Metamorphosis (1990) Movie Script

Aw, I was beginning
to think you weren't coming.
Game is almost over.
Doesn't look like I missed too much.
It's a game between teachers
and students of the various departments.
Mike, who is the power behind Houseman?
Behind Houseman? God.
The board of director likes him about
as much as a blast of smoke in the eyes.
Then how is it last year he was able
to attain financing of 200,000 dollars?
Oh, yeah, yeah!
Because our young, eccentric
and subordinate Dr. Houseman
is the most brilliant genetic
engineer the American University
has produced in the last 10 years.
You don't ask a genius
how he spends his money.
That is Peter Houseman.
Physiology and medicine
have cast light on the most
inaccessible recesses of our organisms.
Immunology has routed hundreds
of invisible enemies to our health and...
Embryology has accomplished the joining
of ovium and spermatoza in-vitro.
But human genetics has taken only
the first tentative steps forward.
The genome is formed of approximately
three billion components.
These components are the letters
in the genetic alphabet.
Now calculate that if one wished
to print the genome of man
with an average of 10,000
characters per page...
Aren't you exaggerating a little?
I only want to see
if I can make him stutter.
...1,000 pages each.
And it is in the vast
encyclopedia that our...
Hereditary patrimony of our
species must be contained.
Not only the color of our eyes.
Not only the color of our hair.
Not only the masterpiece of nature
which happens to be the exciting
thighs of our generous Patricia.
But also the memory of millions
of years of evolution.
Fading shadows of races and generations
which have all disappeared.
It is our family album.
Now, to be able to leaf
through it from beginning to end
and read it would be to know our past.
Who we were,
who we are and most importantly,
what we will become.
Professor, message.
Dr. Houseman, please, a moment.
You can't go in there!
There is no point being angry with me.
I can't do anything.
And just whose good idea is this?
Not mine.
The commission has decided
that all funding requests
must be accompanied by a report
which details all work in progress.
As well as the obligation to publish all
experiments funded during the past year.
This is not the agreement that we made
when you offered to have me
teach at this university!
Peter, be reasonable.
It's an order from
the head office in New York.
This is a private university.
They want to know where the money
they invest in research ends up!
If they send a woman from
the administration to inspect,
it's not up to us
and we can't do anything.
I took this job because
you assured me a full liberty
to carry on my research
with no strings attached.
No one wants to attach any strings.
They only want a report
on your experiments to date.
Christ, Peter! Your department
has gobbed down almost
a quarter of a million dollars in two years
and you haven't published a line!
- Oh, Lloyd, how are you?
- Oh, hello, Mike.
- Dr. Owen.
- Hi.
Sally, this is Professor Lloyd,
leads the biology department.
Oh, Miss Donnelly!
And Dr. Owen is his assistant.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
So, you're from New York.
Excuse me.
Mike, I need your help.
- If I can, Peter...
- Of course you can!
You're one of the most senior
members of the staff
and the only one with a little brains.
Mike, some inspectors-type
is sticking her nose
into the allocation of funds
for research.
- Peter, I don't think...
- And I am being
categorically forced into publishing
my work before it's finished.
Each of us has to publish
his work, myself included.
I don't see why you
should be the exception.
Because I don't write jokes and I wouldn't
get the same laughs as you.
I'm sorry, Peter. I can't do anything.
- Mike!
- We'd better go. Gentlemen.
Publishing my work before it's concluded
is as much as calling it quits!
And it's all the fault of some
hysterical old maid in menopause!
You were at the game yesterday,
weren't you?
Peter Houseman.
Maybe you can convince him
to change his mind.
I'll try.
But I wouldn't expect too much from
an hysterical old maid in menopause.
Oh, Christ!
What's the composition?
Nine parts serum
and one part glucose dioxide.
One part in 14.
- Triple the glucose.
- But we'll kill him!
I know, but I don't want to run the risk
of losing direction if it's too weak!
I'm sorry, Willy,
we're running out of time.
It's not my fault.
It's penetrated
the suprachiasmatic nucleus.
Delta waves normal.
Two cycles per second.
Cardiac pressure normal.
Willy, it's perfect.
No, no, it's not perfect.
The alpha and beta waves are increasing.
The pressure is rising.
It's an effect of the radiation
on the limbic circuit evolution.
It's absorbing too quickly.
Still rising.
Absurd. It's ridiculous!
Well, it is, nonetheless,
a fascinating theory.
If the data is exact.
It's impossible. He's making fun of us.
Houseman, your report is as
scanty as it is fascinating.
And notably imaginative.
It would therefore be timely
for you to elucidate
the objective of your research.
Given your request for new funding
of 150,000 dollars.
I was requested to report
on what I was doing
and to justify my expenses of last year.
In my report, everything is
specified down to the last cent.
Now, as far as my experiments
are concerned,
they are based on
the theory of the mechanism
of auto-destruction by Brunet.
A ridiculous theory which was
abandoned by Brunet himself!
He abandoned it because, at the time,
technology for proving it
didn't yet exist.
Today, it is possible.
And you have been successful?
Yes, even if further
experiments are needed.
You mean to say you've successfully
identified the genetic sequence?
- Yes.
- But that's magnificent!
Now, let me see if I have
this right, Dr. Houseman.
If you inhibit that protein,
canceling the genetic code
which creates it,
in practice the cells will
reproduce themselves integrally
and in a constant manner, hmm?
- Yes.
- So then,
the organs would no longer
become diseased.
The cells of the liver, brain,
bones, the skin would
reproduce themselves forever.
Which means that old age
would be defeated.
- And even death.
- Perhaps.
You are not only arrogant
and megalomaniacal,
you're also stupid.
- May I go now?
- Dr. Houseman,
your experiments carried out to date,
on what have they been performed?
On cell cultures.
This I took for granted.
But of what parasite?
No parasites.
On rats, monkeys?
Human embryos.
Those sons of bitches!
Those bureaucrats!
The only thing they care about
is their soft job,
and that pig Lloyd would trade
his only remaining leg
to see me with my back against the wall.
Perhaps a more
detailed research. One with...
With all the results of the experi...
I want to finish the experiment
and then report on it
when it's unequivocally successful.
Only then will I publish everything.
Don't worry.
We'll find the money somehow.
Even if I have to trade my shoes in.
Well, I certainly hope
it doesn't come to that.
I wouldn't be able to live with myself.
Look for the receipts, Willy,
with the bookkeeper's here.
Forget it, Willy.
I am not the bookkeeper.
Excuse the interruption.
That you are here?
Excuse me, I have some
things I have to do.
I got things I got to do, too.
From the little I understand of your
experiments, they're really extraordinary.
What's that?
That's a computer I supply
with molecular anatomy.
Fantastic. I know as much
about it as I did before.
What does it do?
Are you really interested?
Well, I am going to be 30.
I'd like to stay that way.
Every living organism,
from the moment it is born
begins a slow
and inexorable deterioration,
which I believe is predetermined
by genetic information.
Why predetermined?
From the moment that life
stirred in an organism,
it has no more or no less evolved.
Always adapting itself into
the environment in which it found itself.
Casual genetic errors of reproduction
produced mutations which
the environment selected,
rewarding the most adaptable
and suppressing the others.
Do you understand?
It's the environment itself
which establishes the rules of the game.
Try to imagine what would happen
if among many genetic errors occur
one produced an individual which
never aged,
therefore didn't die and who reproduced
other individuals like himself.
Well, first the environment
would reward such a species.
But before long, the species
would become so dominant
that every source known to man
and space would be used up.
Is that what you mean?
And in more or less time,
the race will become extinguished
and leave a desert behind.
Where did you go to college?
I'm convinced that the
process of life defends itself
by instilling the obligation
of death to each individual.
In other words, death is
the price we must pay
for the survival of our species.
At least until now.
If he had just followed
customary procedure,
nobody would have questioned him
about anything.
Insubordination simply cannot be
tolerated in a university like this one.
However, before we shoot
this whole thing down altogether
I would suggest examining this
project without prejudice.
Now we have a lawyer for the defense!
I'm defending this institute.
It would be very unpleasant
to see his experiments
published by another university,
especially if it turned out to be correct.
Has his assistant been questioned?
What's his name? Willy Carson.
No, not yet.
Willy, are you on foot?
No, I've got my car parked
just a block down the street.
Get in, I'll give you a ride.
No, please, don't bother yourself.
It's only a few steps away.
I insist.
How was lunch?
You were the main dish.
They served you up
in every possible sauce.
They'll have a bad case of indigestion.
They've decided to suspend
your research.
They want to verify all the experiments
that you've carried out till now.
They can't do it.
I have a contract which gives me the
liberty of leaving and going elsewhere.
They won't let you to leave.
Experiments with human fetuses
was not authorized.
If you leave, they will defer you
to the disciplinary committee.
That could block your work for years.
I'm sorry, Peter.
It's not your fault.
You're not to blame.
Lloyd's been trying to screw me
for a long time.
What will you do?
You'll be the first to know.
Hey Peter, Lloyd stopped me today.
He asked me to work with him.
He doesn't lose any time, does he?
What's happening, Peter?
I'm trapped.
As soon as they get the authorization,
they'll be coming to stick
their nose in all of our work.
After which, the experiments
will continue under Lloyd's supervision.
Isn't there any way to stop them?
By trying out the experiment
and proving that it works
before they can intervene.
There are too many unknowns.
It's too big a risk.
I know.
Okay, Dr. Houseman.
Tom, who came in?
Dr. Houseman.
Thanks for the evening.
Mike, I care for you very much,
but sometimes...
Your wisdom is very discouraging.
Forgive me if I don't give up.
It never hurts to keep trying.
- Good night, Mike.
- Good night, Sally.
Calm down, Sally, it's me.
Peter, what are you doing here?
Well, I'm keeping my promise.
I told you that you would be
the first one to know when I...
It's after 1:00.
Can we talk about it tomorrow?
I beat them all.
What do you mean?
The serum, it works. I tried it.
- Tried it on whom.
- On myself.
I used a small dose, but the results
were even better than I expected.
Now I can publish everything
and no one will dare to stop me.
Peter, that's fantastic.
I'm really happy for you.
That's all I really came to tell you.
- You're the only one who knows.
- Thank you.
- I guess I'll be going.
- Wait.
Do you want to come in for a minute?
- Sure, if it's not too late.
- No!
- I'll make some coffee.
- Okay.
Oh, hello, Sally.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Oh, I went to sleep.
Where's Tommy?
He went to sleep too
and I put him to bed.
Hi, I wasn't sleeping,
I was waiting for you.
Well, I would've been
disappointed if you hadn't.
But now, let's go to bed.
I'll go now, Sally.
Call me tomorrow if you still need me.
- Bye, Alice, thanks.
- Bye-bye.
Good night, Tommy!
Why don't you say hello,
instead of staring at him
as if he were a rare animal?
His name is Peter.
Hello, Tommy, how are you?
I'm sleepy.
Okay. Off to bed.
Why don't you take off your coat?
I'll be back in a moment.
Can I sleep with you?
No, dear.
Mama has work to do.
That's why Dr. Houseman came over.
Get a good night's rest, dearest.
Tommy's a cute kid.
- Are you divorced?
- No.
I've never been married.
Tommy's father was.
Only I didn't know it.
Our romance was washed out
by the terror in his eyes
when I told him I was pregnant.
Is this what you are looking for?
What did you do to your hand?
I don't know.
Must have hit it against something.
At least it isn't bleeding anymore.
Thank you.
Do you want some coffee now?
In the years 1953
to 1955,
it was proposed what afterwards
came to be regarded as central dogma.
Which affirmed that DNA
did not directly participate
in protein synthesis.
But acted rather as a stamp
for the synthesis of a molecule
of RNA,
which then repeated the DNA sequence.
The authors of this dogma were...
Um... Oh, my God, um...
I have it at the tip of my tongue.
They were the same ones who discovered
the helical structure.
Yeah, exactly, I meant them.
Watson and Crick, sir.
Very good, very good.
Okay, that will be all for today.
- Dr. Houseman?
- Yes.
- What's this?
- It's my address.
I'm having a party at my house.
I'd like it if you could come.
- When?
- Any day.
Any time you like.
Lloyd, you get the hell out of here!
Calm down.
It's not like you to lose
your pragmatic cordiality.
You get the hell out of here.
You have no authority to be in here!
Oh, it's only a matter of time.
The usual bureaucratic delays.
At times they are a little slow
and one is tempted to
go around them.
I'm sure you know how it is.
Not this time, you won't.
You do me a favor and
you drag yourself out of here.
If the commission decides
to continue this experiment,
it will be under my constant
and total control.
You won't be able to blow your nose
in here without my permission.
You did that on purpose.
You saw him.
I really couldn't see very well.
I'm sure it was an accident, Dr. Lloyd.
My God, Peter, the man is a cripple!
He's not a man, he's a worm.
Willy, what is this?
I don't know.
This is blood.
Okay, Tommy. Look at me and smile.
Maybe a little less.
Tommy, don't be so crabby.
Here, let me take the camera.
I'll take the picture.
You don't like me too much, do you?
That's okay. I don't like you either.
But you know, some of the best
friendships are born this way.
Watch what they do
when I give them these.
They are afraid.
Dr. Houseman.
If you plan to return like you did
the other night, I won't close.
What do you mean, like the other night?
The other night, you went in
and came out twice.
You plan to do the same thing
tonight too,
I won't block the gate.
You must be mistaken,
I only came through once.
Oh, here it is.
You came in at 8:45 and left at 10:20.
And then you came back again
at 10 past midnight
and you left at 25 past midnight.
I never sleep on my job.
I remember, I asked you for a match
and you gave me a packet. Here it is.
You remember now?
You really don't remember.
I even lent you my handkerchief
so you could tie up your wounded hand.
- Can I have a beer?
- I'm sorry, we're closing.
- I was here last night.
- Really?
Do you remember me?
Maybe you should pull your pants down.
Then she'll remember you.
Shut up!
Drinking beer?
Lots of people come here.
We can't be expected
to remember everybody.
That will be five dollars.
You got the guts to
come back here? Bitch!
You bastard!
Not on the face. Get him over here.
So it's true.
You were here the other night.
I don't know why you were
so stupid to come back.
No! Not me.
That girl lost weeks of work
because of you, you maniac!
Bob, you must decide!
I cannot strip him off his
authority all of a sudden.
We would be risking an investigation
and the institute will be involved.
If he attacked you,
he will indemn excuses.
His excuses don't mean anything to me.
All I want is that his access to this
laboratory be cut off immediately.
He's cooking something up.
He was furious when he saw me in there.
Anyone would be furious to find
someone rummaging through
their notes without authorization.
Well then, let's hurry up and get it!
Because I believe that arrogant bastard
is trying to trick us.
I'm sorry Sally,
I don't know what to think.
I've looked for him everywhere,
but no one's seen him.
Have you been to his house?
And I'm sure,
I'm certain that he's there.
But he just won't come to the door.
I'm sorry, I've got to go.
If I don't see you again,
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you, too.
Willy, watch where you're going.
Where have you been?
You disappeared a week ago.
Stop somewhere.
My God, Peter, what happened?
I tried the serum on myself.
At first, the results seemed positive.
Then something happened.
Something went wrong.
- You're freezing.
- I know.
My body assumes the temperature
of the air around me.
I don't know why.
I don't know what's happening to me.
The only thing I know is I have
to find a solution soon or it's over.
You... You shouldn't have taken the risk.
There were too many unknowns.
Willy, you must help me.
You're the only one who can do it.
How? They've closed the laboratory!
Lloyd got the authorization
and they're going through it
- with a fine-tooth comb.
- We'll go back in at night.
We'll repeat the experiment and try to
locate the error during the inoculation.
It could make it worse.
Willy, it's a chance
I'm gonna have to take.
I'm dying.
Turn the volume down, Tommy.
What? Willy, what did you say?
I... I saw him.
What? Where did you see him?
I told you to turn it down!
Hello? Willy?
Willy, I want to see him.
No! No, absolutely not.
He doesn't want to see anyone.
He doesn't even know
that I've telephoned you.
What happened to him?
He's bad off.
He's really bad off.
Sally, don't say anything to anyone.
If anyone can help him it's himself.
Willy, I want to talk to him, at least.
No, Sally, he...
he doesn't want it that way.
I'll call you again later.
We'll use a stronger dose.
I want you to go through
the blood analysis.
The first of the electrophoretic
velocity of the gamma globulin.
We'll repeat the analysis
every ten minutes.
The only way to locate the error
is to start from the beginning.
Willy, tie my wrists.
To make sure I can't move.
My God, no!
No! Stop!
Stop! What do you want?
What do you want? Leave me alone!
I promise I won't hurt you.
I couldn't hurt you.
I didn't know what I was doing.
Please believe me.
I didn't know.
Calm down. It's over.
Please believe me. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
I don't know why.
It's all right. It's gonna be okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's all right.
It's all right. It's okay, it's okay.
That's enough for now. I feel better.
Really, I feel better. That's enough.
I feel better! I said, that's enough!
Hey, look at that one.
Go around the block. We'll catch him.
How is he?
I don't know. Everybody's in there,
including the chancellor.
I can't let him see me. I'd have
to answer too many questions.
What happened?
I don't know.
I'd have to go back to the laboratory and
complete the experiment to be certain.
It's the only way to save him.
- Take this.
- What is it?
It's the result
of two years of research.
It belongs to Peter.
- Sorry, ma'am, you can't go in.
- I'm from the university.
You can let her pass, it's okay.
- You can't go in. Wait.
- How is he? I want to see him.
There's no use in your seeing him.
He was in a serious state of confusion,
now he's under sedation.
Miss Donnelly, who notified you?
Who told you?
Willy Carson.
Look for him.
I want to see him right away.
Well, there's no point
in staying here now.
Let me know if there's any news.
Yes, sir.
You need to go home too, it's bad.
Let's go, I'll drive you home.
No. I'll stay here.
Mike, what's happened?
Is his life in danger?
Damn it, we don't know.
All we know is he entered
the laboratory with Willy's help
and that he was struck by a police car,
but it didn't hurt him.
But that's all we know.
But his organism, it's like...
Like what?
Like he had aged 50 years all at once.
It's absurd.
But that's how it is.
Dr. Lester.
They're doing the blood analysis.
There's some things, I think,
it would be best for you to see.
Or someone might take me for a madman.
I've never seen anything like it.
Antibodies of an unknown species
that are fighting his own.
They're obviously stronger
and more virulent.
Ah, I know I'm talking heresy,
but I don't think they're human.
Go away.
Sally, go away.
Peter, listen to me.
Whatever's happening to me
isn't going to stop.
Every cell in my body is dying.
Please just go.
Willy said there's still hope.
He gave me the serum.
He gave it to me to keep
- until he finds the solution.
- No.
There is no more solution.
Can't you see that for yourself?
Go away!
No! No, I won't leave.
Sally, wait!
Mike, help me.
It's the program
of the experiment, right?
- Yes.
- No. No.
No, it's not.
Dr. Houseman destroyed the program disc.
You have a long career
ahead of you, Willy.
Don't throw it away.
tell me exactly how things stand
and what you were examining.
A form of aphasia has also set in,
which is worsening.
He can hardly articulate a word.
He's undergoing
a skeletal deformation as well.
His entire metabolism is changing.
Oh, my God.
It's not a degeneration gone crazy.
It's an organic mutation.
It's not just a mutation,
it's a regression.
What are you talking about, Lloyd?
I've been studying his notes.
Dr. Houseman injected himself
with cells with modified DNA.
To block the development,
the generic information that he believed,
controlled cellular aging.
But he opened up a dormant mutation.
One that hasn't been active
for millions of years.
That information has transformed
him into what we were,
maybe even before the advent
of the mammals,
at a remote time in our evolution.
My God! Into what?
I don't know. We shall see.
He will die before
the transformation is completed.
He's very weak now.
Could be.
Tommy, get ready, Alice is here.
Hi, Sally. I'm sorry, I'm late.
Is Tommy ready?
Just about. Thank you, Alice.
Oh, no problem, Sally!
Do you want him to sleep there?
No. Thank you.
Tommy is such an adorable kid.
Tommy. Tommy!
It's okay, Sally. It didn't spill.
Hello, Peter.
You wanted to surprise everybody
and you did.
Too bad you'll die before
the process is complete.
But maybe you still don't know
what happened to you.
Maybe you can't even understand
what I'm saying to you.
- I'm listening.
- Oh.
So, you're still a human being.
That is good news.
You know, I've persuaded Willy
to turn over to me the program
of your experiments.
His career is very important to me.
He said that I was right.
You know, I've already told
the chancellor
that I'm continuing
with your experiment,
in memory of your sacrifice.
I told him that I had
misjudged you, you know.
He was very touched.
Now, however, you must hurry up and die.
I'm gonna dissect you to find out
what the devil you've become.
I can satisfy your curiosity right now.
I won't die, now that you're here.
Metamorphosis will continue
as long as I have what I need.
You traitor, old Lloyd.
Oh, no!
Now, I have to...
Do you know where he might have gone?
No, I don't know.
Why were the heart and liver
ripped out of this victim?
Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Hello! Hello!
Oh, thank you!
Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Hello! Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Who's there?
- Sally.
- Peter?
Turn off the light.
Why did you leave the hospital?
Don't come any closer.
I want the serum.
What do you wanna do with it?
Peter, go back to the hospital.
Let them help you.
Nobody can help me.
My body is mutating more
and more quickly.
I must return to the laboratory.
What do you mean?
It means...
That I'm becoming a living fossil.
But what is more amusing
is that the experiment works.
And what I've become,
I shall be forever.
Sally, Peter has gone crazy.
He's killed Lloyd and escaped.
We don't know where he went.
Mike, he is here!
Hello. Sally!
Give me the serum!
Tommy? Where is Tommy?
Where is Tommy? Where is he?
Oh, my God. Help me.
Start, damn you! Start!
Open the door! Tommy! Open the door!
What was that?
It's in the laboratory,
on the ground floor.
I'll call Steve at the entrance.
Hey! Is anyone down there?
We're over here!
- Tommy, where's the key?
- Don't know!
Where? Find it. Come on!
- It's horrible!
- Sally, it's all right.
- It's over, Sally!
- He's inside!
- He's in...
- Hold your fire till I give the order!
All shooters, hold your fire!
Hold your fire!
What was it?
A nightmare.
From the past!
Mike! That...
- That's not Peter, right?
- No.
Mike. He said that he
would be transformed
and he even said that
whatever he became,
he would remain forever, understand?
He said that he would never die
because what...
In spite of everything
his experiment was successful.
No, no. Peter is dead. Believe me.
What happened to him?
My God! It's incredible.
The degradation of his cells
wasn't arrested.
He decomposed.
We'll have to make a report.
Wayne, call the station
and them what's happened here.
Yes, sir.
It's gonna be difficult
to convince a jury that this...
This stuff was once a man.
Here I am, mama.
Everything's going to be okay, honey.
It's all over, honey.
Everything's going to be okay.
It's all done.
But I persist in believing it's ridiculous
to make such a long trip by car.
We'll stop along the way.
I'm coming.
Tommy and I, we're not in any hurry.
It'll be like a little vacation.
Hey. Happy to be going back to New York?
Well, bon voyage, little guy.
I'll come see you soon, okay?
Mike... Thanks for everything, Mike.
Tommy, where did you find that?
Let him go or you'll kill it.
No, don't worry. I won't hurt him.
He won't die. He won't ever die.