Memory (2022) Movie Script

[wind gushes]
[mellow music]
[bear growls]
[waves crash]
[birds squawking]
[somber music]
[car engines rumble]
[music continues]
[key jangles]
[tires screech]
[upbeat music on radio]
[tires screech]
[car door closes]
[car alarm beeps]
[indistinct chatter]
[speaking in foreign language]
[door closes]
[elevator door opens]
[heart rate monitor beeping]
[respirator whizzes]
[speaking in foreign language]
[beeping rapidly]
[intense music]
[keypad beeping]
[music continues]
Oh, sh-- shit!
[thunder rumbles]
[mellow music]
[glasses clink]
[thunder rumbling]
You are, uh, nervous.
It's okay.
When I first saw you,
I said to myself,
"This is a man that knows
what he wants."
He's just, uh, afraid.
Well, I'm not afraid,
it's just that I--
I know, I know,
It-- it is just the way...
things are.
But a man must pay
to get what he wants.
[clock ticking]
That is why...
we're all here, yes?
Go talk to her.
Come on.
She's very sweet.
Leon: You'll see.
[exhales sharply]
[thunder rumbling]
[dramatic music]
[speaking in foreign language]
[door closes]
You wanna show me
what you're drawing?
I'd rather not.
[music continues]
It's Beatriz, right?
Ah, li-- listen, why, wh--
why don't we just talk first?
You don't want to waste
time with talking.
It's okay.
H-- how old are you?
How old do you like?
No, that's not what I meant.
I just want to get
to know you,
g-- g-- get to know who you are.
- You like thirteen?
- Come on, no, please!
- Twelve?
- No.
[speaking in foreign language]
Beatriz: Papa! Papa!
[both grunt]
Linda: FBI! Drop the gun
right now, asshole! Drop it!
[speaking in foreign language]
- Fuck you!
- Fuck you too, pal!
- I die, she dies.
- Hey, Leon!
[speaking in foreign language]
Put the gun down. Put it down!
Nobody said anything
about going back.
We can talk about all that,
when everybody's safe, okay?
You've lied! You all lied!
You don't want to hurt her, man.
She's your daughter.
- Okay? She needs you.
- You don't know shit.
I know you don't want this.
None of us wants this, okay?
Come on, you're a father.
Put the gun down.
Beatriz: Papa! Papa!
[speaking in foreign language]
- Let go of me!
Linda: Beatriz, no.
- Come on, get back!
- Papa! Papa!
- Get her back!
- Let go!
Beatriz: Papa!
Let go!
[indistinct radio chatter]
Papa Leon?
Yeah, I, uh--
Hold on, Serra, I wanna
make sure I'm clear on this.
The lynchpin, the key
to your whole investigation
is laying in a meat wagon
with his brains smashed in?
Linda: Vincent saved lives, sir.
The fucker was going out messy.
I don't care, Amistead.
What I care about,
is an eleven month investigation
that has taken
considerable resources
on both sides of the border.
- Is now well and truly fucked.
- Not necessarily.
Nussbaum: Don't add
insult to injury.
An undocumented child
is not something
we build a trafficking case on.
Well, what the fuck is?
We'll talk in the morning.
[indistinct chatter]
[car engine revs]
[dramatic music]
[car engine starts]
[sirens blare]
[horse gallops]
[speaking in foreign language]
[horse neighs]
Alex! [chuckles]
[speaking in foreign language]
What's this? What's this?
[speaking in foreign language]
Oh, my God, has she grown!
- Hmm.
- What a sweet kid!
Ah, Pinches horses... expensive.
- Less than a divorce, I guess.
- Yeah!
Nice work in Guadalajara.
That city
is a fucking shithole.
Same as here.
I hate cities, the crowds,
the smells,
the fucking gueros.
- No offence.
- None taken.
Country's better now,
don't you think?
Remember Tamalpais?
[giggles] Those were
Zeta scumbags.
Crazy days.
Fun though, huh?
Uh, not exactly my idea
of fun, Mauricio.
[laughs] Right...
You're sensitive. An artista.
Jesus. Cheer up!
Life is good now. It's calmer.
More money, less blood.
Our friends got you
something nice.
Mauri, you want someone else.
I'm not up for it right now.
Mauricio: Get up for it.
Job's in El Paso.
You're from there, right?
Alex: Another reason to say no.
I'm trying to tell you,
I'm getting out.
[footsteps approach]
[speaking in foreign language]
Uh, an iced tea, por favor.
[horse galloping]
[scoffs] The fuck?
You drunk?
U-- uh, no, no, just tired.
Alex. I need you on this.
You know the town.
It's too much.
The job is for two.
Don't you have
a brother in El Paso?
[laughs] Mauri...
Are you spying on me?
Mauricio: It's our job
to know things, Alex.
So stop talking this
retirement shit.
Men like us don't retire.
[wind blows]
[flag flutters]
[car engine revs]
[somber music]
[engines rumble]
[indistinct chatter]
[engine revs]
Receptionist: Here you go
Mr. Marshall, you're all set.
Anything else I can do for you?
Mr. Marshall?
[indistinct chatter]
No, no, thank you. I'm fine.
The room number again?
11-0-6. It's on the key holder.
Ah, yes. Thank you.
[dramatic music]
[cutlery clinking]
Vodka Martini, please.
So, too early in the day
for a glass of wine?
Or too late for a Bloody Mary?
Guess that depends
on what kind of day
you wanna have.
That's up to you, isn't it?
[door opens]
Are you alone?
Not right now.
Excuse me.
[indistinct chatter]
- Pleasant trip?
- Let's get on with it.
[phone rings]
Uh, yes, he's here.
He looks like what you'd expect.
I'm sure he'll be fine.
Alright. Bye now.
[suitcase lock clicks]
[suitcase lock clicks]
Your people said
this will be done quickly.
And it will.
I'm gonna need a little more
specificity than that.
No, you won't.
The less you know, the better.
[intense music]
[suppressor clicks]
[flag flutters]
[engine revs]
[door buzzer buzzes]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[children sob]
[intense music]
[door opens and closes]
[speaking in foreign language]
I was trying to save him.
You are a liar.
Look, Beatriz,
what happened to you.
What Papa did, it ain't right.
Now, it's not your fault.
- No child should be treated--
- Papa said...
"It is how you pay to be free."
It was better than here.
- I brought you these.
- I don't want them!
[Vincent sighs]
Vincent: Listen, there is, uh,
a special visa for...
people like you
to stay in the US,
while we're working on your...
You want me to tell.
It's wrong that you're
locked up here
while the men who did
things to you are out there.
Papa said to never tell.
[children sob]
I'm gonna have you transferred
to Child Protective Services,
They'll put you in a group home.
Not lock you up.
Now, I don't expect anything
in return.
Okay, if you wanna talk,
you can talk.
If you don't wanna,
you don't have to.
[speaking in foreign language]
[water burbles]
Looks like I'm going solo
Ellis: I gotta get this done.
I've got a permit filing
- Downtown?
- Yeah, I work, Wendy.
Contracts don't just
jump in the boat.
Ellis: Don't wait up for me.
- Ellis?
- Yeah?
- Her perfume fucking stinks.
Wash it off before you
come home, will you?
[footsteps depart]
[doorbell buzzes]
Oh, shit!
[gasps] Please!
- Please!
- You know why I'm here!
It's-- it's all
a misunderstanding.
It's always a misunderstanding.
- M-- Please!
- Where?
[breathes heavily]
It's-- it's in the safe.
Upstairs. Please!
Don't do this!
[gasps] I didn't, I didn't
say anything, alright?
It wasn't, it wasn't
supposed to go this far.
If I'm here, it's gone too far.
Ellis: It's here, alright! Okay!
- Okay.
- Open it!
Alright, I just... Okay.
Look, if I give it to you--
- Come on!
- Alright.
[both grunt]
Girl 1: Oh, Dad? You home?
I'm going over to Annabelle's.
I'll probably stay over, okay?
Girl 1: Just letting you know.
[intense music]
[phone chimes]
[ominous music]
[phone clatters]
[car door opens]
[ominous music]
[engine revs]
[speaking in foreign language]
Maybe you want to do that later.
Uh-huh, I'm multi-tasking.
[speaking in foreign language]
Yeah, well I just
don't wanna die today.
[speaking in foreign language]
How can you live in Texas
and not speak Spanish?
[speaking in foreign language]
[chimes and explodes]
Fucking owl!
[engine revs]
[camera shutter clicks]
[indistinct chatter]
[Vincent sighs]
Hey, Danny. Where is he?
Besides stomping
all over my crime scene?
He's out there.
[indistinct radio chatter]
Agent Serra, Agent Amistead,
this is Mrs. Van Camp.
Wendy, I guarantee
these are two of my best.
Just tell them what you told me.
Ellis was...
It was a robbery.
The safe was opened.
And you've told this
to Detective Mora?
I haven't talked to the police.
I called Gerald first.
Well, I'm-- I'm sure
Special Agent Nussbaum
has made it clear to you,
the more people we have
working on this early on...
the better our chances
of solving it.
Uh, so, I'm gonna go get
Detective Mora,
just so you don't have
to repeat yourself.
Excuse me.
[indistinct chatter]
[camera beeps]
You wanna come outside
and take her statement?
your boss trying to get some
or is he already getting it?
That's real nice, Mora.
Sexualizing the wife
of a murder victim.
No one asked for you guys.
He just parachuted in on this.
Yeah, couldn't agree
with you more.
This is your investigation.
But let's just do this, together
and then I'll get Nussbaum
off your back.
I don't need to cut a deal.
Can you just not be an asshole
all the time?
Just say "yes", Danny.
- Yes, Danny.
- Okay, let's go.
Vincent: Mrs. Van Camp,
this is Detective Danny Mora.
Sorry for your loss, ma'am.
When's the last time
you saw your husband alive?
Last night... around 9:00.
I-- I was going
to an art opening.
And Ellis was...
He was going to file permits.
Sounds like your husband
had something on the side.
I assumed that he was,
um, meeting a friend.
- You have her number, or his--
Gerald: Linda.
Let's have Agent Serra
continue the interview.
I can get you her number.
Thank you, ma'am.
You have any
business dealings
that went bad, anyone you know
might wanna hurt him?
Wendy: Uh, I-- I-- I don't know.
[sobs] Please help me!
What am I gonna say to Em?
[birds chirp]
[indistinct chatter]
Don't expect too much.
When the onset of Alzheimer's
is this sudden--
I know how it starts.
Hey, pal.
It's me, Alex, your brother.
You're looking good.
Guess what?
I found this the other day.
Made me think of you.
You remember that year?
Huh? The draft?
The Suns and the Bucks.
Both tied
for the First Round Pick.
Down to a coin flip...
Phoenix calls heads.
[coin clinks]
[taps hand]
Yeah, it was tails.
And the goddamn Bucks
get Lew Alcindor.
Yeah, I don't watch
basketball much anymore.
Can't say I remember
the last time I did.
[mellow music]
[music continues]
[door opens]
[telephone rings]
Hugo: My Captain
called this morning.
I'm no longer needed.
Good, I'm glad everybody's here.
So... in light of what happened
with the Papa Leon raid
the Task Force
is being reorganized.
Detective Marquez will be
heading back to Mexico.
We're not done, sir.
Cooperation with
the Mexican Police has--
We're done, Serra,
I've spent the last three days
getting an earful from
Washington, facts are facts.
This has been a wide reaching
international investigation
and we got nothing
to show for it.
[speaking in foreign language]
You have something
you wanna say, Marquez?
It's not nothing, sir.
We've gotten plenty in Mexico.
[speaking in foreign language]
Hugo: But as soon as we come
into the US, things get, uh...
I don't know, maybe your ears
in Washington
just don't wanna hear.
[speaking in foreign language]
It's pretty obvious
the appetite for big fish,
ends at the border.
I don't like what
you're insinuating, Marquez.
I don't think I was
insinuating anything.
Was saying it pretty flat out.
Hugo has a point, sir.
We've never gotten anywhere
with the US-based Padrote.
If there even is such a thing.
The word was Papa Leon served
rich men. White men.
"The Word," is that
what you people
build cases on in Juarez?
We have Papa Leon on tape
bragging about his clientele.
Look, I know you take
this personally.
But the well's gone dry.
I know you don't want to believe
there's a white Padrote,
but shutting down a case
don't make it so.
- Watch yourself, Serra.
- We have a witness.
What we have...
is an undocumented minor
in detention.
What we have
is a severely traumatized,
undocumented minor
in detention.
And she's the only
valuable witness we have.
Gerald: When were you gonna
tell me you offered
Beatriz Leon a T-1 visa?
I was coming to that.
To notify me of the deal
you're not authorized to make?
With a witness in
a case you haven't made?
I thought helping kids
like Beatriz Leon
was part of our job.
- She's eligible.
Gerald: The Task Force is done.
And that is straight
from Washington.
As for Beatriz, we can T-1 her
and move her to a group home,
but you need to focus
on the Van Camp murder.
That's El Paso PD, every day.
You want to help a kid
like Beatriz?
You play ball on the homicide.
Yeah, okay.
[indistinct chatter]
Thank you, sir.
Coleman, Howe.
You'll have new
duty assignments this week.
Detective Marquez,
on behalf of the Bureau
and the United States,
I thank you for your service.
[car engines rumble]
[horns honk]
[dramatic music]
[indistinct chatter]
[engines rev]
[ominous music]
[distant children chatter]
[speaking in foreign language]
I saw the paperwork,
is she a witness or victim?
I'll reach out
to Social Services,
see what we can do
about counseling and school.
That would be great.
Is there any family
on either side
of the border
I should know about?
No, the father was a trafficker.
- Hm.
- I'm gonna say goodbye.
I'll keep you posted.
[footsteps approach]
I think you're
gonna be okay here.
You asked me before,
at Papa's,
what I was drawing.
It is a desert.
I draw deserts.
So you do, look at that.
Keep it.
I'll come back
to see you soon, okay?
I promise you.
[footsteps depart]
[car engines rumble]
[intense music]
[lock clatters]
[music continues]
[bed creaks]
[speaking in foreign language]
[breathing heavily]
[motorcycle engine whirrs]
[car engine rumbles]
[engine turns off]
[birds chirp]
[bird caws]
[door opens]
[lights buzz]
For fuck's sake.
[door creaks]
[both grunt]
She's a child.
- And that's a problem?
- I won't do it.
Your people knew
who the contract was for.
I fucking won't do it.
Are you deaf?
William: Well, maybe
I'll call Mexico City,
see what they
have to say about that.
Alex: No, no.
No, you're gonna call
the contract off.
The fuck I am.
You're an employee!
I don't take fucking--
Alex: You want this? Huh?
You call the contract off.
You really don't know
what you're playing with.
Oh, yes, I do.
[breathes heavily]
Mr. Borden.
Of 22 Bienveneda Avenue,
Silver Springs.
The girl stays alive.
Or you're answerable to me.
No, no speeches or awards,
My donation isn't about me.
[car door closes]
[indistinct chatter]
Yes, you are correct.
That is the amount
I'm prepared to give,
however any construction funding
by this donation cannot be named
"The Davana Sealman Wing."
It must be simply,
"The Sealman Wing."
I'm sure you understand.
Giving like this
is generational.
[elevator chimes]
Is he still on the line?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Dr. Myers?
Assistant: He cleared security
three minutes ago.
Have him wait,
until I'm done with this.
Thank you.
I thought I was clear.
Never on the office number.
[phone beeps]
[keys clacking]
[computer beeps]
William on speaker: He knows.
That's a bit vague.
He knows my name,
where I live,
and he won't do the job,
and he's got...
He's got Van Camp's
flash drives.
You said he wasn't
going to be a problem.
[sighs] I'm going to call
Mexico City.
That's one solution.
An obvious and unsubtle one.
What does he want?
To have the contract on the girl
called off.
We do that, he turns
over the info.
There's something
to be said for that.
William on speaker:
You can't trust him.
I didn't say I trusted him.
I said, I see his point of view.
Look, I know
what's on that drive.
Randy's pretty obvious
about his quirks.
This is not a conversation
I'm comfortable
having with you, William.
William on speaker:
Oh, Jesus Christ, he knows!
About the girl, about me.
Davana: I'll handle it.
And don't call me again.
[keyboard clacks]
Man 1: Honestly,
how it works,
if you want my opinion,
is this the truth?
Thank you kind, sir.
Okay, as I was saying,
the truth...
Well, well, wait. My bad.
Cheers, again. [chuckles]
So, maybe we
should just go upstairs,
make some sort of a deal,
'cause at the end of the day,
all I want is a blowie.
Keep your voice down.
Shh, we got a deal.
I'll keep my voice down,
but we still got to negotiate.
Hey, leave the lady alone, pal.
Whoa, whoa,
wait a minute, pops.
First of all,
this ain't no lady.
Which you're about to find out
right about now,
am I right. babe?
No, you're drunk.
Go to bed.
Okay, can you do us a favor,
and get the fuck out of here--
Are you fucking kidding me?
Fuck you!
[door slams]
[jazz music on speakers]
[indistinct chatter]
[footsteps approach]
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
It's embarrassing.
He's just a drunk at a bar,
being an asshole in front
of a beautiful lady.
Happens all the time.
[sirens wail]
[somber music]
[indistinct chatter]
[speaking in foreign language]
Oh, come on, at least
I'm trying, Hugo.
They just don't wanna know,
do they?
Take the little victories.
Beatriz is out of detention.
[speaking in foreign language]
Why six?
You don't want to know.
Actually, I do.
I was working on a case
in Juarez.
The Dead Girls.
Imagine, so many women disappear
and you can't do nothing.
They say everyone
has their number.
For the police they're all
just numbers.
Emiliana Manteras
was 13 years old.
Left her job at a
Maquilladora and disappeared.
Just gone.
Four months later,
a couple of kids
found her body in a dump.
[eerie music]
Her mother, her sisters.
They were strong.
They plastered Emiliana's
photo on the walls
of headquarters
in all the city.
The problem wasn't
that no one knew
what happened to the girl.
Everyone knew.
Emiliana got into a car
with a soldier.
Arturo Pontilla.
Pontilla liked to party
with the Narcos.
I followed him.
I built the case quietly.
But since Pontilla was military,
the indictment had to go
to his commander first
and they just fucking
transfer him to Sinaloa.
[music continues]
Three weeks later,
Emiliana's mother,
aunt and three sisters
They hung those women
from a bridge
right in front
of my office window.
You should learn the prayer.
[breathing heavily]
[intense music]
Maya: Hey!
Shh! Hey!
You're okay.
Who are you?
I'm Maya.
You're at the hotel.
- Hotel?
- Yes.
Just had a bad dream.
You're okay.
[engines rumble]
[indistinct yells]
[indistinct chatter on radio]
[camera shutter clicks]
[ominous music]
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct chatter on radio]
[breathing heavily]
[instrumental music on TV]
That was nice,
maybe next time you're in town--
I won't be back.
- Good luck then!
- And to you.
Woman on TV:
A 13-year-old girl
has been murdered
in Sunset Heights.
The minor, Beatriz Leon,
had recently been
relocated to a group home
from an El Paso
detention center.
According to an El Paso
police spokesman,
the young girl's murder is...
Was I here last night?
Yes. What's wrong?
Woman on TV: We're getting very
few details...
- You sure?
- Yes!
- I was here?
- Yes!
- All night?
- Yes! Stop it, you're hurting--
- I was here all night?
- Yes.
Listen to me.
Very carefully.
You have to leave now.
You were never here,
we never met.
- Do you understand?
- I understand.
I have to go. Right?
You stay away
from this hotel for a while.
- A long while!
- Okay.
- Do you hear me?
- Yes!
Do not answer that door
for anyone. Anyone!
[breathing heavily]
[horn honks]
Woman on TV: Well executed,
it is worth noting
that violence against children,
is a calling card of the cartels
across the border.
Called on for comment,
the Mayor had none.
[intense music]
[tires screech]
[engine revs]
Maya: Hey! You forgot them,
you forgot your pills--
Get back! Get back!
[silenced gunshot]
[breathing heavily]
[intense music]
[gun cocks]
[car alarm blaring]
[bone shatters]
[glass shattering]
[door shuts]
When did you go soft, Alex?
They'll end you for this.
Happy retirement, Maury!
[intense music]
[door opens]
Goodness, you got the
heart of a 35-year-old.
At this rate,
you'll live to be 130.
I'll give you
five million to make it 135.
If you said, "Yes,"
I'd fire you.
You know if I said yes,
I'd want you to.
My grandfather is a Abruzzese.
He lived to be 104.
Yeah? Lucky guy.
You know, that all region,
along the Adriatic,
and Okinawa, Japan,
they call those blue zones.
Places that generally have
a higher percentage
of centenarians.
I'm aware, Joseph.
But why?
Nutrition? Lack of
pollutants in the air?
There is no reason
we have to age, to decay.
Some medical professionals
might actually argue that.
Everything can be
reprogrammed, modded.
Why shouldn't human health
be the same?
DNA's an algorithm.
Look, I'm not gonna tell you
how to spend your money.
Especially when so much of it
ends up in your pocket.
[engine revving]
[indistinct chatter]
I appreciate you
giving me a call.
I don't know what the fuck
is going on in this town.
Swear to God, it's getting
more like Afghanistan every day.
[siren blaring in distance]
- Who are they?
- Matched set.
Mora: Jane and Joe Doe.
He was in the driver's seat,
blown the fuck up.
She was in the trunk.
.32 caliber bullet
to the neck,
jacketed with
suppressor markings.
Just like we pulled out
of Beatriz Leon.
Car's registered to a
David Marshall.
Rented at the airport.
Some expat businessman
out of San Diego.
Probably the
corpse in the car.
We're running teeth
on them both.
Okay, this guy is drunk
as a skunk.
He, uh, pulled a .24
three times over the limit.
So I need you to sign off
on the report before you go.
Mora: You got it.
[indistinct chatter]
- What's that?
- Found them on the floor.
It didn't match anything
on our database,
so the lab is running chem-test.
If that's a prescription,
it might help--
The lab's on it,
we might not be fancy,
but we ain't dumb.
[indistinct chatter]
I'll run the Marshall name
through VICAP,
see if anything comes up.
I'll hit you up
with the ballistics
as soon as they come back.
Same with the pill.
Sorry about the girl, man.
It was fucked up.
[indistinct chatter]
[instrumental music on speakers]
I couldn't go back.
They don't love you
in Mexico anymore?
You're not asking for
my permission to stay, are you?
- Linda said I had to.
- Oh, well, in that case--
Come on, you know
what she's like.
Nobody gives a fuck about
that girl, Vincent.
Except you, me and Linda.
I can do things
you and her can't. You know?
As a concerned citizen.
From Mexico?
Okay, concerned Mexican citizen.
With questionable
authority in the United States.
[both laugh]
Yeah, Nussbaum is
really gonna go for that.
Fuck Nussbaum.
I don't work for him.
[thunder rumbles]
[rain pattering]
[silenced gunshot]
[indistinct chatter]
[sirens wailing in distance]
[wings fluttering]
[dramatic music]
[door creaks open]
[music continues]
Ellis: Look, I promise
you I had no reason
to say anything unless
you give me one.
Sealman: What you're doing right
now is incredibly stupid, Ellis.
I hope you understand that.
Ellis: You've left me no choice.
I won't be cut out.
Look, this doesn't
have to be ugly.
Sealman: Blackmail
is already ugly.
Ellis: Look, all--
Sealman: Mr. Van Camp!
Sealman: We are not negotiating.
You've crossed a line
from which there is no return.
[dramatic music]
[keys clack]
[keys clack]
[keys clack]
[ominous music]
[siren wailing]
Looks like another .32 caliber.
And I'm guessing
it's also gonna be jacketed
with suppressor markings.
I'm gonna go talk to the wife.
See you there.
Do you think he's right?
I'd put money on it.
This is a problem, no question.
Maybe a hitter
cleaning up some shit.
[indistinct radio chatter]
I'll catch you guys later.
Good idea.
Last time I checked, Serra,
you were working the
Van Camp murder.
Last time I checked, sir,
I work for the FBI.
Was that Hugo Marquez
I just saw?
Listen... I think
there's a connection
between Beatriz Leon,
the Jane Doe found
in the trunk of the car downtown
and this guy, William Borden.
If this does turn out
to be a jacket of .32,
that's three people likely
killed with the same weapon.
Look, I get it, the girl.
She's under your skin.
Maybe you're a little obsessed--
I'm just doing my job.
Hugo thinks it's a pro,
settling scores.
We think it could be a
hitter from across the fence.
But you can't be sure.
We can't, but if the
ballistics match, and there
really is a Mexican killer
tearing ass through town,
we might want to get
ahead of that.
And we're gonna need Marquez.
Alright, do what you have to do.
But I want updates twice a day.
Vincent: Yeah.
[indistinct radio chatter]
Lab just came back
on those pills.
Alzheimer's drug. Your
shooter is loosing his shit.
- Okay. Is the wife inside?
- Yeah.
Keep your hands away
from the cage on that one.
I don't know if it's medicine
or just plain crazy.
- Wanna sit in on this?
- Sure.
Mrs. Borden, I'm Agent Serra.
This is Detective Marquez.
I'm sorry for what's happened.
Borden: Part of life, right?
It's what they say...
Hasn't really sunk in.
Hmm, FBI. Fancy.
- You an agent, too?
- Liaison from Mexico.
What's Mexico have to do
with William?
He hated the place.
Well, that's what
we're... hoping to find out.
Have you noticed
anything unusual
happen in the past few weeks,
where your husband's behavior
has changed at all?
Will's behavior
hasn't changed in 20 years.
No. Nothing.
- What kind of law did he do?
- Real Estate.
Marquez: Sorry to ask
this, Mrs. Borden.
But do you know
if your husband had
any ties to prostitution?
I have no idea. Sit down.
Bill paying for it?
Doesn't seem like him.
Did your husband know
Ellis Van Camp?
I know Wendy.
I see her at the same events.
It's all one big
cocktail party up here.
You like cocktails, Detective?
Margaritas? Pina Coladas?
Vincent: Thanks for your help,
Mrs. Borden.
If you need anything,
just give us a call.
[elevator beeps]
I'm afraid
she can't be disturbed--
Don't even fucking start.
I've been calling you
all morning.
Borden's dead.
Someone executed him.
And if he got to Borden,
then he's close.
Jesus, mum--
[speaking in foreign language]
[speaking in foreign language]
Just take a breath.
[inhales deeply]
You need to leave El Paso.
Take the company plane.
What about tomorrow night,
it's all been arranged--
Listen to me.
Tomorrow, after the party,
you'll fly to Geneva.
Stay at the house
and make arrangements
for you to check
into rehab there.
If things connect to you,
and we have a problem,
you will be working
on your issues,
which will buy us time
to quietly hire
very good lawyers.
Besides... you need help, Randy.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Sealman: I know you are, baby.
I know you are.
Full ballistics came back.
Same gun killed Beatriz
and the Jane Doe in the car,
but not Borden.
Two .32s, two shooters.
Trafficking, Vincent Serra.
Alex: You're the one who took
the girl to the group home.
- Weren't you?
- Who is this?
Alex: Marshall.
David Marshall.
Tap and trace.
Ah, David Marshall
burned up a car downtown.
Is that your doing?
Alex: I can't keep doing
your job for you.
Vincent: What job is that?
Alex: Borden, Van Camp.
What they did to children.
You're not doing
anything about it.
Are you saying
you killed William Borden?
- And Ellis Van Camp?
Alex: Yes.
And what about the girl?
Beatriz Leon.
Not the girl.
That was Mauricio.
The man in the car.
You're too slow to make
them pay. They're too rich.
- Who's too rich?
Alex: The lawyer, the client.
Who's the client?
[intense music]
Alex: Did you know her?
- Who?
The-- the-- the girl.
B-- Beatriz.
- A little.
Alex: Did you care?
Fifteen seconds.
I certainly did.
I want to believe that you
are a good man, Vincent.
I'm the bad man.
Have been for a long time.
But they have to be punished.
Alex: If I can't finish this...
you have to.
[line disconnects]
He's downstairs in the park.
[intense music]
Woman 1: Hey, move!
What is this?
[both panting]
He's fucking with us.
He's just telling us
we're way too slow.
We've got an asshole
exploiting a kid
and how long is it taking us
to bring him to trial?
Two to three years, right?
He said they're too rich.
Now, we've been getting
push back on the trafficking
every step of the way.
No, I think
he's, he's taking out
the traffickers
that we couldn't.
Leaving us breadcrumbs.
Proving a point.
Well... Detective Marquez.
How long were you watching me?
Hugo: I just got here,
Mrs. Borden.
You shouldn't leave
the gate open.
Whatever will be will be.
And if you're
watching over me...
nothing to worry about, right?
You're a strong swimmer.
I'm out of shape.
[water splashing]
I was an alternate
for the '92 Olympic team.
I was 17.
Best time of my life.
By '96, I'd lost a second.
That was it.
So instead of a Wheaties Box
and a dashing husband in LA,
I ended up here.
In Texas.
Could you pass me that glass?
Hugo: Sure.
So, what do you want, Detective?
I'm not here to clean your pool.
You are not a real
cop here, are you?
That's why I'm here.
What? To not arrest me?
Have you ever heard your
husband talk about
a man named David Marshall?
You didn't come here
to ask me questions.
I didn't come here
for that either.
I stayed out of
William's business.
Wives know.
I never knew the name,
but I heard him on the phone.
He was nervous.
He didn't want me to hear.
He was talking about a man
from Mexico City.
Why didn't you say
something before?
Because of who
he was talking to.
Davana Sealman.
That's why I didn't
say anything.
He was being used.
You should go.
Thank you, Senora Borden.
Don't ever come back,
Detective Marquez.
Davana Sealman? You sure?
That's the name she said.
Borden was probably one
of her attorneys.
Borden's name isn't listed
on any of the filings
for Sea Corp
or Davana Sealman personally.
You realize we're talking
about one of the most powerful
real estate moguls
in the country, right?
Vincent: Yeah. Yeah.
I know, but Borden spoke
to Sealman on the phone
about the
"Man from Mexico City."
Oh, you got proof?
Well, did you bang her at least?
I mean, if you're gonna take
the word of a half-drunk
trophy wife, you may as well get
something out of it, right?
- Did she elaborate?
- What?
On the "Man from Mexico City."
Shut up, hold on!
Borden wasn't one of
Davana Sealman's lawyers.
He was one of Randy
Sealman's lawyers.
Davana's son.
Apparently, Randy's also
a real estate mogul.
Oh, fuck.
Randy Sealman's company owns the
Central Processing facility.
Where they sent Beatriz.
Hey, in case
you haven't noticed,
they send a lot of people there.
Oh, yeah, I know.
But she's 13.
Imagine how vulnerable
you feel at that age
in an ICE center.
Okay, let's take a look.
Okay. Well, it's not her
first time there.
She was there last year
for three weeks
with her father,
and then they were deported.
It gets stickier. Ellis
Van Camp was CPF's builder.
So everyone associated
with this Processing Centre,
the lawyer, the builder,
Beatriz, all dead.
He's going to kill
Randy Sealman.
[upbeat music]
[crowd cheering]
Deep in the night
[indistinct chatter]
[music continues]
Deep in the night
Where the music's gonna play
Deep in the night
Where the music's gonna play
Deep in the night
When the music's here to stay
deep in the night
[phone vibrates]
[music continues]
Come on
Drinking on duty?
This is so far away
from official.
So this guy,
he owns the detention center.
And you're wondering why
we're protecting him?
I don't wonder why at all.
Deep in the night
[indistinct chatter]
Deep in the night
Linda: Amistead?
Randy is on the lower deck,
moving inside.
Linda: On my way.
- Hugo, keep eyes on deck.
Hugo: Got it.
[eerie music]
Target's on the boat!
[intense music]
Take that shit off.
[girl gasps]
When I leave, lock the door.
Good girl.
[intense music]
Alex: You scum.
[intense music]
[crowd gasping]
[music continues]
[gun cocks]
[car alarm beeps]
Alex: Put it down.
[ominous music]
[gun clatters]
Alex: Attaboy.
You're Vincent, aren't you?
I am.
I'm Alex. Alex Lewis.
You know what those people did
to that child, right?
Only too well.
Alex: I've done crazy things.
But you don't hurt
children, ever.
Listen, why don't you
and I just...
- Just have a talk?
- No time for that.
Vincent: I understand
why you're saying that.
I know you're not well.
We all have to die, Vincent.
What's important is what you
do before you go--
- Vincent! Put your gun down!
- Get outta here get outta here!
- Is your friend a good shot?
- Very.
- Then it's in your hands.
Hugo: Don't move!
Put the fucking gun down!
If I'm dead,
she'll never know the truth.
Put the gun down.
[music continues]
[car engine starts]
Vincent: Hey, hey, hey!
- What the fuck are you doing?
I've got it!
[yelling in foreign language]
[sirens wailing]
[intense music]
[car engine starts]
[engine revving]
[car horn honking]
[yelling in foreign language]
[door opening]
You know, I quit drinking
15 years ago.
But right now, I can
actually taste the scotch
in the back of my throat.
Davana Sealman's only son
was just murdered on my watch.
She's not happy with us.
The lady has even hired
off-duty cops for protection.
He was way ahead of us.
He was probably on that boat
before the party even began.
Who is this fucking guy, Vince?
Vincent: Alex Lewis.
Well, I can tell you
he's American.
He's no doubt a contractor,
I don't think
these have all been hits.
He wants revenge
for Beatriz Leon.
[bike engine revving]
[engine turns off]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[knocks on window]
[window whirring]
Sir, you alright?
Have you been
drinking tonight, sir?
Paul with his sons.
[man groans]
[breathes heavily]
[ominous music]
[glass clinking]
[heavy breathing]
[breathing heavily]
[intense music]
[dramatic music]
Motorcycle patrolman Eric Lyle.
Must have found Alex wounded.
There was blood
all over the Bronco.
I don't know.
Maybe he got spooked.
That's not his style.
His style is murder, Vincent.
No, we need to find him
before the El Paso PD.
They're not going
to be happy about this.
Well, we know something
they don't.
I think I know
who Alex Lewis is.
Linda: I ran juvenile records.
Vandalism, auto-theft, assault.
Well, it could be him.
Only problem is,
Alex Lewis is dead.
He and his father died in the
fire at the family bakery
forty years ago.
Investigators thought
Alex set the fire.
Brother's still in town though.
Care facility on the parkway.
Advanced Alzheimer's.
Man's a vegetable.
I also came up
with medical records.
Alex and his brother
were well known at the ER.
Always a "fall down the stairs"
or an "accidental burn."
Other things
were harder to hide.
Father was never charged
with the abuse.
Sexual or physical.
Want me to warrant the bakery?
[indistinct chatter]
[door creaks]
[door shuts]
[dramatic music]
[wings fluttering]
[wings fluttering]
[gun cocks]
[wings flapping]
[intense music]
[gun clatters]
This guy from Mexico City,
the one Borden was talking to
Davana Sealman about.
What if she hired him?
'Cause I'm thinking
if Alex is not up
to killing Sealman himself,
he wants us to bring her in.
Catch is, the only person
who can connect
Sealman to any of this--
Is Alex.
She's harder to get
to than any of the others.
He reached out to you
to cover his bets.
The only address
from Paul and Alex's
medical records is the bakery.
Oh, forget about it,
that place is a wreck.
Unless you're looking
for a pigeon.
What did you say?
The place is full of them.
The lab report on the Bronco...
the one where the
patrolman got killed,
the floor had traces
of pigeon shit on it.
[intense music]
[tires screeching]
[music continues]
[ominous music]
[door opens]
[music continues]
[knock on door]
[door opens]
Mora: Anything I can get you?
Anything you need?
No, thank you.
[door closes]
[radio beeps]
Top of the hour, boys.
Check in.
[tires screeching]
[siren wailing in distance]
[siren wailing]
[rapid footsteps]
[car alarms blaring]
[cars honking]
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[intense music]
Let him up.
Get him a new battery.
[ominous music]
[elevator beeps]
[door opens]
[intense music]
[guns clicking]
- Put them down!
- Now!
You! Get back!
Stay in here. Don't open
that door to anybody.
Boys! Main office.
Live shooter! Live shooter!
[gunfire in distance]
[glass shattering]
[intense music]
[alarm beeping]
[powering up]
He's headed for the roof.
[door opens]
[music continues]
Mora, he's on the roof.
Copy. If you get the chance,
put him down.
Copy that.
[somber music]
It's all over.
Let's get you out of here.
[glass shattering]
[intense music]
[Mora grunts]
[body thuds]
[gun cocks]
[music continues]
You killed my son.
And I know what you've done.
[gun clicks]
[gun clicks]
[gun clicks]
[body thuds]
Firing pin.
You know why I didn't just
off you back there?
Let me tell you why.
[Alex groans]
That would have been mercy.
No. I want to see you
go to Yuma.
Where I will make sure they
fuck you to death, old man.
You cop-killing piece of shit.
How about that little girl?
You know what they do to
people who hurt kids?
I'll talk to FBI Agent
V-- V-- Vincent Serra.
No one else.
Fuck the feds.
We got you on
three counts of murder.
Your busted fucking gun
matches Borden
and Officer Eric Lyle.
Guy had a wife and two kids--
He needs a doctor.
No, he doesn't.
I've got all day, and
by the end, I swear to God,
I'll have me a
written confession.
If he went after Sealman
with a broken gun,
we'd have heard something.
I just think he's at the end.
He ain't remembering things.
And also, PPD has gone
totally silent.
And this came from the
bakery address.
What is it?
[envelope rustling]
[dramatic music]
Where did you get this?
Vincent: It doesn't matter.
El Paso PD are holding
Alex Lewis
and I need you to transfer him
into our custody.
Let him be their problem.
Which side of this do you
really want to be on?
I need to talk to him.
But it seems
very powerful people
don't want that to happen.
[tires screeching]
[engines whirring]
[engine rumbles]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[car door opens]
[car door shuts]
What the fuck did you do to him?
- He resisted arrest.
- So you had to bust him up?
He's a cop killer
for fuck's sake.
You like being on
Davana Sealman's payroll?
Cool off!
[intense music]
[door opens]
[heart monitor beeping]
Well, well.
The FBI.
You are the one that shot me.
I'm not going to offer
an apology.
I'm not asking for one.
[pills rattle]
Thank you.
These aren't going to help
for much longer.
I understand you want
to clear this up.
Alex: Clear this up?
I want Sealman dead.
Well, she's not officially
tied to any crime.
You know that's not true.
She sanctioned the hit.
She hired me to kill...
two people.
Ellis Van Camp and
the second was that child.
Girl of thirteen.
Be-- Be-- Beatriz.
I won't do that.
Vincent: No.
No. You don't touch children.
Dr. Myers: Okay, press down.
Sealman: Thank you.
I really appreciate you
being here for me.
During all this.
You're not just a client,
you know.
Is that true, Joseph?
You know, the hardest thing
is never really trusting
those people close to you.
Besides Randy...
I will never really
know why someone is with me.
Come on.
I'm your friend, Davana.
I'm here for you.
The retainer for your services
is $10 million.
I can't.
Do you realize what
you're asking me to do?
I'm sorry. No.
- I took an oath.
- An oath?
Like a marriage vow?
You were at Randy's parties.
You think I didn't know?
So, let's make this simple.
$10 million or prosecution
and prison for sex with minors.
You need to understand
Randy was weak.
But he was my son.
You are not.
Vincent: Murder for hire.
Murder for revenge. Child abuse.
It's all here.
It's not over.
Everybody's dead, Alex.
Even if you do make it to trial,
you get life, my friend,
which from what
the doctors tell me
is maybe three to six months.
So, what are we doing here?
- Why are we here?
Alex: Davana Sealman.
- Are you kidding me?
- I'll testify to all that--
You're a contract killer.
You think your testimony's
going to stand up in court?
- She hired me to kill a child.
- Did you get that in writing?
We're gonna need that evidence.
[heart monitor beeping]
You really expect
we're gonna find justice?
I expect you to try.
Let me tell you something...
about justice.
Twelve months ago,
a drunk driver
was flying down the I-8
in a stolen car.
He's high on meth.
He hasn't seen another car
that's pulled over
on the shoulder.
A mom and her ten-year-old son.
Coming home from Legoland.
They got a flat tire.
But Colvey, he doesn't
see that the woman
is out there changing the tire.
He just plows right into her.
Kills her.
Now, he stops his car
and he sees behind him
the boy's jumped out.
He's obviously screaming.
Seeing his mom, dead
on the road, crying for help.
But Colvey doesn't help.
He puts his car in reverse
and backs over the boy.
Making sure
there's no witnesses.
Then he torches his car
two miles down the road.
But a 15-year-old girl,
she sees him.
She sees a man walking away
from a big fire with a gas can.
Now, it ain't much,
but it's enough
to put Colvey on trial.
You know what happened?
They do a photo line-up.
But the girl,
she doesn't pick Colvey.
So they do an in-person,
and again
she doesn't pick Colvey,
even though everybody
knows it's him.
Three times, three line-ups.
Each time she picks
a different guy.
And Colvey walks.
And he's still out there.
memory's a motherfucker.
And as for justice...
it ain't guaranteed.
Your wife.
Your son.
[dramatic music]
I have evidence.
What evidence do you got?
Alex: A phone call.
Davana Sealman.
[stammering] Threatening...
Threatening the first man
I killed.
Ellis Van Camp?
Yes. I have that call
on a... flip...
- Flash?
- Flash.
- Flash drive?
- Flash drive.
Where is it?
I don't know.
Help, help me...
Help me remember.
We will.
We will.
That makes me sick
to my stomach.
I'm glad that bastard is dead.
His mother was covering for him.
- Davana Sealman?
Vincent: Yeah.
That woman hasn't had
a parking ticket in her life.
She knew that her son
was raping minors.
She also paid for the hit
on Ellis Van Camp.
Based on what evidence?
The man she hired, Alex Lewis.
He made it very clear to me--
Oh, the testimony
of a professional killer?
Alex Lewis was hired
by William Borden
for Davana Sealman.
Isn't this the same man
who has some kind of dementia?
Advanced Alzheimer's.
Yeah, yeah.
Look, I need real evidence.
Alright, not just
the fucking testimony
of some murderer who's
cognitively impaired. Jesus.
Any decent lawyer would
annihilate him on the stand.
Listen, apparently,
there's a recording
of Davana Sealman
on a phone call
explicitly threatening Van Camp.
- Well, that I can use.
- I'm working on it.
Well, you bring me the audio,
and if it's solid,
I'll make the case.
Thank you, sir.
[door opening]
[door closing]
Are you sure you're up for this?
No, Gerald. I'm definitely
fucking not up for this.
Listen. We need to find
that recording.
Without that,
they-- they can't bring charges.
Do you remember where it is?
I-- I've been trying
to remember.
I can't.
[stammering] It's lost.
I-- I used to make notes. Here.
- Mm-hm.
- There's no more notes.
I'm sorry.
Really. I'm sorry.
Listen. Without that recording,
there's no case against Sealman.
And there's nothing that I
or anybody can do about it.
Do you understand that?
[dramatic music]
I need you to remember.
[dramatic music]
Dr. Myers. I have a writ--
I know, we got a call
you were coming.
[music continues]
[intense music]
No alcohol swab?
[Myers groans]
[intense music]
[indistinct radio chatter]
Hey, hold up.
Your SAC said,
he doesn't go through.
- He's with us.
- Can't do it.
He said for you
to head right in.
It's okay, man.
Just take care.
[indistinct radio chatter]
[indistinct chatter]
He's got a hostage.
This is a fucking mess, Serra.
His only demand...
is to talk to you.
Watch your ass.
[car engine starts]
[music continues]
[intense music]
Man on radio:
They're coming out.
Hold fire.
That's Myers.
Sniper two, do you have a shot
on the subject on the right?
Man on radio: Affirmative.
Man on radio:
Agent Serra, status?
You killed the hostage.
Stand down. Stand down!
Listen to me, Agent Serra,
They sent that man to kill me.
He walked right past the cops.
That bitch owns the whole game.
She doesn't own the FBI.
- Are you sure about that?
- Listen to me.
Maybe they'll kill you, too.
Just to...
Just to b-- b-- bury this.
Yeah, maybe. Alex. Listen--
Bery. That's spelled B-E-R-Y.
- No. Alex.
- Right? Yes. Yes. Bery.
You said justice
can't be guaranteed.
We owe it to that child,
Alex! Alex!
[door opening]
[dramatic music]
[indistinct chatter]
They won't let Hugo
in the building.
God, I bet Nussbaum deports him.
Nothing would surprise me.
Where are they sending you?
Crimes against Children.
- You?
- Unassigned.
Linda: Vincent, your heart
was in the right place.
[dramatic music]
He fucking remembered.
He fucking remembered!
[glass shattering]
[music continues]
Ellis: You've left me no choice.
I won't be cut out.
Look, this doesn't
have to be ugly.
Sealman: Blackmail
is already ugly.
Ellis: Look, all--
Sealman: Mr. Van Camp!
Sealman: We are not negotiating.
You've crossed the line
from which there is no return.
That's it.
It's not enough.
What are you talking about?
Well, Alex Lewis is dead.
Without him,
I don't have corroboration.
You said, if I bring you
this recording--
No, no, no, no. The recording
is a threat. Yes.
Without the hitman,
it's not enough.
Come on, man, this is a case.
It's not a case I can win.
I'm very sorry, Vincent.
You're kidding me?
Look, when you're dealing
with that kind of money,
even if I had her
handing the gun to Alex
and paying him,
she'd probably still win.
Okay. Okay.
Yeah, the sooner you
realize that, the better.
Listen, you tell me something.
Beatriz Leon.
What does she mean to you, huh?
Just some lowlife Mexican kid,
who's probably gonna die anyway?
No, not at all.
Randy Sealman
would take children
out of his Detention Centre
and use them
as his fucking sex toys.
Problem is, we can't prove it.
You know what's going on.
We all know what's going on.
You're nothing
but a fucking coward.
Okay, that's it, Serra!
A lot of people,
myself included, are fed up!
Time to take a leave, Serra.
Make it a long one.
And then let's re-evaluate.
With pleasure.
[dishes clinking]
[knock on door]
[knocking continues]
- Yo.
- Hey.
We should celebrate
your suspension.
I'm not really up for it.
I wasn't asking, dipshit.
Get some fucking clothes on.
[instrumental music]
[crickets chirping]
[pool balls clatter]
Since when have you
been so social?
I'm trying to turn over
a new leaf.
I mean, you can't be an
asshole forever, right?
I don't know.
[music continues]
[glass shattering]
[dramatic music]
[indistinct chatter]
- Hey!
- No, no, no.
Anymore and I'm fucking
toast tomorrow.
Don't be a pussy.
It's not like you've got a job.
I'm good.
Oh, shit.
I spaced my wallet.
Sorry. I'll owe you.
Man on TV: ...murdered
just hours ago at her home.
According to an El Paso
Police Department spokesmen,
there are presently no suspects
and no witnesses.
Details are sketchy at this
point. El Paso Police only...
[speaking in foreign language]
What's going on?
[speaking in foreign language]
Did you just give me an alibi?
[instrumental music]
[water splashes]
[intense music]
[music continues]
[somber music]
[music continues]
[intense music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[dramatic music]
[music continues]
[music continues]