Men, Money & Gold Diggers (2014) Movie Script

Welcome to
"The Sandra Winslow Show!"
Today's topic: A gold mine, a gold digger.
Which are you dating?
Featuring sexy power couple
Caleb Peterson
and Paisley Terrell.
"It's The Sandra Winslow Show."
Here's Sandra!
Hello and welcome to
"The Sandra Winslow Show."
I'm your host Sandra Winslow.
Whoo hoo!
Yes, now I hope you're ready
for the sizzling questions
and hot topics that
you'll find right here
on the only show that brings
truth and romance
Today's hot topic: A gold mine or a gold digger...
which one do you have?
Well, joining us today
are two special guests
who are ready to put
their relationship to the test.
He's a financial advisor and
she's a former fashion model.
Please help me welcome Caleb
Peterson and Paisley Terrell!
Hey, Sandra, how are you?
Well, don't you two
make just the cutest pair?
Thank you so much for
coming to the show.
Well, thank you for having us.
We're really so excited.
You see, Caleb and Paisley
have agreed to discuss
what makes their
relationship so successful.
So tell us, how do
you make it work?
Not only is Caleb a rare breed,
he is the epitome
of every woman's dream.
He is sexy, he is driven,
he is successful,
he makes me laugh...
and he spoils me rotten.
You wanna say anything, baby?
Yeah, thanks, baby.
See, a relationship is
simple, Sandra.
You take two people who
really care for one another,
throw them into a pot, stir that
up with a whole lot of trust
and sprinkle it with a
handful of tender, loving care
and you get a dish made from
the finest ingredients
in the world.
We call that a recipe for love.
Oh, that is so beautiful.
See, all this talk
about gold diggers
really doesn't apply to me.
- Oh?
- I mean, thanks to my GDDS.
Your GDD-what?
Gold Diggers Detection Sensor.
Oh, it's a radar for
gold diggers,
a little skill I developed
hanging out at the clubs.
See, a man with money is
like a walking ATM machine.
But you better believe that
when it come to me,
Caleb Peterson, ATM
stands for Another Trick Misled.
Well, my goodness.
Well, I am so proud of you.
I mean, you guys have seemed
to really build
a strong
relationship built on trust
and void of all
the drama and girl,
you know we know there's plenty
of drama out there.
Yes, we do.
But we are determined
to the go the distance.
- Yes, we are.
- The distance?
Well, ding ding dong, do I hear
wedding bells in the distance?
Uh, well, we
have talked about it.
I must admit it, I have always
dreamed about the day
where my very own
chocolate Prince Charming
would carry me off and take care
of me for the rest of my life.
Well, baby, that day is here.
Oh my God!
What are you doing, Caleb?
Are, are, are you... are
we about to have a proposal
right here on my show?
That's right, baby.
I want the whole world to see
that when a man loves a woman
the way I love you,
he has to be willing to take it
to the next level with her.
Baby, you make me feel
like Hercules and Rockefeller
wrapped in one.
Paisley, baby,
will you marry me?
- Yes!
- Yes.
Yes, Caleb, of course
I'll marry you.
Come here, boy.
Oh, so wonderful.
Now listen, though, we
all know that money issues
are the leading cause
of divorce, so,
so Caleb, what about
your financial security?
I mean, are you thinking
of asking
for a prenuptial agreement?
A prenup...
Oh, that's just silly.
We're not Russell and Kimora
or Babyface and Tracey.
You talking to
Caleb and Paisley.
We got that soft ghetto puff,
puff, pass kind of love.
Well, it, it appears Caleb has
just learned to say no, Paisley.
You want me to sign a prenup?
Baby, I mean, you know
what's mine is yours
and what's
yours is mine, but...
But what?
Oh, we hear a but, a but.
But I don't want half my money
to be yours if we break up.
So you wanna start a marriage
thinking about the end?
Well, now, she does have
a good point there, Caleb.
Baby, why would
you want the woman
that you claim to love
to sign a prenup?
Well, baby, that's my point.
I'm trying to show everybody
here that we love each other
so much that you don't
care about my money.
No, what you're trying to show
everybody is that you care more
about your money than
this relationship.
That's not true.
Baby, what is love if
you don't wanna invest in it?
Paisley, are you saying then
there is a part of you
that wants Caleb's money?
Yes... No.
Well, damn, Paisley...
Which one is it?
Maybe our next guest will
help us answer that question.
Paisley's best friend
Trina James!
Hey, Sandra!
Have a seat, have a seat.
Uh oh, there go my
Gold Digger Detection Sensor.
Girl, you better not
sign no prenup.
Digger, digger...
Digger, digger.
Oh, shut up, Caleb.
You wouldn't be worried about
no so-called "digger digger",
if you wasn't wearing all those
Rolexes, driving fancy cars
and buying all them high-end
expensive ugly-ass clothes.
You are simply
attracting what you are.
Uh, you know what?
If a woman wasn't looking
for a bulls eye,
then what I'm wearing
wouldn't be a target.
Black men are just mad that
sisters are finally making
our step up to the plate.
Thank you.
And what is wrong with stepping
up to the plate?
It's too damn high.
Caleb's brother Damon!
I told you she
wouldn't sign no prenup.
You can't trust her.
I knew you had something
to do with this.
Okay, all women want
a man with money, Damon.
And all men have the right
to protect themselves.
But they have a responsibility
to protect their woman first.
That's right.
Caleb, if you ain't no punk, you
better holler, "We want prenup."
- We want prenup!
- We want prenup!
Caleb, I am not
signing a prenup.
- Then we have a problem.
- Tell 'em, bro.'
Okay, if you don't want to
pay the million-dollar price,
then why you looking for
a Halle Berry clone?
This been going on
since the beginning of time.
- All right, if Eve didn't trick Adam...
- Trick?
Yeah, that's right...
Trick, trick.
We wouldn't be
having this conversation.
- Did you just call me a trick?
- Yep.
If Adam had been more of a man,
he wouldn't have let
his woman out of his sight
when there was a damn snake
running around the Garden!
Well, she obviously
wanted to be...
With her own kind!
And on that note, we'll
close this segment of the show.
Remember, ladies and gentlemen,
there is a thin line
between a gold mine
and a gold digger,
so ask yourself
which one are you?
I'm Sandra Winslow
and that's our show.
Whoo hoo!
I'mma be a star,
I'mma be a what.
I'mma be a star,
I'mma be a what.
I'mma be a star
and I don't give a...
'cause I'm gonna be a star.
Go Trina, go Trina.
Go Trina, go Trina.
Go Trina.
Yeah, you sure are a star.
Ooh, hey, hey, hey, sexy.
Trina, right?
Trina, Bonita, Shaquita, I'll
be whoever you want as long
as you keep that shirt
unbuttoned just like that.
Well, I'm Lionel, Trina.
Okay, well, you
'bout to be dinner
if you don't cover
up this entre.
I'm sorry, my bad.
I thought I was working
here alone today.
Yeah, Okay.
- Well, you 're lucky I don't bite you.
- Really?
I don't have a
problem with that.
Long as you don't mind
if I bite you back.
Ooh, you better tame
yourself, Mr. Wild Kingdom,
before this turns
into an episode
of When Animals
Attack up in here.
Oh, really...
You mean something like this.
So what are you, Caleb's frat brother...
Business partner?
Oh, no... The plumber.
Ooh, you pushing a
Hummer, that's what up!
You got the H2, the H3?
What you pushing?
The H2O, as in water.
I'm his plumber, baby...
Ah, hell, you ain't
got no money.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Why do you say that?
I mean, I don't do too bad.
Yeah, you don't do too
good either, sweetie.
Mm-mm... No.
I can't believe you
brought me on national TV
to tell me you wanted me
to sign a prenup.
I was with you when
you had nothing, Caleb.
Yeah, but Baby,
when I had nothing,
I still had more than half
the people out there.
You didn't meet me on
the street corner, Paisley.
We met on an exclusive getaway
cruise to Trinidad.
Okay, I was on that cruise too.
How you think I got there?
Uh, the other dude?
The other... Look, point being...
I was trying to get away from
one heartbreak
and it feels like all I'm doing
is running into another one.
Baby, that dude didn't do
nothing but wine and dine
his way into your heart.
He iced you so much that
he left you frozen in place.
But I was the one who
defrosted you, baby.
You was cold and depressed.
I was the one who put the
warmth back into your life.
I'm feeling a chill up
in here right now.
- Chill out, please.
- That's corny.
Chill the hell out.
Bobby might not have been
the best man for me...
See, now, now, why
you gotta mention his name?
See, I didn't say his name.
I said "that dude."
But no, you had
to go and say Bobby.
How you gonna disrespect me in
my crib like that, Paisley?
- Come on.
- Do you hear yourself?
Your crib?
Your life?
Your money.
At least Bobby shared more with
me than what he had to offer
in the bedroom.
Offering in the bedroom...
This ain't about sex.
Yeah, but most of
the time it is though.
- Uh, Lionel...
- I'm gonna check on the leak though.
Let me get the leak.
It's just a formality, baby.
It's like, it's like when
Dedra has to sign forms
for me at work.
See, uh-huh,
read him girl.
Let him have it...
Let him know.
Do not compare me to your
little corporate mistress.
Oh, don't start with that.
Dedra and I are
strictly business,
just like this prenup, baby.
I told you, no they not.
No, they not, no, they
not, no, they not.
They're not business,
they're not nothing.
Listen, Caleb.
A man with money is wonderful,
but a six-figure man with a $2
heart isn't worth a dime to me.
That's right, girl.
If you want to participate,
set him straight!
How about you
relocate out my house?
Baby, can you please get Gangsta
Boo here to go somewhere else?
Gangsta Boo?
Trina James is 100%
a super modern,
classy kind of chick, okay?
Check yourself.
I'm sorry, but ain't nothing
classy about a woman
who screams out
in the middle of a sermon,
"You better preach, nooka."
Um, I was hyping him up.
Preachers love that.
No, rappers love that.
Listen, Paisley,
I'm about to go.
I've been kicked
out of better places.
Little man over here is always
asking somebody to leave,
standing in
somebody's business.
I told you before.
I told you once,
I told you twice.
He's jealous of our friendship.
Man, sound like you got more
problems around here
to worry about
than just your plumbing.
Nah, man, ain't got
no problems.
A woman is just
like a boomerang.
You know how to toss her right,
she always come back around,
you know?
Yeah, well, maybe you
need to check your technique.
Looks like she done lost
her sense of direction.
Hey, I pay you to repair
my cribs, not my relationships.
How much do I owe you?
You're right... You know what?
After seeing what I seen today,
this one's on the house, bro.
- Thank you.
- All right, man.
Why you always gotta
put her down like that?
Because birds of a feather
flock together.
And I don't want
her gangsta booness
rubbing off on you, baby.
Look, I mean, I'm moving
up in the corporate world
and I need my woman, my wife...
To uphold a certain image.
What image?
You know, soccer mom.
Charity functions.
Company picnics.
The corporate life
of a corporate wife.
You know, the heads of the firm
are real strict about this
wholesome image thing.
Mmm, I see.
Well, you know, I think
that you forgot to tell them
that your fiance is a vixen.
- Vixen?
- Mm-hmm.
You trying to get it started?
You trying to... Oh, baby,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
You need... no, I
gotta stay focused now.
I'm nervous, okay?
Today is my first official
day as junior partner at Smith,
Jolly and Rancher.
How do I look, baby...
I'm looking good?
Watch me now.
Watch me...
This is my Denzel walk.
Mm, mm, mm.
Look at this...
That's for "Ebony" right there.
- And boom.
- What's that?
You so crazy.
Crazy about you, baby.
Just give it some time, okay?
I just need to know that
you're with me for me
and not my money.
Caleb, this is my paradise.
I wouldn't do anything
to mess that up.
People change.
Paradises fade.
Prenups stay the same.
- I'll think about it.
- That's my girl.
That's what I'm talking about.
Let me see...
you know what?
Let me see if I can get
you to give me a yes.
Come here...
Come here.
Come here.
Mm, mm, come here.
Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm.
Aw, you're adorable.
Thank you, baby.
I gotta get to work.
All this is for you.
You're the reason
I'm doing this now.
- All right?
- Have a great day.
Thank you, baby.
Executive assistant
to the junior partner.
Okay, picture goes here.
Okay and this goes here.
All right.
Right there.
He'll need to sign this later.
Put it right there.
All right.
Mmm, that is comfy.
This can't be that hard.
Smith, Jolly and Rancher,
this is Caleb Peterson speaking.
Oh, hey, Paisley, baby.
Oh, yes, I'll buy you a BMW.
Oh, yes, baby, of course
we can go to Paris.
No, we can't get married until
you sign that prenup, trick!
Maybe that's
how I should say it.
You scared me.
You obviously saw
the show this morning.
I did.
And, uh, as your assistant
who knows a lot about women,
Paisley's not going to
sign her life away.
Caleb, you want to date
these high-maintenance women
and you expect them
to be honorable.
Paisley's a good woman, Dedra.
Good woman, huh?
That's, that's debatable.
And she's beautiful.
Men always say that.
You know Lionel
the janitor told me that
on the way in this morning?
Yeah, but Paisley's
got that cover girl,
supermodel type of
beauty, you know?
Oh, yeah.
That's right.
Yeah, because in
your world, two degrees,
closed knees and a Bible
don't mean nothing.
For you, it's two-inch
waist, cover girl face
and a big booty
to chase, right?
Why you trying
to psychoanalyze me?
I don't have to analyze
what I already know.
- Oh, really?
- Mm-hmm.
Well, since we're being
so analytical
and poking our little noses
into other people business,
- why you don't have a man?
- What?
Yeah, ever since what's-his-face
broke up with you...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
He did not break up with me.
The decision was mutual.
Yeah, well, whatever
it was, I haven't seen you
with a man since then.
Well, maybe I spend all
my hours working for you.
Oh, so now your being
single is my fault.
Maybe some men find my
commitment to your success
just a little intimidating.
You know what?
I don't have time for this.
Can you please just get
my office together?
I gotta get to work.
Well, thank you for noticing.
- Oh, uh, thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Good job.
Did you take care of my...
Bills for the month...
- What about changing...
- Voicemail?
It now says, "Office of
Caleb Peterson, junior partner."
I like the way that sounds.
And the parking arrangements?
Been there, done that.
Oh, good, then you
got enough time to send...
Send flowers to Paisley?
Yeah, she should be receiving
those in like, oh, five, four,
three, two and...
Caleb Peterson.
Oh, hey, Paisley, baby.
Oh, yeah, I know.
But you know, it's always
the little things that count.
I love you too.
All right.
Wait, how did you...
I did tell you that I saw
the show this morning, right?
So I just figured that you'd
want to send some flowers
to smooth things over.
Damn, look at you.
- What would I--
- Do without me?
I, I really don't know.
Probably finish one
of my own sentences.
I mean, why do you
look so surprised?
Five years together,
you would figure
I would know
something about you.
Oh, you don't know everything.
What color
underwear I'm wearing?
I'm just kidding.
Um, hmm.
Calvin Klein.
Button fly boxer briefs
with the signature logo
on the waistband
and might I say,
a little too tight?
You should really think
about a bigger size
because if you
could breathe a bit,
you might not be walking
around here so uptight.
- I'm just saying.
- You know what?
I don't know whether to fire
you for sexual harassment
or take that as a compliment.
Well, just like you say,
I'm just doing my job, sir.
Oh, wait.
Speaking of big offices,
your brother called
and said he'll
be here in a minute.
Damn, forgot about that.
Why does he need your office?
Uh, to meet with another one
of his freak show clients.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
Who is it this week?
I dunno, he said it's a secret.
Well, um, wish him luck for me.
Wait a minute, where you going?
You're not just going
to leave me
to deal with
this nonsense by myself.
He's coming, he's coming...
Get up, get up.
- Hey, Damon.
- Hey, how you doing, Dedra?
- What are you talking--
- Come on, it's gotta look like my office.
Hey, hey, man, don't you do nothing
crazy in my new
executive leather chair...
I just got that.
Man, stop playing and get into
character, he's almost here.
- I don't see anybody...
- Where is he?
He's walking up,
you don't see him?
Look it.
Yeah, I'm here
to see Damon Peterson.
Damon, what the hell you doing?
I'm Sway.
- Sway.
- Yeah.
You know, like a boat
rocking back and forth?
I'm so smooth, I sway.
Oh, so I get it.
You're the new artist.
Depends on what
ya'll got to offer.
I'm already giving you money.
Come on, playboy.
You're probably
giving Damon some money.
I'm Sway.
- You know, like a boat rocking.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's it.
That's it...
I like her.
So, what ya'll got to
offer a brother?
Uh, I need to consult
with my brother,
but he seemed
to disappear... somewhere.
Hold on, man, I'm on the phone.
Oh, yeah, yeah, we'd love
to do the Usher remix.
Yeah, yeah.
Talk to you soon,
Mr. Face.
Mr. Babyface, that is.
All right, playboy.
What'd I miss?
- Look, Sway, you--
- What?
You know, like sway, right?
No, I'm Damon.
CEO of Just Us Records?
Oh, so now you're Damon.
Of course I'm Damon, bro.
We've been brothers
for about, what, 30 years?
I think the junior partner
thing is starting to mess
with your mind... Man,
what's the matter with you?
What's the matter with me...
You the one lost your damn mind.
No, it seems like ya'll got
some crazy dysfunctional
sibling rivalry thing going on.
I'll check back
with ya'll later.
Uh, Damon, Sway, whoever
the hell you are right now.
You cannot be an artist
and run the company.
Come on, bro...
it can be done.
Think about Jay-Z,
Look, you take
care of the finances.
Me, I'll book the talent.
You mean booking yourself.
Yeah, yeah.
See, I told you I like her.
Or was that Sway?
Look, Damon, I didn't
put my money into this
for you to be a star.
We put our money together
so we can make stars, man.
Well, let's make Sway a star.
I'm telling you,
man, he is the one.
I feel it.
I feel him.
You know, like you say
you feel about Paisley,
only this is real.
You know what, you're wrong
for that, but you know what,
see, I've heard this a thousand
times before, Damon.
What are you talking about?
First it was the, uh,
Siamese twins boy band.
What were they called?
- Connected?
- They was hot.
They was just a
little before their time.
Then it was the gay,
blind country rapper.
- Boy Charles?
- Boy Charles.
How was I supposed to
know the brother was blind?
- And now it's you!
- No, now it's Sway.
And I'm telling you,
he got some skills.
The ladies will love it.
Damon, you took third place
in a talent showcase
with only one person in it.
Why you gotta bring that up?
I was just starting
to get over it.
I'm just saying, man,
you know, you get stage fright.
That's why I created Sway!
Look, when I'm him,
I ain't scared of nothing.
Cross this line, son,
I'll knock your ass out.
Man, take these
damn things off.
You know you can't fight.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I mean, that's brilliant.
The whole alter ego thing.
I mean, that could work.
Who's gonna pay for it?
Come on, man, give it a shot.
Look, let me perform at
your engagement party.
Now, if I'm wack, you
won't hear another word.
If I'm hot, you promise
to back me, huh?
That sounds fair to me.
But what do I know?
I'm just a little old assistant
and ain't nobody ringing
no wedding bells for me.
All right,
man, you can perform.
But look, don't you
mess this up.
Now can you please get
your schizophrenic butt
out of my office?
I've got to get to work now.
All right, all right, all right,
don't be pushing on me, man.
I'll tell Sway.
Man, get out of here.
Oh, like, oh my God,
you guys are, like,
so cute together.
You know what?
Just 'cause it's cute
don't mean it won't kill you.
I just hope he don't mess up
my engagement party.
Are you coming?
Yeah, I mean, of course.
Um, Caleb?
There's an opening
in the London office
and the partners think that...
I should apply.
You're kidding, right?
I mean, there's not anything
really left for me here.
There's plenty.
We just got here.
We got a good thing going.
You can't just leave.
Look, tell me what
you want and you got it.
I don't think you can
give it to me, Caleb.
I forbid you to leave.
If you leave, you're fired.
Okay, see, this is why
I didn't want to tell you.
You overreact to everything.
I'm just thinking about it.
Who put you up to this?
Okay, look, I'm here now,
so let's just enjoy the moment.
- Cool?
- Cool.
Now, I want you
looking your best, right?
Hold on.
Come on, your mama
would be upset with you,
Mr. Junior Partner.
All right.
Thank you.
Wait, wait, wait.
- What?
- Come here.
Come here.
I want you looking
your best too,
Miss Junior Partner Assistant.
My junior partner assistant.
- Caleb!
- What?
Stop it!
What is it?
Look, why you wanna
leave all this?
Caleb, what are you doing?
I promised myself I'd do
this when I made partner.
This is your world, honey.
Okay, and as your friend,
I am telling you,
you are not signing no prenup.
You have been there for
Caleb through thick and thin.
- Yeah, I have.
- Uh-huh.
That's what I'm
trying to tell you.
You gotta have some kind of
insurance policy on him.
I got an idea.
Someone to make him jealous.
Oh, uh-uh,
I am done with games.
Yoo hoo, Sister Winslow
in the building!
Yoo hoo!
I'll be right back,
I gotta talk to her.
Sandra, you look nice with...
when you dress up like that!
You had a great
show today, Sandra.
Ooh, come here.
I was thinking, you
ought to let me co-host.
Honey, me and you could me
the new Oprah and Gayle!
No, no, no, I don't
need another co-ho... st.
How did she break that up?
congratulations, sweetie.
Thank you.
You know you
started something, right?
Oh, guilty as charged,
but my ratings went
through the roof, honey.
Mm, at the expense
of our relationship.
Well, you know what they say.
Every good relationship needs to
go through a challenge or two.
Who says that?
I say that.
Whoo, you ladies look good!
Can I get ya'll
something to drink?
Lionel, you a waiter, too?
Yeah, just a little
I do on the side...
What can I get you?
How many sides you got?
Mm, however many you
think you can handle, baby.
Tell this man it's going
to take more than a tray table
and plumber to
drain these pipes.
Perhaps you'd like a
screwdriver, baby...
I'll have a Merlot.
That's what you gonna get.
If I was your co-host, I would
have let you know it's Mer-lot.
You see what I'm saying?
Me and you could
do good together.
I would let you know,
if I was the co-host.
Do you speak French?
Speak of the devil
and he will show his face.
See that?
I told you you might be
his trophy wife,
but that thing there,
that's his girlfriend
and why you getting
shelved, guess who gonna be
getting slipped up under
your bed sheets?
Ugly Betty.
Betty le fea!
What's up?
- We need to talk.
- About what?
Why are you gonna come up
in here with her like that?
People looking at ya'll like
ya'll are the ones engaged.
What people, you and Trina?
Congratulations, you two.
I'm sure heaven is so
excited about this union.
Thank you.
And I'm sure hell can't
wait for you to come back home.
- Sorry about that.
- It's okay, Caleb.
As Mama always said,
never back a woman in a corner
'cause you never know when
you find a tramp.
What'd you say...
Did you say, "tramp?"
Is something wrong with you?
Ladies and gentlemen, Just Us
Records would like to showcase
some of our new talent,
so please,
put your hands together
for my friend, my homie, Sway.
Who you...
Oh, he's Sway!
Let me see!
Hey, I like this!
"I like her this
and that, that."
"Make my heart
pitter pat, pat."
"She blows a kiss at Sway."
"Then waits for
him to come tap that."
"I like the cat on that, that"
"it's yummy too
she glad, glad."
"I hate to see her mad man"
"it makes me like a mad man."
"I dress up like a bad man."
"Tie up the nearest ad man."
"I hold him hostage."
"Till they send
in Kevin Spacey grandad."
"I'm just saying I get
off of my rocker."
"When she in the bad mood."
"Or when we round
some cockblockers."
"I need it like clockwork."
"On call."
"I'll agree to stop
being a jerk"
"if you agree to have a ball."
"Matter of fact why don't you
just go and have them both"
"but you don't
you get too greedy baby"
"save some room for more"
"cause I got
that G-D for you baby"
"you got that boom,
boom, boom."
"Go and grab the "Troni."
"And meet me inside the
boom boom room."
"I'mma warm the room up and."
"Zoom up inside
your boom boom boom."
"So don't you get to
acting all shy... why."
"Cause girl you got that
boom, boom, boom."
"That boom, boom, boom."
"That boom, boom, boom."
"Yeah baby "cause Sway
will make you."
"Boom, boom, boom."
"Go boom, boom, boom."
"Go boom, boom, boom."
"She got that she got that."
"Boom, boom, boom."
"That boom, boom, boom."
"That boom, boom, boom."
"Yeah girl Sway will make
you boom, boom, boom."
"Go boom, boom, boom."
"Go boom, boom, boom."
"And boom go the dynamite."
"She got that dynamite."
"Not just things I kinda like."
"But what I'd fantasize
about if it were 25 to life."
"Yeah she fine, all right."
"She's throwing
curves like baseball."
"Meaning you can hit it if
your time is right."
"She's so sexy that what
might start off as kinda like."
"Might turn into whoa,
whoa, whoa."
"You just can't
show it any time of night."
"I'm not the silent type."
"In fact I'm
kind of violent like."
"Cause I boom, boom, boom
that boom, boom, boom."
"Until she like Sway
you got that boom, boom, boom."
"That boom, boom, boom."
"That boom, boom, boom."
"Yeah baby until you make it
boom, boom, boom."
"Go boom, boom, boom."
"Go boom, boom, boom."
"She got that, she
got that boom, boom, boom."
"That boom, boom, boom
that boom, boom, boom."
"Yeah girl 'cause Sway will
make you boom, boom, boom."
"Go boom, boom, boom
go boom, boom, boom."
"And boom go the dynamite."
Whoa, man, that
was off the hook!
- You like that?
- Yeah!
That was so great.
Thank you, thank you.
Man, I told you,
I told you I am somebody.
I don't care what nobody
say, I'm signing me.
It's going down.
I told you.
I told you that
was a brilliant idea.
You did, you did.
Yeah, well, you know,
it's been a really long evening
at the office.
I think I'm just going to turn
in a little early tonight.
I'm incredibly,
incredibly tired.
Get a life.
- Baby.
- Get a degree.
What is wrong with your friend?
I dunno...
That boom, boom, boom!
- I like it!
- You like it?
Yeah, so you gonna put
me in your video, right?
Girl, nah, I need some
experienced hos,
not no wannabes...
Excuse me.
What are you talking about?
I am experienced.
Did he just... did
he just call me a ho?
I want you to try this, baby.
I made it just for you.
Oh, no, I ain't trying that.
You're making something and
trying to take advantage of me.
Now take it today!
Ladies and gentlemen, if
I could have your attention,
gather 'round because I would
like to propose a toast'
to Caleb and Paisley on
their glorious engagement,
which of course, you know, was
announced on my show.
Yes, it was.
Be blessed, you two and may
you live happily ever after.
Amen to that.
What's he doing here?
Who is this?
Hey, man, this party
is invitation only.
Sorry, I just came by to say
congratulations to Paisley.
No, you better do it by email
or Facebook or something,
because you ain't
welcome here, brah.
What's up, partner?
Look, man, I'm just
in town for a hot second.
I saw your little episode
on the TV show
and I'm glad to see
you two worked it out.
I'm happy for you.
Appreciate that.
These are for you.
Bobby, why do I need keys?
Caleb already has the keys
to my heart.
He may have the keys
to your heart, but these keys
are to the Porsche I have
parked out front.
What the hell?
You bought me a Porsche?
Uh, look, look here, brother.
I hope you kept the receipt
'cause Paisley's
already got a ride.
I know you're not
talking about that 1920
get-out-and-go-push car she
got that you bought her.
Uh, Trina, don't you know
when to shut your damn mouth?
Baby, he's just trying to show
his appreciation, that's all.
Baby, baby, what the
hell you think you're doing?
Forgive me, uh, Khalib, right?
it's Caleb.
Well, whatever...
I know who you are.
That's good.
That means she hasn't
Look, man, you ain't
got nothing to worry about.
You got yourself a
remarkable woman.
Seems she got herself a
good man, so congratulations.
Registration's in your name.
Oh my God.
Girl, let's go!
Let's go give it a test drive!
A Porsche, honey, yeah!
We got a Porsche!
I don't think so.
Give me the keys to this.
Uh-uh, ain't
happening, not today.
Hurry up, let's go!
Caleb, why are
you being so childish?
It was just a gift.
Because ain't no man gonna
come up in my house
at my engagement party and
buy my woman no damn Porsche.
Yo, Caleb, why are
you tripping?
It's just a car, man.
I'm tripping because ain't
no brother gonna buy a woman
a damn Porsche unless he wants
something in return.
Something like what, Caleb?
I don't know, Paisley.
Ain't got no keys...
You tell me.
I don't think I like what you're
trying to say to me, Caleb.
You see, it's her car, but
I'm sure if you sign a prenup,
she'll let you drive it.
Ho cake.
I'm sure if I shove my fist to
the back of your throat,
- I can snatch out your tongue.
- Who are you talking to?
- Can he talk to me like that?
- I'm talking to you.
It's fine.
I will give back the keys.
He was just trying to wish me
well... wish us well.
I mean, then why is the
registration in your name only
if it's us?
Damn, bro, you
sound like you jealous.
No, this ain't about jealous.
I'm just saying,
when is the last time
you talked to this dude?
Like, last year?
- Last week.
- What?
Oh no, beat her.
Beat her ass...
Use my belt.
When was you planning
on tell me this, Paisley?
I didn't think it mattered.
Look, let's just
forget everything ever happened
and just enjoy it.
Enjoy what, Paisley?
My future wife
entertaining her ex-love?
That's right.
My ex-love.
You're just gonna
have to trust me.
I told you it would work, girl.
Another man in the picture
and you're back
in the driver's seat.
Except only this time, that seat
is attached to a Porsche.
This is not what I wanted.
Look, P, okay?
Bobby has more money,
he's ready to settle down
and you're still in
love with him.
What's the problem?
I am not in love
with Bobby anymore.
Oh really?
Then why your eyes light
up like floodlights
every time you see him?
- They do not!
- They do.
Look, you're single
till you're married, girl.
Give Bobby a chance.
See what he's talking about.
Ooh, that's my alarm.
- Yep, gotta go.
- Where you going?
Girl, I met this rich doctor.
He says that
every time he sees me,
he just feels like giving
me a free check-up!
I told him if his checkbook
checks out then hell,
he can spin me like a bottle.
I don't care as long as he
keeps paying that tab.
Peace, girl, love you.
- You too.
- Call me!
Come in.
Trina, what did you forget?
Bobby, you cannot
keep popping up in here!
What if Caleb was here?
Oh, he's not here.
But he will be when
he gets back from work.
I just had to see you.
I got so excited when you
called, I-l couldn't wait.
I just called you to tell you
that I can't keep the Porsche.
It's too much.
Not for you.
Why are you showing me all
this attention all of a sudden?
'Cause I miss
having you in my life.'
When I was in your life,
I played second string
to all these NBA clients.
I was building my career.
You should have
built your career with me.
I know.
But you should have waited.
You were supposed
to go for LA for a week
and then send for me.
I sent you a plane ticket.
Bobby, that was
two years later!
How much waiting can there be?
Rome wasn't built in a day.
Now I was trying to go
from rich to wealthy.
Well, you're too late
'cause I moved on.
So move back.
Let me make it up to you.
You know I... I opened
an office downtown.
You did what?
I thought you
were just gonna...
I know, you thought I
was passing through.
I just didn't want your little
boyfriend raising no eyebrows.
My fiance.
What's in a title?
Look, the point is, my
clients come to me now.
So I can come to you and give
you anything you want.
Not if I don't want it.
You want to be with a man who
wants you to sign a prenup
when you could be with a
man who's going to give you
anything your heart desires.
What my heart desires
is somebody that's going
to be there.
And I will, woman.
I will.
I'm gonna love you.
I'm gonna love you so deep
that your grandma's grandma
gonna feel it in her bones.
Your knees are gonna
buckle when I step in the room.
On your way out...
Not even gonna
think about your body.
Gonna be making
love to you so...
I can't do this!
- Come on.
- No, it ain't right!
Why are you trying to make
this so hard on me?
I was just trying to get
you to follow your heart.
That's all.
Look, Caleb's gonna be home!
- You gotta go.
- No, no.
Then let's go to your crib.
My what...
House I bought you
in the hills.
What house?
You bought me a house?
That's right...
Two stories.
Filled with your
wildest fantasies.
Bobby, I don't know...
Whoa, you said two stories?
We can make it three.
All right...
Say the word.
That's what I'm talking about.
Let's go check it out, okay?
Okay, but we gotta go!
All right, all right,
all right.
Wait, wait, wait, my shoes.
I gotta get my shoes.
- Hey, baby.
- Hey!
What's wrong with you?
I'm just so happy to see you.
You act like you saw a ghost.
How was your day, baby?
It was long and hard.
Mm-hmm, I know
what you mean.
- What?
- Huh?
What was long about your day?
Hey, come here.
Come here.
Come here.
What's... what's
wrong with you?
Why you all wet?
Not wet...
Oh, wet.
I, uh, I was just cleaning.
I'm so hot.
How about something to drink?
Yes, God, yes.
Can I have a... I would
love a glass...
- Excuse me?
- Hennessy!
- Hennessy?
- Mm-hmm.
You've been hanging
out with Trina too long.
How about some bottled water?
Good... Go.
Can you get it for me please?
I'm so hot.
What's with all the screaming?
Nothing, I'm just so excited
to see this house.
You're gonna love it too.
Yes, you can tell me all
about it in the car, okay?
Okay, I'm going to
take you there.
I know, I can't wait.
Okay... I'm just going
to freshen up.
- You can wait for me in the car.
- All right, all right...
You wanna spring or sparkling?
Just pick one.
All righty then.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Menstruation cycle.
Around and around we go.
I'm going to go turn it in.
I left my watch.
Oh, baby, you shouldn't have!
You bought me a watch?
Hey, Bobby.
- What are you doing here?
- What the hell are you doing here?
This is my house.
That's my watch.
What the hell is
going on, Paisley?
It's not what you think.
Oh really?
What is it then?
He just happened to stop by.
- For what?
- For my woman.
Well, too bad you're
leaving with just your watch.
Now get out before I add
a beat down with it.
Look, Caleb.
We were just talking.
Why don't you tell him
about the crib I bought you?
- What crib?
- Stop, Bobby.
What crib?
Come on, don't be shocked.
Everything she got up
in here, I paid for.
Bobby Tremaine is
all over this house.
Is that true, Paisley?
Of course it's true.
And all you gotta do
is make a choice.
Him or me?
Yo, man, what the hell
do you think you're doing?
What I've been waiting to do for
the last two and a half years.
Well, you're going
to have to keep waiting
because Paisley is already
getting married.
I know.
To me.
- You know what...
- No, Caleb!
Look, Bobby, I can't do this.
Yes, you can.
All you gotta do is
make a decision.
Who you gonna choose, Paisley?
Him or me?
Damn, dog.
What happened
to your furniture?
She took it.
She took everything.
I told her to.
I didn't think she
was really gonna do it.
It was all tainted with her
gold digging stench anyway.
That's what I was
trying to tell you.
I told you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Dedra told me that they
fired you from the firm,
ain't been out your house
for a couple of weeks.
Is that why you ain't
been answering your phone?
'Cause I'm trying to
call you all week.
Ain't got no phone.
Why not?
She took it.
She took the phone?
What about your mobile?
Hey, you think we could
get those Siamese twins back?
- Connected?
- Yeah.
They went solo.
Good for them.
Look, man.
You said you were going
to come with me
to meet the record execs.
Now get up.
Ah, man, just do it
without me, man.
I can't do it by myself, man.
- Get up.
- Come on, man.
All you have to do is
put on your sunglasses
and do your alter ego thing.
I ain't got time for
this right now, Caleb.
We got way too much to do.
Just give it up, Damon.
It's over.
What are you talking about?
Look at me.
I was on top of the world, man.
Now what I got?
Get up.
Get your ass up...
Come on!
I'm tired of
helping you, Damon.
Don't act like I'm the one
with the problems.
I know I got problems.
But as long as I can get you
and all these other crabs
off my back,
I'm gonna be just fine.
Know what?
Crabs keep you down.
I'm your brother, so
I'm going to get you up.
Get up...
Come on, man.
You better than this.
Damon, what are you doing?
Trying to shake
some sense into this bum.
Look, we gotta be there
in two hours, man.
Two hours.
Okay, look, why
don't you go and get ready?
I will make sure he's there.
Love what you've
done with the place.
I didn't ask for you, Dedra.
I didn't ask for none of ya'll,
so please just get out.
I'm here to help, Caleb.
You can't help me, so please
just stop trying.
You can get
through this, you know.
I don't want to hear
that, Dedra, so just...
just leave me alone.
Fine... I'll go.
- Just leave.
- I am... Next week.
I took the job in London.
So you won't have to
worry about me ever again.
Just like all the rest.
Just... just go.
You know it's
your fault, right?
You are better than this.
You have all this love to give
and you just keep letting it
fall into the wrong hands.
Caleb, what are you doing?
I don't know.
Would you please stop?
What if I don't want to?
I think you should.
I'm feeling better already.
Because you're drunk, Caleb!
Make me sober.
- I can't.
- Why not?
Because you don't
know what you want.
You know what I want.
Just costs too much to have it.
Well, if you would stop
trying to buy it,
maybe you wouldn't
have all these problems.
You know, it costs more than
what's in your wallet, Caleb.
Did you know that?
I don't need a
financial advisor, Dedra.
All I want is for you to be
here for me right now.
Oh, be here?
Oh, okay, because before,
you wanted me to leave.
Now you want me to stay.
Caleb, love
isn't a constant high.
Sometimes, love isn't new,
bright and expensive.
Love is, is complex...
and so simple sometimes.
Just leave, Dedra.
I can't do that.
Why not...
Everybody else did!
Because I can't walk
out on the man that I love.
You hear me?
Just let me rest in peace.
You feel sorry for yourself.
You lay there.
Don't expect me
to lay there with you
because I have too much
life to live.
I'm so sorry.
Come here.
Come here.
Get up.
Shut up.
I'm not gonna let you go.
Ooh, now that's a ring.
See, I told you.
I'm jealous, girl.
You got a real chance
now living the dream life.
Speaking of dream life, how
is your free check-up?
Oh, I didn't tell you?
Oh, that dude is out of breath
somewhere damn near unconscious.
- Stop it.
- What, my doctor needs a doctor.
I'm serious.
Gifts have been flowing
in ever since, honey.
Looks like you might
have found your Mr. Perfect.
Everything on the checklist
checks out, so we'll see.
All right, all right.
Here you are.
- Okay.
- Lionel?
- You work here?
- This dude.
Another little
I do on the side.
Brother got bills, you know?
And here's a special
drink for a special lady.
- Oh, thank you... this is him.
- Hey, baby.
- Baby?
Good, how are you... I'm here
with Paisley having coffee.
What you doing?
I don't want to talk
in person, I'm busy, babe.
What's going on...
You can tell me.
Tell me now.
Are you sure?
Listen, you don't know me and
I don't really know you
so until you get your facts
straight, don't call me again.
Thank you.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Let's go.
Paisley, let's go.
We're not going anywhere
until you talk to me.
What, did he turn out
to be a dog or something?
What's wrong...
What's wrong, huh?
You need me to get
somebody for you?
What's the matter, Trina?
The matter is that ya'll keep
asking me what's the matter.
Let's go...
I'm fine.
I'm good.
I'm Trina James, I'm perfect.
Yes, yes.
- You are as perfect as...
- You know what?
I'm fine.
Let's go.
Just forget it.
It's going to be okay, Trina.
All right?
What's wrong?
He found a lump, Paisley.
In the middle of me making
him feel like a man,
he made me feel
like less than a woman.
What am I gonna do, girl?
Trina, listen to me.
You have to believe that
you're going to get better.
The power of life and death
is in the tongue.
You have to say it
and you have to believe it.
You have friends who care
about you and love you.
I'm just keeping it real.
Oh, really?
That's what my wife said
and now she's gone
because she was
so-called keeping it real.
Your wife passed away
of cancer?
Five years ago.
And I took care of
her every step of the way
and I can take care of you.
You can't help me, Lionel.
- Yes I can!
- How?
Clean more sinks?
Wait more tables?
Yes, yes.
Wash more cars, cut more
grass, get five more jobs.
I'm gonna do whatever it takes.
That's sweet, Lionel, but
you are not Prince Charming
and this is not a fairy tale,
so I'd really appreciate it
if you'd stop acting like it.
I have cancer...
I'm gonna die.
No, but, no...
You don't know that!
So what are gonna do, huh?
I'm gonna live.
I'm gonna live like
there's no tomorrow
'cause there just might not be.
- Trina, that's not the answer.
- Trina, wait.
Please let me do it.
My answer's yes.
Yes, let's do it.
Do what?
Get married.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
We will.
Okay, well, we
can do it tomorrow.
I've been putting things
in perspective
and I don't want to wait any...
Slow down, slow down.
These things need to
be planned out.
We don't need a
big wedding, Bobby.
I've already got the ring,
what are we waiting for?
Exactly, right.
So what's the rush?
Why can't we
just jump into this?
You ever hear the saying
''Look before you leap?''
Since we last spent time,
I had to make some,
some big decisions.
What are you
talking about, Bobby?
I'm talking about my wife.
Your wife?
Who the hell is she?
Doesn't matter.
What matters is I was hurt
and you wouldn't take my calls.
I had to be with somebody.
How can you ask me to marry you
when you're already married?
When were you
going to tell me that?
When I got divorced.
Which is when?
I don't know.
You don't know?
It's complicated.
I mean, look, this whole
thing has been like a whirlwind.
A whirlwind?
What world were you in
when you were in bed with me?
Wasn't a whirlwind when you
destroyed my relationship.
You weren't in love with him.
You don't know that!
You might have appreciated
the benefits...
the house,
the cars, the clothes.
That's not why I was with him.
Then why didn't you stay?
I thought what we had
was real, Bobby.
You were my first love.
But how could you
do this to me?
- Paisley.
- No, I chose you.
I chose you.
You mean everything to me.
I could have loved Caleb more.
I could have
given him more of me,
but you're still in my heart.
All right, all right.
Let me make it right, okay?
Every time I'm with her,
I'm thinking about you.
Then leave her.
It's not the thing
to do right now.
And cheating is?
I told her about us, okay?
About the Porsche, the house
in the hills, the furniture,
the fact that we're
going to get married.
Bobby, why would you
tell her all of that?
I didn't know I was
telling her.
I must have been
talking in my sleep.
You know, or dreaming.
I think about you 24/7.
She threatened to
take half if I leave her.
You can still leave.
And have her take half?
I don't think so.
If I'd had her sign
a damn prenup,
I wouldn't be
having these problems.
I got my lawyers working on it.
They'll let me know
what my options are.
Okay, so what am I supposed
to do while your lawyers
are working on your options?
Bobby that could take years.
I know.
And I'm going
to take care of you.
You expect me to
spend Christmas
and holidays all by myself?
You want me to sneak
around with you
so that I can lay with you
so you can hold me at night?
I don't want to be some
bitter old person
that's pissed that she
gave her milk away for free.
I may be married to her, but
my heart is always with you.
You know what... I would
have been better off with Caleb
'cause at least I wouldn't have
been getting half a man.
I don't believe this.
- Baby.
- No.
Bed your wife
because I am done.
We're over.
Where's Dedra?
Dropping the single off
at the radio station.
You know she's
leaving tomorrow.
So what?
So... you know, you're a
genius when it comes to money
and an idiot when
it comes to love.
She's there for
the taking, man.
Who, Dedra?
Yeah... I mean,
she's not thick
the way I like them,
but she ain't bad on
the eyes either.
No, it's not that, man.
I like her just the way
she is, but you know,
we've been
hanging out a lot lately
and to tell you the truth,
she touches me.
She does?
On the inside, Damon.
Oh, okay, just asking.
Just saying, don't leave
a brother out.
- You need therapy.
- I just might.
Hey, guys.
Okay, I dropped the song off
at the radio station.
I talked to
the program directors
so I guess all we can do
is just wait and see.
Might as well get started.
There's a radio in
the back, right?
Why are you looking
at me like that?
So are you...
really going to London?
There's nothing left for me
to stick around for.
What are you talking about?
There's me.
Why do you want me to stay?
To, um, take your calls?
To schedule your appointments?
No... No.
Okay, well, then why, Caleb?
Why should I stay?
- Dedra...
- You know what, wait.
I might not be the trophy girl
and I might not be the
cover girl supermodel
that you are looking for,
but I'm beautiful just
the way that I am.
Hey, hey.
They just played our song
on the radio, baby!
Got to be kidding.
Why didn't you call us?
I was so excited I
couldn't believe it.
I gotta call Sway.
I mean, they said if it
was good, they'd play it,
but I didn't think
they meant today.
Hey, Sway?
Hey, it's me, man.
Man, they are playing our
song all over the radio, baby.
It is the number one requested
song all morning.
Man, I told you we
was gonna make you a star.
Didn't I tell you...
Didn't I tell you?
Oh, yeah, that's cool, player.
I seen some honeys I want
to celebrate with
so I'mma get back at you.
Sway's excited!
We gonna blow up, man.
We gonna blow up, girl.
You did it...
You did it.
I'm gonna tell
Sway to give you some.
Come here, girl.
Would you stop?
Get off me.
You're so crazy...
I don't know where you
or Sway...
Oh... okay.
I'm... I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to do that.
I know you didn't, Caleb.
I'm going to go and
finish packing because you know,
I have some people that are
coming to look at the house.
But, um, I'm happy for you.
Dedra, wait.
I need you.
I love you.
You love me?
I love you.
So what?
I've been loving you.
I know...
I know... I'm sorry.
I'm not going to let the woman
I love walk out on me.
If I got to wake
up every morning
and prove how much I love you,
I'm not letting you walk out.
I have always loved you.
And I need you in my life.
No, I said we
get to publish it.
Yeah, well, I'll let you think
about it, all right?
There are plenty
of other companies
who would love to distribute
this for us.
I thought you would.
All right, let's talk later.
Yeah, like I was saying,
we can take a look at her.
I mean, if she's any good.
But, uh, our A&R
person gets last say.
That's right.
Dedra Simmons.
All right, man.
Told you you'd be a hit.
I am happy.
How you doing there, boss?
Hey, Lionel.
Hey, listen, there's a package
for you down in the lobby.
You want me to sign for it?
Yeah, sign for
the package, Lionel.
I'll do that...
I'll do that, boss.
- And Lionel?
- Yes, sir, boss?
Don't call me boss.
Oh, you know what, boss?
I'm never going to call
you boss again.
That's the last time I'm ever
going to call you boss, boss.
I'm sorry, Mr. Peterson.
And if you don't
mind me saying so,
I think ya'll look
good together.
Well, thank you.
Well, thank you, Lionel.
But... but...
business before pleasure.
Where you going?
I gotta follow up
with video shoot location.
Come here...
What you doing?
Oh, oh, oh.
You see what I gotta deal with?
See what I gotta deal with?
And you are right, we
cannot shoot in a prison.
But, if, you know, you're good,
I might let you frisk me later.
That's what I'm talking about.
That's what I'm talking
about right there.
- Lionel?
- Yes, sir.
- That's mine.
- Oh, that is your package.
I'll get the other one for you.
Trina, you cannot
be in my video.
Stop asking.
I've been practicing
and everything.
That's my you
can't handle this face.
What you doing?
That's my ''you still
can't be in the video'' face.
Damon, come on, please.
You know I'm the right one
for the video.
Okay, okay...
I'll think about it.
Ain't promising nothing,
but I'll think about it.
- All right?
- Okay.
That's all I asked 'cause
I've been practicing, I'm ready.
And no.
What do you mean no?
You just said you
would think about it.
And I thought about it.
Come on, that was too fast.
Who told you I be
doing it too fast?
She be lying.
Caleb, Caleb, can
I be in the video?
That's Damon's department
and, uh, Damon,
I need the treatment
for the video, please.
I'm trying to work on, but
Trina keeps harassing me.
You're not even looking.
- Sway.
- No.
- Sway.
- Uh-uh.
I did this in the rodeo thing.
Where you been, girl?
I've been trying to call you.
I've been calling and calling.
You look good.
Hi, Caleb.
Sorry, girl.
I've just been taking
some time off to think.
I heard about, you know, Damon
and Caleb's success.
I just wanted to
come by and wish them well.
That was nice of you.
- You look nice.
- Thank you.
Congratulations, Caleb.
You deserve it.
People tend to get what
they deserve, Paisley.
Um, can we talk...
alone for a second?
- Hell, no.
- Damon.
- Hell no.
- Let's not hear that.
All right, you watch your back.
Uh, me too?
All right...
Call me later.
Don't forget.
Damon, wait for me...
Wait, wait, wait.
I was just about to show you...
Look at you.
Back on top,
right where you belong.
Things are looking up.
Caleb, I miss you.
Now, hey, hey, hey, hey...
it's too late for that.
I'm... I don't even know
where to start.
You don't have to explain
nothing to me, Paisley.
I'm sorry that I hurt you.
It happens sometimes, right?
I've played this moment
a thousand times
in my head, Caleb.
I know I have no right
to be here.
I just wanted you to
know that I loved you.
You left me, Paisley.
I gave you all I had to
give and you still left.
You made me look like a fool.
I made a mistake.
Look, Bobby was my first love.
I can't explain what kind
of hold that kind of person
can put on you.
All I can say is I was stupid.
I was foolish...
I was confused.
I'm not confused
anymore, Caleb.
I love you.
And what we had was special.
Then you should have
stayed, Paisley.
You aren't
perfect either, Caleb.
I never said I was
perfect, Paisley.
No, you just pushed me away.
Pushed you away?
The lack of trust, the prenup.
This wasn't about no prenup!
If you had just
signed the thing,
I was gonna tear it up.
I just needed to
know where you heart was.
My heart's always
been with you, Caleb.
It's always been with you.
Look, I never asked
another man to take me back,
but please, just forgive
me, okay?
I forgive you, Paisley,
but you had your chance.
I know.
And I messed it up.
And if I were you,
I would say no.
Well, good, because
that's what I'm saying.
But you're not me.
You're a good man
with a good heart.
A heart that loved me once.
Paisley, I don't,
I don't love you anymore.
You do...
You do love me.
No, no, I don't.
Excuse me?
Am I interrupting something?
Paisley, what
are you doing here?
I was just about to ask
you the same thing.
- Oh, I'm here...
- With me.
Dedra, Dedra and
I are together now.
Caleb, I know you hurt you,
but you don't have to be
with Dedra to spite me.
I'm with Dedra
because I love her.
That's nothing to do with you.
I see.
I wish you and Bobby the best.
Bobby and I are over.
It ain't over
till I say it's over.
You're gonna stop
walking in my house.
I don't believe
I'm talking to you.
I don't care who you
think you talking to.
- Get the hell out.
- Caleb!
How did you find me?
Thought I was going
to let you get away?
After the all time and money I
spent building what we have?
I said I didn't belong
to you anymore, Bobby.
I got $500,000 worth of
receipts that say you do.
Now let's go, Paisley.
No... I said no.
Paisley, don't make
me snatch you faster
than the rapid refund...
Now let's go.
Hey, there ain't gonna
be no snatching
while I'm here, partner.
Is everything cool in here?
Everything is cool.
Bobby was just leaving.
You know, I remember when
ya'll took that shot.
That's when it all started.
Just Us Records was
just a dream.
Look at it now.
Yeah, yeah.
You know, you should
be real proud of yourself.
- Ya'll did some big things.
- Yes, sir.
Ooh, good Lord, what is this?
Baby, you look good.
You look
better than J-Lo.
You look like Way Low.
Mmm... Mmm!
I'm just kidding, ya'll.
- How do I look, boys?
- Baby, you look amazing.
You look like some frosting
on a Cinnabun.
Get a room.
'Cause I am gonna
tear it up tomorrow on set.'
Yes, I am!
You're tearing it up now.
Tomorrow is Sway's
first music video.
- Don't mess it up.
- Mess it up?
Baby, I'm gonna turn it up.
I've been
practicing... I've got moves.
I got eight counts,
I got rolls,
I got pop, pop, pop and drop.
You got the bounce, baby.
Don't forget that bounce.
Oh, yeah, I got
the boom, boom, boom.
Boom, boom, boom!
Did you take
your medication, sweetie?
Yes, I did, baby.
Thank you for
loving me so good.
I told you, when I said I was
going to take care of you,
I meant it.
Listen... All those
jobs you've been doing
has been preparing you to put
in some hard work on me.
I can't take it...
I can't take it.
If Caleb was here, he would
put a stop to this mess.
Put a stop to what mess?
Trina and her little
freak show.
Hey, hey, hey, get a room.
Get a room.
The boss is here!
Hey, come on, get off me, girl!
So we all set for
the video tomorrow?
Yeah, is Sway ready is
the question.
Oh, for sure.
Look, I'm glad
everybody is here.
We can head over to the
engagement dinner.
All right, let's go...
Whoa, whoa, wait a minute.
- The what?
- Engagement?
What do you mean?
Step up.
I love you...
with every ounce of my soul.
I thought that I needed
a woman to complete me,
but you taught me that all
I needed was the right woman
to compliment me.
I don't ever wanna
see a day without you.
Will you be mine forever?
This is for real?
This is for real.
Aw, she said yes!
I heard her!
Can't take it back now!
I wanna see this.
What ya'll about to do?
Ya'll gotta get a room.
Ya'll gotta save
that for the honeymoon.
That was kind of cool, though.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Just Us Records would
like to showcase
some of our new
talent, so please... reset!
He's great, he's amazing,
he loves women,
pizza and hot dogs.
He loves shooting movies and...
everybody, Miguel Nunez,
Hello and welcome to
The Sandra Winslow Show.
I'm your host Sandra Winslow.
Whoo hoo!
Well, I hope you're ready for
the sizzling questions and...
Let's start again.
Just pick one.
And cut!
Reset it.
He's Sway!
You Sway!
Hope you got a 600 millimeter
lens on that thing
so you can see all this.
I'll make it right.
Every time I'm with her,
I'm thinking about you.
I don't know
about all that, homie.
- Don't know about all that.
- And cut.
- Great job.
- Do it again.