Memorial Valley Massacre (1989) Movie Script

- Quiet, please.
Quiet, please. We'll open
up just as soon as we can.
You'll have to wait.
Take it easy, settle down.
Sorry for the delay.
Hey, man, where do you
think you're going?
- It's all right, I'm
supposed to be working here.
I'm David Sangster.
- Deke Brown.
Sangster, huh?
Heard you were coming.
Same family, huh?
- It's my dad.
- I'm surprised you didn't
come up here together.
- You mean my father's here?
- What do you mean the
park's not ready to open?
- Just what I said
to you, Mr. Sangster.
- You have been up
here four months
to make this
campground operational.
I show up for the big
opening, Memorial Day weekend,
And now you tell me the camp
is not ready for the public?
Well, I call that incompetence.
- We just lost a man
In a construction
accident this morning.
- I don't want any
alibis, no excuses.
My firm has made a major
investment in this development.
We have big future plans
for Memorial Valley.
Ski resort, shopping
centers, condominiums,
Etcetera, and that's
only the beginning.
- Yes, sir, I hear you, but
the roads aren't finished.
The electrical's out,
the supplies are late.
- Did you hear about
the water supply?
- What's the deal here?
- Your water's been tainted.
- What are you talking about?
- Aw, shit.
That's the dog you had
guarding the construction site.
- I think I'm gonna barf.
- How long you reckon
it's been down there?
- Oh, he's been
missing about a week.
Started smelling something
a couple days ago.
- I ain't never seen
nothing like this before.
- Animals fall down
wells all the time.
- Ever known one to lift
a 50-pound lid to do it?
- Screw the dog.
Is the water fit to drink?
- You wanna try it?
Just do me a favor,
will you, Brady,
And haul this
carcass out of here,
bury it deep in the woods.
- Look, you get Deke
to bury it for you.
Me and my men are outta here.
- You can't quit with
the job half done.
- After what happened
this morning to Burt
and now this, we don't want
any part of your campground.
Now, we're gonna take all
the equipment we can haul
And we'll come back for
the big stuff later.
- Oh, this is just great.
Now what are you gonna do?
- Well, sir, looks
like I'm gonna go down
to the front gate and help
Deke with that crowd of people,
"cause half done or not, I
gotta get this place open."
- Are you crazy?
You ain't got no running water
and those toilets we
built are flushers.
- Well, I'll just have to
talk all these city folk
Into roughing it a bit.
- Now you're talking, George.
Memorial Valley Campground
opens as scheduled.
- How's it going, Deke?
- As well as can be expected
for a two hour wait.
- David, what are
you doing here?
- Who's he?
- He's my son!
- Well, you said that
if I ever wanted a job
On one of your projects,
I could have it.
I picked this one.
Your secretary set
it up for me, Dad.
- Well, I had in mind a more
important executive position
when I made that offer.
- This suits me
just fine, thanks.
- Well, your pleasure.
On the other hand, it
may not be a bad idea
having somebody here
to watch my interest
under these circumstances.
Don't screw me up
on this, Webster.
I got a lot riding
on this development.
- Hell, George, you'd
think this campground
Was his idea in the first place.
You were the one that sold
him on Memorial Valley.
- You sure picked a good
spot for a campground.
This is beautiful.
I'm looking forward to
working with you this summer.
- You're working for
me, kid, not with me.
- I'll try and do both.
- College boy, huh?
- Yeah, Naturalist
major, Dartmouth.
- Well, Dartmouth, why
don't you just stand
Quietly over there while
I take care of business?
- All righty.
- Can I have your
attention, folks?
I'm sorry for the
delay but, as you know,
This is a brand new facility
So we haven't got
all the bugs out yet.
As of this morning, we
are without running water.
Unfortunately, that
means that we will
Temporarily be without
restroom facilities.
- What do you mean
- Over this Memorial Day
weekend at the least.
We're going to distribute
biodegradable toilet paper.
So if you just give
a little thought
as to where, there really
shouldn't be any problem.
Maybe it will be
helpful to think
of yourself as pioneers.
Well, good, now that all
the softies have left,
There are a couple of rules
I would like to mention.
No loose pets, no loud
noises after nine,
motorcycles and ATVs
are prohibited by law.
Oh, hell, I don't wanna
hold you folks up anymore.
Welcome to Memorial Valley.
Deke, open the gate.
- Nice speech, but how
you gonna make it work?
- Pick up your bags and come on.
I'll show you
where your bunk is.
- Think you packed enough?
- I hope you don't mind sharing
your cabin there, boss.
- I live alone and like it.
You'll be staying at the
camp store with Deke here.
- I'm sure it'll be fine.
- It's gonna have to be.
Look, kid, let's get
something straight right now.
I didn't ask for
you to come up here.
In fact, I don't
even want you here,
"cause you're just
gonna be in the way,
But your daddy
gave us both a job
So I'm in no position to tell
you not to stick around, huh?
Is that clear?
- Crystal.
- Good, come on.
- Considering all the trouble
You've been having
up here lately,
I guess I oughta
be more careful.
- Why, everything
that's happened up here
Has been purely accidental.
I checked it all out.
- Deke doesn't think so.
- Yeah, well, Deke has a
very active imagination,
And that's all.
The matter's
closed, go get that.
- George, something wrong?
- Nothing, broken
window, that's all.
We'll fix it up later.
- All right.
- Hey, Byron, hey, killer.
Gonna get some squirrels?
Let's see those teeth, come on!
Good boy, good boy.
Byron, Byron!
- Can I help?
- Jesus!
- Is that your idea of funny?
- That your idea of accuracy?
Looks like you might need
some professional assistance.
- Take a hike, Dudley Do-Right.
I can handle this myself.
- Maybe I can save
you 30 minutes.
- I've got the time.
- Maybe 40.
- What's your name?
- Call me David.
- Listen, Sangster, I'm
sure you're probably
A really nice guy, but,
well, I did come here
To be by myself, get it?
- Got it.
Look, if you need anything.
I live at the store.
- Sure.
- Thanks for the nail
trim, by the way.
Maybe next time you
can do the other foot.
- And I thought they
all lived in the city.
Dorks in the wilderness.
- Are you just out enjoying
the wonders of nature?
- Do you see that
gorgeous woman in site 22?
She's unreal.
- What woman?
I got cigars older than her.
- What's this?
- We've got to dig a
couple of latrines.
It ain't healthy to let
folks shit just anywhere.
Or didn't they teach
you that at Dart-mouth?
- You're too much, man.
- And I'm not running a
goddamned dating service, boy.
- Hey, look at that.
- Hey, chick.
- Leon, toss me a brew.
You shook the can, moron.
- I'll tell you about
another can that's shook up.
400 miles of shook up.
- And loving every minute of it.
Gimme a kiss, baby.
- So where do you
suppose the rest
Of us Roving Eyes are, huh?
- Looks like we're
the first ones here.
- Dream on.
Ain't none of them lard butts
gonna be making this trip.
We're it.
- Bullshit.
- Merle's right.
The days when we had 200 bikers
rolling down I-70 on
a road trip are gone.
- Yeah, man, most
of those mothers
Have traded their
Harleys and leathers in
For Beamers and
pinstriped suits.
Face it, we're an anachronism.
- The hell I am.
What's that mean,
an "anachronism?"
- It means we're
not cool anymore.
- It's my fault,
I lead this pack.
Or I'm supposed to anyway.
But none of them other guys
Ever really respected
me as head of the group.
- Don't think that, man.
Screw those other jokers.
We made it, right?
And that's all
that really counts.
- We're gonna party
down just like
every other Memorial Day run.
- Yeah, get down,
get down, all right.
- Well, this should
be interesting
with no running water.
- I tell you, the lack
of dihydrogen oxide
is not gonna affect
this being in the least.
- All
hail, Mr. Einstein.
- Yeah, smartass, what are
you gonna shower and shave in?
- Beer.
- That's good enough
for now, come on.
- Good, good.
- I bet those are the first
blisters you ever got.
- Well, that's a bet
you'd lose, partner,
But it's been a while.
- How you feeling?
- Tight, sore, but not that bad.
- Good.
Well, about time we
get back to base camp.
It's just about time for
you to start setting up.
- That's a nice watch.
- Yeah, my daddy gave it
to me a long time ago.
Kinda like me, it
just takes a beating
and keeps right on going.
- Help!
Shakes, for Christ's
sake, dozens of them
All over our food!
- What?
- Goddamn, those are poisonous.
Back up, back up.
Hit them now.
- Damn, what kind
of place is this?
I mean, first, the
road's not finished,
Then there's no
water, then this?
We could've been killed.
We're leaving.
- Sir, if you'll just give
us a chance, I'm sure we...
- It's too damn late for that!
What if my kids were here?
We're just all damn
lucky nobody was hurt,
And we're leaving
before somebody is.
You know, I've heard
stories about this valley,
but I never paid any
attention until now.
- That's gratitude for you.
- I don't blame him for leaving.
Those snakes didn't get into
that cooler by themselves.
There's gotta be some
sort of practical joker
In the campground with a
real warped sense of humor.
- Yeah, probably
one of those kids.
And, look, let's
keep this quiet.
I don't want any
unnecessary panic.
- All right, I'll keep my
mouth shut and my eyes open.
- That was good, Dartmouth,
what you did with those snakes.
- Just something I
picked up in college.
Advanced Intermediate
Snake Handling.
- Yeah, you're your
father's son all right.
Always a smart comeback.
- Hey, boss, you'd
be doing me a favor
if you leave my
father out of this.
- Yeah, and I'd feel
better if I didn't have
A corporate spy snooping
around behind my back.
- Whoa, man, hold up.
Look, you got me all wrong.
I care about this valley.
I'm here to work, that's it.
- Fine, do your job,
pass out these handbills.
Just stay away from me
and let me do my job,
Everything will be okay.
It's nothing personal.
- Right.
Nothing personal.
- Check it out.
The Three Musketeers
immortalized in wood.
- Yeah, man, you know,
maybe we ought to cut
This branch off this tree
and take it home with us,
Just to remember this
partying weekend.
- Why don't you take the
whole tree while you're at it?
- Good idea, where's
my chainsaw at?
- You guys are too much.
- Oh, really?
Well, which one of us
do you like better?
Me or Rick?
- I don't know.
You're both sort of cute
in a weird kind of way.
- Yeah, but which one of us
do it, you know what I mean?
- You mean which one of you
Would I like to sleep with?
- Right, that's
exactly what we mean.
- Well maybe you'll
just have to wait
Until tonight to find out.
- Oh, come on, Wendy!
- Knock, knock, knock.
- I hope we're not
disturbing you.
- What do you want?
- I'm Rita Bedokian and
this is my husband Chuck.
Say hello, Chuck.
- Well, I'm Moe, and
they're Larry and Curly.
- I'm sorry, I didn't
catch your names.
Would you mind
turning that music
down a bit so I can hear you?
- Chuck you, Farley.
- Yeah, what's the matter,
don't you like speed metal?
- Forget it.
Listen, we were wondering
if you've seen our son.
He's a big boy, little
younger than you, I guess.
Blonde hair.
He took off the
minute we got here
And we just haven't
seen him since.
- Does he look sort of like you?
- Oh, yes.
- Sort of dumpy and stupid?
- Now just a minute.
- Kind of fat and weird?
- I never.
- He's probably out in
the woods humping Bambi.
- Or maybe he's playing up
a knothole in some tree.
- Come on, Chuck, we
don't have to stay here
And be insulted!
- You can go somewhere
else and be insulted.
- How do they let people
like that have children?
- Accidents do happen.
- Byron, Byron!
- Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Are you aware that
there's no off-road
Traveling allowed in this area?
- Oh, bug off, asshole.
- Hey, did you hear me?
- I don't see no stinking badge.
- I don't see no stinking keys.
- Hey, what the hell?
- Walter.
What's going on here?
- Smokey the Bear's
taken my key.
- Ma'am, I'm David Sangster.
I work for George
Webster, head ranger.
Your son was gonna take
his bike for a ride.
- So, it's his bike, Sonny Jim.
- I realize that, but
it's against the law.
- Ah, there you are, David.
- You the head ranger?
- I'm the only
ranger here, ma'am,
so, yes, I guess
I'm the head one.
- You tell your boy
here to give my son
Back the keys to his bike.
- Yeah, I wasn't gonna ride it.
I was only gonna
check out the engine.
- You know it's against the
law to ride bikes here, ma'am.
- Yes.
- It's a stupid law.
We have a lot of money
invested in these machines.
- Ma'am, you've gotta understand
that the natural balance
in this valley is very delicate.
Any invasion of the ecosystem
by unrestricted vehicles
like this one could
destroy that balance.
- That sounds right.
- I want those keys back now.
- David.
- You can get the keys back,
ma'am, when you check out.
In the meantime, if you ride
either one of these bikes,
You can expect a
substantial fine.
Come on, David,
we've got work to do.
You folks enjoy your stay here.
- Put the bike away.
- Oh, make me.
- Where have you been all day
and where'd you get the knife?
- I found it.
- Stole it.
- Stop it!
You know he doesn't
do that anymore.
Do you, baby?
- Hi there.
What can I do for you, sir?
- General, George
Webster, park ranger.
Sorry to disturb you.
- Oh, I recognize you.
You're that speechmaker that
wants us all to be pioneers.
- Yeah, you got a minute?
- Step inside.
- Hello.
- Ranger Webster, this
is my wife Pepper.
- Well, my real name is Gloria,
But all my friends
call me Pepper.
Pepper Mintz, get it?
- Yes, ma'am, and
sorry to barge in.
- Why don't you have a seat?
How about a drink?
- Oh, why not, have you
got any Jack Daniels?
- Does a bear shit in the woods?
Hey, scootch, you
little pain in the rear.
What's on your mind?
- Oh, I was just passing by,
I noticed your trashcan
had been scattered
All over the side
of your campsite.
- Is that right?
- Did you see or here anything?
Maybe it was an animal.
We like to tag the
troublemakers and keep count.
Thank you.
- That's a damn good idea.
But I didn't hear a damn thing.
- This place is soundproof.
- Oh, by the way, I don't know
If you folks are interested,
but there's a party down
by the picnic area tonight.
- Yeah, we saw the posters.
- Well, you see, I'm not
much of a party goer.
I have everything
I need right here.
I got a CB out in front, I
have a TV, stereo, books.
- Liquor.
- You might say
that I'm in touch
and out of touch
at the same time.
As a matter of
fact, Pepper and I
were just getting ready to watch
the Army-Navy game
form 1958 on my VCR.
Goddamn, one hell of a game.
Wanna stick around.
- Got any more of this?
- All you want.
- I believe I'll stay a while.
- Well, that's just fine.
You sit back and relax and
don't worry about a thing
'Cause nothing short
of World War I
Is gonna bother you here.
Give us a minute,
will you, Pepper?
Scoot, baby.
And I know the
outcome of this game.
I wanna know who you
want, Army or Navy?
- Uh...
- You lose.
- Brew coming through.
Thank you.
Have some provisions here.
Here you go.
Have one on me.
This is a nice little bash.
- Yeah, if you like people.
- Come on, George,
it's your party.
- I think I'm gonna
take a stroll.
You keep an eye on things here.
- Okay, Chief, but what do
I do if they try to escape?
- Let them.
- Oh no.
Okay, everybody, good
time to move under cover.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, you don't
wanna get wet.
Just keep coming to
the back of the tent.
There's plenty of room.
- That thumping just kept up.
Thump, thump, thump on top
of the roof of the car.
If that girl had been
any more terrified
than she was, her hair would
surely have turned white.
Thump, thump, thump.
Hours later, the
police showed up,
told the young woman,
just gently climb
into the back of the squad car
and everything will be fine.
But she had to look, didn't she?
There above the car,
hanging by his heels,
Was her boyfriend, his
throat cut, gutted,
his arms rocking back
and forth in the wind.
Thump, thump, thump.
- What kind of shit
is that, old man?
- You don't jump at things
that bump in the dark, huh?
It's a bad habit
to follow up here.
- Yeah, good, I like bad habits.
- It must be a
shame to your mother
for you to have grown
up to be so silly.
Plenty of things have
happened up here in the valley
That nobody can explain.
It's been happening eons
before you got here, son.
It's gonna keep going on
eons after you're dead.
- Ooh.
That asshole is boring.
- Deke, I understand that this
whole area's virgin forest.
My guidebook said that
there are some varieties
Of trees and plants
that can only be found
Growing in this valley.
- Yes, Memorial Valley is
unusual, that's for sure.
One of a kind.
- It's what's known
as a micro-ecosystem.
This entire valley has
been isolated and protected
For so long, it's
a pity to see it
Finally being turned
into parkland.
I kind of like to think of
it as nature's inner sanctum.
- Yeah, well, you gotta
have some place to party.
- David's right.
Until now, Memorial Valley has
been God's private woodland,
like it just fell form the skies
With only the stars to
feast their eye on it.
- Well all I know is
it gives me the creeps.
- What's he doing out there?
- Tracking.
- In the rain?
- Old George can track
just about anything,
Day, night, rain, or shine.
Met him in 'Nom in '67.
He was Special Forces
solo enemy reconnaissance.
Best there ever was.
Once he finds a pattern,
well, he's good.
Somebody would have
to be awful good
To be better than him.
- What's he after out
there in the rain?
- His past.
I should not be
telling you this,
But since you're gonna
be here all summer,
I just don't want you to
get on the bad side of him.
He really doesn't
like to talk about it.
Back in the '60s,
George got married.
He had a kid.
His wife split on
him when she met up
with some rich guy.
Well, as it turned out,
the kid was kidnapped
by some drifter
name of Prescott.
Ransom was supposed
to be dropped off
Here in Memorial Valley.
Told him where to
pick up the boy.
No tricks.
Well, the police and
the FBI set a trap,
But they blew it.
They lost the boy and
Prescott deep in the woods.
By the time they
brought in ole George
To try and track him
down, it was too late.
- What happened?
- Well, he found the
deserted camp right away.
It appeared that
they had headed west
Out into the wilderness on foot.
He followed them for days.
The trail vanished.
No trace.
Everyone realized then
that a shallow grave
Was probably where
the boy wound up.
But George has been
looking ever since.
- Looking for a
- It comforts him.
So does his drink.
- Woo, it's cold!
But nice.
- I'll say it's nice.
- Come on, baby, take it
off, we're all friends here.
- Yeah, come on, take it off.
- Wouldn't you like that?
- Pipe down, Eddie.
- What's the
matter, you jealous?
- Come on, the show is over.
- Yeah, it's time for
our own private party.
- Remember when we
were that young?
- We didn't act as
stupid as she does.
- Still do, honey.
- Come on, L.D., that young
poontang made Daddy horny.
- Let's go, Flo.
Being out here in the woods
brings out the animal in me.
- Oh, great, and
nothing between me
And the cold hard ground
but a sleeping bag.
- Can Dudley Do-Right offer
you a dry walk home, fair lady?
- I was hoping you'd ask.
I'm a woman in need of...
-A man?
- A poncho.
- Come on, Wendy, let us in!
- Yeah, we're drowning out here!
- Go sleep in the car!
- At least let one of us in!
- Forget it!
- You little cocktease, you've
come onto us all day long.
Now it's time to put
out, you back down.
- Yeah, all talk, no action.
Come on, Wendy,
let's do our thing.
- Do your own thing.
- Ah, young love,
isn't it romantic?
- Heartwarming.
- Well, I guess I'll just...
- Quick, get in.
Well, take off your poncho.
- Okay.
- I like what you
said back at the party
About this being the
inner sanctum of nature.
It's a very accurate
Kind of poetic, too.
Most guys don't usually
say poetic things.
Too afraid.
- When I was a kid, I used
to come into this valley
with my dad every summer.
It was a long time
ago, but, even then,
I knew it was a
very special place.
- To the inner sanctum,
Memorial Valley.
- Hear, hear.
That oughta warm us up.
- Are you as cold as I am?
- I am freezing.
- You know, neither one of
us is going to get warm,
In these wet clothes.
You take that end of the
tent, and I'll take this one.
- You, uh, you wouldn't
kid me, would you?
- I can trust you,
we're both adults.
- Yeah, well, it's the adult
part that's the problem.
- Problems were
meant to be overcome.
Turn around.
Any warmer?
- It does seem to be
heating up in here.
You know, I took a
wilderness survival course
last year and a big part of it
Was about keeping
warm without a fire.
- Oh yeah, what's the trick?
- Well, the main
idea is to conserve
Whatever heat you've
got, and to share
That warmth with whomever
you're surviving with.
- But we don't have any heat.
- No, no, we do, our
body temperatures.
- Oh, I see.
- Yeah, yeah, so if I were
to put my body close to yours,
And you put yours close to mine,
98.6 plus 98.6 equals...
- The boiling point.
You know, I wouldn't
be doing this
If it weren't a question
of our survival.
- You could survive like
this for a long time.
- Come on, Wendy, we're
drowning out here!
- Yeah, and it's my tent!
- Okay, but you've
gotta promise, no funny stuff.
- We promise, we
promise, just let us in.
- Al right,
you can come in Now.
- Thanks a lot.
- Oh, you're all wet.
- That's 'cause it's
raining outside, remember?
- Are you guys mad at me?
- No, let's forget
about the whole thing
And get some sleep.
- I don't want you
guys to be mad at me.
Maybe there's some way I
could make it up to you.
- Oh, no, you don't.
I'm not stupid enough
to fall for that come-on
Twice in the same night.
-I am!
- Chill out, both of you.
Nobody's doing nothing
tonight but sleeping.
- Ooh, Tom, I like it when
you take control like that.
- Cut it out, Wendy.
- Hey, guys, there's
something out there.
- What?
- There's something
right outside our campsite.
- If you guys are trying to
scare me, it's not working.
- It's probably just a raccoon.
Now can we get some sleep?
- No, Tom, listen.
- It's just a dog.
Go home, puppy.
- Holy shit!
- Get him in here, quick.
Put him down.
- Oh, God, what
the hell got him?
- This is terrible.
- Shape of those wounds, I'd
say it was an animal attack.
- Yeah.
- What animal could do this?
- Bear.
Tom saw one running away.
Took a swipe at their tent,
But I didn't think a
bear could do this.
- Why?
- Well look at the cuts.
They're too clean.
- You see any other kind
of tracks out there?
- No, nothing.
- Nothing, you looked?
- Of course I looked.
- Well, it had to be something.
Now we got a death to add
To the Memorial Day
weekend statistics.
- I'll call the police.
- No.
- We gotta tell them.
-I do it, I know who to talk to.
- Okay, better call my dad.
- No!
- There's been a death here,
George, he's gotta know!
- He'll be notified
by proper authorities
And that's soon enough.
- Step aside, George.
- This is my valley, my problem.
And I'll handle it my way.
- Oh, that's great,
that's just great!
Now how are we supposed
to call the police?
- I've still got the shortwave.
- Oh, my baby.
Oh, Walter.
That's my baby.
That's my baby!
- Folks, it's 60 miles to
the hospital in Wentanto.
You follow me, very
slow, all right?
- All right.
Come on, dear, let's go.
- You look beat, Paul.
- Goddamn holidays.
Short of help, of course,
and this rain's really
doing a number on the roads.
Whole damn weather
system just snuck in.
- I guess you're all set, huh?
- You know, George,
as long as that bear
is still out there,
you got a problem.
- We probably can't get
any help to you out here
until first of
the week, if then.
Rain's got the valley isolated,
and, if it keeps up like this,
Coast Guard's the only
one's gonna get in here.
- I'm planning on a
hunting party this morning.
- All right.
I'll have the hospital radio
the coroner's report to you.
- Thanks, Paul.
- Follow me.
- See, everything's straight up.
Still mad, huh?
- You better believe it.
- Yeah, life's a bitch.
You round up all the
campers that are still left,
Have them at the
picnic area by 7-30.
We've got some discussing to do.
- What's to discuss?
We send everyone home before
somebody else gets hurt.
- You'd love to see this
place fold, wouldn't you?
- Are you blind, man?
This place has
folded all by itself.
- Everyone here?
- Just about.
- Folks, could you
gather around, please?
Now, I'm sure you've
all heard by now
about the boy who was
attacked by a bear.
Best I can make out, he
was illegally motorcycling
in the backwoods, so the attack
did not occur on the campground.
Nevertheless, I'm
leading a hunting party
this morning to get the bear,
So I would like volunteers
to show up at the camp store.
We'll supply rifles for
those who don't have them.
Oh, there's a possibility
that the roads may wash out.
If that occurs,
we'll have them back
in service in a couple of days.
- And you don't intend to close.
- Not necessary.
Memorial Valley remains open.
- Anyway, that's what
we heard on the radio.
Thank you.
So there's a possibility that
if the roads do wash out,
and they probably will,
None of you will be
able to get outta here
until the middle of next week.
- We ain't got nothing but time.
- Look, you close
the grounds, we go.
You don't, we stay.
It's a hell of a ride home,
And I'm not even rested up yet.
Besides, it's
gorgeous out now, huh?
- George won't close.
- He oughta know, he's
in charge, ain't he?
Besides, you ever tried riding
One of these hogs in mud?
- These things ain't quite like
that dirt bike that kid had.
- Yeah, by the way, what
happened to the kid's bike?
I didn't see it on the
back of the trailer
When it pulled out.
- We're gonna go look
for it a little later.
We're gonna try and
find that bear, too.
That bike can't be far.
I mean, the kid had a
broken neck and back.
How far could he crawl?
- Depends on what's chasing you.
- Yeah.
Thanks for the coffee.
Y'all be careful, okay?
And if you see
anything, let us know.
- Will do, buddy.
Good luck on your safari.
Well, boys and girls, it
might be worth our while
To go on a little hunting
trip ourselves, huh?
- Care for a bear meat burger, Emily?
- Bear meat, what's
the matter with you?
I'm talking about the bike.
That's gotta be a few hundred
bucks in spare parts there.
- Hey, you're right.
- Wait, you guys are gonna
go running out into the woods
With a killer bear on the loose?
You're nuts.
- What's there to worry about?
Got this.
Ain't nothing gonna
bother me with this.
- I'm game, let's go.
- You guys are crazy.
Wives, talk some sense into
your senseless husbands.
- They're gonna
do what they want
No matter what we tell them.
- Just don't go and get
yourselves hurt, all right?
- Not a chance.
- I ain't going.
- Well, shit, who needs you?
Just like the rest
of those wimps
In the Roving Eyes who were
too lame to even show up.
No balls, no guts.
Come on.
Show me what you got.
Stay here with the girls,
help them clean up.
Come on, bear meat.
- I don't think we should go.
- Are you kidding?
They're passing
out guns and ammo
At the camp store
like it was candy.
This bear hunt's
gonna be bitching.
- What do you guys
know about guns?
The most shooting
you've ever done
Was with BB guns, trying to hit
Car windows from a
freeway overpass.
- This has gotta be
easier than that.
- Besides, the bear
drew first blood.
He tore my tent.
- Go ahead, do your macho thing.
I'm staying right here.
- All by yourself?
Are you sure you want to?
You may wind up like
that Bedokian kid.
- Yeah, man, he looked
like raw hamburger,
but if you don't wanna come.
- All right, I'll come,
But I'm not gonna
shoot any stupid guns.
- That's our girl.
- So I'd appreciate it
if you'd come along.
- Bear.
- Looks like.
- All right, I'm gonna give
you two hours and no more.
Game leg of mine,
know what I mean?
- At the most, sir.
I just wanna make sure
he's not around any more.
- What about that boy
that works for you?
He came in here
screaming like a banshee
And telling us that things
weren't like they seemed
And warned us to get
the hell outta here.
- He has no idea what
he's talking about, sir.
He's never been
off campus before.
- Take this one.
- All right!
- All right, you've all
got your assignments.
We're gonna sweep
out to the south
and then come back
into the camp.
And do not fire your weapon
Unless you absolutely have to.
- Well said, George.
- I wanna talk to you later.
- Any time.
- Let's get moving.
- Bike's gotta be
here somewhere.
How far can you crawl with
a broken neck and back?
- How do you know they
haven't already found it?
- Well, we don't.
- Beer is warm.
Let's get back, I'm tired.
- Sure, which way?
- Which way, aren't
you keeping track?
- Track, I don't know about you,
But all these trees
looks alike to me.
- We're lost.
You get me out here and
you tell me we're lost?
- Oh now, take it easy,
there's a path right here.
- Does it go back?
- It's gotta lead somewhere, my man.
Let's go, bear meat.
- Hot shot.
These two are really gonna be a big help.
Cut it out, you two,
you'll scare him off.
- It doesn't matter.
We haven't seen any
trace of a bear.
- Yeah, there ain't
even any berries around.
If the bear's not here, he's
probably a lot farther back in.
- That's a relief.
- You'd think we'd at
least see the motorbike.
- Yeah, that doesn't make sense.
- Hey!
Hey, get me down!
- What happened?
- Rick stepped on some sort
of trap and wound up there.
- I oughta leave you hung up
there, you little asshole.
- Hey, man,
come on, get me down.
It ain't my fault!
- All right, cut him down.
- I warned you about these two
And what the hell happened?
- Don't ask me.
- Catch him.
- You okay?
- Poachers.
I've had reports of them
in this area before.
This a trap they set.
- Poachers?
They must've been
pretty resourceful.
I mean, why didn't
they just use rope
Instead of going
to all the trouble
Of rigging this with vine?
- Who knows?
But there are probably more
of these traps in the area.
We're going back.
Come on, General.
- Yeah.
I ain't got a lot
of blood to drain anyway.
- Ranger, you
didn't happen to see
My two stupid friends
up there, did you?
- Why, are they out there now?
- Yeah, they left a
couple of hours ago
And they're wives are
getting a bit concerned.
- Your friends are fools.
- Shouldn't we go
looking for them?
- I'll go.
- Me, too.
- Sounds great.
- Good.
- Hold it up, beaver scouts,
we'll just give them
a little more time.
If they're not back
after we've rested,
Then we'll go looking for them.
- You know where
I'll be, George.
- You felt it in there.
You know now.
- What?
- We shouldn't be here.
- Hey, Eddie!
- You okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
Look, man, it's a cave.
Does somebody live here?
- One way to find out.
Avon calling.
- I don't like this.
God, it smells bad.
- Quiet.
Look at this stuff.
Somebody lives here.
- Who?
- Who knows?
- What if he comes back?
- We'll get him to
lead us back to camp.
- What if he doesn't
like our being here?
- Tough.
Maybe he's got a map.
- Eddie, look!
Oh, shit!
- I wonder who that is.
- Who that was you mean.
- Anything in it?
- This.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Check it out!
Aw, if the guy's in the
bowling league could see this.
- What are you doing?
- A souvenir.
- A souvenir?
This trip's getting
to you, isn't it?
- Hey, look, I'm going outside
And look at this
thing in the light.
- Yeah, go ahead.
- All right.
- Hey, I'm gonna poke
around here a little more.
- Hey, what the hell
are you shooting?
Oh, Jesus!
- You're trespassing.
- You didn't hear that gunshot?
You gonna get off your
fat ass and do something?
- What gunshot?
- It came from over there.
- Get Deke and three
or four volunteers
And leave that Merle
here to cover our asses.
- That's done.
I heard you used to be a
pretty good tracker once.
- I'll get my gun.
- This time, we get him.
- Right.
Give me some more bullets.
- How can you guys
go back out there
After what just happened before?
These woods are dangerous.
Let's just leave.
- We can't leave now.
This is just getting exciting.
- I'm scared, I wanna go home.
- Wendy, we ain't gonna
let anything happen to you.
We're gonna Kill
that goddamned bear.
- I don't want you
going out there,
leaving me here
alone, I'm frightened.
- We'll only be
gone an hour or so.
Stay here, relax.
- You promise you
won't be gone long?
- Cross our hearts.
- Okay.
But I'm still nervous
being here alone.
- Then take my gun.
I'll get another
one from the ranger.
- This is the safety.
When it's off, you can
shoot anything that moves.
- Anything.
- Come on.
- You guys better
be back before dark.
- Let's go.
- Here, take this.
- Aw, come on, man.
- Is this what you want?
Here, take it.
Please, leave me alone!
Hey, please, please.
No, please, don't hurt
me, please, don't hurt me!
- Did you hear that?
- Don't get spooked.
It's easy to let
your imagination
Run away with yourself out here,
but it does look like
we're on the right track.
- Couple of intelligent fellas,
leave a trail a snowblind
Texican could follow.
- Let's go, guys.
- Right behind you.
- A cave?
What the hell?
I'm going in.
- Oh my God!
- It's been a man all along.
You knew.
You knew.
Good God, you knew all along
It was no animal doing this.
You could've stopped it.
- It might be my son.
- Your son?
Who the hell cares?
That kid, he killed that kid!
You son of a bitch!
- Cut it out!
We all gotta get outta here.
- What about the
others back at camp?
We've gotta warn them.
- She's right.
But I'm not gonna leave
a man here like this.
You fast?
- You mean like in running?
I'm real fast.
- Can you follow
the trail back to the camp?
- I guess so.
- Okay, you hightail it
back to the camp store,
Tell them what's happened here,
Tell them to be on their guard.
Get going.
We're gonna rig a stretcher
and haul the body back with us.
- Fine, let's just
do it and get out.
- Why are we stopping?
- Something's not right.
- Did you hear something?
- I've been backtracking
us exactly the way we came,
And up til now Rick's
been headed the right way.
Here he takes a wrong turn,
heads off into the woods.
- Maybe he took a shortcut.
- Not likely.
Let's fan out, move carefully,
see what we can find.
- Rick!
- Oh, no.
- Oh, God, this is terrible.
- We gotta get outta
here, George, fast.
- What if whoever it is is
between us and the camp?
- Just calm down,
just take it easy.
- My best friend
is lying there dead
And you tell me to take it easy?
I'm getting the fuck outta here.
- Don't panic, stick together!
- I'm taking her
back to base camp.
- What about them?
- We can't help them now.
- Hey, kid, what's happening?
Hey, what's going
on, tell us, man.
Snap out of it, man,
what's the matter?
Will somebody tell us what's going on?
- There's been some trouble.
- Eddie?
- Sorry, Mrs. Hertz.
- Where's Leon?
- They're dead.
Something out there got
them and the others, too.
- How the hell did this happen?
- All right, look, we
gotta tell the others.
Tom, I want you to get
Wendy and bring her here.
- George's place would be
the easiest to barricade.
- Merle, Tom.
Tom, are you okay.
Come on, man, you
gotta help us out.
- Okay.
- All right, go get Wendy and
come back as quick as you can.
Stop by the General's place,
tell him to come, too.
Tom, you come right back.
Now we're calling the police.
Christ, the radio.
- He's way ahead of us.
- The CB in the Jeep.
- What's all the
ruckus out here, boy?
- Everybody's
supposed to be over
at the ranger's
cabin on the double.
There's been some more murders.
- Some?
- Yeah, three more people.
Please, you gotta hurry.
I have to get Wendy.
- What the hell am I supposed
to do at the ranger's cabin?
- Safety in numbers I guess.
- Well, you go back and you
tell that incompetent man
I can take care of myself.
- But...
- Now, you take
yourself back over
And save your little girlfriend.
You see, I don't mind
a little one-on-one.
You tell him I don't
need any protection.
Now you scoot, boy.
I said scoot!
Oh, yes, you hungry?
You just hear something, Pepper?
- No, I didn't, sugar.
Come on, supper's almost ready.
- Move, okay?
- The generators are
full for a while.
That'll give us some light.
- What makes you
think he'll come back?
- What makes you think he won't?
I'll help stack
some more firewood.
You got any food inside?
- Some.
- I'll get some from the store.
- I'll help.
- Couldn't start any of
the cars or the bikes.
Plugs and wires cut or missing.
Now what are we supposed to do?
- I don't know, ask the boss.
- Honey, are you sure you're
doing the right thing?
I mean, not going
along with the others.
- You're damn right I am.
Besides, it was those
yahoos couldn't punch
Their way through a
wet cracker anyway.
- Oh, I suppose you're right.
How you want your steak?
- Well done.
- Do you smell gas?
- What in the hell was that?
- Came form the back of the
park near the river road.
- Oh, shit, the general.
Okay, Deke, you and Merle
stay here and watch.
Where's Emily?
Flo, where's Emily?
- Rick?
Come on, you guys.
You're scaring me.
Oh, no.
Go away or I'll shoot!
Please, please don't hurt me.
I'll be nice to you.
Don't hurt me!
I'll make you feel good.
Put your arms around me.
That's right.
Like that.
That's right.
Not too tight, though.
Oh, no, don't hurt me!
You're hurting me!
You're squeezing me too hard!
- Got enough food to
last us til morning.
If we just keep our
heads, stick together,
We can get through this thing.
- Oh, it's so easy to be
self-righteous, huh, huh?
- Shouldn't we call out to
Emily so she can find us?
- If we do that he'll
know she was out there.
Hopefully, she'll see the
light and get in on her own.
- How long before
anyone comes by, Deke?
- Hard to say.
Maybe they'll send
someone tomorrow.
- I just wanna know
who's out there.
What does he want?
- This is no mindless violence.
This is vengeance.
- Crisscrossed this valley
thousands of times for 17 years.
Why, huh, why didn't
I ever find him, huh?
- Easy, George, this
isn't your fault.
- I'm one of the best
trackers in this parts,
In the goddamned country,
and I never found him.
- Try and get some
sleep, George.
- Oh, it took 17 long years
to get this park built
So that I could be
here all the time
To keep looking, keep tracking.
- Relax, old friend,
try to get some sleep.
- Sold your father on
building this park.
Told him it was gonna be for
the public, for the world.
It wasn't, it was for
me, that's all, just me.
- If George thinks my
old man's intentions
were any more honorable
than his, he's wrong.
My dad knew the
best way to start
Was to start slowly.
Once this place took hold, he
could just build around it.
Ski lodges, hotels,
shopping malls,
the whole nine yards.
- After all that's
happened, I'd say
Your father's plans are history.
- I hope so.
- Hey, look, maybe
this guy's through.
Maybe he's finished, you know?
There's no way he
can get us here.
- Maybe,
But I doubt it.
Did you hear that?
- What, hear what?
- It could've been an animal.
- What if it wasn't?
- The generators.
- I'll get it, I know them
backwards and forwards.
- Deke, wait, damn it.
Merle, George, help
me build up this fire.
Come on!
- No, no, no, stay
away with that!
No, no, hey, hey, man!
Look out, hey!
No, hey, man, hey!
Oh, God!
- Deke!
- He's gonna get every
one of us, one by one.
- Not if we stick together.
- How long is it til daybreak?
- It's five am.
It's Memorial Day.
- Get back, ladies!
- Go, go!
- No!
- Look out!
- Get back, get back, get back!
Come on!
- We're getting out of here.
- Not yet.
- Look, it's almost dawn.
We'll have a better
chance out there.
We'll go cross country,
but we gotta go now.
- Look!
- What are you doing?
- It can't be like that.
- Are you crazy?
There's no other way.
- Let's just get
out of here now!
- We're leaving,
George, let's go.
- You go on.
I'm staying.
- Goddamn it, George, I
can't just leave you here.
- I'll be fine.
- I'll send for help
as soon as we get back.
Hang in there, boss,
I'll be back for you.
- Ready for me now?
Want me to follow you, huh?
You're very good.
I used to be very good myself.
You'll have to do
better than that.
Okay, there's no weapon.
Who are you?
Are you Steven Webster?
You recognize me?
God, I sure wish
I could be sure.
- Can you identify this
man as George Webster?
- That's him.
- Don't worry, we'll
get whoever did this.
- No, you won't.
You can try, but
you'll never find him.
He knows these woods too well.
- If George couldn't track him
after all these
years, nobody can.
- As far as the Sangster
Corporation's concerned,
This park is closed.
Let it go back to wilderness.