Meri Jung (1985) Movie Script

Mom! There's Dad.
- Not from here, Madam.
- But he's my husband.
- This is for convicts.
Go from there. - Come on.
- l was looking for you, Aarti.
- They've just brought him.
ln handcuffs!
Save him, Mr. Gupta.
- Get a hold on yourself...
- Tell me the truth please.
- He'll be acquitted, won't he?
- Well, l'm trying my best.
Proceed with the case.
This face which shows nothing but
innocence and helplessness now... not a face but a mask,
behind which hides a criminal.
Who doesn't know, that the
late Mr. Ramkrishna Oberoi...
...was a millionaire whose money
was used to build schools... for the homeless and
widows. The accused...
...calls himself a musician. On
the night of 18th December...
...the accused visited the late
Mr. Oberoi with greed on his mind.
But the deceased was aware,
that the accused was...
...wanting to make quick money under
the pretext of a music school.
So he refused him the money.
Thus Mr. Verma, became angry.
When he left the place after
1/2 hour, he left behind...
...not Mr. Oberoi
but his dead body!
The prosecution accused my client
of a crime, which he can't prove.
My Lord, l agree that
on 18th December... client Mr. Verma,
between 8:30 to 9 p.m. ...
...was in Mr. Oberoi's house.
l also agree that... per the post mortem report
the murder took place around 9 p.m.
But that doesn't prove that my
client is the murderer.
The prosecution has no witness
nor any proof to prove this.
There is a witness! A person
who'll join the missing link.
An eye witness to the murder
of Mr. Oberoi by Mr. Verma here.
l'm Pramod Vasvani.
On the night of 18th December
whatever you saw from your house...
- ...can you tell us about it?
- Yes. As l stood at my window...
...l saw this man here sitting
in Mr. Oberoi's room.
Mr. Oberoi was gesturing with his
hands and shouting something.
- What was he saying?
- l didn't hear due to the distance.
Then this man stood up! And...
- ...he drew a long knife, and...
- What did he do?
Don't be afraid.
State clearly what he did.
- He then stabbed Mr. Oberoi
in the chest! - That's a lie!
- lt's the truth. - No!
l didn't kill anyone. l'm innocent.
Every criminal tried here has
said that he's innocent.
But, the light thrown by the
witnesses and proved facts...
- ...has exposed your crime.
- No, l'm innocent! lnnocent, sir.
The court is adjourned for today.
- Do you want me to lose the case?
- No, l don't mean that. - Then?
l just wanted to tell you that l've
convinced my client, Verma... admit to the crime.
even though he's not guilty.
lf you request life-imprisonment
for him, instead of the gallows.
- An innocent to the gallows...
- lt's very necessary for me!
Take any newspaper. lt has
this case on the front page.
lf he's not hanged, who will
look up to me as a lawyer?
- Listen...
- l'm sorry, but l can't help you.
My dear, you've been with me
in all the battles of my life.
Now, seeing your tears, shall l
think that we've lost this battle?
- No! Not at all.
- You're the only hope for our kids.
- Arun. - Yes?
- Come here.
- Arun. - Yes, Daddy?
- Look son.
Your mother has suffered
a lot because of me.
- Don't make her suffer more.
- l won't, Daddy. - And...
Komal is your younger sister.
Take care of her.
- l will, Daddy.
- l have a lot of hopes in you, son.
What did he say?
He's a very stubborn man.
l told him.
lf he'd just make it into a life
sentence and not the gallows...
...Deepak will admit to the
crime. But even then...
- Even then? Go on...
- Even then he didn't agree.
O Lord! Now what?
Now only God work do
a miracle, so that...
...the man has a change
of heart. Else...
He's hell bent upon sending
your husband to the gallows!
Pleadership is a game of chess.
Known only to a few.
lf l want, l can
get Verma acquitted.
Or even get him sentenced
for 5-10 years in jail.
And also send him to the
gallows if l wish to.
- That's why l paid you
500,000/- for! - l know.
lf he lives, you die!
But who'll snuff his life
out and let you live?
Me! 500,000/- is not
too much for this...
Mom! Where are you going?
Arun... come with me, son.
l don't have any time to
listen to your nonsense.
You WERE my wife! l've sent
all the divorce papers.
And don't worry about the kid
we're both better off without you.
Why are you standing here?
Go and put him to bed. - Yes.
You? Why are you here?
To beg you.
l... you...
Please be a little merciful, sir.
l have...
l have 2 small kids.
...will be very grateful to you.
What can l do? Your lawyer has
no proof, nor any witness.
Can't one be innocent if there
without proof, or a witness?
Then do you want me to lose
this case on your say so?
Not at all. But...
...he's innocent. Punish
him if you want to.
But don't try for the gallows.
You wish to win the case, right?
Give him a life-sentence.
He'll rot in the dungeon,
but he'll be alive at least.
My kids... They won't be
fatherless at least.
No matter how many years pass...
l'll live without him.
But, sir... Not the gallows, please.
Look, l can do nothing.
You better go.
No, Sir... No...
Get up now. Come on...
Look. What was to be, is over.
But there's no need
to get so scared.
You are young. Want to
bring up your kids, eh?
lf you need a job
l'll give it to you.
You understand, don't you?
No, no, no...
Don't think you're helpless.
l'll take care of you.
Rascal! Lecher!
You dared to touch me?
l had come to beg for my
husband's life. And you...
But he's watching from up there.
One day you'll have to
face your bad deeds.
This is a curse of an unhappy woman.
lt will come to pass...
One day this will happen.
You'll beg for mercy!... Beg!
But nobody take pity on you.
l curse you with this!
This is Oberoi speaking.
l hear you met Verma's lawyer.
...and that you're thinking of
a life-term, instead of the gallows.
Your brother's killer, Verma,
will go to the gallows. Period.
Considering all the proof and
the statements of the witnesses...
...this Court sentences Mr. Verma,
for the murder of Mr. Oberoi... per the l.P.C. 302,
to be hung till death.
Do you wish to meet anyone?
Tomorrow morning Deepak
Verma will be hanged!
l've already paid you Rs. 50,000/-
for your statement.
Why lose your temper over it?
l need 50,000/- more.
- You'll get it.
- When? - Tomorrow.
You'll need it!
- Mr. Vaswani? You?
- You, Mrs. Verma?
- Listen...
- Yes, go on.
l lied in the court.
That murder was not committed
by Deepak Verma.
- He didn't, did he?
- He's innocent.
Yes, l know that. Then who
killed Mr. Oberoi?
- That murder was...
- By who?
Did you all hear? Did you
hear what he said?
Did you hear, Madam? He said
my husband is innocent.
That he isn't the murderer.
You all heard what he said?
You all heard it. lf you say
in front of the police...
...that he made this dying
statement my husband will be saved.
My husband will get a reprieve.
He'll be saved.
- Don't worry. We'll tell the police.
- Thank you so much!
l'll go and tell him this. O God!
What happened? What's wrong?
The car has stalled. The jail's
2 kms. from here. Better walk.
2 kms. ? O Lord!
Papers are ready for you to take
away the body. Come and sign.
l reported to the police.
Phoned all the hospitals.
But there's still no news
about your mother child.
l think she couldn't take this
and she too, with your father...
...went to her Maker.
l won't soften the blow, son.
l'll tell you the truth.
At your age, life is a game.
But now life is no more a game.
lt's a war! With the principles
thought by your parents...'ll have to fight this war.
And fight you will!
- Mr. Verma's piano. 7,000/-...
- 8,000/-
Today Mr. Verma's house was
auctioned. His kids are orphaned.
They've become homeless. And
it's all due to you. You!
- Me? How come?
- Eventually the truth was revealed.
- That Mr. Verma was innocent.
- You're unbelievable, Mr. Gupta.
l always knew that Deepak
Verma was innocent.
But it was my job to send him
to the gallows. And l did!
You should be ashamed, sir.
You cut the law with its own sword?
You've ruined a home. Tell me,
where will these kids go?
l'd like to give you some advice.
Absolutely free too.
There are many Govt. orphanages.
Send them there. Let's go, driver.
Think this as your own home.
Here eat this. Very hungry, eh?
- Take care of them, dear.
- Listen. l want to talk to you.
- Coming. Tend to them, okay?
- Come in, will you? - Okay.
What do you take this house for?
You just invite anybody in it.
- They are hungry and orphaned.
- My father didn't give you this...
...for you to turn it into an
orphanage. l don't want garbage here.
They were hungry, l fed them.
Tell them that l can't carry on.
Keep your voice down,
Shut up, will you?
- Where are the kids?
- They went away.
- Where to?
- l don't know.
Get these papers typed. We've to
present them in the court tomorrow.
And that case... which
Mr. Thakral won...
- Get the file from the record-room.
- Yes, sir.
May l ask you something, sir?
You're a renowned lawyer yourself.
Then why do you call all his
files and go through them?
- ...l've put my foot in the mouth.
- No, that's alright.
l became a lawyer because
of Mr. Thakral's obligations.
l want to know his each and
every move and craftiness.
Because there's a case going on
for years in the Court of Time.
And l aim to win that case
against Mr. Thakral!
Komal... Ramu, keep this
inside. - Yes, sir.
So Keshav gave this file, eh?
Did he give any thick file?
- No, just this one.
- This one, eh? - Yes, sir.
Tomorrow there's a case and...
Do you remember anything else
besides your court, cases, witnesses?
Yes. l remember that
l've a younger sister, Komal.
She's very sweet and good.
Only, at times...
...she loses her temper real quick.
And cools just as fast, when cajoled.
- l remember all the things l should.
- Then for such a good memory... must get a reward.
Here you are.
- What is it? - You may recall
something after seeing this.
Wow! But why all this
all of a sudden?
Because, one, l wanted to remind
you that, some years back... had other hobbies
besides being a lawyer.
And secondly, it's your
birthday today!
Hey! l had totally forgotten.
But how can l forget it,
dear brother?
A Happy Birthday to my brother.
lt's a lovely present.
l didn't give you this gift, for
you to recall your sad memories.
Not really. One recalls things
which a man has forgotten.
But this is that sorrow which
neither of as has ever forgotten...
l remember everything.
Very well too!
You're meeting the Maharaja of
Bairampur and Lady Darabshah.
- When is her case due?
- The 18th of this month. And now...
-'re meeting Dr. Mathur.
- l've understood you're wife's case.
- But l can't take it.
- Don't say that, sir.
You're the leading lawyer
in the city. And if you...
Being the leading lawyer
brings its own problems too.
l've got so many cases pending.
That l can't take a new case.
My wife's innocent. l'll
pay you whatever you say.
Look Dr. Mathur, l've
just one answer.
- See if Mr. Dayal is here.
- He is, sir.
- He was willing to pay you highly...
- You won't understand it.
His wife is charged with
poisoning her patients.
Every proof and all the
witnesses are against her.
And l'm neither fond, nor in
the habit, losing my case!
What happened? You went
to see that lawyer.
Everybody knows that
your sister's innocent.
But the case is so complicated,
that no lawyer wants to touch it.
- God knows what'll happen.
- l was suggested another lawyer.
l was told he's very good.
Why not go and meet him?
l've just one answer for you.
l don't take so openly false cases.
My sister's innocent.
l can swear to it.
Okay, but you also believe me
that the Court will not accept it.
There's no way to win this case.
lf the case cannot be won
why try to get at the truth?
- lsn't that what you mean?
- You are misunderstanding me.
l've understood what you mean,
and also you, Mr. Verma.
lf an innocent is imprisoned
for life, so be it.
But you! You're not willing to
bear the stigma of losing one case!
Because you're interested only in
your win, fame, and success!
This file will tell even a blind
man that your sister... a corrupt doctor, who
poisoned her patients, purposely!
But you want to shout from the
roof tops that she's innocent.
- Yes, she is! - Just because
she's your sister? Any proof...
...any witnesses? lf so, then
bring them. l'll listen. Get them.
lf there is no proof and
there are no witnesses...
...can't one be innocent?
Can't one be innocent without
any proof or a witness?
l had heard a lot about you,
and came here with great hopes.
But while leaving l can't even lie
that l was glad to meet you.
Dr. Mathur, l'm Arun
Verma, your lawyer.
- Has my husband sent you?
- No your sister came to me.
l've read all the reports
and your statements.
Whatever, and how it happened,
l'd like to hear it from you.
lt happened when my husband
was in Pune, and l was all alone.
- The patient is very serious.
- Give the prescribed dose.
- But it's not in our stock.
- l've some. l'll come right now.
Here, drink this.
- Don't worry. You'll be fine.
- The senior doctor is in his cabin.
- His pulse has stopped.
- What!
Whatever l've told you,
is absolutely true.
Who mixed poison in it? How
it happened? l just don't know.
- l just don't know.
- Dr. Mathur...
...presently all l can promise,
is that l'll try my best.
Okay then. l'll see you again.
Dr. Mathur may have given
the man the same medicine...
- ...which she brought with her.
- No, it cannot be that.
The man drank the medicine which
Tony planted in the doctor's bag.
Look Tony, your father and
l are childhood friends.
Don't look to me as a lawyer now,
but as an uncle, and tell me... you exchanged the bottles
of medicine and poison, and why?
That man was a danger to us.
The police awaited his revival.
l had just one choice to
keep his mouth shut.
That night l was present at
the hospital as an electrician.
And that poisoned medicine,
the doctor gave to that man!
lf that's how it is, then
nobody can touch you.
Go and sleep like a log!
No lawyer can save her now.
Because the medicine is poisoned!
Dr. Mathur, the poison
that was in this medicine...
...which was found in the victim
as per the post-mortem report.
- What are his chances of escaping
escaping death? - Very few.
But, if the poison, before
it enters the blood is...
- ...removed from the stomach, it...
- And how long does that take?
Sometimes 2 minutes,
or even 2 hours!
After that the man has
no chance to he saved?
Thakral refused this case.
He says...
- lawyer can ever win it.
- l will!
With all the proof and statements
given, it's proved beyond doubt...
...that Dr. Mrs. Mathur murdered
her patient Damodar.
The bottle, which she had brought
for her patient, Damodar... very much in the Court.
And also the chemical report.
Which states that this bottle
contains no medicine, but poison!
On behalf of the accused,
the Defense lawyer...
...may present her innocence.
lt's a fact that the deceased
was a prime witness for the police.
Who was silenced forever.
And it's also true, that, the
accused, Dr. Mrs. Mathur...
...went to the hospital, with
the medicine that night.
And it's also a fact, that
one minute after drinking it...
...the patient, Damodar, died.
But all this doesn't prove...
...that the doctor is responsible
for the death.
All the charges made against her
stress only the fact...
...that the medicine given by
this doctor, to that dead man...
...was a poison.
And l say it's a lie!
My learned friend forgets, that,
right now, on this table here...
...the medical report along with
the bottle proves, that it is poison!
- This bottle contains poison.
- Yes.
l've read the medical report,
which does say it has poison.
But before coming to a verdict
in this case of life and death...
...we must not forget that the
report is not sent by God.
There may be an error in it.
l challenge this chemical report.
There is not a drop of
poison in this bottle.
lt has only medicine which
cannot kill or harm anybody.
You must be having proof
to prove what all you say.
Yes, l am both the proof
and the witness!
Only me !
- What are you doing?
- Mr.Verma !
What more can l do to prove
whether it's medicine or poison?
The Court feels, that,
it's not fully proven...
...that Dr. Asha Mathur,
murdered her patient, Damodar.
And there's a good chance that
the chemical report may be false.
Thus the court acquits
Dr. Asha Mathur
- Hows he?
- Still out... but out of danger.
The poison spread rapidly.
Further delay would've been too late.
l'll say that
Arun saved you, my dear...
- And God saved him.
- But, why did he do this?
- Just to win a case?
- No.
He always knew Asha wasn't
guilty and he had told me...
...he'd stake his life
to save an innocent.
...a different type of man.
- l tell you it was poison.
- Then how did he drink it?
Whether it was poison, or not.
We won't get in trouble, l hope.
- Nobody can lift a finger at you.
- The journoes have praised him!
Their standard is going down.
l've solved such cases in no time.
And there's nothing special in it
for the papers to make noise over!
ls Mr. Thakral there?
lt's from your office.
- Your son is demanding 5,000/-
- Give it to him. - But sir...
- ...last week he took 10,000/-
- l told you, Mr. Sharma...
...he's my son. Give him
what he wants. Don't bore me.
Sharma, l have money for him,
but not time!
l hear Vicky's making
a lot of noise in the collage.
My son, after all!
He moves so beautifully.
My wife-to-be doing a job?
That's when l become a wife.
You still have 2 years in college.
Okay, go ahead and do a job.
But l've accepted you as a wife.
Legal or illegal; Who cares?
Hey! What nonsense is this?
College is like a temple.
Not a don's den!
l'll go and report you
to the Principal right now!
No good man crosses
swords with me, Sir.
Because l'm Thakral's son.
And Mr. Thakral is known
to everyone in the city!
Did you see the papers, sir?
Your name is in the headlines!
Mr. Thakral had said no
lawyer can win the case.
That day will also down...
when l'll talk to Mr. Thakral.
Dr. Mathur had called to
invite you at their place.
And that girl had phoned too.
- Madam, one Mr. Arun is here
to see you. - What!
Ask him to take a seat.
l'll just come.
Madam has asked you to sit
while she's getting dressed.
Don't get up Mr. Arun.
Accomplishment without
words seems incomplete.
- Look sir, l... - These claps were
for the piano recital, and now...
...they'll be for the words.
You're standing alone quietly,
and you don't even have a drink.
From the very beginning you've
had a close bond with us.
You saved us from a catastrophe
and you don't mention your fee?
You want to pay me my fee?
l don't mind even setting all
that l own for you.
May you never see such a day!
Unlucky are those who lose everything.
But l'll consider myself lucky.
Tell me what you want.
A car, a bungalow,
a blank check...
Give me this piano, please.
What! This piano?
lt's just an old ordinary piano.
lt's old no doubt, but for
me it's not ordinary.
What's so special about it?
This is that instrument which along
with the notes, hides numerous songs.
You will give me
this piano, won't you?
Before you reach your house,
this piano will be there.
But this is not your fee.
lt's a small gift from us.
- Yes, Gita?
How did you know, l...
Just as a voice is recognized
as soon as it's heard...
Silence too is recognized
if concentrated upon.
- May l say something? - Yes.
- You're a strange man.
l don't know why you are,
the way you are...
But, l would like to know.
- There's nothing worth knowing.
- Worth, or not...
...if l decide that, you won't
have any objection, will you?
- Okay, you take all the decisions.
- Then here's my 1st decision.
Next Sunday, my group is going
on a picnic and you're coming.
And l'll be waiting for you.
- What happened?
- Nothing. Nothing at all.
- Were you in some deep thought?
- No, not really. You came?
- l came? Are you alright?
- Of course l'm alright.
- Why? - No. You're not alright.
Let's go to the restaurant.
- We're out of beer.
- So? l'll get some now. Come.
You didn't say what you were
thinking about sitting there.
l told you. Absolutely nothing.
Actually l'm a day dreamer.
Well, since when do you have
this habit of dreaming?
Since l was 6 or 7 years old.
We were in London then.
l studied there till college.
Actually l'm very fond of
music and dancing.
- Of what kind? - Of every kind.
To tell you the truth...
...nothing is as charming as
lndian music and culture.
And lndian decency has
its own distinct sheen...
Do you know the name
of this flower, Gita?
On one hand, there's you,
who lived abroad throughout...
...but respect the lndian culture
and norms. And then, he...
...who has never gone abroad, but
yet think themselves to be English!
Actually, it's their parents' fault.
Had they not spared the rod,
their kids wouldn't go rot!!
- Another photo of Arun Verma.
- ls he your real brother?
Your phone.
- lndu here. - Yes dear?
- l phoned you even at home.
- l was a bit busy.
- Let's meet on Sunday.
- l have so much to tell you!
- Don't bore me now.
That's Arun's sister, Komal.
Can l present a beautiful flower
to a girl who's as beautiful?
- You may not know me...
- l know you. You're Vicky.
- And you're a fantastic dancer.
- Suppose l answer this raise... offering another
flower? Please have it.
Anybody can dance well.
But he needs a good partner.
l was on the look out for one,
who was graceful, and beautiful.
And that partner... is you!
This is for our partnership.
- But l don't dance as well as you.
- You'll pick it up.
l'll teach you. We practice
daily after the 6th period.
And from tomorrow you'll be there.
This is for our appointment.
And this one is for
that day when...
...our partnership will turn
into a deep friendship!
- Hats off, Guru.
- This girl will be an easy prey.
And then l'll show Mr. Arun Verma...
...what it means to insult me!
- l've a lot against you.
- Me? Go on.
The Justice Department has
tried many a time... get you to fight a case
from the Govt. side. But you... don't have the time for it.
l became a lawyer to save,
not to sentence my clients!
Nobody can argue against you.
Come and sit with me for
some time. Come on.
You must've met this young man.
He's from your waters.
l've heard the name. l think
l've seen you somewhere.
The lawyer you saw arguing
in Dr. Mathur's case, was me.
Oh! l see. A very
interesting case that.
Actually, l meet so many people,
it's difficult to remember them.
Never mind. l remember
everything however.
Of course! Who can forget
Thakral the Great?
- Right. At least l can't.
- Very kind of you.
- Mr. Khanna, it's your move.
- What move?
- l think you've won this round too.
- Excuse me, Mr. Khanna.
His position is strong, no doubt.
But, he's not invincible.
- ls that so? Then join in.
- May l? - Of course.
Two lawyers locking horns.
Let's see how they make moves.
No! This game is uneven.
Mr. Verma has just come.
And the game's already mine.
He doesn't have any place to move.
Sir, when a player, is in
a very good position...
...he's so over-confident,
that he's unable to see...
...that he has left a space
empty in some corner.
And that's where he loses!
Wonderful! A very good move.
But a player in a sound
position can protect...
...anyone of his spaces
anytime he wishes.
Sure, but to do that he has to
use a little of his strength...
...for the other side.
And that weakens him a little.
And when he's weakened, that's
when he can be nailed.
Look. To save the Queen.'ve left your king unguarded.
Sir, you've lost this round.
Never mind. This is
hardly our last game.
Yes, true enough.
Avoid taking risks and
playing so carelessly.
Don't take today's young men
to be weak, Thakral.
My brother remembers, only
his official appointments.
And the dates that fall in Courts!
Everything else, he forgets.
lt was just last night that we
decided to go to the theatre tonight.
- How can he forget so soon?
- There are 24 hours in between!
- And a man can forget 24 things!
- lt's already six o'clock.
Not exactly 6 o'clock,
and l'm here!
- Just give me 2 minutes, and
l'll just change. - Listen Arun.
- Whose photo is this? - Why?
- l've seen her somewhere.
You've seen her? Where?
l've met her somewhere.
- What are you saying?
- Yes. lt was this very face.
Last year when l worked in the
Thana Mental Hospital...
...l had seen her there she's
there for the past 15 years.
She doesn't say where she's from.
But keeps blabbering about...
- ...some court case being on...
- lt's a fact. lt did happen.
- What else does she say?
- And refers to two kids...
Pinky... Anu.
Yes, Doctor. l'm that Anu.
And that's Pinki there.
That woman in the mental home,
is our mother.
Our mother! Where's this place?
l want to meet her.
You all sit here. She must
becoming. But remember... won't meet her together.
You'll meet her one by one.
Remember. Her thoughts
and her memory...
...are where they were
15 years ago!
She still thinks her husband is
in jail and the case is going on.
And that she has two small kids...
...who're all alone at home
even now. Don't say anything that...
l understand, Doctor.
Be assured. We'll see her.
Even meet her.
But we won't call her ''Mother''.
Are you the one, who, has
come to meet me? - Yes.
- Did Mr. Gupta send you?
- Yes... he did.
He had told me to ask you...
...whether you're comfortable here.
lf you're looked after properly.
Yes. Everybody's nice here.
l'm really fine.
But, the kids are alone at home.
And that worries me.
l feel like going home,
but our Senior doctor here...
Such a nice man!
A good man. He says...
...stay a while for the case.
The case is in this city now.
So l thought why not
stay a few more days?
This case has made our home life...
But l'll go home in a day or two.
My doctor keeps saying that.
What shall l say? Half the day
goes in the case matters.
And the other half,
worrying about my kids!
Poor thing. Who's she?
- Komal...
- What's wrong with you?
Take her out, please.
This is a hospital after all.
Must've come to see somebody.
- Are you a lawyer with Mr. Gupta?
- Yes, l am.
From your black coat, l could
make out that you're a lawyer.
What do you think?
Tell me the truth.
He'll be acquitted, won't he?
you... you...
Why do you look at me like that?
- Do you think that he's...
- No?
Nothing will happen to him.
Your husband's innocent.
And who'll punish an innocent man?
l thought you'd say that he's...
Okay then. May l go now?
That is my mother.
For the past 15 years,
in this mental asylum.
Those past 15 years, l didn't
even know if she's alive or dead.
And today,... l saw her
in this state!
What shall l say?
ls she alive... or, dead?
l want to speak to the greatest
lawyer in lndia, Mr. Thakral.
- Who's speaking?
- lt doesn't matter. Where is he?
He's gone to a Club Meeting.
Some members of this Club,
ordered me... come and give my
opinion, as a lawyer,...
...whether capital punishment...
...should be used, in the law.
Some soft-hearted people say,
it should be banned.
But emotions have always been
at a distance from realities.
That's what l believe. l have
always been a staunch supporter...
...of the capital punishment.
And to prove it...
...l have 75 proofs for you.
Because, in my long career
as a criminal lawyer...
...l've sent 75 people
to the gallows!
Respected people of this city.
Mr. Thakral has described many of
his great achievements... a humble way. And there
in lies his greatness.
Who says he has sent just
75 people to the gallows?
Wrong! Totally wrong. There
are more than 75 of them.
Because, with each man stand
lots of others at the gallows.
Nobody is alone when he's hung.
With him, is throttled his
wife's marital status.
His kids' future. Every
joy that was in his house.
And every sun-ray that
beamed in his courtyard.
All are hung by their necks!
He didn't hang 75 people,
but, 75 families!
And that's his greatness.
That's it.
Respected citizens of this city.
He is very large-hearted.
He always viewed an accused and
an innocent with the same vision.
He never discriminated between
the two. Any neck in hand...
...was never sent back without
a noose around its neck!
And look at him! Look!
Standing atop those 75 corpses
how tall he looks! How tall!
But remember one thing.
Just one thing.
The blood of the innocent, in turn,
stains the murderer's clothing!
And that blood will take its-price
from you and your tyranny!
And it'll be me,
who'll make you repay!
Now nobody can save you from
the sins you've committed.
- Coming! - Hurry. Put these
in the room upstairs.
And listen, keep a jug
of water near the bed.
- Who's speaking? - So?
- So? Don't recognize my voice, eh?
You didn't attend college, nor
did you come for rehearsal.
- But l'm very upset these days.
- So am l, dear.
- But you hardly remember me.
- l remember you a lot.
l'll phone you later.
- Come in.
- Your house is beautiful.
- Think it's your own.
- My own?
My house isn't like this.
lt's so very small.
You will take me to my home?
Of course. l told you l would.
lt's essential that l go.
lf you come there, you'll see.
...2 small children.
Arun and Komal.
Such small children can't
live without a mother.
Children of any age can't live
without their mother.
- Come.
- True you're right.
The bond is like that.
But l keep on thinking...
Who must be giving them food
and getting them ready for school?
Children always neglect eating
when at play and mischief.
Don't know even if they
eat anything, or not.
My younger sister, Komal.
Even my daughter's name is Komal.
l was just talking about her.
A very stubborn girl.
Arun is very understanding.
But your Komal seems nice.
- Take her upstairs.
- Please come. - Sure.
Oh! Will you do me a favor?
While coming the doctor gave
the money l had saved.
See that my kids
get this somehow.
They must be needing it.
And tell them that Mom will
return in 1-2 days, for sure.
Tell them, okay? Let's go.
Did you hear what Mom said?
Did you see her dreams?
Her hopes?
She still wears the red "tika'
on her forehead.
When in fact, my father has
died at the gallows.
Because of that man, we're still
facing problems! Thakral!
ln that function, Arun Verma
really humiliated you publicly.
A word from you, and
we'll finish him off!
- lf you wish, l'll...
- No
Lawyers fight it out in the courts.
Let one case against him
come to me...
- ...Then l'll make him bite dust!
- That'll be arranged too.
- Hows that possible?
- l've bought a very big plot.
On it the poor have built huts.
l want it vacated.
That will be done, but, where
does Arun Verma come into it?
He's the lawyer representing
the people there.
Then think your work is done!
Before my men begin to
demolish these houses...
...if you wish to see the order
given by the court, you're welcome.
You said something very nice
to me, when we first met.
When a player is in a
very comfortable position...
...he tends not to notice
an empty space left elsewhere.
Excuse me, gentlemen. lf your
clever lawyer wanted to...
...he could've taken another order
from the court to stay my order.
But it's too late, because
the court is closed for 3 days.
This time, you left a vacant space!
lt's not a question of space, sir.
lt's this poor shanty.
Don't step in their space, sir.
For, when a poor man's heart
wails, he loses his senses.
One poor man is enough
for 75 Thakrals like you!
Sir... Do you know this man?
That's Mangal. And this is Mannu.
Mangal's son, Munnu.
Munnu... This is Thakral Uncle.
A great lawyer. He's here,
to demolish your houses.
Look, son, only you can
give a reply to this.
The court papers you're holding.
Go and show them to him.
Go on... good!
- What does it say?
- That's right.
l had taken these orders,
last evening itself.
l had said something else too
when we first met.
Don't be over confident,
and so careless henceforth.
And you forgot it. Go, sir
Your car's waiting.
- Come on, Mr. Daga.
- But we were given the orders!
These are legal matters l'll
explain later. Now, let's go.
That bastard insulted my Dad
before all that public.
- And you, so-called friends,
just gaped! - Not at all.
- Your Dad stopped me. Else...
- My enemies...
...are generally not found
at home, but in hospitals.
And this time, it's very essential...
...that Mr. Arun Verma
lands in a hospital too!
- Where are you?
- ln a Borivli Telephone Booth.
- Where's Dr. Mathur?
- ln the bathroom. - Tell him to...
See how one is blindfolded!
Can you identify these men?
Go and tell the police
who we were. Can you see?
This is for picking a fight
with Thakral. Break his head!
What's all that noise?
What's going on, l say?
Break his head. Don't spare him.
Sister! Hurry! Come and
see what's going on.
l'll stay with my brother.
Don't be so stubborn. No need
for you to stay here.
Mr. Thakral has sent
these flowers.
You shouldn't have done
what you did. This was...
...the only way to make
you understand.
l don't want to dead,
but alive, Mr. Thakral.
So that l can pay you
in the same coin.
My every answer will be
according to your question!
- Seen Dad? - No, l haven't.
Where can he be? - Open the door.
Where are you Dad?
l can hear you,
but can't see you.
- l'm here. - Where, uncle?
- l'm in here, you bastards!
- ln where?
- ln the cupboard.
- Hold on. l'll get the keys.
- You idiot.
- By that time, l'll die here.
- Break it open!
- What's wrong with you?
- Testing whether you love me.
- Say you love me.
l'm getting scared. Stop!
Look where you're going.
l'll continue this till
you tell me you love me.
- Please stop. - l know you love
me, but why don't you say so?
- Yes sir? - Where's mother?
- Upstairs in her room.
- l can't see Komal around.
- She phoned to say she'll be late.
Before meeting you l didn't
know what true-love was.
- l just didn't like any girl.
- But after meeting you...
You! Why did you sit here?
l sat here, so that you...
...won't be able to spoil the
life of another innocent girl!
He has already spoilt my life.
He may not do the same to you.
l'll show you all the letters
this fraud had sent to me.
lf you read them, you'll...
lf you try and incite her
against me, l'll kill you!
Take her away...
- Listen! - l don't want to be mad.
- So you're making me crazy?
l know. l've but one way
to make you trust me.
You'll have to meet Dad.
Right now. This moment.
You're Arun Verma's sister?
- Yes.
- You both wish to marry?
Yes, but with your blessings.
Pay your respects to Dad.
Playing all alone?
Good thing too.
At least there's no fear of
losing, when playing alone.
l don't fear losing anytime, sir.
Very correctly said. Because,
you've stooped to silly behavior.
- Meaning?
- You know l have an only son.
To try and snare him just
do lower my image...
That too through your sister?
l've seen a lot of cheap
behavior from my enemies.
But no as lowly as this. Anyway...
Now this game is in your hands.
No use being in the dark.
The truth is, l love Vicky.
He's a first-rate rascal.
A hoodlum.
Abusing him, is as good
as abusing me.
- What's wrong with you?
- Ask her what's wrong with me!
lf you try and meet Komal,
l'll bury you alive!
And the day l decide to do it,
even your father can't save you!
Verma didn't slap you,
but Thakral's son!
- Will his sister agree to
elope with you? - She may.
l'll see to the repercussions.
But if this really happens...
Verma will be in no position
to show his face to anyone!
lf Komal is childish it does not
mean you've to be immature.
Try to understand. Your
mother's in the house.
- lt's not right to have a chaos now.
- Good that we brought her here.
And let her stay here for some
days. We'll convince her.
Yes, do that! And also tell her,
that l can fight my foes.
But when one's own
desert one, then...
- Whom do you want to speak to?
- This is Vicky.
How did you know l was here?
When one loves someone, he
ferrets out his beloved. And then...
lf you won't meet me, then
l'll... l'll consume poison.
Don't say that, Vicky. No!
Then there's only one way out.
We'll elope tonight.
- And we'll get married. - What?
- Listen to me, please.
Else, ...admit that you're
scared of your brother.
l'm not scared of anyone
in this world, so why him?
- But we will marry, won't we?
- l'll collect you tonight.
- Be at the gate.
- You just come, eh?
You both sing well.
Sing, Mom.
She remembers everything.
But remember...
...she has woken up after 15 years.
You can meet her now. Go.
- Arun!
- Mom...
Don't cry, Mom.
Look. Look at me.
We got our mother back.
And you, your children.
My dear son. How you've grown!
What you must have
gone through these years!
- l could do nothing for you.
- No, Mom.
Your love and your courage
kept me alive after all.
Mom! How good it sounds.
- Say it again.
- Mom.
- Where's Komal?
- She doesn't even know.
She's at Dr. Mathur's place.
You just rest, while l go and
get her. She'll be so happy!
Wait! Don't think l'm a foe.
Vicky has ruined me.
- He'll ruin you too! - You lie.
- l know him better than you.
These are his love letters
Last year...
...l had to go to Pune
to have an abortion.
Take these letters, full of
his untrue love.
Don't touch me. l've
suffered enough. Let me go!
- What's all this about?
- Don't believe a word she says.
No, Komal. Don't go with him.
He'll ruin your life!
No, Vicky. l won't go with you.
Can you hear me? Hurry up and come.
- Hurry! He'll run away.
- What happened? - Murder!
He got away! But l saw his car.
- He killed her so brutally!
- We should phone the police.
- ls that Mr. Gupta?
- Yes, he's the same.
He had just this daughter.
Now she too has gone.
- Arun? Arun Verma?
- Yes.
- You're that same Arun?
- Yes, l'm he, Mr. Gupta...
One day you had confronted
Thakral for my family.
Now, l'll fight him for you.
ln this war of truth and
falsehood, he'll surely lose!
- There's no question of me losing.
- But 2 people have seen me.
lf that's so, l'll see to them
in the court. You're my son!
And that's no joke.
Sir, the time is over.
lnspector, he's my son.
- Take care of him.
- Don't you worry.
That we take care of each other.
That's what makes the world go round.
- Who is it?
- Why are you here? - To tell you
l'm going to be the Prosecution...
...against Vikram, your son,
for the murder of lndu Gupta.
l really pity your zest,
and your innocence.
But the day you come before
me in the Court of Law...'ll forget
this conceit forever.
l'm not in the habit of
forgetting, Mr. Thakral.
That's why l remember
it all. Remember it.
A frightened, face of an innocent
hearing the death sentence.
The sound of his wife's
silence in a gloomy house.
- l remember everything.
- Whom are you talking about?
About Deepak Verma, who,
in your merciless hands...
...died at the gallows.
About Aarti, his wife, who,
because of your cruelty...
...lived like a living corpse
in a mental asylum for 15 years.
- l'm talking about those two.
- You?
- How do you know them?
- l'm, their son, sir!
Life is so very strange.
The chess-pieces remain the same.
- But the game takes a turn!
- Anything else you wish to say?
l want to give you an advice.
Absolutely free.
Ask your son to
admit to his crime.
He'll go to the gallows for sure.
But at least....'ll be saved from being
humiliated for having lost to me.
The case proceedings may begin.
This is the story of a decent, and
a good girl from a poor family.
Who's no more among us.
This murder case is gruesome.
But not complicated.
You'll soon come to know...
...that her Killer is nobody , but
this man in the dock, Vikram.
Vikram Thakral snuffed life out
of that girl, as casually as... crushes a cigarette butt
under one's heel and walks away!
l don't know where a person
goes after his death.
But if he does go anywhere,
lf there's something called Soul...
...then, that dead girls soul is
here in this court, demanding...
...justice at Laws door.
And l'm sure....
...very sure, that she will not
go back disappointed.
First of all, l'd like to
congratulate the young prosecutor...
...on his enthusiastic and
emotional presentation.
But with it l'd like to remind him,
of the 1st lesson from the Law Book.
That legal decisions are taken by
thinking not by being emotional.
The accusations made by the
Prosecution on my client...
...Vikram Thakral,
What can l say about them?
Because, Vikram never knew
a girl named lndu Gupta.
He did! Because the case has begun
with this stand of the Defense.
...that both, Vikram and lndu,
were strangers to each other...
First, l want to prove it's a lie.
My 1st witness is...
Did you know this girl
lndu Gupta?
l didn't know her, but
l did meet her twice.
When and where did you
meet lndu Gupta?
l was lured by Vikram
to elope with him.
And on the night of 16th July, when
Vikram came to Mathur's house... take me with him
lndu Gupta also came there
She tried to persuade me.
And had some letters with her.
She wanted me to read them,
but Vikram intervened.
He snatched those letters,
and pocketed them.
- Then what happened?
- Vikram pushed her away from me.
She wanted come near and
talk to me.
But l got scared, and
went back into the house.
- What happened after this?
- Within a minute l heard Asha..
...l heard Dr. Asha scream.
l ran outside, and saw,
lndu Gupta's body lying there.
And Dr. Mathur and Dr. Asha,
standing near it.
You may step down.
Just a moment.
- l'd Like to question this witness
- Permission granted.
Take this handkerchief. Go on.
Wipe your Tears.
No, don't be scared.
Look, my dear.
l want to ask you very simple
and straight forward questions.
And you also answer them
very simply, okay?
Are your parents alive?
- My mother is, but my father...
- not more. Right?
Can you tell how and
when your father died?
These questions have nothing
to do with this case
They've everything to do with it!
Somebody's life depends on this.
- That's why permit me to go ahead.
- Permission granted.
Well then, my dear.
Weren't you about to tell... your father died?
Don't look at anybody.
Take your time to answer.
Tell me, how did he die?
- He was hanged!
- Hanged!
The lawyer who sent him to
the gallows...
- you know his name?
- Yes. - Then you also must know...
- ...that Vikram is
that lawyer's son?
- No l didn't know before, but...
- But you knew later on.
And, since then, you've made up
your mind, that one day...'d avenge your Daddy's death
through that lawyer, and his son. And...
...with that in mind, you lied
against Vikram Thakral.
The defense cannot wash off the
blood on the accused by her tears.
ln getting excited to prove Komal
Verma as killer, he forgot...
...that there are 2 more witnesses.
My next witness is Asha Mathur.
Yes! He's the one l saw.
lt's the same face.
My Lord, he's the one.
As per the police report,
you've made a statement...
- ...that when you saw the killer
you were at your gate, - Yes.
According to the same report,
the place where the body was lying...
...and the gate, where you were,
the distance is about 22 yards.
A distance of 22 yards...
...a stormy night, with very
little light. Do you believe...'ve identified
the killer correctly?
l agree it's a bit difficult.
But l saw him only.
Tell me. What was he wearing?
- Coat and pant?
- Or just coat and just pant?
- Both!
- Both, coat and pant? - Yes.
May l know...
Where you had gone and
from where you were returning
We had gone to Dr. Dastur and
were returning from him.
You are telling the truth there.
He's a renowned ophthalmologist.
And as per his report
your eyes are every weak.
This is his report l think.
- ls it true?
- Yes.
Even after having such weak eyes... could recognize the killer
from such a long distance?
Yes! l'm saying so.
Your reply was my question.
You may step down.
l admit that Dr. Asha's
sight is a bit weak.
But it seems now, that even behaving
the Defense lawyer has weak eyes!
lf he reads and sees
this report carefully...
...he'll know that Dr. Asha
is long-sighted!
And 22 yards is quite a distance.
He himself has admitted to it.
The Defense counsel is trying
to widen the gap...
...between the killer and justice.
But he won't be successful.
Because l've such a witness...
who has seen the criminal... 22 inches,
let alone 22 yards!
lt's the same boy. He tried to
run away over the wall.
l tried to catch him
but he escaped.
l've seen him from very near.
l can never be mistaken.
When the killer ran away.
What did you do then?
- l went back to the corpse.
- Obviously, till the police came... were near the body, and
you didn't even touch it.
- No. But yes, l did cover it
with my coat. - Just a minute.
- Did you go in and get the coat?
- No. l used my own coat.
- So, you were wearing a coat?
- Of course l was.
- You mean you wore coat and pant...
- l don't wear a coat without a pant.
- So you had worn even a coat?
- You ask me again and again.
l hold you l wore a coat.
Your wife said when she saw
the killer you weren't there.
And when you did come.
The killer had already filed.
That means your wife did not
see you, and the killer...
together, at that place.
ls that true?
- That's correct.
- She also said this...
...that the killer had worn
a coat on that night.
- The coat again! What do you mean?
- What l mean is...
...after parking your car,
instead of your wife... went straight to the place.
Where lndu Gupta awaited you.
You may've had some illicit
relationship with the girl...
And that day she came to
your place to blackmail you...
...that if you don't pay up,
she'll tell everything to your wife.
Your blood boiled with rage and
in your anger you killed her!
Before you could think,
you saw that your wife...
...was at one gate.
Weak eyes....
...a distance of 22 yds. and a dark
night. She didn't recognize you.
She just saw you in a pant
and a coat from afar.
She screamed. Being scared,
your first reaction was... run towards the garden,
but then you remembered...
...that may be your wife didn't
really recognize you. You....
...went around the garage and come
to your wife, and to hoodwink her... again ran the same way
the killer was seen running.
You returned in a moment, convinced
her that the killer escaped.
Because your coat was stained
with the dead girl's blood... covered her corpse
with it very cleverly. So that...
...people should believe those
stains were from her dead body!
Do you mean to say, that
l killed that girl?
l'm not just saying it, but
in fact prove it...
...that lndu Gupta was
murdered by you!
This story holds no water.
lf lndu Gupta was murdered... Dr. Mathur, then
why would he call the police?
And if one accused hadn't gone to
the doctor, how did the doctor know...
...that the police would find Vikram
on the road in a while jeep?
That's not surprising.
Ashoka road is Vikram's way home.
He passes that way many times in
his white jeep. But the point is...
...when the police arrested him,...
...Vikram wasn't wearing a coat,
nor was a knife found on him.
- And his body too, was free
of any blood stains. - ln 30 mins...
...blood can be washed. Weapons
and coat can be thrown or hidden.
l telling you again. Vikram wasn't
wearing a coat, nor carrying a knife.
l want to give some good news to
the court, especially, the Defense.
The coat and the knife
hidden by the accused is found.
They are present in this court
as evidence in this case.
This is that knife which has
tasted the blood of the deceased.
The finger prints on this handle
have written the tale of that murder.
And the cruel story which this knife
can't finish, the coat will.
When the knife's blade keep quiet,
the blood cries out!
The blood stains of an innocent
are crying out for justice!
This coat of Vikram is admitting
the crime he committed.
l, on behalf of lndu Gupta,
call for justice.
- That the proof of Vikram's crime...
- not true. - lt is real.
- This is not my Coat.
- lt's yours alright.
This is not Vikram's coat.
- l swear that this is his coat.
- l swear l never had a dark coat.
- Then of what color was it?
- lt was white!
Some time back he had said,
Vikram hadn't worn a coat at all.
Mr. Thakral was right
when he said...
This coat and this knife
do not belong to Vikram.
But he also said that Vikram
had worn a white coat that night.
l request the Court that the
Prosecution may be given sometime...
- find that court.
- The court gives you 3 days.
And on that note,
the Court is adjourned.
- Constable! - Yes, sir?
- Close the door. - Right, sir.
You must be wondering
Why am l so kind to you?
Two reasons. One, your father
said something very nice.
That people should help one another.
That's what makes the world go round.
And two, that lawyer
Who's prosecuting you...
l've am old axe to grind with him.
He won 2 cases by fluke...
...and he thinks we police
are his slaves!
Listen. Come here.
- Yes? - Would you like to earn
50,000/- by this evening?
- 50,000/-? How come?
- Set me free for an hour.
Don't worry. You'll get the money
before you set me free.
- Here's your money?
Not late am l? - No.
- But one hour means, just that!
- Trust me, lnspector.
lf you hadn't come, this coat, and
this knife would've got me hanged.
- Don't worry, l'll destroy all this.
- Burn these letters from lndu too.
The police is here to escort
you back! Come on.
This can isn't for you.
But that one there!
We've to make it clear to your
father that, our police station...
...isn't a shop, to buy honesty.
Here's the police. There, the Law!
There's you, with the proof.
Let's go.
Here's your knife and coat. They'll
melt in the acid very fast.
l've done my job, lnspector.
Now you do yours!
- What the hell are you saying?
- l'm telling you the truth.
Sir, we must do something. lf
those letters land in Court...
...then our statements and proofs
will prove false. We'll be exposed.
What will people say? Such a big
lawyer and he couldn't save his son?
- We'll buy Arun Verma!
- He won't buy our offer.
lt's a question of life
for your own son, sir.
Let the Court proceedings begin.
Some new difficulties have
cropped up in this case.
l request the Court that we
be given a few more days.
l give the Prosecution 3 days.
The court is adjourned.
- What are you saying?
- lt's true. Read this.
''Your mother is in our clutches.''
''lf you want her alive, then,
come alone at 2 a.m. ...''
''...with those letters
in the Borivali Park.''
l've to find out before 2 a.m.
where Mom is held.
They've messed it all up.
l won't spare them however.
The world is a big joke.
Listen to it, and laugh away.
See how well my son dances!
Send Tony upstairs. He's drunk.
- What's wrong, son?
- The damn car's stalled.
Arun... See over there.
Mom, lock all the doors
from the inside.
Don't get out of the car.
- What do we do with him?
- Leave it. Get his mother.
- There's nobody here. - What!
She must be here. Find her!
- Not here. - Nor here.
- Not here either. - Where is she?
Hide everybody.
She's enough to keep Arun
silent. Take her with us!
Rascals! You won't take her!
You won't take her anywhere.
Please go from here, Mother.
We were taking just the milk.
But here we got the cream too.
Let that girl go! Let her go, l say!
We'll let her go, and you too.
But before that, the Court
has to let go Vikram!
Run, my dear. Run!
ls anybody there?
Help! ls anybody there?
l stood outside Courts all my
life because of you, Thakral.
Today l'm at threshold of death
again because of you!
Today, it's either you or me.
lt has to be decided!
lt has to be decided once
and for all today!
This is what you deserve
for the crimes you've done!
You've made my mother
suffer a lot!
He has ruined many households.
l've been burning within, all
my life because of him.
l became blood-thirsty
because of him. Today... l'll not spare him.
l'll die but l won't leave him.
Today's sensational news. Famous
lawyer charged with murder.
This Court sentences Vikram,
alias Vicky Thakral... be hanged till death as per
l.P.C. 302, for a brutal murder.
''Sentences him to death.''
There is Hell in the world,
And Heaven too
lt is that Court, where,