Metri Shesh Va Nim (2019) Movie Script

Open the door
Open the other side
What've they done!
Stop! I'll open it.
Do it
Just 6.5
A film by Saeed Roustaee
- I divorced my wife and married her again.
- What was the problem?
I don't know...
You don't know why you
divorced your wife?
I didn't do it. She asked for it.
- What for?
- My job.
What did she want you to do?
Take a desk job.
I've put your name on the promotion list
Should I cross it off?
No. I love my job!
Your wife divorced you
over your job and...
you remarried her to get
promoted in that same job?!
Would you have done it if being married
wasn't a requirement for the promotion?
What a thing to say boss!
My child was suffering from the divorce.
- So your wife is okay with your job now?
- Not if I get promoted
You think it'll make a difference?
It did for you. They
gave you a council house.
So her problem is your house?
She was afraid what happened with
Hamid's child, would happen to ours
What if Hamid gets the promotion?
Then I'll divorce her again and be free
Why do you want me to
fill out the report?
Because you found the dope.
You were in charge,
why do I need to write it?
- Was I in charge of the mission?
- Yes
Then I'm ordering you to write it.
We got the dope but not its owner
so I need to go to court to explain?!
My wife's been back for two days
I woke up with the buzzer today
with a subpoena at the door!
If my wife had woken up before me
my life would be up in the air now
She thinks all this stuff is over now!
Subpoena for what?
Remember the dealer we picked up
six months ago with 50 grams?
We brought him in but lost the 50 grams
I've been to court 30 times
If this gets added to that the judge
will throw me straight in prison
Why didn't you tell me you
were picking up Parviz Abbasi?
Because the guy is only
Nasser Khakzad's inferior.
- Parviz Abbasi killed the kid!
- Nasser Khakzad ordered him to do it!
The guy killed my child!
He had the child kidnapped
He killed him!
I interrogated him myself
They were trying to escape and crashed.
How do you know it all
leads to Nasser Khakzad?
You said he was in Nasser Khakzad's gang!
Who's ever taken responsibility
for his dope? Nobody
And Nasser Khakzad's name is in now
Everyone says their dope belongs to him
Just ask who he is,
what he looks like
and none of them knows a thing!
I don't care what you say
I'll find a way to take my revenge
Any news boss?
Nasser Khakzad?
Any trace?
- The phone company?
- Samad tell him
There's no Nasser Khakzad
in the drug trade.
I told you how smart he was
Don't turn him into such a mastermind
We won't be able to find him
until we believe he's smart.
He's not smart, he's just lucky
So why haven't we caught him yet?
Not everyone with a
drugstore connection who...
buys antihistamines to
make crack is smart!
I don't think he's smart
If he wasn't smart
we'd have found him by now
Reza Shate was smart,
it took us ten years to arrest him
I'm sure out of every four dealers you
arrest one will know this bastard.
This round will be different from the rest
We'll go after every user
and homeless person we know
Through them we'll pick up
the petty dealers
With their confessions
we'll get to the major dealers
Am I disturbing you?
Do you need anything?
I'm talking to you!
Get an ambulance
We've got a corpse.
Get out!
The other side!
Drag him off! Hurry up!
Hurry up!
Leave no one behind
Everybody get in the vans
Hurry up!
Everyone just naked
When I say everyone, I mean you too!
Can't you hear me?
No shoelaces, belts, coins,
cigarettes or lighters!
makes sure no one hands off anything
Run your fingers through your hair.
Do it so I can send you to sleep
before you doze off
Clothes off, shake your hair,
and nothing on you.
Hurry up
There are five other groups waiting outside
Search his shirt and give it back to him
Let them keep their cash
Open the door send him to the doctor.
No talking.
I've been telling you to undress for
three hours! Why're you still dressed?!
Will you take it off
or should I rip it off?
I can't take it off.
Why not?!
I'm a girl.
Open the door.
Go upstairs.
Are you girls too?
I'm gonna ask them to do squats,
if anyone can't do it
pull them out and have them checked.
If anyone has dope, pipes, needles,
foil, or anything drug related
pull them out and send them downstairs.
Move over!
Widen a path!
Hurry! Hurry!
Send them up.
Hurry! Hurry!
Hurry upstairs!
From the side!
- Who is it?
- Mr. Reza?
He's not here.
Is this number 55?
We have a search warrant.
This street is Varesan-Hosseini.
Jalal-Hosseini is across from here.
There is no Reza here.
Open the door!
So there's no Reza here?!
- Who is Reza Moradi?
- My husband.
Where is he?
He doesn't come here anymore.
He doesn't?
Mom, who are they?
Where's your dad?
He's not here!
Where is he?
When'll he be back?
How are you?
Doing good?
Go play son.
- Where did your dad go?
- He went to buy bread.
- Did he take the car?
- We don't have a car.
He took his motorcycle.
Come in sweetheart.
Come sit here.
Don't be scared.
Don't cry honey!
- There's nothing.
- Nothing here either.
It's impossible,
he gets 60 calls per day.
What are you looking for?
- It's just a tiny house.
- We've looked everywhere.
Did you search everything?
Take a look for yourself.
I even looked inside the TV,
there's nothing
Don't cry honey
I'll file a complaint against them
What do you wanna do?
Have them file a complaint?
I would've found it if he'd hid anything.
It's non-alcoholic beer, for kidney stones!
Clear up, let's go.
- Go where?
- Did you find anything?
Let's go.
There's nothing here.
And he's not here.
- So?
- He's gone to get some!
Maybe he'll have some dope on him
He won't come!
What dope?!
We won't file a complaint!
Please go!
We haven't done anything!
Yes sir?
Call if you see a motorcycle.
Yes sir.
A Honda turned into the alley.
- Is he alone?
- Yes.
- Don't let him see you.
- Yes sir.
- Is he coming toward us?
- I think so
- Is he carrying anything?
- Some bread and a plastic bag.
I swear Reza doesn't do anything!
Take them away.
They're scared! Please!
Come along
Don't be scared!
Stand back. Let him come in.
What's going on?!
She didn't let me scream! Reza!
Fuck them all!
Fuck you asshole!
Watch your mouth bastard! Shut up!
What is this?
My daughter's exam stuff.
Take it off!
- Why are you crying?
- Look what they did to our house!
Fuck them!
I won't say anything out
of respect for your family!
Shut up
Talk like that one more time,
and I'll crush your teeth with my boots
so you won't be able to
run your mouth again.
It's empty.
What're you looking for?
Shut up!
- Bring the cars to the door.
- Yes sir.
Put them in the car.
Morteza, the dog.
A dog for what?
You haven't got anything?
- Got what?
- What are you looking for?!
Don't be scared
Don't cry.
- What's going on?
- There's nothing here.
That's impossible
He would've found it if it was here.
Of every hundred people we arrest,
fifty say they buy off him.
Let him go.
Let's go.
Get in, let's go.
Get out
Take him away! Help! Please!
Let her go!
Please! I'm coming! Please!
Take her inside.
Don't be afraid! Don't worry honey!
I'm coming.
Put him in the car.
Where're you going?
Get in the car.
Call someone to pick up your kids.
- My wife will take them.
- Your wife's a accomplice, she'll stay.
- Call a relative.
- We don't have any relatives here.
- Why is this on my desk?
- Sorry, I forgot.
Charge him an extra week
so he doesn't forget.
Call Welfare and have someone
pick up his kids.
Why Welfare?!
If you don't answer every question, you
and your wife will go straight to prison
and your kids will end up in welfare.
If you separate them they'll die of grief.
You think I'll let your wife go
just for the sake of your kids?!
What'll the judge read?
A report.
Who writes the report?
What did I write?
Here it is
I wrote you own the drugs
and your wife is a carrier
We know what'll happen to you
and your wife's gonna get a few years
What'll happen to your kids in this time?
What should I do?
If you take me straight to his Lab
I'll tear up the report
and send your family home.
But only if I won't come back empty handed.
Do you think your kids will have
a good time in the welfare system?
I don't know if he cooks it himself.
Who is this person?
I want a name!
What are you afraid of bastard?!
If we get him here he won't
be able to do anything!
Just give me a name!
- Nasser who?
- Khakzad.
You get it direct from him.
I called him directly in the beginning,
but he wouldn't bring the stuff
He'd have the big guy deliver.
Will you know him if you see him?
- So how do you know him?
- Through his dealer.
What middleman? Explain!
His name's Hassan Daliri
they call him Hassan the cow.
Call the cow and have him
deliver some dope.
He'll get suspicious if I call now
I just bought a batch.
- Fine, we'll call tomorrow.
- They're going away tomorrow
That's why I bought so much
I usually don't buy this much.
- Where are they going?
- Japan.
- Is he going too?
- Who?
Who're we talking about?
Nasser Khakzad!
I doubt it.
Why Japan?
It's the right place now.
The profits are greater
It's about 300 million per kilo.
What time's he leaving?
In the morning.
What's wrong?
It's nothing.
Let's go.
- Is something wrong?
- Come here a second.
- Why?
- It'll take a few moments
How's he?
He's too fat. I don't think it'll show.
How about him?
He's good.
My flight's about to leave!
You stuffed it in them so it wouldn't show?
What're you talking about?
Let me see your legs.
Got something there too?
Why did you tighten your muscles?
I haven't tightened anything.
Don't worry,
I won't do anything.
I wanna see if it's still in your stomach,
or down in your intestines.
For the love of God, let it go.
Should I push it up and have you puke
or push it down and have you shit?
Be a gentleman and let me catch my flight.
Your stinking breath isn't because of
what you've swallowed?
I'm always like this,
like there's a dead dog in my stomach!
Go through the x-ray,
if you're empty I'll let you all go.
What's this about?
Maybe we've made a mistake.
Go ahead.
What if I refuse?
Get up.
Stand straight, look ahead, don't move.
It's all drugs.
Some of it is in his stomach,
and some in his intestines.
What's that?
Platinum rod in his leg.
Come out.
Come in.
Which one is it?
Which one? Show me!
That one.
Go and point.
Point and say his name out loud.
Hassan Daliri.
Hassan Daliri,
Hassan Daliri, the guy you buy...
Buy drugs from. Get out.
- So you don't know where he cooks?
- No one knows.
- You don't know where he lives?
- I swear on my kids' lives
How did you buy from him?
We'd meet a different place
each time, the car, a motel...
- You said the drugs on you belong to him?
- Yes.
If we don't find him, it'll belong to you.
When all four of us say it's his?!
It doesn't make a difference
as long as we don't know who he is.
He's wasting time so
Nasser Khakzad will find out and escape.
Hassan the cow!
I'll treat you exactly the same
way you treat me.
What do they call three
fatsos next to each other?
A gang.
What do they call bringing together
three fatsoes? Making a gang.
What's the sentence for making a gang?
They're my neighborhood buddies!
What gang?!
Who put together this gang?
Who decides you made this gang?
How did I decide?
All three say you're in charge,
signed and fingerprinted.
What did you sign?!
One: I can say you are neighborhood buddies
and you'll all receive the same sentence.
Two: I can write you're a gang, make you
the leader and add their sentence on yours.
- Which one?
- Why?
- Gang or neighborhood buddies?
- I swear I don't even know what a gang is!
So it's number two.
It'll be a gang and you'll get
their sentence added to yours.
- Maybe I know someone who knows something.
- Maybe won't do any good.
- She was Nasser's fianc.
- How do you know Nasser's fianc?
She's my niece.
- Your niece was Nasser's fianc?
- She might know where he is.
Why do you think I'm lying?
I don't think you're lying.
I'm sure you are.
Get out.
Get out. All of you.
Hurry. Hurry.
You too.
- I'll be done in a minute.
- Take him outside.
It'll be done in a minute.
Hamid! Get out now.
Sergeant! Why're you still here?
Get out. I said hurry up!
You too ma'am.
You stay.
I'll call you. Stay by the door.
- What?
- Can I make a copy?
No need.
I'll be quick!
Fuck copying! Get out!
The door!
Stop repeating yourself.
Where is he now?
I haven't seen him in more than a year.
Did you marry Nasser Khakzad?
- It didn't work out.
- Why?
We had differences
- Difference of opinion?
- No.
Class difference.
- You were wealthier than him?
- Not necessarily financially.
No, he was quite nice tempered.
The issue wasn't his behavior,
it was his character.
I don't understand, Explain it to me.
I'm engaged to be married soon.
I don't know why I'm here and
why I have to answer your questions?!
If you change the subject
you'll go to jail a week...
and I'll ask the
next question afterwards.
Explain, what do you mean
the issue was his character?
He tried to act respectable,
but couldn't.
He tried hard,
but it didn't work.
He couldn't help it.
It was clear he was pretending.
He wanted to speak politely,
but was more comfortable cursing.
He was more comfortable being a hooligan.
I tried to help him become what he wanted,
but I couldn't.
Is that why you left him?
It wasn't just that.
Then what? Was he a druggie? An alcoholic?
he couldn't sleep, if not taking a pill.
He was always very stressful.
Almost every night...
Every night?
He behaved strangely...
Every night?
He slept with his shoes on.
Did you ask why?
He said he was more comfortable
And you didn't know he was a crack dealer
and your uncle his carrier?
Yes means you didn't know?
Are you confirming what I said?
You mean to say you didn't know?
Louder, I can't hear you.
Very well.
If you're done playing games
we can get to the main subject.
Your car is worth 800 million, right?
I don't know.
You should ask my dad.
I doubt he'd know
He bought it for me.
His entire assets are less than 500 million.
How could he pay 800 million for your car?
- What's that got to do with anything?
- What's it got to do?
I don't want to connect
your car to Nasser Khakzad,
make you a accomplice
and send you to prison.
I just want an address, That's all.
Not the restaurants where you had dinner,
I want his home address.
The place where without being married,
you saw him sleep with his shoes on.
How can I make you believe I don't know?
You can't!
I won't believe it.
Tell me the truth and I'll believe it.
If I confiscate your car will you get into
class issues with your friends?!
I didn't mean it like that.
Does the groom know the bride's car
was bought by Nasser Khakzad?
You don't know that.
That's what they call people like you
in prison. If your file goes in here...
you'll go to prison until
Nasser Khakzad is arrested.
What're you gonna tell the groom
if I sign your arrest papers?
For what crime?
The fact that Hassan the cow
is your uncle is a crime by itself.
I barely ever see him!
I don't care if you're soon to be married.
I'll make you forget you
were ever gonna be a bride.
Do you want him to leave you
when you're in jail?
Why are you mixing everything together?
I'm not mixing anything together.
It's all related.
Nasser Khakzad to you,
you to your uncle, your...
uncle to Nasser Khakzad,
Nasser Khakzad to crack,
crack to your car, you to your soon-to-be-husband,
your soon-to-be-husband to me,
and I am dying to get my hands
on Nasser Khakzad.
Just see what I can do to you that I won't.
What'll happen if you find him?
You'll go home and he won't find out...
I mean about Nasser?
He'll go through the legal procedure.
I don't know if he's still there.
Not revealing the address is a crime too.
Would you rather give the address
and go home, or should I send you to jail?
How will it end?
What'll you do to him?
I won't do anything.
I'll hand him to the court.
Will he be executed?
Ashkani, come here. Send her to jail
if she doesn't give the address
- Hello.
- Can I help you?
We have a search warrant.
- What do you need?
- The keys to the penthouse.
What for?
Mammad, lobby, Pirouz, parking, the rest of
you follow me. No one leaves the building.
Guys, no one leaves the building.
One person at the door
and one at the parking entrance.
Cuff him and come in.
Uncle, why won't mom let me call you?
Your uncle's busy,
you can't keep calling him.
Can you tell mom to change
my gymnastics class?
Ever since you told him your friend
has a gym he wants to go there.
Will you make arrangements
so I can take him?
Arsalan changed his class and learned
the cart wheel, but I haven't learned yet.
Give me the phone a second.
Brother, do something.
He's driving her mad with his nagging.
Call me when you get home.
I want to ask about Vahid's car
- I found his stash
Nasser Khakzad.
Call an ambulance.
Bring Hassan the cow for identification.
- Why so low?
- It's where you belong.
- Cuff me somewhere else.
- Stop talking.
- Don't you know what I do to rats?
- Why're you telling me?
They told you to send me a message.
Why didn't you give me a hint?
It was our fate to get caught.
What do you wanna do now?
Your fate is to take
responsibility so I can get out...
and if it's your
fate I'll get you out.
Take responsibility?
You or one of these guys
will take responsibility.
You can't talk like that in here.
I'll be out of here before morning.
Who's gonna get you out without me?
I saw you ruin so many people, but
I was dumb enough to keep working for you.
How dare you talk to me like that when I've
been paying you for the past four years!
Even if I take responsibility
for the stuff on me,
what're you gonna do about
the dope in your house?
Deal with these and I'll take care of
the rest. I'll handle the guards.
You're gonna be executed for sure.
At least tell them we're innocent
Is that all you have to tell me?
Aren't you tired of
all the shit you've done?
At least save four petty dealers so you'll
have a good deed for the other world.
Hassan the cow...
any prison, any cell, anywhere they send
you I'll have you shanked in the toilet.
I'll do something
you'll wish you were dead.
What about us?
- You're worst than him.
- Watch your mouth.
Shut up tanker!
- You'll take responsibility for mine?
- Did I ask you to take the stuff?
He brought us over,
but you gave us the dope.
- Go file a complaint if you've got proof.
- What's the stuff in our stomachs then?
I dare you to say you got it from me!
Get up.
Get up.
Leave him.
Leave that one.
I wanna talk to him.
Get up. Who told you to sit down?
- I can't, it's too low.
- You can. Get up!
Get up! Straighten your knees!
Straighten them!
I told you to stand up!
Knees straight, feet together!
Get up.
Give me your bankcard and
name your amount...
just make sure they don't take
me to the drug agency.
Are you trying to buy me?
Do you know how long
I've been searching for you?
How long? One year?
I'll pay ten years of your salary.
Have you ever been kneed in the face?
Name your price.
You think I'm a child?!
- Is 500 million enough?
- I don't want you to go bankrupt.
A billion?
Your minimum sentence will be execution.
Two billion.
- Will you pay me yourself?
- You want the money and you'll get it.
I'm not alone.
- Two billion's only good for one person.
- Two billion for one person?!
You know better.
It takes money to do anything in life.
Don't worry about the others.
I'll deal with them.
When will you do it?
I need to make a phone call
and it'll be in your account.
How much?
Whatever it takes for me
to go straight home
Add another billion
If that's your final offer
Final offer...
then add another billion
I'll deposit four billion into your account
Don't you wanna get out?
I do.
If you did
you wouldn't have asked for my card number.
If a deposit will get you in
trouble, I can get you cash.
Traveler checks,
dollars, whatever.
What's your problem?
I didn't like it when you said
if it's your final offer.
- Wait, we can make a deal.
- Maybe we'll make a deal.
Who said you could sit?
Get up.
Don't you dare sit again!!
I won't repeat it again
Massoud Shahi, come over here.
Saeed Farahani,
Come here!
Doctor, leave him.
Examine this one instead.
Get going.
Move it!
- Open your mouth.
- What do they do here doc?
Open up.
They fingerprint you
and keep you in a cell till the morning.
He's fine.
Musa Ramak, Jafar Ramak,
Jahangir Ramak, Jahanbaksh Ramak.
Stop reading the list.
Let's go.
Fingerprinting for what? I'm not coming!
- I'll cut you into pieces!
- You won't dare!
Who said you could talk to me like that?!
You have to control yourself.
- I'm not coming!
- It's not an invitation!
- You're making up a case against me!
- Shut up!
There won't be a case until we go to court.
So why do you need to fingerprint me?
Samad! He's bruising his fingertips!
- I'm not going!
- Get in!
Come here!
- Stand here.
- I'm 172 centimeters.
I didn't ask your height! Stand here!
Look in the camera.
The camera!
- We talked.
- So what?
You can't do this stuff
until my lawyer gets here.
You're making up a
case against me.
Stop making a fuss. Do your job.
Why do you let him talk?!
Last name?
Not tonight.
Father's name?
Are you asking or is mom?
Just say yes or no.
Did your mom ask you to call?
National ID number?
I don't remember.
Home address?
Where they picked me up.
It's in the report.
Take him away.
Was that so hard?
Take a look.
His name isn't Nasser Khakzad.
These fingerprints belong to Ali Rostami,
his father's name is Ramezan.
He was arrested two years ago with nine kilos
of crack. He was to be executed but...
Are you sure it's him?
His birth certificate's been voided.
Do you want to take his fingerprints again?
- Is this the one you just took?
- Yes. With his address and father's name.
Everything matches.
Are you sure?
It's him sir.
It's him.
- Get a print out of his record.
- Yes sir.
- Get up!
- Yo! What's up?!
Your time's up. He wants to sit
It's just a holding cell,
no need for prison action.
His brain is tied to a fuse,
if he repeats himself twice
he'll get all mad, the fuse will light up,
his brain will catch on fire
he'll beat you up and you'll spend the rest
of your life in a wheelchair. Hurry up!
Did you recognize me?
Or have you forgotten like your brother?
What do you think you're doing?
I'll respect you for a maximum
of two minutes. Just so you know.
You have no respect.
You just know who you're dealing with.
If you were a stranger
you wouldn't talk like that.
Who do you think you are,
talking to me like that?
You're from the old neighborhood,
so I won't say anything.
Hurry up and go in.
No lying down.
Sit straight.
No lying down. Sit straight.
I'm talking to you.
I had your back as soon as you walked in, but
you embarrassed me in front of everyone.
What old neighborhood?!
You barely show up once a year,
but your brother comes around
every week with a high-end car,
swings around the poor folks.
How do you know Vahid?
We were classmates.
You used to bring stuff for my brother
back then. Crack was popular.
Let's go sit in that corner.
- What's wrong with right here?
- It's in the center and you have enemies.
You may get shanked in a place,
you'll be too embarrassed to get stitched.
- Who's your brother?
- Jafar.
South of Jalili Square in Bank alley.
You'd bring him crack with your red bike.
The last time you brought him stuff
he got caught.
Get up.
Go sit over there.
Move over a bit.
When did you turn into a rat?
What rat? I've been arrested.
- For what?
- One gram of opium.
- You don't look like a user.
- I'm not. It's what I do.
I hand myself in with a gram of opium.
Spend the night and get out in the morning.
- What do you sell?
- Mobile phones, cigarettes...
Mobile phones?
Yes. Any time you want,
but cigarettes after midnight.
What about pills? Got any?
Only opium and heroin.
- Can you get me pills?
- If you've got money.
Make a phone call for me.
Not here. There's a camera.
- You've got to go by the toilet.
- Let's go.
Hurry up!
Get out!
What're you doing here?
He's my kid. Need anything?
I'm dying from withdrawal already.
Just imagine how I'll be in prison.
- Dial a number for me.
- You have to ask them to pay for the call.
- How much?
- 500,000 per call.
I'll text my card number
to the number you call.
Hurry up and come out old man or I'll
tell them you're vaping off toilet gasses!
Would you like me to
embarrass you like that?
Shut up!
Go in and pretend you're taking a shit.
Where do you keep it?
It stinks worse than in here!
Where do you think I stuff it to get it in?
Vahid hi.
Hi bro, how are you?
Fine. Listen to me.
Did you call Japanese Reza?
Yes a few times.
- What did he say?
- He'll be right out.
- Let me know what you find out
- Okay
Ask him who it was that took all
that money to wipe my file clean.
They took my fingerprints and
all my records showed up.
It's occupied.
Do you know a guy called...
Mohammad Ali Mohammadi.
Mohammad Ali Mohammadi?
Who is it?
He says he was your classmate.
Oh yeah!
I'll send you a card number
Deposit a few million, I'll need it.
Tell him to do whatever
he can before the court date.
I want out before I get on the bus
It'll be cheaper here.
Make sure he follows through.
Oh God!
- Will it work?
- Why not?
- I'm afraid
- There's nothing to be afraid of
Just tell them my dad
didn't know I sold drugs.
Look at this asshole.
You're teaching your kid
to take the blame for your dope?
I have a record.
What's it got to do with the kid?
If it gets pinned on me
I'll have to spend three years in prison.
I've only been out for a couple of months!
How will he turn out if
he goes in at this age?
Don't make me laugh.
He's small. If he goes in,
they'll make him stuff it.
Mind your own business.
Get out.
I said get your ass out there!
You better pray I don't come back.
Get out.
- Where are you taking me?
- Hush! Move.
Tell me where you're taking me.
- Did Parviz Abbasi work for you?
- Hamid!
Who's he?
You don't know him?
Does he know me?
- Did he say he's a customer too?
- Just wait and you'll see.
You ordered him to kidnapped the child
He won't take responsibility
Stop wasting your breath.
What child?
The innocent child you handed to
them and they crashed!
My child!
Stop it Hamid Open the door
Come out.
Stick out your head.
Is that him?
Is there anyone who doesn't
know this bastard?
- Name!
- Nasser Khakzad.
You and Japanese Reza
said you'd get me out.
- It was all empty promises!
- Shut it.
I've been stuck here...
You believe everything they blame on me?
Do you know Japanese Reza?
Let's go.
Hamid! Are you out of your mind?!
Take him back in.
Why did you keep so much dope in the house?
Ten people were supposed to come take it,
but some got scared and didn't show up
So I was left with the dope.
Find the bastard Japanese Reza
Ask him how can I clean up his shit!
What's he done?
Some guy has killed a cop's kid
He claims he was one of my guys.
This way I'll be charged
for every crime in Tehran!
The one who killed the cop's kid,
was he your guy or not?
He was my partner's guy.
So why isn't he following up on your case?
Because I don't know
the location of his biggest kitchen.
What about the other one?
We're partners in that one!
I can't rat out myself!
Vahid you said Japanese Reza
was following up on my case.
He was nice to me on the phone.
But he was real upset when I talked to him.
What did you do to him to get him so upset?
The Japanese were his customers
but they came to me without his knowledge.
Why is he getting even if he doesn't know?
I don't give a shit if he finds out!
He should've thought of it before he
set up a kitchen on his own!
- So you did something to get him mad.
- Whatever! Make him get me out of here!
What if he doesn't?
He has to!
Vahid, forget about the lawyer.
Listen to me! Go to his house
Follow him wherever he goes.
What for?
I swear on my mother's life
if he doesn't get me out by morning
I'll tell the cops everything I know.
Go in!
- Do you know who ratted me out?
- It's better if you don't know.
Don't drive me crazy! Answer me!
How did they find Elham?
Her uncle. Hassan the cow.
Hassan the cow fucked up
Why did she rat me out?
What do you expect of a poor girl
you dumped a year ago and won't let go?
If they can't get you out
call the guy you know.
They found out about him last year
and made him retire.
Open the door!
What're you doing?!
Open the damn door!
Sit here, I'll find you some pills!
I'm burning up!
You animal!
Where do you think you are?!
Shut your mouth and get your superior!
I'm his superior
Lower your voice!
Turn on the fans!
We're suffocating!
Why've you packed up the place?
Are you collecting slaves?!
Can you give him a pill to calm him down?
You shut up and sit down.
I'll send you to solitary
if you raise your voice again.
You don't have any empty cells,
otherwise I'd already be in one!
I have an empty toilet. Wanna go there?
Would you dare talk to me like this
if we were on the outside?!
I wanna know
if you'd dare look me straight in the eyes!
If you weren't a cop, would you dare
come closer than 500 meters? you all
- Let me shut him up
- Stop.
Your buddy hit me for
something I hadn't done
Wait and see how I'll tie
him and beat him up!
You deserved it and he did me a favor!
Thank your lucky stars I'm an
official and can't beat you up.
Otherwise I'd do what every one of
their families would like to do to you
A product of your deeds!
He's a hooligan among these folks.
Not another sound out of you.
Pour some on me.
Have you had dinner?
No. I get a stomachache from spaghetti.
What do you want?
I can get you something to eat.
Nothing thanks.
Why not? Pizza? Kabob?
- Is Kabob okay?
- Pizza.
Yes sir?
Call and get a pizza
delivered for this kid.
Charge it to you?
Charge it to the office
Hamid, bring that to me when you sign it.
What happened doc?
He distracted me. I broke the castor oil.
Son, go get a mop from the back.
Go from the side.
Son, I could be your father.
I'm too old to quit and don't want to quit.
What's he talking about?
Give him a pill and let him sleep.
He's obnoxious!
I'm not giving him any pills or syrups!
Is this it?
That's a broom not a mop.
Give me a pill or take
me to the hospital!
I may die on your hands!
If you die I'll put in the report
death due to drug withdrawal.
Can I go to my dad?
Aren't you uncomfortable in there?
I wanna be with my dad.
Hamid's gone.
Gone? Why?
Because of the report he
signed in your place.
Take the kid to his dad.
Don't die a minute, I'll be right back.
What's this silliness about?
Why did you have me sign the report?
Were you running away?
I've had enough troubles in this job.
I don't want to go to jail
for something I haven't done.
- Fine
- Let me go!
Fine, we just want to talk. Go in.
What are you doing?
Why are we going this way?
Belt, mobile phone, shoelace, watch, coins
take it all off.
- Why?
- So you don't run off again.
What're you trying to do?
Samad, let's go.
- This has nothing to do with you, go.
- Stay here. You wanna put me in there?
I'll talk to your judge in the morning.
- You were there. You saw for yourself!
- I wrote down what I saw.
You wrote no one saw the suspect
and you got the dope from me!
Is that a lie?
Who saw anything?
If anyone saw anything they should
tell me and I'll tear up the report.
I could've caught him
if I'd made any noise?
- Did you catch him?
- So where did I get the dope from?
I told you where I saw his shadow, how far
I chased after him, and where I lost him!
But you've written the report as if I lied!
Explain it to the judge and
you'll be free to go if he believes you!
- And what if he doesn't?
- I'm not the one who chased the guy!
- If I don't give your name I've got to give mine.
- Do it!
- If he doesn't believe me?
- You think he'll believe me?!
You're being a sissy.
I'm still going to court everyday...
for your incompetence six months ago!
But I never gave your name!
Don't expect me to sign the report!
What my wife will do
If this gets added to my file
Stop saying my name!
My life's hanging from a thread!
Why don't you think of my family!
Get in!
Why me? Why not someone else?!
Because six months ago
we got the suspect but lost the dope,
- And now we have the dope but no suspect!
- What's it to do with me?!
Maybe the dope you got off the suspect no
one saw, is the same dope we lost before!
- What're you saying Samad?!
- I'm not saying anything.
- You just did.
- I did and I stand by it.
We'll go to court and tell the judge
we lost 50 grams six months ago,
Now we find it again
on another mission!
He'll have me arrested
till further discovery!
Your record is clean,
just think what he'll do to me!
Shame on you!
Get lost! Go inside!
What're you looking at?!
Don't shut the door.
Stop it and get in.
I won't. Let's see what you'll do.
Haven't you been taught to do
what your superior tells you?
I arrested half the people in there
and you wanna throw me in with them?!
Please, cut him a break!
We're looking like fools!
I'll cuff him so he can't get away!
I'll file a complaint against you!
I'll do it myself!
You thought I was running away?!
I thought he might think
that and pin it on you.
I'll be here, you can leave now.
Move over. Incoming.
Everyone stand up.
Hurry in!
- Vahid?
- I was with Japanese Reza just now.
- And?
- He said he'll get you out. Don't worry.
That's good if it's true,
but what if it's a lie?
He left the house a few minutes
later with his bags.
He headed out of town
and I've followed him.
Are you sure it's him?
Yes. Should I stay here or go? It seems dangerous.
- No!
- No! Stay right there and
send me the address. Bye.
- Bye
- Give me the pills.
- What pills?
- The ones you stole.
- Me?
- You want me to raise my voice?
- I didn't see any pills.
- So you didn't take them?
- No.
We only had one pack of Tramadol and you took it.
- Come here.
- Is that you?
- Yes.
You took the pills and
hid them in your pants.
- So why did you say you didn't take them?
- I didn't take them.
Then who's that?
The camera shows you taking
the pills and hiding them.
Can I go to my dad?
I don't want any pizza!
If I show this to the judge
he'll double your sentence.
- Am I going to prison?
- Yes.
If not for this, you'll definitely
go for your father's drugs.
- But I'm a kid.
- You'll go to children's prison.
My dad said children didn't go to prison!
You said the drugs were yours.
If you say the're your dad's
you can go home right now.
You gave the pills to
your bastard father?
Your father's a bastard!
Watch your mouth!
Stop it!
Go in your office.
The pizza's here.
What do you want with your pizza? Soda?
I'll ask you a question.
Just don't say you didn't take the pills
because I'll get mad
and tear up the entire jail.
Did you give the pills to your dad
or someone else?
I didn't take the pills.
If you don't tell me the truth,
I can't send you to solitary because
you're a kid but I'll send your dad.
I swear I don't know.
So you won't tell me.
Eat your pizza.
Where did he go?
To see your dad.
- Sergeant!
- Don't you want your pizza?
- Open this gate!
- I want to go in the cell!
- Hurry!
- My dad doesn't have it
You want the pills?
I'll give them to you Don't go in there.
- Where's the kid's father?
- Here
- Come here!
- Why?
- You'll know when I put you in solitary!
- But why?
- Come here and bring the pills!
- What pills?
He doesn't have them. I have them.
- Then give them to me.
- Okay. Leave and I'll bring them to you.
I have the pills
If you wanna put the lame man in solitary
do it for his other crimes.
That's none of your business
Give me the pills.
I took a few myself and gave
some to those who needed it.
Does the kid have to stay in here?
If you felt sorry for him you wouldn't
have him stealing pills for you!
Handcuff him
Go finish your pizza
The lame guy is pinning his drugs on
his son and you won't do anything about it?
As long as the kid says they're his,
even the judge can't do anything about it.
He's a kid!
He's got a record
He's not a regular kid.
Then why's he so afraid of going to prison?
The last times he had private plaintiffs
who dropped the charges
What's it got to do with you?
Tamper his file and send him home.
And what should
I tell the judge?
Put it all on me and
send both of 'em home.
The pills are working magic on you!
And what'll you tell the judge?
Maybe we'll raise the price
and you'll tear up the records
and we won't get to the judge.
Such a nice guy! How did you fit
all this dope in their stomachs?
Prove they're my guys and I'll show
you how much dope fits in a stomach.
I'll do the first round of questioning,
with words.
Someone else will do the second round,
with kicks and punches.
Ask me using tanks
It won't make a difference
'cause I don't know them.
And you didn't have
them kidnap Hamid's kid?
- Of course not!
- You're lying.
I'll say this because
we're talking about a child
I swear on my mother's life, it wasn't me.
Was it Japanese Reza?
Who's that?
Swear on your mother's life
that you don't know him.
Forget that.
Tell me if you've made up your mind.
I'll think about it.
You should think about yourself
and tell me where he is.
What're you writing?
You'll get it however you want,
cash, automobile, house deed
Just text the amount to this number.
Okay Write down Japanese
Reza's number and address
I'll help you out at the right place.
- What place better than here?
- A place you can't imagine
It's too visible in here
Write it down
My family and I are not sellouts.
If you had a real family
you wouldn't be here now.
- Got a sister?
- Watch your mouth.
- Wait a second.
- I'm warning you!
I've got brothers and sisters
and a mom and dad.
Write it down, I'll ignore the pills
and won't put you in solitary.
Put me in solitary.
- Is your last name Kalalei or Kolalei?
- Kolalei
I want to file a complaint.
You couldn't keep me
overnight with my lame leg?
People have called and
said drugs are sold in your kiosk.
They've mentioned the kiosk,
not me personally.
- What's the difference?
- He lives there too
Without plaintiffs
you can't keep me here
There aren't any plaintiffs
but there are the drugs
You were arrested while selling drugs
I got it off the kid
but it belongs to him.
Did you see me give
them to the kid?
- How old are you?
- Twelve.
- Have you ever been to prison?
- No.
Tell me if it's yours and
I'll cut down your sentence
but if you lie I'll give you
the highest possible sentence.
Sir, it's not mine
- I told you not to do these things!
- Yes.
Tell them how you bought it
from a stranger in the park.
Are you teaching him what to say?!
Get out!
The kid stays
Take him out and stay out.
- Vahid, whose dope is it?
- Mine.
If you don't say it belongs to
your dad you'll have to go to prison.
Can we both stay out of prison
if I say it's my dad's?
Whoever owns the drugs
has to go to prison.
Do you know if you go to jail
you can't get a job anywhere you want?
Tell me it's your dad's
and I'll send you to your mother.
She is gone
Where is she?
When she lived with her friends
I'd sometimes visit her but...
What about now?
Don't you ever visit her?
What about her?
Does she ever visit you?
She saw my bad grades and came home
and said she wouldn't leave again.
So that I could study
She woke me up in the morning,
made me breakfast and took me to school!
She said she'd pick me up after school.
But she didn't!
When I got home no one opened the door!
I stayed behind the door until night.
- What grade are you in?
- I didn't go to school after that.
Say the drugs belong to your dad
and I'll send you to stay with a relative.
I don't have any!
I don't know anyone!
Talk instead of crying
Tell me the truth.
So I won't have to send you
to prison instead of your dad.
Send me wherever you want.
Just leave me alone...
Hurry out!
Open up! Open it!
Open it!
Ashkani, gather 'em up
And take that one this away.
Don't push!
Get Back!
Take him out
Come here!
The rest from the other side
That way!
Pay attention to what I say.
Every one I call should go
out the back door and head to court
Those in front should
open a path to the back
and wait for the bus
Move back
Move back.
- Am I free?
- Where will you get off?
Have you made the call?
- It was deposited.
- So?
- So, where'll you get off?
- Right here.
We'll drop you off somewhere better.
Have you lost your mind?
He's handcuffed me to someone like you
Delivering you would
guarantee his promotion!
- Why'd he ever let you go?!
- So it's just for a promotion?
What else?
Did you get the money?
Pull over. Pull over.
Pull over!
Let him out.
Are you serious?
You think I'm joking?
Let him go.
Let him go!
Just don't tell anyone
we got money off you.
Samad! He's getting away!
What's all this mean?
I'm helpless here
Stop playing games.
I'm not selling my honor
for a few pennies.
What honor?
You don't have the guts!
You're scared.
All of you.
Scared of you?
No, scared of money
Lot's of money. Billions.
I made a mistake.
You don't deserve that much
You would've made a deal over a few million
Every person has a price
I don't understand a few billion
but I definitely understand
hundreds of billion
But your number's real low
You can't fathom big numbers
Your brain can't handle it
It can handle a maximum of
five or six zeroes at best!
You made this money
with honest labor?
You don't need physical
labor, you need guts!
I wanted to beat you up
to make you neigh like a horse
but now I see having you
simmer is much better!
You should thank me
instead of beating me up
If not for me you would've never seen
the inside of a penthouse worth billions
Just for that you should've given
me a straight yes or no answer
Stop being an ass!
Did you buy that house in a year?
If I wanted to take bribes I could've gotten
one in a week by skinning people like you
I wanted to hand you money
and you were terrified!
Why would I take money that's brought
misery to millions of people?
Do you know how many people have
lost their lives to your drugs?
Do you know who spent the night in
the solitary cell you occupied?
Some guy who high on crack
cut his wife to bits
and raped his ten-year-old daughter!
You should beg the judge to
expedite your execution
instead of struggling to get free!
To go where?
Ruin how many more lives?
I just don't like prison
and having my family displaced. That's all.
Nasser Khakzad I'll make you feel the misery
of every person whose life you've ruined!
Every single person caught
with your dope who was executed
or received a life sentence
without knowing who you were!
Are you punishing me
or threatening me?
He's trying to turn you
into a better person.
Yeah, go ahead and make fun of me
with the guy who kidnapped your child
What're you talking about?!
Remember the night you
called Hamid and his wife
telling them to come
pick up their child alive?
No because I don't know
what you're talking about!
Yes you do!
Where were you hiding when his wife
held her five-year-old child in her arms?!
I'd never do such a thing!
Instead of that old rotten blanket
couldn't you have spent a few dimes
to wrap his dead child in a new blanket?!
I don't have the heart for it!
I swear I never did the things he says!
When you called telling
them to pick up the child
she thought her child
would be running into her arms.
How can I make you
believe it wasn't me?
I swear I'm not cut out
for such things!
Everything I've done
has been for the young!
It's all been for
my nieces and nephews!
I'm not into kidnapping!
I can't kill a child!
You speak about guts!
If you had any you wouldn't kidnap a child!
You wouldn't have killed it!
And you wouldn't have dragged
them on thinking their child was alive!
- It's just the start!
- I told you it wasn't me!
- Then tell me who it was!
- I swear it was Japanese Reza!
Swearing won't do any good
All the evidence points to you
If it's not you,
then give me his address
I will,
but don't ever say I killed a child!
Don't spread that rumor!
I'm glad you gave me a name
Now give me an address.
I'll give you an address
I don't know if I'm awake or dreaming
But if I'm awake
and you're doing all this to me
you should be scared
for the rest of your life
Scared of you?
No, I'm done for
But scared of everything else
Even your own shadow
Instead of this bullshit
tell me if you'll hand over Japanese Reza.
I'll only do it
for the sake of your child
Make a U-turn
Good Boy!
Turn around
We're going back
Our suspects will go to court tomorrow.
Go to the back
Two in the back
and two on this side. Hurry!
Go that way
Samad can't take part
until Hamid's file is cleared.
Boss, don't say that in front of the guys.
Ashkani hand him off and follow me.
Samad, don't take your eyes off him.
Over there
You too.
Put your hands on your head and come out!
Drag him out!
Shut up and come out.
I haven't done anything!
I'm just a welder.
Yeah right! How many in here?
I said how many are you?
- Where's Japanese Reza?
- Who's that?
- Where's the kitchen?
- What kitchen?
What kitchen?
Who are you trying to warn?
Tell me.
Are you gonna talk or not?
Get up!
Be careful.
Keep your eyes open.
Hurry up!
Look at all this!
Ashkani, hurry!
Samad keep your eyes open.
Hurry up!
Send him first.
Be careful.
Vahid! Vahid! Vahid!
Ali Rostami.
Ali Rostami aka Nasser Khakzad.
What'll happen with
the case of Hamid Moazeni's child?
That case has to go to penal court
The lawyer realizes
he can't interject during questioning?
Yes sir. I will only listen.
Did anyone else die at the cow ranch?
Five of them and one of our guys
Ashkani and Shahbazi are in the hospital.
Why was he called Japanese Reza?
Did he look Japanese?
No, it was because he
worked with the Japanese
He killed himself like the Yakuza
before getting caught.
What's your explanation
about their drugs?
No one's dope belongs to me.
Whatever they have is theirs.
What about the ones in your house?
Yes, that was in my house.
Sir, everyone knows we worked for him!
Who is everyone?
Give me a name so I'll know too.
You'll have a chance to speak
The crime of carrying and dealing drugs
is no less than making drugs
When will I know what'll happen to me?
The review of this case
may take a year or longer.
Multiple records, multiple
identities, faking your death...
and statements made
against you by others,
eleven of whom are serving long sentences
abroad This is just part of your file.
Killing a child.
Fadavi, get me a green sheet
What was the exact amount
of drugs confiscated from his house?
Six kilos.
Six kilos with packaging.
5.7 without.
What? Six kilos?
What do you think? Six grams?!
Are you gonna say it was
planted in your house?!
No. It's mine. But it wasn't six kilos
It was eight
Our deal was you'd either take all or none.
Are you talking to me? What deal?
I asked if you had customers for it
and you said you did!
God only knows how many
people like me he's...
ruined Taking our dope
and having us executed!
There's closed-circuit
cameras all over there.
If what he says is true
you've got to go to jail.
- Me?
- Yes you.
Because we don't get the films
from the cameras on time.
I swear on my kid's life he's lying!
If that works I'll swear on something
and be home for lunch!
Settle down!
What's he saying?
I've written down everything and
handed it to the court.
You think I'm an idiot?
You said if I handed over Japanese Reza
you'd change the report to six grams
so I'd only get a few years!
The deal wasn't you'd take two kilos
and leave me with six!
What difference does six or eight kilos make
when the sentence for both is execution?!
You're such a bastard!
Fine, I'm a bastard.
Where's the two kilos?
There's a big difference
between six grams and six kilos!
I swear he's lying.
You know me!
Stop swearing and explain Prove it was six
kilos and I'll decide if it's true or not.
Are you falling for what he's saying?
How can I tell he's lying?
I have witnesses.
My colleagues.
- Who?
- Hamid Moazeni.
Don't leave
Your previous file hasn't been closed yet.
He is right outside.
I'm ask him to come in.
Go with him soldier.
Look at us!
The guy's telling the judge
that I've nicked two kilos off his dope!
The judge asked if I had a witness,
I said you could explain.
Come tell them he's lying.
Why don't you explain my case to
the prosecutor first?
Okay, but he's waiting now.
I won't come until you clear my case.
- Where is your file?
- Right there.
- This one?
- Yes
Let's go!
Come On
You think I'm gonna escape?!
Were you in charge?
- Then why did he sign the report?
- Because Hamid found the drugs.
The suspect threw the bag
as he was running away
The wall was too high
and it fell in the street
When we walked in the house
the suspect ran away
Hamid chased him and managed to get
the drugs, but the suspect got away.
- Did you see it?
- Yes I did.
You wrote that no one else saw the suspect
- Are you claiming you saw him?
- I meant I didn't see his face,
I saw his shadow and
noticed him running on the rooftop.
But I didn't recognize him.
If I see a suspect throw something away,
shouldn't I pick it up?
It was my mistake.
We depend on Hamid in all our missions
He's a key member of our team These
things happen. It's happened to me too
He's one of the candidates
for station chief.
Rewrite your report.
Yes sir.
You can go.
You can go.
Let's go. Thanks very much.
Let's go. Thanks very much.
- How much was it?
- Eight kilos.
Six kilos, 12 packs.
I'm asking him.
I think it was 14 or 15 packs.
14 or 15 packs means 16 packs! Each pack
is half a kilo that comes to eight!
Didn't you bring in the drugs together?
We did, but he weighed them I don't
know who he took along to deliver them.
The person in charge was there, so was
Ashkani and there's closed-circuit cameras!
Why don't you have them bring in the film?
It'll take a couple of days.
Were these two ever alone together?
Yes, several times.
Why don't you have them search his house?
Soldier, take him away,
he can't keep his mouth shut.
It was eight kilos.
Shut up already! What do
I want with all that dope?
Have them search my house!
So that's how it is then?!
- I am only telling what I saw.
- Is that what you saw?
I'll have you detained for now
and will call you up when I have more time.
Don't you think you've made a mistake?
I'm the cop and he is the suspect!
Your previous file hasn't been cleared yet
and now you're accused of a similar act.
You want to keep me here for
a few days until the films arrive?!
I have to write a request and it'll take
a few days for it to get here
Take him away.
Nice job Hamid!
Nice job!
Sir, the soldier is his inferior.
Do you want me to take him myself?
Do it
- Watch your hand.
- It's my duty to take you downstairs.
- Okay, but let go!
- Go ahead.
I'll do it.
- What're you doing?
- Shut your mouth!
The judge told me to take you myself.
- He told you?
- Yes, get going!
- Do you know what you're doing?
- Keep walking.
- Let me call the station.
- I don't have the permission to allow you.
What I did was work related, but you're
making it personal Just let me make a call!
- Did I put you in with them?
- You wanted to but couldn't!
Which of you has a phone? If you give
it to me I'll lighten your file.
What'll you give me
if I tell you who has one?
- Whatever you want.
- Cash
I don't have any cash here.
- Raise your leg.
- What?
Let me see your shoes
Is it an original?
Guys hand over the shoes.
Don't give it to him.
Pass these up.
It's in the right one.
Don't give it to him.
Do I know you?
Just return the phone
once you make the call...
Let him go!
Hello? I'm sergeant Majidi
Rezai is it you? Listen...
I'm in trouble at the court.
You've got to do me a favor
I need the film from
the close-circuit cameras
- What's going on?!
- It's very important! From two nights ago
Take personal time off, just get it to me.
I don't have an hour!
Two nights ago. Yes. Get it here. Hurry
Eight. That's four kilos
Twelve That's all we weighed
and handed over. Six kilos.
Very well. You're free to go.
I said I wasn't sure.
You can go.
Yes sir.
Excuse me sir. What's the sentence?
The child will go to reform
school for three years.
Can't you forgive me?
I'll make it two years.
What about me?
The child will go to reform for two years.
The father is free to go.
Thank you sir! Let's go son.
So I ruined all these people on my own?
The price of crack has gone from
200 million to 30 million
When supply goes up
prices come down
When prices come down
it becomes easier to access
With easier access people use more,
or start using
None of this would happen
if it weren't for me?
Over the past months that
you've been in jail the...
price of crack has gone
from 30 to 85 million.
Someone else will build
a kitchen tomorrow and...
it'll go back to 30 million.
You can't stop it.
Don't worry about that
They'll end up right here one by one
We didn't do this stuff out of pleasure
We needed money. That's all.
A lot of people claim you gave them drugs
Several kilos each, for a total of 500 kilos!
When the sentence for
30 grams or 500 kilos is execution
you might as well go for more and make some
money to make up for your childhood woes!
Who gave you the right to ruin so many
people for your childhood woes?!
We couldn't pay for a kidney for
my older brother and he died.
We bought him a shroud for 6 Toomans per
meter Next door we bought some black cloth
for mother's mourning
clothes for 4 Toomans per...
meter, why do we have to
bear it all the time?
What a childish excuse! Should everyone
who goes through a tragedy cook crack?
Have you ever met someone who became a
father figure for ten people older than him?
There was seven of us,
and four of my siblings' children
Eleven living in a tiny damp
house, at the end of an alleyway
The mason refused to repair it.
He said the clay was dead
I bought a washing machine and its top
and bottom rusted off in three months!
Who knows what the
damp did to my parent's bones.
If you have anything to
add, write it here and...
sign My ears have had
it listening to you.
I'm sorry for your ears!
Why didn't you quit when you were
released last time? You had money then.
My eyes were still hungry.
Fadavi! Ghezelhesar Prison.
Go in
It stinks, The smell of addiction.
Does he need to be here?
He's a student intern.
- Go outside and come back later.
- Yes sir.
That's not necessary.
Stay and learn.
Sit down.
You didn't tell me your nieces
and nephews are in Canada.
Why would I need to tell you?
- Because you sent them there.
- So what?
- Did they move drugs for you?
- They're my family.
Stop playing around and
give me a straight answer.
Straight how?
I sent them to study
Yes, but you paid for
them with drug money.
- Do you still have the old house?
- Yes, it's rented.
So they have a place to return to.
Sign these three places.
Read, sign here and place a fingerprint.
Why would they come back?
Everything in your name and
the name of your immediate family
that you earned with
drug money is confiscated.
- You won't do that.
- I won't. The law will.
All they have is in their name.
It's in their name, but
you gave it to them.
It's theirs. My dad bought it himself.
Did your dad sell crack too?
What do you want with my family?
Why're you talking like that?
Your father's pension is
1.5 million per month
How could he afford
an 1800 square meter house up town?
My dad spent a lifetime working uptown.
Let him live there for a couple of years
before he dies
If every child of a laborer thinks
like that nothing will last!
- Why would you issue this sentence?
- It hasn't been issued yet
It'll come from a higher court not me
Why do you need to drag
my parents out of their house?
The evidence says these properties
must be confiscated and we obey
Sign it.
I have to send the file.
I won't sign anything
You won't sign? Fadavi?
Yes sir.
Ghezelhesar Prison
You dragged me here for this signature?
No we brought you here
to thank you for your good services!
Sir, I don't care if I live or die
With five years of illegal activity
I lived better than a king
I don't want anything from the world
I've thought about dying and am not afraid.
But you didn't think of this part. Did you?
Don't do this to me.
It's nothing personal.
I'm the one you're dealing with
What do you want with my family?
Everything you've paid
for will be confiscated
From your brother's car,
to your mother's jewelry
and the house where they live.
I'll give the list to your lawyer.
Hello sir.
Take him away.
Take it all, but leave the house
One needs a certain
spirit to live downtown...
and my family doesn't have it.
Wait a moment.
I sent those kids to Canada
so they'd forget why their father died
If you confiscate what they have
and send them back where I grew up
what do you think will happen to them
They'll turn out worst than me!
I managed to set them on the right path
I sent them to study
Taught them not to punch people
in the nose over nothing!
- Remember the cop whose kid...
- Yes
He gave his consent.
Vahid already told me.
What made him do it?
I don't know yet.
Did you fix it so my nieces and nephews
would be able to complete their studies?
As far as I know they have to come back,
because we can't support them financially.
- But if I have the time...
- Forget that. Leave it to Vahid.
Just focus on getting me out and keeping
the house from being confiscated.
In this situation the issue of the house...
I don't like that house!
I hate that alleyway!
Don't make my family go back there
- Your father wants to go back.
- Really?
Have you seen it?
The alley is so tight that
if two people come face to face
one will have to back up
so the other can get through
You're lucky if you can get to your home
Why do we have to stand in line
to get to our house?
We're not sheep!
We're human beings.
We deserve more than a shed
- What difference does it make now?
- Why wouldn't it?
We got your sentence.
File an objection!
I did. It was rejected.
So the cop gave his consent
because he knew I'd be executed!
You know what pisses me off?
I did whatever I could...
The night they came to arrest me
I tried to commit suicide,
I took 11 packs of pills
If they'd arrived an hour later
it would've all been over
It pisses me off that I was already dead
but they resurrected me
so they could kill me themselves!
It might be a scare tactic
We may be able to find someone to get you
out Then you won't have to kill yourself...
Why wouldn't I? When I've tried to
save everyone I know from misery
only to find out they like being miserable!
I bought them a house worth 30 billion
you tell me they want to live
in a shed in a dead-end street?!
I sent five of 'em to study abroad
Only to find out that other than the two
girls the rest are just having fun!
When all your life boils down to one girl
I spent five years of my life on her
I know she's with someone else
I know she's the one who ratted me out
I know she doesn't love me anymore
But all I want is to see her one last time!
Why wouldn't I kill myself?
She had nothing and I gave her everything
I want to go
Don't let them take the house
Mom, he's here! Uncle! Uncle!
- Did you change your gymnastics class?
- Yes
Did you join my friend's gym?
Yes. His English is pretty good too.
- Did you learn how to do a cartwheel?
- Yes
What else do you know?
You can do all that?
- Here?
- Yes, here.
My clothes are too tight. I can't do it.
Yes he can. I'll take off his clothes
and he'll show you.
- How was Canada?
- Excellent
You couldn't finish your studies?
We got evaluated and will continue here.
I'm sorry I couldn't finish...
Please don't say that!
Mom say something instead of crying
We're running out of time
I wish I were in your place!
I wanna die and not see these days!
My love!
Yes dear?
Don't do that.
Try to calm them down.
Who will calm me down?
Who will mend my broken heart?
Time's up. Let's go
Don't you see their time is up?
Ignore them. Go ahead.
Brother you're still around
and they don't listen to me
What will they do when you're gone?
He only comes home once a month!
What'll he do when you're gone?
Go on Do it
Officer please do anything you can!
- Who do you think he is? Stop begging!
- Brother! Say something to Vahid!
Tell him one brother in crime is enough!
- Vahid! What's she saying?!
- The Japanese's number!
What do you want it for?
- I've found a way, we won't get stuck!
- Don't be stupid!
They'll find out!
Don't do it!
Shut them all, Hurry
Move It!
Come forward. One by one starting here.
You chose a desk job over being chief?
Do you expect an explanation?
I'll resign my post and you'll be the chief
- What happened all of a sudden?
- Who said it was all of a sudden?
- If your seat's got nails let me know.
- Let me ask you something
What was the difference between
Nasser Khakzad and Reza Moradi?
- Reza Moradi was Nasser Khakzad's guy.
- Who's guy was Nasser Khakzad?
His own.
There you go. That's what
they've made us believe...
that Nasser Khakzad's
the end of the line.
He wasn't?
- If he was, we wouldn't have caught him.
- Are you okay?
No! I am not ok Hamid When I got
this job we had a million addicts
Now we've got 6.5 million!
We arrested so many people
like Nasser Khakzad,
gave them life sentences and executed them
and we got 6.5 million instead of one!
If we hadn't done all that
we'd have 20 million by now.
So we should be pleased
it's not 20 million?
I don't like this type of thinking
- It's our job to do what they tell us
- If it's your job, here's your seat
Sit and do your job
It doesn't have any nails
Let me go be with my family
I don't understand in this situation...
let me be.
Sir, I'd be grateful for a handout.
Just 6.5 Written and
Directed by: Saeed Roustaee
Jamal sadatian
Peyman Maadi Navid Mohammadzadeh
Parinaz Izadyar
Hooman kiaee
Farhad Aslani
And: Marjan Ghamari
Mohammad Ali Mohammadi
Maziar Seyyedi Yusef Khosravi
Ali Bagheri Mahdi Hoseini Nia
Peyman Shariati Asghar
Piran Mohsen Banasiri
Director of Photography:
Hooman Behmanesh
Bahram Dehghani
Set Design:
Mohsen Nasrollahi
Costume Design:
Ghazaleh Motamed
Sound Recording:
Iraj Shahzadi
Iman Omidvari
Sound Editing and Mixing:
Amir Hosein Ghasemi
Peyman Yazdanian
Visual Effects:
Javad Maturi