Meteor Apocalypse (2010) Movie Script

All the operational satellites
Implemented interfaces
A, two three prepared to go
Awaiting implementation
To verify controls
Verifying controls
All in their positions and ready to begin
The whole operational crew
ready for the shot
Verifying analyzes would excel
Analyze would excel complete
I glide of paths this...
Being implemented
We are ready to implement
We are going
We are the wait for command gentleman
Is the president here, everything ready?
Yes gentleman
Yes gentleman
Mr. president, we spoke to president Lee Chang
him this ready one as well as us
Everything was ready and this to be initiate
IAEA confirms the agreement
Everything is that can do
That is a high price to pay for the disarmament
Is he/she sure that that will work?
We made calculations in simulations
of here forward it is subject of probabilities
Of course the ogivas are enough for that
But the explosion will leave many fragments
What does happen if it doesn't work?
We should put the disaster teams in alert
We are going ahead
Beginning sequence of release of bombs
Initiate release
Sr President
We have a problem
Did we get right?
Yes Mister, but the explosion created
many fragments
We were certain gentleman
And all of them go for us
That was very good
Thank you to put come
To put favor informs us tomorrow
I promise to inform to put e-mail
I promise to you
And remember to happen an e-mail
I will inform to put e-mail
Good night ladies
I see you next week
and don't forget of what spoke
I need help
That is a very good model
of the solar system, he/she made a great work
That here should be... Mercury?
We will call father will help now
Let us go
I need help with my project of the solar system
Now no dear
I need to finish that before the water to fall
Maybe I should make that
You can have vertigos
Very funny
I understood, thank you
David, we go there
Ally, Wanted
Alisson, Hear
As soon as finishes here...
I will enter and I will work with you
in project O.k. ?
I promise
There wanted...
Play here
Father, I am 12 years old already
Let us go
Everything well?
It is better to do that the light of the day
I will have a better chance of not hurting me
Everything well
Did that feel?
seemed an earthquake
I saw a sparkle after a fire ball
Kate, is better to return for the bed
Can I enter in the Internet?
They are two of the morning Alisson, sleep again
Everything very dear
She should maintain the interest
did she inherit that of you knew?
I hope not
is probably my boss
Apposed that is to talk about the tremor
I haul.
David, I need that comes here
Come Now
Mark. the one that wrong
I need to go there
Because he started to call
all of the nights that week?
That is my work Kate
What does want me to do?
We are going David there
What do you want wanted?
I need to show a thing
Alisson, go to bed
Can we leave in the church tomorrow?
promised that we would go Sunday
Good night
Mark where you?
Mark where you?
Do you want water?
Where did he/she find him/it?
Fallen here in the ground
He will be well
What did he take?
It is the water
. David
I am trying to call for you
You this well?
Don't drink water
has something wrong with her
Because David?
doesn't matter what happens
I will be home as soon as can
Alisson, did You drink that?
Dear Alisson, you this well?
Does Kate Have some thing wandered with Alisson?
has something wrong with the water
He wanted to show a thing that
he/she had never seen before don't know him/it because
Testing the blood pressure
20 to put 12
Injecting 10 prodezan ml
I don't get contact
we have to remove a sample
Here use that
stopped breathing
Check the monitor
It is that
We ended
This died
Excuse Mark
We go there
I am going in my own car
We are going Sam there
Sam you this well?
Were you also reached?
It is not just at Vegas
I am making a report in the laboratory
You this well?
Yes he/she hears...
I am well but
I think something affected the water and it killed Mark
Yes, it is not the first
What is some idea of the one?
I think some radiation type
The system has a report for me to verify
Yes clear, and which does know the source?
Until that moment we know that the
underground of Los Angeles was committed
Hear, they count contaminadores,
but I didn't find the source would excel.
That thing is mortal
After 10 days after the ingestion
10 days?
The survivors leave of...
and any other bodies
I will begin to work with priorities
Depending on the all ingested
I imagine that will have to do many tests
Can Sam hear myself?
This area this under quarantine
to put the government's order
While we spoke should stay in the vehicles
Be back gentleman
I live here
Hear, that is my house, my name
it is David Martin and there it is my house
Maintain the free passage
Return gentleman
There my wife
is my daughter
Kate, Alisson
To put favor just...
Calm down gentleman
"Kate"," Alisson"
In the moment I cannot assist
To put favor leaves a message
Ei Sam, is David again
I am on the way to Las Vegas now
My family was taken for a quarantine area
See if he/she gets to know something to I respect
I think my daughter this sick one
Call can as soon as
My battery this ending
Thank you
This everything well
No, not
Everything well
You this well
will be well
Trust me
Ei, will have to give you an injection
or you had died
Let us go
Everything well,
you this well
David, is Sam
I am calling for the it formulates
In the 14th attempt
Attention for that transmission
The Department of National security
this in emergency
All to put the problems with the rain of meteors
All should seek shelters...
The international community... they are monitoring
that finds strange event in Vegas
That particle found in the water
Trying to identify the stranger particle
in the sources of underground water
Ei everything well
Stop, it Calms, stop
Ei listens, I won't hurt you
This everything well
I just caught Jeep, and we are going
for Vegas, Right?
Lean now.
. Everything well
Eca, You this well?
This Certain, You this well
Everything well?
Hi I am Len
Pleasure in you know him/it
Do you have a brush?
Or a shampoo?
Everything well,
we go there
Is that for me?
Thank you
Mister, do You live in Las Vegas?
What did Uau, have in the injection?
You are not from Vegas
I understood
I have a former boyfriend
Former Work
Former apartment, former dog former sister
I don't have anything in the world
and any perspective
Then, where exactly in Vegas this going
I will speak to a friend
on the contamination of the water
Maybe get some answers
Contamination of the water?
Yes she leaves sick people
I found you fall in the gas station
I didn't feel like this since
I was the Russian mountain in Disneylandia
But, of any way
It was very good of part I to help
That is the great history
of my life when I think to I respect
You really know
people like this in the morning?
Oh yes
I don't believe
End of the line
We will leave
Let us go
Let us go
In agreement
Where did it get that water?
I don't know
Certain, this good one.
We are in contact with the director
of the Center
Together we are making the tests
We already did several of them
but we don't know what this happening
I am testing the stones with my team
We lost the center of operations
Do you call that of control?
We put ourselves nine thousand people in the quarantine
And in the middle of that enormous catastrophe
The control center didn't get
anything on that disease
Both of us met the protocol
The Pathogen found in the water...
it is a biological risk
That politics of protocols
they are not applied the science here
The meteors fell
and they left the sick people
We cannot act for the book of rules
Then we will do what goes need
to save those people
Those are the secretary's of the direct orders
department of contention of diseases
Then he/she will have to remove me the force
All pay attention to put favor.
All are confused
then oh it is going some facts
Several days ago
We had several warnings of the path
of a periodic comet
That it was in collision course with the Earth
And the defense of many countries
it threw nuclear weapons against him
But nevertheless it continued coming to us
And the residual meteors collided with the Earth
And he/she has more of them walk her
Up to now, most reached Las Vegas
destroying downtown and the airport
Then we needed to act fast
The building of CCD was not reached
that this correct one?
Yes, the building this intact one
But he/she doesn't have energy, he/she doesn't have water
No there is as maintaining the quarantine
Many, without necessary numbers
And how much the fatality of the disease?
Mr. Felps
Continue Candence
After reviewing the data
of the researchers' team
On them you analyze
knew that the pathogens are fatal
Depending on the ingested amount
we have just some hours
In little time all will be dead
We needed to discover quickly
the treatment for those diseases
Vegas cannot make anything
but we can
We have to do that right
Because many are depending on that
and they count on us
There are close facilities of Los Angeles
then we will order those people for there
Tony, get the transport for those people
And necessary to do that fast
The National security this ordering reinforcements
But they still didn't arrive
Candence, you have everything of the laboratories.
Cures, vaccines...
Everything orders for those people from Los Angeles
and that you/they arrange a room to work in those facilities
Harvey, continue receiving calls of CCD
They are using all of the lines
until the safe exchange lines
I think it is urgent
Don't assist
They are pressing you as well as to me
We will remove those people from Vegas
Before they impede us
You this well?
thinking about the radiation
We cannot be sure
The body can create immunity to the plutonium
It would be fascinating
We will find my friend Sam
Him this working in an antidote
O.k. wait one second
Let us go
we have to continue
What this doing?
What this seeking?
My wife and my daughter
they were also taken
I have to find my friend
To put favor
What place is that?
It is the compound of CCD of Vegas
I think CCD no this more
working here
Where CCD brought my family for the quarantine
And if they are not here need find them
That should be an informative one to the users
Which the department?
Department of water
Which would be the room
We go find her
Him this sick one, and you can cure
then give for me
Still no this ready one,
I need that now
Catch that
Don't move
Everything well, I can help
I have the information that she needs
She needs to do her formulates
Where does he/she work?
In that room
Everything well
Everything well
is cold
Be oh
Yes, I am making arrangements
Therefore I will be oh
I need salinim
In the shelf
top part
There is more with him
Therefore they will return
20 ml
Is he/she sure that that will work?
Certain, it should neutralize the pollutants
Do you have more of those?
I could hide some samples
Everything well
Here this
Where did they take the people in quarantine?
All were taken for the
federal office in Los Angeles
One more delay
I won't be here
It still was not tested
If it is not right it can be dangerous
I will lock
To put here
We can jump
We have to jump
I am not able to
I cannot make that
David, in the three.
A, two...
No, I am not able to
No, I have problems with height
Then we have to return
To put here
let us go
Let us go
We go, we have to continue
Everything well
We needed some water
You this well?
What this doing?
To see if it formulates her works
I can wait
We go, you this sick one
and he/she needs to take now
We should not test
to see if it works?
Let us go
I am well
Everything well Len,
Keep her
Everything well,
In case it changes of idea
I will seek some water
and later to go for Los Angeles
Did you hear that?
Did you hear something?
Wait one second,
What is that?
Her still this lives
Release the weapons
Release the weapons now
FBI, loosen the weapons
Stop, be stopped
Ei, am unarmed
Ei, stop oh even
Don't shoot
Stop oh
Turn of backs and cross the fingers
behind the head
Of knees
Stop oh even
Stop oh same, for the ground.
Then? What is that?
We are trying to arrive to Los Angeles
I try to put my family
They were taken for the quarantine
To put favor gentleman
I think my daughter this sick one
And I know where he/she has clean water
Diffuse to 142
This holds
When the rain of meteors fell
The National security didn't know what to do
The people began to be sick
Then what happened
Some bureaucrat ordered all
for the quarantine to clean the mess
Because Los Angeles?
Well, after Vegas was destroyed
they had to change for L.A.
All of the people in quarantine
they were moved for LA for service
There is somebody of L.A.
that can contact for the I radiate
is sure that this well because
Does he/she know because you this oh behind?
On the strange deaths?
Certain, but it is that that I do
Relax, take advantage putting of the sun
Agent Nilson, you this in the line?
Yes we continued here
I repeat
We have possessions in the communications 10-9
I repeat have possessions of communications
Restricted contacts to the command center
Here he/she is the special agent Jake Nilson
Could they say that devils this happening?
seems that somebody more this wanting water
No, not.
Don't stop, don't stop
Count what knows on V.R.
Let to do of here V.R.
They are returning
Tell me
A comet will reach Los Angeles and three days
My son this there
Just let to stick to some water
sneaks out
They are lying for all today
That is as a weapon
Am I am being arrested?
I am entitled
Damages were caused in several fields
I am the new director of CCD
You won't communicate with anybody
About the activities of CCD or of the one OF THE
Was that clear?
I want them to cancel all of the activities
initiate in you finish them twelve hours
The Secretary of D.A.S told me and Nasa Confirmed
A Comet will destroy
the city of Los Angeles in 3 days
We have to prepare the coordination
of all the officials for the country
The slowness of the satellite reduces the speed
of the coordination of the answer teams
David, we have to continue
How much water does remain us?
Minus of half of the bottle
Then drink
No, you first.
doesn't take anything since yesterday in the morning
My life derrepente lost the sense
What does want to say?
I don't know
Think more to respect
I think the highway is to put here
We go,
We have to go
We cannot process a better scenery
Improve process
the fastest possible
We cannot process thousands of people
with a comet arriving
I haul
Candence am me Harvey Fets
I am confined in California
The one that wants say a death sentence
Harvey, Peter this
in the operational command
Ordering in everything
I have a plan to save those people
I have all the equipment here
but I need support logstico
That is larger than Peter
Everything well
You ordered teams for the death
I have jurisdiction on everything
and I do what I want
Where is the center of medical service?
This disabled
I want to go there
Will put there
Which the sense of that?
nobody knows what this coming
To put favor, THE control center is here
Is he/she sure that it is here?
It is here
that is that it worries me
Because it doesn't leave?
Because it doesn't leave
and does it find a better place?
You are a selfish person
I didn't make anything haul of seeking mine to put days
he/she marries and daughter and to take a risk my life to put them
And I took a risk my life you to put
Everything well?
What is doing
Do they want to take a shot?
They are not knowing about the restrictions
doesn't matter
No, Her this sick one
Her this sick one
We go, help me
Take daughter
It is better you to come with me
We go, walking
Just walk a little more
Now, this is the best place in the area
And I will be back in the morning
I seek for my wife
They said that it was taken for Nevada
They are probably in the fields
of refugees of the east of the city
No, it was here that you/they brought them
They will shoot in you if they find him/it in the city
Nobody should leave to the touch to collect
doesn't import me
won't help family being died
Be with us this night
The evacuation will be made soon in the morning
With thirst
Yes, Thank you
Doesn't he/she get to sleep?
Longings of the family?
seems very natural for me
They should be with me
And you? Where is family?
Should not they be with them?
I am
That is my family
says like this the proverb
Don't go brother's house
when a disaster reaches you
The best neighbor sees from a distance
knows... when it was young
No there is more important in the life
That to take care of me same
Did he/she know? I only worried about me
Because nobody more he/she would make him/it
Oh then, I found somebody
In agreement
Fast, they don't go wait them
I discovered a thing

You seem well
Give returned the fastest that I was able to
You don't have children
You have to go
This hoping you to put
Somebody helps to put favor
Somebody helps to put favor
to put favor
Somebody, her this sick one
She seems to be having an attack
Already that happened before
I don't know
I will give a shot in her
I will give a shot to stop the attack
No this working
I won't give plus,
it is better than reacts fast
A prayer shepherdess?
I have a cure here, but it was not
tested. there is a great chance of..
Of you Kill her
Which name?
Medeleine? Medeleine
let us go
Hold that
You need to drink that
it can save life
We go wanted
Make force here
Open the mouth, we Go
Oh it goes
Wanted, we go
we made the best than we were able to
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you very much
Ei, is the responsible here
Embark all fast one
Everything well
Does he/she have children?
Yes, a twelve year-old daughter
No this with her now
Her this with my wife
they were taken for the quarantine 3 days ago
As well as us
But he/she had people too much
They could not maintain all
all put in risk
Does other quarantine area exist?
Nobody mentioned that before
Where is that area
To the north of Los Angeles
Mrs., we have to go
It is far, but it is probable that you/they are well
is in Ravena
to 4 kilometers
Thank you
Thank you
Fast, Fast
Only more two
Go with daughter
One more
Who is going he/she?
Let us go
We will be
You are going with them
We have to go
No, I have to help the ones that be
We have that you take her
We go, continue
We don't have a long time
I think we are close
we have to continue
That is it finish
Drink completely
Let us go
We have to climb
Let us go
I am not able to
Yes you can
David, I am not able to
Everything well
Be here and I will find an easier road
had luck
Because I met him in the gas station?
Because I am still here?
I am not able to
We will find another road
We go, it cannot stop now
No, dear
You have to go for daughter
No, we go there
To put favor
Yes, there is many sick in the groups
Yes, actually most of them doesn't have chances
I have to turn off
To leave of that moment, we won't spend
plus any resource with detainees in the quarantine
We still have a group in Springs
This saying that we go abandon them?
They worked in team as well as all
And as for the support?
The Government they used
They will die doesn't matter what do
All call the ones that can
The city will be reached in some hours
We don't have time to save the people in L.A.
We have to use our efforts where will make difference
Look, you should return now
and they be moderated to the command
Everything well
Thank you
That is the final call
Cross their fingers Candence, we have a helicopter
but maybe it doesn't help the shock very even
Ei, Where is the detention Center?
He left
Everything was destroyed and
just some remained
We waited for the evacuation
but they didn't come
Does he/she need help?
I try to put a woman and a girl
Still some exist people behind
To put here?
Thank you
I heard your voice
Listen, me...
Alisson, this there
I have something for you
What do need drinks, right?
will make you to get better
Tell me that wants that we do
People are needing our help
There is nothing that can do
Yes there is something
I found, I go catch them now
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