Memorable (2019) Movie Script

Louis, you understand that you left the lamb chops... the car for more than a month!
One month?
It's not enough time to spoil the meat.
You make me nervous, laughing about it.
It's delicious!
Could you please, pass me the pepper?
Stop it!
I said "pepper."
Behind the bottle!
What is this?
Another gift from your mother?
We have had it for over twenty years.
And leave my mother rest in peace.
She died?
But I wonder why she never had good taste.
Stop it, Louis.
What is it?
It smells good.
What is it?
Are you kidding me?
I'm not that hungry.
A fruit will be good, if possible?
A banana, is that ok?
- Yes.
- Catch it!
This is horrible!
What is happening?
So, Louis.
What object is that?
Mr. Durieux, what year are we in?
What a funny question!
The year is 1965.
Very well.
And the president is?
Don't treat me like an idiot.
Don't tell me you don't remember his name.
Tell me...
am I suffering a neuro-degenerative disease?
I know you don't like any of my questions.
The problem, Louis,
is that you can't even recognize a cell phone.
But this is normal.
It's still 1965.
Are you still awake?
What is it?
A new concept?
Very original!
I accept that.
Stop kicking the door!
You have been doind that for a week.
I swear. I can't take it anymore!
Where is the fish?
- They're dead.
- Dead?
You forgot to feed them.
Again, I'm sorry.
I really thought I was alone.
What's going on?
What's going on... that I can't relax in my own bathroom!
How is that possible?
Look! It's already busy!
But Louis...
it's you.
It's your reflection.
You should have seen your face!
You believed me!
What a fool!
I can no longer recognize myself in a mirror.
Eat before it gets cold!
My mother said that our neighbor passed away.
Was he sick?
No. Superstitious.
Come again?
By avoiding going underneath a ladder,
he went for a walk...
... and was hit by a car.
You are kidding!
It's my car!
Do you know that when I was child...
...I had a similar car than yours.
Mother exaggerated a little.
I didn't expect to see you like this.
Your mind is in great shape,
and you haven't lost your sense of humor!
You're right.
- Take care!
- Goodbye, see you later.
Be safe.
Is it the cleaning lady?
Yes, that's right.
I'm the cleaning lady, the Cook
and sometimes the nurse.
I am worried.
My wife was supposed to go get a job.
But is getting dark.
I'm afraid she has forgotten about me.
I am sure she'll be coming soon.
You look magnificent!
Would you agree to pose for me?
I would like to paint your portrait.
- Is something wrong?
- Yes, everything is fine.
I already said I think you are magnificent?
Aren't you going to use brushes?
I'll paint with my hands...
...awakes the soul of the primitive man that is inside of us!
What are you talking about?
I already said how charming...
Yes, sir.
Is that you?
Let's not waste this moment.
Are you crazy?
My wife can catch us.
She is extremely jealous,
You know?
Let's Dance!
Do you still live with your parents?
It shouldn't be easy.
No. Especially with my mother.
Is she temperamental?
No, she has a bad taste.
Have you thought about getting married?
For the best...
and for the worst.
Don't let go!
Don't worry!