Meri Pyaari Bindu (2017) Movie Script

A quiet evening.
The birds have flown home.
A courtyard bathed in light.
A tired football game.
An old song on the radio.
A silent dog.
Suddenly the clang of cymbals.
And Goddess Durga appears
in the sky.
All eyes follow her.
Manohar uncle stunned,
so are Karma and Vimla.
Her shadow looms
over the neighbourhood...
tearing through the sky.
as "She" advances.
But no one knew...
on a roof in that same lane...
a man stood between
life and death.
They say your life flashes in front of
your eyes before you die.
But the only thing he could see...
Was the face of that girl.
Many teach you how to love...
..alas no one teaches you
how to forget that love.
"My Sweet Bindu."
Love is not an easy thing.
This much I know.
You are a river of fire.
I do not know how to swim.
You do not know how to drown.
Miss Chawla......
You seem very opposed to
Abhimanyu Roy's novels.
His stories are exploitative.
His worlds. dark and bitter.
All his characters are like him.
negative. angry and horny.
And he portrays all his women
as heartless witches.
None of his characters are real.
I tell you.
Obviously my characters
aren't real.
I would hardly want
a scary ghost...
wearing a saree sitting
next to me.
I much prefer a Miss India.
That's the problem.
He never discusses
anything real...
just hides behind cheap humor.
Sir. take this.
Love is not an easy thing.
This much I know.
You are a river of fire.
I do not know how to swim.
You could write poetry or crime
thrillers. Why horror stories?
When today's youth prefer
love stories.
So? Boy meets girl, they
live happily ever after. The End.
Everybody writes love stories.
Bankers, insurance agents.
Horror is really interesting
as a genre.
The more you scare people.
the more they want to be scared.
All the best, sir.
"The Witch's Blouse."
I cannot tell you how many
copies it has sold!
It's broken the 10-year record
of the English-Hindi dictionary.
- Can I take a selfie?
- Sure.
Three years have gone by...
when is your next book?
Love is not an easy thing.
This much I know.
You are a river of fire.
I do not know how to swim.
Of course. It's the paper's
fault, Abhi.
How much longer?
We need a book You need a book.
Your goldfish needs a book.
Stop eating ketchup
and bread all day!
You smoke non-stop.
You don't answer any calls.
I'm fed up of calling.
God answers but not you.
The publisher paid you
two years ago.
- He's chasing me.
- I don't care.
His kid used to dirty my lap with
his goo. Now he googles all day.
Tell you what...
- Give me a date.
- Give me space.
It's a love story.
I knew you'd make me proud.
Don't do that!
A normal love story. right?
- Girl-meets-horse?
- Are you mad?
People write strange stuff.
Take Black Beauty.
You're the limit.
You won't get any ideas...
locked indoors. At least
open the window!
Let the air in. Ideas will
float into the room.
- Don't you have a copy?
- No!
Why don't you use a laptop
like normal writers?
Everything is online.
Even railway bookings.
I'll kill you.
Ma, I'm busy, Call you back.
You're always busy, Bubla.
That's why this has happened.
What's happened?
Better you hear it from me
than someone else.
Your father and I are getting
- You're cracking up.
- I'm cracked?
Your voice is cracking up.
I'll call you back.
Your baba and I...
Baba is on hold.
Baba, What's up?
- Cutting me out of your will?
- We're getting divorced.
Have you heard?
Bubla is coming to Kolkata.
He's coming?
When do We see him?
My son is coming home.
The best pieces, please.
Hope he'll stay long?
Bubla's coming? Wow!
Lemon tea for everyone!
Nephew landing.
How are you?
Who is he?
Come inside. I'll tell you.
Is he here?
Mind your backs!
Nephew, listen to me.
- You write so well.
- Come here.
- We're first in line.
- Let me go.
Give me a good hug.
What happened to that girl?
Left him, right?
You're so thin. Eat!
Nephew, hear me out.
You've written a terrific book.
Keep on scaring us.
How about some whiskey? Neat?
That's Vodka.
Same difference.
Do you remember me?
- Bhooby aunty.
- Bhooby aunty?
Bhooby aunty from Salt Lake.
Bhooby aunty. How could I forget?
Why are you so stressed?
What is all this?
It was her idea.
It was my idea?
You always say I never
give you any credit.
- Meaning?
- The divorce yarn.
How could you imagine I'd ask
your mother for anything...
Let alone a divorce.
If l committed suicide at my age,
what would people say?
Baba, you...
You haven't come home for ages.
Unbelievable, Ma. I have to finish
my book and...
You make me come all the way
to drink Vodka with Aunt Bhooby.
We were missing you.
No more surprises, I hope?
Next Wednesday...
it's your father's birthday.
Now that you're here...
I thought we'd have a small party
for selected guests.
Only close family and friends.
Speak up!
That's good. Quiet now!
- Couldn't you tell me on the phone?
- Would you have come?
Come. Come. The family photo.
You can't manage anything.
You prefer Vodka to your son.
- It helps me acting.
- Don't overdo it.
I can't overact as naturally as you.
What happens when he finds out
about your other plan?
Why shouldn't I?
He's just wasting his life...
because of that girl.
My boy, Devdas! How are you?
I missed that face.
Give me a hug!
Please have some.
Come with me.
Hurry up!
My daughter is an avid reader.
Rabindranath Tagore
is her favourite.
Then Satyajit Ray.
Then "Edin" Blyton.
You come a close fourth.
I love Das Cabin.
What a concept. Gripping!
Read us something.
lf you're feeling shy.
give it to me, I'll read.
Give it to me.
I did a lot of theater in college.
"Maya's body was now Wrapped
around Ravi."
"Nice trousers," she says.
"She puts her hand into his pocket.
"He attacks her like a hungry
Bengali businessman...
"attacks a mate of hot samosas...
"after a hard day at work.
"As Maya starts moaning...
- "Yes."
- No.
That's enough.
Sometimes, it's about
publisher demands...
All right. We better be going.
Let's go.
Das Cabin? Gripping!
Baba, no ghost came?
No, someone else did.
She's sweet.
Ma, are you serious?
OK, You tell me what kind
of girl you want?
Her hair was like the inky night.
Her eyes were like traffic lights.
Red, Green, Red, Green.
Her fragrance ran through
my veins like molten lava...
Looking for something?
You, I didn't know
you were here.
- I am here.
- I can see that.
I heard you committed suicide.
So that wasn't you?
Obviously not.
She isn't here.
- Are you recording?
- Yes.
These are Bindu and Abhi's
top ten favourite songs.
Not favourite songs. But songs
that are part of our lives.
So this is the soundtrack to
the lives of Abhi and Bindu.
Don't go away, don't leave me now...
my heart hasn't
had its fill of you.
Some songs become part
of your life.
Wrapped in their tunes are stories,
big and small.
Many memories.
Bindu and I had filled a cassette
with our memories.
Our mixed tape.
Our 4x2.5" dirty secret.
A tape filled with Lata, Kishore,
Asha, Rafi, RD, Bappi-da.
And Bindu,
Don't go away, don't leave me now...
my heart hasn't
had its fill of you.
"My Sweet Bindu."
In one Word - she was "trouble."
She was unusual, a little crazy.
Forever changing her mind.
She was madly in love with life...
but she loved herself
a little more.
At age 6...
she played a bee in a school play.
She adored her costume so much.
she kept it on for a week.
A Week later...
she threw it out like
an old toy.
Never wore it again.
What will you be
when you grow up?
Her answer changed every day.
A Prime Minister.
a washer-woman, a nurse.
Then one day she saw the film
"Guide" on TV.
She thought Waheeda
was singing herself...
so every singer was
as beautiful as Waheeda.
Was it Waheeda's magic
or Lata Mangeshkar's...
she had to be a singer.
I'll have an army of fans.
Wait and see!
She adored her mother.
She taught her that
life was like melting ice-cream.
Gobble it up or it'll get wasted.
She was scared of her father.
Her father, the Major, stumbled home
drunk every night.
If he was in a bad mood,
he'd look Bindu in the bathroom.
But who could tie her down?
She had wheels under her feet.
She never settled for a place
or a thing...
one object or even one person.
She left everything half-way.
A film, A book, A hobby.
Before she turned 25...
she broke two engagements.
- Let me kiss you.
- Please go for it.
Be serious!
God had given me so many signs.
But I was too obsessed by Bindu
to ever notice.
Bindu was like that melody...
that you hear once...
and can't get out of your head.
That year Kapil Dev won
the World Cup at Lords.
Kishore-da sang "Taaki o taaki."
And We learned about thunderstorms
In our geography class.
My little thunderstorm came quietly...
on a boring Tuesday in an old
green Ambassador car.
To welcome our new neighbours,
Ma made mince-meat samosas.
Like all great Indian love stories,
mine too started...
with samosas and green chutney.
There she was' sitting on
those trunks in the attic.
Fiercely guarding the secrets
they contained.
She had her headphones on,
looking at me with suspicion.
That look!
Oh God, that look.
Finally she said...
Listen to this, This will change
your life.
This will change my life?
What did she mean?
The song? The headphones?
Or she herself?
Even today I feel she had eyes
only for the green chutney.
We won't be able to Watch
the show?
This TV has become a pain.
Cricket and film songs always
brought India closer together.
Every Wednesday evening, I had
to battle with the antenna.
- Is it on?
- Yes, Don't move.
Before the 4.10 secs of
"Aaiye Meherbaan" were over...
Madhubala had Ashok Kumar
swooning over her.
And I had found my best friend.
Come to me, my kind friend.
Take a seat, sweetheart.
I invite you...
to take the test of love.
Let the song finish.
It's my name, Bindu.
What kind of name is that?
Bindu Shankarnaraynan, Is that
a name for a rock star?
- Wow! Are you really stripping?
- Eyes on the road.
Do you know why my father
named me "Bindu.
- You think I care?
- Go on, guess.
After his favourite actress,
Saira Banu.
"My sweet Bindu."
Who names their only daughter...
after a comic character
in a 70s film?
Why don't he name me "Saira?
Such an attractive name.
- My pet name is Bubla.
- Eyes on the road, Bubla.
It sounds like a Bengali version
of "Bubble Wrap."
- I don't even have my own song.
- Bubla really stinks.
But your parents called you
Abhimanyu too.
I'm stuck with this one name.
All my life I will stay a Bindu.
Uncool, unmarried. For life.
Don't worry.
I will marry you.
But you need to improve
your figure first.
You unfit Bengali!
With a name like Bubla.
dreaming about hot girls?
Ok. Bubla is a great name.
I'll marry you.
Are you sure?
But l can't walk. I'm wearing heels.
It's 11.30pm. I promised to give
Rahul my car.
So how are we going
to the party?
It's an emergency.
'That' kind of emergency?
Where is he?
- What are you doing?
- Look away.
What's up, bro?
Hi, Rahul.
How are you? Good?
Very good.
- Have fun.
- Bye.
I need a cab.
- Let's go.
- Where?
Hurry up... follow that car.
I left my keys behind.
You want them now?
It'll take a second.
Where are they? Where?
Oh! Hi, Pinky.
No keys here.
Found them, Thank God.
Follow me.
I can't believe you seriously
did that.
Rahul's face turned bright red.
And what about Miss Pinky Rastogi?
- Now they'll know.
- We'll find a taxi further on.
Don't sulk. Bubble Wrap.
- why are you so heavy?
- Know what l like about you?
I am thinking.
I like the way you scrunch up
your nose when you're angry.
I also like those old-fashioned
sweaters you wear in the summer.
- I'll drop you here.
- But, but... I love.
That you're a real gentleman.
You'd never drop a helpless girl
on a cold road.
The girl from Kolkata.
A Bengali qawali.
Let me sing!
Let it go to hell...
the material world.
Let me drop by your home
some day.
Leave your window open...
and let me fly away.
Let me play...
let joy overcome me.
O lovely girl,
let me get close to you.
Your youth...
my youth...
won't let go of me.
I roam streets and lanes...
come to me, sweetheart.
Fly to me in these pebbled lanes.
Come to me. Let the rumors
Everyone at home will have
a problem with us.
Let me...
Let you, get ourselves
a bad name.
What is youth Worth?
If it isn't full of wicked fun.
We are buddies who meet
at midnight.
Your youth...
my youth...
won't let go of me.
Page seven.
Who Wants page seven?
zzzzzzzzzzzz20 bucks?
Page 3.
Must we attach the question paper
with the answer sheet?
I'm done.
Me and my crazy neighbour.
Our homes were next to each other,
So were our lives...
like Gabbar and Sambha, Munna
and Circuit, Guruji and Bhola.
Here. No more renting your car.
No more emergencies.
- Come on.
- You're nuts.
She always managed to make
me do wild and crazy things.
This 'two-phone rings' girl will
trap him one day.
As long as it's a girl.
I have to get some notes
from Prakash.
Where to?
I'll be back.
Just look at him!
Two rings means an emergency.
You know, right?
Everybody in North Kolkata knows.
Bindu, whatever it is,
It's a no.
You know I don't like dogs.
Someone ran over his mother.
This little guy was crying
on the road.
Pa won't let me keep him.
How can We abandon
him on the streets?
- Know what we must call him?
- Someone else's problem?
We'll call him Devdas.
Can We keep Devdas?
What do I tell Ma?
Instead of notes.
I came back with a dog?
Not a dog, It's Devdas.
No chance. End of discussion.
Then came the big day in the
college calendar.
The Xavier's Annual football match.
Science vs. Commerce.
I'll deal with you later.
These games added new words
to my vocabulary.
Crushes, Rebounds.
Boyfriend, girlfriend...
good friend, just friend.
It's complicated. Etc, etc.
And I discovered why goalkeepers
hate center-forwards.
We lost the match badly.
But it felt as though I had
lost something more.
Very helpless, very helpless.
Final score. Life: 2.
Abhimanyu Roy: 0.
Run' run'
Who asked you to End the car?
Damn! He banged the car.
Who is the idiot driving my car?
Released the handbrake
by mistake.
He's already scored.
It's Bindu.
Cool it, you'll get your money.
You better.
My sweet Bindu.
My innocent Bindu.
Why make out oh the front seat?
The back seat...
has more room.
It's tried and tested.
I could've given you
a crash course.
Your hero is going to pay
for the car.
One word, Hindi.
One Word!
Saajan Chale Sasural.
- Swabhimaan.
- It's Na...
Keep quiet.
Yes Boss.
O Darling. this is India.
Jo Jeeta Wohi Slkander.
Apu Trilogy.
- I'll hit you.
- She was doing well.
One word? Hindi title.
Candles... Candles... Candles...
One second. I'm looking for one.
Stop it, guys.
My melody has blended
with your night.
I have a friend who rents his car
for such emergencies.
You want it?
What just happened...
Like the Christmas lights
on Park Street...
some strange new feelings
were stirring inside us.
We were still neighbours...
but our paths were separating.
You guys are a mad lot.
I am trying to write.
You shoot like a sissy!
The referee can't hear you.
Shout louder.
Don't get angry, Bubla.
I am not angry.
They love you so much.
Love is over rated.
I need peace.
Going back to Mumbai?
It's your baba's birthday
in three days.
I'm not going anywhere. I'll come
back, Staying in a hotel.
I'll be back, I need time away from
this madhouse. I'm going nuts.
You'll stay in a hotel?
What will people think? You're
in Kolkata, but not staying at home.
Do what is right.
The book is more important.
- What will you eat?
- It's a hotel. Ma. They'll have food.
Why don't you ever say something?
What can I say? He's grown up
now. He'll do as he pleases.
Two eyes...
and one story.
This... was my mother's
favourite song.
She used to sing it at night
to put me to sleep.
I never did anything
for my mother.
I thought...
I Would someday...
I'd have enough time.
Enough chances.
I never thought I'd run out of time.
Two eyes...
and one story.
A few scattered clouds,
a few drops of rain.
One story.
After that night, the light never
came on in the attic.
Her father wasn't charged
for drunk driving.
But Bindu never forgave him.
His face kept reminding her
of the accident.
She ran away from home.
To Australia.
To her aunt.
Like most things in her life...
she left her studies half-way.
My sweet Bindu.
Your father gave me
your address.
Hope this letter reaches you
on time.
Your father is a changed man.
He has stopped drinking.
I don't get the time to go to Kolkata.
but Ma fills me in by phone.
I am in Bangalore, studying
management at IMS.
It's very different out here.
No one shares headphones. They
discuss grades and starting salaries.
I miss you, Send me your number.
I am pretty broke. But I can manage
a long distance call.
Hello, stranger, Yes.
This is me. Life is crazy.
Australia is crazy.
Sending you a postcard, so I don't
have to write a lot.
Who told you to do an MBA?
You write well, You should've
become a writer.
You'd be happier and nap
in the afternoons.
Love and kisses to Devdas.
I miss you too.
In Australia, they call me
My name continues to ruin my life.
How are the chicks?
Chicks? You mean girls?
There are two girls in our batch.
They have moustaches.
There's a senior called Manjari.
She wears baggy trousers
and keeps saying s...!
Everyone at IMS is crazy about her.
Before I get interested in boys,
please come back.
Love Abhi.
PS. What happened to
front seat Dhruv?
Dhruv? Who?
You know the thing about boys, some
have great eyes, or great noses...
some have great lips.
A Shah Rukh Khan dialogue.
But the thought is mine.
Hi, Abhi!
In Cal for a week.
My heartless father has found
a suitable boy for me.
What do you say? Should I get
You're getting married?
When? Where?
Congratulations my love!
Would have loved to come.
But it's placement week.
Devdas must be singing a sad
song for you.
He's heartbroken.
It's Holi!
My sweet Bindu...
Ma said you ran away
from your engagement.
Slow clap.
Ma also said how much money
your father lost.
Taking music seriously?
Amazing news.
I'm moving to Mumbai, Analytic
Division at a bank.
Write more often.
Hello, hi. Bonjour! I am in Paris
with my hopeless band.
I don't get a word of what
the boys say here.
Maybe that's Why I find them
so hot.
My sweet Bindu, I hope all is well.
Happy Diwali.
Happy birthday, Abhi.
Love, B.
My sweet Bindu.
I hope all is good with you.
I've started working. My job
has taken Ma's place.
Never leaves me alone for a minute.
I have to Work real hard.
And zero money.
I'll write on Saturday.
That Saturday I did not write to her.
Nor on the following Saturday.
Days and years disappeared
in a blink of an eye.
I was lost in the embrace
of Mumbai, this crazy city.
Can you fix this, Alok-da?
Oh goodness me! It's Abhimanyu.
You vanished after college.
Days of the cassette are over.
They're dinosaurs now.
What about some popular MP3's?
Nothing can match the songs
on this cassette.
Full emotion?
What a song!
RD Burman and Gulzar.
OP Nayyar and Asha.
Kishore Kumar and Rajesh Khanna.
There are some combinations...
that work so well together.
Wonderful on their own,
but miraculous together.
Pure magic!
Keep this carefully.
Combinations like these are rare.
Goa, Candolim, Four years later.
As usual, without warning...
accompanied by
a Burman Saab tune....
she exploded into my life
once again.
I bet 500 rupees, you're breaking up
with Maulshree.
Shut up!
Where are Vinay and Maulshree?
Maybe at the Chemist's.
Chemist? You are getting
lucky tonight, man.
But after that, you're going
to break up. I'm just saying.
Hold this.
Bindu! Stop the bus!
Stop the bus.
Drive fast.
O princess of my dreams,
when will you come to me?
The season of love is here,
when will you come to me?
Our lives will pass us by,
when will you come to me?
You could've hopped onto that bus.
It was so crowded.
We couldn't talk.
I'm seeing you like what...
after four years?
Remember my 500 rupees.
And a full tank.
Mind your own business.
I'll fill your tank.
Where are you nowadays?
Near you.
- What are you saying?
- Yeah, it's been two months.
I'm still trying my luck
at singing.
And you must be researching
something boring at your bank.
Research is a useful thing,
Research says 82% of people who
randomly meet in Goa fall in love.
Is that so?
I know that your dream was to
have a beach wedding in Goa.
Let's stop right here
and get married.
Terrific idea but I am engaged.
Still don't lose hope.
I've run away from two engagements
before, One veg, one non veg.
You must be considered a goddess
by the catering industry.
Not running this time?
My family and friends
have placed bets.
But not this time.
I really like him.
- What caste is he?
- How does it matter, uncle?
Caste, race, colour, religion.
Mind your own business.
He's a South Indian Christian.
Anil Matthew.
- Star sign?
- Cancerian.
- I am Cancer too.
- You're blood cancer.
You've lost out, my boy.
- Thank you for the bike ride, uncle.
- You can ride it now.
It was crazy meeting you like this.
I know.
Look after yourself, And come
to my wedding if you can.
You too, uncle.
I'll be in Mumbai. Take
my number. Call me.
Give me a pen.
Girls like Bindu Shankarnaraynan
are trouble.
You never know when they will
go to your head like a Tequila shot.
We gotta go Bye, uncle.
Friends warned me...
Ioving a girl like her
is free falling.
No one knows
Where you will land...
and in how many pieces.
- Here's your pen.
- At least hand onto that.
God bless you!
But no one had Warned me...
despite all the suffering
in love...
you're ready to do it again.
To give love another shot.
Many teach you how to love...
alas, no one teaches you
how to forget that love.
That year the floods nearly
drowned Mumbai.
Gulzar Saab Wrote a song about
Aishwarya's dark eyes.
and Bindu and I landed up
In the same city.
Call it life or Newton's Law of
Things were on a collision course.
I'm starving!
Abhi! Where were you?
Have been trying to reach you.
It's an emergency.
Can you come to the bar?
- Now?
- Yes! Now!
Hurry! Don't waste time.
Are we checking out
your competition?
Disco 82.
My tummy's growling.
That wicked scoundrel.
It wasn't me.
Two kebabs and two beers.
Give me that.
- He's run off, That rascal.
- who?
That South Indian guy?
Mr Matthew?
This time he dumped you.
He called Pa. And sent me
a stupid SMS.
I really liked this one. The idiot
dumped me.
Why do these guys agree
to marry you?
They should know your track record
You're the runner.
- But aren't i hot?
- Sure.
- I sing well?
- True.
What else do you want?
Sure. I'm a little insensitive.
A little impatient, insecure.
Sometimes I'm out of control.
only sometimes.
But everyone makes mistakes.
Correct. Nobody's perfect.
You eat first.
You want to go, go.
Everyone marries. So why not
I play housewife too?
But when the day comes near...
I start feeling claustrophobic...
This one was a terrific guy.
S...! Why did he run?
The damn Cancerian.
We watched Big Boss together.
Then she fell asleep.
She didn't even eat.
- Something came up.
- Of course!
My sweet... Your sweet Bindu.
This won't end well. You won't
have either her or Bindu.
The last time you spoke to a girl
Indira Gandhi was PM.
- What do you know about girls?
- Of course.
I'll make it upto her. Long drive,
foot massage.
- Big Boss, episode no. 27.
- What?
Tomorrow night I'll be watching
Ep. 27 with her.
Want a bet?
- Get the cash from an ATM.
- It's on!
Take her away, Where will I sleep?
He doesn't love you.
My? I'll get married.
Any problem?
Of course renting to a single girl
in Mumbai is an offense.
Didn't you know that?
What kind of estate agent
are you, Sameer bhai?
Forget the flat. Find me a husband.
Ok, Bye.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You lost the Juhu flat too?
- That's right.
It's not the end of the world...
stay with your Mr.Mattew
for a few days more.
I don't know how to swim.
I'll fall.
Phone... Boss is calling.
Hello, sir. Of course, sir.
My aunt is feeling much better, sir.
She's even smiling a bit.
I'll see you at the office.
By three?
Four, sir. Sure, sir.
Ok, sir.
What a crazy city!
I should go back to Kolkata.
If I didn't want to be a singer
I would be gone by now.
So when will you be the next
Indian idol?
To hell With that!
Film composers tell me my voice
needs "special training."
"Come home some time."
If your time-pass girlfriend wasn't
staying with you, I would.
Earlier we were neighbours, now
you'll sneak into my home?
When postal codes change, then
friends become like family.
- Thought of the day! Thank you.
- Wow.
Why not try "dubbing"?
Till you make it as a singer,
try dubbing.
Never know.
Good option, no?
Hi, Sameer bhai?
I have seen the face
of the moon.
I have seen a sky full of stars.
But I have seen
no one quite like you.
Husband? Or a flat?
In your lovely eyes...
that's where I want to drown.
No one can stop me
from falling in love.
My heart is to me.
You lost!
You have Won my heart.
A recipe for aubergine "bharta."
Read it in your own style.
First take the aubergine...
and roast it.
Then for five minutes...
stir it.
Then play With it for a bit.
And then...
roast it again.
Opened-eyes I saw you...
you're a beautiful dream.
Ram Sawant is out of the house!
You are the sweetness....
filling my heart.
Your lovely name...
So I found a way to bribe life...
and stumbled from friendship
into love.
But first it was time for
the elimination round.
It's the finale.
I'm leaving you.
Please. Let her go.
It's the finale.
I really am leaving.
please, Let her go.
Oh yes!
He won!
You were dumped too.
How come, Bubla Roy?
Isn't it strange?
We Went our separate Ways...
lived in different cities,
had different careers.
Today we're together again.
11.30pm. Sitting on Mumbai's
Marine Drive, we're chilling out.
The only thing missing is our dog.
You, me and our dog Devdas.
I like the sound of it.
So you'll exploit me
on the rebound?
Do you remember my house attic?
Of course I remember.
Whenever I was very sad
or very happy.
I would go and hide there.
You'll always be my attic.
Please start paying the rent.
This song is dedicated to...
Abhimanyu Roy and Bindu
And to all those lonely boys
and girls in this mad city...
Whose hearts have been broken.
I can remember...
your love.
Where am I? Where are you?
Where have you gone?
Come to me now.
"Is it the night, or your black
flowing hair...
Stop your midnight poetry!
Nobody's talking to you.
You fool!
"Or is it the moonlight...?"
Give Javed Akhtar a break!
You know my Hindi is shaky.
It's not Hindi anyway it's Urdu.
"Is this the moon...?"
Something, something.
What did Mr.Bachchan sing?
"Where have We reached...
- walking side by side?"
- Shut up!
I must tell her what I feel
about her.
She already knows.
Everybody knows, even people
who don't know you, know.
I must tell her.
I love her so much.
You just want to have fun.
Are you mad?
It's true love. I've loved her since
I was a kid. My first crush.
It's only attraction. That's ok.
How do you spell love?
You threw my shoe.
We'll get it later.
Tomorrow morning...
give her some flowers.
and propose to her.
From the time I couldn't spell
"love." let alone understand it...
I loved her. when that girl says
yes, I could feel my heart bursting.
I rewound that moment and played
it again and again in my head.
Magical. Dim lighting.
Beautiful dresses.
With violins playing like they do
in romantic films.
But this was my love story.
Ok, tell me...
What's 3 Down...
Arabic preparation for grilled meat.
8 letters, one word.
8 letters? Shawarma.
"In the shower." in Gujarati.
- Oh God!
- Last one.
5 Down, 7 Across.
English phrase to explain an
irrational fondness for someone...
without any rhyme, reason
or context...
often used as a pretext
to make out.
Three Words starts With 'I.'
That's the clue?
- Check it.
- Really?
I love you?
You too! Same here.
Let's get married tomorrow.
- Chinese cuisine. In a church.
- Shut up!
Let's go for it.
One minute.
Abhimanyu Roy.
Were you proposing to me?
Bindu Shankarnaraynan.
5 Down, 7 Across.
is that it?
This is a life-changing moment.
People work hard at it.
they plan...
Hello! I worked hard too.
Research says 70% of relationships
starting in friendship...
Last the longest.
82% of best friends marry
and live happily after ever.
And 22% believe Shah Rukh Khan
when he says...
in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
that friendship is love.
Please say something.
Your Mom looks hot in red.
Why are we talking about Mom?
Ma! Baba.
See we brought your
favourite biryani.
Please come in. Wait!
The room stinks of insect spray.
Give me two minutes.
We've had it. Please go
and deal with them.
Get up, you guys.
Get what's-her-name up'
Go. Clean the mess, please.
Get up! My folks are here.
What is it?
Clean that corner.
Pick up all those bottles.
Go back to sleep, moron.
Who the hell are you?
What are you doing these days?
Are you singing?
No. aunty. I'm doing voice-overs
in Tamil films.
It's very comfortable.
Gives you maximum pleasure!
Go, go, go. Grab it now!
Do they pay you?
Not much. But you know
Pa is rich.
He sends me money every month.
Atonement. For killing my mother.
So. you've been in touch with Abhi
all these years?
- That's quite sweet, Bindu.
- That's very sweet.
The room is messy.
They work with me at the bank.
Credit card department.
I better go.
Bye, uncle.
Credit card Dept.
I'll be right back.
I love teasing your mother.
Forget Ma What about us?
- What?
- Give me your answer.
Or else millions of Bengali boys
like me won't forgive you.
They'll curse you.
Just those three words
that I'm dying to hear.
"Do, Fight, Win."
- Shut up!
- 5 Down, 7 Across.
I'll kill you.
Abhimanyu Bubla Roy.
I love you.
- Say it without the "Bubla."
- Yeah, right.
Tiny little drops of love.
Like a sweet drink.
Slowly love grows and grows.
A little naive.
A little naughty.
Softly a habit grows and grows.
When We are face to face.
What can I do?
I just can't believe it.
From dawn to dusk...
I seek you.
I cannot stop myself.
This love is intoxicating.
Our love is intoxicating.
This love is intoxicating.
Our love is intoxicating.
Now you see.,
what I do to you.
- I've got an idea.
- No.
- Let's make a tape.
- No.
Listen! Let's make a mixed tape.
The best of our lives. Our story
told through film songs.
The soundtrack of our lives.
Like our favourite songs?
Not necessarily. But they must
be linked to our lives.
There are so many beautiful songs.
Sad songs, rubbish songs.
Our songs.
- Like our dirty secret?
- Exactly.
- Just tape them back to back.
- Ten for me. ten for you.
Side B should have
5 mins blank at the end.
We keep a space for the last song.
I love the idea! Let's do this.
I'll eat you up.
I melt a little.
I slip a little.
I stumble a little...
and fall into your arms.
I slide a little.
I slip a little.
Sometimes I change my mind
for no reason.
Distance between us from now.
I feel spring become
one with my breath.
We meet on every path.
We exchange glances.
This love is intoxicating.
Our love is intoxicating.
- Get out of here.
- Abhi!
This intoxication may give me
a hangover.
Our love is intoxicating.
You are a devil!
You'll go to hell.
So you like this fellow?
Does he live With you?
He wishes.
What would you say
to Ma if she were alive?
To your mother?
"Sorry." I guess.
I am sorry I couldn't
make her happy.
I am sorry I was drunk that night.
The car, I didn't even see it turn.
If there was one thing I could
change in life...
it would be to make her happy.
My child...
I'm sorry.
Hey Banker!
Why are you crying?
The valiant hero finally persuaded
the heroine's cruel father.
And they all lived happily ever after.
But nobody said there's so much
more beyond 'happily ever after.'
Listen sometime,
your heart says things.
Come spread your wings.
Life is whispering in your ears.
Come spread your wings.
Open your arms wide.
With your arms wide open...
Slowly now. teach yourself
how to love.
Breathe freely, breathe deeply.
Slowly now, teach yourself
how to smile.
Sometimes float with the clouds...
in the open sky.
What are you scared of?
Listen sometime,
your heart says things.
Listen sometime,
your heart says things.
Can't you hear the sky
is calling you.
All the things you want to forget
that cause pain.
Let them fly away too.
Listen sometime.
your heart says things.
Come spread your wings.
Open your arms wide.
With your arms wide open...
Slowly now, teach yourself
how to love.
Sorry, I got late. Come let's go.
Om Shanti Om. Two tickets
10.30 show.
Not in the mood.
Drink up. Your mood will change.
Come on!
what's wrong?
Do I need your permission
to go to the loo?
What's come over you?
Can I go first?
It's an emergency.
This is an emergency too!
Are you nuts?
We can't keep Om and Shanti waiting.
We're getting late.
Not everything is a joke, Abhi.
Ok. Tell me what's happened?
Don't you know?
Oh God! Not again.
Try and forget about
your album, please.
Abhi, you don't get it.
Just go. Abhi, stop it!
There's more to life than music.
Listen to me.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Bindu, I love you.
The rest doesn't matter.
I love you, to, Abhi.
I see a whole lifetime
ahead of me.
Nothing excites me.
I myself don't know what I want.
That's scary.
- What are you doing?
- Ok. Time out.
Now tell me.
Where do you see yourself
in five years?
Fine. I'll go first.
Married. Devdas.
2 bed flat in Matunga.
Two kids. We'll take them for
football practice every Saturday.
Your turn.
I saw myself somewhere, Abhi.
On TV, on album covers.
On a stage somewhere in Argentina,
or BKC or Mussoorie.
Singing in front of thousands.
I don't know about the rest.
Bindu, listen!
Jeet, Vinay let it be.
Baba, stop!
Forget it guys.
This will change your life.
My sweet Bindu.
My innocent Bindu.
My Bindu on my brow.
My love boat is in a whirlpool...
help it reach the shore.
Put your arms around my neck...
like a garland of flowers.
Let's swing on a love swing.
Hurry and come to me...
and brighten this dark life
of mine.
Brighten my life.
My Bindu.
So sweet.
Congrats Abhi.
What a day! This is not
how it played out in my head.
Never mind.
All that choreography,
six months' planning.
Your Dad, my Mom.
You should've seen the rehearsal
videos. They were hilarious.
Look at their faces.
Baba is sleeping with his mouth open.
Still mad, are you?
Your Mom made me wear it.
What does she have against me?
It's 200 years old. It belonged
to my great-grandmother.
Since I was 12...
Ma has been looking for
someone who'll wear it.
I don't know, Abhi.
For a while I thought I could go
along with your plans for us.
I'll sing...
you'll do your 9 to 5 job,
We'll be happy.
But, What?
speak up.
It doesn't make me happy.
I don't know how to explain it.
No, my parents are here...
your Dad is here.
What was the point of all this?
I am sorry.
Sorry for What?
You could've discussed it
with me.
How do you expect
an honest answer...
when there is so much
Stop thinking about what I want.
What your Dad wants.
What my parents want.
We never mattered before.
Why think of us now?
The question is...
what do you want?
- It's not that simple.
- Goddammit. What do you want?
I can't do this, Abhi.
It's too much.
I can't deal with this.
How can I explain it?
This is too heavy. I feel suffocated.
Bindu left for Bangalore.
She needed some quiet
time to think.
She called that night...
I didn't pick up.
For months she emailed.
messaged and called.
"I am sorry. Talk to me.
"Everything happened so fast.
The time was wrong.
"I am trying to find myself.
I am really sorry.
"Won't you forgive me, Bubble Wrap?"
Etc, etc.
I remember every comma,
every full stop.
I felt every emotion hidden
behind her words.
Call it anger, ego or something
I didn't answer her.
Perhaps there was nothing
left to say.
She stopped writing after
203 emails.
Chapter closed.
Then one day I decided
to move on.
Quit my job...
and landed up in the world
of Hindi pulp publishers.
Mr Roy, you're trying too hard.
Don't copy Gulzar.
It's beyond you.
Don't try to be deep.
What I liked...
was the horror section
in the middle. Path breaking!
Bravo! You had me.
"The Witch's Slipper." Bravo!
Sir. just change the title
from "Slipper" to "Blouse."
Add some heat.
Sir. that's the answer
to all problems.
Life's solution, sir.
The one time you don't have
to ask...
whether you're dressed right
for the occasion. Right?
Just this tag line...
"Who is behind the blouse?"
Get it?
No, no. This is it.
Crack it open, sir!
Enter the dark side.
to the dark side.
- Nice meeting you.
- Thank you.
17 December 2009.
My first book "The Witch's Blouse"
was published.
Many called congratulating me.
Coincidentally that day
I got another call.
Abhimanyu Roy?
Bindu Shankarnaraynan.
From an unknown number.
At least you answered.
Two years later.
112 long distance calls.
Eight local calls.
Twenty-three letters.
I met your mother in Kolkata
I felt terrible when you
didn't reply.
But I felt Worse....
when I realised you were
right not to.
I felt...
How are you?
I'm good.
Abhi, I really had to talk to you.
You see...
I'm getting married.
At the end of the month.
In Bangalore.
I know you won't come...
but I figured I should do
one thing right.
I know I'm being selfish.
But how could I marry
without telling you?
I'm happy for you.
Ok. I'm hanging up.
I know that you are now
a stranger to me...
but Still...
sometimes this thought
crosses my mind...
Carrom is beyond you.
Must I always open the door?
The hotel was too costly.
100rs for mineral water.
Yes! We were also missing you.
But you're too late...
I've polished off
all the sweets.
Come, play Carrom With us.
Move over! The champion is here.
New starts the Carrom board
horror show.
Thank you.
Looks like these walls
might collapse anytime.
You must have lunch with us.
You shifting?
Just taking the furniture
for a picnic.
They got bored swung at home
I'm finally selling the house.
No strength to look after it
any more.
They'll soon build
a high-rise here.
I'll stay with Anita.
Aunt Anita?
Why not stay With Bindu?
We never understood you two.
Nor have I understood you two.
Bindu's bicycle.
You know I got it for her
when she was 5 years old.
And the dent. I crashed it
against the lamp post.
I got hurt. She didn't.
One of you had to get hurt
some day.
Abhi, wait!
I'll complain to your mother.
My pants will split.
Stop there!
Chat later. Get on With the Work.
Pack all the furniture.
Where's that madman gone?
Where are you going, Bubla?
What's your name?
I'm very hungry.
Shall I eat your finger?
You have five.
Just the little one, It's yummy.
- No!
- Kaanchi.
Made friends?
Give us time. I tend to
grow on people.
I forgot. What was our
emergency code?
Two, or three rings?
Everything was an emergency
to you.
There was no other code.
Pa told me you were here.
So finally Major will live with you?
I know.
We'll soon be at each other's throats.
I Wanted Kaanchi to see
our old house.
Kaanchi? Like in the song?
Actually she's called
Kanchan in the song.
Know how long I have
waited for this moment?
A revenge song plays...
trembling you say:
"Forgive me, master.
"I made a mistake."
So you became a best-selling
writer after all?
I should've waited a bit longer.
- Have you read my books?
- Are you nuts?
Can't even read 4 pages of
the "Bangalore Times."
on the book cover I read...
"The Wild Washerwoman"
will wash you away.
So how could I resist?
- What was the other one?
- I won't tell you.
"Tricycle." It'll puncture
your life.
Abhi, where are you?
When are we cutting the cake?
Rohit Ved Prakash, sir.
I've come to collect
Abhi's manuscript.
Abhi? Who knows Where he is.
But I have to tell you...
your novels are
super entertaining.
No matter what. You had to
become a writer.
Horror is easy.
I've been trying to finish
a love story for 3 years.
I am sure it's difficult.
What new is there to say
about love?
You'll find a new angle for sure.
Bubla Roy.
I know you that much.
You must finish it.
You'll have a hundred hits.
like Sachin.
Made a century.
But lost the match.
You advising me now?
You have never completed
anything in life.
You should see me as a Mom.
I surprise myself sometimes.
I love it.
Bubla, this is the one thing
I'm not a disaster at.
Wait here.
Hello, hello.
Have you something
against my staircase?
It's such romantic weather.
Look at him gobble the cake.
Abhi! The manuscript will get
drenched. And I'll drown.
Ruined my cake too.
Just read.
So many pages? It must
be pretty sentimental.
Not another word. Read it.
Taking your revenge? Why not
play the revenge song too?
Where did you find that?
Don't go away. Don't leave me now...
my heart hasn't
had its fill of you.
You have only just arrived.
As beautiful as the Spring.
Enjoy the fragrant air...
Bindu. In one Word...
My neighbour, my best friend.
You and me. music playing
in the background.
Many teach you how to love...
alas no one teaches you...
how to forget that love.
Without her, I could never
be complete.
She was better than
a half-smoked cigarette.
Better than hot tea
in the cold rain.
More heartbreaking than the
last 10 minutes of the film "Anand."
Better than Zakir Hussain's tabla...
Sachin Tendulkar's
straight drive.
Hotter than Madhuri or Raveena
dancing in the rain.
Geeta Dutt's voice.
The Words of a sad Gulzar song.
I loved Bindu more than
all these things.
And I Wanted her back.
- Why are you out of breath?
- I was running.
From Mumbai?
Take of those headphones!
Abhi, I know...
In this moment...
no song was playing...
nor sound in the background.
No sixteen-piece orchestra.
Only Abhi...
and Bindu...
and their fast beating hearts.
The End.
Happy endings sell better.
This is your story, Abhi.
My version would be different.
What would be your version?
What difference does it make?
I like this one better.
At least....
you found your nappy ending.
Your Mr Right.
I guess...
Mr Right place, right time.
Does he look like me?
Hot and handsome.
Actually, he's really handsome.
Not like you at all.
I don't want anyone else to read it.
My mother, your husband.
This is ours.
Tell me if you still want to
run away with me.
I'll carry you on my shudders...
and Whoosh!
I'll be too heavy for you now.
I admit we are not friends.
I admit we are not lovers.
But do not turn to look at me...
my heart cannot be trusted.
I admit we are not friends.
If we meet somewhere
by chance...
stop and shake my hand.
If someone is walking
by your side...
then smile at me from afar.
But in that smile...
show not a trace of familiarity.
Do not let your eyes express...
what I can't deny.
I admit we are not friends.
Life keeps turning from Side A
to Side B.
Sometimes you like a song
so much you fear it will end.
Sometimes a song never leaves
your lips.
Sometimes it's only
the tune that lingers.
Those memories in the folds
of the pages...
Let them turn to dust.
If my name comes to your lips...
just say it was a mistake.
But even that mistake
should be one...
that you never tire of.
Today she is Mrs Nair.
A mother, a daughter-in-law.
But to me, she's still my Bindu.
She still comes into my dark life
and brightens it.
My Bindu.
My sweet Bindu.