Memories (2023) Movie Script

You may forget, but your memory
does not get erased.
Everyone has their live to lead,
their share of problems,...
...and their memories.
The past keeps haunting us.
Certain memories can be dangerous,
while others are unbelievable.
Welcome to Memories.
Nothing is impossible
in this world.
You, I, this program
and this moment,...
...nothing is permanent.
The scenes we see
keep changing.
That is why the Gita says
everything is virtual.
But in this world
that changes constantly,...
...the scenes that we cannot forget
gets stored in our brain.
It is called memories.
In this unusual investigative
program called Memories,...
...this week, the person who will
tell us a story from his memory... him.
How will we see the world
through his memory?
Just like you, I'm also
eager to listen to his story.
Let's get into the show.
This is not my story.
But it is my story too.
Because I am also
a part of the story.
It's all only a second,
like an accident.
Like a trick.
This can happen in your life too.
I am sharing this story with you
so that you would be careful.
The story I'm going to tell you
is a true incident that happened... the life of a young man.
It's the story
of an innocent man called Venki.
Sir! Save me, sir!
Save me, sir.
He's after me, sir.
Who are you?
-I don't know who it is.
A killer is after me, sir.
What is happening there?
-Please, sir, save me.
A killer is after me, sir.
-Let him go.
Please, sir. Save me.
He threatened to kill me.
-Hey, Ramar!
Check who is outside.
-Okay, sir.
Save me, sir.
-Don't yell, you fool.
I'm scared, sir.
I said sit down!
-He is trying to kill me.
There's no one there.
He's lying, sir.
I'm not lying, sir. It's true.
-Sit down.
No one can come in here
and hurt you when I am here.
Speak now. What is going on?
Where are you from?
Why was he chasing you?
Did you scare him?
Who are you, sir?
Why have you locked me up here?
Tell me, sir.
Please, sir.
We wouldn't have been together
for even a day.
But our destiny is the same.
That's you and me.
Okay! Calm down.
Now there's no pain, right?
Who are you, sir?
Why lock me here?
You and I are not related.
But you are everything to me.
Who am I, sir?
What place is this?
-So man big questions.
You ask them so easily.
One answer for all. Zero.
But there is everything in it.
It's okay.
Everything is all right, baby.
You saved me.
Sir, who are you?
Why did you lock me up?
Tell me, sir. Sir!
I didn't realise
there was God in me.
After realising God is in me,...
...will people see
who is inside me?
I understood the God within me
through meditation.
I don't even know who I am.
-So, find out who you are first.
Once you find out,
you will see me clearly.
Myself? Me?
Double murder in Nagercoil.
The city in a state of panic.
The culprit has been identified.
This is my photo. Murder?
How? Sir, this is me.
How did this happen, sir?
Did I kill them?
If you ask me after you have
killed them, how would I know?
So, take me
to the police station.
Why are you
looking at me that way?
I should have killed you
for what you did.
But you lost your memory
due to an accident.
And now, you don't even
know who you are.
So, there's no point
in killing you.
I'll give you 17 hours.
Before your time ends,
find out who you are...
...and what have you been doing?
But after that,
you won't live, baby.
Do you want to kill me?
It's death, right?
Hey, cool, baby!
Police, sir.
Sir, he looks
like the murderer.
-The person in the car.
Why are the police chasing us?
Why are you doing this?
At least tell me
who I am, sir.
Why are the police chasing us?
Your time starts now.
Hey, Venki, where are you?
This is Saravanan.
Hey! I keep calling you,
but you don't want to talk.
-Where are you?
Where am I?
-Give the phone... the person beside you.
-What do you want?
Hello! Sir, where is this please?
Ismail Estate,
next to the water tank.
Okay, sir. Tell him
to wait there for 10 minutes,...
...I am on my way.
But I didn't think
you would kill for money.
What? Murder? Me?
Don't keep saying that.
I don't understand
what is going on.
You did everything. Now you're
talking as if you're innocent.
This is not fair.
I told you repeatedly...
...not to worry and that
we'll somehow raise the money.
I was away for 6 days
and look what you're done.
Don't get me wrong
for asking you this.
-Who are you in the first place?
Tell me.
Hey, I'm Saravanan.
Don't you know me?
Don't, let's no wait here,
the police may come.
Take me to a hotel. I'm hungry.
-I'll take you to a place.
Let's see
if you remember the place.
Okay, go on.
Tell me, before the food arrives.
Where did we first meet?
I'll tell you. We studied together
in JJ Engineering College... Trichy.
You loved cinema
even when you were in college.
You wanted to be a director.
After studies,
I came back to Nagercoil... run my family business.
I heard you went to Chennai...
...and became
an assistant director.
I used to think about you often.
Then, 2 months ago,
you came to my house.
Hi, dude.
-Hi! Venki!
Cinema director!
Have you taken your movie?
I'm seeing you after 7 years.
You're not asking how I am.
I think of you often.
When you appeared suddenly,...
...I was shocked.
I'm sure you did not come here...
...looking for me.
-I swear I'm not here to see you.
I can see that. What's up?
-I found a producer.
I came here
to check out the location.
I asked our friends
who would be free in this region.
They suggested you.
-Who? Am I free?
Don't keep talking,
get me something to eat.
Shower and get ready.
We'll eat out today.
Come on.
Chandru took everything and left
in a hurry to meet Janaki...
...on time in the rain.
The hero came on time,...
...but Janaki wasn't there.
He called her,...
...but she was not reachable.
Even after 20 minutes,...
...she wasn't there.
It was time for him to catch
the train to Mumbai.
He wanted to see the girl he loved
one last time before he left.
He decided to leave as he
didn't want to miss the train.
At the last minute,
when the camera pans,...
...the restaurant door opens.....
Janaki makes her entry.
Super, it's good.
She looks at the menu.
She orders a masala dosa
and a cup of coffee.
A masala dosa and a cup of coffee.
-Okay, ma'am.
Is this your script or
the story that is going on here?
This is the Janaki
I was telling you about.
Love with the monsoons
is timeless...
Your beauty is in your eyes...
Love with the monsoons
is timeless...
Your beauty is in your eyes...
I'm lost in your eyes...
You pulled me into you...
Your breath moves me...
It is bliss
to be in love with you...
A life with you
is pure bliss...
Did I win your heart...
I'm so in love...
How can I get angry with you...
I get tempted...
I walk the same path as you...
I'll walk even if it is far...
I'll do it at all costs...
My end is with you...
I can't believe this,
there is nothing I can remember.
Did I do all this?
-What is this?
You're talking like a clown
who just came out of a coma.
You did everything.
Then what happened?
-You were so in love with Janaki.
You kept seeing her
as you were mesmerized by her.
Then what happened?
-One day, out of the blue,... asked for Rs20 lakhs.
-What? Rs20 lakhs? Did I ask you?
You're a great actor.
You wanted Rs20 lakhs so badly.
Why did I want the money?
Hey, what happened? I've been
calling for the past 2 days.
You did not answer your calls.
Even when you did, you were upset.
I have a serious
family problem, Venki.
I won't know until you tell me.
If you keep it to yourself,... would I know?
I need Rs20 lakhs.
Rs20 lakhs?
-I need it within another week.
What do you want to buy
with that much money?
My sister's life.
I have only one sister,
her name is Janani.
She is 5 years younger than me.
She is mischievous,...
...a very good singer.
Right from small,...
...she had headaches.
We thought it was a normal thing
and left it unchecked.
Last week, when she was
with her friends, she fainted.
Only after taking her
to the hospital to do a scan,...
...we realised
she had a large tumour.
The doctor said she needs surgery
immediately or her life is at risk.
We can only raise Rs5 lakhs from
my mother's jewels and savings.
We don't know
how to raise another Rs20 lakhs.
You've told me now,
don't worry.
I'll get the money.
You know me well.
You may have problems,
but I'm least bothered about it.
Pay me promptly by the 5th,
or my boys will come to your house.
They will harass
even your wife and kids.
Sir, did you bring the documents?
How much did you ask for?
This won't fetch that much.
-Why? What's the matter?
You said the asset is in town.
This place is in the interior.
I won't even give
Rs20,000 for this.
Brother, please help out.
Saravana, I can't help you.
I'm leaving, don't waste my time.
I have another appointment.
Men like Sasi Kumar have spoilt
the people by making films... which they help out
their friends in love.
When it happened 6 days ago,
I was leaving for Trichy... solve a land issue back home.
You told me something at that time.
What did I tell you?
Why are you looking that way?
Well, you wanted Rs20 lakhs
so badly the other day.
What happened?
-After tonight,...
...all the problems
will be solved.
Why are you looking that way?
-You murderer!
You murdered the man for money,
didn't you?
Hey, I did not murder the man.
I don't know anything.
You killed for love,
and now you're pretending... don't know anything.
Are you trying to fool me?
I said I did not do it.
-Calm down.
Don't yell.
Let's go out and talk.
Wait near my bike,
I'll come out shortly.
Hey, wait!
Don't let him get away!
I did not know
why I was running.
He just wanted to run.
That's it.
He doesn't know anything else.
But he knew something
very well.
Someone around him
was scheming.
The person was trying to nail him
and finish him off for good.
He needs to find out
who the person is.
For that, he needs to stay alive.
He needs to run at least for that.
He has to run.
Who are you, sir?
Where are you taking me, sir?
Please tell me.
Sir, please, I don't know anything.
-Go in, I won't let you go... matter where you hide.
Go in.
Sir, I don't know anything.
-What did you do to my daughter?
Tell me. If you don't tell me,
I'll kill you right now.
Sir, I swear I don't know.
I don't even know who I am.
I've lost my memory.
I don't even know
who your daughter is.
Trust me. Please listen to me.
-Whom are you cheating, you rascal!
I'm telling you
I don't know anything.
Tell me, how are you connected?
Tell me or I'll shoot you.
I'll tell you,
put the gun down first.
Charge his bill on me.
Son, I understand your problem.
I was listening
to what you were telling the man.
I'll give you the money
that you need.
Sir, who are you?
Consider me
your guardian angel.
You know what
a guardian angel is, am I right?
God will send someone on His behalf
to someone who is struggling.
Think of me as your guarding angel
who was sent by God.
How much did you ask for?
Rs20 lakhs, right?
-Yes, sir.
I'll give you the money.
What are you looking?
But on one condition.
You need to do special prayers
for the God who helped you.
Likewise, you must do
something for me in return.
What should I do? Do you want
to be the villain in my film?
I'll even use you as my hero.
Son, you need money.
I need...
...a body.
-A body? Do you want me to murder?
Why are you shocked by this?
4,000 people are murdered
in this country each day.
You read the papers, I hope.
-I'm leaving, sir.
Son, take a seat.
You don't get anything free
in this world except advice.
If you get into trouble, here,...
...keep my visiting card.
It will help you.
-Finally, money won.
Sir, I don't wish to waste
time by talking.
My situation is such
I told you what I wanted you to do.
But I didn't tell you who it is.
Who is she, sir?
-My wife.
All the mistakes that happen
in this world are caused by beauty.
Everything was fine at first.
Then, in the form
of Facebook and Messenger,...
...big crooks
made their way into my house.
She started dating and chatting,
she went overboard.
I got so angry,
I questioned her.
She said I used my money
to cheat her father...
...and got married
to her when she was young.
So, she's doing this
to take revenge against me.
I felt so embarrassed.
I have a young daughter at home.
I'm worried my daughter will get
spoilt looking at my wife.
So, I'm trying to use you
to do what I cannot do.
How should I do it, sir?
I only told you
to kill my wife.
What did you do to my daughter?
-Your daughter? Me?
Tell me, what did you
do to my daughter?
Who is Venki?
Is he the murderer?
There is another side to all the
truth that happens in this world.
But the world prefers
to believe only the lie...
...and does not wish
to dwell on it.
Especially to the police
and the lawyers,...
...truth is like a laxative,
they hate it.
They keep asking
for witnesses and evidence.
The only witness to the truth
is the open sky.
To tell you the truth,
the reason behind every murder... this world is a woman.
Writer Stephen Crane said so.
If you look at it that way,
we should lock up every woman... this world.
Okay, I'll get to the story.
You only heard the teaser so far.
The main story
is just about to start.
Venki, come on.
-No, just let me go.
Hey, listen to me.
Come here.
Venki, hear me out.
Venki, don't run.
Hey, wait! Come here!
I'm your friend, Saravanan.
I don't need anything.
-Why are you doing this?
I'm your friend, Saravanan.
Then why did you come with him?
-With whom?
The murderer, the fat man.
He nearly killed me.
I saw you with him.
You said you lost your memory.
Now, are you imagining things
that did not happen?
Yes, I still have not gone mad.
Why is all this happening
to me? Who am I?
There is a man who gave me
17 hours and tied me up.
The police are looking for me.
And you're telling
a different tale.
My Janaki.....
I'm so confused. I don't know
which is true and which is a lie.
Hey, I'm your friend, Saravanan.
We've been roommates...
...for the past 2 months.
I was out of town for 6 days.
Something happened to you
during that time.
That is why
you're behaving like this.
Listen to me.
Let's go to the room and talk.
So I did not see you just now?
-It wasn't me.
After I ate and came out
of the restaurant,...
...I saw the police chasing you.
You just took off.
That is why I came looking for you.
Let's go back to the room and talk.
Come with me.
Don't worry about anything.
I'm here to help you.
Who is Saravanan, sir?
Was he really Venki's friend...
...or was he trying to cheat him?
-I don't know.
But his stories are believable.
If he was a friend,
why was he armed?
Venki had the same fear.
That is why he ran.
He ran fearing for his life like
a deer running away from a hunter.
But Venki didn't know
he escaped from the hunter...
...only to be caught by the lion.
Sir, I still
haven't found out who I am.
I'm confused.
But I know I did something wrong.
There is an American writer
called Stephen Crane.
Do you know what he said?
Behind every murder,
there are at least a hundred hands.
But who do we blam
as the murderer?
Only the man who does it.
Sir, did I harm your family?
What happened?
-The people here complained... the police 2 days ago
about the stench in this area.
The police callously dismissed it
by saying a dog might have died.
Poor thing, she's a young girl.
Yes, sir, it's the same girl.
We're sending the body...
...for a postmortem.
Sir, recovering the bodies of young
girls from beneath bridges... nothing new to you.
-Don't write what you see...
...and hear and make it an issue.
Sir, what is happening around me?
At least you tell me.
Sir, it's Venki!
-Hey, stop!
Hey, it's that car!
Quick, catch them!
-Let's go!
Sir, did the police arrest
Venki and Abhinav?
Abhinav Ramanujam
is an expert in cheating people.
He'll seem like
he is right in front of us,...
...but he'll be making
an escape elsewhere.
The same thing
happened that day.
He dropped Venki near the forest.
I need to know who I am.
How do I find out?
Why can't I consult a doctor?
You are suffering
from memory loss.
When will I regain
my memory, doctor?
When will I know who I am?
-I can't answer you.
So, is it true that I killed
as they claim?
I'm not sure,
it might have happened.
You might have lost your memory
in an accident...
...that happened at that time.
I can't say anything for sure... the moment.
-I don't understand, doctor.
I'm so confused.
But my heart is saying
I would not have done it.
Please, help me somehow.
-Don't worry.
Your mind is overloaded.
You need a jab.
Jab this patient.
-Okay, doctor.
Go and see the nurse.
Rest properly
and think carefully.
I only told you to kill my wife.
What did you do to my daughter?
We are going to give him
the injection you suggested.
We'll handle it.....
Hello, Baby,
I taught you a way to escape.
But you keep getting trapped
in the spider's web.
You only have another 4 hours left
from the time I gave you.
If we know we're on the wrong path,
we must know how to get back... the right one.
We should not tread
on the same path again and again.
I didn't know my path all along.
Now I'll find the right path
and tread on it.
How to do it, sir?
-If you do it my way,...
...we both won't have problems.
Tell me, sir.
You wanted Rs20 lakhs
the other day.
What happened?
-There is Rs5 lakhs here.
Keep this as an advance.
-What about the balance?
Collect it
once you finish the job.
After tonight,
all the problems will be solved.
Break into the house like a robber,
kill her and take off...
...with the jewels
in the cupboard.
To go in,
use the back entrance.
I'll leave the door
open for you.
Once you enter,
you'll go into the kitchen.
On your left,
below the sink,...
...I'll hide a hammer
in a piece of cloth.
Take that.
Hey, come here. I've been waiting
for so long for you.
Darling, don't make me
wait for you.
Come to me.
Hey, come on!
Have you done it?
-Yes, sir, your wife is dead.
Fine, what about the jewels?
-I did not take, I got scared.
Fool! If you do not take those
jewels, both of us will get caught.
Go on, take those jewels.
That will keep us safe.
Sir, I'm scared.
-Hey, there is no time to talk.
If you do not do it,
I'll have to kill you.
There is no other way.
Take the staircase and go up.
Once you reach the landing,
there will be a room on your left.
When you go in,
you'll see a cupboard.
The key is under the pillow.
Use it to open the locker
and take all the jewels.
Do you know
how much I love you?
I love you very much.
I'll do anything for you.
-Will you do anything I say?
Who are you?
-You sinner!
I've murdered someone for you.
But you are with someone else.....
Let him go! Venki!
You said you didn't know me.
After I kill him,... know me all of a sudden.
Janaki! You're fine, Janaki!
Janaki, get up!
Janaki, please!
Janaki, let's go to the hospital.
Janaki, open your eyes!
Janaki, sit!
You're fine, Janaki!
Open your eyes, Janaki!
Janu dear!
What are you doing here?
Why did you bring
my daughter here?
Janu! Janaki!
Look at me!
Janaki, open your eyes!
Janaki! Janu dear!
Janu dear!
We'll go to the hospital.
Janaki, you're fine.
Open your eyes and look at me.
Janaki, please!
Janaki, stay here.
I'll get a doctor.
Hey, why did you
kill my daughter?
Hey, stop!
Why did you kill my daughter?
Is it true, sir?
I can't believe it.
The truth is scarier
than imagination.
What happened to Venki?
And what about Janaki?
I'll tell you.
New headlines. The murder
of a young man whose head...
...was decapitated near Nagercoil
has sent shockwaves all over.
Hey, I won't let you go!
-This is Sharmila signing off.
Sir, save me.
Someone is after me.
-Hey, who are you?
I don't know who he is.
He is a murderer!
What's going on over there?
I thought Janaki was dead,
but I saw her live on TV.
I don't know
what is going on, sir.
So, are you the suspect
in Dr. Perumal's murder case?
Inform the SP. We've been looking
for him for the past 6 days.
You killed 4 people,
now you're pretending... if you are afraid
because someone is after you.
Not 4 murders, sir.
I only killed 2 people.
I'm admitting what I did, why are
you making this more complicated?
Get the file.
-Okay, sir.
What did you say?
Isn't Perumal trying to kill you?
-Yes, sir.
Perumal died 6 days ago.
You said you killed
2 people, right?
That's the day
we found Perumal's body.
We have evidence that you are
the prime suspect in this case.
Your wallet,
the jewels you stole,...
...and the Rs5 lakhs
advance you took from Perumal,...
...we recovered all these
at the scene of crime.
Your prints are clear
on each one of them.
You can pretend all your want,
but we are not buying it.
No, sir, something is wrong.
There is evidence to prove
that you did everything.
You do not have a choice,
accept what you did.
Hello, Abhinav, everything is okay.
-Hi, sir, thank you.
Try to produce him before the
magistrate at the soonest, okay?
Okay, I'll take care.
-Thank you.
Obstacles are
stepping stones in life.
The objective of this show
is to teach you how to convert...
...obstacles into achievements.
Look here,... much hardship
can a young man face?
Can these things happen?
It's surprising and also shocking.
Come on, let's hear
what happened to him next.
Welcome back
to the Memory Show.
You may forget,
but memory does not get erased.
Tell us, sir.
Tell us the truth.
Who is behind this cruel incident
that happened in Venki's life?
Don't be afraid to expose them.
-I'll tell you.
That's what I'm waiting for.
It is Abhinav Ramanujam.
Who? The doctor?
It is a drama
pulled off by him and the police.
Drama? But for what?
Saravanan, the man who pretended
to be Venki's friend,... none other than.....
Sathyadev Ramanujam,
he is a crime branch officer.
Tamil Nadu Police have seen
many challenging cases,...
...but this is no ordinary case,
it's rather complicated.
A key person
in this case is my younger brother.
Like a sheath with 2 swords,...
...we are 2 brothers
with Dr. Ramanujam's genes.
Dr. Abhinav Ramanujam
and I, a DSP.
A gold medalist
in criminal psychology,...
...a doctorate in mind mapping
and narcotic science therapy.
If he did not help,
we could not have closed...
...Dr. Perumal's multiple murder
case that shocked...
...the whole of Tamil Nadu so soon.
We have evidence
that the accused is the murderer.
But a short while after the murder,
he met with an accident...
...and lost his memory.
He doesn't remember
what took place that day.
Who are you, sir?
Why have you locked me up here?
We formed a team and discussed
this matter at length.
Only if he remembers
how he killed his victims,...
...we can move this case
in the right direction...
...and get him the right sentence.
That is why we embarked...
...on this scientific operation.
So, we prepared a screenplay
to help him regain his memory.
Double murder in Nagercoil.
A state of utter shock.
The murderer has been identified.
-They put my photo here.
But I did not think
you would kill for money.
What? Did I kill someone?
We decided we needed
actors for the drama.
We didn't want the matter to leak,
so we used our officers... play the parts.
Then, we recreated the scenes
to help him regain...
...his memory progressively.
-Who is she, sir?
My wife.
-As Dr. Perumal.....
I only told you to kill my wife.
What did you do to my daughter?
Your daughter?
-I need Rs20 lakhs.
Rs20 lakhs?
-I was his friend.
Don't get me wrong for asking.
Who are you?
-I'm your friend, Saravanan.
We have been roommates
for the past 2 months.
I was out of town for 6 days,
something happened to you then.
You have lost your memory.
-So, is it true that I killed...
...those people
as what they claim, doctor?
I'm not sure.
It could be possible.
So, you killed four people.....
-Not four, sir.
I only killed two people.
I admit it.
We have evidence that you are
the prime suspect in this case.
The jewels you stole,...
...the Rs5 lakhs advance
you took from Perumal.....
There is Rs5 lakhs in here,
this is your advance.
Your prints are clear
on each one of them.
Hello, Abhinav, everything is okay.
-Hi, sir, thank you.
Try to produce him before the
magistrate at the soonest, okay?
Okay, I'll take care.
-Thank you.
We are going to reveal the
breakthrough of this experiment... the press tomorrow.
Before that,...
...we wanted you to know about it.
That is why we called
for this meeting.
Excuse me. Hello!
Did he escape?
Why did both the brothers
do this, sir?
I told you it's a drama
they pulled off with the police.
So, didn't Venki
know what was happening?
He had a doubt.
He did not believe it.
He escaped while they were taking
him to the magistrate... give his statement.
What did Venki do, sir?
He made Abhinav come
to his research centre... get even with him.
Oh, the place where it all started.
-No, the place he lost everything.
The place where he erased
Venki's memory...
...and replaced it
with a criminal's memory.
He made Abhinav come there.
Brother! What happened to you?
Brother! Why did you
come here alone?
What happened?
What's wrong with my face?
How would a 45-year-old
man look, doctor?
Am I 45 years old?
Hey, Venki!
How did you get the police.....
I am Adhikeshav,
Assistant Commissioner of Police.
The real Venki
is someone else.
Venki was your scapegoat.
You erased his memory,...
...and sent him to jail for murder
10 years ago.
Venki's story
is indeed pathetic.
His mother tried her best
to prove her son's innocence.
No one listened to her cries.
She killed herself 2 years ago
due to depression.
Venki who came out on parole
for his mother's death,...
...escaped from police custody
and went to Nambi Rajan's house... kill him because it was he
who sent Venki to prison.
That's when I took over the case.
I came to question you
regarding Janaki's murder case.
I killed those 5 people.
Please leave me alone.
Hey, do you think
I came to rescue you?
I'm doing it for your mother.
Tell me, what happened 8 years ago?
I was a cinema
assistant director.
A producer agreed
to finance my film.
I came to this town
to check out the location.
After checking out the location,
I was on my way back... my cottage. That's when
a speeding car knocked me.
Oh, no! Another murder!
Are you out of your mind?
You've killed 4 people already.
We are at a loss as we do not know
how to get away from it.
There goes our future!
No one's future will be ruined.
When he opens his eye,...
...he would admit that
he killed those 4 people.
Let's get him.
You have killed 4 people.
What are you going
to do to this man now?
I've only used dogs to experiment
my memory-erasing research.
For the first time,
I'm going to use a man.
Get me?
-I don't.
Just listen to me,
we can both get away from this.
After erasing my memory,
Abhinav took me to Perumal's house.
He left my prints on the house
where he killed 4 people.
They created evidence
to frame me for their murders.
Because all the evidence pointed
to me, the police arrested me.
The police thought
I lost my memory in an accident.
They handed me
over to Abhinav.
But Abhinav did not
recreate my memory.
He wanted me to owe up
to the murders that he committed.
He added a new story
to my memory.
He tattooed the name Janaki
on my hand as if I loved her.
Because she needed money,
I killed Perumal's family.
Then I left Perumal and Janaki's
bodies under the bridge...
...after an accident.
They fed this fake story...
...into my mind.
When I became conscious,
I didn't know who I was.
I only saw Abhinav there.
He gave me 17 hours
to find out who I am...
...before he made me owe up about
the murders to the police.
Because Abhinav knew
that any amount of new memory...
...fed into a person
would only last for 17 hours...
...before his old memories
are restored.
So, to make me owe up to the
murders that I did not commit,...
...he and his brother, Sathyadev,
teamed up with the police.
They prepared a script
and each played their parts.
They convinced me that I killed
those people and made me owe up.
Sir, I did not kill 4 people,
I only killed 2 people.
Please listen to me,
why are you confusing me?
Hello, Abhinav, everything is okay.
-Hi, sir, thank you.
Try to produce him before the
magistrate at the soonest, okay?
Okay, I'll take care.
When the police were taking me
to produce me in court,...
...the 17 hours ended.
I got back my memory...
...and I escaped from there.
Hey, Venki!
Hey, where is he?
I was so angry,
I didn't know what to do.
I killed Abhinav's brother,
Then I made Abhinav
come to his lab research centre.
You and your brother
ruined my life.
Why did you do this?
Before I could kill him,
the police arrested me.
If a man can have many deaths,
I'll kill him each time, sir.
That was when I realised that
Venki was telling me the truth.
When I went looking
for you regarding this matter.....
I realised that you were in a coma
for 8 years under Dr. Ram's care...
...due to the spat
between you and Venki.
To prove Venki's innocence,
you must owe up.
For that, you need
to regain consciousness.
For that, Dr. Ram
and I hatched a plan.
We decided to replay this drama.
To get it out
from the horse's mouth,...
...we hypnotised you
in Janaki's house.
Abhinav, where are you right now?
I'm in a car outside
my Janaki's house.
Why do I see blood
on your hands?
I killed my Janaki.
Did you only kill Janaki?
No, I killed
4 people altogether.
The game started, you admitted too.
That's when I became Venki.
Where is your brother, Sathyadev?
He has gone in to check
on those who died.
Because you didn't know
Venki killed your brother.....
Your brother is out now.
-We created another brother.
That's how Saravanan came
into the picture.
He is going to get into the car.
He is your brother, Sathyadev.
You are slowly going to open
your eyes now.
Slowly. Abhinav!
We applied
the same concept that you used.
We made you believe that Constable
Saravanan was your brother...
...and I became Venki.
Why did you do this, Abhinav?
You said you were in love,... you've killed 4 people.
Both our lives are.....
I thought you'll become...
...a world-famous psychologist,
instead you became a murderer.
Start the car,
let's go, hurry.
Get going.
That's how we introduced
each person.
You played a drama
and trapped Venki.
I played the same drama
and made you owe up your crimes.
Failing is not always a failure.
-You are a failure.
You failed in the same place
where you won 10 years ago.
Don't you get it?
You could only erase
Venki's memories.
You could not erase my memories.
You are a big failure.
It sounds
very satisfying, sir.
You understood an individual...
...who was framed unfairly
whose case was closed 10 years ago.
You took so much risk to bring out
the truth in his case.
It's indeed great, sir.
Hats off to Tamil Nadu Police.
I have one
final question for you.
The audience would like to know how
Abhinav Ramanujam looked like.
The team could not get hold
of his picture.
Can you describe
what he looked like?
There is an expert artist
to draw as you describe to him.
Is that possible?
-Yes, it is, sir.
We have drawn pictures of many
criminals that way and caught them.
Okay, proceed.
-Okay, sir.
Take a look at this, sir.
Brilliant, that's exactly
how the man looked.
Thank you, sir.
Sir, please take
a look at the picture.
Is this how
Abhinav Ramanujam looked like?
Yes, that's exactly
what he looked like.
No, sir,
there is a small problem.
When you look
for Abhinav Ramanujam on Google,... shows someone else.
How is that possible?
You have to tell us.
Take a look at it.
What nonsense is this?
What is it, sir?
You wanted to see me.
Yes, doctor.
I saw the incident on the news.
It broke my heart.
I can still
hear the woman's cries.
The woman died in that incident.
But I'm dying
each day and each minute.
I've tried my best to bring out
the truth in this case...
...for the past 8 years.
If he isn't in a coma.....
It's all fated.
Anyhow, how is Abhinav?
Any updates?
I wanted to report to you too.
Abhinav is normal now.
He came out of a coma 2 weeks ago.
If you truly.....
-Doctor, he is conscious.
-Abhinav Ramanujam.
What happened?
-I don't know.
He is drawing on the walls.
-Let's go.
Don't stop him.
Let him draw.
Give him a drawing book
and a pencil.
Let him draw
whatever he wants.
Get it quickly.
Did he recover 2 weeks ago?
Why didn't you inform me earlier?
I thought I'd report to you
after he fully recovered.
You made a mistake, doctor.
If you had told me earlier,
I would have saved the woman.
I didn't know there was something
very serious behind this case, sir.
All these years,
you didn't tell me anything.
Leave it, doctor.
Is Abhinav normal now?
Does he still remember
the past?
He has become normal.
But he doesn't talk.
He draws everything
that comes to his mind.
But the face is different.
He draws the same face
over and over again.
Are these the pictures
that Abhinav drew?
Yes, sir.
Do you know who this is?
Dr. Ramanujam.
The famous psychiatrist,
Dr. Ramanujam.
It is patient Abhinav Ramanujam's
father, Dr. Ramanujam.
It was Abhinav who killed
his father, Dr. Ramanujam.
In my 25 years of experience
as a criminal psychologist,...
...I've not heard a story like the
one Commissioner Murthy told me.
White mice, rabbits,
pigeons and cats.
Hey, come here.
I'll tell you something.
Do you know the difference
between the pigeon, mouse, cat,...
...rabbit, frog and you?
They are all in the cage
and you're out. That's it.
For Abhinav Ramanujam,
his father was a hero.
Yes, he is a genius.
He is the best in human brain
research in India.
He is the best scientist,...
...the great scientist.
He is the best scientist
in India.
I will also be a psychologist
like him in the future.
Since childhood, he admired
his father very much.
My father was my idol.
-Like his father,...
...he wanted to be a psychiatrist.
But his father, Ramanujam,
didn't like him at all.
Abhinav wants to be like me.
For him, his son was like an animal
that he had in his lab.
One day, Abhinav heard him talking
to himself in the mirror.
-As a result.....
When did you come?
I came when you said I'm just like
your mice, cats and dogs.
Have you heard everything?
I'm right, aren't I?
I lost my life because
of my family and children.
Or I would have been successful
in my research long ago.
So, must you say
that you do not like me?
Yes, when you become
a scientist in the future,... will know
why I do not like you.
I loved you, dad.
Finally, you made me kill you.
Why don't you like me, dad?
Why don't you like me?
You don't like me, right?
Even after his father's death,
the man filled his heart.
He suffers from
a mental illness called GD.
Grandiose delusions.
People with this disease
will become... the person
they like very much.
For example, if a monkey
thinks about a lion...
...24 hours a day,
he will see himself as a lion.
He was Abhinav
in other people's eyes,...
...but to him, he was Ramanujam.
That is why he drew his father...
...instead of himself.
He could not recover
from the disease.
But he studied hard,
he became a famous psychiatrist... his father and
continue his father's research.
This needle won't hurt you.
One day,
like an unexpected accident,...
...a girl walked into his life.
Hello! Dr. Abhinav Ramanujam?
I'm Janaki Perumal.
I just got back from California.
-You are well known... our university.
-Thank you.
People ask me
about your research.
I was so eager to meet you.
-I see.
I'm so happy to meet you.
Hello! Hi!
What happened? Don't cry.
Don't be afraid, okay?
It's nothing.
It won't hurt.
Just a small prick.
It won't hurt, okay?
Good girl!
So sweet!
Anyway, we'll meet again.
Abhinav who was busy
with his research until then...
...was not interested in girls.
That was a new experience for him.
My heart...
Be my partner...
When I talk...
Come and talk with me...
Much research is done
all over the world... help bring out
patients who are in a coma.
Doctor, aren't you doing
research on this too?
Can you explain?
It's not right for me
to talk about my own research.
But I'll tell you
because of your interest.
Sorry, doctor.
-Give me the phone.
The human brain
is like this memory card.
Just like we delete data from this
and feed new data,...
...we can erase
a man's memory and...
...load the memories
we want in his mind.
That's interesting.
My heart is in ecstasy ...
You are my girl...
You'll make my day
if you kiss me...
My dream is coming true...
When I talk...
Come and talk with me...
Janaki, can I ask you something?
Have you ever loved anyone?
Yeah, I had a relationship.
-What happened?
I'm trying to forget him.
I never think about that.
Our eyes talk to each other...
Your look says it all...
The apples of Adam and Eve...
It's the breath
that you gave me...
The path we travelled...
As you rest your head
on my shoulder...
The thoughts
that you never had...
Only I felt it...
O' heart, come to me...
Come to me...
My heart is in pain...
You are my girl...
It's bliss when you kiss me...
My dream is coming true...
Janaki's grace, beauty, touch,
hair and intimacy...
...woke the dormant
hormones inside him.
Good morning.
Good morning.
-Good morning.
Doctor, you look so different.
I want to talk to you.
Doctor, one second.
The moment he fell in love,
he became like an anxious pigeon...
...that was being held.
Doctor, you said he wanted
to say something.
Why aren't you saying anything?
Can we talk over there?
There is too much happening here.
Tell me, doctor.
It's visiting time,
I have to go back to the ward.
Sure, Janaki. Can you see
this patient first before you go?
-Yes, Janaki.
Heart patient.
Only you can
cure this heart, Janaki.
I mean.....
I don't know how to tell you.
I'm in love with you, Janaki.
Janaki, please,
don't look like that.
This is not just love,...'s something more than that.
Don't go.
Janaki, everyone is looking.
Please understand
my heart, Janaki.
Take my heart.
-Hey! What nonsense, doctor!
I can't love you.
Another man and I are already.....
Don't say that, Janaki.
That is not possible.
Please, Janaki.
That is not possible.
Let me go, you psycho!
You dirty.....
Not only me, no girl
in this world will love you.
The bouquet was everything,
his love, dream and hope.
Think about it.
He is a big doctor at the hospital.
Everyone who respected him
until that day,...
...started looking
at him with great disdain.
Please, Janaki.
Don't, Janaki.
Please, Janaki.
His research and pride
were shattered because of a girl.
Take my heart.
-Hey! What nonsense, doctor!
I can't love you.
Another man and I are already.....
I will not let you go.
-You dirty.....
Please don't leave me, Janaki.
-Not only me,... girl in this world
will love you.
Not only me, no girl
in this world will love you.
I want you!
Abhinav, why are you here
at this hour?
I am asking you,
why aren't you answering me?
What is it?
Janaki told me everything.
I felt bad.
She's a young girl,
and she got scared.
I've spoken
to your brother, Sathyadev.
I'm sure
he would have spoken to you.
You are a doctor.
Son, please listen to me.
You will find a girl
more beautiful than her.
Oh, yes.
You're right, aren't you?
Where is Janaki?
She is not here.
-You don't want to tell me, do you?
Madam is here.
Now, she will tell me.
Where is Janaki, madam?
I'm asking you, right?
Tell me, madam.
Son, she's like your little sister.
How could you.....
Oh! So, am I your child too?
I didn't know this.
We are both doctors,
a white-collar job.
For things that we could discuss
over a cup of coffee,...
...why involve the police, sir?
-The door is open.
Mom! What happened, mom?
Useless! Let my father go!
Oh! Is he the American groom?
Come, my love!
-Please, let him go!
Please don't.
What happened?
Janaki, he tried to run away
when you are in danger.
Did you choose him?
Hey! What do you want? Let me go.
I killed three people for you.
Now, there is no one
to stop our marriage.
Come on. We'll get married
and live happily ever after.
I do not like you.
Abhinav Ramanujam committed
those murders that day.
He wanted to hide those murders
like a criminal... using his position
and brains.
Venki walked into his trap.
Poor thing.
He was an innocent young man
whom they didn't even know.
They knocked him down.
Through memory
erasing and implantation,...
...both brothers make
the whole department believe...
...that he was the one
who murdered the entire family.
I was complicit in the plot.
In those 8 years,
I got promoted.
Criminal Abhinav Ramanujam
slipped into a coma.
Thereafter, I had
a doubt about this case.
I started to investigate.
I realised the entire department
was complicit in the crime.
If exposed,
everyone would be caught.
Now tell me, doctor,...
...can we explain what happened
and make him confess?
Sorry, sir.
When a criminal like him
regain his memory,...
...only his criminal mind
will work.
Then how can we
do this, doctor?
He made an innocent man
owe up to the murder,...
...I'll use the memory
erasing and implant method... make him admit
that he killed those people...
...and not Venki.
I'll use that as evidence
to end this problem.
Is that possible, doctor?
Only 2 percent have succeeded
in memory erasing...
...and implantation research
in the world.
One of them
is criminal Abhinav.
Give me 6 months.
I'll make the rogue confess
to the crime he committed...
...through the same treatment.
What is your name?
Abhinav Ramanujam. Okay?
Abhinav Ramanujam.
We will eliminate
the Abhinav in him,...
...and make him
an honest and true police officer.
He will investigate this case
and make him confess the truth.
We'll record it,
make it a confession...
...and hand it over to the court.
Five, four, three,
two and one.
Repeat after me. Adhi!
A year ago, on January 15th,
it was raining heavily.
You were riding a motorcycle.
At that time, you received
a call from Nambirajan.
The incident he told you
that day changed your life.
Do you remember?
You must save me.
You came to see me in prison.
I am Venki.
As per Abhinav's plan, Janaki's
name was tattooed on my hand.
He took me to Perumal's house,
he set the crime scene as if...
...I killed all those people.
They erased my memory
and handed me over to the police.
During the police investigation,
it was proven that...
...I committed all those murders.
You must help me.
I'm counting on you, please.
Please, sir.
Hi, remember me?
I'm the doctor who treated you.
You lost your memory.
Hi, Adhi!
I'm the cop who chased you.
Hi, Adhi! I'm Abhinav's brother.
Do you remember me?
You killed 4 people.
Now, what do you want to do...
...with this guy?
-Hi, Adhi, do you remember me?
I am Nambiraj.
Hi, Adhi, I'm Dr. Ram
who helped you to restore...
...the memories
of Abhinav Ramanujam.
Hi, Adhi! I am the Janaki
that Venki cannot forget.
As a police officer, after feeding
this truth into his mind,...
...I will tell him to speak
about it on a TV show.
Adhi, you are an honest
police officer.
You investigated and got
to the bottom of Venki's case.
You will speak about it
on a TV show called Memories.
The host will ask you
a question,... must tell him
what really happened.
Welcome back
to the Memories show.
Tell me, sir.
Who is behind this cruel incident
that happened in Venki's life?
Tell me boldly.
-I'll tell you.
I'm waiting for that too.
He is Abhinav Ramanujam.
-Who? The doctor?
It was a drama staged
by him and the police.
Abhinav Ramanujam?
What happened to me?
I don't understand anything.
He is normal.
Abhinav, look here.
You are normal,
nothing is wrong with you. Okay?