Merry Matrimony (2015) Movie Script

We're gonna have a
happy Christmas
We're gonna have a
happy Christmas
We're gonna have a
happy Christmas
We're gonna have a,
we're gonna have a
I gotta say this
is an amazing turn out
for your Christmas
toy drive.
Wow, congratulations.
Well it is Christmas,
the time for giving.
Great venue Brie, how did
you ever book us a mansion?
I told them
our paper
would write an article
on its history.
Clever girl.
As your editor, I
demand you take a break
and enjoy
the party.
Thank you.
I will.
As soon as the
kids get the gifts
and before this
eggnog kicks in.
Have you talked
to Eddie?
No, he's late
as usual.
What secret are
you hiding?
I thought you were an art
director, not a journalist.
Okay one hint.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Great party.
Very festive.
This all you?
Thank you,
and yes.
I'm pretty much the
Christmas expert.
More like
Christmas queen.
One of your
many talents.
Have a Christmas
I got in.
Speos in Paris.
The master's program.
They finally
accepted me.
I start in
This is so...
This is great.
When did you
find out?
Phil knows because they
called him as a reference.
You inspired me to
chase my dreams.
This is big for us.
Real game
Yeah, it is.
Christmas everyone.
I just want to make a
quick announcement.
Speos, that prestigious
photography school,
thinks that my best
bud, Eddie Chapman,
has talent and has invited
him into their Master's Program.
Our loss, is
Paris's gain!
Why'd you leave?
You're better
at parties.
I needed
some air.
What's wrong?
I'm just tired.
Tell me
that again.
I'm missing
you already.
If you don't want me
to go to Paris I won't.
I want you to follow
your dreams.
You deserve this and this is
an opportunity of a lifetime.
Just wasn't
expecting it.
I love you.
And a part of loving
someone is letting them go.
I'm not
letting go.
Paris is
one year.
You have one more
year at NYU.
Then we'll start
our life together.
That's my plan.
Since when
do you plan?
My dream then.
I'll be back before
you know it.
How can you
be so sure?
What if Paris sweeps
your heart away?
You have
my heart.
Forever, I like that.
Here we are
once more
Christmas at
our door
Can you hear
the children sing?
Outside the snow
falls down
Mistletoe all
Now the Christmas
bells will ring
This shot is
so great.
Oh, Leave
it, Megan.
Don't you get tired
of Christmas music?
I find it
Especially when doing
a Christmas campaign.
Okay, so photos 9
and 12 go to print.
And photos 11
to 18 digital.
And use the filter from
15 on all of them.
'Cause Christmas is supposed
to be soft not blinding.
Okay, Got it.
And the text?
Instead of "So much holiday
fun, "Snow much holiday fun."
Under the logo in that
curly font that you like.
I need you to send
me proofs ASAP,
and make sure that
Claudia gets a copy.
Subtle hint to the
boss that you want
a partnership
for Christmas?
Just keeping her
in the loop.
And a gentle reminder
I'm the most loyal
and best Art
Director she has.
You are the
Christmas queen.
Everything okay?
Yeah, it's just someone used
to call me that in college.
You're blushing.
It must be a
good story.
No it is hardly
worth telling.
Okay graphics, and I will meet
you in the conference room.
Hey, Claudia.
Is everything okay?
Brie, I need your Christmas
magic on a new project.
That sounds urgent.
Modern Era Bridal needs
an emergency reshoot
on their upcoming "Christmas
Weddings" digital cover story.
What happened?
Marketing team they
hired was a disaster.
They've decided to
cut their losses,
get ahold of someone who can
pull off a fabulous shoot
in a very short time frame
and your name came up.
Well I'm flattered,
but weddings?
That's not
really my thing.
But you know Christmas,
and how to capture it.
That's true but...
Then it's settled.
I'll close the deal.
They want a full
launch Christmas day.
That's like less
three weeks away.
A shoot like this
takes at least a month.
That's why it's called
an emergency reshoot.
They've already started
teasing this campaign.
The show
must go on.
Christmas is the number one
day for marriage proposals.
And when all those
excited brides-to-be
start planning
their nuptials,
Modern Era Bridal wants to be
the one setting the trends.
I do love
trend setting.
And it's not an
actual wedding.
It's one that just happens
to looks amazing on camera.
With all the things people need
to pull off a Merry Matrimony!
Feel free to
use that.
Okay, I'm going to need a
really great photographer.
You'll be working
with Eddie Chapman.
He's like a huge
fashion photographer.
His photo blog of
street portraits
is all the rage on
Tumbler and Instagram.
He's flying in from
Paris just for this.
We're very lucky.
Okay, well if he's
such the "rage",
why is he flying
all the way here
to do a Christmas
shoot for us?
A favor to Isabella Elias,
new CEO of Modern Era Bridal.
Word on the social scene
is they're very close.
Mr. Chapman will be here
to meet the team tomorrow.
If we pull this off, Isabella
Elias has agreed to give us
an exclusive contract
with all access to...
Elias Publications.
No I got it; I can
see the big picture.
Then I'll have no problem
convincing the board to give you
that partnership you've
been not-so subtly hinting at.
Thank you.
Okay, well get
to work.
Alright Stanley,
hit it.
The season has
officially begun.
Brie, Christmas is happening
in the living room,
not on the
Sorry I'm done.
It's just this shoot
is so important
and I have so much to do before
meeting with the photographer.
Oh you mean
It's not like you
two are strangers.
Dad I haven't seen
him in seven years.
Might as well be.
Be careful
Old flames can
reignite very easily.
No, him and I would
have never lasted.
He's too
I need structure
and stability.
I am so glad to
hear you say that.
Do you remember
Jared Galligan?
His family used to live
down the street from us
when you
were young.
Hear me out.
I ran into him
last week.
He is a handsome
man now.
Very smart.
Good, stable job.
Anyway, I told him you were
single, and looking, and...
This is officially my
nightmare before Christmas.
Give him
a chance.
Life is about balance and
it's time you added some love.
Your mom
She said it's my
responsibility to make sure
that you're
out by five.
She's adamant
about this one...
Don't you dare
make Jared wait.
He's a nice boy,
I mean it Brie.
You want to
keep this?
Message received.
My mom is trying to get
me a fianc for Christmas.
Here I am asking my
mom for a coffee maker.
I know she
means well.
Which is why I'm going to
give Jared an honest chance.
Here's to moms
knowing best.
That's why you're
wearing your lucky heels.
I thought it was
for Eddie Chapman.
What are you
talking about?
You had an odd look on your face
when his name came up yesterday.
Sit, we have a huge
shoot on our hands.
Let's focus on
that shall we?
Your make-up
looks different.
You contoured!
So what?
I have a date
after work.
Is it too
Okay no, right now I need
you to get me a list of
the top bridal
Already done
and drop boxed.
Jared is at 5 pm, why
get so glam before 5?
What's is going on
with Eddie Chapman?
We dated
at NYU.
And he went to Paris
to get his master's
and I stayed in
New York.
Just a typical long distance
relationship causality.
Now he's back and
you're single.
As of now.
But who knows, maybe Jared's
my husband Mr. Right,
Prince Charming.
Excluding that
This could be a twist of fate,
a second chance at love.
No, fate twisted
us for good reason.
To have careers like we
have it takes a lot of time
and dedication.
We would have
never lasted.
You worked your
way up from intern
to partner in
seven years.
That's impressive.
May not have happened
like that in Paris.
Because of the
language barrier.
Not talent,
of course.
Partnership is still
to be determined.
Which is why I
can't have anyone
in the office
knowing about Eddie.
Especially Claudia, I
don't want her to think
that I would let my personal
life affect my business.
It's just really
Don't worry.
It's in the vault.
Thank you.
Oh hey!
Come here!
Where is he?
Claudia intercepted
him at reception.
We're supposed to meet
them in the conference room.
I thought you cared about
the project, not Eddie?
Doesn't mean I
can't look nice.
You do look nice.
Okay, yeah.
Let's do it.
I look forward to working
with your team,
I've heard great things.
Yeah well, you're gonna
be impressed, I think.
Brie, it's good
to see you.
Oh it's nice to
see you too.
You two know
each other?
We went to college
together at NYU.
We worked
together before.
Student newspaper.
Brie, why didn't
you say so?
I forgot.
My mind was flooded so
with Christmas ideas.
From table settings
to decorations, cake.
She is the
Christmas queen.
Is she ever.
Well with the time
crunch we need to pull off
our own Christmas
And that's exactly
what I'm hoping for.
Sorry I'm late.
Isabella, meet
my team.
Our Art Director;
Brie Traverston.
And her assistant
Megan Hocking.
How do you do?
I cannot thank you two enough
for taking on this challenge.
I mean I was beginning
to think that
saving this campaign
would be impossible.
Well after our
shoot every bride
is gonna want to have
Christmas wedding.
Good and maybe we can inspire
some proposals as well.
Oh excuse me, I
have to take this.
Now I am traveling
all next week,
but Eddie knows how
to get a hold of me.
And the fact that I
like to give my opinion.
And we'll talk about
your art show later.
I'll show you out.
Thank you.
I have few phone calls
of my own to make.
Eddie, welcome
to the team.
Thank you.
I'm really happy
to be here.
I'll check
in later.
So, let's
get started.
Great, thank you,
I'll let them know.
Spoke to Vanguard
They've only got
Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday open
next week.
Okay good let's
book them.
We can definitely
shoot the reception there.
Studio will be
easy to light.
What about
the ceremony?
I have some ideas
for the locations.
Not a studio though,
something more scenic.
So, okay, if we shoot the
wedding ceremony next week
and are no delays, we can
get the photos uploaded
to Modern Era
Bridal early.
Yeah, but our
deadline's the 24th.
Yeah, but that doesn't
mean you should
just push it to the
last second.
That makes it
more exciting.
No that gives
you an ulcer.
Some things
never change.
No wonder you're at
the top of your game.
Not that I'm
Well you haven't done too
bad for yourself either.
That sounds like you've
checked in on me.
Or at least
seen my work?
I read
So, classmates huh?
I always thought it was a
little bit more than that.
Look my partnership
rides on this campaign.
I want Isabella and Claudia
to know how serious I am
and that work is
number one.
Brie that's great.
Well I don't
have it yet.
You will.
I have faith
in you.
So you understand
why the past
has got to stay in
the past right?
Can't change that.
Okay good.
So, these are some
of the locations.
I'm leaning towards
the Davenport.
What do
you think?
Weddings aren't
really my thing so
whatever you think's
romantic and available.
We'll make it
I guess it's all
riding on availability.
Without that, you
really can't commit.
Yeah, but sometimes you
need to visit the location,
let them know
you're serious...
About shooting
Yeah, but if a location
has a verbal agreement,
and then all of a sudden
just changes their mind.
They can't expect
a production
just to change the entire
concept just like that.
Locations should
be considerate.
Everything okay?
Brie, it's
five o'clock.
Thanks for
the time.
Oh it's five
I totally forgot,
I gotta go.
I have a date.
A meeting...
I didn't mean
a date...
A meeting that's
a dinner date.
Well, you have fun, and
see you ladies tomorrow.
How's it going
for real?
Seeing him again.
But it's complicated
and I'm really late,
so call me if you
need anything.
It's gorgeous.
Yeah, uh, I
woulda got roses,
but your mom said that you
really love Christmas.
Awe that's so
thoughtful, thank you.
Oh I just, I can't get
over how great you look.
Oh, thank you.
I mean, it's kinda crazy,
last time I saw you,
you were wearing a
super hero swim suit,
laughing your way
down a slip 'n slide.
I had a super
hero swim suit?
Oh yeah, yeah.
Pretty much made
you the coolest.
I can't believe you
remember that.
Yeah well I'm a
sponge for details.
Comes in handy
as a pharmacist.
That's an
interesting job.
It can be.
Nothing too exciting,
but great job security.
Unless I mix
something up.
Which I don't
do because...
You're a sponge
for detail.
I'm starving.
Should we order.
Yeah of course.
Hot chocolate please.
Hey man.
I can't believe it's
been like seven years.
Something you
want to tell me?
It's for the kids.
I'm still working on my
saint hood, thank you.
Something you
want to tell me?
It's for work.
Oh right,
how's Brie?
I mean,
how's work?
It's good.
So is she.
That's it?
Did you talk?
We're planning
a wedding.
For Isabella's
I don't know man.
I know you like
but it's crazy mixing
professional and personal lives.
Brie is on a date
as we speak.
So it's all
She made that
crystal clear.
So what now?
This wedding shoot could
get Brie a partnership.
Isabella's sales
will sky rocket.
Yeah, but what
about you?
I still have
my show.
And New York
at Christmas.
Nothing better
than that.
Well here's to having you
home for the holidays.
It's about time.
So, your Christmas
You're gonna have Santa
Claus, Christmas trees?
Christmas trees, yes.
Santa Claus, no.
Why not Santa?
Because he's this
larger than life character.
He'll totally
upstage the bride.
Or what if he brings the
bride and groom together?
You know, true
love for Christmas.
Yeah, I don't think
so, that's a tall order.
Do you date
a lot?
Uh, every now
and then.
For a while there I was
doing the online thing.
You know, a lot of first
dates, not a lot of seconds.
And then I thought
enough's enough,
I'm gonna let
fate handle it.
That's when I
met your mom.
So, point for fate.
You don't
believe in fate?
I believe that we make
things happen ourselves.
So what do you do
for fun, besides work?
I love work.
I mean my mom is trying
to get me to have
a little bit more
of a balance.
How's that
going for ya?
I'm learning.
You know, but at work at least
I feel like I'm in control.
Love is risky.
You break your heart
you're never the same.
Well yeah, I mean nobody
wants to get hurt.
But the wound is where
the light gets in.
very true.
Hey, mom.
Hey, honey.
How'd it go with
Jared tonight?
Angels didn't sing if
that's what you're asking.
Are you gonna
see him again?
I am so busy with work right
now and my schedule is crazy...
Brie, you have to
make room for love.
I'm trying.
But with Jared, I feel like
I'm gonna have to try too hard.
Give Jared
a chance.
He seems to be very
interested in you.
Mom, I'm not just gonna like
a guy because he likes me.
I'm not telling you to, but
it's a good starting point.
Yeah, I guess.
Is this because Eddie's
back in the picture?
Eddie is not back in
any kind of picture,
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Uh, anyway I
gotta get to bed.
Sweet dreams,
I love you.
I love you too.
Lastly, have you
checked on the Davenport?
I really need to lock it
down for the ceremony.
Okay, yeah, thank you,
call if you need me...
Oh Sorry, Santa.
Oh my gosh,
how are you?
You're Santa.
Well, one month
out of the year.
And the other
I work for them.
The Children's
Charity House.
Wow you really grew up
to change the world.
By marriage at least.
Mrs. Claus.
My wife Julie
and I.
Yeah, we started
this a few years ago.
Having a blast,
love these kids.
Hey, you and Eddie are
back together again huh?
Working I mean.
Yeah, how did
you know?
Well we hung
out last night.
Thanks for
the invite.
He told me you
were busy.
Look, let's rain check,
and you can meet Julie.
I would love that.
Yeah, we do shoots during
the days next week,
but the nights
are free.
I'll talk to Eddie.
It'll be like
old times.
What are you
doing here?
Megan told me where
you were headed.
Thought maybe
I could help.
I have a good
eye for color.
I promise.
No poinsettias.
We can be more
creative than that.
Oh I love it.
you might.
Even after all
this time.
I still remember
pewter is your favorite.
Would you like
a gold star?
Still funny too.
Good to see some
things never change.
I saw Phil
He said you guys
hung out last night.
He was my date.
Very romantic in
his Santa suit.
How was your
date meeting?
Care to
No not really.
'Cause I'm
an ex...
That was a
long time ago.
Yes, I understand
you're over the past,
so why not discuss
the present?
Or we could just keep all the
discussions business related.
What do you think
about pine cones?
Those are kindle cones
and I love them.
If a fire's low, you just
throw one of those on a flame
and it
rekindles it.
That's all
it takes?
I think we could...
Use them in the
Brings an
earthy feel.
They're also great
party favors.
Come here.
Come here.
Ta da.
Okay, so, we can put lights in
the tree, ribbon, a star on top.
So basically a
regular Christmas tree.
But I have
an idea.
I want the bride and groom
to put a special ornament
on the tree
The guests can put the
gifts under the tree.
So is this
the one?
Are we
Not yet.
I want to
be sure.
Remember when I forced you to
go camping in the Grand Canyon?
Okay for starters
you didn't force me.
It was cold and we had
reservations at a hotel.
Who needs five stars when
you can have five million?
It was
You're always pushing
me to try new things.
And you pushed me
to chase my dreams.
Why didn't
you call?
I thought you were
mad at me.
You know, especially
when you didn't show up
for Christmas
in Paris.
You were the one who said you
were coming home for Christmas.
Then I got my first
gig and had to stay.
I could never get
ahold of you.
You should
answer that.
Hey Isabella.
So, how's it
working with Brie?
We have fun
together for a bit
and it starts to
feel like old times.
Crash and
After school, I thought if
I could get one big job.
Make a name for myself,
I could come back
and sweep Brie
off her feet.
We're all idealist
after graduation.
And then the real
world kicks in.
Christmas was
always our holiday.
Is that why you
came back now?
I guess I'm hoping
will help soften
any hard feelings.
I think it will.
I don't know.
I get the feeling she
didn't even miss me.
Well the first Christmas
you were gone Brie started
this thing called the
Christmas wish tree on campus.
All the decorations were made
by people missing loved ones.
She wanted a way they
could still send their love
during the
She never said
but I think it's 'cause
she missed you.
I promised her my
heart once, I meant it.
Hey, you
at home?
I'm downstairs.
Downstairs, downstairs?
Can you buzz
me up?
Never mind.
Someone's coming, I'll
see you in a second.
Come on in.
Still taking work
home I see.
Yeah, I'm sorry this
place is such a mess.
It's nice.
Chocolat le chaud.
Sounds fancy
in French.
Everything does.
Hope you don't
mind me stopping by.
Claudia gave me
your address.
Oh no of course.
Um, here, sit, make
yourself at home.
Thank you
for this.
About this afternoon,
bringing up the past.
Yeah, I shouldn't
have done that.
I hate bickering
with you, it's no fun.
I agree.
So we're okay?
Well I have some ideas to
run by you for the shoot.
Ooh la la,
what is this?
Your favorite.
Thank you.
So what are
your ideas?
For the reception.
White lights, white draped
across the ceiling,
like a starry
night sky.
I love that.
Luminaries accent each
table, like moon light.
And a kind of
blue glow,
reminiscent of a light
mist at the break of day.
A winter
Very much so.
So you think
in light?
like romance, light is more
than just what you see.
It's a feeling.
It can be
cold, hot.
Well not everyone
loves surprises.
But that's what
Christmas is all about.
It's about a
lot of things.
You're right.
As usual.
I just want every picture to
have that intangible quality.
Almost hypnotizing, drawing
you in but you don't know why.
It makes you
feel something.
Like love?
Perfect for a
Christmas wedding.
This is delicious
by the way.
I know we didn't end
on the best of terms.
I'll take the
blame on that.
Our careers just took us
in different directions.
Or continents.
That too.
It's fine.
I'm glad our paths
got to cross again.
Me too.
It's Isabella.
I have to go.
Yeah, sure.
Of course.
Go have a
great time.
I see the
decorations arrived.
Yeah, the tree's
already at the studio.
So I want to get as
much organized here,
so that we're not
in the crew's way.
We have so
much to prep.
How's Isabella?
I filled her in over
dinner last night.
She's excited to
see it come together.
I'm so happy we're doing
the reception next week.
The set-up
is huge.
Did you lock a
ceremony location?
I did.
Megan has all the info, and
we've done a couple shoots
there in the past, and they're
super easy to work with.
You're right.
We could finish this
ahead of deadline.
That would make
Isabella's Christmas.
Well, providing there's
no major disaster.
And people say planning
a wedding's hard.
Hey, what are
you doing here?
Sorry to interrupt,
I found something
that might be useful
for your wedding.
So I thought I'd
drop it off.
Thank you.
Oh It's beautiful.
Are these
twin flames?
You were how you wanted
the bride and groom
to hang an
ornament together.
I thought this may
be a nice option.
Very nice.
Oh, thank you, that
is so nice of you.
Oh, Jared
I'm sorry.
This is Eddie Chapman,
our new photographer.
Eddie Chapman, yeah,
no, I know your work.
Your street portraits
are my favorite.
Thank you.
Brie, you said you
didn't work with
any well-known
That's why I love
working with Brie.
She keeps
me humble.
Hey, also I was wondering if
maybe you wanted to get lunch?
I can't.
Today is so crazy.
But how about a
coffee break?
I'll take that.
Downstairs, yeah.
Alright, I'll see
you in a little bit.
Nice meeting
you Eddie.
You too.
Brie go?
Coffee break
with Jared.
That was Jared?
He's cute.
What do you
have there?
Apparently Tie the Knot
bakery is so exclusive
they will only see couples
with short notice.
Media requires a
month's notice.
So I lied and said
you were engaged.
Also, you're getting
married on Christmas.
Please don't
be mad.
But it was the only way I
could get you in today.
No, great work.
It's perfect.
Appointment for
She means, Mr.
and Mrs. Chapman.
You're having a
Christmas wedding?
Yes, finally after seven
years she said yes.
I just couldn't handle
anymore of his begging.
Well go ahead look around,
I'll bring some tasting samples.
They only see
engaged couples.
It's how Megan
could get us in.
Well in that case, honey,
I'm gonna go take look around.
Oh, Eddie.
That one's perfect.
But darling, I
ordered us this one.
She loves
my jokes.
Care for
a taste?
You believed me.
Well you have
juvenile taste.
It's part of
my charm.
Don't even think about
it or you're fired.
She means the
wedding's off.
You have a
little bit...
Oh I do?
You have a
little bit...
Yes you do.
I have something
on my face?
You like?
Yes, we'll
take it.
You two.
You're cute.
Like George and
Mary Bailey.
You want
the moon?
I'll throw a
lasso around it
and I'll bring it on down
just say the word.
I'll write you up.
Silly boy.
Silly boy.
Did you
hear that?
Silly boy.
This is
pretty good.
This is amazing.
Just, wow.
Isn't it?
Brie is the
Where is our
Christmas Queen?
Do you guys
like it?
I love it!
She speaks for
both of us.
Brie you were
absolutely right.
Every bride
in the world
is gonna want to be
a Christmas bride.
I know I do.
Okay I just need a place where
I can make phone calls
for about
an hour.
And then you will have
my undivided attention.
Follow me.
There's an
empty office.
We'll catch up.
Should we take
some pictures?
I think I wanna
start over here.
Okay, you guys
have this.
This is fantastic.
Um, I will catch
up with you later?
Why don't we try
some dancing?
Think we
got it?
These are better
than I imagined.
Ho, ho, ho Merry
Look at this
winter wonderland.
I feel like I should be
wearing my Santa suit.
I'm so glad you
could make it.
We just
Good, do you guys
wanna do some dinner
and then some
ice skating?
I can't.
I've got a previous
But I came all the
way down here.
New invention Phil,
it's called a phone.
Come on.
Nobody calls
I sent a text.
I drafted a text.
Close enough.
Look, whatever you've
got going, cancel it.
Wish I could, but I'm
locked in on this one.
Next time.
I promise.
You in?
I can't I have so
much work to do.
I thought you
loved ice skating.
Press pause on work
and go have some fun.
Yeah, but we're on a deadline
and Isabella's expecting...
Don't worry
about Isabella.
Look, I can upload
the photos.
And we can go over everything
with a fresh eye tomorrow.
Okay, I'm in.
You deserve
a break.
I look forward to hearing
about it tomorrow.
Here, I'll help you
with your things.
We'll be
right back.
We're sharing
a cab.
Disappointed that
Eddie's not going?
He has a life.
Do you think the
rumors are true?
About him and
Isabella dating?
I don't know.
Would it matter
if they were?
I'm just curious,
that's all.
I mean she's so
affectionate with him.
They make such a
beautiful couple.
Same way that you and Jared
make a really beautiful couple?
Okay, that's
completely different.
Jared and I don't
even know each other.
I wouldn't even
call it "dating."
Brie, do me
a favor.
Go have fun and enjoy
the holiday season.
I haven't been
ice-skating in like 15 years.
I will see you
two on the ice.
Jules, whatever happened
to skate by your man?
Oh, baby you know
I love you.
But I love this
song more.
Okay guys,
let's go.
You two are
so cute.
You're so
in love.
It like we're
That's how
it should be.
How's it going with
you and Eddie?
I mean at first I thought it
was gonna be a little awkward,
but it's
been fun.
I know what
you're thinking,
but I'm not oblivious
of our history.
Things are
different now.
And I'm up for
this partnership
and I am not gonna
jeopardize that.
Well, just remember, sometimes
you can't stop the river.
Come on,
let's skate.
Hey, where
ya going?
I thought you had a
prior engagement?
Was able to
get out of it.
Skate with me?
Hey, Chapman,
you made it!
I see why you
love this tradition.
I'm so good
at this.
There's something I've
always wondered about.
The Christmas
party at NYU.
When I told you
about Paris.
You said you thought the
surprise was something else.
What was it?
What does
it matter now?
Everything happened the
way it was supposed to, right?
I guess so.
Okay, big smiles.
Oh, so cute.
Okay, I think
we have it.
Thanks kids for
another great day.
Thank you so much,
they are adorable.
I think Isabella is
going to love this one.
The Davenport
just called.
They have a
termite problem.
And they're
fumigating next week.
We can't lose
the location.
That'll set
us way back.
We still have to find a
bride and set design,
and Christmas Eve is
less than two weeks away.
We don't even have time
for a location scout.
Did you try
St. George's?
The Boathouse?
Definitely booked.
What about a
rooftop ceremony?
With the city skyline
as a backdrop.
No, that's
too risky.
We're gonna have to
redesign everything.
This is a
Hey, I have the
perfect place.
The mansion, where you hosted
the Christmas party at NYU.
I thought they
tore that down.
No I know the
new owner.
I'll give him a call and
see if it's available.
If it is we can drive out to
see it after we finish up here.
Okay, but Megan,
keep looking at places.
In case this
falls through.
Of course.
It's gonna work out.
I can't believe
it's still here.
The owner was
so depressed
that this place was
gonna get torn down.
He was hoping it's glory would
live on in our newspaper.
Oh it's just like
I remembered.
This is great.
Okay, visualize hanging lights,
Christmas tree, the fireplace.
This is so
Thank you so much
for saving the shoot.
Eddie the Elf at
your service.
I'm serious.
Hey, we're a team and
we're nailing this wedding.
A couple of hours ago I
didn't think we were.
But now I do.
Isabella thinks
so too.
I showed her
some proofs.
She is very
You may get a partnership
for Christmas.
Well what
about you?
We're a
team right?
Right now, the futures
lookin' bright.
Okay so I need to get
some quick test shots.
'Cause I need to get back, and
I need to rework the set up.
Do you mind making a
quick stop along the way?
That's a pretty
good shot right here.
Okay I need
test shots.
I don't know I think
these are pretty good.
Over there.
Don't go trippin'
on the chimney pot
Oh who put mistletoe
on the tree
Santa baby got
a gift for me
Got a long way to go on his
sleigh but he's comin' tonight
The kids all know
him wherever he goes
With a big round belly
and a bright red nose
Got a lot of presents
and away he goes
But he's comin' down
the chimney tonight
He's comin
round tonight
Hey where's
Ho, Ho, Ho Merry
Hey, look.
Eddie the
Elf is here!
Does everybody
call me that?
You're tall
for an elf.
Well we grow once we
leave the North Pole,
so we can
blend in.
And play
Lebron James?
Is your girlfriend
an elf too?
Oh, I'm a girl elf
and a friend.
So girlfriend?
Alright everyone, line up
and we can tell Santa
what we want for
Christmas this year.
Ho Ho Ho Ho.
Yep, come on
up, alright.
What would you like to ask
Santa for this Christmas?
Nice, I
like that.
Put her there.
Alright happy
Come on up.
Now what would you
like for Christmas?
Well, have you
been a good boy?
Ho Ho Ho so you'd
like a sleigh.
Well we'll see
what we can do.
As long as you've been a good
boy I think you'll be just fine.
Hey, sweetie.
Do you want to come
in and talk to Santa?
I'm scared.
You don't
have to be.
Hey, can you?
Who's your
This is Katie.
That's a
pretty name.
Do you
make toys?
I do.
Maybe I should
tell you what I want.
So you can
make it right.
Smart girl.
Tell me Katie, what do you want
Santa to bring for Christmas?
I will personally make sure
that gets put in Santa's bag.
I'll e-mail you
the selects.
Let me know me how
many you want to print.
What do we
owe you?
My treat.
Merry Christmas.
Thanks, man.
Hey, have you
seen Brie?
She's just
in there.
'Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the house
not a creature was stirring
not even a mouse.
All the stocking were hung
by the chimney with care.
In hope that St. Nicholas
soon would be there.
Then what to my wandering
eyes should appear?
A miniature sleigh and
eight tiny reindeer.
A little old driver
so lively and quick.
I knew in a moment
it must be St. Nick.
And more rapid than eagles
his reindeers all came.
As he shouted on dasher
and each reindeers name.
And so up to the housetop
the reindeers soon flew
with a sleigh full of toys
and St. Nicholas too.
Down the
Chimney he...
Phil, I think you officially
achieved Sainthood.
Via Saint Nick.
Still counts.
I'm so glad you
guys could join us.
But sweetheart we
have to get going.
Three young ladies are
waiting for their dinner.
That's my cue.
It's good to
see you guys.
Let's get together
again soon.
I had so
much fun.
Who says it
has to end?
It's Christmas
in New York.
Let's get crazy.
Excuse me,
can we get...
Table of two.
This is nice.
Not quite what
I expected.
Have you been
here before?
I have, yeah.
With Jared.
Oh, Jared.
We never went on any
dates anywhere this nice.
But in all fairness,
we were students.
It wasn't
a date.
Okay, maybe it
was kind of a date.
Is this a date?
Um you tell me.
I will.
You were really great
with the kids today.
I had never seen
that side to you.
I love kids.
Me too.
You know, this place
seems kind of stuffy.
It does,
doesn't it?
And this
chicken sucks.
Let's ditch this place
and get some pizza!
That was a way
better idea.
Come on.
Yes, really.
It's so icy.
Watch your step.
Party of two.
Party of two.
Central Park
my good man.
Oh you're just
full of good ideas.
I can't wait.
I'm so excited.
Oh, 2004, I don't know
if I paid them enough.
Thank you.
I love your
idea of crazy.
This is the first
time I've done this.
Well this is officially my first
time on a carriage ride
through New York
City eating pizza.
I like sharing
firsts with you.
And the
pizza right?
Oh yeah, New York's
Pizza, New York's finest.
I wouldn't go that far
but it's definitely better
than that stuffy joint
you went with Jared.
Are you
You so are!
Oh please!
You are
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's just we never did
anything like this before...
We should of.
I really should be
working right now.
Remember what I said about
savoring the moment?
So just stop talking about
work and savor with me.
I'm savoring it.
Feels good, right?
This is so fun, I'm
so glad we did this.
Me too.
Thank you.
Watch your step.
Ta da.
Here you are
my good man.
Thank you
very much.
Thank you.
So what next?
I actually have to
go see my family.
We have this
I get it.
Well, good night.
Good night.
I had fun
Me too.
There she is.
Sorry I'm late.
Your mom
invited me.
Hope you
don't mind.
I mean of
course not.
The more the
Dad can you pass
me scissors?
Uh, yeah.
I've never made
ornaments before.
Well you're doing
a really good job.
Every year we make these
ornaments and we put a Christmas
wish on them
for the people
we're missing during
the holidays.
So the idea is you
hang the ornament
and the person
receives the wish.
You could have warned
me about Jared.
I tried, you
didn't answer.
Where were
you today?
I was on a
carriage ride...
With Eddie.
You still have
feelings for him.
That's not true.
Okay, I don't want to
have feelings for Eddie.
He's a wild
card and...
But you still
love him.
It's okay honey.
Sometimes you need a second shot
to know that the love is true.
Am I crazy?
You're human.
I love you.
I love you too.
Do me a favor, let
Jared down gently.
That was
fun, right?
Yeah, yeah
it was.
Look Brie, I know that I'm
not what you're looking for.
I'm sorry.
You deserve someone
so special.
And she's out there
looking for you I promise.
How 'bout you?
Uh, it's too
How so?
Have you ever liked someone
and the timing's just been off?
Yeah, but the greatest love
stories all have obstacles.
Look at Romeo
and Juliet.
Okay yeah, that didn't
turn out so well.
But what I mean
is some stories
take a little more
time to unfold.
We have a
But I'm pretty sure
he's with someone now.
She's this huge power
player in my industry,
and I do not want
to cross her.
I respect her.
Yeah but I would find out
for sure before I gave up.
But it could affect the
shoot and my partnership.
There's no harm in
seeking the truth.
Isn't love worth
the risk?
Yeah it is.
Ooooh, I
love this.
But it's
not white.
Oh not for
the shoot.
For me.
And at my age I'm
not fooling anyone.
Are you getting
married again?
Second husband is a
keeper, but if I did,
this would be
my dress.
Move over dresses,
hello hat.
What do
you think?
It's definitely you.
Isabella, what
do you think?
Everything is
Except for that.
Please don't
go there.
Oh, no.
dream of it.
You know, I think that I might
be a Christmas bride next year.
Have you been bit
by the love bug?
Is somebody
Well, not yet.
But I think now that
he's back in New York,
we might finally
be able to commit.
And Brie, I really think
that your work inspired him.
We were looking at
the proofs last night,
and he started saying
all the right things.
Is this just a bridal party
or can anybody join?
We're just going through
dresses for the shoot.
What do you
think Eddie?
I like it.
Is that a folder
of invoices for me?
Plus some pictures I
think you might like.
Would you like to
come to my exhibit?
The opening's
Yes, everyone's
I'm hosting it at a
gallery in Midtown.
Eddie's work
is amazing.
I'd love to.
You're late.
Did you know who
Eddie's talking to?
No, I didn't
George McIntyre,
the film director.
I love his
I cannot believe
he's here.
Well you should have
Eddie introduce you.
Do you think
he would?
Of course he
would, yeah.
Can you ask
him for me?
Because he's coming this
way and you're his favorite.
I'm going to the
bathroom to touch up.
Ask him.
You made it.
I was getting
I wouldn't
miss it.
And you drew quite
an impressive crowd,
I mean a Hollywood
film director?
Yeah, I'm glad
George made it.
He flew in
from London.
Well I
understand why.
The shots are
so beautiful.
I'm so proud
of you.
So this is how you spent
all of your holidays?
Every Christmas I would
go someplace new.
But no matter where I
went, there it was.
That Christmas
There's no
escaping it.
Which is a good thing 'cause it
makes the world a better place.
Not so separate.
You know what I love
most about your photos?
It's the joy.
It's like you
can feel it.
These two were strangers, but
he saw that she was shivering
and put a blanket
over her.
I wish I
was there.
I have to go
play host.
Look around,
I'll be back.
Oh, do you mind introducing
Megan to George?
She's a
huge fan.
Yeah, for sure.
I'd like to introduce
you to a friend of mine.
George this
is Megan.
Oh Megan is
Megan has been instrumental
in our campaign.
You're my favorite
It's so nice to
meet you.
Hey do you
have a minute?
Uh, yeah sure.
I missed you last
night at the party.
Oh I'm sorry.
I left a little early.
I had some work
to finish up.
Shoot going well?
Yeah, hopefully the next
four days run smoothly
and we'll be wrapped
up by the 24th.
I spoke with
Isabella last night.
She showed the pictures
to a focus group.
The results were
That's fantastic!
Here's the
best part.
She invited us to lunch with
her father after the holidays.
Elias publications,
here we come!
We're not at the
finish line yet.
But this is some
of your best work.
Oh well wait until you
see the ceremony setting.
We're shooting at
this renovated mansion.
The exteriors alone will
just take your breath away.
You and Eddie
make a good team.
Do I sense a
Christmas crush?
Oh, come on, the
connection is obvious.
There was never anything
between the two of you at NYU?
If Eddie and I were supposed
to have a love story,
it would have happened
a long time ago.
And now he's
with Isabella.
What if
he's not?
If I were you I'd
listen to your heart.
You may be surprised by
where it might lead you.
Oh, hi, I...
You're timing
is impeccable!
We were just about
to celebrate.
Is that an
engagement ring?
Yes, I just
got it.
Thank you.
Well, I don't
want to intrude.
I can talk to
Eddie tomorrow.
Merry Christmas
to you too.
Brie can
we talk?
You have
I don't even know
what I'm doing here.
I don't know what
I was thinking.
I thought...
Forget it.
I don't
Can we talk about
whatever this is.
There's nothing
to say.
Is she okay?
Helping Santa?
In a way, yeah.
I love it.
Think you can make some
time for the interiors now?
There was a problem
with our delivery.
They shorted us
on the order,
and Eddie just wants to
brainstorm on how to fix it.
I'll be there in
there in a minute.
Is everything okay?
Did something happen
that I should know about?
I'm fine.
I've been waiting
to talk to you.
Are these are
all the lights?
Well, I have
more, but...
This is like nothing
we really discussed.
It's half
Yeah, I know, I've
just been working
on getting
some candles...
That's a fire
hazard scrap it.
I guess we could just
shoot the exterior.
I mean, yeah we have
a bride and a groom,
and there's no
The outsides gonna
be beautiful.
It will be fine.
That's a little drastic,
don't you think?
Brie give me a
chance to fix things.
We can move some
lights over here
and still get our shot
of the bride and groom
hanging an ornament
together like we discussed.
And I'd like to get a
shot over by the fireplace.
Like this.
Just standing
No, with the kindle cones in the
background our bride and groom
can be gazing
at each other.
I want their hands to be
up, so you can see the rings.
And them looking deeply
in each other's eyes.
Like they'll never
love another.
You don't like it?
If you can do this in the
next couple hours great,
otherwise we'll just
shoot the exterior.
Modern Era Bridal has
already started teasing the
Christmas wedding issue online,
we can't drop the ball now.
I mean you saw
the interiors.
It's gonna take hours to
set up, let alone shoot.
Our schedules
already tight.
We can't even allow for an
extra fifteen minutes for lunch.
If that's it then why the
attitude toward Eddie?
Did he do
I thought
all of this
was a sign that we were
supposed to be together.
That maybe we
could try again.
So like an idiot I
drove to his house.
What happened?
Isabella was there.
Wearing a ring.
Oh, Brie.
He wasn't just a
college boyfriend.
He was the one.
He was the love
of my life.
So I know it's childish, but I
can't be around him right now.
So could you please help
me get through this shoot
as painlessly
as possible?
Of course.
Thank you.
Have a good
night folks.
Brie, hey how
are you?
I've been better, but I got
the crew to donate some toys,
so in case Santa forgets a
gift, these are for the kids.
They keep talking about
the Christmas party.
You and Eddie
made an impact.
You two were the most
ambitious people I knew.
A perfect match.
Yeah, well, what
brought us together,
also tore
us apart.
We weren't
meant to be.
There must be
something still there.
Takes more than time to
break that connection.
He's moved on.
What are you
gonna do?
I have to move
on with my life.
I have to accept
it and be grateful.
And hey we planned a
beautiful wedding.
Too bad it's
not real.
I guess dreams
never are right.
You and I both
know that's not true.
Maybe not,
it's just...
It just feels like
that right now.
Oh hey, um can you make
sure that Katie gets this?
Eddie bought it
specifically for her.
He went out the
day after the party,
so kind of inspired me to do
my own little mini toy drive.
Thank you.
Of course.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Claudia, hey, you don't usually
come to set on shoot day.
I want to make sure
we finish strong.
Isabella's coming too.
Apparently, with
her new fianc.
Oh, there they
are now.
George McIntyre?
I wanted to
tell you.
I saw them canoodling
at Eddie's art show.
She made me swear
not say anything.
In case it leaked
to the press.
You know how socialites
like to control the media.
Oh, Brie.
George, this is
Brie Traverston.
She's responsible
for all of this.
I love
your work.
I have to say
it inspired us.
We're planning a
Christmas wedding.
Thank you, and this
looks gorgeous.
And Claudia tells me
inside is just as lovely.
Yeah, we had some issues
with some of the lights.
Nonsense, I'm
sure it's beautiful.
Lead the way.
I guess we could
figure something out.
This way.
Oh, you're
gonna love it.
Oh, Brie,
you're kidding.
This is
You did all this?
You were right
There was no point
in having the shot
if we couldn't make
it look perfect.
It's beautiful.
It's exactly what
I envisioned.
It's the perfect
Christmas surprise.
I see you
met George.
I did, which was
also a surprise.
I thought you and
Isabella were...
A couple?
That's why you ran out of
my place the other night.
We're good
I introduced
her to George.
In return she's helping me
network here in New York.
It's time for me
to come home.
To you.
Here comes
the bride.
We still have
a shoot.
Back to work.
Back to work.
If I could just get the bride
and groom in front of the tree?
Perfect, yeah.
Happy, in love.
Ooh, Eddie.
Can you do one of
George and me?
Christmas card.
Our readers are going to
fall in love with this.
Thank you Brie.
Thank you.
I just want to get a few more
shots out here to finish off.
Let's get you guys in
front of the Rolls Royce.
Alright let me
see happy in love.
You know, this is the
best day of your life.
I'll make you mine
on Christmas day
Christmas time
is here again
Christmas time
is here again
I think we
got it.
That's a wrap
Good job, very
well done.
Oh Brie
great shoot.
Thank you, Merry
Merry Christmas.
How's it
Tired, but for
good reason.
Modern Era Bridal will
have their Merry Matrimony
just in time
for Christmas.
You can go
home now.
Did Claudia make
you partner yet?
She said she's bringing it
up at the next board meeting.
You deserve it.
Oh I spoke to
the owners.
And they said we can keep the
interiors as is until I can
get a crew in to dismantle
it the day after Christmas.
That's great.
That means everyone
can go home
and some time with their
loved ones for Christmas.
You too.
I will.
I promise.
I couldn't have done
this without you,
thank you
so much.
Is my bag and
everything inside?
It's by the
Christmas tree...
Okay no, no, no, no,
I can get it.
You go home, you're my
hard working assistant.
Have a Merry
Thank you.
The Christmas
Queen did it again.
Job well done.
We did it.
Go team.
To the Christmas
And to the
Christmas King.
Did you make a
Christmas wish this year?
Did you?
What do you know
about Christmas wishes?
There's a
tree at NYU.
You make an
and send someone you
love a Christmas wish.
And with a little bit of
magic, they'll received it.
Did it work
for you?
I hope so.
Did you think any more
about what I said?
I could hardly get through the
shoot without thinking about it.
I don't know where
we went wrong.
I just know that my life
isn't right without you in it.
Remember at my art
exhibit when I told you
I was always traveling
during Christmas?
And finding it
It was you.
It was always you.
And that's why...
Will you
marry me?
I hope it's everything
you wanted.
You're everything
I wanted.
I also have
something for you.
Close your eyes.
I know it's so crazy but, we
have the mansion until the 26th,
and I know it's
super late notice,
but I really don't
want anymore delays.
This means you're
stuck with me forever.
No more
Christmas's apart.
That's what I'm
hoping for.
I love you,
Eddie Chapman.
I love you.
I love Christmas
They're so...
We're gonna have a
happy Christmas
We're gonna have a
happy Christmas
We're gonna have a
happy Christmas
We're gonna have a,
we're gonna have a
Wake up when
it's snowing
Frost is in
the air
Catch the festive feeling,
laughter everywhere
We can build a snowman,
we can ride sleigh
Hear the carols playing,
sing them night and day yeah
Get up, get up
It's the holiday
Light up
Now it's
Christmas time
The best time
of the year
It's Christmas
The families
all here
It's Christmas
Everybody cheer
It's Christmas
Christmas time
Come and hang the
ivy and the mistletoe
Chestnuts by the fire,
come in from the cold
Children write to Santa,
wonder what a thing
Now we're all together,
everybody sing
Get up, get up
It's the holiday
Light up
Now it's
Christmas time
The best time
of the year
It's Christmas
The families
all here
It's Christmas
Everybody cheer
It's Christmas time
Christmas time
We're gonna have a
happy Christmas
We're gonna have a
happy Christmas