Mere Desh Ki Dharti (2022) Movie Script

'It was two of us...'
...and the third was our fate...'
'Which I guess was upset with us
and had retreated in a shell.'
'Place was Mumbai,
and it's hustle-bustle.'
'We became engineers...'
'...and matched steps with the crowd
tofind a job in this ferocious city.'
'Instead of a salary
of 1.5 million...'
'...we got a job with
merely 15,000.'
'While struggling with life,
there came a time when...'
'...we figured we deserved to be in
a place where all eyes were on us.'
"This is the seventh incident
in the city of Mumbai..."
"...where an engineer committed suicide
but jumping in front of a train."
"It's being said that he took this
extreme step due to lack of job."
"According to sources,
the suicide note claims..."
These news channels are
out of their mind, you know.
There's nothing wrong in it.
It's happening.
Father must have told
him to find a good job.
And the son said,
"No, suicide is a better option".
That's the new generation for you.
And your generation was
full of Maharana Pratap (Warrior)
- Yes...
- What a generation.
...we did.
And we would win our wars...
...unlike you.
You can't even find a decent job.
Decent job!
What do you think I
go out and do every day?
What's your salary?
What do you expect me to do?
Throw a party?
What's the EMI of
your educational loan?
Can you pay it back?
GDP has reached 3.8...
...I'm not the only one
that doesn't have a decent job.
I've been telling you
to help me with my startup...
...and things will fall in place.
What's the point?
You can't run a little sideshow...
...and think you can run a circus.
- Look at Mr. Sharma's son.
- Right...
And he has a fat package.
Then why don't you adopt him?
You're always giving
his mom an eyeful.
- Look...
- Let him finish his breakfast first.
Don't start this in the morning.
He sits here having breakfast...
...while the world
makes it to the moon.
Fine. I won't have breakfast.
Are you happy?
Don't pay attention to him.
Off you go to work.
And have this on the way. Okay.
Why an apple?
Give him the keys to our locker.
Oh, that reminds me.
See...I got these made
for your wife.
Keep these in the
locket on your way.
Mom, I don't have a decent job... stop dreaming
about my wedding,
By the way,
this scheme is best for papa.
Right, papa.
You know what, I'll get married...
...and we'll ask for a lot of dowry.
And use that to pay back the loan.
His face just lit up.
- Bye, mom.
- Bye.
Sounds like a plan.
Let's start looking
at available prospects.
Watch your TV.
I will watch it.
At least the TV listens to me.
I'll watch whatever I want.
"In recent news, a son
strangled his father to death."
promotions are due this week.
If you can help me out, please.
Make all new beginnings at 8 am.
Success shall be yours.
Guruji, I got to take this.
I am really sorry.
Yeah, babes. Say.
Where are you?
On my way to the office.
You continue.
They swing by my place.
I can't come, babes.
I am on my way.
You should wear yellow.
To calm the planets.
But last time you said blue.
Blue? I never said it.
I wasn't talking to you.
Samir, listen to me.
Are you coming?
Babes, how can I come?
Okay, bye.
Don't call me.
Don't get angry...
Okay. I'll figure out something.
I'll come. Okay.
So, tell me.
No, you tell me.
What are you planning on doing?
Doing what?
Marriage, of course.
We'll get married.
I even rebelled against my family...
But I can't rebel
against my parents.
If you want to marry me...
...then you must come home
and ask for my hand.
My dad is already looking
for a prospective husband.
The likes of a businessman,
or pilot...
Being the zonal head of a multination
company is not a small post.
Promotions are due this week.
Even your dad will
feel proud when I tell him.
- I see...
- And then walk down the aisle with you.
Sameer, life isn't
a Shahrukh Khan movie.
Anyway, I'm going to
dinner with him tonight.
And you've to come.
- Tonight?
- Yes.
I'll introduce you two.
But babes, you see
my promotion can...
What time?
8 pm, Grand Palace.
Be there by 7:30.
What are you searching for?
Leave it.
Let's go give ourselves heartburn.
Hey Bruce Lee. Tea.
- Thank you.
- So DJ...
Can you ever get a hot cup of tea?
Don't you have enough
screw-ups in your life already?
Get lost.
If only my startup on track...
Why don't you talk
to the company clients?
Are you out of your mind, Gautam?
That's ethically wrong.
If I steal my company's clients...
...I'll go straight to hell.
This isn't exactly paradise.
Well, I'll send you
the client details.'s Hitler.
Throw the cigarette.
Throw your cigarette.
Hi, guys.
What's up?
Sorry, sir.
I am extremely sorry.
So Ajay, I hardly see
you at the office these days.
No, sir, I've been around.
- I'll see you guys upstairs.
- Yeah, sir.
Why didn't you throw
away your cigarette?
- But I did...
- Why didn't you throw it away earlier?
He should know that
we respect him.
You threw it away earlier,
did he know?
- You're a weird guy.
- Always have been.
Listen, I've a client meeting.
I need to leave early.
You'll be using your
dad as an excuse.
I can't help it if I am a genius.
I take only four hours
to do what you take eight.
Isn't your father's illness
taking too long to heal?
The other day Chitra was
asking whether your dad has AIDs.
Tell Chitra to look
after her dad, okay.
You take this, and I'll leave.
- Mr. Ajay.
- Yeah.
Sir is calling you.
Please come.
So what I hope to do is involve
as many small-scale workers as possible.
Presenting you with "Bornical".
Mechanical Bond to bring a change.
That's my presentation, guys!
What do you think about it?
Your presentation is good.
Thank you.
But you'll have to make
the initial investment.
So Bhau, we had met earlier.
And you said if I ever
need money to start my own thing...
...then I should tell you.
That's what I said, didn't I?
- Yes, I did.
- So what about it?
Well...I'm starting my own startup.
Everything's in place.
Startup what?
Business. My own business.
It's a consultancy.
The initial investment
required is 2 million...
Which according to the client will
be compensated in the first month.
I see...
- 2 million.
- Yes.
Is that it?
- It's enough.
- Don't just stand there. Sit
Thank you, Bhau.
Consider it done.
Don't worry.
Thank you, Bhau.
How much is 2 million?
- Isn't that right, kid?
- Exactly, Bhau.
It's like loose change for him.
Bhau has a sound reputation
in the city, you know.
- True. True.
- Isn't it?
Fuc Katya!
- I am paying you to work.
- Okay, brother.
That's all you say.
What were you saying?
About my startup.
I need 2 million for my business.
Like I said...
you don't have to worry.
Come collect 2 million
from me next week.
Don't be shy.
But not now.
First service to God.
- Yeah...
- Then your reward.
Of course. Of course.
You'll remember this deal.
This should be the best
'Bappa' pandal in town.
Of course,
Bhau, I know it's going to be.
It won't happen on its own.
Shouldn't you lend us a hand too?
Of course, Bhau.
- Will you volunteer?
- Yes.
Or just take the reward.
No, no...
Then don't just stand there.
Get to work. Go on.
Starting today,
you're one of my volunteers.
- May I come in?
- Yes?
Come in.
Come in, Sameer.
I am giving these files to Priyanka.
Just give her a hand.
And in case this takes time...
...then stay in a little late.
It's very important.
And anyway, everyone
in the office needs your help.
I just hope I get
what I deserve, sir.
You deserve the best, Sameer.
What? Girlfriend?
Yes. We were supposed to meet,
but you got this work.
Don't worry, I'll handle sir.
It's okay. I'll manage.
I know how to handle him.
Don't try to handle me.
And get to work.
Okay, as you wish.
"Wake up and open your eyes..."
"It's a new morning,
wish yourself luck."
"Why aren't you picking up my phone"
"If you're late, you're dead."
"The sun's shining over the head."
"Unlock your fate."
"Take a deep breath of fresh air..."
"...and a plethora of stress."
"Ready to smoke your daily worries."
"I wonder when will
this borrowed life change."
"Cruel life."
"Cruel life."
"Throws me in a tizzy,
this cruel life."
"Cruel life."
"Cruel life."
"Screws me with a smile,
this cruel life."
You're a shoo-in for promotion.
Are you looking for
double-promotion with extra effort?
Let's go get a cup of tea.
We'll go in the evening.
"My bro, my bro...
you're screwed, my bro."
"My bro, my bro...
you're screwed, my bro."
"I wonder when he'll
scoop in my chance."
"I am dangling between
hell and high water."
"My bro... My bro..."
"My bro... My bro..."
Hello, babes, I'll be there
in 5 minutes. I'm on the way.
No need to show up.
Dinner's over.
Don't call me again.
Shilpa's angry with me again.
I've an idea.
Shilpa will never
be angry with you again.
- Are you serious?
- Dump Shilpa.
"With a glug of oil in one hand
and a knob of butter in the other."
"He's set out with
an empty suitcase."
"Hoping that life's set."
"With a plethora of degrees..."
"...and his knowledge of galore."
"With a fake face
that wins hearts..."
"...always ready to smile."
"I wonder when this
messed up life will change."
Bhau, I've seen a
space for the office.
But I need to pay an advance.
I'm investing 2 million
in your startup.
And you can't arrange for advance.
No, no.
Advance is 150,000 rupees.
Which I don't have.
Arrange for it.
It's only for a week.
You're like a kid to me.
In fact, you're my child.
Come on, go.
Go check the sound.
The money isn't going anywhere.
It doesn't have wings.
Go check the sound.
Yes... yes...
"Cruel life."
Listen, Vinod, can I please
pay the advance by next week?
No, please.
Don't be like this.
I've other clients
ready to pay in full.
If you don't pay advance tomorrow,
you'll lose the place.
"Cruel life."
"Screws me with a smile,
this cruel life."
- Shilpa.
- Hi, Sameer.
You aren't even answering my calls.
Forget all that.
For the last time,
are you coming to meet dad or not?
When do we meet?
Then come to Delhi.
I am attending my cousin's wedding.
- You're not coming.
- I will. I will.
I am sending you the address.
I've to go to Delhi.
Why Delhi?
Shilpa's given me
an ultimatum this time.
She says if I don't meet
her dad this time, then...
Come along.
- Where? Delhi?
- No.
I am going crazy running
between the venue and office.
What Delhi?
Will Bhau give you money?
Of course, he will. He should.
He's a rich guy.
He sponsored 1.5 million
in the last 'Janmashtami'.
But keep a backup.
I am just suggesting. Have a backup.
2 bottles of mustard oil.
Yeah... Priest.
At least get your own priest.
- So my confused prince.
- I'll arrange for it.
What's up with your startup?
Nothing. Still trying
every trick in the book.
But nothing solid is happening.
I wish the government announces
a scheme to earn money the easy way.
The government's unpredictable,
but I know a guy.
If he can be any use to you,
you'll have your backup.
Who is he?
Billu bhai, but he lives in Delhi.
He's a great guy, Ajay.
Believe me.
My uncle needed money.
He approached everyone
but to no avail.
But this guy took only a day.
He's got great connections.
Listen...did you ask anyone
else for your trip to Delhi?
I am not looking for another companion.
You're the only one I asked.
Okay. I'm coming too.
What about the venue?
Someone else will take care of it.
What are friends for after all?
Just arrange for the tickets.
- Okay. I'll call you.
- Okay.
No need to worry about back here.
I'll handle everything.
- The work and the boss.
- Thanks, man.
And if Billu bhai gives
you something on your way back...
...just get it.
Billu bhai, huh?
Billu bhai.
We've been prospering thanks to you,
Diwakar sir.
You know how lucky you are for me.
Now you're embarrassing me.
I'm sending 3 million.
Just return it on time.
Hello, sir.
My name's Ajay.
I had a word with Gautam.
He said you can arrange money.
I am starting my own startup...
...and need a small
investment of 2 million.
If you could arrange for it...
Take it. Gautam's like family.
Can I, sir?
Can I really take it?
Sir, thank you so much.
What are the formalities?
I've a couple of plans.
I see...
What are these plans?
Well, the first one's the easy way.
You've got options like theft,
robbery, loot.
Like, rob a bank,
or rob a company...
...even rob an ATM.
- The entire thing?
- Yeah...
We'll deduct 15% on every
robbery that you commit...
...and no interest will be charged.
Sounds nice, sir. It's nice.
- But it's too time-consuming...
- White cut.
White cut plan is a direct plan.
Pull the trigger...bam! Done!
Then just quit the city.
We'll send you to
Goa for three nights... a 5-Star property.
That'll be complimentary.
Party all night.
And it's all complimentary.
All on the house.
We're ecstatic to hear your plans.
What clarity he has.
So this one's right.
sir, all of it sounds too hard.
- I've a cut-to-cut plan as well.
- Okay...
Cut-to-cut plan. Very simple.
We'll export wherever
there's demand.
That's all. Pretty simple.
Demand and supply.
- What do we supply, sir?
- Girls.
Abduct some pretty looking girls.
We'll ship them off to Dubai.
There's quite a demand there.
What do you say?
Well, you've given me so
many options, that I'm confused.
- We'll take the packet...
- Great.
I've a cute-cut plan.
I am liking the sound of this.
Sir, please give us more details.
Doesn't involve much hard work.
You just have to woo
daughters of rich fathers.
We'll arrange for the cute hotel.
And make cute videos.
What say?
All your loans will be paid off.
No, sir.
There is something
morally wrong about this.
Okay, thank you.
Sir, we'll take the packet,
and we'll take your leave.
Okay, bro.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Shera...
- Yes, boss...
What's the total?
14 minutes, boss.
So 1000 rupees per minute...
the total comes to 19,000.
Two cups of tea for 60 each.
You owe me 19900 rupees.
We pay you?
Who else?
But we didn't touch the tea.
The tea was right there. It's
your fault if you didn't drink it.
Have it now. You're paying for it,
even the biscuits.
We don't want biscuits.
If you prefer broken
bones instead...
- ...or like being tossed around...
- We'll pay...
- Shera...
- We'll pay, sir.
- We're scared.
- We'll pay, sir.
Pay up.
Shilpa gave me that ring.
And this was your backup.
You're right.
Bhau's a much better guy.
At least he's willing
to give me money...
...without making me a murderer.
I'll show that Gautam...
What was in that packet?
- Can be anything like weed, hash, LSD?
- It's just cocaine.
Throw it. You shouldn't
be carrying these things around.
And you were looking
at me on the cute-cut plan.
I thought you had cute and cut.
I see... so I'm the cut.
- Rickshaw.
- This seems to be the place.
200 rupees? You guys are thieves.
Listen, young man.
We don't have change.
Pay the rickshaw fare,
and I'll pay you back.
Son, where is Shilpa.
Are you here to meet sister Shilpa?
Yes, son.
Where can I find her?
- Is she your sister too?
- No, son.
She's his sweetheart
and your brother-in-law.
One more brother-in-law.
One more brother-in-law's here.
One more brother-in-law's here.
Meaning someone
beat you to it, friend.
Sonu, why are you calling
him brother-in-law?
Don't you like me?
Actually, we told him his
brother-in-law's come to meet his sister.
We didn't know he'll
call every guy brother-in-law.
No, mom, he said so.
No, son. We said we
are your sister's friends.
And catching up with college
friends isn't easy these days.
It's places like this
where they meet.
So true.
Am I right, dear?
Right, dad.
No, dad.
Sir, I'll make a move.
Okay, then.
see Rajat to the door.
You did want some privacy with him.
Okay, son.
- Pleasure to meet you, sir.
- Thank you for coming.
Sweet boy.
Please, sit.
- Thank you, sir.
- Sit.
Would you like a drink?
No, thanks, sir.
Sameer doesn't drink,
but I can have one.
Sir, I'll help myself.
So who were these people
who came to see you?
- Captain...
- Rajat.
Captain Rajat.
He didn't come to meet Shilpa.
He came to see her.
Actually, sir, I've something
important to tell you.
Go on.
Shilpa and I love each other.
And we want to get
married to each other.
Each other?
Yes, sir.
I know you want to,
I can understand because
why wouldn't you?
Shilpa's well-educated,
she's pretty...
...and the only daughter of the country's
leading agri-commodity exporter.
No, sir. That's not it.
We love each other.
What do you do?
There's a multinational
company called Civineers...
Oh yeah...
Shilpa told me about it.
You're the Zonal head
in some multinational company.
No, sir. Actually,
my promotion's due in two days.
Then what are you
doing here so early?
Come see me after two-days.
Shilpa's here.
She looks happy.
What are you guys talking about?
Nothing, dear.
He's insisting on leaving,
and I'm telling him to stay.
Right, Sameer.
See your friend to the gate,
I'll be inside.
It was nice meeting you.
Sure, sir.
What a nice and a kind man.
Your father.
Did you have a word with papa?
Do you have time to listen...
...or do you have to
see-off someone else?
Guys, I'll just go
out for a quick smoke.
You guys, talk.
Sameer, try to understand.
I don't have a choice.
I'm a girl,
I've to balance out things.
Even I was trying to balance out.
This is why I was
telling you to wait.
I'll meet your dad
after I get promoted.
But you...
But next time I'll come prepared...
So I can talk to your father.
Till then you can
go out with that Rajat.
Give me two days.
Don't say yes till then.
I'll come back. Promise.
Yellow shirt.
- Guruji suggested this shirt.
- Correct.
Promotions will be announced today.
Keep the sweets ready.
Fingers crossed.
All set.
All the best.
Ajay, you're back.
What did you order from Billu bhai?
Where is it?
Show me.
Imagine if I was arrested.
But you didn't.
And which plan did you choose?
What mess were you getting me in?
You think I'll murder
someone for money.
You wanted to make
money the easy way.
What if I go to the Police instead?
We're friends after all.
- Sir, the boss is calling you.
- He's calling you.
- So good to see you.
- I'll see you later.
Come in.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
Come in, come in, come in.
Aren't you early today?
Oh yeah, your dad is not well.
How's your dad doing now?
He's much better now.
In fact, he even goes
out for a jog in the morning.
And how much of your startup
did you implement in this company?
Sorry, I didn't get you...
How many of our clients
did you steal for your startup?
I did no such thing.
You're mistaken...
Shut up!
Now you listen to me.
Get out of here, now!
- Get out from here!
- Sir, please listen to me...
How dare you betray
the company you work in?
Thank God I found all your files.
And on the nick of time.
Because you left no stone unturned.
Get out from here!
This company doesn't
need you anymore!
- Sir...
- Now!
You did this, didn't you?
Did I ask for the client
list or you gave it to me?
I didn't...
He's my friend.
Hi, everyone.
I know you've been all
eagerly waiting for this day.
Everyone's done their best.
But...the one who got promoted... the new zonal
head of our company is...
Make a guess.
Come on.
Okay, I'll tell you.
That name is...
Priyanka Khurana!
'You deserve the best, Sameer.'
'What do you do?'
'Just two more days...after
I get promoted.'
'The promotion is yours.'
'Zonal Head.'
'Next time I'll come prepared...'
' I can talk to your dad.'
'Even your dad will
feel proud when I tell him.'
'That name is...
Priyanka Khurana!'
- I don't eat sweets...
- Just a small bite.
- One small bite...
- Sameer!
You should ask for
permission before entering.
Say that again.
You should ask for
permission before entering.
Did you ask for my permission
before making me do overtime?
We punch-in!
Who's gonna punch-out, you twat!
Mind your language.
To hell with language,
my body language's out of synch.
Getting into an engineering
college is a gigantic task.
Than four years of mugging up.
After mugging through unlimited books,
permutations-combination, equation,
problem, solution, theta, gamma...
...we finally become engineers,
and you guys put us in marketing!
You make us sell your products!
Filling out your
tenders is not my job!
Which I still did...
And I got you all the orders!
With my hard work and knowledge!
I worked long-nights,
never cared for my family...
...even put my
personal life at stake!
And who did you promote?
This broad of yours!
What the hell, Sameer?
Shut up, or I'll ruin your face.
You'll never wear makeup again.
Sameer, you're being rude!
I'll show you rude!
Have a sweet...
- This is too much!
- I'll show you too much!
Too much!
I didn't want this promotion
because I've an ailing mother...
I wanted this promotion
because I deserve it.
And you know that!
And so do you!
Get out.
Get out of the office now.
Even you got promoted
by bootlicking.
You're not firing me, I quit!
Don't you get it?
Don't raise your voice.
Get out! Get out!
Say it once more, and I'll kill you.
No... don't touch me!
Don't touch me!
Shut up! Shut up!
Look down.
Look down!
- Don't you dare come back...
- You...
You worked pretty hard this year.
You know, Bhau, the venue's a hit.
We talked about money.
Oh, yeah...your money.
Wait a minute.
Your money.
Here's your money.
What is this, Bhau?
At 300 per day,
you took one leave.
This is not what I
am talking about, Bhau.
I am talking about the money
for investment. 2 million rupees.
No...not this year.
This year I spent
a lot on Bappa's venue.
We'll think about it next year.
Pedro, work faster.
Haven't you eaten?
Bhau...I trusted you.
I even paid 150,000
in advance for the office.
I quit my job.
Next, you'll say you came
in this world trusting me.
Get going. I am a busy man.
Call the tent guy.
Tell him to hurry down here.
Yes, Bhau.
This isn't right, Bhau.
Don't threaten me.
I'll drown you in your own blood.
Hey handsome, throw him out.
I give you one finger,
and you try to take the whole hand.
Have you ever earned money yourself?
Takes sweat and grime.
Get lost.
Throw him out.
Vinod, please try to understand.
The advance can't be returned.
I've a business to run.
Not to get ripped off.
'When life pins you down...'
' only see
darkness all around.'
'Something similar happened
with Sameer and me.'
'All our hopes and dreams
were shattered in a single day.'
You see, the guests must
be welcomed with Pan Parag.
- Right.
- Look, Ajay's here too.
- Come, Ajay.
- Come on.
Pull up a chair.
He's my son Ajay.
Look, son, that's Radhika.
Not Radhika.
She's Gitika.
Fine, Gitika.
Takes time to remember the name.
This is my son.
He's in high school.
Wants to be an engineer.
Ohh...I am so sorry.
Son, you can ask
questions if you want.
He's an engineer too.
Ask what.
There's nothing to ask.
I haven't the slightest
clue about these things.
What will you ask?
What's wrong with him?
What are you saying, Ajay?
Nothing. What did I say?
The truth mom.
Let's start at the top.
My name's Ajay.
I'm an engineer by profession.
And useless by fate.
I got fired from my only job!
Because I was planning
to start my startup.
But I got caught.
And now I don't have
my startup either.
Because the guy who was
going to invest in my startup...
He humiliated me before
throwing me out.
So I've no job, no startup...
We do have a loan of 1.6 million.
It's an educational
loan...which we can't repay.
For which my father
keeps taunting me.
My father wants to see me married... he can repay
the loan with the dowry.
By the way, mom, remember those bracelets
you made for your daughter-in-law.
I had to sell them.
I had to pay an
advance for my office.
So I am flat-broke.
Completely broke.
And if you still want
to make him an engineer...
...and let your daughter be my wife,
then I'll doubt your intelligence.
Let it be, he said nothing wrong.
In fact, he told us the truth.
He didn't cheat us.
You might have kept us
in the dark and taken dowry.
Let's go. How could you
bring us to such people?
Let's go.
Come on.
Bye, aunty.
- Is he my son or my enemy?
- They left their daughter behind.
I should drop her home.
How can she travel alone at night?
Aunty, I am coming.
Get up.
Get up!
There's the door.
Get out.
Leave us...for good.
You don't even have
to show us your face again!
You humiliated me.
You troubled me all your life...
...and now you embarrassed
me in front of strangers.
You turned me into
a dowry-hungry monster!
That was the last
nail in the coffin.
Why did you show your
face here at this time?
Why didn't you just die instead?
Drowned yourself or
jumped in front of a train...
You won't interfere.
Or you two can live in this house!
And I'll leave instead!
If you wish to see me dead.
Come on, get out.
Get lost.
And never come back ever!
Throw his stuff out the window.
Don't let him in again.
Go and die! Just die!
"I've estranged myself."
"Piece me together, Lord."
"I've strayed from my road."
"Show me the way, Lord."
"Dark lanes in my way..."
" me through it."
"Every dream has shattered..."
" me a way to live again."
"O, Lord..."
"I had dreamt of making
my parents happy at any sake."
"Clueless I was that my
dreams would shatter like this."
"My eyes are brimming with tears..."
Pick up the call, damnit!
What about your promotion?
I need to talk to my dad!
"O, Lord..."
It's all over.
It's all bloody over.
The world sped ahead,
leaving us eating dirt!
Can anyone guide us now?
Everyone's a bloody capitalist.
They all suck up to
people with loaded pockets.
That's why we worked so hard.
I worked so hard.
...the girl I loved...
I couldn't prove
myself worthy to her.
It's all worthless.
We're losers! Losers!
I promised my mom...
I told her you don't
have to worry anymore.
I'm a grownup now.
I'll give you all the comfort.
Take care of you.
Take care!
I couldn't even take care of myself.
And my dad's right!
I am useless!
I am useless about everything!
Embarrassed my father,
hurt my mother!
Let's just die, Sameer.
Let's die.
You know,
I was thinking about it.
But if you're with me,
I won't back down.
You're right.
Let's die.
Let's die.
Why didn't you jump?
You didn't jump either.
You two can't do it.
Don't look at me.
You'll break your concentration.
Look, the next train's on its way.
You'll miss this one
like the five earlier ones.
Who told you to
interfere between us?
What between?
I am miles away from you two.
You are interfering.
Why don't you jump yourself?
Well, I've rejected
this idea long back.
And listen, there are only
two reasons to commit suicide.
Love or job.
Which ones yours.
Listen, wise guy,
why do you even bother?
Nothing personal.
I am just giving you an idea.
Years ago I came
looking here for a job.
When I couldn't find one, I thought
I'll jump from here to my death.
But then I started
my own business...
...that now yields
600,000 rupees per year.
That's nearly 50,000
rupees per month.
And no GST.
Well...time to go to work.
'That beggar's advice
got us completely sober again.'
'Next thing we did
was get off the bridge.'
'The things that were going
on in our minds makes us laugh now.'
I am thinking,
why draw so much attention?
If we die here, our pictures
will be all over the newspapers... anchors will
rant over our bodies.
Why do it?
In fact,
let's go somewhere far away.
And die in peace.
No one will know.
And the world will
think we ran away.
Good plan.
And why don't we die
at 8 am tomorrow?
But why 8?
Guruji said to start every
new work this week at 8 am.
It's an auspicious time.
What are you saying?
Get out of your Guruji's pants.
This isn't your wedding where you'll
wait for the auspicious moment.
It's not about the wedding.
Think about it.
If we die on an auspicious time...
...maybe next time we'll
be born to some rich dads.
Otherwise, we'll be
stuck in this fucup life.
Sounds right.
Where do we go?
'So we had a time to die.'
'A packet of poison and
a journey leading nowhere...
'...which was supposed
to end at 8 am.'
'But we didn't know that the next
event would shake us to the core.'
This is my seat.
- Okay.
- Out!
Ajay. This one's open.
Come on.
Ticket! Ticket!
Potty. Potty.
I'm asking for the ticket.
I am busy taking a dump.
I see...
Finish up, I am waiting.
Mumbai-local ticket.
Mumbai local.
It's out.
Soil it. Come on.
Giving, sir. Wait.
I'm almost done.
Make it dirtier.
Here you go, sir.
It fell in the commode.
It's my ticket.
Dirty man.
Take it.
Keep it to yourself.
It's an unknown place. Think again.
You don't get it, father.
Farming has no future.
I'm going to the city.
I'll find some kind of job.
I'll keep sending you money.
Take care.
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
Let's go.
What are you thinking? Let's go.
- Where?
- The last cab's about to leave.
Don't just stand there.
It's freezing tonight.
You two will freeze
to death out here.
Hurry up.
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
Make space. Make space.
Here we go. Off we go...
Who's making the air unbearable?
Who's got indigestion.
Let's go.
Walking on foot again.
Hop on my cab.
Come on.
I won't charge you.
Come on. Come on.
Hop in.
Make space, guys.
Make space for one more.
"Here we go. Off we go..."
Last stop Salamatpur.
That will be 20 rupees, guys.
Pay my fare.
We don't have any money.
Did someone pick your pockets
or had no money in the first place?
Something like that.
Couldn't you say that earlier?
This cab doesn't run on water.
It runs on diesel
and costs a fortune.
Actually, you jostled us in,
before we could say anything...
If I hustle you to jump
off a bridge, will you do that?
You should've thought
before getting in.
You two look educated.
We are.
Okay, fine. Go.
Go on.
I spare you 20 rupees.
You'll have to pray for
my good health in-exchange.
- Now leave.
- Thank you. Sorry.
Babban, still sleeping.
Go home.
Do you have money
to eat or still starving?
Listen, brother.
Keep it.
Get something to eat.
No one's ever given me
money with no strings attached.
But...why did we take it?
- Sameer! Dogs!
- Run! Run!
They are still coming after us!
Run! Faster, Sameer. Faster.
Faster! Faster!
Run! Faster, Sameer. Faster.
Whose dog are they?
Water. There's water up ahead.
Ajay! Have you lost your mind
bathing in this freezing weather?
It can kill you!
We came here to die.
You should join me too.
This is amazing, Sameer!
I always wanted to
bathe under a waterfall.
God's finally answered my prayers.
Thank you, God.
We'll miss the auspicious time.
We'll miss the auspicious time.
There's still time.
If we bathe before we die,
we'll be born as clean kids.
Come on.
I am okay like this.
Come on.
Don't waste time.
Just come.
Okay. Okay, I am coming.
Come on.
I feel so like a mermaid.
That was fun!
You know, I spent half my life
bathing in a birdbath in Mumbai.
Lots of fun.
Now I am hungry.
You seem to be in a jolly mood.
Did we come here to
die or on a picnic?
You're bathing, eating, or peeing.
We never agreed on
dying of starvation.
We have 20 rupees.
Let's give it to someone.
Get that oil changed.
Stop wrestling with him.
How much for one plate?
20 rupees.
Then give us one.
But you're two.
But we've only 20 rupees.
Here you go, mister.
Pray for my well-being instead.
Go on, eat it. Take it.
Get that oil changed.
Weird guy.
The guys are right here.
Get down.
On that note,
I would like to say a few lines...
- Applause, please...
- Of course, boss.
I carry my own audience
and don't depend on anyone.
You've arrived in my
life like the spring season...
...three of us are here to receive
you, we'll go back four buddies.
But we're five.
Stop counting. Feel the emotion.
So Salamatpur welcomes you two.
I've a question,
how did you two turn up so early.
Were you riding on the engine?
Are you...
Are you talking to us?
Who else?
You two are coming from the city?
Only God can answer why.
We know that you're coming from
the city and haven't got much time.
How... you know?
I also know how Katappa
killed Baahubali.
Like this!
Since you're our guests, we'll leave
no stone unturned in your welcome.
Puran, give them the mouth
freshener and put it all on my tab.
He doesn't know when to
stop and isn't making any sense.
I can't figure out what's going on.
This is no rocket science.
Balwa said two guys are coming
to the wedding from the city.
We've to receive them.
You're the guys,
the wedding's that way...
...and we're here to pick you up.
Let's go.
He's a strange guy.
Let it be.
We're missing the auspicious time.
The auspicious time
is for the evening.
Are you going to
wait here until then?
The wedding formalities
have started. Hurry up.
Come on, or we'll have to carry you.
Yes. Let's go.
What is he?
- Forget him...
- I know...
...he's mistaking
us for someone else.
Let's go now,
later we'll give them the slip.
Otherwise, he won't stop talking.
- Don't force me. Come on.
- Please... We're coming.
They are delicate kids.
Careful with them.
One more thing.
My vehicle runs on jet fuel.
So fasten your seatbelt.
And Irshad,
these guys are a bit underdressed.
Give them your jackets
or they will catch a cold.
Let's go.
Khan sir, spare us.
Let us through.
He's the professor of our village.
He's over-educated.
In fact, even he doesn't
know how educated he is.
Can't say whether he's really crazy
or making us. Come on, guys.
"Had a word with life,
took a puff..."
"...and kept walking."
"Treated life as rings of smoke."
Bravo. Bravo.
The party's already started, uncle.
But you're missing.
Them here comes a bomber.
I'll smoke everyone up.
Look after them.
"It goes something
like from the tonsils."
"We live life with a smile."
"Amazing. Amazing."
"We live life with a smile."
"Amazing. Amazing."
"We don't give sorrows a lift."
"Good one, good one."
"Sadness skirts us from me."
"Because we never
give it any credit."
"Bravo. Bravo."
"Sway to the beat
and take your chance."
"Serve up some sweet
and spread your love."
"Life's very short,
so don't feel embarrassed."
"Shake a leg the way you can."
"Come prepared and knock
everyone off the floor."
"Like a party-animal."
"Guddu, Pappu,
Bittu, Golu, Mintu, Sonu, Vicky..."
"Jhumki, Guddi, Pinky, Chunnu..."
"Do the serpent dance."
"Serpent dance."
"Serpent dance."
"Serpent dance."
"Do the serpent dance."
"Deepak, Raju, Pankaj, Gundan,
Champak, Rohit, Chandu..."
"Kajal, Preity, Manju, Meena..."
"Do the serpent dance."
"When the trumpets blare,
everyone swings into action."
"Let's play up a storm."
"Down a peg,
you're allowed anything today."
- What's going on?
- Come here.
What are you doing?
We missed the auspicious
time because of you.
"Mishra, Dubey,
Yadav, Shukla, hear me..."
"Khan, Ansari, Kesarwani, Verma,
Chaddha, hear me."
...can you see what I see?
I only see we missed the auspicious
time for suicide because of you.
Again with the suicide.
What about the life
that you see here?
"Rahul, Sanjay, Neeraj,
Chandan, Akbar, Alim, Ahmed..."
"The guy with the elephant-gun."
"Do the serpent dance."
You're scared from day 1.
You were scared on the bridge,
and you're scared now.
If you didn't want to die,
you should've said so!
I was scared on the bridge,
and I'm scared now.
And you're not.
Here's the packet of poison.
Swallow it and die.
Go die.
You're being impossible.
Why did we want to die?
Because the city was strangling us.
Neither you nor I could
handle the pressure.
We were stuck with your
promotion and my startup.
And take a look at this place...
And the air here
is entirely different.
What is this...
look at these clothes.
Did anything like
this happen with us?
And look at them.
They aren't worried
about making a dime.
They are not worrying
about the future.
And we wanted to die
because of our present.
Just take a look at their faces.
"Pumpum, Lallu,
Billu, Veeru, Robert, Chotu.."
"Veena, Tina, Poonam, Gita..."
"Do the serpent dance."
I see it.
Their faces and also
the girl whose face you saw.
"Dance and sway."
"Dance and jump."
I see serenity.
And this is the serenity
we were searching for in the city.
Because we took
life too seriously...
...and we shouldn't have.
Talking like a wise man now.
What serenity.
What a transformation.
"Serpent dance."
"Serpent dance."
"Serpent dance."
"Do the serpent dance."
"Serpent dance."
"Serpent dance."
"Serpent dance."
"Do the serpent dance."
Babban hung himself!
Hurry up. Come quickly.
Come on. Come quickly.
What have you done?
Who will look after us?
Did someone come again?
It was those bloody bank people.
They said today's the last day.
And he hung himself.
He couldn't repay 10,000.
'Witnessing a real suicide
that day was terrifying!.'
'We could've never understood
that farmer's pain and his sorrow.'
'Because we got drunk and decided to
commit suicide on an auspicious time.'
'Watching that hanging body...
...something pricked us.'
'Something was stuck.'
See guys,
a farmer's death has become so easy.
Only for 10,000 rupees...
Wear the noose,
leave the ground, and he's gone.
Welcome to Karzapur!
"Alarmingly, on an average, eight farmers
have committed suicide in the state..."
"...every day in
the last four years."
"And that is just official reports."
"The number you've
dialled is switched off."
"Please try again later."
You okay, dear?
Why is his phone switched off?
It's still unavailable.
I've been dialling
his number all day.
Will get off your seat
and look for him or not?
Prince Charming isn't worried...
...and Queen mother is
pacing the entire palace.
No need to worry, he will come back.
Serve lunch.
And you should eat too.
It's too late.
Come on.
Don't worry, he'll be back soon.
"But if we look at
the previous records..."
"...then you'll be shocked to know.
'So the villagers knew that
we were not Balwai's friends.'
'But we had narrated
our entire story.'
They said that they
snatched their plates.
And also made them
get up from their seats.
That's true.
Isn't that wonderful?
"I wish to breathe
my last in your arms..."
" my death can be memorable."
Who worries about
time to commit suicide.
No balls to live and
these guys want to die.
Look, mister, we've a rule.
We always treat our guests well.
And unwanted guests...
...are treated even better.
So you're our guests
as long as you're here.
Well, Balwai,
you handle the wedding.
I'll handle these guys.
Come on, guys.
So what are you thinking of doing,
guys? Any plans?
We're thinking about staying here...
...with your permission, of course.
The question still lurking around
the corner is what will you do.
We'll do anything.
Pappan, you've already
given us clothes to wear.
We're willing to do any job,
any job.
Anything at all, huh!
You guys will get work,
but what about a place to stay?
And what are you going to eat?
Before any of these
questions knock on your mind... should know that Pappan's
doors are always open for you.
You just have to handle grandma.
Put them up in their bathroom.
Or dig a ditch for
them in the courtyard.
Coming. Just combing my hair.
Come soon.
You guys won't even let me comb...
What are you staring at?
The moustache is my own.
They look like dacoits.
They will rob us clean.
What treasure have you
hidden which they will rob?
During demonetisation, she
shelled out three 500 rupees notes.
But she took so long
that it was of no use.
I told you they are my friends.
From the city.
Look guys, don't mind grandma.
She's got a little
short-circuit in her head.
That's why she misses in-betweens.
- Your father showed up last night.
- See...
He was saying that
your mother cries a lot.
So call her here.
Your parents live elsewhere.
No guys, my father was a farmer.
He was heavy under debt.
The family began to starve.
We were forced on the streets,
and life got derailed.
Sto one day father romantically
went up to my mother and said...
...darling, let's hang till death.
See that tree.
They hung themselves from there...
...and I was left with my grandma.
Since that day it was just me and
my grandma, one big happy family.
Grandma and Pappan.
Since grandma's a little pampered,
she's also short-tempered.
Don't mind.
What are you guys staring at?
That's the deal with death.
Skins you alive with
the whip of inflation.
And what does it take to die?
Jack squat!
You've been talking for hours now.
Why don't you just
sing a song instead?
You want to hear me sing,
and just using them as an excuse.
What song?
You make it sound
like you know a dozen.
Sing anyone you know.
How about your favourite song,
Of course.
"Stars up in the sky,
and down here it's you."
"Stars up in the sky,
and down here it's you."
"Down here glittering like..."
"Don't be jealous of my beauty..."
What have you done
to hide your face?
No, no... Was grandma telling the
truth that we look like dacoits?
Grandma sometimes mistakes
me for a dacoit too.
Don't mind her.
She's got a cross-connection
in her mind.
- Let's go.
- No, that's not true.
Frankly speaking,
grandma's a sweetheart.
Tell me something.
How do you like my singing?
Don't I sing really well?
You sing really well.
Didn't you ever think
of going to Mumbai?
Didn't just think...
I actually went to Mumbai.
The sea on one side and
the sea of people on the other.
And all that which
happened in between.
no one recognised me out there.
So I bid the city adieu...
Because I've a fragile heart.
We've arrived at our destination.
Pappan, I can't digest one thing.
All the youngsters are running
towards the city to make a buck.
And they are running
in the opposite direction.
Let's not talk about the city,
The cities are burning
like a cigarette stick.
Cars and factories
have turned into chimneys.
It's getting difficult
to even breathe.
And it's so crowded that
you try to scratch your head...
...but you end up
scratch the next guy.
They are good,
honest, hardworking kids, Kishan.
I offered them to eat with me.
But they said their arms
and legs are still intact.
We'll earn our bread.
I said only one man can help you,
and that is you.
So guys, what can you guys do?
Don't even ask.
They are so talented that
they can do the impossible.
Sir, we can do anything.
Any job.
Harder, guys.
Doesn't feel strong enough.
These hands were bred in the city.
Delicate and fragile.
This is not your kind of job.
You'll have to be tender here.
Here it comes.
Here it comes.
This job suits you two.
You two are educated.
So you can look after
the accounts as well.
I'll pay you 120 rupees per day.
These are the labour rates here.
So do we call it a deal?
I mean, when do they begin.
Why delay this partnership anymore.
- Come on.
- Gatta.
Coming. Coming, boss.
Come quickly.
You two go with him
and buy farming equipment.
And also check out the shop.
I'll go visit the
physician in Bhopal.
I've been getting std
since last night in my stomach.
- He said std.
- He did say std.
He means burning sensations,
- STD...
- Yeah...for Acidity.
Imagine, STD.
- They are different.
- Amazing place.
Dubey sir.
Dubey sir,
we need these items on the list.
Dubey sir, we need these items.
Do you have a flight to catch?
What's the hurry.
Yes, boss.
...get these items for Gatte.
Banki, you've been cleaning
a single ear since morning.
What about the other one?
I'll slap you silly.
Move your hands faster.
Doesn't he look like Sabu ?
And him Chacha Chaudhary.
Here you go.
450 rupees.
How much?
But the MRP is much less.
How can it be 450?
The government gives
a subsidy to farmers.
How can you charge us above MRP?
- Who are they?
- They are new to this place.
They recently got on this job,
friends of Pappan.
Only the government
gives subsidies... the villagers.
These are Dubey's rates.
Take it or leave it.
Fine, keep it back.
You know what,
you give us a bill for this.
We'll take a bill.
Bill, huh?
Why don't I roast them for you?
The rate will still be the same.
Let me tell me.
Every bill has a number...
...and the name of
the shop printed on it.
- Correct.
- We'll need that bill.
Trying to teach me.
- I think you need it.
- Father.
Give me money.
I am going to the fair.
Who are you going with?
My friends. So I need money.
You just sit there, I'll
take it myself from the counter.
- Don't take too much.
- She...
I am talking about this.
It's from the same company...
Weren't you two... brother Ballu's wedding?
Father, he's shying like the bride.
You didn't leave yet?
Go where?
Did you stay back to see the fair?
There's a fair too?
You should see it.
The fairs here are pretty grand.
See it.
Are you getting late for the fair?
See you, father.
What are you doing?
Don't be late.
So...what were you saying?
We were saying that
we need a bill...
Pay him.
What's the bill amount?
Pay him 450 rupees.
We'll talk about this later.
- At least the bill...
- I remembered something important.
- Gatte, pay him the money.
- I know what's so important.
This isn't over yet.
- Come on.
- Uncle, we'll need that bill.
Of course.
They got scared of me.
So what mischief
is cooking on your mind?
Dubey's daughter dropped
prince charming a hint.
So promises are meant to be kept.
When beauty calls, one must answer.
- Absolutely.
- Put it in top gear.
"Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues,
fellow members, and germs."
"Watch which way
the wind will blow."
"Watch her jump through
hoops straight in your heart."
"Watch my Haseena
strike you all down."
No, no, no...not here.
There she comes.
"My eyes are like two barrels."
"Fires like a rifle."
"Don't think I am naive."
"If I aim for you,
you'll fall head over heels."
"Don't try to hide from me..."
"...after making tall claims."
"Take your gang and leave,
or you'll die."
"Your walk's Tiktok."
"Your style's hip-hop."
Your beauty..."
Your beauty..."
"Your beauty's full-stop."
"You're tip-top."
"You're tip-top."
"You're tip-top."
"You're tip-top."
"You're tip-top."
"As you sway your arms..."
" steal a million views."
"You've grown sharp like a knife."
"Your killer attitude..."
"...might take my life."
"Everyone's fallen for your beauty."
"You're tip-top."
"You're tip-top."
"You're tip-top."
"You're tip-top."
"Watching me sway,
watching me play..."
"They've all laid
their hearts at my feet."
"These men don't give up..."
"...taking false swears."
"But I won't listen..."
"...whether you take
me to London or Japan."
This is entirely wrong.
"Your walk's Tiktok."
"Your style's hip-hop."
Your beauty..."
Your beauty..."
"Your beauty's full-stop."
"You're tip-top."
"You're tip-top."
"You're tip-top."
"You're tip-top."
"You're tip-top."
You've money to come to the fair.
But you can't repay the bank loan.
I brought my daughter
here since she was insisting.
I don't have any money,
I just brought her here.
Ramdas uncle.
She wanted ice cream,
but I didn't have money.
Listen, man,
take the child to the corner.
Show me your underwear.
What are you hiding in there?
- Hey...
- Wait a second. Stop it.
What do you think you're doing?
He borrowed money from the bank,
and now he isn't returning it.
But that doesn't mean
you beat him like this.
Young man, are your arms twitching?
There are rules and regulations.
Trying to teach me, huh.
Come on, teach me.
Get lost.
Get lost.
Check his hands.
Check for money.
Don't be scared.
Don't be scared.
Why you?
You won't listen like this.
Stay back! Back up...
Pappan, they went back.
Trying to be his supporter,
aren't you?
I'll bury you two alive right here.
Leave him alone.
I'll be back in a week.
If you don't pay back the money... know how
we retrieve our money.
Spare them, come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
We'll deal with it.
We'll deal with it.
Leave please. Go.
- Ramdas.
- Bloody goons!
Are you okay?
Who told you to stick
your nose in others matters?
You never know when it'll
come back to haunt you.
Someone save him.
Stop the car. Stop...
Save him.
- Stop. Stop.
- What happened, aunty?
He isn't opening the door.
Pappan, he isn't opening the door.
What happened, aunty.
- What are you doing?
- He's locked the door from inside.
Is there another door?
Do you have back door?
Yes, it's back there.
This way.
Try breaking it down.
Ajay, he's hanging himself!
Break down the door!
Why you...
- Bring some water.
- Settle down.
Bring some water.
Are you okay?
Settle down.
Drink some water.
Drink it.
Are you okay?
What were you doing?
Are you out of your mind?
You'll be dead,
but what about them?
Nothing good is happening
with them anyway.
A handful of wheat seems
like a bag of gold.
I've no field, no crops.
What farmers are we?
Every day waking up
seems like a mammoth task.
No bread on the table every today.
Days go by,
and my hopes keep sinking.
We're still alive
only for each other.
I've to toil like an animal...
...for one square meal.
But there's no guarantee...
that we'll have food
on the table that day.
This debt has sucked
the life out of me.
What's the point of this life?
What is it?
Every path leads to death.
I've grown tired now.
I am tired.
Father, please don't cry.
I am not hungry.
I'll sleep.
Uncle, dying is not a solution.
At least someone will
take pity and feed them.
I can't see them starve every day.
Don't say that.
We cannot live without you.
Even if we've to starve with you.
Look, mister,
I completely understand your point.
But I can't help you.
If he's borrowed a loan,
he must return it.
But he isn't refusing
on returning the money, sir.
He must have a reason
to not pay it now.
We're helpless as well.
We've a bank to run.
Sir, farmers are committing suicide.
It's all over the news every week.
People are giving up their life.
What can I do about it?
I am not telling
them to commit suicide.
They keep saying they had
no crops this year, no profit...
...then they shouldn't
have taken a loan.
But since they did,
they must pay it back.
Why don't you understand?
He isn't refusing to pay the loan.
But that doesn't mean
you treat them so inhumanely.
Do you know how badly
your people roughed up Ramdas?
Look, mister,
I'm being polite to you.
How else will you talk to me?
I'll have you thrown out.
And I'll set your bank on fire!
- You can try.
- I will do it.
You don't try to understand...
Listen, mister, be in your limits.
Don't think that we're cowards.
Guard, throw them out.
Don't you dare touch me!
I'll strangle you with my fingers!
Stay back.
Get out.
Fine, we're leaving.
Don't get too excited.
- Go out.
- I was being polite too.
Fine, go out.
- We're leaving. We're leaving.
- Yes, let's go out.
- Don't get too excited.
- Making a scene here.
I'll show the villagers
what I can do.
This is not what we came here for.
Don't blame me, Sameer.
Blame him.
We don't know what he'll do next.
We'll deal with it.
Our geese is cooked.
Look, you all know that the
bank's always been sympathetic...
...and helped you out.
But today, these two...
...and especially this one...
He threatened me in my own bank.
The bank has decided...
...if these 55 farmers don't return
the loan with interest in six-months...
...then the bank
will claim your lands.
I don't understand.
I don't know.
Listen, that conversation
happened between us...
...and we went there
to talk not fight.
Even I am only talking,
prince charming.
Only talking.
But if you manage to
repay the loan in a week...
...then the bank is prepared
to waive off the interest.
How is that even possible?
We didn't have a decent
crop in six-months.
That's not my problem.
I am leaving now.
Listen...please sit.
He means to say they
didn't have a decent crop.
And the farmers had a setback.
Do you want the bank
to suffer a setback too?
Do you want the bank
to suffer a setback too?
You have these two to help you out.
Take their help and repay the loan.
I am leaving.
Manager sir.
Listen to us.
Ajay, who told you
to go and fight with him?
We didn't go there to fight, Kishan.
We went there to talk too.
And that guy's completely
opposite of what he seems.
Not a word.
Aren't you the guy who came
to my shop and was arguing with me?
It's in his nature.
Believe me.
He must have abused
the bank manager.
I can assure you.
Everything was going smooth.
Now we've a new problem
on our hands.
How do we get rid
of this problem now?
Things weren't going smooth,
He sent his recovery agents who
were beating up Ramdas at the fair.
Shut up.
Beating up Ramdas.
Pappan, what diabolical
duo did you bring to the village?
They have ruined this village.
Dubey sir, I am talking to them.
Look, son,
things have gotten out of hand.
Things might have gotten out of
hand, but we also have six months.
What can we do in 6-months?
We'll work on the fields,
grow crops. We'll do something.
Farm, huh!
Do we need your permission
now to work in our fields?
We could've done it
on our own if we wanted to.
There's no point in getting
disappointed like this, sir.
Wait a minute,
You don't have to interfere!
Who are you to interfere?
Just an uninvited guests.
All you can do is fight.
I know your young
body's itching to fight.
Do you want to have
a wrestling match?
How dare these people
enter our village?
Throw them out!
Sit down. Sit down.
Sit down, uncle.
Sit down, uncle.
Take them out of here.
Calm down. Calm down.
You want to work on the farm.
Have you ever watered a plant?
And now you want to be a farmer.
I won't do it alone.
We're all going to do it.
And a person isn't
born with all the skills.
A person is capable
of doing anything.
If we're capable of anything, then I'll
become the Prime Minister of this country!
We'll adopt this village
and waive off all the loans.
Heard what the village-chief said?
If growing crops
was their way out...
...they would've repaid
their loans long ago.
The boy's right, you know.
You've seen it yourself.
Buying seeds and fertilisers
is an expensive affair.
And the money to buy them.
Pappan, did these two loot a bank?
They didn't but gave an
open invitation to the robbers.
You rebelled too soon, man.
Before required.
Can I say something?
Seeds and fertilisers
will be arranged for.
My father.
He sells them at expensive rates and
saves up on the seeds and fertilisers.
That way.
Your father is a big miser, Jhumki.
Don't be offended.
Who is going to tell him?
I've the keys to the shop.
Take all you want.
What a fruitful
discussion we're having?
We're going to steal now.
I know you can do it.
Since you robbed your own home...
You're getting personal now.
This is not a professional
discussion either.
Everything is personal here.
Don't you see your startup here?
We came here to die!
And now these villagers
are going to die because of you.
Came here to die?
Nothing, he's just bantering.
Tell her.
Tell her...we came here
to commit suicide.
Let's do one thing.
You want to commit suicide,
don't you?
You can jump in one of the
wells in this village and die.
There's well behind
our house as well.
Be quiet, grandma.
What's all this talk about dying?
Then let's do one thing...
We'll jump in the well where
maybe we'll find a treasure.
And repay their loans.
After that, they will
tread on the path of progress!
Their children will get a good
education, become engineers!
And run from pillar
to post in the city like us!
What are you saying, Sameer?
What on earth are you saying?
I am trying to find
a solution to a problem...
...and you start
with your own thing!
And if you don't want to do it,
then just spare me.
I'll do it on my own.
You're not the only one
who cares about everyone's pain!
Do it on my own.
You tried talking to
the manager on your own!
And even to the villagers.
And you were trying to
do it on your own in Mumbai.
Where did that get you?
And what about you?
Tell me...
You need a man like me even to die.
You're unlucky for yourself.
Go back to your astrologer in Mumbai
and tell him to give you another ring.
Go away.
So now I am bad luck,
Look at me and say it.
Yes, you're bad luck.
- Then you know what...
- Wait a second.
You know what, from now on continue
with your life without this bad luck.
- I will.
- Now leave.
What are you two doing?
- I don't want him. Let him go.
- I said leave.
You've a new companion now.
I've been tolerating
him for so long.
Ajay... of them
got away with the loot.
The other one will leave too.
So mister,
do you have any money today or not?
And where's your friend?
Sir, there must be a way out.
Have mercy on us.
Ask those two boys
to be merciful to you.
There's nothing I can do.
Now leave.
I said leave.
Hello, chief.
Listen village-chief,
I apologise for whatever I did.
- But please hear me out...
- We don't need your apology.
- Go away.
- Sir...
Sir...if we join all
the fields together...
We don't want to give
our fields or farm on them...
Go away. Get lost.
Teaching us farming. Wiseguy.
Get lost.
We're already in a lot of trouble.
And he's trying to teach us.
6-months salary...
You've to work for the village.
This is the least I can do for you.
If you need anything else,
don't hesitate to ask.
There must be a reason
why God saved us from dying.
There has to be.
Well, only His will is important.
But the question
is what is His will?
That other thief stole my money.
Why didn't you stop that thief?
I am in this mess because
I stopped them from leaving.
People invite trouble for themselves,
but I shot myself in the foot.
I can't go explaining to everyone.
Everyone's furious with him.
Then tell him to go
drown himself in the lake.
The entire village
is pretty emotional.
The villagers won't understand
until he doesn't die.
What... What...
What did you say, grandma?
Say that again.
I said that last year.
How can I still remember it?
No, I meant repeat
what you just said.
Oh, God.
Stop jostling her.
Or she'll get furious.
Chill, bro.
Grandma sometimes gets emotional.
Right, emotions. She said emotions.
It's all about emotions.
And emotions will
help us out, Pappan.
Grandma, you gave me
a wonderful idea, darling.
I didn't give him anything, Pappan.
He is lying.
Take his clothes off and frisk him.
I can even take my clothes
off for you, grandma.
Let's go, Pappan.
I'll strip him naked.
No, no, no.
What are you saying?
I can't do it, Ajay.
Kishan, you're going
back on your words.
When I was bathing your buffaloes, you
said you'll help me in any way you can.
I promised to help.
But this is about life and death.
What if something goes wrong?
Kishan, nothing will happen.
I take full responsibility.
Just be gentle.
What if I falter? No, I can't do it.
Kishan, please say yes
now that he's insisting.
Just tell me when do I enter.
I'll jump right in
and handle everything.
No, Pappan, count me out of this.
- I am telling you.
- Jhumki.
Jhumki's going to say something.
Tell him, Jhumki.
Please say yes, brother Kishan.
This concerns the entire village.
No, no, I can't do it.
- He said yes!
- Great. Great.
Now listen,
we'll do exactly as I said.
Bring him here.
Bring him.
- He was trying to be our leader.
- What are you saying?
He has made plans to
kill everyone in the village.
We'll hang him instead.
- Bring him along.
- What are you saying?
Listen, villagers, his friend
escaped putting us in trouble.
But we won't spare him.
We'll hang him from this tree.
Kishan... Kishan...
what are you saying?
Take me back down.
Please help him.
Is he really hanging him?
Is there a problem?
No. Let me go.
Why are they hanging him?
Kishanlal's doing the right thing.
It should've been done long ago.
Let's watch the fun.
Come on.
Let's go see what's going on.
Come on.
Give me one chance
to talk to the villagers.
Shut up. Rascal.
Wants to apologise now!
You didn't leave any
options for the villagers.
- Hang him now.
- Wait a minute.
Check whether the
rope's strong or not.
Don't look at me.
Check the rope.
Please villagers,
Please...the rope's burnt.
Hold him tight.
The rope's here.
Jhumki, please explain
to your father.
- What's going on?
- What's going on?
- Why isn't anyone stopping him?
- Be quiet. Be quiet.
How did you get up here?
Hold him.
Hang him upside down.
And check his weight.
What is he doing?
What cruelty is this?
He's strung my friend up.
Pappan, save me.
Look what they did to me.
I beg you.
Let him go or god knows
what will happen to him.
Release him.
Look, Pappan,
this concerns the entire village.
I can't let him go
on your request alone.
Village-chief, give him the orders.
Stop him.
Village-chief, I've a plan
in the interest of the villagers.
But if you don't want to hear,
then let me die.
- Pull the rope.
- Trying to teach us.
You're the root
of all their problems!
let's hear what the boy has to say.
What's there to listen?
We spent our lives
toiling in these fields.
And he claims he'll
grow crops in six-months.
I still say we can. We can.
Because I know the
root of your problems.
Shut up! Pull the rope.
Bring him down.
This time put it around his neck.
Brother Kishan,
why don't you hear him out once?
You'll get an earful from me now.
People are already
dying in the village...
...why is still
Kishanlal is hanging him.
Why is he?
Jhumki is right.
Let's listen to what he has to say.
- Come on.
- Am I right?
Kishan, let's hear
what he has to say.
Kishan, we're not the
kind of people to kill someone.
Let's hear him first.
I am giving you a chance
on the village chief's request.
Say what you have to say.
Will you blurt it out already?
Why are you staring
at everyone's faces?
Honestly speaking, the biggest
problem of this village is...
...that all the youngsters
ran off to the city
in search of jobs.
How can these old people grow crops?
That's why we never
get a good harvest.
Tell me honestly,
village-chief wasn't your son
going to the city
on the day I arrived?
Second problem...
There are new techniques
to grow crops.
Does anyone in this village
know about these new techniques?
Do you?
Now he's going to
teach us new techniques!
Why? Why can't I teach you
new techniques, Ramdas?
I am an engineer.
I'll put all my knowledge to use.
Making such tall claims after
putting the village in trouble.
I am not making tall claims, Kishan.
I am making a small point.
The problem of our farmers
is not that he's indebted
or the government isn't aiding him.
The biggest problem is yield.
We don't have enough yield.
Ramdas, how many kilos
do you grow in a single harvest?
Nearly 900 kilos
on one hectare of land.
900 kilos.
Do you know how much crops do other
farmers grow in a single hectare?
- How much?
- 3000 kilos.
Did your eyes open now?
3000 kilos.
Imagine if you can grow
3000 kilos in a single hectare...
...then would you
need any government aid.
Will anyone ever be under any debt?
We'll need a little planning,
which I'll handle.
Because you already have the most
important thing needed to grow crops.
But that's not a big deal.
We all farm on our lands.
What good did that do?
And it never will, village chief.
Because we farm on individual
lands in this country.
We need to join our lands together
and farm on a big piece of land.
And you can watch the outcome.
Trust me, villagers.
Give me one chance.
That's all.
Hear that.
Now, he's also become our leader.
No one's going to listen to you.
Can't you see they are all silent?
We need seeds,
fertilisers, pesticides as well.
Who will provide us with
that for a big piece of land?
Jhumki. I think you
had something to say.
- Say it.
- Yes...
My father will provide everything.
- That's great.
- Father who?
Seeds, fertilisers,
pesticides at half the rate.
Father who?
Have you lost it?
I haven't lost it, father.
I am building your reputation.
The villagers are
never going to agree.
Now look, Dubey sir has promised to
give us seeds and fertilisers. Okay.
He'll supply us the tractors.
Now promise me to join your lands.
And I'll handle the rest.
Dubey sir will die if I'm lying.
The boy sounds right.
Since my son went to the village,
my land's been lying deserted.
And I can't grow crops in this age.
I am giving him my land.
Thanks, bro.
Are you going to grow
missiles on your land?
- Say yes.
- No...
A handful won't do.
Everyone will have to
give their piece of land.
Because one needs all five
fingers to make a closed fist.
Raise your hands.
Raise your hands!
Why isn't anyone
raising their hands?
Even the village-chief
has given his approval.
You know what,
- there's nothing wrong if he dies.
- Father.
And I was saying,
what's wrong if he stays alive?
No one will ever talk
of dying again. Yes.
We'll talk about life.
Raise your hands!
Raise your hands!
...there's no task in this
world that you can't do.
Verses from the Ramayan.
I used to read this
book on economics.
You won't understand his words.
Because you've grown used to this.
But if you don't
listen to him today...
...then soon you'll all
be hanging from a noose.
You'll all be dead.
Because everything he's
saying is written in this book.
It's all in this book.
What was he saying?
Separate land. Separate expenses.
Seeds, fertilisers,
pesticides, tractor, oil...
One land, one expense.
One land, less expense.
Isn't that what he was saying?
What is my expense?
Two cigarettes,
tea, two pieces of bread.
No cigarette causes cancer. I quit.
Kill him.
Run away. Run away. Run away.
Run away.
Don't stay here.
Take this. Take it.
And run away. Run away.
Or they will burn you at the stake.
Drive you crazy like me.
Run away. Run away.
I don't even own any land.
Father, even the Ramayan
states always support the righteous.
Ramayan, huh!
The bloody city boy...
...been here only a week.
And you've turned him into a God.
And your father,
who raised you, is now the villain!
You're saying it yourself.
Listen to me carefully.
Go and tell them...
I won't sell my
goods without profit.
And listen to me carefully...
Stop prancing around that boy.
- I prance around him?
- Yes.
Look father,
you've seen enough deaths.
And become emotionless.
But I can't stand it anymore.
I will support that boy.
Stop me if you can.
I am your father.
Stop me if you can, huh.
I'll show you.
Listen carefully,
this man's brought
up a crucial point.
All the youngsters of the
village ran off to the city.
And he's right.
So he asks who is going
to work in the fields.
But this idiot doesn't know...
...that the women of this
village might be orthodox,
but can equal any man in any job.
And if required,
we'll do all the jobs of a man.
So...who is with me.
That's more like it.
- Listen...
- What happened?
You guys are celebrating here while
Dubey has made a mess of things.
Come quickly,
he's called for a meeting.
- Come quickly, he's called for a meeting.
- Come on, let's go, everyone.
He's tightened the
noose around everyone.
We'll have to stop him
before he wins in his plan.
Village-chief, I was telling you...
These two boys are a piece of s
Good for nothing.
Here they come.
Where's your other friend?
Did he run away?
Why didn't you run too?
For this girl?
What are you saying?
You guys gave him your lands.
Even if I don't count my profit...
...yet you'll need money to buy
seeds, fertilisers and pesticides.
Where will the money come from?
Ajay, do you have an answer?
...haven't you thought about it?
Well, I don't have an answer...
...but together we can
arrange a small sum of money.
Much ado about nothing.
This isn't the land of gold.
These people are already penniless.
It's a big piece of land.
We'll need a lot of money.
At least 300,000 rupees.
Hear that?
Listen Village chief, if god will
even the impossible becomes possible.
I will contribute 40,000.
And how will you pay?
This vehicle here...
is worth 60,000.
Anyone will take it for 40,000.
I'll sell it.
Pappan, what are you saying?
you don't even have any land?
Why are you contributing?
It's not even their village.
Then why is he giving it his all?
40,000 won't even cut it.
You know what,
Dubey, you're a rascal and a cheat.
You would've gone back on
your words even if we had the money.
That's nonsense.
I would've never said no.
Swear on Jhumki.
I won't take any profit.
The village's reputation
comes first, understand.
The truth is,
who will pay for the purchases.
Tell me.
Tell me, Ajay.
who's going to work?
These old folks...
...who seem like
they won't last a week.
who is supporting them?
Will someone speak up?
I don't know about you guys,
but I and the women
of this village support him.
We'll do the work.
Your support alone doesn't count.
Even if the entire village chips in,
nothing will happen!
But the issue here is about money.
Where is the money?
Is Dubey handing out bills?
You seriously thought
I left you alone.
I still remember that farmer's
body hanging from the noose.
I couldn't have backed out.
But you didn't understand.
Did you want to be the hero alone?
No, I...
I only wanted good things
for these villagers, that's all.
And how?
Just like you always do.
Make tall claims and move forward.
We'll need planning.
We'll have to make an outline.
You know that every startup
needs an initial investment.
350,000 rupees.
For our startup.
Where did you get 350,000?
First, I took my deposit
back from the landlord.
Took all the money from my FD.
Sold my chain, talisman, rings.
That money was for your honeymoon.
My honeymoon jumped
off the bridge that day.
And you were right.
Astrology never
does anyone any good.
No talisman.
We'll be our own good luck.
So Dubey...
We don't need you or
your seeds and fertilisers!
Don't get her wrong.
She's been my sound support.
Even went against her father for us.
And she was the first to
stand up for us in the village.
And what do you think I was doing?
This is all I've left to do.
No, no, Pappan. Come here.
Start it.
But thank your junk-seller
that he didn't take the tractor.
It's working again.
"My country..."
"Every day is a new beginning."
"Dwells in every heart."
"The name of my country
alone does wonders."
"The dawn salutes this land..."
"The name of my country
alone does wonders."
"From the fields to the borders..."
"...from city to villages
say in one synch."
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country
yields gold and diamonds."
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country
yields gold and diamonds."
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country..."
The most important part
is to understand the soil.
Like how much water's required,
which fertiliser to be used...
...and which pesticide to be used.
Where do we get the best fertiliser?
From cow-dung
We must collect all
the dung in this village.
But it takes ages to turn
dung into fertiliser, son.
We don't have to do any of it,
Then who will do it?
I've some friends.
The entire village's sitting
on one side...leaving me alone.
Keys to my storehouse.
Take whatever you need.
Man...even my brain's tired.
You've put on weight.
What? Put on weight.
This isn't my cup of tea.
Stop it.
Do you know what city
girls do to stay fit?
What do they do?
"I've to grow dreams in this soil."
"Turn it to gold with my hard work."
"If it demands my life,
I'll lay it with a smile."
"We've to repay the
debt of this land."
"These fields will turn
into heaven once again."
"We'll put in our blood and sweat."
"We've to make it
the best in the world."
"These words are written
on the waves of Ganga and Jamuna."
Now listen,
water is important for our crops...
...but excess water
can turn our crops yellow.
This is Nano Ganesh.
It runs on mobile network.
It decides how much water
is needed for the crops and when.
So no more waking up at nights
and watering the fields anymore.
When your crops are infested by worms,
or dead grass...what do you do?
We've to get in the
fields to look for it.
It's a difficult
task in small lands.
But it will take forever to look for
worms and dead grass in this big land.
Plus we'll be ruining the crops.
Will you go looking
on an airplane then?
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country
yields gold and diamonds."
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country
yields gold and diamonds."
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country
yields gold and diamonds."
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country
yields gold and diamonds."
"The soil of my country..."
The rate today is 1500/quintal.
So how much do you have?
Kishan, this is not your battle.
They will have to
fight it themselves.
Go Ramdas.
1500 is too less.
Even the government rate is...
Then sell it to the government.
Don't you know that the government
weighing scale's been closed for 15 days?
This is the rate for today.
And you'll have to
sell it at this rate.
You must have shut
down the weighing scale.
I see.
Fine, let's say that we did.
What do you want to do about it?
What else?
We won't sell at this rate.
This is how the market
fixes rate, Ajay.
Then that's how suicides
are committed too.
Hurry up.
What do you want to do with it?
It's not your decision alone,
It's all the farmer.
- We don't want to sell.
- What?
We don't want to sell.
Speak louder.
We don't want to sell it!
Have you lost your mind?
Don't go back home
and hang yourself.
If anyone pays you
more in this market,
then I'll lick your boots.
Guys, they are the insects who've
been sucking the farmer's blood.
Let's not aggravate things.
What are you saying, Pappan?
We won't sell at this low rate.
But the crops will start to rot.
It doesn't have a long life.
We can't be weak now, Kishan.
Take your wheat back.
Clear it out of here.
It's Sharbati wheat. I've checked.
The best quality
I see...
Even if you take this wheat back,
it will rot.
Let's fix a rate now.
For your best interest, understand.
Tell me one thing.
When you buy something
from the market...
Anything, like shoes,
clothes, mobile...
...who decides the rate?
The buyer or the
company that makes it?
The company does.
So who will fix the rate of this
crop which this farmer grew?
You or the farmers?
One price...
That's the market rate.
Take it or...
Have you lost your mind?
We're willing to pay a few extra.
It's for your own benefit.
Ramdas, clear out the wheat.
We don't want to sell.
- Okay.
- Let's go. Come on.
Let's go, uncle.
Listen, next time when
you come to sell your harvest,
I won't give a penny.
Think about it.
Leave it. Leave it.
Let's go. Come on.
'The villagers believed that we
should've sold the wheat at the market.'
'But if believed that if we did...'
'...they wouldn't have made
enough to pay off their debts.'
'But on the other hand,
we feared the wheat would rot.'
'Sameer and I were steadfast
on our decision,
but on the inside,
we were worried too.'
'The villagers were upset too.'
'Seemed like all our
hard work had gone to waste.'
But like someone said,
when one door closes others open.
So this wasn't the end of the story.
Thunderous applause
for Sameer and Ajay.
This is Second Chance
with Annu Kapoor.
On this show, we present success
stories, of people...
...who gave a new twist to
the second chance presented to them.
Gave it a new meaning.
Thank you. Thank you.
Their success story has
reached an interesting twist.
This saga of success will continue, but
it is time for a short commercial break.
Where did you run off to, son?
How can you be angry with
your family and run off like this?
Do you know your mother
was in a terrible state?
- Sorry, papa, I...
- It was all my fault, son.
So why punish your mom?
Sameer called me here.
you would've never seen our faces.
One should forgive when
parents make mistakes, son.
No, papa, you didn't
make a mistake.
No one made any mistakes.
I guess it was a bad phase, papa.
I won't listen to anyone now.
Let's go home.
I don't want to hear anything.
Let's go.
Mister, your shot's ready.
One minute...
I'll be right back.
Welcome back to Second
Chance with Annu Kapoor...
...and we're hearing the success
stories of Sameer and Ajay.
So what happened next.
I fear that our hard
work will go in vain.
This is what happens
here and always will.
We'll have to sell
this wheat at the market.
There are no buyers.
When you're clinging on to hope,
then hold on tight.
We made it so far.
We'll find a way.
- And anyway...
- I know a buyer.
I know...
Come on.
Come on.
Sir, the other day
you asked me what I do.
Now I've an answer for you.
I am a businessman.
And coincidentally,
I am in the same trade as you.
I am the manufacturer of
the commodity that you export.
Sir, here are the samples.
Thank you.
Have a look.
What do you think?
Looks...pretty good quality,
if I say.
When you buy this from the market,
you pay 2300/quintal through agents.
Deal with us.
No agents.
We'll sell it to
you for 2200/quintal.
I can't do this deal.
I only do business
with people I know.
Shilpa said no to Rajat.
But if you want to seal this deal,
then you'll have
to become my relative.
It's a double deal then.
So sir, are we going
to drink wine today?
I am sure Sameer won't say no today.
Today is a day for champagne.
Champagne, it is.
- Thank you, sir.
- 'And that was that.'
'Sameer got Shilpa without
any auspicious timing...'
'...and the farmers got
the right pace for their crops.'
'We repaid the debts and even earned
enough profit for farming in the future.'
'So that was the story of
our and the farmer's start-up.'
"The soil of my country..."
Ladies and gentlemen,
do you know that our country
comes second in the world... terms of agricultural land.
And yet, we've to
import wheat from abroad.
Governments offer aid,
and yet the farmers in our country
are forced to commit suicide.
Ajay and Sameer today taught us...
...of the farmer of our country
practise collective farming.
Using new techniques,
he can increase the quality of their
yield to international standard.
And only then will the farmer
of our country become self-reliant.
When the farmers of our
country become self-reliant...
...our dear country
will become self-reliant.
And these young men
taught us another lesson.
The youth in our city have a great
scope in agro-business and farming.
Thank you. Thank you.
Would you like to say something?
All I would like to say is we're going
to run the entire system backwards.
Just like people work in the city and
go to villages to spend their holidays.
Similarly, we'll work in villages and
come to the city to spend our holidays
With our family.
One more thing.
The soil of our country
can still yield gold.
We just need to love it.
"Keep raining on the
fields like the monsoon."
"Spread your fragrance
all over the country."
"People will grow
gold in their fields..."
"...and you grow
pearl even in deserts."
"The soil of my country
yields gold and diamonds."
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country
yields gold and diamonds."
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country
yields gold and diamonds."
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country..."
"I've to grow dreams in this soil."
"Turn it to gold with my hard work."
"If it demands my life,
I'll lay it with a smile."
"We've to repay the
debt of this land."
"These fields will turn
into heaven once again."
"We'll put in our blood and sweat."
"We've to make it
the best in the world."
"These words are written
on the waves of Ganga and Jamuna."
"From the fields to the borders..."
"...from city to villages
say in one synch."
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country
yields gold and diamonds."
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country
yields gold and diamonds."
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country
yields gold and diamonds."
"The soil of my country..."
"The soil of my country
yields gold and diamonds."
"The soil of my country..."