Mentally Apart (2020) Movie Script

Is life everything you
expect it to be, Chuck?
- I don't know the answer to that.
- What's happening to us?
- Maybe, we were just never meant to be.
- Trying to kill me?
You want something to drink?
- Sure what do you got?
- Water, iced tea, whiskey?
- I'll take a glass of
whiskey if you're having one.
- Sure, neat?
- On the rocks.
- You got it.
I'm glad we ended up coming here.
- Why so you can try nasty things?
- No I like hanging out with you.
- Aw you're sweet?
Yeah, I couldn't take being
in that bar anymore anyway...
There's so many douchers
out, it's becoming an epidemic
- You noticed the four to one
ratio of guys the girls in there?
- I don't know what makes one of
them think that they're gonna
get laid with that strategy-
- And they're all wearing
the same goddamn shirt.
Stripes and collars, stripes and
collars, MMA shirt, stripes and collars.
- Meanwhile...
It's the dude sitting clear across the bar
that's paying no mind to anybody that's
more impressive than those a-holes.
Which guy were you Chuck?
- I'm the guy
Okay, if the bar is on top of
a mountain, I was on the other
side of that fucking Mountain.
- Aww that sounds so lonely.
- You got it all wrong I'm sitting
on the beach side everybody else is
getting mauled by fucking bears.
- Can I uhhh come on the beach side with you-
- It's not gonna be that
easy, the buck stops here.
- You say such corny shit.
- All right, I have a query.
The name Luna I love it, what
made your parents come up with that?
- We're gonna need a lot more of
this and then I'll tell you all about it
Oh shit!
Not yet.
- I'll get you some paper towels
Sorry about that.
- Ah don't be
My hands are gonna get sticky but
that's alright I'll wash him in a minute.
- I'm sorry. I wasn't even thinking.
- It's all good.
Least it wasn't the old spill the wine on the
shirt trick and then I'd have to get nakey-
- I got wine, I can go get
some wine if you want.
- Just chill, alright.
- Alright so your name, who decided and why?
- My father actually.
- Really?
- Yeah, it's kind of a sad story.
- Well if you don't mind
I'd love to hear it
- My mother
Before I was born, before
she was pregnant with me
She was diagnosed with cancer.
The doctor said she
had several months to live
If had been a car accident or if she fell it
would have completely destroyed my dad
But ah...
Don't get me wrong. He's a monster
when he wants to be but in a good way
Because he cares so much about us and
sometimes he's just a little overprotective
So my dad he's funny too
He actually bought hospital scrubs
so he could look like an employee
And he'd go there and he'd sneak in and
sneak her out on the wheelchair at night
So she can adore the moon and the stars
And then one night there was a lunar eclipse
And he knelt down beside her cheek-to-cheek
gazing up
Once the tears rolled down her
face and touched his he couldn't stop
Only my mother could make my father cry
At that exact moment
suddenly her pain just subsided
And ever since then he
started calling her my little Luna
I'm really sorry
I never tell this story
When I think about it, it makes me cry
Saying it makes it worse
Oh shit now my eye's
gonna smell like whiskey.
- My bad I didn't even realize,
let me get you a new one-
- No, it's okay
- So your mom she's been okay since?
- I'd like to believe that she is.
I never got the chance to meet
her after all the painful years and the
complications it's a miracle I survived.
- I'm so sorry Luna.
- No it's alright.
Can I use your bathroom?
- Of course, straight
ahead, door on your left.
- My makeups running, I must look fabulous.
- Even more beautiful than before.
- You do have a way with words don't you?
Well, that was depressing, sorry
if I killed the mood on the first date
- Not at all, are you crazy?
- Let's think of something fun to talk about
You like dancing?
- Nah, I don't dance.
- Oh, Come on
Not today.
I gotta pee.
- Whoa
- Jesus!
- Everything alright?
- I didn't know you were there.
What are you doing?
- I gotta use the bathroom too.
- Don't do that I get scared.
- I'm sorry.
- Scare-wee.
- Alright, I won't scare you again.
- Wash your hands.
I never take naps. I feel so much better.
- Sometimes our bodies just need to reset.
- Touche'.
What are you writing?
- It's kind of hard to explain.
- Is it a comedy?
- Maybe to some
No, not really
- You should write a love story.
- I'm so jaded when it comes to love.
- You don't love me?
- I do love you.
- I have an idea for a love story.
- Oh yeah?
- Mmhmm
You want to hear my idea?
Imagine living in a world all your own
a world of beauty, peace
Some of us are gifted with vivid imaginations
And most of those visions
are inspired by dreams
But what if dreams are the gateway
to a spiritual connection to the
one you love, your soulmate?
Imagine you could fall
asleep with your soulmate
and open up a channel to meet
in another dimension and create
your own little world together.
Some of us would be frightened by this idea
Scared that their fears may come to life.
But then it wouldn't be their dream
it'd be their nightmare.
But they must overcome those fears
That's why they have each other
to protect one another in their own
little world.
Did I disturb you?
- No, it's fine. Anything left in the car?
- Think there's like, one more bag.
Jammy lady was there.
- Who?
- You remember that half homeless
woman pushing the shopping cart
around in the parking lot
you bent over she was behind
you and she was like, "nice jammy's"
- Oh, yeah, I gotta hide my ass
every time I go to pick something up.
- Dude, she wanted your ass.
-Don't even get me started.
- Cup the balls
- Come on
- Twirl the pubes.
- You seem so cool about it.
- Listen, you want to leave me for
Jammy Lady honey... it is all good.
- You're fuckin' crazy.
Are you gonna answer that?
- Hmmm?
It's my dad, I don't feel like
talking, I got too much shit to
do. What do you want for dinner?
- Nah, nah, no don't worry about it.
- What do you want for dinner?
- You don't have to cook. We'll
just grab something quick. Ya
know... take out or delivery.
- Babe I just bought all these
groceries. Come on just tell me what
you want. What are you in the mood for?
Mmmmm if you could have anything in
the whole wide world what would it be...?
- Lobster tails.
Where are you going?
-Just keep writing.
- Want some bacon bitch?
- Smells fuckin' delicious.
- Sit down, it's almost done.
- Would did you want to do today?
- I don't know, I was
thinking maybe the beach.
- Have you been outside? How's the weather?
- Nah I haven't had the chance
to do anything. I've been cooped
up in here the last few days...
I couldn't tell you if the moon
was the sun or the sun is the moon.
- Let me shed some light for you.
- And it's raining.
- What the hell happened? Are you alright?
- The oil, it spit at me really bad.
- Anal's best-kept secret.
- Shut up.
- Do you want the band-aid?
- No, I it's better to just let it breathe.
- Then breathe you shall.
For now.
- Hey
- Hey.
You need help?
- No, that's everything.
How's it coming?
- Want to see what I wrote?
- Just give me one sec or you
know what, just read it to me.
- It's a lot to explain, it's
definitely easier to read.
- Okay.
And you believe that
- Well, I'm not saying there's no God.
- But you don't believe there's
a higher power that created us?
- No
- What do you mean?
- You have fears right?
- Yeah. Oh wait. I know
what you're about to say.
- Well, I used to always feel like there
was something in my room or I might hear
a sound, somebody was watching me.
- Oh, I know I know because
you're thinking about it, your brains
projecting it and therefore
it's all in your head right?
- Pretty much yeah, like if I don't think
of something in particular, that's gonna
freak me out, then it doesn't exist.
- Mmm, no
I don't believe that
- But you can't watch a horror movie
without getting scared at the end of the
night thinking somebody's in your room.
- Well yeah...
- So, what if I were to tell you
somebody was in the house.
- Don't scare me!
- Just let me explain.
- Nooo, now I'm scared.
- See what I'm talking about?
- Started talking about
something that's not even real
and you've already convinced
yourself that it is and now you're scared.
- I don't care.
I believe there is demonic entities
I know I've seen it before.
You can't explain why weird
shits happened to me in the past.
- You're right. I can't.
But that doesn't make you right too.
- Whatever
No, I'm not gonna be able to sleep
tonight because there's some thing
lurking in the apartment and
you managed to avoid the whole
point as to why I even asked you
why you don't believe or
are not sure God exists?
- Back when the Bible was
being written, if I took this lighter
and went like this
probably get burnt at the
stake for witchcraft or sorcery
whatever the hell you want to call it.
People weren't very bright back then.
Well, who knows? They might
even treat me like a prophet
Jesus turned water into wine
This asshole made fire from his finger
You agree?
- Hmm
I guess so
My mouth is dry. Do you want some water?
- Sure.
- What the hell is that smell?
Do you smell that?
- Don't think so.
- Something smells rotten.
- I don't smell anything.
- It's like really rotten.
Wait, it's gone now.
- Okay
So do you agree that exorcisms aren't real?
- No, I think they are real, 100%.
- We're talking about people
that actually believe someone
would epilepsy having a seizure
was possessed by a demon.
Foaming at the mouth, eyes
rolling in the back of the head
Not very pleasant to witness is it?
We didn't have any
antibiotics, no brain scans
MRI's, fucking Advil.
The reason for everything?
The Devil.
"Lord have mercy! Send this
child down to the depths of hell!"
Makes us pretty laughable
as a species if you ask me.
- I see your point
I don't believe in the
Bible. I believe in God, yes.
I believe in Jesus definitely
but not the way most Christians do
I'd like to call the Christian
Church the House of judgments.
Nobody's a better Christian than you are.
You apparently know more about what God
says and wants than anyone you speak
with, with the exact same beliefs.
It's like a cult of one uppers
and the house gets all the money.
- Exactly.
- I'm sorry for being sick
- I'm not even gonna respond to that.
- You just did.
- What's on now?
- Typical reality bullshit.
- I just don't get it anymore.
Why do you have to know who these
people are? How is this even a show?
- Because the sister made a sex
tape. Now the whole goddamn family's
reality stars because of it.
This industry's flooded with
self-centered egotistical
assholes. Thanks to this bullshit.
Now all you need is a selfie and a
million stalkers to get hired for
anything, talent not included.
- You should write that down and make a
spec commercial. "Batteries not included
Talent not included. Risk of your
child taking a million selfies at
once, seek medical treatment immediately
household remedies include
spankings, timeouts, and part-time jobs."
- Ow it hurts to laugh!
I feel like diamonds are so tacky.
I mean for engagements wedding
rings great I get it. No, no
I don't know
Just more of a pearl girl.
- I've always said that
One way to determine a classy girl is by
the set of her pearls and I in no way shape
or form mean that as a sexual innuendo
- No, you're right.
There's something about
old-world class that attracts me.
- Wanna hit this?
- What? No, ow my throat hurts.
I don't know how I got sick.
- Did you see anybody when
you were out the other day?
- No, I just went to the store.
- Were you around kids?
- Fuck no...
- I stay far away from kids only
cause their parents can't control them.
When they start kicking and screaming,
carrying on being little bastards.
- Such a loving person.
- Hey. Feel bad for me,
I'm the one that's sick.
Don't hate me cause I don't want kids.
- Wasn't even thinking about that.
- Okay
Is that bad?
- It's what bad?
- That I don't want kids?
- No, it's the women who have
kids that get offended when you
tell them you don't want them.
I'm not saying all women, just the particular
ones that can't keep their mouths shut
That's what's bad.
- You have no idea
the looks and attitudes I
get Chuck when I tell people.
- I bet, like, why the fuck do
people care if you have them or not?
What makes Mother's act this way?
- You know what?
This is the last thing I'm gonna say
about this topic, mainly because my
throat is fucking killing me
But I'd like to tell these motherfuckers.
"You know what? The doctor said I can't
have kids so who the fuck are you to judge
Just accept it what somebody says
they don't want to have a baby. Maybe
it's because they feel embarrassed
and they shouldn't have to tell you
their fucking business you whore.
- Is that true?
- No
But I fucking snapped on some
bitch who was pressuring my friend
who actually can't have children.
I felt so bad
I could see the pain in her eyes, you
know cause she hasn't really accepted it yet.
She's not the only one.
Ooo before we go there was this
place I saw that I think would
be perfect for our wedding.
- Can you give me a second?
I just want to take the trash out.
- No, do it after, come here I
really want to show you this.
Check it out
- Wow
How much does that cost?
- Who cares? It's our wedding.
- Yeah, but you know.
- But what, you know what?
- How much does it cost?
- Ooo Look at that. How
about that for a venue?
- It's nice, looks different.
- Nice?
- Well, yeah, I mean what's wrong
with the first place we picked out?
- I don't know
Every couple on Long Island gets
married at the same place with
the same shittiest catering
overlooking the same feces infested water.
I want to be above the clouds
where the air is crisp
and the little tiny holes
in heaven shine bright
wouldn't that be romantic?
- Our wedding still not for a year from now.
- You do know what goes
into planning a wedding?
- Obviously
- Obviously you don't.
You got to pick the place. You
got a special order the flowers.
We got to pick the invitations
I got to mail the invitations and I got
to get a dress. You got to get a dress-
- A suit.
- What?
- Suit, not a dress.
- I'm not gonna wear a suit.
- No dummy, for me.
- What did I say?
- Dress
- Okay. Now I lost my train of thought.
- Awesome. I'm gonna
go take the treasure out.
- No, sit back down. We're not done yet.
- It looks nice I'd say go for it.
- But Chuck I want this to be really special.
- It will be.
- Are you sure?
- From my heart to yours babydoll
I give you my word.
There's something I want to show you.
- You remembered.
- Nothing.
- Making fun of me?
- Maybe...
- You're laughing at me.
- I'm just enjoying this.
- Whatever. I know it's lame.
- Who sings that?
- Reba.
Well, originally it was Bobbie Gentry.
- Reba I've heard of,
but, not the other dude.
Bobbie Gentry is a woman.
- Really? That's a guy's name.
- It's unisex. I love when girls
have names like that, it's so cute like
Frankie, Tony, Jordan.
Oh my god! There's the funniest
story about me and that song.
Okay, so I was the only girl
and my three brothers, and we went up to
Maine one week camping, and the night before
I came in contact with the song Fancy
my brother Jay, he ate bad shellfish
and tapioca pudding and puked in my hair.
- Alright so insects, vomit
and then comes the song?
- Anyway, so the next day, I'm like
perusing the campground, and I come across
this jukebox with this awning over it.
It was really weird and there
was this girl standing there.
So I walk up to her
We start talking we become friends and all of
a sudden she plays a song fancy now, you know
I'm a sucker for country songs.
Love me some country music
so I'm listening to it, mind you I'm nine
years old, and I'm thinking oh my god this
mother she spent her last penny
on her daughter's prom dress
she did her hair, her makeup,
got her all gussied up, and I was like
I can't wait to go to
prom. I want this to be me.
For the rest of my life
I'm singing fancy. Okay
and far too long into the future, I find
out this song is not about prom at all
It's about a mother who turns
her daughter out to prostitution.
Hey, are you okay?
You done?
- I got a little dizzy.
- Drink more water.
- Anymore water and I'll throw up.
- Weak.
- What?
- What?
- What'd you just say?
- I said drink more water.
- No after that.
- That's all I said.
- I'm pretty sure you said something else.
- I'm pretty sure you're hearing things.
Maybe you should go lay down.
- Okay.
How come you're not answering me?!
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah
- What's up with you lately?
You've been ignoring me.
- I've just been so caught up
with work, starting to get to me.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, umm, I just gotta get through a few
more pages then I'll get out of this funk.
- You haven't looked at me in days.
Are you still attracted to me?
- Yeah, why wouldn't I be?
- I don't know
It's just how I feel.
- Well you got nothing to worry about.
- Is there somebody else?
- Are you serious?
- Okay, you don't have to get angry.
- I'm not angry.
It's just a ridiculous question
- Sorry I asked.
I don't believe you.
Are you fucking kidding me?!
- I don't know, you're always
on your fucking computer!
- I'm a fucking writer! That's my job!
How about I get a fucking
typewriter and I type all day
cause that could be fucking arranged!
- The truth will always
reveal itself somehow Chuck.
- But yet, you still don't know shit.
- You're an asshole.
Hey, can you do me a
favor and take out the trash?
- HI!
- What's going on? Turn the light off.
Turn the light off.
Chuck I need to go get a few things.
- Hm?
- I know you're busy, but I
need you to pay attention.
- Just give me a minute.
- Don't have time for this
man. Are you coming or not?
- I'm coming.
- Grab the keys
Chuck I need you.
I need you to dye my grays.
- Already? Again?
- Yeah, I haven't had a chance to get to
the salon, it's been really stressful for me.
Shake it harder.
- The instructions say it could
explode, I don't want shake any harder.
- Give me the bottle.
- No, I'm doing it.
- Well, you're doing it too slow.
- Just let me do my thing.
- Give it to me. What
the hell is wrong with you?
- Whoa, whoa, it's gonna pop.
- No, it's not. Would you
stop being such a pussy.
- The fumes, no wonder all you broads
are crazy breathing this stuff in all day.
- Grow up.
Make sure you massage it in real good.
- It's burning my eyes.
It's really getting to my fucking head.
How do you deal with this in a salon?
- I don't know Chuck, you just do.
- Should make a movie about this
all the fumes making girls in salons crazy...
It'd be a documentary, of course.
I'm only kidding babe. Trying to lighten the
mood a little bit you're all attitude today.
- Did you get all of it?
- I'm getting it I'm getting it.
- Well, you gotta part my hair underneath
because... there's a lot of others hiding.
- I got it.
- Honey
- What?
- Hold still.
- What?
- There's a bug on you.
- What? What the fuck?!
- Hold still.
- OH MY GOD! Get it off of me!
What is it?
- Hold still.
- Stop it. Get it off of me.
Oh my God, Oh my God.
- Hold still, hold still.
- Kill it. Would you kill it?
- Did you get it?
I got it
- Is it dead?
- You're all done.
- Yeah?
- I was thinking maybe we'd
have a nice dinner at the table.
- I never thought we'd
use placemats ever again.
- Or candlelight.
- It's interesting
- how candlelight can truly
set the mood for any situation.
- Is that right?
- Without candlelight,
I don't think I'd survive.
It's there when I'm sad
the aroma is present when I'm angry
it calms me when I'm scared
And its breath soothes me when I'm
- I want to make things right.
I want to be your candlelight
- You rhymed.
- All in all I want to be a better
man, I love you so much Luna
I never wanna let you go.
- It's all I ever wanted
But this, more than this has to change
Dinner isn't gonna make everything better
- I know I haven't been good to you
- But why?
- I'm trying to explain - Why haven't you?
Don't you love me?
- With all my heart
I love you so much Luna
I could eat your heart.
- If I give it to you
Will you change
- If you give it to me, that
man you're so angry with
- he'll cease to exist
- I wanna believe you.
- Give me your hand.
- Feels so good.
- Let me make all of you feel this way.
- Please
Stop.. Hurting me
- No more.
- It's a girl
"Sleeping beauty, sleeping fine,
close your eyes the moon will shine
Sleeping beauty, counting sheep,
I will wait until you fall asleep."
- Babe! Baby!
It's... it's coming.
Is she beautiful?
- Yes, mommy.
- Can I hold her?
"Goodnight my little cutie, oh sleep well
Your father tend the sheep,
do you hear the shepherd's bell
You are my star and you shine so bright
So sleep little sweet in the moonlight"
- Babe are you crying?
- Will you kill this fucking fly!
- What's wrong?
- Nothing!
- Seriously, what's wrong?
- Nothing!
- Why are you crying?
- Ughhhhh, Would you get
up and kill this fly, please!
- Fuck the fly! I'm talking to you!
- Don't talk to me like that!
- I want to help!
- You can't help me! Look at you!
You're lazy, You're a loser, You
don't do shit! I'm always the one
doing everything around here!
- What the fuck is going on?
- Oh look, I'm King Chuck. I'm just
gonna sit and watch TV all day all day long
Fuck what my girlfriend thinks,
who gives a shit about her!
- First off, WIFE!
Second off, When have I
ever said anything like that?!
- You do it all the time!
- WHEN?!
- Well you know what? So did I!
But I still have to do everything
in this goddamn house!
You don't do shit Chuck,
you're such a piece of SHIT!
- Well you're acting like a fucking BITCH!
- You know what? I'm fucking
out of here, you can take your
And be with whoever the fuck you want.
I feel like diamonds are so tacky.
You remembered.
- Yeah?
- Can you come here?
I can't sleep without you next to me.
- I'm coming Baby.
- Chuck?!
What are you doing?
I'm taking a bath.
Can you leave the room?
I want to change in private.
Are we ever gonna talk about it?
- What?
- Are we ever gonna talk about it?
- Talk about what?
- We haven't said a word
to each other in three days.
Are you ever gonna talk?
- Let's talk.
- I just feel
Ignored in this relationship.
I feel like you're not into me anymore.
What's wrong babe? Tell me
what's wrong so I can help you.
Whatever Chuck.
I don't believe you.
- What's with the fucking attitude!
- I have an Attitude?
Ohhhh Nooooo
No, No, No, No, NO, NO, NO!
GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Yeah?
- You do love me right?
- Of course.
- I love you so much
If you ever hurt me
in any way
And we ended up not being together
I would die
You're the only one that I want,
there's no one else out there for me.
- Nobody's dying
well, if you don't try to kill me first.
- I would never, why would you say that?
- I'm just kidding babe.
- I'm just saying I would be really hurt to
the point where I don't think I could recover
I'm just
So in love with you
Chuck are you asleep?
- I'm just taking it in.
- You don't feel the same.
- I'm here, aren't I?
- That's not enough.
- Okay
I'm sorry
I'm so in love with you too.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Luna please
calm down. Luna please I'm sorry.
- I don't wanna be here anymore.
Is there a spark between us anymore?
- I could really use a hug.
- "The truth always reveals
itself somehow Chuck"
"I trusted you"
"You taste so good"
"I love you, until the end of time."
"I can't wait until tomorrow"
Baby what's wrong?
What just happened?
Are you okayyy?
- Babe?
Well, that was depressing. Sorry
if I killed the mood on the first date.
- Not at all, are you crazy?
- Let's think of something fun to talk about.
You like dancing?
- Nah, I don't dance.
- Oh, come on.
Is life everything you expected to be Chuck?
- I don't know the answer to that.
- What's happening to us?
- Maybe... we were just never meant to be.
- Thank you
Imagine you could fall
asleep with your soulmate
And open up a channel to meet
in another dimension and create
your own little world together
Some of us would be frightened by this idea
Scared that their fears may come to life
But then it wouldn't be their dream
It'd be their nightmare
But they must overcome those fears
That's why they have each other
to protect one another in their own
little world
Oh honey, thank God you're okay...