Mere Pyare Prime Minister (2018) Movie Script

Extracted by NARACHI
How's your man?
Same as yours.
Motherfuckers! All are the same!
Not at all. Some are sweet and sappy,
some are bastards like yours.
Some sulk, some try to sweet talk
some use fists, some beg.
And then...
And then?
The usual...
Only one thing keeps men in check.
- You are right...
- What?
The usual...
Granny's experience talking!
What asshole is out so late?
Won't let us even shit in peace.
They wanna peep between our legs.
Spoilt my mood.
After midnight, out in the open.
By highways, have to go.
Our mother and sister.
My hubby teases me His sister mocks me.
Life at my in-laws' place.
The mother-in-law scolds
While the brother-in-law appeases.
Life at my in-laws' place
I left my parents' place
To be with my hubby.
- Who is it?
- It's me, Pappu.
I'm bathing.
Please take your time, Sargam ji.
- I've come for Kannu...
- He...
Get up. Pappu's here.
He chews a betel leaf.
There's none like him in Raipur.
Life at my...
Is Kannu ready?
- He won't wake up.
- Me too... As a child...
It's okay.
Send him when he is up.
Good morning, Mr. Pappu.
Good morning, Rabiya ma'am.
See you...
What a nice boy.
- Marry him then.
- Sadly, he loves you.
He came for Kannu.
And left his heart behind!
Ms. Rabiya.
- This time for love...
- What happened?
- I can't sacrifice water!
- Damn!
Crazy girl.
Go. I will send my He-Man.
My He-Man Sajju. Get up...
Water will run out.
There isn't any to wash your ass.
- I don't need to go now.
- What rubbish? Go now!
Come on, hurry up.
Stop nagging early in
the morning, you crazy woman!
Go. Get water.
You're so sexy when you're pissed.
Hurry up. Go fill water.
Ma... Water.
Fifteen minutes to go! Fill it up fast.
- Diksha, my bucket's filled?
- Is it done?
Granny, be careful.
- We do it...
- Take your time.
Make it fast.
What, Adgale?
Stealing at your age!
What will you tell your Maker?
"Sorry God, I have sinned.
I ripped off a dirty thief."
Very funny!
Free for you.
Free for senior citizens...
I can take care of you.
- Should I drop your buckets home?
- Lay off!
Look at Granny.
Try helping her.
- Granny!
- Yes, dear. Let's go...
- Come on...
- Slow and steady...
Long ago this river was clean.
Fishermen would come to fish here.
You kidding, Ringtone?
I know stories from
before you were born...
that would make you piss your pants.
Granny says they were big
boats with big fish... Pomfret!
Fish boat!
Ringtone doesn't mess around.
- You wanna bet?
- What?
Fish boats came this way or not.
- We don't do dumb bets.
- What kind then?
Jump off from here.
Now that's a bet! Jump, Nirala.
Looks like Nirala's wet his pants!
Scared as shit?
Stop kissing his ass and jump instead.
Kannu doesn't either.
Even for 50 bucks extra?
First the dough.
Here... Now jump.
Start counting.
- Jump now.
- Count.
One... Two...
Thanks for the 50 bucks, bro!
Wash your shitty butts at least.
Wash them...
What's my name...
My name is Sheela
And this is my youth.
I'm too sexy for you
You will never get me.
Sheela... And this is my youth.
Sit down.
You will never get me.
Ringtone... I said 4 in a packet.
Careful or I'll tell your Pop
you sell drugs.
I don't have one.
Then find one, with your ringtone.
Why's this called Bombay Black?
Coz it's black.
And where does it sell?
In Bombay! That's it.
Hence Mumbai Black.
I've told you not to come here!
Eva Madam is here. Come soon.
Get out.
Jeez! I'm outta here.
Selling any tickets?
Sexy Sheila is on now.
Eva madam...
Put Mangla in an English school.
She will nab a good husband then.
She will nab a good job.
She's like your daughter.
Whatever you say, Madam.
Take care of her. You are her father.
See her off.
You are here!
Hey you... Out... Out.
Please give me a lift.
I'm late for work, Pappu will yell...
then I'll be late for school
and there Mangla will yell.
Come on. Back seat.
What happened?
You go to school every day?
Sometimes... If there
is too much work, I bunk.
I can do English reading
but not English talking.
Take this. One rupee for one condom.
I don't have that much.
I will give you one rupee
for every condom you give away.
Okay. Send me more.
I have a lot of friends.
I'll distribute them.
It's only for adults.
Why so?
Mangla will explain.
Do you know what time it is?
What's the time now?
Late again!
Is this how you will become a big man?
Look at me!
I didn't get this far messing around.
It's hard work!
I was helping Mom make lunch.
Sargam is never late.
Mom sent lunch for you.
- For me?
- Just for you.
- Really?
- Yes...
Let me see.
You don't know.
CEO... Rape...
What's this? Secretary...
What is CEO?
Big boss.
And rape?
Do I pay you to discuss the news?
Go sell now.
Condom. For adults. Use it.
I don't do such things.
What does a condom do?
Move along, kid...
- Sell the papers.
- Hold this first...
Use it, okay?
God gives all He can.
Man gives nothing for free.
Ah! Loose change...
Ah! Loose change...
Loose change...
The truth, plain and simple.
We are the people of the footpath.
Have no caste or creed.
Digging wells every day Filling our pails.
It's a play
Living life the same way.
Loose change...
Gimme the dough.
Take it later, no?
Here. Two condoms free.
Free? Sainath's got a factory back there?
Use them...
and I guarantee you will be back for more.
Money is all...
What about the film?
Now go get to work.
Loose change...
Naked-urchins - aces all.
From pockets like loose coins fall.
Our skulls fused, our slums glued.
Only one God rules this lane.
Let it all jingle-jangle...
Loose change.
Loose change...
Loose change...
God gives all He can.
Man gives nothing for free.
Ma... Here.
- What?
- Take this.
- Who gave you these?
- Eva Madam. Said to hand them around.
It's not candy to pass around.
Do you even know what it is?
Ma... What does a condom do?
- This...
- Ma!
Mom, what does it do?
You've seen our tea strainer?
Condom is a strainer
- that strains out babies.
- Is it?
How? Let me see.
Come home when
you hear the whistle of the cooker.
Listen up.
Do you know what a condom does?
- You know the tea strainer, right?
- Yes.
Condom is the tea strainer
that strains out babies.
Hang on.
How do you know?
I know everything.
Let's make our voices reach the moon.
C'mon, Kannu. It's late.
- Drink your milk.
- I don't wanna.
Why not?
- I don't like milk.
- Why don't you?
You promised to if
I let you play for half an hour.
- In a bit...
- No...
- It's done...
- No.
C'mon, Kannu...
Don't make me run after you!
Kannu, listen to me. Kannu!
I'm tired of this daily ruckus.
Why do you do this?
We had a deal.
- I don't want milk.
- If you didn't want to...
You promised.
Kannu! I'll delete everything!
- You don't know my password.
- I'll ask Mangla.
She doesn't know it...
Kannu, why do you trouble me?
Don't drink it. Shut the light yourself.
And don't talk to me. Liar!
Always troubling me.
Hey, I got a plan.
And what's the plan?
I'm all ears.
Wanna come to Khandala?
What's happening in Khandala?
We'll sing, dance, have fun...
So game?
Hey, I got a plan.
And what's the plan?
I'm all ears.
Wanna come to Khandala?
What's happening in Khandala?
We'll sing, dance, have fun...
So game?
Hey, I got a plan.
And what's the plan?
Give that to me.
- Finished your milk?
- Yes.
My darling.
Now go to sleep.
Hey you, Slumdog! Get out!
I have to meet Eva Madam.
- Scram.
- We have a meeting. Ask her.
- A kid's here to meet you.
- Kannu.
Name is Kannu.
Yes, madam.
You done? May I go now?
A wing, 11th floor, apartment number 1101.
What's your problem?
It's your house or what?
Just go now.
Here's a condom. For adults.
Use it.
Less kids, less tension.
It's 904.
What do you want?
Call Eva madam - Why?
Tell her Kannu's here.
Here. A condom.
You're an adult. Use it.
It's 905.
- How are you?
- Good.
It's 905.
Oh! Really?
One rupee for one condom.
Here's 2000 rupees.
I don't have change.
Rest is Holi festival donation.
I need to use the toilet real bad.
Of course. That way.
Know what they do?
- What?
- Tell me.
They don't wash. They wipe.
- Who?
- People living in tall buildings.
- They...
- They have spacious toilets.
They wipe it with a thin paper.
How thin is it?
- Later...
- Show it to me...
Give it to me.
Leave it.
- Have this...
- No. I won't.
Have it...
I can't.
Happy Holi!
- No.
- Come on... Have it.
The drums rend the sky.
And marijuana cocktail makes
The rounds
I fly high on drinking marijuana.
And the drumroll sounds.
Let go of my veil, hey, naughty you.
Else I will abuse black and blue
I'm not simple and naive, mind you.
Sweet is the sound of abuse from you.
The goat laughs The baby and the cock too
I fly high on drinking marijuana.
And the drumroll sounds.
Let go of my veil, hey, naughty you.
Else I will abuse black and blue
I'm not simple and naive, mind you.
The blue sky blushed.
Looking into your blue eyes.
Have turned Pappu pale.
The guy all wet.
A little crazy in the head.
The color red too, o boy.
Turning all pale and coy.
One and three and two.
The girl drenched through And through.
Uff! Allah.
Look in the mirror, Subhanllah!
Blue eyed damsel.
Your body colored blue.
Fill my heart.
You fill my soul.
Blue eyed damsel.
Four times!
Four times?
Didn't let go all night.
Keep it up.
Look, Rabiya.
Marijuana usually makes men loosen up...
but in bed...
Praise The Lord!
Granny, you danced a lot.
Oh cut it out...
It's done. Let's go.
- You need to...
- Sargam.
You are really late today.
My eyes just wouldn't open.
Pappu keep you up all night?
Nothing like that.
He went home after dancing.
"He went home after dancing."
And how the two of you danced!
Had eyes only for each other.
- It was the Marijuana cocktail.
- Of course.
Whatever. Now listen to me.
Pappu is a sweet, innocent guy.
Don't think so much. Just say yes.
Yeah! So innocent,
he just danced and left.
Rabiya, you are impossible. I am going.
- I'll come with you.
- No... Don't worry.
It's going to be light very soon.
Not you...
It's Sajju she's worried about.
- He will be ready for round 5!
- Really?
Let's go.
Leave me!
Bastard! I'll break your nose.
What's going on here?
Don't let him go.
Stop. Stop...
She's my friend.
Friend means you can force her? Huh?
She broke my nose... It's bleeding.
If I ram this up your arse,
nose may stop bleeding.
Forgive me, sir. Let me go.
Don't hit me, sir.
She's a friend, sir...
Where are you going?
He's from my colony, I'll deal with him.
No. You have to file a complaint.
No, sir. I don't want to.
It is compulsory.
We'll deal with him.
I don't want to file a complaint.
You have to.
Sir, I don't want to.
I said you have to.
I don't want to, sir!
Sainath! How dare you touch her!
What do you mean?
Everyone was high and dancing.
So was she.
I thought she was flirting...
Shut up, you scoundrel. Bloody cur.
We know that you are a lecher!
I was a little drunk...
I didn't do anything to her.
Those guys took her.
And you let them!
You would let someone take me too?
How dare you?
- She is my daughter...
- Try doing that again!
- Enough, you two.
- Tell him!
Apologize to her.
I will take care of you...
even marry you.
- You talk to me.
- Why should I talk to you?
Don't you touch her!
What has happened to you?
Sargam, open the door!
Sargam, open the door!
Listen to me! Open the door!
Look. Kannu is here... Call out to her!
Sargam, open the door.
They won't let us shit in peace either!
Presenting Kannu, the joker!
Wanna come to Khandala?
We'll dance, sing, have fun...
So, game?
I'm hungry.
Go clean up.
What's for dinner?
Don't worry about Sainath, okay?
I'll grow up and marry you.
You make the world's best khichdi.
You eat...
- I am not hungry.
- Eat.
- One more bite.
- No.
I'll grow up real soon.
It's me... Pappu.
Please open the door.
Just wanted to know how you're doing.
Mom says she is fine.
Take a few days off.
Take care of her.
You would let someone take me too?
Sargam, open the door!
I will take care of you... even marry you.
And take care of your mother.
They won't let us shit in peace either!
What are you up to?
What are you doing?
- Don't disturb me.
- Come on, tell me.
Digging your grave, you idiot.
Hey, bro, pick it up.
Hey, hold fast!
What is this?
Stay still.
Come with me quickly!
- What happened?
- Something happened to Kannu.
Ringtone was saying something
and the call got disconnected.
- Where?
- On the hilltop.
Where is Kannu?
Mom's here?
It's our very own toilet, Mom...
You can use it anytime.
Come on.
Close your eyes.
Now open them!
Why is she crying?
Because Kannu tore up
her dress to make the toilet.
Let me check.
Keep your feet here.
Be careful.
Kannu, we'll fall...
What happened?
Kannu's private toilet
is now a public toilet!
Give me that!
Chuck your empty bucket.
Kannu's an angry young man.
And now in the news...
Virat Kohli scores his 50th shatak.
Shatak means century.
Everybody knows that shatak means century.
American President in a sex scandal.
Son of a gun...
He turned out to be a wolf.
- Shut up!
- How are we going to wash?
We'll use our hands.
And now in local news...
In Borivali, a tendua killed a child.
- Tendua means...
- Lion?
- A hyena?
- No.
- Cheetah?
- No!
You piece of shit, it's a leopard!
Bro! How do we wash?
Use your hands!
Extend your hand!
- Come on...
- Pull!
The next time, I will build a roof too.
Granny... Let's go.
Come on.
Ladies, where are you going?
What do you mean?
You ladies go for a shit at 3 a.m?
Because we can't go in daylight.
Granny... Where are you going to?
You know where we go.
To shit?
What can we do? There are no toilets here
and everyone has to go...
To shit?
What can we do? There are no toilets here.
We want to show you
that Gandhinagar has no toilets.
By making such a video?
If you don't see, how will you understand?
Millions of kids in India sleep hungry,
mostly on streets.
Do we fix that first
or make you a toilet?
Whether you sleep on the street or home...
after eating everyone's got to shit.
Watch your tone!
This is the problem. Earlier they
complained that they have no food to eat
and now they want a toilet.
These slumdogs are always complaining.
Whom did you call a slumdog?
Don't insult us.
Trying to scare us?
It's my mom who is scared...
Please tell us...
if you can build a toilet for us.
Hand me the legal file please.
- You're going to explain it to the kids.
- Yes.
Here it is.
Here it says...
Why are you throwing me a curve ball?
Speak in Hindi.
I won't let you go till you understand.
The land on which your colony is built
is under legal dispute
regarding ownership.
Between Western Railway
and Bombay Municipal Corp.
The court hasn't decided.
Which means your colony is illegal.
What's the connection?
Big one!
Your colony is illegal
so no question of a toilet there.
Also as per government records,
nobody lives there.
But we do!
As per them you don't even exist.
Lady... Am I not visible to you?
Rowdiness isn't going to work here.
Can a toilet be built or not?
That we can't answer.
Don't ask us.
Then who do we ask?
Don't trouble us.
Go ask the Prime Minister.
The Prime Minister.
Give me his phone number.
He doesn't talk over the phone.
Why are you wasting your time? Oust them.
Look here. This is what I have to say.
If you want to meet the Prime Minister
write him a letter.
Where does that go?
To his office in Delhi!
He lives in Delhi?
No, you idiot...
he lives in my pocket... Here!
Here's the Prime Minister...
Here... Take... The prime minister...
Go... Go now.
We've seen it all.
Don't call us slumdogs.
Your blood pressure will
shoot up over such a trivial thing...
My dear Prime Minister,
I am Sargam's son Kanhaiya,
you can call me Kannu...
In my colony no house has a toilet.
We have dish TVs, refrigerators,
but no toilets.
Not one in the entire colony.
Everyone defecates in the open.
Sometimes on railway tracks...
Sometimes on pipes...
On the day of the festival Holi...
Sainath from our colony
hurt my mother.
Now whenever she goes out.
I am scared for her.
She was very sad back then.
She still is.
Upon seeing her sad, I cried a lot.
The number you are calling
is out of coverage area.
Kannu, the TC is here.
My house is too small
for us to build a toilet in it.
I made one on the hilltop...
but it got washed away in the rains.
I made it for Mom.
I don't have a father.
She is alone.
You are the Prime Minister.
You must have a big toilet
in your house.
Imagine you didn't have a toilet
and something like this
happened to your mother...
How would you have felt?
Please make a toilet for my mother.
When I grow up and earn,
I will pay you back.
My mother is my world.
Yours truly, Kanhaiya from Gandhinagar.
Hail India!
Does the Prime Minister live here?
No, the President of India lives here.
- Sir, what's the horse's name?
- Chetak.
- Where does the Prime Minister live?
- At No. 7, Racecourse road.
How about a selfie, boss?
Kannu called.
Can't he get through to me?
What did he say?
He went to meet the President
and tomorrow morning he
will go meet the Prime Minister.
He visited the Qutub Minar too.
Is he alone?
Ringtone and Nirala are with him,
don't worry.
Yes, don't worry.
I will tell Sajju to call Kannu.
Brat! Doesn't pick up his mom's call.
Mangla, stop!
When did he call?
Four times since morning.
You kids should be slapped.
- Me too?
- Yes.
- Aren't you part of this plan?
- No.
Don't whine. Next time he calls,
give her the phone.
I don't want to talk to him.
Tell him not to come home either.
Where are you going?
To meet the prime minister.
You aren't school kids.
We just don't have uniforms.
Then you can't enter.
We've come from Mumbai. Please, sir.
Sir, we want to meet the Prime Minister.
- Son, you don't have the permission.
- How come the others do?
C'mon kids, scram.
Sir, please we want
to meet the Prime Minister.
Please, we must meet the Prime Minister.
Kids, it's your turn.
What are your names?
- Nirala.
- Ringtone.
Why were you creating a ruckus?
We want to meet the Prime Minister.
That's not possible.
Then how is it possible?
All the details are on the website.
You need to take an appointment.
We've come from Mumbai.
What brings you here?
We want to give him a letter.
Are you the Prime Minister?
The thing is we want to make a toilet.
For that you need to go to
Mumbai Municipal Corporation.
They said they can't help.
And all decisions are taken
with the Prime Minister's consent.
The Japanese delegation is here.
They were to come
on Wednesday morning, right?
The secretary preponed it.
You've come this far
just to give a letter?
We'll roam around Delhi if we get time.
No, just the letter.
Kannu's written it himself.
Our work will be done, right?
Look, I can just receive it.
The rest is up to the system.
Where do we find him?
- Who?
- Mr. System.
This toilet is for my mother.
Please help.
Guess who?
You deserve a tight slap!
How dare you go without asking me?
You'd have scolded and put me
to sleep if I had asked you.
I'm super hungry.
I haven't eaten for three days.
Rabiya, make something special.
Egg curry? Great!
First, you need a good scrubbing.
What all did you see there?
Taj Mahal.
Taj Mahal? In Delhi?
I saw it from the train...
Your favorite khichdi.
At your service, Your Majesty.
Here, the receipt.
With the Prime Minister's stamp.
I've spoken to him.
Our work will be done.
Look at you. All grown up.
Met the Prime Minister!
I'll do anything for mom.
Just tell her to make the food more spicy.
Kanna, my darling Kanna.
My tiny bite of sugarcane.
My little liar, my little king.
My diamond-like emerald ring.
In your bungalow, Kanna,
Will be a hundred toilets.
Creating your own palace in the shanty.
Clouds may not gather over these, my pet.
In your ma's eyes, there's water aplenty.
Those distant stars,
Kanhaiya, are all an illusion.
Don't step on them
They will prick your feet.
Mom, our toilet is ready.
Mom... Our toilet is ready!
You've peed in your bed.
It happens... Go take a bath.
All grown up, huh?
Come on. Get up.
Went to Delhi and everything!
Are there toilets in flights too?
You think big shots
can hold on for so long?
God has made us all equal.
The only difference is
they shit in flights
and we shit on railway tracks.
Look! A shooting star!
What did you wish for?
If I tell, it won't come true.
And you, Kannu?
I didn't notice it. Else I would've...
Don't stress. The toilet will be made.
You are just saying that.
Wishing gets you nothing, action does.
Only one man can do it.
- Who?
- Your father?
No. The father to all of us.
- Who?
- Gandhiji.
He's been dead for ages now.
Show me that.
Let me take a picture.
Kannu acts dead
and we collect money for his funeral.
Nobody laughs!
If anyone laughs, our plan will fail.
For no rhyme or reason.
God wakes us up every morning.
Temple bells ring.
Every morning.
If not deaf.
Why doesn't he hear us?
If not dumb.
Well, if He doesn't listen, will you?
My dear Prime Minister.
Please do listen to my plea.
- Donate for building a temple please!
- Get aside...
- To build a temple.
- Give him something, please.
The rest is your wish Listen to us.
- For a temple?
- Yes.
Please donate for building a mosque.
You're doing God's work.
- Where are you building it?
- Well... Behind Gandhinagar.
If God is deaf So be it...
Salute the one
Who gives money...
If God is deaf So be it...
Salute the one
Who gives money...
You are the government
Give us cowsheds too...
Given us slums, now give us toilets too
I plead you It's all up to you.
My dear Prime Minister.
Please do listen to my plea.
My dear Prime Minister.
The rest is up to you
Do consider my plea.
It's me Pappu Pandey.
May I have a word with you?
Kannu isn't home.
I came to see you.
Because of what you went through...
you have become extremely sad.
Your sadness makes me sad too.
I was thinking...
You should get tested.
I'm not pregnant.
Not for that.
I mean...
for sexually transmitted diseases.
I should leave.
What tests?
A blood test.
But what do you want it tested for?
Blood Pressure...
- And STD.
- And what?
Sexually transmitted diseases.
- For you?
- Yes.
Okay. Come in.
Why don't you too, as you are here?
Come in.
Why did you get the test done?
Since you were feeling shy...
I was 16 when I first fell in love.
When he found out about Kannu...
he ran away.
And I came to Mumbai... All alone.
My father had a bookstore in Allahabad.
I would always be there.
Because I loved to read.
Then as if, all of a sudden,
people stopped reading.
The shutters came down.
And I came to Mumbai
in search of work.
Whatever I earn...
I send half of it to my family.
We can manage with the rest.
My embroidery work is going well too.
I can take on more if needed.
You won't have to.
- Take it.
- Here, take it.
- How much have we got?
- Rs. 1100.
Here's more.
- Where is the temple being built, son?
- Behind Gandhinagar.
- Ahead of the pipes.
- Behind the water tank.
And the mosque?
You pipsqueak! Bribing the police?
What did you do?
What did you do?
Run, Kannu. Run.
- What did you kids do?
- Nothing.
You'll steal money? Rob people?
It's for your toilet that I need money.
Is this how you'll protect me?
By becoming a criminal?
- Your toilet will never get built!
- Then I will die!
I'll die instead, problem solved!
- Let's get home.
- No.
Come to the temple.
No, I won't!
Fold your hands...
No, I won't.
Now apologize to God.
Swear you will
never do wrong things again.
Why do you need a temple?
We need a toilet, not a temple.
Say sorry.
You are the one who got raped,
why should I apologize?
Tell God to apologize to you.
I won't apologize to Him.
Why are you sitting alone, bro?
- See that building?
- Which one?
They are all buildings.
That one?
Bro, that one.
Umm, that one?
Whatever. You see them, right?
Count the floors.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight...
- Shit, missed.
- 50.
- How do you know?
- What do you think I've been doing?
One building of 50 floors.
One floor with 10 flats, so 500 flats.
- Two BHK.
- Two BHK means?
- Two bedrooms, hall, kitchen.
- And 2 toilets.
Each has 2 toilets, so 1000 toilets?
All in just one building, right?
There are many such buildings in Mumbai.
Look behind you.
And look at our Gandhinagar.
Thousands of people
but not a single toilet.
You know what I wished for
from the shooting star?
I know - What?
It's me.
Does Kanhaiya live here?
I'm asking if Kanhaiya lives here.
Yes. What's he done now?
- What happened?
- Come with me.
What's the rush?
- Pomfret.
- Pomfret.
- Hurry.
- Let's go quickly.
You were asking where Kanhaiya lives.
Now you are doubting her.
Don't confuse me now.
Just tell me if he lives here or not.
What's happening?
He had written a letter for a toilet?
It's reached the Prime Minister!
Can't you speak softly?
The letter Kannu wrote
reached the Prime Minister, Rabiya.
- Kannu did it!
- I'll get him.
There... Pomfret...
This boat is the fish boat?
Granny was right all along.
Yes... Big fishes...
Big fishes.
Hurry up!
The Prime Minister has agreed.
The toilet will be made!
I swear, he has.
I'm coming.
- The Prime Minister from Delhi?
- The toilet will be made, Kannu.
Somebody please help Kannu.
Someone help!
Someone save him!
Somebody please help my friend.
Please save him!
Why did you jump?
Ringtone did too.
To save his ass.
Your toilet is going to be built.
Now we don't go near the pipes.
I mean, we do but only to play
or to take a shortcut.
A few days ago our toilet was built.
Not private but a public one.
It had to happen.
After all I had spoken to
the Prime Minister.
Now we will be free
of our problems in the morning.
- Bravo!
- Hey!
When you got to go, you got to go.
What's the joke, Sargam?
It's nothing.
Come on, tell us too.
Nothing's happening.
Rabiya, what's not happening?
Where are the taps?
Taps? Didn't you carry water?
Switch off the lights please.
I feel shy shitting under light!
Switch off the lights please.
My dear Prime Minister.
My dear Prime Minister.
Extracted by NARACHI