Memories (2013) Movie Script

"Everythings changing going by."
"But memories never die."
"Time flows"
"like a river running wild."
"My mind's swimming"
"like a child."
"I watch the yesterdays go by."
"Like moving patterns in the sky."
"Memories never die."
"Time flows"
"like a river running wild."
"My mind's swimming"
"like a child."
"I take a train into the past."
"I get off somewhere,
but I'm lost."
"Memories never die."
"Time flows"
"like a river running wild."
"My mind's swimming"
"like a child."
"Time flows"
"like a river running wild."
"And my mind's swimming"
"like a child."
"I'm asking myself, why, oh, why?"
"Everything passes, by and by."
"But memories never die."
"Time flows"
"like a river running wild."
"My mind's swimming"
"like a child."
"Trapped in the desert of my mind."
"I'll seek and seek,
but will I find?"
"Memories never die."
"Because memories never die."
'After three years.'
It's not fair to make a pregnant
woman carry so much weight.
You were not so tired
while shopping.
Do you call this shopping?
When I see other women
shopping, I feel envy.
Jancy, I'm not an IT professional
to afford your shopping.
I'm an ordinary customs officer
who gets a five figure salary.
Aravind, you always give
such lame excuses.
Your friend, Sheriff's wife, Parvin
goes to Mumbai for shopping.
Why are you quiet?
'After three days.'
Whoever did this must have
struggled a lot.
He has used a big rope.
So what?
- One person can do it alone.
Don't be foolish. Single handily,
at this height! It's impossible.
He could've pulled the body
lying on the ground
using a lengthy rope..
Don't talk rubbish!
Move aside.
I've found a missing case reported
3 days ago that matches this guy.
The person's name is Aravind,
and he is a government servant
working in customs. It's been a
year and a half since his marriage.
Take care of this. - It has been
around 15 hours after his death.
Now, the time is 3.00 p.m. That
means, it happened around midnight.
Maybe, but it's not precise.
It could be one or two hours
earlier or later.
What is the cause of death?
- Profuse bleeding.
Okay. - No other broken bones
or bruises are seen on the body.
There are some wounds on his chest.
That confuses me. I'm not
able to make out what it is.
They look like normal wounds to me.
The blood drained out
through those cuts.
The killer could've cut his vein
if the killing was the intention.
That's true. The death would
have happened earlier.
In this case, it was an
effort to delay the death.
A kind of torture.
Do you suspect that your husband
had any enemies?
No, sir. I don't know.
Aravind didn't have a character
that made enemies.
He was a nice guy.
Mr. Krishna Pillai, wasn't Jancy
happy about this marriage?
No, there's nothing like that.
Sir, she is disturbed.
In this situation..
- Sir.
'Alcohol consumption is
injurious to health.'
She is a mysterious girl, sir.
She has some secrets.
There are no such secrets.
Her father, Krishnan Pillai,
had come here.
Before marriage, the girl had
an affair with a Muslim boy.
So, it's natural that her parents
opposed her.
It is during that time, Aravind
approached Krishnan Pillai.
Aravind was willing to marry her,
despite knowing the truth.
He ignored Jancy's objection
and got them both married.
So, their married life
was not very smooth.
Any news about the Muslim boy?
He gave us the boy's address,
but he is missing.
- Yes.
They suspect the boy, don't they?
Yes, it's quite natural.
His son-in-law was killed.
So, it's quite natural
to suspect her lover.
I doubt if they have
such an intention.
What if his daughter is involved
in the planning of this murder?
And is he trying to save his
daughter by accusing the boy?
That's just a possibility.
So, don't move against them
until we get solid evidence
because Krishna Pillai
is highly influential.
I know, sir.
What I need is a damn good opening.
Ali Umar, right?
Is it true that you've traced
the murderer of Aravind? - Yes.
Who is he? What's his name?
Sorry, we cannot reveal
such information now.
Why such a suspense? - It's
just that we cannot say anything.
Sir, actually..
- Sorry, no more questions.
Is it because you are afraid
of the press?
Varsha Mathews, Correspondent,
'Malayala Desham'. - Yes.
Who told you I'm afraid?
In fact, I like you.
I mean, the press.
In situations where the police are
not sure if the accused is guilty
police reacts in this manner
and hence, I asked you.
I see. We have no such suspicion.
The accused has already
confessed to his crime.
I will give you the details of the
accused before anyone else does.
Are you happy now?
Do you know the name of
my new feature, Suresh?
Yes, I do.
It's 'Alcohol and Police'.
I thought if we
can change the name
to 'Alcohol, Women
and Police'.
Did you like the movie, Vijay?
It was so boring.
It was just so foolish
in the name of comedy.
I didn't find it boring.
- So sad.
You love to watch action films.
That's why you didn't like it.
I like all kinds of movies
provided it entertains me.
But dumb people like you think
only comedy films are entertaining.
Who has left our gate open?
That's a relief. We don't have
to get out to open the gate.
I'll close the gate.
- Don't run.
I'm coming, too.
- Are you taking him along?
Let him come to give me
company. Right, dear?
Vijay, don't try to scare me.
Stop, right there!
Dad! - Sir!
- Sir, the bill.
How much is this?
Rs. 1300.
Get me one more full bottle
and keep the change.
Sir, if you drink so much..
Oh, no!
Are you trying your stunts
in the middle of the road?
You smell a lot.
I see. You're going to drink more,
aren't you?
What are you staring at?
If you're drunk, you should
learn to behave yourself.
Where are you going?
Who will pay for this?
You should know to behave after
you're drunk. - He is a policeman.
Come, let's go.
Come on. Pick up the bike.
What happened to you?
- But it's bleeding.
Did you fall?
Tell me what happened.
I told you, I'm fine.
I want to lie down.
Son, I'll apply an ointment.
- No.
How is it?
- Whose car is it?
It's mine. I sold the bike.
Where did you get the money from?
I took a loan.
What about the business loan?
How will you repay all the loans?
I'll manage all that.
Sanju, it's not good to spend
so much money.
Anyone can take a loan
but show your capability
by repaying it at the earliest.
Then give me my share in
the property. I will repay it.
When you got admission for Medicine
your brother took a loan
to pay your fee.
You quit your studies midway
and returned home.
Do you know how much he had
to struggle to repay the loan?
Deduct that amount
from my share.
Your father passed away
when you were just two years old.
He has been like a father
and an elder brother to you
and has raised you
to make you what you are.
You're talking about love
and affection.
And I'm talking about money.
People these days
are very calculative.
I need to think about my future.
To be very honest
I'm in love with a girl.
Her parents won't oppose if they
know I own business and house.
They're financially quite sound.
With the dowry they give me
I'll repay all the loans.
Are you not ashamed to say this?
Will you repay your loan
with the money your wife brings?
Why should I be ashamed?
It's my wife's money
that I'll be using.
It's not as embarrassing
as saying
that I'm drunkard
Sam Alex's brother. - Sanju!
What's wrong about
what I just said?
He drank and got into a fight
at the club, yesterday.
You always told me to make
him my role model.
What should I learn from him?
Is it this drinking?
Whatever I do is wrong to you.
You justify everything he does.
I left the house because
of your discrimination.
What did you say?
- Mom!
Son, did you hear what he said?
He says I'm biased.
You're right.
You have a life, and it shouldn't
be ruined because of me.
Get the papers ready to claim
your share in the property.
- Please don't stop him.
He has grown up and is capable
of handling it now.
He is..
He is smarter than me.
Our regular first customer is here.
He drinks too much.
I think he is here.
He respects you a lot, Father.
If you could please advise him..
I cannot tolerate seeing him
ruining his life.
Why don't you take him to your
rehabilitation centre?
Marykutty, it's of no use treating
a patient without his cooperation.
I have 32 patients
in my rehabilitation centre.
But all of them have come to me
with a will to quit drinking.
Son, Father John..
I know what happened in your life
is beyond a man's tolerance.
But it's over.
God has given us all the strength
to forget everything and move on.
He has given each of us certain
responsibilities and duties.
Don't deny that.
No, Father. I don't deny that.
But I have doubt.
What were my wife's and child's
duty and responsibility?
If he had to take her back
why did He bless me
with a daughter?
Why did He give me false hopes?
Your God is very cruel.
We have no rights to question
the ways of God, Sam.
Good! This is how you priests
always win.
You have a reason for everything.
If I point out to a poor man
who is starving and living in hell
you will justify it saying the path
to heaven is full of struggles.
If I show you a thief or a murderer
who leads a comfortable life
you will have
a justification for that, too.
You say God gives an evil man
the chance to grow.
If this is how
your God's justice is
I don't believe in Him anymore.
At present
when I'm not able to tolerate pain
and grief, this gives me relief.
So, this is my God.
I have lost a lot in life.
Can your God give me back
at least one of it back?
The day he does that,
I will obey your words.
Till then
please leave me alone.
Please forgive me, Father.
Because of me, you had to..
Don't think of it that way.
I understand the reason behind
his words.
My calculations have
never gone wrong until today.
He will come to me, willingly.
This place is scantily populated.
The police haven't got any
information about having seen
anyone in a mysterious
It's evident from the very
first sight that it's murder.
Hence, people are currently
in fear of what is in store.
'In this village
where the murder..'
Get the inquest ready
as soon as possible
and send the body
for post-mortem. - Sir.
As this is a similar case,
get it done by Dr. Sukumaran Nair
who attended
the previous case. Okay? - Sir.
Sir, the media..
No, not now.
I'm going to the IG's office.
Avoid the media
by saying something.
Yes, sir. - Okay?
Both cases have
a lot of similarities.
The reason of death
is just like the previous case.
He died due to bleeding, too.
Can so much blood be lost
through wounds like this?
Won't the blood clot?
That's not necessary because it
depends on the depth of the cut.
Even if the blood clots, it will
bleed again if fiddled with.
Yes, that's true.
One who is torturing deliberately
won't allow the blood to clot.
The assailant attacked
the existing injury to increase
the depth of it
and continue bleeding.
So, even in this case..
I'm expecting a similar report.
Sir, are we dealing
with a serial killer?
I think we are.
Sir, I have a different opinion.
I checked the background of
the young men who were killed.
They did not know each other.
They completed their education
in different places.
They're total strangers,
except for two similarities.
Their age and profession.
Both of them were customs officers.
If it was a serial killer
there should be some
connection between the victims.
Excuse me, sir.
That's not necessary.
Maybe, it's a random selection.
Like the 'Ripper case'.
Yes, that's a possibility.
Vinod, the similarities you
mentioned could be the connection.
Yes. I'm not considering
their age for now.
But their profession.
Both were loyal..
I'm repeating it, sir.
Both of them were very honest
and loyal customs officers.
I'm sure. They would've had
many enemies.
If their enemies are behind
these two murders
they might be making it
look like a serial killer's job
to divert the police's
attention towards themselves.
So, do you mean to say,
there won't be another victim?
I'm not sure about it.
There might be more victims.
If that's a customs officer too,
I'll stick on to my theory.
What if he is not?
My theory is wrong.
Are you going to wait
for another victim?
That's not what I meant.
I'm after the enemies of other
young, customs employees.
Mr. Vinod, we don't have much time.
If we don't conclude
before the press digs into it..
I can't jump to conclusions
for the sake of press..
How dare you talk to me
like that!
You thrashed an innocent
and made him confess to the crime.
You were in a hurry to give
the news to the media.
They're waiting outside.
Go and answer them.
'Just because the two
murders were similar'
'we cannot be sure
that it's the same murderer.'
'We need solid evidence.'
'On what grounds did you
arrest Ali Umar?'
'Sorry, no more comments.'
'In an investigation
by the SP Vinod'
'the police have taken a man into
custody under suspicious..'
Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.
What the hell is Vinod doing there?
In the evening news?
What is he telling the media?
If he cannot handle it,
try someone efficient.
Sir, I'll let you know.
Driver, stop the car.
I said, stop!
Stop right there.
"The waves and the shore."
"Speech and silence."
"Day and night."
"They fade away in the distance."
"Fond memories"
"haunt me like wild fire."
"Without me knowing"
"it becomes a part of my life."
"In the journey through the dark"
"silently and slowly"
"one night, I'll embrace you"
"so that we become one."
"The waves and the shore."
"Speech and silence."
"Day and night."
"They fade away in the distance."
You did not say anything.
I've approached you with the same
request, twice before.
But then, you were.. - I have
nothing different to say even now.
I cannot do this.
I'm not just a superior
to you at work.
I know you consider me
as your Godfather.
I'm taking the liberty of that
and telling you this.
Don't ruin your life by drinking.
No father or husband can handle
what you had to deal with.
But that is over.
Life should go on.
It's going on, sir.
It is going on.
But on my terms.
I haven't ended my life.
I'm still alive.
But it is my right to decide
how I should lead my life.
It's easy for everyone to advice
because none of you lost anything.
Don't forget that you
and your department
is responsible for the loss
I had to suffer.
When there is a need,
everyone comes looking for me.
Everyone is selfish
when it comes to their matters.
If you feel that I've come here
with selfish motives
I'm withdrawing my request.
I'm sorry. - It wasn't wrong
on your part to have asked me.
But even if I wanted to
I won't be able to do it.
Because my life
is beyond my control.
- Yes.
Please don't take
his words to heart.
Never. I know Sam very well.
I consider him as my eldest son.
I had great hopes this time.
I wasn't surprised when he refused
to accept my offer last two times.
Because those cases
weren't challenging.
If Sam took over this case
it could've changed
his life for good.
Because this case is challenging.
It will provoke him.
My intuition says so.
I've never forced him
to do anything, till today.
But I will try this time.
Good morning, Sir.
- Good morning.
It's been a long time
since I met you.
I heard you've started
a new business.
I managed to start
a small business.
After all, I have to survive too.
Okay, then I'll take
your leave. - Bye.
Marykutty, please give it a try.
Let's leave the rest to God.
We can only pray for him.
Okay, goodbye.
What's this?
- Division of property.
Did you read the papers?
Don't you want me to sign, too?
Yes. Here it is.
I'll read and then sign on it.
The papers won't be valid
even if you sign it.
Only if you sign it in front
of the registrar will it be valid.
Maybe, but I still want to read it.
Okay, carry on.
Just don't delay it too much.
There's something
I want to tell you.
I'm getting engaged this 25th.
Yes, I want you to come.
What? Where do you
want me to come?
As per our tradition, it should be
organised here, in our house.
Yes, but not in this house.
You always say, he has built this
house with his hard earned money.
Although I'm staying on rent,
I do have a house.
And I want you to come,
a day before the event.
What about your brother?
I just want you to come, Mom.
Sanju! It's not me who should
fix your wedding.
Your brother should do it.
If he does not drink,
he may come too.
If he comes there drunk,
my marriage might get cancelled.
They're decent people.
Don't worry.
Your marriage won't be cancelled
because of me.
Mom will be there.
No, I won't go to a place
where you are not invited.
This is annoying!
Mom, he has a point.
You must go.
No, please don't force me.
I won't go there alone. - Stop it!
Why don't you go, old woman?
Isn't he your son, too?
You don't even allow me
to live peacefully.
Hasn't Sam ever fought with you,
Has he never been angry at you?
I see. So, he only shouts at me!
Do you know how badly he treats me
when he gets annoyed?
That's the difference between
you and my mom.
My mom never gives me
a chance to get angry at her.
- Yes.
My mom is jealous of you.
- Get lost.
Don't get upset.
Are you hungry?
I'll serve you dinner.
I'm sorry, Mom.
Your love for me
makes him hate me even more.
That is why I behaved rudely
at that moment.
It's okay, Son.
I understood that.
I want you to do me a favour.
Please take me
to the Church, tomorrow.
You need not come inside.
I want to pray.
I want to talk to you.
And I want to do that
in front of them.
Your father always told me
that you're mature for your age.
I realised it was true
after his demise.
I have never asked you
for anything till today.
You have always fulfilled
your responsibilities.
For the first and last time
I'm asking you for something,
in front of their graves.
I want you to investigate
the case Mr. Menon offered.
Mom, it's not that..
I just want you to give it a try.
That is all I want.
I won't insist.
You have the freedom to accept
or turn down my request.
You must do it for me
if you can.
'Irresponsibility of the Police'
Mr. Menon, what is this?
Are you going to deal with a very
sensational case, so irresponsibly?
You've handed over the case
to a drunkard who is off duty.
How ridiculous!
With all respect
Sam Alex was the most efficient
officer in our department, once.
Our department is responsible to
some extent, for his condition.
Mr. DGP, what's wrong with him?
Why is he feeling
guilty and sentimental?
Sam Alex's past achievements have
no importance presently, Mr. Menon.
Presently, what is he?
Is he capable?
Are you sure, he'll give his
100 percentage?
Mr. Menon is not sure about it.
Then I'm sorry to say.
This is a stupid move.
I'm shocked that even you
have approved his opinion.
Sir, Menon has no plans to stop
the current investigation.
He wants to either allow
Sam to join this team
or let Sam start an unofficial,
parallel enquiry.
But that's not
what the newspaper says.
'The officer in charge
has been suspended from this case'
'and Sam is taking it over.'
This is the news.
Sir, they're misinformed.
By whom?
I don't know that.
- Mr. Menon.
The government respects
your honest intentions.
But the media is not something
that will affect only you.
It will affect
the entire government.
No matter who investigates the
case, I just need positive results.
I know, sir.
I'll take the responsibility.
- Mr. DGP.
Now the ball is in your court.
His performance was as good
as a military commando.
He was appreciated by
the Central Home Department.
The entire police department
was honoured by this incident.
The brother of a terrorist
killed by him managed to escape.
We expected retaliation.
And hence
we didn't reveal who conducted
the rescue operation.
After one month,
we got a report from the IB.
There was a possibility of an
attack against Sam and his family.
We gave him tight protection.
There were no problems
for one year.
And gradually, the seriousness of
the police protection decreased.
Sam's wife and daughter
were trapped by that evil man.
Stop, right there!
Put your gun down.
I said, put your gun down,
Mr. Sam Alex!
Nothing, Teena..
Nothing is going to happen.
- There's nothing to worry, dear.
Your dad is here. Nothing will
happen. - Drop your gun, Mr. Sam!
Dear. - No..
Don't harm them.
Please don't harm them.
This is between you and me.
This is just between you and me.
They haven't done any wrong.
They're innocent.
So was my brother.
You should experience the pain
of losing a loved one.
That's your punishment.
No father or husband
can ever bear this loss.
Anyone who understands him
won't blame him
for what he is today.
I wasn't aware of this story.
You did your duty
as a press reporter.
But I want to know
who misinformed you.
You need not tell me
if you have a problem.
No, sir. SP Vinod Krishna
is the one who informed me.
I guessed so. The SP called you,
and you believed him.
You could have tried
to find out the truth.
I did that, and I learnt
that Sam had come to your office.
That is why I thought..
Okay. Forget about it now.
I have one request.
Please don't harass him.
Let him try. Maybe, he can
lead us somewhere in this case.
Excuse me..
I'm Varsha Mathews.
I'm a journalist.
So, what?
I want to talk to you.
If you don't mind..
I do mind.
I'm sorry, I won't take
more than two minutes.
May I sit here?
The bench does not belong to me.
I'm sorry.
I'm the one who published
the news in the newspaper.
I'm thankful. I was thinking
of how to get rid of the case.
No, Sam.
You must investigate the case.
I don't take orders.
The guy left his home
yesterday morning.
He hasn't returned home yet.
Someone called up the
local police station
and informed about the bike.
That is how we came
to know about it.
We enquired in all the hospitals
in the vicinity.
But we haven't got any report
of a similar accident case.
- Sir.
What is it, sir?
I need the measurements
of these two boot prints. - Yes.
What for? - It's the boot print
of the murderer we're looking for.
There are many such
boot prints here.
How can you be so sure
it belongs to the murderer?
This is the print of a boot.
In a village like this,
not many uses such boots.
The boot prints have gone
towards the canal
and also returned.
The prints are deep
while he returned
compared to the ones
that go towards the canal.
That is, he weighed more
while coming back.
Which means,
he was carrying something heavy.
'Believe my words'
These letters are very familiar.
Father, I want to know
if these letters
or whatever inscription it may be
have any connection
with either Christianity
or Crucifixion of Christ?
Could it be an ancient language?
For example, Roman, Latin
or anything of that sort?
I'm familiar with Roman and Latin.
Sam, give me a copy of this.
I have some books regarding ancient
languages in the Bishop House.
I'll refer to those books.
You may keep this one, Father.
I have copies of it. - Fine.
But Father..
- Yes?
I need it urgently.
I'll go there, tomorrow itself.
- Yes.
What painting is this?
It's Jesus's sermon on the mount.
Which language did Jesus speak?
Sorry, sir. I dozed off.
Mr. Sam,
this is not a liquor shop.
Oh! Yes. I'm sorry.
How dare you drink
in front of your superior!
I thought we had an agreement.
I won't be able to investigate
this case by quitting my habit.
- Vinod, leave it.
But, sir..
- I said, leave it.
Tell me.
Sir, there have been three victims
in this case, so far.
We have concluded that two
of them were killed.
The third one is the person
who was abducted two days ago.
His name..
- Sir, Ramesh.
Yes. The young man, Ramesh.
If I'm right, we'll find his body
in some part of Kerala
tomorrow morning.
Did you call us here
at midnight to say this?
Any policeman can guess this.
The two men's bodies were found on
the 3rd day after their abduction.
If an abnormal serial killer
is behind this
he'll follow the same pattern.
It's simple logic.
What is so..
- Hello, Mom.
There's nothing to worry.
I'm in the IG's office.
Will you be coming for dinner?
You may have dinner and go to bed.
I'll be late.
What do you think after
looking at these photographs?
Both of them are hung
in a similar..
Anything else other than that?
And now?
This case has certain similarities
with Jesus Christ's Crucifixion.
A calculation of three days.
Christ was crucified, and three
days later, he resurrected.
But here, the victims
are abducted on a Friday
and after three days
that is, on Sunday,
their body is found.
It's not over.
The next similarity is the most
important point in this case.
As per Christianity,
why did Christ die?
To pay for others' sins.
What do you mean?
The killer is not seeking revenge
on the men he kills.
It's their wives.
But it doesn't make sense.
Then why don't the killer kill
those women?
Yes, that's true.
I'm the answer to your question.
I'm a living example.
The terrorist's enmity
was with me.
So, why did he kill
my wife and daughter?
Isn't that the biggest punishment?
the reason behind my conclusion
that the wives are his target
is this.
These are not just wounds to drain
out blood from the body.
These are Aramaic letters.
The language Jesus Christ
conversed in.
This is what was inscribed on
the first body.
The translation of this
is 'Proverb 5-3.'
It means, the collection of
proverbs in the Holy Bible
5th Chapter, 3rd sentence.
I'll read it out.
'The lips of an immoral woman
are as sweet as nectar.'
'Her words flow
more smoothly than oil.'
'But in the end, she turns
as bitter as Neem'
'and as sharp as a
two-sided sword.'
The second inscription
is 'Job 30-9'.
In Job's book, 30th chapter
and 9th sentence.
'Now, I'm just a song
and an old proverb to them.'
'They hate me
and distance themselves from me.'
The first one shows the murderer's
hatred towards women.
And the second one gives a hint
of how close he was with
the wives of the victims.
If this is true
we can trace the killer
with the help of those women.
Please arrange a meeting
with the wives of the victims.
- Sir.
And one more thing, sir.
Tighten the night patrolling
in our State.
Especially, tonight.
He is out there.
Can I get tea?
Hey, mister!
Good morning, sir. - Sir.
Where is it?
- Over there.
Hasn't the drunkard arrived?
No, sir. I've sent the vehicle
to pick him.
What about the media?
No one is here as yet.
I think they haven't got the news.
Who saw the body first?
A police constable, Soma Sekhar.
Call him.
- Sir.
He was following
the wife of a criminal
who went missing while on parole.
Who appointed you to the police
force? Why didn't you follow him?
You should have informed us.
No, sir. I guessed he is the killer
only after seeing the body.
But he was gone by then.
Obviously, he wouldn't have
waited for you.
Will you at least be able
to identify him?
Do you recall his face?
No, sir. It was too dark.
And he was wearing something
like a black coat..
Hello, sir. It's been half an hour
since I reached the spot.
I don't know, sir.
He is already drunk since morning..
Where did you see the vehicle?
On that side.
- Okay.
No, sir.
The media hasn't arrived.
We're almost done
with the formalities.
Okay, sir. I'll be there.
- Sir?
Yes, sir.
- Make it fast.
- I'm going to the IG's office.
Sir. - Okay?
- Sir.
I saw it here.
Can you tell me
which vehicle it was?
No, sir.
Try to recollect.
I believe, it was a jeep.
But it wasn't closed in the back.
I mean, it was open.
What was the colour
of the vehicle?
It was too dark and so..
You should not be saying this.
I've gone out of the way to help
you in so many cases. Why?
What I need are results.
Sam may be a drunkard.
But he made
a breakthrough in this case.
Sir, we aren't sure
that his discoveries are right.
To prove that wrong, we should have
contradictory facts and figures.
Do you have anything like that?
Your ego and professional jealousy
will only ruin your career
and also this case.
It's not ego
or professional jealousy.
A policeman is supposed to follow
a certain code of conduct.
Basic etiquettes..
- You need not teach me that.
How many police men in our force
follow this code of conduct
that you're talking about?
I know officers who drink and sleep
with women during their duty hours.
So, let us not talk about it.
If you want..
- May I come in, Sir?
Yes, Sam. Come in.
Have a seat.
As per your instructions
one of the victims' wife is here.
The second one is on the way.
We have to avoid the wife of the
third victim who was killed today.
We'll start with the first two.
Sir, this is the marking
on the body found today
and its meaning.
'Chapter 6, sentence 33.'
'He was inflicted with
wounds and humiliation.'
'The humiliation
cannot be wiped off.'
'And it makes an envious
person more livid.'
'He will neither show mercy
while seeking his revenge'
'nor will he accept
any compensation for his loss.'
'No reward can lure
him in any way.'
Sir, things are more clear now.
First one showed his hatred
towards women
while the second one hinted
his attachment towards them.
This is a kind of thirst to seek
revenge from them.
So, we can now rule out the
possibility of a random selection.
And I can give you a partial
description of the killer.
He is about 6 feet tall
and weighs around 70-75 kilos.
His right leg is shorter.
And he is using a red Gypsy
with a hardtop and balloon radials.
How did you discover this, Sam?
I found boot prints from the last
two crime scenes.
The right foot's print is 3/4
inches deeper than the left one.
When people with one leg shorter
walk, they put more pressure on it.
So, it's natural the short foot
leaves a deeper imprint.
Moreover, he uses
a special boot manufactured
for people with this defect.
From the tyre tracks we examined
I could make out. It was the tyre
of a Gypsy with balloon radials.
The colour of the vehicle is red
which is proved by the crash card
of the bike of the last victim,
on which red paint was found.
PC Soma Sekhar's testimony
confirmed it was a hardtop Gypsy.
Excellent work, Sam!
Hello. Okay.
Is it?
Ask them to wait.
The second lady is here too.
And we have a surprise, Sam.
They know each other, don't they?
How did you know that?
It's called
common sense.
How do you know each other?
We met in an Entrance
coaching centre.
Where? - In an institution called
'Career Top' in Angamaly.
Which year? - 2004 June onwards,
for a six months crash course.
Do you know this girl?
She is Vimala Menon.
No, she is Vimala Ramesh.
They're the same person.
Ramesh is her husband's name.
Unfortunately, he is no more.
Ramesh was also killed
like your husbands.
Do you think that's a coincidence?
If not,
you should have an enemy.
Do you have an enemy?
We have no enemies, sir.
The enemy may not have
a serious issue with you.
Because this enemy
is not a normal person.
He is an eccentric man or a boy.
He could be a handicap.
Maybe, he limps while walking..
Who is he?
The owners of 'Career Top' were
a couple, Isaac and Parvathy.
They were from some remote
village in South Kerala.
Following a sensational inter-caste
marriage, they eloped from
their village, and we have heard
many stories in the institute.
Their highlight was the quality
of their teaching.
And so, the coaching centre
grew rapidly in a very short time.
A young man, Anand came there
to help Ma'am.
Anand was raised by
Mrs. Parvathy's parents.
Did Anand have any disability?
Yes, one of his legs was shorter
than the other.
He was a special character.
He hardly spoke to anyone.
He was very brilliant.
He was always
in a world of books.
Bible was his favourite.
Appearance wise, he looks normal.
There was something extra ordinary
about his character and behaviour.
Small things infuriated him.
The way he expressed his anger
can scare anyone to death.
Once, Mrs. Parvathy, who was also
the warden of the girls' hostel
came into our room unexpectedly.
Turn the page.
- Look. - Wow!
We begged Mrs. Parvathy
and Mr. Isaac
not to inform our parents about it.
Sorry, I have to inform
your parents. - Ma'am..
Ma'am, we made a mistake.
- Please.
Please forgive us, this time.
Don't inform our parents. Please!
See, we have some responsibilities
towards your parents.
Our institute has grown because we
sincerely fulfil those. Understand?
Please, ma'am. We're sorry.
- Please. - Please.
Ma'am, please.
How dare you block my way!
I won't change my decision of
informing your parents. Move!
What are the names of the
other two students?
Lakshmi and Anita.
Did she call your parents?
Yes, she did.
Sit down.
This is the book
your children read and study from.
Sir, they won't get through
the entrance exam with our efforts.
They will have to work hard
and cooperate with us.
They don't come here to study.
These two are the gang leaders.
Tell me. Aren't they
old enough to get married?
Their interests also
indicate that.
It's sad.
Please forgive them this time.
We'll see to it that they don't
create such problems again.
We'll give them one more chance
just because you've requested.
What say? - Okay. - But if they
repeat this, we'll suspend them.
We felt humiliated
in front of our parents.
The news spread like wild fire
in the institute.
We couldn't face anyone. The boys
passed lewd comments at us.
Will you give it to us? - We heard
you have a colourful book.
Get lost! - We have good ones,
too. Let's exchange the book.
'"Don't tell anyone the secret
of the book.." - Get lost.
We were furious at Mrs. Parvathy
and wanted to seek revenge.
We then tried to create
some problem in her life.
That is when we noticed,
Anand was interested
in Vimala.
Vimala, excuse me.
Will you please come?
He has been doing this quite often.
He calls her aside
and talks to her in private.
I think he has developed
a liking for her.
Shall we use him as a pawn
in our game?
Vimala started behaving
as if she liked him too.
Anand was in our control
faster than we expected it.
One day, Lakshmi and Vimala
went to see Mr. Isaac.
Sir, he is a nuisance.
He always follows Vimala around.
Please don't scold him.
Just advise him.
Sir, please make sure he doesn't
know we complained to you.
Anand came to see Vimala
on knowing about this.
I never said that.
Mr. Isaac is lying to you.
Vimala, why don't you
tell him the truth?
What truth?
I'll tell you.
- No, it will get us into trouble.
Be quiet.
He must know the truth.
Anand, you know about
the hostel issue.
After the incident, Mr. Isaac's
approach towards us has changed.
Especially, towards Vimala.
He is trying to get close to her.
He called Vimala and warned her
to stay away from you.
please don't create an issue.
I didn't tell you about it
as I feared you would.
There's only a month left
for our course to end.
Don't see each other till then.
Once the course is over, you
can meet outside the institute.
Mr. Isaac won't have any right
to stop you, then.
Anand believed our story blindly.
We did all that we could to create
a distance between Isaac and Anand.
On the last day of our course,
we made another plan.
Come on, quick!
- Hope no one is watching us.
The two of you go to Mr. Isaac,
and we'll go to Anand. - Okay, go.
Sir, do you see this?
Anand forced himself on her.
Thank God, we reached on time
and so, we could save her.
What safety do you provide
for the girls studying here?
Anand, Mr. Isaac tried to..
Now, I realise what was
in your mind and his.
I don't want to see you again.
I hate you!
I can't let this happen.
Get out of here! I say, out!
Let me go.
Oh, no! Are you okay?
Anand! What's going on?
Get up.
We returned to our homes
on the very same day.
Did you ever meet Anand after that?
Yes, we did. We heard, he tried
to meet Vimala many times.
Vimala was worried.
We decided to put an end to it.
We informed Anand
to meet us in the centre
where we had the entrance exam.
Vimala's life is ruined
because of you and Mr. Isaac.
She is in shock.
She isn't even appearing
for the entrance exam.
Why do you expect her to love you
even now? What quality do you have?
Is it a good family background,
good looks
or this limping foot?
We didn't ruin your life.
It was Mrs. Parvathy and Mr. Isaac
who ruined it. Come, let's go.
After this incident,
we never met him.
Do you have any idea
where Lakshmi and Anita are?
No, Sir.
Can you give us any details
about their address?
Our friendship wasn't strong as it
was just a 6 months' crash course.
None of us got through
the entrance exam.
And so, we parted ways
and opted for different courses.
There was no contact
between any of us later.
You might get their address
from the institute.
Give me soda.
Give him soda.
You cannot drink here.
I won't have it here.
Is there an entrance coaching
centre in this place?
'Career Top'.
Yes, where is it?
It's on that side,
but it's shut down.
Why? What happened?
The owner of it, Mr. Isaac passed
away and so, it was closed down.
How long has it been?
Almost 8-9 years.
How did Isaac die?
He fell from the institute
building and died.
People say he slipped.
What is his wife doing now?
That's a sad story.
Mr. Isaac fell right in front of
her and died. She became insane.
There was a boy with them whom she
considered like her brother.
He left this place with her.
After few years, he came back
and sold off the building
and place for a decent price.
There's a working women's hostel
in its place, now.
Is there anyone
who was close to them?
I want to know if I can gather
any information about them.
There's a lady, Valsamma, who
used to work in Mr. Isaac's house.
That boy gave Rs. 3 lakhs
after the place was sold, to her.
It was of great help to her.
Police! I told you not to drink
over here. Where do I hide it?
That's my jeep.
Sir, are you a cop?
Yes. - Should I get you
some snacks?
Where's Valsamma's house?
If you go 300 metres ahead, you'll
see the working women's hostel.
Behind that is her house.
You can inquire at the hostel.
She works there.
I'm coming.
Don't scream your lungs out.
Two men are here to see you.
It's so cold out here.
It's really cold.
Who are you? Are you here
to offer him liquor?
We're cops.
What's the matter, sir?
We want to know certain things
from you, Valsamma.
Keep it. And move away from here
for some time.
You have some information
that we need to know.
What is it, sir?
If you speak the truth,
we'll never meet again.
But if you lie to us
we'll keep meeting you
in different ways.
I'll tell the truth.
What do you want to know, sir?
We want to know the secret
you've been hiding for long.
I have not understood, sir.
What do you mean?
Rupees Three lakhs is the price
you quoted to keep it a secret.
But the secret is priceless for us.
Why did Anand kill Isaac?
No, sir.
Anand did not kill him.
Don't try to hide anything from us.
No, sir. It's the truth.
Anand did not kill him on purpose.
It was an accidental death.
It happened by mistake.
I'm sure.
Because I witnessed it.
Eight to nine years ago,
a few girls who came to study there
and Anand had some problems.
What was the girl's name?
I don't remember that.
Was her name Vimala?
I don't recall her name.
Where did Anand go?
He went in search of her,
but I think he failed to trace her.
What made you conclude that?
He returned after a month.
That day, he got into
an argument with Mr. Isaac.
Let go of me.
You're responsible for separating
Vimala from me. - No! Stop it.
I didn't do that on purpose.
It just happened.
Please don't tell anyone. Save me.
Did he realise that the girls
had poisoned his mind?
Yes, sir. I told him.
He couldn't believe it at first.
But later, he realised it was true.
Why didn't you tell him the truth
if you knew it all along?
I wasn't sure,
but I had a strong doubt.
I couldn't muster the courage to
tell him without being sure
because he was very unpredictable
once he lost his temper.
Did Anand have any mental illness?
He was of a peculiar character.
If he liked someone,
he liked them to an extreme.
And he hated the sight of
the ones he did not like.
Why did you hide these things
from the police?
For the sake of Mrs. Parvathy.
If Anand is put behind bars
for something he did
not do intentionally
who'd take care of her?
I heard she lost her mental
balance after the incident.
No, sir. It's just that she hasn't
spoken a word after the incident.
One month after the death
of Mr. Isaac
Anand left the place
with Mrs. Parvathy.
After six months,
he came back alone.
He told me he sold off
the building and premises
and gave me Rupees Three lakhs.
He burnt all the papers
that were at home and in office.
He took some papers with him.
Was Parvathy pregnant
when Isaac died?
It was a long awaited pregnancy,
after years of marriage.
She was two months pregnant
when they left this place.
Anand told me, she gave birth
to a girl child.
Do you know where they are now?
No, sir.
I haven't seen them after he
gave me the money and left.
Do you have any old photos
of Anand or Parvathy?
Or maybe, their address..
No, sir. I have nothing at all.
I don't have anything.
So, we're back to zero.
What a pity!
What will we do now?
I don't have the faintest idea.
Okay, sir.
Where are you, Anthony?
My daughter isn't keeping well.
What happened to her?
She has a high temperature.
She is now hospitalised.
I learnt about the improvements
when I called up the office.
What shall we do, next?
Where do we start?
There is no such thing
as a perfect crime.
There is always some link
or evidence in every case.
Our victory lies
in tracing that out.
We're missing something
in this case.
Something that we are yet to find.
We have no clue about it.
Although it was unexpected
on knowing that he could not
catch the killer, you wouldn't have
remained quiet, would you?
Wouldn't you have
made it sensational
by proving how inefficient
the police is?
But isn't that what
has happened here?
One more thing..
I want you to publish it
as your discovery.
Our department will deny it.
There is a third person
who knows about it
and that's the IG, Arvindakshan.
Won't I have to specify
who saw him?
No, you shouldn't.
This news shouldn't have clarity.
Only then will it sound credible
to the killer.
Breaking News!
A policeman saw
the anonymous killer.
Give me Rs. 2 change.
Breaking News!
A policeman saw the anonymous
killer. Breaking News!
Sir, is it true that one of your
officers saw the killer?
Who told you that? Neither I
or my department have a clue.
Sir, but it's in the newspaper..
- Which Newspaper?
Go and ask the reporter
who printed it. - Sir. - Sir!
No more comments.
- Sir, please. - No.
'Concerning the abduction
and murder of 2 customs officer..'
'A policeman saw the killer and
is a turning point in the case.'
Stop, right there!
Hey, you..
Your body needs it.
Alcoholism isn't something
you can quit instantly.
Reduce the quantity gradually.
And through yoga and meditation,
create a willpower to resist it.
That's what we do here.
Take it.
Go ahead.
We have another victim.
His name is Nasar
and wife's name is Lakshmi.
They live in Theni and own
an estate there.
He went missing three days ago.
His body was found this morning.
From where?
How did you know this, Sam?
I did not know, sir.
It's a calculated guess.
Did you notice something?
The interval between the initial
murders were 5-6 months.
But now it has come down
to 1.5 months.
Which means, he is in a hurry
and we have no time to lose.
We need to save
the last person, at least.
Sir, with the evidence we have
and the identity of those girls
shall we expose it in media? Won't
the 5th girl get in touch with us?
We can think about it.
No, sir.
We still don't know
who the killer is.
But we're now close to him.
If we leak the information we have
right now, he'll abscond.
But what if it helps us
find the girl?
If it does..
- Yes.
There's no surety.
Even if we find her,
what can we do?
We'll protect her.
For how long?
For however long it takes.
Is it just as you protected
my family and me?
Sir, we have an eccentric
killer out there.
It's clear from Valsamma's
Why did Anand come back?
Was his intention
only to sell the place?
Other than the documents he needed
he destroyed everything else.
In a way, he just erased himself.
He erased the identity of Anand.
He may have created
a new identity for himself.
The documents he took could be
the information of the girls.
You said it. It's not just
a possibility. I'm sure about it.
He had already planned
everything on that day itself.
You're right.
But we cannot have one more victim.
Sir, do you see this?
Didn't you ask me how I guessed
the location of the 4th body?
From the place,
we found the first body
the second one is 150 km away.
From these two points, at
a distance of yet another 150 km
is where we found the third body.
If the killer is following
this pattern
it's quite natural to have
found the fourth body here.
Because this place is exactly
150 km away from all
the three points.
And you see this.
It's a cross.
What's the status of our search
for the Gypsy?
We had sent a message to
all the police stations in Kerala.
Till now,
there are no positive results.
Sir, instruct our team not to look
for Anand all over Kerala.
I know which part of Kerala
he is in.
I need a thorough search
for this Gypsy around this place.
Petrol pumps, workshops,
service stations, auto electrical
and any business establishment
related to a vehicle.
Are you the manager, here?
- Yes, sir.
How many employees
do you have? - 15.
All of them have not reached.
Call all of them.
Sure, sir.
We're looking for a red Gypsy
with hard-body and balloon tyre.
Have any of you noticed such
a Gypsy here or anywhere?
I have seen one such vehicle.
I'll be there in no time.
Don't let the boy communicate
with anyone else. Okay?
Where is he?
- He is inside.
Did he see the Gypsy here?
No, sir.
- Then?
I saw it in Kumarakom.
I was working in a petrol pump
in Kumarakom before I joined here.
The vehicle has come there
many times.
How long have you been here?
It's been almost a year.
Why do you still remember
the vehicle?
The tyre of that Gypsy was so wide.
Do you remember
the registration number of it?
No, sir.
Will you be able to identify
the person who drove the Gypsy?
Of course,
he came here last week, too.
Yes, Sir. - Change
the mud flap of that vehicle.
Bring the car in. - Okay.
- Sir, please come inside.
Where are you going? - To change
the mud flap of that Jeep.
Johnny, a person came here to buy
a mud flap of a Swift, last week.
He is asking about that man.
Yes, I remember now.
I think it was on last Monday.
Did you notice
the number of the car?
No, sir. I didn't go outside.
He came in, purchased the mud flap
and left immediately
after getting it changed.
Who changed it for him?
Should I call him, sir?
Yes, I'll call him.
- Ratheesh. - Yes. - Come here.
Did any of you notice anything
peculiar about
the person who came
in the Swift car?
For example, a limp or so.
It's about a case.
We need some information about him.
Hello, Mom. - I called up
Father, and he told me
you left in the middle of your
treatment. If you want results..
Mom, I'll talk to you later.
I'm busy right now.
I'll call you back.
He was left handed, sir.
He paid me with his left hand,
the other day.
Sir, I have doubt.
I suspect he was a policeman.
What makes you think so?
When he came to the service
station in Kumarakom, long back
I'd seen a few files with the label
of 'Kerala Police' in his car.
What is it?
- Ratheesh, he wanted to see you.
But why?
Didn't you change the mud flap
of a Swift car, last Monday?
He wants to know who it was.
- He was not a cop.
Sir, he was a doctor.
How did you know he was a doctor?
Do you know him?
- No, sir.
Then how did you conclude
that he was a doctor?
Sir, what I saw..
Where are you going? - To change
the mud flap of that car.
'He was left handed, sir.'
'I suspect he was a policeman.'
'He is a doctor.'
'I'd seen a few files'
'with the label of
'Kerala Police' in his car.'
Last Monday
did you go to
Sai Service Station in Kottayam
to change your car's mud flap?
Yes, I did.
Sir, he is not the one I saw.
I wasn't alone.
Yes, sir. - I want to change
the mud flap of that Swift car.
Ratheesh, come here.
Where are you going?
To change the mud flap
of that car.
Where is he, right now?
He is on leave. He has this habit
of taking an off often.
He is not available
even on the phone.
If there's any emergency
I send him a message,
and he calls me back.
Do you have his photograph?
No, we don't have it here.
It should be there in his quarters.
Out! Get out! Out!
- File..
Anthony, get them all out of here.
Don't allow anyone inside.
- Doctor, is there any way to find
the dates on which Peter
took a leave in the last two years?
Sure, it will be there in
the register.
Shamir, get it.
- Sir.
I want the dates
when the victims went missing
and also the dates
when we found their bodies.
The last time he went on leave
was two weeks back, on June 18th.
He resumed duty on the 24th.
June 18th to 24th.
- Yes, sir.
Suresh, on what date
did the last victim go missing
and when did we find his body?
Sir, he went missing on June 20th,
and we found his body on the 23rd.
June 23rd was a Sunday.
So, he resumed on 24th.
Doctor, check the previous date.
Mom, I'm in an emergency situation.
I will call you back! Yes.
Sorry, Doctor. Tell me.
Before June 18th, he had taken
an off on April 27th.
He resumed on May 4th.
The victim went missing on May 1st,
and his body was found on May 3rd.
So, that's it!
Compare the other dates,
as well. - Sir.
Sir, he has taken a leave now..
For the same reason.
Anthony. - Sir.
- Call the IG.
Doctor, please try to call him
on his mobile phone.
It will be switched off.
If it is not off, talk about
something official.
He shouldn't suspect
anything wrong.
Sir, one second.
IG is on the line.
Sir, it's switched off.
Send him some official message
on his phone as you usually do.
Sir, this is Sam.
He is our man.
Anthony. - Sir.
- Switch on the computer.
I think that's Peter's sister
and her daughter.
Suresh. - Sir.
- Call a computer expert. - Sir.
Tell him why we need him.
Sir. - We don't have
much time to lose. - Sir.
In the meanwhile, try something.
Have you seen them, Doctor?
No. His sister is no more, and the
child is in some boarding school.
I don't know.
Peter never discussed
his personal life with anyone.
It was really surprising
that he shared this with me.
I never asked him anything
because it was sensitive to him.
He has bought a rubber estate
near Kottayam, recently.
Where near Kottayam?
I think it's somewhere near
Pambady. I'm not sure.
Suresh. - Sir. - Go with a team
to Pambady immediately and enquire.
Sir. - Take the assistance
of the local police. - Sir.
What was the name of the 5th girl?
There! Anita.
Hello, Mom.
I called to tell you
something else. Did Sanju call you?
What's the matter, Mom?
- Anita had called.
Sanju went on an official tour,
the day before yesterday.
He was supposed to return last
night, but he hasn't come yet.
His phone is switched off.
She is tensed.
Mom, don't worry.
He'll come back.
Sir, Sanju..
He is trapped with the killer.
If you don't share it with your
friends and eat it up all alone
I'll throw you in the sea.
Please don't kill me.
Have I ever harmed you?
No, you haven't.
Your wife is the culprit,
my friend.
You should pay for your wife's sin.
Do you think it's absurd?
You're just an ordinary
human being.
Today, I'm going to send
you to the Almighty.
How lucky you are, Sanju!
No. Please..
Don't you get it?
Don't kill me. Please!
I'm ready to give you anything.
Will you?
Will you give me anything?
- Yes, I will.
Will you give me back
my family, that your wife
and friends ruined?
Will you?
You can't, can you?
All I want is revenge.
And you can help me do that.
But for that
you have to sacrifice your life.
No. - You should sacrifice
your life!
Hello, sir.
Is it in Pambady?
Where exactly is the tower, there?
The tower is near
St. Joseph's Church.
The signal strength indicates
that he should be somewhere in
a radius of half a kilometre.
That's what
the service provider claims.
Sir, we have information
that he owns a rubber estate there.
SI Suresh has
gone there with a team.
Yes, sir.
I'm on my way.
Welcome to my heaven,
Mr. Sam Alex.
You reached me much earlier
than I expected.
You're smart.
- No!
This was only
an official duty for you, so far.
But now, it's personal.
Right? You're a better brother
than a policeman.
How are you going to do it?
You want to kill me
and save your brother, don't you?
Okay, go ahead.
Don't you believe me?
Come on, shoot me.
Come on, Sam. Shoot me.
Come on! Shoot me!
Anthony, no!
There's no going back from here
for any of us.
Now, it's my turn.
Peter, no! No, don't do this.
Don't do anything stupid.
Peter, you..
Your sister's daughter!
If something happens to you..
She will be an orphan.
Wow! Psychological move!
A move to gun down
your opponent, psychologically.
But I'm sorry, Sam.
Nothing personal.