#MenToo (2023) Movie Script

'The trending word on all
social media platforms off late.'
'Google its meaning and you'll find out...'
'It's the advocacy of women's rights
on the ground of equality of sexes.'
'Okay. Let me simplify it.'
'It means men and women are equal.'
'Just like COVID, it's
known to attack in 3 waves.'
'First wave. Women fought for
their right to vote in the 1790s.'
'Then came the second wave.'
'They fought and achieved their
right to equal pay in the 1960s.'
'Then came the third wave in the 1990s.'
'The MeToo movement
turned it into a tsunami.'
'For taking a stand and coming out
victorious in this male-dominated society'
'All sincere feminists, we salute you!'
'You deserve a standing ovation.'
'I was kidding. Calm down.'
'The problem lies with those who
misinterpret and misuse the word Feminism.'
'You want an example?'
'Check this out.'
-I am a woman. I can do whatever I want.
How dare you bump into me? How dare you!
-You're mistaken.
'Meanwhile, the delivery
person just hit me.'
'You get it, right?'
'They take advantage of the feminism card.'
'They are called pseudo feminists.'
'The characters in this
movie are fictional but real.'
'Check out for yourself.'
'Theres a saying in English.'
'Most genuine prayers are heard
in hospitals as opposed to temples.'
'Sincere kisses are witnessed in
airports more than in wedding halls.'
'Likewise, a mans feelings are
more evident in a bar than at home.'
'Guess who the bar/pub is.'
'It's me!'
'Stags Only'
'No female is allowed to enter.'
Why 2 pegs today?
Yesterday was a Thursday.
I didnt drink in Sai Babas honor.
So Im compensating for it.
-Ugh, Baba!
Stop chasing girls, man.
Your life will be screwed.
Be a man!
There goes the vibe, dude.
Tell me where she lives.
What does she think of herself, eh?
Jack, 2 regular.
-Okay, bro.
How come youre late today?
Sorry, Jack. Well come first
thing in the morning tomorrow.
Order a drink for me.
-One more.
Salesman, how was your first day at
-Umm It was alright.
I should be fine.
One more.
-Coming right up.
'Our first job gives us
a ton of confidence.'
'We start shivering when we're made to
sit beside girls in school as punishment.'
'Imagine working at
an office full of girls.'
Girls, we have a new joinee.
Guess what!
Its a guy.
Excuse me.
Where can I see the Manager?
Youre Aditya, right?
Im Shruti.
This is Ramya.
Thats Divya and thats Preeti.
Manager's cabin...
-Straight and right. Second one.
Thats her cabin.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Good to see you.
Welcome to the Sales Department.
Thank you, maam.
-Nah. Dont maam me.
Richa is fine.
So, your work is related to sales.
Youll have to meet a number of clients.
The girls we have here are too fast.
They crack deals in crores.
And in a few months,
we have our priority client
Beauty Tales presentation.
That's our target.
You have heavy competition.
Get in my good books
and youll grow soon in this company.
Yeah. I think I understand, maam.
Sorry. Richa.
Fill out and sign this form.
People usually mention
their father as guardian.
How come you mentioned your mother?
My mother is my father figure.
Happy weekend, love.
Go easy on the drinks.
Ill be back by 7 PM.
Bye, love.
Ma, let me drop you.
Its okay, dear. I can manage.
I wonder when his silence
will hit a breaking point.
Dude, dont tell me
hes at the corner table.
Zero points for guessing.
Is he looking at us?
As usual.
Even I have no idea who he is.
Ill figure it out along with you guys.
Im curious too. Lets see.
Whats his problem, dude?
Let me go ask him.
Let it go.
Everyone has their own
set of problems. Chill.
'He was born and brought up in the US.'
'There they call them ABCD.'
'American Born Confused Desi.'
'He is fricking rich.'
'But he's on the quest
for love. Silly fellow!'
Looks like this room is filled with men.
Have you noticed this?
Mental Anxiety
Mental Breakdown
Menstrual Cramps
All these problems begin with Men.
Such a shameless gender!
Here we go.
Youre proving my point
by laughing at that remark.
Only 5% of men go to heaven.
Wonder why?
Because if all men go to heaven,
it will turn into hell.
Dogs will be dogs.
Men will be men.
At least dogs are loyal.
On that note, Im ending the show.
Thank you so much for coming.
Bro, do you realize that
she just took our case?
She compared us to a dog.
-I couldn't care less, bro.
She looks hot and Im a fan.
Baby, lets go.
So, how was the show?
Umm like every other show of yours?
Cant you think beyond the men-bashing?
Men are dogs? Seriously?
Baby, dont get offended.
Learn to take a joke maybe.
Its not fair, come on.
Ill make it up to you.
When are you taking me to the US?
Neha, not now, please!
Sanju! You know it's my
dream to do a show in the US.
And you know I put that life behind me.
Sanju, be practical.
Theres a better life waiting in the US.
Why do you want to give it up?
Maybe for you. Not for me.
One minute. I have to take this.
Go ahead. Leave me
hanging like you always do.
Thats his current situation.
Bro! Bro! Shes smoking hot!
Why didnt you swipe right?
She could be piping
hot and Id still swipe left.
What a psycho!
Did he just call me a psycho?
Dunna. I'm sorry. Munna.
'Male Mechanic.'
He doesn't allow anything
female into his life.'
Give me the 2 inch spanner.
Dumbu, grab that plug.
Tighten this and the bike will start.
You cant call me for
such petty fixes, boys.
Behave while I'm gone.
[on the radio] Step out only
during the auspicious time.
Wash your feet if you
come across a bad omen.
She had to walk past my shop, did she?
I hope nothing goes wrong.
Have some water, relax
and then step out again.
Someone is asking if 2
minutes is enough time to relax.
Definitely not. Wait for 10 minutes.
I'm late!
Is this newspaper or
a women's magazine?
What?! A female writer
attempts to murder her husband.
Very bad!
You come home drunk everyday!
-No, I swear!
Hey! Didnt you divorce her yet?
Idiot! Why do you care?
Alrighty, sister.
Its your choice. Can't argue that.
Even hes pointing fingers at
me because of you. Get out!
One minute. I have to take this.
Your phones either in your
pocket or youre with Neha.
Shut up! Im driving.
Didnt the police seize your car
for driving under the influence?
Don't even try lying to me. Please.
Ill come and talk to you.
Ugh! Cant believe this guy.
This man installs dating
apps only to reject women.
'He's beyond my understanding.'
A lady was hitting her husband
left and right in front of my shop.
But he's just not willing to let her go.
In the sea of all these
regular customers,
thats a new face.
'And he's carrying work with him.'
'New man. New story.'
'Daniel Jack, get him what he wants.'
Excuse me, sir.
What can I get you?
One large.
-Okay, sir.
Umm Excuse me.
Actually, get me something cheap.
Okay, sir.
Baby, you too?
How could you believe
that I molested someone?
She did it for the promotion.
Am I seriously explaining myself?
Please dont tell me
youre crying over a girl.
Im not crying over a girl, bro.
Im crying because of a girl.
Potato, Potahto.
The girl is the common thread here.
Very bad!
Im Rahul.
Im a Manager.
Psst! Sorry.
I was a Manager, until this morning.
Mr. Rahul, Ive been going
over your office records.
Agreed, youve been a
valuable asset to the company.
But, unfortunately, we cannot
accept this behavior here.
Im really sorry.
Youre fired.
Sir, dont you think this is unfair?
Are you really asking me,
Rahul, this after what youve done?
Sir, Ive been with this
company for 5 years.
And there hasn't been a single remark.
Do you think Id really
do something like this?
I mean, shes bawling her eyes out.
How can I not believe her?
This isnt some workplace
disciplinary action.
Sexual molestation is a
serious offense, Rahul.
Im really sorry.
Theres nothing I can do.
How can you fire me on the
basis of a casual complaint, sir?
I mean, without any proof, just like that?
If you really think you
can prove your innocence,
The Legal Department doors are
always open for you. Go fight there.
Until then, please surrender your ID card.
And, youll not be allowed on
the premises until proven innocent.
Sir, please consider this. I want you to
Sorry, Rahul. Theres
nothing I can do about this.
Please leave your ID card here.
Damn! Seems like a serious issue.
I was accused of sexual
molestation, can you believe it?
You fricking rapist!
Do you think women are barbie dolls?
Ill break your jaw right now!
Hold your horses.
Still with the old Barbie dolls line!
When will they upgrade?
Why did you back down, bro?
-He aint kidding about hitting me.
Cheers, bro.
Bro, my wifes calling.
Just a moment, sir.
Hello, baby.
Yeah, Im at work.
Sure, Ill be home in 5 minutes, dear.
Thank you, boys.
If there are so many
victims in this pub alone,
Imagine in the entire world.
If they beat, get beaten up
If they cuss, get cussed at
If they pinch, get pinched
Its her choice. Its her choice
If she annoys you, tolerate it
If she retaliates, give in
If she yells, pardon her
Its her choice. Its her choice
She turns on the left
indicator and goes right
She stops the bike with her feet
because what are disc brakes, right?
She rolls on the floor
laughing at a TikTok joke
If shes got no choice,
she turns on the waterworks
Its her choice. Its her choice
Its her choice. Baby, its her choice
Its her choice. Its her choice
Its her choice. Baby, its her choice
Its her choice. Its her choice
Can you drop me at Kukatpally?
-Sure, maam. Hop in.
What did I pay you?
20 bucks, bro.
What is she going to pay?
Also 20 bucks, bro.
Dont you know the
concept of Equal Rights?
I have no clue, bro.
All I know is men should
make space for women.
Thats my rule.
-Magnificent rule!
While half my butt is in the air,
what if a truck or lorry hits and runs?
Bro, language.
Wow! What a gentleman!
Its her choice. Its her choice
Just say hi and she
mentions her boyfriend
Ask if her parents know
and she says shes single
She insists that you dont lie to her
She also tends to not
believe the truth
She steps out wearing tons of makeup
If you compliment her,
she labels you a flirt
She cant fight the urge
of wanting male attention
But the male gaze, she
gets judgmental about
"Our achievements mean nothing to you"
"But your shenanigans
should mean the world"
"It's okay if you have a boy bestie"
"But you fight when we have a girl bestie"
Its her choice. Baby, its her choice
Its her choice. Its her choice
Its her choice. Its her choice
In a society like ours...
Amidst these situations...
Lets see how they'll survive.'
Beautiful climate, bro.
How was your second day at work?
I think Im being harassed.
Do you think youre Hrithik Roshan?
-Why isnt it starting?
Poor girl!
I think her bike needs fixing.
Ill help.
Damn bike!
Whats in your hand?
In the other hand?
Youre a rapist by default.
Stop it, dude.
If you have good intentions,
everything will go well.
Ill help her.
Hold this. Quick.
NRIs confidence.
Hey, excuse me.
Ill help?
-Stop! Dont come any closer.
Dont panic, sister.
Im a nice guy.
If you come any closer, Ill call the cops.
Call the cops? Why?
-Back off. Step back.
Im carrying pepper spray, mind you!
-Pepper spray?!
Sister, Im not a threat, okay?
You crazy woman!
This is what you get
for trying to be a hero.
Whats the matter with you guys?
Pickpocketing? Chain snatching?
Robbery? Kidnapping?
Rape? Al-Qaeda? ISIS?
Sir, you went from pickpocketers to
International terrorists in 3 seconds.
Let me explain, sir.
We were genuinely
trying to help the poor girl.
She mistook us for molesters.
So even before we could
explain her, she called you guys.
Sir, please try to understand.
It was totally a misunderstanding.
What do you guys do anyway?
Sir, actually
-Shut up!
Sir, please pay attention to me.
Hes in a torturous job.
Hes in a suffocating relationship.
Im in a hateful phase.
Such a weirdo!
This one's an employee
and this one's in love.
Whats this hateful phase?
You should listen to my love story, sir.
Its a bullshit love story, sir.
I advise you against it.
I have work in the morning, sir.
Its a new job.
Please, sir. I need to go.
Please, sir. Its a long ass story.
You go ahead.
Sir, actually
-Hey! Only Telugu.
That day, I was in my shop,
and she was in a burkha.
Bro, tea.
2 years passed by.
We would talk with our eyes.
When are you going to approach her?
Even the tea kid grew up.
If you dont pay attention,
Ill stop sharing, sir.
Go on. Go on.
One day, she looked at me and smiled, sir.
Huh? How could you see through her burkha?
She would smile with her eyes, sir.
Why isnt the song playing?
Why isnt Fatima here yet?
Why am I so clueless?
Shes not going to come anymore.
Fatima got married last night.
Story is interesting, sir.
What happened next?
Its obvious. He must've fallen
for some other girl in a burkha.
This scene is in so many films.
You go on. What happened next?
Thats it, sir.
Thats my story.
I told you so!
I mean, I warned you.
Sir, story time is up. Can we go?
Ill be late for work.
Girls only betray decent guys like us.
You need to be strong like me.
We cant cry forever, can we?
Make one of them sign and see them off.
They reminded me of my past.
[singing randomly]
What is it, Puppy?
Are you stressed?
Your stress buster is right here.
-Yes, Puppy...
Guess how many times I
thought of you yesterday.
I don't know. You tell me.
1,426 times.
Really?! Did you count?
Yeah. I was upset when you
cancelled our plan yesterday.
So I wrote a poem for you.
Read it.
'A star shines in the sky'
'Your beauty is astonishing, why?'
'I shall wiggle my tail till I die'
'To be your adorable puppy, I shall try'
How cute!
Take my heart, my cutie pie.
One minute.
Bro, are you here?
Okay, drop it off at the Security.
Okay. Umm...
I ordered nightwear on Myntra.
The delivery guy can't get through.
Please pick it up for me. Please.
Please? Anything for you, darling.
Don't ask. Just order.
Aww. Thank you, Puppy!
No sorrys and thank yous
between besties, Piggy.
[continues singing randomly]
Sarah, I need 5 minutes of your time.
What the hell!
Who let you in?
Please don't make this more awkward.
I just want to talk to you for 5 minutes.
Please, Sarah.
You can have the promotion.
But please withdraw the complaint.
You're talking as if I don't
deserve that promotion.
I got it because of my talent, okay?
At this point of time,
I really need that job.
My mother has Alzheimer's.
She's terminally ill.
She can hardly recognize me anymore.
I really need this job
for her treatment, Sarah.
Please try and understand.
Withdraw your complaint
and I'll leave the company.
What the hell! Security!
-I'll relocate. I need this job, Sarah.
Please try to understand.
Try to see where I'm coming from.
I really need this job.
Hello! Guys, look!
Everybody, look!
He's harassing her in public.
Bro! Please try to understand, Sarah.
Take him out. Out!
-I badly need this job, Sarah.
Take him away!
-Sir, come with me.
How could you allow him in?
Please try to understand.
-Sir, you need to leave.
Just a minute.
Please think about it. Please.
Don't you get it? Come on!
Piggy, I'm there for you.
Why are you having 2 pegs today?
His liver hasn't given up yet?
Why is the pub looking so lifeless?
God forbid that its Gandhi Jayanti.
What brings you in so early, brother?
Did you have a fight with her?
How did you guess?
Simple, bro. Connecting dots.
Youre in the same clothes as you
left last night.
Your faces look puffy.
You came to the bar instead
of grabbing your morning coffee.
Guesswork, bro.
Hes a logical waiter.
-I know.
I have a valuable suggestion for you.
Girls are a dangerous species.
I knew a guy just like you.
He was bloody handsome.
One day, he got a text
saying, Feeling lonely?'
'Want to talk to beautiful girls?
It was a random message.
He was desperate. He paid
200 bucks, and got on a call.
That was it.
-And then? What happened?
He shared his 10-year-old
secrets and fantasies in 10 days.
That was it.
-What do you mean?
What can I say?
She blackmailed him into
paying 2 million rupees.
What? 2 million rupees?!
Whos this loser?
Youre looking at him.
Its me, bro.
Please dont repeat my mistake.
There are no bartender vacancies out there.
That is why you should be
conscious of your inner circle.
Bro, somethings been bothering me.
You look extremely classy.
And this man here
How did you two become friends?
On a beautiful evening
after his pathetic breakup,
Not that brand, please!
We didn't have that
kind of technology before.
Stop kidding, bro.
Ill also come back home with you guys.
Within 4 years,
that loser Shankar passed 11th grade.
that dimwit Prasanna had 2 kids.
Our MLA, who never won a
thing, became the Minister.
But Im as stagnant as our economy.
Very bad!
Tough times, dude.
I was going to propose
to Fatima with this gift.
How much is it?
Looks expensive as shit.
Guys, you know what?
I just bought this iPhone.
9000 rupees.
This place has a cheap crowd now, is it?
Can I have a drink, please?
-Okay, sir.
That reminds me of an interesting story.
You know where it originated?
-Sanju, listen to him.
Scotland. And when?
2 centuries ago.
And it was the first brand in the
world to introduce square-shaped bottles.
You should try the limited edition.
It's bloody amazing.
Surprisingly, the irony here is...
Although he made the costliest whiskey,
he was a teetotaler.
That's what makes it so expensive.
Cheap! Very cheap!
Im so done here, man. Im leaving. Bye.
Who served this shit?
They let such cheapskates in now?
Sanju! Sanju!
Sorry, sir. I got the orders mixed up.
-Go stop him!
Go away.
See? I cant even drink in peace.
Sir, your bill.
What the heck!
What?! I threw a party for
these two. Not the whole house.
Its just your bill, sir.
How can a peg cost 6K?
You can buy a brandy
shop with that in my village.
I dont have this kind of money.
Its time to let Fatima go.
Here, keep the phone.
Sorry, sir. We cant accept this.
Waiter, that bill is on me.
-Okay, sir.
Sanju, what?!
Thank you, brother.
What is this?
-Its okay.
Its getting too tough for a female to
survive in this male-dominating society.
Like, we cant go out with guys.
We have a 9 PM curfew, imagine!
We shouldnt drink
or even smoke, they say.
Seriously! Were being suppressed.
How do you put up with her, man?
Because he likes me.
Yeah, right.
Why arent you in the US already?
Theres a great life waiting for you.
Hey, Ill be right back.
You guys carry on.
I was looking for you, brother.
You paid my bill on Friday.
Its only fair that I return it.
Wait. Seriously?
You came back to return that 6K?
Of course. I cant keep your money.
Dude, its a Tesla.
It shouldn't be on the Indian roads.
I know!
-Crazy car, man.
Come with me. Just follow me.
-But where?
Your friendship story sounds
lovelier than your love story.
So, if we increase the number of campaigns,
Sales will go up by 40%, sir.
To start off region-wise
I remember female employees
presenting these pitch decks.
What are you doing here?
Im a new joinee, sir.
Okay, continue.
I see no use in clustered increase.
Region-wise sales
Hmm. Continue. Continue.
Increase our sales.
According to recent statistics,
those paddy fields belong
to Mr. Naidu, you know.
As Mr. Murthy doesnt know
that Pardhu isnt his grandson,
it gives him leverage
against Naidu to beat him up.
If we plan a 5-minute fight sequence,
we can break the fence down, sir.
Hmm. Good.
Sir, lets break the fence.
Come meet my assistant at the office.
Well discuss it.
Okay, sir.
Hmm. Good plan!
Hi, Adi.
One regular.
Bro, youre late by a heartbeat.
You missed an amazing story.
You must be having some amazing
stories of your own. Share one with us.
Share, my foot!
That client wants a story.
You want a story.
Do I look like a storyteller?
Im damn high.
Couples are not allowed, maam.
What the hell!
Who is she? Send her away!
Bro, please try to understand.
-Sorry, sir.
We came from really far.
Hey, Aditya. Long time, man.
How are you?
Hi. Not bad.
How are you?
-Im good.
I was just on a call with Tara.
She was asking about you.
She was?
If you dont mind me asking,
are you guys not on talking terms?
Aditya, stop!
Get us in, man.
Sorry, bro.
I was really worked up earlier.
Its okay.
Jack, get me a drink.
Rahul, whats up!
Nothing. Nothing at all.
What did the Legal Department say?
They told me to stop wasting my time.
So youre going to give up?
-No, bro. Ill try again next week.
Dont do it for someone else, bro.
Do it for yourself.
Excuse me.
Thanks for the drink, brother.
-Its okay.
Dear, can we talk?
Yes, mom.
Just wanted to remind you
Its Taras birthday.
I didnt forget, mom.
So, did you talk to her?
Its okay, love.
Its up to you guys.
And go easy on the drinks.
I can smell you all the way from here.
Eat something and go to sleep, mom.
Im just starting already. Come soon.
Who was it?
How is she?
Shes fabulous.
You know her.
Of course. Shes a great lady.
How are you, Adi?
Im good.
Im good.
3 months already.
Dont be so hard on yourself, okay?
Mom is home alone.
Ill get going.
She doesnt need anyones help.
What about Munna?
Ill take care.
You go.
You brought him home now?
Neha, please.
Whats wrong with you, Sanju?
When will you stop hanging
out with these cheapskates?
Do you know what youre getting into?
Getting into what, Neha?
Hes my friend, okay?
You go to the local bar.
You take auto rides.
You even went to the police station today.
Do you realize what youre doing?
Thank heavens, they
didnt file an FIR on you.
Our US plans wouldve been ruined then.
Not our plans. Your plans.
And dont make me repeat
this for the 'nth' time, Neha.
I'm not going back to the US and thats it.
What do you mean?
Are you going to live here forever?
Do you get what youre saying?
Youve gone crazy, Sanju.
Dont take impulsive
decisions when youre drunk.
And you know what?
You sound like a ridiculous idiot.
You know what?
Forget it.
Don't escape, Sanju.
Walking away in the
middle of conversations
What in the seven hells was that?
I shouldn't be drinking so late.
I should go to bed by 10:30.
Here, have this. Youll feel better.
do you seriously intend to
spend a lifetime with Neha?
Good morning, guys.
Good morning, sister.
Sanju, Ive got to run a couple of errands.
So Im taking the car.
Your card too.
Ill swipe 30K.
Well figure it out at
the end of the month.
Thats called giving information.
Not taking permission.
Hey, Munna!
I havent seen you in so long.
You should drop by more often.
And guys, I have a show this evening.
You should definitely come, okay?
Ill see you guys in the evening. Bye.
Do we have to go?
We have no choice.
Get out of here!
-Hello, sir.
Aditya this side.
I pitched a sales idea couple of days back.
Man, I told you to call my office.
Hello, maam. Aditya speaking.
Sir asked me to call you.
-Sorry. Sir has canceled the deal.
Thats not how you crack the deal, Aditya.
Come, Ill show you.
-Hello, sir. Shruti this side.
Yes. Yes.
My colleague has called you earlier.
Aditya, right?
I canceled that deal, dear.
No, sir. Actually, that was my idea.
Sure, sir. Thank you so much.
Ill definitely mail you.
-Thank you. Sweet girl.
The deal is done!
Did you just present his idea, but sweetly?
Dont give up, Adi.
Hi, sir. Im Aditya.
What does the caution sign
at a construction site say?
Men at Work
Does that mean women dont work?
Uh-huh. But men want to shout
from the rooftops that theyre at work.
Hey! Who the hell are you?
-A die-hard fan, bro.
Since most men are bad,
most of the villains in movies are men.
Then why are all the villains on TV women?
Basically, women are good.
Whats the purpose of
women's police stations then?
Somebody cant take a joke!
What the hell is this, man?
I feel so attacked.
I cant take this any longer.
-Imagine this is my 100th show.
I can never have that patience.
Lets go have a couple of drinks.
Come on, its okay.
Dude, please.
So, guys
Yeah, so, what I was
trying to say is basically
Why are you having 2 pegs today?
Your pubs having a 1+1 offer.
Its DJ night, remember?
-Damn it.
Please carry on.
He always has an excuse.
Hey, salesman. How many
deals did you crack today?
First order a beer.
Is the corner table guy staring at us?
As usual.
What the hell is his problem?
-Hey! Stop!
Why is he coming in my direction?
I regret this already.
Is he coming? Is he coming?
I understand your pain.
I feel you, brothers.
Who are you, sir?
Youve been here since Scene 1.
Are you kidding?
Hes the owner of the pub.
Sorry, uncle.
From which angle do I look like an uncle?
Sorry, bro.
Sorry, sir.
Well, how can you possibly know our pain?
He just got fired.
He just wants an excuse for a 2nd peg.
He is terrified of his wife.
He is desperate for respect.
He is curious about others' lives.
He seeks psychotic pleasure
in swiping left on women.
He is confused about
staying in the relationship.
Umm Youre the only guy beyond my radar.
Theres some hidden pain in you.
Ill come to you later.
Am I right, guys?
Yes, sir!
What a man!
-This isn't the half of it.
These arent even real problems, dude.
You sit and sulk in that corner every day.
What problems do you have?
I married a Womens
Welfare Association President.
What an achievement!
Calm down, boys!
Its okay.
Sir, when did this wonder take place?
8 years back.
Do you think women are pushovers?
Whats with those obscene posters?
Is this how you treat women?
We won't back down.
Im here for them.
I cant watch women
being degraded like this.
What are you saying?
Men like you make survival
tough for us in this society.
A woman with such strong
opinions should be a part of my life.
'Why her?'
She is the one.
You do it for 3 days.
I'll do it for 3 days. Okay?
We made a cooking rule.
Sorry, she did.
The first 3 days!
Are you still cooking?
I'm on it. Can't you see?
It's nice, eh?
-It's bland. You took so long for this?
Take it.
The next 3 days!
I'm starving. Is the food ready?
Hey! Didn't you cook?
I've ordered food.
I'm bored of cooking.
Same rule. The first 3 days.
They need to be hand-washed.
They're delicate.
Wash this as well.
It's my favorite.
Next 3 days.
Time to wash my clothes.
Just a boxer and a t-shirt.
Happy washing!
You merciless woman! You need to die!
-Oh, dear! No!
She was a hypocrite who preached equality.
I thought she was a strong woman.
But she believed she
was superior to everyone.
2 years passed by.
I finally understood what I want.
So I sold everything that I owned...
and started this male-only
pub called 'Stags Only'.
This is both my workplace
and what keeps me sane.
This is the bar where I
share all my problems.
The place where I watch all
of you and entertain myself.
I go home drunk and she yells at me.
I couldn't care less because I'm high.
I go to sleep, unbothered.
I wake up early in the morning.
Day repeats!
We feel you, sir.
-'Ah, my owner is suffering so much.'
Guys! Guys! Calm down. Relax.
I can't accept this month's salary.
-He is too much.
Uncle's past reminds me of your future.
Rahul, please have a seat.
Err... Your case is closed, Rahul.
-I told you!
It's a dead case.
The complainant is still against you.
You better search for another job.
Here's your separation certificate.
And conduct certificate.
Your PF, and arrears amount will be
transferred to your account within a week.
So, I think everything is settled.
You may leave.
Sir, please!
-Rahul, what are you doing?
Get up! Don't make a scene here.
It's not in our hands. Get up.
Please remove the
sexual offender remark, sir.
I can't get any job otherwise.
Please, sir. You have to consider this.
Rahul, you're asking for
the one thing we can't do.
We can't give a clean slate to a molester.
It's against the law as
well as our company ethics.
So, kindly leave, Rahul.
What would you like to have, sir?
What's wrong?
Rahul, what happened?
Rahul, what's wrong?
Did you approach the
legal department again?
What did they say?
All okay?
The case is closed, bro.
They decided that I'm guilty.
I think it's all over.
Stop crying, Rahul.
You'll find another job.
Even when my conduct
certificate says 'Sexual Molester'?
Switch your profession then.
I'm from IIT Madras, bro.
This is all I'm skilled at.
Grow some balls, Rahul. Be a man.
Unfortunately, I can't even do that.
I'm gay, bro.
Rahul, have you lost it completely?
This isn't a dead end case.
It's an open and shut case.
Inform your Disciplinary
Committee that you're gay.
Now we have scientific
tests to prove your sexuality.
I was in my teens when I realized I'm gay.
I'm 35 now.
I haven't come out to my family yet.
And I never can.
If I expose my sexuality
for the sake of this case,
they can't face it and neither can I.
I can't face this society.
Imagine it took me so
long to open up to you guys.
I'd rather die than tell
people that I'm gay.
Then die!
Don't be silly, Rahul.
You have the answer to all your questions.
All it takes it one daring move.
This is the reality.
Accept it. Embrace it.
Come on, enjoy it.
Let's party and chill.
Lights on!
DJ, pump it up!
"Bomb. Bomb. Gulp that Jgerbomb"
"Bomb. Bomb. Gulp that Jgerbomb"
Hit it!
"This life is shitty
Man is a weak species"
"Take advantage of me
But don't call me a gentleman"
"This life is shitty
Man is a weak species"
"Take advantage of me
But don't call me a gentleman"
"You take on responsibility
as the Head of the family"
"They call you useless and
you hide the pain with a smile"
"You drink alcohol if you
face loss in business"
"But if you fight with
your friends, you cry"
"Bomb. Bomb. Gulp that Jgerbomb"
"Bomb. Bomb. Gulp that Jgerbomb"
"Bomb. Bomb. Gulp that Jgerbomb"
"Bomb. Bomb. Gulp that Jgerbomb"
"Bomb. Bomb. Gulp that Jgerbomb"
"Bomb. Bomb. Gulp that Jgerbomb"
"Ladies are a parasite"
"This pub is our safe space"
"No woman can set foot in it"
"Let's drink all night"
"Let's prove that men are worth it"
"Let's hang the STAGS ONLY board"
"Men Too is our answer to Me Too"
"Bomb. Bomb. Gulp that Jgerbomb"
"Bomb. Bomb. Gulp that Jgerbomb"
"Bomb. Bomb. Gulp that Jgerbomb"
"Bomb. Bomb. Gulp that Jgerbomb"
"Bomb. Bomb. Gulp that Jgerbomb"
"Bomb. Bomb. Gulp that Jgerbomb"
Thank you so much for dancing along!
See you on the other side.
-Hello! Watch your tone!
Hang up, you evil woman!
'Ever since Rahul took his life, they haven't been to my pub.'
'Or moved forward
with their personal lives.'
'They were in pain.'
'Thinking of them left me depressed too.'
'Do you seriously intend to
spend a lifetime with Neha?'
'Uncle's past makes me
worry about your future.'
Umm... Sir...
Sorry. The girl who's supposed
to present is not here yet.
- What do you mean?
-Give me some time. I'll arrange someone.
Ma'am will be here any minute.
How can you be so unprofessional?
Looks like it's going to be very difficult.
Aditya, it's your presentation.
Why don't you only do it?
He wouldn't consider it anyway.
Doesn't matter. Somebody has to present.
You're doing it, okay?
Let me talk to ma'am.
Ma'am, Aditya will give the presentation.
-Is it?
Aditya will present it, sir.
We've already informed ma'am
that Shruti will be presenting it.
She'll be upset with
this last-minute change.
She's very particular.
There she is.
Welcome, ma'am.
Shall we start?
-Sure, ma'am.
Let's begin.
-Yeah, sure.
Aditya, go ahead.
I thought Shruti was going to present.
Ma'am, actually...
-It's okay. Let's start.
Hi, this is Aditya.
The main reason your beauty
range sales decreased is...
this isn't SALE season.
No festivals or occasions of any kind.
And I've mentioned this already.
You need to push region-wise campaigning.
I've checked your inventory.
You have targeted rich areas like Jubilee Hills,Indira Nagar and Juhu...
Discounts won't workout here.
So you have to change your plans.
Why it won't work?
No use in clustered increase
We have to increase the region wise sales
As like clearance sale,
[voice fades]
Still, you'll have your profits.
Trust me on this.
Good one, Aditya. I really like it.
What do you guys say? Shall we vote?
It's not okay with me.
I think we should also
watch Shruti's presentation...
and then decide.
Everything is clear.
I think we can proceed.
All the best, Aditya. It's a go.
Make sure you give them the documents.
You should've waited until
Shruti presented her idea.
Why are you insisting?
Being a woman, you're
not listening to a woman.
Not allowing her to grow, ma'am.
Women need to be given more opportunities.
Actually, that was her idea.
He's simply trying to dominate.
You know I rejected his idea twice!
But you just approved it now.
Please reconsider, ma'am.
Being a woman, she's
not letting Shruti grow?
Being a man...
Did you ever consider my idea?
-Excuse me?
You heard me.
Did you ever consider my idea?
What did you say?
I'm dominating, is it?
In general, we men are always dominating.
-Excuse me.
I said it very generally.
You and me?
Do you know where we really are dominant?
Most people who are in jail are men.
Most people who are jobless are men.
Most people who died in wars are men.
Most people who commit suicide...
...are men.
That's where we're dominant.
Don't give me this
bullshit about dominance.
When someone comes to you
with an idea, be it a man or a woman;
learn to listen to them.
What is this nonsense, ma'am?
We have to cancel the deal.
Give me your phone.
-Give it to me.
This one has better models.
Check it out.
Oh, thank you so much.
The show will start in 5 minutes.
Please get seated.
Thank you.
Neha ma'am, it's time.
I'm coming. Hold on.
Neha, we need to talk.
Neha ma'am!
-One minute.
Can we talk after the show?
I don't think we should be together.
I've thought about it, Neha.
Like you keep saying on that stage,
no man on Earth
expresses his true feelings.
But I'm going to tell you now.
I got an idea of how my
life with you is going to look.
You'll be doing your shows.
I'll be trying to avoid them.
I'm not interested in all these things.
That doesn't mean...
I'm expecting you to
quit all this to be with me.
I don't have that kind of cheap mentality.
Because all this is your choice.
I want to live life on my terms.
I know you would expect the same.
But we're two different people
living under one roof, Neha.
Eventually, we'll only be fighting.
And we'll start hating each other.
Rather than ending this
relationship on a bad note,
let's end this before this
turns into a toxic relationship.
None of this is your fault.
I know it's my mistake
and I'm really sorry.
I should've done this
earlier but I haven't.
I'm sorry about that.
I just want to be free.
Don't you have your freedom now?
No, Neha.
You've imagined how a life
with me was going to look.
Whether you accept it
or not, that's the truth.
Let's end this.
The stage is all yours. Please go.
Are we leaving me hanging yet again?
Yes, I'm leaving you.
But this time, there's no coming back.
Let me tell you one thing, Neha.
Two people who don't belong
should never be together.
Sorry for the delay, guys.
I just had a bad break up.
Hey, Mister. Who are you?
Piggy, come this side.
Hello! Who are you?
What is she to you?
I'm her boy bestie, bro. From 7 years.
Oh, you mean the type of boys
who touch the girl generously...
and act like they're more
important than her boyfriend?
What are you saying?
What's with those clothes and headphones?
You're such a clown!
Bro, mind your language.
Excuse me.
I hate women, okay?
I might even bite you. So stay away.
You come here, Puppy.
Why are you shooting reels in office hours?
Just celebrating her birthday week, bro.
Birthday week?! Are you going
to celebrate the entire week?
When is your mom's birthday?
-Bro... Bro... I don't know.
Guys like you are the reason men
are labelled the desperate species.
If you utter the word bestie,
I'll chop your head off and
throw it in Hussain Sagar.
Hello! I'll take this to the police.
-Oh, really?!
Because girls can shed a
few tears and fool anyone?
Such a manipulative witch!
Girls like you make us distrust the whole
female community except for our mothers.
Rahul committed suicide
and died because of you.
But here you are, dancing
shamelessly to reels.
What a shame!
Man, how come it's so peaceful here?
Because there are no women.
"Days move like a dream"
"I hear the world calling out to me"
"Time seems to slow down"
"And walk alongside me"
"Heart let goes of its ego"
"When we come together as one"
"Soul is drenched in magic"
"This surely feels like paradise on Earth"
"This moment looks at
you with astonishment"
"Dive into the embracing lap of nature"
"Your memories keep haunting me"
"I can't get myself to say goodbye yet"
"The gentle breeze wraps me in solace"
"It sings me a sweet symphony"
"Let your beating heart guide you through"
"To a place beyond the skies"
"It's like you're born all over again"
"Life seems to have taken a 360 turn"
"All these experiences are such a treat"
"Days move like a dream"
"I hear the world calling out to me"
"Time seems to slow down"
"And walk alongside me"
"Heart let goes of its ego"
"When we come together as one"
"Soul is drenched in magic"
"This surely feels like paradise on Earth"
"This moment looks at
you with astonishment"
"Dive into the embracing lap of nature"
Sanju, we must've met
so many women in life.
Each one of them has at least one flaw.
But these mountains...
They're so flawless.
This is the true definition of beauty.
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
What? What?
Beauty relies on the
way you perceive things.
I don't know, man.
All I feel right now is peace!
All that noise and air
pollution in Hyderabad...
Those hangovers...
It was a different world, bro.
But this is peace.
Why don't you mute your phone at least now?
That's your phone.
It's your dating app notification sound.
Are you implying that I
right-swipe on all the women?
No matter who she is,
I only swipe left. Mind you.
Don't mess with me.
I'm going to uninstall this shit.
You know you're allowed to sit down.
It's Fathima.
The girl you had a liking for?
But you said she was married.
Forget marriage. What
is she doing on this app?
Munna, let's recap.
Is it really her photograph?
Are you sure?
-It's the eyes, bro.
I watched her for 4 years.
I know that much.
Should I be excited that
our profiles matched...
or wonder what she's doing on this app?
Munna, she was never meant for you.
Forget about it.
Are you seriously judging Fatima right now?
I can't simply forget her.
She's not sneaky like Neha.
Why are you bringing Neha into this?
You have no right to
talk about love or girls.
You wouldn't be here otherwise.
-Adi, just wait.
Fatima doesn't even know that you exist.
But you go around launching
hate campaigns on women.
You should be the last one to preach.
I parted ways with Neha
because I know what I want in life.
She was right about one thing though.
She warned me about
hanging out with a guy like you.
There. There she was right.
Did you hear that, Adi?
He and his girlfriend are calling me cheap.
Dude, I was just saying she was right.
-Who do you think you are?
Whom did you just call cheap?
Now that the cat's out of the bag,
did I ever use you for your money?
Or to entertain myself?
What did you spend on me?
40,000 rupees.
And what did you spend on her?
7,50,000 rupees!
Dude, what?
-Adi, the last time I was at his place,
she ordered a burger and took
189 rupees from the delivery guy.
All because the sauce was missing.
Who's cheap now?
Huh? Speak out.
Burger?! Ketchup!
I just can't believe this!
Are you keeping track or what?
Yeah, man. I splurged on my
girlfriend and my supposed friends.
But I never kept an
account of it like you did.
This isn't some business., goddamn it.
I chose people over materialistic things.
But you just proved me wrong.
It's all the same.
Be it money or people.
Guys, will you stop it?
Why are you arguing over girls
who aren't in your life anymore?
They are closed chapters. It's over.
Do you even remember what we came here for?
You don't interfere.
I agree our argument is pointless.
But you do have a girl in your life.
And we don't know
anything about her.
I'm so done with this
peacemaking bonfire bullshit.
To hell with it!
Don't bring Tara into this.
-Why not?
You yell from mountain
tops about our girlfriends.
But you talk about your girl
only in the loo in Hyderabad.
Makes sense only if she's a loose woman.
Why are you pissed about
calling out his girlfriend?
Tara is my sister, damn it!
Adi, what's going on?
Is Tara really his sister?
Why aren't you with Tara?
And what the hell am I doing here?
"Isn't this moment blissful?"
"It makes my heart lighter"
"Isn't this moment blissful?"
"It makes my heart lighter"
"Is this some sort of magic?"
"I haven't imagined this
in my wildest dreams"
"Is this some sort of magic?"
"I haven't imagined this
in my wildest dreams"
"It's like I'm under a funny spell"
"It's like I'm under a funny spell"
"This memory feels intoxicating"
"It's a whole new feeling"
"Love has taken me into its warm embrace"
"Now I know this surreal feeling is love"
"All my dreams seem to come true"
"Is this some sort of magic?"
"I haven't imagined this
in my wildest dreams"
"Is this some sort of magic?"
"I haven't imagined this
in my wildest dreams"
"It's like I'm under a funny spell"
"It's like I'm under a funny spell"
5 years!
5 magical years, Adi.
Time just flew, right?
What a journey!
How come you've never picked a
fight with me over all these years?
A fight with you?
Why would anyone want to
pick a fight with such a darling?
Of course.
Ask my brother about it.
Why does he detest living in the US?
I asked him many times.
But he never opened up.
He was 11 and I was 8
when mom and dad separated.
He wanted to live with mom.
But since dad is financially strong,
mom thought it best if he lived with dad.
So he had to be in the US with dad.
He was kept away from mom's love.
Soon he developed an aversion towards
the rich, filthy money dad brought in.
Now he's searching for
everything that he missed on.
How did you handle it?
I used to shuttle between mom and dad.
I settled in.
But Sanju couldn't.
What do you think of our relationship?
-As in?
As in, I want to take it forward.
Yeah! So when?
What are you thinking, Adi?
I haven't settled down yet.
I mean, you know how it is.
So you want to get married
only after settling down?
Not exactly.
-Will you come to the US with me?
I'll take care of everything, Adi.
I'm super fine with being a house husband.
That's not the problem.
Mom took care of me till now.
In the US, it will be you.
I need to discover myself first.
So, what's the plan?
Give me one year, Tara.
One year.
I just want to prove it to myself.
Irrespective of how I do in
this one year, I'll come to you.
One year.
Okay, Adi.
I'm pretty sure you'll do your best.
Just in case.
Come on, Tara.
You're taking over from my mom, is it?
Cut the drama and just keep it with you.
That's okay.
Let's take a complete
break in this one year.
Listen. I want you to take
your full space and time out.
I'm not saying I'll be a distraction.
I just want you to focus
on yourself completely.
So, once I'm back to the US,
instead of calling each other every
week and asking how our day was,
when we meet next,
tell me the whole story of the whole year.
Just make sure you have a great
story to tell when we meet, okay?
Don't give up, Adi.
Just remember we have only one year.
We're fighting the same battle.
We both don't want to go to the US.
Of course you guys are grown-ups.
But she's my sister after all.
So, I'm concerned.
The next time we meet,
let's not talk about Tara.
Yeah, I get it.
Adi, just make sure...
...you guys don't end up like my parents.
We're not breaking up.
We're just taking a break.
On one hand, you have a mother who'll
look after you for as long as she can.
On the other hand, you have a girlfriend
who encourages you nonetheless.
They are the true powerful women.
I'm still hung up on Fatima and the app.
I'm clear in the head now.
What you said about
beauty and the beholder...
I'm convinced.
I need to apologize to him.
Let's go.
It's all in the way you look at things.
Get me two pegs.
Two pegs?
You haven't done that
in a long time, brother.
Is everything alright?
Who's the second peg for?
Cheers, Rahul!
Are you going to apologize now?
I don't do apologies.
Let's just get drunk. It's been a while.
So you finally had the time to catch up.
I've watched you in pain
from a distance before.
Now I'm watching you
guys smile up close.
It makes me really happy.
Everyone has problems.
You should share them,
solve them and be happy.
Don't lose that smile.
Bill is on the house. Enjoy!
Sir, tell me why only they get free drinks.
No. All your drinks are on the house.
Get them whatever they want. Enjoy.
-Okay, sir.
This calls for some showing off.
Guys, where are you?
Come to the pub.
I'm throwing a party.
Mr. Jack, the place is unusually empty.
Is the pub up for sale?
That is actually true, brother.
After Rahul's incident,
boss was having a bad day
and he lashed out at his wife.
She filed for divorce under the
grounds of domestic violence.
You know how the man is supposed
to pay up during a divorce.
Court ordered that she
gets half of his assets.
This pub is the only asset boss owns.
Poor man!
He put the place up for sale.
Buyers will be recovering it in 2 days.
This shouldn't have happened.
He built the place with so much love.
I'll clear the dues.
Please give me 2 days.
I'll sort it out.
Sir, you don't look good when you're dull.
Give me 25 lakhs.
You think I enjoy being dull?
Sir, do you prefer cash or cheque?
Cheque, sir.
Hey! I was kidding.
But I'm dead serious, sir.
Sir, this is our pub.
Consider it a debt.
You can pay me back later.
Who should I address the cheque to?
The pub is in my wife's name.
In that case, you only write it.
Sir, we can't see you like this.
Come on, cheer up!
Let's dance it out. Come on!
'This is Rahul.'
'Sorry. This was Rahul.'
'We all killed him.'
'Yes, we did.'
'And you know how?'
'By not listening to what he was saying.'
'All he asked was for
his voice to be heard.'
'Is there anyone who could be his voice?'
'Is there any man out
there who feels unheard?'
'I'm just curious.'
Look at this.
This is tragic.
It's on my feed too.
Hold on.
Guys, take a look.
Oh, damn!
Men have no voice.
I don't care. I'm going for the free beer.
-Yeah? Let's go.
[indistinct voices]
Who is it so early in the morning?
Maybe that idiot placed 50% discount card here?
Guys, stop! Who are you?
Hey, you cocktail head! Stop!
Who are you people?
Who uploaded the post, bro?
Who's our leader?
Who's Rahul?
What happened to him?
We didn't know there was a men-only pub.
Where's all the free beer?
This is about standing up for men.
Not free beer.
Is there a men's group
to share our problems?
Who's the leader? Is it you?
Will you stop? I don't get what's going on.
Is it you?
Is it you?
What the hell is going on here, huh?
Bro, there are no leaders here.
No groups or clubs of any sort.
But since you asked...
Operations Manager from IIT.
He is there
He used to come here every day...
sit at that table, drink,
and feel really sad.
In a sexual harassment case,
he was wrongly alleged
without an investigation.
They fired him.
One day,
he jumped from there and took his life.
Actually, he didn't die.
We killed him.
All of us at the pub killed him.
The HR who fired him.
The Disciplinary Team who labelled him
a sexual molester without evidence.
And when he said he has no voice,
none of us listened to either.
We just let it slide.
Just because he was a man.
Rahul isn't with us anymore.
But there are many Rahuls in the society.
Men whose voices have been suppressed.
They have conditioned us to
believe that real men don't emote.
You're right. When I'd buy
my favorite chocolate as a kid,
they'd make me give it
to my sister each time.
I thought that was my responsibility.
But it's sacrifice.
If you can't get a job at 25,
even your family calls you a loser.
A family man spends half his
life struggling to survive his family.
And one day, he is just exhausted.
His heart gives up.
It stops beating.
Even at his funeral, they
say he fulfilled his duties well.
If he fails to do so,
they say he isn't man
enough to have a wife and kids.
I was told that.
Even we said to Rahul,
'Don't cry. Be a man. Grow some balls.'
Back then, we didn't realize it.
But now we know.
Crying has no gender.
Can't a man cry even if he's in pain?
Isn't that why you are all
here, to share your pain?
So, when someone is sharing their pain,
we should listen and we shall!
Emotions hit everyone in the same way.
They don't differentiate
between men and women.
I don't know if a man
is allowed to cry or not.
But he's not allowed to make anyone cry.
Yeah, bro. Women
always have their claws out.
They make you suffer.
Mind you, I'm not degrading women.
I'm not saying they're superior either.
We both are humans.
Let's respect every man.
Guys, I'm speaking from experience.
Everything he said is absolutely right.
Finally, what I'm trying to say is,
while women whine that it's a
male-dominated society,
we're begging them to treat
men and women equally.
When a man works, it's his responsibility.
But when a woman works, it's empowerment.
Until and unless men
aren't discriminated...
and viewed as mere individuals,
Until there are women who
see us as the stronger sex,
Until women play the victim card,
Even if they blame us, abuse us,
or use pepper spray on us,
let's put our egos aside...
and support them wholeheartedly.
You know why?
That is our responsibility.
In my opinion,
that's the sign of a real man.
I thought you have no clarity of thought.
But you're really mature.
Enjoy, brothers!
Back to pub. I'll go freshen up.
Come on, guys! Cheers!
-Cheers, bro.
You spoke well.
I didn't expect the post to go this viral.
I didn't expect to see so
many victims either. Very bad!
Even this guy?
Guys, one second.
Did you say baby?
Yeah, I'm pregnant.
Yeah, Adi. You're going to be a father.
How could you hide it from me?
I said I wouldn't distract you.
And you promised to come
see me in a year anyway.
-Adi! Adi! Adi!
Just relax.
Come to us.
We both will be waiting for you.
Hi, aunty.
I need your permission to
take Adi to the US with me.
You don't need my permission for that.
It's a decision you guys
should make mutually.
If he's okay with it, I'm more than happy.
It's his choice.
What about you, aunty?
Don't worry about me.
I can manage.
But I am allowed to visit, right?
Of course, aunty.
Take care.
Did you delete the app?
-Yeah, on the mountain top itself.
Is this for real?
What's going on?
-Congratulations, Adi!
Guys... Guys...
Aditya is going to be a father.
Whoa! Congrats!
And it's a baby girl.
Congrats, Adi!
Happy for you, bro.
-Thanks, Munna.
'They endured a lot.'
'But when they heard it's a baby girl,'
'they're celebrating.'
'That's how men are.'
'And that's how their story
began and ended in my pub.'
'There are many pubs like me in the world.'
'Just like there are many
such stories of men.'
'Being a man is not easy.'
'Signing off. Stags Only.'
Magnificent, bro.
You spoke highly of men.
Please don't compliment me.
Hey, looks like her bike broke down.
I think she needs our help.
-Take it easy, boy.
Do you want to end up
in the police station again?
That won't be the case
every time. Let's go.
Bro, she reminds me of
that game we played recently.
-Sudoku puzzle?
Guys, the word is Pseudo Feminist.
I have a feeling she's a Pseudo Feminist.
Don't judge her based on looks.
She seems like a nice girl.
Bro, just a minute.
I'll go ask her, 'Do you
need any help, sister?'
If she doesn't say, 'I have
pepper spray. Back off',
I'll hit myself with my own chappal.
Okay, go.
He's asking for trouble.
He'll put his chappal to the test today.
Hi, sister.
Do you need any help?
I'm a good mechanic, sister.