Merry Men 3: Nemesis (2023) Movie Script

[street chattering at a distance]
[melodious instrumentals playing]
[boy 1 voice] Guy,
you want to see a magic trick?
- [boy 2 voice] Yeah, but
- [boy 1 chuckles slightly]
[boy 2 voice] magic tricks are not real.
[boy 1 voice] I'm going to show you.
I'm going make this coin disappear.
[melodious instrumentals playing]
It's not here,
and also, it's not here.
You've got some nice magic skills.
- Thank you very much.
- But where's the coin?
I'm going to make it
appear in your pocket.
Check your pocket. That one.
This pocket?
No. Check that one.
Are you sure it's in this pocket?
Yes, I'm 100% sure.
[boy 2] Let's check for the
How did you do that?
Magic. [chuckles]
- Okay, so just take your coin.
- No, keep it,
as a token of our friendship.
Hmm got it.
[deep theme sound effect]
[siren wailing]
[car tires screech]
Dafe, what are you doing, man? Step on it.
[car tires screech]
Shit! You couldn't find a faster car?
[Dafe] Let the man do his job.
[car tire screeching]
Do his job?!
[sirens continue wailing]
[continuous gun firing]
[tires screech]
[sirens continue wailing]
[dramatic music playing]
[car tires screeching]
[dramatic music continues]
[sirens continue wailing]
[Dafe] I'm out. [pants]
[car tires screeching]
-[sirens continue wailing]
- [car tires screeching]
[car tires screeching]
-Get out of the car with your hands up!
- [police man] Your hands up!
-Get out the car.
- Get out the car!
-Get out of the car!
- Now!
Moving in.
-[police man] Move in, move in.
- [Dafe] You guys should
take the turn after our base.
[siren wailing]
[Dafe] I'll distract them and circle back.
Get out of the car
with your hands up, now!
I don't see any movement.
[bike engine starts]
- Check inside, check inside.
- [policeman] Get out of the car!
[suspenseful sound effect]
[motor bike revving]
[sirens continue wailing]
[engine accerelates]
[birds chirping]
[Dafe laughing]
[birds chirping]
[men indistinct chatter]
[men chattering indistinctly]
[man] Ah, the man!
Well done.
Well done.
Get the man a drink.
He has earned it, uh.
[birds chirping]
To the future.
Our deal was ten banks,
and I buy my freedom.
This was my tenth.
[suspenseful instrumental music plays]
One more,
and you are a free man.
I am already a free man.
One damn phone call
and you return to prison.
I own you, dog.
Remain a good doggie,
and I'll set you free.
we outnumber you.
[indistinct mumbling]
What did you do to them?
[objects clanking]
[gun cocks]
You looking for this?
- [gunshot]
- [grunts]
- [tense music playing]
- [grunts]
[footsteps approaching]
[tense music continues]
Where's the diamond?
Where's the money?
- [thug 1] I'll blow out your head right.
- [Dafe] Let's go.
You're not getting shit.
- Give them the diamond, let's go.
- [thug 1] Where's the diamond?
Pack your things.
We're going for a wedding in Nigeria.
[airplane whirring above]
["Feel Good" by MohBad playing]
How do I look?
You Look good.
[song volume abates]
Dude, I asked for suede.
What is this? Satin?
- [sighs]
- This is not what I told you.
What's the matter with you?
[Amaju] So guy,
- [in Pidgin] has Remi responded?
- Are you deaf or something.
I am yet to reach him.
How about Naz?
Naz and Remi are yet to
- [Ayo in english] Imagine that What's
- [phone dialing]
the matter with all these guys, man?
[in Pidgin] I told him to buy me
- suede, simple.
- [phone dialing]
[in English] Damn it!
Oldest youngest living Bachelor.
[in Pidgin] Why are you vexed,
you are only getting married.
What is the difference?
[Ayo] I don't know what sort
of senseless guy he is.
I said suede, he brought satin.
Guy, I am yet to get
though to Naz and Remi.
Look, that Naz uh,
he seems like someone that will
be late even for his own funeral.
That man is with a woman, right now.
- [Amaku in English] I'm sure of that.
- [phone ringback tone]
[Ayo in Pidgin] That's my brother-in-law
you guys are talking about.
Your brother-in-law is a male prostitute.
Mind your language, Johnny.
[Amaku] Get your mind out of the gutter.
[in Pidgin] That is the old Naz.
AKA the bad boy.
He had fun.
[all laughing]
He is the real Merry Men.
[in English] Merry Men!
[birds chirping]
[soft tense piano playing]
[car door opens]
[birds chirping]
[Ayo in Pidgin] You know what I realized?
I realized that
[chuckles softly then sighs]
[in English] Naz actually
took a bolder step
before anyone of us.
[in Pidgin] He has settled down.
And now, I'm about to take the step.
[in English] We have all lived
the life, come on, think about it.
You've been around the world,
painted different cities red
with your frolicking.
And here we are
we've become men,
no more boys.
It's about time, you know.
Settle down.
Have a family.
Beautiful wife,
you wake up to her every
morning, you see her beautiful face.
Have children.
You know.
[Johnny] Wow.
Train your children, groom them
to be better men in life.
- [in Igbo] Wow!
- Not like us.
See, as beautiful
as what you just said is now,
- it do not come to pass because
- [phone ringing]
you're already late for your wedding.
Hello, Kemi.
[in Pidgin] How does he
just know how to ruin the moment?!
Oh, okay, they are on their way.
They are on their way.
I am leaving. I am coming
- We're coming there now.
- [in Pidgin] Look at him,
KIA Picanto.
[guests clapping]
[low indistinct chatter]
[piano continues playing softly]
[in English] You look beautiful.
Thank you.
Johnny, what is going on?
And Naz is not picking up.
[phone dials]
[piano continues playing softly]
Do you, Mr.
Ayodele Aleshinloye
[voice echoes] promise to love,
[Dafe] and cherish, protect,
and tell the truth at all times
to the woman standing before you?
Hey, come on, this is the part you say,
"I do solemnly swear
to love, to cherish,
to protect, and to tell the truth
at all times."
I understand your hesitation, though.
Would she still want to be with you
if she knew the kind of a man you were?
Liar, big liar,
You know, it was hard thinking
about the perfect wedding
gift for an old friend.
But I did manage to get you something
befitting the occasion.
[automated voice] Ladies and gentlemen,
watch the clip.
[suspenseful music playing]
[explosion sound]
- [screaming]
- Jesus!
- Naz!
- Naz!
[yelling] No! [crying]
No! [crying]
What's going on?
[Kemi screaming]
[Dafe] [echoing] There is nowhere to run.
Oh no. [crying]
[Dafe] No place to hide.
- Your demons have crawled out from hell.
- [screaming]
- [beeping]
- [woman in yoruba] I'm dead!
[guests clamoring]
[somber music playing]
[woman in yoruba] I'm dead!
[Kemi crying]
[sirens wailing]
[somber music continues playing]
[siren wailing continues]
[birds chirping]
[in English] Hey, come on, lets go inside.
Five months ago
we moved all our assets
down here to this new location.
And then we made it our safe house.
Our new safe house.
No one can ever find us here.
[knock on door]
[tense music playing]
[whispers] Where are you going?
- Don't worry.
- No.
No, no, no, I have to go check it.
[tense music continues]
[Ayo] What's up bro? Come in.
How's Remi?
He's gone.
Ayo. [sobs]
Ayo, Remi is gone.
Remi is gone.
[somber music plays]
[Amaju] What the fuck is happening?
What is going on? [panting]
[somber music continues]
[distant indistinct chatter]
[child crying]
[soft whimpering]
[woman whimpering]
[somber music continues]
[woman whimpering]
Dafe, how did he survive?
[woman whimpering]
There're certain things
I need to talk with you about,
but I'll wait for the right time.
I need to find him.
What will you do when you find him?
There are lines that shouldn't be crossed.
[birds chirping]
Look at your people.
[car honks]
It's time to heal your family, Ayo.
Six feet deep.
six feet deep.
My brothers are dead.
Now is not the time to heal.
Now is the time to kill.
Revenge is like a wildfire.
[somber music continues]
You never know where it will stop
or who it will consume.
The two of you were my students.
It's a shame it has to come to this.
But I'm going to pray.
I will pray for the battles
you have to fight ahead.
You know he's going
to come for you too, right?
I know.
But I have made peace with God.
When that time comes,
I will face it
like a man.
[somber music continues]
["Jagaban" by Ycee playing]
[boys hailing]
["Jagaban" song continues]
[in language] Mother.
[dog barking in distance]
Sisi Clara.
Sis Ah, Sisi Clara.
[in Pidgin] Ah-ah. Who is that?
It's me.
[in Urhobo] Greetings.
- Ah, Dafe.
- [Dafe chuckles] Eh!
- [in Pidgin] Is this you?
- It's me.
- [in English] Welcome.
- Thank you.
- [in Urhobo] My son. Ah, ah.
- [in English] Thank you.
[in Pidgin] Please,
where's my mother?
[piano plays]
Your mother waited for you.
Even when they told her you had died,
she did not believe them.
She waited, ah
before she then fell ill.
So which hospital was she taken to?
No hospital infrastructure
was built here for us.
When the sickness came,
it was a matter of emergency.
The only hospital at the time
is quite far.
We carried her to the
church close to us here.
The church tried their best.
They prayed and prayed.
But your mother eventually died.
You see here were we are,
the government don't care about us.
My mother died?
No one cares about us here.
Whether we are alive, or dead.
They don't care.
Eh. [in Urhobo] Sorry my son.
[in Pidgin] Just take heart, please.
[bodyguard in English] Sorry, boss.
[in Pidgin] You are a strong man.
- [body guard] Sorry.
- [sniffles]
[indistinct chattering]
They will care.
I, Dafe, will make sure they care.
- [crickets chirping]
- [suspenseful music playing]
- [whimpering]
- [tout] Quiet.
[somber music playing]
[Dafe] Senator Jimoh Ishola
[dog barking outside]
[man groans mildly]
[somber music continues]
Former member,
Presidential Advisory Council.
- Former senator
- [Senator Jimoh groans mildy]
of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
- Former member, Senate Committee
- [Senator Jimoh breathes heavily]
on Infrastructure.
[Senator Jimoh splutters]
- Former chairman,
- [Senator Jimoh breathes heavily]
Senate Committee on Vision 2030.
[Senator Jimoh] Ah.
- Get up!
- [Senator grunts]
[Senator Jimoh] Please, yes.
[yells] Shut up!
[Senator Jimoh cough]
Please, just spare our lives.
Spare our lives, please.
The past six years,
you have been minister for health.
[splutters] Please, please
just, just
- Forgive my ignorance.
- [Senator Jimoh whines]
But what do you have to show
for all that time?
Sir, I will give you
a lot of money
if you just spare our lives, please.
- Spare your life?
- Yes, yes, yes,
- yes, yes, yes.
- Spare your life?
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
What about the countless lives
- that could have been saved,
- Ah!
If only you had built a hospital.
- [What about the people that died
- Senator Jimoh rumbles]
because you siphoned
the public funds?
Please, please. Please just forgive me.
Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me.
Ah, forgive me.
Spare the life of my family, please.
[sobs] Please, please just forgive me.
For you life
Thank you.
How much is your life, worth?
Oh, I will give you money, a lot of money.
I have it,
- I have it.
- Okay, you have it?
- Yes, I have.
- [body guard] Boss.
I found some money.
You mean this one?
Oh, yes, take everything.
Just take, take the whole thing.
- This money?
- Everything, just take it.
That is what your life is, worth?
[Senator Jimoh gasps]
- [Dafe] Follow me.
- [body guard] Move.
Ah. Aah!
Ah, aah.
- [body guard] Move.
- Uh, move.
Ah, ah, ah.
- [Dafe] Sit down.
- Huh?
- [Senator Jimoh] Sit down.
- [dog barking in distance]
Ah, please,
please, I beg you.
I beg you, just
spare our lives, please.
Please, eh?
So this is what your life is worth?
[Senator Jimoh] Take everything.
- Take everything.
- Uh?
- Yes.
- This?
- [stutters]
- [Dafe] That's it?
Take it, take it.
- [Dafe] Huh?
- It's all It's all yours.
[Dafe] This is what
you live your life for.
Ah-ah. [exclaims]
See that?
It means nothing.
[Senator Jimoh] Ah. [whimpers]
Uh, please. [sighs]
What I want
[Senator Jimoh] Yes?
Is the money that you have
stashed away at the Swiss Jennif's Bank.
- [Senator Jimoh] Uh?
- Yes.
- Ah-ah. [gasps]
- You didn't think I'll find it?
I found it.
[spluttering] You found it.
You found it?
- Yes
- Yes.
I did. Yes sir.
I did not want to take the
money behind your back.
I have already initiated the transfer.
But I need you
to give me the pin code.
Let's go.
- Thank you.
- Please just spare spare my life.
Spare the life of my family, please.
- Thank you.
- Please. [rumbles]
Oh, ah, ah, ah.
Ah, no, no.
- No, no, don't do this.
- [gunshot]
- Please don't do this.
- [Dafe] Did you hear that?
- [gunshot]
- [splutters] Ah.
- [Dafe] That is your wife and you child.
- Ah.
Don't do this Please.
Please, don't do this.
- [gunshot]
- Ah.
[dog barking in distance]
[somber music continues]
[vehicle approaching]
[car door closes]
Have you guys gotten to grandma's?
Look, make sure you close the doors.
Close the windows.
Do not open the door for anyone, okay?
- [Dera] Why aren't you saying anything?
- [keypad clicking]
I've been talking to you.
I've been asking you this
question over and over again.
What the hell is going on?
- [Ayo] Dera, please not now, please.
- No, talk to me
Who the hell is this guy?
No, Dera, not now.
- Come on.
- [Dera] No, Ayo.
Amaju, who is this Dafe?
I have been searching for him
for the past how many hours.
I can't find anything.
- What's going on?
- [Dera] Yeah, Amaju.
Who's this guy?
- Who's this guy and why is he after Ayo?
- Who's this guy?
Who is this guy?
He destroyed my life.
He destroyed my family.
Who is this guy?!
Who is this guy?!
This guy killed my husband.
He killed my husband. Who is he?
You guys are just
sitting here doing nothing.
Who is he? What does he want?
[Dera] Amaju, no more lies. Okay?
Who the hell is this guy?
[somber music playing]
[gun cocks]
[Dafe] I've got a question, Father.
[footsteps approaching]
Why does God turn a blind eye
to all the injustice,
all the wickedness?
[somber music continues]
Could it be because there is no God?
No heaven.
No hell.
Could it be that everything
we were taught was all lies?
There is God.
And I have heard His voice.
Oh, you have now?
Then you must call him
[somber music continues]
and beg Him to save you.
Call your God.
No answer?
Well, if God cannot save you,
maybe man will.
[phone keypad clicks]
[phone dialing]
you know I'm not completely
part of the Merry Men.
You guys brought me
in as a contract staff.
I'm asking this question
because I want to travel,
and I don't know
if this man knows my face.
[in Igbo] This is confusing.
I don't understand it again.
[footsteps approaching]
[breathes heavily] Ayo is gone.
[breathes heavily]
[in Pidgin] What is all this?
[in English] Johnny, track his phone.
[exclaims] Hey!
Now! Do that now!
[Johnny in pidgin] When does it all end?
[calm music playing]
[in English] And it came to pass
that on the appointed day,
his God
[somber music continues]
abandoned him.
And so did all his followers.
[claps hand]
That's it. Time up.
It appears your followers
have abandoned you.
Hah, look who shows up!
Hey, dinner is ready, bro.
Come down.
Daddy wants you to have dinner with us.
You see, he's here.
You know something that has bothered me
all these years?
The magic trick with the coin.
How did you pull that off?
I've never been able to figure it out.
I've always had two coins, Dafe.
I put one in your pocket earlier.
You know, I learned a few tricks of my own
while I was in prison.
You know
nothing too sophisticated.
[queer sound]
Where did it go?
Let's see.
[queer sound]
You like that, huh?
[Dafe] You like it?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Would you like to see another trick?
Heads or tails?
What's our stake?
The man who taught us everything.
- Dafe, Dafe, Dafe.
- He's like a father to us.
Dafe, please, put the gun down.
I beg of you. This is between me and you.
He has nothing to do with this.
That's where you're wrong.
Come on, Dafe, please.
This has everything
to do with him.
You know, rotting
in prison for all those years.
Give me ample time to reflect.
Dafe! Dafe!
And reflection
brings clarity.
It was a simple deal.
[somber music continues]
It was supposed to be a simple deal.
Where's the diamond?
Where is our money?
We give them the diamonds
and they give us the money.
- Give us our money.
- Hand that diamond to me right now.
We walked into a fucking trap that day.
That diamond has to be somewhere.
You are not getting shit.
- Give them the diamond, let's go.
- Where is the diamond?
Where's the money?
Give them the diamonds, let's go Ayo.
Where's the diamond?
Where's our money?
Someone set us up, bro.
[somber music continues]
Who else knew
about the deal in South Africa?
Who else?
Ah ha! Yebo!
You see. Clarity.
You see?
So, you know what we must do, right?
Ah, here.
We kill the traitor.
Right, come on, let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
[suspenseful music playing]
Come on.
Kill him!
Go ahead.
[tense music playing]
- [gun clicking]
- Ah, ah.
[gun clicking]
Ah, shame.
You disappoint me, Ayo.
[dramatic music playing]
[Dafe] Ah! [grunts heavily]
[Ayo groans]
[dramatic music continues]
[Ayo grunting]
[all grunting]
[grunting and groaning]
[Ayo grunting]
[grunts continues]
[Ayo grunting]
[Ayo] Ah!
- Enough!
- [thug grunts]
Get him up.
[Ayo grunting]
[Ayo groans]
- Just look at you.
- [Ayo groaning]
[soft music playing]
We were brothers, you and I.
[Ayo panting]
We ate from the same plate.
My mother loved you like her own son.
[Ayo heaving]
But you abandoned her.
[Ayo grunting]
[somber music continues]
[shoes sqeaking]
[indistinct chatter]
Dafe! Dafe!
20 years ago,
you abandoned me to die in South Africa.
Then you came to Nigeria,
and you abandoned my mother to die.
[Ayo heaving]
I think about her last days.
How she must have felt.
Heart broken.
She loved you like her own son.
- But you left her!
- [Ayo grunting]
Left her to die!
- [Ayo grunting]
- Fuck you!
Tail or head?
[grunts loudly]
Heads or tails?
[Ayo groaning]
Heads or tails?
- [Ayo grunting]
- Give me that.
I choose tail motherfucker!
[Ayo] Dafe, please.
Dafe, don't do it, please.
Dafe, please.
Don't do this, it's okay.
Come on, Dafe, please, don't do this!
Don't do this, please,
I'm begging you, please, Dafe.
Dafe, don't. Dafe.
You don't have to do this, Dafe, come on.
[Ayo] Dafe.
[screaming] No!
[Dafe] You left me to die,
but my heart didn't stop.
Someone noticed it, revived me,
and smuggled me to the United States.
I'm sure you understand
why you have to die.
[tense music playing]
[somber music playing]
[somber music]
[Dera sobbing] Babe.
Wake up, wake up.
Please wake up right now.
I beg you, wake up.
Wake up please.
[Dera crying]
[somber music continues]
[female doctor] We had to place him
on a drug infused coma.
[ICU machine beeping]
He's very lucky he had on the
bullet proof innerwear.
It was enough to stop the bullet
from penetrating his heart.
And this is the reason
why his body is still in shock.
Can I stay here?
[doctor] No, you can't. I'm sorry.
His body is still in shock.
And so he needs a lot of rest.
You know he was shot at close range.
So we need to observe him
and you need to go home.
- Okay.
- And just pray.
We'll take care of him.
If you need anything, do let us know.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
fight for us okay.
[Amaju] The Ayo that I know is a fighter.
He' ll beat this.
[doctor] You need to go home now.
We'll take care of him.
[man's voice] Chief Jimoh Alade
and his family were brutally
murdered in their home sunday night.
The forensics were able to lift
up some fingerprints on the crime scene.
- The culprits are the Merry Men.
- [suspenseful beat]
The Inspector General of Police,
as of this morning, has declared them
wanted and issued a warrant
of arrest for them and any
of their known associates.
And from the Federal Security Service is
assistant superintendent of police,
Barry Akpogboma
from the Federal Security Service,
has been assigned to join us in
- carrying out the investigations.
- Okay. Thank you very much.
As you all know, this
is the Red Alert case.
The Inspector General of Police
has declared the Merry Men
most wanted criminals as of now.
We must stop them.
Our objective is simple.
Our mission is clear.
We must stop the merry
men by any means necessary.
[tense instrumental music plays]
[phone ringing]
[woman] You shouldn't be here.
- Why?
- We have strict orders not
to allow you to set
your foot in this building.
[woman chuckles]
Last time I checked, I work here.
You need to leave now.
They have also received the report
from the hospital Ayo was taken.
They're on there way there now.
Stop, stop.
- [phone vibrating]
- [hisses] Hello?
[woman moans]
[police car siren]
- What?
- [lady sighs, exclaims]
[lady whimpers]
Where is he?
- Where is he?
- He's there.
[foreshadowing music plays]
[siren wails]
[music intensifies]
[indistinct radio call communication]
- Wake him up.
- I won't.
Look, this man murdered
an entire family in cold blood.
He has to pay for his crimes.
His situation is very delicate.
If I have to wake him up from coma,
I'll be putting his life in grave danger.
That is a risk I am willing to take.
I am not willing to take that.
My job is to save lives
and not to take them.
[yells] You will do as I say.
[yells] I will not do that.
- Sir.
- What?
We have officers on guard as requested.
I'm giving you two days.
If he doesn't wake up in two days,
I will personally come
here and drag him to court,
even on a sick bed.
And don't you
dare me.
Don't you!
[ICU machine beep sounds]
[Dera] Okay, Doctor. Thank you.
Guys, the police have the hospital
under lock and key.
So how do we get him out?
I don't know.
[phone vibrating]
[Dame] Amaju baby.
Dame Maduka?
I've missed you. Amaju.
Mama, what do you want?
I want you to pay me a visit.
Hmm. [chuckles softly] Me?
Amaju Abirisegbemi.
What if I can give you what you want.
So let's review.
And what could that be?
Let's see,
the chance to clear your name.
Amaju baby.
Mama, I took a very huge risk
to come see you here.
You had better tell
me what I want to hear.
[in Igbo] Look at you
typical razz behaviour.
Always in a rush.
It's not as if you even
last long enough to land.
[in Pidgin] I try so much
during lovemaking,
[in English] you still don't get it.
[in Pidgin] Don't you know
women like foreplay?
We enjoy being teased.
It makes us more receptive.
[in Pidgin] I thought prison
would have humbled you.
[in English] I knew this was going
to be a complete waste of my time.
[Dame in igbo] Shut your mouth up,
[in English] my friend and sit down.
Sit your ass down.
Dafe was here.
What did he want?
The merry men.
I see.
[in Pidgin] So, Mama, you were
the one who set us up, right?
[in English] It wasn't
personal, it's business.
And if it's any consolation,
I gave you up for a lot of money.
Actually, now that I think
about you, it was very easy.
All he had to do was plant your
fingerprints at the scene of the crime.
How did he get our fingerprints?
[upbeat music playing in background]
[background chatter]
who do we have here?
Woman trouble?
[music continues playing in background]
I lost a friend.
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that.
I'll fix you something, okay?
On the house.
[tense music plays]
You like?
[Dame] You and your group
of other idiots put me in prison.
I'm simply returning the favor.
It's called tit for tat.
[in Igbo] Isn't it?
[in English] Did you
invite me here to gloat?
[in Igbo] No.
Gloat? [chuckles]
[in English] That other idiot, Dafe,
has desires of his own.
According to him,
"Government has become
a tool of oppression."
[on pidgin] So, what is that about?
[in English] He's going after politicians.
Now killing you
cockroaches as one thing, but
going after politicians, that
was never part of the deal.
I see. So you want us
to clean up your mess?
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
I am not your friend.
Oh, stop it, Amaju.
You're about to hurt my feelings.
Mama, tell me, where can I find Dafe?
Not so fast.
First, I want something of my own.
She wants us to break her out of prison.
[in Pidgin] Who does she think you are,
Michael Scofield?
[in English] Well, that's
the only condition with
which she's going to give up Dafe.
We need to find another way out.
I don't think you understand the
severity of our situation,
so allow me to clue you in.
Dafe is haunting politicians
and leaving behind a
trail of dead bodies in his wake.
Who do you think gets blamed?
- [Johnny] The Merry Men.
- We're wanted men,
and until we find Dafe
and clear our names, no one is safe.
That's even more reason why we
need to come up with a plan.
The plan is simple.
Break the Dame out of prison.
Excuse me, hello,
I hope you guys know
you're missing something.
We're running out of men,
we don't have manpower.
We need to recruit some more
men into the Merry Men.
From where?
[crowd cheering and chattering]
[cheers and whistles]
[crowd booing]
[crowd whistling and applauding]
[bell rings]
[commentator] And the winner
is Danamar!
[crowd cheering]
Our last fight for this night
is between the challenger,
And the champion
- the undefeated lion of Igondo
- [voice in crowd screams]
[crowd cheering]
[crowd chanting] Agaba! Agaba!
Now you are thinking.
This is who we need in Merry Men.
Imagine if you put in your front.
[in Pidgin] He is bulletproof. Heh!
God bless you.
[in English] This is what I like.
Don't get it twisted.
[crowd yelling Ajaba]
Jojo, right there is the man.
Which one? [in Igbo] This vegetable?
Ha! This one that mama comfort can beat.
Who the hell is mama comfort?
[in Igbo] My grandma. Look,
pity us.
Eh? How can you see two weaklings?
Two handicapped people.
I want to add a third one.
[bell rings]
And who are weaklings?
You and I.
If you add him, three,
we will be three weaklings.
[bell rings]
[dramatic music playing]
[crowd applause]
[crowd booing]
[crowd cheering]
[dramatic music continues]
[crowd chanting] Agaba!
[crowd continues cheering]
[in Pidgin] Doesn't he have a coach?
Who brought him here.
[in English] Motherfucking Jojo my man.
Amaju the fugitive.
My nigga.
Don't believe everything you
see on the blogs, and TV, man.
Sit down.
[in Pidgin] What bought to fight night?
I'm recruiting for a job.
[calm instrumental music playing]
Is it dangerous?
Very dangerous.
Possibility of death?
[in Pidgin] Amaju, don't get me all hard.
Talk to me, brother.
[in English] Excuse me, sorry.
[in Pidgin] Were you not the one who
just got his ass kicked five minutes ago?
[in English] The fastest
knockout I've seen.
[in Pidgin] You're acting
as though you are tough.
[in English] Amaju, what is going on here?
[man] Very interesting fight.
The fans really love your fight today.
And you understand...
Rematch is next week, okay?
- Bye.
- I'll be there.
So I'll finally kill him next week.
Why don't you just do it now?
Are you sure about that?
Why don't you just do it?
[Johnny in Pidgin] Hey! I thought he said
- it's next week?
- [Amaju] Jojo.
- Jojo. Jojo.
- [Johnny] He said it is next week!
[in English] Now you're about to die.
Come on, let's get on with it.
[Agaba grunts]
[striking sounds]
[Johnny] Jesus.
[Amaju] Jojo my man.
- Everlasting Jojo.
- Your bet.
You won your bet.
[in Pidgin] You think you would have
defeated me if I didn't bet on myself.
[in English] Let's go.
Jojo my man.
Excuse me.
I don't think I introduce myself properly.
My name is Johnny.
Johnny Okafor.
[upbeat music playing]
[children chattering in background]
[upbeat music continues]
[upbeat music pauses]
[tense music playing]
We need to talk.
I've left that life behind.
Zara, I wouldn't have come
here if we had an alternative.
Dera my responsibility
is just to my son only.
Ayo needs you.
If we don't clear his name
before he wakes up,
the police will pin
those murders on his head.
I can only offer him my prayers.
- [car door closes]
- [childrfen chattering indistinctly]
[piano playing softly]
[Zara breathes heavily] Darling,
um Mommy has to
go away for a couple of days.
Huh? Will you come back?
I always do, don't I?
I'll miss you.
I miss you too.
[piano continues playing softly]
Hello, Dera.
I'm in.
[dramatic music playing]
[dramatic music continues]
Welcome to One Corp, madam.
I need you to pick up the phone.
Call the security helpline.
Why should I do that?
Do it now.
[dramatic music continues]
Security, come in now.
- Everybody get on the floor now!
- [gunshots]
Hey, really?
[in Pidgin] Seems like you want to die?
[in English] Down!
[scared people dropping on the floor]
[panic indistinct chatters]
[guard 1] Don't move, go down.
[indistinct chatters]
[police man] Your hands on your head.
[panic indistinct chatters, screams]
[man 1] Don't move, go down.
[man 2] Go down!
[man 2] Go down now!
[panic screaming]
[police man] Your hands on your head.
[dramatic music abates]
[suspenseful music plays]
[crowd indistinct chatter]
[female warden] 30 minutes gossip break!
I repeat, 30 minutes gossip break.
Come out now.
Come out now.
[prisoners indistinct chattering]
I want to see Dame Maduka.
You? [laughing]
[in Igbo] Just look at you.
[in English] What's the joke?
So, the same idiot
that put me
in this place will be my salvation?
[laughing] [in Igbo] Look at me.
[in English] Tell me why
I shouldn't throw caution to the
- wind and break your neck.
- Eh?
[in Pidgin] What did you say?
- [Dame] Zara
- [woman] Move back.
[in Igbo] shut up.
- Hah!
- [indistinct chatter in background]
[in English] You forget who I am, Zara.
Tell me, how is your boy?
How is he doing?
[cellmates chattering indistinctly]
What's the plan?
Who runs the kitchen?
[Dame in pidgin] She's not
easily accessible.
[in English] She's
heavily guarded all the time.
- [Zara] Leave that to me.
- [dramatic music playing]
[cellmates cheering]
[cellmates chanting] Fight!
I have a job for you.
[cellmates chanting] Fight!
[thermo shock buzzes]
[ICU machine beeps]
What's wrong with him?
He just came out of a coma,
but we need him to complete recover.
I could arrest you, you know.
For doing my job?
For aiding and abetting a criminal.
As you can see, he's not even the
best place to move.
[ICU machine continues beeping]
I promise you,
when he recovers fully,
you'll be the first to know.
No. I'm going to personally
supervise this myself.
Team Alpha,
please set up parameters
around the hospital.
- And you?
- Yes, sir.
Go to the hospital management
and ask for the CCTV room.
Okay, sir.
[background chatter]
I won't take chances with you.
[man grunting]
[Johnny] Come, Amaju.
I still think we need more men.
[Amaju] That's why
we asked for reinforcements.
[Dera] Guys, I just got off the phone with
Ayo's doctor. We're running out of time.
We need to figure out a way to get
Ayo and Dame Maduka out.
That's the problem with the figuring out.
This is not what we can just handle.
We need an army.
- The Civil Defense.
- Guy,
- shut up.
- It is not about shutting up.
- Shut up.
- [Jojo] I have a plan!
[dramatic music plays]
[crickets chirping]
[liquid boiling]
[Jojo] Zara's plan to break Dame Maduka
out of prison is already in motion right?
[Dera] Yes.
Zara has an air tight plan.
She is going to cause
an uproar in the prison
and bring the Dame out
in the middle of the chaos.
I trust here, she will deliver.
What's going on?
Help, Dame Maduka, she's throwing up.
Like, she's vomiting blood.
[Jonas] We have to break
Ayo out simultaneously.
So, we'll split the team.
Myself and Johnny
will breech the hospital.
[Johnny in pidgin] What?
[Jonas in English] Trust me, Johnny.
But the hospital is
surrounded by the Police.
[Dera] And the Doctor has confirmed
that they have taken over the CCTV room.
Team Alpha, check in.
[man] All well and clear, sir. Over.
[ICU machine beeping]
[Dera] But for this to succeed,
- we have to get inspector Cross
- Team Alpha, check in. What's going on?
Out of the building.
- [phone vibrates]
- [tense music playing]
[man] Am I speaking
with Mr. Cross Omisore?
Who is this?
My name is Mr. Stanley Mbako.
Uh, how can I help you?
Your son, Frank Omisore
My son? What happened to my son?
Uh, there was a fight.
Your son was badly injured,
but we've been able to stop the bleeding.
What? A fight?
How come?
Have you been able to reach his mother?
We've not been able to reach her.
Hey guys.
- Sir.
- Look, keep your eye on the monitor.
- Sure sir!
- All right.
[Jonas] And when he is
out of the way, we go in.
Johnny will do his magic with the CCTV.
[Jonas coughs]
One, two,
[Jonas coughing]
This is a restricted area.
Please turn back.
[in Pidgin] I want to pee, please.
Boss, the way to the restroom is that way.
[in English] Turn back,
or I'll take it hard on you.
- Turn back now.
- [coughing]
- [in Pidgin] Brother, I just want...
- Turn back!
[tense music tempo increases]
[ICU machine beeps]
- Hey, who are you?
- [Jonas] I'll explain on our way
- but we need to leave now.
- Hey, Johnny, let's go.
- What is going on.
- We need to leave. We need to leave now.
All right.
[tense music continues]
[phone dialing]
Pick up.
Pick up.
[phone dialing]
Have you gotten to his school?
But his principal
He said that Frank
was involved in a fight.
Stay with Frank.
I'll call you later.
[tense music continues]
[man 1] Call your name. [laughs]
- [man 2] Call your name.
- [phone ringing]
[man 1] Call your name first.
- [phone ringing]
- [in Pidgin] Boss is calling.
Put it off.
- Shun sir!
- [screams]
Is everything good there?
Everything is all right, sir.
Everything is fine, sir.
Everything is okay.
Are the ward officers in position?
Yes, sir.
Have all the units check in right now.
Team Alpha.
[walkie talkie beeps]
Team Bravo.
Check in.
- [radio phone indistinct chatter]
- [car engine revving]
[Cross] Restart the system.
Play back the last ten minutes.
Team Bravo.
Check [walkie-talkie beeps] Heh!
Sir, everything is not okay.
[Cross] All backup units move in now!
I repeat, move in now.
[car engine revving]
[tense music intensifies]
[female cop] Where is he?
Where is Ayo?
Where is Ayo Aleshinloye?
Ward four.
Let's go!
[female cop] On your knees!
[man cop] Get down on your knees!
- [female cop] Get down now!
- [Johnny] What if something goes wrong?
- [man cop] Get down on your knees!
- [cops shouting indistinctly]
[Jonas] Nothing will go wrong.
If something goes wrong,
then is was part of the plan.
[male cop] Move!
Move it!
- My friend, move it!
- [Ayo groans]
- [Ayo] Okay.
- [female cop] Move it
[Ayo] Sure.
[male cop] Move it.
- So how many of them?
- [male cop] We have three, sir.
- Three of them?
- [male cop] Yes, sir.
Good. That's good.
[Dame coughing]
[female prisoners coughing]
- [siren wails]
- [gate sqeaks]
Ma'am, she really, really
needs to get to the hospital.
She needs help.
No. No, that's not possible.
I am under strict instructions
not to allow her out of here.
But, um
I'll get a doctor.
[in Igbo] Come, woman,
[in English] I have your son.
My son?
Do you want to see him again?
Get me out of here
and do it quick.
[tense instrumental music plays]
[siren wails]
[siren wails]
[suspenseful music continues]
Hey, Alpha. Team Alpha!
Hey, you're supposed
to be going left not right. Team Alpha!
But then what's wrong with these guys?
[breathes heavily]
Hey! Hey!
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?
[in Pidgin] Don't be angry.
My vehicle is bad, I apologize.
Can you just move it out.
[in English] I am sorry. I am sorry, sir.
[in Pidgin] I apologize.
What just happened?
[insistinct chatter]
[tense sound effects playing]
Team Alpha, where are you guys?
Team Alpha, where are you guys?
[security head] Team Alpha.
[street indistinct chatter]
Did you see any truck here?
What did you say?
Did you see any truck pass here?
[tense music playing]
[Jonas] If something goes wrong,
then it was part of the plan.
Hey, darling.
- I deserve that.
- [Dera] Mm.
I almost lost you.
Well, you're not going
to be getting rid of me that easy.
- Stop it. It's not funny.
- Yes, it is.
- No, it's not.
- You missed me.
Say it. Say it.
- [Ayo laughing]
- Okay, just a little bit.
[Dera squeals]
- [Ayo laughing]
- [Dera] Okay.
[woman chuckles]
[Johnny] Look at you.
- Uh, Johnny.
- Uh?
- Family.
- Oh, sorry.
- Eye bags.
- Mm-hmm.
She's been doing a lot of crying.
[dramatic music playing]
[dramatic music continues]
Always a new hole to hide in.
[in Igbo] Good job, huh!
We fulfilled our part of the deal.
Your turn.
What are you going to do with that?
Shoot me?
[in Igbo] [tuts] Come off it, please.
Dera, I know you.
You're not like the rest of the vermin.
Try me.
[Jonas] Dera, we don't need this.
Very well, then.
My work here is done.
No, Zara. You're a part of us now.
Adrian needs me.
I understand.
[Dame exclaims] Aw!
[Dame sniffs]
Are you saying Dafe plans to...
Blow up the National Assembly.
But that's crazy. We need to stop him.
[Dame] Mm-hmm.
I still have some friends at the
- EFCD. I just have to make a...
- No need for that my lady.
What do you mean?
It's too late.
[Johnny] Uh, guys,
I think you might want to see this.
[reporter]The wanted
criminal group, the Merry Men,
have taken responsibility,
for the terrorist
attack that happened on the
National Assembly building this afternoon.
[tense music playing]
They made a shocking
claim on an audio file
that was released on the Internet
a few minutes after the bomb went off.
[Amaju] This is just the beginning
to all the corrupt politicians
that have stolen our wealth.
It's game over.
Come on, guys.
Stop looking at me like that.
There's an explanation to all of this.
[Amaju] I met this blond-haired girl.
We hit it off and.
She ended up in my room.
[girl laughing]
Let's play a game.
Tell me, what kind
of game do you want to play?
Come on, go on, say it.
Truth or dare?
- Sexopolly?
- [girl chuckles]
Oral dice?
Hide and seek?
[girl] Mm-mm.
[both laughing]
You know your games.
Oh, yeah. [sighs]
What do I stand to gain
if I play your game?
Read it.
Is that it?
So you think?
I'm not educated, right?
"This is just the beginning
to all the corrupt politicians that
have stolen our wealth.
It's game over."
What kind of game is this?
It doesn't matter.
You already won.
- I always win.
- [girl] Mm.
[in Pidgin] Amaju can't do such a thing.
I was horny.
Ayo, horniness is a bastard.
[in English] We need to
put an end to this madness.
Where the hell is Dafe?
[Dame] I don't know.
You don't know?
[Amaju scoffs] Mama!
[in pidgin] Mama, that
was not what you told me!
[in English] Well, if you don't know,
then you are of no value to us.
I said I didn't know.
I didn't say I couldn't find him.
I need to make a phone call.
You have to keep
him talking for as long as you can.
[keyboard clicks]
[Duke in pidgin] Madam, don't be angry,
[in English] I can't work
for you any longer.
[in Pidgin] It's about the highest bidder.
How much did he pay you to betray me?
[Dafe laughing]
Give the phone to Ayo.
He wants to talk to you.
Shocks you to know I'm alive, yeah?
Where's the fun in killing you?
I want to make sure that you suffer.
Just like my mother suffered.
I will find you, Dafe.
And I will kill you,
even if it's the last thing I do.
Oh well, then I'll make it easy for you
and tell you my next target.
The Senate President.
The Senate President is heavily guarded.
You can't get to him.
And that's why
you are going to do it for me.
[smirks] Really?
Why so?
Why should we kill
the Senate President for you?
To what purpose?
Because I have something that
belongs to you.
Is it?
- Jesus Christ.
- [woman whimpering]
- Oh God, my son.
- Dafe.
Dafe, don't do this. Dafe.
- Adrian. They have my son.
- [Ayo] Hello?
- Oh my God.
- They have my son.
- [Amaju] Zara.
- [Ayo] Zara. Zara, calm down.
- They have my son.
- [Ayo] It's okay, Zara.
- It's okay.
- [yells] No! Leave me alone!
I told you I didn't want to do this.
I told you to leave us the fuck alone!
- Zara, calm down.
- They have my son.
- We will get him.
- They have my son.
We know, we know, we know.
- They have my son!
- Yes. Just Just calm down.
[Ayo] It's all right. It's all right.
[cock's gun]
I have to get my son.
No, no, no.
- [Ayo] Wait.
- [Zara grunting]
- Zara.
- Please calm down now.
[Dera] Zara!
[Zara cries]
- [Ayo] Zara!
- [all] Zara.
- [Ayo] Calm down.
- [Amaju] Zara, calm down!
[Ayo] Whoa, whoa, Zara.
[Johnny] Zara.
- [Amaju] Zara, please.
- Stay back.
[Ayo] Zara, come on. Put the gun down
[yells] Stay the fuck back.
[Ayo] We will find him.
[Dera] Zara, put the gun down.
[Ayo] Zara, please.
Let's do this together.
[Zara] Stay back.
I just want to find my son.
- [Ayo] We'll do it together, Zara.
- Zara!
- Don't do it.
- Zara!
- [Ayo] Zara!
- [Dera] Zara!
- [Ayo] Zara!
- [Ayo] Zara!
Very nice.
133 Herbert Macaulay way.
- Everybody strap up.
- [footsteps receding]
[slams door open]
[tense sound effects]
[Dafe laughs]
[Dafe] Ayo.
[somber instrumentals play]
You are so predictable.
I knew you were going to do
something stupid like that.
Because I know you better
than you know yourself.
You think this is one of those
your stupid magic coin tricks?
It's not.
As a gambler,
you must know when
the odds are against you.
But since you are in
the mood to play games.
How about I teach you one more lesson?
Heads or tails?
[Zara moans]
[tense music playing]
[groaning continues]
[Zara groans]
[tense music continues]
No, no, no. Dafe, please.
Dafe! Dafe, please.
If you can hear me, Dafe.
[Zara] Please, please. [coughs]
Your actions have consequences.
- [Zara screaming]
- [fire crackling]
This is not a game, Ayo.
Kill the senate president.
Or the boy will suffer the same fate.
[somber tune play]
[Amaju chuckles]
Only God knows which one
of us is going to be next.
that's fear talking.
That's exactly what he wants.
He won't let him.
We have to stop him.
This guy seems
to always be a step ahead of us.
He has outsmarted us at every turn.
But we must stop him.
[tense music plays]
So here is a schematic
to the building where
the Senate President
is going to be celebrating
his second term victory.
These guys are smart.
They have resources and
these two hide out are
among the camouflage.
So what's going to happen is this,
we're going to find them, we'll
track them, and we'll bring them in.
Do you guys understand?
Do you understand that?
[all] Yes, sir.
He is considered by
many to be the favorite to
become the next president of the country.
[sighs] Johnny,
I'd like for you to infiltrate
the building and access
the local network, and hack it.
Jonas, I want you to secure him
and make sure no harm comes to him.
Kenya, Amaju,
you all secure the perimeter, okay?
How do we do that with every security
agency in the country after the Merry Men?
Well, that's where Dame Maduka comes in.
I know the owners
of the security and catering companies.
They will insert you lot
into their teams and
get you in.
That's it? Just like that?
Let's just say that, just like you idiots,
they owe me.
[in Pidgin] It seems like it's everyone
in Nigeria that owe you a favor.
Alright guys, let's move out.
Oh wait, one minute
We need to address these
big elephants in the room.
Are we actually going to kill
the Senate President of this country?
[Dame in Igbo] Talking rubbish. Excuse me.
Stupid people. [mumbles]
[in English] Merry Men. Rats.
When we get to that bridge,
we'll cross it, okay?
I don't want to cross that bridge.
[Ayo] Johnny, we have less than
48 hours to pull this through.
[in Pidgin] I have a runny stomach today.
[in Igbo] I have a runny stomach.
- I'm not going.
- [Ayo] Jonas.
What is it?
Come, are you not meant
to protect me, idiot?
[somber music playing]
How are you coping?
Have you seen Naz?
I've been waiting for him to come home.
When is he coming back?
Kemi, I know what you're going through.
I know it's terrible.
I know how you're feeling.
But if you want to keep your sanity
you have to let him go.
Naz is going to come back.
You'll see.
- [Amaju] No! Naz! No, Naz!
- [screaming]
- [Ayo] Naz!
- [Amaju] Naz!
[Ayo sobbing]
He's gone, Kemi.
All I have left is my grief.
If you take that away from me,
I'll have nothing.
You have a child.
And a child needs a mother.
[somber music continues]
That's the passcode to the safe.
You have enough
in there to take care of you
and your daughter,
for the rest of your lives.
Just in case we don't come back.
If you want to end my suffering,
kill the man that stole my joy.
[in Igbo] Come, come, come,
[in English]
which one of you rats is present?
[in Igbo] You're rats.
What kind of dirty
establishment are you running?
Now you listen carefully.
I have strict dietary
requirements that must be adhered to.
I'm sick of this dog mash
that you've been serving me.
I demand real food, okay?
Now. Right this minute.
I would like nice plate of seafood
pasta without calamari.
Do you understand?
We don't have that in here.
Now I'm sure that
if you exercise that tiny muscle
in your head called a brain,
you can come up with a bowl of pasta.
Run along now.
[somber music playing]
[somber music continues]
[in Igbo] My dear,
let me give you advice.
[in English] You see grief?
It's energy.
Now you can choose to let it destroy you.
Or you can take that same energy
and destroy the person who broke you.
[somber music playing]
[splutters] What do I do?
I could tell you where Dafe is,
where he's going to be,
but that information will cost you.
[keypad clicking]
Now tell me everything I need to know.
[piano playing]
[indistinct chattering in background]
[piano continues playing]
[male guest] My senator.
[glasses clinking]
[indistinct chattering in background]
[indistinct conversation]
[indistinct chattering in background]
The senator has taken the bait.
[piano continues playing]
[woman chuckling softly]
[indistinct conversation]
[footsteps at the door]
Let them give me some time,
to take a short zoom call.
He's live now.
Yes, I need to hack into the
device security system.
Okay, so go ahead.
Okay, that's what I'm
Oh, shit.
I can't find the
serial number you sent to me
- Dumb ass.
- [Amaju in Pidgin] How did that happen?
[in English] Oh, my goodness. [laughing]
[Amaju] S1-0,
I'm running it now.
[Dera] Hurry.
[in Pidgin] Madam,
calm down, I am the only one here.
[in English] I need
to be able to get into the
database of the manufacturer,
so that I can get into that device.
[in Igbo] It is not child's play.
- [laughing]
- [kissing, moaning]
I'm in.
Let's take this off.
[lady moaning]
[Senator sighs]
[Dera] She is going to
connect soon. Stand by.
That's the part I'm actually waiting for.
- I can help you with that.
- [Senator sighs]
Who is there?
Give me that. [sighs]
- [both chuckle]
- [senator moaning]
Letter for the senator.
- Yeah.
- Mm
- [lady chuckles]
- Yes.
- [moans in satisfaction]
- [gun cocks]
Open your mouth, and you die
before your first word comes out.
[dramatic tune plays]
Now tracking his exact location.
But he's in close proximity to the device.
Stand by to take him down.
[in Pidgin] Boss,
someone is here. What did you eat?
[in English] Look. how much is this?
How much did they pay you?
- Tell me, I will triple it.
- Move.
[senator] What's going on here?
[suspenceful instrumentals continue]
Can you see me?
[Dafe] So I have a speech
written for the senator.
Get him to read it,
and then shoot him in the chest.
[Dafe] Hey,
no, hanky panky face, okay?
Because I'm watching you.
[Dafe laughing]
[suspenceful instrumentals continue]
Get up.
Up, up.
"As a leader, I have fail"
No, what are you talking about?
-What are...
- Read.
"I have failed to make life better
for the common man."
"I have si" Ah-ah.
"I have siphoned wealth and
supported policies that favor only the
rich and powerful.
The price of my
failure is death."
Ha. Ha.
Please. [whimpers]
I'm begging you, please.
[Senator heaves]
Ayo, we need to leave now.
Ayo, we need to leave.
You want to go somewhere fun?
What's your favorite place to go?
[phone vibrating]
[Dafe] Congratulations.
The Merry Men are officially
number one on the most
wanted list in the country.
My job is done with you, Ayo.
Where is the little boy?
Come, pick him up at his
favorite place to go.
Favorite place?
Ayo, you should know
better. She's your friend.
Where is the boy's favorite place?
[in Pidgin] God, please.
How do we know the favorite
place of another man's child?
[in English] Guys,
the Hakuna Matata playground.
I met them once there.
That should be the
little boy's favorite place.
Let's go.
[dramatic music playing]
[dramatic music continues]
Which one is your favorite game?
Guys, we need to break up
and look for the boy, okay?
Amaju, Johnny, Jonas that way.
Dera follow me. Let's go.
[dramatic music playing]
[man sighs]
Merry Men.
[sirens wailing]
This is the police,
you're completely surrounded.
Drop your weapons.
- Easy.
- Drop your weapons.
- You're completely surrounded.
- Easy.
Hold steady.
[men groaning]
[security head] Fall back, fall back.
- [yells] Fall back!
- [gunshots]
[Security head] Fall back.
Fall back. Straight up!
Let's find another exit.
- [fighting indistinct chatter]
- [dramatic music continues playing]
[gun cocks]
[exclaims in Igbo] Oh, my mother!
Where are the rest of you?
No, I'm a delivery
I'm a waitress No, I came to...
Where are the rest of you?
No, I'm the only one.
- [in Igbo] My God! Please, don't kill me.
- [Jonas] Over here.
[gun clicks]
[exclaims in Igbo] Oh my!
[in Pidgin] I'm no more interested!
I have you now, are you okay?
[phone vibrating]
- Yeah.
- [Ayo] Hello, old friend.
Yeah, what game are we playing this time?
Ah ha. [heavy breathing]
Police and jail.
They are coming for you.
Oh, that's ironic, huh?
Considering that every security agency,
in this country is currently looking
for you and your band of misfits
for killing the senator.
Right, you didn't see the video?
I already posted it on YouTube.
And guess what? You already have about,
Five hundred thousand views.
You're a fucking star, man.
Ah, my friend, what
world are you living in?
You want to say you've not heard?
On every major TV stations,
and blog, online news?
How the senator has gone to
debunk the rumoured assassination?
That's a fucking lie.
He's dead. You killed him.
Oh no, my brother.
No. Believe me, he's very much alive.
There was no assassination
attempt on my life.
It was all rumour.
So I'm happy to inform you
that I'm safe, I'm in good hands.
Very much so. [laughing]
[Ayo] You see what you don't
understand is the secret to a good trick.
Which is the illusion of control.
Can you see me?
You've lost this one, my brother.
Just give up and surrender.
Nice one, Ayo.
[Dafe] Nice one. That was very well played.
Nice one.
Now you wait,
until I play my hand.
[suspenseful music playing]
Ayo, we have a situation.
[Ayo] God in heaven.
Did you say God in heaven?
I assure you,
we all are going to see Him.
If you don't call the cops,
and make sure that
my crew and I leave here unharmed.
You hear that?
You have four minutes.
[Dafe] In four minutes?
The child, everything around him
will all be gone. Okay?
And I hold in my hand the only device
that can stop that from happening.
We're going to be okay. Okay?
Hello. Hi.
This is Deputy Inspector Chidera Kalu.
Um, can you pass me over
to the bomb department? [panting]
Let her go.
She's not part of our business.
Drop your gun.
I said drop your gun or I'll shoot her.
[woman crying] Please don't do this.
Do not joke with me.
Slide it over.
[dramatic music playing]
[woman whimpering]
Get out! Get out!
Drop your weapon.
Drop your weapon!
[both grunting]
[in Pidgin] Are you crazy?
[in English] Slide it over.
I know you.
You're not a cop.
You're one of the Merry Men.
And I also remember you from fight nights.
I have been looking for a very good day,
to break your neck.
I think
we'd have today as the day.
What do think?
Right here.
Right now.
Our fight night.
Come over here.
Dafe, you really are
going to kill a child?
Don't fuck with me, Ayo.
I already told you.
I hold in my hands the device
that can make that happen or not.
You have four minutes.
You got three fifty nine.
Three fifty eight.
Hey Adrian,
I want you to stay here, okay?
Just stay here. Don't go anywhere.
Stay here, okay?
Can you hold on Hold on to this.
[suspenseful music continues]
Dafe, all you need is me. Don't do this.
[Amaju] For Naz!
- Remi! Zara!
- [Dera grunts]
[Dera] How am I gonna get the bomb out?
- [both grunt]
- [suspenseful music continues]
[Amaju] Die! Die!
We are the Merry Men!
Tell me, how do I get the bomb out?
- How do... [screams]
- [stabbing sound]
[Dera whimpers]
[Dera choking sound]
[Dera screams]
[tense music intensifies]
[tensed music playing]
[both grunting]
[tense music continues]
Get up!
[Jonas grunts]
Get up!
Get up, boy!
Get up!
[Jonas] Get up.
[both grunting]
Don't do that.
Ayo, we're running out of time.
[Ayo] How many seconds left?
Twelve seconds.
I'll rather die.
Than have you do this.
[stop watch beeps]
[tense sound effect subsides]
[breathes heavily]
Too bad,
You die.
[body thuds]
[somber music playing]
[man] Hello sir.
Okay sir.
Spread out, spread out,
spread out, spread out.
I just got a call from my boss.
You have all been exonerated.
You're free to go.
[man] Nice uniform.
So what did you do?
I made a deal.
[gun cocks]
Put your hands
on the steering wheel slowly.
What do you want?
To prove our innocence.
You better tell that to the families
of the victims you murdered.
The Merry Men had nothing to do with that.
And I have
a voice recording to prove that.
We just happened to be pawns
in someone else's sinister game.
Recording is right here
in this flash drive.
You might want to listen to it.
Let me know your thoughts.
And what makes you
think that I can trust you?
I just want to clear my name.
I get him and you take all the credit.
You really are full of surprises
Welcome to my world.
I have a confession.
I can't believe I'm doing this.
You can't believe you're doing what?
Taking a stab at financial stability?
[Dame chuckles]
[in Igbo] Listen to me.
[in English] I used to be like you,
sitting on my ass,
taking orders from riffraff.
Let me tell one thing,
and one thing for sure.
You see these men?
They're guarantee is to
one thing and one thing only.
Use you and dump you.
I am only giving you
an opportunity to escape that life.
Now, be smart and take it.
And be grateful.
I am grateful.
- Hmm.
- [bag zips up]
take that back downstairs to the car,
come back and pack these clothes.
Well, you already have so much money,
so why are you taking
from the Merry Men's stash?
the cost of freedom is high, okay?
You'll never have enough money,
and besides, ask about me.
I do not take prisoners.
To the car.
[phone ringing]
[exhales deeply]
I'm guessing by now,
you have discovered
that your vault is empty.
Everything that you have ever worked for
Well, I wish I could say I was surprised.
But I guess all humans
are creatures of habit.
Oh, Ayo Aleshinloye
[Dame] Hmm.
Be honest.
Even you didn't see this coming.
You do not understand
what is coming to you. Do you?
[Ayo] They're going
to lock you up this time for good.
They're going to throw the key away.
[panting] I curse the day I met you.
Have fun in prison,
Dame Maduka.
I curse you!
I'm sorry.
It's okay
We're just consumed
by revenge, I understand.
Give this to Ayo.
What is that?
Promise that he only gets to read
it when the mission is complete.
I guess I'm going to be a stepmom now.
[Zara] My dear, Ayo,
I am sorry you had to find out like this
[dramatic music playing]
How you doing?
I'm cool.
[Zara] Adrian, is your son.
I kept him away from you
because I didn't want
to complicate the beautiful thing
- you share with Dera.
- [Ayo] Yeah.
You see it?
[Zara] But he's going to need
you now more than ever.
What games do you like to play?
[Adrian] Hmm
I only got two of them.
- [Ayo] Ha!
- I like zombie games, though.
No. Well, I like Call of Duty.
You know, something like Espio Nadez.
[Zara] He is going to
need a father to guide him,
to teach him,
to love him.
[melodious vocal music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Regina Njoku