Mercy Road (2023) Movie Script

[crickets chirping]
[wind gushing]
[train horn blows]
[train chugging]
[dog howling]
[dog barking]
[intense music]
[man grunts]
[objects rattling]
[man screaming]
[dogs barking]
[intense music]
[door slams]
[hurried footsteps]
[hurried footsteps]
[engine revving]
[music continues]
[heavy breathing]
[music continues]
[automated message on phone]
Phone ready.
[music continues]
[heavy breathing]
[Tom breathing heavily]
Call Ruby.
[automated voice]
Calling Ruby.
[Ruby on voicemail] It's Ruby,
leave a message,
and I might call you back.
Hey Rube. It's dad.
Um. Where are you?
Ruby, please, don't go home.
Please don't go home
until you call me, okay?
Please call me.
[phone beeps]
[truck brakes squealing]
[car door closes]
[ominous music]
[birds squawking]
[dogs barking in distance]
[fire whooshing]
[crickets chirping]
[breathing heavily]
[birds screeching]
[engine revving]
[dramatic music]
Oh fuck.
[man on road]
Ah. Thank Christ.
[man shouting]
Hey! Hey!
[phone ringing]
[automated voice]
Incoming call from "Work."
[telephone ringing]
- Incoming call from "Work."
- Tom, where the hell are you?
[Trudy] Benny's crew pulled up
with the trucks
and there's a lockbox
on the gate.
They flagged us for that
bloody leak on the flare stack.
Trudy has my daughter called?
-[Trudy] Ruby?
[Trudy] No! Tom,
Benny told you to redo
that seam well two days ago.
- Benny's spewing, Tom.
-Stop talking about Benny!
If Ruby calls, you get her
to call me. Right away.
[phone beeps]
Check messages.
[automated voice]
You have one new message
and one saved message.
First new message,
received today, 9:32 a.m.
[Mrs. Wilkinson] Hi, Mr. Roth,
it's Mrs. Wilkinson
from Cornerbrook.
Ruby's absent again today.
That's the second day
this week.
I've left a message with both
her mother and stepfather,
and haven't heard back from
either yet, so I figured...
- Message deleted.
[automated voice]
You have one saved message.
Message received yesterday.
10:47 p.m.
Hey, dad.
I can't... I just, I just
needed to talk to you
about something.
I... I just
really need to talk.
Can you call me?
[phone beeps]
-Call Ruby.
- Calling Ruby.
[phone line ringing]
[Ruby on voicemail]
Hey, it's Ruby.
Leave me a message
and I might call you back.
[intense music]
Call Ruby.
[automated voice]
Calling Ruby.
[Ruby on voicemail] Hey,
it's Ruby, leave me a message
and I might call you back.
[breathing heavily]
Hey, Ruby, I um...
know about...
I went to your school today
to try and find you.
And I saw your friend Sarah
and she...
I uh, I saw the picture.
It's not your fault.
[sobs] I just... I just really
want to hear your voice.
[sniffles] Okay? Uh, just...
Just please call me. Call me.
Call me before
you do anything, okay?
[phone beeps]
[phone ringing]
[automated voice]
Incoming call from Benny.
[phone ringing]
- Incoming call...
Fuck off, Benny.
[phone ringing]
[automated voice]
Incoming call from Terri.
Answer. Fuck.
Did you know, Terri?
- The cops are calling me.
-Did you know what he was doing?
Did you know what's happening
in your house?
They said you took Ruby,
are you insane?
-In your fucking house, Terri!'re not drinking again!
Fuck you Terri!
You know I don't drink.
[Terri] I don't know anything
about you Tom,
and I don't want to know!
You promised to stay away,
- That was the deal!
-Oh no, Terri!
That was your fucking deal!
[Terri] Is this your way
of getting back at me?
Bring her back okay?
Bring my daughter back.
- Will you do that, please?
-I don't... I don't have her!
-Listen to me!
- No, you listen!
[Terri] The police told me
someone saw a man
put a girl into a truck
outside of my house.
-And it sure as shit...
...sounds like your truck, Tom!
Well, it's not my fucking
truck, is it?
I'm driving home,
I'm almost at my house
and the cops are already there.
If you're drinking,
put Ruby in a cab.
Do it now.
I mean it!
Terri, don't go home!
Terri don't...
...go home.
[sobbing] No.
Don't go home.
Please, don't go home.
[breathing heavily]
[windshield squeaking]
[intense music]
Oh, fuck.
-Incoming call from Terri.
He's dead!
You killed him!
Oh, my God!
What have you done?
He's dead, you fucking psycho!
What have you done?
He's dead!
Oh, bring my daughter back!
[phone beeps]
[engine idling]
[insects chirping]
[dramatic music]
[phone ringing]
[automated voice]
Incoming call from
Emergency Services.
[phone ringing]
[automated voice]
Incoming call from
Emergency Services.
[phone ringing]
[automated voice]
Incoming call from Unknown.
[phone ringing]
-[The Associate] Mr. Roth.
[The Associate]
Thank you for taking my call.
Yeah look, uh, this isn't
a good time.
So just, you call the office
and Trudy will, uh,
sort you out. Alright?
[phone beeps]
[truck rumbling]
Check messages.
[automated voice]
You have two new messages
and one saved message.
First new message
received today.
6:56 p.m.
[Benny on phone]
Yeah, hi, it's Benny.
Answer your fucking phone
What did I tell you
two days ago?
Sort out that cracked seam weld
on the fucking flare stack.
I can smell the bloody gas
all the way from Mercy Road.
-[Benny] Fucking cunt.
-[Tom] Delete.
[automated voice]
Message deleted.
Second new message.
Received today, 6:59 p.m.
Hello, Mr. Roth.
My name is Abigail Peterson
from the State Protection Unit.
I'm a crisis negotiator.
I know you're dealing with
a lot of stress
and confusion right now.
I want to assure you
our single goal at this time
is to ensure the safety
of your daughter, Ruby.
We just need to know
she's alright.
Now I think it's best
if you bring her back
so we can help you make
sense of what's happened here.
We need to know
that Ruby is alright, Tom.
So please call me back
at this number.
[automated voice]
Message deleted.
[tires squealing]
[handbrake cranks]
[heavy breathing]
[engine idling]
Call Sarah.
[automated voice]
Calling Sarah Waters.
[phone line ringing]
Sarah, it's Ruby's dad.
[Sarah on phone]
Mr. Roth.
- What's going on?
-Everything's fine.
The Police called my mum
looking for Ruby.
-Sarah, listen.
- What, what did you do?
-Sarah, listen to me.
- I don't, don't think I should.
- You're scaring me!
[Sarah] I'm not supposed
to be talking to you.
How did you even get my number?
You texted me today
to meet you at school.
[Sarah] You texted me!
Sarah, I didn't meet you
until this afternoon.
How would I have your number?
[Sarah] I should hang up.
No, no, no, Sarah,
I need your help.
Okay, you were the last person
to talk to Ruby last night.
[sobs] Not like in person.
We Snapchatted.
-What exactly did she say?
- I told you already.
Tell me again.
[Sarah] She said she was
looking for her father,
but he wasn't answering.
Yeah I was out late.
I was, it was really late,
and I didn't hear her message
until this morning.
[Sarah] Could've meant her other
father. She just said father!
I don't know which one.
Then she sent me the picture.
I took a screenshot.
Okay, what happened
to the original?
-[Sarah] It-it-it disappeared.
[Sarah] You know... Snapchat?
Yes. Sarah,
have you told your mum
or the police
about the photograph, about--
[Sarah] God no! Ruby made me
swear never to tell anyone!
And I deleted the picture
like you said.
Sarah, there's a reason
that you confided in me today.
Why you showed me the photo
and no one else.
[Sarah] Because, like,
you're her dad.
That's right. I'm her dad.
I'm her dad, Sarah.
Now I need your help.
Is there anyone or anywhere
you can think of
that she might be?
[Sarah] I don't want him
to get in trouble.
No one's getting in trouble,
She could be with Dario.
Who the fuck is Dario?
-[Sarah] Her boyfriend.
-Boyfriend? She's 12.
-[Sarah] He's older.
-Jesus fucking Christ.
[Sarah] He's in grade seven!
Okay, give me Dario's number.
[Sarah] I... I don't know
if I should.
I'm supposed to
contact the police if...
Give me Dario's number, Sarah.
And then you can call the police
and you can tell them we talked.
All I care about is Ruby
and finding her.
I'm worried about her, Sarah.
Ruby's impulsive, you know.
Like... Like that time, she-she
spray-painted the teacher's car
[Sarah] What?
When he told her she should
smile more. Remember?
[Sarah] That might have been
her old school.
I'm worried she's going
to do something to herself.
That she, that she,
might hurt herself.
[Sarah] Okay.
I texted you Dario's number.
Yeah, thank you.
Thank you, Sarah.
[Sarah] Look she...
she wouldn't do that.
[Sarah] You know...hurt herself?
That's not Ruby.
[phone beeps]
[breathing heavily]
[engine revving]
[automated voice]
Calling Dario Khalid.
-[Dario on phone] Hello?
Is it...
Is this Dario?
Dario? Dario!
I can barely hear you, mate.
Can you turn the music down?
-[Dario] Who is this?
-It's Tom Roth. It's Ruby's dad.
[Dario] Uh, okay.
Now, is Ruby there?
-[Dario] Nah.
-No one's in trouble.
Dario, I just really need you
to put Ruby on the phone, okay?
[Dario] I told ya.
She's not here.
Put her on the fucking phone!
Sorry. Mate, I'm just...
I'm a bit stressed out, okay?
- [Dario] Alright. Well...
-No, no, no, no, no.
Don't, don't hang up.
When was the last time you
spoke to her?
[Dario] Uh, last night.
And what did she tell you?
It was a private conversation.
Did she tell you
about the photo?
About her, about her stepdad?
[Dario] She told you?
Dario, I just need to know
she's alright okay?
Now, how was she
when you spoke to her?
[Dario] I didn't speak to her.
We texted.
- She was pretty freaked out.
-About him?
[Dario] About the picture
getting out?
Did you see it?
Yeah I saw it.
Tell me you didn't!
[Dario] Oh hell, hell no. I told
her not to send it to anyone.
She described it to me.
She was out cold, Mr. Roth.
That fucking rock-spider
dosed her.
Yeah, what else?
[Dario] She wanted to see
if it was anywhere online.
- [Dario] If he'd posted it.
-Oh fuck.
[Dario] And if there was
more than one.
Oh God.
[Dario] I walked her through
the steps of the reverse
image search and
how to locate any EXIF data...
I don't know what any of that
fucking means, mate.
[Dario] It's like
a photograph's digital DNA.
What did she find?
Did, did he post it?
She never texted me back.
Dario, now I don't know, uh...
what Ruby's told you
about our situation.
[Dario] Not a lot.
You're not like, supposed to
see her or something.
She doesn't talk about it much.
Whatever she said, it's uh...
It's complicated.
Yeah but she is my daughter.
And I would do to anyone
who did anything to her--
[Dario] Mate, I wanted to shove
a shottie up the creepers ass,
and blow his dick off.
Ruby said not to do anything
until she spoke
with her father.
I missed her call.
[Dario] It's the other dad who
should be worried, Mr. Roth.
You know Ruby.
Not really.
If you hear from her
you call me back alright.
[phone beeps]
Check messages.
[automated voice]
You have one new message
and one saved message.
New message received today.
7:10 p.m.
[The Associate on voicemail]
Hello Mr. Roth.
I'm not a client.
I have another pressing matter
to discuss.
- Please accept my call.
[automated voice]
Message deleted.
You have one saved message.
Message received yesterday.
10:47 p.m.
[Ruby on phone]
[quivering] Hey, dad.
I can't. I just, I just needed
to talk to you...
...about something.
I just really need to talk.
Can you call me? Please?
[inhales and exhales]
[intense music]
Call Ruby.
[automated voice]
Calling Ruby.
[Ruby on voicemail] Hey,
it's Ruby, leave me a message
and I might call you back.
[music continue]
Maybe you're not
...ready to talk.
And that's okay. That's fine.
I just wanted to say...
That what I did. I did for you.
And it doesn't matter
if it's right or wrong.
All that matters is that
it was for you. Okay.
And I am so sorry
that I wasn't there.
And that I didn't know.
And that your mum didn't know
and that
you were stuck in that house.
You know, your mum and I are
just, sometimes get caught up
hating each other so much.
Ruby, I am so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I just wanna hear your voice.
[phone beeps]
[phone ringing]
[automated voice]
Incoming call from Unknown.
-[The Associate] Mr. Roth.
[The Associate]
Thank you for taking my call.
Hey, look,
if you're from the cops
then I've already heard
from the negotiator.
[The Associate] I'm not
with the police, Mr. Roth.
Who are you?
How'd you get my number?
[The Associate]
I need to speak to you
about a mutual acquaintance.
Mr. Shane Bader.
-[The Associate] Mr. Roth?
-Who are you?
-[The Associate] An associate.
-Of who?
[The Associate]
Until recently. Mr. Bader.
He and I were
in the middle of a transaction
that was interrupted.
By you, Mr. Roth.
There's no need for secrets.
I know what you've done, Tom.
[phone beeps]
[intense music]
[phone ringing]
[Abigail] Mr. Roth,
it's Abigail Peterson.
I'm the crisis negotiator.
- Tom are you still there?
-Is he really dead?
[Abigail] Mr. Bader
was pronounced
dead at the scene, yes.
We just need to know
that Ruby is alright.
She was at the house
when you arrived.
She wasn't there
I'm telling you!
-She was hiding from you Tom.
-She's hiding from him.
We need to know you haven't
harmed your daughter.
-I just wanna talk to her.
-[Abigail] And I'm afraid...
we're running out of time Tom.
I don't want you to be alarmed.
But the police are en route.
-I'm not trying to run.
- For Ruby's sake and yours.
[phone beeps]
Check messages
[automated voice]
You have one new message,
and one saved message.
New message received today.
7:19 p.m.
[The Associate on voicemail]
At a market in Tripoli
a baker saw a boy steal
a loaf of bread from her shop.
She ran outside, grabbed
the first boy she could find
and said, "You will be whipped
for your crime"
The boy struggled
and cried out, "I am innocent,"
but the woman believed all boys
to be guilty of something.
So she whipped him
for lying instead.
[phone beeps]
[intense music]
[police siren wailing]
-Call Ruby.
-[automated voice] Calling Ruby.
[phone line ringing]
-[Tom] Ruby!
-[The Associate] Hello, Tom.
[The Associate]
I'm afraid Ruby hasn't heard
any of your messages.
I have.
I've listened to them
very carefully in fact.
Where is she? What have you
done with my daughter?
[police siren wailing
at distance]
[intense music]
[phone ringing]
[The Associate]
I need you to listen
very carefully Tom.
First, and most pressing,
if the police interrupt
our negotiation
I'm afraid the only chance
to save your daughter's life
will be over before it begins.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey what
the fuck are you talking about?
It's frustrating,
what have I got to do?
[Tom screaming]
[police sirens wailing]
Call them off right now.
[Abigail] Mr. Roth are you
to harm your daughter?
If you don't call 'em off...
Ruby's gonna die.
Tom, I will ask you again.
Are you threatening
your daughter?
Okay, yes!
Yes, I have Ruby.
If you don't call them off...
then I will kill her.
[phone beeps]
[siren wailing]
[dramatic music]
[breathing heavily]
[phone ringing]
[automated voice] Incoming
call from Emergency Services.
-[Tom] Answer. Thank you.
-[Abigail] I did what you asked.
You need to give me
something in return.
[Tom] I just,
I need some time, okay?
- Tom... I need proof.
-I just need to think.
[phone beeps]
[tires screeching]
[breathing heavily]
[Tom sobbing]
[telephone ringing]
[automated voice]
Incoming call from Unknown.
Answer. I'm here, okay?
The cops are gone, alright.
They're gone.
[The Associate]
Yes, I know. Well done, Tom.
Tell me what you want.
[The Associate] You're not
in your vehicle, Tom.
[wolf howling in distance]
Whoever you are...
Whatever you want, please...
I'm begging you, please
don't hurt my little girl.
[The Associate] Get back
in your truck and drive, Tom.
[intense music]
[The Associate]
Don't ever stop driving.
You're going somewhere.
The speed limit
is fine for now,
but I'm afraid
time is a factor.
There we are.
Take the next left.
[The Associate] Now.
[tires screeching]
[The Associate]
Keep on this road.
I want proof
you have my daughter.
Let me talk to my daughter.
Fuck! Talk to me.
Let me hear her.
I want to hear her voice.
[The Associate]
Calm yourself, Tom.
These feelings of yours,
while perfectly natural,
are entirely wasted on me.
You see, I'm not emotionally
invested in this situation.
In fact, I was called in
for my impartiality.
I'm not here to judge anyone,
I deal in action
and consequence.
Who are you?
A mediator of sorts.
I told you I was called in.
For what?
To broker a solution.
I'm always called in
when there's a child involved.
Is my daughter there
with you now?
You hurt her
and I'll fucking kill you.
-Turn right, Tom.
The dirt road on your right.
Turn now.
Turn off your engine
and lights.
[distant sirens wailing]
What the fuck.
The police were tracking
your phone, Tom.
And I was tracking the police.
There are multiple moving parts
to these things, Tom.
But rest assured,
I'm monitoring
each and every
one of them closely
at all times.
It's what I do.
Very little is left to chance.
I've distracted the police.
You're safe, Tom.
For now.
Don't look so worried.
What are you doing, Tom?
You're wasting valuable time.
Just tell me if Ruby's okay.
Your daughter is fine
and resting comfortably.
She's mildly sedated.
Well, then, send me something.
Send me something that proves
she's alive.
What the hell am I supposed
to tell the cops?
Start the engine, Tom.
[engine starting]
Where is she?
What have you done
with my daughter?
You're acting irrationally,
Perhaps I wasn't clear earlier
regarding emotions.
They're outside my purview.
[instrumental music]
[The Associate]
Tom, in my experience,
no daughter was ever saved
by her father's rage.
I encourage you
not to speak
but to listen
and follow my instructions.
My transaction
with Shane Bader
was first interrupted
by your daughter.
She arrived unexpectedly
in a highly agitated state.
Shortly thereafter,
you appeared at the house, Tom.
My exchange with Mr. Bader
was terminated.
Ruby was there?
Your daughter was taken
as collateral.
What? What do you want?
I want you to consider
the mistakes you've made
and the consequences, Tom.
I want you to take
I've made a ton of fucking
Take responsibility for what?
Shane Bader.
He got what he deserved.
Nevertheless, Tom,
you're to blame
for our current
Surely you'd agree.
After all, it's your mistakes
that led you to this moment.
And to me.
Drive ahead to the
intersection, take a left.
Why should I?
What choice do you have, Tom?
What about my daughter?
That's up to you.
Where am I going?
On your phone
set the timer to one hour.
Set timer. One hour.
[automated voice]
Timer set for one hour.
[The Associate]
Start timer.
-Wait, wait I don't understand.
-Keep driving.
What happens in an hour?
Factoring her age,
approximate body mass
and the variables of oxygen
in approximately 60 minutes
your daughter will expire
[cell phone chimes]
[Ruby on recording]
My name is Ruby
and I'm with my father.
[Ruby sobbing]
Everyone just stay away
from us.
Stay alive, Ruby, I'm coming.
[cell phone beeps]
[cell phone ringing]
- Incoming call from Emergency.
[Abigail] Tom, it's Abigail.
Thank you for answering.
I'm texting you something
right now. Listen to it.
Play it.
[Ruby on recording]
My name is Ruby...
And and I'm with my father.
[Ruby sobbing]
Please. Everyone
just stay away from us.
Did you get that?
Please stay away from me.
[Abigail] Tom, when
was that message re...
[automated voice]
Incoming call from Terri.
-Answer. Terri?
-[Terri] What the fuck is this?
-Did Shane take this?
-Take what?
This photo of Ruby passed out,
Who do you think fucking
took it!
In my home,
in my fucking bedroom!
Oh, my God.
Please let me talk to her.
-Terri, where are you?
-I'm at my house.
Where the hell
do you think I am?
Go outside where you can talk.
I'm already outside,
you fucking idiot.
It's a crime scene.
Who sent you that picture?
The number's blocked.
It wasn't, it wasn't you?
I didn't know, Tom.
I swear I didn't know.
If I had known, I...
Oh, please,
let me talk to my baby.
Terri, you need to text me that
photo right now.
-Proof! We need proof.
Okay, alright.
[Terri sobbing]
God where's the...
Come on, Terri, hurry up.
There's not much time.
-It's gone.
The photo, it's gone.
-You deleted it?
-Nah, I didn't do anything.
I just opened it
and the screen went white.
-It's gone.
-Jesus Christ, Terri!
-It's not my fault.
-It's all your fault.
-You married the asshole.
-You're blaming me for this?
Were you even aware
of the shit he was into?
What shit? He was a fucking
insurance salesman, Tom.
He was dull as hell. His office
was above our garage.
You must have seen something,
Terri. Are you fucking blind?
Oh, I must be, I married you,
didn't I?
-Terri, I just need some time.
-Just bring her back, Tom.
I'll explain everything
to the cops.
No don't!
Do not talk to the cops.
They already know
you have her, Tom.
Somebody saw you.
-Saw what? Who saw me?
-Well, I don't know.
Some guy, just parked down
the street.
I wouldn't be looking for her
if I had her, would I?
I don't know what to believe
-Just bring her back to me.
Do you honestly think
I'd do anything
to hurt our little girl?
Are you seriously asking me
You just beat someone to death.
[Terri sobbing]
Yeah, I killed the bastard.
I killed him for her. And
I'd kill him again if I could.
And so would you.
[Terri sobbing]
She's our little girl, Tez.
Turn on your video, please.
You need to trust me.
I just need time.
You can't say anything
to anyone, okay?
Especially the cops.
Okay. Okay. But I need you
to promise, Tom.
Promise me you're bringing
her home.
I need you to say it.
God is my witness.
I promise I'm bringing
our daughter home.
[Terri sobbing]
Within the hour.
[cell phone beeps]
[cell phone ringing]
-Incoming call from Unknown.
[The Associate] I'd advise you
to keep the line open, Tom.
Hey, look, I'm juggling
a few balls here, mate.
-I'm doing the best I can.
-Are you?
-I'm not so sure.
-I did what you asked.
Blaming your ex-wife.
Dragging her into this.
That wasn't what we discussed.
Was it, Tom?
You're watching me.
You're listening to my calls.
In a sense, yes.
I'm always watching
and listening.
Is it so inconceivable?
It's hardly miraculous
these days,
with the proper technology
and skill set,
one can easily infiltrate
any aspect of a person's life
at any time
That's my specialty, really.
I get to know people,
often better than they know
You were at the house,
you were in that car
parked on the street.
I saw you.
Anything's possible.
I have a number of assistants,
You'd be surprised how many.
What would have happened
if I hadn't shown up?
What would've happened to Ruby?
But you did show up.
Just tell me what I need to do
to get my daughter back.
Knowing would defeat
the purpose, Tom.
Fuck you! Tell me where I'm
going and what I need to do!
Once again,
I'm a mediator of sorts.
I'm always called in
when there's a child involved
I deal only
in action and consequence.
[cell phone beeps]
[cell phone ringing]
[automated voice]
Incoming call from Benny.
[cell phone ringing]
[automated voice] Incoming call
from Emergency Services.
[cell phone ringing]
[automated voice]
Incoming call from Dario...
- ...Khalid.
Mr. Roth?
The police just called.
Fuck me, mate.
Did you tell them I called?
Hell no.
What about the photo,
did you say anything about that?
And hand them a bloody motive?
Mate, that's first degree
with intent.
You should say it was
self-defense, Mr. Roth.
It's your word against
a dead guy.
Then I'll tell the cops
about the photo.
They'll never convict you
for killing a pedo.
You'll be a bloody legend,
Trust me, I've listened to a
lot of true crime podcasts
before Mr. Roth. We gotta
get our stories straight.
How old are you, Dario?
Did you really, you know...
-Yeah, I did.
-And he's like, dead, dead?
He is.
Fuck me!
Bloody creeper.
Good riddance to him, hey.
The cops said you have Ruby.
What did you say?
Nothing. You and I never spoke,
-You don't have her, do ya?
You know I don't have her.
Yeah, I figured you would have
called me if you found her.
Or maybe you were
too distracted to call me
considering, you know, like,
you just topped the stepdad.
-Probably just hiding out.
-Listen to me.
- She does...
Someone has her.
Someone's kidnaped Rudy.
-For real, like for ransom?
-Look, I don't have much time.
-What do they want?
-They won't say.
But it's got something
to do with the stepdad.
The fucking pedo.
-Something he owes.
-Is Ruby okay?
-Have you spoken to her?
-No, I haven't, no.
Ask the kidnapper for proof.
Tell them to send you
video proof.
He sent me some voice message
from Ruby's phone.
It's her saying she's with me.
It's what he sent to the cops,
It's a frame up for sure.
I sent it to the cops.
-He made you do it, hey?
-I didn't have a choice.
Look, I don't have much time.
I think he's listening to me.
Listening? Like how?
I think he's watching.
You're sounding a little
paranoid, Mr. Roth.
He's bugged me or something.
Oh, you mean like a spy cam.
Has anyone had access
to your car or phone recently?
Dario, I've got to hang up.
I've got to keep the line open.
But I'm going to make it right,
and I'm going to bring her home.
Text me Ruby's message.
The one the kidnapper's
sent you.
What for?
Is it a straight up
MP4 or WAV file?
I don't fucking know.
Let me have a play with it.
If he still has her phone,
I think I might have a way
to hack into it.
If he's tracking you,
maybe I can track him.
You can do that?
I have to try, Mr. Roth.
Alright, I'm sending you
the message now.
[message tone]
[mosquito buzzing]
[helicopter whirring]
[tires screeching]
[helicopter hovering]
[cell phone ringing]
-Incoming call...
Make it go away.
I'm begging you.
Ruby, what's happening?
Make it go away. Please.
-Make it go away!
[The Associate]
Relax, Tom.
They're gone.
You convinced them you're a man
to be taken seriously,
to be feared.
You convinced them.
You put those words
in my daughter's mouth.
The point is,
the message came from you, Tom.
It's the message you wanted
to send.
Make it go away!
I'm begging you.
Make it go away!
Make it go away!
You sent this from my phone.
Who are you?
Is this a game to you?
Are you even human?
[The Associate] We have
45 minutes left
in our session, Tom.
You may spend it however
you wish,
but I should remind you
this is a life or death
I'd prefer it if we focused
our conversation on you, Tom.
Let's talk about you, shall we?
Will it help me get
my daughter back?
I'm afraid it's the only way.
We can talk while you drive.
Continue east on this road.
Take the first left.
What would you like
to talk about, Tom?
What do you want
in exchange for Ruby?
You're very fond of her,
aren't you?
She's my daughter, isn't she?
You love her.
Of course I fucking love her.
This love you have
for your daughter.
Is it reciprocated?
Daughters love their dads
when they're little.
And now?
I see by your employment
history, Tom,
a high turnover of jobs
in a curious variety
of unrelated fields.
What can I say.
I get bored easy.
But it appears this pattern
of impulsiveness
extends to all aspects
of your life.
You might be interested to know
that you suffer
an undiagnosed attention
deficit hyperactivity disorder.
You have a condition, Tom.
Great. I wish I'd known.
It wouldn't have
made any difference.
You are who you are, Tom.
Life is just a series
of choices.
Right, wrong, good, bad,
actions and consequences.
It's really very simple.
I don't want to talk about me
Let's talk about Ruby.
[intense music]
Easy, Tom.
You don't have any points
left on your license.
It's best to accept
the inevitable, Tom.
It's not a matter
of my patience.
I'm enjoying our discussion
and getting to know you.
It's just that
we have so little time.
And this is, if you recall...
A matter of life and death.
Yes. I think we should
get to the point, Tom.
There's a reason
I was called in.
There's always a reason.
I just want my daughter back.
Once you've compensated
for the loss, it's only fair.
Someone has to pay
for Shane Bader.
He got what he deserved.
But you interrupted
a negotiation, Tom.
He and I were in the middle
of a pleasant conversation.
Much like the one
you and I are having,
at this very moment.
He, too, was in a life or death
the nature of which
I'm not at liberty to reveal.
Trust me. These mistakes
happen all the time, Tom.
You're only human.
But the fact remains, Mr. Bader
wasn't yours to judge.
You don't know what he did.
You'd be surprised what I know.
Any father would have done
the same.
She's my daughter.
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what, Tom?
Your temper?
Can you blame me?
You are who you are, Tom.
The apportion of blame
is relevant only to actions.
But looking back
over your history
and the events leading
to our discussion today,
I'm afraid your temper
must be viewed as causation.
My temper wasn't the problem.
It was the drink that did me in.
But I've been sober for years.
Eight years, seven months,
13 days to be exact.
This is the day my wife left me,
and took away my little girl.
She left you because of your
When I drank I got mean.
And your sobriety hasn't really
resolved your anger issues?
-Has it?
-Not really.
-You're still angry?
-Of course I'm fucking angry.
I lost my only daughter,
I've lost my kid!
And you blame Shane Bader.
Well, he kept her from me,
didn't he?
His actions fall well
within his rights, Tom.
He was after all her legal
Not anymore!
I saved her from that sick fuck.
Have you, Tom,
saved your daughter?
Yeah, mate, I did. I saved her
from the unspeakable.
About that photograph, Tom.
No doubt you've considered
the power of that single image.
The havoc it could wreak
on your daughter's innocence.
What if there is
more than one image, Tom?
What if Mr. Bader kept videos?
Anything is possible.
You need to be certain, Tom.
Tell me what to do.
Are you familiar
with Shane Bader's office?
It's above his garage.
You need to burn it, Tom.
-Burn down his office?
-The entire garage.
You need to burn it
to the ground.
Like now? It's impossible.
I'll need proof, of course.
A video text is fine.
I can't go back there.
They're waiting for me.
It's the only way to save
your daughter, Tom.
There are still 37 minutes.
What happens if I don't make it?
What happens to Ruby?
Ruby dies.
Fuck! Fuck!
[intense music]
[The Associate]
You're wasting valuable time.
You need to burn the garage.
You need to burn it
to the ground.
What the fuck?
Mate, come on!
Call Terri.
[automated voice]
Calling Terri.
-Where are you?
I'm at my house, Tom.
Where are you?
The cops aren't fucking around
I can't keep lying to them.
Put your camera on.
I want to talk to Ruby.
I told you I'm bringing her
home, okay?
I gave you my word.
Oh, your word means shit to me,
Are you near anyone right now?
Can anyone hear you?
I'm on the street, Tom.
I'm not a fucking idiot!
Terri, it's worse than you
What is?
The shit your pedophile husband
was into.
The people he's dealing with
is bad.
You're scaring me, Tom.
I don't have her, Terri.
She's not with me.
Someone's holding her
for ransom.
Someone who's in business
with your husband or was.
-We need to tell the cops.
-No! No cops.
Okay? That's his rule.
No one knows besides you and me.
And Ruby's boyfriend.
What boyfriend?
Ruby doesn't have a boyfriend.
The nerdy kid
from down the street?
You spoke to Dario.
Oh, my God, Tom.
You're a curse.
You're a fucking...
-I'm trying to make up for it
-...curse, that's what you are.
-But I'm running out of time.
-Curse that will never go away.
Ask Dario, he'll tell you.
Can you put your camera on?
I need to see your face.
I've never trusted your voice.
There's more than one photo.
Maybe even video. Who knows.
Oh, my God. Our little girl.
That's what this is about?
They're blackmailing us?
Oh! What do they want, Tom?
They ordered me to burn down
your husband's office.
The whole fucking garage.
They told me to burn it
all down or else...
Or else what?
Look, we only have 30 minutes,
We have no choice.
You have to burn down
the garage.
Why me?
-I'm too far away.
-I can't.
I don't know where I am,
I'll never get there.
There's cops everywhere.
-It's a fucking crime scene...
-You have to do it, Terri.
You have to burn down
the garage.
You have to video it and
you have to text me the video.
- Why? What's in the garage?
Everything! The proof of what
he did to our little girl.
[Terri sobbing]
Um, he keeps
two jerrycans of petrol
in the garage
for the generator.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's it.
Use them, use them.
I know you can do this.
I'll do it. I'll burn it down.
I'll burn it.
-I love you, Terri.
-Fuck you, Tom.
-I'm doing this for Ruby.
-Well, send proof. Text...
[cell phone beeps]
[cell phone ringing]
[automated voice] Incoming call
from Emergency Services.
[Abigail] I can't hold the
police back much longer.
The cops don't know where I am
or where I'm going
and neither do I.
That's the whole point.
That's the reason I need time.
What's the reason, Tom?
To save Ruby.
[Abigail] Is that
what this is all about?
Saving Ruby?
29 minutes.
I just need 29 minutes,
and God as my witness,
I'm bringing Ruby home.
What happens in 29 Minutes?
It's all over.
He'll love this, it's over.
Tom, we need to know that you
haven't harmed
your daught...
[phone disconnected]
[The Associate]
It's out of your hands, Tom.
No, no, no.
I've sorted out the fire.
I'm going to text you the video
as soon as I get it.
You have my word.
[The Associate]
We need to talk. Tom.
Why don't you continue
straight along this route
to the next traffic light.
[engine revving]
[The Associate]
At the traffic light,
there's an establishment
on the far corner.
You're going to park
and enter it.
[dramatic music]
[The Associate]
Go and see the takeout man.
I've been here before.
[The Associate]
There's something you need
to pick up, Tom.
[The Associate]
Bring your phone with you.
And your ear phones.
That way we can talk.
Try the beverage cup
in the drink holder.
[crickets chirping]
[dogs barking]
[suspenseful music]
[The Associate]
Ring the buzzer, Tom.
[buzzer ringing]
What next?
[The Associate]
We need to talk about Terri.
About you bringing her
into your situation.
I had no choice.
Can I help you?
[whispering] Am I supposed
to ask him for something?
-What's that?
-I'm not talking to you.
[The Associate] He knows
what to give you, Tom.
They all do.
I remember you.
You know what I want?
It's been a long time.
-I can't remember.
-You know what I want?
[The Associate] You've been
in this place before,
haven't you?
I've been to a lot of
bottle shops, mate.
[The Associate] I thought
this might be a good place
to discuss your ex wife.
You can rely on Terri,
she's tougher than you think.
[The Associate] Glancing
through her history,
I'd have to agree with you.
We've done a lot of hateful shit
to each other,
but deep down,
there's a lot of respect.
[The Associate] Tell me about
the incident at the motel, Tom
concerning Ruby.
It wasn't an incident.
It was an accident.
[The Associate]
Tell me about it.
Let it go.
[car window opening]
She was three.
It was a fluke accident.
She wasn't hurt.
[The Associate]
I'm not sure Ruby would agree.
Did I hurt her?
Was anything broken?
[The Associate]
Only her heart.
That's on her mother.
She fucking poisoned
her memory of me.
She made me
into something I'm not.
I am not that guy anymore.
Ruby's going to see
that I'm not that guy anymore!
[bottle smashing]
[The Associate]
I have some unfortunate news.
Your plan isn't going to work.
You're going to fail
at your task.
I'm only telling you this
because there's so little time.
-Terri is going to come through.
-It's a crime scene, Tom.
[The Associate] The suspect's
whereabouts are unknown.
The police are prepared
and alert.
These are highly skilled
Anything is possible.
No one knows the future.
[The Associate]
I'm an expert in probabilities.
The odds aren't
in Terri's favor.
How do you know?
[The Associate]
I've been called in
to mediate
Terri's situation. Tom.
What happens to Terri?
[The Associate] It's out of
your hands now, Tom.
[intense music]
[inhales sharply]
What about Ruby?
that failed you, not me.
Yeah, I made her do it,
but I didn't have a choice.
Please don't take Ruby from me.
Look I did my best!
I tried, trying counts
for something.
I made the mistake.
Don't punish Ruby for it.
I promised I'd bring her home.
I'm begging you!
Give me one more chance
to save her.
[The Associate]
There's so little time, Tom.
There's 18 minutes.
I will do anything.
[The Associate]
If you insist
when the light changes continue
straight, no matter what.
No turns, no detours.
Head straight along the road.
-Is that clear?
-It's the most direct route.
-Back to Ruby?
[The Associate]
It's the only way.
I'll need your word on this.
I'm heading straight.
God is my witness.
[The Associate] You're not
negotiating in good faith, Tom.
I happen to know
you're an atheist.
I need a valid pledge.
I'll need you to swear
on your daughter's life.
I-I swear on Ruby's life,
I'm heading straight.
[The Associate] There's
something you need
to pick up, Tom.
[inhaling sharply]
[intense music]
[neck cracking]
[intense music]
[telephone ringing]
[automated voice] Incoming
call from Dario Khalid.
[Dario] Mr. Roth?
It's Dario.
I know because of your, uh,
situation or whatever,
you don't know your daughter
very well, or like at all.
But Ruby takes off
all the time.
To be alone, or chill,
whatever, that sort of thing.
And like I've tracked her
phone before.
I've been at it
ever since I spoke to you.
You've tracked my
daughter's phone?
[Dario] Yeah.
Find my friends.
I'm not picking up
any signal, Mr. Roth.
They, they might have
removed the battery
or put her phone
in a booster bag.
Nothing at all. That's it?
[Dario] I don't know anything
about hacking stuff, Mr. Roth.
Find My Friends
wasn't just my best shot,
it was my only shot.
And what about Ruby's message?
[Dario sobbing]
[Dario] I heard a train horn
in the background
but that could be anywhere.
I'm really sorry, Mr. Roth.
You tried, mate.
Trying counts for something.
I really wanted to...
I really wanted it to be me
that found her, Mr. Roth.
To be the one that,
who saved her.
Show her I was that guy.
You know what I mean?
[Dario sobbing]
I do, mate.
I got to go now, Dario.
[Dario] I failed her, Mr. Roth.
-We all did.
-Please save her.
[Dario] You will, won't you?
God is my witness.
[telephone disconnecting]
[telephone ringing]
[automated voice]
Incoming call from work.
-Tom, where the hell are ya?
[Trudy] Benny's been
calling you.
He got tired of waiting
and fucked off.
You never fixed the leak
in the flare stack, Tom.
Benny says you can
smell it from Mercy Road.
This is a serious
liability issue
I know you're new here,
but mate
this is the third bloody time
you've stuffed up.
Benny's sacking you, Tom.
Sorry to be the one
to tell ya.
We'll need the truck.
[dramatic music]
Oh, thank Christ.
I've seen you before.
I passed you an hour ago.
You weren't the only one, mate.
It's been hell.
You were on the other side
of the road there.
That must have been
a hundred K's from here.
What is this staged?
What you on about?
Are you one of his assistants?
Listen, mate, I've got a flat,
no spare,
no juice left in my phone.
I've been out here forever,
waving for help,
and nobody has stopped.
Not one.
People around here are cunts.
I'm running out of time.
Give it to me.
I'm supposed to pick
something up.
What is it?
Do you have anything for me?
[dogs barking at distance]
Head straight.
Hey, call someone.
Tell them I'm stranded
on Mercy Road.
You cunt!
She's my daughter, Terri.
God is my witness.
[indistinct muttering]
She's my daughter, Terri.
God is my witness.
I'm bringing her home.
[intense music]
[car window opening]
[Tom thinking] Give her to me,
Terri, she's my daughter too.
-[Terri] Stop, Tom, go away.
-[Tom] Give her to me, Terri.
-Terri give her to me.
-Oh, you're hurting her.
[intense high-pitched shrill]
[dogs barking]
-[telephone ringing]
- Incoming call from Terri.
Terri! Thank God.
[Abigail] Tom, it's Abigail.
-Where's Terri?
-There's been an accident.
[Abigail] Two officers saw
somebody in Terri's garage--
Did the garage burn?
[Abigail] They assumed
it was you and--
Did the garage burn?
I need to know.
[Abigail Yes, Tom, it did.
I don't believe you,
send me proof.
[telephone disconnected]
I fucking did it.
[The Associate] Time to discuss
compensation, Tom.
No. Terri, Terri did it.
I told you she'd come through.
I didn't fail you.
I did exactly what you asked.
We're even.
I swear they're going
to send me proof any second now.
[The Associate] There's no need.
I watched it live, Tom.
Would you like to see?
[phone dinging]
[Terri on recording] Don't come
near me! Please stay away.
I did what you asked.
[The Associate] Consider your
debt for Mr. Bader
paid in full, Tom.
I'm afraid however,
you now owe for damages.
You're gonna make me
pay for Terri?
[The Associate] You brought her
into your situation, Tom.
It's only fair.
No, not Ruby,
not my daughter.
Don't hurt my daughter.
Ruby, please.
[The Associate]
Someone always has to pay.
I'll pay!
Let me be the one who pays.
[The Associate]
We made a deal, Tom.
I made a promise.
[The Associate] I'd like to
propose a new arrangement.
[The Associate]
Go ahead, Tom.
Open it.
-What's in there?
-Don't be afraid, Tom.
[The Associate] Reach inside.
It won't bite.
You remember this gun?
When you bought it?
Eight years, seven months
and 13 days ago.
The day I quit drinking.
In case I couldn't hack it.
[The Associate]
Ruby's life or yours, Tom.
It's the best I can offer
on such short notice.
At least tell me where she is.
[The Associate] I would text
you a picture,
but it's, too dark.
Just tell me,
I need to know.
[The Associate] She's buried
in a shallow grave
at the base of a macadamia tree
inside a large
green duffle bag.
[Tom crying]
You need to make
a decision, Tom.
How will I know
she's been set free?
[The Associate] You won't.
But I still have 10 minutes.
[The Associate] I'm sorry, Tom.
I gave you the benefit
of choice
in the matter.
- It's out of my hands now.
[The Associate] If you'll
excuse me,
I'm getting called away
to another situation.
A matter of life or death.
It's been a pleasure
getting to know you, Tom.
This concludes
our transaction.
-No, way, way, wait.
-[telephone disconnecting]
[instrumental music]
[gun cocking]
[inhales sharply]
[car window opening]
[crickets chirping]
[breathing deeply]
[distant train horn]
[Ruby on recording]
My name is Ruby.
and I'm with my father.
[car accelerating]
[intense music]
Call Emergency Services.
[automated voice]
Calling Emergency Services.
-[Abigail] Yes, Tom.
-I've found her.
Come and get me.
[intense music]
[train horn]
[car screeching]
[intense music]
Ruby, hold on!
Come on!
[phone beeping]
[insects trilling]
[siren blaring at distance]
Ruby! Thank God, thank God.
[police sirens]
It's okay.
You're with me now,
it's good.
[cars screeching to halt]
Please don't make me do it,
not after all that.
[The Associate] Tom.
Let Ruby go.
It's alright.
[The Associate]
I have excellent news, Tom.
It appears Ruby is going
to be freed after all.
-Her odds look very good.
Thank you. Thank you for
saving me from doing that.
Thank you.
[The Associate] Ruby negotiated
her own release, Tom.
As you know,
I'm always called in
on matters of life or death.
[Terri] Tom,
can you hear me?
-[Terri] Talk to me, Tom.
-Tom, you gave me your word.
[Terri] Please bring her home.
But I almost made it!
I was close!
[The Associate] I'm sorry, Tom.
This is out of my purview.
The agreement was between you
and your ex-wife.
[Terri] Tom, can you hear me?
Talk to me, Tom.
Is Terri real?
Is any of this real?
[The Associate]
Anything is possible.
[Terri] Come out
and talk to me, please.
Please don't make me
go out there and see her, I
I've broken too many promises
already, she's gonna kill me.
[The Associate] You've
exceeded the allotted time
for our discussion, Tom.
Once again, it's been a
pleasure getting to know you.
No, no, no, no, no.
Give me one more chance.
[The Associate] This concludes
our transaction.
[police sirens]
[Abigail on megaphone]
Tom, it's Abigail.
Put the gun down and come out.
Tom, put the gun down
and come out.
[instrumental music]
You sleep, baby girl.
I gotta go talk to your mum.
Make everything alright
like I always do.
You know how your mum gets.
[Terri] Tom you gave me
your word remember.
I promise, I'm gonna make
it better than it was before.
It's going to be like
none of this ever happened.
You have my word.
God is my witness.
[siren blaring]
[man 1] Freeze!
[siren blaring]
[The Associate] I've enjoyed
our conversation, Ruby.
[The Associate] It's been
a very pleasant exchange.
[muffled gunshot]
This concludes our transaction.
[muffled gunshot]