Memory (2006) Movie Script

No! No!
As a researcher in the field of
memory loss, I know how daunting
it can be to reach results for
patients with Alzheimer's syndrome.
As someone who's felt the
effects of this disease personally,
I truly understand that
all that matters is life.
And our lives, ladies and gentlemen,
are nothing more than our memories.
Alright, thank you.
I'll be back.
Thought you were over doctors. - I'll be
all over Doctor Mills tonight, trust me.
Yeah, well, I'll be all over my bed. We got
an early start, man, I'm just exhausted.
Don't forget to pack your diapers, little
baby.- Look, while I'm working my ass off,
you're flirting with doctors and
checking on your fantasy football team.
That's why I'm always
in the playoffs, baby!
You think you have problems, try being a
single dad. - What are you talking about?
What I'm talking about? I'm talking
about I haven't had a decent breakthrough
in over a year and a half, alright?
A year and a half.
I'm touring, I'm speaking on what
I ask you. - Taylor make sense.
Listen, you're trying to do something
good for society as well as for your mom.
Trying to cure a disease takes time.
I look at her, right, and I think in
ten years time, that's going to be me.
Pretty soon I'm not even going to recognize
you. - Hey, you don't know that for sure.
You know, I've got a 50%
chance of having Alzheimer's.
Yeah, but you shouldn't
think of it like that.
Come on, you got to live your
life, man! One more shot, Rico!
One more shot, please.
Night Dr. Briggs! You have an
urgent message. It's from the hospital.
Thank you.
I knew you were in
Brazil for the convention.
I am Dr. Costas, Head of
Neurology for the hospital.
We got your message. Got here as
soon as we could, and here we are,
we don't... not
exactly sure as to why.
At first we diagnosed it
as a cerebral hemorrhage.
- Right.
Then the MRis came back.
We've never seen anything like it.
- Really.
Please. Come.
This is Dr. Salvo, the
attending physician.
Who is he?
- We don't know. We think he's American.
What's that on his skin? - Red ocher.
Amazonian Indians up the river,
use it as a tribal body dye.
And how can we help?
- If you will just take
a look at these scans,
you will understand.
As you can see, the
tumors have formed in...
Which area dealing, with memory?
- We would appreciate your input.
Did he have anything with him?
- Just that.
What is this substance?
I'm not sure. He had ingested
a great deal of that powder.
When he dies, where will
the post mortem be done?
Due to the unknown condition,
The authorities demand that
we cremate him immediately.
I want to say cancer, but I've...
never seen cancer attack
memory centers so selectively.
- You ever seen anything like that?
- Never heard of anything like that.
Stop, would you?
Taylor, we're going to
miss this flight, damn it!
- What the fuck happened to you?
- I don't know.
- You're soaking wet.
- I know. I'm dehydrated.
- Did you go out again last night?
- No.
I took a shower.
- You bang your head or what?
- God, that all seemed so real.
- What was so real?
- I thought I was chasing this guy.
- He had a black, Burberry overcoat.
- Burberry. Nice, buddy.
- Crap!
- What?
The pow... I'm such and idiot!
The powder, I got that...
- It's just... Fucking powder!
- It's just a rash!
- I know man! I got a hole,
- We'll miss this flight.
- My club had a rip in it. I got...
- Ah shit!
- Come on!
Excuse me, do you know what
happened to the patient that was here?
He die, a few hours ago.
- Do you know where Dr. Costas is?
- I'm not sure. I think he's gone.
Thank you.
- Hey you.
- Oh, hey!
How's she doing?
Good, she's been smiling ever
since we started watching 'Jerry'.
Started to watch Jerry?
What else did you watch?
Well, we do crocodile hunters at seven.
Then we shop on QBC for about an hour.
- Nice. - Carol dropped of another one of
those crazy study things for you. - Crazy.
Okay, I'll see you later.
Drive safe. #KEEP AN OPEN
Thank you. Bye. #NEW AGE HERBAL
Got another one for the collection.
It's good to be home.
I missed you Mom.
Run a check on that, will you?
- Carol?
- Surprise!
Surprise, how are you?
Happy birthday
Happy birthday buddy.
- I told you I'd get you.
- Thank you, girl.
- Hi everybody.
- Have a drink.
- It's exactly what I need.
- See ya darling.
- Excuse me. How are you?
- Didn't know I had so many friends.
- They just came here for the free booze.
It ain't the art.
You know, I...
I went to see your mother,
while you were gone.
Did you happen to get the
report that I left for you?
I did, but I didn't get
a chance to look at it.
You know, I think that I
finally found someone for you.
Believe it or not, just easy going,
a good listener, and very lonely.
I want you to meet Barb. Barb, Taylor.
- Aren't you going to say hi?
- Hi, Barb.
That's right. Now Barb, this gentleman
is going to take care of you from now on,
and I want you to be nice to him, stay with
him and make sure he doesn't get introuble.
Carol, I don't know how
to take care of a fish.
It's not organic chemistry.
- Anybody seen Max?
- He's late as usual... excuse me.
- I, you, that's, I'm going to...
- Talk to him, talk to him.
- Would you like a...
- No, I'm good. I'm good, I'm good.
- I just had one. I'm...
- New friend?
- Thanks for asking.
- Do you feel any better?
- Well, yeah... yeah.
No, I just think I had too
much to drink, you know.
What do you think of those
three artists over there?
- Yeah, you know, we'll see.
- Usually I don't mind a little moustache,
but I think that is out of the question.
That's all I've got to say.
- What are you two delinquents up to?
- Max, you missed the whole party, buddy.
Hey slick, it wasn't my
birthday, you know what I mean.
- But I did have to close a little deal.
- Cubans.
250 a box baby, and I got
a box for you in the car.
I love you Max.
And happy birthday Deep...
Come on now. I got you a fish.
Hope you don't mind.
- Hey birthday boy, I
got a little something
for you. - No, for me?
- Yeah, for you buddy.
And we're going to open this downstairs.
You want to come with us, Deep?
I think I'm going to
go check out some art.
Yeah, right.
Save the two brunettes for me, will ya?
Hey. You want the little
cracker and some cheese?
Yeah, maybe in Carol's office.
This is supposed to be 'Numero Uno'.
It was grown, on the
lushest hill in Bordeaux
by a one-legged man named Pepe.
And it was bottled in 1971,
the year of your birth,
and my marriage,
and Pepe's untimely divorce.
Let it breathe now.
- Alright.
- Cheers.
- That's kind of weird.
- It's dog shit.
I spent 400 on this garbage.
- I'm sorry. Let it breathe a little bit.
- Let it breather nothing.
See if there's any beer in there. God!
In there.
- God.
- We're in luck. Two Miller's.
Good, yeah, well. It's Miller time now.
Get this taste out of my mouth.
Oh yeah.
Oh, Taylor...
I'm getting old.
Seems like yesterday, that I was
toasting your arrival with champagne.
It was pretty good stuff too. Your
mom, she'd bring you by to visit.
You're like the son I never had.
Look at you now.
And me.
And that's our future, Taylor
Briggs. Never turns out the way
- you think it's going to.
- Well, cheers to that.
Are you going to still help me, move
my Mom's stuff? And buy the beer?
How am I going to move
the stuff if I'm drunk?
Hasn't hurt your golf aim has it?
Well, if I haven't told
you, sport, happy birthday.
# SUNDAY, MARCH 21. 1971 #
How did he do?
Well, Nick dropped the ball in
the outfield and lost the game.
Oh man, I'm sorry.
And, you know, I've
been working with him,
I don't know.
You look like shit.
- Thanks. You're a good friend, Deep.
- Yeah.
- Hey little man.
- Hey, bud.
- What's up, Taylor?
- Nothing.
What do you mean nothing? There's
always got to be something?
- Yeah, right, there's something.
- Hey, Nick, check this out.
- Yeah, you just build on that.
- You got it.
- It happened again.
- What, puberty?
No, I saw the guy in the trench coat.
So, who is this guy?
That's just it, I don't know,
I, I can't see his face.
Taylor, you banged the crap out
of your head in that hotel room.
You know, concussions can cause
memory loss, memory regression,
- all kinds of stuff, you know this.
- That's just it, it's not my memory.
He had a newspaper dated
March 21st, 1971, in his car.
Okay, so why is this guy walking
around with an old newspaper?
- It wasn't old at the time.
- Let me get this straight.
You're telling me you're seeing things
that happened a year prior to your birth.
Why are you treating this so seriously?
Just humor me, will you?
Test the powder.
Tulane University's Masters thesis.
"Dreaming with the Dead", William Terrel.
Part of an ancient worldwide religion,
red ocher was used as a body dye by man
and his ancestors for
almost two million years.
As a geneticist, I intend
on traveling to Brazil.
Amazonian Indians are the last to
practice this once universal ceremony.
Covered in red ocher, they are branded with
a symbol before they ingest sacred powder.
As they claim to see through
the eyes of their dead ancestors.
You should have discovered here, is that
we're not really drawing this scene at all.
But merely trying to capture
the light it's giving off.
The object is always an illusion.
Okay? We'll continue this next week.
- Stephanie Jacobs?
- What can I do for you?
My name is Taylor Briggs. Hi.
I'm interested in buying
one of your paintings.
You buy a lot of art,
- Taylor Briggs?
- Only the good stuff.
Great work this week.
Do you buy hot chocolate?
- I graduated Med School 10 years ago.
- So, go on.
And then I decided, I didn't
want to be a doctor, at all.
- You sound more confused than I am.
- Well, I knew I didn't want to work
for the HMOs or the insurance companies,
because they don't give two shits
about helping people. And I finished
my residency and became a researcher.
- What do you research?
- Alzheimer's Syndrome.
So, you like the painting
of the man in the coat?
What makes you say that?
It's my only painting
on the market right now.
- What made you... What made you create it?
- I don't know,
I came home one day and it
just sort of, painted itself.
- Do you sell a lot of paintings?
- No, not many.
I mostly teach, which is, actually
what I have to do right now.
- Bye, Doctor Briggs.
- Goodbye.
It's sand, but I want to
be sure. So I smoked it.
Cute. Appreciate it.
Taylor, it's sand, and 4
percent ground up cerebral tissue.
Great. Brain.
- Yeah, yeah, I found traces of melatonin,
- which is only from the pineal gland.
- Pineal?
Yeah, it's just trace amounts, okay. I even
ran some samples, on some of the lab rats.
Came back as nothing. It had no effect.
What am I seeing,
a fucking fantasy world here?
- You have another theory?
- You know that patient in Brazil,
he was an American geneticist
named William Terrel.
He was doing a study of
a remote tribe of Indians,
that were engaged in this ancient ceremony
that dates back almost two million years.
It involves ingesting sacred powder.
I think Terrel, I think he stole it.
And the guy got exposed to it,
and my goddamn glove ripped.
The crazy part is this, these Indians, and
they could let you see through the eyes
of your dead ancestors. They
can see things, and images,
- that happened before you were born.
- Are you serious?
You're spouting mystic mumbo-jumbo. The
lab rats showed no changes. It's nothing.
- What am I supposed to do?
- Go get laid.
Actually, I met a girl the
other day. She's an artist.
Really, I thought you didn't go for that.
- And she's no ordinary artist.
- Does she paint naked?
You're an idiot. She did this painting,
I liked it, she was all business though,
- she blew me off.
- See. That's why you like her.
That about covers it, so thank you, for
everything, and we'll see you all tomorrow.
The pineal gland is actually the
ancient remains of a primordial eye,
pointing straight up out of the head.
Pineal gland also creates DMT, the most
powerful hallucinogenic known to science.
DMT is often attributed to the out-of-body
experiences in near death situations.
Gee... Jesus!
- Sorry.
Sorry about that. Run out of ideas?
And you came all the way
over here to ask me that?
- No, you scared me. I was improvising.
- So what did you come over here for?
Well, you know when H-2-0
cools to a certain temperature,
- it forms this solid, called...
- Ice.
That's it. And, you know sometimes
people like to strap blades,
to the bottoms of their feet and
glide across it. So, you know,
I was wondering, if, well,
do you like having fun?
It's funny, I used to come
here all the time when I was a kid.
This is an abandoned building.
When was the last time you skated?
- I have to admit, it's been a while.
- Well, it's probably better this way.
- Skating's not my forte.
- Yeah, well what did you do as a kid?
- Not much. - You didn't skate, you
didn't swim, or anything? - No,
- I nearly drowned when I as little.
- That would put a damper on things?
- Yeah.
I was sick for a long time. But,
being cooped up inside all the time,
got me into art. So...
Yeah. This place is over.
Well this, this was a unique experience.
I don't really hang out in
condemned buildings much.
Well, give me a couple
of days, I could top that.
Try me.
Let me give you
a hand with that.
Taylor, we're running
out of space in here.
Max and I are going to move your
stuff this weekend, don't worry.
- Hall closet, hall closet.
- Thanks, Nurse Ratched.
The three mountain peaks?
# LAKE SARAWAC, N. H. 1971 #
Why is it clearing?
Damn it! Fucking keys!
Come on.
Taylor, it's a coincidence.
Come on, there's a freezer right
where I remember it being 30 years ago.
Yeah, but you saw it in
a clearing, not in a lake.
That was three decades ago man,
the lake would have changed by then.
Come on. You still dating this
off a newspaper from a dream?
I found the exact place from my
dream, just like I remembered it,
it had a lake, it had trees,
it had three mountain peaks.
All because you saw a photo
of your mom up there in '71?
I mean, it's plausible she
took you up there as a kid
and maybe the memories sat
dormant in your subconscious.
Maybe that's why you see
yourself in these visions.
Fine. Then give me a rational
explanation as to how you can see things,
that ever happened,
before you were even born.
I can't.
- So, how's the artist doing?
- Steph? She's good. Thanks.
- Coming to the Wednesday dinner.
- She's going to a Wednesday dinner?
- Yeah.
You're going to introduce
her to Max before me?
You know, I got to break her in slowly.
I want to make sure she likes
me before I introduce her to you.
- Steph, this is my Mom's friend, Carol.
- How nice to meet you.
- Very nice to meet you.
- Yeah, you look familiar.
- Well, I'm a painter.
- Maybe I saw you at an opening.
Yeah, probably. You know,
I've heard of your gallery.
Well, good.
You know, Steph did a painting
of a man in a trench coat,
I thought it was really interesting, and,
I stalked her and made her go out with me.
- Yes, he did.
- I'd love to see your work sometime.
Sure, anytime. So,
is Max a great cook?
I wouldn't really use
that word... great,
- I mean it's,
- Burnt.
- more like burnt, yes, burnt.
- How do you guys all know each other?
- I met Alicia, that's Taylor's mother,
at Mass General, where
she trained with Max.
You're a doctor as well?
No, no, no, no. I went there
to get stitched up one time.
And Alicia took care of me,
and we've been friends ever since.
How's the food?
It's going to be great. I picked
up some choice chops at the store.
- Stephanie.
- Max.
Taylor's been very evasive
about you to all of us.
Now I'm going to want a full report
and I'm willing to share information.
Well, Max, I think
we're going to have to talk.
My two loves were medicine and Jenny.
I miss her more than life itself.
Of course she could get
under my skin like nobody...
- I like the painting.
- Oh yeah?
She always wanted to be an astronaut.That's
why I had that made for her birthday,
years ago, it's been up there so long, I
never even thought about taking it down now
- So, how are the chops?
- Well done.
No, no, no, that's
blackened Cajun-style.
Now, no one can resist lamb chops a la Max.
Hey, you watch it now.
Both of you.
So are you going to
brief me on Taylor here?
Listen, I got the whole story
on him, right in the living room.
No, no, you know,
I think it's getting a little late. I
think we should be going. It's the traffic.
No problem, no problem,
we'll see you later.
- Get in there brother, get in there.
- You're evil.
- Come on, skip that for tonight.
- You know I don't like a mess,
in anybody's house. Come on.
You know my new screening
room, it's got everything.
I just don't know how to turn it on.
Nope. Got to be this,
Alright, there we go.
Which one are you?
I'm the one scoring the
touchdown, naturally.
- That's me, in my stud days.
- Look how young Carol and Mom were.
You can see we're a
bunch of show-boaters.
Yeah, I can see that.
I'm going to fast forward.
It took us about two months
to talk his mom into this deal.
That took all of about 5 seconds.
And it took, well I had to listen
to his mom for the next 5 years about
it. That was back when Taylor's mom
and I worked at Mass General Hospital.
That's Carol.
Is that you and your mom?
Yeah, me and my Jenny.
I can see they're kind
of like parents to you.
- So, where are your parents?
- That. My mother is here in Boston
and as for my father, I never
knew him. He died before I was born.
I know what that is like. I was adopted.
Well, Taylor Briggs, it's a...
chilly night.
I wouldn't want you to catch a cold.
Barb... how's the water temperature?
Is that better?
Five year old Allison Frost
perished with her father.
The burning vehicle collided with a tree.
Taylor, what do you want me to say? You're
telling me there's some guy out there
kidnapping little girls,
before we were even born?
Yeah, well, all the facts
are coming together.
Facts? Allison Frost died in a car
accident. Her body was found,
- ID'ed and buried. Facts.
- Fact. I saw her, March 21st, 1971.
One, she was alive.
Two, her tooth had grown in
Which proves she didn't die
in a goddamn car accident.
Taylor, you're refuting documented
news articles with your own dreams?
I found her. I pulled her name
on the internet. She exists!
Jessica Arnold. I just pulled her out of
thin air. I even thought she'd be brunette.
- Come on.
- Paula James.
Maybe you saw a picture of her and
your mind just filled in the gaps.
- Paula James.
- She's hot.
Oh shit man, come on!
I'm not making this up!
What I'm feeling is
fucking real, I don't care.
Close the door behind you.
We've got to get you out of here.
Beautiful sunshine, it's good for you.
Yeah. Did you hear me?
Totally fucked!
Just can't find a good
hot dog these days.
See the big, red light that's up there.
You got your on, you got your off.
Channel, volume, give it a hit.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- This is, really good.
- Yeah, it's my first.
- I got it, don't I?
- Yeah, I have to admit, you've got talent.
- Thank you.
- Make yourself comfortable.
- I'm kind of busy here.
- Take your time, smells good.
Hello. That wasn't there, was it?
- Watch it.
- Sorry.
- Do you live here alone?
- Yeah, I like space.
- Is that original, Stephanie Jacobs?
- Yeah.
- It's beautiful.
- Thank you.
I hope you're hungry.
Oh God, you'd be perfect if you
drank beer and played poker too.
- I only play high stakes.
- I got no problem with that.
This is going to hurt.
- I feel like I'm back.
- Forget the comeback. Take it off.
Is this what you want to see?
You're the one who
wanted the high stakes.
At least I know I'm going to bed a winner.
I'm going to bed naked.
- So, when do I meet the family?
- You're a bad one,
- I'm not taking you home to meet them.
- What?
Besides, they're retired
and travel a lot.
I'll show them a
few magic tricks.
Yeah, they're not into magic.
Alright, then I'll get
in good with the brother.
- Brother's overseas in the military.
- Then I'll get in good with the dog.
- Dog's dead.
- Then I'm fucked.
You know what, I'm thirsty,
how about some water?
That's a good idea, that sounds great.
I'll get that.
The last couple of
times were great.
Daddy, I don't like
it here as much though.
The water's too cold.
We're lucky to be in here
after hours at all, okay.
Dad! Daddy! Dad, help me!
Dad! No!
Somebody help me! Daddy!
Daddy, why won't you help me!
Taylor. Taylor.
It wasn't Allison Frost this
time. It was a different girl.
It's crazy, I kind of became him.
Goddamn it, it felt like he was...
He knows what he's doing is wrong, and he,
will do anything to try to stop it, and...
it's as if he's lost something
that he's trying to get back.
- What's he lost?
- A child maybe.
I saw him kidnap a little girl in the
locker room and he started some fire and,
Oh God. I'm the date
from hell, I'm sorry.
This happened recently?
This happened over 30 years ago.
- There's more.
- What?
He looks like the figure in your painting.
- Why didn't you tell me this before?
- It sounded so nuts.
How could I?
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Hello? - Check your e-mail. I
researched your locker room story.
Three die in fire at community college.
Lisa Mullins, her father and an
unidentified second child perished.
This is her.
But you didn't say anything about a
second child in the janitor's closet.
I don't know, but
this is the girl.
The other little girl
was never identified.
- You sure about this?
- I'm not sure about anything,
but is this community college still around?
He brought another body, in a bag,
- that he had over there.
- You sure?
Gas tanks here, gas
tanks. To start a fire.
It started prematurely.
- Oh God, this stuff is real, isn't it?
- Yeah.
- Let's get out of here.
- In a minute.
Taylor, please.
- I know what the second body is for.
- Yeah.
What if, every time he takes a little girl,
he leaves a surrogate body in her place.
Somebody's going to notice
the corpse isn't the same girl.
Not if it's burnt beyond recognition,
and the dental records are inconclusive,
They didn't have DNA testing then.
Yeah, but Taylor, he
didn't take Lisa Mullins.
Exactly. The fire, it startedprematurely,
and he didn't have time to switch bodies,
that's why he found Lisa's dad, Lisa
and another body meant to replace her.
So you think he switched a
body for Allison Frost too?
No one ever saw that car hit the tree.
No one ever saw that fire break out.
All they found was a burnt car, burnt
bodies. We have no idea what happened then.
- Finding a girl replacement is not easy.
- God, what if he's switching...
What if he's switching the
last ones with the next.
Look, Taylor, this is irrelevant. If
this stuff happened over 30 years ago,
isn't it too late to help them now?
Photo download complete.
Son of a bitch. You're still alive.
What have you been doing all this time?
Elementary school... Carmen
Flaherty burned to death...
Olivia Vazquez, house fire.
Bonnie McHale, burned
to death in a forest fire.
- Taylor Briggs.
- You're in a good mood.
Yeah, well, to be honest, I've
been hanging out with this girl
- that I met at your birthday party.
- Really?
Yeah, she's pretty cool.
What are you doing here?
You're going to kill me.
I'm going to need a favor.
- I need some old coroner's reports.
- You want fries with that too?
I just need 3 files, okay? I'm sure that
you can get them through the med school.
Look, I'll do it this time, okay, but
you are really starting to creep me out.
- Come in for some tests.
- Do it. I'll be in.
- Deal.
- Thank you.
Between an accordion
and an onion?
I don't know. What's the
difference between...
- accordion and an onion?
- An accordion and an onion?
Nobody cries when you
cut up an accordion.
You find that really funny?
- No!
- It's a sympathy laugh.
The only body that was
unrecognizable, was Bonnie McHale.
What happened to her?
Missing on a scout trip in
New Hampshire four months ago.
Look at this, a fire breaks
out, the only thing they find,
are the unrecognizable remains of
Bonnie McHale. He took her. I know it.
It's just like he did with
Allison and Lisa back in '71.
Be right over.
Some of the advanced lab
works came back on the powder.
- We found traces of di-methyltryptamine.
- Di-methyl what?
DMT, it's one of the most
powerful hallucinogenics known,
it's created in the pineal gland secreted
in the brain at the point of death.
It's thought that it might
numb the experience of death.
Do you remember the rats
I gave the samples to?
One of them turned out to be pregnant.
Now we didn't think anything of it,
until one of the babies got in here.
Those are the two babies.
- How many times has he done that?
- This is his first.
- He's never done this before?
- No, but his mother has.
- How long did it take for her to learn?
- 3 months.
What are you saying?
I wish I had some more
of this powder to test.
But it's all gone. All I can say now,
is that it appears that the powder
has given this litter of rats,
their mother's memories of this maze.
How could memories be
transferred between organisms?
This powder is lighting up
the same primordial areas,
stuff dealing with instincts
and long-term memories.
You know, the only
thing is, how can
memories be passed from
a parent to a child?
Deep, you remember
the human genome project?
95 percent of our DNA serves
no purpose in our life function.
So, what if our genes stored
the memories of our parents,
right up the point of birth. What if the
DNA link is severed right at that point?
- Taylor, I don't know what to tell you.
- Wait a minute.
- These memories would have to come from...
- Someone with a direct genetic link,
like a mother, or a father.
My Mom's personal stuff. I don't know
why she didn't put these photos in albums.
I've never seen her
shout at my father before.
How many scout clubs hike
up in those mountains?
If he kidnapped Bonnie McHale, then
he knew she was going to be out there.
- He knew her.
- Wait, where are you going?
Come on Ricky, we're going
to be late, let's go, buddy.
This is really messed up. Don't
you think this is a little too far?
Call me on the cell
phone, if they get back.
Funeral service?
Princess B1 is now online.
Message received from Leizfak.
Shit! Oh, Goddamn it!
Damn it.
- You dying Taylor?
- Never better.
- Nick, give Dad a minute, okay?
- Okay.
See you sport.
What's happening?
You went into a seizure.
Steph brought you in.
- You've been here all night.
- Am I okay?
I ran an MRI scan.
Oh great, I'm going
to end up like Terrel.
Slow down, the anomalies
are still small.
- And you only touched it that once, right?
- Yeah, just once.
Okay, so I think you'll be fine,
but you need to get some rest.
- DMT is dangerous.
- No, you need to get me out of here.
- Taylor, I can't release you..
- You get me out of here, goddamn it.
Deep, I know what I'm seeing right now, I
don't care if I walk out of here bare-ass,
you're going to get me
the hell out of here.
But what you're seeing
doesn't make sense.
Out of all a person could remember,
why are you seeing these things?
Will you tell him to take it easy,
alright, he's not listening to me anymore.
My earliest memory is burning my
finger on a sparkler on the 4th of July.
What's yours?
Getting a tube shoved down my throat
in the hospital, when I was sick.
Okay, trauma, right,
regret. I'm seeing his regrets.
- Why regrets?
- Because regrets, the highs, the lows,
these are the only things
we remember from our lives.
It's the only thing that would be passed on
from organism to offspring, don't you see?
- What did you see this time?
- I saw Allison again.
I took her to a shack in the woods
and made a cast impression of her face.
- Is he in love with them?
- It's like they're his children,
no, it's not sexual, it's
more like a parent's love.
- It's like he's trying to help them.
- He's trying to help them?
He's keeping them in
fridges. Let's go to the cops.
To tell them what, that I'm
getting all this from a dream.
- They wouldn't believe me.
- It's better than breaking into houses.
- You scared the shit out of me.
- You scared the shit out of you.
The side door is open.
Anybody could be in here.
You know, I came to see Alicia,
and this place was a mess.
I wasn't really expecting
company, Carol, you know.
You haven't thrown out
the garbage in three days.
- Oh, hi Stephanie.
- Hi.
You know, I would love to
drop by and see your work.
I work out of my loft on
Berry, so anytime you...
Carol, there's something
I want to ask you.
Is there anything you can
tell me about my Father?
What's this all about?
You know those, all those alternative
journals you've been giving me,
- with the past life regressions and the...
- Yes... Yes.
...channeling whoever, well,
have you ever, come across something
that has to do with seeing
your parents' memories?
What have you been seeing?
Is this my Dad's car?
How would I know that?
I don't know, you guys
were friends, right?
You know your mother never liked to
talk about it. She was very young,
and I think that he, hurt her, very much.
Maybe Max knows.
Max was the Chief Resident
at Mass General and,
your mother was an intern,
and I was the patient.
This was after she had
ended it with your father.
And I really have no
idea whose car that is.
Okay. Thanks.
You have to forget about the past.
Just move forward, and would you please,
please, get some rest.
This was his username on Bonnie's computer.
- You ever hear of that?
- No.
Hey, look at this.
Kafziel appears in a
shining blast of light.
You've got to be kidding me.
He was the angel of death
over little children.
He was cast out of heaven.
He took no interest in boys, but dedicated
himself to preserving the innocence
of little girls.
This is really scary to me.
That's why you can't
be around here anymore.
I may not have these memories in
my head, but I'm part of this now.
I know, and that's the problem. I
don't know where this is going. I'm...
- That's it? - Yeah... - You're being
ridiculous! Why are you acting like this?
Because I don't think you
should be here right now.
I don't think you should
be with me right now,
and I think you should go, right now.
Get out, please.
- Get out!
- Fine!
- Ready to move?
- Max, I'm so sorry, I completely forgot.
What the hell have you been doing, Rip
Van Winkle, I left 3 messages for you.
- I haven't been feeling too good, man.
- No shit.
- Viral?
- I don't know. Probably, maybe.
Well, we don't need
to move this shit today.
- The smoke bother you?
- No, it's fine.
I think I'll just stick
around and nurse myself a beer.
You're looking at my shoes.
Yeah, they're really cool,
where did you get those?
I've had these forever. I mean,
I use them to just, you know, I... know, fart around the
house in them. They're back in style,
- I'll get you a pair, pal.
- Yeah, that'd be great.
Are you okay?
Deep says that you need to get laid.
Now that Steph... She's great
looking to me, I think?
If I don't lie down, I don't
know what I'm going to do, Max.
Okay, I can go rent myself
some DVDs or something.
- I'm sorry, Max.
- No, no, no, you get some rest, buddy.
- I will.
- Okay, pal.
- Have a good night. Bye bye.
Get away!
Go away.
Max? Max! Max!
Man, come on!
What the fuck is going on?
What have I done?
Oh my God! Fuck!
Allison Frost... what
are you doing here?
These are copies of all my stuff.
Leizfak is now online.
They've been finding
them on the internet.
Psych evaluation report.
Carol Barbara Hargrave
Doctor for 3 years before
killing her abductor.
Patient raped and impregnated
by deceased abductor.
Adopted by Dr. Alisha Briggs.
Witnessed by Max?
Biological mother.
Carol Hargrave.
God. Dear God.
What? What is it?
Why didn't you tell me?
You don't need to know
about your real father.
He was a story no one wants know.
- Why did you have to kill Max?
- I made it look like you did it.
Max wasn't your father. He was
the last link to the adoption.
I had to kill him so that I
wouldn't have to kill my own son.
- You're going to have to kill me now.
- You will never take this away from me.
- Where's Bonnie?
- Be calm, Taylor, I know what you've seen.
But every memory has to have an end.
It'll go in a blinding light.
And it'll just get colder,
and colder,
but unlike you, they will live on forever.
Goodbye Taylor.
Goodbye Taylor.
Goodbye Taylor.
Where's Bonnie?
Come on, girl.
Come on.
Come on, go get it.
There you go. You get that?
- Come on.
- Bonni?
Bonnie? Oh, my God! My God!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
My God!
You're going pro with
those new glasses, buddy.
- Good news.
- Clean bill of health. You fucker.
- What did you say, Dad?
- I said, you're lucky, buster,
because we're going to
get a pizza after the game.
- It's good to be alive, Deep.
- Yeah, it is.
She'll always be my mother to me.
This was her favorite room in the house.
If she were alive, she'd
want you to work here.
Oh, boy, got to get Nick to
the game, before he kills me.
No, no, no, no.
- Thank you.
- For what?
- Everything.
- Yeah, alright.
Is there anything else a big,
strong man can do before we leave?
Yes, certainly. You can
log that upstairs for me.
- Oh, really? Alright.
- Yeah.
Anything interesting?
Well, if you find a kid's
keepsakes interesting,
- Check it out by all means.
- Alright.
You okay?
So did you break anything?
- Are you okay?
- Where did you get this?
I don't know. I had it
on me in the hospital,
when they pulled me
out of the water.
Is Stephanie Jacobs your real name?
The Jacobs named me that
when they adopted me.
I don't remember my real name, why?
Taylor, why?