Mi-ok (2017) Movie Script

My apologies.
We're fully booked today.
May I find you a room at a nearby hotel?
Cork is set.
Yes, he just entered into the parking.
Mr. KIM is moving over the stairs.
President LEE arrives in Ocean A.
Samjin Construction's KIM has arrived.
Cliff side, all rooms are ready.
Okay, Lara.
He's early.
Money Gate's PARK has arrived.
SH Refrigeration's NAM has arrived.
District Attorney CHOI has not arrived.
Please verify.
Mr. CHOI doesn't have
the time to be on time.
He's a busy man.
All rooms except 1309 are active.
I'll report when Mr. CHOI's
whereabouts are confirmed.
Our long-awaited expansion
is finally coming to a finish.
Who are you?
Mr. LIM?
Don't you have a meeting to get to?
I'll keep this short.
I hope it came out well.
Four minutes, thirty-three seconds...
What do you want?
During your company's workout crisis,
ACQUISITION AGREEMEN why do you think we helped
you unconditionally?
JC Group doesn't give handouts.
You know that.
Just sign here.
If I refuse?
Mr. LIM!
The concrete will dry in less than a day,
- Get some more cement.
- Got it.
and tile work starts on Monday.
You'll rest here in peace
for a good ten years.
I'll sign!
My wife will report me missing
by this time tomorrow!
And they'll track my
GPS to this location!
Listen carefully.
My man will fly out tonight
with your passport.
When she reports tomorrow,
she'll learn the truth,
that you fled to the Philippines
with a hot young secretary.
She'll see the video, too.
The one of you screwing
that poor girl sideways.
Please don't!
What the...!
Don't make me cut you open, Dr. JANG.
Hand it over.
Go tell KIM!
Is this how he repays me for
saving his life on my table?!
Fuck that shit.
Take him to the farm.
See you tomorrow.
Mr. LIM...
Mr. LIM!
Sorry I'm late.
Was it all really necessary?
- Sir?
- Please don't worry sir.
You know how long I've prepared for this.
And the DA?
I'm meeting him at La
Tte for a briefing.
And if Dr. JANG doesn't budge by tonight,
I'll take care of him quietly.
Give him more time.
How much?
As much as he needs.
He's saved many of our
men over the years.
Let's try not to lose any more good men.
Yes, sir.
Is all this necessary?
Getting pictures taken
with big shot officials,
and giving scholarships to random kids...
You know that's how he
built up this business.
I do. I'm just saying.
Our men could use a little taking after.
It must be hard.
It's fine. I'll manage.
You're the one dealing with
that damn district attorney.
I'm off.
You must not know me well.
I drive a nine-year-old sedan.
I recently got married in
these beat-up shoes.
No time to buy a new pair.
That's not integrity.
That's just being sloppy.
But I know you.
You force loans on companies
and bankrupt them,
only to make profit through
a debt-equity swap.
We've also been known to
revive failing companies.
Money has its roots.
If you plant black money,
you get a black forest.
I can't let that happen.
Enough with this.
I can't be bought and I don't negotiate.
I'm gonna smoke.
The harder you try, the
bigger the consequences.
Songka Hotel, Room 1309.
I understand you married
your chief's daughter.
This isn't a buy off or a negotiation.
This is blackmail.
Stop sniffling around.
The number you have
dialed is not in service.
Yes, Chief.
We got back from our honeymoon.
Yes, father-in-law.
I'll make your daughter happy, sir.
Yes, sir. Good night.
How much?
Fucking bitch...
Buddy, buddy! Hey!
Give her a break.
She's on her knees begging...
Fuck off before you get a real beating.
You just hit a district attorney.
Want to come with me?
I'm sorry...
Could you walk me to the subway station?
Okay... let's see.
All your hard work and effort
made this expansion possible.
JC Group will now grow into
a legitimate corporation.
All thanks to your consent
to restructuring our territories.
The reorganization went smoothly...
A board meeting, I see.
You're restructuring Seoul
and leaving out GM Industries?
GM belongs in Incheon, as it always has.
We've been running Western
Seoul for decades.
Although I'll let the YDP district slide.
Don't bring up the YDP!
That's why we're restructuring
the territories...
This is our main business.
We've been overstocked since
our Western lines were cut off.
My boys might get restless
if this keeps up.
Restore our distribution channel,
or take the stock off our hands.
I've sent the proposal to Mr. LIM.
He was into the idea.
Have you received a proposal from GM?
Yes, I've read it over.
I've been meaning to brief you...
Profit split is reasonable.
We shouldn't exclude
this product forever...
I've said it before.
Once you start in guns and
drugs, there's no turning back.
Our organization does not
deal in guns and drugs.
This principle is what
brought us this far.
Got it?
Your territory stops in Incheon.
Thank your father for that.
Brings back memories.
Twenty years ago,
when I begged you not to take my eye,
you refused without hesitation.
This is goddamn embarrassing.
Incheon boys play dirty.
He just doesn't want you to get mixed up.
Still using it?
It's pretty.
Painkillers aren't candy. Cut it down.
How about it?
Let's go for a drive.
I'm still on the clock.
See you.
Will you come if I wait?
Just bring me Dr. JANG's contract.
She never looks back.
Chilly, eh?
Drink up.
Try some of that.
I'll free you so you can
sign the agreement.
We'll get you a hot shower
and some warm clothes,
and we'll talk about the
good old days over a drink.
You'll grow old and die in time anyway.
I'd rather not bury you
with my own hands.
Mr. LIM.
Fuck you.
You can't even kill me
without permission.
You think doing his dirty work
makes you a big shot?
You know what KIM is like.
You think he'll take care of you?
I've watched for twenty years.
His right-hand men, idiots like you...
It's all here.
Ju-hwan is coming.
He got into trouble again.
Another expulsion means
he's done in Singapore.
I can find him another school,
but I keep having this thought.
Maybe it's time to keep him here.
We've come a long way.
Once the hospital deal is done,
I want a normal life.
I know how hard you tried
to keep him from harm.
Twenty years apart is long enough.
You've both waited long enough.
Which one looks better?
I'd like to get your opinion.
I like this one.
I'll wrap up Dr. JANG tonight.
How long have we known each other?
Over ten years since our
orphanage days, sir.
You okay?
Your head.
Of course.
Shall I wrap this for you?
No, I'll take the other.
I was for real.
My feelings for you were real.
You know I hate meeting
clients after the job!
Shut the door.
I only came to see you!
I said, shut it!
This is NA Hyun-jung.
Give me a few days.
It'll take some time to
bury this investigation.
Whatever you like.
Good work.
What's with you again?
I'm exhausted. Go on home.
You know how pretty you are.
Men get boners like teenagers
when they see you.
But leave me out of it.
I'm just not into young girls.
It's a condition.
- Stop it.
- Baby.
That's because you never had me.
You'll be hooked once you've had a taste.
Why else would I get five grand a night?
I don't fucking care why.
I'll make you go nuts.
Jesus, you're driving me nuts!
Wait, are you into guys?
Whose name is that?
Who the hell is she?
Goddamn rain...
Good evening.
I'm JC Group's secretary NA Hyun-jung.
I'm calling to inform you
about your flight.
Incheon-bound KE 695 departs at 7:40 a.m.
It'll touch down in Korea at 1:50 p.m.
Mr. KIM has an urgent meeting,
so I'll be picking you up.
No, don't come.
I'm not a kid.
Should I call back tomorrow?
No, just let me sleep.
Nothing to wear...
He's got a girl he likes.
He has a huge scar with
her name tattooed on it.
I've been asking around,
and he's had that tattoo for a long time.
For at least ten years.
And the scar wasn't
stitched up by a doctor.
It must've been her. I can sense it.
How long have you worked for me?
Since I slit my wrist
after the abortion, so...
Seven years?
What did I tell you then?
If I have the guts to hang
myself, I can do anything
And that I'd become the
best if I follow you.
But that you had to quit
when I tell you to quit.
It's time for you to quit.
Did I do something wrong?
I've been saving up under your name.
I can't offer you much, but
it's enough for severance.
Haven't I worked hard?
I learned a lot and tried...
You haven't learned!
You still pick the worst men.
You wanted to have children.
To settle down.
Can LIM give that to you?
He could get stabbed and
disappear in a blink.
Take the offer and walk away.
- If I don't?
- Then you're fired.
Once I take care of you and Madame KIM,
I'll retire too.
Stop, stop!
Hey! Stop!
Mr. LIM.
You know you can't climb any higher.
Anything deemed profitable by JC Group
is set aside for KIM Ju-hwan.
KIM's son is being groomed.
If your boss dies, Ju-hwan
is the heir apparent.
But what about you?
NA Hyun-jung is his mother, so she's set.
You didn't know she was Ju-hwan's mother?
You were in jail then.
The district wars between
Incheon and Seoul.
Went on for a year and a half.
Those Incheon boys killed
KIM's wife and son.
They really went all out.
So NA went in to settle the score.
Killed the Incheon boss
and brought the son to KIM.
Took the fall for everything
and went to jail.
But why did she go so willingly?
She was pregnant with KIM's child.
Jail was the safest place
she could give birth.
To this day, no one knows.
You really didn't know?
You sure you can trust KIM?
You're older than your brother now.
If you fight again,
no more school for you.
If you never learn to restrain yourself,
there's no point in learning.
What if someone hits me first?
Dodge it.
Then I'd be a loser.
Then lose.
And you?
Why ask me to do something
you can't even do yourself?
Why did that woman accompany us?
Even if she's your lover,
you should've asked me.
Get in, it's a long walk.
Uncle Sang-hoon will take me.
Isn't it hard?
Bringing plants back to life.
Whatever I touch tend to die.
That won't happen, you love this one.
Give it water and pay attention.
I thought we could chat privately.
The boss is cosplaying a businessman,
so he only dines with the big wigs.
My boys and I must stink
like dog shit to avoid us.
At least the big wigs don't
pull out knives during meals.
What the fuck is wrong with that?
LIM Sang-hoon, get it together.
How long will you live like this?
Why? Do I embarrass you?
Is that why you never
told me about Ju-hwan?
And now you want to lead a proper life?
Very nice, Ms. NA.
Have breakfast with Je-chul,
water the garden in the afternoon,
and spread your legs at night.
Don't you have any dreams?
How long will you swing
knives before you drop dead?
Fuck dreams.
When will I drop dead?
Why not?
Remember this?
The first time I got stabbed,
it was the first time I killed,
who gave me the knife?
It was you.
Whenever there was a big job,
I put on the flashiest clothes.
Because whenever I got
stabbed, you came to see me.
I trusted you to do that,
so I hacked and slashed
just knowing that,
and kept swinging.
What was I thinking?
I feel like a fucking loser lately.
Why does that fucking DA
know something I don't?
Is this all I am to you?
What else do I need besides you?
Take it.
What are you doing?
I said take it.
Goddamn trash.
In the end, we're both trash.
So I can't do shit without permission?
Whose permission, fucker?
It's LIM Sang-hoon.
JC Group / GM Industries
Investment Proposal
Don't look at it on an emotional level,
read it as business possibility.
All distribution processes
are quite transparent.
- With an open mind...
- Go play somewhere else.
You're out of your league.
Do you still think
we're even for killing my father,
when you served time in jail?
His life was for my boss' son's life,
and my jail time was for your eye.
You're a glorified pimp,
don't pretend not to be.
Doesn't suit you.
Why didn't you bring out the tea?
He's still a guest.
I'm off.
Close down La Tte indefinitely,
and freeze the funds.
And get double approval
for any major decisions.
Put together an exit
route, and have it ready.
For 3 people.
Our preparation is complete.
We move in an hour.
You're quick, just as I heard.
I thought it'd take you at least 2 hours.
Are the Incheon boys just as fast?
They do anything to settle
the territory and money.
Don't you worry.
He's in a meeting.
I know the board's secrets,
their mouths are sealed.
As we agreed,
I'll take care of the boss,
and I take over JC, La
Tte and our assets.
JC is yours, in addition,
I'll bury the murders of
Dr. JANG and CEOs.
But I want NA Hyun-jung, and La Tte,
including videos, files,
and clientele lists.
Send the Incheon boys and
get NA no matter what.
According to our lawyer,
seizure is just part
of the investigation.
I'll meet him.
We have leverage over CHOI.
We prepared enough, I'll meet him myself.
You'll have to be careful.
business expansion isn't finalized,
so there may be some internal conflict.
What do you mean?
For example,
LIM may feel wronged
for not receiving his due.
He's been holding back a lot.
He could be a huge liability,
you should calm him.
I heard about your sister's wedding.
You didn't need to...
I know you're doing your job really well,
but don't let anyone
come close to the boss.
Have a car follow him wherever he goes.
La Tte?
Where is it?
Where is it?
Tell me.
Our little video.
Did it feel good to fake it?
Did it?
Come to him?
He wants you to come
see him at his hotel.
He looked quite upset.
How should I proceed?
CHOI directly came into La Tte.
Don't go, sir, this feels all wrong.
CHOI must have something up his sleeve.
Stop bowling so late and
come home early, Ju-hwan.
Is LIM there now?
I'll call you from the road.
- Sang-hoon.
- Yes, sir?
How long have we worked together?
You asked me that not too long ago.
Let's go then.
This isn't something I can avoid.
Listen carefully, this
is extremely crucial.
There's a walk-in closet
in the master bedroom.
Winter clothes are hung there.
Behind it is a steel door.
It's a safe room, no
one can get you there.
If something happens, go straight there.
Do you understand?
Address and passcode.
The code is my birthday?
Promise me you'll do this.
So you used the time I
gave you to tie my noose?
What was I to do? I was cornered.
How far have you gone with Mr. LIM?
To the point of no return.
Did you see the sex tape?
It'll be a big hit.
You think JC will exist
after bringing down a DA?
So, should I release it?
The date could make it or break it.
But now might not be the right time.
Alright, listen.
Alright, lady.
Would you like the privilege
of a beating like her?
Please call me Madame KIM.
Be satisfied with just
one slap in the face.
NA Hyun-jung, I mean NA Mi-ok is done.
Help yourself.
I'm bound to her with
my debt, not loyalty.
Should I send you to a hotel?
The state-run hotel?
There's no hot water,
so it could be a nuisance.
Come on now.
Do you think she trusted us
with files to hand over to you?
Don't underestimate NA Mi-ok.
The phone is turned off,
please leave a message...
Give me your phone.
I'm sorry...
Turn right under the Pyungchon bridge.
You okay, boss?
What did you do to my driver?
We took his sister.
Worry about yourself.
Cutting which part first
would make me feel better?
Or here?
LIM could completely flip out.
If she's harmed.
It's easier to ask for
forgiveness than for permission.
will be given to us by the
district attorney, okay?
An eye for an eye.
Let's call it even, for
my father and my eye.
Drag him out.
What're you gonna do now?
I moved the boss to the farm.
I'll come back afterwards.
Bury me,
if you want to end this.
You know everything.
Need money?
Or something I can do?
Do you still think you can
win if we go one-on-one?
Winner takes all.
The dead don't come back,
and the cripples are crippled for life.
It's all over for me.
Already giving up?
Take the knife.
Take it, motherfucker!
Come at me, son of a bitch!
Don't pretend to be high and mighty!
Let's settle this, asshole!
Sang-hoon! You like Hyun-jung, right?
You mustn't try to possess
someone you like.
Just protect what she deems important.
You can't...
try to be the most important person
in her life, asshole.
What's that got to do with me?
Ju-hwan is her child, you know that.
Killing me is enough!
Can you be happy with that?
What's up?
Who gave that to you?
That boring ass DA, of course.
Your real name is...
Mi-ok died a long time ago.
Hey! Open up!
No choice but to retire!
Don't forget my severance!
If I die here, ask Madam
for your severance.
Tell her you know all about it.
What the fuck...!
Take her!
Go get her.
Go get her.
Go get her.
Don't fight with Sang-hoon...
I don't like it when you two fight.
What's this? You said you had NA.
You called me here to show me her body?
KIM's funeral first.
Don't touch me.
Bark when I tell you to bark.
Fetch me my sex tape.
Fucking gangsters.
Fucking bitch...
Sure, I'll bark.
CHOI has LIM on a noose because
he hasn't found the video.
They're going nuts trying to find you.
Eat and get better.
Snap out of it.
Please snap out of it...
And Ju-hwan will do so too...
Ju-hwan's here.
You don't know me.
What's up?
It's starting.
If dad didn't die of hemorrhage,
and someone killed him, what do I do?
What would you do?
Get revenge.
The prosecution is investigating
the cause of your father's death
as a homicide, and not hemorrhage.
Killed by someone who
wants to take over JC.
Listen carefully, this
is extremely crucial.
Go to this address.
In the master bedroom, winter
clothes are hung there.
Behind it is a steel door.
It's a safe room, you know?
We looked into who could do so
when you and your father's gone.
And the one who knows
all of JC's secrets.
Who could it be?
JC Group is currently being
investigated by the prosecutors.
The prosecution believes that
vital pieces of evidence
were stolen by secretary NA Hyun-jung.
The boat leaves in 2 days,
at 6 o'clock from Gungpyeong.
Go with Ju-hwan.
Former head secretary
NA Hyun-jung.
She's the one who killed him.
If something happens,
go straight there.
- Ju-hwan?
- Ms. NA.
Is it true?
Did you kill dad?
Did you kill him?
Answer me, why did you?!
Why did you get close to dad,
and why you tried to marry him?
I know all about you.
That's you 25 years ago.
Now tell me.
Fucking tell me, goddammit!
You were born 5 AM, September 11, 1999,
at Chungju penitentiary.
I didn't want to tell you like this.
I'm your mother.
What's this woman talking about?
CHOI Dae-sik.
Have you been well?
I've been super busy.
I looked for you like a mad man.
Your mother was all the rage,
25 years ago in Incheon.
He's old enough, he has
the right to know.
Don't touch him!
Sir, what are you doing?
Don't do this?
Don't do what? Tell me.
Wanna see your son's head explode?
Where is it? My sex tape?!
Where is it?!
Tell me! Where?!
Where is it?!
Let him go, he's not involved.
Not involved? Of course he is.
One more thing,
4 years later, this whore became
your father's side chick.
She then killed a man, while
she was pregnant with you.
So that makes you her accomplice, right?
Where is it, fess up.
Dirty whore!
Where is it?!
Why do you make things so complicated?
It's you who make things complicated.
Come to me now.
The boss' out of the picture.
If I don't, you'll kill me?
If you don't?
I may kill Ju-hwan too.
Are you for real?
I'll give you a day.
Think about it.
That fucker is my gift to you.
Do as you please.
The prosecutor investigating
JC is under the suspicion of
demanding sexual favors.
This is the interview with the witness.
He picked one of my girls,
and demanded more sexual favors.
This could be a big scandal
so we must be careful.
Have you got any evidence?
The video shows CHOI in the
act and he's identifiable.
The prosecutor is under investigation...
I could clear your name.
If you let me out, I'll set you free.
We can put everything on KIM.
No, LIM Sang-hoon!
He ordered everything.
That bastard dethroned KIM,
and tried to kill me,
by releasing the dogs...
You fucking bitch!
You won't get out of this alive!
Wait for me, I'm coming.
Let me out, please.
Fuck you, fuck face.
You okay?
Where's Ju-hwan?
What do I have to do?
Just come to me, that's all I want.
Let him go. I'm begging you.
Let us go.
I just need you.
Let's leave together.
Don't you understand why I'm doing this?
You just gave birth to him,
that doesn't mean anything.
What do you know about him?
But we went through so
much in the past 10 years.
If I'm with you,
we'll continue to live like this.
No more of this.
I don't want Ju-hwan living this life.
Is it so hard to say?
That you'll come with me?
When things die down,
let's talk then.
When exactly?
I'd rather end it here.
When you...
stitched me up
for the first time,
it didn't hurt at all...
But why does it hurt so much now?
Pain is all I feel right now.
Start my car, it'll tell you where he is.
She never turns back...
what was the point?
So this is how you look.
You gave me flight info
for the past 10 years.
And never met in person.
Uncle Sang-hoon always picked me up.
Are you dad's lover?
Um, well...
I've served your father as his
secretary and continue...
I was right, it doesn't matter.
So what should I call you?
Just Hyun-jung?
Guess what my first impression
of you was at the airport.
You know those killers in movies?
They change into stupid t-shirts
after getting blood on their suits.
You felt like that.
Totally my style.