Meteo (1990) Movie Script

Ecker, it's me, are you there?
Listen, I called you to let you know,
we will do it today.
We'll take the bath tub as well,
don't worry a bit, you'll join us, ok?
I'm coming there, wait for me. We'll
do this then just fly away.
...message from the commander... in the
coming weeks, the liquidation of
deserted factory zones will be
finalized. the demolition of the
buildings are at noon every day. the
removal of waste is at the end of the
month. we warn all illegal inhabitants
of the buildings to leave the closed
zone. we do not take responsibility for
any harm suffered there. also...
- Are we leaving then?
- Yeah.. I'm staying. I'm tired.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Cloudy, where are you?
I'll eat you up, you pixy.
- Eckerman, listen, do you remember me?
- Your water is cold, Cloudy.
Your friends are here. We are off to
the Cert. You are so beautiful, like a
god! Are you ready? Afraid, huh, you
white god. We will do it today, you
know. You are on duty tonight, right?
- Will you finish it tonight?
- Can you do it Ecker?
- Come on one, two, get out of the tub.
- Come out Cloudy, my lovely.
- You drag him into it, too, eh.
- Come on, blow your nose.
- We must pack your stuff.
- We'll get you some dough. And buy you
a new tub, a transparent one.
- You'll be happy! - I'm happy already.
- Sure, because you don't eat.
- You're getting dumb, when was the last
time you've eaten?
- He won't last too long.
- Oh shut your mouth, will you?
- Ecker lasts longer than anybody.
- I bet I can do it for 10 days.
- Listen, Cloudy, you know what, we are
in as well! We are cool.
- This is serious. No food until we
get the big dough.
- Really? Blood contract then.
Delicious. Let's do a blood contract.
- Get out of here with your thin blood.
Blood... eek!
- I want to see your lovely blood.
- You fucking bastard.
- Leave me alone with this shit.
Ecker, tell him to fuck off!
- Where are you, huh? Look at this.
This is my blood here.
- You are not interested, eh?
- I was talking about fasting only.
- So no food, huh? All right, but I'll
rip your guts out if I catch you eating.
- All set, no food! Just our job to do.
Take it easy, you buffoon.
- Come here Ecker, I'll protect you,
won't let this one touch you.
- Now take a look around, what
mess you've made.
- Are you OK, Cloudy?
We are off tomorrow.
- Beater, why do you need that Icon?
You won't look at it ever.
- You haven't checked it out once!
- That's a nice picture.
- Give it to me and I'll sell it. There
is no fucking risk here. You'll make a
profit or at least get your dough back.
This is high-tech, you fag.
- If you touch my hair again I slaughter
you. - OK, OK..
- Just lend it to me.
- That's a saint picture, you get it?
- Don't take me as a fool. To you, in
this lifetime, I won't lend anything.
- You snapped? You will have your
own apartment, Beat.
- There you go, kid, run!
You better shut your mouth now.
Where is the Icon?
- Listen, Ecker walks in, then walks
out. Look at me, Beater.
- So dumb you are. Consult him. Sending
your brother to death. What are you?
- If there are any problems you will be
taken down as your face is familiar.
You will sink like this. And the money also.
- You are mistaken if you think I'm
going in there, Berlioz.
- Ecker will go in then.
- Ecker won't go in.
- Why don't you go in, kid?
- Because my face is important to me.
If someone beats me up, I'm done.
I will work with this. I need this.
- You get it, puppy?
- You are beautiful indeed.
- But if Ecker gets beaten up that's no
problem for you right?
- You want me to take this in then?
- Get lost. On your way. You are thin.
- You will go then. Ecker will watch
out. Come here, listen. You go in before
him, check the place out. If you sense
any trouble, let him know discreetly.
- You think he got it?
- Take care of him!
- Dumb one! Hope you rot in hell
you bastard! Burn everything!
- Come on! Let's go!
- You got it? How much?
- Ecker?
- Don't stop, he's clean, will be alright.
- He has the Icon? Or you got the dough?
- Who is this?
- Picking up whores while waiting?
- What's up with the dough?!
- Where is the Icon? And the dough?
You left the Icon there?
- The gentleman here is part of that
company as well?
- The lady here can't hear. Deaf.
- Were you looking for someone?
- If you don't want to die and rot, make
sure we never see you again.
- You understand me, right? Are you dumb
as well, or just deaf?
Ballsy guy. Show it to me.
- Stop then and throw her out if you
wish, but stop yelling at me.
- You are an animal. She's a refugee,
she is not even Hungarian.
- I didn't even touch her, don't you
get it?
Where are we going? To Ecker's place?
- Hey Beater, hey Berlioz.
What's up, boss.
- Where is your gun, Henrik, your
homeland is being undermined.
- You are doing shady deals here why we
drop our blood, son?
We will shoot you like a dog if we win.
- You got anything? Any news from
the market?
- We are fresh millionaires.
- Came to see Ecker? He is not here.
- Are you dealing with refugees?
- Who is this girl?
- You want her, Henrik? Pay up.
- Nah, I will catch something.
- She is a virgin.
- If she is, that's too expensive.
- You can get her for free if you
fuck off.
- You are lying.
No one is a virgin for free.
- When are you moving out? Can I come
with you?
Sure, Henrik. To your mum.
We are not taking her in then?
How long shall we wait?
I see you still got your sense of humor.
- You had her, right?
- It doesn't matter, shut up.
- You always do this, pathetic.
- What? Shut it.
- I'm pretty hungry now.
- Too bad for Ecker. He's a genius.
- They'd get him on board, still.
He could make it happen.
- Ecker is a fucking loser.
He can't move, can't eat alone.
- You don't even feel sorry for him,
huh? You are fucked.
Crying now, eh?
- Whatever. This whole place will be
blown up soon anyways.
- You want some coffee?
- Yeah.
- You scared me a bit. I'm so happy!
- Me too.
Are you on duty tonight, Lacika?
Two spoons of sugar, right?
Here you are, delicious.
- Yesterday we went to that kind of
store where you can buy animals with
my friend, as she wanted to get a
lizard. That scalloped one you can keep
among rocks. So we took an umbrella in
case it might rain, but it didn't.
There was no lizard though, just
snakes. Nice thick ones, squirming
around. My friend fondled them but I
didn't dare to do it, so...
So it was like that.
- I don't know how is it with you but I
don't sleep that much nowadays.
Sometimes I don't sleep at all.
- Probably 'cause I'm afraid of my
dreams. I have terribly beautiful ones.
- Sometimes I walk around and meet
people. Sometimes I don't.
- Then I just walk for a long time,
and stuff like that.
Are you going to be here all night?
- I will bring you more coffee.
Before I leave.
Our precious is here.
That's the system, right?
Nice gun!
- Where did you buy the gun? How much
was it?
- He's got no money!
- I found it.
You meant that for me, right?
These are the horses already, Ecker?
- Look, the system is ready in the
morning, all right?
Too bad we don't have the dough.
- Aren't you a bit dumb, Beater? Why the
hell are these words coming out of
your prick mouth? Why talk?
- I need to show the money here, Beat.
- You're a fucking burden here and
deserve a beating. I'm off to the turf
tomorrow to bet big, make it happen.
That was the plan, wasn't it? Moron.
- Shall we?
- Sure.
- Don't touch me. Just look, look!
That's inappropriate! OK, only for you.
You cannot come in here. Forbidden.
We are really sorry.
- Who are you?
- You start. - Start what?
- Tell her who you are.
- We are.. uhm.. so..
- We are rats squirming in the
labyrinths of the city.
- Do you believe us?
- You better should.
- Who are you looking for? No one
is around.
- No one is around.
- How sad.
- What are you doing?
- Who shall start then?
- Me.
- Yeah, sure, no way.
- Why not me?
- Because it will be me!
- Well, it's gonna be me then.
- You fuck her and I watch, huh? Nope.
- Come on, I'm not like that. I want to
satisfy her.
- Every woman dreams of that!
- I will shout. And scream.
- Really? We thought?
- What?
- All right. Rape it is then.
- Or we could let her pick?
I'm intrigued. Come on: him or me?
Do you like my friend here?
- I do, but his hair is weird.
- Shall I trim it?
- And what about me?
- I don't like you, you are stuck-up.
- Oh come on, she is just afraid.
If she looks at me it's over.
Look at me if you dare!
- On the table. That's right.
- Well done.
Undress. Now.
- You got any booze?
- Surely they have. Right?
- Right.
- Where is it, darling?
- In the safe.
- The keys?
- Over there.
- Don't cry, we are going to love you.
- Cash. Was Santa Claus around?
- No, we have payday in two days.
- Payday. Carry on.
- What day is it the day after tomorrow?
- The days are all mixed up because
of the holidays.
- Really, mixed up?
- What holidays? - Drink it up!
- It's Monday on Saturday and Tuesday
on Sunday.
- Saturday is cancelled? Why?
- Let's get over these holidays already.
- It's not cancelled, it will be the
day after tomorrow.
- Lose the earrings as well, carry
on sweetheart.
- Shall we take it?
- Take it now? Or in the morning?
- Morning, why, of course now.
- You can't do that!
- Only as a loan.
- Of course as a loan.
- You can't do that!
That is for the paychecks.
- We will take you as well.
- Oh, oh!
I can't open it!
- Where are going?
- What do you mean?
- We are on the run with the girl and
the cash!
- What a primitive prick you are,
piss off to the back seat!
- You'll get us caught! Just take it
easy, right turn, that's it.
- What's this? I feel something with
my tits! Give it to me!
That's a gun!
So hard!
- Beater!
- You have to pull it like this?
- Beater!
- All right, take it easy.
- Where shall we go now?
- Dance! Dance!
Let's stop at the first joint we like!
This is going to be a long ride then.
- A church, look! Stop, stop!
I'm off here, going to pray.
- For fuck's sake! Drunk animals.
We could have skidded easily.
That man hasn't called since then, he swore...
- Want to confess?
- To whom? - Each other.
- Me, to you?
- Yeah, and me to you.
- You can do it with a priest only.
- Not in case of emergency. Look.
- I sit here and you tell me your sins.
- Only the truth?
- Yeah, and I won't tell anyone ever.
- Honest to God.
- My word for it. Honest to God.
- Sure, yeah.
- You first, all right?
- Alright. Here.
Only the truth.
- I must confess I behaved like a prick.
- When?
- Recently.
- Do I know anything about it?
- Don't ask questions! I want to show
you how to do this.
- You make sure in the end I'm always
the one who needs to shut up.
- Let's switch then!
- You stay there!
Listen to me.
- When I told you.. when you told me,
you won't give me the Icon, remember?
- Yeah. - I had a feeling then, fuck it,
if he's like that, I leave with the dough.
- So you wanted to disappear with the
dough. And where?
- Far away.
- And you don't want to anymore?
- No. I know you are my mate now.
A good mate, for sure.
- So you don't want to run away with
this cash we have now?
No, no...
- You've changed.
- Completely!
- Take it seriously, damn!
- Let's switch.
Come on. You can't do it?
- What is your sin? Come on, talk.
Speak mate, confess!
I thought we were going to dance.
- We will, easy. We are going under now.
- Beater, let's get out of here.
- I'll help you leave this shithole,
make you king, take you to the Cert.
We will be millionaires, we can do it.
- You don't like it here?
As good as anywhere else.
- Love and friendship are the key.
And money.
- Shall we down something?
- You want to?
- Sir, two raspberries...
- Two of the same for us.
- Listen, Beat.
To Ecker, the system, and the dough.
Ecker, system, dough.
- Practically, I'm a maharaja, and my
colleague here too, starting tomorrow.
- I'm going home, I had enough,
going home, going home.
You.. Are.. Good.
- What's up?
- No answer.
- Phone is broken, come on.
- Listen, I'll check out Ecker
and the system, you grab the girl and
meet us, I'll bring Ecker.
- What's wrong?
- Your plans.
- OK, go on, I'll look for the girl then.
- Yeah, have a beer as well.
- Fuck it, what's it gonna be then.
Right, leave then, go away!
- So you can stuff yourself with food,
right? - Yeah, right!
- I do what I want, you prick!
Bravo, Beat, you hear? Motherfucker!
- Meaning my mother, not yours,
you moron.
My best friend. We love each other.
- Sure it's a brilliant?
- Yeah, an original.
- How much?
- A million.
- Hey, baby, how much for a round?
- Don't touch me, you filthy drunk!
- I'm going to puke. I can't take it
anymore. Leave me alone.
- I am drunk again, for what!
- I missed you so much.
- You are a liar.
- That's right.
- Let's make up for the lost time.
- Leave me alone.
- Leave you where? Here?
- It's all over. - Let's die then.
- We talk, have a feast, squelch some,
feel each other up, confess.
- No, I can't do it, you don't love me!
- Fireworks for fuck's sake!
Hey Beater.
- The demolition is at noon tomorrow.
All at the same time, chimneys included.
- Listen, take me with you, I can work
hard and understand everything fast.
- I'm your man!
- We don't go anywhere Henrik, easy.
- I'm your man though, the best! You are
blind if you don't see that!
We will let you know.
- Cloudy!
- Hey, Ecker!
- Ecker!
- I'm here for the system.
Glad you are here!
Ecker? Having a bath?
- Seemed like a good idea to have a bite
since I was so hungry.
- You can look, it's alright. Poor Ecker
is starving while we are having a feast.
We are not dumb like him.
- I hereby pose the question, Beater:
you want to stay here, right?
You are the best.
- Tough, the toughest guy around, right?
- Yes.
- Ecker is like that, too.
You are clueless, I'm out.
- Goodbye, Sir Beater.
- Righteous champion, fool of the world.
- Come on puppy, what do you want?
I'll save this for Ecker. Peace!
- You want blood? Have my blood!
Stay Beater, sit, stay!
- I crush you, you animal!
I tear you apart, you monkey!
- Where are you, come on!
- I hope your brain rots, piece of shit!
- I'll rip your heart out! Ecker is..
- Shut your mouth, Ecker is a monkey.
I'm gonna kill you!
Cut this crap.
- Wait for me! Wait, wait! They are just
fools, let them go! Stop!
- Stop!
- On the floor!
Stay like that! Don't move!
I'll step into nirvana! Nirvana!
- You know the face of those in nirvana?
It will be like that, son.
Beat! I'll take you to the Cert.
Flawless. Told you it can be done!
How lucky you are. We will take Ecker
to the Cert as well.
- You know what comes tomorrow?
We land on an island.
- Get out with our suitcases, everyone
is there already, drinking in the bar.
- As we arrive, we enter, and say:
- Hello, we are here, look!
And they just sit there, all sleepy
and ask: hello, what's your name?
I respond: My name is Berlioz.
- Come on, come on!
- Wait for me!
Still in the tub?
My little millionaire!
- You are a good mate, Beater.
You were good.
- Doing this to me, my hands are shaking.
Fuck it.
What's it gonna be then?
Is it over? It's over then.
For you, it's over, of course...
You want to do something?
Have any more fun ideas? You snapped?
- What shall we do? Balm him, build
him a pyramid, or what?
Let's get out of here, Beater.
Let's go, Beater. You snapped, huh?
You want fly away with Ecker.
- Are you nuts, Beat?
- Go away. Go the to Cert.
Go or I'll blow your brains out.
Do it then. Shoot.
Lay down for a bit, Beat.
Have some rest, get yourself healed.
19... 18... 17... 16... 15...
Hey Beater!
- Go away Henrik, they are detonating.
- Nah, they fucked it up.
Hey Henrik, I have a task for you.
- Shall we bury him?
- He wouldn't be happy with that.
What would make him happy then?
Any luggage?
Have a nice trip then.