Memoria (2016) Movie Script

- Hello you.
- Hi.
- Nice to see you.
- How are you?
When did you come here?
I've been here since.
What do you mean?
Since this morning.
We've seen each other.
- Today?
- You don't remember?
You're so sleepy.
Nice to see you fast asleep.
Have you been sitting there?
I looked at the photos.
That's beautiful.
This one..
This is new.
Very beautiful.
I dreamed about the dog.
The dog was hit by a car
while trying to enter my house.
I let him die.
Juan picked it up
and I took it to the vet.
The doctor said the dog was very sick.
Either he gets a blood transfusion
or is euthanized.
I asked him to leave it there
while I got home.
To talk it over with Juan.
That night
I started to feel...
...all of these symptoms.
And I forgot the dog.
And now I only
dream about it.
You think the dog cursed me?
You want me to check on him?
When I saw that dog out there...
...I thought:
Gosh, people can be that cruel.
Then I did
the same with the dog.
Who is infected?
I've transferred
the sick to the lab.
Don't use this bus card again.
My bank card has also expired.
How long will they be
doing construction next door?
There is no construction next to the house.
I heard it, early in the morning.
When it's still dark.
Maybe it's not far from home.
Can you think of a
poem about mushrooms?
What is something that
comes from this living being?
The smell of a virus.
Rotten perfume.
Write a poem about bacteria.
Swollen wounds.
Molecular perspective.
Want to dance without an organ.
You inspire me.
More poetry for books.
Can you help translate
to English?
With my lousy Spanish?
Your Spanish is perfect for poetry.
Does this need to be signed?
Yes, especially death certificates.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
It's a loan.
Transfer of money.
Sign here.
Wood expands and absorbs water and
whatever is around it.
It is hydroscopic.
Wood is a hydroscopic material.
Here we can see...
... how much pressure does the
ring need for a few days ...
... for the material to stick,
to last a long time.
With a low-quality tool, it
will peel off.
Small cracks appear.
Excuse me.
Jessica. Pleased to meet you.
I also.
I'm Juan's friend.
Yes, of course.
Thank you for coming to see me.
Does not matter.
- I studied with Professor Juan.
- I know.
Can you wait a minute
while I finish this?
Sure, you want me to wait outside?
Not. Here, please.
...your voice isn't a song?
It's a sound.
Hard to explain.
Where did you hear that?
In a room.
...concrete balls...
...the big one,...
... who fell into a metal well ...
... surrounded by sea water.
Perhaps that is impossible.
No, no.
Actually, after Juan called,
I prepared some tracks.
- Really?
- Yes.
How big is the concrete ball?
How big?
Then his voice lowered.
It might sound different to me.
Listen this.
The echo is different.
More metal.
... "earth."
More down to earth.
Like the roar of ...
... the center of the Earth.
Let me try something.
This is a collection... sound effects.
An attack on the stomach
while wearing a hooded jacket.
What's that?
Is that his voice?
How about this?
The body was hit by the blanket
and then hit by the wood.
Which one ...?
That one.
Yes, that's close.
I will import it.
Yes, there he is.
Sorry. But maybe something more...
Look at this mountain.
And now listen to this.
Maybe heavier?
This is between 60 and 100 Hz.
The bass depends on what
you use to hear the sound.
On the chorus,
on the television set, in the cinema,...
...or with a sound system like this.
I don't know.
Let me save it first.
Excuse me, what was your name earlier?
What was your name?
Can I help you?
Excuse me?
I have to go into that room.
Oh, sorry. Yes.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Let me help.
Thank you.
I don't have the key to lock it
and my team hasn't arrived yet.
It's okay.
You work here?
No, my sister...
My sister..
she's a patient in the treatment room.
I'm sad too.
This is the morgue?
You can say that.
You want to come in and have a look?
Hong Kong Restaurant
"Authentic Chinese Food"
Right mandibular condyle
indicates joint damage.
Can you guess
if this is a boy or a girl?
This ... is a girl.
Young girl.
He was found in a tunnel
under a construction site.
I'm leaving tomorrow
to join the retrieval team.
It is probably 6000 years old.
Maybe because of the ritual.
They pierced his head
to cast out evil spirits.
Feel it.
Yes, this is it.
I mix my voices.
It's very touching.
I was touched by your interpretation.
Thank you.
There is a little melody to my song.
I have a band.
Punk genre, electronic.
What is your band name?
The Depth of the Delusional Ensemble.
I didn't mean to laugh.
That's a good name.
- Yes?
- Yes. That's good.
Thank you.
Perhaps this song could be
one of your tracks later?
Why not? That would be great.
This song has some unique acoustic
and psychological aspects.
I will write you as a collaborator.
Delusional Depth.
Come on.
Have you ever been to Tokyo?
Yes, why?
I want to go there.
I don't know what it's like:
the people, the...
...the architecture.
It's so beautiful there.
I want...
Concerts in Japan?
You never know.
How much interest
do you want to save?
Several hundred, different types.
This is for the farm.
If onsite cold storage is required,...
...we can provide you with designs
and colors according to your taste.
This is our cold storage equipment,...
...designed especially for flowers.
This one is local.
And this one is from Holland,... terms of the technology used.
They look the same.
This one "preserves"
flowers better.
Survives about 30% longer.
In here, time stops.
All coated with
with Nano-Seal...
...which prevents all kinds of fungi
and other pathogens.
Do you have a distributor in Medellin?
Yes, we have.
Be careful.
The cooler is assembled here.
It is a mower.
For cold storage on site...
Let me think.
I have a client from last year.
What's his name..
I gave you the address of a farm
not far from Bogota,... you can see how it works.
I heard their sales skyrocketed
when they started using our coolers.
Can I?
I know where this is.
I will prepare the offer letter.
Please have a look.
We can meet up front.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Does not matter.
He said there was a farm
in Guasca...
...and they have a similar cooler.
I can take you there.
Good, thank you.
But it's a two hour trip, right?
But I can drive fast.
I don't think I can afford it.
I can help you pay.
I want to help you buy a
cooler for your orchid.
I've always wanted
a big cooler.
I have some savings.
Are you offering me a loan?
Not really.
So what?
For a farm in Medellin?
Why not?
Shall we go back to the shop?
What do you mean?
Protect me from what?
Probably from the way you work.
Your relationship with your job.
Or leave..
I didn't expect to meet you,
what a sweet surprise.
What do you want to drink?
How are you?
Very good.
I'm out today.
Andres kept saying that he
would meet me at the hospital... I have to
get up quickly.
He texts me every night.
Good evening.
Hello. Thank you.
Which Andres?
Andres the Dentist
died last year.
No, Jessica,
she's alive and well.
What do you eat?
What's good here?
This ossobuco is delicious.
- Want a taste?
- Yes.
Leftovers on your fork.
I mean, the way you work.
Your relationship to the job.
If you can put some distance...
or a different mindset.
Or leave it.
Leave your job.
No, I will not leave my job.
Why did he have to change jobs?
With our local search team,
our current job... investigating
a tribe...
... who lives in the middle of the Amazon jungle.
They are called
inland people.
They are unreachable...
...they choose
to be unreachable.
But people also believe
they are dangerous... people
never approach them.
We heard that the elder of the tribe... night,
they sit together...
...and with their minds,
they started to make some sort of...
I don't know what it's called...
Like a spell?
Yes. Right, like a spell... intercept people
from approaching them.
Juan thinks that's
what makes me sick.
So you think...
...that has nothing to do
with the dog?
What dog?
You remember?
The dog you told me about?
Oh, that dog!
Of course.
Right, it could be the dog.
It could be that dog or that tribe.
Can be anything.
Tell me about a man who wanted to
build a road in the forest.
Tell me what happened to him.
Yes.. there is someone
who wants to build a road... traverse the Amazon
from end to end... he wanted to cut down the trees,...
...for easy access...
...because he's
trading illegally.
Animal skins,
plants, and so on.
He gathered
a group of people... help him
build this road.
They started building roads...
...and they start to get deeper...
...but when it reached a point,
the people who helped him,...
...doesn't want to work anymore
then left.
So, they left ..
The other thing he wanted to do
was colonize those people... he stayed...
...and continue with one person.
With his sister.
The two of them went inside, then disappeared.
They disappeared.
Ya, ya.
They both disappeared, no one
knows if they are still alive or not.
I think they're dead.
According to me.
They were probably dead,
of course.
So, I don't know. But I didn't really
go in there, did I?
I was just investigating...
...about the tribe.
- But you made contact.
Not really.
But you did make contact.
With the stories you investigated.
I still don't know
what to order.
The menu is big.
What are you drawing, honey?
No, this...
Really grapefruit?
- It's from the book I gave him.
Tomorrow we are going to the market
to buy grapefruit.
But they can't talk.
He's not three years old anymore, Juan.
Is there a grapefruit dish
on the menu?
Nothing, Jess.
I think I'll
just order the ossobuco.
Are you going to practice
with the others tomorrow?
Yes of course.
I have to go back... soon as possible,
since I'm out for a few days.
We have little time
to prepare.
You're all right, right?
Who knows.
Excuse me.
Is Hernan here?
Hernan, audio engineer...
...who works upstairs?
In the mixing room ?
No, no one named Hernan
works there.
What do you mean Pablo?
In the mix , there is Pablo or Luis.
Thank you.
He is about 30 years old.
No, almost 30 years.
About this high.
Short brown hair.
Do you have the picture?
Forget it. Thank you.
All right.
The excavation site is
still a bit down.
And bone size..
39 centimeters long.
You hear that bell ringing?
Animal bell.
I think I'm going crazy.
I also.
That's not the worst thing.
I composed a poem!
...about sleepless nights.
Beyond the petals...
... and fast-waving wings ...
...the wind blows...
... and fade the shadows.
Only that.
Do you feel pain?
Sometimes, when it's high,...
...blood pressure can make
a popping sound.
It was not a popping sound.
Not a popping sound?
What kind of pillow are you using?
I wear different ones
because I travel a lot.
You must wear an orthopedic pillow.
To travel.
Yes, maybe.
Do you sleep well?
I don't sleep.
You're not sleeping?
Maybe it was a hallucination.
I don't think so.
Whether your father, mother,
or any other family member...
...have a medical problem?
Mental health problems?
And your husband?
In this city, there are many people
who suffer from hallucinations.
Maybe I just need something
to relax?
You asked me for Xanax?
No, no.
Perhaps, yes.
This type of drug is quite addictive.
Not a real healer.
Judging from you, I guess... can get addicted.
Anyway ...
...that will make you lose empathy.
You will no longer be moved
by the beauty of this world.
Or the sorrow of this world.
Jesus is with you.
You know Salvador Dali?
There is a picture of him
on display at the reception.
I saw it.
Salvador Dali understands the
beauty of our world.
...don't you think
he consumed something?
No, I don't think so.
Certainly not.
Are you okay?
I know where you live.
At Eduardo's house.
His father used to run a cinema.
His brother is a detective.
Are you the anthropologist
from Bogota?
No, I was just passing through.
I live in Medellin.
I never leave this town.
I remember everything.
Jadi aku mencoba membatasi
apa yang kulihat.
Makanya aku tak pernah menonton
film atau televisi.
Kau melewatkan beberapa hal bagus.
Seperti apa?
Seperti olahraga.
Sepak bola.
Kurasa sepak bola
tidak akan membantuku.
Mungkin musik?
Acara memasak.
Miss Universe.
Sudah banyak kisah saja.
Seperti batu ini..
Aku mendengar seseorang.
Dia istirahat makan siang.
Dua orang temannya memukulnya...
...dan mencuri liontinnya.
Salah satu dari mereka berkata,...
..."Hei.. Psst!
Ayo ambil makanannya juga.
Kelihatannya lezat."
Mereka mengambil tasnya dan kabur.
Dia dihajar lagi,
karena mengikuti mereka.
Kau mengenalnya?
Itu terjadi dahulu sekali,
tapi getarannya...
...tertanam di sini, di batu ini.
Batu ini adalah bagian dari batu besar
yang dia duduki.
Bebatuan, pepohonan, beton...
...mereka menyerap semuanya.
Aku juga bisa merasakan getaran
yang tersimpan di tubuhku.
Aku ingat semua yang telah kumakan.
Cuaca yang melanda kami setiap harinya.
Gerakan tanganku ini,
pada ikan ini.
Aku tak berkeinginan untuk
pergi ke mana pun.
Pengalaman itu berbahaya.
Pengalaman melepaskan kebingungan ganas
di kenanganku.
Jadi aku menanam tumbuh-tumbuhan.
Aku membersihkan sisik ikan.
Terima kasih.
Aku Jessica.
It is a howler monkey.
Their leader is not happy.
He wanted to leave,
but the others refused.
Do you understand monkey language?
In a few minutes, the
sun will hit the mountain.
I remember...
We are looking for...
...then I was born.
I don't seem to understand.
We were previously in outer space
with the others.
I saw two lovebirds,...
...and I was born.
This is a fine human invention.
What is it?
Some pills.
I managed to get it
from a hard-to-ask doctor.
I think you will like this pill.
But isn't that yours?
I don't think that will help me.
I heard a voice.
But now I want to hear
That's weird.
I only remember when I was a baby.
My mom's blouse.
My nose felt hot at that time.
I heard a very loud voice.
And I cried.
You remember your dreams too?
Our people never dream.
What happens when you fall asleep?
Can you show me?
Yes, sleep.
Would you like some water?
Not bad.
I just stopped.
That story is my favorite.
Would you like it?
I made this myself.
With my herbs.
It feels so strong.
This brings me close
to what you call a dream.
Another great human invention,...
...even made by you.
Can I?
Be careful.
You see the stain in the corner?
That's my blood.
The knife is from the blender.
At that time I was hiding under the bed.
With others.
We can hear everything.
They are looking for us.
They searched for us all night.
I'm here.
The blanket is also blue.
My mother...
He touched and straightened my fingers,
one by one.
He put my palm
to his lips.
I leaned my head against the pillow.
I moved my head
from side to side.
My nose is burning.
The skin is peeling off.
Shadows on the ceiling.
You read my memory.
I'm like a hard disk.
And somehow... are the antenna.
It was dark.
It was 4 in the morning, and I had to pee,
but I couldn't.
So I went there, under the bed.
I'm not here, am I?
I'm here.
Why are you crying?
That's not your memory.
This sound...
...I keep hearing it.
Is that your memory too?
But that was before our time.
Let's get some food too.
It looks delicious.
No, don't do it.
Stop it.
You bastard!
Come on!
There, to the streets.
The earthquake at the Machin Volcano
10 km away, was at level 2,...
... 2km down.
Acoustic Surveillance System,
3 km down, reports at level 3.
Colombian Institute of Archaeology and History
in Bogota...
...was notified.
And the search for the location of the rock debris...
...was proposed last week
by Santiago Andres Gomez.
The pile is dumped
in the tunnel dump.
But I didn't see it
with my own eyes.
The rocks may contain
traces of arsenic and copper...
...if it rains,
it can lead to water contamination... the bottom area.
A grave with the remains of two people.
And bones from
unidentified animals .
There are no signs of equipment,
or they are disassembled.
Unfortunately, one of his skulls was crushed
by the tunneling machine,...
...along with possibly
some body parts.
From the parts, it is not clear
whether the skull was perforated.
We removed
the sixth and seventh left ribs.