Mere Jeevan Saathi (2006) Movie Script

A moment of love
stretches into a lifetime
But to spend a lifetime on a single
moment, is very difficult
Very difficult.
Waiting for you...
even my tears have dried up
The dreams l cherished
are all broken
Love... how it torments you,
how it makes you pine
And yet... why does
my heart love you, seek you?
It's because you are my lifemate
"Hide me away in your eyes"
"Let me linger on your breath"
"Hold me to your bosom"
"Let me remain in sight"
"Such is the passion
l will love you with..."
"O my lifemate..."
"O my lifemate..."
"O my lifemate..."
"life without you is nothing"
"O my lifemate..."
"O my lifemate..."
"O my lifemate..."
"life without you is nothing"
"You are the only one
l wish to see..."
"for you are the only one
l have ever loved"
"l think only about you..."
"you are the only one l covet"
"l have everything l wish for..."
"except you"
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"life without you
means nothing to me"
"l could even avert a storm..."
"to forge ties with you"
"l could break every norm..."
"l could forsake the world
for you"
"Should you ask for it..."
"l could lay down
my life for you"
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"life without you
means nothing to me"
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"life without you is nothing"
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"life without you is nothing"
Thank you, thank you
l don't have the words
to describe your peormance
lt's all thanks to you, Mr Sam.
- No, Mr Oberoi...
we did iust as our American office
asked us to
Where's Aniali, Ma?
- Over there
Okay, okay...
Get in! Quick!
Roll up the window glasses!
May l ask why you were standing
so far away, all alone?
I was watching your success.
- Not my success. Our success
Now how about my offerings...?
- Oh, l forgot that at home!
That's not the one.
The one l'm talking about is this...
A new star broke into the world
of music last night. Vicky
The response to his show
was unbelievable
"Mere Jeevan Saathi" is already
this year's highest selling album
The style and grace Vicky peormed
with, had to be seen to be believed
He had his female fans
eating out of his hands
Looks like this star is bound to
scale the dizzy heights of success
Hey! Isn't that Vicky...?
- Of course
l didn't know he was a member
of the gym
Don't tell me! l was at his show.
It was fantastic
What a peormance!
- He's so hot!
C'mon, let's have a word with him
Hi... l'm Sahil.
- Hi, l'm Mehnaz
l'm Dipti.
- Mehndi
l'm Rita.
- L'm Manish
l love your music.
- You've got a great voice
When's your next album being released?
- Well, l'm working on it
And when's your next show?
- Very soon
Please give us some passes this time,
we couldn't manage any last time
My sister was raving about your music.
She's your biggest fan
l'm sure you're going to become
a great star
Autograph, please?
Get me a piece of paper,
l'll give it to you
- L'm sorry
- Bye
We've been coming to this gym
for the last 3 years...
and nobody ever recognised you.
And after just one successful show...
you have such a lot of admirers!
- Yes...
but my love begins and ends
with you
You're iust so funny!
- Now who's that...?
I say, hello mister!
The name is Molani
And l'm Tolani
The two of us are partners
M.T. Entertainment
You mean empty...?
Oh no. M is for Molani
and T is for Tolani
The number one show company!
We have ambitious plans
A dozen shows in America,
a dozen shows in London...
and dozens of shows in Europe.
- We're going to do a lot of shows!
Our stars are on the ascent!
It's profit all the way, mister!
50, OOO rupees, mister
50, OOO?
- That's half of 100, OOO. 50, OOO
That's an advance. It's a deal
and the programme's on!
Look, l'm iust a peormer
lt's either my Dad or my secretary
who handles the business
Please take your money back.
- No, don't do that, please...
times aren't favourable!
You're going to make a very big star!
It's always nice to make a payment
during this hour... don't refuse us
Throw the money in a dustbin,
in the gutters or set it on fire...
but please don't snatch
our good fortune from us
Here's another 50, OOO.
That makes it 100, OOO
Let's go. See you.
- Hey, listen...
Mr Oberoi, an artiste's destiny
is like a diamond's
A diamond is worthless
in the mines...
but when it's found and
marketed properly...
it becomes priceless,
- Sir, Vicky isn't just a diamond...
he's the Kohinoor, sir!
Our parent company, Angel Music,
in America has decided...
to launch Vicky internationally
- L can't believe it!
Your American audio company has
taken such a liking to my son
Take a look at this. Standing
instructions for us from America
Vicky will hold shows worldwide;
albums will be recorded
Neither you nor l can imagine iust how
far this deal will go, Mr Oberoi
Wow! Fantastic!
But we have a condition.
Once the contract is signed...
Vicky will not work
for any other company
l don't think l would like to
take any decision...
until l have consulted Vicky
on this subject
As you wish
Angel Music...?
I can't believe it!
This audio company will turn you
into an international star
Only the lucky few get such
opportunities, Vicky
Vicky, why are you so glum
when you ought to be happy?
Nothing, Mom. l was iust
thinking about Molani and Tolani...
Where were they before
the show was held? Nowhere
Would they have come to us
if the show had flopped?
Never! It's now entirely
our prerogative...
to accept or reiect
anybody's offer
Wow, Mac! You've become a hardcore
secretary after just one show!
Thanks, dad.
- Dad...?
Don't worry about Molani and Tolani.
The two of us will handle them
You aren't iust returning
the advance to us...
you are declaring enmity
against us!
Forcing someone to accept the money
doesn't mean the contract is signed!
Without a written agreement or
contract, how could you think...
Vicky would peorm at your show?
- Stop messing around, secretary!
Don't you inteere in our matter.
You'll die a miserable death!
Now listen, please... don't use
the language of thugs with us!
Brother, if your son sacrifices our
shows to peorm for anybody else...
we'll show you
what a real thug is!
I insist then, Papa...
l'm certainly going to sign
this deal with Angel Music
- Thank you very much
Vicky. In iust a few days
we've got to go to America for the shows
And you're thinking of mischief
instead of your rehearsals!
I can't hear a thing!
- Really? So you can't hear me?
No, l'm all caught up in your hair.
- Vicky...
these shows are very important for you
Rehearsals of these shows is very
essential for your career
l know, my music and my career
are most important to me...
So music is the most important
thing for you?
There are a lot of other people too.
- Like...?
Like Mom, Dad, Mac...
- And l come after all of them?
You've started asking where
you stand again, haven't you?
Vicky, stop fooling and
tell me the truth!
Don't you know the truth...?
You do, don't you?
- Yes
You mean everything to me...
you're my very life
You mean everything to me...
you're my very life
Only you... you alone
Only you... you alone
And to me, you're the one
who means everything
Only you... you alone
And to me, you're the one
who means everything
"My poor innocent heart..."
"My poor innocent heart..."
"my beau has stolen"
"my beau has stolen"
"my beau has stolen"
"My poor innocent face of yours..."
"This innocent face of yours..."
"has driven me crazy"
"has driven me crazy"
"has driven me crazy"
"l know no peace,
nor am l in my senses..."
"but it isn't really my fault"
"With your requital
and refusal..."
"you've stolen my heart,
with your love"
"My sleep, my peace
and my dreams..."
"My sleep, my peace
and my dreams..."
"my lover has stolen from me"
"my lover has stolen from me"
"my lover has stolen from me"
"There's an aching,
there's a thirst..."
"it sure is an awesome feeling"
"What daze is it that has
overwhelmed me...?"
"what craziness is this?"
"The way you secretly smile
to yourself..."
"The way you secretly smile
to yourself..."
"has driven me crazy"
"My poor innocent heart..."
"my beau has stolen"
"You've driven me crazy"
are you okay?
I've strapped your arm, Aniali.
I must say, you're a brave girl
But the pain she's suffering...
- Don't worry, Vicky
l've given her a painkiller
lt's a minor fracture which
should heal in two weeks
But how did this accident
take place, son?
It wasn't an accident, grandpa.
It was intentionally done by someone
What...? Intentionally done?
But you've never done any harm
to anyone...
so who could want to hurt you and
my grand-daughter so grievously?
What Tarzan and what Tiger?
You wrecked the girl's limbs
instead of that singers!
You spoke of settling accounts!
Were you blind...?
Couldn't you see the difference
between male and female?
Hey ierk... you know
who that girl is?
Like the wizard who had his life
hidden in a parrot...
that girl means the life to Vicky
lt isn't that girl who has
been injured...
it's Vicky who has been crippled!
Let go...
Vicky, l can't go with you
to America
Aniali, you've got to go with me
to America
The doctor has given you permission to
travel, so don't try to wriggle out of it
l was going with you to lend you
support during the shows
And that's impossible now.
Please try and understand...
l don't want to be a burden on you.
- Okay, fine!
So don't be a burden!
I'm not going either!
Vicky, God has blessed you
with such a rare opportunity
Please don't kick it
All of us want to see you
scaling the peaks of success
We have a dream for you, Vicky.
We want it to come true
For the sake of my love?
You will go, won't you?
Aniali, l can't stay away
from you even for a moment
Going far away is impossible for me.
- We can never be far away
Because we live in
each other's hearts
Our hearts beat for each other.
That's true, isn't it?
Whenever you see this,
you'll find me close to you
Promise me that you'll make
my dreams come true
l love you.
- L love you too, Vicky
l'll miss you
- L'll miss you too
Your room, sir.
- Nice hotel... l like it
How do you like your suite, sir?
- It's quite nice actually. Thanks
At 5:30 tomorrow evening, you have a
technical rehearsal of your show, Vicky
Before that and most importantly...
is your meeting with the CEO
of Angel Music
Hello Vicky.
- Hi
l'm Natasha.
CEO, Angel Music
Welcome to America.
- Thank you
Believe me, Natasha-ii...
Only Natasha
Okay, Natasha.
Believe me, Natasha...
l was quite nervous before
l walked into your chamber
l expected a senior person with
thick glasses sitting at the desk
But the moment l stepped in...
no wonder the name of the company
is Angel Music
Thanks for the flattering compliment.
- You're welcome
- Sure... after you
l must say, Vicky,
you're quite a charmer
"Look at how passionately
l love you..."
"yours is the picture
that adorns every wall"
"yours is the picture
that adorns every wall"
Whenever we sign an artiste
at Angel Music...
we take full interest in him
There are many facets
to an artiste
The deeper you probe...
you still feel there are
other depths left unexplored
May l ask you something, Natasha?
- Sure
Why does it seem as if your
face is familiar to me?
Have we already met?
- Not before this meeting
We have never met
lt's time for my rehearsals.
I must leave you now
l'll take it.
- Thank you
l'll meet you at the show
"Look at how passionately
l love you..."
"yours is the picture
that adorns every wall"
"yours is the picture
that adorns every wall"
"l've transcended all limits of love,
it's an expression of my affection..."
"l've transcended all limits of love,
it's an expression of my affection..."
"l've chosen you to be
the master of my destiny"
"l've chosen you to be
the master of my destiny"
"What love is this?
Why do l thirst thus?"
"You will never und, erstand
my pining'
"What love is this?
Why do l thirst thus?"
"You will never und, erstand
my pining'
"ln your arms,
l shall lose myself..."
"such is the craving
you have evoked in me"
"This is indeed
a beautiful meeting..."
"yours is the picture
that adorns every wall"
"Look at how passionately
l love you..."
"yours is the picture
that adorns every wall"
The doctor has taken the plaster off.
But tell me... how did the shows go?
It was spectacular.
Out of this world
Vicky! l'm so happy!
The credit for everything
goes to Natasha
l'd really like to thank her.
- She's right here. One moment
Talk to my girlfriend, Aniali
Hello, Aniali.
- Hello, Natasha-ji
lf you're going to be formal with me,
l'm going to disconnect the line
l'm sorry, Natasha. But l really haven't
the words to express my gratitude
But thanks! Thanks a million.
- It's a pleasure
Forget about the public,
even l was lost to myself...
during the show
l wish l was there! l'm really
missing it all so much!
L'd rather you tell
Vicky about it
Aniali, now no more talking
on the phone, okay?
I'm returning by the first
available flight tomorrow
l love you, sweetheart.
- L love you, too
Natasha... l don't know
how l will ever thank you
l've got so much from you,
should you ever need me in life...
l'll consider myself fortunate
- Yes, l mean it
Tomorrow's my birthday.
Will you stay with me tomorrow?
You take care. Bye.
- Bye
You asked me whether
we had met, Vicky...
and l said, we hadn't.
I was speaking the truth
But there's another truth,
something l haven't told you about
l've loved you for years
From our days in college when you
used to sing on stage...
and every show of yours
used to be a huge flop
"To keep humming forever..."
"to keep smiling forever..."
"the heart goes ting-tong..."
"c'mon, everybo, d, y,
sing a song...
Shit! We messed it up!
We've been disqualified
from the contest
Hey guys, don't lose hope. The
Principal has given us another chance
Thank God!
I can't understand this, Vicky.
Where did we go wrong?
There is a problem somewhere
Thank you
"Vicky, you have a great voice
and you also understand the notes"
"But your songs lack depth because
your lyrics sound hollow"
"lf you address the problem,
your songs will become attractive"
"Hide me away in your eyes"
"Let me linger on your breath"
"Hold me to your bosom"
"Let me remain in sight"
"Such is the passion
l will love you with..."
"O my lifemate..."
"life without you is nothing"
We've done it!
But we've now got to find out
who has helped us out
- But how?
Think guys... think!
Wait... l think l've got it
"And l want to celebrate it with you
today, at the Boathouse Cafe at six"
lt's indeed a matter of ioy...
that you're going to actually meet
the one you have been dreaming of
Oh Dad! l'm iust too excited!
But do tell him how you feel
today itself, Natasha
But that's not possible, Dad.
- Why not?
Because he's in love
with someone else
What...? Despite knowing that,
how can you still love Vicky?
I don't fear not getting Vicky's
Iove in my lifetime, Dad
And love isn't like business where
you think of profits and losses
Love is a feeling,
it's a realisation
Everybody worships God.
But not everybody finds Him?
Am l right, Dad?
- Why don't you understand, Natasha?
The path you've chosen will give you
nothing except grief and hardship
Don't worry, Dad.
I'm an achiever
Believe me, l'll surely
have my love
l wish you all the luck, my child.
Bye, dad
l'm sure something is wrong, Vicky.
- There's nothing of the kind...
l spoke to his father...
Natasha, your father's car
has met with accident
l'm sorry, he's no more
My dad meant everything to me.
He was my friend, philosopher and guide
He has gone away.
And he has left me...
this multi-million dollar company
which never meant anything to me
You were the only one
l truly loved, Vicky
Only you
And your love was music.
You wanted to become a pop-star
And thus l set out on a iourney
to help you achieve your goal...
and find my own goal
in the process
l established a music company and
opened its branch in India
l gave you a launching.
I lived your dreams...
and made them turn into reality
And by staying over for
another day tomorrow...
you've made each of my dreams
come true, too
l've spent years waiting
for this moment, Vicky
l've waited for years.
"Ever since l have met you..."
"l have had the feeling..."
"that l won't be able
to live without you"
"l've begun to realise..."
"that l won't be able
to live without you"
"This distance between you and me
now seems unfair..."
"gather me in an embrace, my love"
"Ever since l have met you..."
"l have had the feeling..."
"that l won't be able
to live without you"
"Let these moments
be frozen in time..."
"let me go to dissipate
myself for you"
"Let me get to your heart-beat..."
"let me go beyond
all limits today"
"l'm so lonely,
l realise..."
"that l won't be able
to live without you"
"Ever since l have met you..."
"l have had the feeling..."
"that l won't be able
to live without you"
"l have no other wish..."
"now that you are part of my life"
"My eyes have thirsted for years..."
"and now you sate them"
"Every desire of mine
reminds me..."
"that l won't be able
to live without you"
"l know it at heart..."
"that l won't be able
to live without you"
"Ever since l have met you..."
"l have had the feeling..."
"that l won't be able
to live without you"
"Let's merge in body
and soul..."
"like fragrance in flowers"
"Let our breath mingle..."
"let me forget everything
and just flow into you"
"My proximity to you
tells me..."
"that l won't be able
to live without you"
"l know it at heart..."
"that l won't be able
to live without you"
"Let these moments
be frozen in time..."
"let me go to seed
in my passions for you"
"Let me get to your heart-beat..."
"let me go beyond
all limits today"
"l'm beginning to believe..."
"that l won't be able
to live without you"
"Ever since l have met you..."
"l have had the feeling..."
"that l won't be able
to live without you"
"l'll never be able
to live without you"
"l'll never be able
to live without you"
"l'll never be able
to live without you"
"l'll never be able
to live without you"
What's up, Vicky?
You look very tense
No... there's nothing
of the sort
l'm very happy today, Vicky.
Absolutely delighted
lt's such a beautiful morning.
Now come on...
the aircraft's waiting
to take you back to India
But l'm feeling terribly guilty.
- Relax now, will you?
I've cheated on Aniali.
If she gets to know...
Don't worry. She won't get to know!
How will she get to know?
Just stop worrying!
Was she normal this morning?
- Absolutely normal
So that's it! Quit worrying.
Such things are quite normal in America
lt's over with the night.
Don't worry
Thank God we're taking a flight
and getting out of here...
Can l have your boarding card, sir?
- One second
l'm sorry sir.
You're in the wrong seat
Wrong seat? So who's sitting here?
This is her seat, sir
Hello, Ma'am.
- Hello
Thank you
Where could you be going, Natasha?
- We're sitting in a plane, Vicky...
and this flight is definitely
going to India
And why are you going to India?
Merely promoting our star in America
is not the end of our job, Vicky
Even in India, l wish to personally
supervise your promotion
After all, you are the most
prized personality of our company
Vicky, l'll go and collect our luggage.
- One moment
Natasha, go with Mac and
identify your baggage
Make sure you stay at her side
See you soon.
- Okay
l'm so happy to see you, Vicky.
I really love you
l missed you so much! Don't ever
Ieave me for so long again!
I love you so much!
Excuse me... you're
getting in my way
Natasha, this is Aniali.
My girlfriend...
Aniali, this is Natasha.
CEO of Angel Music
Aren't you the one l spoke to
over the phone?
Your voice is sweet,
but you're far more beautiful
One beautiful girl
must never praise another
Why not?
- It's ominous
Hi, dad!
Bless you, son
Vicky's Mom and Dad
My child, you own
such a huge company...
but your outlook is so Indian.
- My feelings are Indian too
Wow! Well said!
That's what sets us apart
Wherever we live in the world,
we never forget our love and relations
Please do come over for dinner,
ifyou have the time
We can never repay the favours
you have done...
but we can certainly share with you
a sense of belonging
l'll certainly come
l've lived all alone till now
lt's ages since l've had
the company of loved ones
That cursed Vicky has ruined our
business and our careers!
We're going to be the stars
that will ruin your life!
Calm down, partner
Going from the iail to the gallows
is sheer stupidity
Evey successful man has enemies
And the goal of our lives is
to find Vicky's enemies
We enemies will then get together
and have our revenge
Long live enmity!
When you went away to America...
it seemed as ifthe world
around me had crashed
For hours on end, l went
and sat at places...
where l had spent
intimate moments with you
And you are the only one
l always kept thinking about
- L'm speaking the truth
l know what truth you're speaking!
You must've thought of me only when
you saw the souvenir l gave you
When did you have the time
to miss me?
You must've been busy with
your music shows, your...
Natasha wants to...
l'm sory, Vicky
Natasha-ii wants to see you,
something urgent has come up
Tell her that l can't see her
But she wants to meet you and discuss
some marketing and publicity...
Tell her that l'm having lunch
at Anjali's place today
l'll see her tomorrow.
- She's going back to America tomorrow
So let her go.
- Vicky...
come over for dinner instead
of lunch. What's the big deal?
Work is work, right?
Why do you have to be so sweet?
- Because l like that
Go on now. Will you?
- All right, l'll go... okay?
As per the policy decision taken
by our company...
we've got to only promote
Vicky at the moment
We've got to make sure that eveybody
hears only Vicky and sees him evehere
The press, the electronic media,
the internet...
we've got to spread iust this
one name... Vicky
Mr Mehta, what is the range of the
cassettes selling in the market?
The highest cost 100 rupees
and the lowest cost 35 rupees
But we'll be selling our
cassettes at 1l rupees
Sir, when our manufacturing cost
itself works out to 20 rupees...
how can we possibly sell
our cassettes at 1l rupees?
This decision has been taken
by Miss Natasha
But it's a wrong decision
What wisdom in spending so much
of money on an upcoming star?
I have 15 years of experience too.
Forget calling this business...
nobody even gambles like this.
- Mr Mehta...
l'm the owner of this company and
it runs according to my decisions...
not according to your experience.
I'm sure companies where you worked...
have already closed down
l respect experienced people,
but not fools
For the insolent manner in which
you tried to put forth your reason...
this company does not you anymore
l order you to submit your
resignation right now, Mr Mehta
You are fired
Hello, Vicky
Come on in
Why are you selling the cassettes
at such low prices?
That's a business strategy, Vicky
Whatever product is, people have
to get used to it first
You know, they should get addicted
Aer that, the merit ofthe
product speaks for itself
Your voice ought to reach
their ears just once...
they ought to see your face
so frequently...
that when they wake from their sleep,
you should linger in their memories
The day our company
achieves success...
we'll sell the cassettes
at any price we fancy
Vicky, sign these publicity papers,
will you?
Tell me something, Vicky. Ever since
we have returned from America...
why have you been so
alooffrom me?
Why would l be aloof?
I haven't done anything wrong
That's exactly what l wish to say.
You've done no wrong
Anay... how's Aniali?
L'd rather you not bring Aniali
into our discussions, Natasha
lfyou wish, Aniali will never
come beeen the o of us
Why do you keep changing tracks?
Why do you keep saying things
that you want to see happening?
You do know what l want?
I've signed the papers
and now l'm leaving
Tying to get rid of me, eh?
- What do you mean?
I mean, you have a photo-session now.
- Photo-session...?
But l haven't even seen my costumes,
nor do l know anything about the designs
l haven't even given them a trial.
- Your dresses, colours and style...
they're all of my choice. And
just don't wory about the fitting
l've taken special care ofthat
Let's go
"Waard, roving..."
"my beloved calls me..."
"his sweetheart, sweetheart"
"Waard, roving..."
"your beloved calls you..."
"sweetheart, sweetheart"
"This glowing face of mine
is all yours..."
"it's you who makes
my nights more beautiful"
"For you, l'm romantic at heart..."
"l've always been
smitten by your charms"
"l'm like the soothing dew
that is on fire..."
"my beloved calls me..."
"sweetheart, sweetheart"
"Sweetheart... sweetheart"
"Your beauty is
a class apart, my love..."
"my arms long to lock you
in an embrace"
"Your eyes are sheer magic..."
"how may l then get
a grip on myself?"
"The sight of you makes
my crazed heart relent..."
"your beloved calls you..."
"sweetheart, O sweetheart"
"Waard, roving..."
"your beloved calls you..."
"sweetheart, sweetheart"
Vicky, l'm returning to America
by tomorrow morning's flight
So l want you to have dinner
with me tonight
lt's not possible because l'm
having dinner with Anjali tonight
- Vicky!
You can adiust your dinner-date
with Anjali to any other time
l'm sure she can wait for you
To promise to turn up and not go
is an insult to the host, isn't iR
l give as much respect to my guest
as you give to your host
There's no competition beeen hosts.
It's just a matter of commitment
l'm happy to learn that you know
how to honour your commitments
Go ahead with your plans, Vicky.
But immediately aer dinner...
you'll have to drop in at my place
for a little while. l'll wait for you
They're right.
Get married immediately
lt's days since l had
such a delicious meal
lndeed! As if you like
anything l cook for you!
Mac! Why aren't you
taking the call?
Is Vicky there?
- Natasha! We've just started eating
lt would have been more fun if you had
been with us. We're really missing you
Aniali, may l have
a word with Vicky please?
Of course, Natasha. One second.
L'll just give the phone to him
Vicky, it's Natasha
Mac, tell the lady not to wait for me,
l'm going to get late. Ask her to eat
Vicky's eating right now,
he can't talk to you...
Excuse me
Vicky, is Natasha waiting for you
at dinner?
Yes, she's going back to America
tomorrow and wanted me to...
Vicky, Natasha has flown in from
America. She's a guest of ours
She ought to have fond memories of us
when she returns... not bitterness
Vicky, the lady says she'll
wait for you at dinner
Vicky, go to Natasha immediately.
Go on!
You want me to leave mom and grandpa
and go away...
only because she's my promoter?
No, l'm not going
No, Vicky! Natasha is a sensible girl.
She knows an artiste's worth
As for Mom and grandpa, do we need
to be formal in our own house?
You're going to Natasha...
and come back only aer you've
seen her o at the airport. Okay?
Okay, as you wish
Go on, Vicky.
- Go on, my foot!
Nice mess l've landed myself in.
Anjali keeps pushing me towards Natasha
l can't tell her the truth...
l don't know what to do
Vicky, this irritation of yours will
Iand you, Anjali and all of us...
in deep trouble.
It's only for tonight!
Somehow talk her into
quietly getting out of here
Go on now... Go
l'm glad you've come, Vicky
Else l'd have had to wait
all night for you...
and also go hungy.
- But l've already eaten
l know you've eaten at home
But can't you have even a morsel
with me?
I'm not so insensitive, Natasha
lf you wish, l'm willing to have
dinner with you all over again
Really? In that case,
here's what you will do
You will feed me
with your own hands today
lt would really satis me
to make you feed me
l won't ask you to feed me ever again
Okay, what could be better for me
than to see you happy?
Or perhaps you're happy because l'm
returning by tomorrow morning's flight?
If going separate ways is
a matter of happiness...
l wish to say nothing in defence.
- You seem to have taken oense
l was only teasing you.
- Believe me...
for a moment,
l was really oended
To erase the oense...
what'll l have to do?
That which you want to
Aer you've eaten, l'll drop you
at the airport and return to my house
Vicky, l'm so happy!
Know what, Vicky? l some times
get bitter when l talk
And do you know why?
Because l'm always afraid...
your love will be snatched from me,
of losing you...
you know, Vicky...?
When a woman gives all she has
to a man...
this is the sort of insecurity
she is always gripped with
Before l leave, l wish to
ask you for something, Vicky
Please don't refuse me
What is it, Natasha?
I want to leave for America
with notjust your memories...
but with the feeling
of having you close to me
Hold me tighter, Vicky
l want to forget that l'm going
far away from you
l love you, Vicky.
I love you
What are you doing here
so early in the day?
What's gotten into you, Vicky?
The Vicky l saw o at the airport...
seems to be dierent from the
one who has returned from America
How could you forget? We go to
the gym together evey morning
By the way, where had you been?
- Now... you are forgetting, Anjali
You asked me to see Natasha o
at the airport
And that's where l'm coming from
Oh... anay, let's forget
the gym for today, okay?
Come, l'll rustle up
a breaMast for you
Hey! That's a good idea
Here you are.
BreaMast is ready!
Sit with me for a while
Why're you so worried, Vicky?
I'm iust tired... that's it
ls there something you're scared of?
- Why would l be scared of anything?
Then why're your hands trembling?
Because l'm afraid l might lose you
You better be afraid, Vicky.
Because l've got to know evemhing
What have you got to know...?
Just that you've begun to forget
a lot of things nowadays!
What have l begun to forget?
Today's Valentine's Day!
And our seventh anniversay together!
You forgot...?
- L'm really vey sory...
it's my fault.
Happy Valentine's Day
Come home this evening. Like evey
year, we'll celebrate together, okay?
Now eat your breaMast
and go to your oice
l'll see you in the evening.
Vicky, Sam here. Can you come
to the oice right now?
What for?
- TPs ofyour photo-shoot have arrived
We've got to choose some of them.
- C'mon, Sam... l'm busy today
l'll come over tomorrow.
- We got to send the TPs to Hyderabad...
and get the publicity material ready.
Vicky, it's vey urgent
lt'd be great ifyou could come.
- Okay, fine
Let's go out
Haven't you le?
- To be honest, Vicky...
the manner in which you took me
in your arms at the airport...
l couldn't get the ecstasy
out of my mind
ln the aircra, it suddenly occurred
to me that today's Valentine's Day
People in love get closer to
each other on this day
So how could l leave you
and go away?
So l decided that l would
spend this day with you
"With you" is iust an excuse.
I want to be close to you
Natasha, listen to me
vey carefully
Neither can you be with me,
nor l with you
Why not...?
- Whatever happened beeen us...
that night, was iust a blunder.
It was my mistake
ln any case, such things
are commonplace in America
Maybe it's commonplace in America.
But l was an Indian girl in America
And for me, that wasn't a mistake.
It was love... only love
Remember, Vicky? When you used
to sing at the college...
you only had the tunes. l was the one
who gave you the lyrics
"My lifemate..."
"My lifemate..."
"My lifemate..."
And when you called me to the
Boathouse Cafe, l was well on my way!
But to my luck, even before
l could get to you...
my daddy had died
in a car accident
ln iust a moment, the whole world
around me had changed
l hid my love deep in my heart
and suppressed my desires
Evey step and wish of mine
was then taken in your direction
But l couldn't hold myself back
And that one night,
when you were with me...
my love had shattered all norms
and transcended the limits of madness
Having given myself unto you...
my love grew even stronger
Lust is what lasts for iust
a few passing moments, Vicky
But when you look foard
to more fulfillment...
the feeling is nothing but love
l could have continued to
Iove you silently all my life
But aer that night,
how could l forget you...?
How can l ever forget you, Vicky?
Look, Natasha. l really
appreciate your feelings
And l'm terribly ashamed at
whatever happened the other night
But there is a truth l must tell you,
it's something you know vey well
l've been in love with Aniali
right from my college days...
and l will forever keep loving her.
It would be better, Natasha...
if you could treat that night
as an accident and forget about it
Must l consider my love
to be an accident...?
Must l forget my love only because
you're in love with Anjali...?
Forget it, Vicq.
ustforget t
l demand my right.
And l shall have it!
Get this vey clear, too!
Lfthere is anyone who has a right
to me... it's only Anjali!
If there is anyone who can claim her
right to my love.. it's only Anjali!
So l'd rather you forget about me
Forget you...?
That's impossible
And l won't let you
forget about me either
Don't you ty to
pressurise me, Natasha
You're equally guilty for
whatever happened that night
Look, Natasha.
We can continue to be good friends...
but we can't be lifemates.
I have great respect for you
But if you want me to fall in love
with you... it's just not possible
And so, henceforth, neither will we
talk about or inteere in each others...
personal lives. You and l iust
share a professional relationship
That's the only relationship
we share
l love you, Vicky...
l love you
l love you... l love you...
l love you, Vicky...
l love you
Hello... how are you?
What is the matter, Aniali?
Hasn't Vicky arrived yet?
No, Mama.
- Why don't you call him?
Okay, Mama
Vicky, you're lucm you knew the doctor
and could take care of things
Had the matter gone to the police, it
could've snowballed into a vey big issue
Before Aniali learns of it
from someone else...
you'd better tell her the whole truth.
- No, Mac
Aniali won't be able to bear the shock,
she'll be shattered
Natasha tried to commit suicide in
my presence and l managed to save her
But Aniali... l'll straightaway
get to see her dead-body
And l'm not letting that happen
l'm sory, Aniali
l was held up with
something important
l shouldn't have le you at all.
I'm really vey sory
Happy Valentine's.
- To you, too
l'm really sory.
I made a mistake...
l'll never again...
- Have l asked you?
Did l say anything to you?
So why're you giving explanations?
You must've been held up
with something important...
that doesn't mean
l must be angy with you
What's one Valentine's Day, even if
we don't meet each other for years...
our love for each other
will never lessen
You get that?
You know, Aniali? God hasn't created
something l could love more than you
May l ask you something?
- Sure
Will you mary me?
Do you really have to seek
my consent for that?
I love you, Aniali.
I love you
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"l love you so vey dearly..."
"l shall make you my bride"
"l'm crazy about you, too..."
"l shall make you
my bridegroom"
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"You are the one
in my colouul dreams..."
"you are the one
who lives in my eyes"
"lt's my heart that
happens to be your abode..."
"for you the only one
l have ever loved"
"You shall hear the
call of my heart..."
"that's how close
l shall bring you to myselF'
"l'm crazy about you, too..."
"l shall make you
my bridegroom"
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"The bangles on my wrist tinkle..."
"they torment me when
l feel lonely evey night"
"There's no way l can tell you
how l'm aching for you..."
"there's no way l can tell you
how l feel"
"Evey wish of mine
now finds a voice..."
"l shall never ever leave you"
"l love you so dearly..."
"l shall make you my bride"
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
"O lifemate..."
Stay here, Mac. l'll be back.
- Okay
Miss Natasha is not in her room?
- She was discharged this morning, sir
What...? She's been discharged?
Hello, sir.
Madam's not in the office
Mr Malhotra's away
in Hyderabad, too
Okay, Sam... bye.
- What happened?
Sam has no idea where Natasha is either.
She's neither at home nor at the office
l wonder where she went
from the hospital
l hope Natasha doesn't kick up a fuss.
- L swear!
I had no idea you were
so irresponsible, Vicky
What happened, Papa?
I didn't know you had gone
to the hospital
Dr Mehta saw you at the hospital
Iast night...
and wanted to know which one of us
was admitted in Hinduja Hospital
l was shocked! l made enquiries and
got to know who was admitted there...
so l brought her here immediately
Natasha's full of praise for him.
- That's right, Papa...
it's only because of Vicky
that Natasha's life was saved
He attended to her throughout
the night... isn't that true?
Thank you, Vicky. You've been through
so much of trouble because of me
l'll never forget this favour.
- Hey come on... that's okay
Natasha, it's only because of you that
Vicky has gotten where he is today
My child, once you're bound
in ties of the heart...
there are no favours involved.
In fact, l would say that...
you ought to stay back for
his engagement and wedding
As you wish. But is that what
Vicky wants too...?
Of course! What would be a matter
of greater joy for me?
Very well then! It's decided!
Natasha will leave India only after
attending the engagement and the wedding
Oh yes, that's confirmed
Vicky proposed to me at
4 in the morning on Valentine's Day
l'm glad Vicky at least
popped the question
Vicky's daddy has still
not proposed to me
We straightaway got married!
Natasha, you're rich,
beautiful and successful
There must've been so many guys
who proposed to you, right...?
Or then, have you been in love
with someone too?
Yes, l've been in love
Like every girl, l too dreamt
of my Prince
And then one day,
he walked into my life...
took me to the heights of love...
and then...
he showed me the stark realities
of life
He shattered my dreams
and went away
Who was he, my child?
Dreams have no names
l'm sorry, Natasha. When someone
you love breaks your heart...
life becomes very difficult
Thank God, l've found
a lifemate like Vicky
l may be heartbroken...
but my hopes aren't shattered
ln any case, the motto
of our company is...
"We make dreams come true"
Believe me, l know how
to realise my dreams
And l will, at any cost
"Who shall ever understand
the anguish of people..."
"who have taken wounds
on their hearts"
"People call it love..."
"but to me, it's nothing
except betrayal"
"A million times
my heart reasoned with me"
By my heart
"A million times
my heart reasoned with me"
"But l would not heed my heart"
"Oh, l'm crazy..."
"crazy about my beloved"
"Oh, l'm crazy..."
"crazy about my beloved"
"A million times
my heart reasoned with me"
"But l would not heed my heart"
"Oh, l'm crazy..."
"crazy about my beloved"
"Oh, l'm crazy..."
"crazy about my beloved"
"l'm crazy about your charms..."
"for l have loved you"
"You are the only one
l shall love all my life..."
"that's my promise to you"
"ln love with you, my love..."
"l shall be oblivious to the world"
"l shall take unto myself
each of your sorrow..."
"l shall fulfill every promise
l've made to you in love"
"How will l ever be able to forget
this symbol of our love, my love...?"
"oh, crazy..."
"l'm crazy about my beloved"
"oh, crazy..."
"l'm crazy about my beloved"
"Crazy, crazy..."
"When the trance is broken,
l shall return to my senses..."
"l will then expose his true face"
"l shall show the world
what he's like..."
"l'll leave this gathering
only after he's disgraced"
"He has broken my heart,
l'll now break his"
"Let him not be under the illusion
that l'm going to spare him"
"l have worshipped
the unfaithful one..."
"l have only loved, loved, loved him"
"l have forsaken the world..."
"and lost my heart to him"
"When l think of the things
that happened..."
"from my eyes flow..."
"oh, crazy..."
"l'm crazy about my beloved"
"oh, crazy..."
"l'm crazy about my beloved"
"oh, crazy..."
"l'm crazy about my beloved"
"oh, crazy..."
"l'm crazy about my beloved"
"oh, crazy..."
"l'm crazy about my beloved"
"oh, crazy..."
"l'm crazy about my beloved"
Natasha, Natasha
What farce have you started...?
Damn the international level!
I don't want the
success and fame...
which will ruin
my balance of mind!
I don't want to become a star
whose glitter the world can see...
although he's suffocating
and dying deep within!
This piece of paper... you're
very arrogant about it, aren't you?
You think l'm tied down
by this agreement? Here you are!
I'm free! Free!
Free from my dreams!
Henceforth, neither will you try to talk
to me, nor will l try to talk to you!
And l wouldn't like to see
this face of yours ever again!
What do you take me for...?
A prostitute? A blood whore?
Answer me! Answer me!
- Stop it...
As soon as you become bedmates,
your relations begin!
And you snap ties immediately...?
- Stop it, l say!
Hi Natasha... come in
You love Vicky very much,
don't you Anjali?
Yes, Natasha. But why
suddenly ask that question?
Just answer my questions
You love Vicky very much. Right?
- Right
l love Vicky very much too
And thus, l am here to
eliminate you from my path
Why're you killing me?
What harm have l done to you?
What are you doing, Natasha...?
- He can't be yours... he's only mine!
What's gotten into you...?
- Stop it, Natasha...
Vicky belongs only to me!
- Stop it, Natasha!
It's an old saying.
But let me repeat it for you
When two enemies get together,
it becomes easy to finish off the third
His stars are all going haywire
Our enemy's as good as dead...
take that from me!
But how will you do something
so risky and dangerous?
Madam, we have always
courted risks
Show-business, we came into later.
We were earlier into killing
Our children often play
with fire...
and we play with explosives
The coniunction of Mars and Saturn
means there's bound to be an explosion!
But how and where will you do it?
- Plan
One advantage in show-business is that
you get to know every artiste's routine
This star goes to the gym every
morning for his work-outs
After that, he gets back
into his car
ln this case, before he
can get into his car...
we'll plant a bomb in his car
What do you take me for...?
A prostitute? A blood whore?
As soon as you become bedmates,
your relations begin!
And you snap ties immediately...?
Forget you...?
That's impossible
And l won't let you
forget about me either
That was Vicky! Wow!
Smartass, you refused to do
our show, isn't it?
Now see what you get for being
enemies with Molani and Tolani!
L'll see that once you guys
have learnt to speak properly
Once we're enemies with someone,
we make sure he goes to hell!
Your time is up!
- And listen to this...
we've planted a bomb in your car
And l hold the remote
You had us sent to iail...
we're going to send you
packing to hell!
Nobody snatches my love from me
Whoever stands between you and me,
will meet with the same fate
Mama, where's Aniali?
- Why? What's the matter, son?
Mama, where's Aniali?
She's away at the beauty-parlour.
In a hurry, she forgot her cell-phone
But why do you sound so scared?
- Nothing, Mama... it's okay
Are you blind...?
l killed you, finally!
How could this happen, Anjali...?
What happened, Vicky?
- L'll tell you everything
l can't live without you, Aniali
Neither can l die with the burden
of what you have done
When love fails, it
gives you sorrow, Vicky
But when faith is broken,
everything is finished
l know, you mustn't have had any peace
after you made this mistake
That's one reason why l can't
give you any further punishment
But l can't forgive you either
Before l make up my mind,
l'd like to meet Natasha
Why have you called me here?
- Vicky has told me the whole truth
So what have you decided then?
Other than forgiving Vicky,
l have no other choice
So you're scared of losing Vicky!
I had snatched Vicky from you
on the very day...
when l took him into my arms
and felt him all over
And it's from that day that Vicky
has been drifting away from you
Ever since, Vicky has been living
a life of suffocation
He can neither live nor die!
If l don't forgive Vicky.
He's going to end his life!
You have henna on your palms.
And look at me...
l was so obsessed with my love
that l stained my hands with blood
But it's nothing except your
obsession for Vicky, Natasha
For how long will you
run away from the truth?
Please... take my advise.
Forget Vicky
Forget him...?
But how can l forget Vicky?
Who do l have in this world
except Vicky?
L... l love Vicky very deeply.
Very much
Look at my hands... Iook
These hands have only given
l spread my hands in front of
you today to beg for my love
Please give my Vicky to me...
give Vicky to me!
If love were a commodity, l'd have given
it to you without even asking for it
Neither did Vicky ever love you...
nor will he start loving you
even if l get out of the way
How ungrateful! l picked him up from
the streets and placed him on...
lt's because of your favours
that l've come to meet you...
to bring you face to face
with the truth
You'll have forget every moment
and day of the past
Would you forget Vicky
if l asked you to?
Never. l can never forget my love
But if the one l love asks me
to forget him...
for the sake of his happiness,
l'll surely step out of his way
lt's easier said than done!
How am l to forget? How...?
How am l to forget the precious
moments l spent with Vicky...?
It's true that Vicky spent
some moments with you
But l'm the one he wants to spend
the rest of his life with
Why...? What for...?
What haven't l done for him?
What haven't l done?
The fame and success he enioys in life
is only because of me!
But his real happiness
flows only from me
That song Vicky used to sing,
about his lifemate...
it was penned by me!
But the feeling he expressed
with his voice was only for me
l live only for Vicky.
- And Vicky lives only for me
l can do anything to win over my love.
I can go to any lengths!
If necessary, l can even kill!
I cannot kill, but l can
surely tell you...
that l can even lay down my life
for Vicky
Vicky, l've met Natasha.
We find ourselves at the crossroads
l have nothing to gain...
and she has nothing to lose
On one hand are you and me,
who've loved each other for years
We even had each other's love.
And today we've reached a stage...
where we can't live without
each other even for a moment
And then there is Natasha who has
always loved you... gave you love...
And gave herself to love
And in return she got nothing from you
Even today she loves you lot
May be more then me
How can I hate her
Who loves you so much
If I tell you
You except Natasha
it will be wrong
Because l know, you are
not in love with Natasha
And should we get married without
as much as telling Natasha...
we'll be cheating Natasha
Destiny has sucked us into a
whirlpool of predicaments...
okay, Natasha.
Yes, we'll be there
Vicky, you do trust
in God, don't you?
So you must come with me
to Natasha's house
The three of us will take a decision.
- Who's she to decide about our lives?
Vicky, you can't run away
from your responsibilities!
Natasha's miserable!
She's feeling helpless!
For the sake of my love, Vicky!
You're carrying a burden of guilt
on your soul...
and you must get rid of it today.
Natasha knows what she has to do
And l've also made my mind
as to what l wish to do
Natasha... you needn't say a word.
I will do the talking today
You will listen and
try to understand me
l know, you love me very much.
And l respect you, too
But l don't love you
l'm a woman, too, Natasha
l can very well understand your
feelings and your anguish
What l also know is that you will
never be happy with Vicky
lt's difficult for a woman
to live with a man...
who loves not her,
but someone else
Neither will you be happy...
nor Aniali. And not me too
ln a triangle, it's iust two souls
that eventually come together
The lines of the triangle never meet.
That is the sad truth, Natasha
l know you have sacrificed everything
for the sake of your love
l also know that l have given you
nothing but sorrow
Please forgive me, Natasha.
Forgive me
To regret one's doing
is easy, l know
But to atone for what one has done,
is very difficult
And thus, l wish to give you the
right to take every decision, Natasha
Only to you. And...
"Vicky, until l realised
the true meaning of life..."
"it already belonged to you. l knew
you were in love with Anjali"
"But l lived in the hope of
winning you over some day"
"l had you for a few moments
and then lost you"
"l couldn't bear
the defeat of my love"
"Aniali claimed that she could even
Iay down her life for her love"
"And l proved that l lived
only for you..."
"and even if l have embraced death,
it's only for your sake"
"Vicky, you were always my soulmate,
you still are..."
"and for every lifetime to come,
you shall be my lifemate"
"Yours, only yours... Natasha"
"ln quest of you..."
"l shall break all barriers..."
"writhing in loneliness..."
"l will die for you"
"ln your heart..."
"do please give me a place"
"O lifemate..."
"my soulmate..."
"life without you
is meaningless"