Method (2017) Movie Script

Now you are listening to
"Walking With Happiness" by Kim Hyeon Joo.
In the future, he will bring
his brilliant ideas into his music.
This news is from a very popular idol group,
P2S's Main Rapper, Young Woo.
Not only he's part of the idol group,
he is also a singer and songwriter.
He's a genius musician.
Due to the motorcycle incident
some time ago...
...he could not
appear in the media for a while.
But now Young Woo says that he wants to
plunge into the world of theater.
His debut
will be produced by Park Kwong Ho...
...along with actor Lee Jae Ha, who once
starred in "Self-esteem En Route University"
How will Lee Jae Ha and Young Woo
show us the...
...method of acting?
Everybody is looking forward to it.
- Welcome!
- You're here!
Hey! You look skinny.
- Are you Walter already?
- Shut up.
- Hello.
- Yeah. Long time no see.
It's for you.
Thank you.
Have you read the script?
Am I not reading it right now?
Ah, man...
Looks like he got stuck.
He's not here yet?
Ah, um... Young Woo went to the toilet.
We just arrived.
What the hell?
He's not here.
What's happening?
We're here.
You must be on time in the future.
At least greet your sunbae.
This is Young Woo.
We wish you well.
This is Singer, who tried to outdo
Walter but failed.
A man, who thinks Walter is Mark's enemy.
He, despite already having Singer's love... the end kills Singer to stay alive...
Now that everybody is here...
...let's take a look at the
modified parts.
Switch to section 4.
Scene 2, page 8.
When Walter saw Singer,
he suddenly felt afraid...
...and tried to
distract his attention elsewhere.
"Ah, Singer doesn't know I'm Mark.
He's misunderstood."
That's what he thought.
But his actions here are pretty weak...
...therefore, we may lose the audience.
"This... Where is this place?"
"Since when have you been here?"
This way, both of them says a line.
Take a look at this, please.
You have to write it down.
I'll do it.
Has everyone finished writing down?
You're so lucky, Hee Won.
Looks like I also have to start drawing
something that can be sold.
Sorry, I'm late.
How was the rehearsal?
- I hear that it was the first one?
- Yes, yes.
He said his partner will be Young Woo.
Young Woo?
How is he?
So handsome, right?
- His face is very small.
- Young Woo's?
Is this for sale?
Every part of your painting
takes a lot of time.
How about we read first?
He's not even here.
Do I read to myself?
Excuse me.
"I'm the person you love, right?"
"Do you still doubt me?"
"It's not like that."
"You're only a hyung to me."
"The only one of many people in the world."
Ah, you little...
- Hyung. Replace the actor.
- What?
Hey, if not you,
who else can play Walter?
That's a difficult character.
No, no.
No one else can do it.
The character is based on your thoughts.
Not me.
Hey! No! No! No!
You have to think about
me and my play!
Try to understand.
Then find a suitable actor!
Hey, Jae Ha!
Jae Ha!
Ah, that little...
Say it.
- You're so happy right now, right?
- Not really.
You're the one who seems happy.
Then you should be happy as well.
Yes, Director?
At our house?
About what time?
Yes, okay.
What tomorrow?
- Why at our house?
- He'll come with Young Woo for dinner.
With Young Woo?
"If you can understand the feeling
of why Clare is treacherous...
...then talking about him
won't be a problem, right?"
"Because I'm all ruined..."
"Ruine... Ruin..."
"Everything's ruined."
"Ruined. Ruin..."
"I think it's ruined."
"Singer, I'm the one you love, right?"
Now everybody is silent.
On stage, silence can catch the attention
of the audience for a moment.
But it won't last long,
because the tension will soon disappear.
Therefore every time you
have to shine like the starlight.
We must charge ourselves to the fullest!
You really don't know?
Don't you know
how much I'm in love with you?
From the moment I first saw you...
I gave everything up.
You made me feel this way!
Forgive me...
I behaved like a child.
It's alright.
In a situation like this,
that's perfectly natural.
Come in.
Come in.
We're here.
- We're here.
- Welcome.
Don't kiss me.
Young Woo.
Come in.
On stage, you have to be cruel.
Why is being crual important?
Because you need freedom.
Young Woo keeps saying "yes".
Let's eat first.
Hyung, what are you doing?
Why are you treating me like this?
Let's have... dinner all together!
It looks like
your manager is waiting for you.
Hey, prick!
Where are you?
Didn't I tell you to go back
to the dormitory after the rehearsal?
Hello, sir!
Mr. Director!
Here, here.
Ah, Jae Ha sunbaenim!
I'm the one who recommended him to act.
Yes, yes.
He's a big fan.
He loves theatre...
Are you happy with the play?
What's fun about it?
I'm afraid it will be fun.
Wouldn't it be nice if it was fun?
"You did not miss me then?"
"You still have a family."
"That's why you think I killed him, right?"
I think...
Singer will be angry
because Walter only cares about Clare.
So, after Singer asked this...
...and Walter confirms...
I think it would be better
if Singer ended his life without regret.
I think it would be better
to make it that way...
That is good.
Very good, Young Woo!
- Assistant Director.
- Yes!
Change the script according to
what Young Woo said.
Yes, right away.
Alright, that's all for today.
Good job everyone.
What if we add it here?
Like this?
Yes, I'll take care of it.
Yes, yes.
Good job.
Our Singer!
That part is not bad, right?
Now your feelings for Walter
are still very shallow.
Would you like me to help
more tomorrow?
What's with 'yes'?
I mean I would like to have
Walter tomorrow.
You make me crazy.
You're really something...
What is that?
You bring it everyday.
Are you curious?
Not really.
- I'll go.
- Alright.
That must be
his Method Acting journal...
I think all of his secrets
are written in it.
Every time he does something,
he will write it there.
Ask him to show it to you.
Ask him!
Why would I?
His wrist should be thicker, right?
Which one?
Will you take care of it?
He's a new actor. Having
something realistic is better right?
I'll look for it tomorrow.
Jae Ha finds his own props.
He finds props that are
suitable for his character.
After finding it,
he will call it "discovery".
Young Woo, have you ever
heard of "Godot" before?
Well, anyway...
It's small, round and folded...
- It's Jae Ha, who found it.
- I want to go with you!
The... "Discovery"...
A magnifying glass.
4000 Won.
Watch your front.
Isn't Singer's eyes closed?
I can still look ahead.
Look at this.
What's this?
- You don't know it?
- No.
It's iron.
After you pour the hot water in,
you'll use it like this...
Do you think
Singer needs something like this?
- Fingers?
- Fingers.
So, this is the shape.
Young Woo.
Give me your hand.
It's a bit thick.
How is it?
I think it's okay.
How about this?
Oh, you were here?
- It's great, right?
- Yeah.
Young Woo oppa!
Young Woo oppa!
Oh my God!
How about this?
Come here.
Let's go, Young Woo.
His book...
- Yes, Sir. We are on our way back.
- The book...
Yes, yes.
I understand.
Here's your water.
Thank you.
Aigoo, it's so hot.
Ah, cold!
I didn't mean to.
I'm working here.
It wasn't on purpose.
The water is very clear.
I told you to stop it.
Stop it!
How dare you?
Wait and see now.
How dare you fight against me?
I've finished reading the book.
Just one idea...
Giving inspiration and real emotion...
...must go beyond imitation.
Thus, this life is also a parallel life,
which is indistinguishable from reality.
Now we can see why...
...actors charge companies enormous rates to
give a sensible impression of everyday life.
Wait a minute.
What's this?
Peter Brook?
He said "we should give a
sensible impression of everyday life."
You memorized the book
I gave you last night?
Wow, you're just as crazy.
I used to make sculptures.
I began doing it just as a hobby...
...but then he said he wanted to buy it.
That's the only one
I made when I was a student.
How could I sell it so easily?
He clung onto me
and insisted me to sell it.
I said "just take it."
"But in return, you must take me too."
Where you hitting on him?
Was I?
That's true.
You hit me here first,
and then entered my heart.
I'm not sure when it happened.
It was still completely empty.
Why is he still nervous?
You either throw it away
or cut down on it.
He lived in
a mountain village for a month...
...and also spent
several months in the training center.
Being an idol must be very tiring.
It is tiring because I memorized the
dialogue and my head hurts now.
The dialogue shouldn't be
memorized that way.
Jae Ha once said "just listen".
I agree with him.
I also used to practice back then.
Practice with me.
Practice what?
Hyung, did I ever tell you
that I killed Mark's dog?
Mark doesn't have any dogs.
He had a dog!
I hate kids and dogs.
People love them for no reason.
The amount of love
in this world is very limited.
Wait a minute.
I really love this dialogue.
Even though he is very stupid...
...he knows how to use
his pen very carefully.
I can't wait... hear your dialogue.
I hate kids and dogs.
People love them for no reason.
The amount of love
in this world... very limited.
I'll do it.
See you later.
Stick it properly.
Do it better this time.
You have to show others that you are
also a great actor. Understand?
You're taking a picture?
Say "cheese"!
Young Woo, you stand here.
Young Woo.
I know.
Turn off the lights!
What the hell?
Where is he going?
Wow, the weather is good.
Hey. You're an idol...
Are you afraid of lights?
Why don't you answer me,
you little prick?!
Why is everyone so aggressive?
I just do it because I love it,
and it makes me happy.
Why is everyone teaching me
to be that, do that...
You don't want to do it?
Then don't do it.
The first time I stood on the stage,
I was also afraid of the lights.
But without the lights,
it gets pretty boring.
People often fight
just to get the spotlight.
I promised you.
I have to keep it.
Young Woo, yeah!
I can't stand it anymore,
because I miss you so much.
On the way home...
...everyone is staring and gossiping...
You said you won't let go of my hand
and leave me, right?
Although it's just a word,
it assures...
...our love for each other.
That's why I took it.
I want to take it, hyung.
Because it's mine.
Hey, let's toast to Unchain!
Let's sing a song!
Sorry everyone...
...but Young Woo
has a schedule for tomorrow.
Young Woo!
You will become a big star!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Good luck at the shooting tomorrow.
Don't think just because you play a
normal character, it's ingrained into you.
It can slip away anytime.
That's the character.
After my shooting is over,
I'll come right away.
Young Woo has a different aura
since he began acting in theater.
You're a bit sexy.
Your gaze became sharper.
And there is also a masculine aura.
Haven't I always been masculine?
What are you saying?
We will take another photo.
Fix their makeup.
This one is good.
Wear this one.
How about taking it off?
It will also influence
Singer and Walter's inspiration.
Right, hyung?
Raise your arm.
I'm hungry.
You're not leaving
after the photoshoot, right?
If you come with me,
my manager can pick us up.
Great position.
In a lighted room
I closed my eyes for a while
I think about someone
when I'm there
I yawned slowly
Like nothing happened
You smile like a child
On a rainy black night... You
Like a girl who has no umbrella
I thought I would call you
A night I want to cherish
more carefully
My mind is chaotic
I get frustrated
Your voice, your breath...
The night you are wrapped around me
It began to melt
The heart that once was ice
It's all because of your warm arms
I want to sleep dreaming of you
No fingers.
The first time I saw her...
...her blood ran out like a rope...
Very interesting.
Hu hu.
Did I cut the wrong part?
I must break it.
Hey Walter.
What's wrong?
This dialogue is too crazy.
I can't even say it.
Change it then!
Did I say something was wrong
with the dialogue, hyung?
Don't you understand Korean?
Ah, prick...
Hee Won.
I asked you to stop doing this
while I'm working.
How many times should I tell you?
It's just rice. We eat it every day,
every now and then...
You are very good
at making people feel awkward.
What is that...
Starting from the part
when he put on a blindfold.
Do you still doubt me?
He's too slow.
You have to untie the rope
and drop the finger...
Can't you be faster?
And also...
Why do you keep panting?
Do you think
Singer is breathing like that?
Get ahold of yourself.
Now you...
...should act like as if you want to
get closer to Walter.
Walter was supposed to
get close to Singer first.
Now I don't even want to be
close to Walter.
Start again.
What is it?
I don't know.
Isn't that my finger?
Didn't you take it?
Hyung, listen to me.
I beg you to listen to me first.
- Why are you treating me like this?
- Did you forget?
Mark forced me to use a gun,
I had no choice.
Don't lie.
Why do you keep lying?
Young Woo!
Young Woo is bleeding!
Why did you use real strength?
This is just a play.
A play!
You're little...
He's hurt now.
Where have you been?
I've been waiting here for you.
Do you know how scared I was?
I was hoping you'd come.
Did you forget your first line?
You have to say that you miss me.
An act between
an experienced theater actor with an Idol
Where are you going?
Stay with me for a while.
Why don't you look at me?
I'm on the edge.
Don't push me to leave.
I'm crazy.
Are you perhaps...
Not really.
I just like you.
If he goes on like this, if he has
an accident, what will you do?
Is he Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?
What are you doing?
At least, do something!
He updated his status.
So you're having fun?
Come on!
You bastard!
Get out!
Get out!
What are you doing with him?
Are you crazy?
I'm asking you
what you were doing with him!
Stay away, you pervert.
Did you do it, Hee Won?
Were you the one
who brought them here?
How could I not know this place?
How could I not know this place?!
Isn't this your secret place?
You know too much about me.
I know about you?
Is this your new business?
Answer me!
What should I do now?
Every time you play a role...'re always into your role!
Are you a man?
Who are you?
Who are you?!
You've ruined your own life.
You don't even deserve
to be called an actor.
Don't say anything.
Not even a word.
Because it's no different than acting.
Young Woo really shows up on stage?
The actor kidnapped his rival.
The truth behind kidnapping the actor...
'Unchain' is very mysterious.
Too deep into the role
The next scene is "Real Kiss"
Young Woo
Don't worry. It will be fine.
Everything will subside within a few days.
Where are you right now?
Press Conference
I've arrived.
What now?
Will you do it?
I will distract everyone's attention.
Jae Ha.
Goddamn it!
A one-sided love story...
...murder and suicide.
It could refer to people of today,
that live without any hope.
That's how we can describe it.
I did it on purpose.
I want to tell the whole world
that we are in love.
You love me, right?
You really love me, right?
I could tell everyone about my feelings.
I mean, about our feelings.
Next, here's Lee Jae Ha and Young Woo.
Come out, please.
Lee Jae Ha and Young Woo!
Show yourselves.
Come out, please.
Press Conference
This play, in other words...
It's about a man in love, as he wants
to destroy everyone that ruined his man.
That's how we can summarize it.
...because there is a misunderstanding,
this situation should be well explained.
I heard that Lee Jae Ha personally
requested to change his partner.
Why exactly did you request that?
- What?
- Because now you two are in a relationship?
Excuse me.
What's changed your sexuality
during the process?
Is the photo real?
Young Woo's party says that
it's edited.
It's true...
Are you kissing each other?
That... That...
It was nothing more than a scene.
All because we were into acting.
Then what about the original photographs?
I'm a practitioner of method acting.
To deepen the characters,
you kissed each other.
Is that what you mean?
It's done just to explore the characters.
Young Woo, what are you thinking?
How do you feel
about the character Singer?
The character Singer I'm playing?
He lives on stage...
...and they kill each other.
I hope everyone will enjoy this play.
Don't think of anything else.
Is that all?
All the media crews attending
the press conference 'Unchain'...
...we express our gratitude to all of you.
Thank you so much.
Once again, we hope that in the future, you
will be involved in our production process.
Lee Jae Ha...
Can you do a quick interview?
Can you say something?
- Who are you?
- Can you say a few words about the play?
Young Woo...
Talk to us about the character Singer.
We will express your opinions
through the news.
Please say a few words.
Sorry, we have another schedule.
Please say a few words!
Let's talk after the play is done.
Because you will not be able to
let go of Walter until then.
What are you hiding?
We were looking for you
since last night.
We looked everywhere.
Where is he?
I can't take it anymore.
You were the one
that begged for the role.
And also... you realize
where you stand right now?
How dare you stand
on this sacred stage...
...and yell at an actor?
How dare you!
Are you gonna oppose me?
Are you gonna oppose me?!
Ah, prick...
Let's get it done.
Just go up on stage.
If not, I'll do it.
I will act as Singer.
There he is.
Young Woo!
You know everything, right?
Act like it's real.
Just like during to rehearsals.
Although there were some shortcomings
during practice, still... Fighting!
Singer, Fighting!
Shouldn't you have taken this?
Ladies and Gentlemen,
the play is about to begin.
Did you go to my house?
While Hee Won was asleep?
I might be
the perfect Singer today, Walter.
The show has started.
Please get ready to go on stage.
Please don't be like this again.
I want to get out of here.
Hyung, is that you?
Yes, Singer.
I'm the person you love, right?
Do you know how scared I am?
I really wish you would come!
I really wish you would come...
I miss you very much,
but you were not there.
Hyung, I'm thinking about this.
Mark is the one who makes us like this.
I went to Clare's house...
Why did you go to Hee Won's...
I mean, why did you go to Clare's house?
My hands are very sore now.
My finger is missing!
You cut my finger, right?
You see me right?
Please untie me, hurry.
I'm the person you love, right?
Do you still doubt me?
You're only a hyung to me.
The only one of many people in the world.
What is that?
Isn't that my finger?
Did you cut my finger?
I don't know.
Tell me...
You said you went to Clare's house.
What did she say?
You love me, right?
I love you.
How can I believe that?
Kiss me.
Look at my face.
There's no kissing in the script.
So, why is my finger on you?
Where is Hee Won?
I saw Clare fall outside.
But, it looked like she died.
- Please don't do that again.
- Hee Won!
Stop it!
Please, can't we both live like this?
I like to hold your hand.
That's why I picked it up.
Oh, yes...
There is no way out for both of us.
I'm the one who locked you up here.
I also locked myself here.
Because you can't go back to
Clare's arms again.
And more importantly...
...Clare can't find us here.
Hyung, that's why I killed Clare.
I can't accept the fact
that you don't love me.
That's why you have to
be with me for the rest of your life.
Also, I forgot how to get out of here.
Hyung, you came here for me.
Because of me!
Of me!
Mark helped me,
because he really loves Clare.
But why did you and Mark
only loved Clare?
Why did you say you loved me?
Didn't you say you love me?
Why? Why? Why?!
I hate kids and dogs.
People love them for no reason.
The amount of love
in this world is very limited.
Go on, if you want to survive.
I'm sick of it.
But if you try to get away
from this place...
...I think we both have to die here.
Take care of yourself.
You don't want to save me.
You just want to save yourself.
Do you want to live like that?
Then why are you lying to me?
I've told you before...
...if you lie to me once more,
I'll kill you.
Hey, what happened?
Why didn't he leave the stage yet?
- He's not out yet?
- No.
Young Woo.
Turn on the light!
Turn on the light!
I'm the perfect Singer.
But you...'re just Walter.
Why titled Unchain?
I titled it Unchain, because...
is any human love really different?
Although there are
several connections... the end, it is predictable.
It's like that.
Ah, wait a minute.
Young Woo!
You've worked hard.
Have a good rest.
- You've worked hard.
- You've worked hard.
~ Method ~