Merindu Cahaya de Amstel (2022) Movie Script

Hey, Marien.
Marien, wait.
Wow, now you don't want to be touched too?
Why you wear such a funny clothing like that?
Stop./ You look silly.
Stop, Niels.
From the best selling Novel
Merindu Cahaya De Amstel
My name is Siti Khadija.
And this is the story of my life.
A Film by
Hadrah Daeng Ratu
Come on. Let's get off here.
Hey, what are you doing?
Get off the bus with me and I'll explain later.
Come on.
What's wrong with you?
Why did you make me get off here?
Who are you?/ I'm sorry.
Look at your bag.
Oh, my God.
All good.
Good thing nothing fell.
Thank, God./ Yeah.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry
that I didn't tell you inside the bus.
I was afraid it would cause a fuss.
Yes, it's okay. Oh, my gosh.
I'm the one who should apologize. I spoke so rudely to you.
It's okay. I would be angry too...
...if a stranger pulled me to get off the bus.
Where are you going?
To campus. It's near De Amstel.
Yes, it's not far from here.
Do you want me to take you there?
Yeah. Sure./ Yeah.
There are a lot of pickpockets here.
So you have to be careful.
Yes. I didn't realize it at all.
I'm Khadija.
I'm Kamala.
Are you from the Netherlands?
Why is your Indonesian so good?
Yes, I'm from the Netherlands...
...but I study Indonesian literature at college.
Every single fate from Allah... a beautiful story that has been written for us.
Thank you.
Be careful./ Thank you.
Allah made a plan for every meeting
that we have with someone.
Hey, wait, wait.
Let me see the photo before that.
Zoom in to the girl with hijab.
Zoom in.
Hey, that girl looks shiny!
Maybe the sunlight or...
Whatever it is,I want that photo for this week's edition!
Okay!/ Yes!
Yeah!/ But, sir...
No excuses!
Joko, will prepare a contract.
Also, put a title in the contract.
What's the title?
The title is "A Muslim Beside the Amstel River"...
...or "Angel in Light". Yeah? Okay.
The problem is, she's not a model! Sir.../ Back to work.
Why did you agree with him?
I don't know who that girl is.
Now where should I look for her?
Because Allah knows
what's best for our lives.
Is there anything I can help?
Let me see.
Are you from Indonesia?
Yes, how did you know?
You have the Indonesian flag on your bag.
Oh, yeah.
How do you know Indonesian?
Yeah, I lived in Indonesia before.
Are you here to study?/ Yeah, I'm going to college here.
Just a little bit more.
Already fixed.
Wow, so fast. Thank you.
You're welcome.
I'll be going now./ Okay.
Be careful on your way./ Okay.
See you./ See you.
For every love that unexpectedly comes...
...and might last forever.
Longing for light in Amstel
Peace be upon you./ Peace be upon you too.
Did you all just finish
reading the Quran together?
Yes, we finished./ Okay. I'm going to go inside.
I'm going to pray./ Okay, then.
We'll be going first, Khadija./ Yeah. I hope we meet again.
I hope so too. Okay, Khadija./ See you.
Good evening.
Good evening./ I'm Nicholas.
I'm Khadija.
Sorry, is there something you need?
Sorry. I'm a photographer and journalist...
...and I wanted to show you this.
You secretly took a photo of me?
No. More precisely, it was accidental.
I was taking photos randomly.
And it was a coincidence
that you went into the frame.
I see. Thank you.
I'll be going in now./ One more thing.
I want to ask for your permission
to publish it in the media.
I'm sorry. I don't understand. For what?
There's nothing special about this photo.
You're wrong.
Try to look at it again.
Look behind you.
That light.
That's what makes it special.
My boss asked me to publish it in the media.
And of course, I need your permission.../ I'm very sorry.
I'm sorry, but I can't do that.
Thank you for the photo.
So you met the person,
but you let her go just like that?
Do you know the consequences?
Nic, we'll get fired.
Where did you meet her?
Let me talk to her./ It's no use, Joko.
Instead of doing that, it's better for you
to think of another concept.
But this is the only concept
that our boss likes.
Come on. Help me.
These are the books you're looking for/ Which one...
Have a look.
Can I help you?
What book are you looking for?
Did you forget me?
I remember. But if you came back
to ask about the photo, I'm very sorry.
My answer is still the same.
Can I add something?
It's not just that photo
that will be published.
But later, an article will be published
about Muslim women in Europe.
Isn't that great?
To be some sort of Islamic figure?
What do you know about Muslim women?
You can come back here
if you have the answer to that.
Sorry. Are you going to take the book?
20 Euro.
I have 50 Euro.
Please./ Thank you.
Happy reading.
Peace be upon you, Mala.
Khadija. Peace be upon you too.
It turns out we go home at the same time.
Yeah. The weather is nice,
so I'm riding a bike.
Yes, it's really nice today./ Where did you come from?
My workplace. It's not far from here.
Yeah./ Oh, yeah, Mala.
I have an assignment from campus
about Asian performance arts.
Can I ask for your help?
Sure. How can I help?
Do you have time tomorrow?/ Tomorrow...
I have time tomorrow.
Hey. Sorry.
Hello./ Hi.
Oh, my gosh. Sorry, Khadija./ It's okay.
Sorry I'm late./ I just got here too.
Really? You weren't here long, right?/ Really. I wasn't.
Wait a bit, okay? Soon my friends
who'll help you will also come.
Yes, I'm very grateful./ Just relax. You're welcome.
Hey, have you tried the stamppot here?
Not yet. But I've been here a couple times.
The stamppot here is the best.
There she is.
Hey, Nic, isn't that the girl in your photo?
Yes./ Why is she here?
It's everywhere. But the best.../ Hi, Kamala!
Hey, Jok!
Oh, my gosh.
It's been so long. Where were you?/ It's been so long.
Where were you?
Hey, what are you going to do? Here.
I can't?/ Later. You haven't introduced yourselves.
This is Nico, my friend
from the office who will help us.
Hello. I'm Nicholas./ Hello. I'm Mala.
Have we met before?
Did you help someone fix her bike?
A few days ago./ Yeah.
Okay./ That was you, right?
You're the girl with the Indonesian flag
on her bag?
That's right. On my bag.
How's your bike?/ It's all taken care of.
Oh, my gosh. I never thought
we would meet again here.
It turns out the world is small.
There are people here./ Yeah. I forgot that you were here.
Khadija, let me introduce you.
This is my friend, Joko, who will help us.
And this is Nicholas.
I already met Nico before.
You two know each other?/ Nico got rejected by her.
Rejected?/ No, no. Joko is just kidding.
No. Good thing I haven't yet.
I haven't even introduced myself.
I'm Joko./ I'm Khadija.
Praise be to God./ You're being dramatic.
Before we talk, let's order first./ Sure.
Beef stamppot.
Oh, so that's what happened.
You guys did it wrong.
You should have talked to me.
I'm sure Khadija
would want her photo to be published.
Starting from now, let me be your manager.
We'll ask them to pay a lot.
What do you think?
If Kamala's saying this,
it means Khadija wants to, right?
I'm very sorry.
I can't change my mind about that.
Come on, Khadija, help us.
If you don't, we'll get fired./ Joko.
We respect your decision.
Forget about the photo.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Oh, yeah. Khadija,
you can explain to us how we can help you.
Oh, yeah.
So I'm going to make a photo exhibition
about the acculturation...
...of the culture of Indonesia
and the Netherlands.
The theme will be Asian performance arts.
That's why I want you to be the subject.
Because you're a dancer, so it's just right.
I'm going to be the model?
Yeah./ Seriously?
Of course, I want to! I'd love to!
He's the one taking the photos, right?
If you guys don't mind.
Okay, and how can I help?
Can you do it, Jo?/ Let me help you Joko.
I can. I can.
Sorry, there's a lot of stuff.
First time here.
Like that. With your hands.
Like this?/ Yes.
Take a picture with the windmill.
Sorry, there is...
...blonde hair.
Just a little./ Done?
Done. Happy./ Okay.
I'm still here?
Yes./ Okay.
Nico is a cool person.
I got nervous when he touched my face.
He's the type of person
that doesn't talk much.
But he's cool.
When I'm close to him, my heart beats fast.
Do you like Nico?
I don't know.
But it's been a while
since my heart beat this fast...
...when I'm close to a boy.
You don't want to give the contract now?
That's enough.
It's over Joko.
Already close.
I saw Nico...
It's like he keeps looking at you.
Oh, really? You're making me overthink.
Why would he keep looking at me?
You're pretty. You're kind.
Even I'm really glad to be your friend.
Thanks. It's also thanks to you
that I got to know Nico.
I'm the one who's really thankful of you.
So who do you choose?/ What?
The girl wearing the hijab
or the girl without the hijab?
What are you saying?
Women who wear hijab.
The more you look at them...
...the more curious you get.
Who's looking at them?
I'm just taking photos of the scenery.
Why are you acting like that? I caught you.
You didn't catch me doing anything.
I'm just taking photos.
The scenery is nice./ Your face is red, Nic.
It's cold here, Joko. It's cold./ See? You're panicking.
What's with you?/ All right, just take a photo of me.
What?/ Take a photo of me.
You rarely take a photo of me.
It's for me
to change my display picture with.
Yeah, all right.
That's good, Joko.
Are the photos enough?/ Enough.
Nic. Over here, Nic.
Where are you going now, Sar?
The usual. I'm going clubbing with Peter.
You keep opening other people's packages.
Oh, my gosh. I just had a little taste.
It's rare for the anchovies
to be a little spicy.
Not like usual./ Oh, yeah?
Come with me, Mal.
There's a lot of handsome boys there.
So you won't always be single.
Boys who go clubbing aren't my type.
Don't forget to use it, daughter
A mukena from your mom
Does your mom know
that you never pray here?
Oh, my God. Why is my face weird?
Don't use this one.
Just delete it, okay?/ Kamala.
Don't use that photo./ Kamala.
I'm not a photographer of models.
You're not a cosmetic model.
You're a dancer.
There's artistic value to it. Take a look.
Your beautiful face expression.
Your body movement.
The energy that you gave in this photo.
Fine. I'll listen to what
a professional photographer says.
Thank you.
Are you close with Khadija?
We're not close yet.
Well, we're not close...
...because we haven't known
each other for a long time either.
I don't know. Maybe it's from me.
I think I'm keeping my distance
from Khadija because...
...she's nice.
But when I'm close to her, it feels like
I'm close to my religion teacher.
When I was little. It's like... What...
It makes me feel hesitant.
I'm afraid I'd say something wrong.
Something like that.
Why did you ask?/ It's nothing.
It's just interesting.
You and Khadija happen
to have the same religion, but...
...your characteristics are very different.
Khadija is like what you just said.
She's closed up
like your religion teacher back then.
And you're like the women here.
More free. Free.
Which one do you like?
No, I'm not comparing
what I like and don't like.
I'm just observing two different women
who just happen to have the same religion.
It's actually simple.
Khadija is more devoted to her religion.
And I'm not devoted yet.
Hello, Mom? Why did you call at this time?
Mal, it's time for the Subuh prayer.
Wake up and pray first.
Oh, my gosh, Mom.
I thought there was important news.
Yes, I'll pray.
Okay, Mom.
Mal. Mala.
Go pray.
I don't know why my mom
has been really naggy lately.
My mom used to be like that too.
Just ignore her. She'll get tired of it.
Why would you force someone to pray?
Sayur asem (vegetable soup).
I'll open the door. That must be Nico.
- Hi!
- Hi! Oh, my goodness.
You finally got here. Why are you two late?
What's this nice smell?
The food was ready
a long time ago. I'm hungry.
Come in./ All right. Me too.
Come in, Nico.
Thank you.
It smells so good. Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too. Come in.
Please, sit.
All the food is ready, right?
Here you go./ Khadija.
Hello./ Hello.
You're Nico and you're Joko, right?
Yes. How did you know?
Your face isn't good enough to be a Nico.
Please, try the food.
Did you cook all of this by yourself?
Fatimah helped me too.
This is my way of saying thank you
because you all were so kind to help me.
Yeah. No problem.
Please, eat.
What is it?
It's nothing.
It's good.
Oh, yeah. Nico's glass is still empty.
I'll pour you water.
Thank you.
Pour it yourself.
I can't reach it, Mal.
I still can't reach it, Mal.
You're so spoiled, Jok. Here.
Joko. Give it back.
Sorry, guys.
What are you doing? It's already late./ Oh, my God.
You keep taking it./ I don't have any at home.
Why do Muslim woman have to wear...
Okay, I'll give you an example.
Which one do you choose?
This one, of course.
Because it's still covered. It's still clean.
You already gave the answer.
Women in Islam are like queens.
And as a queen,
not just anyone can see them.
Not just anyone can touch them.
Women's positions are very high in Islam.
And with the hijab,
women are more protected.
They're more respected and not disturbed.
That's how Islam protects women.
Clean and pure.
And hopefully...
...Kamala will wear it too one day.
Even I'm wearing it.
What do you know about Muslim women?
You can come back here
if you have the answer to that.
Hey, Marien./ Niels.
I almost can't believe...
Why are you dressed like that?
Are you trying to hide yourself... I can't recognize you again?
Hey, Marien.
Marien, wait.
Wow, now you don't want to be touched too?
Why you wear such a funny clothing like that?
Stop./ You look silly.
Stop, Niels./ Take off!
Give it back!/ I won't!
Look at yourself! Look at your hair!
You're doing too much./ You're disgusting.
No! No!
Niels, give it back to me!
No! No! Give it back! Niels.
Don't bother her again or I'll finish you off.
But just so you know, your friend who's pretending to be all pure now...
...used to live in the same room as me.
I also still saved our other videos.
Are you all right?
It's all right. I'll take you home.
Are you okay?
Let's go.
Thank you.
Good evening. After I thought about it,
if you have time tomorrow... 5 PM, we could meet
at the De Amstel Park.
And bring the contract
for my photo. I'll sign it.
Khadija. Sorry.
Sorry I'm late.
It's okay.
Did you bring the contract?
It's in my bag. But before that...
...I don't want you to feel forced...
...or feel that you owe me
because of what happened yesterday.
It's okay, Nico.
I want you to record me when I talk.
What do you mean?
With a video.
Are you sure?/ Yes, I'm sure.
I want people to know that this story is real.
All right.
My name is Siti Khadija.
I was born in a very religious
non-Muslim family.
The name that my parents gave me
was actually Marien.
My family really wants me to be like them.
But I was the opposite of that back then.
I used to live really freely.
I tried all the bad things.
Until one day, God reprimanded me.
That night, I saw my ex-boyfriend.
He was with another woman.
At that moment, I felt broken-hearted.
I sacrificed so much for him.
Hey!/ He didn't want me to go.
He threatened me.
And he said...
...that he would spread videos
of the two of us.
At first, I thought he was just bluffing.
Because there was no way
that he would embarrass himself.
But it turns out, I was wrong.
He re-edited the video... that only I could be seen.
Go away!/ Get off me!
Just go!
My family knew about it.
They were furious about what I did.
Go away!
I'm so ashamed.
At that moment, I really...
I didn't have any hope.
I truly felt alone.
Until I finally tried to kill myself.
But there was a Muslim woman...
...who was on the way to the mosque
for Subuh prayer.
Oh my God.
She saved me.
Why do you think, God...
Allah SWT, let you live?
Because Allah SWT...
...still wants to give you an opportunity.
No matter how bad your past is... still have a bright future.
Allah SWT shows His love... accepting His creation's repentance.
How can I be a better person?
You can do it.
Then I lived with her.
I also joined the Muslim community.
And they accepted me with open arms.
There, I felt like I had new hope.
Like I had a new life.
In the end, I converted to Islam.
That's why I have to live on my own,
far from the people closest to me.
Because I completely understand...
...that it's very difficult for them
to accept how I changed.
Allah loves you, Khadija.
And everything will be fine.
Trust me.
But I'm sure that whatever happens...
...embracing Islam is the best decision
that I have ever made in my life.
So till this day,
you still haven't met your family?
I'll keep trying to get their forgiveness.
You know my story now.
I won't be surprised if you don't
want to know me anymore.
You're wrong.
I'm actually proud to know you.
The contract that I need to sign...
Right. I almost forgot.
Thank you.
I wrote down my journey here.
Maybe it can help complete your writing.
Thank you.
Okay then, we part here.
- Send regards to Joko.
- Yeah.
- See you.
You finally came./ Who are you?
Feel this!
That's enough! Let's go!
Hey, Nic./ Don't touch me there.
What happened to you, Nic?/ I was attacked.
Attacked?/ Yeah.
Who dared to attack you, Nic?/ It doesn't matter.
Have you reported this to the police?
Don't report this to the police.
I don't want this problem to become bigger./ Okay.
Get me medicine./ What?
Medicine./ Right.
You can walk by yourself, right?
And Joko...
...don't tell anyone about this.
Especially Khadija.
Wait a minute.
Oh, my God.
I'm fine.
Joko told me.
Come in.
- Joko...
- Joko is at the office.
He'll be back soon.
Nico, I'll just be here for a bit.
It's okay. Just come in. Please, sit.
I actually told Joko to not tell anyone,
Joko is Joko.
Joko yah Joko.
Of course Joko is worried about you.
I'm also worried.
I think that we need to report this
to the police.
No need to.
I know you don't want this problem
to become bigger.
Yes, but I'm sure
that Niels will do this again.
Niels isn't stupid.
I'm sure that he's already satisfied.
Do you want to drink something?/ No, thank you.
I'm really sorry./ Khadija.
This isn't your fault.
I brought you fried rice.
Joko said you like fried rice.
Please, have a taste.
Is it good?
So good.
Thank you.
Okay, then I'll get going.
You're not coming in?
Hi, Joko.
Joko's here. It's best that I go home.
Okay./ Peace be upon you.
See you.
Peace be upon you too.
Peter, can you wait for me in the car?
Alright, I'll wait for you downstair.
There's nothing in our agreement
about bringing boys to the room, Sar.
Peter just helped me bring the suitcase.
But that's our rule. I just don't like it
if someone's not committed to it.
If you want to date or keep changing boys
out there, I don't care, Sar.
But don't bring that in this room.
Don't talk as if you're the most righteous.
- I am right! You're the one who's wrong!
- Yes, I'm wrong.
I'm just here to get my clothes.
I'm going to live with Peter.
You happy?
Hello? Yes, Mom.
Peace be upon you, Mala.
Yeah, yeah. Peace be upon you too.
What is it, Mom? What happened?
Why do you sound like that, Mala?
What's wrong?
I just miss you.
I want to know how you're doing there.
Yeah, yeah. You're going to tell me
to pray again, right?
Mom, if you tell me to pray,
it actually makes me lazy to do it.
I just want you to be safe
in this world and the afterlife, Mala.
Yeah, yeah. See? You're starting
to give me a lecture again.
Let's finish this call, Mom.
I'm tired. I just got home.
I've been thinking about you lately, Mal.
Don't you want to come home for a while?
You're speaking nonsense.
Mom, I'm still studying here.
I have one more year left.
Just be patient and wait for me.
I'll finish my studies.
Just one more year left.
Then I'll come home.
I'm praying here, Mom.
I can take care of myself.
Let's finish this call, Mom.
I want to work on my assignments.
What happen?/ It's Mala.
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
Come in.
Do you want to have some tea?
Are you all right?
I didn't hear from you.
If you have a problem,
you can tell me about it.
You like Nico, don't you?
Just answer the call first.
Hello? Who is this?
Auntie Rini?
It's rare for you to call me.
What happened?
Your mom kept it a secret
that she had a heart disease.
So that you wouldn't worry.
You have to accept it.
Everything has been decided by Allah.
There's wisdom in everything.
But I haven't had the chance
to return my mother's kindness, Auntie.
I haven't fulfilled my duties to her.
I didn't make her happy yet.
You can still make your mother happy
by sending your prayers...
...and fulfilling her wishes
that she had when she was alive.
Yeah, yeah. You're going to tell me
to pray again, right?
Mom, if you tell me to pray,
it actually makes me lazy to do it.
I just want you to be safe
in this world and the afterlife, Mala.
This is really great.
It's not the writing that's great.
But it's the person's story.
Thank you, Nico.
You wrote the story of my life
so beautifully.
If there aren't any corrections...
...this will be published tomorrow.
I don't know what to correct.
Thank you.
Are you okay?/ I'm okay.
Do you need a tissue?
I'm just really touched.
Then, I'll be going home.
I was thinking... ask you to have dinner with me,
just the two of us.
To celebrate this project being finished.
I think we shouldn't be too close.
I feel bad for Mala.
For what?
You always think of Mala's feelings.
But how about your own feelings?
You and Mala are such good friends.
If we're really just friends,
why do you keep avoiding me?
What do I have to do... be more than a friend?
I'm serious about this, Khadija.
That's impossible, Nico./ We'll make it possible.
I know how.
I'll follow your religion.
I'm ready today, too. For you.
Is this the reason why you want
to convert to Islam?
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
If you're confused, ask Allah for a sign.
With the Istikharah prayer.
Allah will give you an answer.
I really missed you.
Me too. Where are you going?
I'm going to the mosque.
Can I come with you?
Of course. Let's go.
Right now, I'm trying to fulfill
all of my mom's wishes.
That's the only thing I can do.
Slowly healing myself from my regrets.
I'm sure your mom is really happy
in heaven.
Does Allah still want to accept me?
Allah always accepts
when His people repent.
Help me become a good Muslim, okay?
Women's positions are very high in Islam.
And with the hijab,
women are more protected.
They're more respected.
That's how Islam protects women.
Clean and pure.
How's Nico?
Do you still meet him often?
Nico came to the bookstore.
Why didn't he contact me?
I called him, but he didn't answer.
Just answer it.
It's okay.
You haven't answered my question
from that time.
You like Nico, don't you?
Nico is a good friend.
But not more than that.
Khadija can we meet?
Okay. We meet at Cafe Moeders tomorrow.
Why are you smiling?
Joko./ Yeah?
How do I convert to Islam?
Don't joke around, Nic. It's going to rain.
I'm serious, Joko.
All praise be to God. I never expected
that we would be brothers, Nic.
Excuse me.
I'm going to the restroom.
A woman wearing a hijab will come.
Please tell her to wait here for a bit...
...and can you give her these flowers.
Yes, sure./ Thank you.
You finally came.
Thanks for the flowers./ You're welcome.
What is it? Do I look weird?
No. You look great.
Watch out!
Are you alright?
I'm alright.
Should I give you a ride?
No. No. No need.
I can do it.
Okay. Sorry./ Thank you.
How are you?
I'm fine. How about you?
Well, I'm just like this.
I'm trying to accept all that happened.
Let's order.
Let me take your order.
Can I get two stamppot?
I'm sorry, I think I have to go back
to the office.
Is that okay?/ It's okay. Just go ahead.
Till we meet again.
Thank you so much, Nico.
You're welcome.
See you./ See you.
Be careful on your way back./ I will.
You be careful too.
Peace be upon you, Khadija./ Peace be upon you too.
Am I bothering you
by coming this late at night?
No, you're not. Come in.
Thank you.
Do you want me to make you
some warm tea?
Yes, please./ Okay.
What happened to your leg, Khadija?
I'm fine. I fell from my bike this afternoon.
But are you okay?
It's okay. It's just a small injury.
So, I actually came here because,
first off, I'm worried about you.
How come you didn't contact me?
Second, I actually wanted to wait
for tomorrow to tell you.
But I can't wait.
I coincidentally met Nico at the cafe.
And guess what he said when we met?
"You finally came."
Does that mean he's been waiting
for me all this time?
And Nico gave me flowers.
I don't know
if this was a coincidence or fate.
There's no such thing
as a coincidence, Mala.
Everything has been planned by Allah.
What do you mean?
You meeting Nico there.
All of that has been planned by Allah.
Pray for me, okay?
Why didn't you come yesterday?
I'm sorry, Nico.
Maybe I could have understood
if you didn't want to come.
But telling Kamala to come...
...I never thought you would do that.
I didn't tell Kamala.
Oh, yeah?
Then how did Kamala know I was there?
God has planned it.
I don't understand you, Khadija.
I know that we feel the same.
I can see it from your eyes.
I don't feel the same way you do.
What are you doing here?
It turns out that you can lie.
I never expected that you were like this.
I saw you and Nico, Khadija.
Mala. I coincidentally met Nico...
You said you and Nico were just friends.
That you have no feelings towards him.
But it turns out behind my back,
you're completely different.
Mala, you're misunderstanding this.
- I really...
- No. That's enough.
From what I see, everything is clear.
I'm sick of people
who pretend to be pure.
It's not just me who has to fix my morals.
But you have to do the same too.
Be careful, Khadija. Don't let yourself
not see that you're being a hypocrite.
Think about it and listen.
Allah SWT said...
Do not be weak.
Do not be sad.
You truly have the highest position...
...if you are a person with faith.
A person with faith is never afraid.
A person with faith
does not dwell in sadness.
They know that Allah is always with them.
They know that Allah always loves them
and will surely help them.
Nico. I was looking for you
and I found you here.
I met the ustad here.
And they're very happy.
They're ready, whenever you can.
So, when?
What's wrong?
I got rejected.
And then? What about
what you'll be doing next?
It's best that you don't continue, Nic.
If your intention to convert to Islam
is just to get the love of a Muslim woman...
...I don't want to help you.
Which means grace and love
to all in the universe.
The prophet said...
Which means Allah SWT truly does not look
at how you look...
...and where you came from.
But what He looks at
are your heart and your actions.
Allah who knows all.
I bear witness
that there is no God but Allah.
And I bear witness that Muhammad
is the messenger of God.
Thank God.
Allah is The Greatest.
Allah is The Greatest.
Allah is The Greatest.
Allah is The Greatest.
Allah is The Greatest.
Allah is The Greatest.
Allah is The Greatest.
Allah is The Greatest.
Allah is The Greatest.
Allah is The Greatest.
Allah is The Greatest.
Allah is The Greatest.
Allah is The Greatest.
Allah is The Greatest.
Why did you run, Nic?
I saw Khadija.
All right. Let's go back inside.
Come on. It's rude to the others.
I have to tell you something...
Nico's love is just for Khadija.
And from what I know...
...Khadija also loves Nico.
But she gave up so that you'll be happy.
Oh, my God, Sar. What happened?
Maybe this is my sin
towards my mom and dad.
I regret loving someone
who doesn't love me.
If Peter really loved me,
he wouldn't do this to me, right?
Yes, Sar.
What you did is right.
Don't go back to Peter, okay?
It's all right.
I regret loving someone
who doesn't love me.
If you have a problem,
you can tell me about it.
Because you're my friend.
You're pretty. You're kind.
Even I'm really glad to be your friend.
There's no such thing
as a coincidence, Mala.
Everything has been planned by Allah.
Kamala, I'm sorry. Goodbye.
Tomorrow, I'm leaving Amsterdam.
Why do you have to leave?
Nico loves you and you love him.
I want you to be happy.
Whoever will win Nico's heart
will definitely be hurt.
But if it's me, there will be
two people who get hurt.
I don't want that to happen.
So let me be the one to leave.
It's okay.
I don't want you to be sad.
Being sad is normal, Khadija.
But it's like rain.
It comes quickly. And it goes quickly.
You don't need to think about me.
Maybe I don't have Nico's love,
but I have Allah's love.
I will still go, Mala.
I'm going out of the city.
I'll be a volunteer at an orphanage there.
Take good care of yourself, okay?
I'll miss you so much.
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
Hallo sir./ Hallo.
I love you.
But I know...
...that you only see me as a friend.
You love Khadija, right?
Khadija is avoiding you
not because she doesn't love you.
It's because she doesn't want to hurt me.
Khadija is leaving Amsterdam right now.
She's heading to the train station
right now. You have to chase after her.
Why are you doing nothing, Nic?
Go and chase after her now.
You want to see her, right?
But she doesn't...
...want to see me.
Nic, are you sure
you don't want to chase after her?
I know that you love her.
And this might be your last chance
to see her.
Nic, I'm talking to you.
Nic, there's no such thing
as giving up for love.
Nic, if you give up, it means
you're the one not good enough for Khadija.
It's me.
Muhammad Nicholas Van Djick.
I really hope that you're still here.
You told me before...
...that God planned everything
that happened to us.
At that time, I didn't believe it.
But now I believe it.
I believe that God had planned
you entering my life.
I believe God planned
the angle of my camera... that you entered my frame.
And I also believe that God
had planned my days...
...until I'm here with these feelings.
With this feeling.
And with God's permission...
...I want to say something.
I.../ Hey sir!
It's for the worker only. Get out.
Wait sir! Please sir.
I just need a couple of minutes...
You can't. Let's go.
Let me go. I can do it my self.
Yes, Okey.
Attention to all passengers...
...train to Leiden Centraal will soon depart.
...please get in the train immediately.
Muhammad Nicholas Van Djick!
I.../ I love you too, Nico.
I hid these feelings.
But the more I hid it...
...the feelings grew even more.
Continue being the light in my life.
I finally realized...
...that every meeting and love that comes...
...leaves, and stays in our lives... the best fate from Allah.
I'm greatfull...
The article that Nico wrote about my story
was read by many people.
It became viral and was broadcasted
in many media.
I hope that my story can be
an inspiration for other people.
Longing for light in Amstel
Marien./ Mom.
This is Nico.
Hallo. Nicholas.