
I'll take the punishment instead...
If I told her Dad wasn't
the only person I killed,
what would she say?
Would she still pray for me?
Nietzsche said,
"There is no devil and no hell.
Fear nothing further.
Your soul will be dead even
sooner than your body."
I should really quit this.
Or I may end up killing this douchebag.
Mr. Kim!
Wait, Mr. Kim!
Oh no!
Could you give me a ride?!
It feels so good to go for a drive!
If you're not busy today,
how about a movie?
I don't like movies.
How come?
Because it's all fake.
Right, you're so right!
Then what real things do you like?
Besides writing poetry.
What's wrong? That startled me.
Who is he?
Dad, the thing is...
Hello, I'm Min Tae-ju.
I'm Eun-hee's boyfriend.
Is this your daughter?
So pretty!
Hello there.
We go to poetry class
together, I'm Jo Yun-ju.
Let's go home, it's late.
Come on, Mr. Kim,
it's broad daylight, it's not late at all.
Don't worry, sir.
I'll make sure to drive her home safely.
Who is he? He looks familiar
but I can't remember.
I'm a police officer.
That's great!
Young people together,
and old folks together.
Let's go, Mr. Kim.
See you, Eun-hee! Let's go!
No more frowning!
Being a police officer is a great job.
I'd be so happy for them.
By the way...
where are we going now?
I've been meaning to ask you.
Any specific region?
Who are you?
Did I look desperate?
Eun-hee's got a boyfriend.
Min Tae-ju, police officer.
Maybe this is good.
Were you surprised?
All dads are hostile towards
their daughter's boyfriend.
I've met him once before.
I recognized him.
We had a collision not too long ago.
It was a very minor one,
I didn't think he remembered,
so I played dumb.
He has dementia?
Yes, Alzheimer's.
Isn't it hard?
Taking care of him?
Once in a while,
he feels like a stranger.
By the way, why do you think he
was at Aewol Junction?
He probably went to the bamboo grove.
Bamboo grove?
A long ago, he bought some land
and planted bamboo.
When I was a kid.
He sometimes goes there for a walk.
But he always gets lost there.
Ah, Byung-su.
Your clinic was closed.
Are you getting worse?
Gotta wait and see.
Why don't you sell it off
and live somewhere else?
For Eun-hee's sake too.
And look for a decent hospital too.
No point in staying in this blasted town.
Look who's talking.
Why are you rotting in this town?
I don't know if you remember,
there was a Doremi supermarket
with a cigarette store beside it.
A girl used to work there.
She smiled all the time.
Remember her?
I bought smokes everyday, '88 Light.'
She knew I bought smokes in
the morning and at night,
so she waited until I came by
then closed shop and went home.
"Sir, don't smoke so
much," she said one day.
I didn't see her after that day.
Her mom begged me to
find even just her body,
and she would've given
up if there was a body.
Since that day, I quit smoking.
This is the last pack I bought from her.
I'm gonna get the killer and have a smoke.
Shit, it's been 17 years already.
Oh man...
Alive somewhere maybe?
The cigarette shop girl?
The serial killer.
The recent maiden serial killings
could be his work.
I doubt it.
Alright! I should get going!
that favor you asked, 20L8588.
You said you got into a collision.
His name is Min Tae-ju. He's a cop,
HQ Info Division.
I think it's best to let it go.
What do you mean?
Huh? You don't remember it again?
Then forget about it, okay?
Min Tae-ju?
Eun-hee's got a boyfriend.
Min Tae-ju, police officer.
Hello, I'm Min Tae-ju.
I'm Eun-hee's boyfriend.
Don't worry, sir.
I'll make sure to drive her home safely.
2 recent murder cases, same modus operandi.
Arteries were severed
and blood was drained.
Did he recognize me like I did him?
Blood type O.
This is human blood.
20L8588, silver Sonata.
6:45 PM on the 10th,
collision at Aewol Junction.
He's a killer.
My daughter is in danger.
- Where are you?
- At the movies.
I'll call back later.
Why am I crying here?
A killer!
A killer has my daughter!
A serial killer!
Took my daughter!
I can't find her! Go find her at once!
I said I'm at the movies.
How many times did you call?
- Where is he?
- Who?
- Min Tae-ju!
- He went home.
That hurts!
How did you meet him?
A random encounter.
Random, how?
He drove me home at night,
said it was dangerous.
Why did you get inside a stranger's car?!
Dad! That hurts!
Shut it!
Come inside!
Listen carefully! I know Min Tae-ju!
I know!
He said you collided into his car.
And called the police, accusing
him of being a killer.
Right, he's a killer!
He thought you were the killer!
The reservoir murder took
place near the grove.
The day you had the accident,
you went there, didn't you?
Do you remember?
If you did, your shoes
wouldn't be covered in mud,
so how do you explain the mud?
Where were you?
Do you know how scared I was,
while wiping mud off your shoes?
Are you...
suspicious of me?
Of course not.
You're not a killer like Tae-ju said.
My dad isn't like that.
Most coincidences in the world
aren't coincidences.
He recognized me
just as I recognized him.
He's using Eun-hee
as a bait to lure me.
It's from the back of his car.
It should match one of the victims.
Then he'll be verified as a killer.
Come on, he's a cop!
What difference does that make?
Does his occupation
automatically clear him?
Don't look at me like that,
my mind is clear as day.
Fine, let's say I'm out of it.
But what if the things
I told you are true?
Okay, I'll send it to the lab.
How long?
Well, to get it tested...
About a week?
Pretend that I'm a patron.
Did you sleep well?
I'm off duty tomorrow.
Come with me.
Come here!
Get in!
Do not come near my daughter.
We love each other.
Stop this bullshit.
I know who you are.
You know who I really am, right?
And you got to her because of it.
You're a goddamn killer.
Did you...
just confess?
I don't remember.
I've got dementia.
I don't care who you kill,
so long as it's not her.
Coincidence or not,
if you stay away from her,
I'll leave you alone.
But if you meet her again,
I'll tear you to pieces,
and bury you in the ground.
Don't meet with that bastard
for a while.
What's going on?
What's with you?! Why!
Did you forget?
Tae-ju is not a bad person!
Just a week!
After one week,
I don't care if you date or marry him.
Dad! Open this door!
Please open!
I may have to face him
one-on-one soon.
The deciding factor
in a fight to the death
is physical strength.
Bare hands are best.
They always have been.
Before he wraps my neck
with a string, I must grab him.
But it's been 17 years.
He's younger and stronger than I am.
I used to have enough strength
to crush this instantly.
Pentobarbital sodium.
It's used to euthanize cows and pigs.
I may have to resort to this.
I'll pick you up at 6.
Preparation complete.
Go to sleep. Hurry.
Why am I dozing off here?
Getting married only after a month?
Aren't you rushing things?
Eun-hee is still a child.
She doesn't know anything.
We can grow up together.
If you two are happy,
that's good by me.
I don't know if she's
told you already,
but I've got dementia,
It must've been hard for her.
I can check myself into a hospital.
Now I'm relieved.
I wish you the best of luck!
We'll live happily, sir.
We got any beer?
- You shouldn't drink.
- It's alright.
Today is a day of celebration.
Go on.
By the way,
I don't think this is
the first time we've met.
We've met a few times,
several days ago too.
What did I say then?
You blessed our marriage.
Well, well.
- Give me a minute.
- Certainly.
I never blessed anything.
I said, if you meet her again,
I'll tear you to pieces.
There is only one chance.
Insert deep,
grab him,
push him down,
choke him.
Did he do this?
When did you meet him?
Come with me!
You promised me a week!
I told you not to see him for a whole week!
And you brought him home?
He could've killed us!
You did this, Dad!
It wasn't him, you choked me.
And it's been more than a week.
You asked me to bring him home.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I can't do this anymore.
It disappeared.
The week faded from my head.
My hand remembers the killing
like a habit.
Time's running out.
The memories of Eun-hee
may fade away,
and if my killer habits remain,
I may end up killing her.
I can't protect someone I don't recognize.
I must cement her in my memory,
that she's my daughter.
We could've talked over the phone.
Whose blood was it?
It was an animal's, probably a deer's.
I became a laughing stock.
Take it back.
That can't be...
This is impossible...
But if so...
Was it really me,
like Eun-hee said?
The reservoir murder
took place near the grove.
The day you had the accident,
you went there, didn't you?
If you did, your shoes
wouldn't be covered in mud,
so how do you explain the mud?
What's going on?
My head is dying.
It's wrinkling like a walnut,
and it's full of holes.
And I keep forgetting.
The things I need to do,
the things I shouldn't...
As my memories flicker,
old memories will fade away.
And in time...
I may not recognize
my own child anymore...
And then...
and then...
The Lord must've answered my prayer.
When you continue to lose memories,
you'll go back to being a child.
Gentle and endlessly naive,
my precious little brother.
Come with me tomorrow.
Your journal is great!
The passcode was Eun-hee's birthday.
You son of a bitch!
Who am I right now?
Min Tae-ju, the killer?
your daughter's boyfriend?
What did Chief An say?
It wasn't human blood, right?
I must kill Eun-hee first.
It could've been bad.
I didn't think you still
had the handkerchief.
I read your journal and
swapped it with deer blood.
Why don't you kill this woman, Jo Yun-ju?
You're dying to kill her.
Let's be honest, okay?
Let's get her.
Mr. Kim!
I'm so happy that you called!
Wrong number.
Mr. Kim! Mr. Kim!
You son of a bitch...
I'm not a killer like you.
So you don't kill without a reason.
You only kill human trash
who deserve to die.
Who decides that?
You make that call.
I only kill who I want to kill,
how am I different?
We're both killers
cut from the same cloth.
Right, like you said,
I recognized you.
I knew you were a killer.
You have the same look as me.
Don't touch Eun-hee!
If I wanted to kill her,
I'd have done it already.
What do you want?!
You become me, I become you.
If you'd
take on my murder charges,
I'll think about it.
So, how should I kill Eun-hee...
Leave her alone.
Kill me instead, you fuck!
Fucking moron!
You need to stay alive.
At least while I'm alive.
No! Please!
Anyway, she's paying for your sins,
so be thankful.
Not her!
Anyway you're blessed.
Living is hell,
but it's only for a moment.
You'll forget everything soon.
- Where is she?
- What?
Get up!
What's going on?
You're staying with your aunt
at the convent for a bit!
Come on!
Let's go.
Come on!
Only for a few days, okay?
Get in!
Take care of her,
just for a few days.
I have one last task
I need to complete.
Killing Min Tae-ju.
Before I forget who he is.
No, No...
I'm... I'm sorry!
I'm so sorry! Don't kill me!
Please don't kill me!
I'm sorry! No!
This was at the seafood
restaurant that closed down?
It was him all along.
He had a body in his trunk
when I collided with him,
he broke into my house
and swapped the handkerchief.
Min Tae-ju is the serial killer.
He's coming.
Let's talk to him together.
Look, 4 days ago,
did you meet Ms. Jo?
It was Friday night.
We checked her call log
and found your number.
Wrong number.
Let's be honest, okay?
I bet your fingerprints are
all over the camcorder.
Wait, wait, Byung-su!
Please calm down sir!
You son of a bitch!
I never met her,
he called her and killed her!
Then think of an alibi for that night!
Where is Eun-hee?
I can't reach her,
it's been 4 days.
Tell us.
If I tell that bastard,
she'll be in danger.
Just trust me
and confirm his alibi first!
That night, he kidnapped Jo
and killed her!
That's enough!
Tell me where Eun-hee is!
Us cops will protect her!
No, I'll protect her myself!
If you don't, I'll be forced
to take you in!
she's at her aunt's convent.
Her aunt? Your sister?
She doesn't have an aunt.
Eun-hee told me herself.
He'd often look for his deceased sister.
Am I wrong?
Give her a call then.
To your nun sister.
Alright, you serial killer prick.
I'll make you eat your words.
No results
No results
What brings you here without calling first?
Take care of her,
just for a few days.
Hey! Wait!
No, no, no!
Stop! Please stop!
Don't do this!
Byung-su! Where are you going?!
Shouldn't we arrest him now?
We don't have any
conclusive evidence.
Even with such evidence,
can a murder charge stand
for someone with dementia?
The statute of limitations on his
early murders must have passed.
It's gonna be hard.
But Eun-hee too?
No, no way...
I'm sure he just can't remember.
He couldn't have killed her
while he was himself.
No, no, no.
We'll find out soon.
I remember everything.
And the last kill 17 years ago.
Who that woman was...
Since when?
You'll kill me anyway,
just do it!
Why would I?
Just tell me when.
And that you'll never do it again.
Then we can go home.
Let's go to Eun-hee.
Since when?
- A long time, right?
- Don't kill Eun-hee.
Just kill me, that'll do, right?
She's innocent...
Don't kill her, please.
Why would I kill her?
She's my own daughter.
She's not?
She's not mine?
Eun-hee's not my daughter!
You piece of trash!
I'll kill you all!
I'll kill you and your brat too!
Daddy, what's wrong?
Are you hurt?
who's your dad?
Daddy, what's wrong?
I'm scared...
Daddy, don't be sick!
Why are you crying?
Don't cry, baby.
You scared me!
My head was hurting,
so I didn't recognize you.
I'm sorry, don't cry.
Don't cry.
It's alright.
This sickening illness
began 17 years ago.
I had noodles with Eun-hee.
Only my killer habits
remained inside me.
All those recent killings
were mine.
I killed Jo Yun-ju,
and the girl I called Eun-hee.
What is it?
I found it!
Chief! I found Jo Yun-ju!
Dementia did not save me.
Eun-hee is not my daughter,
and even if all the memories
of killing fade away,
I am still a killer.
It doesn't matter.
I can't live here with him.
My daughter is in danger.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I spoke too harshly.
And don't worry,
I'm not marrying Tae-ju.
And I won't send you away,
so that's that.
I'm going to live with you
for a long time.
I believe you.
I'm always on your side.
And before you forget
all memories of me,
there's something
I wanted to tell you.
I love you, Dad...
The handkerchief.
I didn't think you still
had the handkerchief.
I read your journal and
swapped it with deer blood.
Leave her alone.
Kill me instead, you fuck!
Anyway, she's paying for your sins,
so be thankful.
She'll die instead of you.
It's Jo Yun-ju's body.
I knew it.
That was forensics.
The camcorder only had
Kim Byung-su's prints on it.
Let's arrest Kim.
Kim Byung-su, you're under arrest
for the murder of Jo Yun-ju.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say
can and will be used...
Taxi, taxi!
Get in!
Taxi, taxi, taxi...
Take care of her,
just for a few days.
Call taxi...
8... 8...
8... 8!
Did you call a taxi?
Get in.
Why are you here?
I don't want to go!
- Listen to me!
- Don't do this!
Let's just pretend
and go away for a bit.
This is what's best for him.
Take care of her,
just for a few days.
8... 8... 8...
- Min Tae-ju...
- Byung-su?
He has Eun-hee.
Rather than going on the run,
if you remember anything...
Listen carefully,
it's Min's voice.
If you'd
take on my murder charges,
I'll think about it.
So, how should I...
kill Eun-hee...
Leave her alone.
Kill me instead, you fuck!
Fucking moron!
- This will take...
- Jesus!
I've got a change of clothes!
It's not like I soil my undies!
I bought some at the market
and changed them!
Hang up!
My wife is the bane of my existence.
This will take a few days.
Right? It's gonna take a long time.
I'm heading back to report,
are you coming?
Yeah, I should.
But I'd like to clean up here
before heading back.
Then I'll check in first.
Was that voice really Officer Min?
So Min really is the
maiden serial killer...
That psycho bastard...
Where is he?
I'm going after him.
Don't you dare lose him.
Eun-hee's still alive!
Where's Dad?
The cops are after him.
Let's sit down first.
Dad's not a killer, right?
Bodies were found in the grove.
The body of Jo Yun-ju,
who went missing,
and many sets of skeletons, too.
You may not want to believe it,
but it was all your father's doing.
identification still has to confirm it,
but your missing mother...
It can't be...
Is she there?
She's here, with Min Tae-ju.
Don't worry and come at once.
I called backup so everyone's coming.
So he killed the cigarette shop girl.
I'm gonna catch this bastard.
I got him, that lying fuck...
Son of a bitch.
What's going on? Chief An!
Chief An!
He's tenacious.
This is why I rarely kill men.
Min Tae-ju.
It's not too late to turn around and leave.
You'll forget everything anyway.
I know Eun-hee's there.
If you even touch her hair!
I'll kill her nicely,
so don't worry.
Stay right there, you bastard.
Son of a bitch!
Min Tae-ju, you bastard!
Don't touch her!
Kim Byung-su,
believe what I tell you.
You're a killer,
and you've got dementia.
The person you're after
is Min Tae-ju.
He's a serial killer.
All women are the same,
my mother too.
Dad tried to strip her
and throw her out.
Sinners deserve to be punished, he said.
But she was not a sinner.
I was gonna stab him
with a kitchen knife...
I was hit from behind.
With a steam iron.
Mom did it.
Not Dad, but Mom.
Women are all the same.
It's all his fault!
Your father,
Kim Byung-su's fault.
This is his fault.
What did I do?
I wanted to live happily with you.
You lived with your dad.
With a murderer.
Baby girl?
I'm sorry, where am I...
I need to go home.
Why am I here? I'm so sorry.
I don't believe this!
Did you forget everything already?
I'm sorry, I really am.
It's okay, everything's fine.
But you still need to be punished,
so hold on for a bit.
Because of you,
the woman I love escaped.
Wait here for a moment.
You know where she's hiding.
Tell me where she's hiding.
I'll pat you on the back, so tell me.
Very good.
The senile old man is pissing his pants!
Mr. Kim, good job.
Don't worry.
I'll kill you next.
Rather than living
as the child of a murderer,
dying is better, no?
Living must be hell.
You would've ended up
dying in his hands.
Dad, Dad!
Eun-hee! Baby!
You're tenacious, Mr. Kim.
I told you to turn the
car around and leave.
How about this, Mr. Kim?
Since you're here, watch her die.
Doesn't that sound fun?
No, no...
No, you son of a bitch...
You can't!
get yours...
Were you really...
a serial killer before?
Did you kill Mom?
Stay back!
Stay back!
Like you said, I'm a serial killer.
I've killed so many before this.
But the one who truly deserves to die
is me.
Because I was born a murderer.
You and I are different.
It's okay, Eun-hee.
Don't cry.
There is not a single
drop of my blood in you.
We're not related.
You're not my daughter.
So you're...
So you can't be...
a murderer's daughter.
Kim Byung-su's Journal
Who am I?
Prosecutor Kim Min-je.
Then, let's see.
Since your mind is clear,
"let's get started."
Without leaving out
a single detail of your life,
tell me everything
that you remember.
Do you remember
"why you killed Officer Min?"
Kim Byung-su.
You're a killer,
you've got dementia.
The person you're after is Min Tae-ju.
He's a serial killer.
my daughter!
Kill Min Tae-ju!
Or your daughter will die!
It's your last chance!
Save your daughter!
This is the only reason
why you're alive!
Come back please!
Grab him!
This way please!
- That bitch has got scissors!
- No, it's okay.
- We're cutting your hair.
- She'll kill me!
Let go!
It'll be over soon, please hold still.
When will you take me home?
I'm sick of this place.
Did Mom get my shoes?
Do you know what I love?
White sneakers.
When she comes by,
I want to keep living.
I need to end this
before I want to live more.
Before I forget who I am.
No, to forget who I am...
Min Tae-ju.
Do not trust your memory.
Min Tae-ju is still alive.