Mia and the White Lion (2018) Movie Script

Hey dweeb, you see the Rooney goal?
Gonna be watching him
in the flesh, mate.
- This Saturday.
- Shut up.
And are you really eating
what I think you are?
Yep, our usual
Mac Pizza Pepperoni burger...
A special breakfast! Y'wanna bite?
Get lost, scumbucket...
Rachel's Dad's away for work so
she's got one spare for Stamford Bridge.
Mia! We're going to be late!
You're going with Rachel?
Don't tell me you're jealous.
You must be joking. She's ugly...
I'll send you a selfie
from the Chelsea game, dweeb.
- No Mia, don't do that!
- Like mother like daughter.
Bye, Mom!
Bye love.
It's dangerous, why are you doing this?
No fights at school,
no talking back,
and don't miss the test today!
- Yeah, hurry up.
- Love you!
The sandwiches!
Get out the car
Hey, where is my kiss?
Good luck on your math test
Would you tell the vet that
he doesn't need his bottle at 1:00?
- Ok, I got it. Whoa!
- Thanks. Good bye!
Thank you
- Love you!
- Love you too!
I don't care what the problem is
because it's your problem.
This restaurant better be ready on time.
No more delays, Piet, I mean it.
Hello there!
What about this colour?
For the bar. It's cool no?
This one.
What's going on?
When has building work
ever been finished on time?
We're still working on the rooms and...
We're nowhere near being finished.
- I'm not worried.
- No, you're not!
Well, maybe you should be
because we've got another
call from school.
What is the matter with her?
You feel lucky to be here...
But you didn't when we were in London,
remember? You were dying there.
Maybe that's how she feels now?
She's only been here a month.
She just need a little time.
She will get used to it! I know she will.
I don't know,
she has no friends at this school...
I don't neither! Not when I was her age.
She's a tough kid.
Hey, if anyone can cope,
it's Mia.
So, I got another call from Mr. Kruger.
He said you'd been fighting.
Why do you always believe Mr. Kruger?
The kids here are morons,
what choice have I got?
I just wish that
your brother could be more like you...
Look at this place, Mia...
Look at these incredible animals.
They're ours...
It's all ours, do you have any idea
how lucky you are to live here?
No because I don't want to live here.
It isn't my home.
It is, now.
London's home.
That's where my friends are.
That's where my school is.
Tout va bien, tout va bien.
Je suis le, cest fini mon bibe.
Tell me the story...
Once upon a time,
on a dark and moonless night,
there was a cataclysm
and all of Mother Nature,
all the elements
were raging so violently,
that people thought
it was the end of the world...
The men and women watched
the disaster unfold,
terrified and powerless.
Only one man,
a wise medicine man
the shaman of the Shangaan people
the people of the earth
He was smiling.
So, people asked:
aren't you frightened by the chaos?"
And he replied:
"Humans have provoked Mother Nature
destroying it day after day.
Now she is taking her revenge!
But, one day
one Christmas day,
a white lion cub will be born...
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas!
Oh my word!
It's a miracle!
It is a miracle.
It's a million to one chance.
You know what this means honey?
For the farm, for us.
You see Mia?
A white lion born this very morning,
on our farm.
you hold him.
What do I care about
some dumb cub, anyway?
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!
He's so small.
Tourists are going to crazy for it.
This cub's exactly the break
we've been waiting for, you know.
Sorry, up to my neck.
Can you talk now?
Later. I'll call you okay?
Do you want to give him his bottle?
No. Of course, I don't.
You spend all day looking at me!
Go find Mick, he's the animal lover.
Hey leave my ball!
That's my ball you know.
Leave it!
I am so sick of this fleabag
pestering me all the time!
Hey, It's not Mick's fault.
He likes you. You're lucky.
Have some breakfast,
Jodie's making pancakes.
Yeah, Jodie's making pancakes, is she?
How about Jodie made pancakes
half an hour ago, Mr Owen...
And now Jodie's going to wash up.
If you want pancakes,
make them yourself
if you want them!
I saw that.
- You can have mine.
- I don't want your stupid pancakes.
That's enough. What is wrong with you?
What's wrong with me
is my bloody family,
if you really want to know!
Leave me alone!
Enough... enough!
and crying all day, bothering me.
Stop it.
You know you smell a lot, eh!
You drink liters. Where's the hay, boy,
we're hungry...
Crazy animal.
And we need protein powder
I know Kev', I'm on it.
And worming pills.
Plus, Jodie needs disinfectant
for the pens.
Kev I've already explained to you,
we have no money!
Kevin please come help me.
Come on Charlie!
- Those two
- See?
So, you MIGHT,
you might have been right.
That doesn't happen very often.
I should break open the champagne!
- Charlie!
- Thank you.
Come here, Charlie, good boy
You're a big boy, Charl, huh, Charlie?
You wanna play, boy?
Who's a good boy?
Champagne, children and lions.
- Good.
- And you?
Yeah. And you?
Come on, Charlie.
Come, boy, you can do this.
Come here, boy. Come look here.
Good boy
Who's a big boy?
Come look here.
Good boy.
Good boy!
Good boy, Charlie!
You have to follow me.
Then we can do everything together.
Come on!
Good boy. Come!
To this day, no one knows
where the white lions came from...
But to the Shangaan people,
it's sacred.
But one day they will come and help us
to bring peace to mother nature...
it's not just a legend, you know.
You've got to believe in it.
There are even people
who created a sanctuary
in the Shangaan land
next to the Timbavati river,
to welcome the white lion
when he returns.
Thank you.
- Mum...
- What? Please.
What? What?
I can't touch you anymore?
Okay, you know he won't be able
to stay in the house forever... Right?
He'll always be a wild animal.
You know that?
Do you think it's true?
Well, in Mick's world, it is.
A legend doesn't have to be true
to have truth in it.
I guess,
each people have to decide
what their truth is.
Can I read a bit?
No, I want you to go to sleep.
You've got school tomorrow. Go.
Charlie, stop.
No, it's not funny Mia.
- What?
- It's not funny.
Okay, bed time. Bed time, go!
Good night.
I never thought
I'd hear myself saying this...
But is she getting too close to that cub?
Yeah, I know, but she's happy...
For the first time we've been here,
she's happy.
I don't want to spoil it yet.
What about you my little French princess?
Are you happy?
Charlie! Stop!
Ow, Charlie!
Charlie, stop!
Are you testing me?
I understand Charlie, it's fine.
You're testing me.
It's okay, boy.
It's amazing what he does.
Do you think that we'll be able
to do that when you're all grown up?
I'm sorry, that was something my father
used to do and I'm not doing this anymore.
Why don't you try Dirk du Plessis,
he might be able to help you.
What's up?
I just wondered
if you've fed the adult males yet?
Not yet.
Come on Kev, Mia is coming with us.
And she's going to drive.
- What brought this on?
- Things change.
Isn't it?
How does the farm earn it's money, Dad?
Now that... is a very good question.
We breed lions for conservation, right?
- That's the whole point.
- Yeah.
So, does someone pay us for that?
I wish.
Scoot over.
We're going to make it pay, you know,
that's going to be our job
once the lodge is ready.
Bed and breakfast guests,
film crews paying fees,
scientific research...
It'll be tight,
but we should just about to make it work.
Then, what about the lions we sell?
We do sell lions, yes.
To zoos, parks, other breeders.
What's all this about?
I don't want you to sell Charlie.
He's not a pet, Mia.
You do realize that?
He's not like the other lions either.
He's different.
He's not that different.
For now, he's a cub,
and you want to have fun with it.
Soon, hell just want to kill you.
Go past this fence,
and any one of these lions
will tear you to pieces in 5 seconds flat.
It doesn't matter if you've fed them,
or bathed them or cuddled them,
or if you're name is Mia
or Kevin or Obi One Kenobi...
A wild animal is a wild animal
and you can never change that,
no matter what you do.
Well, promise me you won't sell Charlie.
Don't worry about Charlie,
he's going to be the biggest
draw card this farms ever had.
Don't get too comfy.
Come on, let's go for a walk.
So, this place...
It's your home.
You belong here, you know?
We belong to this place
as much as it belongs to us.
You're beginning to see that now. Hum?
So that's the dad and thats the mum.
You know how you can tell?
Cause he's the one acting like a fool!
Come, let's go.
You know,
your grandfather used to bring me here
when I was exactly your age.
In this old heap.
Cool, huh?
Do you see the baby hippo
standing on his mom's back?
Charlie, I have to go.
I'll see you in two weeks, okay?
You're going to go in the enclosure
with all your friends. It will be fun.
Are you crazy?!
Mike, give me your leash.
It's okay John, it's just a scratch.
Dad it's fine, really.
Enough Mia, get in the car!
Put him away with the other cubs.
Out please. Thank you.
When did he last eat?
Yesterday morning.
And he's stopped washing himself.
Just keeps knocking against the door.
So, we can't feed him ourselves?
No one can get near him.
What about those scratches?
Some of the other cubs attacked him
but he wouldn't defend himself.
Maybe he's just missing Mia?
Don't be ridiculous, Mick...
And get this bloody animal under control.
This place was a prison until 1983.
Hello. Yes, it's me.
Since when?
Get Jodie, tell her to watch Mick.
- Wait, you've got to see this.
- It's Mia, she run away.
It is Mia, she is right here.
It's incredible.
I promise.
I will stay with you forever.
(Aie confiance, endors-toi, )
(ta maman toujours taimera.)
(Rave mon bibe, )
(mon amour, mon ador?)
(Naie pas peur, tu ne crains rien.)
(Ferme les yeux, quitte ma main.)
Mia... Where have you been?
Who cares about that?
What's the matter with him?
What's been going on here?!
I'm sorry.
I know you're dangerous,
I know everyone says you're dangerous.
But would you really kill someone
if you loved them?
Please tell me, I need to know...
I can't imagine my life without Charlie.
Do you think that you will want
to kill me in three years time
when you'll be as big and as strong
as a big lion?
Do you think you'll forget who I am?
Will you even recognize my voice?
Good boy.
Come on.
I love you, bud.
Do you love me, Charlie?
I suppose so.
You're a good boy!
Good boy.
That girl is soft in the head.
No, she's not.
She's an enchantress.
She's magic.
Like a fairy,
like a pixie.
Aye sugar.
You too are soft in the head!
That lion will eat her.
I need to sell more lions...
Branch out to some circuses.
What the...
Get out!
- Mia!
- Someone help me, please help me! Help!
What are you doing in there?
Mia, get down here!
- It's okay, Dad, I've got this.
- It's not okay.
- He's eaten the tv...
- And your supper.
And he keeps going for Trevor.
He's too big for the house now, I told you,
he has to be outside with the others.
- Get that wild animal out of here.
- Sorry.
It's not a pet.
- It's fine.
- It's not fine Mia.
How many times do
I have to speak to you?
He can't help it. And you know that.
He can.
If he tries. Right Mick?
And folks, the one
you've been waiting for, Charlie,
our white lion.
Shangaans people believe
that they are sent by god
to protect humanity
at a time of crisis on earth.
But others see the white lion
more in terms of cold hard cash.
The tragedy is there are hunters...
Ok, guys, just relax. Relax.
No panicking, please.
No sudden movements.
What happened?
Playing with Charlie
to get entertainment tourists
and he attacked her.
Come here boy!
Who released this bloody animal?
- Sarah.
- You've got to leave him alone,
give him some space.
He can't handle these people all the time.
He's going to have to get used to it.
This isn't a charity we're running here.
- That's all you care about, isn't it?
- Get him inside!
Money! Business!
Nothing serious, folks,
that's just a scratch!
Kevin, take them on to the lion walk,
Kevin, I'll be right with you.
Get out, please!
Come on, folks.
Get inside Mia.
- Inside.
- No. These are living creatures...
You can't treat them like some product
you're churning out of a factory!
Don't ever speak to me like that
in front of clients ever again!
He only way we can help these lions
that you care so much about,
is by making this place work
as a business.
And you, and that lion,
will play your part in that!
Now get to your room.
- Mon amour?
- Yeah?
Surprise: I've got
a couple of urgent bills to pay.
And... I bought
20 new sofas for the rooms,
from Paris, I know,
but if we want our B&B guests
to feel at home here...
Our guests didn't feel very
at home yesterday...
What happened with that trainee
could have been disastrous.
I've been around lions my whole life,
Alice... You can't be their friends.
- I know...
- It's impossible.
Oh... Would it be possible for Dirk
to not be your friend also?
Oh my god, she gets more beautiful
every time I see her.
Hey Dirk.
You've got
to get me one of these French girls,
for me. I'm serious,
I need one of these for myself.
Au revoir.
Au revoir!
Dirk. Dirk,
that's my wife you're looking at.
See, that's a compliment, eh?
Thanks for sending those people my way.
What's wrong with you?
You can't phone, you can't come visit.
I told you,
I'm not in that business anymore.
You're crazy, man,
I need you...
and you are up to your balls in debt.
It's not about the money.
I promised Alice.
What is wrong with you, man?
- But no one said Alice has to know...
- Goodbye Dirk.
If anything changes,
you have my number! Call me.
Call me!
Big boy.
Oh god, Mia!
Did Charlie do that?
It's nothing,
he just can't control his claws yet.
Ok, you know what? He's too big now,
you can't play with him like
that anymore...
And you know what Dad and Kevin say:
"Stand up, arms out".
Mum, he's fine,
- I've got him under control.
- No, you don't!
If you go down on his level,
he will think you're prey.
Dad and Kevin don't know
what they're talking about.
All those rules,
Mum, you don't think I know them?
Never look in a lion's eyes,
never turn your back on them,
never let them jump on you...
They're for lions you don't know.
But my relationship with Charlie
is not built on discipline
but its built on love, and trust.
- Ea va mon bibe?
- Yes!
You drive me crazy.
It's fine, come on.
Fais gaffe.
- Be careful!
- Okay.
There you are.
Oh my god, look at your new dad.
He shaved.
- Go get ready.
- Why?
I'm taking you out to dinner.
Dinner? Why?
You'll see.
Bye bye boy!
- See you tonight okay? Bye bye boy.
- Mia! Come!
- You look different.
- Shut up.
Are you wearing make up?
You look terrible.
Oh, god,
will you please leave me alone!
Here we go!
You remember this place?
How could I forget it?
I brought your Mum here
her first night in South Africa.
Okay, so...
The reason why I wanted us
all to be here tonight...
Is: for the first time since we came back
we finally have more money coming in
than going out!
Oh, that's good news.
Yes, I really think
we're turning a corner here...
Oh, cool, that's great!
I know how hard it must have been
for you to come back...
Thank you...
Why did we move to London?
Your grand-father wasn't doing
such a good job running the farm.
Important thing is, your mum decided
to give Africa a second chance.
And who's the best mom in the world?
Who's the most incredible woman
in the world?
It's you, mon amour.
I didn't hear you guys...
- Maman!
- Who?
Oh my god...
John, he's out.
Get the kids inside, and call Kevin.
- Dad I can help.
- You've done enough!
Dad, please!
When are you going to understand?
It's not a bloody pet!
It's worth a fortune,
we cannot afford to lose him!
Now get inside.
You come with me.
The rest of you, go with Kevin.
Head toward the black gate, Kev.
Make sure it's locked.
I'm going to head to the den.
Got you. Come on guys!
Spread out, guys,
he couldn't have gone far.
I can help. What are you doing?
This is dangerous.
It's electrified.
They've put a new pad lock on it.
You can't help me.
- Come on!
- What are you doing?
Come boy.
You look very handsome today boy.
Would you mind opening the gate for us.
Very impressive.
Thanks Henri!
Come on, what are you waiting for?
Charlie? Charlie?
You don't want to let mama
and dad see you.
Charlie... Come.
Charlie, boy, where have you been?
Has he caught something?
No, no no no! He saved something.
What the hell
are you guys doing out here?
It's a water mongoose.
He is wounded!
Go back to the farm house.
Quick! Both of you.
Before your dad sees you.
Stop doing this, we don't play with a lion.
I caught him, guys.
- Come on!
- He's here!
Come on, let's go.
I'll nurse him back to health.
Good boy! Good boy.
Dads asked you a hundred times
to stay away from him.
If he saw you, he would be furious!
Good boy!
Good boy.
This makes no sense that
I'm the one seeing a psychiatrist.
Do you want some music boy?
Oh yeah!
Like it boy?
Even the lion's got better taste than you.
Do you want something else?
No, no, what a racket... No.
Seriously, better taste.
Hey Charlie!
Mick, you know you can...
you can come in, if you want.
I mean, you can trust him!
He won't hurt you.
He's known you since he was born.
He won't hurt you...
The only danger is if you are afraid.
Are you sure?
It's okay, trust me.
You can come to him, its fine.
You are not a threat or prey.
You are part of the pride!
MIA! What are you doing?!
Get out, now! Both of you! Now!
John, bring the gun.
Mom, there is nothing to worry about,
everything's fine.
John, John!
It's fine.
Mick, Mia, get out of there.
Mick, Mick...
It has to stop, Mia.
I'm tired of being scared, all the time.
I forbid you to approach
this lion ever again.
But Mom, it was not his fault...
YOU did this.
Excuse me?
What are you talking about?
Mia, look at me.
Mia! What more do you want?!
He almost killed him.
I have let you go way too far
with this lion.
He has to go.
No, Dad, please, I'll do anything...
Enough, Mia! It's over.
This is gonna be catastrophic
for this farm, but it is decided.
- Thanks doctor.
- Thanks very much, I'll see you tomorrow.
She won't accept it.
It's going to break her heart.
You know that?
I know.
From now on, that lion stays in its pen
and you stay outside. Do you understand?
This is your last chance.
If you disobey us again,
I will sell Charlie, understood?
No one enters that pen ever again.
I love you, my sweet heart.
You just have to trust me.
Hey. It'll get better, I promise.
Charlie! I know you didn't mean it,
it was my fault...
One day I'm going to get you
to Timbavati River's Reserve...
I don't know how yet
but I'm going to do it.
Charlie, I promise...
And then you'll be free.
Here, here!
Mick over here.
Smile, baby.
And dad.
Touch it, Mick. There you go.
How'd it go?
Did something happen?
No, nothing happened.
We had a new doctor
and it threw Mick a little, that's it.
What did the new guy say?
Mia, can we talk about this later?
When, exactly?
He's MY brother,
you never talk to me about this.
Not now.
- Need a hand with the feeds?
- Go away.
Things change, Mick.
It won't always be like this.
- It will for me.
- It won't.
I've seen you as a baby, happy,
and so care free...
Look at me now.
I have panic attacks,
I have nightmares...
I'm two years older than you and
I still sleep with a bloody night light.
That's not your fault...
What difference does
it make whose fault it is?
That is not true.
Look at these animals:
they'd all be dead if it wasn't for you.
I'm fifteen years old and
they're the only friends I've got.
It's pathetic!
- You said it yourself.
- Because I'm an idiot!
Come with me...
I want to show you something.
Mick please...
I mean it, I want to show you something.
Come on please.
Do you want to know my secret?
This is it.
You were right,
to believe in the legend, Mick.
It's all true! Because there
is something special about Charlie...
Dad doesn't know anything about this.
Charlie is my best friend,
I just couldn't let him go.
I've come to see him every day
since he's been put here.
And maybe, one day when Charlie's free,
you will be too...
Because that's
what the legend says, right?
That he's come to save us all.
Boy, good boy.
Jodie, no! Jodie, no...
Mick, I'm using your phone.
That's unfair.
Come on! Smile, you lunatics,
Dad doesn't know anything about this,
Charlie is my best friend,
I just couldn't let him go.
I've come to see him every day
since he's been put here.
He's going to be sold
to the first buyer I can find.
Don't do that, Mister Owen...
Don't... tell me what to do.
- Kevin!
- Yes, John?
I want you to move Charlie
and get his transfer papers ready.
Hey, hey! Enough, stop it.
Stop it, enough...
Stop it. He'll be fine,
- in a park or a zoo, he'll be looked after.
- But not by me.
I've messed up, Charlie...
I ruined everything...
But you mustn't be scared,
because I'm going to find
where dad's sends you.
I'll come and get you.
Charlie, I promise.
The last time,
the gun missed the target completely,
hits Frank in the thigh
with the tranquilizer dart.
He's lucky to be alive.
We laughed so hard we nearly choked!
Nice shot, man.
Thanks for the help,
Frank will be recuperated
in a couple of days.
So, I'm going to show you
how to shoot with the bow.
You get a nice comfortable
grip on the bow.
You have the trigger.
- What's your name again?
- Chuck.
Okay Chuck, step aside.
Bonsoir Madame, nous...
the lioness is arrived.
- Fantastique.
- Good luck.
Thank you.
Johnn-o, you came
to see some of the action, right?
You know I've nothing to do
with this shit, I'm helping Theuns today.
you are here.
Nice to have you back, my buddy.
The white lion of yours,
it's gonna make us very rich!
I'm not delivering anything to you.
I'll take the lion to the farm, and that's it.
Yes, tell yourself whatever you want.
Whatever you need to try yourself
to go to bed at night and sleep well.
You can tell yourself that,
I just want you to consider one thing,
just consider it:
how do you think that
lion of yours get greenlit?
Stick to the deal
or you're gonnalose everything.
Just tell me when.
- 48 hours.
- 48 hours, eh, Johnno?
White lion?
48 hours?
I got it!
Is she still moving?
Not in the head, you idiot,
you'll spoil my trophy.
Good shot Beckie, good shot!
But where do these lions come from?
The vast majority are tame animals
bred on commercial farms.
Hey, I've been calling you for 20 minutes.
Please, come on.
It's really worked,
just because of the amount of love
- that you put into growing them.
- Of course.
So, open a restaurant!
Cooking some carrots.
- Kids can help you grow the veggies.
- Only carrots!
Should I?
Mia, should I do that?
You're not hungry?
What, Mia!
I'll take care of it.
What's wrong Mia?
Dad doesn't sell the lions to zoos...
He sells them to hunters.
All the adult lions that leave here...
Are killed...
Shot in cold blood, in an enclosure.
That's what our farm does.
We don't save anything,
we don't protect nature, we destroy it.
For money.
- Dad wouldn't do that...
- I saw him do it.
How do you think I know all of this?
Besides, it's actually legal.
I saw that on the internet.
He lies to the tourists,
they're just a cover
for the breeding side of things.
All the farm owners know what goes on,
but no one speaks out against it.
The workers either keep their mouths
shut or they're fired.
Stop it! Stop it!
No, Mick, you have to know,
please... You are the only one
I can talk to about this.
I can't trust Dad,
and I have no idea
what Mum knows or thinks...
And if I say something
and she sides with Dad,
it will be too late to save Charlie.
Save him?
He's next.
I need to get him
to Timbavati myself, now.
How on earth would you ever do that?
Exactly. That's why I need your help.
It's two days drive -
one on the road and one off.
That's if you have a car
which you don't
I can't take Dad's car.
He'd hear me taking off.
So, then you'd have to cut through there...
Maybe 5 to 6 days walk.
So, you think I can make it?
What I think is, you're batshit crazy Mia.
But if anyone can make it,
surely you can.
What about food?
I've got some bread,
and cheese, and some ham for Charlie.
You should take this too.
No Mick, I can't.
You've been saving that for years...
Mia, take it.
You need it more than I do.
Are you looking for the enclosure keys?
Never give up your dream.
Go, save him.
I love you, my little fairy.
Thank you, Jodie.
Come on,
come on! Let's go.
Come come come, come!
Let's go, boy.
Let's go.
We can do this, okay?
You're right,
let's go.
Come on!
John... Oh!
I don't believe it.
- Hello.
- We need help, Kevin.
It's Mia, she's run away
with that bloody lion of hers,
and we can't get out of the house,
because there are big cats
all over the place...
Just get here soon;
and bring lots of people.
- And Mia?
- No, I'll take care with that.
I don't get it.
This is all because of that bloody Charlie.
The waterhole.
It's the first place I'd go if I was her.
I'll find her, don't worry.
We've just scored us a car, Charlie!
See you soon.
Mobilize, all of you.
Go, go!
Mia... What are you doing?
Never go near Charlie ever again.
What are you talking about,
put the gun down!
- Move away from the Jeep.
- Mia.
I'm not telling again, move!
This is crazy.
What are you doing?
I was there, Dad, yesterday, in that field.
How could you do it?
You slaughter lions for money,
and then lie to everyone about it.
Everything about you,
everything about the farm is a lie!
Mia, please...
You don't understand...
- I understand everything.
- No,
I sell to people with permits, that's it...
I can't control what they do with the lions.
But you know what they do,
and you make money from it!
No, I don't. They make money from it,
not me.
Not our farm,
not since your grandfather died.
But our lions are being killed!
Do you think I like that?
But that's the way South Africa works!
It's the way...
It's the way it's always worked...
You can't change the world.
You can!
That's enough.
I don't even know why I'm arguing with you.
Give me that gun back right now.
Sorry Dad.
Come boy, come boy! Let's go!
Good boy.
Mick? Listen, it's me.
Come quick and get Dad.
He's at the Mafoue water hole.
Okay, bye.
It's okay,
we can do this.
I know we can.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Stay down boy.
- Hello, Miss.
- Hello!
- Full?
- Yes, yes, yes.
Good car!
Hum, I'm going to go and pay.
That will be 554.
All the searches are still on for missing
14 years-old Mia Owen as well
as a 3 years-old white lion,
in the Dinokeng preserve area.
Authorities have cautionnely
urged the public to please...
Is Dad okay?
Yes. They're bringing him home now.
Where are you?
I don't know... The M31,
- I think.
- Where though? What exit?
19, why?
I just saw on TV they're setting up
roadblocks in Newlands.
You have to get off the freeway, now!
I can't move!
Just stop it!
Just STOP looking at me like that!
How can you be so stupid?
I'm just a kid!
How could I ever save you?
It's impossible,
we never going to make it!
Why don't you just kill me? Uh?
Why don't you just finish me off?
Just kill me!
Just kill me, you, stupid lion!
If we see a shooting star...
That means we can do it, right?
Just one shooting star,
just one.
Johnno, Jesus, where have you been?
I need my confirmation
for tomorrow please.
There isn't going to be one.
The lion's not for sale anymore.
What do you mean
"the lion is not for sale anymore"?!
You've made a promise,
I made a promise.
Come on John, I have my biggest
client is flying here tomorrow for this!
Don't do this to your family...
You know what I mean.
Let's go.
I need to understand
what's happening to us.
Oh, you think I don't?
- John!
- Not now.
She's a child, and everything
she sees is in black and white.
Sorry. John...
it's Dirk.
What's going on Johnny boy?
I'm hearing stories that your daughter
has taking off with my lion.
It's not your lion.
I told you, the deal's off.
So, this is none of your business.
You know, until you pay me back
my deposit and pay the loan off,
it's very much my business!
Get the hell out of my farm.
Your farm?
Okay. But just know that
I'm going to be doing things my way.
Stay away from them.
Stay away from my daughter!
Bonjour, bonjour.
Alice, I'm going to find Mia.
My daughter,
is alone out there with a lion
and you think what,
I'm going to sit here and wait?
My love, if I found anything
I'll call you. The police will too!
We're going with you.
And that's it.
I confirm:
you're free to shoot anytime.
They've issued a shoot
to kill authorization.
What does that mean?
It means anyone can kill Charlie now.
It can't be far now. We should be
hitting the bush round the next bend.
No, no, no, no...
Are you okay?
Oh no no, I'm fine, thanks.
Just waiting for my dad.
Stop it.
Do you need help?
Hum fine, thanks.
My parents should be here in a minute.
You have one new message
Mia, everyone is authorized
to try and shoot Charlie now.
I just heard it on the radio.
Set another barricade down the road.
Let's secure the area.
Stop it, People are going to see you!
Alright, is everybody out?
I must be out of my mind.
But we don't have a choice.
It's the only way to get through to the bush.
Mum, there is a lion!
Stop it, always saying crazy things.
Come choose.
There's a lion in the building!
You think they're still together?
I hope to God they're not.
Because it's just a matter of time
before that starved lion turns on her.
I just got hold of my brother,
his unit's in Zambezi...
He says they've just been
spotted in the China mall.
Move, move, move!
Come boy.
Yes! We made it!
My lion?
Your lion...
Your lion!
We'll find her, I promise you.
There's something you're not telling me.
I know it.
Right now,
we really need to get some sleep.
Where were you boy?
Here boy, let's go.
Come boy.
Charlie, wait for me boy.
Go Charlie!
Go Charlie, they'll kill you! Go!
Where is he?
Where is my lion?!
Where is my white lion?!
Kill him!!
Shoot the lion! Shoot him!
Come on guys, let's go.
Shit, there's no bullet!
Charlie, that's enough.
Charlie, come, let's go!
Let's go, boy.
Stay with Mick.
I told you to stay away!
Your white lion attacked me, John.
I don't give a damn about the lion,
what about my daughter?!
I don't know.
If you've put her in any danger,
I swear to God I'll kill you both myself!
Get out of here!
I don't want to see you again.
You can try and seize my farm,
I don't care, it doesn't matter.
Mia! Mia, where are you??
What the hell just happened?
Tell her John, for Christ sake...
This is none of your business!
You've done everything to stay clean,
I know you have.
You're not responsible for this.
Dirk is, South Africa is!
Tell her!
Tell me what?
Mia saw... a canned hunt.
Oh no...
I didn't know that's
what the buyer wanted the lion for.
Didn't know?!
He had a permit.
I didn't ask. He sold it to Dirk.
You swore to me!
And I've done everything I can to make
the farm work the way we talked about,
the way I promised you.
After what it cost us, before...
Alice, please...
And now it costs us Mia!
Mum, Dad! It's okay.
Charlie will protect Mia
until she gets him
to the Timbavati River's Reserve.
Yes! Timbavati.
That's what all this is about.
Mia is taking him back
to the Shangaan people.
Wait Charlie...
She's making for
the Timbavati River Reserve.
Which must put her somewhere
between Kudu and Mount Sheba.
You got that?
We are now going to Timbavati.
- Mick. We're coming with you.
- Alice...
Charlie, wait!
We're supposed to stick together.
Just give me a chance.
I was very much in love,
very naive,
and very pregnant with Mia...
And you were
a very happy baby!
We were
doing lunches for our clients, and...
one day, your father
forgot something
on the kitchen table, so...
so we drove after him.
When we get to the enclosure,
the hunt had begun...
And they killed
that beautiful lion.
For no reason.
With a crossbow.
And you saw everything...
That was the most terrible thing...
We went back to the car,
both traumatized,
and your whole tiny body was shaking as
if you were freezing cold.
I didn't say anything...
I couldn't say anything, I just...
I'm so sorry!
I left, that's what we left.
That's why we went to London.
Then your father came back to us
and I forgave him.
And we had
ten happy years.
It's okay Mum...
It doesn't matter.
Mia will get Charlie to Timbavati
and everything will be fine! Okay?
The legend will become true.
We're all be saved. We'll be okay!
She's alive,
she's at the doors of Timbavati.
Move! Move!
Let's go.
We did it...
We did it Charlie!
I have no more strength...
But you have to go!
You have to cross that river Charlie.
You'll be free! Your life is there.
The lion!
It's back!
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm only crying because I'm happy.
Charlie, go!
Get away from here, Charlie!
Charlie, go!
To the bridge, Charlie, go!
To the bridge,
Go, go...
Wait, stop!
Don't touch Charlie
he won't hurt her!
Am I clear to shoot?
Get ready.
You were right,
you can change the world!
Save him! Please.
Please, don't shoot.
Please, save him, please.
Protect him dad, please.
What the hell is he doing??
Please, don't shoot.
Easy, Charlie,
you're going to be fine.
Please, mum!
Please don't shoot, please!
I can't shoot anymore,
he entered the Timbavati River Reserve.
- I see him!
- You do?
Uh? You see him?
- He's got a family!
- Yeah, there he is!
He's huge.
He's got wife and children.
Hello sweetie. Where are you going?
He is beautiful!
Everything but the blue cheese.