Memory Of The Youth (2003) Movie Script

In 1928
Tsing-tao was a city without worry
and filled with music and happiness
I was 13 years old
and curious about life
I loved to go out everyday
so I could see more, see further
I'm worried about Lin
She has changed 3 schools
during this semester
It's so embarrassing
Don't say that
Lin is the prettiest girl
among all the kids
Whoever bullies my brother again
I'll make him a Little Turtle!
No, I'm not a Little Turtle!
She bullied me!
Don't even think about dinner tonight
I'm not hungry anyway
Don't let her out without my permission
Yes, madam
News Daily!
Do you want one, sir?
News Daily!
Good afternoon, Mr. Sun
Good afternoon
I brought this. Look!
It's made in England
Is this okay?
I got this from our kitchen
It's a good stuff but...
And you can take this one too
Isn't this toy yours?
You're willing to let it go?
It's not mine. It's my mom's
All right, I'll trade with you
- Here you go
- Thank you!
I can see...
Your beard!
Kid, you have to go somewhere higher
then you can see further
What's this?
Rae Yong-nuo
Nuo, if you want the violin back
meet me outside at 2pm tomorrow
Excuse me
where is room A for the 7th grade?
The second to the last one
He left
1, 2, 3...
What's wrong with your car?
It's our Magic Car
It's sick now
but we'll fix it eventually!
Can I go and look at it?
We don't know you
I'm Lin. I know you
You are from Pei-Li Middle School
I also know a guy...
called Nuo
Who are you guys then?
We're the schools...
Magnificent Seven!
How corny!
I'm the leader, Xiao-Gang
What's your skill?
Anything! And you?
Okay, since you said that
we'll let you in!
Great! Come over...
No way! Hurry!
Swim over here...!
Well? So you want to become a musician?
No, I don't. It's too difficult
If you're determined
you can do everything
What do you want to do, dad?
You guess?
Must be something great
I want... I want to be your good dad
I bet
Who do you like the most in the world?
I like my daughter best
as well as your mother
No! I don't want you to like mom!
I don't like that!
She forces me to learn
this and that everyday
I just hate it...!
You're a lot like your mother
I'm not...!
You have to take it back!
You are... I'm not...!
Okay... as you wish
You're not. Alright?
It costs 5 cents for each time. Okay?
Is this the real question sheet?
Of course
It's for tomorrow? Definitely
No problem
Pay first
What is it?
It's tomorrow's math quiz
5 cents for a look
3 cents!
My dad said we had to be honest to study
wasn't Lin looking for him the other day?
Forget it!
Is it really 3 cents?
You have to pay 10 cents!
Cause I don't like you!
I see
Detention again?
No, I myself wanted to stay for practice
Want to play?
No. We'll have a rehearsal later
Why aren't you wearing your uniform?
I'm on vacation
What vacation?
A long vacation
Nuo, have you seen Fang?
She went to see a movie
I see
What dialect is that?
It's Cantonese
I came from Hong Kong when I was 8
I couldn't tell
You don't have any accent
I already forgot some of the expressions
They're calling me. I have to go. Bye
It's for you
Thank you
Lin, come!
Hurry up!
Why are you carrying a violin?
I have to return this to someone
It's lunch time now, he must be here
Guo Xiao-Yen
I want to return this to you first
Did you find yours?
Not yet
Don't run!
He's not here
He was at canteen
Forget him. Let's go
Catch her!
Don't let her go!
Hold her!
Happy Birthday, Lin
Turn around... Don't move
Am I pretty?
You again?
You're the one who's got my violin
What a surprise
I have a class
See you then
- Bye
- Bye
Thank you!
You're welcome
I have something to show you
It's my birthday present
It's real fun
How do you play it?
Someone's coming
Let's go...
You forgot your violin again
You stay there, I'll...
No... I'll come up!
It's okay. Catch it
Do you know
how important this violin is to me?
I didn't mean it
Do you like this fabric, Mrs. Fang?
It's nice It's amazing!
What's wrong?
Mom! Dad!
It's sis...
What's wrong with her?
She's studying
Studying? Really?
It's amazing!
Lin, this...
Please knock first!
Come in
Now you know
the importance of studying?
You have an interview in a few days
and you need to dress well
It's very important
to give a good first impression
I had the tailor
made a new dress for you. Try it
Don't you see I'm studying?
I'll put it over there
Try it on later
It's very hard
to get in to De-In Middle School
You have to study hard
Who told you I want to apply that?
I'm going to Pei-Li
How can I explain to Mrs. Guan?
I've asked her for a big favor
I don't care. I'm going to Pei-Li
I won't allow!
I must go!
Everyone, starting from today
Lin will become our new classmate
I hope everyone can take care of her
and make her a good friend
Thank you everybody
You may go and pick a seat now
Now, let's... turn to page 33
We meet again. Excuse me
May I pass?
Lin! Let me ask you:
What are the two safest places
when Doomsday comes?
Go away!
Let me tell you: Heaven and Hell!
Rao Yong-nuo...
Give it to me...
Give me...
What are you looking at?
You're stealing milk!
None of your business!
Can you help me to get my shoe back?
Be careful
Don't worry. Try again
What're you doing here?
I'm picking up a shoe for someone
Shoe? I think you're stealing milk
No, I'm not!
No? Which school are you from?
Absolutely no, I didn't steal anything!
Fine, I'll go talk to your principal!
I didn't do it! No!
Good morning!
I know there are other kids involved
you have to find out the truth today
What did he say?
He said there were more kids involved
Follow me tightly!
What did he say?
Who else is involved?
I'll never tell!
This I can understand
You have to give me a clear answer
or I'm going to...
Sir, I was involved!
You guys' cheating me
I'll call the police!
Sir, look how brave these kids are
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
In fact
there're lots of things waiting for you
like running in the rain... See?
I thought you've left
You're on duty and I come to help you
I can handle it by myself
I like doing so
You aren't angry with me now?
Actually it's my fault, too
How was it?
Remember you told me
to pick up the violin at the church?
I was late
So you went there last time?
But since we don't know each other
you can pretend to be a big snake...
Please get up, Little Worm
God will forgive you
You just bought this violin?
Sorry about last time
That's okay
You loved the violin so much
why left it alone?
It was my dad who threw it away
He lost money from gambling
He said
my violin was bringing him bad luck
Lug... what do you mean?
But a violin doesn't have a leg
It's about luck
He doesn't want me to learn the violin
He said it's not a useful skill
No, if you try hard
you'll become a great violinist someday
In fact I'm not good
You played the birthday song very well
How easy is that!
Do you like it?
No. Who composed that?
I did
Sorry, I didn't know it was your song
It's alright
I just started learning composing
so it's not good
Then you have to work hard
I wish I could be as great as Tong
Tong? Who is he?
Let's go! I'll take you to a place
Where're we going?
You'll see
Good afternoon
Is Tong here?
He's here
I didn't know he's big cheese
He's really great
You can buy his records overseas
Is she your little sister?
He's my little brother
I want to listen to this, please
You always ask to listen
but never spend a penny
How can I do business like this?
You! Thank you
Tong lives here, Tsing-tao
I met him once at the opera house
Did you get his autograph?
Yes, he signed on my hand
I haven't washed my hand for a month
When will his next concert be?
We can go together
He hasn't performed for a very long time
This was his last album
I don't know
I heard that it's because of a girl...
Orchestra Disbanded
How come?
I knew that
There're always few who came to practise
Isn't it great then?
We can 90 playing now
Where are you going?
The orchestra is disbanded
What's for?
I love violin
I don't play it to please anybody
But no one knows you're so good
I know, and that's enough
And I know, too
Then we're good friends from now on
Will you join us, Nuo?
Great! We've made it!
Big snail!
Doesn't it look like a big snail?
It's not a snail. It's our Magic Car!
It's just a little sick
It looks almost dead to me
You... Little Turtle!
Big snail!
I couldn't stand this!
So what if I pick on you?
There's no way you can scare me
Look, the people behind me
are much taller and stronger than you
I'm not afraid of you!
Little Turtle's pants are off!
Little Turtle's pants are here!
Hatra lies at the crossroads
of two main caravan routes
The caravans of Hatrene merchants
precious Chinese stones and spice
to the area of Asia Minor-Trebizond
Whose is this?
It's mine
Please take it back
- Thank you
- Sit down
In the first century, Parthia made Hatra
an integral part of the caravan routes
By assessing high customs duties
it helped
build the wealth of the empire...
Nuo, don't leave me alone
We're just good friends
We're not...
Not what?
Why don't you believe me?
Because you're a girl!
Why can't a girl also be...
I don't want to be a girl, no!
You guys are stupid!
Do you think...
I'd better not talk to Lin anymore?
Because they're all saying
that we're in love
Then... what's in love?
I think
it's like a boy and a girl being together
So are you and Lin falling in love?
No, we're just good friends
Then why you're afraid of being teased?
What's falling in love then?
It's to be together...
with the person you like
To do what?
I just bought this
This is my student, Nuo
Try this
Who are you?
I'm your teacher's... driver
We have to go
See you
- Bye
- Bye
Take care
Be good
I know
Don't forget to write!
I think
Wei and Lin can be a great couple
They're about the same age
One is out-going and the other is mature
Our families are close friends anyway
How wonderful if they can get married
Maybe, but they're too young
Of course I don't mean right now
They can get engaged first
We can leave the rest...
until they finish school
Good point. My daughter is too naughty
Maybe getting engaged can tame her
Isn't it great?
I'm going to take attendance
Lee Gang Present!
- Fan Xiao-Shuang
- Present!
- Fan Da-Shuang
- Present!
- Fiona
- Present
Fang Yi-Lin
- Matthew
- Present
Lee Xiao-Wen
It's you!
Why haven't you come to school?
Listen... I've run away from home
I don't have a place to go now
Where are we?
This is my little place
Since my dad
doesn't like me to practice violin
I either stay in the school
or come here
This boat's abandoned
You can stay here
and make yourself at home
Thank you You're welcome
The boat will... lead an unstable life
You know what it's called?
Noah's Ark
A place of refuge
So I'm the refugee
Don't worry, I'll Shoulder!
Lin's home
Do you like it?
You wrote it too?
The melody is too average
It's a forgettable melody
Yeah, but I don't know...
how to write good music
You have to try harder
That doggy is cute
He is the boss of this beach
He loves to eat garbage
What's his name?
I don't know
I'll call him Little Nuo
- No
- Little Nuo...
- Little Lin...
- Little Nuo...
What do you see?
It's a sea cow!
It makes sounds when the wind blows
I thought it was real...
when the first time I came to Tsing-tao
Later I learned
it forecasts the wind and tide
It sounds like a real cow
Come here...
What do you see?
A big ship!
Let me see...
See... it's over there
Do you see it?
Where is it heading?
Must be Europe
How do you know?
I don't know
It's where I really want to go
Why Europe?
My dad's told me everything about Europe
since I was small
He said the French love drinking wine
They'd drink
one glass at breakfast everyday
and there's a huge park in London
It's called Hyde Park
You can even ride horses there
He has been to Spain
and has seen Flamenco, too
It's really hot there
40 degrees during the summer
That's why
you've always wanted to go to Europe?
Of course. I told myself
one day I'll travel around
the continents
and I'll write down my experiences
in a diary
You'll send me photos
You're in Africa now!
When I visit you in Europe
you have to write it down in your diary
Sure we should go to Italy
I heard that
it's famous for making violins
I want to go to Vienna, too
Every one knows to play violin there
So you can skip school?
Last night
I dreamt about being in Vienna
I saw you playing the violin
Last night
I dreamt about being in Vienna, too
Really? What did you see?
My dad hitting me with a stick
What's for dinner tonight?
Barbecue! I want some meat
I want chicken-wings
I'll go and prepare it
I have to go to school now
See you later
See you
Let's practice swimming movements
are you practicing swimming or diving?
do you think I'm doing the right thing?
I won't regret even if it's wrong
Anyway, I'm doing fine now
Please don't worry
When will you be back?
You must teach mom a lesson
Don't buy her anything
If you see any souvenirs
just get them for me
I want chocolate, postcards
I'm sorry
Stop it, Little Turtle!
You see!
It's you
You're alone, great!
We shall take our revenge today!
It's not fair! I'm outnumbered!
Take his pants off!
Good afternoon, Ms. Yeh...
Not gone home yet?
I have some questions about the homework
Me too...
Do you know where Lin is?
I don't know
You always flirt with her
How can't you not know?
I really don't know!
Don't go!
I'm back
Trying to scare me?
What's wrong?
I feel sick
You have a fever!
Where are we going?
I'll take you to school's infirmary
You need to see a doctor
But the doctor will tell my mom
Don't worry. I have an idea
How are you feeling?
I'm dizzy. I think I have a fever
Let's see. You don't have a fever
I also have a sore throat
I don't need this
Just give me a prescription
One shot, just one injection will do
No, I don't want it
I just want some medicine
You take an injection first
then medicine
Take your pants off
I don't want injection!
Don't waste my time
but can I not get injected on the hip?
I'm going to stay here tonight
I'm fine. You can go
What if something happens?
It's sea cow
Must be strong wind outside
The boat seems shaking
Like this?
I'm fine now
Thank you, Nuo!
You're welcome!
That quartet needs one more person
You won't get the chance without Mr. Sun
I'm afraid I can't make it
I've never performed before people
Everything must have first time
I should go
No, you can't just leave
Kid, why don't you get on the stage?
I can't
Yes he can
Save it, my violinist is back
Who's he?
He's my dad
Doesn't he object you to play violin?
How could he...
Do you think that I'm innocent
about your daily practice on the boat
Stop, I know what you're going to say
How come I know how to play violin
but I don't allow you to learn. Right?
I didn't know you play violin as well
I started learning at your age
but your grandpa said
you can't make a living with it
You were quite good
I'm not good
Then I play much worse
Listen, you need talent to play music
not everyone can make it
I worry you'll come and quit
eventually it's a waste of time
Dad, will you teach me?
How can I?
I learned it for fun
Listen, if you want to learn
you should find the best mentor
Is this where Tong lives?
Yes. He's the Honorary Dean
of the Music Academy
It's beautiful
Is Mr. Tong here?
He's out
We want Mr. Tong to teach me violin
Mr. Tong, you have to teach me violin!
Not for you. Me!
What should we do now?
We'll go up to find him
Don't waste your time
Mr. Tong won't see you
I must see him
He's not here anyway
Where's he going?
Well, you have to go find Alexandra
Alexandra will tell you
Thank you!
I think it's a she
Where's she?
There is no Alexandra
Haven't found Alexandra yet?
Do you know where she's?
It's over there
So, it is an it
It looks a bit arrogant
Do you know where Tong is?
Does it understand what we're saying?
You have to ask it
That cat is arrogant
What should we do?
Then I have to beg it
Alexandra, if you tell us where Tong is
we'll take you to playground
It's gone!
Don't go...
We have to catch it
And torture it!
Don't go!
Alexandra! Wait!
Come back here!
Where did it go?
Over there!
Stop! Hurry!
It's gone again
Where did it go?
Let's go over there
Impossible. There's no place for it to hide
Where did it go?
Hey, where's Tong?
Why are you looking for her?
Are you its owner?
She belongs to no one
She comes and leaves freely
What are you doing?
My hat was blown down there
Are... are you Mr. Tong?
You've got the wrong person
No, I've met him before
I meant I've asked for your autograph
You don't remember?
Of course he doesn't remember
He's signed so many autographs
That's true
Why are you looking for Tong?
I want to ask him to teach me violin
Why must it be him?
Because he's the best
Too bad he's a recluse now
You're really not Tong?
I look like him
and I can play violin as well
It'd be better if I teach you
Mr. Tong is not here
but I can show you his violin
This violin
was made by a great Italian master
It's over two hundred years old
It's wonderful!
See, its head is a perfect curve
In his final years
he bought up
all the imperfect pieces back
and destroyed them
so all the remaining pieces
are objects of virtue
Isn't it very rare?
I can hear it
Are you thinking about someone?
Tong made this song for a girl
Who is she?
The first time Tong met her
was at her wedding rehearsal
They're deeply attracted to each other
At that time, in Italy
Tong was just a musician
but she's from an upper class family
Worse still
she's going to
be someone's wife in a week
They could run away
Yes. They planned to run away
the night before the wedding
Tong's been waiting
for a long time that night
She didn't come?
She finally came
but she only came to say good-bye
and gave this violin to him
Tong was very sad
but he didn't give up
He told himself:
One day I'm going to
be the greatest violin player
and I'll wait for her...
until her husband dies
then we can be together again
When the day comes
they would move to Tsing-tao
a place where no one knows them
and he'll
play her favorite song everyday
What if she dies before her husband?
Then it's useless!
In life, there's always something
that one finds the most important
This is the promise he made to himself
so he had to realize it
I believe Mr. Tong will one day make it
She doesn't live in this world anymore
but he doesn't regret. This is life
I told myself
one day I'll travel across Europe
You must remember
what you've promised yourself today
I won't forget
And you?
I don't know...
if I'll be a great musician in the future
but at least, I want to write a song
that'll last forever
Then it's going to be the present for me
I haven't started it yet
I don't care. It's mine
Aren't you the girl in the newspapers?
Let's go!
Where're you going?
Your mom is looking for you!
The radio stations
have been broadcasting about you all day
What should I do?
If I'm found
I'll have to marry that Little Turtle...
Calm down
We'll come up with a solution
Going to Europe!
I've decided. I'll go tomorrow!
you've been dreaming about it anyway
Finally got you!
You guys frightened us
I knew you were up to something
Fool, you didn't know you were followed?
I hereby announce
we approve Lin's plan to Europe
I'll go and buy the boat ticket
Firstly I can go to Hamburg
take the train to France to meet my dad
I have a friend in France who can help you
- Thank you
- You're welcome
Are you going to take the big cruise liner?
Can you go by yourself?
My dad said Tsing-tao is a free port
You can leave
as long as you have a ticket
Wait, how much is the ticket?
Around 300
Is it that expensive?
Don't worry. I have an idea
Have mercy. Spare some money...
Madam, please spare some money...
Madam, spare some money
Sir, spare some money...
Sir, spare some money...
Thank you...
What's wrong with your eyes?
I can't see
I'm too poor to afford a doctor
I happen to be an eye doctor
Let me examine you
It's okay. I can examine him
Leave me alone!
Your money, kids
Thank you... Bye
What are you doing?
You can't sell it
It's too important to you
Don't worry!
You must not!
Give me back!
How long are you going to run?
Anyway we can't sell it
What should we do then?
We'll see
Let's do it
You mustn't!
Let's sell the car
It's dead anyway
I said no!
You have to get the ticket soon
Everyone agrees?
I agree!
So we've made our decision!
Someone will pick up the car
tomorrow morning
No matter how sick the patient is
his doctor shouldn't give up
Pull harder!
This's a fair price
Who knows
if this scrap heap will make money?
It's not a scrap heap!
I warn you. You have to cherish it
after taking it back
You kids are really a pain in the neck
One more thing
Can we ride the car one last time?
Last time
You guys hold back
Let me try again
Lin! I found you!
He'll tell my mom
Don't worry, the car'll move
It's moving!
Don't go! You can't run away!
Go and get her!
Little Turtle's coming!
He's coming! Hurry...
Stop! Or I'll teach you a lesson!
Let's see what you can do!
I'm not stupid!
- It's a pear
- One more!
What's up?
He's catching up!
You're in trouble this time, Lin!
I'll give you one last chance
He's going to get us! Hurry...!
Don't go! Lin!
If you leave, who will fight with me?
I have to 90, Little Turtle!
I love you, Lin!
Don't leave me!
Guess who I am?
Stop it
I'm sorry
I dropped my button
It's dawn
Have you ever thought that
being in Europe by yourself
could be so lonely
No one will take care of you
You may run into bad people
Right or wrong, this is my own choice
What important is to be
responsible to myself
I support you!
If today's the Doomsday
what would you say to me?
Go to hell!
It's dawn
Bye, Tsing-tao
I'm leaving. You guys can go home
Don't go, Lin
Go home!
I'm going. Bye
Please don't go, Lin
Why are you pushing me?
I'm not... leaving today!
Okay, this's where we say good-bye
I'm afraid you guys may cry
We won't
Look, who's crying?
I'm not
And Xiao-Gang
Let's say good-bye here
For you. I wrote this
I don't know how to read it
You can play for her
I forgot to bring my violin
Then next time, thanks
Alright. Bye
Howl can go
with you guys act like this?
You go. Go now
How about you guys turn around
and count to a hundred
When you finish counting, I'll be far away
1, 2, 3, 4...
Close your eyes!
26, 27, 28, 29
31, 32, 33, 34...
Wait for me!
She's gone
And after all this time
I've never returned to Qing-dao
nor ever seen Nuo again
Time flies
and it has been a few decades
We've all
been through the ups and downs in life
Although we're so far away
but I'm happy that
I know
he has never given up his own promise
In a warm sunny afternoon
I heard violin music
coming through my window
I want to write a letter to him to say
thank you...
for being with me
during the happiest day in my life