Memories in March (2010) Movie Script

If she carries on like this, you
and your daughter can stay here.
I'm leaving
Have you seen what time it is?
Twelve past two!
But she said she'd be late
How late?
Ten or eleven at the most.
Not 2 in the morning!
That was in our time.
At least she comes home
every night. Isn't that enough?
Does she?
Calls at 9 to say...
...that she has to work all night.
The whole office will be staying up.
To hell with such an office!
It's because she
stayed up all those nights.
she got those awards today.
Six awards!
Could we ever imagine?
Now don't give me that crap!
As if she was getting her
awards till 2 in the morning?
Is this some Film Awards or what?
Yes, she's here.
Please hold on.
Wants Sahana Choudhury.
Says it's urgent.
Call for you.
If you have to spend all
night chatting on the phone.
they should call you on your mobile.
The battery's down, so I
put it on the charger. Sorry.
You're going to Calcutta too?
Same pinch! Just like me.
We're going there to
his niece's wedding.
You must be going to see your son
How is Siddharth?
Still with the same ad agency?
Doing great we hear.
Must be having great time with him?
Why hesitate? We have transport.
How far is his place from here?
Did you want to go via his place?
I thought that's where we're heading?
So where is he now?
You don't have to hide.
I can't scold him now. can I?
True you can't scold him now.
Can't do anything about it either?
Have they put the wrong date?
But today is the eighteenth?
Yes, but...
Hello Ma.
Yes, it's over.
Can I call you back in a while?
This is Siddharth's mother.
We will be going to his house now.
It was 2 in the morning right?
Where was he till then?
Is the AC too cold? Shall I reduce it?
We've reached.
park the car
and talk to the caretaker.
Tell him.
Siddharth's mother will be
staying here for a while
Why bother?
Not at all.
Ramratan go ahead.
What time should I
send the car tomorrow?
What for?
Ok. Let me send it at 9.
Just in case you need to go somewhere.
It will wait.
Sahana will drop by in the morning.
Shall I keep it in the bedroom?
No thanks.
This is no time for tips. Ma'm.
Come and see for yourself.
When will you be coming Maa?
Yours, Babu (Sid)
I'm Karim, the security
guard of this building
Your newspaper and milk
Thank you.
Anything else?
What a terrible thing to happen, Ma'm?
Shall I get you some water?
No it's okay.
You rest a little...
I live downstairs.
Please call for me whenever.
Shall I make some tea for you?
No it's ok. Thanks.
One is enough
That too for you.
Lovely breeze flows around here.
"This is a strange invitation"
"Me the uninvited guest"
"The householder disappeared"
"Deserting his nest"
Ma'm, the water supply is
likely to stop for sometime soon.
Finish your shower quickly.
Will you please do me a favour?
Can you please get me an egg case?
I'll try
Anything will go...
But you called just now!
I'd bought the food already.
It struck me maybe you'd
not want anything lavish now?
Did you eat anything last night?
These fishes also starved.
No clue where to look for their food.
Relax, I'II check.
You will also eat with me?
Ya... But...
And you're not just having soup.
There is some noodles too.
No. It was quite late
by the time I got home.
Were you two in the same department?
In case you need them at night.
You feed the fish noodles? Strange!
Yes, they eat everything...
Sid even gave them beer and stuff
Did he drink a lot that night?
A bit more than usual.
Not quite deliberately.
We were generally having fun.
And not one of you stopped him?
No, sorry!
Besides. who wants to be a killjoy?
And even if we had, he
wouldn't have listened. Aunty?
Why not?
There had to be some decorum.
Some restraint.
We told him repeatedly.
Got disconnected
Showing Missed Call. Shall I check?
Nobody close to him for sure.
What about his Dad, Suresh?
But then his name
would be displayed, surely?
But overseas calls don't
always display the number.
I haven't.
I don't know if you people have.
Go ahead. Could be his Dad again.
Trying to send a message
Who is this Sameer Khaitan?
Sid never told me.
He must have made Sid a job offer.
Aunty, please give us the ball.
Will you make me a list of what in
this house belongs to the office?
Tomorrow when office opens.
Can I come with you?
No need. Aunty. I'll send someone.
I do want to come.
I'd like to see his work space.
He used to mail me of course.
You're right. I should
inform Sameer Khaitan.
Sahana madam? Will she be late?
One second.
Maa kept asking why did
I leave you alone here?
Yes. We all went there.
Will he get late? I'II
just change and come.
How critical was he when the
police informed you people?
I don't know
By the time we arrived.
he was in the hospital.
Let's go, Aunty.
I'll drop you and go home.
What did he wear that evening?
A new navy blue blazer
he'd ordered specially.
I'II show you his pictures,
when you come to office tomorrow.
I wish to stay here for a while.
Pick me up tomorrow morning.
Every time he's driving at night.
on empty roads, he has to zip.
I've told him so many times,
'Babu (Sid) go slow. Ease off.'
Everything ok?
But didn't think the timing
would be so perfect. Bye again.
Yes, I have
Go forward towards the main door
Oh! There's a room here!
Hadn't seen it before.
So what do I do now?
You're standing at the door, right?
Now look straight
Yes, I see a fax phone
There's a desk to its right.
Where? I don't see anything.
Can't you see a printed list?
Yes. But Bapi
Plumber that sort of thing
Yes, now go down, go down
Now where?
Below that list...
So. there you are. Now dial.
Excuse me, then you have to hang up.
But isn't that an office phone?
Now I'll call off.
You speak to him.
Suresh! This is Arati
from Calcutta. Sid's place.
Was a little thirsty
Did you see his desk?
I imagined it much
smaller and cramped.
This one is cosy, near the window.
He did have a smaller
cramped desk before.
Well, Sahana was saying
you want some of his things
Just a few pictures
from his soft-board.
And some personal stuff, if any
Well, let me think about it.
I'll get back to you tomorrow?
Not office documents.
Aunty, one second! The lift's here...
Those were my own
son's personal things.
which includes my own photograph.
And still I have to beg to have them?
Only to be told that
I'm being melodramatic?
Doesn't matter. He's not sorry!
May be he wanted to put it
differently. It just came out that way
And he wants to say something,
and actually says something else?
He may have wanted to avoid the issue.
What issue?
But the reply would
be the same anyway.
Why is the office car following us?
Ask it to go back.
It will go back with me.
I have to be back by 5.30
I won't say a word.
just let me be with you.
I thought that was
the worst day in my life.
That nothing worse
could ever happen to me.
Aunty, that's one of Sid's campaigns.
Ma said, 'What's the matter? '
You're the first one to know.
The office car wants to know
if Sahana wants to leave now?
Sahana, its 5 already
Suresh this is Arati from Calcutta.
"With whom shall we play
Holi today in Brajatown?"
"The cruel handsome one
has left, he's let us down."
"Savourless Vrindavan.
flavourless forest"
"All the milkmaid
damsels are totally depressed"
"With whom shall we play
Holi today in Brajatown?"
"Dark eyes flow,
the girls' cheeks aglow"
Shall we leave, Sir?
"Why. handsome one.
why this cruel frown?"
"Stop coming here so often."
"Dark eyes flow,
the girls' cheeks aglow"
"Why. handsome one.
why this cruel frown?"
"With whom shall we play Holi
today in this cowherd town?"
Siddharth's mother's on the phone.
Is your mobile switched off?
Oh, did it at the condolence meeting.
Forgot to switch it on
You were blaming him
for no reason at all.
But there's some truth in it too.
Don't think about all this.
Just sleep tight, ok?
Shall I make tea in the meanwhile?
In my house guests don't make tea.
He can be replaced by another stud.
Give me my photo.
Let me take a look.
Was Doorknob here?
His bag is on the table
Call him up and tell him?
I think his phone is in his bag
Told you
He'll come back, don't worry.
Spoke to your Movers & Packers.
They can't do it so fast.
When are you leaving?
They'll need a week.
I don't think he'll come back.
Will you return his bag?
And this packet that he left behind.
Won't see him soon. Aunty
Don't worry, he'll send Ramratan,
give it to him.
Shall I confirm
with the Movers & Packers then?
Your exact photocopy.
Just ten years older than me.
Probably you'll get psyched now
Babu and you have
the same caller tune.
Yeah, he took it from me
That evening when I called
you for Suresh's number,
I suddenly I felt I was calling Babu
He called...
he must be very drunk.
I remember asking him
for it so many times.
He wouldn't give it to me.
Does Movers & Packers take a long time to
shift stuff from Calcutta to Delhi?
All this stuff will go to Delhi.
How else?
Listen. all this love
and romance is fine.
See a beautiful bird
and put it in a cage.
see colourful fishes and
immediately keep it in the aquarium.
"This is a strange invitation"
"Who is waiting for whom?"
"From guest to all at once"
"The one in charge of home"
"This is a strange invitation"
One second, so much dirt?
When did he buy so many clothes?
You gave him. I'm sure.
Gifted him
I don't remember.
Can I say something?
Promise, you won't react?
It belongs to you,
so I have to return it, don't I?
It doesn't belong to me.
I've been wondering ever since
I heard about this thing yesterday
About what?
Sid's abnormality.
Did it happen due to my negligence?
After my divorce,
Suresh went off to the US.
I drowned myself in
work to get over it.
Maybe I didn't pay that
much attention to him.
May be if I'd taken him to
a psychiatrist or a counsellor then!
There are a few friends and
acquaintances who specialize in this.
What's the point now?
You are not a mother.
how will you understand?
If you love my handloom sarees.
Go lay the table...
I'll just finish packing
You laid the table or what?
Got room service
from a five star hotel
You don't have spoons and forks?
I eat with my hands
Just like that
Must be some reason
He was very scared
of you in this matter.
Should I ask Sahana
to keep the aquarium?
And what about your parents?
They might want to know.
I'll tell them it belonged to Sid.
Who for?
"With great care dressed
for the tryst"
"Found the right clothes"
"Kohl in the eyes."
"Dazzling guise"
"In the hair flower rows"
"Friend, to a tryst I go with him"
"Tell me, is it real
or just a dream?"
"Yamuna's shore"
"Deep darkness wore"
"Between thick forest groves"
"Where my love hides"
"Danger abides"
"Yet there he sit's and wait's"
"Friend, to a tryst I go with him"
"Tell me, is it real
or just a dream?"
"Friend. I'm the hapless one"
"Sat all alone in the darkness grim"
"Even then he didn't come."
"Friend I'm the hapless one"
"The black kohl melts deep and dark"
"Is a joyless abode"
"On such a meaningless tryst."
"Friend. I'm the unfortunate one"
"With great care dressed
for the tryst"
Should we close Sid's email account?
"With great care dressed for the tryst"
"Found the right clothes"
"Kohl in the eyes."
"Dazzling guise"
"In the hair flower rows"
"Friend, to a tryst I go with him"
"Tell me, is it real or just a dream?"
You didn't tell me it's
your birthday tomorrow?
I could have gone a day later
Phut! I'll just stay
at home on my own.
No office?
Tell me something.
Will you really forget
him in no time at all?
Get involved with somebody else?
It's possible right?
Yes, it is possible...
We all think, how bad can it be?
This much. a little more maybe.
We'll manage somehow.
But then suddenly it hit's us so hard.
It's going to rain
Lovely breeze
"Moonlit night on the
bank of the river,"
"Where the lovely
breeze does gently shiver"
"The gathering's probably over"
"Guests must all have left for home"
"Only me unasked still waiting"
"Hoping he returns from where he roams"
"This is a strange invitation"
What is it?
Sid's mother has sent you a gift.
But she's gone already.
Ornob's driver dropped it off...
You're looking very nice, Sir.
You know today's my birthday.
Wish me
And remember we have to pick up
Sid's fish tank on our way back home.