Memorial Day (2011) Movie Script

1-6, We've got a possible
IED blocking our patrol.
Request EOD.
What's the ETA on that?
Warrior 1-1, Warrior 1-6.
Standby for EOD ETA. Over
Shake it off, Vogel. C'mon.
As a baby's ass, my friend.
Maybe the Collector will get
a good chunk of wool out of this.
The who?
First, let's see if Little Bo Peep
had a Russian 130 for breakfast.
Is the relative recency of the sheep's
mortification a good sign or bad?
Where you from again, Sully?
St. Paul.
Yeah, I know you're fresh as this Hadji
road kill, but talk like a Red Bull, yo.
Sully, give me the 203.
Affirmative, Sergeant.
Fire Team leader requesting permission
to use a 203, Sergeant.
Why, because you think you're a better
shot than me, Lodermeier? Denied.
A word, Sergeant?
Walk and duck.
Hey, now, if you remember Camp Ripley,
better shot is a freakin' understatement.
You suck.
Weapon, Sergeant.
Sully, riddle me this.
When you're using a grenade launcher,
what is more important?
Accuracy or safety?
The two aspects in question are
not mutually exclusive, Sergeant.
Intrinsically speaking.
Does that translate to English as both?
Wow. Follow me.
Definitely a danger close.
Yeah, come on, let's just do this.
No, no, no, no.
What do we have here?
If Scooby Doo is hungry enough,
he might just do the job for us.
Come on, let's clear.
Shit, wire!
Oh... god.
- Can you move?
- Yeah.
Get over here!
Come on.
Enemy: 8:00!
We copy on nine-line medevac.
QRF is enroute your location, over.
- Is anyone else hit?
- No, we're good.
Berg just nailed the trigger men.
Warrior 1-6, Warrior 1-1 Bravo. QRF is on site.
Copy medevac inbound, over.
North Star 7-3-0, Warrior 1-1 Bravo
Smoke out. Can you identify? Over.
Roger, copy, White Smoke 7-3-0
signal at this time. 5-5-2 in sight.
All right, looks like we got some
shrapnel wound.
Vogel, whaddya doing?
You're a strong son of a bitch,
you know that?
Nice piece for the Collection.
5-2, I'll take the position on your right.
Hey, Derek,
am I really that bad of a shot?
I'll take good care of him, Kyle.
What's the Collection?
I must've seen it a hundred times
in his tackle box.
Then one day I finally said to Grandpa,
"Grandpa, where'd you get this thing?"
Did he answer?
Tells me he was a flamethrower on
Peleliu. He torches a pillbox, right?
And this Japanese officer and two
foot soldiers come chargin' out.
His buddies take out the two
foot soldiers,
but the officer comes bearing down on him.
One buddy shoots him in the bayonet,
he goes down, gets back up
with his service revolver.
So Grampa lays into him with the torch.
Handle's toast see? And there's the dent.
He kept it for guttin' catfish.
We talked a lot after that.
Said I was his confidant.
Just 'cuz I asked, I guess.
Where'd you say you were from again?
- Uh, Midwest.
- Oh.
Ever catch a barbel in the Euphrates?
I hear they're delicious.
'Night, Lieutenant Tripp.
Goodnight, Private.
Goodnight, Lieutenant Tripp.
Not so fast, Sergeant.
Back to your unit tomorrow, eh?
Then home in ten days, ma'am.
So, I still have a chance?
I'm a married man, Lieutenant.
That's not what I meant.
Before you leave, I'm going to
unearth one detail of your life
besides your
name, rank and squad nickname.
Did they have good fishing
where you're from?
All questions, no answers. Nice.
It's called "ask, don't tell."
All right. I coach little league baseball.
My favorite meal is a burger with ketchup
and mayo, not mustard.
And my biggest pet peeve is the phrase
"it is what it is." There you go.
That's not exactly what I was
after, but it's a start.
What more do you want, ma'am?
Even Greek warriors collected souvenirs,
soldier, but you're different.
I would have given you
that shrapnel myself, you know.
Can't risk getting the wrong one, ma'am.
I gave it my best shot.
You can take your secrets to the grave like
every other tough guy, Mr. Collector.
Have you ever heard of Le Center,
Yellow Warbler.
What are your orders?
Always maintain walking posture
while entering the porch sector, sir!
Help your grandma.
Oh, thanks, Kylie.
Hey, no fair.
We haven't earned our treats yet,
Something must have got in the water.
When I was your age,
all I wanted to do was play outside.
It's boring.
Eyes crusty. Ears full of wax.
Jamie my boy, you just don't know
what to look or listen for.
Well, you can start by looking
for each other.
45 minutes of hide and seek, starting now.
That goes for all my grandkids.
Justin, you're outside my jurisdiction.
And no shouting.
I'm listening for the meadowlark.
The eastern meadowlark.
Yes, Opa.
I'm too old for hide and seek.
I want to play Mortal Kombat.
Do what Opa says.
Real tough guy.
Picking on a bunch of little kids.
You build them up, I break them down.
That's how it works.
- Uh-uh.
- What?
You haven't earned your treats either.
Would you bring me some lemonade?
Are we going in the barn?
Okay, Justin, here's the deal.
The goal is not to get found, right?
But what if we hide in the same place?
Ruthy finds both of us.
Exactly. See? You're smart.
So I know you can think of an even better spot
than this silly old barn. Can you do that?
Ready or not, here I come!
You're it!
No, Kylie. No.
Trust me, you'll only make him angry.
Now put that back.
Go on. Put it back.
Do what Oma says...
do what Oma says...
Come on, Kyle, put it back.
That doesn't belong to you.
Put it back where you found it.
Do as I say now, Kylie.
Are you deaf?
I told you to put that back.
I said, "No running!"
What is the reason
for your pig-headedness, child?
It's Memorial Day.
You're damn straight it is.
What am I supposed to remember?
What's happening, Oma?
You pick one,
I'll tell you the story behind it.
You were a bold little bastard,
weren't you?
Well, that's why he respects me, ma'am.
So, he's still alive?
Probably sitting on the rocking chair
sipping Oma's lemonade
and listening for the meadowlark...
the eastern meadowlark.
What did you pick first?
With all due respect, Lieutenant Tripp,
what do you think a young boy would pick?
Is this a Luger?
Walther P38.
It's a good one, Kylie.
What do you say we save this one
for last?
I'll make you another deal.
I'll talk to you like a man,
and you act like one.
And promise me,
no matter what I tell you,
I'll always be your Opa.
Operation Market Garden.
Sounds nice, doesn't it?
Well, it wasn't.
It was the largest, airborne operation
in the history of the war. In Holland.
We were headed
for the Maas bridge in Grave.
Drop had been easier than expected.
Anything was better than Normandy.
But everyone knew it was a suicide mission.
Except Montgomery, of course.
Gorski, gimme a cigarette.
Come on, hayseed,
it might be my last one.
He asks, sir, but he never offers.
Hey! Thanks, Lieutenant.
Now that's a leader.
It's all right, Califano.
You keep it.
You always tell me not to get involved in
the petty stuff, let them work it out.
It's true, for you.
What was your favorite season
growing up?
Never thought about it.
Mine was fall.
Nice leaves in South Bend?
Blood red maples all the way down
Longfellow Avenue.
Then you set them on fire or stuff them in bags.
Never understood that.
That's get this bridge, Sarge.
Hey! Germans!
Germans! Germans!
Don't move!
Get security pushed out.
I don't want any more surprises!
Yes, sir!
I want two men pushed forward.
Two on the right side.
All right, get these men loaded up.
No time. We're two hours behind schedule,
Don't even think about trying that
shit with me!
Donnelly, get his weapon.
He's just one guy, Lieutenant.
How many All-Americans
we got in this thing?
What's he saying?
My son.
Aw, Jesus.
We're moving out.
Have you a family?
My son.
My son.
Is that a cardinal?
You know, some people say we're
different from other animals.
I didn't used to believe it.
Now I do.
Wanna know why?
Because we can do one thing they can't.
Kill at a distance.
Cedar Waxwing.
All right, Mrs. O'Malley.
Justin, your parents need you back
for chores, dear.
Is Kyle going to be okay?
He's going to be just fine. Now,
you can use the back door. Bye-bye.
Is Opa sad?
Oh, Ruthy.
Do you remember when you skinned your knee
riding your scooter last summer?
She wasn't wearing kneepads.
- No fair.
- Ow.
And we put a bandage on it, right?
And then when it was all better,
we took the bandage off.
But that hurt almost as much as the owy.
Didn't it?
Does Opa have any owy?
I don't see it.
How old were you when your grandpa
told you all this?
I was 13, ma'am.
Did you even know he had been
in the war?
I did, but I knew not to talk about it.
The strictest rules in any family
are the ones never spoken, right?
Yes, ma'am.
So, why push it?
You gotta know the rules in order
to break them. Right, ma'am?
And you were the only one
not afraid of him?
Oh, I was scared as hell that day.
By his stories?
What then?
His face.
It was like there was something...
melting away.
His burdens?
His protection.
Well, what?
What the heck you waiting for?
Pick another one.
What is this from?
My ass.
By way of a German potato masher.
Know what that is?
Want to hear about it?
Give it to me.
Captain Marshall.
Another day in paradise, eh,
Something on your mind, Lieutenant?
Beside the fact that there are enemy
artillery spotters watching us right now?
I suppose you have an
"alternate strategy."
We could dig in on the reverse slope and
put observation posts here, here and here.
That way we'll
have men come from the east...
If the Germans take this road, Lieutenant, our
trucks can't pass and the offensive stalls.
Third Platoon has to hold,
and you're their sole protection.
Look, Vogel, you and I know three things.
The Krauts are going to
steamroll your flank.
This is still the best plan. And you're
the only one I trust who can do it.
Take it as a compliment.
May I request a spotting round
before dark, sir?
Yeah, we've got extra 81-mills.
You could have three, four.
Just one.
We'll keep them guessing.
Oh, Lieutenant? One more thing.
Yes, sir.
Merry Christmas.
I can't believe this shit.
Yeah, me, neither. Figured most guys
would have gone chicken shit.
You're happy about this?
I'm happy Vogel is my commander
and not you.
Morning, Sarge.
Morning, Private.
Gorski, smokes.
Listen up, gentlemen.
We've got a spotting round coming
in. Don't get too excited.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Damn it, Gorski!
We got a spotting round coming in.
No distractions, okay, Gorski?
Yes, sir.
I don't know about you, but I think we're
going to see action sooner than expected.
I'm gonna take a scout team.
You stay with Brandt and Donnelly,
I'll take Gorski and Califano.
If you see or hear anything, call in the mortars.
We'll stay in the pines.
Yes, sir.
Give me those.
Shit, give me the radio.
Mortars, this is First Platoon. I need a target
Alpha Baker 0-1-2 immediate fire for effect.
Give 'em all you got!
Let's get him out of here.
Come on.
Covering fire! Covering fire!
Come on!
You're gonna be all right, Lieutenant.
You sure these things are good
luck, Private?
My ass ain't the one bleeding, sir.
So, where is the rosary?
Come on,
let's get some more lemonade.
What are you looking for, Opa?
Should be a pitcher of lemonade
in here somewhere.
Take that outside, will you?
Whoa! Not so fast, buster.
Damn it, Ruthy!
Don't worry, Oma, I got it.
It's okay. It's okay, sweetheart.
I know it was an accident.
It was thoughtless.
Shame on you!
Is he really telling you about the war?
Can I join you guys, Opa?
There's nothing going on out there.
Just two men talking.
Thanks, Kylie.
Go on, you can go.
Thanks, Oma.
120 over 80.
Do you get these a lot?
Yeah, who doesn't.
Lots of people.
Can you just get the ibuprofen, ma'am?
Most migraines are stress related.
Well, it's not like we're
at war or anything.
Do you want to stop talking?
NO. Just get the pills. I'll be okay.
I've been through a lot worse than this.
Beautiful day in Ramadi, eh, Sergeant?
You know what they say,
sunny outside, Sunni inside.
I used to love Slinkies as a kid.
And now?
Let's check in
with the Lieutenant Colonel.
I don't like it when ISF does security.
You think faces don't lie?
We've been here six months.
Some guys want us dead,
others just want a job. You can tell.
What do you see when you look
at my face?
I see a Guatemalan who joined the
military to get a green card.
God bless America.
I'm telling you,
ISF are a bunch of screw-offs.
None of the higher-ups want
an Iraqi face on the situation.
They make the calls, we follow.
Es cules es, eh?
It is what it is.
Need a 'terp down here.
What's your name?
Bozo, ma'am.
It's a common Kurdish name.
Colonel Martel around?
Just stepped out, Sergeant.
Sully, how's it going over here?
The processing seems to be moving forward
at the anticipated pace, Sergeant.
Hey, Bozo, can you translate Sully for me?
I think he's speaking Swahili.
Stay focused, gentlemen.
Can I have a word with you, Sergeant?
Eva and I have this agreement.
She gets something in her teeth, I
tell her, no matter how mad she gets.
She calls it "speckage."
I don't follow you.
You're blinking like Renee Zellweger.
You think migraines are a sign of weakness,
don't want anyone to know. I get it.
Ibuprofen, Sergeant.
It won't kill you.
Figured that out on your own, huh?
I used to get them, too.
What stopped it?
You feel pain, it means you're still alive.
Once I figured that out,
I stopped feeling pain.
- Sergeant Vogel!
- Sir!
We're losing control of this show. We need
a couple more men outside. Specialist.
Copy that, sir.
I'll go. It's cooler here.
Fill up your Camelbak.
I won't tell anyone, Sergeant.
Thank you.
The face of the operation,
ladies and gentlemen!
Let's bring some U.S. Army order
to this cluster.
Your men do excellent work,
Get down!
My guys aren't grunts,
but we can secure this goddamn mess.
Can your guys deal with the buildings?
- Yes, sir!
- Do it then.
Alpha team, on me, Bravo team,
stack up, let's go!
Sully, you got cover fire.
You're ATL now. Sully, go, go, go!
- High-low on my command.
- Hep.
Ready, ready, together.
Got a closed door. Left!
Connelly, breach!
Move it.
Last man!
Move up! Move up! Move up!
Move! Move! Move!
Get a door in front. Keep flowing.
- Sully, take him.
- Got him.
- Krepeau secure him!
- Roger!
Keep flowing!
- Alpha team, up.
- Dead Hadji to the front.
Sully, let's clear him.
Nice work, Sergeant.
I'll have my guys clean this up.
You take a minute.
One week.
Can you believe that?
He got his citizenship papers last Tuesday.
I assumed you knew, Sergeant.
At least he died an American.
You need to drop your pack
once in a while.
You know that, right?
Be a good leader,
just not all the time.
That's not what I meant
and you know it.
My orders were clear, ma'am.
One bad decision and somebody dies.
That's reality.
Sometimes the worst decision
is not trusting anyone.
What's that supposed to mean?
You and Bud are good at stowing things.
I am not my grandfather, ma'am.
So when you get back home, you're gonna
open the war chest for your son?
How do you know I have a son?
Well, you're not collecting things
just for yourself.
What's his name?
How do you deal with the ones
who die on your watch, ma'am?
Not very well.
His name is Zachary, "Z Man."
He's five,
gonna be a future center fielder.
Like Kirby Puckett?
Like his old man.
So, why do you think your
grandfather chose you?
Well, I found the footlocker, ma'am.
I think he knew that I'd "get it."
We can stop if you want.
Nope, a deal is a deal.
But, you're not having any fun.
Oh, I've been far worse than this, Kylie.
I think I can handle telling a few stories.
Besides, is the enemy still spying on us?
Go ahead.
Pick a good one.
Was he your friend?
Jack O'Hara.
This was taken at Camp Mackall,
before we shipped off to England.
You can tell neither
of those faces has ever seen combat.
Let's just say this one didn't count.
Go ahead, pick another one.
Tell me about him.
Grab that knife there,
now that's a hell of a story.
No, he was your platoon sergeant.
What happened to him?
How'd he die?
Although it is a danger
we all willingly face,
no soldier wishes to meet his
end on the field of battle.
Yet, offered two paths, he will gladly
choose death in the name of justice
on the last day before victory,
over life in the grip of tyranny.
Your son could not choose his time to die,
but rest assured, in his life he chose
to serve the cause of justice.
Justice will prevail.
Yours respectfully,
Lieutenant Richard C. Vogel.
Pater noster qui es in coelis,
sanctificetur nomen tuum.
Panem nostrum quotidianum
da nobis hodie.
Isn't this a glorious site, sir?
They'll see the same thing
back home in a few hours if it's clear.
You German guys need to lighten up,
you know that?
Victor Borge is German.
He's Danish and you know it.
There were two Catholic churches in
my neighborhood.
The German one was closer by six blocks,
but we went to St. Malachy, the Irish one.
One day my old man tells me to go
to Confession.
So, I sneak into the German church,
and the minute I say, "Bless me,
Father, for I have sinned,"
the priest, who can't even see me,
says through the screen,
"You don't belong to this church,
do you?" "No," I say.
I mean, I'm not gonna lie, I'm in Confession.
And you know what he says to me?
Keep walking.
I should have left the church right
then and there.
But I didn't.
And you know why?
Because I'm loyal.
I am loyal as a goddamn dog.
You're in high spirits tonight,
Spring is here, the Lord is risen,
and we're over the Rhine.
What's not to love?
There's victory in the air,
and it smells
an awful lot like Irene's perfume.
You know what I smell?
Same thing I've smelled since Normandy:
diesel, cordite and death.
It's a long way to Berlin, Sergeant.
Donnelly! Donnelly, stuff that
smile where the sun can't find it!
Brandt, dig that hole until you hit Peking!
Is something funny, Califano?
Come on, Sarge, Hitler's army is down
to ankle biters and cane jockeys.
Everybody knows that.
I just saw into the future.
You know who the last Yank was to die
before the Krauts surrendered?
Some Mussolini WOP bastard
from Long Island.
Listen up.
I know you boys feel like we got
this thing wrapped up.
Thanks to you,
the Krauts are on their heels.
Our orders are to hold this position.
Our expectation is for a counteroffensive.
Full battalion, werewolf
operation, who knows?
Whatever they send, we will be ready.
We will defeat them.
And you men will stay sharp!
Because I'll be damned if I'm going to write
one more letter like this one. Are we clear?
Yes, sir.
Let's get to work.
Are we expecting armor, sir?
From the east, they're moving fast.
Corporal, get us some air power.
We're gonna hit their flanks fast. I'll
take the north. You take the south.
Let them drive through,
we'll pin them against the river.
All right? Meet me at the church.
Yes, sir.
Sergeant? I'll be there.
Let's go Able Team!
Baker Team, let's go!
Brandt, get me the Gammon.
Wish me luck.
Fall back! Let's go!
Califano, let's go!
Jesus, Gorski, not you.
Riley, grab that bench.
Looks like I'm buying you smokes
for the rest of your life.
Just hang in there.
Get inside. You guys okay?
All accounted for, sir?
Calif ands hit, he'll live.
You were right.
This time.
You keeping score?
Jack! Jack! Medic!
Help me get him in!
Help him! Come on.
You're gonna make it, Jack!
Do something! Help him God dammit!
You're okay Jack. Look at me.
Stay with me! You got to fight this!
You're gonna make it.
Jack, don't you leave me.
Jack, stay with me.
Stay with me, Jack!
Stay with me, Jack.
Stay with me.
Stay with me, Jack.
Help him! Help him!
Stay with me, Jack.
Stay with...
- Lieutenant!
- Bring him to me.
Look at me! Look at me!
How old do you think this kid is?
How old do you think this runt is?
12, 13, if that, sir!
What do you want us to do, sir?
This group is green.
We're gonna drive them to the river.
They'll surrender like all the rest.
- Yes, sir.
Take that prisoner inside.
Yes, sir.
Are you okay, Opa?
Are you okay, Opa?
It's okay.
Get down from there, Jamie.
Now go in the kitchen,
it's time to serve dinner.
Oh, Ruthy, Ruthy.
He's mad about the vase.
Oh, no, no.
Oh, don't worry.
He's forgotten all about it.
Now go in the kitchen with Jamie.
Why don't we go around the table
and each say something we're thankful for.
It's not Thanksgiving, Oma.
She knows that, dumb face.
When I was growing up,
we gave thanks every night.
Now, I'll go first.
I'm thankful for my
wonderful grandchildren,
even when they say words like "dumbface,"
and I'm thankful that we can all be
together on this great holiday.
Now, Ruthy, you go next.
I'm thankful for Oma's
chocolate chip cookies,
that Opa's not mad about the vase.
Right, Opa?
I'm thankful
that I'm batting .347 with 12 RBIs
and Matt Pinter is only batting .205
with 3 RBIs.
You're on the same team.
I'm thankful...
I'm thankful that the days
are getting longer.
Man, I'm hungry.
After all that, the first thing you
have to say is, "I'm hungry"?
I can't remember the last time
I had fried chicken and baked beans.
I could do without the corn,
With all due respect,
Lieutenant Tripp,
corn is the greatest
vegetable on the planet.
Corn isn't a vegetable, Sergeant.
Corn is a vegetable, ma'am.
No, it's not, Sergeant.
Yes, it is.
Corn is a grain.
It is not.
I tell you the most important story
of my entire life,
and you argue
with me about corn?
So, um... how did you say goodbye
to your grandfather?
I told you, he's still alive.
I mean that night.
You're not thinking of stealing
that, are you?
Open it.
Okay, take those.
There you go.
- Uh, Ruthy?
- Yeah?
- Have you got any queens?
- Go fish.
You've got one right there, idiot.
No fair!
Here, give me the queen.
Vogel bedeutet bird auf Deutsch.
Vogel means "bird" in German.
Bet you didn't know that.
No. Is that why you like them
so much?
I expect.
So, what's so special about the
The eastern meadowlark?
Sweetest song ever composed for the
human ear. Ever hear one?
Well, they all left,
along with the prairie.
Hey, Dad.
- Hi, Dad.
- Where is the rest of the crew?
At night?
Go fish!
So, guess what happened today?
I found Opa's foot lock...
I got you something.
It's too big for him.
He'll grow into it.
Right, buddy?
Hi, Ronnie.
All right, guys.
What do you say?
Thank you.
It was a privilege spending
the afternoon with you.
Thanks, Kylie.
Thanks, Oma.
You boys have a good chat?
You tell me. You overheard
the whole damn thing.
Oh, no fair.
Kyle, let's go.
Did he carry them all the time?
Until that night, ma'am.
Do they work?
I'm still here.
You should get some sleep.
No fair!
You said your grampa knew you'd get it.
Yes, ma'am.
Do you?
Good night, Lieutenant.
Good night.
Just a minute, Sergeant.
And here I thought my interrogation
was over, ma'am.
I never caught your wife's name.
If you're jealous, I...
Nah, I just want to know who
to feel sorry for.
I'm going to miss you,
Lieutenant Tripp.
I hope we never see each other again,
and I mean that in the best way.
Center field, huh?
It's for your first burger when you
get back home.
Maybe after one
of Z Man's little league games.
Thank you, ma'am.
Sounds like your bird is here.
Her name is Sarah, by the way.
"It is what it is," right?
You know, some people say we're
different from other animals.
Because we can do one thing they can't.
Kill at a distance.
Well, well, if it ain't the Collector.
- Salutations, Staff Sergeant.
- Boo-boo all healed?
- Sergeant Vogel?
- Sir.
Glad to see you're all settled in.
Your platoon leaders are in the
briefing room.
Welcome back to the war.
Gentlemen, meet Mahmoud Abu-Hassan.
Number four on the HV I list for MNF West.
He's the top man running the
IED cell down the Euphrates river,
and every IED from here to Fallujah
reeks of his scum.
RCT wants him detained.
I'll take him DOA.
Intel from a villager near Rawah says
he's in the house on this corner.
Likely escape route is
towards the river, here.
Gentlemen, the 2 shop has put together
targeting packages.
1st Platoon, your task and purpose is
to prevent Al Qaeda and Iraq personnel
from leaving the target area.
2nd Platoon, your task and purpose:
seize HVT in target area to allow
HET exploitation
and gather further intel on IED cell operating in AO.
3rd Platoon, block enemy forces
from entering the target area.
1st Platoon Delta Company, provide
company reserve
and maneuver support to the 1st Platoon.
Now once we get this guy, the HET- guys will get the intel
and we'll take down his network.
I want a back brief on your mission
in 15 minutes.
Key leader rehearsal in two hours
No change in service and support.
Have your platoon sergeant see the 1st
sergeant for any resource shortages.
Gentlemen, we don't get this HVT,
there's another sheep carcass
in someone's future.
Next guy may not be so lucky.
Okay. Let's go to work.
We're establishing a dismounted
blocking position
near the river up in Rawah.
Company's doing HVT snatch.
- When do we have to be in position?
- 0-5.
Squad brief, 30 minutes.
Warrior 1-6, Delta 1-5
We are at the RP location. Break.
Warrior 1-1 dismounting at this time. Over.
Delta 1-5, Warrior 1-6. Roger. Over.
Delta 1-5 out
I need EPW and Search! Doc, get up
here! Bravo team, close it in!
Give me security on the high ground.
Warrior 1-6, this is Warrior 1-1.
I've got two insurgents, one dead,
one wounded approximately 500 meters
south of our blocking position. Over.
Warrior 1-1, it's critical you get
that blocking position established.
Can you move with the casualty?
1-6, I'm aware of that. And no, I
cannot move with the casualty. Over.
Let the Hadji bleed!
Something you want to share there,
If we're late, we miss the guy.
We miss the guy, the next wave of Joes
take an IED up the ass.
Get your shit wired and get ready
to pull security for the IZ!
1-1, you need to make a decision. Over.
Warrior 1-1 requesting immediate
medevac. Over.
Get him loaded up, then we're moving.
Hey. All that Muj had was an AK.
I don't follow you.
It's a Beretta.
Just wear it like an issue
weapon through custom check.
Crown jewel of The Collection.
This gets turned in.
Warrior 1-1, this is Warrior 1-6.
No joy on the target building, adjacent
building is dry as well.
Go ahead and pull your blocking position
and fall back to the rally point. Over.
Roger that 1-6. 1-1 out.
All right, back to the ORP.
Hey, how do you think the
Twinkies are doing?
Hmm? Oh
Santana's not doing too bad, but the Sox
are off to a hell of a good start, so...
I would have done the same thing.
About what?
That muj? Probably shitting out intel
that'll save a hundred Joes' lives.
Berg doesn't get that shit.
Sergeant Vogel.
Got a minute?
It is what it is, yo.
Sir, if this is about the blocking
position, I stand behind my decision
and I accept full responsibility
for all of my actions...
It's not that.
I held this back an extra day,
and I stand by that decision as well.
I'm sorry, Vogel.
We got a Red Cross message
30 minutes prior to SP.
I wish I could send you home for
the funeral, but frankly,
I need every second of Staff Sergeant
Vogel I can get before we rip out.
Yes, sir.
I understand you two were close.
Mailman, yo!
Phone bill... credit card app...
Modern Knitting Magazine
Found this while going through
Bud's things.
Guessing he wrote it some time ago,
but forgot to give it to you.
Sorry about your grandpa, man.
And those troops will join British forces
that will be deployed later on this month.
A soldier from U. S. Army's 3rd Infantry
division was mortally wounded Tuesday
when a road-side bomb exploded
near Haditha.
The bomb is believed to be
the latest strike
stemming from the notorious
/ED cell headed
Still got a camel spider up his
ass, huh?
By Mahmoud Abu Hassan.
Hassan is now believed to be responsible
for at least 24 U. S. soldier deaths
and remains at large.
Killed in action was Private 1st
Class Travis Shane of Marietta, Georgia
Anybody know him?
Private Shane was out on his 3rd
Tour of Duty and is survived
by his wife Kristy and his two children,
Ryan and Mary Shane.
Hey, you a'ight?
Step one: Look alive, Sergeant.
Step two: We are goin' home!
Dear Kylie, my old
head can't hold too much any more,
but today, a whole lot came
flooding back into it.
You might remember this afternoon as just
another Saturday at Opa's farmhouse.
It wasn't.
I've never liked the word "souvenirs,"
but I guess that's what they are.
Shards of memory, shrapnel.
You take them to help you remember.
What you don't count on is,
they don't let you forget.
Here's your lemonade, dear.
Thank you, ma'am.
You're welcome.
Pain. Happiness.
Smells of diesel and dead animals.
Eating meals within arm's length of corpses you laughed with a day before.
People wonder if leaders are born
or made.
All I know is you can
see it in a man's eyes.
Problem is, leaders end up
where they're needed most.
And eventually, that's war.
You're special, Kylie. I hope you
know that.
I always have.
But I need you to stay strong.
People look to guys like us
to make decisions.
If you do wear the uniform one day,
remember something:
When you put it on,
you don't get to choose the war,
or what happens when you get there.
There's no right or wrong in combat.
There's only what you did.
You do your best,
and you try to live with it.
Some day they'll take me
off this porch for good.
When that happens,
what's left that matters?
Photographs, letters, empty clothes?
No. It's the stories behind them,
those are what matter.
Stories live forever,
but only if you tell them.
I may sound like I've known
this a long time.
I didn't know it until today.
I just wanted to say thank you
for teaching me that.
It was one hell of a souvenir.
Love, Opa.
Daddy! Daddy!
Z Man!
You are getting heavy.
I said I'd be right back.
I told you we wanted
to come with you.
You don't have do this alone.
What's that?
That... that is a souvenir.
Can I have it?
Not yet, bud.
Let's go.
You know, you're gonna have to
tell him about it someday.
- I know.
- When?
When he makes me.
Know why I like birds so much?
They don't just talk their stories.
They sing them.