Memoria (2021) Movie Script

What is this thing,
that springs from the living?
The scent of a virus
The perfume of decay
Making a verse of bacteria
Fermented wound
Molecular spectacle
Plotting a dance without organs
You inspire me.
With my poor Spanish?
Your Spanish is perfect for poetry.
The wood swells and soaks up water
and whatever is in its surroundings.
It is hygroscopic.
Wood is a hygroscopic material.
Here, we can see...
how the presses holding the rings
need several days to...
for the materials to adhere,
so that it lasts.
With a low quality instrument,
it will peel away.
Small cracks appear.
Excuse me.
- Hernan?
- Yes?
- Jessica. Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure.
I'm Juan's friend.
Yes, of course.
your sound is not a song?
It's a sound.
It's hard to explain.
Where did you hear it?
In a room.
It's like...
a big ball...
of concrete,
that falls into a metal well
which is surround by seawater.
Maybe it's impossible.
No, no.
In fact, after Juan called,
I prepared some tracks.
- Oh, really?
- Yes.
How big is the concrete ball?
It has a different echo.
More metallic.
It's more...
Let me try something.
This is a library
of movie sound effects.
What about this?
Yes, this is close.
I'll import it.
Yes, that's it.
I'm sorry. But maybe something more...
Look at this mountain.
And now listen to this.
Deeper, perhaps?
It's between 60 and 100 Hz.
The bass depends on what you use
to listen to the sound.
On headphones,
on a TV set, in a cinema,
or with a sound system like this.
I don't know.
Let me save it first.
Sorry, what's your name again?
Can I help you?
Excuse me?
I need to get into that room.
Oh, I'm sorry. Right.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Let me help.
Thank you.
I have no key to lock it
and my team isn't here.
It's alright.
Do you work here?
No, my sister...
Right mandibular condyle
shows joint damage.
I mixed my sounds in.
I'm touched by your interpretation.
Thank you.
There was a little melody from my song.
I have a band.
Electronic, punk stuff.
What's your band's name?
The Depth of Delusion Ensemble.
Thank you.
Maybe this song can be
one of your future tracks?
Why not? It would be nice.
It's got some unique acoustic
and psychological aspects.
I'll list you as a collaborator.
Have you been to Tokyo?
Yes, why?
I want to go there.
I have no idea what it's like:
the people,
- the architecture.
- It's really nice.
- Really?
I would like to.
A concert in Japan?
You never know.
How many flowers
do you intend to store?
A few hundred, different kinds.
It's for a farm.
- If you need an on-site cold storage,
- Yes.
we can provide you with the design
and colour of your choice.
Here is our cold storage equipment,
especially designed for flowers.
This one is local.
And this one is from the Netherlands.
In terms of the technology used.
They look identical.
This one "un-ages" the flowers better.
They last around 30% longer.
In here, time stops.
They are all coated
with NanoSeal
which prevents all kinds of fungi
and other pathogens.
Do you have a distributor in Medelln?
Yes, we do.
The fridges are assembled here.
Those are the cutting machines.
For on-site cold storage...
Let me think.
I have a client from last year.
What's her name...
Let me give you the address of a farm
not far from Bogot,
so you can see how it works.
I heard their sales skyrocketed
when they started using our fridges.
- May I?
- Sure.
Oh, I know where it is.
I'll prepare the quotes.
I leave you to look around.
We can meet out front.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
She says there is a farm in Guasca
where they have the same refrigerators.
I can drive you there.
Great, thank you.
But it is two hours away, right?
But I can drive fast.
I don't think I can afford it.
I can chip in.
I want to help you buy
the fridge for your orchids.
I've always wanted a giant fridge.
I have some savings.
Are you offering me a loan?
Not necessarily.
Then what?
For a farm in Medelln?
Why not?
Will we go back to the store?
What do you mean?
Protect me from what?
Maybe from the way you work.
Your relationship with your job.
- Or leave it...
- Hi!
Good evening.
Hello. Thank you.
I meant, the way you work.
Your relationship to it.
If you could get some distance...
or a different mindset.
Or leave it. Leave the job.
No, I'm not leaving my job.
What are you drawing, darling?
An orange?
No it's...
- A pomelo
- Yes.
- It's a pomelo?
- It's from a book I gave him.
Tomorrow, we will go to the market
for the pomelos.
But those ones won't talk.
He's not three anymore, Juan.
Excuse me,
is Hernan here?
Hernan, the sound engineer,
who works upstairs?
In the mixing room?
No, no-one named Hernan works here.
Don't you mean Pablo?
In mixing, there is Pablo or Luis.
Thank you.
He is around 30.
No, almost 30.
About this height.
Short brown hair.
Do you have a photo?
Never mind. Thank you.
The excavation site
is a little bit further down.
And the bone measures...
39 centimeters long.
Are you in pain?
Sometimes, at elevation,
blood pressure can cause a "pop" sound.
It's not a "pop".
Not a "pop"?
What kind of pillows are you using?
I use different ones
because I travel a lot.
You should use an orthopedic pillow.
- For traveling.
- Yes, maybe.
Do you sleep well?
I don't sleep.
You don't sleep?
It might be a hallucination.
I don't think so.
Does your father, mother,
or any family member
have any medical problems?
Mental health issues?
And your husband?
In this town, there are many people
with hallucinations.
Maybe I just need something to relax?
A pill?
Are you asking me for a Xanax?
No, no.
Maybe, yes.
That type of drug is quite addictive.
It's not a real cure.
Looking at you, I think
you could become addicted to it.
it will make you lose empathy.
You will no longer be moved
by the beauty of this world.
Or the sadness of this world.
Jesus is with you.
Read it.
Do you know Salvador Dal?
There's a painting of his
hanging at reception.
I saw it.
Salvador Dal understood
the beauty of this world.
don't you think he was taking something?
No, I don't think so.
No, I don't think so.
Definitely not.
Are you okay?
I know where you're staying.
At Eduardo's place.
His father used to run a cinema.
His brother is a detective.
Are you the anthropologist
from Bogot?
No. I'm just passing through.
I live in Medelln.
I've never let this town.
I remember everything.
So I try to limit what I see.
That's why I never watch
movies or TV.
You're missing some good things.
Like what?
Like sports,
I don't think football
would do me any good.
Maybe music?
Cooking shows.
Miss Universe.
There are plenty of stories already.
Like this stone...
I hear a man...
He was on his lunch break.
Two of his friends punched him
and stole his pendant.
One of them said,
"Hey... Psst!
Let's take his food, too.
It looks delicious."
They took his bag and ran away.
He was beaten up again
for following them.
Did you know him?
It happened a long time ago,
but the vibrations...
were embedded here, in this stone.
This stone was part of the rock
he was sitting on.
The rocks, the trees, the concrete...
they absorb everything.
I too can feel the vibrations
stored in my body.
I remember everything I've eaten.
The weather we've had every day.
The movement of my hand here,
on this fish.
I realized that...
I have no desire to go anywhere.
Experiences are harmful.
They unleash a violent flurry
in my memory.
So I work the land.
I scale fish.
Can I?
Thank you.
I'm Jessica.
That's the howler monkeys.
Their leader is not happy.
He wants to move on,
but the others don't want to.
Do you understand monkey language?
In a few minutes,
the sun will hit that mountain.
I remember...
in space,
we were searching...
And then I was born.
I'm not sure if I understand.
We were in space with the others.
I spotted two lovers,
and then I was born.
These are a good human invention.
What are they?
Some pills.
I managed to get them
from a very tough doctor.
I think you would like them.
But aren't they for you?
I don't think they will help me.
I hear this sound.
But now, I want more of it.
It's strange.
I just remember when I was a baby.
My mother's blouse.
My nose was burning.
I heard very loud noises.
And I cried.
Do you also remember your dreams?
Our kind never dreams.
What happens when you sleep?
Can you show me?
Yes, sleep.
Do you want water?
How was it?
It's ok.
I just stopped.
The story of that one is my favourite.
- Want some?
- Yes.
I made it myself.
With my own herbs.
It's very strong.
This stuff brings me close
to what you call a dream.
Another good human invention,
even made by you.
May I?
Be careful.
You see the stain in the corner?
It's my blood.
That blade came from a blender.
I was hiding under the bed.
With others.
We could hear everything.
They were searching for us.
They searched for us all night.
I was here.
The cover was also blue.
My mother...
She touched and uncurled my fingers,
one by one.
She put my palm against her lips.
I put my face in the pillow.
I moved my head from side to side.
My nose burns.
The skin was peeling.
The shadows on the ceiling...
You are reading my memory.
I'm like a hard disk.
And somehow...
you are an antenna.
It was dark.
It was 4 a.m. and I needed to pee
but I couldn't go.
So I went there, under the bed.
I wasn't here, right?
I was.
Why are you crying?
They are not your memories.
This sound...
I keep hearing it.
Is it yours, too?
But that was before our time.
Let's take his food, too.
It looks delicious.
No, don't do it.
Stop it.
You bastards!