Mercenaries (2011) Movie Script

Quick, get down! Forward! Forward!
What's happening out there?
I have a message from
Olodan Crakovic is attempting a coup.
We must leave immediately.
And my wife?
Olav will take care of her and
your son, President.
We must leave immediately.
What happens now? What should we do?
Come on, we must get out of here.
Up there!
A very nice house, my friend.
Put the guns down.
Everything will be fine - just fine.
We will give you our weapons,
if you let us live
and let us live in peace.
Before you leave us, I want to convey a message from Crakovic,
your Presidency is over.
Burn their corpses.
What happened? Bring the bastard - bury them under the dirt! We still have more to bury!
Yes man, yes!
Help him up!
Hey, I need to shit. Cover me.
You have to dig! Faster!
Hey, dig!
Stop, listen!
Grab thier shovels!
To whom will you all pray to now?
Gather around!
An angel to protect us.
Take their guns!
Let's bury them.
Come in.
A squad is missing.
Taken down?
They were suppose to execute and bury the prisoners.
They didn't report back.
It does not seem like they defected.
I can not afford to lose them.
You'll find the men and return them immediately.
And you burn every village
down that you come through!
Yes, Olodan.
And if you have them, bring them back.
As a warning to all!
Look into the camera.
The video, Olodan.
Keep walking!
Keep walking!
Show me your hands.
Show me your hands!
I'm ready for you.
Break down the door!
Damn! Damn it!
After him! Come on, hurry up!
Olodan, he has been captured.
What, comrade?
Why did not you shoot?
I can't see through the smoke.
Let's move! Forward! Move!
We got one of them.
I searched him, nothing on him.
But here is his Russian weapon.
There are many of you are here!
Unite yourself with the others!
Make it quick!
You there!
Get your men and follow the river.
I want them bastards. Hunt them down!
Make sure you slaughter them. Go!
Is it bad, Dubro?
I'll take the other side, give me cover fire!
We're here!
The hell with it. Why should I go there?
keep driving! The buildings are still empty.
We have to check.
Let's go.
Come on, Ivano!
go check it out!
Which way?
This way.
The place was empty.
The body is still warm.
They can not be far away.
Let's go.
Stop! Down, take cover!
Let's take our shot.
The group is on the run,
seen along the river.
Two of our men fired on them,
but they fled into the woods.
Figure out how many men we have, how many are there.
And order them all to the river.
Very well, comrade.
You bastard! Lousy Pig!
Faster! We can catch them!
They were seen at the river.
Let's get there quick!
Come on, man!
Calm down, buddy Ivano.
He was one of the angels.
We closing in on them!
I'm over here!
Mikhail, lets's go! Faster, faster!
This way. Hurry up!
What's wrong? I said, hurry up!
Come on!
Spread out! Come on!
All down to the river! All down to the river!
Take them out quietly.
Now go!
Radovic, over here!
Here! This way!
What's this?
Who are you with?
Quick down! Forward! Forward!
What happened out there?
I have a message from
Olodan Crakovic been coup coup.
We must leave immediately.
And my wife?
Olav care about them and
son, President.
We must leave immediately.
What happens now? What should we do?
Come on, we must get out of here.
Up there!
a very nice house, a friend.
Put the guns below.
Everything will be fine - just fine.
We will give our weapons,
if you let us live
and lets live in peace.
Before you leave us, I want to convey news
your Presidency is over.
Burn their corpses.
Two days ago, governance
fall into chaos,
after the war
Olodan Crakovic,
of 15 years in hiding
Supported by several military units he managed a coup.
Yesterday morning he took power,
after storming the Presidential Palace
and kill his family.
According to unconfirmed reports in the UN
that there are high civilian casualties.
Also expressed concern
that there has been genocide.
European governments by surprise.
have been many embassies were closed and
withdrew its ambassador from there.
In the afternoon the Security Council
Hold a special session...
Here, Colonel!
Sit down, sir - sir.
Look at that last one I
News U. S. Embassy,
before invaded by Crakovic.
If we assume that Crakovic
Having control over the army?
Not Army. But
Crakovic much on the side.
"intervention team" - he has provided
that no one is against him.
British agent, in this area have told us operate
headquarters located outside Srebrenica.
I'm sure people - people we are interested
peacekeeping mission
and we have a little action, Colonel.
President did not like the idea
military dictatorship in Europe.
And he was very concerned that
American Embassy and the people - people at risk.
Even if he accepts,
that we are able to
as quickly cripple coup
He has a different strategy in mind.
What should we do, Colonel?
and I have orders to stay out of work
send them to elite undercover unit,
identity that only
can be rejected.
- Mercenaries! (Soldiers Pay)
- Exactly.
Andrew Marlow?
Agent Hawk.
Hi, Andy! How are you?
Great, man, very good.
That's cool. Very good!
Nice to meet you.
Glad to see you live.
What do you hear?
Just that you have been drinking for a while.
Boredom is weggesoffen.
- Stop it, man!
- What?
child - the child's back!
Lucas, my friend. How are you, friend?
- This sucks, dude!
- Take a seat!
My name is Colonel Torida.
They all knew each other already.
We use some of the time spent together, Colonel.
Then we eliminate it. As you know,
is a secret mission.
Everything worth knowing in
Envelopes. Please tell all.
Your job is U.S. Ambassador
and to save people - his.
They are all from the War Crimes
Olodan Crakovic held.
you have to take prisoners. And they
all bring back to life if possible.
Well, five-year-old photograph,
But the best thing we have.
agent also said that he might
had undergone facial surgery.
Crakovic never appeared in public.
This is a straw man Radovic
her there. He watched the Army.
Well, location is Crakovic Srebrenica.
Its headquarters is
abandoned school. It is located here.
He was guarded by 30 soldiers.
rest of his forces spread very far.
You control every
city, every village in
twenty miles finger - the finger. Have a question?
Is not that funky, mercenaries
To send to free hostages?
decision has been made.
you are not forced to approve the mission.
not a complaint.
Well, Marlow.
Since you know this area,
you will lead the group.
Well, U. S. Marines patrolling this area
, posing as U.S. peacekeepers.
But they should not interfere. You can not rely on their support
And under no circumstances will you
contacts or anyone!
And you have to keep radio silence,
if not, you can find.
- But, sir?
- Yes?
If we can not contact the Marines,
what kind of help we get from the UN Army?
No. You may not contact - contact,
even if they are placed in the region.
It would be impossible to support you.
Only when you are back at the transfer point is
. Is everything in its archives.
Still interested?
Hey, man
I've heard about your loss.
Do not talk about it. We have a mission
that we must take care of us.
Okay, my friend.
But if you need an ear...
Thank you.
Here we go, kids - kids!
This is the "home", you
transfer point, okay?
We have something for you in the building. Personal!
Accessories, equipment, radio.
I do not know when you come back,
Guys, but we control it
Meeting place every eight hours in
next seven days.
you may experience hunger, thirst
you, if you are coming from,
So do not miss!
We're back in four days.
damn country is rough.
Are we ready?
We'll meet again soon, guys!
Too bad you did not come out to play.
Olodan Crakovic have his biography
Many believe that he was in the Soviet Special
military units to be
knowledge gained, and there
brutal tactics have been refined.
Since the Bosnian conflict in one of her from 990ern
International Court of Justice sought. The
Indictment reads: society and mass murder.
His appearance has been aware of the political world
and fear of destabilization in
State - European countries re-ignited.
unconfirmed reports
According to the staff
American Embassy in Srebrenica had been kidnapped.
still no comment from Washington.
However, it confirms that the message
partially destroyed in the attack.
Mr. Ambassador!
What is it?
you will read the front of the camera.
That's a joke, right?
Your country will depend on you.
What did he say?
sort of appeal to the President.
So who would think that we
will work together again.
How long's it?
Callum and I have 'ne
Observations in the last six weeks.
God! Six weeks
Eye on the rifle scope night - vision
pressed and dirt
Target has not emerged.
Dough true. $ 8,000 tonight.
you've got $ 336,000 for it?
Yes! And I'm going to need coal,
had my eyes lasered.
So, how do we know
Olodan look like this?
We have a photograph.
Colonel said he 'ne facial surgery.
He said no, how will ne '?
If possible, then
likely, or in any other way around?
If possible, it is possible.
What are you talking about, man?
As can be seen that he was not all cups
cabinet. During the day is lost.
According to the information already Crakovic 'ne
horseshoe-shaped scar on his buttocks.
What? You mean the donkey?
Yes, we went in and sprayed all
Generals sit there and say:
"Sorry, people can, but
you show us your bum ? "
Come on!
What happened? Bring the bastard - bastard under
Earth! We still have more to bury!
Yes man, yes!
Help her feet!
There were ten men and 20 prisoners.
Dig a big hole.
mass graves.
What do we do?
We just want our goal
attack, do not you remember?
We can not just turn away and do nothing!
But we can. We must
catch and release.
It's not a whip, male - male!
I am a leader, I commit
you live here. Callum!
Lucas, what are you doing?
Hey, I need dirt. Cover me, man
you have to dig! Faster!
sleep Hey, no one!
We can not disturb us.
Go ahead, make our way out!
Wait, Andy!
- 'Can use the lessons ne.
- Forget it!
We are not here.
What are you doing?
your extraordinary. Jeopardize their mission!
What can I say? We have
very dangerous business.
This is wrong!
No, Andy. That would be wrong.
Stop listening!
Grab a shovel them!
To whom will you all pray now?
Inputs, people - people!
An angel to protect us.
Take their guns!
Let them bury us.
Ten less, about which we
We must be careful - careful.
- Quiet! Take it easy.
- What I'm saying?
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry, man!
So sorry.
Holy Father, God. Protect and guard our brother Lucas
on the go
for lasting peace.
For eternal life.
Hey, Andy, man I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Lucas. I mean,
He was one good man.
I'm sorry, it's reckless.
I know it's my fault.
I know you think that.
But he was too careless. He will need to rewind
Do not talk nonsense! That will not happen
we have continued to command.
We have lost the 'man n!
Please log.
One unit of soldiers missing.
You must
executing prisoners and then buried.
They go well.
It does not have some loyalty.
I can not afford their own, to lose them.
Men You'll find it and return it immediately.
And you burn every village
down, you come through!
Yes, Olodan.
And if you have them, they bring
for. Before another man.
As a warning to all!
Andy, come on!
I can confirm that I
one warhead is shown.
And I tell you that
weapons used, must be allied unit
trying in any way,
to intervene in this region.
Mr. Ambassador...
Do you have a family?
can imagine how their lives would be without you?
Ever have a gun?
Do not have shown me.
I do not do that anymore.
They speak clearly and credibly.
I can be very impatient
so, Mr. Ambassador.
Jump into the camera.
I've got an important message.
I've got an important message to the President of the United States.
Video, Olodan.
What are they saying?
Crakovic here in this building.
Oh, God! They have one you
Shows evidence for weapons?
We went through a side door. There are two guards are sleeping
I can do with this. Comfortable and quiet.
When the guard in the watchtower, they
fall look, we're done.
I also took one.
And I another.
Make it clean!
Keep guards in
Tower in the eye. Cover us!
- Okay.
- Here we go.
It is strangely quiet out there.
The fighters are cut.
Even further.
This means that a control
larger area than anticipated.
relentless fighting in Bosnia
Village and atrocities against the population by Olodan Crakovics
Hey, guys! Bingo!
Callum plug into the backpack.
Are you an ambassador?
Yes. Who are you?
We will pick you out of here.
We can not wait for you.
Going even further!
Now there's a problem. We can not go without
He's here, in the building.
you see it?
Then go!
- Where together?
- Go left through the swinging doors.
Crakovic is the first room.
Zac should we split?
I will not look like that.
And then one pulled his head off!
Faster. Through that door!
That's him.
Wow! Compliments to
plastic surgeon!
Show me your hands.
Show me your hands!
I'm ready for you.
Breaking the door!
The same thing will break down the door.
We came here.
And you go with us.
Go, go, go! Get out of here!
Zac! Come on, come here!
Give me the bag! Go!
- Back, back, mate!
- Standing on the wall!
I got you, buddy! I got you!
Stop! Let
it! It does not help us!
Callum, here we are out!
Come here! Take him out, quick!
Can you handle and four guns?
Opening brace, shooting. Got it?
- Got it?
- Yes, okay.
Opening the clamp, there you go.
Let's go. And keep their heads down!
Where is Zac?
- Does it not make it.
- This way!
Move! Quick!
Callum, bringing them into the woods!
Come on, quick!
Come on, take cover!
Damn! Damn it damn it!
After him! Come on, wake up!
Go, go, go!
Come on!
Going even further. I'll get one already!
Olodan They have been caught.
What, comrade?
Why did not you shoot?
I have absolutely no
see through smoke.
Los moves you! Forward! Move!
Damn, run!
Run run, run, go!
Get out of here!
Wait here!
Going even further! Come on!
- Come on, now!... Make your way!
- Yeah, man!
We take a break.
What is it?
back now!
Look, he got perhaps as
treatment, but make
not with me!
Lord, you know what?
I'm glad that you have freed us, yeah, right!
And I understand that they
friends - friends you miss...
Do it not difficult for me.
I just...
- Colonel?
- Yes.
After moving direction we still find
Thank you.
- Have you heard of the secret services?
- So far, not yet.
- Get in contact.
- Yes, sir.
Damn, who has caught you.
I have found anything - anything to him.
But here is the weapon by the Russians.
We must keep moving.
Wait here!
Oh God!
Here are many of you, people - people!
Unite yourself to the others!
Will it be soon!
You there!
Get your arms and follow the river.
I want you, bastard - bastard
slitting, cut - cut!
And I want it at a later
Tablets get served, huh? Go!
Wearing clothes. That will keep you warm.
Purely because it is!
Colonel! Here is
message from the Secret Service.
Liberation was a success,
Target people were arrested.
Two losses, sir.
- Give me the President.
- Sir.
Look, I'm sorry about your friends - your friends.
And because of my behavior.
We have been through a lot together.
We're like brothers.
We stay while here.
Yes, sir.
sir! This is the President.
Mr. President, here is Colonel Torida, sir.
Application successfully.
Exempt purpose.
Thank you, sir. Yes, sir.
In fact, the two deaths.
Yes, sir.
Do I have the authorization,
Inquiry for support?
Understood, sir.
Thank you.
Bye, sir.
my backpack!
- What?
- Backpacks it! Go!
- What?
- Give me your backpack!
Well, Dubro?
Come on, wake up!
Okay inviting.
And then aim and fire.
- Target and fire.
- You work it?
Go shoot. You must
deal, okay?
Side on the other hand, give me fire!
Okay, okay.
I've done it!
Well, thank God! Pull
Capita. Go for cover!
Well there!
hell with it. Why should I go there?
Driving! Buildings - buildings that are still empty.
We will now examine.
Here we go.
Come, Ivano!
Are you good - right?
They bleed!
Oh God! I can help!
you pack stuff - stuff.
Okay, I apologize.
We should break up. Come on!
- Okay?
- Let's go!
Hey, come on. Let's go!
Look around you!
Do it!
How are you?
Come on!
I am interested, it is English or
Americans who sent you
should find us?
One - the only thing you need to know, is,
Who wants you to come here.
Okay, stop!
Do you know what
you have to go?
They do not even have a map ne, man!
Everything here looks the same!
I know the general direction.
Can I help you? The
Backpacks company, or...
I'm good - good.
They smiled, yes.
- Every now and again.
- Yes.
That's it.
That's just good.
Thank you.
They know where we go,
or we just go...
- Okay.
- As long as there must be a river.
We follow.
Provide direction.
Come on, come on!
- I can not!
- You'll make it
Yes, come on, come on!
Which way?
Since a long time.
The place was empty.
body is still warm.
which can not be far away.
Let's go.
Okay, guys. Entering.
River narrows.
We crossed there.
It is remarkable how
feeling fresh water on the face
to get, if you have
several days trapped!
Stop! Down on the cover!
What we are going to shoot.
Is it good - right?
Everything is in order!
Way! Go!
Wake up! Go!
One interesting head! Runs faster!
you live here! If he moves,
shot in the shoulder!
What are you doing?
I helped! You stay here!
They have to stay in cover!
- He runs!
- Stay below!
Crakovic escape!
Back on the cover!
Help him!
Faster! Going back there for cover!
Since the military coup in Bosnia
five days ago
no sign - a sign of a decrease in fighting
in town - town and village - a village near Srebrenica.
group is on a roll,
seen along the river.
Two of our men fired on them,
but they fled into the woods.
Figuring out how much
We have people - people there.
And they were all ordered to the river.
Well, comrade.
You bastard! Lousy Pig!
Come on!
Come on!
Faster! They do not have to run!
They look at the river.
Driving over there soon!
Come on, man!
Calm down, buddy Ivano.
He was one of the angels.
Are you good - well, my friend.
We are at your side.
Friends - your friends are in danger.
They were pursued by the river.
friend - my friend?
- Are you good - right?
- Yes, and you?
What do we do now?
- We go further.
- Can she go?
Just a flesh wound. He will survive.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
Come on!
Come on!
Who is in the photo?
My wife and my daughter.
Can I?
Wow! Is beautiful.
daughter laugh like you.
And how are they called?
Daisy. Olivia and Daisy.
We were happy together,
almost inseparable.
- you say "no".
- They died.
Oh, I'm very sorry.
They sat on the subway in 2005
blown into the air.
I can not believe it still does not
to this day.
One never thinks about it so happens
Even going on one.
People we love.
Guys, I think we should go from here
- Shoot!
- No!
- She wants to run away!
- Stay here!
- Beatrice, live!
- No!
Colonel, you see this!
If they still, they always remove
How close to the river can
patrol to come?
you can on the other side of the river came.
But it comes just ran a mile.
- Okay, patrol ready to talk.
- Yes, Colonel.
We catch us!
Hey, I'm here!
No movement.
this way!
Mikhail, but go! Faster, faster!
this way. Quick time!
What's that, man? I said, hurry up!
Come on!
Olodan! Olodan!
I will take as a partner.
Come on, move!
Distributed to you! Come on!
All down to the river! All down to the river!
Get in here and be quiet.
Now make!
Come with me!
Wait! Stop!
I'm still working for the people - the English!
I of military intelligence.
My name is Alex Novak!
Check my phone!
He was creative with her across the river?
Yes. What about you?
- I stay on until you are there.
- What?
- Are you crazy?
- I'm clear.
What's this prove?
I have a message for Colonel
Torida sent.
Come, friend!
Thank you.
All right, folks!
Come on!
- Where are they?
- As for the trees.
- Come here!
- This way!
Come on! Just come on!
Damn, you go!
We have captured the most.
You guys are fantastic!
- Thank you.
- Before I go.
They think I'm one of them.
Radovic, long time here!
Here! In this way!
What's this?
Is that you?
I am looking for Andy.
I thought you were dead?
No, buddy, I'm not!
We get you out of here!
this way!
Okay, ready?
I got you, buddy. I got you!
I got you!
Move. You have to keep moving.
I got you!
I can confirm today that the Criminal
Olodan Crakovic
by U. S. Marines arrested, which
anyone involved in the maneuvers.
He is now at a secret location.
He was immediately transferred to The Hague,
where he will be tried.