Mes deux amours (2012) Movie Script

Hello, you.
I came to say good bye.
What are you doing here?
I thought everything had been said.
I don't have time.
Let's say you have.
- What does it mean?
- My boss wants to see
- I have nothing to say.
Let's make things easier.
Let go off me!
Let go off me...
I really need to talk to you.
Call me back.
Hello, Jacques.
Of course
I'll be there for the voting.
I'll fly back to Paris
in two days max.
I know everyone wants
to manage the newspaper.
I think I'm the most capable.
Yes, Vanessa.
What does the boss want?
He leaves in four days!
I'm the editor-in-chief,
in four days I'll be at his place!
I don't count my chickens
but still.
Could you be
Not you, Vanessa!
Come on,
don't be so stressful!
You're too thick
to teach me how to live!
You make more noise
when you scream in your phone.
- It's none of your business!
Your professional tales
are not very interesting.
- I'm not on holiday.
- You should be.
You're frying your brain
with this thing.
It's a mess here at the airport.
I'll call you back.
I'm sorry.
You're born to annoy me!
Sorry. Did I hurt you?
What do you think?
So this is the Madonna.
This is the Madonna.
My wife called me from here
for the last time two days ago.
Since then nothing.
Maybe she wanted to stay here.
You told me she was a Corsican.
She came for a few days
to take care of the sale.
And of a horse.
It must be somewhere around here.
I wouldn't sell it.
The question is to know
where my wife is!
Sorry but I don't see
your wedding ring.
We're not married.
If we were, I wouldn't wear one.
It's so old-fashioned.
Let's go.
Did you talk to her
the first days she was here?
Yes. But she sounded strange.
Look, the table stood as it was.
The dishes haven't been done.
It proves something happens.
Don't touch anything!
The Madonna may have
made her change her mind.
Maybe she wanted to keep it.
Barbara doesn't like
the countryside.
She likes the hustle and bustle.
She's a city-dweller, just like me.
She forgot her charger.
That's why she doesn't call back.
My wife is a great reporter.
She's able to find
a satellite station in the jungle.
This kind of problem
won't prevent her from calling me.
What's that?
These messages are everywhere.
It doesn't mean anything.
This is the horse
I was telling you about.
Who takes care of it?
A man who just retired.
Barbara decided to sell
if she didn't find
anyone to replace him.
Why doesn't she come
here anymore?
- You don't care about me, do you?
"He's worried because his wife
hasn't called him for two days."
I am worried indeed!
The moron who tried
to kill me at the airport.
Why are you here?
Let me ask you the same!
This is a private property.
- I know. It's my wife's.
- No, my wife inherited it.
MY wife inherited it two years ago.
From her dad.
Unless there are two Madonnas.
- So?
- Not in this area.
Who are you?
Who are YOU?
What's your wife's name?
- Barbara.
- Barbara.
Barbara Cantarella.
You may know her,
she's a journalist.
This man is a psychopath!
His wife has the same name.
Does yours want
to sell?
She wanted to
but she changed her mind.
She loves this place too much.
The nature,
the sea...
- You're mentally ill!
- Stop it or it will end badly.
- Indeed!
- Do you have a picture?
- I have a picture.
Here she is.
Why is my wife in here?
You don't have the right.
I don't allow you.
I'm a journalist, I know people.
First witnesses, first suspects.
You don't know
who you're dealing with.
You keep telling us.
Check these please.
It's impossible.
You're not at all her type.
- Barbara can't stand young jerks.
- She can't stand old ones either.
And you're a champion!
Stop insulting me.
If it's a joke,
it's a really bad one.
I can confirm that.
A really bad one.
Is it because of the airport?
What do they want?
They are looking for this woman.
You know her?
No... They seem quite agitated.
One of them is a journalist.
They just found out they love
the same woman. It was a shock.
I don't like journalists.
They always create problems.
Come see me
once you have heard them.
You attacked me at the airport.
- Did I?
- You did!
You started it!
You were screaming like crazy!
- What do you want from me?
- Nothing!
- Leave me alone.
- He met
Barbara I don't know where,
he fell in love and got worked up.
Admit it!
I can't imagine Barbara
with a crazy man like you!
If she had had an affair,
I would have known about it.
Journalists aren't always
the best informed.
Suppose she had.
Why choose this guy?
Give me one good reason!
She must have several.
Release me
or you'll regret it.
That's how you see things?
It's been two days already.
Time is your enemy.
Your two lovers have turned up.
Loyal and reliable.
Nice, huh? If you didn't know
how to tell them they were two,
now it's done.
- You can't understand.
Yes. It seems I'm not the only one.
They are two to turn up,
it's kind of messy.
We don't think
"she's been kidnapped" anymore,
but "if she has two lovers,
maybe she left with a third one".
Three is the magic number.
You think you'll come through it?
we're in a better situation
than you are.
- You'll never get what you want.
Think about it.
You're in the middle of nowhere.
You will never
be found.
You've got a nerve.
Are you shocked?
I didn't imagine you like this.
How can you imagine anything?
What do you know about my life?
Which one do you prefer?
You'll have to choose.
Are they going to let me go?
Is that what
they asked you to tell me?
You had her kidnapped!
And you pretend to be worried!
Nonsense! You called the police!
It proves I'm innocent!
Not if we follow your theory!
None of you lives with her.
It doesn't seem
- Not serious?
I can lose the election
at the head of the journal!
I'm here
because I love her!
- It can be a motive.
It's a political kidnapping!
Barbara is
an easy target!
- Someone may want to know
her sources on a sensitive issue!
Her house is isolated,
maybe a maniac
attacked her!
Hadrien Darcourt
is editor-in-chief in Paris,
Emmanuel Devailly a cabinet maker
in Bergerac.
- You can't be with her!
You live in Bergerac!
You started to have an affair
when I left Paris!
I've been with her for 18 years!
Me too!
Me too.
Are you going to look
for her?
- Not before 48h.
Only if it's serious.
It is serious!
No ransom demand, no violence,
no claims. Do you know
how many people
disappear each year
in France?
- 100? 150?
18 per day.
Most of them of their own will.
People have the right to disappear.
The family is often shocked.
We never really know someone.
Even if you're in love.
Especially if you are.
- So?
- I don't know.
I'm going to launch
a public inquiry.
It could be serious.
From now on, I run the enquiry.
Do you have something?
Tell me everything.
And no initiatives.
She's journalist.
Maybe she has discovered something
she shouldn't have.
- I can't tell you more.
You can trust me.
Prove it.
Keep them away from the island.
They will be embarrassing.
It seems serious. Is it a political
affair? Terrorism?
- Don't talk about it.
I'm bound by secrecy.
I'm not afraid
of mythomaniacs like you.
Just disappear from my life!
Thanks to my networks,
I will find Barbara in 24 hours,
negotiate with the kidnappers,
take her back to Paris and sue you!
And I'm the mythomaniac?
You're lucky
I have better things to do.
Yes, Vanessa.
I knew it.
Are you upset you two lovers met?
- Leave me alone.
- I've been thinking.
I don't judge you.
It must have been tough
to hide the truth from them.
I travel a lot with my job.
But now they know.
Yes. I would have preferred
to tell them myself.
They know.
Does it annoy you?
I have
a far more important problem
to solve.
- Christian asked me to...
Christian should
talk to me directly.
Instead of asking
about my private life
he should be worried.
My two men
must be looking for me.
- Do you really think
they're going to cooperate?
- They are likely to find me.
You should tell
Christian to let me go.
- He's not the boss.
You and he will go to prison.
I made a report
on women in prison...
- Your men will never find you.
- They will never cooperate.
- It's possible they will.
- They are cleverer than you think.
- How do you know?
I've been in love with them
for 18 years.
If it's that simple,
why haven't you told them?
Do you recognise her?
Yes, Vanessa.
Find everything you can
about a certain Emmanuel Devailly.
His past, present, story.
Who is he?
A strange man I met.
He lives in Bergerac.
- Do you have my red file?
- This one?
Our planet, ecology,
- We have editorials ready to go.
You won't be there
for the vote?
- I don't know...
My priority
is Barbara.
The fact you left makes
people say you think
you've already won.
I don't claim I have.
Even if I don't see
who could be chosen but me.
What do you think?
Find Barbara.
I'll call you back.
For me, this is luxury.
The sea, a sunset, you.
Sleep out in the open.
Let's stay a bit more.
- Let's stay here tomorrow.
- I can't.
I must attend
an editor's conference at noon.
On a Sunday?
There are no Sundays in my job.
It's awful...
It sometimes feels like the time
I spend with you is stolen.
It's better than lost time,
isn't it?
- Your job is worse than a lover.
- Stop...
So? Did you watch my report?
- Yes.
- What do you think?
You should go on
with your investigations
and write a book.
- Stop...
I'm not joking!
You could work here
one day or two.
Everyone needs a little time.
The pot is calling
the kettle black!
- I'm serious.
Would you love me that much
if you saw me every day?
Of course I would!
The question doesn't arise.
You never asked it to me.
We are the same.
We run on adrenaline but...
I have some time. So?
No. I'm awaited in Beirut.
Doesn't your cameraman
leave in two days?
- He does.
But I need preparation,
to feel the atmosphere.
You know me.
By heart.
That's all I have on him.
Emmanuel Devailly went bankrupt.
It's very interesting, Vanessa.
He lost everything.
Try to know a bit more,
it's interesting.
Well, listen...
We hate each other, that's a fact.
But let's stop fighting
and work together.
What do you think?
I've been thinking.
I know Barbara.
She's under so much pressure
with her reports,
she must have caught hold
of lost causes.
So why not you?
On a misunderstanding.
You don't understand.
Understand what?
She can't love a mentally-retarded
neo-hippie who thinks he's a hero
because he defends
stupid teenagers.
What about you with your earphone,
your smartphone, your moccassins?
You're pathetic.
- Screw you.
- Screw you too.
You get to know each other?
Given Barbara's last phone calls,
it's been much more than 48 hours
since we heard from her.
Can't you launch an investigation?
Organise a search?
You must know
if she uses her credit card,
her phone!
We're going to investigate.
You must get out
of the way.
- Out of the way?
Leave the island.
Wait. Tell us more.
You have enough problems
with your job.
He's right.
Go back to work, I'll stay.
I know where you're going.
Ask him why he's really here.
The money from the sale
of Barbara's house
can be interesting for him.
He's a crook. He went bankrupt.
That's why he went to Bergerac.
- It's pathetic.
- Isn't asking me to leave too?
Do something for Barbara
before I kill him!
You know what?
I'm going to build a team.
But leave.
I can't protect you here.
I knew it! It's political!
I stay.
I won't leave without her.
Nor will I.
Vanessa, it's me.
I'm going to need the newspaper.
It looks more and more
like a political affair.
Are you crazy?
You bastard.
I went bankrupt, I'm not a crook!
You may want
to get Barbara's money!
And I was ready
to cooperate with you...
I don't spy on you, you paranoiac!
I'm not paranoiac, I'm lucid
and informed, that's my job.
It's appalling to play solo in such
a situation!
- Calm down, anti-globalist.
- Don't slip away!
- Leave me alone!
Darcourt's car just exploded.
Do you know something?
Is there a lot of damage?
What's the matter?
A problem with separatists?
Well-known criminals?
Tell me. It's too serious.
I protect you by keeping quiet.
Did you
convince them to leave?
- I tried.
- Do it. I'm relying on you.
It's a terrorist attack!
People want me dead!
I almost died too!
He saved me!
I know you're upset.
- Upset? We almost died!
- We're going
to repatriate you.
We want an investigation!
For that?
I'm sorry, but it's not
a car bombing attempt.
- What do you need?
- A nuclear explosion?
- Corsica
has the best pyrotechnists.
If it was a car bomb,
you car's ashes
could fit in a can of beer.
I get it! It's a joke!
It eases our minds.
You'll talk to the insurance,
they'll understand.
You've been lucky.
It was just a warning.
But next time you could die.
Go home now.
Your wife must want you alive.
Let's go rent another car now.
Let's make a pact.
You hate me.
It was before you saved my life.
I can't trust you.
Do you trust the police more?
You must deal with your partner's
temporary love affairs.
- Good. So you're her lover.
- I meant you.
I know.
Please, I'm really worried.
You're right.
The most important is Barbara.
Darcourt's car exploded.
If he doesn't leave
the island after that,
we'll need more.
You've gone insane!
You tried to kill them!
I you cooperate, it's over.
I don't believe you.
If I do, I'm dead.
You still think your two lovers
will save you?
- They must be annoying
if you want them dead.
The police
have better things to do.
You lovers should hurry
because in two days,
it will be over.
Do you think
they can find you in two days?
I don't know when you met exactly.
But the policeman
is right about one thing.
If Barbara lied to me,
she must have a good reason.
Same. She must have had
a good reason to lie to me.
It's just hard to admit
the good reason could be you.
- Let's not start again.
- Fine.
Go look for clues
while I call the newspaper.
Marry me.
I don't want to ruin anything.
I always run into lovers.
Sometimes you seem tired
with this life.
- Especially since I'm in Bergerac.
- Not at all. Why?
Isn't it hard to travel that much?
It's the price to pay to do my job.
It's like you.
You couldn't fail
to take over your dad's workshop.
Do you believe in destiny?
I don't know. You?
I don't know.
Sometimes I...
..I think
we believe we make choices
while it's life
that decides for us.
I feel so small in these moments.
I love you like this.
My small one.
Now you're a forensic expert.
"CSI: Bergerac".
I'm getting tired.
I thought we made peace.
I don't know why I did this.
Your newspaper is going
to publish Barbara's picture
and you don't need me anymore.
Do you think you can reverse
the situation without evidence?
With 18 people disappearing daily?
Who do you think you are?
Yes, Vanessa.
Email me the cover design
on Barbara's kidnapping
as soon as possible. What?
What more do they want?
One of her fingers in a shoe box?
I'll call you back!
Like you said,
you find Barbara in 24 hours
and you have her released.
Keep counting the wisps of straw
and spare me your sarcasm.
You can also solve
the conflict in the Middle East
and world hunger.
Give it to me! Stop it!
I'll call you back.
Two men are rolling in the hay.
You seem nice
but what are you doing at my place?
This is
Barbara's Cantarella property.
You're Hadrien
and Emmanuel!
You know us?
Yes! I'm Barbara's
Her daughter?
Barbara doesn't have a daughter.
She does. Me.
My name is Juliette.
How could Barbara have hidden
a daughter from us?
She has three lives.
She doesn't seem
to be worried for her mom.
It's strange.
He doesn't seem well.
He hurt his leg.
I'll take care of it.
You look a lot better in real life.
I'm going to try
and find a vet on the Web.
You look like someone
who watch others do the job.
- What can I do?
- Here.
- What is it for?
- Rub him.
Is it because
you live at your dad's place
that we never met you?
No. I live at my mum's.
And at my grand-mother's upstairs
when she's reporting.
- That's why she didn't want us
to come at her place.
She wanted her system to work.
But it didn't seem to bother you,
did it?
It's nice to be here all together
to surprise her!
Now we know each other.
And... where does your dad live?
My dad... It's a mystery.
I don't even know who he is.
Maybe he wants to surprise her too!
There would be four of us!
I'm joking.
- Where are you going?
- Let go off me.
Call the boss.
We can't control her.
Mum must have made
heavy weather of her secret
and you're here!
Like two best friends
after just a small fight.
I wonder how she will react
when she knows
we all met and talked.
We're civilized people.
We're not here
for a surprise or by chance.
Barbara is missing.
It could be serious.
You'd have told me earlier
if it was.
We didn't know how
to tell you.
- She's with friends. Or family!
Or she's preparing a new report
and making the most of Corsica!
We went to the police.
I found her mobile on the ground.
Don't worry. I will do everything.
I know
a lot of people.
- Me too. I won't give up.
Thank God you managed to get along
with each other to find her.
You could have hated each other.
To sum up, I mobilized
the press, I raised the mayor's
and the prefect's awareness.
He just has to deal with the rest.
Yes. With the field,
the people, the evidence.
In the garden
I've found a lighter
from a bar she went to.
I got in touch
with clients who saw her, I went
to all the bars in the port,
I met her solicitor
and the man who was supposed
to take care of her horse
but never saw her.
This is great
but we might have to negotiate.
It must be separatists
who want to make
the headlines.
- Of course!
She's a journalist!
Maybe it's criminal.
Her solicitor told me the sheep
ben's keys
were stolen at his office.
How come she came in
without breaking the door down?
- You didn't tell me that.
- I did.
- No. When?
When we decided
not to hate each other anymore.
- Remember?
- Anyway.
This house and its three hectares
are worth a lot of money.
That's for sure.
We agree.
What would my mum do
in such a situation?
Let's hire a detective.
That's a great idea!
He could bring a dog!
I started to call rental agencies.
I'm sure she rented a car.
Right track.
Do you have Internet
on your mobiles?
My laptop, my 3G key,
everything is in there.
Nice. We're going to look
at her bank statement.
I have her code.
Don't look at me like that.
We can know what she did!
Come on...
If you had thought about it,
we wouldn't be there.
Go start the car, it won't be long!
When did Barbara have the time
to have a daughter?
It would beat everything!
Easy. When she was in Russia.
For her report on Russian women
after the Perestroika?
- When was it?
- About 18 years ago.
She stayed there 6 months.
It's enough to hide a pregnancy.
Do you remember?
Most of the women here
still live a stressful situation.
Between their job at the factory,
paid a few roubles,
their work at home, the children,
they often live three lives in one.
They're not the only ones.
She gained weight at the time
and wore loose clothing.
And always in a close frame.
Juliette is really
her mother's daughter.
She grits her teeth and takes it
upon herself, just like her.
- I have this kind of reflexes too.
- You should have had them earlier.
Look at the fuel gauge.
The tank is empty.
They have siphoned off
the petrol from the tank!
I can't believe it!
Santa Severa. Bonaparte Square.
She made a cash withdrawal
there one week ago.
It was a market day, like today.
So your dad doesn't know you exist?
She doesn't know how
to contact him.
- Some people have some nerve.
She met him abroad during a report.
When she found out she was pregnant
it was too late.
She didn't know where he had gone.
Of course I was mad
but it's not her fault.
If you knew about us,
why didn't you try
to meet us?
- I haven't known for a long time.
When I found out
there were two of you,
she told me she had to choose.
It's not as if you were my dad
so I didn't want
to become attached.
It's straightforward.
Drive. You're tired.
- I'm not tired.
- You are.
- No.
- Yes.
Fine. I'm tired.
Release the brake.
Have you ever tried
to find your dad?
You must have look
into your mum's papers.
I called all her phone numbers.
No clues.
No forgotten letters,
no name, no address, nothing.
It's insane
she never told us about you.
for someone that transparent.
It's not as if she didn't tell you
she had another man and a daughter.
I know why Barbara lied to us.
Of course you do. You're clever.
Juliette's dad...
I don't understand
- What if he didn't exist?
- What it was one of us?
- What?
Barbara met us at the same time.
She got pregnant and doesn't know
who the dad is.
Yes... At the time, no DNA tests.
She can't tell us,
she doesn't know who the dad is.
Don't worry,
Juliette is certainly not yours.
Are you joking?
I say this to reassure you.
At the airport I saw
you hate teenagers.
- Teenagers like them.
But Juliette...
she's extraordinary.
That's what parents
feel for their children.
That's true.
She's straightforward,
simple, relaxed...
It's totally me.
Excuse me but she's bold,
pertinent, she's a fighter.
My spitting image!
If she was megalomaniac
and pretentious, there would be
no need to make DNA tests.
With mum we always buy
junk food in gas stations.
She says calories
don't count on the road.
Yes, she says that.
So, the withdrawal machine.
The market over there.
- She likes markets.
- We don't know the same woman.
It's a good idea to have come here.
People talk on markets.
Let me do it.
My job is to make people talk.
I have my own way, you'll see.
She has brown hair and blue eyes.
Does it ring a bell?
She has a nice hoarse voice,
blue eyes.
No, I don't know her.
- Hello, sir.
- Sir.
I'd like a donkey sausage.
Do you know what you're saying?
Isn't it a Corsican speciality?
No! Stop it with the clichs!
We love our donkeys!
Have you ever seen them
climb our steep paths
without complaining,
carrying baskets of rocks?
Donkeys have built Corsica, sir!
And donkeys are nice, brave,
and even clever!
How can they think
we make donkey sausages?
I didn't want to offend you.
Kill a donkey! Could you?
Of course not. I...
Come on!
What else do you need?
This is quite a method.
And he says
he can make people talk...
Do something!
Come on.
Your nuts sausage seems excellent.
Is it wild boar?
It is wild boar.
I sell them by batch of five.
You should taste my myrtle liquor.
My mum who is 90 makes it.
If your mum makes it,
I have no choice!
Ladies and gentlemen,
your attention please!
We are looking for a woman
called Barbara Cantarella.
Has someone seen her?
- Does someone know her?
- Barbara?
- I know her.
- Great!
We went to school together.
She bought goat cheese from me.
- Did talk to her?
- It was one week ago.
She had a problem
with a stolen key.
But her cousin had
a copy.
- Which cousin?
The cemetery caretaker.
In Leccia.
Leccia, the village
of her mother's father?
Her great-aunt
lives there.
- Maria-Anna.
Quite a legend this one.
She must have visited her.
How do you know all this?
I helped Barbara
with her family tree.
I'm more interested in the past.
- Are you finished?
- What?
I can't hear you!
Get out, now.
Just a minute, I'm coming!
- You have a daughter.
- I don't.
Who is this?
I don't know.
You have two men in your life
and no children?
How old is she? 18? 20?
20 years ago one of my men couldn't
take responsibility for a child
and the other one hates children.
Maybe you had her alone.
Why do that?
Because you're unfaithful.
How many men
have you loved and left?
I had two
and I kept them.
Faithfulness is a matter
of point of view.
Look right, it's so beautiful!
Look left at the small village!
How deep do you think
the ravine is?
I don't know! Let's say 218 metres!
Can't we go faster?
I'm not Schumacher.
You hurt my back!
- Are you mad?
- No... But you broke my back.
It's not her fault!
You scared her,
you almost killed us!
If you have
fish eyes on the side of your head,
take the wheel!
I can't with all these bends...
I have an inner ear problem.
So what now?
I can't drive anymore!
- Give me the keys.
- No.
I can drive!
Don't you trust me?
I thought you were cool guys!
That's because I'm a girl!
You're two macho men.
I'm OK with it.
All things considered,
I learned how to drive at your age.
Slow down, slow down!
Mind the radars!
There's no radar here.
Where can he be?
Nobody's here.
He has to be here.
He's the only one
who can tell us what happened.
What's wrong?
Maybe it's already too late.
She doesn't have the right
to always put herself in danger.
I was scared
when I was a child and I still am.
- She's like a child!
- That's true.
Why didn't you prevent her
from doing this job?
- It's impossible
to do that with your mum.
You can't change someone you love.
Even if you'd like to.
I've often been scared for her too.
But... this job is her passion.
It's part of her life.
That's the way it is.
We have to accept it.
Even if we wanted to keep her
with us at some point.
The caretaker!
Excuse me,
are you Barbara's cousin?
- Barbara... Cantarella?
- Yes.
- I am.
Before I grow tired,
are we getting close?
We shouldn't go then.
Marie-Anna is old,
she's losing her head.
We want to see her.
Do you think Barbara
got offers for her sheep ben?
She must have had a lot.
I think she must not sell it.
You know, with the plumbing,
the electricity and the paintwork,
there's a lot to do.
- That's for sure!
- We can do it.
I don't think it's the right track.
What do you think?
Existential crisis.
Barbara needs to be alone to think.
You will see her reappear in a short while.
If they kidnapped her
for the house,
it's stupid because I'm here.
Of course.
So you are in danger.
You should take her back
on the continent.
Out of the question!
Wait for me here.
That's all we need...
Saint Louis under his oak.
It's a lime tree.
She only speaks Corsican.
Only her grand-daughter
understands it.
What did you tell her?
I said you were Barbara's friends.
Hello, Madam.
Do you know where
Barbara is?
I'm sure she knows.
She knows and she's upset.
- Do you understand?
- I'm trying to.
Isola de Leria.
- "Isola" in Italian means island.
- Why is she
- It's criminal.
- It's political.
Isola de Leria! She said it again!
So... why did she say?
She doesn't know.
- What do you mean?
- She doesn't know.
I don't speak Corsican
but she seems to have developed.
She's tired now.
It's a joke!
We respect our elders.
If she's tired, she's tired.
- Isola de Leria?
- Isola de Leria.
Thank you.
What would she have said
if she knew!
It's dangerous for you
to stay here.
Barbara is Corsican, you aren't.
Do you know something?
- Do you understand Corsican?
- No but I know people.
I were you
I would go back to the sheep ben.
You're in danger.
- And this Leria island?
- I don't know where it is.
In case you feel remorse,
this is how you can reach me.
I saw them.
My niece did
what I asked her to do.
I think they're going
to go on the island.
The cousin was scared.
Or he's trying to scare us.
Do you think we have to be scared?
- We're no small players!
- Certainly not.
Let's reverse the point of view.
Maybe they try to scare us
because we scare them.
- Let's go.
- Where are you taking me?
The boss will send someone to us
in two days to work on your case.
They were here. The light is on!
Did you lock the door
when you left?
I did. Maybe it's mum!
She would have told us,
wouldn't she?
So... it means...
it means they could still be here.
Here! Here!
Maybe they're gone.
Or they're still outside.
- Someone is watching us.
- Where?
Come on in.
Stop it! You're scaring me!
We need to resist!
Let's lock ourselves in.
Close all the doors and shutters.
But if they are mum's kidnappers,
maybe we should talk to them.
You're just like your mum,
a desperado.
If I were alone, I would go
negotiate but with you here...
This door has no shutters!
Block it with this chair.
If they try to break in,
it will wake us up.
Let's put this
in front of the door.
- Push!
- Pull!
All we would need now
is to be kidnapped.
- Who would look for us?
- I have it.
Leria island.
It's not far from here.
One hour of boat.
She's maybe kept there.
I would like to look at
the building projects of the area.
Land registers are now
available on the Internet.
I'm going
to read Barbara's articles.
Maybe I can find
something in this laptop.
Someone who may be angry at her.
Do you need your 3G key?
So you're starting
to enjoy technology.
All these building projects
are fine
but we already have
so many tracks to follow!
I know, but look.
All the plots of land
around the sheep ben
have been sold over the last year.
Even Barbara's cousin sold his.
That's maybe why
he was so embarrassed.
A building company from Marseille,
SGBD+, is behind all this.
They intend to build
12 detached houses
for the Corsican Gardens.
On the map, Barbara's plot
isn't sold.
Not officially. But unofficially...
Look, the plot is right
in the middle of their program.
Tomorrow we'll go
to the real estate agency
to secretly check
if they have started to sell.
Are you OK?
I'm fine.
No. You're not OK.
Well... My wife is missing,
she has someone else in her life,
she has a daughter.
Maybe I'm her dad.
Maybe it's me.
Maybe it's you.
Maybe it's you she's going
to choose. What can I do?
You're young,
you're strong, you're clever.
You're good-looking, in a way.
It's quite...
- Don't worry.
You're not bad either, in a way.
Barbara would have left you
earlier if she wanted to.
Sometimes I want to kill you.
But I know
it would be inappropriate.
My assistant.
Have you forgotten the vote?
Of course I haven't.
But I won't be there.
What will I tell them?
The truth. For a change.
My priority is to find my wife.
I understand but you're
widely challenged as a journalist.
You're said to take your editorials
from El Pais or the New York Times.
We all write
about the China threat,
global warming,
sustainable development,
the crisis...
- That's what I told them.
Thank you for everything you do.
But if I lose my job...
Are you OK?
Are you going to lose your job?
I'm afraid I am.
The worst thing is
all can think about is...
I can't tell you that.
Go on.
Will Barbara still love me
if I'm not the best anymore?
When I went bankrupt,
she supported me.
It didn't change anything for her.
Are you sure about your job?
A phone that doesn't ring,
it's not good.
That doesn't ring?
A phone that doesn't ring
10 times per hour.
What could you do
for them to keep you?
I don't know.
- They have to think I can leave.
- Any offers?
More or less.
Who is Dupont-Gaillard?
An important newspaper group
in Switzerland.
If my colleagues knew,
it would blow
them away.
- Don't you want to stay
in France?
If I'm fired, you won't have
to deal with me anymore.
Let me tell you something.
If Barbara must have another man,
I prefer if it's you.
I must confide
that if Juliette must have a dad,
I prefer if it's me.
It's me.
I couldn't sleep either.
Is he OK?
I think so.
I love horses.
You too?
You must think: "Like Juliette."
Indeed. I think
we both have a lot in common.
One of you is my dad.
That's quite possible.
If it's the case,
why hasn't mum told me?
- To prevent you
from coming to us.
Tell me, at the time,
did she ask you questions like:
"Do you want to be a dad?
Do you see yourself with a child?"
Yes. She told me
these kinds of things.
What did you tell her?
That it was a bit early.
And when I told her I was ready,
she wasn't anymore.
You were sad to find out
she had someone else.
First I didn't believe it.
But whether I'm jealous
and feel bad...
..or I tell myself your mum
has been with me for 18 years
which is rare.
Do you have any regrets?
I have.
I regret I haven't met you before.
Tell him we called.
Thank you.
- Jean Duriani.
- What do you want?
I'm a detective. I'm looking
for Hadrien Darcourt.
He wanted a dog.
- He seems dynamic!
- He's a pro.
I bought him from the army.
Here he is.
The door is blocked.
Is Juliette with you?
She's not in her room.
What do you mean?
Mr. Duriani, thank you for coming.
- Find her.
- My fees.
- I'll come get him this afternoon.
- You leave?
I don't want any problems
with the police.
Have you been
- You just have to follow the dog.
And don't tell anyone!
This dog is crazy!
I can't control him!
- Have you found Juliette?
- No. I don't get it.
Last night we went outside
but we came back in together.
Great! Why be careful?
It's not as if we were in danger!
Come on...
"Come on, come on..."
And that's unfair!
- I'm sure you talked to her!
- Me? Unfair?
If you knew
what I did for you today!
What did you do?
Isn't the vote today?
It is.
I called your office
and pretended to be
Dupont-Gaillard's assistant.
I said I wanted
to talk to you.
- What have I done to you?
Doesn't it work
that way?
Don't thank me!
Vanessa, my earphone is in place.
Why do you have an appointment
with Dupont-Gaillard?
What do you mean?
- His assistant called to confirm.
- Really? It's a mistake.
The director is really irritated.
He thinks you are betraying him.
I won't let myself get
hired away by this megalomaniac!
This misunderstanding
must be cleared up.
What's wrong?
Help me! I fell off a cliff!
I immediately call the hotel.
I'm not
at the hotel!
Call Emmanuel Devailly!
The guy from Bergerac?
I don't have his number!
OK. Not Emmanuel.
Call... Juliette.
Juliette Cantarella.
Your wife has a sister?
Yes, yes... Call her high school.
It's in the 11th district.
They must have her number.
She's much younger
than she is then.
Her parents had her late.
Be quick! I'm going to die!
I'm going to fall!
Help me! Help me! Emmanuel!
What are you doing here?
He even fights with you.
Hey! Where are you going?
Excuse me?
I'm telling you I'm looking
for my mum who's missing
and you think I'm cheating on you?
You idiot!
You know what? My mum has two men
and instead of fighting,
they help each other!
You heard me!
But you're full of clichs!
You make me sick!
Help! Help!
Hello? Hello?
Shit! My earphone!
Help... Help...
Oh God...
- Help me...
- I've got you!
Come on...
- Come on, come on!
- I can't...
- What?
- I'm feeling dizzy...
No! Not now! Don't look down!
- Pull!
- I can't help it!
I'm exhausted, I can't anymore...
Come on, hold on!
If I die,
tell Barbara that she's the love
of my life,
that I forgive her for everything!
- Even for you!
- You'll tell her. Come on!
You can't even make me move!
I can't feel my arms...
My blood is flowing down!
I'm cold...
Tell Juliette I would have
liked to know her...
- Here I am!
- Juliette!
- Take his arm!
Help me!
Come on!
Come on!
Where were you?
On the phone with my boyfriend.
There's no signal
at the sheep ben.
You're so lucky!
You rival saved you!
And you, you are going
to have a really good karma.
I like you when you're quiet but...
It's getting scary.
I think I prefer when he's angry.
- What can we do?
- I...
I have this thing I bought
on the market from the old man.
Try it.
Let me see.
It's strong!
It is.
But if his brain
isn't irrigated anymore...
It's going to do you good, Hadrien.
You need to drink. Come on.
It's full of character.
It's myrtle liquor, it's strong.
Come on.
Yes! Hadrien?
You saved me again.
It's unbelievable.
A man like you, so simple...
I don't
take it personally.
It's good to be simple.
I have to get used to it
because my life
is going to be empty...
There's life after work.
It's hard for me to say that:
you're a good guy.
It's normal.
Barbara couldn't
have fell in love with an idiot.
Is it a compliment
for you or for him?
You see, Juliette...
The important thing in life
is human relationships.
Thank you.
Thank you...
I'm going to make you
something to eat.
I'm coming with you.
Hadrien peace and love,
it's strange.
It's shocking.
What do we do for Leria island?
Maybe we can go there alone
and leave him rest.
I know what you're doing!
My mind went blank
but now I remember
who you really are. A bastard!
You tried to have me fired!
- Hallelujah! He's alive!
- Thanks to the myrtle liquor.
No, no, no, no...
Hello, sir.
We're looking for a woman.
We all are!
- Yes...
- This one. Have you seen her?
I remember.
Her eyes are...
If her eyes are...
It must be her.
By any chance,
was she going on Leria island?
Yes, with two men.
How were they like?
Of average height,
brown eyes...
- Yes.
It's not easy to describe a man
but have you noticed a detail?
I have. Their car.
They had a beautiful
metallic grey Porsche.
James Dean
had the same.
- Can you take us to the island?
Not today.
All my boats are gone for the day.
What about this one?
- Is it possible to...
- Usually I don't rent it.
And all my skippers are at sea.
How much?
Without skipper.
You know how to navigate?
Sailing school Les Glnans
between 4 and 14.
On the deck at 6 in summer
and winter, cold water, Brittany,
purple lips, sea sickness...
I know that. Trust me.
Do you want to stay here?
I didn't know a boat could pitch
that much in the Mediterranean.
It's a dangerous sea.
I have an inner ear problem!
What does this seagull want?
It stinks!
Did they use it for fishing?
You're rally fragile.
It's strange.
This seagull is really
Are you scared
of seagulls?
- It keeps following us.
It's because
of the fish smell.
Of course, boss.
If your solicitor arrives tomorrow
from Luxembourg, it's fine.
She's ready to sign.
I hope mum is still there.
She's going to be surprised
to see us together.
I forgive her
for everything.
You didn't see anything because
the situation suited you.
- That's the best yet!
Let's be straightforward!
Hadrien, you work like a crazy.
You too. You were
OK with it!
Things were
a little more complicated.
Do you really think your love story
would have lasted if you had been
stuck together?
You need
to preserve the mystery.
You were right, it's looking at us.
It has something against us,
that's for sure.
Let's try and make it
go away.
It's just a seagull,
not a Chechen missile!
It's weird...
I can't believe it!
It's always for him.
I'm going to start to believe
he has bad luck.
I don't know what's happening...
You're going to think
I have bad luck.
- Of course not.
- What is it now?
- What's that?
I don't know.
The engine is sputtering.
- What is it?
- I don't know!
You went to the sailing school!
I learned how to sail!
I'm not a mechanic!
I'm not a mechanic
but I think the engine is dead.
No, I can't believe it!
We have no oars!
There's nothing to do?
- Do we have distress beacons?
- I don't know!
We're too close to our goal!
Are you crazy?
It's the only solution!
Juliette, don't do it!
You're not my mum!
But I could be
your dad!
No! Juliette!
What can we do?
Are you coming?
One... Two... Three!
Something touched me!
Me too!
Can there be strange animals
in the Mediterranean?
Stop it!
It's a wild landscape.
I'm so cold!
- We have to dry ourselves first.
- Yes.
My mobile...
Barbara, it can't go on like this.
I totally agree. Release me.
The program
represents thousands of euros.
You know
we won't release you.
- Go make money elsewhere.
It's been 10 years since
the last time you came.
- I needed to go back to my roots,
to catch my breath.
- With us you won't.
I'm not used to yield to pressure.
Even if I did, you went too far.
Do you know where your daughter is?
I have no daughter.
Juliette is heading towards
the island with your two men.
We managed to make her stay there.
No water, nothing to eat.
How long you think she'll survive?
As long as she's with them
she will.
We can't reach anyone,
no one can reach us!
Don't worry.
At least we're dry now.
You're in a nightmare
without your toys.
Leave me alone!
You have motion sickness,
you have vertigo...
I have the right
to express my discomfort
without my communication tools!
Look, my return ticket.
I will never be
the manager of my newspaper.
- Don't be mad.
- It's a nightmare!
We're on a desert island
in the middle of the Atlantic!
We can't order a pizza
but it's going to be OK.
- That said I'm hungry, aren't you?
- Yes.
Shall we go fishing?
Go fishing? How? We have nothing!
I'm going to stone a seagull
to calm me down!
I can't take it anymore.
It seems abandoned.
We never know.
Stay here to be on the watch.
- Why me?
- Why not you?
"Hadrien, Emmanuel, I love you".
She was here but she isn't anymore.
She wrote a message on the wall.
I would have liked it to be for me
but it's for both of us.
Who's there?
Who's there?
Come on...
- We will find her.
- I swear.
What if we don't find her?
It means I'll be alone.
No. You're not alone. We're here.
We will find her. Do you hear me?
Now we know you,
we won't leave you.
What will we do?
You'll want to know
which one of you is my dad.
It's easy with DNA tests.
- I don't want tests!
- Yes, it's stupid.
I don't want you to fight
because of me.
We won't fight.
I lied to you.
I want a dad.
But I don't want
to choose which one.
I want you both.
- I know it's not easy for you.
- That's not the question.
Don't answer now.
Let's sleep. We'll see tomorrow.
I never thought I'd spend holiday
with my wife's man.
You're not what I would have liked
to take on a desert island.
Where is Juliette?
I don't know.
She told us to think about it
but we should have said yes.
Yes to what?
Yes to be her dads.
It's as easy as pie.
Recognize that...
I don't recognize anything!
Look, she's gone. We've hurt her.
I can't stand
when you play doting father.
I'm sure we don't have
the same education principles.
That's for sure.
When I think
we could share custody...
We've been looking
for you everywhere!
From now on we stay together.
Don't worry,
I wasn't going to swim back home.
I've been thinking.
I'm OK to get along with him.
It makes sense. We're already
getting along so well!
So you agree to be my dads?
That's so cool!
The boat!
- Where is it?
- No...
- What happened?
- I don't know!
- Well done!
- Now it's my fault!
The solicitor
will arrive this afternoon.
The boss can't wait anymore.
Still thinking of your men?
- We won't see them anymore.
- Why?
We're stronger than they are.
But they are more passionate.
And fiercer.
They could be a disruptive factor.
I admire
your strength and your courage.
I'd be sad
if something happened to you.
Tell us what you're doing!
A hut?
A giant blaze?
You want to send signals to planes!
He will criticize.
Me? Who do you think I am?
Someone who criticizes.
A raft!
Here! I knew it!
The Mediterranean is dangerous!
It's always changing!
We'll be
at the mercy of waves!
Do we have a better idea?
Here we go!
No need to use nails.
Cabinet makers never use any.
It's great to do things
according to the rules.
But as we don't aim an exhibition
at the Marine museum,
I'd like to know
if it's going to float.
- With this wood, it will float.
- Are you sure?
I work with wood.
Fine. I'm going to trust you.
Well, lucky me the coast guards
brought my boat back.
What are you doing?
You tell him or I do?
No need.
Your boat: it stinks.
I took your USB flash drive.
Now you're addicted!
Great! No pictures of Barbara,
no appeal for witnesses!
It's disgusting!
Who is she?
If you had just looked in Barbara's
file, you would have known about
her daughter!
- ID.
And you knew?
Yes. Let me explain.
Let's not bring it all up.
Juliette Cantarella. You're not 18.
You're not?
But you have your driving license.
- You don't?
- Let's concentrate.
Here. We have gathered information
that might interest you.
And even worry you.
Do you know the real estate company...
- SGDB+.
- SGDB+.
They buy low and sell high.
Corsicans can't stay here anymore.
These houses are
occupied two months a year.
- And the nationalists?
Let's get rid of clichs.
Nationalists are not behind all
that happens in Corsica.
You've gone a long way.
Let me explain.
SGBD+ bought this plot of land
from Barbara's aunt.
This one from her cousin.
These ones from people
who live on the continent.
They only need Barbara's one
to have a plot of...
..15 hectares.
- At the agency,
we discovered some of the houses
have already been sold.
They told us my mum's plot will be
constructive in three months!
You think Barbara was kidnapped
to sign an act of sale?
It's possible, isn't it?
Captain Bellanger wants
to see you.
- Me?
- No. Them.
The situation is critical.
It's not just a personal affair.
But... have you heard from Barbara?
Is she alive?
Can I trust you?
What I'm going to tell you
must stay confidential.
- Yes.
You work for a newspaper.
Not anymore.
Barbara was kidnapped by Corsican
So I was right!
These are their claims.
Revolutionary tax, release
of political prisoners.
Our method is
to remain discrete
not to disturb the negotiations.
Do things usually go well or bad?
The negotiators
must be free
to act.
- We didn't prevent them to act!
I'm glad
you understand.
A car is at your disposal.
The ferry leaves
the island in 2 hours.
So you want us to leave?
For your safety,
Barbara's and her daughter's.
- We'll keep you informed.
- We stay.
If Barbara is in danger,
you are too.
I don't know what your dads think.
He's right.
As her dads, we are responsible.
We can't put her at risk.
We can't leave now!
She's right. I stay.
I already saved your life twice.
Trust me.
Let me save it again. Let's go.
Come on.
That's great!
I don't want you as my dads,
I'm not like you at all!
Explain yourself now.
He said: "I don't know
what your dads think."
How can he know
she could be our daughter?
That's true! How did he find out?
Even we didn't know.
He wasn't surprised to see you
here, unlike Fontanarosa.
He must be in contact
with the kidnappers or Barbara.
He wants us to leave!
He was threatening us.
A Porsche!
Isn't it the one the owner
of the boat told us about?
- My knees don't fit.
- We would have been seen
with yours.
- This one is too tiny.
I have the same in Bergerac.
Look who's coming.
So he's the one who took Barbara
to the island.
- Bastard!
I was right.
I knew it!
Barbara's kidnappers
have good taste.
A police captain is involved,
it's huge!
They can buy everyone's silence!
- Juliette!
- Wait!
I won't sign.
This house used to be my dad's.
It's not for sale.
You have no choice.
If I sign, you'll kill me.
Why would I do it?
You'd rather ask yourself
what will happen
if you don't.
We need to think of a strategy
and hold on to it.
They can't kill all of us!
Let's create a diversion.
- We have to think carefully.
- No need!
- Sign!
- I won't!
You're helping
people turning Corsica
into a playground
for rich tourists instead of
leaving it to its people!
- She's used to great sentences.
- I'm used to resist!
If everyone did like me,
you'd be out.
- Sign!
You're putting
your two husbands at risk!
And your daughter!
You bastard!
When it's about money,
you don't have a moral
but you create one
for love?
- You're like a man.
You replace a man by another one.
Juliette! Juliette! My love!
Stop it!
Don't do anything against us!
Don't you all want to give up?
Give up? You're making me crazy!
My car exploded,
we almost died on the road,
I lost my job!
You want me to feel sorry for you?
You idiot!
Don't insult him!
He risked his life!
He almost drowned,
he fell off a cliff!
- A seagull attacked him!
- A seagull?
- Yes!
- That's OK.
And we ended up
on a crappy island!
And on a rotten raft.
He's right.
What? Rotten raft?
We almost drowned!
Stop it! You, sign!
We're not going to spend the night!
Don't sign, mum.
Don't move!
Police, you're surrounded!
Hands up! Drop your weapon!
You were right not to trust me.
Let's go!
I wasn't sure about your diversion.
But you're not so bad after all!
All this was planned?
Not exactly like this.
But it was our strategy.
Who do you think we are?
I was sure Bellanger
was a dirty cop.
I'm happy
To have arrested him.
It's thanks to you.
- So you believed us.
- At first, I thought
you were crazy.
- Two men for one woman...
- Not again...
- But when I see the woman...
- My mum is full of love!
Love means giving without limits.
That's how you see me?
I'll leave you with each other.
We have work to do.
I think I have to explain myself.
Yes. But we have some assumptions.
Well... I met you on the same day.
After my first interview with you, Hadrien,
I went buy a desk from Emmanuel.
So chronologically,
I was the first.
I met you two hours before
but... I date Emmanuel first.
Let her talk.
I fell in love.
With both of you.
I thought it couldn't happen but...
It happened to me.
And to cap it all I got pregnant.
I wanted this child so much!
I didn't know who the dad was.
Of course it was one of you.
It was a good excuse not to choose.
I've been happy for 18 years
with the three of you.
Despite my complicated life,
despite the lies...
I tried to tell you
the truth many times.
I couldn't.
I was afraid I could lose you.
I love you both so much...
Now I know them,
you were right, mum.
I blame myself so much
for having lied to you.
I regret that you found out
about it that way.
But I don't regret
what I lived with you.
I understand
if you want to leave me.
I can't.
Me neither. I can't.
I can't imagine
my life without you.
I understand why
you fell in love with this idiot.
He's really charming.
I don't know why you love him.
Even if he's a kind of Robin Hood.
It's not conventional but...
thanks to Juliette,
we know we're also
responsible for the situation.
I explained to them
the concept of arrangement.
Did you?
So it's quite a good thing you met.
Mum, I have two dads now!
You want a test?
Let's not talk about tests...
Mum, if there's
one great thing you did,
it was to meet these guys.
I take both. You know,
they never let you down.
They took risks for you.
They remained fun,
- That's why I love them!
We're a dream team
but my holiday isn't over.
What happens now?
For my part,
I have time ahead of me.
Let's stay here together.
We got along well on an island
so why wouldn't we in a sheep ben?
So you won't fight anymore?
Never with my daughter's dad.