Memoirs of a Black Girl (2021) Movie Script

No, I'm not Number One,
'Cuz I'm in my own category
The perfect blend of
Evident and allegory
The perfect supplement
to this triumphant story
Of Black Renaissance
and its ascent to glory
Academics like to call it
double consciousness
I call it
melanin-induced confidence
I call it representing
every continent
And making sure those asleep
are now cognizant
Not really a good rapper
But limits don't occur to me
Graduated first
Ripshop University
They tryna figure out
which box to put me in
Life is all about choices
and the choices we make
can either make or break us.
My name is Aisha
and this is my story.
The cops would not be coming
around here
if you weren't selling
that weed.
I quit doing that shit.
AISHA: This is my mom
and my brother Kevon.
As usual, Kevon does something
mad dumb and Ma gets pissed.
KEVON: Mom, why do you
keep sweating me?
I can't have you here
causing trouble.
Wait. You kicking me out?
EVELYN: Yes, I am.
Uncle Harold has offered
to have you stay with him.
Hold on, baby girl.
You either stay here
or get a real job.
I'm out, Ma.
Read this letter.
It's really important.
Kevon was our
school's basketball star.
But tragedy changed
Kevon's life
when his best friend Quinton was
shot at the basketball court.
The murder trial for Quinton
took a toll on Kevon.
He started smoking weed,
and he eventually dropped out of school.
Ma tried her best
to keep him on track,
but he slipped
further and further away.
My dad was in the Army,
and he died in combat
five years ago.
My mom still struggles
with his absence.
Every school has their
It Girls.
The popular girls,
the ones that everyone
wants to be friends with.
Rudy is the It Girl.
And as you know, every It Girl
needs a supporting cast.
Tonya and Shakia play that role
quite well.
They're her minions.
Lance Mathews,
the school's basketball star.
He's smart and focused.
Every girl in this school
wants to get with Lance.
I don't stand a chance
against girls like Rudy.
Why would a boy like Lance
look at a girl like me?
Marisa and I have been friends
since preschool.
No one messes with Marisa.
Oh, my God.
I thought I missed the bus.
- I was running mad late.
- No, you didn't.
What's up? You don't know how
to answer texts?
I got home mad late last night,
and I didn't see 'em
'til, like, midnight.
I was out with bae.
- And?
No, you didn't.
No, just kidding.
But I am not graduating
high school a virgin.
Believe me.
Marisa, you're too much
Bitch, you love me.
All right, so here's the tea.
Last night, I got a letter
in the mail saying
I'm one of the four finalists
for the Conrad Scholarship.
[EXCLAIMS] Oh, my God.
Girl, I knew that essay
you wrote was bomb.
So I guess my dream to go
to Harvard will come true.
Bro, if you get it,
that shit'll be bomb.
AISHA: Marcus completes
our trio.
He's my best friend.
And unfortunately,
boys like Terrell like to pick on him.
Oh, shit. My bad.
- What the fuck, bro?
- Faggot.
This is so fucking annoying.
- I'm sorry. Are you all right?
- Yeah.
Look, I'mma go over there
and punch his bitch ass
in the face.
'Risa, I love you,
but please let it go.
Wait for this frickin' bus.
- AISHA: This guy. Oh, my God.
Come sit with me and my boys.
Yo, Jayden's mad annoying.
- Later then?
- Yeah.
- Same spot?
- You already know.
Ew! Look at you blushing.
- Oh, my God.
- Yeah. You're pathetic.
What, bye.
You're just jealous.
- Mmm-mmm.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Okay, let's do SAT words.
- All right.
Where are we
with the scoring board?
You're at 25. Marisa 23,
and I need to catch up. Only 20.
Okay, the word is ubiquitous.
You always gotta come up
with the hard words.
I know this one.
Uh... uh...
Does it mean to be everywhere?
Like to be present
or something like that?
- You got it.
- Okay.
I'm coming for y'all ladies.
Y'all better watch out.
Okay, your score is 22.
I don't know her name
but she like my fashion
Played my song
just to find a caption
Backup friends maybe
when I have fun
Fuck your man baby
when I have done
I don't know your name
but you like my fashion
RUDY: You know what?
I'm not really feeling
this class.
Miss Jones is mad aggy.
I'm not trying to waste my
morning in that class honestly,
and I don't give a shit.
TONYA: Guys, we're getting
in deep shit
if we don't go to class though.
SHAKIA: Who gives a shit?
My girl always crying
She just want the diamonds
AISHA: I can't believe
they would do that in school.
Yo, that's the thug life.
We didn't see anything.
You heard me? Nothing.
Good morning.
Good morning, Dudley High.
Our very own
Aisha Johnson is the first
student ever
from Dudley High
to make it this far
for the Conrad Scholarship.
Let's congratulate Aisha!
That's what's up!
We are so proud of you, Aisha.
Thanks for writing
my recommendation letter, Miss.
I'm sure that helped.
You're welcome.
But it was your essay and GPA
that got you to the finals.
MS. JONES: Marisa is here.
Terrell and Lance.
I'm missing Rudy,
Tonya and Shakia.
MS. JONES: Has anyone seen them?
Can I use the bathroom, Miss?
Come get a pass.
Damn, Tonya.
You still can't hinge?
Ain't that your cousin?
These private school kids,
they never get used to it.
See? Easy peasy.
It's ashy Aisha looking raggedy.
Yo, y'all see that tired ass
grandma shit she wore yesterday?
You know, when she wore that
faded T-shirt,
I wanted to slap her
for being so dumb.
Yo, she annoys the heck
out of me.
Always using
her damn hand
like she's the Wikipedia
or some shit.
Like shut the fuck up.
The other day, I saw her
looking at Lance.
I was like, Girl, back up.
Like he's really gonna smash.
Girl, where are you going?
You almost ran over me.
Sorry, Miss Quanda.
I'm headed to class.
Have you been smoking weed?
No, I never.
Then, why do I smell weed
on you?
No, Miss. I would never,
you know me.
Even the good ones surprise
me sometimes.
Follow me
to the principal's office.
Quanda, I wasn't the one
Then, who was it?
Do I look like Boo Boo,
the fool?
Come on now, Miss.
I'm... I'm not ratting.
Don't play the "I ain't
snitching" game with me.
I don't have all day.
Tell me who was smoking.
Heard you're a finalist.
You think they're going
to give the scholarship
to someone who has a history
of smoking weed in school?
Please don't make me say it,
Give me a name
or you take the fall for it.
You okay with that?
AISHA: This is the moment when I
was presented with a hard choice.
I worked so hard to get a
chance at this scholarship.
I wasn't going to let Rudy and
her minions take it away from me.
Hell, no.
They're in there.
You sure?
Is that right?
Thanks for the info, Aisha.
Who in there?
It's just us.
- QUANDA: In one stall?
- Mmm-hmm.
Y'all was smoking weed, huh?
I can smell it.
It smelled like this
when we got in here.
Don't lie to me.
Well, it wasn't us.
We have nothing on us.
You flushed it, huh?
Now, I know all the tricks
and the foolery.
I've been around a lot longer
than all y'all.
Follow me.
Ms. Kimmel
They were up to no good
in the bathroom again.
Wait here for the principal.
I have other business to get to.
- Hey, Quanda.
- Hey.
I need to see Terrell.
MS. JONES: Terrell,
Quanda needs to speak with you.
About what?
It's a private matter.
You gonna open this for me?
I can open it myself.
You're not about
to search my locker, dog.
Yes, I am.
You gonna tell me
what's in there?
This ain't my locker anyway.
Whatever is in there ain't mine.
Okay, that's what they all say.
So what's going on here?
I don't even know, dog.
Hmm. Mr. Terrell Freeman.
We got to get in that locker,
and you know we'll use
any means necessary, brother.
Nah, this ain't my locker
I ain't used it since last year.
[SCOFFS] Yeah, right.
- Oooh.
- What?
No, let go! Fuck off, man!
Fuck off!
Get him out of here
because he will not be back!
QUANDA: Let's go.
One time fool
a nigga like me
I mean really in the form boy
never liked walking
Waking up in apartments
in a house so big
that the neighbor starts...
What? You all again?
All three of you are going
to get a three-day suspension,
and then after that,
you're going to attend
drug counseling.
Mrs. Kimmel, can you please give
them their suspension papers?
Thank you!
AISHA: Look, I wasn't going
to lose my chance
at the scholarship.
And Terrell won't bother you
anymore, Marcus.
Look, hon, thanks for trying
to help, but Marisa's right.
Sometimes it's easier just
to zip it.
You guys are really forcing it.
Okay, let's just hope
it's nothing.
I read a quote the other day
by Martin Luther King.
"Our lives begin to end the moment we remain
silent about the things that matter."
I know I did the right thing.
Aisha, I get it,
but we're in the hood.
And here you got to learn
to keep your mouth shut
for your own good.
I... I'm sure it's not as bad
as you guys think it is.
I hope I'm wrong.
I really hope so.
Whatever. Let's just go get slushies.
On me.
MARISA: You better 'cause
you owe me.
MARCUS: Right.
AISHA: Okay, I know.
Look at these diamonds
They dripping on me
Shorty keep crying
I'm outta...
BUCK: 'Sup shorties?
Hey, boo.
That's a nice song.
No, no, no, no, no...
Heard T got caught
with all our shit,
Our money, our weed,
all of our shit.
RUDY: This just happened.
Derek hit me up and said some
girl snitched on you and T,
so who's the snitch?
BUCK: Who's that?
Some ashy girl.
I'll show you where she lives.
She took my heart
Trying to get it back now
She took my heart
Trying to get it back now
She took my heart
I'm trying
to get it back now
I can't explain what
you've done to me
If feelings do what you see
Usually, all myself
I live comfortably
But you comfort me
Is this love for free
Is this love for free
If it ain't,
then I ain't fucking for free
So don't fuck with me
Don't even know
how I let it get me...
Oh, no.
- You motherfucker!
- No, Marisa.
- I can explain.
- Yeah, go on.
She don't mean a thing.
You're the only fish
I got eyes on.
Go on. He's just like
the rest of 'em.
I mean it.
She means nothing to me.
I'm sorry, Marisa.
Fuck you, asshole.
Marisa, don't worry
about him, okay?
Don't you ever think
of calling me back
or texting me again.
He ain't worth it. He's a bum.
I thought he'd change.
Sorry, Boo.
He'd been a hoe all his life.
- I'm just glad you see it now.
- Mmm-hmm.
That really ruined
my frickin day.
I'm gonna go, guys.
Catch you later.
Marisa, wai...
No... She'll be fine.
Don't worry about her.
That's her,
the girl with the long hair.
She gonna learn.
What's good?
So, one of our boys,
T, got caught at the school.
He is in juvie right now.
You're gonna have to find
someone at the high school ASAP.
Sure. I know
a few guys out there.
Get one of the youngest
to push it.
All right. Say no more.
I got you.
All right, we're done here.
Don't fuck this up.
All right.
EVELYN: So if you get this
scholarship, it will be a full ride?
- AISHA: Yep.
- That would be so great.
God is great.
It's not mine yet, Ma.
I gotta do well
in the SAT's first.
They're calling me a rat
and a snitch.
MARCUS: We told you
this was going to happen,
Look, next time
just shut your mouth, Aisha.
I'm literally enemy
of the state right now.
Look, don't worry.
You just have to ignore them.
God, I fucked up.
Look, it'll pass.
Just block their numbers
so they don't bother you again.
- Okay.
- I got to go finish this damn homework.
You'll be okay.
- All right, bye.
- Bye.
MARCUS' MOM: Is there
something you want to tell us?
Well, it's obvious, isn't it?
What do you want to say, Marcus?
I think I'm gay.
You think?
No, we raised you in church.
No, I am gay, ma.
You do not know
what you're talking about,
You shall not bring shame
into this family.
I'm a deacon at the church.
What will people say?
We're going to fix this.
Please, come on...
Go away.
Don't listen to them.
They're idiots, all right?
You know, Marisa,
it's easy for you to say this
because you've never
been bullied.
Hey, I'm just trying
to help here.
The entire school hates me.
We don't hate you.
You still got us.
Look... this...
It's nothing, this note.
Forget about it.
Forget about it.
All right?
I'm missing homework
from a few culprits.
Aisha. How come
you didn't turn in your essay?
- What?
- Woah! [CHUCKLES]
Damn, Aisha!
That's a first.
MS. JONES: Quiet please.
Miss, I'll do your homework
as soon as possible.
Okay. I Expect it
tomorrow morning,
MS. JONES: Jayden!
How come you didn't turn
in your homework?
Had a game last night.
And guess what?
We won!
Okay! Congratulations,
team captain. But...
Homework needs to be done.
Game or not, it is imperative.
Miss, why do you like using
them big words?
What the hell, im, imper...
Imperative mean?
Anyone want to educate
this young man?
It means
it's of utmost importance.
Okay, okay.
- Use that in my rat.
- Derek.
How come you didn't do
your homework?
You know what?
The wildest thing happened.
The dog ate my homework.
Yeah, the dumb bitch ate it.
I get it.
You just don't care
about school, right?
Look, the only reason I'm here is
because my mom forces me to come.
Otherwise, school can kiss
my black ass.
Oh, so you want
to be a statistic?
Uh, what does that even mean?
Have you ever heard of
school-to-prison pipeline?
Here it comes, y'all...
The speech.
Listen, I give you guys speeches
because I care.
And if I didn't,
I wouldn't even bother.
Believe me,
it's a lot easier not to care.
But, I've seen this
a thousand times.
A young Black boy,
not interested in school...
Fails and then drops out.
A year later, he's in jail.
And you want to become
a statistic?
Do you want to be a gangbanger
or an educated black man?
Do you know what happens
to gangbangers?
They end up dead.
Or if you're lucky, behind bars!
Listen, I'm here to teach
and do the best I can.
But if you're not
willing to learn...
No one's going to help you.
But, if you want to learn...
No one can stop you.
Do you want to tell me
what's going on?
You never miss an assignment.
Nothing, Miss, I...
I honestly just forgot.
All right, if you're struggling, you know you
can come to me for help after school. Okay?
Thank you, Miss.
My mom and dad found the flyer
and asked me if I was gay.
And what happened?
My dad didn't say much.
My mom was in denial.
Like she didn't want to hear
this shit.
She says she's taking me
to church this Sunday
to fix this gay shit.
Seriously? Are you going to go?
Look, I don't even give a damn
at this point.
Whatever she wants to do,
she'll do.
You know how my mom is?
Look, you are
who you are,
your mom and dad
aren't gonna change that.
I wouldn't go if I were you.
I'm just so sick of this shit.
I can't wait to leave this town
and move to Cali,
and become a famous artist.
- You're going to leave me?
- Bitch, you coming with me.
Hi, baby girl.
I thought you had
a shift tonight.
I'm having one of those days.
Did you take your pills?
I tried calling and
texting, your brother Kevon.
I haven't seen him
in a couple of days.
Ma, you always get like this
with Kevon.
Kevon's fine. You just have
to take your pills.
All right, Ma.
I got to go study, okay.
Dear Heavenly Father,
we come to you today
- To remove the homosexuality from my son...
Satan, you have no place here.
We want you to flee now!
- Satan, I tell you to go out into the abyss.
Go out into the abyss
and stay there, Satan.
I hope you feel good about
getting us suspended, snitch.
I gotta get to class.
- RUDY: Who gives a shit.
- Guys, please?
- I'm sorry.
- RUDY: You know what happens to snitches?
They die a long, slow,
painful death.
Why don't you just do yourself
a favor and kill yourself?
RUDY: Nobody
wants you here anyway.
Guys, come on.
She's not worth it.
Yo, Rudy, chill out.
Why? She's a snitch.
I said leave her alone.
What, are you her
public defender or something?
I'm her friend.
A knight in Shining armor
to the rescue.
Let's get out of here.
To be continued.
You're welcome.
Hey, it's going to be okay.
I'm sure
they won't bother you anymore.
I doubt it.
If they do, get me
and I will show them the exit.
Thank you.
- See you around.
- See ya.
I was really like this
close to the fighting.
What do you want?
I'm not one of your hoes.
I want you back.
What the hell was that for?
Look, I messed up. Okay?
I love you.
I bet that's what you said
to that skank ass bitch
you were kissing at the park
the other day?
I told you, you're the only girl
I've got eyes for.
This is forever. See?
No, he didn't.
You do that for me?
And I wrote this for you.
"Long nights, lonely night.
"My heart longs for you.
"You're my Bentley
In a room full of Corollas.
"You are inviting
Like an island.
"Mysterious, exotic,
Cool and warm.
"You're like a water lily,
"Growing and thriving
in polluted water.
"Like a rose,
cracking a concrete ground."
Guess what I'm trying
to say is...
I love you, Marisa.
Baby, you wrote that for me?
I love you so much.
Try that shit again.
And I'mma have to kill you.
We good?
Marisa, that's the cheesiest
poem I've ever heard in my life.
He ain't gonna change,
Marisa, you know that?
Hey, mind your bis, okay?
Babe, don't listen to them.
Guys, I got this.
Just trust me.
- Marisa, seriously?
- You gotta be kidding me.
I'll catch you later.
He ain't gonna change.
A ho is a ho.
You know, and I bet you
that's a fake ass tattoo.
He's gonna break her heart
for the millionth time.
Oh, my...
I got to go meet Mr. Picketts
for my math SATs.
You know,
I can help you with that.
No, don't worry about it.
You got a lot on your plate.
I don't need you
worrying about me.
All right.
Good luck with the SATs.
I know you got this.
- I gotta run.
- See you.
Hey, Rat,
where're you going?
Come here snitch.
AISHA: Leave me alone.
WOMAN: Are you okay?
I'm fine.
It's time to start the SAT exam.
You ain't nothing
but a snitch.
SHAKIA: Do yourself a favor
and kill yourself.
RUDY: Nobody
wants you here anyway.
Time's up.
Come collect your notebooks and
you can get your cell phones.
OPERATOR: This number
has been disconnected.
You'll get another chance
at the SAT, bro.
Don't trip.
Ain't no second chances
for girls in the hood, period.
Aisha, it's just the SAT.
They're not a measure
of your intelligence.
- I guess you're right.
Where the hell is Marisa?
I tried calling her
the other day
and it said phone disconnected.
I'm kind of worried about her.
Let me see.
Oh, you got you
a secret admirer.
Who put this here.
Mission accomplished.
Yo, get your camera out.
It's about to be Woodstock.
She's about to get faded.
My head feels light.
It's like I'm walking on air.
Yo, that shit happens to me
whenever I don't sleep.
Oh, my God. Did you see that?
I think he just moved this lips.
Yo, you're acting real weird.
If I didn't know you,
I'd say you smoke crack.
Hi, Aisha. What's up?
Don't worry. We don't bite.
We ain't gonna hurt you.
So, how you feeling?
You good? Like, irie?
Irie like...
Every little thing
is gonna be all right
Yeah, I guess.
Well, see you in class.
Yeah. Enjoy your day.
- That was weird.
- Mmm-hmm.
I know. They're up to something.
I don't trust them.
- Come on.
What compelled Samson
Because he felt
that if he didn't,
he may face prosecution.
That's correct.
- Aisha, what do you think?
- Huh?
About what?
Samson. What would have
happened had he...
Why are you talking
so slow, Miss?
MS. JONES: I'm not talking slow.
Are you paying attention?
Yeah, I am. What did you say?
What would have happened
had he not addressed the crowd?
I don't know, Miss.
Did you read chapter three
for homework?
You know what's funny?
I did read, but right now I
can't remember anything I read.
I mean, nada.
Aisha, what's so funny?
Nothing. I just can't believe
I forgot everything I read.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
Are you okay?
I'm fine, Miss.
Your eyes are red.
And your eyes...
Your pupils are so
brown like fall leaves.
Like... Like poop.
Like a beautiful poop.
I know it sounds gross,
but sometimes
I stare at my poop
to see its shape.
Did you know you can find out
how healthy you are
by the shape of your poop?
it's amazing!
I've been "ordered" to go
see the nurse.
You wanna tell me
what's going on with you?
You've been acting all strange
all morning.
You lovely poo bear, you.
You are so adorable.
Look at those cinnamon cheeks.
I swear, if you weren't gay,
I would totally do you.
What? Like, ewe! What is...
Oh, my God. You're high.
You feel lightheaded, right?
And what did you have
to eat this morning?
Nothing. Just that brownie.
That brownie had something.
Do you think
Lance just drugged me?
No, it wasn't Lance.
A secret admirer wouldn't do that.
I'm pretty sure it was Rudy.
[SIGHS] I'm so dumb.
Is that why they were
asking me how I felt?
Is that where they were filming me and
asked me if I felt irie? Oh, my God.
Yeah. You're not going
to the nurse.
You'll get in trouble
if they find out you're high.
They won't believe you had some random
brownie from an anonymous person.
We're leaving school
until you sober up.
Come on. Come on.
Drink this. All of it.
Okay. It says here
that a cold shower helps.
I'm not taking a shower
in your house.
Do you wanna sober up or not?
- Hey.
- Great.
- Is this sparkling water?
- Yes.
- To the bathroom.
- Yes, sir.
And cold, just cold water.
It's so freaking cold in here.
Three minutes. I'm timing you.
AISHA: Ugh! This is cruelty!
Ha. Man,
I feel so much better now.
Thanks for coming to my rescue.
Yeah. You know
what's so funny about this.
I got to see you high
like shit.
Yo, that shit
was funny as hell.
So embarrassing.
Listen, if we leave, we can make
the last three lessons of school.
We're not going back to school.
We going to Frugal's Books
for old time's sake.
Marcus, we'll get in trouble.
No, look,
we're already in trouble.
- True. All right, let's go.
- Right.
Can I help you?
Ma'am, I'm Detective
Thomas Grey.
This detective Sam Marshall.
Does Kevon Johnson
live at this residence?
Yes, he does.
But I haven't seen him
in a couple of days.
Can we come in
and search your residence?
Search my house?
What did I do?
He was found with a pound
of marijuana in his car.
He fled the scene.
That boy done gone mad.
Warrant, please.
Come on in, Officers.
I see you're in
a new shirt today.
I'm trying. Here...
- Thank you.
- You know.
They don't have
nothing new in here.
Yeah, I don't see nothing.
I already read all this.
- I bet you have.
Oh. Look at my mom.
That's everybody's mom.
- We look alike.
- Aw.
Jason Reynolds
or Kwame Alexander?
That's a tough one. Uh...
I'mma have to go
with my man, Jason,
Oh, my gosh,
they have "Homegoing."
I've been looking for this.
I know what I'm reading tonight.
Ooh! I just found a new
SAT word for you
and I bet
you won't know this one.
Hmm! Try me.
- Poignant.
- Deeply moving.
Gosh, you're such a nerd.
No wonder they all call you
Wikipedia at school.
Okay, give me a word.
Okay. Um...
How about...
- Obscure?
- Yea, I know this one. Um...
Difficult to understand.
Partially hidden.
Good job.
All right. Let me give you
another one.
All right.
- Okay, drumroll...
The word of the day is...
I can't. My brain is exhausted.
You win, snitch.
All right, let's go.
What happened in here, Ma?
Them cops came in here
looking for Kevon.
They said he was caught
with a pound of weed.
He's such a loser.
I'm sorry, Ma.
Where were you?
Don't lie to me, Aisha.
Your teacher, Miss Jones,
called here looking for you.
- I...
- So, where the hell were you?
I just had to go to
Frugal bookstore
to do some work
and some research.
That's it. I only
missed two classes.
You lying to me?
See the date?
Make sure you call Ms. Jones
tomorrow and explain to her.
I don't want any
more phone calls.
I'm dealing with
enough as it is,
with your brother, Kevon.
I can't even trust
you with our shit.
Everybody is losing our shit.
We're down ten grand
and Shrimp is fucking furious.
Yo, we were careful.
I don't know how
them cops caught us.
You were probably
doing some dumb shit.
We were just driving, yo.
Just driving and cops magically
appeared out of fucking nowhere?
All right.
I have a mission for you.
You got to handle
the snitch bitch.
Fuck this up?
We're done.
All right, I got you.
Hi, Aisha. What's up?
SHAKIA: Don't worry, we don't bite.
We ain't gonna hurt you.
So, how you feeling?
You good? Like, irie?
Okay, so total expenses,
including the mortgage,
is $2,500.
I'll bring in 800 with my job,
and you'll bring in 1,500.
That's 2,300.
We're still short.
Okay, I cut my phone
and you cut the cable.
What else can we cut?
Nothing else. We need food.
We need to pay the mortgage.
We need to pay utilities.
Mami, we're going to
have to sell this house.
I just don't know
how we'll manage.
You promised,
we wouldn't sell.
The realtor told me a developer
wants to buy the house.
We can use that money
for a rental.
I guess, you're right.
MARCUS: Look, I still think you
should submit the scores.
Your score is
far from perfect,
but you shouldn't
give up so easily.
I wanted 1,500 at least,
and I got 1,400.
Aisha, look at me.
The average score is 1,000.
You did better than most.
I would be happy with 1,400.
I aced all my
practice tests.
No, you did your best.
And that's that.
Now, wipe that snot off
your pretty face.
Thank you.
All right, let's go
find Marisa.
Oh, hey, um, what are
you guys doing here?
That skinny girl, your neighbor,
told us you work here.
She talks too damn much.
- What?
- What's going on?
I'm taking a break
from school.
Why would you do that?
Please, don't look
at me like that.
I know you're judging me.
- I'm sorry.
- We're not judging you.
I'll just get my GED
at night school, anyways.
Is there a problem here?
Um, no. These customers just had
some questions about the menu.
I was helping them out.
I'll have a burger.
Is there anything else
I can help you with?
No, we're good.
Jeez, what was
that about?
He's just a jerk,
and y'all are gonna
get me fired.
Look, I get off at 5:00.
I could meet
you guys outside
if you're willing
to wait that long,
but I really can't talk
right now.
- All right.
- MARCUS: Let's go.
AISHA: Come on.
No, you're not. Get your
boy is home, Mari?
AISHA: It turns out Marissa
decided to drop out of school.
And get a job to help her
family keep their house.
MARISA: Sorry about the SATs.
AISHA: It sucks.
I don't know why I thought
I could get a scholarship.
I mean, girls like me
never get a chance.
Look, you shouldn't
give up so easy.
Well, neither should you.
I'm not giving up,
I'm just gonna get my GED.
A GED is not the same
as a high school diploma.
I know, but sometimes
one has to make choices.
And I choose
to help my family.
You always told me you
were going to be the first
to graduate high school
and the first to go to college.
- So, what's up with that?
- Well, shit happens sometimes, okay?
How about that?
[SIGHS] Look, I make
ten dollars an hour.
That makes a big difference.
I can help pay for
shit my family needs.
- If you say so.
- The sun always sets
then rises, so things
will be better someday.
Tell me about it.
Yeah, what's up,
lil' sis? Homies!
Where have you been?
Damn, no "Hi, how are you?
Miss you, bro?"
- I see.
- Hi, how are you?
Where have you been?
Staying with some homies.
Ma's worried.
Look, give this to Ma.
Take care of yourself too, a'ight.
Where is this money
coming from?
I be hustling,
you know.
Kevon, you don't
have to do this.
Look, Aisha,
you don't understand.
You'll never understand.
Now, do you want
this money, or not?
No. Ma won't accept it.
A'ight, I gotta go.
Love you, lil' sis. Catch y'all.
- Love you, too.
- The guy is a bum.
You okay?
MS. JONES: Aisha?
So, I wrote an email to the
board of the Conrad Scholarship
in support of you.
Now, even though your
SAT scores were good,
they were a little weak
compared to the other students
that are competing
for the scholarship.
They didn't think
you'd make it to the next round.
But, they want to give you
an interview.
An int...
What does that mean?
Well, that means that this
interview is your lifeline.
So, the interview is
scheduled for tomorrow,
and I know
it's last minute,
but we have to go
on their schedule.
It's going to be held
in their office, downtown.
I've already informed
your teachers,
that you won't
be present tomorrow.
So, here is the address.
It's on the fourth floor,
and go straight to the lobby.
You can't mess this one up
this time, Aisha.
You can do it.
Aisha, look at me.
You've got this!
Just bring that
Black girl magic.
No, I'm not Number One
'Cause I'm in my own category
The perfect blend of
Evident and allegory
The perfect supplement
To this triumphant story
Of Black renaissance
And its ascent to glory
Academics like to call it
I call it melanin-induced
I call it representing
Every continent
And making sure those
Asleep are now cognizant
Not really a rapper
But limits don't occur to me
Graduated first
Ripshop University
They're tryna figure out
Which box to put me in
I told them pick any one
And I'll make it bend
Whether in the ghetto
Or at the symphony
I carry my naps like
Wives carry Tiffany
RUDY: Hey Aisha, wait.
Where you headed?
Look, we're sorry about
the brownie thing.
So, you admit,
it was you?
Yeah, we're sorry.
It wasn't cool.
Look, we're even now.
RUDY: You snitched on us.
We jumped you.
You fought back hard.
We got you high.
Tell me it wasn't
fun getting high.
My idea of fun
isn't getting high,
especially in school.
You were wrong for that.
Look, we're sorry.
So, where're you headed?
- Downtown.
- For what?
Well, for a very
important interview.
Trip can drop you off.
Nah, I'm good. Thanks.
We're headed
that way anyway.
It'll save you
time and money.
You'll be there
in ten minutes.
So, you want to
come, or not?
This is the address.
Uh, actually, you can
just pull over here.
I'm going to get off
at the bus stop.
Girl, you're trippin'.
Please, guys, I don't want to be
in the car with the smoke.
I don't want to go to
my interview smelling of weed.
Please, guys, I have
to go to this interview.
It's important.
Well, you should've shut
your mouth up about Terrell.
Now, my boy's gonna
teach you a lesson.
You know how much
you cost us?
Six thousand dollars.
You got the six G's
we lost to the police?
I made a mistake
and I'm really sorry.
Tell that to Terrell who'll be
in juvenile jail for a year.
Where're you guys
taking me?
Please, I'm really sorry.
I swear, I'll pay back
everything I owe you.
Just please, don't let
me miss this interview.
Guys, please.
Please, guys.
I'm really sorry.
Where are you...
Where are you taking me?
Where're you guys
taking me?
AISHA: Tonya, no.
Help! Tonya!
- TRIP: Shut up! Shut up!
- Somebody please, help me!
- Shh! Quiet!
Shut up!
AISHA: Please! Don't do this!
TRIP: Shut up! Sit down!
- I won't say anything. I swear I won't say anything.
- It's too late.
Help me!
Somebody please, help me!
Help! Please!
I won't say anything.
Listen to me.
Listen, I won't do
anything, I swear.
Please, just let me
out of here.
- Please, just let me out of here.
Here, go get yourself
some bling.
What's gonna happen
to Aisha?
Don't worry about it.
- Yo, turn up!
- Let's go!
Come on, Tonya.
- Sup, Trip?
- Chilling, bro.
This the snitch.
KEVON: What?
Do it.
Do it!
Yo, what the fuck, Trip?
She my little sis, yo.
This snitch is
your little sis?
- You're kidding me, right?
- Nah, man.
The fuck are you doing?
You crazy?
I'm letting her go.
You ain't going anywhere.
AISHA: No, don't.
Please, don't.
TRIP: You little shit.
Somebody please, help us!
TRIP: Get up!
Don't hurt him, please.
TRIP: Don't make me
use this on you, bruh.
- Fuck you.
- Sit down. Fuck you.
Kevon, don't.
Kevon, don't.
Don't say anything.
Calm down.
The three inch ones,
'cause I'm tall.
Yeah, I want bodysuits.
- Every color.
- Every color?
Sorry, guys, I can't go.
Really? You can't go
to the mall with us?
I'm good.
Yeah, whatever. You
and your boring ass
just shouldn't hang out
with us, anyway.
Forget about her.
No, no. Don't, please!
Somebody please help!
Please, I have to get
to this interview.
- It's important.
- Who cares?
You done fucked up
this time.
Fuck the interview!
I suspect something bad
was going to happen.
I had to come.
Is he dead?
No, he's just
You girls better go
before the others get here.
I have to get
to my interview.
What time is it?
It's 9:55.
- Where's your interview at?
- Downtown, Boston.
Goddamn, a'ight.
Let's go.
Are you okay?
You're hurt.
Nah, I'm good.
Let's go. Come on.
- Come on.
- All right, come on.
Hi. I'm Aisha Johnson.
I'm here for
an interview.
What the hell happened
to your face?
It's a long story.
Can I still interview?
You're too late.
They waited for you.
This is my last chance.
Okay? Please.
I'm sorry,
but there are others.
Ashley, can you
please call
Ms. Tiffany Johnson in,
- Yes, Mr. Adams.
- Thank you.
Mr. Adams,
I'm Aisha Johnson.
I'm terribly sorry,
I'm late.
Miss Johnson,
you're more than just late.
you're a no show.
And I'm really sorry
about that.
But can I please
still interview?
No, I'm really sorry,
but you've missed
your chance.
Hold on, I'm gonna
have to give you a call back.
They're interviewing
the last candidate.
You're wasting your time.
I know I came in late, sir,
but I was caught up
in some bad stuff
beyond my control.
And I made it here
despite the challenges.
Please, sir, I just need
two minutes of your time.
That's it.
Just two minutes.
All right. Two minutes.
Only two minutes.
- Let's go.
- Thank you, sir.
Ladies, this is Aisha Johnson,
our 10:00...
[SCOFFS] Well, was
our 10:00 candidate.
I have decided
to give her two minutes.
So we better get to it.
Why do you think you're
the most qualified candidate
for the scholarship?
Even though I'm from
an underperforming school
where the expectations
for students are low,
I never let that stop me.
In fact, it's pushed me
to be my very best.
Every year,
I've been the top student,
and it's my dream
to one day go to college.
A large percent of students
never make it to college
from inner-city schools.
The price and student debt has
made it a burden to families.
The cost of a year of college
is more than what my mom makes.
The only way I see it possible
for me to go to college
is through financial aid
and scholarships,
which is why I'm applying
for this scholarship.
I do hope that
you'll consider me for this.
Final question, then.
What is
the most challenging situation
you've ever been faced with,
and how did you overcome it?
This past month
I have faced
tremendous challenges.
I was bullied
by a group of girls
for reporting them
for using drugs in school.
The bullies jumped me.
They cyber bullied me,
and I tried to ignore it,
even though I was hurting.
They even drugged me
without my consent.
And as I was on my way
to this interview,
they kidnapped me.
Fortunately, I was rescued,
and I showed up here.
I showed up because I know this
scholarship could change my life.
Life is full of
challenges and obstacles,
and it's how you choose
to overcome them
that define one's character.
I could have gone home
to lick my wounds.
I knew I was late,
but I showed up here
to earn a seat at the table.
[EXHALES] Thank you.
That's all the time
we have, though.
You'll be hearing from us
in a couple weeks.
Thank you.
I do wish you well.
Take care of yourself.
EVELYN: Aisha.
I can't believe you kept
stuff like this from me.
Look how dangerous
this turned out to be.
I just didn't want
to snitch again.
I thought if I told,
it would be, like,
double snitching.
Double snitching.
There are kids out there
killing themselves
because of bullying like this.
You do not have to suffer
in silence.
Promise me, you will tell me
everything next time.
They ruined everything for me.
They ruined my life
my chance at the scholarship.
I should have
never even applied
for that scholarship.
They're not gonna consider me.
Why wouldn't they consider you?
I went in there looking
like a complete hood rat.
This aim-for-the-stars stuff is just
for rich white girls, not girls like me.
I saw how the students looked
applying for the scholarship
with their perfect dresses
and shoes and blazers.
They probably have perfect
SAT scores and perfect lives.
Their parents
are probably perfect.
Their brothers are perfect.
And who am I
to compete with that?
I know I'm smart,
but it doesn't mean a thing.
- Not in the hood.
- EVELYN: Hmm.
Honey, it wasn't your fault
you were late.
You went through a traumatic
experience and you still showed up.
I embarrassed myself.
Aisha, you gotta believe.
Things may not have turned out the
way you planned, but trust God.
He has the master plan.
You still have a great future,
no matter what.
And, Kevon,
you need to stop hanging out
with those dangerous thugs.
I'm done with gangs, Ma.
I tried.
Lord knows I tried
my best raising you.
If your dad were here,
he would know exactly what to say.
But the Lord decided otherwise
and he took Trevor.
I tried my best to guide you.
But what you really needed
was a father figure.
You need to get away
from these gangs,
and make something of yourself.
I'll turn myself in
to the police station.
I'm sorry.
Kidnapping charges are serious.
On top of kidnapping,
you bullied and drugged this poor girl.
This expulsion
cannot be reversed.
Your parents,
they've already been contacted.
You're suspended for one week
and we commend you
for coming to your senses
and saving Aisha.
Thank you.
AISHA: Trip and
his gang members
were rounded up
for multiple offenses.
I heard that Rudy and Shakia
snitched on them to save
themselves from going to juvie.
Now, I know, I ain't
the only snitch in town.
Mom finally got Kevon
to turn himself in.
She bailed him out,
and we're still waiting his trial.
In the meantime, he's taking
online courses to get his GED.
Marisa made it back to school
after her family decided
to sell their house
to a developer.
Ms. Jones offered to tutor her
after school to help her catch up.
- We're partying.
- Partying
Good job
getting rid of Rudy.
Yeah, she used to bully me
in middle school
and take my lunch money.
Ohh! Not the lunch money.
- Look what you did.
- Yeah, you did good.
We love you, man.
I'm glad the worst of it's over.
Yeah, that was really scary.
Well, look, we're survivors,
and we'll survive no matter what.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Right?
- Yeah.
- Okay, let's go
AISHA: After going into Marcus's
room to collect his laundry,
his mom found his diary
and she decided to pry.
MARCUS: "Becoming Marcus,
"five years old."
"The moment you realize
that you did not belong,
"belong in that box.
"I mean, the exterior
"adorned with stickers
that say,
"Boys are rough and tough.
"Boys don't cry."
"A boy who likes other boys.
"But the box is closed shut.
"You are trapped,
"wishing you could come out."
Thank you.
I love you, son.
I love you, Ma.
All of them really want
big, big stuff
They want big, big stuff But
what them want them can't touch
All of them really want
big, big stuff
They want big, big stuff But
what them want them can't touch
All of them really want
big, big stuff
They want big, big stuff But
what them want them can't touch
All of them really want
big, big stuff
They want big, big stuff But
what them want them can't touch
- Hey.
- Hi.
You wanna dance with me?
I've waited for this moment
for a long time.
I really like you.
I really like you, too.
AISHA: After a couple of weeks of
waiting for news about the scholarship,
I got a surprise.
I learned a lot
during those couple of weeks.
I learned that when you get
involved with the wrong people,
things can end badly.
I learned that sometimes,
the choices we make
can be hard but necessary.
Also, I learned
that girls like me
can reach for the stars.