Men of Respect (1990) Movie Script

Unusual weather patterns
continue to plague
the metropolitan area.
Heavy rain and
near-freezing temperatures
have resulted in
treacherous travel conditions
on local roads and highways.
...heroin reaching
the United States
in an unusually
pure and smokable form
has reached
epidemic proportions.
Local police forces
are helpless...
A K.G.B. defector surfaced
after 10 years in the C.I.A.,
"No secret lasts forever."
Among his shocking revelations
was that the K.G.B. may have
plotted to kill the pope.
The I.R.S. today unfolded
a comprehensive
plan to bring...
...targets have
been reached.
...and senior citizens
who seemed helpless...
...members of society...
...north side riots
last month.
Police officials
expressed belief and faith
in the justice system.
They condemned
the media for its...
...resulting in the death
of a security officer
and seriously injuring
several employees.
Further down
the grand concourse,
the offices of
the truckers benevolent
were destroyed by a fire
of suspicious origin.
Fire officials say
arson will not be ruled out.
A likely target for
today's bloodletting,
say federal officials,
is Charles
"the Little Padrino" D'Amico.
Key members or captains
of that prime family
were found murdered
gangland style
a struggle for power
in the criminal underworld.
Do you want me
to go in with you?
Just cover me
from the window.
I'll get closer
to him if I'm alone.
We got his brother-in-law.
Fuck you.
And a year later,
they think he's fucking
Out of the ballpark.
Right out of the ballpark.
How about
his brother?
Watch the front!
Keep an eye on it.
Come on. Move it.
Move it.
One of you get the driveway.
Nobody gets in here. Nobody.
What's going on?
Who died?
If I knew what's going on,
I'd tell you what's going on.
Is this going to
go on all night?
Just take the kid
and go upstairs, would you?
Mal's fine, come on.
Just come inside.
Go upstairs, will you?
Oh, Jesus.
And who else did you talk to?
Yeah, but you tried, right?
Yeah. Well, they know
just when to take a powder.
And how many
went down by you?
And the rest?
In the hospital?
You better do this,
you get some
people over there.
They might try
to hit you again
when you think
it's past and over.
And what about
Cordaro's people
over by Belmont?
Will you get us word
on that? Jesus Christ!
They just pulled Louie Fence
out of Bronx River.
There goes our muscle
on Westchester...
Oh, shut the fuck up!
What else?
They hit all
the after-hours joints,
from Vegas Parlor
to Whitestone Billiards.
Major damage.
The policy people
up on Fordham took a hit
and we haven't
heard the end of that yet.
Everybody's running scared.
There's not going to be
so much as a diner,
dry cleaner,
nothing open on
the North End tomorrow.
What about Vinnie Cordaro?
If Vinnie Cordaro
turns on you,
you lose all your strength
from Riverdale
down to the West Side.
You know, Duffy,
if you think somebody
sold us out here
I want to know why
nobody's been hit
in Kingsbridge.
That's your territory,
ain't it?
That's because, Tony, my boy,
I'm a mean fucking Irishman
who doesn't
encourage shit from nobody.
What are we
going to do, Pop?
You'll make the peace,
Take the family
to Florida.
Enjoy your years
in the sun.
With all respects,
Padrino mio.
Don't look at me
like that now.
Show respect.
It's you
I'm looking out for.
Cordaro's got us
by the balls here.
And he's got
the Greek's muscle.
The Greek is dead.
What are you talking about?
What happened?
It was Battaglia.
Mike Battaglia?
What a piece of work
this guy is.
Go easy. Sit down.
Sit down. Sit down.
All right, get him
a drink or something.
Don't just stand there.
All right, take it easy, Sal.
Easy does it.
Now, just talk to me.
Battaglia got wind
of Cordaro's scheme.
But instead of laying low,
washing his hands of it,
he hooks up with
me and Bankie Como.
A loan shark
from Fremont, Charlie.
He's a standup guy,
We tracked the Greek
down to this fish place
on City Island.
The Poseidon Adventure
or some shit.
The Greek's buttons
are all over the place.
They're doing
calamari and clams.
Having a real time of it.
Real pleased with themselves.
Battaglia heads
right in the front
and goes
straight for the Greek,
grabs him by the throat,
spits in his face,
cursing him for
the two-face that he is.
Snake in the grass.
Yeah, all hell
breaks loose.
I mean, we covered him
from the window and
he's shooting up the place.
I mean, leads flying
around there like confetti
and he doesn't take a scratch.
The Greek's buttons
are running for the door.
And Bankie's guys cut
them down in the street.
I mean, blood's running like
Hershey's over there.
Oh, Christ,
I can't do it justice.
You had to be there.
The guy's got luck.
Wait a minute.
What about the Greek?
Is the Greek done?
Oh, he's dead.
He's finished.
Him and half his crew.
Battaglia and the shylock
took off on foot
and I swung by here.
All right. Come on,
let's get this guy
to a doctor.
Come on,
get him out of here.
Take him to the Indian doctor
on Barnes Street.
He'll keep
his mouth shut.
Now, listen up. This is
the first order of business.
I want Cordaro.
I want Cordaro off by sundown.
Is that understood?
And I want to hear about it
on the 6:00 news.
And Mike Battaglia,
Lou, you find Mike Battaglia
before they lay a hit on him
and when you find him,
you treat him as
a man of respect.
Is that clear?
It's done.
All right.
Cordaro's loss,
that's Battaglia's gain.
Do you
know these guys?
but I don't trust them.
Hey, Battaglia.
Como, hey, wait up.
We want to
talk to you!
Have you come
for your fortune?
My wife Lucia
will read for you.
She has the gift.
Second sight.
You've come to
question her, yes?
Yeah, we'd like
to see her.
Straighten up.
They're customers.
What will they think?
Sit. She'll be
right with you.
What now?
You must make your offering.
We all of us,
have two faces.
The one we wear
for all to see,
the other, darker,
more deadly.
She's showing you
her other face.
Welcome, Signor Battaglia,
and welcome
to your companion,
Signor Como.
Give me your hand.
Are you frightened?
I only bring you
to yourself.
Come closer.
Oh, you are very brave.
Brave men fear you.
You have stood
well for your Padrino.
You will be
capo regime.
And the time comes
when you will be
called Padrino.
Padrino Battaglia.
What do I have to do
for this to happen?
only have to be yourself,
to do what
you are thinking.
Signor Como.
Do you not wish
to know your fate?
No, thanks,
I'll find out soon enough.
You are not frightened,
are you?
Frightened of that
which you cannot escape?
You also are
a brave soldier.
A man of respect
and a man of honor.
But fate
will not be so kind to you
as to your children.
Your family will be great.
And your son
will be Padrino.
Your son will be
boss of all bosses.
My son, Philly,
in this business?
Over my dead body.
As you have said.
All right, come on,
Mikey, let's get
the fuck out of here.
Let's leave this joint.
Cup of joe, huh?
Channel 4: the news.
The cleanup continues
on City Island,
after a wild shooting melee
believed connected
to the underworld war,
left 5 dead
and dozens wounded.
A witness was
able to identify...
...and without mercy.
Among the victims,
was Ali
"the Greek" Bernacci,
a reputed strong arm
and lieutenant
to the so-called
D'Amico Crime Family.
The daring gunmen
escaped on foot.
The police, unable to invade
the complex web
of treaties and alliances
in the criminal underworld
say it is virtually
impossible to predict
who will emerge as victors
in the latest clash.
It's me.
Are you all right?
I'm good. I'm good.
It couldn't have gone better.
Hell of a downpour
out there tonight.
Yeah, it's quite a ruckus.
You catch, uh, the report...
The weather report?
Yeah, I was
just getting it.
But, the forecast
is good, no?
Well, the forecast is good.
It's still a little cloudy,
but it's good.
As soon as it clears up,
I'm on my way.
You should make it in
before it starts
coming down again.
You know?
Yeah, I know.
I'm on my way.
And, Michael, be careful.
Don't worry, I'm all right.
I'm on my way.
Your pal's good.
There's no problem.
Just friends.
We are a fraternity
of great honor.
And we welcome
only men of strength,
courage and loyalty.
Men of respect.
Our way comes before
anything else in life.
Before God,
before country,
before family.
You have sworn an oath,
and we have embraced you.
You have obeyed our laws
without question
and you have
guarded the secrets
of our thing.
And you have shown
respect and loyalty
no less than a son.
You are the fruit
of our enterprise
and you have
earned yourself
a very special place
in our thing.
Draw the blood.
Buona salute.
Capo regime.
ALL: Battaglia!
MAN: Mikey.
MAN: Yeah, Mike.
You're right.
Take care.
All right.
Thank you.
I'll see you guys later.
She had the gift.
I could feel it.
I wanted to talk to her more.
Get more out of her, but...
I don't know.
I, I don't know
if it's good or bad.
On one hand,
you feel like it
bolsters your chances.
And, on the other
it brings up all
these bad thoughts.
the old lady was
right on the money.
Charlie laid it
right in my lap.
Cordaro's out and I'm in.
So, it's half-true
But the rest of it,
Padrino Battaglia.
I don't know.
It only
stands to reason.
Charlie's at
the top of his game,
and then he's got
his sons there.
How do you get
around that?
I can't think about it.
Whatever happens, happens.
If it's meant to be,
it'll be.
What, you don't think so?
How can you say that?
You see, this is
what worries me for you.
You have all these
reasons to hesitate
when you should be
trying for something.
It don't need me
to interfere.
He's gonna dick you around.
You don't know that.
Charlie's always
been fair with us.
We're part of his family.
Charlie stood up for me,
all right?
I swore to Charlie.
I've stepped in shit
on the street
cleaner than
Charlie D'Amico.
This is Padrino D'Amico here,
all right?
We have respect.
Charlie respects
the fat end of a bat.
The sharp end of a stick.
Charlie respects
what he fears
and that ain't you.
You just wait and see
what he has in mind.
All Charlie cares
about is number one,
him and his.
That's why Charlie is Charlie,
and you're not.
Why do you have to wait
for other people to give you?
Why does everything
always have to pass
through somebody else's hands?
Show a little ambition.
Stop it, all right!
I'm as ambitious
as the next guy.
More, all right!
My time comes, I'll know it,
and I'll know what to do.
This is the time
and you better
know it now.
This is it.
Staring you in the face.
Don't close your eyes.
You don't know
what you're asking.
Tell me...
Tell me
you don't want it.
If I was the man,
I'd know what to do.
There's no guarantee if
Charlie's out of the picture
we'll be any better off.
In this life, Michael,
there's no safe
standing still.
The Padrino
sends his regards.
He's going to
pay us a visit.
You're kidding.
He wants us to put him up
and lay out a spread.
A sit down.
Look how he loves you.
He trusts you.
You can have him here
with his pants down.
And, Michael,
if you got him here...
You got him here.
Hey, come on,
give me a hug.
I owe you a big thanks.
You know that.
you embarrass me.
I'm just the lucky one
who had the opportunity.
Ruthie, hey.
Look at her.
She still looks like a fox.
Doesn't she look great?
Yeah, sure, turn on the charm.
I'm slaving away here,
makin' everything you like.
Ziti and clams,
shrimp oregonata,
What I must look like?
You look fantastic.
Absolutely fantastic.
I have to ask you a question.
How can a beautiful princess
like you
find her way
around the kitchen?
From a book.
And I ask questions.
A book?
It should be a good book.
Well, you're in
for a big surprise.
Well, you don't have
to get pissed off at me.
Come on, I'm just
kidding with you.
Come on,
just give me a kiss.
Ah, that's good. Thank you.
You know what?
I think I'm gonna run
away with your wife.
Charlie, what can I say,
she likes you.
Well, come on,
let me show you what's what.
Come on. Come on in.
Pleasant place
you got here.
Really good!
Keep going, kid.
Oh, I smell something nice.
Smells good.
Everybody sit down.
The first thing
I want to tell you is
I want to...
I want to thank you
because I got
20 years back
from you guys tonight.
It's true.
Which brings me
to what I want to
talk about tonight,
which is retirement.
Retirement of our dear,
faithful friend and counselor
Carmelo Rossi.
Believe me,
I can't think of anybody
who deserves it more.
I can't think of anybody
who has spent
more time in the trenches.
But then...
How long do you impose
on a human being?
you'll excuse me, Carmelo,
but I think it's time
for you to, uh...
I think
you should go south.
I think you should
take a vacation.
And I think we should all
show our appreciation.
You don't worry about Carmelo.
He'll be all right.
Now, let me get to
what's important tonight.
Let me talk about
the man of the hour.
I don't know what
to say about this guy.
I don't know what to say.
He's a real standup guy.
Never makes any trouble.
Never causes any ruckus.
He never, never,
says no to a friend.
Yeah, well,
we can sit here tonight
and we can be complacent,
you know, and fall asleep
on our big fat asses,
but what happens when trouble
comes knockin' at the door?
Who opens the door
and gives trouble
a mouthful of teeth?
Mikey Battaglia here!
Buona salute, Mike!
Buona salute!
Tone it down. I tell you,
if it wasn't for you...
This caucus would
be a frigging wake
instead of a party.
'Cause it's guys like you,
it's guys like Battaglia,
guys like Bankie Como,
it's guys like
my nephew Sally there.
They are the ones
we depend upon
for the future of our thing.
I have to make
a personal note.
I think my time is short.
No, you got a lot
of years left, Charlie,
a lot of years.
Whoa! Charlie!
It's all right with me,
I mean, I got peace
in my heart here,
I got my two boys here,
I got 'em.
And I'm proud
like any father.
Now, what I want from you guys
is to support them.
You support them,
because if you don't,
I'm gonna sic
Mike Battaglia on you here,
and he's gonna bite your ass.
All right, you're all
sitting there like
it's a goddamn
gloomy occasion!
It's like a holiday!
Come on, let me hear it
from you guys!
Mike Battaglia,
Mike Battaglia!
Yeah, I want to say
to all of you, grazie a tutti!
Grazie, grazie, grazie!
What are you
thinkin' about, pal?
Well, it's just
a big responsibility.
Sobers you up.
You know what
I was thinking about?
The old lady.
I forgot all about that.
Seems there was some truth
to what she was saying to you.
That goes in one ear
and out the other.
That's good.
I'm gonna go get some sleep.
You know, if things do,
uh, turn out,
you could, uh,
make out all right.
That's good to know.
Just so I don't
have to do anything
where I can't look at myself
in the mirror.
That goes without saying.
Be careful, amico mio.
Shit happens.
And it can get very
deep from here on in.
Was he asking for me?
What do you think?
I think I better
get downstairs.
Wait a minute.
You're not losing your nerve?
Just let it go, all right?
I can see it in your face.
You're fighting yourself
over this thing.
Hey, what am I going to do,
put a gun to his head now?
The man is applauding me.
I should be watching his back,
not sticking
the knife in myself.
He's throwing you a bone
because he's desperate.
He's showing me respect,
all right?
I want I should
enjoy it already.
Charlie's just
keeping you down.
The D'Amicos are always gonna
keep you down.
It makes me sick
how they use you.
You do everything.
They do nothing.
But they have everything,
and we don't have anything.
If you could take it
from them, take it.
You deserve it.
I want you to have it.
It's not yours to give, babe.
Don't mock me, Michael.
Why don't you understand
how impossible this is?
It's not the time for this.
Don't tell me how
impossible it is.
Don't tell me
it's not the time!
I don't understand.
Because I've
heard it all before,
and I do understand.
Don't go into that.
I will. I will go into it.
I don't want to
hear about this now.
Well, you're going to
hear about it
'cause I know what it is
to do something
so it can break your heart.
I know what it is
to have a life inside me
and squashing it out
because it's not
the right time.
It's too difficult.
I know what it is
to kill for you, Michael.
So don't tell me
I don't understand.
Charlie's chippy is
through for the evening.
I'll take care
of Ray and Jamesy.
What's goin' on with you?
If it's gonna get done,
it better get done quick.
I'll ring once
when it's clear.
You'll find what you need
under the mattress.
Jeez, look at this.
Hey, you still up,
You should see
the mess they left me,
and they want a big
breakfast tomorrow.
A woman's work
is never done.
Tell me about it.
Still, but I figured you
fellas were out here.
You could use
a little something
to get you through the night.
Thank you.
Oh, that's good.
Mr. Coffee.
You like it?
Oh, thanks a lot.
All right, see you boys
in the morning.
Thank you.
I did it.
Did you hear him?
Noise. When he started
to scream?
The cat screamed.
I stepped on a damn cat.
No, before that.
Who's across the way?
What are you doing with that?
You're supposed to leave it.
Give it to me.
Michael, give it to me!
Give it to me!
Michael, fix yourself. Go on!
Go on!
What is it with me?
I can't stop shaking!
It's over. It's done.
I got blood on me, too.
I'm not crying about it.
It's that prick's blood.
I should dye my hair with it.
Now, get that off.
The rain ain't
washing it clean.
Take it all off. Come on.
Come here.
He saw it was me.
He looked right at me.
and it's all gone.
You see how easy that was?
If I had bought it yesterday,
it would have been
a good life.
Now we'll see.
Yeah, I hear you, man,
wait up.
I hear you, man, wait up.
What, do I got
to drop everything?
Don't bang on the door, man,
it's glass.
Glass breaks. Then what?
You gonna clean it up?
Just open the frigging door,
and nobody has
to break it, okay?
Who do you want?
Just open the door
or I'll break your ass.
You gonna break my ass?
That's right.
Then I'm not
gonna open the door.
Let him in, Sterling.
Here I am.
This guy has an attitude.
He means well.
I do?
Sterling, you'll get
clipped in the mouth
if you don't shut up.
Charlie up yet?
I don't know.
We'll take a look.
You finished up?
Just about.
Take the day off.
Take the day off?
Go home?
Take the day off?
Sterling, get the hell out
of here, all right?
I was supposed to get him
at 6:00. It's near 7:00.
The damn parkway was flooded.
He's in the guesthouse.
Man, they said
there was an earthquake.
on the East Coast.
I mean, rocks fell
on the thruway.
We got cars jammed up
all the way to Poughkeepsie.
They had a death toll,
it's not even a holiday.
Well, I guess you just can't,
uh, fuck with
the ozone, right?
It was a rough night.
It's coming,
I'm telling you,
the end of the world.
Everybody dies.
Oh, my God!
Look at him!
What are you talking about?
They destroyed him!
They hit Charlie!
Where the hell was everybody?
They killed him!
They hit Charlie!
They killed him!
Where was everybody?
The bastards killed him!
They killed him!
There's a fuckin'
war going on here!
The bastard killed him!
Hey, anybody here?
They killed him.
Find his men!
They hit Charlie!
I don't know who!
Where the fuck
were you then?
Mike, what the fuck
is going on?
They hit your father!
What? What are you
talking about? Who?
Who? Rossi who!
Ray and Jamesy!
They must've gone over
to Rossi!
There's blood on my walls!
The fucking bastards!
Don't, Mikey!
Stop! Mike, no!
Don't kill him!
Take him alive,
no, Mikey, you fuck!
Who sent them?
Who sent them? Tell me!
Tell me!
Or I'll kill your
whole fucking family!
Tell me, you fuck!
Tell me.
MAL: Tell me.
Tell me, you fuck.
Tell me!
Sally, get that garbage
out of here.
The other prick, too.
Sammy, Ralphie, Benny,
get them out of here.
Pretty quick on the draw,
aren't you, Mikey?
What, I should have
a sit-down talk with them?
Charlie was like my own.
He was my own.
You do to him, you do to me!
I'm gonna make them
choke on this, man!
I'm gonna make them
regret the day they were born!
Rossi and whoever else!
So, everybody better declare
yourself on this,
one side or the other!
All right. All right.
Let's, uh...
Let's just keep
a calm head about this, huh?
Now, uh...
I say we clean
this whole thing up.
We go inside and we get
our stories straight.
BANKIE: Matty!
Wait up a minute.
You take a powder now,
you'll never get
your two cents in on this.
My thing was with Charlie.
Now Charlie's history.
In a few days,
Charlie will be geography.
I'm not hanging around
to be anybody's landmark.
You pricks want
to bury each other,
you can count me out.
Look, look, nothing
is final with this, Matty.
We could come out of this.
We? Since when the hell
is it we?
Since when do we do
business together?
You got your head
up Battaglia's ass.
Enjoy the smell.
The way I figure it,
the closer to you pricks,
the nearer to God!
Florence D'Amico...
I'm very sorry.
He was a good man.
This is my son, Phillip.
Mrs. D'Amico,
I'm very sorry.
You taking good care
of your father?
He cooks. I clean.
We worked out a system.
Charlie would've liked him.
Charlie liked everybody.
Oh, he was good.
He was too good.
He couldn't say no!
No more, Charlie!
Charlie, no more!
Take her for a walk. Come on.
Take her for a walk.
Look, Mal, I'm sorry.
I don't know what I said.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, okay.
My son, Phillip.
You have my sympathies.
Yeah, thank you.
We'll be over here.
It's been a long time.
How are you?
Can you believe
that this big lummox is mine?
I hear good things
from your father,
says you're doing good things.
He tells me
I'm wet behind the ears.
MBA. Baruch.
Mikey, you got
to talk to this kid.
He can take a dime
and turn it into
a dollar overnight
and you don't have to worry
about your rap sheet.
Pop, come on.
You getting shy on me now?
I keep telling him,
"You got to sell yourself."
Am I right?
We got to sit down.
Now's not the circumstances.
I'd like to hear
what you got to say.
Thanks, Mikey.
No Duffy?
No hide, no hair.
Make an inquiry.
Listen, Battaglia sends word
through cousin Sally.
He wants to
know what we'll do.
He wants to sit down and talk.
What do you want to do?
You want to sit with him?
No. We're not
sitting down with nobody.
There's a gun
behind every smile here.
I got some tickets.
I want you to take
Susan to Toronto,
and I'm gonna
take Ma to Miami, okay?
I think we're
better off going separate
till we find out
what went on here.
No, I don't know, Mal.
Doesn't sound like
the right thing to do.
I mean, we just walk away
from everything Pop set up?
So, what do you want to do?
You want to stay here?
You might as well
jump into the grave with him.
Trust me.
Look at that.
They got him crowned already.
I'm going to try to
get Michael to go.
We've been here awhile.
I'd love to stay till morning,
but we better get going.
Okay. I'll see you.
It was a pleasure.
Nice to meet you.
I see through him like glass.
Charlie's not even cold yet
and he's strutting
his son over there.
He was there
with the old lady.
She tantalized him.
And now with my success,
he thinks it's good.
When was the last time
you ever see that
guy on the street?
Now he gets unveiled
like the second coming.
Like the big marker.
He's gonna start making
money for his friends.
You can give me
your cell number.
I'll give you a card.
He's in business.
What the hell's
going on here?
Hey, Mikey.
You remember my son Philly.
You want a burger, Mike?
MBA, Baruch.
He'll take a dime
and turn it into
a dollar overnight
and you don't have to worry
about your rap sheet.
Oh, Pop, come on.
you getting shy on me here?
You want a hot dog, Mike?
Yeah, Mikey,
how about a hot dog?
The two-faced scumbag.
That it would
even cross his mind.
Bankie Como.
I step out to make
myself felt and known.
I suffer the risk,
so as what?
So his punk kid makes out?
What about me and mine?
It should be one of mine,
a son of mine that
gets the benefit.
So what is it you want to do?
He's no friend of yours.
Como's watching out for his.
He's looking to the future.
And the future is now.
First opportunity.
BANKIE: Hello.
Hey, you prick. How are you?
Hey, Mikey,
how are you, pal?
I got this thing here tonight.
I don't hear from you
or anything.
I tell you, Mikey,
since the wife passed I, uh...
I don't like to
go to those things.
You know, I avoid them.
I don't want to hear that.
I got a place saved for you.
I expect to see you.
All right, look,
I'll make an appearance, okay?
But do me a favor.
Don't glue me to a chair,
okay? Please.
And while you're at it, uh,
bring your kid there.
I've been hearing some things.
No, nothing really.
Just, uh...
Just, uh, you know, some
bookkeeping and accounting
and stuff like that.
That's all.
Well, now's the time.
I want to sit down.
I want to pick his brain.
I'll tell you the truth,
Mikey. He's kinda
tied up with some stuff.
You know,
it's hard to get away.
What the hell's with you?
You trying to keep me
from a good thing?
You don't love me anymore?
Mikey, I love you,
but you are a pain in the ass.
And while you're at it,
you can do me another favor.
Uh, that pork store?
with the sharp provolone.
Pick me up a couple
of pounds, will you?
You got it.
Good, good.
And hurry up, will you?
Because it ain't a party
until you get here.
I'll see you there.
Thanks, Peter.
Pay the man.
You think Mikey's gonna
like you taking a bite
out of his sausage?
Fuck him.
Keep it. Yeah.
PHILLY: Oh, God!
Pop! Pop!
Take it easy.
They ain't heard
the last of this.
Come on, keep talking.
Keep talking.
Keep talking, Pop.
You're gonna be okay.
You're, you're gonna be...
No, come on, Pop!
No, Pop, come on!
Pop, you're gonna be...
You're gonna be...
Oh, Pop.
You look fantastic.
Oh, right.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Go get some champagne?
Here, you want some?
Go ahead,
go ahead.
Don't forget about
that horse I told you,
Great Scot.
Be seein' ya
next time it runs.
You cut
his fucking throat?
I emptied my gun,
all right.
You could drive
a truck through his chest.
Now, you tell me the same
for the kid
and we'll drink on it.
Mikey, don't. Mikey.
You got a whole crowd
out there.
Go easy.
The old man's finished?
He's dead, man.
He's a ghost.
You can forget about him.
No offense.
He didn't mean
nothing by it.
So now we
follow through on this.
Tomorrow, maybe.
All you got to
do is just call.
And don't worry
about this other thing.
He's as good as dead.
What was that all about?
We were just laughing about
his mother-in-law's wake
last month.
It was a real pisser.
No, no, no, before that,
like, like, you didn't
want me to hear.
Like you knew something, uh,
you don't want me to hear.
Something said.
What are you talking about?
We're just... We're just
shooting the shit here.
It's got nothing
to do with you.
Well, don't try to fuck
with my head, Tommy. Okay?
You think you know something?
You got something to say?
You get it out.
Mikey. Nothing.
All right.
But it's marked down now.
It's down, so I remember it.
What do you want us to say?
We apologize? We're sorry.
Whatever was said. Done.
Michael, what's the matter?
there's no problem here.
We're supposed to be having
a good time here!
It's a party!
You all right?
Yeah, I'm all right.
You want me
to sit with you?
Sit. Dance, eat, drink.
Whatever the fuck
you want to do, do it.
Since when do you ask?
Go easy with that.
What are you...
What are you
watching me here?
You watch them.
Them's who you watch.
What is it with you?
Where did he go?
Como. He was right here.
Look, he was...
He was bleeding
all over the table there.
It's wine, Michael.
The Chianti fell over.
He's here.
Will you stop it?
He got it over on me.
He's fucking with me!
You just don't...
You just don't disappear
into thin air.
come upstairs. Lay down.
Just... Just look for him,
all right?
If he's over here,
I'll cut his fucking throat.
What is going on with you?
Mikey, Mike,
what are you doing?
Mikey, what are you doing?
Mikey, Mike,
what are you doing?
Mike's not feeling well, here.
It's the flu or something.
Frigging medication.
You all right?
You all right, Mike?
You got a little fever,
right, honey?
And, and, and he drank
a little too much.
And he gets this way
if he drinks too much.
We're gonna go upstairs
for a while.
Maybe we ought to
call it a day, Ruthie, huh?
Mikey's not feeling well,
and we'll beat the traffic.
No, no. I won't hear of it.
We got
everything prepared nice.
We want you to stay.
Right, Mike?
Time was,
you shot the guy's brains out
and he'd die
and that was the end of it.
Now, it comes back at you.
You've got to stop it.
And if drinking does this
to you, you got to stop it.
You can't go broadcasting
yourself to everybody,
you might as well
draw them a picture.
This thing was
to make friends, keep friends.
You're gonna push them away.
I'm sorry.
I messed up your party there.
I'll, I'll, I'll make it up.
No, no, no, no.
Don't, it's all right.
You just lie down.
Lie down. Lie down.
You get some rest first.
I got... I got to get back.
You come down later,
all right?
All right?
You shake a few hands...
Promise a few favors...
And all's forgotten.
Everybody will
love everybody again.
I'm better.
It's just that
I have these thoughts.
Nothing's worth
this grief.
Duffy ever make
an appearance?
He's got it in for me.
How do you know that?
I got ears everywhere.
We're not
out of the woods yet.
Get some sleep.
I can't sleep anymore.
You can't do nothing asleep.
I'm going out for a while.
There's a storm outside.
Today we're going to
make capo d'agnello
which is the
Southern Italian pronunciation
of an Italian dish known as
Capo d'agnello,
which translates
into English as
lamb's head.
Be careful not
to lose the brain.
If it pops out
And place
on a well-greased baking sheet
eyeball side down.
What we do now
is bake slowly
for one to two hours
the eyeball becomes opaque
and the meat releases...
Didn't you hear me?
I was banging on the door.
It's almost done.
It's wicked out there.
Like magic, no?
I'd like to question
your wife.
She knows what you want.
Everything has its cost,
Mr. Battaglia.
You know that, yes?
You want, you pay.
There is
a price on everything.
You are very generous.
This is very good.
A man willing to
pay the high price
will receive
everything he wishes.
Everything he wants.
And deserves.
No, no. Now, drink the tea.
Don't be so impatient.
Everything comes soon enough.
When you're finished,
she'll read the leaves.
Speak to the man.
Can't you see he's on
a bed of nails here?
I see fear.
Great fear.
Are you frightened, Battaglia?
You're not
a fearful man. Are you?
What is he fearful for?
I see a large man
with a red face.
No, not this one.
Still in the skin.
A red face,
the complexion.
An Irishman?
This man is very
dangerous to you.
He doesn't respect you.
And he will not
play by your rules.
Be bold, Battaglia,
and resolute.
Look at your face, Battaglia.
Such grief for a man
when life has given
all that was asked.
Come on, it can't all be bad.
What else is seen?
You lead
a charmed life, Battaglia.
No man of woman born
can harm you.
Laugh and scorn
those who try.
Fear not
traitors or conspirators
for not till the stars
fall from the heavens
will Battaglia's
blood be shed.
Is this so?
She has said it.
Mark her words.
I have a charmed life.
Have I been wrong?
Hey, kid.
Your old man at home?
Just a minute.
You got two
suspicious characters
at the door. You want to see?
Oh, yeah. Bob, Paulie,
come on in.
I'll be right with you.
Is this necessary?
Hell, yeah. Just, uh,
they like the zoo,
they haven't been in a while,
so I asked them along.
You expect me to believe that?
Is your father ready?
Who knows.
How are you doing, boys?
We're doing fine.
Hi, Mrs. Duffy.
Um, Mom,
can I ask you a question?
Is Pop a wise guy?
Where did you pick that up?
I hear things.
Well, don't hear that.
He's your father
and he loves you
and that's all
you have to know.
It doesn't answer
my question.
Behave yourself.
You're the only
wise guy I know.
Yeah, look,
keep a little behind today.
The old lady, she goes crazy.
Jesus, George,
it's a day off here today.
I'm going to
the zoo with my kid, George.
George, it's not my beef
any more.
I washed my hands of it.
Your father doesn't know
how to take a day off.
It's not my problem.
I'm out of it.
George, look, look, look.
What do you have to call me
on Sundays for?
Move over.
I'm hanging up.
Oh, Jesus. No.
DUFFY: Oh, God!
Somebody help me.
I'll see the nickel.
Oh, the boss has got you
by the balls, Felix.
And I'll go one,
three dimes shy.
I think maybe he's bluffing.
It's your funeral.
Wait. Wait a minute.
Frig it. $3,000,
I'm not that interested.
I'm out.
He had shit.
He was going
for the flush.
You punked out.
What the fuck are you
talking about?
You weren't
even in the pot.
So he bluffs me with shit
and he wins.
If I bet into him,
he gets the flush,
he wins.
So what's the difference?
He wins. He wins.
That's why I dropped out.
The guy's got luck
out the un gatz.
I don't know.
It's the wrong
frigging business
when you put in more
than you get out.
What are you doing?
What am I doing?
What does it
look like I'm doing?
I'm doing what
others should be doing,
but I have to do.
It was done this morning.
It's done every morning.
Clean linen every morning,
and not an order of business.
Wait, Ruthie,
is this necessary?
I'm sick and tired.
Wait, wait, wait.
Whose side are you on
that you'd ask me that there?
Ruthie, Jesus,
what kind of question
is that?
My side, right?
Well, then I'm sick
and tired of this shit.
Who comes?
Who eats in a place
that has a reputation
for filth?
They were cleaned.
They were filth.
Look! Look!
Look at them.
Just, just look!
Everything. Dirt.
Well, now it's...
It's dirty.
Yeah, now, then,
before, every time.
I got eyes in my head.
I can see.
All right, Ruthie. Be calm.
Let them... Let them do it.
They're here to do it.
It'll be done.
I can't...
I can't catch my breath.
Just, just relax there,
all right?
I'm taking her upstairs,
Take care of things.
You know, guys,
I don't want to
start nothing here,
but, uh,
you get wind
on Duffy?
Man, they say he, uh,
he split town.
So, that's good, no?
Not if he hooks up
with Rossi
and the D'Amicos.
What's the matter
with you?
There ain't no love lost
between Rossi and those two.
Not since Rossi
got the slap in the face
from the old man.
I don't know about that.
I don't know.
Those two, if they
hook up together,
they could make
things really difficult.
Very difficult,
I'm thinking.
If they all
hook up together,
you'll see
how fast I walk.
Well, you better walk
real fast because
I'll run right over you.
You know, Ralph,
you're a real scumbag
with that shit.
Sal, relax.
For Christ's sake, Sally,
we're only talking
through our hats here.
Nobody's going anywhere.
Sally, we're talking about
what's being talked about.
Here, have a pretzel.
Deal the cards.
Come on, ante up.
You in? You in?
Come on, fresh deck, huh?
What's the matter, huh?
You want to talk?
We could talk. Talk to me.
What are you
doing to yourself?
Oh, don't, don't, come on.
Come on. Don't.
Bad blood
is a bad thing.
And it's bad for
our enterprise.
Most of all,
it allows our enemies
to divide and conquer.
Who turns on who?
Before you know it,
you got the public,
and the feds even in on it.
But those of us
with a long history
in our thing have
a lot to fall back on.
If I can play a part
in cementing old friendships
and ending this dispute,
it would be
very gratifying to me.
And of course,
to others
whose things are affected.
My appeal
and this is to you, Mal,
and, Don, you too, there,
is only that I be returned
to the position of
honor and respect
that I enjoyed before
all this unpleasantness began.
I make no
excuses for my father.
As Padrino,
it was his right,
his prerogative to see his way
in these matters.
Your father
was a rash man.
I know what
he was doing.
He was thinking
he was watching out
for your interests.
But you must not resent
my telling you
that you were not ready.
Don't for a minute
think that you'll get
my consideration
by insulting me.
I do not rest
until we all
spit on the grave
of your father's murderer.
Let me come in here.
I do not hope to interfere.
Mal, Don,
I feel your
father's presence here.
I know he's up there
and he looks down
and blesses this.
Carmelo Rossi,
do you consent to
be my consigliere?
Do you consent to
put my interests
above your own,
and my life
and those of my blood,
before you and yours?
Padrino mio,
I accept.
Good. Good.
Very good.
We'll be in touch.
We'll discuss
and settle
all the details. All right?
What do you know
about this Como kid?
A brat,
but he's got his
father's head for numbers
and a lot of new ideas.
And an ax to grind,
like the rest of us.
I think, maybe,
you should make use of him.
He could be very helpful
down the line.
As a favor to you,
No, no, no.
You think of it
as a favor to yourself.
As you wish.
Just wait here, Doc,
and give it a minute.
When was the last
time she did this?
She does it every night.
Every night after
the Padrino's gone
on his rounds.
There she comes.
There. See?
And there.
Can't leave it like that.
You don't think they'll see?
It's right
where they can see.
There, see?
No, no. She doesn't see you.
She shines a light on you,
but she doesn't see nothing.
Is her husband
aware of this condition?
He won't do anything.
He's very
protective of her.
He keeps everybody
away from her.
Who would've thought
the old man had
so much blood in him?
I can't get it out.
It stains. It smells.
You should not be
involved in this.
Take my advice.
You've got to
stop it, Michael.
You stop dwelling on it.
It's all over your face.
Now, come on. It's done.
Come on. Before they see us.
Uh, sorry for the wait,
but I think
it was worth the while.
Our sympathies
for your loss, Matt.
I apologize I didn't make
your father's wake.
No disrespect
was intended.
He was a friend
to me and a loss.
It's forgotten.
It's all forgotten.
Let's all go up
on the patio, huh?
It's a lot cooler.
I'm sorry
for your troubles, Matt.
We're going to
set it right.
Mal and Don are
ready to lay claim
to the interests of
the D'Amico family.
do you find your interests
consistent with theirs
and, if so,
what considerations
do you expect
for your cooperation
and goodwill?
I'm prepared to renew
and honor
my commitment
to your father,
and to repair our
previous arrangement.
Nothing more,
nothing less.
That's very generous.
Alla tua salute.
What about
the wet work, Matt?
I'll provide the muscle.
Until Mal and Don
deal with any stragglers
in this thing
and everybody has
declared themselves.
Then I expect the burden
to be shared equally by all.
But I demand
one concession:
Battaglia is mine.
Not a drop of blood,
not a hair on his head,
not a scratch
until I bring
myself there
and he stands
in front of me.
Matt, this could be
a very messy business.
People get carried away.
Not a drop of blood.
Not a scratch.
That's to be made clear
to all concerned.
If you could call him,
call him,
and let me know.
Let me know,
I'll be here.
Right. Yeah.
Yeah, 9:30.
That's right. Okay.
No, I don't know.
I don't know. Hold it.
I'm trying to
follow through
on this Leonetti thing.
Yeah, I got to go.
All right, goodbye.
He's taking
a powder here.
What about all the joints
up on the concourse?
No answer.
Left and gone.
Same with the Vegas
Parlor and the clubs.
It's like a cancer
spreading here.
I don't want to hear it.
Put on your hat
and deal with it.
You're the underboss here.
Do your job!
And you tell them,
if things aren't
straightened out
they're gonna see
my face on the street.
And that
they're not gonna like.
Let's get a game
going here, huh?
Come on. Come on.
Deal the cards, huh?
All of a sudden
people are worried
about the D'Amico's.
There ain't nothing...
There ain't nothing
to worry about.
I got all the luck.
Not a man of woman born
can do shit to me.
You a man of woman born?
You got a brain?
Think about it, huh?
Damn right!
Damn it!
I don't want
no more reports.
Not a man of woman born.
What's that
supposed to mean?
Is that supposed to
be a frigging riddle?
It's me.
It's only me.
What day is it?
I don't know.
Thursday, Friday.
You're looking
a little better there.
You do.
You'll be up
and at it in no time.
When you're ready
and on your feet,
we'll do something.
We'll go to a...
We'll go to a...
You know...
We'll have a party.
A big thing and
that we invite, and...
It'll be good.
We don't
have any friends.
Well, the hell with them.
We got ourselves.
Since when do we
need more than that?
Hey, Sal, hi.
How's it going?
Come inside.
I have to do this.
Get him out of here.
Ralphie, Artie, Petey,
you guys cover the front.
The rest of you guys
come with me.
Come on, let's go!
They want to come,
let them come.
Leave him.
Leave him.
Come on, let's get
the hell out of here.
Go! Go, you scumbags!
I'll settle with you later!
FELIX: Mikey!
Maybe we should
get out of her, okay?
You got Ruthie up there
and maybe we're not so lucky.
You just give me time
to grab Ruthie there.
We'll make it out
back in the dark.
Ruthie, we got to...
Oh, my God. Ruthie.
What did you do?
Ruthie, what did you do?
Oh, God, Ruthie!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
I don't like this.
I ain't waiting
to find out.
Let's get
the hell out of here.
Come on!
Get out of here!
Wait, wait,
they're cornering us here!
We ain't going to
make it in the dark.
The sky's lit up out there.
Mikey, you'd think the stars
were dropping, Mikey.
That's it!
That's it!
Who is it?
You'd be afraid
to hear it!
For Charlie.
Born of women. All of you.
What's it gonna be?
Who's next?
Who's the unlucky fuck?
Come on!
Come on and get me!
Don't be a fool, Duffy.
My hands are wet enough
with blood of yours already.
Your luck's run out, Mikey.
I wouldn't bet on it, man.
I'll kill you if I have to.
You're fast
for a big fuck!
It's an Irishman's luck.
No comparison.
I got a charmed life, Matty.
No man born of
woman can touch me.
Yeah, I heard that story.
I got one of my own.
I've got all
the time in the world.
Did I ever tell you
how I get my name, Mikey?
Yeah, from your whore mother,
'cause you're a bastard.
You're gonna wish.
Remember Father Duffy,
the priest from the Bronx?
Had the orphanage
there on 149th street.
One night, about 40 years ago,
the nuns there open the door
and find a woman laying there
ready to drop a kid.
She was in bad shape, Mikey.
On the way out.
When the emergency got there,
they rushed her
to the hospital.
But she didn't make it.
The intern ripped
the little fucker
from her belly!
Get my drift, Mikey?
You know who that kid was?
I was that kid!
I'm not a man of woman born.
And I'm gonna kill you.
Shit happens.
Ain't that the truth.
We have come together
to make a new member.
Who stands up for this man?
I do.
Have him step forward.
Draw the blood.
You are entering
a fraternity of great honor.
A fraternity that welcomes
only men of great
courage and loyalty.
Men of respect.
You come
swear with us alive,
and you are with us
until death.
Our thing comes first
above everything else
in your life.
Before God,
before country,
and before family.